JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English

"Ok, sign here", he said pricking my finger with the quill and handing it to me. I signed the contract, my blood a stark contrast on the parchment document. "Your wishes on earth,as stated, in exchange for your soul in the hereafter". He began to fade from view, I shouted after him "when do I get my part of the deal?" "Soon enough!" he chuckled back. I got back into bed, thoughts of a new life filling the minutes as I waited for sleep to come.

Afternoon Sun shining in my eyes woke me, and I rolled over and stretched. I felt great, reached to scratch, and found soft curls and moist flesh instead of the accustomed hardness. Excitement rose as I explored further, and found smooth firm thighs, rounded hips and a narrow waist in place of the old pot belly. Long shapely legs, small feet and a flat taut stomach leading to high firm breasts rounded out the package.

I got out of bed and dashed to the bathroom to look in the mirror. The bedroom and bathroom were totally different, but familiar,like the one at your parents house that you hadn't seen for years. My heart raced as I closed the door to expose the full length mirror on the back. I was stunned at the woman looking back at me. long blonde hair, big green eyes, and, what a body, clothed in a skimpy little pair of panties and a filmy lace teddy. It felt great as I looked and touched and fondled. I thrilled as nipples hardened when I ran my hands up under my breasts and cradled thier suspended mass standing proudly on my chest. A chill ran through me as my polished nails lightly raked the taut skin of my tummy when I slid my hand downward to explore the area between my thighs. I dropped the tiny panties to the bathroom floor and squirmed out of the teddy. My fingers delved between outer lips of my soft warm vagina, guarded by silky blond pubic hair, and into its warmth. As my hands roamed I marveled at the feeling both from my touch and how the touch felt on my body. I turned before the mirror and drank in the beauty I beheld. I bent forward slightly,looking back over my shoulder in the mirror at my firm and shapely ass. Turning sideways I threw back my shoulders, and admired the rounded, sensuous curves of my high firm breasts. I bent, picked up the panties, and stepping into them, drew them up my legs. I thouroughly enjoyed the feel of the silky garment against my skin as it molded to my crotch and buttocks,the back panel covering only the cleft between firm cheeks, cupping the rounded muscles intimately. The front just covered my bush,and veed to a small triangle of light at the juncture of my thighs. I picked up the teddy, and walking back into the bedroom, I found a slinky satin robe. Pulling it on, I walked through the door into the adjoining room.

My memory was beginning to mix with the stored knowledge of the original owner of this body, and a few scraps of memory flitted through my consciousness. A familiar name came to mind as I probed for who and what I was now. Opening the little purse laying on the coffee table, I got out the wallet I knew contained all the documents outlining my new identity. I probed deeper into the new set of memories as I read the name and statistics from the California drivers license. Twenty five years old, 69 inches tall, 118 lbs, blonde hair, green eyes. The picture on the license was stunning, and I stared at it for a second before I realized that was me, in subtle make-up, and a set of diminutive gold earrings. The check book showed a healthy balance, and check stubs written to Saks,Bloomingdales, and Frederiks of Hollywood. The many credit cards all had the same name. Several other common feminine items lay inside the purse as well. I closed the wallet and checkbook putting them back in the purse, and the purse back on the table. I sat back in the chair and glanced around the somewhat familiar room, taking in its elegant furnishings. My eye caught on a photo album on the shelf, and I got it down and began to leaf through it, hoping to fill out my memory. The first part of the book was the expected pictures of friends and family, whose names popped into my mind as I scanned the pages slowly. The next part was obviously not for public display, as it showed me in various stages of dress and undress, in many provocative poses.

The phone ringing brought me back to earth, and I listened as the answering machine took the call,announcing that I wasn't able to come to the phone, and if they'd leave thier info , I'd call back. A mans deep voice crooned, "Sweetie, it's Don here. Sorry, but I'm going to be late this evening. I'll pick you up at the club at 8 o'clock instead, ok?, bye." Don? I thought, and a mental image of him entered my mind, and I remembered the date being made, and the look on his face as he'd held me close and kissed me goodnight. The thought brought excitement to me, and I thought "Now I'll find out how it feels to be on the other end of a good, hard cock". I glanced at the clock on the wall, and it was 6:30 pm. Time enough to get ready I thought, and went to the bathroom to start a long relaxing bath.

