JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English
	"What the f'...", Jake Eagers exclaimed in frantic disbelief as he
felt the strange and unnerving sensations beginning to infest the
subcutaneous layers of skin in and around the immediately vicinity of his
groin and, to a somewhat lesser, though still troubling degree, his
superfluous male nipples.  "This is ridiculous!  Absolutely ridiculous!

	"Is it?", Vicki Langstrum, grinning away to beat the band, impishly
inquired.  "Is it really...

	"Tell me something, Jake.  Is your skin all prickly?  Are you
experiencing a strange... shall we say... internal churning
sensation... y'know, that's seems to be emanating from deep inside the
epicenter of your loins?  And, is that libido-driven prick of your's
developing a first class boner..."

	"Yes!  Yes!  And yes!", a frantically bemused and clearly agitated
Jake Eagers retorted harshly.

	"This is ridiculous!  Absolutely, no holds bar, ridiculous!  I
mean...  What you're suggesting, Vicki!  It's ludicrous!  Absolutely

	"Look, Jake!  I'm not going to sit here and debate it with you!",
Vicki countered calmly.  "The proof... as they say, Jake... is in the
pudding.  And whether or not you accept the reality of what is happening to
you is - I guess you could say - rather immaterial at this particular point
in the precedings.  What's done is done!  I've set things in motion and
now, all we have to do is wait for the physical transition process to run
its' course..."

	"But, Vicki!", a somewhat distraught Jake Eagers endeavored to
lodge a protested, as he unconsciously raised his hand to knead first one
and then the other of his oddly pulsating, male sculpted, non-functional
mammary glands.

	"But nothing, Jake!", Vicki's retort clearly conveyed the fact that
she was becoming a tad bit vexed.

	"Look!  As far as I'm concerned, you've more than ample time to
poop the question and there by make an honest woman out of me, Mr. Jake -
I'm not the marrying kind - Eagers!

	"But have you?


	"By your own admission, Jake, you made it quite clear to me tonight
that you're not in the market for a wife!  You just want a friend of the
female persuasion!  A lady friend you can go out with!  A woman who will,
when the mood strikes you, share your bed and there by, assuage that macho,
over testosteroned, God's gift to women, self-centered, anal retentive,
I've got to get my rocks off sense of surging horniness of your's!

	"Well... so be it, Jake!  What it comes down to is this: you don't
see yourself as a marrying kind of man!

	"You say that you care for me, Jake... and that, come what may, you
don't want to loose me.

	"Well... though I'd rather become Mrs. Eagers... since I don't want
to loose you - You big, hard-headed lummox you! - y'know, given how much
time I've invested in this on-again, off-again relationship of ours... I
guess you leave me no other choice than to go for this perpetual girlfriend
option of your's...

	"However, Jake... knowing that it might come down to this... I took
out a little insurance policy.

	"A couple weeks ago... when you were out of town attending that
anal weekend of drunken debauchery with those old neighborhood cronies of
your's... I went to see this old Gypsy woman that a concerned friend of
mine put me in touch with awhile ago... who... for a lack of a better way
to put this, Jake darling... dabbles in the mystical arts of metaphysical

	"In other words, Jake... I went to see a witch."

	"Yeah... Right!", Jake sarcasm punctuated his retort.  "And now
you're going to proceed on to tell me that you went and purchased some sort
a love potion from this magical charlatan that'll somehow coerce me into
getting down on my knees and begging you to marry me!  Right?"

	"Wrong, Mr. Know-it-all!  Though I could have gone that route, I
didn't purchase a love potion!

	"That would have been far to trite and hackneyed for me.

	"Feeling fairly certain that you pull this 'girlfriend' shit on me
sooner or later, I opted for something that was a wee bit more creative,
while being outlandishly diabolical all in one neat little package.

	"You want me to continue on as your girlfriend?

	"So be it, Jake!

	"If I can't be your happily wedded wife, being your girlfriend is
just peachy-keen with me!

	"I'll be your happy to remain your girlfriend, just as long as you
don't mind becoming mine!"

	"What!", Jake incredulously clamored.  "Just what in the hell are
you talking about, Vicki?

	"I mean... you're not seriously suggesting that that
unintelligible, damn near inaudible mumbo jumbo that you were just
muttering a moment or so ago is going to actually change me into a
girl... now are you?"

	"No,", Vicki coquettishly admitted, "not in and of itself, Jake -

	"However,", she added after a poignant pause, "that so called mumbo
jumbo that you heard me uttered under my breath a few minutes ago did
trigger a very craftily constructed spell that is even now beginning to do
just that..."

	"Bullshit!", Jake, unhinged by Vicki's outlandish assertion,
vehemently countered.  "What you're suggesting, Vicki... is sheer and utter

	"I mean... while it is true that you can cosmetically bringing
about the change you're suggesting through a good bit of re-constructive
surgery and the ingestion of a whole kit and caboodle of female
hormones... nothing - And I do mean nothing! - can nullify the fact that a
Y Chromosome is a Y Chromosome is a Y Chromosome..."

	"True enough...", Vicki, in an effort to sidestep what would, in
due course, prove out to be a fruitless, albeit futile argument,
acknowledged the validity of Jake's assertion.

	"However, Jake... be that as it may be... you do have an erection,
don't you?"

	"Yes!  Damn it to all hell and back!  I do...

	"But - Tell me, Vicki!", Jake fearfully demanded, "Just what in the
hell does my having an erection have to do with anything?"

	"Semen, Jake!  Semen!

	"Before those testicles of your's can undergo conversion into a
pair of female ovaries, that body of your's has to expunge itself of all
it's residual semen.

	"In other words, my dearest darling... in the next several minutes
or so, that soon to be vagina supplanted penis of your's is gong to start
mimicking the legendary Mount Vesuvius as it begins to experience a series
of massive, doppler-like ejaculations... y'know, that will completely
deplete your reservoir of stored-up semen."

	Jake, though rattled down to the marrow of his bones by Vicki's
incredulous assertions, boldly, if not sarcastically countered, "Yeah!
Right!  And I'm the King of Siam!".  However, even as he was attempting to
put on the sham of a false-front to assuage that grossly assaulted male ego
of his, Jake felt the advent of the first of several mind-riveting,
orgasmic, semen-surges, gushing frantically up along the bore-tube of his
manly insemination rod.

	"Holy shit!", Jake, in utter disbelief, frantically exclaimed, even
as his body was racked by a second, third and fourth unsolicited
ejaculation of massive amounts of semen.  "My shorts!  My jeans!  They're
soaked with cum!"

	Countering, in a very serene, matter-of-fact voice, Vicki offered
comment, "That... my darling... as you will soon come to realize... is the
least of your problems..."

	"Vicki!", Jake, in a voice that was both choked and pained, tersely
demanded, "What the hell did you do?  Did you spike this soda of mine with
some sort of new, fast acting, male-targeted aphrodisiac or a super strong
dose of Viagra when I was in your bathroom taking a leak?".

	"Jake...  Jake...  Jake...", Vicki teasingly chided.  "I already
told you what I did and exactly why I did it.

	"You... on the other hand... seem to have a problem accepting the
reality of what's about to happen to that manly body of your's.

	"Remember... my dearest darling... it was you who initially set the
parameters for this ongoing relationship of ours.", Vicki continued.
"You... by your own omission... don't want a wife.  You want a fall-back
girlfriend... y'know, who's at your beck and call... so she can service
those carnal needs of your's from time to time...

	"Well, Jake the soon to be former Snake!  Guess what!  If I can't
be your wife, it's like I said before: I want the same damn thing you do!
I want a girlfriend... a lesbian lover if you will... y'know, who can
service my own carnal needs from time to time!

	"And guess what, Jake!  Before the hour's out, we'll both have
exactly what we want!

	"Now...", Vicki continued as she got up off the shoddy excuse for a
sofa that she and Jake had been residing upon, "knowing fully well how icky
you must feel with all that sticky cum of your's splattered all over that
lower abdomen of your's, Jake... why don't you take a minute or so and
climb out of those semen soaked jeans and shorts.  And, while you're busy
doing that, Jake... I'll go get you a towel and a moisten
washcloth... y'know, so that you can clean yourself up a little before
you're no longer capable of attending to such matters on your own."

	"What!  What the hell do you mean about me and my not being able to
attend to such matters on my own, Vicki?", an enraged Jake Eagers
vehemently demanded of the retreating figure of his girlfriend.

	From the hallway, Vicki Langstrum cheerfully intoned, "Patience,
lover boy.  I'll explain it all to you right after I get you the towel and
the washcloth I just now promised you."

	Returning from the bathroom, Vicki took note of the fact that Jake
was feebly struggling at the rather simple and mundane tasks that she had
suggested he undertake.  While he had managed to un-zip his jeans, he had
achieved little more.  Setting the towel and the washcloth on the makeshift
coffee table for the moment, Vicki, with a "Here!  Let lend you a hand with
that, Jake!", proceeded on to remove first, her boyfriend's shoes and socks
and then, his semen soiled garments.

	Then, in a dismissive, off-handed manner, Vicki. picking up the
washcloth, stated the obvious.  "Feeling weak, are we?"

	"Yes...", Jake meekly managed.  "I'm so fagged out; I feel utterly

	"That's to be expected, Jake.", Vicki pointed out as she knelt
alongside the sofa and deftly began to address the globules of cum that
were even then being to congeal on Jake's lower abdomen and groin areas.

	"You see, lover...", Vicki matter-of-factly continued, "the
catastrophic changes that are occurring - even as we speak - throughout
your whole, entire body, requires a whole hell of a lot of energy.  Though
you are unaware of it, you are burning one hell of a lot of calories just
laying there.  Doing nothing.

	"Fact is, lover... were you to try to beat feet right now - y'know,
and shag that tight little and as yet manly rump of your's out of
here... given how beat and discombobulated you look... I doubt that you
would be able to make it even half way to the door before these legs of
your's would give out.

	"Hell, Jake!  Given the way you look right now, you're probably to
weak to even stand up!

	"A word to the wise, Jake.  Don't try.  Y'know, because you might
fall and end up bruising the beautiful new body that that you're going to
end up with when everything is all said and done.

	"You see, dear... right now, every single, solitary cell of your
body is undergoing a genetic re-structuring of its' DNA that will... when
complete... transmute all those pesky, male defining Y Chromosomes that you
were going on and on and on about and turn then into X Chromosomes."

	Trading the semen-soiled washcloth for the dry towel, Vicki
continued on to say, "And when that happens, Jake... when your cellular
structure has a double X Chromosome pairing... which, by the way, it's a
safe bet to assume that such has already occurred... given the fact that
your penis has... shall we say... atrophied into a pre-pubescent
state... of - I would guesstimate - a seven or eight year old's... though
the rest of your still manly body may tend to belie the fact... genetically
speaking, you... my dearest darling... are already a female."

	Knowing that her boyfriend, weakened by the transsexualization
process as he was, couldn't even muster the were-with-all to make any sort
of lucid comment or, for that matter, intelligible inquiry what-so-ever,
Vicki, anticipating some of his probable concerns, directed her dialogue in
that direction.

	"Oh!  If you're wondering if there's going to be a lot of pain
involved in this sexual retrofit that you're undergoing, Jake... the answer
is: no.  You should experience no pain what-so-ever.

	"However... you may experience some transitory physical discomfort.
Y'know, like when your skeletal frame beings to go through the gyrations
and compressions and hip splays necessary to re-adjust itself to the all
new, fully feminized physiognomy that you are being fitted out with.

	"Jake!", Vicki was jubilant.  "Look!  Look at your penis!"

	Obediently, Jake, though it took a considerable effort on his part,
did as directed.

	"See!", Vicki enthusiastically exclaimed, as she took her hands
and, placing them on Jake's knobby knees, spread his legs so as to gain a
much better view of what was transpiring in and around the area of her
boyfriend's loins.  "It's regressed to a point where it's no bigger than a

	"Plus! Though I don't know if you can see this particular little
nuance from your vantage point, Jake dear!  But be aware that there are
several crescent-like ridge lines beginning to evidence
themselves... y'know, that will... in the next several minutes or
so.... become the multiple lip-folds of your own nifty little vagina!

	"Wow!  This is something to see, Jake!

	"Damn!  I wish I had my camcorder handy!  I would have loved to
have caught this all on tape!

	"Trouble is, Jake: were I to go get it out of my bedroom closet;
locate a blank tape and find a battery with a full charge on it, given my
run of bad luck here of late, by the time I got back here with it, I'd
probably miss the most intriguing facets of this extremely fascinating, if
not mind-blowing transsexualization your undergoing.

	"Okay!  This is great!  We've got an indentation!  Y'know, nestled
within those developing lip-folds of your's!  Y'know, that will... in the
next couple of moments... transmogrify into the outer orifice of your own
handy dandy vaginal canal, Jake!

	Oh!  I almost forgot to mention that fact that your penis is
quickly approaching the size of a newborn's!

	"Jake!  While I know you can't begin to appreciate what's going on
right now... given all the ignominy and anger you must be contending
with... but I'm here to tell you that what's happening to your body is the
most amazing thing I have ever seen!

	"I mean... it's really neat!  Your skin... it's really, really

	Jake!  While I know this is going to sound as crazy and absurd as
all get-out... your skin has a most uncharacteristic fluidity to it!

	"Alright!  This is great!  We've got an orifice!

	"Jake!  Guess what!  Though I know this is probably the last thing
that you would ever want to hear, you - my darling - are now the proud -
albeit, most likely pissed-off and thoroughly humiliated - owner of your
very own vagina!

	"Plus!  As an extra added bonus, that former schizoid mat of
unruly, ill kempt pubic male hair of your's has been tamed and
re-sculptured into a tidy, characteristic veed swath of a young woman's

	"Just think... Jake dear!  You've gone from being the humper to
potential humpie in something under fifteen minutes!

	"And that's saying something!  Y'know, because from here on out,
Jake... casual sex will be rifled with a whole shitload of unintended
consequences!  Y'know, that can... if your not very, very careful and take
all the proper and persnickety precautions that we women have to
take... show up on your doorstep nine months later...  If, you know what I

	"No longer will you be the carefree swinging dick, out on a lark,
indiscriminately sowing those wild oats of your's!  Now... now that you got
your very own secret garden... so to speak, Jack... y'know, nestled down
here in between these soon to be re-vamped and emasculated legs of
your's... it's a fairly safe assumption on my part that you aren't going to
want some horny-assed bastard messing around with you... cramming his manly
you-know-what down inside this clitoris equipped new little you-know-where
of your's!

	"Now don't go getting these newly developing titty-whitties of
your's in an uproar... my soon to loverboy turned lovergirl!

	"The likelihood of you ever getting your herified self involved in
a heterosexual, male-female relationship is somewhere within the realm of
slim and none.

	"You see, Jake... for some strange, inexplicable reason or another,
the transgendering spell that I triggered earlier only interacts with your
- I guess you could say - physiognomy.  That's to say: it only engenders a
purely physical change.  Not... as one might think... a mental one.

	"Once this male to female makeover of your's is a done
deal... while I assure you that you'll body will be as feminine as feminine
can be... and then some... that poor beleaguered, incensed and no doubt
befuddled mind of your's will be as manly and therefore, just as lewd,
crude and lecherous as it ever was.

	"In other words, my dearest darling... tomorrow afternoon... after
you finally wake up from the hours and hours of recuperative sleep that
this body of you're is going to require once this nifty little feminization
process has run its' course... once you get past all the ire and ignominy
involved in coming to terms with what you've become... you're going to find
that: one, every blessed bone in that new and bodacious body that you're in
the process of being fitted out with will be a narcissistic one; and
two... with respect to your sexual orientation... it's a pretty safe bet to
say that you'll find that you're a lesbian dyke of the First Water.

	"So... given all of that, Jake... there's absolute no need for you
to get yourself in a tizzy worrying about the improbability of you ever
becoming a willing participant in a sexual tet-a-tete with some macho
asshole out looking to get his rocks off by way of a quick, roll in the hay
with you...

	"But enough of that!", Vicki quipped briskly.  "Now that that ugly
old pecker of your's has gone the way of the dodo, Jake... I'm curious to
see how those secondary sexual attributes of your's are coming along.

	Reaching over, Vicki grabbed the belt concealing hemline of Jake's
sweater and proceeded, without any assistance or resistance on his part, to
draw it up and over his head, in effect, disrobing him completely.

	"I'm sorry if it might be a tad bit cool for you, Jake... and I
promise... in a few minutes... I'll turn up the heat and go get a throw out
of my bedroom to drape over your shoulders... but for right now... I just
want to sit here and watch as you get fitted out with your very own set of

	"Just so you know... right now those soon to be chest melons of
your's have reached a stage reminiscent of a thirteen or fourteen year
old's.  Y'know... as in they've just being to mound up a little!

	"The areolas... y'know, areolas... as in the darker brownish ring
of knobby skin encircling those soon to be super sensitized titty-whitties
of your's... have... I would say... gone a bit further along in their
development.  Y'know... as in... they're at least twice as large as they
were before!

	"Wow!  This is absolutely fantastic, Jake!

	"Your boobs!  They're inflating right before my very eyes!

	"They're getting bigger... and bigger... and bigger... and
bigger... almost as if these new boobs of your's were a pair of balloons
and somebody was blowing 'em up!

	"Oh, yeah...  I mean to tell you, Jake... they're developing into a
jim-dandy set of jugs...

	"Not to small... but not grossly over large either...

	"Tell you what... let's call 'em ample and leave it at that!

	"Oh!  And take it from me, Jake!  You are going to make a lot of
your fellow women as envious as all get-out when they get a load of you and
those new attention garnishing tits of your's.  Plus, with a rack like
you've just now been fitted out with, you might as well resign yourself
right now to the fact that you are going to be turning heads both left and

	"Fortunately, it looks as if you will be able to wear my
bras... and... if everything else goes according to plan... you should be
able to avail yourself of the rest of my wardrobe as well...

	"You see, Jake... when I was discussing this gender realignment
business of your's with that Gypsy woman who I got the spell from, she gave
me the option of helping her in the design parameters of this new,
feminized bod of a body of your's.  On her suggestion... and a very prudent
and cost efficient one it was... we ensured that these new vital statistics
of your's will more or less dovetail with my own.

	"Meaning... this new body of your's will be damn near a carbon copy
of my own.  Which... as you have pointed out on numerous occasions
yourself, Jake... is about as drop dead gorgeous as a woman's body could
ever hope to be!

	"Don't worry though!  While we will bear a strong... to be almost
striking resemblance to one another... y'know, in so far as our size and
stature is concerned... I've take measures to ensure that we both retain a
degree of individuality.

	"For instance, while I have green eyes and auburn hair... knowing
how much you like blondes... I took the liberty of having you - as a female
- become one.  Also... if everything goes according to Hoyle... those brown
eyes of your's will become a very engaging blue.

	"We also dickered around with your complexion... darkening it just
a tad or two.  Y'know, so you'll look as if you have a perpetual bronzish
cast to your's skin. Y'know, sort of lifeguard like emulating tan...

	"In other words, Jake... when everything is all said and
done... you should look like the embodiment of the quintessential
California Baywatch beach bunny.

	"Oh!  And I hope you don't mind the starter hairdo I've arranged
for you to have."

	"I mean... I didn't want you to have to go through all the hassles
involved in managing either long hair or maintaining some fancy-smancy
hairdo... y'know, like right out of proverbial starters gate... y'know,
given all the other girl-shit that you're going to be contending with on a
day in, day out bases...

	"So... and I really think that you're going to like it... y'know,
once you accept the irrefutable fact that you have no other option
available to you but to give being a girl your best shot... I went with
what you might call a sort of pixieish shag cut.  Y'know, reminiscent of
the style that Markie Post had... y'know, Markie Post, is in the actress -
when she played the part of Ms. Sullivan... the spunky... though somewhat
naive... legal advocate on the TV sitcom Night Court."

	"Also... before I forget... there is one aspect of this new
girlhood of your's that I think you are really, really going to like, Jake!
Shaving - for you - has become a thing of the past!  You won't have to buy
any more razor blades or shaving gel for the rest of your whole entire

	"Yeah... I know what you're thinking!  And yes... it's true!  Girls
do shave!  Y'know... their legs, armpits and sometimes, even their
pussys... y'know, depending on the particular style of bathing suit they
might want to wear...

	"However, Jake... my dearest darling... as a girl you won't have
to... y'know, because we - the witch and I - on her suggestion... put the
kibosh on you're every having to go to that time consuming necessity of
shaving your legs, pussy or underarms by empowering that male to female
transmogrifying spell of your's with... what you might call... a magical
sub-routine that... in so many words... eliminates the need for shaving,
body waxing or the ever popular, electrolysis!

	"Oh... before I go and do what I promised you I do...", Vicki said
as she stood up, "...y'know, in so far as my turning up the thermostat a
few degrees and getting you a quilt or blanket or whatever's handy... let
me tell you something that you are already pretty well aware of, Jack dear.

	"That stomach of your's... y'know, that was beginning to develop
into the paunch of a regulation and... if I may say so myself... well
earned beer belly... is becoming as taught and trim as any Playboy Playmate
of the Month's.  Also, that waist of your's is beginning to constrict,
while your hips have begun to noticeable splay somewhat..."

	With a, "Patience, love...", Vicki sarcastically chided, as she
strode over to her apartment's wall mounted thermostat and nudged it's
little nub of a temperature setting lever a smidgen or so to the right.
Then, as she made her way to her abode's rather truncated excuse for a
hallway, en route to her bedroom beyond, she said, "I'll be back in a
jiffy!  So please, Jake!  I implore you!  Don't go anywhere... ya'hear!".
Then, under her breath, as if speaking to herself, she continued on to
quip, "As if you could... in that whimped-out, damn near comatose condition
of your's... ever muster the physical where-with-all to do so, my dearest

	With a pair of pillows and a crochet quilt in hand, Vicki quickly
returned to the living room.  Moving directly to the sofa, she arranged the
pillows at one end, saying as she did so, "I thought that since you won't
be going anywhere for the remainder of this evening and... unless I miss my
guess here... most of tomorrow as well... that you'd be a whole hell of a
lot more comfortable laying down, lover..."

	Basically, since Jake was in no condition to either help or hinder
her, Vicki took it upon herself to more or less manhandle him into a head
propped-up, semi-supine positioning across the run of her sofa's three
threadbare and food stained seat cushions.  Then, once she was satisfied
that she had done the best job she could maneuvering Jake into what she
hoped would be a more comfortable positioning, Vicki, though she was
somewhat loathed to do so, given that she really would have liked to be
able to monitor the entire process of her boyfriend's - soon to be
girlfriend's - magically induced transsexualization, picked up the quit
that her grandmother hand lovingly crocheted for her when she had headed
off for college and gentle laid it over Jake's soon to be fully feminized

	"There... there!  Are we a little bit more comfy-cozy now?"

	Aware that she wasn't going to receive an answer from Jake, other
than a few lucid and ire laden flickerings of his eyelids, Vicki parked her
own rather fetchingly formed derriere on the adjacent coffee table and took
up her one-sided conversation somewhere in and around the point at which
she broke off from it but a moment or so before.

	Taking advantage of Jake's utter inability to interrupt her in any
way, shape or form, Vicki took a deep breath in order to reinforce her
resolve.  Then, having done so, with trepidation mounting with each and
every palpitation of her heart, she launched into something she had been
mentally rehearsing from the very first moment she seriously began to toy
around with the notion of seeking out the old Gypsy woman's services and
there by, acquire the magical where-with-all to change the man she loved
into the physical embodiment of a fully functional young and extremely
attractive woman.

	"Jake...  I know you're mad..."

	'Mad!', Jake's, who's mind - enraged as it was - was as lucid as
lucid could be, reeled; his ire ricocheting off his anger, with both
re-bounding fiendishly in upon his fervent sense of billowing and
self-sustaining rage.  'Mad don't begin to cut it...  You!  You!  You!

	"...and... believe me, Jake... you have every right to be mad..."

	'Damn straight, I do!', Jake fumed in direct counterpoint to
Vicki's remarks.

	"...and you have right to hate and despise me for doing
this... this... this dastardly and despicable thing to you..."

	'Yeah... you've got that right, bitch!'

	"...but I was desperate, Jake!  Desperate and afraid!  I didn't
want to loose you!

	"Why!  I don't know!  But I love you, Jake!  With all my heart!
With all my soul!

	"And... though that damnable manly pride of your's keeps you from
admitting it... you sorry son of bitch... I know you love me... as much -
if not more - than I love you!

	"You've said it yourself, Jake!  On numerous occasions!  We were
made for each other!

	"Hell, Jake!  We're not just lovers!  We're friends!  The truest of
truest friends!  Y'know, like the proverbial two peas in a pod!  You
complete me and I complete you!  And you know it!  Y'know, just like I know

	"I mean... we're more compatible than any couple I know!

	"Hell, Jake!  We're more compatible than even my parents are!

	"And let me tell you something, Mr. Know-it-all!  That's saying
something!  Y'know, because they're the most compatible couple I've ever -
in my whole entire life - known!  Y'know, prior to you and me getting

	"I mean... we share damn near all the same interests!  You like
outdoorsy things!  For instance, you like
camping... bicycling... hiking... climbing... canoeing - both whitewater
and flatwater and shit like that...

	"Well... so do I!

	"Fact is... if you remember correctly... you and I first met on
that weekend trip down the South Fork of the Shenandoah that the
university's canoe and kayak club sponsored.  Y'know, when you and that
big, red headed lummox friend of your's... Paul What's-his-name... plowed
into my kayak with that beat to shit, dented-up old 17' shoe-keeled Gruman
that the two of you were so ineptly trying to maneuver into that up-river
eddy I was playing around in...

	"Hell, Jake!  When you suggested that the two of us take up scuba
diving... if you remember... I was all for it!  I even wen so far as to
suggest that once we were certified... we ought to look into a taking a
diving vacation... y'know, somewhere in the Caribbean... hoping that maybe
you'd take the hint and ask me to marry you... y'know, so that we could
turn this proposed Caribbean Vacation of our's into a full blown

	"But did you take the hint... however un-subtle it was?

	"Oh, no!

	"While you have absolutely no problem with making this dilapidated,
off-campus, Goodwill Store furnished apartment of mine your convenient home
away from home... Mr. Jake - I'm-not-the-marrying-kind-of-guy -
Eagers.. y'know, when ever the mood strikes you... you - by your own
omission - have no intentions of making an honest woman out of me anytime
in the near or foreseeable future!

	"Tonight... when you pulled that perpetual girlfriend crap on
me... y'know, with the 'I really like you, Vicki.' bullshit... and, 'I
think the two of us are really something special.', platitude... something
snapped.  Though I never thought I would actually go through with
it... y'know, and get up the gumption to trigger the transmogrifying spell
that's doing a real number on that soon to be formerly male body of your's,
Jake... I reached the point where I had had enough!

	"As far as I was concerned, you have been in the driver's seat of
this on-again, off-again relationship of our's for far to long, Mr. Jake -
the Former Snake - Eagers!  Incorrectly... as I have just here and now come
to realize... I thought that if I were to turn the tables on you... y'know,
by fitting you out with your own little clitoris equipped bolt-hole... I
would be in control...

	"Truth is: that was an idiotic and erroneous assumption on my
part... y'know, because... after everything is all said and
done... irregardless of the fact that you will live out the rest of your
life housed in a female body that's... as they say - whomever in the hell
'they' might just happen to be - to die for... you... due to these damnable
and admittedly irrational feelings I have for you... are still in control
of the situation!

	"I... the big dummy dunderhead that I am... have succeeded in only
exacerbating the situation!

	"By turning you into a girl... all I've succeeded in doing is
pissing you off royally..."

	'Yeah...', Jake mentally concurred, 'You sure as hell did!  Bitch!

	'And... though I'm not what you'd call a violent man... y'know,
that's physically abusives toward women...', Jake continued with his
vengefully couched thoughts, '...in your case - Bitch! - I'd be happy to
make an exception!  Y'know, as in if I could muster the
where-with-all... you'd best believe I'd be on you like stink on shit!
Throttling you up one side and down the other!  Y'know, until you couldn't
see straight...'

	Vicki was well aware of the fact that if she didn't play her cards
right, she might alienated Jake completely.  He might be so mad at her for
doing what she had so nefariously gone and done to him, that once he - as a
she - felt fully recuperated from his make-over ordeal, he might give her a
good piece of his mind (most likely both frontal lobes) and high-tail it
out of her life for the dreaded forever and a day!

	However, Vicki, thoroughly coached by some of her friends and
cohorts as she had been, had a trump card yet to play.

	"Like I was saying, Jake... as ludicrous as it might
sound... y'know, given that new, sexual retrofitted body that you're being
fitted out with... you - Not me! - still maintains control of the

	"You... should you elect to do so... once you're once again in
possession of all your facilities... can simply get up and waltz out of my
life forever... y'know, without so much as a 'Have a nice life!'; 'Go fuck
yourself!'; Mother may I?'; or anything...

	"Though I wish there was someway to stop you from doing something
like that, Jake... there's isn't...

	"And... even if there was a way... I wouldn't...

	"I want your love, Jake!  But even if there was a way to coerce it,
I wouldn't!  Y'know, because love is only love if it is freely given...

	"However... before you go that route... y'know, and give me the Big
Kiss-off... there's something you need to consider, Jake.

	"As a woman... you are... shall we say... a non-person.  You no
longer have a bonafide identity.

	"Jake Eagers did!  You... the new you... unfortunately do not..."

	"For all intent and purposes, Jake... you are a nobody from

	"And... while you might look like a woman... and sound like a
woman... y'know, given that... for all practical purposes... you will be a
woman... y'know, in... shall we say... a purely physical sense... I think
we can both safely assume that you won't know how to act the part of a
woman for sometime to come.

	"In other words, my dearest darling... without a lot of
coaching... it's a safe bet that... left to your own devices... you are
going to screw up royally... y'know, unwittingly getting yourself embroiled
in one mell of a hess after another... y'know, until you learn the
ropes... via... shall we say... the school of hard knocks...

	"And speaking of hard knocks, Jake... I sure as hell wouldn't want
to see you getting yourself knocked-up... y'know, because you didn't know
how to extricate yourself from a sticky wicket involving you... some
lout... and that new, nifty little maidenhead of your's...

	"Trouble is... without any identification... for all practical
purposes, Jack... you're screwed!  Without ID, you can't get a job...  And
without a job... what are you going to do about money?

	"True... you can get a job that pays you under the table... so to
speak... but that's about it...

	"Of course...", Vicki offered thoughtfully, "...there's always

	"I mean... given this new body of your's... you could make a pretty
good living as a prostitute, Jake.

	"I mean... if you could somehow finagle your way into becoming one
of those high paid escort slash call-girls... y'know, who's clientele
consist of the movers and shakers of this old world of ours... y'know, as
in the guys who rake in the mega bucks... you could... in the matter of a
couple years or so... set yourself up for life...

	"Hell, Jake!  Should you elect to go that route... there's no doubt
about it!  You are certainly going to have the looks for it!

	Trouble is... you're going to need quit a bit of seed
money... y'know, to set yourself in an apartment that's suitable for
entertaining that sort of high-profile clientele.  And then there's all the
high fashion apparel... such as evening gowns and cocktail dresses... not
to mention, a fairly substantial assortment of both jewelry and cosmetic
paraphernalia... that you're going to need to function as a female escort
slash paramour... y'know, that provides custom tailored sexual services on
the side...

	"Maybe... if you're very, very lucky, Jake... you'll find yourself
a filthy rich sugar daddy... y'know, who will set you up as his mistress...

	"I mean... who knows!  Six months from now you could be living
in... as they say... high cotton at the infamous Watergate
Apartments... y'know, servicing a Supreme Justice of these here United
States of I've Got Mine and to Hell with the all the little people who
scrimp and save to pay this hellacious tax burden that the hoi polloi and
their anointed, money grubbing, step-and-fetch-its have... in their
infinite wisdom... magnanimously seen fit to impose upon us - the grossly
miss-represented ne'er-do-wells of the working underclass...

	"And Jake... after what I've so ignominiously and underhandedly
gone and done to you... if I had the money to set you up as a high class
hooker... make no never mind about it... I'd give it to you!  Y'know, with
no strings attached!  Y'know, because I feel I owe you at least that... if
not so much, much more...

	"I mean... now... in lieu of what I've done to you, Jake... I feel
totally responsible for you.  And because I do... the last thing I want is
for you to go off half-cocked and try and make it on your own... y'know,
and get desperate and there by run afoul of some low-life street
pimp... y'know, who doesn't take kindly to some free-lance whore cutting in
on what would otherwise be his profit margin.

	"You could end up getting hurt... or strung out on drugs... y'know,
and find yourself in some prick's stable... doing tricks in exchange for
your next heroine high and a couple of pennies on each and every dollar you
take in for the nefarious scumbag who... out of the kindness of his
heart... has so magnanimously provided for all your earthly
needs... y'know, just as long as you don't mind returning the favor by
providing for his rather obsessive needs and wants... y'know, like that new
candy apple red Jaguar convertible that he's got his eye on...

	"But that's all nothing more than hypothetical bullcrap, isn't it,

	"Knowing you the way I do... I can't conceive of you every willing
spreading these developing long and lovely legs of your's... y'know, so
some anal retentive son of a bitch can take his manly outty and shove it up
inside of this cute and cozy new little inny of your's... y'know, so he can
get his rocks off by humping the livin' shit of you!

	"And then there's the lip and a promise business to consider...

	"Jake!  Can you envisions yourself - as a girl - going down on some
hairy assed bastard's you-know-what... y'know, and giving it... shall we
say... lip service?

	"I know I can't conceive of you ever engaging in something like

	"However... as despicable, degrading and repugnant as such an act
might be for you to perform... we both know that desperate times call for
desperate measures...

	Just then, just as Vicki finished with that last little quip of
hers, a strange - to be almost eerie - gurgling noise escaped Jake's still
very manly puckered lips.

	Responding, Vicki pointed out, "That sound, Jake... signifies that
your larynx... y'know, larynx... as in your vocal cords... are undergoing
their own custom tailored brand of feminization...

	"And once that's accomplished... y'know, and that former nice rich
baritone of your's has been supplanted with the timbre of what I hope to be
a very throaty contra-alto... y'know, that makes those soon to be girlish
intonations of your's as sexy as all get-out... for all intent and
purposes, lover... you've rounded the last turn and are on the last few
furlongs of the home-stretch dash of this simply mind-blowing sexual
make-over of your's...

	"So... that means... if I'm going to cover everything I want to
cover... y'know, before you're to zonked-out to hear what I have to say and
you're off to beddie-by-land... I'd better get crackin'!

	"Now just where in the hell was I?

	"Oh!  I know!  I was going over your options!

	"Okay!  We've tackled the street walker option fairly well... now
haven't me?

	"Moving on...

	"As I see it, Jake... you could go to the authorities.  Y'know, as
in you could go to the police or the local offices of the states
attorney... y'know, and tell them what I did to you.

	"Maybe... if - and you've got to admit that it's a big 'if',
Jake... you could somehow get the authorities to believe...  what they
would almost surely perceive to be... your farfetched assertions... y'know,
about how you were somehow magically transformed into a girl... they might
be able to find a loop hole in the law that would allow them to bring
charges against me... y'know, under... shall we say... the auspicious of
some little known codicil tucked away somewhere within the ever expanding
Civil Right Laws.

