JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English

After many days of traveling through the desert the three of us finally got to the mountains where the secret Temple of the Guards should be found. We parked our car and unloaded our gear. All set for the big climb, we headed for the caves. After seven hours of climbing we got to the first cave.

At the entrance sat a monk who warned us not to go in as he considered the caves very dangerous. Most explorers have never returned, he told us. His warnings were in vain as we only saw the promises of a real magical wish and fortune we might be able to get if we find the right cave. We told the monk so and wanted to pass him. Before he stepped aside he told us that what we were seeking was the magic cup because that's the one taking us home with the tons of gold and the one magical wish. "Never drink from more than one cup and beware of the treacherous cups as those put an unreversible spell on you", he said. "I know I can't stop you foolish men, so I will pray for your safe return and wish you good luck", he said when we passed him.

As we were experienced cave explorers we knew how to mark our way, so we could find our way out when we needed to. The narrow passage-ways leaded us down along underground rivers and streams. Sometimes the scary caves and passage-ways spooked the hell out of us. We were glad that we didn't bring our girlfriends with us as we then would never find our goal as rats, spiders and other bugs were all around us. After passing more cobwebs, rats, some dead explorers and more hours of search we were getting tired. We'd just found some space which was dry and reasonably clean. Here we decided to call it the day and tried to get some sleep.

The next morning we got up early but not because of the light as there was no light in the caves, well except for our torches. We followed a draft and the noise that sounded like streaming water. We found an underground lake with clean water to drink and to refresh our selves. As we the lake wasn't too big and we saw a new passage-way at the other end we decided to swim to the other side. Fortunately nothing spectacular happened, so we got to the other side safely. "After a swim like that I could eat a horse" Marvin said, "well I am starving too" I said. "Hank, what about you ? Could you get us some of the provisions, please ?" I asked. "Sure thing, Jim" , Hank answered. "Did you bring any cola with you", Marvin asked, "I'd die for a Pepsi" , he exclaimed. "Well, you're lucky then, because I've still one left", I answered. We shared our Pepsi and continued our journey.

Several hours later we thought we'd stumbled on a dead-end. What a mistake... as Hank wanted to lean on a wall to rest for a while he actually fell through it as if there was no wall at all. The wall we saw must just have been an illusion to keep trespassers out. We used our torch to light the cave up and... Jackpot ! We were astounded when saw a temple just a 100 meters ahead. "This must be it !", we all said at the same time. As we entered the magnificent temple we couldn't help but admire the great art on the walls. At the end of the corridor we saw the main hall with two guards guarding it. Well, two skeletons as that's what's left of them.

In the main hall was an altar with one gold cup in the centre. Hank was the first to get to it, so he'd won the first chance to try it. The cup was filled with a crystal clear fluid and Hank was about to drink it. "Hank, what are you going to wish if this is the right cup ?", I asked. "Well as fortune is already in this deal I'd wish that me and my girl will stay young and handsome forever, so we can enjoy our fortune to the most", he answered. Then he drank the fluid... Nothing happened, so I guess this was not the Jackpot after all.

"Well, this should be the place and if this cup isn't doing the trick, we should search further" , I said. And so we searched the other halls of this giant temple. In one hall we found a dead man with the cup he drank from still in his hands, so that obviously was a very treacherous cup. In another hall we find a the body of a woman whose legs had become a fishtail, She had died too, probably because a lack of water. She couldn't get out of here without legs. She too, like the dead man had a silver cup in her hands.

In the -what I guess- library of the temple another gold cup was found undisturbed. I saw it first so it was my turn now to drink... Again nothing happened, so we were still in the temple. In the last unexplored room we found a tin cup, which Marvin was about to drink. "What are you wishing for", Hank asked. "Well, the quite the same as you both wished for, but I wish that all three of us and our girlfriends will stay handsome forever". As he drank from the cup everything got black for a sec, but then we suddenly were back in daylight again.

We looked around and found ourselves in a great mansion with no other structures near to be found. In front of the main door we saw three luxurious Cadillac's... "Jackpot", we screamed like mad dogs. We celebrated that Marvin obviously found the right cup that made use rich, young and handsome for ever.