I turned on the water in the big tub, adjusting it to very warm, threw in some bath oil, and took off the robe and panties. I twirled slowly in front of the mirror, still amazed at what I saw, and slipped into the bath. The hot water soothed me, and I let my mind wander, absorbing all the things that my previously male psyche needed to become accustomed to. Lolling one foot and calf out of the water to inspect it made me think of how I'd done my toenails, and fingernails the other evening before going out. That reminded me of doing my makeup each day, and how I do my hair, and the aerobics that keep my figure in shape.

All these things and more that are daily routine to women in general, were new to my mind. I knew that I knew how to do them all, but the thought of doing them was unfamiliar. Looking at the leg, I ran my hand over it, and felt a slight stubble, and reached for the razor on the edge of the tub, and slowly and thouroughly shaved both legs, my armpits. and the edges of the neat bush between my legs, keeping what obviously was a very low bikini line. I spent a long time washing my body, lingering over the newness of it, savoring the strokes on my breasts, and vaginal area. I scrubbed till the skin was pink and glowing, then rinsed clean. Feeling refreshed, I got out of the tub, toweled dry, and dusted my skin with a light, fragrant, after-bath powder. going to the bedroom I sat at my vanity. I apply a touch of cream makeup to smooth and lighten my skin tone. Eyeliner on the eyelids makes my eyes appear bigger, mascara darkens and separates my lashes. I pluck a few hairs to correct the shape, and my eyebrow pencil fills in and darkens my arched brows. I accent my eyes with a dark eyeshadow. A bit of blush accentuates high cheekbones, and bright red lipstick finishes the job.

Going to the dresser, I opened the top drawer, and removed sheer silky stockings, garter belt, and a tiny, filmy, lace bra. Closing the drawer, I sat down on the bed, and began to slip the filmy stockings on. The silkiness sliding against my skin was exciting. I stretched the little white garter around my hips, and standing, fastened the tops of the stockings to the garters. I wrapped the matching brassiere around my chest, and fastened the front catch. The lace snuggled my breasts a bit higher,and took thier weight, bulging them slightly out of the open top of the cups when I slid the straps over my shoulders. I bent, and smoothed the stockings, giving my legs a glimmering sheen, the dark top contrasting sharply with the smooth, milky skin of my thighs. Opening the closet I picked a simple black jersey dress from the large number of clothes on the rack. I unzipped the back zipper, and pulled it over my head. It molded itself to me as I slid it down over my shoulders, and into its final place, pulling the zipper up with some difficulty. The slightly stretchy material fit me perfectly, and very snugly, the hemline halfway up my thigh. As I sat to do my nails the dark stocking top just peeked from beneath the hem.

I stood,and looked in the vanity mirror at the results. I gave my hair a final brush, admiring its golden glow. From the box on the vanity, I selected a set of tiny diamond earrings and a thin gold chain, which perfectly complemented my outfit. I dabbed a bit of perfume on my slender neck, and wrists to finish the job. "What a FOX !" I thought. I collected my purse, and walked out of the apartment at 15 minutes to eight.

The club was only a block away, and as I walked the distance I was aware of the looks I was getting from the men on the street. Even those with other women couldn't resist a glance, and sometimes a blatant stare. The feel of my silk clad thighs brushing against each other as I strode along was exciting. The click of my high heels on the sidewalk caught my attention as it occurred to me that I'd put them on without a thought, and was walking smoothly and without problem in them. As a man it had always amazed me how women even stood up in them. It felt great, and I walked with confidence into the club to meet Don. Heads turned all up and down the bar as I slid onto a stool near the door, and ordered a Scotch and water from the barman. He smiled, nodded and went to make my drink. As I gazed up and down the bar I caught many stares, and quickly averted looks, as my eyes met thiers. I got a bill from my purse, and laid it on the bar, just as the barman delivered my drink. "Thanks" I murmurred, "My pleasure Darlin'" he shot back at me and moved off to get my change. Halfway down the bar a man stopped him, and handed him a bill, and motioned toward me. The barman looked at me and went to the register, made change, and handed it to him. When he got to me he handed me back my bill, and told me the man at the other end of the bar had bought my drink. As I looked up the man hoisted his glass in salute, which I returned along with a little smile. I let my mind wander, and sipped the scotch feeling its glow suffuse my body, relaxing some of the tension brought about by my anticipation of the evening.