	"However... I would caution you against doing so... y'know, because
who - in their right mind - is going to believe you in the first place,

	"I mean... you go to the authorities with this fanciful story of
how your former girlfriend got pissed off at you... y'know, because you
wouldn't make and honest woman out of her... and how she got her revenge on
you by going to see a witch... y'know, to procure a magic spell
that... after a lot of who-struck-john... ended up changing you from a guy
into a girl... and they'll think your absolutely... no holds bar... crazy!

	"Either that or that you're whacked out on some hallucinogenic!
Y'know, like LSD or something...

	"Hell, Jake... you go this route and who knows!  They might think
that your crazy!  And because they do, you could well end up with that
man-beguiling new tush of your's decked out in a straight jacket, doing a
stint in some looney bin's padded cell!  Y'know, until you contritely
convince a psychiatric review broad that you're you were merely
delusional... and that you've seen the error of your ways... and that such
will not happen again... and that from here on out you promise to be a good
little, law abiding girl... not to mention... an asset to
society... y'know, so that you can secure your release!

	"Remember, Jake!  You won't be able to use a DNA test to confirm
the validity of your assertions!  Your present DNA bears little or no
resemblance to what it was formerly!

	"Neither... I should point out... will those new fingerprints of
your's be a help.

	"While it is true that your new fingerprints will evidence a most
striking resemblance to what they had been when you had been a swinging
dick of a man... y'know, that would... were they ever to be meticulously
examined alongside of one another... baffle and confound top-notched
forensic experts for years and years to come... y'know, because they will
clearly show that they bear a striking... to be an almost uncanny
resemblance to one another... y'know, given the irrefutable similarity of
their swirl and ridge-line patterns.  However... be that as it maybe,
Jake... when push comes to shove... the size difference... y'know, between
your soon to be former male fingers and the delicate and dexterous, long
and lovely feminine fingers that you are soon to be fitted out with... will
quash anyone actually believing that your fingerprints support... or for
that matter... give even a smidgen of credence to your seemly absurd claims
of once having been a man... y'know, who was somehow magically turned into
a woman by his vengeful girlfriend... y'know, just for the spite of it!

	"Oh!  And if you're thinking that an evaluation of your handwriting
will add validity to your claims of having once been Mr. Jonathan - Jake,
the well endowed Snake - Eagers, my dearest darling... you can forget it!

	"You see... while a sample of your handwriting might look the
same... y'know, to a casual observer... y'know, for sometime to come... a
handwriting expert will declare the new and bodaciously feminized you to a
first class forger.

	"As I understand it, Jake... it all has something or other to do
with muscle texture... hand/eye coordination... minute and subtle changes
in your grip... and a whole kit and caboodle of other aspects... y'know,
that are to numerous to mention or... for that matter... even
remember... that goes into a person's distinctive writing style.

	"Also... and I find this absolutely fascinating... as time goes
on... and that libido driven male mind of your's becomes more and more in
tune with that female body that it's so fetchingly housed within... unless
you diligently keep in practice... y'know, by trying to duplicate the way
you use to write each and every day... your handwriting will... in the
days, weeks and months to come.... become more and more that of a bonafide

	Lifting the her grandmother's quilt to sneak a peek at Jake's body,
Vicki whimsically proceeded on to commented, "Jake...  Jake...  Jake...  I
must say... as of this very moment... you, lover... are the strangest
conglomeration of a human being I ever... in my whole entire like... saw!

	"I mean... here you are!  Save for your hands and feet... which are
as manly as they ever were... you've got the body of a uncontested
temptress... which... bye the bye... still supports that rugged... to be
almost craggy... outdoorsy, mustached face of your's!

	"That means... I haven't got time to shit around... y'know, before
the change you're undergoing has run its' course and you fade off into the
recuperative oblivion of nighty-night land.

	"That being the case... I better get crackin'!  Y'know, and say
what I have to say... y'know, before I have to bid you a goodnight, sleep
tight and don't let the bed bugs bite...


	"Since I think it's pretty much a given that you don't want go the
hooker route, Jake... or end up locked away in a mental institution
somewhere... most likely playing a game of backside rules the Navy with
horny-assed members of the inadequately supervised night staff... here's
what I propose.  You move in here with me... in effect becoming my roommate
and I... for my part of the bargain... will do everything I can to help you
make the transition to this new womanhood of your's as easy and as
non-threatening as possible.

	"All I ask in return, Jake... is that once you had your
say... y'know, and lambasted me up one side and down the other... y'know,
as I no doubt deserve to be... y'know, for doing this dastardly and
despicable thing to you... you do your best to ride rough shod over any -
admittedly justified - animosity you feel towards me... y'know, so that you
and I can establish a modicum of peace between us... that will... in
turn... allow us the ability to interact with one another...

	"I mean... while I freely admit that you have every right to be
thoroughly pissed-off at me, Jake... having psyched myself out on numerous
occasions in the past... I know that my having to cope with you and any
pent-up anger you may harbor towards me... will have a negative
effect... y'know, on my being able to help and console you... y'know, in
this time of need of your's...

	"So... what I'm suggesting is... once you feel up to
it... which... I would wager... won't occur until sometime around midday
Sunday... we allot some time for you to vent your anger... y'know, so we
can be done with it and get on with what we have to get on with...

	"Look, Jake!  While I hate to be so infuriatingly practical and
antiseptically about all of this... the truth is... while that mind of
your's will remain as manly as it ever was... the rest of the world is
going to accord you as the woman you've become.

	"So... my suggestion to you is: get over it!  You're a girl now!
Or... soon will be!  So... like it or not... it's like they say... y'know,
about the sheer and utter absurdity of crying over spilt milk...  You need
to get a life!  Or... in your rather ignominious case... given that you're
starting over from scratch... you need to create one!

	"And, Jake... that's where I come in...

	"First off... with me here acting as... shall we say... your
femininity coach... I can help you reduce... if not down right eliminate
all the trial and error bullshit that you would otherwise have to go
through... y'know, in order to learn the ropes of what it's like to be a

	"For instance... you don't know the first thing about women's
make-up, Jake!

	"I do!

	"I can teach you how to apply it correctly... y'know, to enhance
that angelic face that you are even now in the process of acquiring!

	"And then there's your very own little, messy monthly
visitor... y'know, that you'll be contending with just a short twenty eight
days from now...

	"Well, Jake... if you move in here with me... guess what... I'll be
on hand to help you get through it...

	"Furthermore... though I want you to know... y'know, like right
from the get-go... that I won't putting up with a lot of your shit... when
it comes to you and your bouts with PMS... I'll do whatever's necessary to
make life as hassle free for you as humanly possible...

	"Time's short!  So let me stop pussy-footing around and get down to
the nitty-gritty of what I'm offering you with this roommate option of

	"You need an identity, Jake!  Y'know, that dovetails with this new
body you're almost finished being fitted out with...

	"Well... guess what... my dearest darling...  I can be the prime
mover and shaker in obtaining that very thing for you!

	"While you might not think so... I've got connections... y'know, as
in I have friends... who have friends... y'know, are in position to furnish
you... through me... all the necessary legal documentation to make the new,
feminine you a card carrying member in good standing of these here United
States of our's!

	"Though it might take up to six months to fully accomplish... given
that this shit has to be surreptitiously attended to... y'know, on... shall
we say... the sly... given the legality of it all... I think that I can
safely guarantee that I will be able to provide you with a birth
certificate, Social Security card, voters card and even a verifiable
educational history... y'know, extending all the way back to you... in this
new girl motif of your's... attending kindergarten... and so on and so

	"Also... as an extra added bonus... working through a good friend
of mine over at the registrar's office... I think you'll be able to resume
your educational pursuits... possible even as early next
semester... y'know, as... shall we say... a female transfer
student... y'know, who applied and received a full scholastic scholarship
in order to ease the financial burden that goes hand and hand with
attending a top-notched and highly accredited graduate school.

	"I know!  I know!  That wasn't a slip of the tongue!  I said
graduate school and I meant graduate school!

	"While it's true that Jake Eagers hasn't as yet earned his BS
degree in paleontology... you... or should we say... that new you could
have... y'know, through an erroneous, though well calculated keyboard
entry... should you elect to go that route and take me up on this... shall
we call it... roommate offer of mine...

	"Oh!  And that bring up something else that I want you to start to
think about, Jake!

	"As a female... you're going to need a new name...

	"So my suggestion is... start thinking about a new name for
yourself... y'know, because it isn't often that a person gets the
opportunity to choose his or her own name...

	"Jake....  Jake...", Vicki soothing intoned, as she took note of
the fact that those newly retrofitted, compelling, baby blue orbs of her
former boyfriend - turned bodacious girlfriend - were fluttering somewhat
sleepily within the sensually sculptured eye-sockets of that most
beguilingly angelic and becomingly alluring new countenance that had been
so sublimely and magically bestowed upon him in his thoroughly new and
brazenly resplendent fully feminized physique.

	Maintaining her vigil, as she hope and prayed that Jake would - in
the passage of time - come to realize that what she had done to him was
nothing less than a desperate act of love on her part and that he would
eventual find it in that newly herified heart of his to grant her the
forgiveness she so ardently sought, Vicki sat there, on that makeshift
coffee table of hers, looking on, as Jake, physically done in as he - as a
she was - slipped serenely into the waiting and recuperative arms of an
untroubled slumber.

* * *

	Rousted from the oblivion of his(f) slumbers by an urgent and
compelling need to beat feet to the bathroom and there, empty his(f) filled
to the brim bladder, a very groggy, semi-conscious and extremely
disoriented Jake(f) Eagers threw the quilt aside and, though it took some
doing on his(f) part, awkwardly clamored, in a very un-lady-like manner,
into a sitting position on Vicki's dilapidated and threadbare sofa.  Keenly
aware that something was terrible amiss, but due to the pressing and mind
riveting needs to relieve himself(f), the blonde bombshell that Jake(f) had
been magically cold-cocked into becoming was unable to spare the mental
resources necessary to ascertain exactly what that elusively ambiguous and
eerily troubling something was.

	Spurred on by his(f) need to urinate - A.S.A.P. - Jake(f), in a
very Chinese fire drill sort of ungainly and uncoordinated manner, shakily,
after several failed attempts, made it to those daintily re-sized feet of
his(f); triggering in the effort a damn near debilitating bout of dizziness
that in turn, precipitated a dry-heave inducing, stomach churning sense of
gut wrenching nausea.

	Clamping those newly re-sculpture and erogenously upgraded
feminized inner thighs of his(f) together so as to reinforce the Herculean
effort that those loin based hold-it-in urination muscles of his(f) were so
fervently engaged in, Jake(f), who, on a subliminal level of his(f) groping
sense of male attuned consciousness, was increasingly, though befuddlely,
becoming aware that his(f) center of gravity had somehow undergone a
significant shift, began a quick, duck-like waddle towards the hallway and
the bathroom it granted access to.

	As he - as a newly embodied she - began the arduous and persnickety
task of gingerly maneuvering to the apartment's truncated hallway and the
bathroom beyond, Jake(f), here again on a subliminal level of his(f)
severely hampered and therefore, limited manly entrenched perception,
became remotely cognizant of the fact that his(f) chest, which in a
whacked-out, surrealistic sort of way seemed to him(f) to be a whole lot
more pronounced and area-intensive then it should have otherwise been,
jiggled and jostled in a very troubling, unaccustomed, independent
suspension sort of swishy-swashy, mind-bemusing and befuddling manner.

	Upon reaching the bathroom, though full cognizance of his(f) change
in gender affiliation was still in the offing, Jake(f), on some intuitive
level of that newly imposed being of his(f), became keenly aware that
sitting was no longer an option.  Sitting had become mandatory.  And so,
with a conscious effort to re-galvanized his(f) hold-it-in efforts, Jake(f)
turned about and parked that scrumptiously re-sculpture derriere of his(f)
down upon the toilet's horseshoe emulating, white painted yoke-seat; ever
thankful that he(f) hadn't had to go through the hassle and delay involved
in raising the lid prior to parking that man-troubling new tush of his(f)
down upon the toilet's seat.

	Releasing those newly re-configured, feminized hold-it-in muscles
of his(f), Jake(f) felt damn near instantaneous relief, as the flood tide
of his(f) disgustingly icky, liquified bodily waste, aided by gravity's
pull, gushed, in a rude, fizzling, omnidirectional, helter-skelter like
manner, out of those newly re-configured and sexually reclassified loins of
his(f); spraying little, ignominious engendering droplets of urine all over
those emasculated inner thighs of his(f) in the humiliating, male
ego-affronting process.

	Instinctively, Jake(f), feeling extremely disheartened by the whole
ordeal involved in relieving his herified self, wadded up a whole handful
of toilet paper and began to use it to dab those urine besprinkled inner
thighs of his (f).

	Then, just as Jake(f) dropped the droplet moistened wad of toilet
paper into the recently yellow hued waters of the bowl below, realization
impacted on his(f) manly attuned mind like your proverbial ton of brick.

	"Holy shit!", Jake(f), in a choked off shriek of those throaty,
new, contra-alto intonations that he(f) had been magical saddle with,
frantically and agonizingly clamored.

	"My pecker!  My balls!  Their gone!

	"They've been replace with a... a... a... girl's stupid cunt!"

	"Shit!  Shit!  Shit!", Jake(f) fumed, his(f) thoroughly girlish
voice, grating on those delicately fashioned ears of his(f), only served to
compound in upon the sheer and utter absurdity of the situation he - as a
newly ensconced she - found his magically herified self so ignominiously
embroiled within.

	Then, having taken a quick, albeit frantic moment out to make a
hand-groping, cursory survey of that new body of his(f), Jake(f) continued
on to vehemently exclaim, "Damn!  Not only have I been pussified!  But,
I've got a jim-dandy pair of women's jugs to boot!

	"Vicki!", Jake(f)'s ire was damn near malleable.

	"How...", he(f) plaintively shrieked. "How could you do
this... this... this god-awful, despicable and deplorable thing to me,
Vicki?", Jake(f) angrily fumed, as he(f) cupped the underside of both of
those new, ample breast of his(f) and jiggled them in an all out effort on
his(f) part to ascertain if those new tits of his(f) were the genuine
articles or not.

	Needless to say, to Jake(f)'s utter chagrin and abject
consternation, those new knockers of his(f) were undeniable the real thing.

	Just then, just as Jake(f) was about to get off the toilet and
scope his herified self out in the wall mounted medicine cabinet's mirror
surfaced door, he(f) caught sight of a note tapped - eye level - on the
wall right smack dab in front of him(f).


     I'm sorry I'm wasn't there when you woke up.  Regrettable, I had some
pressing matters to attend to.  Hopefully, I'll be able to see my way clear
to stop in from time to time throughout the day to check up on how you're
getting along.  However, given my run of luck here of late and the way that
persnickety Law of Mr. Murphy's works, it's a fairly safe bet that I won't
be there while you're up and about.  So, since I won't be there to see that
you do what you need to do, I'm leaving you this list of things you need to
attend to before you find that you need to lay down and go back to sleep.

1) Get dressed.  I've left you a set of sweats and a pair of socks on the
coffee table.  Put them on.

2) Eat.  The transsexualization process has depleted your energy reserves
and you need to replenish them as quickly as possible.  So eat till you
can't eat anymore.  I've left you a whole box full of high energy protein
bars on the kitchen table and if you finish them, there' a couple more
boxes of them in one of the cabinets.  You can also help yourself to
anything else that you find appetizing.  Also, there's a bowl of fruit on
the kitchen counter and I strongly urge you to eat some, especially a
banana or two.

3) Drink.  The transsexualization process has caused you to become a tad
bit dehydrated.  You also need to get your body's electrolyte level back up
to snuff.  So drink as much orange juice and water as you can while you're
awake.  Caution!  Stay away from coffee, tea or soda.

4) I left you several vitamins tablets on the kitchen table.  Take them.

5) Bush your teeth.  You need to get rid of the halitosis breath that
generally accompanies a full blown male to female transsexualization and
you'll find a new, never used toothbrush, still wrapped in its' plastic
tube, that I bought for you on the bathroom sink, right next to a new tube
of that gel toothpaste that I know you like to use.

6) Rest.  Take it easy.  Sit on sofa.  Read one my books or watch the
boob-tube.  Don't tax yourself by trying to do a whole lot of physical
shit.  You'll tire quickly and even if you would like to take a shower, I'd
advise against it.  Doing so would only tucker you out all that much
quicker.  Let the shower wait until I'm there with you.  Y'know, just in
case you might need my help.

						Love, Vicki

P.S. Don't be an obstinate bonehead.  Follow the instructions I've left

P.P.S. Though you might not think so, I do love you, Jake and, while I know
that there's no way in hell that you are going to believe me, in time, I
personally guarantee that you are going to love this new body of your's.

	"Yeah... right... In a pig's eye I will...", Jake(f) sarcastically
mutter in direct counterpoint to the last assertion on Vicki's note.

	Having vehemently crumpled Vicki's note and deposited it in the
room's plastic trash receptacle, Jake(f), using the sink for support, got
shakily to those markedly down-sized feet of his(f).  Turning, so as to
face the sink, Jake(f) was rendered flabbergasted as he(f) caught sight of
his(f) reflected visage in the medicine cabinet's mirrored door.

	"Holy shit!", Jake(f) bemusedly exclaimed.  "I'm beautiful!  I'm no
holds bar - beautiful!

	"No!  Beautiful doesn't begin to cut it!

	"I'm not just beautiful...  I'm gorgeous!  Simply and unequivocally
- gorgeous!

	Hell!  I'm almost as gorgeous as Vicki is!"

	Then, after another bewildering moment of incredulous riddled
self-appraisal, Jake(f) felt compelled to correct his(f) prior assertion.

	"Forget that 'almost' crap!  Damn if I not as drop dead gorgeous as
she is!

	"And that - pal!  Is saying something...

	"I mean... Vicki's got to be - hands down - as gorgeous a woman as
gorgeous can be!

	"Why she ever condescended to going out with me in the first
friggin' place has always mystified me...

	"Hell!  When you get down to the nitty-gritty of it... the big
bug-a-boo that kept me from getting up the gumption to ask her to marry me
in the first friggin' place was that I figured that she'd eventual wise up;
get tried of me and drop me like a hot potato.  Y'know, and go out with a
guy who was more in her league in the looks department...

	"I mean... other than the fact that she and I share a whole lot of
the same interests... I never - Ever! - understood what she saw in me...

	"Damn!  I wish to God that I had known that I wasn't merely a
passing fancy in her book!  Y'know, and that she really would have loved
for me to have asked her to marry me!

	"I mean... am I the biggest damn fool that ever there was... or

	"Damn it to all hell and back!  Just look at me!", Jake(f) chided
his herified self.  "Damned if I'm not in that bitch's league now!  Y'know,
with this new bodacious bod of a body of mine...

	"I mean... damned if I don't look like one of my own wet-dreams
come to life...

	"Oh, shit!", Jake(f) reeled, keenly aware of the effect that that
new, built like a shithouse body of his(f) was having on that manly
entrenched ego of his(f).  "Vicki was right on the money!  Every last
freakin' bone in this undeniable female body of mine is a narcissistic one!

	"I mean... I'm standing here!  Lewd and crudely gawking at myself
in the mirror and I'll be damned if I'm not turning myself on!

	Suddenly, a jolt of pure, unadulterated erotic pleasure, emanating
from the area in the immediate vicinity of the areola of that newly
installed right titty-whitty of his(f), polarized Jake(f) being, making
him(f) keenly aware that that new found narcissism of his(f) had its' own
agenda, with that agenda being: the unfettered enjoyment of heretofore
unexplored sexual pleasures, if not down right sexual perversions.

	The realization that he(f) had thoroughly, if not ecstatically
relished the way that new body of his(f) had responded to a simple,
self-engendered thumb-swirling titty-tweak, scared a extremely befuddled
Jake(f) to the marrow of those narcissistically couched bones of that all
new, extremely sensual and erotically super-sensitized body of his(f).

	"Oh, shit!  Damn that felt good!

	"I knew girls' tits were a whole hell of a lot more sensitives than
guys' tits... but I had no idea they were that friggin' sensitive...

	Jake(f) would have liked to have dickered around with those new and
improved erogenous zones of his(f) for good while longer were it not for
the fact that he(f) realized that he(f) was as hungry as all get-out and
that if the information relayed in Vicki's note was indeed accurate, he(f)
only had a limited amount time in which to attend to what he(f) had to
attend to before he(f) tuckered out again and sleep overcame him(f).

	So, since time was at a premium, Jake(f), though he(f) was loathed
to do so, stopped playing a very educational, intimate and enlightening
self-targeted game of prod, poke and provoke and, very carefully, owing to
that new center of gravity that he(f) was saddled with, retraced his(f)
path back into Vicki's living room.  There, on the cinder-block and wood
plank excuse for a coffee table, as Vicki's note had stated, Jake(f) found
nestled beneath another copy of the very same note he(f) had found tapped
to the bathroom wall, the sweatshirt, sweatpants and socks that Vicki had
so prudently left for her boyfriend - turned girlfriend - to don.

	Once dressed, Jake(f) made straight off for the apartment's rather
cramped kitchen confines.  There, ignoring yet another copy of Vicki's note
that was secured to the refrigerator's door with one of those magnetic,
picture frame do-jiggies, he(f) opened the fridge door; grabbed not one,
but two 8 oz. Sunny Delights; pooped the top on the first; scooped up the
vitamins from the kitchen table and wash them down his(f) gullet with three
quick, gurgling swigs.  A banana, a pear, apple and three protein bars
followed in quick succession.  Then, having polished off the second Sunny
Delight, Jake(f), adhering to Vicki's instructions, though he(f) could have
really enjoyed a fresh brewed cup of coffee, switched over to bottled

	The computer age programming principle of garbage in, garbage out
motivated Jake(f) to make a hasty return to the bathroom for his(f) very
first bowl-movement as a fully functional female.  A thorough brushing of
his(f) teeth followed immediately after that and even though he(f) would
have like to have gotten back to that extremely intriguing and surprisingly
pleasurable task of exploring all those new sexual gadgets of his(f) - up
close and person like - Jake(f) was quick to realize that those few, what
would have otherwise been purely nominal, physical exertions of hers and
taken there toll.

	Jake(f) was tuckered out.  So tuckered out in fact that he(f) knew,
on an intuitive level of that staunchly male attuned comprehension of
his(f), that, while he(f) might be able to forestall the advent of sleep
for another few and rapidly fleeting minutes, were he(f) to push it any
further than that, there was a better than even chance of zonking out on
his(f) feet and there by, place himself(f) in the precarious positioned of
a possible body injuring fall.

	Returning to the living room, Jake(f), who was yawning away to beat
the band, took one look at the sofa's uninviting lumpy cushions and
decided, "The hell with it!  If I'm going to go to sleep again, I might as
well avail myself of Vicki's bed..."

* * *

	About an hour and a half after Jake(f) had crashed in the bedroom,
Vicki, accompany by two cardboard box totting collegiate age beauties,
entered the apartment and, upon taking note of the fact that her bedraggled
sofa was unoccupied, immediately panicked.

	Unburdening herself by off-handedly and haphazardly placing the
duct taped patched together violin case she had been carrying on her
make-shift coffee table, Vicki frantically intoned, "Jake!  Jake!  Are you
still here!"

	Receiving no reply, Vicki, ignoring the two box totting stacked and
packed young women who had accompanied her, began a hasty, worrisome and
energetic, room by room search of her apartment.

	Left, as they were to their own devices, the raven haired Eurasian
looking girl prudently suggested to her red headed counterpart that they
take the boxes that they had brought in with them and stack them, one on
top of the other, on the living room floor, up against the wall and right
alongside of the unfinished, natural wood night-table that Vicki had
pressed into service, doing double duty as a two drawered miscellaneous
storage repository and a VCR and television stand.  A moment or so after
they had done so, a noticeable relieved Vicki returned, saying as she
re-entered the room, "He's still here - Thank the Lord! - in my bedroom...
sleeping like a baby..."

	"Good!", the Eurasian girl replied, prompting the red head to
inquire, "Would you like one or both of us to hang around, Vicki?  Y'know,
just to keep you company..."

	"No...", Vicki returned thoughtfully.  "I think I'll be able to
manage everything from here on out...

	"Besides... even though I'm not in any way, shape or form looking
forward to our first face to face confrontation... y'know, when Jake wakes
up... y'know, to find me here... when push comes to shove... I'd kind of
like for the two of us to be alone... y'know, given all the ignominy he -
as a she - is going to be contending with... "

	"You need say no more, Vicki.", the striking red head knowingly
concurred.  "Both Brenda and I fully understand where you're coming

	"Damn straight!", the glossy, raven haired Eurasian beauty chimed

	"Look, Vicki...", Shannon, the freckled faced red head re-gained
the floor, "...should you need us... y'know, for anything... anything at
all... all you need do is: beep one or the other of us...  Alright?

	"I mean... we're just be a couple blocks away.  Y'know, as in:
we'll be over at Karen and Gwen's place... y'know, doing what we usually do
come damn near each and every Saturday night...  Y'know, as in we'll
probably send out for some pizza... watch some TV... and maybe... if
Karen's not in one of her bitchcy, PMS induced moods... play a little
double-deck pinochle and... in general... spend the evening commiserating
with one another...  Okay?"

	"Sure...  If I need you guys... I'll be sure to call.", Vicki
replied in a manner that clearly conveyed the fact that she harbored a
strong desire to return to her bedroom to - as both Brenda and Shannon
suspected - begin a vigil over her magically transsexualized former
boyfriend - turned, hopefully girlfriend.

	Then, in a quick, sort of stutter step of a just percolated
after-thought, Vicki, who was noticeable antsy, belated added, "Brenda...
Shannon... before you go... I just want to thank the two of you again..
Y'know, for all your help you given me today...  Y'know, because I could
never have accomplished all that I accomplished without you guys pitching
in and lending me a hand..."

	"Think nothing of it, Vicki.", Brenda returned briskly.  "I
mean... it's nothing that you wouldn't have done for one of us, Vicki.
Besides, us Newbies have to stick together... now don't we..."

	"Brenda!", Shannon's voice sternly reverberated.  "Can't you see
that Vicki here wants to get back to that newly crotch creased 'man' of
hers... y'know, A.S.A.P.!  So... tell you what!  Let's say our good-byes
and there by, allow her to do just that..."

* * *

	Once Shannon and Brenda had hightailed those delightfully
tantalizing tushes of their's out of there, Vicki, having thrown the front
door's dead-bolt, so as to prevent against any form of unwarranted entry,
stopped by the kitchen to procure for herself what she deemed to be a well
earned, properly chilled, long-necked brewski, and, having done so, made
straight off for her bedroom and the supine and slumbering Jake(f) - the
former Snake - Eagers.  There, she picked up the book she had just started
reading a night or so before and a small, unobtrusive personal reading
light; positioned a chair alongside the bed in such a way as to allow her
the ability to prop those charmingly daintified feet of hers up upon it;
where upon, she parked that tush of hers upon the chair's seat cushion and,
with a concerned and caring look towards Jake(f), began her self-imposed

	Somewhere, shortly after midnight, Jake(f), woken by an urgent and
pressing need to once again empty that topped-off bladder of his(f), got up
and, squeezing those emasculated inner thighs of his(f) together once
again, waddled off towards the bathroom and its' much needed and often
maligned porcelain human waste receptacle.  With that personally degrading
necessity of life's expeditiously taken care of, Jake(f), who found
himself(f) feeling both as hungry and as thirsty as all get-out, decided
that a trip to Vicki's kitchen was indeed in order.  A banana and four
protein bars later, Jake(f), with maybe a gulp or two left in her 24
oz. bottle of spring water to polish off before going back to beddie-bye,
teetering somewhat due to that newly imposed center of gravity of his(f),
gingerly retraced his(f) steps to the bedroom.  Entering, Jake(f) realized
something that he - as the she that he had so ignoble become - hadn't
realized before.  Vicki was there, stretched out in what Jake(f) presumed
to be a most uncomfortable position, sound asleep in a ladder-backed chair
that she had drawn up alongside of bed.

	Struck dumb in his(f) tracks, Jake(f)'s manly entrenched mind
reeled as one polarized, gut-wrench emotion erupted, only to be savagely
up-rooted and supplanted by another and another and another after that, in
a seemingly never ending daisy chain like cascade of conflicting, confusing
and down right confounding feelings.  Starting with a wild and wicked
plunge into the despicable and deplorable depths of a raw and eager hatred,
Jake(f) found himself(f) - strapped front seat center - riding an emotional
roller-coaster to end all emotional roller-coasters.  Love supplanted
hatred.  Loathing supplanted love.  Compassion - loathing.  Anger -
compassion.  Empathy - anger.  And so on... and so... and so... in the
dazzling, mind blowing comprehension of the mutually exclusive ad infinitum
of a most truncated and fleeting of moments.

	Riding rough shod over her(f) billowing and brooding sense of
raging ire and abject indignation, the very same billowing and brooding
sense of raging ire and abject indignation that ardently desired to take
those delicately tapered, dexterous, long-nailed and well manicured newly
feminized hands of his(f) and use them to wring that delectable
aristocratic and kissable neck of Vicki's, Jake(f), though he(f) was at a
loss as to explain to his herified self the why and wherefores of it, opted
to take the high road approach, there by, persevering the gift of personal
integrity that he - albeit a she - endeavored to give himself(f) as a
cherished and precious gift at the end of each and every day of what had
now become an ignominious life of a man magical entrapped within the body
that was - hands down - about as becoming and bodaciously female as
becoming and bodaciously female could, in anyone's vivid imagination, ever
aspire to being.

	With his(f) fully justifiable anger simmering and seething below
the surface, Jake(f), aware that nightfall had lowered the apartment's
temperature considerable, took pity on Vicki by quietly venturing out into
the living room; picking up the haphazardly discarded quilt from off the
sofa where he(f) had dropped it earlier; returning to the bedroom and
there, carefully, so to not wake or disturb her, arranged it ever so
tenderly, ever so lovingly, over Vicki's sleeping form.

	Then, as he - as a she - wracked that manly couched, femininely
housed brain of his(f), trying in vain to fathom out the impetus behind her
previous kind-hearted actions, Jake(f) decided that it was cold enough to
climb under the covers his herified self.  So, since he(f) had always slept
in the buff before, and didn't see any need to change that particular
behavior trait just because he(f) had been so rudely and underhandedly
changed into a rather well endowed girl, Jake(f) took the time to slip out
of the socks and sweatsuit he(f) had been wearing and climbed in and under
the sheets, where he(f) - in short order - was once again enveloped in the
untroubled oblivion of recuperative slumber.

	Several hours later, a sharp, knife like, kink in her back
encouraged Vicki to forego the chair she had inadvertently fallen asleep
in, for the inviting comfort of her own bed.  Being careful not to disturb
Jake(f) as she did so, Vicki, having divested herself of the sleep-rumpled
clothing she had been wearing, gingerly slipped in alongside of the sexy
and succulently blonde bombshell that her former boyfriend had so
fetchingly and begrudgingly become.

	An hour or so after that, Jake(f)'s level of awareness languidly
began to surf in and out the hazy, semi-coherent, semi-incoherent
boundaries of a near-conscious state of being.  As it did so, Jake(f)
slowly began to develop the distinct impression that that new, sublimely
sensual, crotch creased body of his(f) was - in some nebulous, though
thoroughly comforting, cuddly way - enveloped in the cozy warm-fuzzies of
some engagingly wonderful and protectively nurturing envelope.  Slowly,
teasingly, that elusive impression of Jake(f)'s began to solidify,
coalescing into Vicki's tangible and thoroughly loving embrace.

	Logic - considering what Vicki had precipitated via the
implementation of that dastardly transsexualizing spell that she had so
blatantly admitted to obtaining - dictated that Jake(f), upon the conscious
realization that he - as a she - lay enfolded within the tender, if not out
right loving, lesbian embrace of his former lady-love's arms, had ever
right to flinch.

	However, be that as it may be, Jake(f) did nothing of the sort.

	Though he(f) was still justifiable irate about what Vicki had done
to him - changing him into a shapely and cuntified her as it were - Jake(f)
found that Vicki's embrace warmed the cockles of that new, femininely
re-sized heart of his(f) in ways he - as a she - found to be both troubling
and comforting, all tied up in one, neat, albeit confusing, little
perplexing, mind-bewildering package.

	As Jake(f) lay there, lazily and lackadaisically pondering the
mind-troubling enigma he(f) found himself(f) so engagingly embroiled
within, sleep reached out and ever so gentle reclaimed him(f).

* * *

	Jake(f) dreamily awoke to the breakfast defining aromas of frying
bacon and sausage filling those cutely re-sculptured nostrils of his(f).
Immediately, once that manly entrenched mind of his(f) consciously
identified the scents that wafted so teasingly about the bedroom, hunger -
a gnawing, omnipresent and not to be long denied hunger - and yet another
compelling needed to empty that down-sized bladder of his(f), encouraged,
in a no nonsense, not to be denied sort of way, Jake(f) to shag tush.
Climbing out from underneath the covers, Jake(f), opting to forego
re-donning the socks, for the time being, quickly clamored back into the
sweats that Vicki had left for him(f) and beat feet for the bathroom and
the blessed relief offered by its' porcelain repository.

	As he - as a she - indignantly sat there, internally bemoaning the
obscene and down right humiliating fate that had befallen him(f) - as, he
scoffed, 'a vagina equipped member of the female persuasion', Jake(f) began
to ponder the three options Vicki had laid out for him - as a her - to
consider.  The merest contemplation of the prostitution option gave Jake(f)
a bad case of the prickle skin producing heebie-jeebies.

	Jake(f) was adamant.  There was no way in hell that he(f) would
ever put his herified self in the unenviable and thoroughly debasing
position where he(f) was ever going to allow some egotistical,
macho-asshole so-and-so to take that grossly veined outty of his and cram
it deep up inside of that clitoris equipped, multiple-lipped new little
inney Jake(f)'s.

	Going to the authorities was out.

	If Vicki's assertions had been correct - and Jake(f) had no reason
to believe they weren't - there was no way he(f) could go to the
authorities; unless of course, he(f) didn't give a rat's ass about the very
real and ominous possibility of his(f) ending up in a looney bin.

	That left Vicki's girl friend option.

	'Unless...', Jake(f), who had been wracking that manly brain of
his(f) trying to come up with something that Vicki might have either
overlooked or purposely not mentioned, frantically speculated.

* * *

	"Vicki!", Jake(f), riding rough shod of his(f) sense of billowing
ire, contritely as he(f) could manage under the trying circumstances,
began, as he(f) came to a complete stop within the kitchen's arched
entrance way.  "I give!  You win!  Change me back into a man and I'll be
happy to marry you!

	"I mean... I'm sorry...  I'm so, so sorry...

	"I just never realized that you actually loved as much as you
do... or... at least... did - y'know, before you triggered that spell
that... that... that..."

	Taking pity on Jake(f), Vicki matter-o-factly offered, "Turned you
into a girl?"

	"Yes!  That turned me into a girl...

	"I mean... while I thoroughly enjoyed being with you... y'know,
doing all those things that you and I did... I just figured that... given
the fantastic way you look, Vicki... it was just a matter of time before
you came to your senses and dropped me like a hot potato - y'know, to go
out with a guy who was more up to your standards - y'know, in... shall we
say... the looks department...

	"I mean... if I hadn't been such a big dummy dunderhead... if I
thought that you could have loved me even half...  Hell!  Even a quarter as
much as I love you, Vicki... Make no never mind about it!  I would have
asked...  No!  Make that begged you - y'know, to marry me weeks ago!"

	"Oh...", Vicki, enjoying the moment, speculatively, if not a little
sadistically, toyed with Jake(f), "So now... in lieu of what has happened
to you... you are now willing to freely admit that you do love me..."