Our lives had changed and our past with us. Obviously our girlfriends don't know any better than that we have been rich all our lives. One of the servants came to tell us that our girls had left a message for us and handed us the little note. "Dear boys, we are shopping in New York and will stay at the Robinson's for a while , enjoy and see you in a fortnight, signed Jean, Melissa and Angelica. "Well boys, I guess we have to celebrate on our own for a while", I said. "Well, let's celebrate tomorrow as it is getting late and I am awfully tired and my back is hurting like hell", Hank said.

The next morning Marvin and I met in the dining room for breakfast. We waited for Hank, but he didn't come. As it stayed too quiet in his room we decided to go and see if he's okay. We went upstairs to his room, we knocked on his door and tried to open it. It was locked. We heard some footsteps as if there were two people in the room coming to the door. The sound of the footsteps stopped in front of the door. "Hank, are you okay ? ", we asked ? "No, go away", he replied. "Hank, c'mon, lets get breakfast", we said. "No, I can't". "Are you alright , come step outside please", we insisted. "No, I can't, you'll laugh at me", he replied. "Come on Hank, you will have to step outside eventually anyway", I said. "Only if you promise not to laugh or make fun of me, you can come inside". We promised not to laugh and not to make fun of him. He finally unlocked the door.

When we opened the door we couldn't believe what we saw... His hair had grown much longer and has become blonde , his eyes had become bright blue and his body hair had disappeared completely. His face had become that of a very pretty 18-year-old girl and from the face we could tell he had been crying for some time. He had grown c-cup breasts with firm nipples point out and his waist had become very slim and his hips beautifully curvy. His arms had become soft en smaller, just like his hands which also had become of a more feminine size. Long legs he had too, but unfortunately for him he had now four legs... We couldn't do anything but gazing. In front of us we saw the first and only 100% human centaura ever. Hank had four female human legs and a tail above his butt. As Hank walked in front of us heading for the stairs we saw his tail going up and down exposing his very human vagina ! Walking behind him you had the same view as standing behind a naked woman who's bent over waiting to be penetrated, except for the tail, that is. Embarrassing to say, this view made us kind of horny. We had to restrain ourselves not to take Hank from behind.

Hank was crying like a baby. "What is to become of me now ? How am I going to explain this to Jean ? Am I now supposed to mate with a horse instead a human ? Am I still human ? Why me ? Why a female ? ". He continued crying and we had to find a way to comfort him, but nothing came to our mind. I guess he's lucky to live at this mansion so far away from the rest of the world. Well, he must have had a treacherous cup.

When I realized that I, like Hank had also taken a gold cup I got scared that the same thing could happen to me any moment now as the incubation time may probably the same as Hank's. I only did have the cup several hours after him. I unbuttoned my shirt to see if any changes had already occurred and was relieved nothing could be found. Several days passed by and no visual change had happened to me. I was grateful that I was being spared from the fate Hank was 'blessed' with.

"We should have taken better care of him", I blamed myself. On the table, we'd found a note from Hank that he'd decided to go into the forest to live there as he couldn't face Jean this way and certainly couldn't face other people looking like this. He'd be treated like a freak or would be put in a zoo. He preferred living life without people around him. The poor soul will live forever in this shape as Marvin's wish for eternal life included him and me too.

Three days later the girls came back for New York. We explained that Hank had chosen to go on a trip and might never come back. We couldn't bear to tell the truth as we respected Hank's wished to be left alone.

Jean couldn't believe that he'd dumped her and left our mansion. She went back to her parents who lived in another state. This left the four of us with this great mansion and ten servants, who were sworn never to tell the truth about Hank.

Several months passed and I was relieved that nothing had happened to me. Summer had come so it was time for a dive in one of our pools. We all felt like swimming today, so we all got changed in our swimming suits.

Marvin and Melissa were the first to hit the water, followed closely by Angelica. I had a zealous mood and wanted to dive from the high plateau. I made an incredible dive. As soon as half my body had entered the water I felt something strange while I went under. I immediately knew something was wrong and realized that it could still be caused by the gold cup from the temple of the guards.