A deep voiced "Hi", brought me to attention, and Don was next to me, smiling with a mouth full of beautiful white teeth, below gray eyes, and dark brown short cut hair. I smiled back, and caught a look of disapointment from the other man as he saw I was talking to Don. "Hi yourself" , I said, breaking into a full grin, feeling the excitement build at once. "What would you like to do, Doll?" he asked, looking directly at my breasts. I thought for a minute, and replied "Go directly to bed with you, and then you can buy me dinner ". " Wonderful!" he replied, standing behind me as I gathered my purse, and slid off the stool. "My Place?" I asked, cocking an eyebrow. He smiled, and nodded affirmatively, took my hand and headed out of the club. His arm went around my shoulder as we walked the short distance to my apartment, and he said " you really turn me on, Doll" I put my arm around his waist, and snuggled him closer to me,and let my hand stray to his tight ass, and gave his buns a squeeze. Standing in front of my apartment door, I handed him the key, he opened the door and led me inside.

The tension between us was incredible, and I nearly attacked him as he closed and locked the door. He dropped his jacket on the couch, and I took off his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt, massaging his bulging chest muscles as I slid the garment from his magnificent body. He pulled off his undershirt as I knelt to work on his trousers. I worked his belt loose, and slid the zipper down, pausing as it opened, to caress the hardness within. As I knelt before him, he unzipped my dress, pulling it over my head and off. He wore no undershorts and his penis sprang into view as I dropped his pants to the floor, and he stepped out of them. It was nearly 8 inches long and very thick, standing proudly out from his groin. His balls were large and tight, tucked snugly into his scrotum. I reached out and cupped them in one hand as I grasped his meat in the other, and touched the head lightly with the tip of my tongue. He gently pulled me up off my knees, and gathered me into his arms. His lips met mine, our tongues engaging. I wore only my stockings, garter belt, bra, and jewelry. My heart was pounding, and I could feel moisture seeping from between the lips of my vagina. He stood back a bit from me and reached out and unclasped my brassiere and let it fall where it might. His hands moved up under my breasts and squeezed them gently as he bent to kiss and suckle each rock hard nipple. I cradled his head with my hands while he licked and nibbled back and forth between my breasts. We nearly ran to the bedroom, and I pushed him backward on the bed and fell on top of him. His body was tight and muscular, and his penis was long and hard, captured between our bellies. I could feel its warmth as I rubbed myself on him. I kissed him deeply, running my tongue deep into his mouth, feeling the smooth perfection of his white teeth, and doing battle with his tongue as he kissed me back. He broke the kiss and took control, rolling me over on my back. Spreading my silk clad thighs, his hand found my pussy. A finger went deep inside me, and smeared my wetness onto my outer lips. He continued to finger me for a long time, till my clit was hard and my juices were flowing freely. I looked at him, kneeling between my legs, fondling my vagina, and smiling lovingly at me. My pulse was fast, and I was flushed, feeling wonderful. I noticed the view down my body as my gaze ran to the erection straining from his crotch, and I noted how I looked laying there on my back, silky legs spread wide, breasts standing taut, nipples hard, tummy tight and quivering with anticipation as he lifted my ass slightly in preparation for mounting me. I could feel the moisture running down my crotch, the gentle breeze in the room cooling where it touched. He ran his hands slowly over my thighs and pubic area, pausing at my slit to tease and coax my clitoris to more and more excitement. "Put it in me !!" I whispered at last. The tension was exquisite, the want almost visible.

He placed the head of his penis at the entrance to my hole and stroked it up and down, teasing me unmercifully. At last he pushed gently,and it slid in slowly, pausing with each little bit, both teasing me and allowing my vagina to enlarge to digest his cock. Soon he was fully inside me, moving gently. I pulled my knees up and he pushed a bit deeper into me, the head of it hit my cervix, and his pubic bone caressed my mound. He moved up a little on top of me and his cock rubbed deliciously on my clitoris with each thrust. Soon he was beginning to speed up, and pump a little harder with each stroke. I pushed his weight up a bit, "Slow down" I whispered, "I love you inside me, and I want it to last for a while. You'll cum in me in a while, but now I want to enjoy the feel of you filling me" In answer he slowed, and began long deep strokes, ever so slowly. His full length sliding almost out, and fully back into me, again and again, each thrust bringing me closer to climax. Soon I was panting and moaning, and he sensed my need, and began humping faster and faster, matching my movements against him. "Ooh Don, Now darling, cum in me, give it to me, fuck me hard !!" He was hammering me hard, deep and fast, his body almost a blur on top of mine. I felt his cock swell a bit more as his sperm began to jet into my waiting warmth. Five or six spasms puncuated my orgasm, and his full weight crushed me into the mattress, flattening my breasts between our heaving chests. Gradually, as our hearts slowed to normal, he rolled off of me, snuggling me into the crook of his arm, my head on his chest.