	With raw and rugged sense of abject consternation clearly conveyed
in his(f) retort, Jake(f) responded with a, "Yes!  Damn it, Vicki!  I do
love you!"

	"Whole big bunches?", Vicki, aware that she had the upper-hand in
the proceedings, wickedly teased.

	"Yes, Vicki!  Whole big bunches!"

	"Good...  It gladdens my heart to hear you finally admit what I
already knew to be true, Jake!

	"Oh...", Vicki was quick to add, "...as regards my feelings towards
you, my dearest bedraggled darling... irregardless of the fact that you are
now the very same sex that I am... y'know, physically speaking... be
advised that I am still very much in love with you as well...

	"However Jake... since we've only got about four to five hours
before it's back to beddie-bye time for you... out of necessity, we've got
to put the time we have to good use.  So... even though you and I have a
lot to hash out.. y'know, should you elected to go with that
roommate/girlfriend option of mine.. right now you need to sit yourself
down at the table so that that I can whip you up some pancakes.  Y'know,
because... no matter what you decided to do... you've got to eat in order
to get that strength of your's back up to snuff.

	Jake(f) did as directed, parking that man-troubling new tush of
his(f) down in one of the kitchen's two available, ill matched chairs.

	"So...", Jake(f) hesitantly inquired.  "What'da'ya think?"

	"About what?", Vicki, who's attention was focused on the pancakes
she was making, nonchalantly asked over her shoulder.

	"About you... and your changing me back into a man... y'know, so
the two us can get married..."

	"Well...", Vicki began as she carefully maneuvered a freshly
grilled pancake out of the frying pan and onto a clean plate, "...while I
really appreciate the offer, Jake dear... y'know, 'cause I kinda, really
liked the notion of becoming your happily wedded wife... y'know, to have
and to hold... for richer or poorer... in sickness and in health and all
that other crappolla that goes hand and hand with the marriage vows... I'm
afraid that option is no longer open to us... y'know, unless of course you
aren't adverse to marrying another woman... y'know, lesbian fashion..."

	"Vicki!,", Jake(f) new feminine intonations clearly registered a
sense of approaching panic, "Are you saying that you won't change me back
into a man?"

	Placing a plate with four good sized pancakes down in front of her
former boyfriend along with a bottle of the brand of strawberry syrup that
Jake(f) favored, Vicki proceeded on say, "It's not a case of 'won't', Jake!
It's more like a case of can't!

	"Besides...", Vicki was thoughtful, "...even if I could - which I
can't - I wouldn't..."

	"And just why in the hell wouldn't you?", Jake(f) demanded tersely.

	"Because, Jake... my dearest darling... I kind of like you like

	Jake(f) retort was poignantly charged, "Why?  I mean... you're not
a lesbian!"

	"Oh, but I am a lesbian, Jake dear..."

	"That's a bunch of bullshit, Vicki... and you know it!

	"I mean... you're no more a lesbian than I am!", Jake(f) hastily
and heatedly added.

	"Jake... Jake... Jake...", Vicki teasingly chided.  "If you're not
a lesbian... y'know, now!  Then, pray - tell me!  Just what in the hell are

	"I mean... while that new body of your's is all girl... I'll bet
you dollars to doughnuts that that mind... and more to the point... that
libido of your's... are still as manly as they ever were!

	"Meaning... my poor befuddled and bedraggled darling... girls are
still your ticket... and... unless I miss my guess here... will be for the
rest of this convoluted, sexual identity crises confounding lifestyle that
I... for admitted selfish reasons of my own... have forced upon you and
that narcissistic new bod of a body that I've saddled you with...

	"You see, Jake... while technically speaking I would be classified
as a bisexual... y'know, owing to the fact that I have swung both
ways... y'know, getting it on with both men and women in the past... while
I would have been more than happy to have continued to share your
bed... y'know, as long there existed an outside chance that I would do so
one fine day as your happily wedded wife... given my druthers... the sad
and awful truth of it is: when it comes to a roll in the hay... I prefer
going one on one with another woman... as... I think we can safely
assume... you will too...

	"In other words, Jake... I'm a bisexual with strong... to the point
of being damn near overwhelming... homosexual tendencies.

	"Hell, Jake!", Vicki vehemently declared as she, with a plate of
pancakes in hand, seated herself at the table.  "You're only the third guy
I ever slept with and the first and only guy I ever went down on!"

	"Really?", Jake(f) response clearly echoed his(f) surprise.

	"Really!", Vicki countered was emphatic.

	"Remember, Jake?  Remember when I took your hand and lead you into
the bedroom that first night?  Remember how I asked you to be please be
patient with me... y'know, when I cautioned you not to expect to
much... y'know, because of some long held inhibitions of mine... y'know,
that more or less insinuated that there was something in my past... y'know,
that I was still trying to come to terms with... y'know, that had resulted
in my becoming somewhat frigid in bed..."

	"Yes...  I remember...", Jake(f) freely admitted, as he(f) moved to
take another sip from his(f) Sunny Delight.  "And yes... you were a little
frigid at first..."

	"Frigid!  I was an iceberg, Jake!  And you know it!

	"I mean... while I took to those masterful and marathon-like tongue
lashing of your's like a duck take to water... y'know, thoroughly enjoying
the hell out of myself - You talented tongue devil you! - when it came my
turn to administer to those manly needs of your's... I wasn't what you
might call a minx in the love-making department!

	"Hell, Jake!  The first couple of times I actually got up the
gumption to see my way clear to going down on you... if you ended up with a
lick and a promise... as far as I was concerned... you were one lucky son
of a bitch!  Y'know, given how much I abhorred taking these lips of mine
and putting them around that icky you-know-what of your's...

	"I mean... think about it, Jake!  How would you feel?  Now!  Now
that you're a girl yourself!  Put in the unenviable predicament of having
to down on a guy's thing?"

	"Vicki!  Please!  Not while I'm eating..."

	"Repulsive... isn't it?"

	"Repulsive doesn't begin to cut it!", Jake(f), sicken by the mere
contemplation of what Vicki had so crudely suggested, found his herified
self ardently and energetically concurring.

	In an effort to change the subject, Vicki went on to say, "I will
say one thing, Jake.  As a lover, you were a godsend.  Both patient and

	"I mean... as far as I'm concerned... a girl couldn't have asked
for a more considerate, more compassionate lover-boy than you, my dearest
darling.  You seem to always know just what to do and when to do it.  I
mean... you sure as hell turned me into a first class pillow eater!

	"And that, Jake... is saying something!  Y'know, considering all
those persnickety inhibitions that... in one fashion or
another... prevented... or... shall we say... hampered me from fulfilling
my part of the bargain..."

	"Vicki!", Jake(f) intruded.  "Did I ever once complain?"

	"No...  No, you didn't, Jake...  And that speaks volumes... y'know,
with respect to just how terrific a lover you are...

	"I mean... had you asked me to marry you... I have no doubt that in
time... I would have been able to get past all these damnable inhibitions
of mine... y'know, and managed... by hook or by crook... to be the kind of
woman someone like you deserves to share both a bed and a life with!

	"You see, Jake... a year or so ago when I decided to get off this
old duffer of mine and go husband-hunting... I sat down and had a serious,
soul-searching, heart to heart confab with myself... y'know, to determine
just what kind of man I wanted for a husband.

	"Unlike most women... who say that they want a mature,
kind-hearted, considerate, level-headed, hard-working, compassionate man
for a husband and perspective father for their kids... and end up marrying
an immature, to often inebriated, macho-asshole want-to-be lout in the
making... y'know, because the egotistical bastard's loads of fun to be
with... y'know, because he's one of those hail hardy, well met, life of the
party kind of guys... who's real, real cute... and all their air-head girl
friends think he's the most dashing and debonair swinging dick in town... I
knew exactly the kind of man I was looking for!

	"I was looking for one: a friend.  Y'know, who pretty much shared
the same likes, dislikes and things that I do - y'know, much way you do!

	"Secondly, Jake... I wanted a guy who wants pretty much the same
sort of things out of life that I do... y'know, as in I wanted a business
partner... who's head is going in pretty much the same direction that mine

	"I mean... I'm not living in this shithole of an apartment because
I happen to like its' ambience, Jake!

	"Oh, no!  I living here because the rent's about as cheap as they
come... allowing me the ability to salt away ever penny I can afford to in
a mutual fund that I have high hopes of using as... possible...  a
down-payment for a starter house... y'know, one of these days in the not to
distant future...

	"And I'm wasn't about to go off half-cocked and marry some
selfishly, immature lout who will take it upon himself to piss away this
nest-egg that I've been so diligently scrimping and saving for... y'know,
buying who knows what in the way of big boy toys... and end up leaving me
with two kids in diapers and another one in this old proverbial oven of
mine... y'know, for some teenage, big breasted, nymphed-out fluzzy... who
thinks that egotistical bastard husband of mine's the cat's pajamas...

	"In other words, Jake... I wanted a stable man for a husband.
And... though you might not think so... you are about as stable and as
level-headed as they come.

	"And lastly... I was looking for a lover.  I was looking for a man
who had the patience, compassion and fortitude to help me weather through
these damnable inhibitions of mine.

	"And guess what, Jake!  You filled that bill to the tee!

	"Had you asked me to marry you... the way I hoped and prayed you
would... you would have made the perfect husband for me... and I... on my
part... was bound and determined to make you the perfect wife.

	In other words, Jake... I had already reconciled myself to the fact
that if I had to get down on my knees and lustfully suck that cock of
your's... y'know, like in every hour... of every day... until that
persnickety until death do us part codicil comes into play... y'know, to
satisfy my part of the bargain... I would have!

	"But did you ask me to marry you?


	"You thought that you were nothing more than a passing fancy of
mine... and that... sooner or later... I'd get tired of you and go out a
find a stud to go out with in your stead.  Y'know, when that was the
farthest thing from my mind!

	"I mean... I did everything in my power to convince you otherwise
and then some!

	"But would you listen?

	"Oh, no...  You just figured that I was just like every other girl
that's given you a hard way to go over the years!

	"Damn you, Jake!

	"Damn you to all hell and back!

	"I didn't want to do this to you!

	"I didn't want to turn you into a girl!

	"You might find this hard to believe... but I didn't!  I
really... truly didn't!

	"Fact is, Jake...  though you might find this hard believe... I've
actually had the spell that pulled this sexual switcheroo business on you
for damn near two months now!

	"Meaning... I could have changed you into a girl anytime after I
acquired it!

	"But I didn't, Jake!  I could have... but I didn't!"

	"How come, Vicki?", Jake(f), bemused, inquired.

	"Because... you addle-brained idiot...", Vicki caustically replied,
her voice clearly registering the fact that she was becoming extremely
distraught as she did so.  "...I kept hoping against hope that you'd wise
up and come to the realization that I was the best thing that ever happened
to you!  I was hoping that you'd see the light; come to your senses and
realize that I wasn't going anywhere!  Now or in the future!  I was hoping
that you get it through that thick skull of your's that I love you!
Y'know, with every ounce of my being!  And that I'd be the best wife you
could ever - in your wildest imagination - hope to have!

	"Hell, Jake!  The last friggin' thing I wanted to do was invoke
that spell!"

	"So why did you?", Jake(f) felt compelled to ask.

	"Because - Damn you to all hell and back! - My paranoia got the
best of me and I got scared!"

	"Of what?"

	"Of you... of you and that girl who's in several of your classes!"


	"No!", Vicki snapped.  "The other one!  The cute, frumpy one!

	With an incredulous tone clearly conveyed in that sexy, throaty new
voice of his(f), Jake(f) took another stab at it, "You mean, Brenda?"

	"Yes!  Brenda!  If she's the spunky little brunette that you've
been seen tooling around the campus with... then, yes!  I'm referring to

	"And you really think that I was going to dump you to go out with
Brenda, Vicki?"

	"I don't know...  Were you?"

	"No!  I had no intentions of doing anything of the sort!

	"Beside... if I was going to do something like that... and I'm not
suggesting for one minute that I was... I wouldn't have gone behind your
back to do it!

	"I'd been up front about it!  And you know it!

	"I would have told you that I wanted to... shall we
say... re-negotiate this one-on-one relationship of ours... y'know, and end
its'... shall we call it... exclusivity... y'know, so that both you and I
could date other people...

	"But I didn't do that, Vicki!", Jake(f) voice was pained.  "Fact
is... I had no intentions of ever doing that!

	"Sure... I like Brenda!  But, I like her as a friend...  Not as a
girlfriend... potential or otherwise!

	"And, yes... every now and again I spend some time during the day
with her... y'know, like in the student union building... or in the campus
library... or over at the cafeteria comparing notes... due to the fact that
she's pursuing the very same major that I am... and because she is... she's
in both my comparative religion and anthropology classes...

	"And that's the be-all and end-all of it, Vicki!

	"I like her!  I don't love her!  Y'know, like I do you!

	"Furthermore... until you went and pulled this presto-changeo
guyo-girlo shit on me... y'know, and changed me into a cunt... once I got
my BS degree and somehow finagle a way into graduate school... though I
haven't the foggiest idea how I'm ever going to go about doing
that... y'know, so I can get my masters... I had every intention of asking
you to marry me!"

	"Really!  You were really going to do that, Jake?", Vicki, upon
hearing that last assertion of Jake(f)'s, became instantaneously exuberant.

	"Yes, Vicki...  that was my plan...

	"You see... the way I figured it... if you put up with all my
irritating little idiosyncrasies until I got my degree and graduated... I
would know that I wasn't merely a passing fancy in your life... and that
you really, truly loved me... and that the two of us had something really
special going for us... y'know, something that we could build and expand

	"Why?  Why didn't you say something... y'know, like before this,

	"Because, Vicki... like you... I have my own personalized brand of
paranoia to deal with...

	"Besides... try as I might... I could never understand exactly what
you saw in guy like me, Vicki!

	"I mean... when it comes to the looks department... I was nowhere
even remotely close to being in your league!

	"Well...", Vicki returned brightly, "...while that have been the
case before, Jake... you sure as hell can't make that assertion
now... y'know, give that new, built like a brick shithouse of a body of

	"Tell me about it!", Jake(f)'s sarcasm resounded with a raw sense
of bitter consternation.

	"Come on, Jake!  Buck up!  You'll see!  Being a girl isn't as bad
as you're making out to be!

	"Yeah!  Right!", contrary to the rules governing the proper use of
the English Language, Jake(f), disheartened as he - as a she was - employed
the DOUBLE POSITIVE to convey a very emphatically declared negative

	Grasping at straws, Jake(f), keenly aware that it was - at best - a
futile effort on his newly herified part, fervently endeavored to lobby
Vicki on the outside chance that she might take pity on him - as a her -
and there by, find a means to restore him(f) to his(f) former manhood.

	"Vicki!  Please!  Oh, please!  I'm begging you!  Do whatever you
have to do... go see whomever you have to go see... but, please - Please! -
changed back into a man... and I promise... a great big cross my heart and
hope to die kind of promise... that I'll marry you..."

	"Jake... you've got to belive me!", Vicki, having reached across
the kitchen table and taking both of Jake(f)'s femininely slenderized and
well manicured hands in hers, emotionally and emphatically began. "If I
could... I would...

	"Regrettable... though I will make an inquiry... as I understand
it... there's no going back.  The magic only works in one direction.
Y'know, as in there's no spell that I am presently aware of that'll turn a
girl... who use to be a guy... back into a guy...

	"But, I'll check... and I'll keep on checking... y'know, for as
long as you want me to... y'know, in the off-chance that such a spell does
indeed exists...

	"Y'know... because, Jake... irregardless of what I did to
you... y'know, with respect to this new physiognomy of your's... I really
do love you... and I only what what's best for you...

	"And whether you want to admit it or not, Jake... I'm what's best
for you... just as you - you big lunkhead - are what's best for me... and
if takes my turning you into a girl to prove it to you... so be it!

	"I'll prove it to you!  In spades... if that's what it's going to

	"Now... do me a favor, Jake!  How about you and I stop running our
mouths... y'know, so that we can finish up with these breakfasts I slaved
over... y'know, because... like it or not... we've got to get
crackin'... y'know, and attend to some other shit that needs attending to
before it's time for you to head on back into the bedroom for another round
of recuperative, post make-over sleep...

* * *

	A few minutes later, having deposited their soiled cups and plates
in the kitchen sink, Vicki and Jake(f) relocated to the living room, where
upon entering, Vicki took charge of the proceedings by saying, "Yesterday
morning... while you were here... sleeping the sleep of the dead so to
speak, Jake... I... with the help of a couple of close friends of
mine... ran over to your dorm and boxed up all your personal shit...

	"It's in those two boxes over there by the TV and I think it's a
good idea for you to go through it... y'know, just to make sure we didn't
overlook anything... y'know, that you might want in the future...

	"Am I correct in assuming that your roommate isn't due back to
sometime either later tonight... or... sometime early tomorrow morning?"

	Jake(f), on his(f) way over to the stacked boxes, confirmed the
fact that, to the best of his(f) knowledge, that was a fairly safe
assumption on Vicki's part.

	"Good!  That means... should we have missed something... y'know,
that you really, really want... I have time to run back over there this
afternoon... y'know, without anyone becoming the wiser...

	"Oh!  And just in case you're wondering, Jake dear!  I made sure to
grab your fiddle!

	"See!  It's over here on the table!"

	Jake(f) looked as Vicki continued on to say, "If I remember
correctly... it belonged to your grandfather, didn't it?"

	Jake(f) confirmed the fact that it did and, having done so,
returned to the task of rummaging through the first of the two boxes.

	Gingerly, chosing her words carefully, Vicki approached the next
item on her laundry list of things that had to be covered before Jake(f)
once again reached a point where he - as a she - was to pooped to
proverbially pop.

	"Jake... while I know that you aren't going to like this... y'know,
not in the least little bit... in order to make it appear like you - the
male you that you use to be - up and pulled a disappearing act... I had to
do something about that poor excuse of a car of your's..."

	Pained, Jake(f), in a very confrontational manner, demanded, "And
just what in the hell did you do with my car, Vicki!"

	"Dumped it!

	"With those two friends of mine following me - convoy style - in
their car... I drove that old rag-top klunker of your's all the way up to
New Jersey... where I left it... with the driver's side door unlocked and
the keys still in the ignition... hoping that someone might see 'em and
take it for a joy-ride..."

	"Why?  Why in hell did you do that, Vicki?", Jake(f) was quickly
becoming livid.

	"Because, Jake... in order to make it look like you just took
off... y'know, for who-knows-where... that old rust eaten 63 Mustang of
your's had to be sacrificed... y'know, to help promote the sham that Jake
Eagers had... on his own volition... for some reason or reasons... known
only to himself... elected to become a missing person...

	"But, take heart, darling... because once we get you established as
a bonafide, credit card carrying female citizen of these here United States
of our's... if everything falls into line... y'know, like it should... I
think I'll be able to put you behind the wheel of a mint condition MGB..."

	"How?", a bemused and curious Jake(f) found his herified self

	"Let me worry about the 'how' of it, Jake.  Right now... right this
minute... all I need you to be concerned about is the contents of those
boxes.  Because... as soon as you're finished pursuing them... we're going
to tape them up so that I can... shall we say... put them and your
grandfather's fiddle in cold storage for you."

	"Cold storage!  What in the hell are you talking about, Vicki?"

	"Think about it, Jake!  Sooner or later somebody... most likely
that beer guzzling jerk of a roommate of your's will notify the authorities
that you're AWOL.  And when that happens... there's the outside possibility
that somebody will come knocking at my door to inquire as to whether or not
I know where you've gone.

	"And if and when that admittedly remote possibility should arise,
Jake... I don't want anything here... in this apartment of our's... that
might cause some cop-type snoopy son of a bitch to take a special interest
in what should otherwise be a very routinely mundane and unresolvable
missing persons case.  Okay?

	"I mean... while I freely admit that I'm going way overboard with
these precautions of mine... it's like they say, Jake... an ounce of
prevention is better than a pound of cure.

	"Oh!  And if you're worried about the fiddle business - don't!
I've managed to get you a loner.

	"In fact... somebody should be stopping by this very
afternoon... while you're asleep... y'know, to drop it off and to pick up
these boxes of your's and your grandfathers fiddle.

	"Plus... though you might think this is going to extremes... I've
arranged for you to use a friend of mine's lap-top.  However... that won't
be here till sometime later in the week..."

	"Vicki...  Question..."

	"Sure...  Shoot!"

	"My clothes?  Were are my clothes?"

	"We bagged them all up and dropped them off at a Goodwill
Reclamation Site... y'know, so that they can be put to good use."

	"Why?  Why - For haven's sakes! - did you do something like that,

	"Because, Jake...", Vicki's voice conveyed a stern edge to it,
"...they'll never fit this new body of your's, Jake!"

	"But!  But, what if you can find a way to change me back into a man
again?  What am I going to do about clothes then?"

	"Don't go getting those new tits of your's in an uproar, Jake!

	"Should we come up with a way to change you back... which - I
reiterate! - isn't at all likely... y'know, so don't go getting your hopes
up... tell you what, my dearest darling!  I will personally buy you a whole
brand spanking new wardrobe.  Alright?

	"As it is, Jake... until we can build up your own wardrobe... you
have my permission to wear anything of mine that tickles your fancy... for
example...  that sinfully skimpy, scarlet satin teddy that you gave me last
Valentine's Day...  Take it from me, Jake!  With this simply scrumptious
new stacked and packed body of your's... you'd look absolutely divine
decked out in it!

	"Fact is,", Vicki continued on with her light hearted tease,
"...tonight... after you get a shower... I think it would do you good to
have you model it for me... y'know, so you start getting a feel for what's
in store for you... y'know, now that you're a girl..."

	"Vicki!", Jake(f) vehemently registered a protested, as he(f) began
to root threw the second box containing his(f) personal things.  "If you
think for one moment that you are going to somehow coerce me into parading
around this apartment of your's looking for all the world like a two bit
hooker... you've got another think coming!"

	"Hmmm....  Do I detect one of those pesky double standards of
your's rearing its' ugly little head here, Jake?"

	"What do you mean, Vicki?", Jake(f) tersely demanded.

	"Well... for starters... am I to take it that you think that I look
like a two bit hooker decked out in that dick teaser special that you -
yourself - bought me?"

	"Well...  No!  I...  I...  I...", Jake(f), confronted by Vicki's
accusation, exasperatedly groped for a way out of the conundrum he(f) had
inadvertently embroiled his herified self within.

	"Or...", Vicki, who was thoroughly enjoying the sticky wicket that
Jake(f)'s hasty spoken and ill thought out words had landed him(f) in,
teasingly offered, "...are you saying that while I don't look like a two
bit hooker wearing that scandalous reviling teddy you gave me... you... for
some strange reason... would?"

	"Yes!  No!  I mean...", Jake(f), realizing only to late that Vicki
had skillfully maneuvered him(f) into an expertly and deviously crafted
no-win situation.

	Letting him(f) off the hook, so to speak, Vicki supplied Jake(f)
with the out he(f) was frantically searching for by saying, "I know what
you mean, Jake.

	"What you're saying... or... more correctly... what you're trying
to say... in that hypocritically inept way of your's... is that you're not
ready to contend with all the humiliation that'll go hand in hand with you
and your donning something as blatantly and bodaciously feminine as that
red satin teddy of mine.  Right?"

	"Yeah... or something along those lines...", Jake(f), letting out a
long exasperated sigh as he(f) did so, resignedly concurred.

	"Look!  I fully understand your reluctance... y'know, when it comes
to you and your decking yourself out in sexy women's clothing, Jake.

	"However... though I really do understand where you're coming from,
my dearest bedraggled darling... you have absolutely no idea what you're in
for when you do!

	"Once you get past all the horrendous amounts of ignominy involved
in your first few forays into the erotic world of the feminine mystic... I
promise you, Jake... you're going to love it!

	"May I remind you... while that new body of your's is as feminine
as feminine can be... y'know, as in its' as curvacious as all
get-out... that lecherous mind of your's is male as it ever was!

	"Meaning... you've become a no holds bar, self-contained
narcissist, Jake... y'know, who now possesses the innate... or... if you
will... the unalienable ability to tickle your own fancy... y'know, no
matter how crass and debasing that narcissistic fancy of your's might be!

	"For instance, Jake!  As you've told me over and over and over
again in the past... you dig the shit out of women wearing high heels!

	"Yeah...", Jake(f) sheepishly admitted.  "So..."

	"So...  guess what!  Now that you're a girl... you can indulge that
high heel fetish of your's to your hearts content... y'know, is in: you get
to wear a pair of those pointy toed devils any old time you want!

	"In fact, Jake... I'm going to insist that you do just that!

	"You're shitting me... aren't you, Vicki?", Jake(f) was
incredulous.  "You're not seriously suggesting that I start wearing spike

	"Oh, but I am, Jake darling...

	"If I can wear them for you... guess what!  You can wear 'em for

	"And to help you through the acclimation process... tomorrow
night... right after I get home... we'll start you out with a pair of dress
shoes of mine that have a one inch heel... which shouldn't present to much
of a problem for you to handle and progressively... adding... shall we
say... one inch a week... work you up to... what would now be for you... a
dauntingly treacherous, lofty five full inches...

	"I also think we'll tackle the clothing business in pretty much the
same way.  Y'know, as in we'll sort of ease you into it... y'know, gradual

	"For instance, Jake... tonight... after you taken that shower that
I made mention of before... instead of a freshly laundered sweat suit... I
think we'll start you off with a pair of nylon/lycra running tights and a
matching nylon/lycra sports bra... y'know, and possible... a slinky satin
sleep shirt... y'know, that'll help you deal with the ignominy involve in
your being decked out in a bra - sports or not - in the first friggin'

	"Hell, Jake!  While I know fully well that you're not going to
believe me when I say this!  But, before you know it... you - lover - are
going be brazenly prancing around this apartment of ours decked out in all
sorts of erotic girl-shit paraphernalia... y'know, begging me to show you
how to apply makeup to enhance those devilishly angelic new looks of
your's... y'know, so can dash off to the bedroom and there, gaze into the
full length dressing mirror... y'know, that's affixed to the inside of the
door... so you can play a crass, self-gratifying bump and grind game of
stink-finger with that nifty new little honey pot of your's... and there
by, get those new feminized rocks of your's off...

	"And don't try to tell me you won't, Jake!  'Cause it's a given
that you will... eventually... and probably... unless I miss my guess
here... a whole hell of a lot sooner than later..."

	"Vicki...", Jake(f) queried.  "Tell me something..."

	"Sure, Jake!  Shoot!"

	"How come you know some much about this guyo to girlo shit?

	"I mean... right from the get-go... you knew exactly what was going
to happen... when it was going to happen... and how it was going to happen!
You also knew that I was going to need one hellaicious amount of
recuperative sleep in the aftermath of this sexual make-over of mine... not
to mention the fact that you had all those protein bars and fruit and
vitamins set aside for me... y'know, to... I guess you could say... tide me

	"Granted... the witch... or Gypsy woman... or whomever you got the
damn sexual switcheroo spell from in the first friggin' place could have
given you a pretty good run down on what to suspect... y'know, once you
triggered the spell that went and did a number on this formerly manly body
of mine... but... even so... when you take all of that shit I just now
mentioned into account... something doesn't jive, Vicki...

	"In other words... it seems to me that you know one hell of a lot
more about what's going on here than would otherwise seem
natural... normal... or... more to the point... reasonable...

	"How come?"

	"Tell you what, Jake!  I'll give you three guesses... and the first
two don't count.", Vicki smirked.

	Incredulously, Jake(f) exclaimed, "Vicki!  Are you saying that..."

	"Yes!", Vicki snapped.  "That's exactly what I am saying...

	"In fact... though you had no way of knowing this... back in our
high school days... you and I engaged in some very intimate contact form
time to time."

	"What!", Jake(f) was taken aback by Vicki's assertion.  "What in
the hell are you talking about, Vicki?  The first time you and I met was on
that university's canoe club sponsored trip down the South Fork of

	"Not true, Jake!  I assure you... we locked horns somewhere in and
around the neighborhood of six of seven times during those high school
years of ours!

	"You were on La Salle Academy's wrestling team were you not?"

	"Yeah...", Jake(f) hesitantly answered.

	"Well... though you wouldn't know it to look at me now, Jake... I
was on St. Bonaventuer's wrestling team... the very same weight class as

	"Oh, shit!", Jake(f) aired shakily.

	"That's right, my dearest darling!  I'm the guy who whipped your
ass for the state championship in my senior year!"

	"In a pig's eye you did!", Jake(f) heatedly charge.  "You might
have managed to win that particular match... y'know, on points... but you
never - Ever! - whipped my ass!

	"If I remember correctly... earlier that year... during the
seasonal head to head team competition... I was the one that pinned you to
the mat... and I was only a junior then!"

	"Yes...  Yes, you did...  You got me good that time... much the way
I got you two years early... y'know, when I was a sophomore and you a
pimple faced freshman... y'know, during the regional junior varsity
championships... if... that's is... you can remember back that far..."

	"Oh... I remember alright!", Jake(f) freely admitted.  "You and I
were pretty evenly matched..."

	"That we were...", Vicki was quick to agree.

	"So... you're... or make that were... Victor...  Victor..."

	"Spalding!", Vicki supplied.

	"That's right!  My high school nemesis!  Victor Spalding!"

	"Ironic... isn't it, Jake?

	"I mean... who'da thunk that two heterosexual swinging dicks... who
wrestled against one another just a couple of years ago... would end up in
bed together... playing a mutually satisfying game of hide the salami..."

	"Yeah...", Jake(f) halfheartedly and dejectedly concurred, "Who'da

	"We also have something else in common, Jake!"

	"Yeah...  Like what?"

	"Does the name Laura Bedlow ring a bell?"

	"Yes...  Yes it does!", Jake(f)'s interest was peeked anew.  "In
fact, she's the girl I took to my senior prom!"

	"Yeah... and you broke up with her... or... more correctly... she
broke up with you within a week or so afterwards... didn't she?"

	"Yes...  Yes she did...  But how th hell did you know about that?"

	"Because... my dearest bedraggled darling... she broke up with you
to go out with me..."

	"She did... did she?", Jake(f) tersely demanded.

	"She sure as hell did!

	"You see, Jake... I was home from college... attending my first
cousin's birthday party... and low and behold... guess who my first cousin,
Irene's best friend just happens to be?"

	"Laura Bedlow...", Jake(f) dutifully supplied.

	"That's right!  Your girlfriend!  Laura Bedlow!

	"Well... since you weren't there... y'know, due to the fact that I
believe you were off doing some back-country camping or something of that
nature and couldn't attend... and since I had my reputation as a ladies man
to uphold... and that Laura of your's was looking exceptional pretty that
night... I just sort of put a move on her... y'know, just to let her know
that I was interested..."

	"So anyhow... after she dumped you... I took her out a couple of
times... then, once I nailed her ass... I gave her the old heave-ho and
moved on to greener pastures..."

	 "Oh...", Jake(f) mused, "...so you're the bastard that did a
number on her head!

	"I mean... I don't know what you ever did to her, man... y'know,
because she never fully confided in me... but I do know one thing form the
few conversations I had with her!  You devastated her... y'know, dumping
her flat like you did!

	"I mean... you didn't even have the common courtesy to sit down and
have a heart to heart with her... y'know, to let her down gentle..."

	"What can I say, Jake!  I was a real egotistical, self-centered
bastard back then!  Y'know, as in I was a real love 'em and leave 'em kind
of guy...

	"Now... I'm not in any way, shape or form insinuating that I am
proud of the fact that I was like that, Jake... y'know, cause I'm not!
Y'know, now that I've had a chance to view things from the other side of
the sexual spectrum... as it were...

	"I mean... if I could go back and change it all... make no never
mind about it!  I would in a heart beat!

	"Because... there's no two ways about it, Jake darling... I was a
real first class bastard... y'know, in so far as my dealings with women
were concerned...

	"Fact is... that's how I - Mr. One Night Stand - ended up getting
all girlified in the first place!"

	"You see, Jake... all throughout my freshmen year here on
campus... and well into the first semester of my sophomore year... I was
busy counting notches on my thigh bone... y'know, playing a fast and loose
game of I've-got-to-have-a-different-women-every-night... when those
callous ways of mine came under the scrutiny of a very small... very
exclusive... cabal of women... y'know, who... like the two of us... didn't
start of life as functional, pussy equipped females."

	Taken aback by Vicki's assertion, Jake(f) felt compelled to
question, "You mean... there are others?  Y'know, besides you and me?"

	"There most certainly are, Jake!

	"All told... I would guess... there's about thirty... give or take
one or two... y'know, who are active members in this little, non-university
sanctioned sorority of ours... and... over the course of the next several
weeks or so - I assure you! - you'll get to meet each and everyone of
them... y'know, that you haven't met already..."

	"You mean to tell me that I've met some already?", Jack(f)
countered incredulously.

	"You bet that new ass of your's you have!"


	"Well... Angie for one..."

	"Angie!", Jake(f) clearly couldn't believe what he(f) was hearing.
"Angie... the stunning brunette in my psych class... the one that I helping
write that report of hers... was once a guy?"

	"She sure as hell was...

	"In fact... if I remember correctly... Angie... who's name use to
be Steven Something-or-other... made the transition about three months or
so after I did.

	"But anyhow... getting back to my sad and awful story, my dearest,
dilapidated and thoroughly bemused and bewildered darling... there I
was... porking coeds right and left... on almost a nightly bases... and
slam!  Bamb!  Thank you ma'am!  I come under the scrutiny of this
underground group of Newbies... y'know, for that's what we guys turned
girls affectionally call this close knit little cabal of ours...

	"You see, Jake... Jennifer... one of our senior members... just
happens to be an associate professors here at the university... who... to
help her augment her limited finances... holds down a position as a dorm

	"Well... to make a long story short... in the course of her duties
as one of the university's dorm monitors... Jennifer... who... as you will
soon learn for yourself... is a do-gooder to end a do-gooders
and... because she is... she is known for her compassionate ear... began to
hear my name crop up... y'know, like in: over and over and over again... in
a very negative and unflattering manner... y'know, with the terms cad and
bastard prominently affixed to it... y'know, due to the cavalier manner I
adopted towards members of the fairer sex... y'know, when it came to them
and me and my getting those old male rocks of mine off...

	"So anyhow... after this whacked-out psycho in her dorm damn near
succeeded in killing herself with an over-dose of illegal obtained
barbiturates... y'know, because... as she claimed... I wouldn't return her
calls... or go out with her... Jennifer felt that it was high time that
somebody step in and stop me from doing what I had been doing.

	"So... in the next scheduled monthly meeting of the Newbies'
steering committee... Jennifer... who has been hard at work surreptitiously
complying a whole shit load of damning circumstantial evidence against
me... passionately presented her case.  The steering committee - in turn -
deemed Jennifer's evidence compelling enough to put my case on the docket
of the Newbies next General Membership meeting slash social get-together
slash pig-out party... where it was in due course decided... via a
plurality of its' attending members... y'know, that overwhelming came to
the conclusion that I needed to be taught a lesson... y'know, that I
wouldn't soon forget...

	"Wouldn't you know it, Jake... that... unbeknownst to me... I've
been trying to get into this simply gorgeous Newbie named Karen's pants
since the start of the fall semester... y'know, with no success what so
ever... y'know, because she had once been a he and therefore, a confirmed,
dyed in the wool lesbian lovin' dyke... only I'm not aware of that little
fly in the ointment... which... as you might well expect... tends to making
me lust after her all the more... y'know, because of the challenge she
presents to that egotistical, macho, thoroughly male ego of mine... y'know,
the very same male libido driven ego that still rears its' ugly little head
from time to time... y'know, to bite me on this succulent, man-magnet
constructed tush of mine...