When my head came back up above the water line the other three were looking at me in a surprised and peculiar manner. Most obvious was my face that must have been changed as the others kept staring at me. My hair was long and brunette. But then I looked at my reflection through the water and could vaguely see female breasts. I swam to the side and got out of the water and although I was relieved that I was still completely human. Then reality hit me like a rock. I did have female breasts ! Fortunately not too big but they were undeniably female. My nipples were erect and my waist had shrunken. All my body fat had been redistributed to my hips, butt, legs and my chest. My figure was hourglass like. There I was standing checking on myself butt naked as my swim trunks had fallen off my shrunken butt. The girls, completely surprised were not able to say something as for Marvin knew that this had got something to do with the events in the temple.

I ran inside and checked for my willy, but the was nothing to be found. "Oh no, is this my fate ?", I thought. "I can't be a woman, I have a girlfriend and I want her to become the mother of my children. I don't want to become a mother myself !. There has to be a way to reverse this !" , I kept telling myself. "Oh no, I can't be a woman ! Think of all the inconveniences like PMS and pee sitting. Enjoying a woman's body as a man and making love to it is fine as long as you don't have that female body", I kept whining. "Get hold of yourself, man", Marvin who had just come for me said. "Think of what happened to Hank", he said. "I'd say you're better off this way, than being standing is Hank's shoes". It wasn't easy but I had to agree with him. Hank tossed me a bikini string which I took and put on. I came with him back to the pool where the girls were waiting for us. We had a lot of explaining to do.

In the whirlpool we told our girls the full story of the temple and what had happened to Hank. "So, I guess this is my fate", I concluded the story. "I guess our relationship ends here" , I said to Angelica in an asking manner. "Being stuck as girl, I can only be miserable and I cannot satisfy you anymore sexually".

"Well", Angelica said, "don't be too sure of that. For a woman there are more ways to get satisfaction. Being fucked is just one of them, but a good hand job on your clit works just as well. And how about dildo's, those can also give pleasure enough to a woman. So don't worry about your missing dick, I like the way you look.", she reassured me. "But lets get out of the water, get a shower and get dressed, then we'll talk it over and I'll show you everything you have to know as a female.

We all got out of the whirlpool and went to the showers. I couldn't believe what Angelica did. She came over to me and started stroking me. Teasing my erect nipples which pointed through the fabric of my bikini, she got me aroused. Then her fingers went lower and lower till she found my nothingness between my legs. She started rubbing my cunt through the fabric till she found my clit. I got so hot by her doing so, I started begging her not to quit doing it. She obviously knew what she was doing and she easily got me to an exploding orgasm. I didn't know this could feel so great. After my orgasm we started kissing while the water of the showers continued to water us down. Then my hands touched her body like she had done to me just a few minutes ago and I returned the favor which were concluded with an even greater exploding orgasm as I just had experienced.

Everything comes to an end so we decided to towel ourselves dry and join Marvin and Melissa. I toweled myself dry, while still wearing my bikini. I removed my top and cautiously I toweled myself there. My soft body was now completely dry and I was now only wearing my bikini panties.

Angelica was now half dressed and was looking for some clothes for me to wear. She'd already found a nice couple of clothes, when I dropped my panties. The second I stepped out of my panties I was a man again.

"It's unbelievable, I am a man again !" , I exclaimed. "Grabbing for my dick and looking at Angelica who was still semi dressed, I got a hard on again", I said. "You can't believe how scared I was having to live as a woman forever. I still can't believe I am me again". I walked to the mirror and looked at myself very closely. All male, what a relief ! "Boy, am I glad not having to experience having a period or wiping myself dry after peeing sitting".

Angelica was looking at me in disbelief. How on earth is this possible and what triggered this transformation was what she wanted to know. "The second I took of that last piece of female garment I turned back male again", I said as anticipation of the question I guessed she was about to ask. "Jim, would you be willing to experiment on this to see if it works again on female garments only" , Angelica asked. "Well, maybe another time", I said, "I've been more a woman today than I'd ever want to be. I am still a little shaky if you ask me".

That night we had traditional sex together, but somehow both of us didn't get as satisfied as this afternoon. I tried the same thing on her as she had done on me this afternoon, but I wasn't able to get her as close to satisfaction as I did this afternoon. Maybe it's the female mind and body that understands each other better. I've never fully understood women anyway.