I woke sometime later, still snuggled up to him, and he was sleeping peacfully. I felt wonderful, and as I lay there enjoying the feeling I noticed his cock twitch. I reached out and ran a finger along its length, and watched as it slowly grew under my soft touch. He still slept, and soon his rod was standing fully erect before me. I moved slowly downward, careful not to wake him, until my lips were nearly touching it. I blew softly on it and a ripple ran through him, and he shifted slightly under me.

Slowly and purposefully, I reached out and touched it with the tip of my tongue. Gently I circled the head, leaving a trail of saliva. It grew firmer under my touch. The bulbuous head looked like it would burst, turning a deep purple as I continued to tease it with my tongue. Slowly and carefullly I slid my lips over it and engulfed it with my mouth, running my tongue up and down the underside. Gradually I was able to swallow it all, but it took some doing to suppress the gag reflex as it slid into my throat. Slowly I began to move my head up and down its length, keeping suction on it the whole time. I glanced up at Dons face, and he was looking back at me, a pleased look in his eyes. I grasped the base of it in one hand, and cradled his balls gently in the other while my mouth worked on his manhood.

Having recieved fellatio many times, and enjoyed it immensely as a man, I instinctively knew how to please him, and my tongue did its work on the penis that now filled my mouth. Up and down my head went consuming its length. his ragged breathing, and tensing muscles clued me to the onset of his orgasm, and I stroked his balls as his sperm filled my throat and ran out the corners of my mouth before I could swallow it all. I slowed my movement, and increased the suction, draining him. Gradually his straining cock began to soften in my grasp, and I licked it a loving last stroke and released it. The slightly salty taste of his sperm lingered on my lips, and he mentioned it as he pulled me up to him, and kissed me deeply. He began to stroke, and play with my breasts, rubbing the nipples to hardness. He cupped and fondled each one, teasing its nipple to full erection. He slowly and tenderly kissed his way down my body till he was positioned with his head directly between my thighs. Spreading my labia, he slipped his tongue into me. The feeling was marvelous when he took my engorged clitoris between his lips and sucked gently. His fingers slid in and out of my vagina, and began to occasionally circle and probe my rectum. I looked between my tits at him, lapping away at my cunt, and I knew why women loved to have thier pussies eaten. The action of his tongue and fingers was running shivers through me, bringing me closer and closer to another climax. I felt my muscles tensing, my breathing getting ragged and harsh, and like a wave, the throes of orgasm washed through me, sending me off into near collapse. I was totally relaxed and limp, and as Don rolled over to lay beside me I noticed his erection straining upward from his tight balls. I thought to myself "Why not. As long as I'm finding out how it feels to be fucked, I might as well get it all". Snuggling up to him, I kissed and sucked his ear lobe. "you're hard as a rock again Darlin'" I mused as I slid my small hands over his gorgeous meat. " Put it in my bottom Don, I want to feel your hard cock in my ass" He pulled me closer to him, and whispered " You have a gorgeous ass, Babe, and I'd love to stick my cock there, but have you ever done that before?" "No, but I'm willing to try it." I replied, grabbing the tube of KY jelly off the nightstand by the bed. I opened the tube and squeezed a liberal amount of the slick jelly out onto his penis. He took the tube and deposited a gob in his hand, and we generously lubricated my asshole and his rock hard cock. Rolling over onto my belly and pulling my knees up under me, I was positioned in the middle of the bed on my knees, my shoulders on a pillow. I spread my legs as wide as I could, as he moved behind me and began to rub his penis up and down my labia and asshole, slicking the juice into the pink ring. Gently he pushed, and the sphincter muscle resisted his entry. He pushed a bit harder and a sharp pain ran through my insides as the head popped past the muscle and into my bowels.

He stopped as I took a deep breath, and the pain began to subside. "More!", I commanded, and backed up toward him, forcing him deeper inside my virgin asshole. It went in more easily now, the pain almost gone, and soon he was buried balls deep in me. "How does it feel " he asked, beginning to thrust slowly in and out as my hole stretched to accomodate him. "You feel huge inside me, and I think I'm going to come" I whispered as he began to stroke deep and hard. I climaxed again as I felt his cock throb within me, and he slammed it harder and harder into my ass. Gripping my hips and thrusting deep, he spewed his sperm into me again. Gradually he slowed and stopped his attack on my backside. His softening penis made a soft "pop" as it slid out of my cum filled orfice. I'd gotten fucked in all my holes tonight, and I felt deliciously satisfied as I lay next to him, now a total woman.

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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