	"Then... out of the clear blue... Karen leads me to believe that
she has had a change of heart... and that... after months and months of
turning me down flat... she informs me that she would be delighted to go
out on a date with me...

	"Little did I know that it was a fiendishly orchestrated set-up!
But... unaware of the consequences... I bit!  Hook!  Line!  And sinker!

	"So anyhow... I took Karen out to dinner and then.. on her
suggestion... we went to one of those murder mystery plays they put on
every weekend over at Bradshaw Hall's intimate theater.  Afterwards... once
again on Karen's urgings... we went over to a friend of her's
apartment... where she up and whipped this girl-shit on me... y'know, much
like I did to you on Friday...

	"And like you, Jake... I was pissed!

	"However... once Karen and some of her Newbie cohorts presented me
with the very same three options that I presented to you... I - as I hope
and pray you will, Jake - went with the logical and viable choice open to
me.  Though I wasn't at all happy about the unenviable prospect of living
out the rest of my life as a pussified girl... as I'm sure you're
not... shall we say... ecstatic about.... since I didn't have much of a
choice... I grudgingly accepted their offer to help me make the necessary

	"Let's say... since I didn't have... what you might call... a
Newbie sponsor... y'know, who would take me under her wing so to
speak... y'know, such as you have with me... I became sort of a team

	As Jake(f) sat there, intently listening to Vicki's discourse,
he(f) began to put two and two together and came up with a great big,
degrading, mind numbing, gut wrenching, 'Oh, shit!'.

	"Vicki!", Jake(f) frantically intruded, desperately clamoring to
get something troubling him(f) clarified A.S.A.P.!

	"Yes, Jake dear..."

	"Let me get something straight here!"


	"When these Newbies of yours turned you into a girl... were
you... or were you not... a heterosexual?"

	"I was...", Vicki, unsure as to where this inquiry of Jake(f)'s was
going, replied quizzically.

	"I mean... up to that point in your life, Vicki... had you ever
engaged in anything that even remotely resembled a homosexual
activity... y'know, involving you an another guy?"

	"No...  Unless you what to call jerking off in a garage with a
whole lot of other adolescent guys pulling their own puds... y'know, in a
semen spewing contest... a homosexual activity... the answer to you
question, Jake is: no!  I never - Ever! - engaged in a homosexual act with
another guy..."

	"So... if I'm hearing you right, Vicki... prior to becoming a
girl... I take it that you thought of yourself as a confirmed
heterosexual... y'know, and not a bisexual?"

	"Correct...", a bemused and bewildered Vicki replied.

	"But now... in light of what happened to you... y'know, with
respect to your becoming a physically functional female... you now classify
yourself as a bisexual... y'know, because... even though you still prefer
women - y'know, over men... you... by your own omission... have had sex
with not only myself... but two other guys before me..."

	"Yes...", Vicki said, leaving the 'So what's your point' rejoinder
ponderously hanging there, implied, but intentionally left unsaid.

	Tentatively, unsure if he(f) really wanted to hear Vicki's answer
or not and with a queazy, sick sort of feeling beginning to gnaw away in
the pit of that newly herified and down-sized stomach of his(f), Jake(f)
fearfully asked, "Vicki... are you saying that... once I get... I guess you
could say... acclimated to being a girl... I'm going to reach a point where
I'm going to actually start liking guys... y'know, the way most
girls... y'know, who are born to be girls... do?"

	"No!", Vicki demonstratively proclaimed.

	"I mean... while I'm not saying that such won't happen... y'know,
because... though you might not even be aware of the fact that you harbor
some sort of latent homosexual tendencies that even you're not aware
of... knowing you as I do... I think it's fairly safe to assume that such
an eventuality will never occur in your case, Jake!

	"Besides... if you ever do get it in that manly mind of your's to
go out and experiment... y'know, just to see how it feels to have some
guy's pecker shoved up inside that new little honey pot of your's... make
no never mind about it, Jake!  I promise!  You will rue the day!

	"You see, Jake... my dearest darling... as far as I'm
concerned... your pussy is as much mine as it is your's!  Just as mine is
as much your's as it is mine!

	"Meaning: I won't stand for anybody - be that anybody male or
female - dickering around with that new little you-know-what of your's!
Just as I hope and pray... once you reconcile yourself to the fact that I,
one: have your best interest at heart... and two: that I really - Truly! -
do love you... with my whole heart and soul... that you won't tolerate
anyone messing around with mine!

	"However... having said all of that... getting back to my statement
concerning my bisexuality... I think a little clarification is in order...

	"You see, Jake... in the days and weeks following my own
transsexualization... I spent a lot of my free time soul searching... only
to confront the stark realization that my piss-poor attitude towards women
was rooted in my own long hidden, long denied feelings of sexual

	"I feared rejection and because I did... and still do... I feared

	"And... though I wish it hadn't... that fear of mine fed my

	"Meaning... I feared you... my poor, poor baby... feared commitment

	"You see, Jake... as I began to reconcile myself to my new life as
a girl... I slowly... but surly... came to the realization that I wasn't at
all happy about spending the rest of my life alone!

	"Trouble was... as you will soon come to realize for
yourself... most of the Newbies are already paired up in monogamous,
mutually satisfying relationships with one another.  And those that
aren't... as a general rule of thumb... aren't interested in establishing
one.  Y'know, as in they are content in living the rest of their lives all
by their lonesomes... were I am not!

	"That meant... that I was put in the unenviable position of being
the odd man - Excuse me! - make that odd woman out!  Y'know, as in I ended
up... more times than not... feeling like that old proverbial fifth wheel
that you're always hearing about!

	"And Jake... to put it bluntly... being a fifth wheel ain't no fun!
Y'know, as in it sucks!

	"So... because it wasn't... and because I couldn't envision myself
living the life of a single person... y'know, all out on my own in this
cold cruel world of ours... I figured that the one sure fire way I could
resolve my problems was to use these new physical feminine wiles of mine to
go out and hunt myself down a lesbian lover for a lifemate and failing
that... a swinging dick of a man... y'know, who fit the very specific
criteria I was looking for in a prospective husband...

	"Okay!  So... since I was having a hell of a hard time envisioning
myself serving as a willing sperm repository and - perish the thought -
would be mother... y'know, for the rest of my friggin' life... I opted to
try the lesbian route first!

	"And guess what I soon came to realize, Jake?

	"I don't like women - especially lesbians - y'know, to hang around
and shoot the shit with!

	"I mean... while I like 'em to go out with... and have sex
with... as far as I'm concerned... that's the be all and end all of it,

	"In other words... it didn't take me long to realize that... unless
I met someone who was really, really special... there was no way in hell
that I could establish a long term relationship with a girl who liked
girls... y'know, who isn't a Newbie... y'know, given how screwed up in the
head most of those man-hating bitches I went out with back then were!

	"I'm mean to tell you, Jake!  Some of those dykes that came onto me
acted more manly than most men do!  Y'know, and for some reason or
another... I just couldn't handle the lesbian scene... y'know,
because... more times than not... given these new, ultra feminized looks of
mine... damned if I didn't attract the dykish, ball-busting, man-hating
dykes of the lot!  Y'know, that... in turn... gave me a bad case of the

	"Okay!  While I sure would have liked hooking up with another
Newbie... y'know, as a prospective lifemate... since none was available at
the time... and might not be for some time to come... I came to the sad and
awful realization that I didn't have a whole hell of a lot of choice in the
matter... y'know, not if I wanted to be involved in monogamous, long-term

	"I mean... while I might be as neurotic as all get-out... y'know,
and then some... I'll have you know, Jake!  I'd be willing to bet that I'm
the most pragmatic neurotic you've every known... or... for that
matter... every will know!

	"Remember that old adage about mud... and how... if all you've got
is mud... you might as well go ahead and make mud-pies?

	"Well that's me, Jake!

	"I mean... as crazy and gut wrenchingly repulsive as it sounds... I
figured that if I had to bite the bullet and spread these long, lovely and
emasculated legs of mine... y'know, so some horny-assed bastard could shove
that pecker of his deep up inside of this new little vaginal orifice of
mine... y'know, for the express purposes of getting his rocks off... so be
it!  Before I could - in good faith - discount that he'in and she'in option
of mine... I knew that I would have to put it to the test... y'know, just
to see if I could handle it...

	"And as incredulous as it sounds... though I have no idea how I
ever managed to do it... I actually got up the gumption to let a guy poop
that new cherry of mine...

	"Having made the debasing decision to engage in sex with a male
lover... as it were, Jake... I carefully went about the task of selecting
just who that first male lover of mine would be.  Y'know, because I sure as
hell didn't want to get hooked up with the kind of love 'em and leave 'em
kind of bastard that I - myself - use to be... y'know, before the Newbies
went and pulled this girl-crappolla on me!

	"In other words, Jake... I didn't want a self-serving son of a
bitch...  who was only out for himself... who was... after little or no
foreplay... just going to stick it in and hump the living shit out of
me... get his rocks off... y'know, and leave me feeling all used and

	"I knew exactly the kind of lover I was looking for, Jake!

	"I wanted a patient man... a man who would take his time... y'know,
administering to me and my needs... y'know, who would take his time
arousing me... and might... were I lucky... even go down on me... y'know,
and preform the selfless act of cunnilingus... y'know, as... shall we
say... a multi-orgasmic prelude to his actually taking that manly
you-know-what of his and sliding it ever so tenderly up inside that
love-juice lubricated you-know-where of mine... y'know, so that he
could... via my cooperation... assuage his own sexual needs...

	"And guess what, Jake!  I was lucky!  I found just the kind of guy
I was looking for!

	"I mean... while he was no where as good you, my dearest
darling... y'know, when it comes to the fine and delicate art of making
love to a woman... y'know, because you are - hands down - absolutely
fabulous... he was never the less exactly what I needed... y'know, for my
first time functioning as a sperm recipient... y'know, rather than the
sperm donor...

	"Trouble was... as I eluded to before, Jake... when it came to the
delicate issue of oral sex... while I thoroughly enjoyed being on the
receiving end of a thorough, multi-orgasmic engendering tongue lashing... I
wasn't about to return the favor... y'know, and go down on him... y'know,
and put that icky and disgusting thing of his in my mouth!

	"That... shall we say... on going reluctance of mine... y'know, to
suck cock... precipitated one rather heated brewhaha after
another... which... when you get right down to it... caused the two of us
to terminate our relationship before it was even a whole month old...

	"I wasn't as fortunate with the next guy as I was with the first.

	"They... whomever in the hell 'they' might happen to be... are
right!  Y'know, when they say that pay-backs are hell and that what comes
around goes around!

	"Let me tell you, Jake!  I sure as hell got my
comeuppance... y'know, for the crass and callous manner in which I went
about sowing all those horny-assed wild oats of mine... y'know, before the
Newbies slam-dunked my ass... y'know, and decked me out in this alluring
and sexy new body of mine!

	"Unbeknownst to me... my second choice for a male lover was... to
say the least... a poor one.

	"I mean to tell you, Jake!  That bastard was one smooth talking son
of a bitch... y'know, if ever there was one!  I mean... he bullshitted and
sweat-talked me... y'know, like up one side and down the other!  He led me
to believe that he was the most compassionate... the most capable slow
handed and talented tongued lover a girl could ever want or desire... and
that he didn't give a rat's ass about his own needs... y'know, until he
took care of mine...

	"Trouble was... once he got me into his apartment... I realized
only to late that I had been had!  Y'know... Big F'in Time!

	"Belive me, Jake!  I now know the difference between being make
love to and being fucked!

	"And make no never mind about it!  That bastard fucked me!

	"No sooner had we gotten in the door of his apartment and son of a
bitch manhandled me - A former wrestler! - to the floor!  Ripped my
pantyhose... y'know, down the back!  And took me doggy style!  Y'know,
without so much as a by your leave... mother may I... or nothing!

	"In other words, Jake... that bastard... for all practical
purposes... raped me!  Y'know, even though it was clearly
understood... y'know, by both he and I... that I had every intention of
going to bed with him that night...

	"Meaning... I would have had one hell of a hard time bringing him
up on rape charges... irregardless of all the bruises that I ended up with
as a result of that bastard's manhandling me the way he did!

	"I mean to tell you!  Both of my breast had all these black and
blue splotches... y'know, that didn't go away for damn near a week and a
half afterwards!

	"But not to worry, Jake... I got even... and then some...

	"You see... that night... I was so distraught that I went right
over to see Jennifer... y'know, the Newbie do-gooder... for some of her
much needed counseling and consolation... and guess what... she... with a
little help of a few other Newbies... devised a fiendish way to fix that
bastard's horny-assed wagon so that he will never - Ever! - be able to pull
something like that on another woman!"

	"What did they do?", Jake(f), intrigued, felt compelled to ask.

	"They... via the implied promise of being the male participant in a
no holds bar menage a trois... lured him out to San Diego and from
there... across the border into Tijuana.  There... in a creep hotel
room... guess what happened next, Jake!"

	"They didn't!", Jake(f) couldn't help but snicker.

	"Oh... but they most certainly did!

	"As soon as they got into the room, Lara triggered the
transsexualzation spell and then... once the bastard was... shall we
say... incapacitated.... y'know, by the spell's workings... both Lara and
Gina... y'know, the two Newbies that had lured him down there in the first
place... stripped him... and high tailed it back across the border..."

	"Are you serious!  They triggered the sexual re-assignment process
and just left?"

	"They sure as hell did, Jake!  They took his wallet... his
clothes... and his luggage with them... y'know, so that he would wake up
the next morning to find himself not only naked and girlified... but
without money or clothes as well...

	"I mean... even after what he went and did to me, Jake... to this
day... I almost - and I stress the word 'almost' - feel sorry for him!
Y'know, owing to the fact that he woke up the next morning to find
himself... as a bonafide herself... stranded in a foreign country... with
no means what so ever to either prove that he... albeit a she... was indeed
an American citizen... or... the cash needed to provide for his daily

	"I mean... that's a pretty unenviable position to find one's self
in... isn't it, Jake?"

	"Yes, Vicki... it sure as hell is!", Jake(f) was quick to concur.
Then, having done so, he(f) proceeded on to add, "I must say that these
Newbie friends of your's don't dicker around... do they?  Y'know, as in
they sure as hell know how to make the punishment fit the crime!"

	"No, Jake!  They most certainly don't... as you say... dicker
around!  And yes... I whole heartedly agree!  If anyone knows how to make
the punishment fit the crime... they sure as hell do!

	"But... now that you're one of us, Jake dear... not to worry!  We
Newbies take care of our own!  And now that you're one of us... that
includes you as well!

	"But... be that as it maybe, Jake... after that... after that
egotistical bastard had his way with me... y'know, in such a debasing and
ignominious manner... I kind of shelved the idea of my being able to ever
find a man who I could feel comfortable engaging in sex with again."

	"That's perfectly understandable, Vicki... y'know, given the fact
that now that I've become what I've become... y'know, as a direct result of
that dastardly thing you up and went and did to me the other night... I
can't conceive of me - Ever! - allowing a man to have his way with
me... irregardless of what kind of lover he might happen to be..."

	"Good!", Vicki was emphatic.  "I'm glade to hear that, Jake!
Because... my dearest darling... should you ever try something like that -
I promise! - there'll be hell to pay!

	"Remember what I said about that new pussy of your's, Jake!  How
it's as much mine as it is your's..."

	"Yes...", Jake(f) tentatively responded.

	"Well... I meant it!  Alright?"

	"Yes...", Jake(f) contritely replied.

	"Good!  Just don't you ever forget it!  Okay?"

	"I promise, Vicki... I won't forget..."

	"Alright... so anyhow... after that... after I had sworn of
guys... y'know, for good... what happens!  I run in to you!

	"I mean... there I was!  Happy as a pig in shit... off in my own
little world... tooling around in that up-river eddy just below Bull
Falls... when you and that big, uncoordinated, red headed friend of
your's... plowed into my kayak with that dented up poor excuse for a canoe
that the two of you were so ineptly endeavoring to paddled... causing me to
overturn and take an unplanned for dip in the river!  Then... during the
lunch break at the beach at Harper's Ferry... you... the kind hearted and
considerate bastard that you are... waltz over to where I was
sitting... y'know, all off by my lonesome... and what do you do?  You
apologize... y'know, for you and your buddy running into me... and stupid
me... unaware of what I was letting myself in for... seeing that your
friend Paul What's-his-name was busily shootin' the shit with some other
guys... I... for some reason or another... asked if you would like to join
me... y'know, and share one or two of the wine coolers that I had stashed
away in my insulated wet-bag... and what did you do... you accepted my

	"Well of course I did!

	"I mean... when a beautiful girl like you asks an average looking
guy like I use to be... y'know, just a day or so ago... to join her... I'd
been out of my friggin' mind not to have done so!

	"Vicki... question!", Jake(f) quizzically continued, "Did you know
who I was when you asked me to join you?"

	"Of course I did!  I recognized you as the pesky guy from La Salle
Academy that I use to wrestle against back in my high school days... back
when we were all assembling at the West Virginia put-in... y'know, when you
were unloading that dented up 17' shoe-keeled Gruman of your's... and that
big lummox buddy of your's wasn't being a whole lot of help... if... that
is... my recollection serves me right... y'know, because he was busy eyeing
me up one side and down the other...

	"We did have a nice conversation though... didn't we, Jake?"

	"Yeah... we sure as hell did... and because we did... and because I
was such an addle brained idiot... and didn't think to get your phone
number before the whole bunch of us said our good-byes and hit the road
after loading up at the Brunswick take-out... Paul ragged me all the back
to the campus... y'know, giving me one hell of a hard way to go about how
much of an asshole I had been..."

	"Paul was right!  You were an asshole!"

	"You mean to say that had I asked... you would have given me your

	"Hmmm...", Vicki was thoughtful.  "Now that you bring it up... I'm
not sure if I would have or not, Jake...

	"But never the less, lover!  That friend of your's was right!  You
should have at least asked!

	"Yeah... I guess I should have at that... y'know, given that fact
that I could have kicked myself in the ass for not taking the
initiative... y'know, like right there and then!"

	"Yes!  You most certainly should have!

	"Hell, Jake!  You can't begin to imagine all the shit I had to go
through to arrange for that well orchestrated chance meeting of ours over
at jogging track later that week!"

	"You arranged that?"

	"That!  The cafeteria...  The library...  The student union snack
bar...  Not to mention all those numerous times we passed one another out
in the halls... or in one of the quadrangles... y'know, when you were
either going to... or coming from one or another of your classes..."

	"So...", Jake(f), seeking clarification, "...I take it you weren't
playing... what you might call... hard to get?"

	Picking up a rather grundgy and tread bare looking pillow from off
of her sofa, Vicki, using a checked swing to ensure that no harm would be
done, mockingly bopped Jake(f) square on that golden haired head of his(f),
employing her own use of the sarcastically delivered DOUBLE POSITIVE to
declare a negative connotation as she did so, "Yeah... right!  Hard to get!
I don't think so...

	"I mean... how much more obvious could I have been, Jake?

	"Hell!  If it hadn't a been for Angie... y'know, playing little
miss match-maker... y'know, by giving you my number and telling you to call
me... y'know, insinuating that I had taken an interest in you... I don't
know if you would have ever gotten up the gumption to ask me out on your

	"No...", Jake(f) sheepishly admitted, "I probably wouldn't have at

	"How come?", Vicki, interested in Jake(f)'s answer, asked.


	"Because... why, Jake?", Vicki encouraged.

	"Because, Vicki... you're not the kind of girl that generally goes
out with a guy like me!

	"I mean... you're so... so... so..."

	"Beautiful...", Vicki supplied.

	"Yes!", Jake(f) snapped.  "You're so beautiful!  And I am - Make
that was! - so... so... so..."


	"Yes...  I was so average... y'know, in the looks
department... that I just thought..."

	"That I wouldn't want anything to do with you...", Vicki,
completing Jake(f)'s thoughts, tenderly offered.


	"Well now you know differently... my dearest darling.

	"You see, Jake... for some strange reason or another... you
intrigued me.  I knew... from both talking to my cousin Irene and that
ex-girlfriend of your's... Laura Bedlow... that you were a nice guy.
Y'know, given all those complimentary things they said about you...

	"I also enjoyed that conversation the two of had over those wine
coolers of mine... y'know, given all the shit we had in common!

	"Crazy... but I kept thinking about you... y'know, all throughout
the drive back home.  And the more I though about you... the more I began
to re-examine if I may have reacted a tad bit to hastily... y'know, when I
put the kibosh on me and my husband hunting endeavors... y'know, because of
what that horny-assed, egotistical so-'n-so went and did to me... y'know,
when he poked me doggy style..."

	"So anyhow... the more I thought about it... the more I found
myself inclined to have another go at it!

	"Hell, Jake!  Would you believe that I didn't even stop by here to
drop of my kayak when I got back!

	"Instead... I ran over to Jennifer's dorm... y'know, to run the
idea by her... y'know, so I could get some feed-back from an old hand at
this Newbie business... y'know, just to make sure that I wasn't running off
half cocked...

	"Jennifer... after hearing me out... suggested that I pursue
it... but that I do so slowly and cautiously.  She even offered to enlist
the help of a few other Newbies... y'know, to... shall we say... check you

	"So...", Jake(f) inquired, "...how'd I do?"

	"You did great, Jake!  You did just great!  No one had anything
negative to say about you... save for perhaps that you dressed a little
slovenly... but that, you cleaned up real nice... y'know, when you put your
mind to it...

	"Now, Jake... it's time for me to ask you a question!"

	"Alright...", Jake(f) replied tentatively.  "Ask away..."

	"How'ya do it?"

	"How I do what?"

	"Put up with me... y'know, and that platonic relationship I imposed
on us... y'know, that first night... when we met over at the coffee
shop... y'know, just to shoot the shit... and I was blatantly up front with
you... telling you in so many words that... while I was attracted to
you... I had some heavy duty personal things to workout... y'know, before I
could commit to anything more than the two of us being friends... who... as
I said... might or might not prove to be something more than friends..."

	"To tell you the truth, Vicki... I'm not sure how I managed it
either... save to say that I really, really liked you... y'know, owing to
the fact that I had been fantasying about the two us ever since the canoe
trip... and I really wanted to get to know you... y'know, on the off-chance
that something might develop... y'know, of a sexual nature..."

	"Tell the truth, Jake!  I put you through a living hell those first
few weeks didn't I?"

	"Yes...", Jake(r) uttered with some reluctance, "...you sure as
hell did!

	"Every time you and I went out together, Vicki... I returned to my
dorm room so friggin' sexual frustrated that it wasn't funny!

	"I mean... you were sending out so many mixed signals that I had no
idea what in the hell you wanted from me!

	"One minute... I thought you wanted me to put a move on you and the
next... I got the impression that if I did... you wouldn't like it and that
I'd ruin everything!

	"I mean... you want to talk about walking on eggs...", Jake(f)
energetically exclaimed and then, in a most unlady like manner and without
raising a hand to politely screen the deed, he(f) yawned, a great big,
gapping mouth kind of oxygen inhalating yawn.

	"I mean... one minute you were grabbing my hand!  The next... you
were shying away from me... making it damn near impossible for me to
interpret what you wanted from me!

	"Yeah... thinking back... I must admit... it was rough...  really
rough... but though it was... it was worth it..."

	"It was?", it was Vicki's turn to be incredulous.

	"Yes, Vicki... it was..."

	"I mean... though I now know why... I had never - Ever! - met a
girl like you before!

	"I mean... you were so easy to get along with... and I found myself
cherishing each and every minute that you and I spent together... y'know,
as in I couldn't get enough of you, Vicki!  I found myself wanting to be
with you every minute of every day!

	"Now... while it's true that that platonic shit of your's was doing
a real number on head... y'know, because I really wanted for the two us to
make love... y'know, in the worst friggin' way imaginable... I wasn't about
to do something stupid... y'know, like putting a move on
you... or... coming up with some ill conceived and idiotic
ultimatum... y'know, that would... or could... I guess you could
say... upset that old apple cart that everybody and his brother keeps
talking about...", Jake(f) said, before breaking into another, arm
stretching accentuated, lingering yawn.

	"I mean... and I seriously doubt if you're going to believe me,
Vicki... but that night at the movies... y'know, when you took my arm and
placed it around your shoulders... y'know, so that you could snuggle in
close to me... I was so turned on that I actually creamed those jeans I was

	"You did!", Vicki ecstatically exclaimed.  "I had that much of an
effect on you?"

	"You most certainly did!"

	"That's neat!  That's really neat!  Not to mention... extremely
flattering to hear, my dearest, dearest darling..."

	Jake(f) yawned and then, yawned again as Vicki continued on with a
rhetoric question, "Do you want to hear something that's both funny and
ironic, Jake dear?

	"When I did that... y'know, putting your arm around me... y'know,
so that I could snuggle up against you... this little Newbie pussy of mine
started leaking love-juices like a freakin' sieve...

	"In other words, Jake... I knew... right then and there... you and
I were meant for each other... and that I would do anything - anything I
had to do - y'know, to be the kind of girl that you wanted me to
be... y'know, because you... whether you know it or not... are something
special, Jake!  Y'know, as in you are to good to be true... and I was bound
and determined not to allow those manly entrenched inhibitions of mine to
stand in the way of my developing and then, sustaining a sexual
relationship with you..."

	Jake(f), unable to stop his herified self from doing so, yawned
again, compelling Vicki to comment, "Oh!  Are we getting sleepy..."

	"'Fraid so...", Jake(f) managed to sandwich in between yawns.

	"Alright!", Vicki said standing.  "We'll put you to bed in minute
or so.  But first... before you head off back to beddie-bye land... I want
you to eat a couple more protein bars and drink a bottle of water,
Jake... y'know, so we can build that strength of your's back up..."

* * *

	A few minutes later, as Jake(f) sat there on the sofa, dutifully
putting a hurting on the first of two protein bars, Vicki inquired,
"So... did we overlook anything of your's... y'know, when we cleaned out
your dorm room?"

	"No...", Jake(f) returned thoughtfully, "I can't think of


	"I mean... I didn't think that we did... y'know, unless that
roommate of your's has co-opted something of your's and you're not aware of
it... I do believe that we got everything of your's that there was to get."

	"It's a pity about my clothes though...", Jake(f) mused.  "Y'know,
'cause I had some stuff that I really liked..."

	"Yeah... I know just how you feel, Jake.  I had just gotten a new
leather bomber jacket out of layaway a couple days before I went and got
all pussified...

	"Oh!  Not to change the subject, Jake...", Vicki began, doing
exactly that, "...but I really need you to give some thought to your new
name... y'know, so I can get the ball rolling is so far as establishing
your new, feminine identity!

	"And the reason I need you to do that, my dearest... y'know,
A.S.A.P.... is because we wouldn't be able to move on anything else until
we get your new identity established.

	"Once we do... we can work on getting you a new drivers
license... y'know, so that you can start tooling around in that MGB I made
mention of before.  And once we do that... I've got a full time job all
lined up for you... y'know, that'll become a part time job once Cassandra -
our Newbie mole over at the university's admissions office - does what she
has to do on that computer terminal of her's to make sure that you've got
that BS degree that you've been working so hard to achieve... not to
mention, a full scholarship to graduate school... y'know, so you continue
on to get your masters...

	"Oh!  And don't worry about the last name... y'know, because the
people who will be doing this for you need a little leeway... y'know, in so
far as your new last name is concerned.

	"For right now, Jake... I really, really need you to give some
thought to both a first and middle name.

	"Oh!  And you needn't do what I did!  Y'know, as you needn't go
with a feminized version of your former male name... y'know, like I
did... y'know, when I converted Victor... or Vic... into Vicki...

	"You can... if you like... opt to go with a 'J' sounding first
name.  Y'know, like Jackie... or Janice... or Jannette... or something
along those lines...

	"Or... you can get creative... y'know, and choose a pair of names
that... shall we say... tickles your fancy...

	"Tell you what, Jake!  While you're asleep... I'll compile a list
of names that I like... and later... while we've sitting around watching TV
tonight... we can go over them... y'know, to see if any of them appeal to

* * *

	That afternoon, while Jake(f) was fast asleep, two Newbies stopped
by to exchange Jake(f)'s violin for a loaner and to pick up the two boxes
containing his(f) personal paraphernalia.

	"So...", Gwen, the short haired brunette inquired, "...how's it
going, Vicki?"

	"Better than I thought it would..."

	"Is he mad at you?", Karen, always the inquisitive one inquired, as
she nonchalantly moved a stray strand of her glossy, waist length,
raven-black hair and flipped it back over her shoulder.

	"Yes... he's seething below the surface... but though he is... he's
doing his darndest to keep it under wraps..."

	"Good!", Karen chuckled.  "That ploy that Jennifer came up with for
us to use works damn near every time!"

	"Yeah...", Gwen chimed in.  "It sure as hell worked with me!

	"I mean... when Karen here informed me that... while I had every
right to be pissed... y'know, about me and my being fitted out with my very
own cunt and pair of dandy jugs... y'know, that wouldn't quit... and
that... if I wanted her help... y'know, in the aftermath of the sexual
re-assignment process I was at the time undergoing... I better be a good
little girl... and mind my P's and Q's... y'know, for fear of my pissing
her off to the point where she said the 'Hell with it!' and left me to fend
for myself... I... knowing that there was no viable alternative open to
me... bit my tongue and rode rough shod over my anger..."

	"That's pretty much the way Jake's dealing with it..."

	"Is he commutative?", Karen again.

	"Yes!  More so than I thought he would be...", Vicki responded.

	"Have you told him about the bennies?", it was Gwen turn.

	"No... not yet.  But thanks for reminding me!  I'll make sure I do
so tonight..."

	Gwen, "Can we sneak a peek?".

	"Yes!  Can we?", Karen beamed.

	"Sure... why not...", Vicki said as she turned to lead Gwen and
Karen back to her bedroom, where a very shapely Jake(f) Eagers lay sound
asleep beneath the covers.

	A moment or so later, as Vicki and her two Newbie cohorts stood at
the foot of the bed, Gwen went on to inquiry, "Do you think we can lift the
covers a little... y'know, so we can get a better look at Madam Agatha's

	Aware that it wasn't likely that Jake(f) would be waken from his(f)
slumbers by such an action, Vicki obliged her friends by saying, "Sure...
I can do that for you!"

	"Oh, my!", Karen exclaimed as Vicki moved to the side of the bed
and gently lifted back a portion of the covers concealing Jake(f)'s
prostrate form.  "Madam Agatha really out did herself this time!"

	"She sure as hell did!", Gwen, after airing an apprising wolf
whistle, quickly and emphatically concurred.  "She seems to be getting
better and better with each and every sexual re-assignment spell she

	"I mean...", Karen re-asserted herself, "...although each and every
Newbie is beautiful in her own right... that Jake of your's has got to be -
hands down - the fairest of the fair!  Y'know, because... as far as I
concerned... he's absolutely gorgeous!"

	"Yes...", Gwen chimed in.  "He most certainly is!

	"Damn!", Gwen continued.  "I'd give my right nut to be a man again!
Y'know, for just an hour or so...  Y'know, just to appease the horniness
that I'm contending with right here and now!"

	"Gwen!", Karen harshly chided, as Vicki gingerly lowered the covers
over her boyfriend turned hopefully girlfriend.  "Knock it off!  Vicki here
doesn't want to hear any of that macho crap of your's... ya' hear?"

	"Yes...", Gwen, aware that her lifemate would give her what-for if
she didn't cease and desist with her teasings immediately and contritely

	Karen, as if nothing untoward had occurred, smooth over her rebuke
by saying to Vicki, "I see that you took Tammy's suggestion to heart and
went with the short hair option."

	"Yes...  Yes, I did!"

	"I wish I had had the foresight to have done the same when I went
to see Madam Agatha for the spell that brought Gwen over!"

	"You and me both!", Gwen quipped.

	Ignoring her lifemate's retort, the raven haired Karen continued
on, "Having worn my hair long as a man... having long hair as a woman
didn't phase me in the least little bit.

	"However... Gwen was something else altogether!  Having never had
long hair back when she was a man... even though her hair was no where near
as long as mine is... y'know, in the aftermath of her
transsexualization... Gwen had a hell of a hard way to go trying to contend
with it... and because she did... after a couple of days listening to her
bitching and moaning about how much trouble it was... I said the hell with
it and asked Marcey... who... I have to admit... has become a pretty good
hair stylist in her own right... to come over and cut it for
her... which... at least as far as I was concerned... was a real
shame... y'know, because Gwen's hair was absolutely beautiful long..."

* * *

	Jake(f) woke up about quarter to six that Sunday afternoon, and was
immediately hustled into the bathroom for a long over-due shower by a very
motherly acting Vicki.  With implicit directions to thoroughly wash and
condition that new head of hair of his(f), Jake(f), who was still a wee bit
groggy, dutifully did as he(f) was told.

	While he(f) was attending to the mundane task of soaping up that
newly revamped body of his(f), Jake(f) once again found his herified self
astonished with how super-sensitized certain parts of that new bod of a
body of his(f) had become.

	'Holy shit!', he(f) reeled in that staunchly male entrenched mind
of his(f).  'I've got erogenous zones all over the friggin' place!'

	"Jake!", Vicki, intruding in on Jake(f)'s narcissistically couched
musing, called from the doorway. "I've put the hair dryer on the sink for

	"Oh... and... if you want... you can use my robe... y'know, for the
time being... y'know, until we pick up one for you..."

	A few minutes later, having rinsed and, subsequent to that, toweled
off, Jake(f) cautiously stepped out of tub and came face to face with the
ironic realization that the robe that Vicki had been referring was none
other than the very same one he(f) had given her as one of several
Christmas presents he(f) had scrimped and saved to purchase for her.  With
a good deal of reluctance, not to mention, some real heavy-handed
reservations, Jake(f), riding rough shod over his sense of indignation,
plucked the abbreviated, white satin garment he - when a he - had ordered
out of the Fredrick's of Hollywood Catalog off of the wall mounted
tri-pegged wooden rack it had resided upon and ignominious donned it.

	Oddly enough, Jake(f) became keenly aware that he(f) wasn't
repulsed by the way the slick, sensuous satin felt as it settled into place
about that femininely re-sculptured, erogenously up-graded bod of a body of
his(f).  Quit the contrary, having braced his herified self for the worst,
Jake(f) found himself(f) loving the luxurious feel of the satin's inherent
sense of sensuality as it flowed ever so tantalizing down across those new
super-sensitized and amply re-sized mammary glands of his(f).  Cinching the
sash about that man-troubling, new, tapering waist of his(f), Jake(f)
realized that his(f) donning of the robe had triggered an emotional surge
that was totally foreign to him(f), while being pleasantly provocative all
at the same instant in time.

	As he(f) stepped to the sink and the mirrored door of the medicine
cabinet centered above it, Jake(f) became intrinsically aware of just what
in the hell that provocative emotional surge stemmed from.  Though it was
the very last thing he(f) wanted to feel or, for that matter, acknowledge,
donning that shimmering white satin robe had made Jake(f) feel as sexy as
all get-out.

	To make matters worse, the image reflected back at him(f) from the
mirror's silverized surface, only served to intensify Jake(f)'s mind
beguiling sense of narcissistically engendered lust.

	"Like what you see, Jake?", Vicki inquired from where she stood out
in the hallway, adding as she did so, "I know I sure as hell do!"