Some weeks passed and we did the nicest things together like horse riding, watching live musicals and operas in theaters. We went to the playoffs and didn't miss the final with Michael Jordan and his dream team winning again. We had a great time during the day, but at night Angelica kept complaining about her sex life. I was the bad guy as I didn't see any problem. I got my blow job every day and ate her cunt daily. Then we also made love every day. Probably I am the insensitive guy -as I didn't want to try her garments to see if I would change into a female again - blind for her needs.

Then one night she slipped a sedative in my drinks. As soon as I arrived in dreamland Angelica put a bra on me and tightened it. As soon as the clips locked into place the transformation took place again. When I woke up the next morning I knew that I had changed again. The feeling of a soft skin and smoothness between my legs was familiar. I got mad at Angelica and wanted to wake her and shout at her. But how could I shout at the sweet girl I love so dearly. I decided not to and let her continue to sleep. I thought lets unhook this bra and get back to normal (I hope) but then reconsidered and thought about experiencing things a guy could never experience : a female orgasm and pee sitting. I ran my hand to my groin to give myself some handiwork. My shaven pussy got wet before I knew it. As I repeated the ritual that Angelica had worked on me the other day, I got my orgasm sooner than the last time I'd been a woman.

Then, like every morning when I get out of bed I always have to shake hands with my cousin. Today I also wanted to do that but I forgot that sitting is the only way to pee in a body like this. Well wipe my niece this time I thought as I wiped my cunt dry. Lets unhook this bra before Angelica wakes up and lets get down to business I thought. But before I was able to do so Angelica was standing next to me and started working on my encase breasts again. We fell onto the bed and made passionate love like the other day. We did all the things two girls can do to each other with their bodies and a dildo.

It was now time for the moment of truth : unhooking the bra would turn me back into my own male body again or I would now be stuck as this female I had become last night... I was lucky as it turned out to be that unhooking the bra did the trick.

Ding Dong, "the door bell ?" , Angelica asked "Yes, I guess so", I replied. "Are you expecting someone today ?" "No, but lets just see who it is, shall we ?" "Okay, lets just do that"

I got dressed quickly and went downstairs to open the door. Usually our servant would open the door but we'd given them a day off today. I couldn't believe who I saw there standing outside.

It's the monk who has warned us not to enter the cave. Politely I invited the old man in and guided him to the living room. Marvin came down to see who I invited in and he was astounded too by seeing the monk from then. We welcomed the monk and asked him what brought him to us. After congratulating Marvin on finding the right cup and wishing a good wish he started telling us why he really had come. "I have come to you as I have foreseen that your friend Hank has gotten himself into trouble without knowing it. You must find him within 4 months, otherwise it would be too late for him. He can be found in the forest 30 miles east of this mansion.". He also told us about the spell I was under. "You, Jim, have been lucky as the evil spell you are under is the least evil one existing in the temple of the guards. You will only turn into a woman temporary and only when certain conditions are being met. You already discovered that swimming is one of them and wearing female garments another but you must know that from now on every 28 days, you will experience this change as this is the biological cycle of a woman's period. Beware that you don't get yourself pregnant as this is the only condition which will unable you to turn back into a man again", he told me. "Find your friend in time, Find him.", he insisted. After delivering this message he stood up and left before we could invite him to stay for tea or another drink. Half an hour after the monk had left I realized that I was forgotten to ask if he knew a way reverse our curses.

Hank had specifically requested not to come and look for him, but the monk got us worried. So we decided to go find him. We sent the girls to our friends in New York and promised them to call them as soon as we got back safely.

2 months and 24 days we searched and we then finally found Hank, our friend the centaura. He was in a bad condition laying down on the ground and was asleep. He was belly was fat and we could tell he was pregnant. When we woke him up he was startled at first but them started sobbing again. We asked him what had happened but he couldn't answer as his vocal cords hadn't been used for almost a year now. We helped him standing and supported him while walked several miles for our pickup truck. With a lot of effort we finally got him in the back and so the three of us got back to Marvin's mansion.

At the mansion we gave Hank some time to recover without asking questions till one day he called us. "Friends, my true friends, you have come to get me and have probably saved me", he started. "You want to know what has happened after I left you. Well, I tell you."