	Jake(f), feeling much like the proverbial kid caught with his hand
crammed down inside the verboten cookie jar, reacted with a jolt, causing a
very pleased Vicki to say, "Sorry, Jake!  Didn't mean to startle you like

	With the red rosy glow of embarrassment flushing out those newly
re-sculptured cheeks of his(f), Jake(f), at a momentary loss as to how to
respond, sheepishly acknowledge the fact that he(f) did indeed like what he
seen of his herified self as he(f) said, "Yeah... I kind of sort of
do... y'know, like what I see... y'know, if it weren't for the fact that it
was myself that I was standing here so lewdly and lecherously gawking

	"Yeah...", Vicki emphatically concurred.  "I know exactly what you
mean, sweetie!

	"And you're right!  It is sort of discombobulating... not to
mention, disconcerting... y'know, realizing that you become the living
embodiment of your own wet dream... y'know, so to speak...

	"But then again, Jake!  You never - Ever! - have to go out and
waste your hard earned cash buying a Playboy or Penthouse again... y'know,
to sneak a peak!

	"All you have to do is: find yourself a mirror... or some other
reflective surface... y'know, and pull a Gypsy Rose Lee... y'know, to given
yourself a cheap thrill... y'know, that'll get those new love juices of
your's flowing... y'know, down there in that cute and cuddly little pubic
crevasse crack that's so nicely nestled in between those long, lovely and
emasculated new legs of your's..."

	"Vicki!", Jake(f) vehemently registered his(f) protest.  "Look!
I'm having enough trouble trying my damndest to deal with
this... this... this... this girlshit... y'know, that you so underhandedly
went and pulled on me!

	"So, please!  I implore you!  Don't make it any harder for me than
it already is!


	"Alright...", Vicki somewhat reluctantly returned.  "I'll try...
I'll probably fail miserably... but I promise!  I'll try not to tease you
to much... y'know, for... shall we say... the next five minutes or so...
But after that, lover... be forewarned!  All bets are off!"

	"Vicki!", a tormented Jake(f) soulfully pleaded.

	Ignoring Jake(f)'s entreatment, Vicki, in a very matter of fact
tone of voice, proceed on to say, "While you dry those lovely new locks of
your's... I'm going to go order some pizza and then change.  Deep dish,
sausage and pepperoni sound okay with you?"

	"Yeah... sure...", Jake(f) responded, aware that he(f) was
extremely hungry.  "Sounds good to me..."

	"I'll order two large ones!", Vicki's voice resounded from down the
hallway.  "That way, Jake(f)... you can eat whatever's left over tomorrow
for lunch..."

* * *

	As soon as his(f) hair was dry, Jake(f) unplugged the hair dryer,
placed it back in the drawer where it normally resided and headed off in
search of Vicki.  He(f) linked up with her in the bedroom, dressed in a
pair of glossy black stirrup nylon/lycra exercise pants, matching
halter-style nylon/lycra sport bra and in the process of pulling on a
shimmering black satin, poet styled sleep shirt.

	Vicki, on becoming cognizant of Jake(f)'s joining her, casually,
employing a simple, bobbing head-shrug, directed her transsexualized
boyfriend's attention towards the newly made bed and a set of clothing -
similar to her own - which resided upon it.

	"I wasn't sure which one of these two outfits you would have
preferred wearing tonight, Jake.  So... since I know that blue's your
favorite color... I went with the black set and left the blue one for you
to put on...

	"However... if you'd like to try some other color... I've got a red
set... a teal set... and a purple set...

	"Or... though I don't think you're ready for it... I've also got
that pewter and silver set that you went and bought me a couple of weeks

	"Actually, Vicki...", Jake(f) began tentatively, "...given my
druthers... I would prefer none of the above...  Y'know, as what I'd really
like to wear right now is another one of your sweat suits..."

	"I know you would, Jake...  I know that you would like nothing more
right now than to conceal as much of that brand new bodacious body of
your's as is humanly possible!

	"And do you know how I know, Jake?

	"I know... y'know, because that's the same damn way I felt at
first!  Y'know, all icky and all...

	"But, Jake...  And please!  Believe me!  Y'know, because I know
what in the hell I'm talking about!  As icky and as strange as it'll feel
at first... y'know, wearing female clothing... the sooner you do... the
sooner you'll find that it isn't anywhere near as bad as that male mind of
your's is making it out to be!

	"In other words... my dearest darling... you'll find... to your
ever-lovin' surprise and amazement... that it won't be just a case of try
it, you'll like it!  Within just a few, short days - I guarantee! - it'll
be more a case of try it, you'll love it!"

	"But, Vicki!", Jake(f) endeavored to register a complaint.

	"But, nothing, Jake!

	"I don't want to hear anymore of your nay-saying about you and this
woman's clothing crappolla of your's!

	"Down and dirty!  Here's your three and only choices!

	"You can, one: put on that outfit that's there on the
bed... or... if you've a mind... another one just like it!  Two: you spend
the rest of the night prancing around the apartment in that skimpy... to be
almost scandalous... little robe that you're wearing!  Or three: you can go

	"Take your pick, Jake!  It makes no never mind to me!", Vicki, in a
huff, indignantly declared.

	"But whatever you do decided to do, Jake...", Vicki said as she
headed out the door, "...I suggest you do so quickly!  The pizzas will be
here soon and... since I going to be busy in the kitchen fixing the two of
us some diet sodas... guess who's job it'll be to answer the door and pay
the delivery guy for them!"

	"Vicki!", Jake(f)'s pained and panicked voice reverberated along
the apartment's truncated hallway.

	Knowing Vicki as he(f) did, knowing that there was no way he(f) was
going to dissuade her once her mind was made up, Jake(f) stepped over to
the bed; picked up the royal blue exercise leggins; parked that tantalizing
new derriere of his down and, though it humiliated him(f) to the marrow of
those feminized bones of his(f), he(f) dutifully began to draw them up
those smooth and seductive new legs of his(f).

	Oddly enough, once he(f) had them in place, Jake(f) realized that
they felt good - that they felt damn good!  His legs, encased within the
nylon/lycra shroud of the tights as they were, tingled with a raw and eager
sexuality.  Hell, those legs of his(f) felt so good in fact that Jake(f)
took a quick second or so to take those dainty emasculated hands of his(f)
and run them so delicately, so enticingly, along the inner run of his(f)
super-sensitized thighs; punctuating his endeavors with the tip of his
right thumb drawn slowly and teasingly up along the swath of those new
pubic multiple lip-folds he - as a she - then sported.

	Then, with the sweat remembrance of the self-induce sexual shivers
still reverberating within the sanctum sanctorum of that staunchly male
libido of his(f), Jake(f) luxuriously slipped out of the satin confines of
Vicki's robe and, with more than a little trepidation, picked up the
matching nylon/lycra sports bra and, after a moment or so of befuddled
indecision as to how to proceed with putting the damn thing on, placed
those emasculated arms of his(f) threw the appropriate loops and drew the
confounded item of woman's apparel down and onto his(f) upper torso in such
a way as to make doubly sure that those new mammary protrusion of his(f)
were snugly and securely nestled within their designated, sag off-setting

	Feeling as foolish as all get-out, trussed up like he(f) was for
his(f) first time in a bra, albeit a sports bra, Jake(f) reached over,
picked up the shimmering electric blue satin sleep shirt, that, like the
robe, had also been one of the presents he had given to Vicki at Christmas,
and standing, proceeded to put it on and button it up so has to conceal
his(f) sports bra bared, taught little tummy-tucked midriff.

	On his(f) way from the bedroom to the living room, Jake(f), who was
feeling both perturbed and sexy all at the same instant in time, heard
Vicki call out to him from the kitchen; informing him(f) that there was a
twenty on her make shift coffee table that he(F) was to use to pay the
delivery boy for the pizzas.  Then, having done that, Vicki continued on to
suggest that Jake(f) take a minute or two and check out the fiddle she had
managed to acquire as a loner for him(f) to play while his fiddle was in
cold storage.

	Jake(f) did as directed.

	Opening the fiddle case, he(f) extracted both the fiddle and its'
accompanying bow.  Plucking the strings with the thumb of his(f) right hand
and manipulating the tuners with his left, Jake(f) soon had the fiddle in
tuned with itself; where upon, he(f) tucked it under that herified chin of
his(f) and experimented with it by endeavoring to play the first few
measures of the classic American folk tune The Turkey In The Straw.

	Just as he(f) was finishing up with the B-part of the well known
melody, Vicki, with drinks and napkins in hand and a can of grated, stinky,
Parmesan cheese tucked in under her left arm, entered the room and promptly
ask, "So...  What'da ya' think?  Will it do?  Or... will I have to hunt you
down another one?"

	Responding, Jake(f) thoughtfully said, "Oh... the fiddle's fine!

	"In fact, Vicki... the fiddle's has a slightly sweeter sound than
my grandfather's.

	"Once I get use to it... it'll do me just fine...

	"The problem with my playing is: this new, sexually revamped body
of mine!

	"My hands... given how much smaller they are than they use to
be... aren't working the way I'd like 'em to... and my playing is suffering
a little because they aren't!"

	"Your playing sound as good as it always did to me, Jake."

	"To you... maybe...  But not to me!"

	"Don't fret about it, honey!  Give it a couple of days and - You'll
see! - everything will work itself out!  Y'know, as in that lecherous,
dirty old man aspiring male mind of your's will make the necessary
adjustments!  Take my word for it, Jake!  That new, narcissistic bedraggled
mind of your's will get its' shit in gear and... before you know
it... it'll be in sync with that new body you're now so scrumptiously
sashaying around in."

	Just then, a crisp, sharp knock... knock... knock... informed the
two of them that their pizzas had arrived.

	Though Jake(f) gave Vicki a pleading, pouty, lower lip extended
look, Vicki stuck to her guns.

	"I told you Jake!  I placed the order!  Now, it's up to you to pay
for 'em!

	"Besides... that's your twenty anyway!  I took it and the rest of
your cash out of your wallet before I took it and packed it in with all
that other stuff of your's that I put in cold storage for you... y'know,
owing to the fact that... now that you've become what you've become... you
can't really use it anymore - anyhow!

	"Now go!  Get the door!  Y'know, before our pizzas get cold!  Or
the delivery guy gets tired of waiting... and takes off with our pizzas..."

	Jake(f), feeling none to good about the prospect of confronting
someone as the young woman he(f) had be magically cold-cocked into
becoming, irately scooped up the twenty and moved in a huff to the door.
As he(f) did so, Vicki shifted position behind him(f), so as to gain a
vantage point from which she could supervise the transaction that would, in
short order, be occurring.  With a damn near debilitating sense of nausea
producing dread, Jake(f) opened the door.  The delivery guy, confronted as
he was by the raving, well endowed beauty that Jake(f) had so ignominiously
become, was rendered momentary flabbergasted, so flabbergasted that he was
actually tongued tied for a poignant, wide-eyed second or so.

	Jake(f), wishing to complete the transaction as quickly as he - as
a she - could, took charge of the proceedings by trusting the crumpled up
twenty into the captivated boy's hand and following that action of his(f)
up by continuing on to retrieve the twin pizza boxes from out of the
bemused young lad's limp-wristed grasp, saying as he(f) did so, that the
delivery boy's was to just keep the change.

	Closing the door, Jake(f), with pizza boxes in hand, turned to find
Vicki chuckling away to beat the band.

	"And just what in the hell so frickin' funny!", Jake(f) tersely

	"You...  You and that poor, beleaguered delivery boy...", Vicki

	"I mean... if the two of you could have seen yourselves!

	"I mean... when that pimple faced high school aged kid got and
eyeful of you and those new nifty chest melons of your's... I could have
died... y'know, and gone straight to heaven!

	"I mean... it was precious!  Absolutely precious!", Vicki managed
amidst her unsympathetic giggles.

	"I mean to tell you, Jake(f).  That young lad was so smitten with
you it wasn't funny!"

	Gruffly, Jake(f) countered, "If it wasn't funny - Pray tell! - why
in the hell are you laughing like you are, Vicki?"

	"Because, my dearest darling... whether you want to admit it to
yourself or not... there's a part of that staunchly entrenched male ego of
your's that found that kid's gawking reaction extremely flattering..."

	Jake(f), though he(f) would never admit that Vicki assertion had
been right on the money, came to the sudden and awful realization that she
had been correct.  As unsettling as the experience had been for him(f) to
endure, it had none the less stroked that sexually assaulted male ego of
his(f), investing him(f) with a cozy feeling, warming the cockles of that
newly herified heart of his(f) in the process.

* * *

	Shortly there after, as the two of them sat there, with a famished
Jake(f) wolfing down one piece of pizza after another, Vicki broached a new

	"Jake, dear... this afternoon... while you were fast
asleep... those two Newbie friends of mine... y'know, who dropped by to
drop off the fiddle and to pick up your stuff... reminded me of a few other
aspects of this new feminization of your's that I haven't as yet filled you
in on."

	"Like what?", Jake(f), around a mouthful of pizza, inquired.

	"Like the bennies...", Vicki supplied.

	"Bennies!", Jake(f) sarcastically exclaimed.  "You mean that not
only do I end up with this beautiful new, built like a brick shithouse body
of mine... but there are other bennies to boot as well!"

	"Knock of the sarcasm, Jake!", Vicki's understated rebuked conveyed
a hard edge of sternness.

	"And, yes... smartass... there are a few kind of nifty little
bennies that you have derived as a direct result of you and your becoming a
physically functional female!

	"For starters... we Newbies age differently than normal people!

	"Why... have no idea!  But, we do!  And I... for one... kind of
like it!

	"You see, lover... for every year a normal person ages... you now
will only age somewhere in the neighborhood of half of that!

	"In others words, Jake... ten years from now... you will have only
appear to have age five years.  Twenty years - ten!  Thirty years -
fifteen!  And so on... and so on...

	"Which I tend to think is pretty cool... y'know, do to the fact
that your becoming a woman... baring an unforeseen accident or
illness... gives you an extra lease on life...

	"Oh!  And that brings to mind the other benny that's part and
parcel of this Newbie/girlshit business... y'know, that's more or less a
godsend in its' own right!

	"You see, Jake... the spell that turned you into a girl also
dickered around with that immune system of your's!

	"I mean... while I'm not saying that you won't get sick every now
and again - 'cause you will - the fact of the matter is... you won't get as
sick as you would have otherwise!  And your recuperation time will be cut
damn near in half!  Plus, cuts, bruises and burns will heal a hell of a lot
faster and leave a much, much smaller scar... y'know, should they scar at

	"Now... I don't know about you, Jake dear... but I think that's all
kind of neat..."

* * *

	About an hour later, as they sat there, with Vicki seated all the
way to the far right side of the sofa and Jake(f), all the way to the far
left side of the sofa, watching some sort of documentary about the
Mysteries of Ancient Egypt on The Learning Channel and occasionally
engaging in some sort of inconsequential small talk, Vicki, after a long
staring appraisal of her gorgeously femmified boyfriend, timidly inquired,
"Jake... would you perhaps like to take a look at the physical components
of the spell that went and changed your sexual status?"

	Jake(f), after a long, speculative moment of indecision, replied,
"Sure... why the hell not!"

	"Alright!", Vicki began.  "Just reach under the sofa and you'll
find a container wrapped in plastic trash bag.  Pull it out."

	Jake(f) did as directed.

	"Open it!", Vicki continued.

	Jake(f) did.

	"Now... pull out the shoe box sized plastic container that's inside
it and peal off the duct tape that I used to seal it with"

	Again, Jake(f) complied with Vicki's instructions, asking as he(f)
so, "What's the purpose of the duct tape?"

	"Bugs!  I used both the plastic bag and the duct tape so as to not
attract bugs!

	"You see, Jake... that plastic shoe box style container you're
holding is full right to the brim with granulated sugar.

	"So please!  Be careful!  I don't want you to spill any!  Y'know,
because we don't want to attract any more roaches or other creepy crawlers
to this apartment of ours than we absolutely have to!

	"Tell you what, Jake dear!  Let me arrange that plastic bag on the
table for you... y'know, so that you can set that plastic container in its'
opened mouth... y'know, so that the bag can catch any of the sugar that
might be spilled out..."

	Once that was done, with Vicki re-positioned, kneeling on the floor
across her make-shift coffee table from Jake(f) who still retained his(f)
seat on the sofa, she proceeded on to directed her feminized lover and
hopefully lifemate to continue on with the process of removing the duct
tape from its' run around the container's lip and, from there, prying open
the shoe box sized container's lid and laying it to one side.

	"There's a oblong, cardboard box just under the sugar, Jake!

	"Reach in and pull it out!  But, please!  Be careful!  We don't
want to get sugar all over the place!"

	Once again, Jake(f) did as he(f) was told and a second or so later,
he(f) was busily dusting off the few remaining granules of sugar that
stubbornly adhered to the outside of the flimsy, cardboard, Matel Inc. doll
packaging box he(f) had just then and there extracted.

	"Jake(f)!  According to the label on the box, what kind of doll is
supposed to be inside?"

	"It says it's a Fun In The Sun Ken Doll."

	"Open it and pour the sugar that's inside of it out."

	Jake(f) did so, only to find that the cardboard box contained a not
the Ken Doll that it said it did, but an extremely realistic looking, damn
near anatomically correct, shag-haired styled, blonde Barbie Doll, a Barbie
Doll that was dressed only in a boxer styled swim suit meant to be worn by
a Ken Doll.

	"What gives, Vicki?", Jake(f) felt compelled to ask.

	"Well... though I have absolutely no idea how it occurs... that
Barbie Doll wasn't a Barbie Doll to start with..."

	"So... I'm to take it that...", there was a very strong hint of
sarcasm conveyed in Jake(f)'s throaty intonations, "...this Barbie Doll I'm
holding started off life as a Ken Doll..."

	"Yes, Jake!  You are!

	"In fact, my dearest darling... as ironic as it is... you -
yourself - on my instance... bought that very doll for me... y'know, over
two months ago... y'know, when they had that toy sale over at Toy "R"

	"I did!", Jake(f) was incredulous.

	"Yes, dear... you most certainly did!  And yes... at the time... it
was indeed a Ken Doll...

	"In fact... if the truth be told, Jake... you bought the
doll... the sugar... and... to add insult to injury... all the various
spices that went into the mix... y'know, when I talked you into purchasing
that rack and assorted spice set for me over at Walmart!

	"I did!  Did I?", Jake(f) was indignant.

	"Yes, sweetie... you sure as hell did...  You personally paid for
all the ingredients that had to be purchased... y'know, that went into the
preparation of the spell that went and pulled this very becoming sexual
switcheroo on you!

	"I mean... it wasn't necessary that you did so... y'know, because
anybody could have done so... it just that I thought it would be kind of
neat... kind of ironic... y'know, if you did so yourself... leaving me to
acquire the remainder of the items required to completed the spell..."

	"Such as...", Jake(f), in a huff, demanded.

	"Such as...", Vicki countered playfully, "...some of your nail
clippings... a few of your pubic hairs... some dried cum
scrapings... y'know, that I got off my sheets... y'know, before washing

	"You didn't!", Jake(f) fumed.

	"Oh... but I most certainly did... my dearest, dearest darling...

	"I also found a small wad of toilet paper... y'know, with some of
your blood on it... y'know, that you had used when you inadvertently cut
yourself shaving... y'know, to stem the blood flood... that you later
discarded in my bathroom's trash can.

	"Basically... having had foreknowledge of what was
required... y'know, furnished to me by a few of my Newbie friends... I had
everything I needed when I was given permission to go see Madam
Agatha... y'know, the Gypsy witch woman I made mention of before... y'know,
to get... shall we say... the vial containing the catalyst ingredient that
would... I guess you could say... define the kind of woman you would be
changed into... y'know, when everything was all said and done, Jake..."

	As Jake(f) sat there, listening intently to every word Vicki was
saying, one of those proverbial inspirational light bulbs went off in that
femininely reconstituted head of his(f).

	"Sugar!", he(f) began.  "Spice!"

	"And everything nice...", Vicki teasing completed Jake(f)'s
musings, before continuing on to say, "And here, we've all been lead to
believe that it's all nothing more than a
nice... little... innocent... nursery rhyme... y'know, concerning the shit
that little girl are made of... when in all reality... sugar and spice and
everything nice is part of the shit that can be used to change
little... and not so little boys... into some of the most drop dead
gorgeous females imaginable..."

	"So...", Jake(f), reclaiming the floor, thoughtfully speculated,
"...if that's the case... if sugar and spice and everything nice goes into
the formulation of the male to female sexual re-assignment spell... can we
them assume that the snakes and snails and puppy dog tails are the fodder
used for a female to male sexual re-assignment spell..."

	"Could be...", Vicki, who had made the very same leap of faith back
in the days and weeks following her own sexual makeover, acknowledge the
fact that such might well be the case.

	"I mean... to my way of thinking... such would seem logical... now
wouldn't it?"


	"Yes, Jake..."

	"Have you made the inquiry that I asked you to make?"

	Vicki, on the assumption that Jake(f) was referring to her promise
to check into the possibility of his(f) somehow being turned back into the
young man that he(f) had been born to be, without batting an eye, girted
those re-sexualized loins of her's and lied that succulent, man-troubling
tush of her's off, "Yes, Jake... I checked..."

	Then, having made countless inquires herself as to the possibility
of being turned back into her own manly self, Vicki, truthfully continued
on to say, "And the answer... regrettable... is: no...  The spell that did
this to you, loverboy... is of the forever binding variety... and because
it is... you... whether you like it or not... will remain physically female
for the rest of... what I hope will be... a very full and fruitful life for
the two of us..."

	Jake(f), dejected as he - as a she - was, upon hearing Vicki's
pronouncement, despondently quipped, "So... what you're saying... in so
many words is... that since there's not a damn thing that I or anybody else
can do about this... this... this... girlshit... y'know, that you shoved up
my ass... turning it into a damn woman's derriere in the process... I
better get my shit in gear and start getting use to it!"

	"Yes!  In so many words, Jake... that's exactly what I am

	Then, taking Vicki by complete surprise, Jake(f) drawing on all the
pragmatism that he(f) could muster, said, "Alright!  So it looks like I'm
stuck with this girlshit!

	"So be it!

	"I... though I haven't a clue as to how I'll ever manage it... I'll
do everything I have to do make the necessary adjustments!"

	Elated, Vicki exclaimed, "Good for you, Jake!

	"And I promise you, Jake!", Vicki continued on sympathetically,
"I'll do everything I can to help you make those adjustments..."

	"You bet that sweet ass of your's you will!', Jake(r) adamantly

	"You owe me, Vicki!  Big F'in time!"

	"I know I do, Jake...  I know I do..."

* * *

	About fifteen minutes after that, Vicki, having bagged up all the
sugar and, taking it and the rest of the bagged up trash down to her
apartment complex's designated dumpster, returned, only to find Jake(f)
minutely examining the doll sized version of his own herified self.

	"Interesting... isn't she?

	"I mean... she really does bear a striking resemblance to the you
that you have so becomingly become... doesn't she, Jake?"

	"Yes... she most certainly does...

	"And now, Vicki... I know how you came by the one you have in that
glass dome... y'know, the one that sits up on the shelf in your
bedroom... y'know, the one that bears such a strong resemblance to your own
female self..."

	"Oh... so you've noticed..."

	"I most certainly have..."

	"Tell you what, sweetums...", Vicki began thoughtfully.  "Once you
feel up to going out in public... y'know, as the striking young woman that
you've become... we'll make it a point to stop by a toy store and pick up a
real fancy outfit for that look-alike Barbie Doll of your's... y'know, like
some sort of fancy evening gown or something.  Then, we'll hit a craft
store and purchase a glass domed display case... y'know, similar to the one
that I went and acquired for mine... y'know, so that we can display them
side by side..."

* * *

	About fifteen minutes later, having moved onto other points of
discussion, Jake(f) returned to the doll issue as he(f) cautiously asked,


	"Tell me something...  Is this Barbie Doll sized facsimile of the
new me some sort of voodoo doll?

	"I mean... if you were to stick pins in it... or hold it over an
open flame... would I begin to feel pain or discomfort..."

	"Y'know something, Jake!  I asked the very same question that you
just did... y'know, with respect to the doll!

	"And... as far as I know... the answer is: no!  It isn't a voodoo

	"Basically... as I have been lead to believe... the doll only
serves as some sort of metaphysical focusing device... y'know, through
which the sexual re-alignment process is brought to bear upon a male... and
that once the transsexualization process is complete... the doll... though
it is itself sexually revamped... is no longer a factor!

	"In other words, Jake... you needn't worry that angelic new head of
your's about someone... y'know, like me... using it in some nefarious and
underhanded manner... y'know, to do something untoward or harmful to you...

	"Oh... and just in case you're wondering, my dearest
darling... though most Newbies do in fact use a Ken Doll... y'know, in the
preparation of the sexual re-assignment spell... y'know, given how easy it
is to acquire one... any sort of male doll of figurine can be used!

	"One Newbie I know went and used a Superman action figure..."

	"And... I assumed... you're going to tell me that it changed into a
Supergirl action figure, Vicki!", Jake(f) said.

	"No... not exactly...

	"I mean... while the action figure did end up with long, waist
length blonde hair... y'know, because that what was requested... since
Superman's uniform remained the same... y'know, and wasn't changed into
Supergirl's short skirted version... you'd have to say that Superman action
figure became an anatomically correct Superwoman action figure... y'know,
owing to the fact that were you to use a magnifying glass... y'know, like I
did... y'know, to scope out the action figure's crotch... you'd see the
hint of a very defined vaginal crease indented in those red trunks encasing
the loins of Superman - turned Superwoman - action figure"

	"You're shitin' me!", Jake, with a bubbling giggle, exclaimed.

	"No!  I'm not, Jake!

	"Hell!  Using the magnifying glass... you can not only make out
Superwoman's tits... but you can discern the outline of her areolas as

	"Tell you what, lover!  Just to prove to you that I'm right... the
next time there's a Newbie get-together... I'll call Gina and have her
bring her Superwoman action figure along... y'know, just so you can see it
for yourself..."

* * *

	Some more inconsequential conversation followed, and then, on
Vicki's suggestion, the two of them began to run through the list of girls
names that she had jotted down during Jake's all afternoon recuperation
nap.  Jake(f) liked some; dislike others and surprised the shit out of
Vicki by actually adding a few of his(f) own to the new list of likely
possibles she was so diligently compiling.

	Vicki, knowing how important it was for Jake(f) to feel comfortable
with his(f) new, feminine name, didn't push it.  However, she also knew
that if Jake(f) remained in any way, shape or form resistive to selecting a
new name for his herified self, come the end of the week, she would have to
force the issue by dogmatically demanding that either he(f) pick one for
himself(f), or she would do so for him(f).

* * *

	Sometime later, while the two of them were somewhat distractedly
watching The X-Files, they began comparing notes about their childhoods and
found, to their mutual amazement, that they not only knew I lot of the same
people, but had that they had grown up in neighborhoods that damn near
bordered one another and because they had, their paths had cross one other
from time to time.

	For instance, they had been members of the same little league
association and had even been teammates for one of those years.  Likewise,
though they had been in different dens, and therefore didn't remember one
another, they had been in the very same church based Cub Scout Troop for
two years.  As full fledged Boy Scouts, while they had been in different
troops, they had attended the same area sponsored Jamborees; meaning that
the patrols they had been members of, had more than likely competed against
one another from time to time.  Ironically, they came realized that they
had more than Laura Bedlow in common.  All told, they had, at one time or
another, dated not one, but two girls that the other had both liked and

	They had, during their grade school years, gone to the very same
YMCA sponsored Saturday morning swim classes given every fall and spring at
the local public high school's indoor pool and, though they couldn't be
sure, they may have even been in the same swim class from time to time.
Undoubtable, they had played pick-up baseball and basketball games against
one another, since the public park served as part of the border between the
neighborhoods that they had both grown up in.

	Eventually, they got around to discussing their wrestling

	"Hey, Jake...  Do remember that weird guy from Eastern Votec?"

	"The one who was always talking to himself and had that really bad
BO problem?", Jake(f) replied.

	"That's the one!", Vicki was quick to agree, before continuing on
to inquire, "Didn't you just hate it when you had to go up against
him... y'know, the way he smelled and all..."

	"Sure did!", Jake(f) was quick to agree.  "I mean to tell
you... the guy was rank!  I mean... he smelled to high heavens!  Y'know, as
if he'd been rolling in dog shit or something..."

	"I know...", Vicki counted, "...every time I had to wrestle that
smelly so-and-so... I pitched a bitch to both my coach and the
ref... y'know, suggesting that the high school scholastic sport association
force everybody to take a shower before a match..."

	"They did!", Jake(f) returned.  "In my senior year... y'know, the
year you started attending college... they made it a rule that everybody
had to shower before a match!  But... wouldn't you just know... that
bastard found a way to get around the rule!"

	"You mean... he didn't take shower... y'know, like he was supposed
to?", Vicki asked.

	"Oh, no!  He showered... y'know, just like everyone else did!
Soap!  Water!  The whole nine yards!

	Trouble was, that low-life son of a bitch made doubly damn sure
that on the day of a wrestling match, he had the worst case of halitosis
breath that I ever - in my entire life - come across.  I mean... that
bastard could breath on you and you were ready to heave your guts out!

	"And then for toppers... that low-life son of a bitch had the
ability to fart on demand!"

	"Tell me about it!", Vicki concurred.

	"I mean...", Jake(f) continued unabated, "...you have that
sucker... y'know, in a hold... ready to pin that sorry ass of his to the
mat... and what would he do?  He'd let one of those bad boys of his
rip... and the next thing you'd know... he up and pull a reversal on
you... y'know, because of the momentary, stinky distraction of his..."

	"Did he ever beat you... y'know, using that tricky little ploy of
his?", Vicki, intrigued, asked.

	"No...", Jake(f) replied thoughtfully.  "But he did come close a
time or two..."

	"I'll bet he did...", Vicki, trying to imagine what it must have
been like, mused.  "I'll bet he did..."

	So anyhow, as they talked about their various high school wrestling
experiences, exploring this, that and the other thing as they did so, the
two former adversaries began to kiddingly tease one another, as each one
them in turn, claimed that they had been the far better wrestler, and that
the only reason that the other had ever beaten them, had been due to some
strange quirk of fate.  Jake(f) fraudulently claimed that the reason Vicki
- as Victor Spalding - had beaten him was due to the fact that at a crucial
moment in the match, the waistband of his jockstrap had snapped and he had
been distracted, which in turn, had allowed Vic to get the upper hand and
there by score the tie breaking point.

	Vicki, on the other hand, claimed that the only reason Jake(f) had
ever managed to pin her - as a him - to the mat and there by take the
match, was due to the fact that she hadn't been feeling up to snuff at the
time; suggesting as she did so that she - here again as a he - may have
eaten something for lunch that hadn't sat well with her - as a him.

	So anyhow, one thing lead to another, and soon, by mutual accord,
the two them, sans their satin sleep shirts, had disassembled Vicki's
make-shift coffee table and assumed what WWF fans would call the
crazy-assed, mat-based kneeling position employed in collegiate styled
Graeco-Roman Wrestling that seemed to favor one wrestler over the other.
Jake(f) who, having lost the coin toss to Vicki's call of tails, had taken
the lower position, initiated the tussle with a evenly pace, "Ready...
Set...  Go!"

	Having lost nothing of her agility in the process of her own spell
induced feminization, Vicki quickly spun Jake(f) about, deftly dropping
him(f) to the living room's threadbare oval rug as she did so.  Jake(f),
not to be taken so easily, looped one of those newly emasculated long and
ever so lovely legs of his(f) around in a calculated sweep, which, upon
connecting, dropped Vicki's succulent tush to the mat, so that she fell
right up alongside of Jake(f).  Scrambling, Jake(f), in an all out effort
on his herified part to take advantage of the situation he(f) had just then
and there created when he(f) had so successfully turned the tables on
Vicki, rose to those non-knobby knees of his(f) shapely feminine form and,
securing purchase on both an arm and a leg of Vicki's, endeavored to
establish a masterful hold on his(f) opponent's most bodacious bod of body.
However, as quick as Jake(f) was, Vicki, who was a whole hell of a lot more
in sync with that feminine body of hers than Jake(f) was with his(f),
easily twisted her way free of Jake(f)'s restraints and just as easily,
managed, after a few tussles and feints, to gain the advantage.  Before
Jake(f) could rationalize what had happen, he(f) found his(f) herified self
effectively hamstrung, shoulder blades to the floor.

	"Alright, already!", he(f) squealed.  "I give, Vicki!  You win!
You beat me fair and square!

	"However... once I get use to this new body of mine... I want...
No!  Make that demand a re-match!"

	Vicki, releasing the hold she had her loverboy turned hopefully
lovergirl trussed up in, spun succinctly about and in doing so, proceed on
to take up a commanding face to face straddling position, in which that
man-troubling tush of hers rested ever so tantalizing, right above the
hip-splays and lower abdomen portion, where in was nestle the primary
erogenous zone and orgasmic trigger of Jake(f)'s new found femininity.
Then, with her cunt posed mere inches above Jake(f)'s own little honey pot,
Vicki, after longingly gazing down into the compelling baby blue orbs of
his(f), bent forward and planted a long, endearing lip-lock on those
kissable new lips of his(f).

	Oddly enough, Jake(f), who wasn't sure as to what in world was
going on, save that he(f) was keenly aware of the fact that he(f) was
enjoying the hell out of the intimacy of the moment, did nothing to deter
Vicki from doing what she was doing.  Invigorated, that healthy male ego of
Jake(f)'s, impassioned as it was, kicked in, urging Jake(f) to become a
sexual usurper and wrest the initiative for the ensuing encounter from
Vicki and there by, achieve the role of manly, slow-handed lover that he(f)
was so accustomed to fulfilling.

	Vicki, upon becoming aware that her breast were being expertly
fondled, tenderly reached up and, grabbing the wrist of those emasculated
arms of Jake(f)'s and with some heart felt remorse, drew them away from her
body and rolling forward, pinned them upon the carpet, right up alongside
of that pretty new, golden tressed head of his(f)

	"Jake...  Jake...  Jake...", Vicki light heartedly chided.  "How am
I every going to be able to give you a proper baptism into this new
womanhood of your's if you insist on lending a hand and there by, interfere
with what I'm trying to achieve here?

	"Later... once I finish demonstrating how all these new gadgets and
erogenous zones of your's work... tell you what... my dearest darling!
It'll be my distinct pleasure to let you return the favor!  Alright?

	"But for right now... all I want you to do is: lay back!  Relax!
Y'know, as much as possible...  And enjoy the tongue-lashing you are about
to receive!"

	Then, before Jake(f) could utter a disparaging word to gainsay her,
Vicki once again leaned her torso forward and coquettishly planted another
impassioned lip-lock on Jake(f)'s quivering and uncertain lips.  In short
order, the passions triggered by the meeting of their lips, compounded in,
one upon the other, expanding that kiss into the open mouth, spit-swapping
variety that the French have audaciously and egotistically laid claim to
having both pioneered and, via the trial and error method, honed and
refined in my lady's boudoir, to an enchanting and engaging art form.

	Though there was more than a little confusions revolving around
just who's tongue was to be inserted into who's oral orifice, Vicki, with a
quick, curtly delivered order for Jake(f) to cease and desist in his(f)
endeavors, won the day.  Alternating between that delectable new mouth of
Jake(f)'s and that succulent, aristocratic long and lovely neck stalk he(f)
had been magically fitted out with, Vicki deftly worked her stylized brand
of erotic magic.

	Jake(f), on his herified part, was soon riving under Vicki's
deviously concocted ministrations.