"You don't have to if you don't want to !", Marvin and I said immediately.

"But, I want to as you deserve to know." , he said. "I'll start at the beginning the day that I transformed. That night you may recall that I said my back was hurting. I went to bed to get a goodnight's sleep. But I couldn't get any sleep as I saw that my body first started to become more and more feminine. Except instead of a cunt at the place my dick had been, I grew nothing there. The flesh closed there and no genitals whatsoever were there. Then my butt started growing an additional part and before I knew it I had four human legs instead of two. Between my hind legs I felt a cunt forming and a tail growing above my new butt. When I stood in front of the mirror and saw myself I passed out. Then you came and persuaded to show myself. And even though you were kind and supporting I was ashamed. I felt like a freak. Coming to terms being a woman is one thing but when it comes to being a centaura is another. I was too much for me. As no clothes fit me I was walking around stark naked, like you've just found me in the forest. I felt you glancing at my cunt that showed itself behind my tail and I knew you couldn't help it. I also was ashamed of myself for peeing like a mare and when Marvin caught me on the lawn I decided to go and leave the human world."

He took a sip of his drink and continued. "I found that walking on four legs had the advantage that I could run much faster than ordinary humans can. So I ran deep into the forest and lived there for some time undisturbed. I was not unhappy, but I felt lonely. Then, I ran out of luck. Mating season started and I ran into a huge stallion. Which probably took me for a mare or something. I tried to run, but a real wild horse is faster than me. He got to me and knocked me up. His enormous penis slid into me and I thought I was gonna die that instant of internal bleeding. To my surprise it even didn't hurt and to my shame I eventually started to enjoy it. Now I am pregnant of this stallion and this would probably have caused my death as I know the child will not be completely human. I'd probably need a gynecologist to survive this".

After this story we immediately called a friend of us who in fact is a gynecologist. We explained the confidentiality of this matter to him and invited him to check on Hank. "Well, I think in a few days you are going to deliver the errr baby and my guess is that it will be a real centaur : half horse half man, unlike you as you are 100% human but have the characteristics of a centaur", he said.

He was right as Hank gave birth to a real centaur boy. We were very sorry for him as his child was born dead. All the pain he's gone through, all for nothing. Even his pussy was torn 2 inches during the delivery. Hank was really shaken up by the death of his centaur child and retreated in his room for several days.

As it was now time for my period again I changed into a woman again. I hate it as menstruation isn't exactly the most enjoyable time of the month for any woman. I don't like being a woman anyway as compared to a man a female body has too many inconveniences, as I see it. This time I thought it was okay, however. Just to show Hank he wasn't the only one with a transformation problem. As I went to him I felt I needed to do him a favor and work on him like I used to do on Angelica. Knowing the favorite spots on a female body I got Hank in ecstasy in no time. He objected at first but feeling an orgasm building inside him made him drop all the objections in a second. Of course I was careful with his sore cunt, but there are more pleasurable places on body to find...

A few days passed and my period was over. Male again, I wanted to call the girls and get them to return to the mansion. I picked up the phone and had my finger on the dialer when the door bell rang...

The monk had returned !

As the others came downstairs when I invited the man in to ask him about the possibilities on reversing the curses, the monk gave me no chance to ask. "I have seen that you have found your friend and that he's had a miscarriage". Although this must have been a painful event I think it's good that this happened", he started. "The secret vault of the temple contains some reversal cups. If you find them your curses can be lifted. If your friend hadn't gotten himself pregnant, his chances would have been zero, now he also stands a chance." "Are you telling us that we can get back to normal again ?", I asked extremely interested. "Yes, but it takes also a loved one who will participate in this matter. This is just like your previous trip not without risks, but I guess you'll manage. I suggest you call Hank's girlfriend and yours as they will have to come along. I must leave now, but I guess I will see you at the entrance of the cave." After he'd spoken his last words he stood up and left us without the possibility of asking any questions.

"Did you hear that ? We can get back to normal again. Isn't that fantastic ?" I asked overjoyed. "We'd better call Jean and ask if she'll cooperate", Hank replied. "Well, that's tough as she thinks you've left her forever because don't love her anymore, you've broken her heart", Marvin added. "Then we must explain everything to her and pray she'll cooperate". "Well, lets ask the girls to come back from New York and invite Jean over to the mansion" I said. "Brilliant, lets do it immediately" ,Hank said unpatiently.

The next day Melissa, Angelica and Jean returned from New York. Hank was hiding as we were preparing for the story to break to the girl who also didn't know about Hank's condition. When I was finished Jean'd gone mad.

"You actually believe that I believe your story that my Hank has been changed in a kind of a horse except all body parts look human and female too ? Give me a break ! If that's the joke you want to play on me, I think that's sick, you know that ?!" She stood up to leave, when she froze.

"Well, I am sorry but it's true, honey", Hank said standing in the doorway. Jean fainted and I was just quickly enough to catch her before she could hurt herself. When she got conscious again, she walked over to Hank and examine his centaura body. "I can't believe this", she said. "Why didn't you tell me before ?", she asked. "I was ashamed of myself and ran away from humanity. I asked Jim and Marvin not to tell you", Hank replied. "Will you help me ?", he pleaded. After a long sigh, Jean said she'd do anything to see him happy again.

I was extremely happy as I'd probably never have to experience a period anymore. My periods were irregular, but if I was lucky I should be able to lift the curse before it's happening again.

Traveling through the same desert again, the six of us arrived at the mountains again. Climbing took more time than last time as the women were not so fast and needed more rest than we'd taken the previous time. Hank reached the cave surprisingly fast and helped the five of us up in a jiffy. The old monk was sitting on a rock and warned us that what we were about to do was not without risks. Marvin and Melissa were on no account to take any cup as they could only lose and no gain anything.

The monk gave us some directions to the vault of the temple, told us to drink the bronze cup to get home and wished us good luck. We thanked the monk for his wise advise and entered the cave. The familiar narrow passageways still bore the proof of our previous visit as some gear had been left behind then.

Then I suddenly felt a faint dizziness. It quickly got away and we continued our way. Then I felt my pants got warm and wet. I reached for my crotch and knew I'd not been lucky. My period had just started messing up my pants. Luckily the girls were around to take care of me. Angelica quickly got me out of my pants and supplied me with a tampon and some girl's clothes. I quickly got dressed in the skirt she gave me a so we continued.

After walking for hours we reached the point where the secret passageway should be, according to the monk. It took us an hour, but then we finally opened the door that would lead us to the vault. After we'd entered the door slammed behind us, closing us in. Lighting the place up with our super torches we immediately saw the cups.

Five cups filled with fluid, waiting to be drunk. Two gold cups, two silver cups and only one bronze cup were waiting for us. As the monk had told us that the bronze would take us home, we had to decide from which cup we should drink. "Empty the chosen cup completely with your loved one", the monk had said. So we might just do that, but what cup, we asked ourselves. "The Silver ones", Hank suggested, "the gold cups have gotten us into this mess, so I guess those will be the wrong ones again. Lets take the silver cups", he insisted. In a way he has a point there, but there was no way to know for sure.

Jean and Hank emptied the Silver cup together and Hank surprisingly altered to his old self again in just a few seconds. "Yeeeeeeeesssssss" he screamed examining himself. This encouraged me too and so Angelica and I too drank from a silver cup, returning me to my old self too. I felt weird being a man with a women's skirt around my waist. And a bloody tampon in my too tight panties, where my dick was being confined.

As sip from the bronze cup indeed took us home.

To celebrate the lift of the curses we ordered our servants to get champagne for the evening but first we retreated to our rooms to make passionate love. I worked on Angelica's body as she'd learned me when I was a girl. I knew all the sensitive spots on a girls body so it was easy to get Angelica to an orgasm. While we were still into foreplay we heard some screaming next door. Well they are doing it in a rough way, we said to each other, but then again the screams were not ecstasy screams. They sounded more like scary screams ! The screams stopped and had changed into some sobbing. Angie (as I call Angelica) and I didn't hesitate and ran to the other room where Hank and Jean were...

There we saw Hank and Jean whose bodies had been transformed into real horses bodies, except for their heads which were still transforming. Jean's transformation had been completed as Hank watched in horror what huge stallion Jean had become. Unable to speak and with tears in his eyes he looked between his hind legs and realized he'd soon be a mare. A few seconds his transformation was complete too.