	Feeling as if she had obtained Jake(f)'s unacknowledged leave to up
the ante, Vicki, taking extreme care not to destroy the fragility of the
moment, in the midst of a most impassioned French Kiss, slide her body off
to the right of Jake(f)'s, in such a way as to allow her the leeway to take
that right hand of her's and use it to begin to teasingly prod, knead,
fondle and titty-tweak Jake(f)'s nylon/lycra encased ample mammary glands.
Shortly thereafter, Vicki further upped the ante, as she quickly, albeit
sublimely, took an abbreviated moment to draw the navy blue sports bra up
and off Jake's upper torso.  Then, having gain unimpeded access to those
twin, conically shaped ample endowments that festoon her lover's femininely
re-sculptured upper torso, Vicki returned to her foreplay endeavors;
kicking them off with a tongue-swirling French Kiss that was even more lust
impassioned than the proceedings one had been.  A cascading string of
provocatively teasing little neck-nibbling, skin-sucking mini-kisses
followed; each one overlapping the other, and each one placed ever so
tortuously, ever so erotically, just a teeny tiny bit below its'

	Employing Jake(f)'s own tactic of excruciating slowness, a tactic
that never fail to both polarize and torque the living shit out of her own
sense of sexual anticipation, Vicki, teasingly backtracking every now and
again in order to heighten the anticipatory impact of her endeavors, moved
down across Jake(f)'s upper chest and down onto the erect and thoroughly
aroused nipple of his(f) newly accentuated right breast.

	Alternating between tongue-swirls and impassioned titty-sucks,
Vicki, employing some of the very same techniques that Jake(f) had used on
her, deftly administered to first one and then the other of Jake(f)'s
mammary protrusions.  As she did so, her right hand traced ever so
tenderly, ever so teasingly, down across that undulating abdomen of his(f).
Coming into direct contact with the sinfully sensual nylon/lycra material
encasing her loverboy's primary sexual apparatus, Vicki, opting to delay
the inevitable, lightly traced down across the material concealing that new
little veed mat of vaginal ringlets of his(f), causing Jake(f) to wildly
squirm and shimmy as he(f) was wracked by a daisy chain of spasmodic,
sexual-shiver inducing jolts, one following in the immediate wake of its'
erotically titillating and gut wrenching predecessor.

	Jake(f), riving under Vicki's ministrations as he - as a she - was,
was rendered flabbergasted.  He(f) knew, from everything he(f) had ever
heard - ever read - that when it came to erogenous zones, women had it head
and shoulders over their male counterparts.

	However, Jake(f) soon became poignantly aware of the fact that
forewarned doesn't always equate to forearmed.

	There was nothing - Nothing what so ever! - that Jake(f) could have
done which could have prepared him(f) for the riveting experience that
Vicki was so ardently lavishing upon that new herified form of his(f).
Jake(f) knew, without the shadow of a doubt, that while that male ego of
his(f) was being savagely assaulted by the debasing ignominy of the
deplorable situation he - as a femmed out she - found himself(f) embroiled
within, there was another portion of that staunchly male psyche of his(f)
that fervently relished every little nuance of what Vicki was doing to that
new femme fatale stylized body of his(f).

	He(f) loved every tongue-swirl.  Every finger-flick.  He(f) loved
it when Vicki planted a lip-lock on one or another of those femininely
re-sized areolas of his(f) and, employing a sucking inhalation, drew that
baby suckling certified up-graded nipple of his(f) into the sanctuary of
her mouth.  He(f) loved the way Vicki torqued and re-torqued that billowing
and brooding sense of erotic anticipation of his(f).

	As Vicki began to caress those super-sensitized inner thighs of
his(f), drawing ever near to that new little crotch crease of his(f) as she
did so, driving home the point that his(f) all to recent feminization had
saddled him(f) with a whole kit and caboodle of new and highly provocative
erogenous zones, Jake(f) heard a woman moan, the deep throaty moan that had
always signified to him(f) the reckless abandonment of a sexually
captivated female.  He(f) heard a woman squeal.  He(f) heard a woman begin
to fervently and repeatedly beseech the Almighty on High, only to realized,
that the woman he(f) was hearing was none other than his(f) own newly
herified self.

	Suddenly, though he(f) never knew how or when it had occurred,
Jake(f) became cognizant of the fact that he(f) lay there, on Vicki's poor
excuse for a carpet, naked as that proverbial Jay Bird that you are always
hearing about, somehow, someway, without him(f) becoming even remotely
aware of it, Vicki had surreptitiously managed to draw those nylon/lycra
exercise pants off of him(f).

	Slowly, teasingly, Vicki, after a few more lightly applied,
lacy-like finger administration, deftly drawn along those immensely
super-sensitized inner thighs of her former male lover, Vicki, opting to
employ the middle finger of her right hand to administer the opening feint,
sublimely inserted its' nailed nub within the rearmost apex of Jake(f)'s
vaginal orifice and began to tantalizing draw it forward, sliding it ever
so provocatively through the multiple lip-folds of his(f) love-juice
slicken satin swath.

	Jake(f), with a deep moan to signify his(f) willing compliance,
instinctively responded by splaying those long and lovely legs of his(f) so
as to grant Vicki better access to that new little honey pot that he(f) was
sporting down in between those seductively attractive, long and ever so
lovely legs of his(f).

	Exhilaration - wild, rampant and all consuming - coursed throughout
his(f) entire being as Vicki's love-juice slickened middle finger came into
direct contact with that new and ever elusive nub of that clitoral
protrusion of his(f).  Jake(f), though it would be only a temporary and
short-lived reprieve, transcended the debilitating specter of his former
maleness.  Accepting femininity in all its' orgasmic promise, Jake(f) threw
caution to the wind as he(f) lay there riving - thriving - under Vicki's
deft-handed ministration.

	He(f) squirmed.  He(f) bucked.  His(f) hips swished.  His(f) hips
swayed.  His(f) body, as if it had a mind all of its' own, madly gyrated.
He(f) squealed.  He(f) moaned(f).  He(f) whimpered, ardently enveloped
within the billowing and unfettered fascination of heretofore unimaginable
sexual pleasures, sexual pleasures that were themselves rooted within the
paradox of the ever present and tantalizingly tempting forbidden fruit
category of sexual perversions.

	Then, just when Jake(f) was beginning to believe that he(f) had
achieved the zenith of per-orgasmic sexual pleasure, Vicki, unaware of the
fact that she would be proving that asinine assertions of his(f) to be
based on erroneous and incomplete information as she did so, opted to up
the ante yet again.  Moving with all the grace and agility of a world class
female gymnast, Vicki, who didn't drop a proverbial stitch with her clit
tweak endeavors, vaulted her body up and over the upper arch of Jake(f)'s
right leg and down into the veed formed by her former loverboy's eagerly
splayed legs.  Sliding her torso smoothly downwards over Jake(f)'s taut
little tummy, so that her head ended up poised just above that man - turned
bodacious woman - of her's femininely revamped crotch, Vicki, without
skipping a beat, substituted a self lubricating, clit tweak tongue for that
artistically wielded clit finagling finger of her's.

	Intrinsically aware that he - as a she - had just become the
honored recipient of Vicki's selfless act of cunnilingus, Jake(f) was
rendered surrealistically spellbound, as the excruciating amounts of
debilitating pleasure he(f) was deriving form Vicki's selfless oral
ministrations began to re-bounded in upon themselves, doubling and
re-doubling, compounding and then compounding again, in a maniacal, mind
blowing pursuit of pure, unadulterated primal pleasure.  Each and every
time Vicki's adroitly wielded tongue came in contact with that new clitoral
nub of Jake(f)'s, he(f) felt his(f) passions ratcheted up to another new
level of unimaginable intensity.

	Captivated by every single infinitesimal nuance of the thorough
tongue lashing he(f) was the blessed, bemused and hopelessly bewildered
recipient of, Jake(f), exhilarated beyond belief, rose, with rapt
anticipation, to rush gleefully into the multi-orgasmic crescendo of his
erotically torqued emotions.

	Relief - blessed multi-orgasmic relief - raw, powerful and
compelling - gushed - tsunamic like - outward from the epicenter of his(f)
loins, in wave after doppelganger-like wave of carnal bliss and
excruciating delight.  Though it would be - at best - a transitory side
effect, for a quick, snapshot like moment in time, that thoroughly male
mind set of Jake(f)'s went on a short-lived hiatus as he(f), without
reservation, not only embraced, but reveled in that newfound womanhood of

	As Jake(f) lay there, soaring angelically within the multi-faceted
rapture of post-orgasmic bliss, savouring all the little orgasmic
after-shocks that so intrinsically conjured up the sweet remembrances of
the primordial carnal sensations that he(f), in that feminized new form of
his(f), had just then undergone, Vicki, so as to not intrude on her lover's
fragile moment of introspective contemplation, exercised extreme care in
re-positioning herself, so as to be able to snuggle up alongside of
Jake(f)'s quivering feminine form.

	"Jake...", Vicki, having allowed what she deemed to be an
appreciable amount of contemplative time to pass, tentatively intruded, "So
tell me...  What'ya think?"

	Knowing fully well what Vicki was referring to, Jack(f) couldn't
belive that he(f) actually heard his herified self counter by asking such
an asinine and inane question, "About what you just went and did to me?"

	"Yes, silly!  I'm really interested in hearing your initial
impressions.  Y'know, like whether you liked it or not..."

	"Well...", Jake(f) began somewhat thoughtfully and more than a
little dreamily, as he(f) reflexively reached down with his right hand and
used its' slenderized middle finger to once again stroke and probe the
outer lips of his(f) vagina so as to once again re-confirm the fact that
his(f) body was still that of the woman he(f) had so magically been cold
cocked into becoming, "...to begin with... I have to confess that - Yes! -
I really - Truly! - liked it!

	"No!", Jake(f) was emphatic.  "That's not true!

	"I didn't just like it, Vicki!  I loved it!  In every way
imaginable... I absolutely - No holds bar! - loved it!

	"I mean... while I knew that women's orgasms were good... I had no
friggin' idea they were that good!

	"I mean... they were fantastic!  Simply fan-friggin'-tastic!

	"And there were so many of them!  Y'know, like one right after
another...  Or... more correctly!  One right on top of the other!

	"I mean to tell you, Vicki... they were wonderful!  Absolutely

	"You mean...", Vicki began, in a shameless effort to secure a
compliment from that new lovergirl of hers, "...as a lesbian lover... I'm
not to shabby?"

	"Shabby!", Jake(f)'s retort conveyed a hard edge of amusement.
"You were anything but!

	"Fact is, Vicki... you were great!

	"No!  You weren't just great!  You were fantastic!"

	"I was... was I...", Vicki's reply was dreamily thoughtful.

	"Well, Jake... if I was... y'know... as you
say... fantastic... guess what!  You've got only yourself to thank for

	"That's to say that before I met you and those simply fantastic
love making techniques that you brought to the table... I was at best an
adequate lover... y'know, who tended... more times than not... to
scrimp... y'know, in so far as the foreplay department was
concerned... y'know, due to the fact that I was only out to get my own
rocks off... y'know, and because of that... I didn't normally give a rat's
ass as to anyone else's pleasure...

	"And, Jake(f)... I promise!  With your help and coaching... I'll
get better and better at it!

	"I mean... while I might never be as good as you are... y'know, in
the loving making department... y'know, because you are really, really
something special... I will do everything I can to improve my technique...

	Then, before Jake(f) could gainsay her, Vicki changed tact, as she
impishly asked what, to her way of thinking, was the quintessential
question, "So... tell me... oh, horny assed lovergirl of mine!  Do you
think there's an outside chance that... one of these days... y'know, in the
not to distant future... you might be able to see your way clear to taking
a real shine to this new found multi-orgasmic girlshit business... y'know,
that's only... shall we say... a lick and a promise away..."

* * *

	A few minutes later, once Jake(f) appeared to have recovered
somewhat from that multi-orgasmic interlude of his(f), Vicki coquettishly
suggested that the two of them re-locate to the bedroom, where she said she
wouldn't be averse were Jake(f) to return the favor and administer to her
own carnal needs.

	Picking up Jake(f)'s discarded sports bra and exercise pants, plus
both of their earlier removed satin sleep shirts, Vicki and Jake(f) beat
feet to the bedroom, where upon, Jake(f) dutifully obliged Vicki by
servicing her needs, much as she had service his(f).

	"Jake(f)...", Vicki, having recuperated from her own cunnilingus
induced multi-orgasmic interlude enough to do so, meekly managed to
intoned, "...where in hell did you come up with that rather nifty new
variation of your's?"

	"You like it?"

	"I most certainly did, sweetums..."

	"Good!  I'm glad!", Jake(f) somewhat smugly replied.

	"That's nice...  But you still have yet to tell me where you came
up with it... y'know, because... to the best of my knowledge... that's the
first time you tried that particular technique of your's on me..."

 	"True...", Jake(f) admitted.  "And do you why that is, Vicki?"

	"No...  But I assume that you're about to tell me..."

	"Yes...  Yes, I am...

	"You see, Vicki... I was down there... y'know, in between those
legs of your's... y'know, doing what I was doing... when... all of a
sudden... I realized that if I varied what I was doing... y'know, just a
silly little smidgen or so... you might like it all the more..."

	"Well... guess what, Jake!  I didn't just like that new variation
of your's!  I love it!

	"In fact... I loved it so much, my dearest darling... that I fully
intended to apply the Golden Rule the next time I go down on you!  Y'know,
as in I plan to do unto you as you just did unto me!"

	"So...", Jake(f) teased, "...I guess that pretty much begs the

	Bemused, Vicki felt compelled to ask, "And just what question is
that, dear?"

	"Just what in the hell are you waiting for, Vicki?  A personal
invitation or something..."

* * *

	Vicki, elated with the knowledge that Jake(f) desired to one again
experience the sexual aspects of this new womanhood of his(f), eagerly
complied.  Afterwards, once Jake(f) had substantially recovered from the
warm-fuzzies of his(f) second multi-orgasmic interlude, he(f), without any
enticement or encouragement from Vicki, deftly employing that feminized
tongue of his(f), once again returned the favor.

	"Jake...", Vicki gently queried, as she lay there, cozily enfolded
in her lesbian lover's comforting embrace.

	"Yes...", Jake(f)'s reply was just as gently spoken.

	"Tell me...  If you had to choose... y'know, between male orgasms
and female orgasm... knowing what you know now... irregardless of the fact
that it's pretty much a given that... at this juncture... you'd still
rather be a man... y'know, rather than a woman... which one would you pick?
Male orgasms?  Or... female orgasms?"

	"That's a no-brainer...", Jake(f) replied without even coming close
to answering the question Vicki had put to him(f).

	"It is... is it?", Vicki, without breaking the embrace, turned to
appraise her loverboy turned lovergirl.

	"Please, dear... cut the evasive bullcrap!  I asked you a simple
question!  I want a simple... straight forward answer!

	"Given your choice... what kind of orgasms do you like better?
Male orgasms?  Or female orgasms?"

	"Well...", Jake(f) began thoughtfully, "...though it's damn near
impossible for me to discount the sheer and utter novelty of all that I
experienced tonight... y'know, what with all these new erogenous zones that
I've up and been saddle with... y'know, that are pretty spectacular in
their own right... I'd have to say that if I had to choose... I'd be hard
pressed to pick male orgasms over female orgasms..."

	"Then,", Vicki sought clarification, "I'm to take it that you've
kind of taken a shine to the way this sexually retrofitted new body of
your's responds to erotic stimulation?"

	"Yes, Vicki... you are...

	"However...", Jake(f) continued on to say, "...just to make sure
I'm not going off half cocked here and making my decision on incomplete
data... if you think you're up to it, Vicki... I wouldn't mind some further
experimentation... y'know, just to see how much of brazen hussy of a first
class pillow eater I've become... y'know, as a direct result of what you
and that Gypsy witch woman went and did to me..."

	Vicki, on her part, though her love making endeavors were beginning
to take a real toll on that self-lubricating tongue of hers, was most happy
to oblige Jake(f).

	Though he(f) had fully intended on repaying in kind, Jake(f), who
was thoroughly tucked out, gentle slipped out of the warm-fuzzies of his(f)
third post-orgasmic after-glow and into the untroubled embrace of deep,
recuperative slumber.  Vicki, aware that Jake(f) needed all the sleep he(f)
could get and then some, didn't quibble over the fact that he(f) had
experienced three orgasmic interludes to her two.  As long as Jake(f) had
enjoyed them as much as he(f) had eluded to, Vicki was content.

	Drawing from her own post-transsexualiztion experiences, Vicki was
gambling on the heart felt hope that if anything could help Jake(f) become
reconciled to his(f) new life as a physically functioning member of the
fairer sex, his(f) new found ability to experience female orgasms might be
just the thing to turn the tide in her favor.  Failing that, Vicki was well
aware of the fact that though she did indeed have a Plan B to fall back on,
it would be no where near as persuasive as the multi-orgasmic aspect of
Jake(f)'s feminization.

* * *

	Jake(f) woke late the next morning, with that next morning being
Monday morning, to find Vicki gone.

	She had, however, left him(f) another note.  Which, like its'
predecessor of Saturday, had several copies posted conspicuously, all over
the apartment.

	Jake(f), though he(f) initially balked at some of Vicki's explicit
instructions, knowing that they were for his(f) own good, after one hell of
a lot of soul searching, decided to followed them to the letter.

	After a refreshing shower, a shower that was resplendent garnished
with its' own little and thoroughly enjoyable, narcissistic, self-induced,
multi-orgasmic interlude, Jake(f) brushed those perfectly new, whiter than
white teeth of his(f), dried his(f) pixie emulating, shag styled hair and
then, reluctantly returned to the bedroom to get dressed in the male libido
assaulting, poignantly pink, straight legged nylon/lycra running outfit and
glistening matching pretty in pink sleep shirt Vicki had so prudently set
out for him(f) to put on.

	Then, adding insult to injury, following the note's explicit
instructions, though it rankled the living shit out of him(f) for doing so,
Jake(f) parked that succulent tush of his(f) down on the foot of the
un-made bed and, though he(f) serious considered just saying: 'The hell
with it!', proceeded to pull on the male ego-affronting suntan hued nylon
anklets that Vicki had prudently left out for him(f) to don.  Feeling like
a complete fool and a crossdresser to boot, Jake(f), knowing that Vicki
would force the issue if he(f) didn't comply with her directives on his own
accord, picked up one of the black leather, one inch heeled pumps that
Vicki had set out for him(f) and slipped them, somewhat queasily, onto
those daintily down-sized feminine feetzie-wheatzies of his(f).

	Gingerly, Jake(f) stood, only to realize that the slightly tapered,
broad heeled pumps presented no more of a problem maneuvering around in
than his(f) cowboy boots did.  Fact is, Vicki's U-throated, pointy toed
slip-ons, though they did scrunch Jake(f) toes together just a tad bit more
than those boots of his(f) had, weren't the least little bit uncomfortable.

	Fact is: Jake(f) found Vicki's pumps to be so comfortable that
he(f) spent the rest of the day and most of the evening wearing them around
the apartment.

* * *

	Shortly after five, Vicki returned home and presented Jake(f) with
a small gift wrapped package, saying as she did so, "Here's a little
something to help you while away the hours... y'know, when I'm out and
about... attending to all those things that need attending to..."

	"What is it?", Jake(f) dutifully asked.

	"The sooner you open it... the sooner you'll know!", Vicki light
heartedly chided.

	"Truth be told, Jake...", Vicki continued, as Jake(f), in a very
unlady-like manner, began to vigorously tear the wrapping paper asunder,
"...it's something that every Newbie needs... y'know, as in it's something
I picked up to help you address some of those narcissistic new needs of

	Dropping the gleaming, silver hued metallic wrapping paper to the
floor, Jake(f), perplexed as to just what was in the ambiguous oblong box
he(f) held in those delicately feminized hands of his(f), plucked the top
off and, reaching in, gingerly lifted out an cylindrical object that, to
the uniformed, looked a lot like a white plastic, conical ended, powered
down Jedi Light Saber.

	"A vibrator!", Jake(f)'s sense of amused astonishment resounded
clearly in those girlish intonations of his(f).

	"Vicki!  You actually went out and got me a vibrator!"

	"Sure did!", Vicki replied smartly.

	"During my lunch break... I had Gale... one of my Newbie
friends... drive me over to Sexcapades... y'know, that Novelty Sex
Shop... y'know, that's located over on Route 32... situated right next to
the Harley Shop... y'know, to pick you up your very own handy dandy

	"Granted... you could have used mine... y'know, to experiment
around with during the day when you're here all by your lonesome... y'know,
with time on your hands.  However... while I was puttering around the lab
this morning in between classes... I got to thinking... and I just figured
that I'd surprise you... y'know by picking you up one... y'know, for your

	"Think of it as... shall we say... a Newbie right of passage!

	"However, Jake... be it known... that new vibrator of your's is
only to be used in my absence... y'know, to get those new, girlish rocks of
your's off!

	"When I'm home... should those new carnal needs of your's require
attending to... be advised... that... sweetums... falls under my
jurisdiction!  Alright?

	"In other words... my dearest darling... should you ever be foolish
enough to reach for that new vibrator of your's when I'm around... there'll
be hell to pay!  Understand?"

	Jake(f) said that he(f) did.  Then, before Vicki could reclaim the
floor, Jake(f) continued on to add somewhat sardonically, that if Vicki
really, truly meant what she had just said, as far as he - as a Newbie she
- was concerned, the two of them could retire to the bedroom, like right
then and there, so Vicki could, as Jake(f), paraphrasing the oft quoted
remake about how someone should put their money where their mouth is,
cheerfully quipped that Vicki could put her mouth where his clit was;
adding as he(f) did so, that he'd(f) be more than happy to return the
favor, in a tit for tat fashion.

* * *

	Once the two of them had serviced one another's carnal needs, they
got dressed and headed into the kitchen, where Jake(f), a self-proclaimed
culinary neophyte, under Vicki's close supervision and gentle guidance,
fixed the two of them dinner.

	Vicki, who had given this particular aspect of their future lives
together one hell of a lot of forethought, informed Jake(f) - in no
uncertain terms - that when it came to domestic matters, though it would
eventually become a fifty fifty proposition, for the time being, most of
the household chores would fall to him(f).  Since he(f) was, for intent and
purposes, home bound and therefore, wouldn't be able to pull his(f) own
weight in the bringing home the bacon department of this new, symbiotic,
lesbian living together arrangement of theirs, domestic matters such as
cooking, cleaning and doing their laundry logically fell into his(f)
bailiwick.  However, as Vicki was quick to point out, Jake(f)'s role as the
not so happy homemaker would come to an end once his(f) new feminine
identity could be legally established through credible and verifiable

	Aware that Jake(f) wasn't in any way, shape or form looking forward
to his(f) tenure as a house frau, Vicki, in an all out attempt to sooth
those ruffled feathers of that staunchly male ego of his(f), informed that
new lesbian lover of her's that when and where ever possible, she would be
happy to pitch in and ease Jake(f)'s domestic burden by lending a helping

* * *

	Tuesday, upon returning home only to find Jake(f) in a dither over
what he(f) was going to prepare for dinner, Vicki, after a warm embrace and
a sarcastically delivered, "Hi, honey!  How's it hanging!", stepped into
the breech and began coaching Jake(f); leading him(f), via the ever
tortuous, step by step method of explicit tended instruction, though the
rigmarole involved in food preparation.  As she did so, Vicki, in a
calculate effort on her part to down play the import of the information she
was conveying, off-handedly informed Jake(f) that Sandra, a Newbie friend
of hers, would dropping by that evening; suggesting as she did so, that
they was no need for Jake(f) to get those new tittys of his(f) in an
uproar, due to the fact that Sandra wouldn't be staying overly long.

	Shortly before seven, as Vicki had predicted, Sandra, with medical
satchel in hand, showed up on their doorstep.  After brief introductions,
Vicki proceeded on to inform Jake(f) that Sandra was in her last year of
residency at the university's campus based teaching hospital and that she
also functioned as the primary care physician for damn near all of her
Newbie cohorts free of charge.

	Then, having established Sandra as a bonafide and accredited
medical practitioner, Vicki continued on to inform Jake(f) that the reason
Sandra had stopped by was to given him(f) a cursory physical, just to make
doubly sure that everything was up to snuff and that all those new sexual
gadgets of his(f) were in working order.  With that said, Sandra, adopting
a very professional, albeit friendly upbeat manner, proceed on with her
examination.  Then, once she had run through the preliminaries of taking
Jake(f)'s temperature and blood pressure, Sandra very efficiently acquired
a throat culture and a blood sample from Jake(f); saying as she do so, that
she would have them run threw all the proper and appropriate tests at the
hospital's lab facilities.  Next, having directed Jake(f) to remove both
his(f) satin sleep shirt and the shameless pink nylon/lycra sports bra that
those new mammary protrusions of his(f) had been so succulently trussed up
in, Sandra, via the use of her stethoscope, checked out Jake(f) newly
herified heart and lungs.

	Handing him(f) a small plastic beaker and ingeniously concocted
snap on lid, Sandra informed Jake(f), that after he(f) was finished filling
it up for her in the bathroom, he(f) was to clean up any unsightly urine
residue and then, join her and Vicki in the bedroom.

	Jake(f) did as he(f) was told and, unsure as to what was to occur
next, proceed innocently out of the bathroom, down the truncated hallway
and unwittingly entered the bedroom, where upon Sandra, accepting and
labelling Jake(f)'s urine sample, in a tone that clearly conveyed the
notion that she would brook no nonsense from him(f), directed him(f) to
completely disrobe and sit on the edge of the bed.

	Once again, Jake(f) did as he(s) was told.

	Sandra, using that little rubber tipped hammer, proceed on to test
his(f) reflexes and then, as she busied herself returning that rubber
tipped mallet of hers to her medical satchel, she directed Jake(f) to scoot
his herified self back onto the bed and, upon laying down, bring those
emasculated legs of his(f) up, splaying them out as far as he(f) could

	When Jake(f) hesitated, demanding to know why he(f) was to assume
such an outlandish and debasing position, Vicki, unable to stifle her
giggles, simply said, "Because... my dearest darling... Sandra here is
about to perform a gynecological examination of that new little
you-know-what of your's..."

* * *

	About twenty minutes later, Jake(f), once again dressed in Vicki's
pretty in pink lycra/satin exercise ensemble and low heeled pumps, received
Sandra's pronouncement that he(f) seemed as fit as a fiddle in the
aftermath of his(f) sexual makeover and that gynecologically speaking,
everything seemed to be in perfect working order.  Then, having said that,
Sandra continued on to give him(f) a quick run-down on the proper care and
feeding a woman's vagina; providing him(f) with a broad brush overview of
what he(f) was going to have to contend with in so far as that newly
imposed, messy menstrual cycle of his(f) was concerned.

	Making sure that Vicki and Jake(f) had all the necessary means
where by they could contact her - day or night - night or day - Sandra,
with an encouraging aside directed towards Jake(f), informing him(f), in so
many words, that life as a woman wasn't as bad as he(f) was making it out
to be, and that if he(f) gave it half a chance, he'd(f) find that being a
woman was every bit as rewarding as being a man had been, bid the two of
them a gracious goodnight and left.

	"Okay...  So what's her story...", Jake(f), on his(f) way to the
sofa, asked Vicki.

	"The short version is: Sandra wanted to be a doctor more than she
wanted to retain her manhood.

	"You see, Jake... the way I hear it... both Sandra's father and
grandfather attended medical school here at the university and she... back
when she was a male... desired to do likewise.

	"Trouble was... round about the time Sandra was applying to gain
entrance... there was some sort of big brouhaha going on about the medical
school's Affirmative Action Polices... y'know, that resulted in Sandra's
being denied a seat... y'know, due not to her outstanding 4.0 grade point
average... but specifically to her previous sexual affiliation as a
nefarious male applicant.

	"So anyhow... the way the scuttlebutt has it... a Newbie classmate
of the male Sandra chanced to hear him bemoaning the fact that his
application to medical school had been denied and realizing that a gross
injustice was being perpetuated... and that two wrongs don't even come
close to making a right... that Newbie classmate of Sandra's put his case
to the steering committee, who in turn, affixed their seal of approval to
it and presented it to the general membership for am up or down vote.

	"As you might expect, Jake... while more than a few of us Newbies
have benefited from the dictates of various Affirmative Action
Plans... y'know, post our respective transsexualizations... as you -
yourself - no doubt will... y'know, when it comes to you and your not only
getting in... but also, securing a full scholarship to defray the otherwise
daunting cost of your attending graduate school... y'know, so you can get
that masters degree that you've been working so hard to secure for
yourself... most of us hold with the opinion that Affirmative Action is
nothing more than a bunch of bureaucratic, vote garnishing
bullcrap... y'know, resplendent with a lot of blatant reverse
discrimination... y'know, that punishes an innocent person for past
discriminatory polices that they had nothing what so ever to do with in the
first friggin' place!

	"Basically... were you to ask... you'd find that nine out ten of us
Newbies feel that a person... regardless of that person's race, religion,
sexual preference or sexual affiliation... should be judged on their own
merits!  On their own character!  And not... as to often happens... on some
accident of birth!  Y'know, that they had nothing what so ever to do with
in the first place!"

	"So anyhow... getting back to Sandra's story... after the general
membership voted... which... as you can well imagine... was damn near
unanimous in Sandra's favor... a small delegation of Newbies approached
her... y'know, back when she was still a he... and offered him a solution
to his problem.... however drastic and mind-boggling that solution may have
seemed to him at the time... assuring him that if he took them up on their
offer... they would move heaven and earth on his behalf to ensure
that... while he might be a year behind his present classmates in achieving
his goal... he - as a she - would be enrolled in the university's medical
school come the start of the following fall semester.

	"Now... while it stands to reason that it took a while to
thoroughly convince the guy that Sandra use to be that they could do what
they claimed they could... y'know, in so far as changing his sexual
affiliation via some crazy assed spell... y'know, that would turn him into
an extremely attractive and vivacious young woman... once they did... once
he was convinced that they weren't pulling his leg and could do exactly
what they were claiming they could... Sandra... as I have been lead to
believe... went for the deal.  Hook, line and sinker..."

	"And he has no regrets...", Jake(f) thoughtfully inquired.

	"No...", Vicki's response was just as thoughtful as Jake's inquiry
had been.  "I don't believe so...

	"I mean... to the best of my knowledge... once Sandra became
Sandra... she made the necessary adjustments to living out the rest of her
life as a bonafide woman... y'know, and proceeded to get on with her life!"

	"You're shittin' me!  Right?", Jake(f) incredulously interjected.

	"Now would I do something like that, Jake?", Vicki teasingly

	"I mean... while I may have had the audacity to orchestrate your
being changed into one of the most attractive young ladies that this boy
turned girl has ever seen... you ought to know by now that I wouldn't
knowingly pull a Bill Clinton and out right lie to you...

	"You see, Jake dear... from everything I've ever heard about
Sandra... y'know, as regards her feminization... having made the decision
to become a woman... y'know, in order to cash in on the benefits that being
a female could accrue for her... y'know, with respect to the dictates of
the University's Affirmative Action Policies... Sandra approached the
challenge presented by the acclimation process with a single-mindedness
that down right shames the rest of us Newbies."

	"That's interesting...", Jake(f) mused.  "But what about her sex

	"I mean... was she a heterosexual or a homosexual or a
bisexual... y'know, prior to her becoming a woman?"

	Vicki, having taken a second or so to search her memory, "I'm not
exactly sure... but I believe Sandra was heterosexual... y'know, in that I
think I remember someone saying that Sandra - as a man - did date
women... y'know, on a casual bases... y'know, because she didn't want to
get seriously involved with anyone... y'know, until she had achieved her
goal of becoming a doctor... y'know, due to all the emotional hassles one
has to contend with to sustain a one on one relationship..."

	"So what is Sandra's sexual orientation now?  Y'know, in lieu of
her becoming a woman...", Jake(f), curious, asked.

	"You know something...", Vicki replied with a degree of bemusement,
"...I not really sure...

	"I mean... I know she does date men... y'know, like every now and
again.  Y'know, because I've seen her out with a guy a time or two myself.
Y'know, attending some university related function or another...

	"However...", Vicki continued, "...though she does date
guys... y'know, upon occasion... knowing her as I do... I think that
there's a good chance that Sandra is still a virgin.  Y'know, as in I
seriously doubt that she has every let one of those guys she has dated get
even as far as first base with her..."

	"What about other woman, Vicki?  Does she get it on with other

	"Here again, my dearest darling... to the best of my
knowledge... I'd have to say: no.  No... she doesn't..."

	"That's interesting...  Odd... but never the less interesting...",
Jake(f) muttered, before continuing on to speculate, "So... in lieu of her
feminization... would it be fair to say that Sandra's become... shall we
say... asexual..."

	"Yeah...", Vicki replied thoughtfully.  "You're right, Jake dear!
The term asexual does seem to apply in Sandra's case..."

	"Trouble is...", Jake(f) was quick to point out the obvious flaw in
his(f) assessment, "...she sure as hell doesn't dress like one would tend
to think an asexual would... y'know, given that flattering, eye-catching
outfit she was out strutting her stuff in this evening!"

	"That's true...", Vicki was quick to agree.

	"However, Jake(f)... as you will soon discover for
yourself... given this pervasive narcissistic nature that damn near each
and every one of us Newbies seem to possess... y'know, in spades... I'd
have to say that Sandra is doing nothing out of the ordinary!  Y'know,
dressing in the stylish and extremely flattering way she does!

	"Y'know... as in we all deck ourselves out in customized,
self-contained tease to please, male libido torquing shit!  Y'know, that
tickles our individual fancies... y'know, like when and wherever possible!
Y'know, owing to the simple, self-centered and admittedly selfish reason
that we can!"

	"So...", Jake(f) speculated, "...if I catch your drift here,
Vicki... what you're saying... in a very round about way is that Sandra
is... in more ways than one... the exception... y'know, rather than the
rule... y'know, as far as Newbies go..."

	Seeking clarification, Vicki said, "If you mean the way she quickly
adapted to functioning as woman, dear... you are quite correct..."

	"Actually, Vicki... I was referring more to her apparent
asexuality... y'know, rather than her adaptability."

	"Well... that too...", Vicki concurred.  "I mean... save for only
one or two I can think of... most... if not damn near all of us Newbies
have a marked tendency towards lesbianism."

	"That... to me... seems a fairly reasonable assertion.", Jake(f)
off-handedly offered, before continuing on to say, "So... now that you got
my interest... shall we say... piqued... tell me about some more of these
Newbie friends of your's, Vicki... and the whys and wherefores of how they
came to be Newbies in the first place."

	"Alright, Jake!  I mean... since you're going to be meeting most of
members of our exclusive little cabal over... shall we say... the next
couple of weeks or so... you might as well get to know a little bit about
the history of a few of them... y'know, given the fact that they... due to
the background information that was gathered... y'know, as a means by which
the steering committee assessed whether or not it was advisable to bring
you into the fold... so to speak... most of the Newbies you'll be meeting
already know a whole hell of a lot more about you than you will ever know
about them!

	"Let's see... who should I pick on first..."

	"Tell you what, honey!  Why don't I start with Brenda and
Shannon... the two Newbies that helped me box up your personal stuff and
there by, clean out that dorm room of your's and then, were kind enough to
sacrifice their Saturday... y'know, to followed me all the way up to New
Jersey... y'know, so they could bring me back here after I ditched that
poor excuse of a car of your's.

	"Basically... though you wouldn't know it to look at them
today... before they underwent femmification... they were a couple of
geeky, pimple-faced computer nerds.