We rushed too our own room and got dressed to lead the two horses to the stables. When we returned to the room we saw that the stallion had climbed on the back of the mare to mate. Nothing of the former Jean and Hank were to be recognized in those two. We led them down to the stables and got back to our room.

Somehow the transformation of Hank and Jean had gotten us aroused. We repeated a part of the foreplay again to get Angelica's wet. When she's wet I got on top op her and plugged my dick in between her thighs. Impaling her with a lot of strength I started to pump my semen in her pussy. The moment my dick exploded my cum into her pussy a bright flash blinded us for a moment. A few seconds later a found myself laying on my back feeling the weight of a man (my old body) on top of me and a dick in my pussy exploding cum into me. We must have swapped bodies I realized in a second.

I wanted Angie to get off me, but she didn't want to quit. She was enjoying the male part in sex intensely.

So the torture continued for a while as Angie really wanted to enjoy this probably once in a lifetime experience for a woman to enjoy having sex as a man. But after she'd cum for the second time she thought it was enough. "I've never known that sex is so much better as a man", she exclaimed. "How lucky you are".

I took a shower as I felt myself dirty, like a woman does feel herself dirty when she's raped. I rubbed my now female genitals carefully clean and toweled myself dry. Then I felt that I had to pee. I almost forgot to sit, but after grabbing for a dick which isn't there I quickly sat down and let the urine flow. Then I wiped my slit dry and got myself dressed. Pink panties, black nylons and silk bra were my basic under garment. A nice blouse , a slit dress and a pair of pumps completed my outfit. "When does this curse wear off" I though desperately, knowing that Angie probably would like to stay this way. I started sobbing for hours and couldn't speak. An hourglass shape with nice c-cup breasts is a dream to look at, as long as it can be seen on somebody else, not on myself.

"How wonderful to be able to stand when you pee" , Angie exclaimed. "Being a man is just wonderful. No more hours in front of a mirror, no more periods, no more bra's, no more risks of getting pregnant, and never being impaled anymore. Enjoying watching pretty women... Isn't life great as a man ? I hope this never wears off, as then YOU will get pregnant of my baby instead of the other way around. You always wanted me to get pregnant and start a family, well this is your chance to start one".

The next day we decided to go horse riding as we now had two horses in our stables. As I was smaller as a girl, I took the mare called Hank and Angie took the huge stallion called Jean. The horses we well trained and nothing indicated a single shred of evidence that these two horses had been our dear friends.

Eight weeks had passed and we still hadn't returned back to our own bodies. Then Angie asked me when I'd had my last period. "Well, actually I haven't had any since our body swap" , I answered her. "Mine was due two days before our swap", she told me. "So, lets get a test" , she suggested. My worst fears came true... I was three months pregnant. Now we realized that the change was permanent. Angie considered that fact as a gift and a victory, I felt lost and hopeless at first, but strangely enough my upcoming maternity surprisingly sheered me up somehow as if I want to become a mother.

The following months my belly started to grow and grow. I got disgusted by my own female and very pregnant looks. My tense breasts had started to grow as well and in the last month of my pregnancy sometimes they got full of milk. They felt like if they would explode if Angie didn't suck on my nipples.

After eight and a half weeks I was rushed into the hospital to give birth to our first child. Angie was at work in New York at that time and was too late to witness the child-birth I was going through. After ten hours the pain of child-birth was over. I'd delivered a baby girl and fell asleep just half an hour after delivery as I was completely exhausted.

When I woke up the next morning I was undeniably reminded of yesterday's event as my slit hurt as hell, as it has become torn somewhat larger than natural. There he was, the monk beside my bed... "Congratulations Jim, you'll be fine now. You and your husband will not go through any other changes anymore", he said. I wanted to cry as I still wasn't happy with the fact that I was stuck, but looking at my baby girl my heart melted away and this way I put my pride aside. I had responsibilities now as a mother and I would raise my child to the best of my abilities. I couldn't jeopardize my own flesh and blood.

"The cave has collapsed, good luck you three", the monk stated as he left...

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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