	"Y'know, as in they were a pair of first class geeks... who, had
been the bestest of friends since they had first met... y'know, like way
back when in kindergarten!"

	"Vicki!", Jake(f) sought clarification, "Are you saying that they
were a couple of gaybirds... y'know, who had the hots for one another?"

	"No!", Vicki emphatically snapped.  "They weren't gay!

	"Fact is, Jake... as guys... Brenda and Shannon were anything but
gay!  Y'know, as in they were as heterosexual as heterosexual can be!
Y'know, as in they liked girls!

	"Trouble was, Jake... the girls that they liked didn't like
them... y'know, due to just how nerdy they were... y'know, when they were

	"Truth be told, my dearest darling... back before they underwent
their own male to female gender re-assignments... y'know, and ended up
becoming the very embodiment of the kind of well built honeys that they no
doubt always dreamed about going out with, it could be said that Brenda and
Shannon both had a very discriminating taste in women.

	"Y'know, as they only wanted to go out with the kind of girls that
wouldn't so much as give them the time of day.

	"So anyhow... one day Brenda - the male Brenda - was up in his and
the male Shannon's dorm room... fooling around with a parabolic
microphone... y'know, that he's got hooked up to a set of earphones and a
professional grade, reel to reel tape recorder... playing like some super
sleuth spy or something... surreptitiously eavesdropping in on
conversations that were taking place in the quadrangle below... when... all
of a sudden... he chances upon a few careless Newbies... who... owing to
the dictates of Murphy's Law... just happen to be discussing how a couple
of their Newbie friends had just returned from slam dunking some campus
lothario's ass... y'know, having lured the slimy sleezeball down to Mexico
and dealing with him in much the same way they dealt with that arrogant,
son of a bitch of a self-centered bastard... y'know, that went and shagged
my sorry ass doggy style!

	"Question!", Jake(f) quizzically interjected.

	"Alright...", Vicki tentatively replied, turning the floor over to
her new loverboy turned lovergirl as she did so.

	"How come they didn't go the Mexican route with you?  Y'know, what
with the callous way you were treating women..."

	"Because... I never once crossed the line!

	"That's to say that I never - Ever! - slept with a woman that
didn't want me to sleep with her!  And... while I freely admit to being a
cad and therefore, somewhat callous as far as my dealings with the women I
had bedded were concerned... I never once mistreated any of the women I
either dated or... for that matter... bedded!

	"In other words, Jake... while the Newbies didn't for one minute
like or condone the way I treated the women I went out with... y'know, once
I got into their panties... so to speak... they never once thought my
transgressions warranted the drastic measures that they use to deal with
the real bastards... y'know, who are out there doing what they shouldn't
ought to be doing!

	"Or... to put that another way... the five women who comprised the
Newbie steering committee back when they were considering my case thought
that I was... I guess you could say... redeemable... y'know, via a little
care and guidance... once my perspective on life underwent a drastic
re-adjustment and I had a chance to walk a mile in someone else's stiletto
heeled pumps...

	"So... tell me, Jake!  Did that answer of mine sufficiently address
that question of your's?"

	"Sure did!"

	"Okay!  Shall we get back to what I was telling you about Brenda
and Shannon?


	"Alrighty then...

	"Oh!  Before I get back to telling you what happened
next... y'know, in so far as the Brenda and Shannon saga is
concerned... there's something I need to make you aware of.  They're smart!
Y'know, as in they're damn near geniuses!

	"I mean... the two of them are so smart that I think it's a safe
bet to say that they know more about the technical subjects they're taking
than most of their professors do!  I mean... they're so smart that they
hardly need to crack open a book in order to ace the tests they have to

	"Meaning, my dearest darling... Brenda and Shannon had a one hell
of a lot of idle time on their hands... y'know, that they could put to
other endeavors!"

	"So anyhow... sometime later that day... y'know, the very one in
which the nerdy male Brenda recorded that conversation that those careless
Newbies were foolishly engaging in down in the adjacent
quadrangle... Brenda played the tape for the male Shannon... who... upon
hearing it... impishly suggested that the two of them engaging in a little
surreptitious snooping... y'know, just to see if they could learn more
about this intriguing Newbie business that they had just become cognizant

	"And snoop they did!

	"I mean to tell you, Jake!  Brenda and Shannon attacked this new
project of their's with an almost maniacal gusto!  Using some of their own
equipment... y'know, such as that parabolic microphone and reel to reel
tape deck I made mention of before... plus both video and still
cameras... y'know, that were fitted out with telephoto lenses... their
personal computer systems and a lot of the university's equipment that they
managed to scrounge together, they went about the task of collecting and
collating any and all information they could about the Newbies.

	"And boy oh boy did they gather data!

	"I mean... they flagrantly and repeated violated a whole shit load
of state and federal laws in doing so... y'know, with all the electronic
bugging devices and wiretaps that they used to gather the data.  But, then
again... they didn't give a rat's ass about that... y'know, figuring that
the chances of a Newbie going to the authorities were somewhere between
slim and none... y'know, owing to the fact that the last thing any of us
Newbies wants is for the word to get about us... y'know, given all the
ignominy that would be involved were something that catastrophic to occur.

	"Hell, Jake!  Would you believe that they even managed to get a
whole transsexualization makeover on video tape!"

	"They did!", Jake retort was incredulous.

	"They sure as hell did!

	"Having first obtained both the date, approximate time and exact
location where the sexual makeover was to take place... y'know, a couple of
days prior to the occurrence of the actual event... the male Brenda and
Shannon... employing one of those flexible, tube-like, fiber-optic devices
and one of the university's remotely controlled mini-cams... y'know, that
you see all the SWAT Teams use on the TV and in the movies... y'know, to
get a bird's eye-view... or... in this particular instance... a rodent's
eye-view of what the bad guys are doing... used a false pretext to gain
access to the apartment complex where the change was to occur's utility
room and from there, the air duct system.  Working quickly and quietly,
they clandestinely installed their jury-rigged surveillance
system... y'know, that... via a remote transmitting and receiving
station... allow the two of them the ability to control the whole shebang
from the comfort and security of their own dorm room.

	"And just who do you think the poor smuck was... y'know, who got
caught on video tape... y'know, changing from a guy into a girl?"

	"Are you serious!", Jake(f) gleefully exclaimed, realizing that
Vicki was implying, without actually saying, that she was indeed the poor
smuck who's sexual makeover Brenda and Shannon had managed to capture on
video tape.

	"Regrettable... yes...  I was the poor, unfortunate smuck that got
caught on that damnable tape of their's.

	"Would you like to see it?", Vicki reluctantly asked.

	"Yeah... you bet your ass I would!", Jake(f), intrigued, responded.

	"Alright...  I'll show it to you in a little while... y'know, if
you really, truly want to see it..."

	"Oh!", Jake(f) interjected.  "I want to see it, alright!"

	"Alright, then... if you insist... I'll show it to you!", Vicki
returned gruffly.  "But... be forewarned, Jake... it's a copy of a copy of
a copy... and the perspective isn't the greatest... y'know, given that
fiber-optic lense is locate across the room... behind the wall mounted
register grate... and it's kind of distorted... y'know, because of the
fish-eye effect..."

	"But anyhow... getting back to what I was telling you... y'know,
before we got off on the video tape business... Brenda and Shannon began to
amass a whole shit load of data about the Newbies.

	"For example, Jake... before the month was out... they had not only
identified and photographed about two thirds of the currently active
Newbies... they had compiled extremely accurate dossiers on about three
quarters of those of whom they had cataloged... which stated who they were
and who they had been... y'know, when they had been males!

	"I mean... using missing person reports and the local papers, the
two of them also compiled a list of guys who might have been prime
candidates for one of those sadistic Mexican makeovers that the Newbies
engage in... y'know, like every now and again... y'know, as... I guess you
could say... a rather novel type of public service... y'know, in which the
punishment is sadistically fitted to fit the crime... so to speak..."

	"So... what happened, Vicki?", Jake eagerly interjected.  "Did some
of your Newbies cohorts finally catch on to what these two nerdy eggheads
were doing and elected to fix their wagons... y'know, by turn them into

	"No!  Not hardly..."

	"Then... what happened, Vicki?  I mean... how did they end up
getting turned into women?"

	"Basically... what it all comes down to, Jake is: they asked to be
turned into women..."

	"Yeah!  Right!  Two geeks... who you claim were ardently
heterosexual... actually asked these Newbies of your's to change their

	"Yes, Jake... as strange as it sounds... that's exactly what

	"I'll grant you... neither one of them started this data gathering
project of their's with the intention of ever becoming a Newbie
themselves... but that's exactly what happened.

	"You see, Jake... one evening.. about two months into their
self-assumed project... while the two of them were busy in their dorm room
documenting their most recent research... y'know, and downing a couple of
brewskies as they diligently pecked away at their respective
PCs... Shannon... or... I should say the guy who would become
Shannon... joking quipped that his bosom buddy Brenda ought to seriously
think about taking the Newbie plunge... suggesting as he did so
that... once a woman... he and his femmed out to the max buddy could have a
lot of fun together... exploring all those nifty things that neither one
had yet had the pleasure or... for that matter... the opportunity to

	"Brenda... or... I should have said... the lanky Pollock who would
- in time - opted to become the ever so lovely, raven haired Eurasian
looking Brenda... teasingly replied that he thought the idea had some
merit... if... that is... it was his buddy Shannon - not he - who became
the girl.

	"Eventually... the two of them tired of their lighthearted,
seesawing, back and forth jest and dropped the subject altogether.
However... even though they did... neither one of them could quit rid
themselves of the admittedly perverted sexual fantasies that Shannon's
teasings had engendered.  A week later, though Brenda had no idea that
Shannon had come up with the very same solution to the quandary that each,
in his own way, was dealing with, broached the subject of proposed
womanhood once again; suggesting, in a very earnest and up-front manner,
that while he wouldn't take the Newbie plunge alone, he would if his buddy
the male Shannon would.

	"So anyhow... in order to prevent against any rash acts or
half-baked misconception on their part... the two of them opted to consider
their independently arrived at proposals, proposals that suggested that
both of them taking the Newbie plunge, for another week.  However, at the
end of that week of logical, introspective soul-searching, both Brenda and
Shannon - here again - independently arrived at the very same conclusion,
with that mutual, albeit independently arrived at conclusion of their's
being: that there were a whole hell of a lot more positive facets connected
with their becoming fully functioning females than there were negatives.

	"With their decision made, the two of them figured that the only
way to coerce the Newbies into changing them into females was to make them
a deal that the Newbies couldn't refuse.  To that end, the nerds who would
become Brenda and Shannon put together a whole bunch of packets... y'know,
containing a condensed down version of the data they had been so diligently
amassing... and mailed them to each and every single one of the Newbies
they had identified and, in so doing, requested a face to face meeting with
the five members of the Newbie steering committee to discuss certain
matters of mutual concern.

	"It was to be a fair trade.  Brenda and Shannon would turn over all
the information, tapes - both audio and video - photographs and other sorts
of random paraphernalia they had collected on the Newbies... y'know, so
that said documentation could then be placed in a safe and secure place or
otherwise destroyed... and in return, the Newbies would one: arrange for
the two of them to be turned into young attractive women, and two: welcome
them into their ranks without rancor, remorse or thoughts of revenge.

	"Up against the wall as they were, the five members of the Newbie
steering committee at the time all this was transpiring saw no recourse but
to give into Brenda and Shannon's demands and so, acquiesced.

	"Two weeks after that... with all the appropriate preparations in
place... Brenda and Shannon became full fledged Newbies.  And a day after
that... lesbian lovers."

	"Vicki...", Jake(f) appeared perplexed.


	"Did you or did you not say something or other about Brenda being a

	"Sure did!"

	"Well... didn't you also say something that eluded to the fact that
Brenda is of Eurasian decent?"

	"Yes...  I suppose... in a round about manner of speaking... I
might have at that..."

	"Well...", Jake(f), attempting to point out the flaw in Vicki's
assertions tentatively replied, "...if that's the case... something sure as
hell doesn't jive!"

	"Oh!  I see your dilemma, sweetums!  You are having problems with
reconciling the Polish bit with the Eurasian business..."

	"I most certainly am!"

	"Let me explain..."

	"Please do!"

	"You see... my dearest darling... Brenda... before becoming the
femme fatale Brenda... had a thing for Eurasian women.  Y'know, as in he
dug the shit out of them.  Shannon... or I should have said... the nerdy
geek of a guy who became Shannon... knew about his bosom buddy's
quirk... y'know, in so far as Eurasian women were concerned... and because
he did... upon being appraised of the fact that Madam Agatha could dicker
around with various aspects of her male to female gender re-assignment
spell in such a way as to bring about certain predetermined cosmetic
changes... y'know, such as that beautiful blonde hair of your's,
Jake... inquired as to whether or not Madam Agatha could see her way clear
to giving his buddy a Eurasian appearance as a girl."

	"Are you saying...", Jake(f) energetically interjected, seeking
clarification, "...that this Madam Agatha of your's could actually arrange
it in such a way that a white guy... y'know, like I was... could be turn
into... shall we say... a black girl... y'know, with either African or
European features?"

	"Yes...", Vicki, off-handedly asserted.

	"I mean... had I wanted... you... my dearest darling... could have
ended up looking like some dark skinned, almond-eyed, black haired
Polynesian lovely... or... perhaps... a flaming red haired, freckled face
Irish honey...

	"Hell, Jake(f)... as I have been lead to believe... Madam
Agatha... had I opted to go with the Irish girl bit... could have fixed it
so that that femininely re-constructed larynx of your's resounded with a
sexy Irish brogue."

	"Wow!", Jake(f) found his herified self exclaiming.  "That's

	"It sure as hell is!", Vicki was quick to agree.

	"I mean... had I wanted to go the sadistic, vengeful root... I
could have had Madam Agatha turn you into a real first class
freakazoid... y'know, by fitting you out with an even more slenderized
waist then you already have and a pair of gargantuan, heavy-weight
hooters... y'know, that would require some sort of custom made support bra
to keep them from jostling around all over the place..."

	"Holy shit!", Jake(f) clamored as he inadvertently reached up and
punctuated his forth coming remarks by giving those newly installed ample
endowments of his a little narcissistic thumb caressing jiggle.  "I'm sure
as hell glad you didn't, Vicki!

	"I mean these...", he(f) continued, indicating those new,
enchantingly protruding, conically constructed mammary glands of his with a
forward-thrusting hefting motion, "...suit me to a tee!  Y'know... as in
they're neither to large... nor to small!  Y'know... as in they're perfect!
Just perfect!"

	"They ought to be, my dearest darling...", Vicki concurred.
"Y'know...given that they're damn near a carbon copy of my own..."

	From there, Vicki proceed on to provide Jake(f) with a brief
rundown on several other of their fellow Newbies, filling him(f) on all the
gory details revolving around how they went from being swinging dicks to
becoming vagina equipped potential semen repositories.

* * *

	Vicki spent the next hour or so telling Jake(f) about a few of the
Newbies he(f) would most likely meet over the course of the next couples
weeks.  Then, aware that time was pressing with respect to Jake(f) and his
selecting a new feminine name for his herified self, picked up the pad of
paper upon which she had jotted down the whittled down list of names he(f)
was supposed to be considering in his(f) spare time and forced him to
whittle the list down some more.

	A half an hour later, Jake(f), with Vicki's help and extremely
opinionated advice, had whittled the list down to a mere two first names
still under consideration, with the first of those two names being:
Crystal, and the other: Kimberly.  Then, as a reward for his(f) efforts,
Vicki, after a tender and delightfully endearing kiss, got up and got them
both something to snack on from the kitchen.

	Though it took one hell of a lot of urging on Jake(f)'s behalf,
Vicki finally gave in and, though she did so grudgingly, played the video
depicting her own sexual re-assignment.  Then, with nothing much to
interest them on television, Jake(f), though he(f) did so shyly, suggested
that the two of them call it an early night and head on in to the bedroom.
Vicki, suspecting what Jake(f) had in mind, eagerly went along with her
newly lesbianized lover's thinly veiled suggestion.

	Mere moments later, the two of them were going at it hot and heavy,
deftly servicing one another carnal needs in the reciprocating,
tongue-in-grove manner that they had so keenly adopted on previous

* * *

	The next day, with the next day being Wednesday, Vicki, hoping that
Jake(f), cooped up in the apartment as he(f) had been since the preceding
Saturday, was suffering from a bad case of cabin fever, arrived home
somewhere in the neighborhood of four thirty in the afternoon and matter a
factly informed her newly femmified lover that the two of them were going
out for dinner - her treat!

	Jake(f), feeling none to good about the prospect of going out in
public for his(f) very first time as a drop dead gorgeous member of the
opposite sex, was keenly aware that Vicki was adamant about their going out
and because she was, there was no way in hell that she was going to take no
for an answer.

	"Alright...", Jake(f) reluctantly fumed.  "I'll go...  But tell me,
Vicki!  Just what in the hell do you suggest I wear?  Y'know, because I
sure as shootin' ain't going out of this apartment of your's decked out in
one of these tease to please, nylon/lycra exercise outfits that I've been
wearing... y'know, ever since you turned me into a friggin' female!"

	"You mean to tell me that you don't like the way the new you looks
in those scintillating, body hugging outfits of mine?", Vicki teased.

	"No!", Jake(f) replied in an indignant huff.  "I like the way I
look in 'em just fine!

	"It's just...", Jake(f) began, groping for the correct words in
which to express his reservations.

	"It's just...", Vicki, taking pity on Jake(f)'s inability to
express his herified self, stepped into the breach, "... that you wouldn't
feel comfortable... y'know, flaunting those new wears of yours... y'know,
out in the public eye... so to speak...

	"So... to alleviate those fully justifiable concerns of your's, my
dearest darling... how about we deck you out in a pair of jeans and a
sweater of mine?"

	Jake(f) didn't mind the jeans and sweater ensemble Vicki selected
for him, even though the jeans looked as if they had been painted on.
He(f) did however have more than a few misgivings when it came to the
skimpy satin bra and matching low-rider styled panties that she pulled out
one of her dresser drawers and directed him(f) to put on.  But, as Vicki
secretly suspected, once she had cajoled him(f) into donning them, Jake(f),
poignantly aware of how down right sexy he felt with the sensual satin
material caressing both his primary and secondary sexual erogenous zones as
they were, not to mention how down right brazenly sexy he looked, abruptly
brought those disparaging remarks of his to an immediate halt.

	Vicki next opened her jewelry box and selected a delicate silver
chain that had a dolphin doodad thing-a-ma-bob dangling from it and
proceeded to affixed it about that aristocrat new neck stalk of Jake(f)'s.
A bracelet of dolphins, linked shout to fluke, followed the necklace.

	Jake(f) balked at the solitary diamond adorned, slender white-gold
band that Vicki next produce, suggesting, in so many words, that he(f) take
the ring and place it on the third finger of his emasculated left hand.

	"An engagement ring!", Jake(f) incredulously exclaimed.  "Come on,
Vicki!  There's no way in hell that I'm going to wear an engagement ring!"

	"And why the hell is that, Jake?"

	"Because!", he(f) retorted.

	"Because...", Vicki knowingly offered, "...doing so would offend
that over abused male sensitivity of your's?"

	"Yeah... or something like that...", Jake(f) reply was plaintive.

	"Jake(f)!", Vicki's rebuttal was stern.  "I really thing you should
reconsider... y'know, the ring business!"

	"Why?", he(f) curiously queried.

	"Well...", Vicki countered thoughtfully, "...in order to answer
your question, sweetums... let me ask you one..."

	"Okay...", Jake(f)'s said tentatively.  "Sure...  Ask away!"

	"Back when you were a man... when you saw... shall we say... a very
attractive young woman... y'know, who was wearing either an engagement ring
or... for that matter... a wedding band... would those manly scruples of
your's allow you to hit on her?"

	"No!  Never!", Jake(f) was emphatic.

	"And why is that, my dearest darling?"

	"Because...", Jake(f) groped.

	"Because...", Vicki offered, "...while you might have engage in
some harmless flirtations... you weren't the kind of egotistical,
self-centered bastard who was ballsy enough to put a move on some other
fellow's girl...  Right?"

	"Yeah...  I guess so..."

	"Well... I just thought that until you learn how to deal with men
and their coming onto you, Jake... y'know, what with that new body of
your's and all... it might put you more at ease wearing this bogus
engagement ring of mine... y'know, as... shall we say... a preventative

	"After all... it's like they say... y'know, about a ounce of
prevention being worth a pound of cure...

	"Oh!  And that brings something else to mind, Jake!

	"Soon... in the next several weeks or so... I'll arrange for you to
have a couple of sessions with Rachel... our Newbie self-defence
instructress... y'know, to teach you a couple of real nifty hand to hand
combat techniques that you can use to dissuade some of the more aggressive
arrogant male so-and-sos from going so far as to actually try and manhandle

	"Hopefully... you'll never have to use them.  But... if you
do... Rachel will make damn sure that you're more than adequately equipped
to handle anybody who won't take a simple, 'No!  I'm flattered!  But, I'm
not really interested!', for an answer."

* * *

	On the drive over to restaurant, Jake(f), who was inadvertently
fidgeting with the slim white-gold, diamond crested band that demurely
encircled the third finger of his left hand, hesitantly hazarded a

	"Vicki...  Tell me something!  Where in the world did you come up
with the engagement ring business... y'know, as... I guess you say... a
visible deterrent against unwelcome advancements?

	"I mean... did you come up with it on your own?  Or... did somebody
tell you about it?"

	"Somebody told me about it... y'know, like it's a Newbie thing!


* * *

	After dinner, Vicki made a right out of the restaurant's parking
lot, prompting a panicked Jake(f) to frantically inquiry, "Vicki!  Just
where in the hell are you taking the two of us now?"

	"To the mall."

	"The mall!", Jake(f), with a sinking feeling beginning to assert
itself in the pit of his(f) stomach, queasily countered.  "Please, Vicki!
I really don't think I'm up for the mall thing tonight!"

	"Squeamish?", Vicki benignly asked.

	"Hell, yes!  I'm squeamish!"


	"I mean... you did just fine at the restaurant..."

	"I don't know why, Vicki!", Jake(f) was emphatic.  "I just am!

	"I mean... the restaurant was one thing!  The mall... quite

	"That's understandable, Jake dear...

	"I mean... having been through it myself... y'know, back in the
days immediately following my own transsexualization... I can empathize
with everything you're going through, oh lovergirl of mine...

	"And belive you me!  While I know how hard all this is for you to
contend with, Jake... what with the ignominy involved in being a
guy... y'know, feeling like your imprisoned within a girl's bodacious bod
of a body... this is something that you're going to have to tackle sooner
or later... and while I know... without the necessity of your pointing it
out to me... that you'd rather attend to it later... y'know, rather than
sooner... since we have to go to the mall anyhow... me might as well tackle
it tonight... y'know, and there by get it over with... y'know, in one fell,
ignominious swoop!"

	Seeking clarification, Jake(f) demanded, "And just what in the hell
are we going to the mall for, Vicki?"

	"Well...", Vicki began thoughtfully, "...for one thing... we need
to pick you up a pair pumps with tapered two inch heels...  y'know, because
the other day... when I was rooting around in the bedroom closet... y'know,
trying to find those shoes that you're presently wearing... I couldn't find
the similar pair with the slightly higher two inch heels I had... y'know,
because I probably lent them out to someone... and whomever in the hell I
lent them to hasn't seen fit to return them!  So... unless of course you
think you're ready to move up to a pair of three inchers, Jake... we need
to get you a pair...

	"And for the other thing, my dearest darling... we need to get that
other ear of your's pierced... y'know, so that you can start wearing two
earrings instead of one!

	"Besides, Jake... since I was the one responsible for you losing
those old ugly balls of your's... I think it's only fair and fitting for me
to buy you a replacement pair... y'know, like little silver ones... y'know,
that you can wear in those delicate new ears of your's... as... shall we
say... a reminder of your former life... y'know, when you had a manly man's
set of testicles to call your own..."

* * *

	Arriving at the mall, on Vicki's suggestion, the two of them made
the task of obtaining a moderately heeled pair of pumps their first order
of business.  While they were in the shoe store, having already selected
the heels they wished to purchase, here again on Vicki's suggestion,
Jake(f) selected a pair of white athletic jogging shoes to fit those
femininely down-sized feetzie-wheatzies of his(f); given the fact that
Vicki had only one pair herself and therefore, was unable to furnish a
second pair for that new lovergirl of her's.

	After finishing up with the shoe store, with purchases in hand, the
two of them casually made their way along the mall's upper concourse.
Coming upon a Victoira's Secret outlet, Vicki, taking almost sardonic
pleasure as she did so, playfully cajoled Jake(f) into accompanying her
inside.  Saying that she only wish to browse around a little, Jake(f) took
gas when Vicki called a salesgirl over and proceed to asked her in which
part of the store she could find duplicates of the scandalously skimpy
gleaming gold satin camisole that was prominently displayed in one of the
store's two giant and tastefully done window displays.  Selecting a
shimmering glossy black one for herself and a striking radiant silver one
for Jake(f), Vicki, with Jake(f) whispering one snippet of a protest after
another in her ear, proceed over to the display featuring lycra/satin bra
and panty combo sets, where upon, she selected two pairs which closely
matched, if not down right duplicated, the coloration of the camisoles that
Jake(f) had been co-opted into to lugging around, plus another two sets.
One, a shiny and saucy emerald green and the other, a rich and gleaming
sapphire blue.

	Next stop, a cosmetic kiosk, located at the far end of the mall's
lower level, where Vicki, with some helpful advice of the attending
saleswoman, selected several different shades of nail polish, lipstick, eye
mascara and other sundry stuff that was suited to enhance the overall
effect of Jake(f)'s glorious, golden hued, California beach bunny like

	From there, the two of them proceeded on to one of the two kiosk
styled, center concourse situated, jewelry outlets that were located on the
lower level's concourse, one on each side of the mall's rather airy,
centralized, fountain and hanging garden garnished rotunda.  Selecting a
pair of medium sized, studded, silver earrings, Vicki, taking charge of the
transaction in a very manfully manner, dutifully informed the saleslady
that her girl friend [referring clearly to Jake()f] needed his other ear

	Ironically, just as the saleslady was taking that gun-like
ear-piercing thing-of-a-ma-jig of her's and employing it to skewer
Jake(f)'s other earlobe, who should come sashaying along the mall's lower
concourse but Angie, the very same Angie who had deftly orchestrated Vicki
and Jake(f)'s getting together in the first place.

	"Well hello!", Angie, smiling that great big endearing smile of
her's, beamed happily.  Then, in a clandestine aside that was meant for
Vicki's ears alone, she continued on to query, "Is this who I think it is?"

	"Yes...", in a conspiratorial whisper, Vicki, returning smile for
smile, delightfully replied.

	"Well it sure is nice to see the two of you out and about!", Angie
continued cheerily.

	"Hey, Vicki!  I've got an idea!  How about... after your girlfriend
here finishes up getting her ear's reamed out... y'know, like in good and
proper and all... why don't the three of us go get an ice cream sundae or
something at Friendly's...  Y'know, so you can properly introduce me to
this simply gorgeous new friend of your's... and the three of us can engage
in some girl-talk... y'know, like we 'girls' are always suppose to be
engaging in..."

	A few minutes later, with both of Jake(f)'s earlobes demurely
displaying a gleaming, medium seized silver orb, the three Newbies were
seated at a booth in Friendly's.  Once seated, Angie initiated the
conversation by good-naturedly inquiring, "So, Jake... tell me!  How's it
feel being a girl?"

	"Weird!  Really, really weird..."

	"That's par for the course.", Angie returned evenly.  "However,
though you might not think so now... given time... you will get use to it."

	"Yeah...", Jake(f) tone conveyed a sense of dejected acceptance,
"...that's what all you former swinging dicks keeps telling me..."

	The waitress came and took their orders and after she did, Angie,
with her initial comments directed more to Vicki than to Jake(f), began
anew, "I ran into Gwen and Karen the other day and... though I was a little
skeptical at first... now that I seen the finished product for myself... I
have to admit that they were right!  Madam Agatha has indeed outdone
herself with this latest makeover spell of her's!"

	Then, directing her comments to Jake(f), Angie continued on to say,
"You... my dear... are exquisite!  Simply exquisite... in that you have to
be - hands down - the prettiest Newbie that I have ever seen!

	"And that... as Vicki here will no doubt confirm... is saying
something!  Y'know, because if there is one thing about this Newbie
business... Madam Agatha makes doubly sure that each and every single one
of us is pretty as a picture... y'know, with a body that won't quit!

	"However, Jake(f)... you... my dear... take the cake!  Y'know, with
that angelic face and that temptress sculpted bodacious bod of a body of

	Shortly thereafter, as the three of them attacked the sundaes that
had been just delivered, Angie proceeded on to ask, "So Jake(f)... have you
decided on new name for yourself?"

	"No...", Jake(f) sheepishly admitted, as Vicki, close on his(f)
heels, went on to quickly add, "But he has managed to narrowed it down to a
mere two!"

	"Good!", Angie aired lightly.  "And... if I maybe so bold to
inquire... what might they be?"

	"Crystal and Kimberly!", Vicki replied without allowing Jake(f) the
opportunity to answer for his herified self.

	"Crystal...  Kimberly...", Angie, taking her time, sounded the
names in a most thoughtful manner and then, proceeded on to pronounced her
judgement.  "I like them!

	"Fact is: I like both of them!  Equally!"

	"That's the problem...", Vicki replied.  "So do both Jake(f) and

	"Hmmm...", Angie turned introspective for a moment and then beamed,
"I have an idea!

	"Since Crystal is two syllables and Kimberly three... why don't you
submit both... y'know, there by providing Tammy with a little
leeway... y'know, when it comes to choosing a knew last name for you."

	Then, before Jake(f) could seek clarification, Angie, aware that
she hadn't explained herself as well as she might, endeavored to expand on
her suggestion.  "I mean... since it's as you say... y'know, about your
liking the two names equally well... by submitting both Crystal and
Kimberly to Tammy... y'know, without specifying which of the two you want
as a new first name... you give her the option of... shall we
say... assigning them to improve the cadence of the way your new name will

	"For example, Jake... let's say Tammy assigns you the last name of

	"You tell me!  Doesn't Crystal Kimberly Smith have a slightly
better cadence than Kimberly Crystal Smith?

	"Or better yet!  Doesn't Crystal Kimberly Parker sound better than
Kimberly Crystal Parker?  Where as, Kimberly Crystal De Bergerac have a
better ring to it than Crystal Kimberly De Bergerac... y'know, because of
cadence of the all the syllables involved..."

* * *

	Later, on the ride home from the mall, Jake(f), having appraised
Vicki that Angie's suggestion about submitting both the names Crystal and
Kimberly to whomever this nebulous Newbie Tammy was without specifying
which was to be his(f) new first name and which was to be his(f) new middle
name was the way to go, proceeded on to ask, "Okay!  So... what's Angie's
story, Vicki?"

	"Well... for starters, Jake... tell me: how old do you think Angie

	"Our age... maybe a year or two older...", Jake(f) dutifully

	"Would you believe she's actually in her early to mid forties?"

	"No way!", Jake(f) scoffed.  "I mean... you are shitting me!

	"No, Jake!  I'm not shitting you!

	"While I fully agree with you that she doesn't look it, Angie is in
her forties!"

	"Are you saying...", Jake(f) astonished, sought Vicki's
clarification, "...that this Madam Agatha of your's can actual
fiddle-fuck-around with someone's age to that much of a degree?"

	"Yes...", Vicki returned, "...apparently she can...

	"I mean... given the fact that Angie was as old as I said she
was... y'know, and given how young she looks now... I think it's a safe bet
to say that Madam Agatha can pretty much bring about any change she wants
to... y'know, with respect to all the variables she can dicker around with
when she assembles and formulates that gender re-assignment spell of

	"And... would you believe that Angie... prior to her becoming
Angie... use to be a priest!  Y'know, as in a ordained Catholic priest!"

	"No!", Jake(f) was incredulous.

	"Oh, yeah...  As amazing as it sounds: Angie use to be a parish
priest... y'know, who now thinks of herself as some sort of rogue Catholic
priestess... y'know, who functions as sort of an adjunct Newbie chaplain
slash counselor or something...

	"She does... does she?"

	"Yes!", Vicki was emphatic.  "She most certainly does!"

	"Is she still celibate?", Jake(f) heard his herified self ask.

	"Yes...  To the best of my knowledge, she is...

	"I mean... I've never heard anything that would suggest
otherwise...  Y'know, as in I've never heard of her ever engaging in any
sort of lesbian couched hanky-panky with any Newbie.  Nor... have I ever
heard of an occasion where she went out with a guy... y'know, other than on
a casual, platonic sort of way..."

	"I don't know how in the world she does it!", Jake(f) exclaimed,
that sultry new voice of his(f) clearly conveying the intonations of

	"I mean... damn near every time I... even if I do so
inadvertently... catch a glimpse of my new feminine self... y'know,
reflected in a mirror or some other reflective surface... I end up getting
turn on... and this new self-lubricating pussy of mine starts in leaking
love-juices like a sieve!"

	Vicki concurred, as she emphatically replied, "Yeah...  I know
exactly what you mean, my dearest darling...  To this day... the same damn
thing happens to me... y'know, when I catch a glimpse of myself... y'know,
as in... more times than not... I find myself getting all hot and
bother... y'know, with the male me... y'know, that's imprisoned up here in
this pretty little head of mine... wanting... in the worst friggin' way
imaginable... to get it on with the female me... y'know, that I've up and

	"And yes, Jake... I don't know how Angie manages it either!
Y'know, because I sure as hell couldn't!"

	"So... be that as it may, Vicki...", Jake(f) resumed tentatively,
"Pray tell!  How in the world did a priest end up becoming a Newbie in the
first place?"

	"Well... as I understand it... Angie... back in her male,
priesthood days... was wrongly accused of being a pedophile... y'know, who
liked to fool around with pre-pubecsent boys.

	"As I understand it... it all had something or other to do with
this one psychologist... y'know, who was gung-ho for all the suppressed
memory bullcrap that was all the rage a couple of years ago...

	"Well anyhow... there were some ugly allegations made... y'know,
that named Father Angie as the perpetrator of some rather sick and
degenerate sexual acts... y'know, from which he was... after a lot of
who-struck-john... fully exonerated from by both the local district
attorney's office and the archdiocese... y'know, that ran its' own,
independent investigation of the allegations... y'know, just to ensure that
everything was on the up and up... and that Father Angie was innocent of
the damning charges that had been made against him.

	"However... even though he was... y'know, exonerated... Father
Angie remained under the cloud of suspicion... y'know, due to the fact
that... even when appraised with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but
the truth... some people are going to think what they will!  Y'know, as in
you'll never get certain people to change their minds... especially so if
the subject you want to change their minds about concerns something
pertaining to the seedier side of the human condition.  Y'know, such a
pedophile priest engaging in sexual acts with young boys.

	"So anyhow... in an effort to help Father Angie from the sticky
wicket he found himself embroiled within, the archbishop arranged for a
transfer... y'know, from one archdiocese to another.

	"Trouble was... some hot shot reporter... y'know, living in the
local that Father Angie was being transferred to... did a little digging.
Trouble was, he didn't dig enough.  He neglected to investigate the
psychologist... y'know, who was into all the repressed memory bullshit.
Had he, that meddlesome reporter would have realized that several of this
particular psychologist's patients had made similar charges... y'know,
about people in their own respective pasts.

	"Well anyhow... the reporter - a real eager beaver - ran a story
about Father Angie... about how the new priest who had just arrived in the
community was there because he had been an accused pedophile... shameless
omitting the crucial fact that Father Angie had been completely exonerate
of all charges."

	"That's terrible!", Jake(f), irked, felt the need to comment.

	"Yeah...  It sure as hell is...", Vicki concurred.

	"So anyhow...", Vicki continued on with her story, "...there was
this Newbie... y'know, who is now an alumni... y'know, as in she's now off
somewhere or another... doing who-knows-what... who... as you might well
imagine... went to grade school in the very same parish where Father Angie
had been stationed following his ordination.

	"Now... this particular Newbie of which I speak had some real heavy
handed sexual identity problems... y'know, growing up... back before he
underwent one of Madam Agatha's magical augmentations.

	"In other words, Jake... this particular Newbie was always at odds
with his maleness.

	"So anyhow... just around the time puberty hit this poor son of a
bitch... y'know, like right smack dab in the kisser... he got desperate and
despondent... so desperate and despondent that he damn near took his own
life... and would have eventually succeeded were it not for Father Angie's
timely and compassionate intervention.

	"Okay!  So time passes... and this poor smuck.. who... I should
point out... has begun to dabble around with some latent transvestite
tendencies of his.. graduates from high school and arrives here at the
university where, after some trouble at the dorm... y'know, brought on by
someone slimeballs becoming aware of those latent transvestite tendencies
of his... the Newbies... who are always on the lookout for something of
this nature occurring... opted to offer this poor unfortunate bastard a
solution to his sexual identity dilemma... y'know, given the fact that it
had reached... what all assume to be... a critical level.

	"So anyhow... somewhere down the road... several years after this
latent transvestite has undergone Madam Agatha's brand of physical
feminization... he - as a re-engendered she - just happens to catch wind of
Father Angie's problems and... wishing to do something to... shall we
say... return the favor... decides... after a lot of soul-searching... to
bring the matter to the attention of the Newbies' steering committee.

	"The steering committee took the matter of Father Angie under
advisement and decided to run their own little investigation... y'know,
just to make doubly sure that he wasn't a pedophile... and that he hadn't
done what he had been accused of doing.

	"Once again... after a pretty extensive investigatory
effort... involving a whole bunch of the then active
Newbies... that... after a lot of who-struck-john.. netted absolutely
nothing in the way of evidence to support the claim of
pedophilia... y'know, other than the initial, uncorroborated and
unsubstantiated charge... the Newbies elected to offer Father Angie an
admittedly drastic way out of the mell of a hess he had through no fault of
his own inadvertently become ensnared within... y'know, via the fresh slate
approach of the Newbie life-style..."

	"That explains it!", Jake(f) energetically interjected.

	"Explains what?", Vicki quizzically inquired.

	"Why I've hardly ever seen Angie wear anything other than black!
Y'know, because... even though he's a she now... irregardless of the fact
that the Catholic Church does not ordain women into the priesthood... Angie
still thinks of herself as priest... or priestess... or whatever!  Y'know,
as in I bet you that she still adheres to those vows she took... y'know,
like when she was ordained!"

	"You're darn tootin' she does!", Vicki was quick to confirmed
Jake(f)'s assertion.

	"Even though she's a women now... y'know, decked out in a body that
won't quit... she is steadfast in her commitment to her priestly vocation!

	"In other words, my dearest darling... Angie says mass each and
every morning... y'know, that you are more than welcome to
attend... y'know, should you find yourself wanting to...

	"Also... if you ever find the need to get something off that
delightful new and improved chest of your's, Jake... Angie will be more
than happy to serve as your confessor...

	"Plus... if you haven't gone and changed your mind about what you
said Saturday morning... y'know, about you and your making an honest women
out of me... y'know, by making me your happily wedded wife, Jake
dear... y'know, now or sometime in - I hope and pray! - the foreseeable
future... Angie will be more then happy to perform the marriage ceremony
for us..."

* * *

	Several blocks down the road, Jake(f) returned to the subject of
Angie and her being a priest as he(f) thoughtfully and teasingly quipped,

	Intrigued, Vicki was compelled to ask, "What's odd, honey?"

	"Angie...  Specifically the way Angie dresses..."

	"You mean...", Vicki sought clarification, "...in black and all..."

	"Yeah... sort of..."

	"So what's odd about her and her dressing all in black, Jake
dear... y'know, what with her and her being a priest and all..."

	"Nothing...  There's absolutely nothing strange about her dressing
in black like she does..."

	"So...", Vicki began quizzically, "...what's your beef?"

	"I was thinking more about the style of clothing Angie likes to
dress in... y'know, rather than the coloration of the clothing she likes to
dress in, Vicki..."

	"What do you mean?"

	"Well... take tonight for a for-instance...

	"Can you recall what Angie was wearing this evening, Vicki?"

	"Yeah!  She was wearing a turtle neck sweater... y'know, with that
little silver cross and chain of her's prominently dangling out from under
its' rolled collar!"

	"True...", Jake(f) acknowledge the fact that Vicki was indeed
correct about the turtleneck and silver cross.  "But what else was she
wearing, Vicki?"

	"Black pants...", Vicki offered.

	"Yes...  You are quite correct.  They were indeed black.

	"However, Vicki... they were also leather... and as tight as tight
can be!

	"Hell, Vicki!  Those leather pants of her's were so tight fitting
that you could actually make out the lip-folds of her vagina!"

	"And then there's those pointy toed boots that you always see her
prancing around in... y'know, that are fitted out with real high, tapering,
needle thin spiked heels!

	"I mean... if those boots of her's don't classify as dick teaser
specials... then, I don't know what in the hell does!

	"I mean... come on, Vicki!

	"Admit it!

	"For a priest... priestess... or whatever... Angie does like to
flaunt those new feminine wares of hers... y'know, much the way you like to

	"Me!", Vicki, having a hard time containing herself, teasingly and
sarcastically scoffed.  "How can you even suggest that I would ever do
something as brazen as that!"

	"Because, Vicki... you do!  And you know you do!"

	"Let me let you in on a little secret, Jake dear...

	"Once you get passed all these initial reservations of
your's... y'know, about you and your going out in public as a bonafide
female... you... my little nymphed-out, narcissistic, lesbian
lovergirl... are going to dress in a custom tailored, self-aggrandizing,
tease to please manner... y'know, just like the rest of your fellow Newbies

* * *

	Late Thursday afternoon, upon arriving home, Vicki asked Jake(f) if
he(f) was up for some volleyball that evening, informing him as she did so,
that a group of Newbies got together every other Thursday to play over at
the university's recently upgraded and expanded gym facilities.  Jake(f),
after taking a short moment or so to ponder Vicki's proposal, replied,
"Sure... why not!  Besides, volleyball sounds like a lot of fun!  Plus,
I'll get to meet some more of these Newbie friends of your's..."

	Then, in answer to Jake(f)'s inquiry about how he(f) should dress,
Vicki promptly informed him that the turquoise nylon/lycra exercise outfit
he(f) was wearing would do just find; saying as she did so that all he(f)
had to do was to put a sweat suit on over top of it, plus a pair of white
socks and those tennis shoes that they had purchased the night before.
Having said that, Vicki, with Jake(f) in tow, headed into their bedroom to
one: produce the sweat suit and shocks that her new lesbian lovergirl
required, and two: attire herself in like fashion, save that the exercise
outfit that she donned was of a bright scarlet coloration.

	Once dressed, with Jake(f) decked out in a charcoal sweat suit and
Vicki in a plan grey one that was suitably emblazoned with the university's
crest, the two of them, acting on Vicki's suggestion, headed out to grab a
quick dinner at a near by Burger King.

	As they ate, Vicki tactfully, so as to not be overheard by anyone,
informed Jake(f) that she had submitted his(f) choice of feminine names to
Tammy so that she could get on with the arduous and time consuming task of
clandestinely processing his(f) new identity.  Then, having said that,
Vicki continued to suggest that Jake(f) choose one or the other of the
names, so that she could there by introduce him(f) to his(f) fellow Newbies
using that name; pointing out the fact that his choice didn't necessarily
have to be a binding one; suggesting as she did so, that he(f) could elect
to change it to suit his(f) needs in the future should he(f) wish to do so.

	As she had both planned and anticipated, Vicki and her blonde,
short haired, lesbian lovergirl Crystal arrived at the gym first.  Then, as
their fellow Newbies began to arrive in dribs and drabs, sometimes alone,
but more times than not as pair couples, Vicki took it upon herself to
introduce her 'girlfriend' Crystal to each and every one of them in turn.

	Angie, again according to Vicki's plan, was the next to arrive.
Lara and Gina followed shortly thereafter, as did the Eurasian appearing
Brenda and the red headed Shannon.  Rachel, the Newbies' self-defense
instructress and one of the university's physical educational staff
members, showed up next and unlocked the side door to the gym so that they
could all enter.  Gale was the next to put in an appearance and, upon being
introduced to Crystal, instead of either shaking hands or exchanging
pleasantries as the other had done before her, enfolded a befuddled and
clearly startled Crystal in, what she termed, a great big Newbie welcoming
embrace.  Joy and an extremely exuberant Kelly arrived round about the
time, Rachel, with the help of Lara and Gina, had the volleyball net in
place.  Bridgett and Stacey, having linked up with Pam and her lifemate
Bonny out in the adjacent parking lot, walked in as a foursome.

	Rachel next produced a small white plastic bucket and a poker chip
caddy and began counting out seven read chips and eight blue chips.  Having
done so, she proceeded on to drop them into the bucket.  Taking note of
what Rachel was doing, Vicki excused herself from the conversation she was
engaged in at the time and informed Rachel that she could remove one of the
blue chips; saying as she did so that her stomach was feeling a tad bit
queasy from dinner and that it might be prudent for her were she to sit out
the first few games; adding that she hoped that she'd be able to play a
little bit later, if and when her stomach settled down some.

	With Rachel holding the bucket up so that the chips within remained
unseen, each Newbie in turn, with the exception of Vicki, reached in and
picked out a chip.  Crystal got a blue one and so started out the evening
teamed up with Angie, Gina, Shannon, Joy, Stacey and Rachel.  With Vicki
saying that she would keep score, the Newbies moved onto the court and as
they did, Angie, in a friendly manner, joshingly informed Crystal that the
Newbies didn't take kindly to anybody showboating and that the only
unforgivable faux pas he(f) could make that evening was trying to play a
ball hit to someone else's position.

	Given the fact that all the Newbies had the same basic body
structure, meaning that as far as their stature went, they were all within
an inch or so in height of one another, the games tended to be close and
highly contested ones.

	Truth be told, it was Crystal's awkwardness with that new female
body of his(f), more than anything else, that contributed to the Blue Teams
losing the first two games.  Maneuvering with those new ample chest melons
of his(f), jostling and gyrating this-a-way and that-a-way as they were a
wont to do, played havoc with his(f) timing, thusly causing Crystal no end
of problems all throughout the first game and well into the second.

	Then, though he(f) was never exactly sure what actually occurred to
change the equation, Crystal started to get the hang of that new feminized
body of his(f) and as a result, his(f) playing ability improved by leaps
and bounds, so much so that the Blue Team managed - by the skin of their
collective chinny chin chins - to gain a victory over the Red Team.
Surprisingly, Crystal's playing ability continued to improve all throughout
the fourth game, so much so that the Blue Team, with Rachel clearly their
star player, handily won not only the fourth game, but the fifth game as

	Then, in order to make the next game more competitive, during a
short break, Rachel, who had a pretty good feel for each of the Newbies'
playing ability, suggested an exchange of players; swapping Gina and Stacey
for Lara and Bonny.

	Rachel's suggested personnel swap proved out to a most equitable
one, for neither team dominated the next two games.  However, as Crystal
continued to gain proficiency, especially as regards his(f) aggressive net
play, the Blue Team once again gained a fairly noticeable advantage;
promoting Rachel to once again suggest a trade as she sent Crystal and Joy
over to the Red Team in exchange for Kelly and Bridgett.

	Shortly after nine, Rachel, suggested that they play one more game
and then, call it a night.

	They did, with the Red Team taking the last one with a final spike
by none other than an adrenaline charged and exuberant Crystal.

	Someone - possible the pink lycra spandex clad Gale - suggested
that, since it was still early enough, that they should all head over to a
near by open all night diner for some coffee and something to munch on.
Everyone, with the exception of Pam and Bonny, who lived all the way on the
other side of town and had to get up early for work the next morning, said
they were up for it.  Rachel, who still had to lock the gym up for the
night, informed the group that, while she'd be a little late putting in an
appearance, they were to save her a seat.

	Crystal, who - surprisingly - was eager to go himself(f), wasn't
sure that Vicki was up to it.  Vicki assured him(f) she was; saying, in no
uncertain terms, that her stomach felt a hundred percent better than it had

* * *

	On their ride home, after spending a very pleasant hour and a half
at the diner, shootin' shit with their fellow Newbies, Vicki, as she turned
out of the diner's parking lot and onto the main thoroughfare, felt
compelled to ask, "So, Jake...  Excuse me!  Crystal!  What'ya think?"

	"About what?", Crystal replied, realizing as he - as a she - did so
that he(f) was asking a stupid question.

	"About your fellow Newbies?"

	"Oh!  Them...", Crystal began tentatively in an effort to organizes
his(f) thoughts.

	"I liked them...  I really like them"

	"No shit, Sherlock!", Vicki playfully teased.  "I mean it was
pretty evident... y'know, to everybody there... y'know, that you liked
them!  And not in... shall we say... a platonic, sisterly like fashion..."

	"And just what do you mean by that remark of your's, Vicki?",
Crystal curtly demanded.

	"Come on, Jake!  Crystal!", Vicki corrected herself.  "Get real!

	"Admit it!  That male libido of your's was in overdrive all

	"Was not!"

	"Was too!"

	"Yeah...  Right!  And I'm still the swinging dick I was born to
be!", Vicki's sarcasm was pungent.

	"Come on, Jake!  This is your girlfriend Vicki you're talking to!

	Y'know... and not some gullible smuck...

	"So come on!  Get real!  Fess up!  Alright?"

	"Okay...", Crystal contritely complied.  "I give...  You win,

	"Had I still had that old trusty pecker of mine... it's a pretty
safe bet that it would have been rock solid, standing at attention all
throughout the whole entire evening!

	"I mean to tell you, Vicki!  Those Newbie friends of your's are -
Hands down! - the most knock down, drop dead gorgeous women I've ever had
the distinct pleasure of being around!"

	Then, after a moments hesitation, Crystal continued on to say, "And
yeah, Vicki...  I must say: when you're right - you're right!  Y'know,
about me... and how I was surreptitiously scoping them all out... y'know,
lecherously eyeing them up one side and down the other... y'know, all
through out the evening..."

	"Jake(f) dearest...", Vicki sheepishly replied, forgetting for the
moment to use Jake(f)'s newly chosen feminine name, "...while you might
think that you were being surreptitious in your ogling endeavors... take it
from me... you weren't as surreptitious as you might think you were!
Y'know, because every single Newbie there knew exactly what you were

	"They did?"

	"They sure as hell did!

	"Remember, Jake honey...  Excuse me!  Damn!  I keep calling you
Jake when I should be calling you Crystal!

	But anyhow... what I was going to say was that every single Newbie
that was there at the gym tonight went through the same damn thing that
you're in the midst of going through now!  And since most were... like you
and I... heterosexuals males... y'know, prior to undergoing gender
re-assignment... they faired no better than you did tonight...  Y'know, as
in they knew exactly what you were doing... y'know, because they had done
the very same thing...

	"Besides, Crystal... while you were eyeing them up... you'd best
believe they were eyeing you up... getting their own male libidos torqued
in the process..."

	An almost tangible, brooding moment of silence began to permeate
the car's interior until Crystal's purring intonations reached out and
tenderly dispersed it with the following, thoughtfully rendered comments,
"Strange... but I felt really intimidated... y'know, surrounded as I was by
all those fantastic looking girls... y'know, that use to be guys..."

	"How come?", Vicki sought Crystal's explanation.

	"Because... they were all so beautiful... y'know, just like you
are, Vicki..."

	"Well... first... let me say that I am extremely flattered by the
compliment you just paid me, Jake... y'know, irregardless of the fact that
what you say is true.. y'know, about me and the rest of the Newbies being

	"However... with that having been said... belive me!  You have
absolutely nothing to feel intimidated about, Jake - Crystal!", Vicki,
quickly correcting herself.  "Y'know, because it's true what I and all the
rest of the Newbies that you've met keep telling you!  Whatever Madam
Agatha did... y'know, when she cooked up the main ingredient for that
transsexualization spell I used on you... she done good!  Y'know,
because... my dearest dim-witted darling... as pretty as we all
are... you're prettier!  Y'know, as in your beauty eclipses ours... y'know,
in subliminal ways that are hard to define..."

	"Really?", it was Crystal's turn to feel flattered.

	"Really!", Vicki returned, confirming the validity of her previous

	"That's nice to hear...  Y'know, because for a while there
tonight... I felt like I had died and gone to honey-pot heaven..."

	"Well... in a manner of speaking, Crystal... you have...  Y'know,
because... for all intent and purposes... the old you - the male you - is
dead... and you've been... I guess you could say... reincarnated... y'know,
as the beautiful young woman that you are now..."

	"Shit!", Jake(f) screeched in earth shattering alarm, causing a
rift in Vicki's concentration that you could drive a Mack truck through,
which in turn, affected her driving, so much so that their car momentarily
veered a little into the oncoming lane, damn near causing an accident as it
did so.

	Quickly recovering, Vicki tersely demanded, "Are you alright,

	"Yes...", Crystal tentatively mused, with a voice that tended to
belie the validity of her reply.  "Physically I'm fine..."

	"Then what in tarnations was that 'shit' of your's all about?"

	"I just got to thinking about what you had said... y'know, about
the male me... being... for all intent and purposes... dead to the
world... and that brought to mind my parents... and how they will start
worrying about me... y'know, when I eventually turn up AWOL...

	"Vicki...", Crystal began knew, having taken a second or so to
ponder the matter.

	"Yes, Jake..."

	"What am I going to do?  I mean... can I tell my parents?  Y'know,
about me and my being turned into a girl and all...  Or... were I to do
so... would I be breaking some sort of Newbie Code of Silence... y'know,
that you have yet to apprise me of..."

	"Sure you can tell them, Jake!  And no... just so you
know... there's no Newbie Code of Silence..."

	"In fact... should you elect to tell your parents... if... that
is... you'd like me to... I be more than happy to accompany you... y'know,
to lend you whatever moral support I can... y'know, given the fact that I'm
the one who was responsible for your becoming a girl in the first place...

	"However... should you elect to go that route... y'know, and tell
your parents about you and your being changed into a card carrying member
of the opposite sex... as a favor to both me and the rest of your fellow
Newbies... I urge you to exercise extreme caution!  Y'know, because none of
us want news about this Newbie business to get out... y'know, where it
could end up causing the whole kit a caboodle of us no end of troubles...

	"Let me ask you something, Jake!", Vicki's tone of voice conveyed a
uncharacteristic seriousness.  "How are your parents at keeping secrets?"

	After taking a long, introspective moment to consider Vicki's
question, Crystal replied, "Well... to put it bluntly, Vicki... my mom
can't keep a secret to save her life... where as, my dad can...

	"I mean... telling my mom a secret is like telling the whole darn
family!  And that's family in the broader sense, Vicki!  Y'know, like aunts
and uncles and distant cousins and the whole nine yards..."

	"For me...", Vicki empathized, '...it was the other way around!
Y'know, as in my mother can keep a secret... but my father can't!"

	"So what'ya do?", Crystal proceeded on to inquire.

	"Though I was loathed to do so... I waited until my father was out
of town on a business trip and... pretending to be a concerned old
girlfriend of my former male self... with Jennifer tagging along to provide
the moral support I felt I needed... I paid a call on my mother.
Then... once the three of us were seated in the living room... I laid the
whole thing out for her in all its' gory and ignominious detail."

	"Did your mother believe you?", Crystal felt compelled to ask.

	"No... not at first she didn't...

	"However... with Jennifer's help and support... plus a rather
nerve-wracking and down right personally humiliating viewing of that video
tap that Brenda and Shannon had clandestinely made of me... y'know,
undergoing my male to female makeover... I finally... after a long question
and answer sessions... y'know, in which my mother asked me every
conceivable question she could think of... managed to convince my mother
that I was who I said I was!"

	"What about your father, Vicki?  Did you or your mom ever get
around to telling him?"

	"No!  And to the best of my knowledge, he still doesn't know!"

	"Are you ever going to tell him?"


	"I mean... if my mother should happen to pass away first... I guess
I'm going to have to..."

	"Why so, Vicki..."

	"Because, Jake(f)... my mother named me - the girl me - in her
will!  She also has me - here again, the female me - named as a
co-beneficiary on her insurances polices... y'know, along with my father!

	"Also, Jake - Sorry!  Crystal! - my mother wrote a
letter... y'know, to my father... y'know, that she put in the file with the
rest of her personal papers... that states... in no uncertain terms... that
Victoria Michelle Langstrum is none other than her son Victor Michael
Spalding and that it is her fervent wish that my father accord me as such.

	Having supplied Crystal with a few more details about how she went
about informing her mother, Vicki said, "So... I guess what I'm suggesting
is... you might want to think about handling the business of informing your
parents about your change in sexually status along the very same lines that
I did.  Y'know, as in you can... if you'd like... get in touch with your
father... y'know, and set up a meeting with just him...  Or... if you think
that you can trust your mother not to blab this rather incredible and
seemly farfetched story of your's all over the place... you can... if you
so choose... set up a meeting with the both of them... y'know, so that you
can tell them how I went and dastardly turned their eldest son into their
one and only daughter...

	"I mean... were you to do that... were you to tell both of
them... that opens up another option for you..."

	"And what option is that, Vicki?"

	"They can adopt you..."

	"What!", Crystal was taken aback by Vicki's suggestion, and the
timbre of those girlish intonations of his(f) clearly conveyed that fact.

	"You heard me, Jake!  Once your parents know who you really are,
they can legally adopt you!"


	"I mean... you're not shittin' about this... are you, Vicki?

	"I mean... you're saying that my parents... irregardless of the
fact that I'm over the age of eighteen... can actually adopt me?"

	"They sure as hell can!

	"Fact is, Jake...  Sorry!  I keep forgetting!  I've been calling
you Jake for so long I can't seem to get it in this head of mine that
you're going by the name of Crystal now!

	"But anyhow... like I was saying - Crystal! - the fact of the
matter is... over the years... as I have been lead to believe... quite a
few Newbies have been adopted by their real parents... y'know, just to
insure that everything remains legal and above board... y'know, when
something unfortunate... y'know, such as a death or long term illness
should occur... y'know, that requires certain legal decisions to be
made... y'know, by members of the immediate family...

* * *

	Crystal's second weekend as a femme fatale was busy one.  Friday
evening, with some gentle coaxing on Vicki's part, the two of them went to
see a recently released action/adventure flick that they had both been
eagerly wanting to see.  Saturday, the Newbies Pam and Bonny called around
eight in the morning, informing Vicki that they were planning to spend a
day at the zoo and inquired as to whether or not Crystal and Vicki would
like to accompany them.  Vicki, having checked with Crystal first, gladly
accepted.  After a very pleasant day at the zoo, the four of them hit a
Pizza Hut on the way home and afterwards, went back to Vicki and Crystal's
for an evening of double deck pinochle and some rather manly couched 'girl'
talk.  Sunday, in accordance with plans agreed upon at Thursday's
volleyball session, Brenda and Shannon picked the two of them up early and,
after a stop for smorgasbord styled breakfast, headed over towards the
Washington suburbs, where the four caught the Metro so that they could
spend a most enjoyable day roaming around the Natural History Building of
the Smithsonian Institute.

	Though Vicki endeavored to get that new lesbian lovergirl of hers
out of the apartment for an hour or so every evening so as to guard against
his(f) going stir crazy, Crystal's days were spent pretty much
apartment-bound.  Occasionally, when he(f) felt like the walls were closing
in on him(f), Crystal would ride rough shod over his(f) apprehensions and
go out for a short, midday walk around the block.  However, though he(f)
did do that upon occasion, Crystal wasn't as yet comfortable enough
operating as a member of the amply endowed crotch creased club without the
moral support and security that Vicki's presences lent him(f) to venture
any further on his(f) own.

	Basically, since he(f) was of the opinion that daytime TV was a
bust, when Crystal wasn't engaging in a crassly self-satisfying game of
titty twirl and clitty tweak with those magnificently upgraded and ultra
feminized erogenous zones of his(f), as he(f) normally did at least once in
the morning upon waking and then, again in the early hours of the
afternoon, he(f) generally spent his(f) apartment-bound days alternating
between, practicing his(f) repertory of American and Celtic fiddle tunes,
catching up on some casual reading and nosing around on-line with Vicki's

	Thursday morning, as he(f) sat at the computer desk dressed in that
glistening silver satin camisole that Vicki had teasingly bought for him(f)
and the pair of recently purchased medium heeled, U-throated black leather
pumps, Crystal pulled up a search engine and, due to the fact that he was
quickly becoming board with the handful of sites that he(f) generally
enjoyed visiting when on-line, typed in the word TRANSSEXUAL on a whim.
Unhappy with the results netted by that search, Crystal, undaunted, tried
again as he(f) proceeded on to type the word TRANSGENDER in place of
TRANSSEXUAL.  Then, aware that his(f) search had netted more matches than
he(f) wished to scan through, Crystal narrowed his(f) search parameters by
adding the key word STORIES.

	By doing so, Crystal found a whole shitload of transgender related
sites that, in a manner of speaking, tickled that new found fancy of his(f)
to no end.  Several of the sites, those which featured fiction with a
transgender flavor, he(f) found to be extremely interesting and to his(f)
amazement, down right enjoyable.  Though he(f) really liked some of the
personal websites he(f) came across, Crystal really enjoyed reading the
wide variety of stories he found posted on FICTIONMANIA, NIFTY and

	Oddly enough, Crystal was rendered flabbergasted as he - as a she -
realized just how close some of the magical transformation stories came to
dovetailing to his own rather ignominious situation as a fully femmified
former male.  Ironically, some of the authors had come damn close to
nailing the Newbie business that he(f) had become so innocently and
unwittingly involved in on its' proverbial noggin.

	That evening, upon informing Vicki of his(f) rather interesting
internet finds, an amused and chuckling Vicki proceeded on to return the
favoring by informing Crystal that the reason behind why some of those
transgender stories he(f) was referring to came so close to hitting the
mark was due to the fact that some of the Newbies, upon becoming aware of
the existence of such sites, had contributed stories of their own.  A
somewhat skeptical Crystal challenged Vicki to prove her assertions as
he(f) moved to her PC and turned it on.  After the confounded electronic
beastie had gone through the irksome tasks of booting-up, Vicki gentle
nudged the shapely Crystal out from in front of the key board and proceeded
to log onto the internet.  Using a bookmark, Vicki quickly annexed the
FICTIONMANIA entry page and moved, in a very succinct fashion, from there
to the list of contributing authors page.

	"Let me see...", Vicki thoughtfully mused, as she began to perused
the long list of names.

	"Abigail Tangileweb!  If my recollection serves me right... that's
Gina's... y'know, the spunky, wisecracking, long haired brunette... y'know,
that... for the first few games or so... started off followed you in the
volleyball rotating last Thursday...

	"Skirts Morningglory... a.k.a.: Angela Kingston is another Newbie
authoress and top notch cosmetologist...

	"Also... though you aren't by any measure going to be thrilled with
this particular aspect of your girlification... be advised,
Crystal... that... just as soon as I can arrange it... I going to have
Angela drop by and give you some pointers... y'know, when it comes to all
the makeup malarkey that you're going to have to contend with... y'know,
like from here on out... y'know, now that you've become what you've

	"Oh!  And here's Stacy Juniper... y'know, going by the nom de plume
of Scintillia Evermore...

	"That's three!  So... if my memory serves me correctly... there
should be one more Newbie listed here...

	"Now... who the hell am I missing?", Vicki asked the prescribed
rhetorical question of herself.

	"Oh!  I know!  I've overlooked Sabra Christiana Carson!"

	"There's no Sabra Christiana Carson listed.", Crystal returned,
pointing out the obvious.

	"I know there isn't!  Sabra uses a male nom de plume whenever she
posts a story on the wed!"

	"That's odd...", Crystal offhandedly offered."

	"How so..."

	"This Sabra of your's is a Newbie... correct?"

	"Yes...", Vicki quizzically replied.

	"Well... I was just thinking of the irony of it all!

	"I mean... here's this guy... who gets turned into a
girl... who... as an author... authoress... or whatever... opts to use a
male pen name.

	"Oh!  I found her!", Vicki exuberantly exclaimed.

	"Where?", Crystal queried.

	"Right here!  Going by the pen name Deane Christopher...

	"That's weird!  Or, ironic!  Or whatever!  Y'know, because... just
this afternoon... I read one of his - Sorry!  - her stories!"

	"Which one?"

	"HEELS!", Crystal replied.

	"Oh!  Okay!  I read that one!

	"So...  Tell me!  Did you like it?", Vicki went on to tentatively

	"Well... yes and no... y'know, as in I kind of liked the story...
But... though I did... all in all I have to say that I was a tad bit put
off by her extremely unorthodox writing style...

	"Didn't you read her disclaimer?"

	"You mean about how she sees herself not as a writer but as some
sort of highfalutin surrealistic wordsmith pioneering the literal art form
of out-based free-prose... y'know, that allows her to flagrantly ignore the
rules governing the proper use of the English language..."

	"Yeah...  That's the one alright!

	"Plus, Vicki...", Crystal added in afterthought, "...this Sabra
Christiana Carson of your's is one long winded, wordy son of a bitch if
ever there was one..."

	Then, while Crystal continued to lambast and pick-apart Sabra
Carson (a.k.a.: Deane Christopher)'s rather peculiar writing style, Vicki
Logged off of the FICTIONMANIA website and, using another one of her
previously selected bookmarks, accessed the NIFTY at GAYCAFE website page
that listed transgender stories in which the sexual reassignment were
brought about through either scientific or magical means and proceed to
point out several stories that she assured Crystal, had been written and
submitted by some of their fellow Newbies.  Then, once Crystal had jotted
down the titles of the various Newbie contributed stories that Vicki had
made passing reference to, so that he(f) could go back and read them at his
leisure over the up coming weeks of his(f) self-imposed confinement, Vicki
closed out the NIFTY site and brought up the OTHER SEX page of the
TRANSFORMATION STORY ARCHIVES and proceed on to do likewise.  As she did
so, Vicki made mention of the fact that many of the stories that Crystal
might come across on one site might well be multiple-listed and therefore,
could turn up on several different transgender story site.

* * *

	Shortly thereafter, as Crystal began frying up some seasoned
chicken wings for dinner, Vicki, who was seated at the kitchen table, began
to compile a 'Things to do list'.  Starting with a note to get in touch
with Angela Kingston, the Newbie cosmetologist, so as to arrange a night
for her to drop by and give Crystal a few pointers on how to both select
and apply makeup properly, Vicki, after a thoughtful pause, jotted down a
second note to get in touch with Rachel to schedule a few self-defense
training sessions for that new lesbian-lifemate lovergirl of hers.
Conferring with Crystal every now and again, Vicki proceeded on to add a
few more items to her 'Things to do list'.  Then, feeling as if she had
completed her self-assumed task, Vicki, in an effort to ensure that she
hadn't overlooked anything, asked for Crystal's attention and, upon
receiving it, proceeded to read the list to him(f).

	When finished, Crystal, in a somewhat smug, self-satisfied manner,
quizzically asked, "Aren't you forgetting something, Vicki?"

	"No...  I don't believe so...", Vicki - befuddled - thoughtfully
mused, as she continued on to hastily add, "But, if I am, Jake... since
I've had a pretty stressful day of it so far... what with all those late
grant application forms that I had to process today... do me a favor!
Instead of making me rack my brain trying to come up with whatever it was
you think I've overlooked...  Just tell me what it is!  Alright!", she
ended somewhat testily.

	Crystal, aware that Vicki was a little strung out from her day at
work, did as she requested.

	"You forgot to jot down a note to get in touch with Angie..."

	Confused, Vicki demanded an explanation, "And just what - Pray
tell! - am I calling Angie for, Jake?  Sorry!  Crystal!"

	"Well...", Crystal began coyly, "...you still want the two of us to
get married don't you?"

	Vehemently, Vicki shot back, "You bet that sorry new ass of your's
I do!

	"Good...", it was Crystal's turn to sound thoughtful.  "Y'know,
because... after a lot of soul-searching... irregardlees of the fact that
we're both members of what both you and I use to refer to as the opposite
sex now... I have come to the realization that I want to marry you in the
worst friggin' way imaginable!  Y'know, if you'll still have me..."

	"Oh, I'll have you alright!, Vicki declared tersely.

	"That is... if you really... truly meant what you just said..."

	"Oh.. I do, Vicki!", Crystal returned emphatically.  "I really,
truly do!"

	"Good!", Vicki exclaimed as she rose and rushed into Crystal's
comforting and nurturing embrace.

	Then, after an appreciable amount of time had passed, Crystal
returned to the subject of marriage as he(f) gently intoned, "Vicki..."

	"Yes...", Vicki, drawing slightly aback, but doing so with the
utmost care, so as to preserve the intimacy of the moment by not drawing
completely out of her lesbian lovergirl's most endearing and empathic

	"I've only got one question..."

	Troubled, fearing that Crystal had come up with some nefarious way
to renege on the deal and there by dash her hopes to become his(f) happily
wedded wife, Vicki, with more than a little trepidation conveyed in her
voice, heard herself sternly ask, "And just what question is that, Jake?"

	"Euphemistically speaking, Vicki... who do you envision wearing the
pants in this... what I guess could be termed... lesbian styled marriage
that the two of us are contemplating...

	"I mean... given the fact that we're both femmed out to the
friggin' max... I think it might be a tab bit prudent for us to... shall we
say... hash all of this sort gender-related crappolla out... y'know, ahead
of time!  Y'know, to sort of get our ducks all in row... so to speak..."

	"Well...", Vicki replied in a teasing fashion, "...we could always
flip for it!  Y'know, and the winner gets to chose whether she wants to be
the bride or the groom...

	"However...", Vicki continued in a lighthearted fashion, "...and
I've given this particular subject a considerable amount of thought, Jake
darling... since I've been a girl a whole of a lot longer than you
have... y'know, and am therefore better acclimated to functioning as a
female... y'know, than you are... I think that I'm far better suited to
fulfilling the feminine role in this marriage we're contemplating.  Y'know,
leaving you to fulfill the manly functions... y'know, if... that is... you
want to...

	"But... be that as it maybe be... oh, lovergirl of mine... don't
for one minute think that once you're out and about... y'know, and doing
your fair sharing by holding down a job and all... that you're off the
hook... y'know, in so far as the household chores are concerned...  Y'know,
because... take it from me!  You aren't!

	"Once you reach that level, Jake - Crystal! - Y'know, were you're
either working on attending school... y'know, as you will be... y'know,
eventually... be advised!  Housework will revert to being a fifty-fifty
proposition!  Alright?"

	"Sure...", Crystal, with the hint of a chuckle clearly conveyed in
those new sultry, seductive intonations of his(f), replied.  "Anything you
say... oh, future little wifey of mine..."

	"So...", Crystal, with that ecstasy inducing tongue of his(f)
firmly positioned with in the inner hollow of his(f) saliva slickened
cheek, sought clarification, "I take it that you're saying that... of the
two of us... I'm to be the one wearing the proverbial pants... while you -
magnanimously - will be fulfilling the lofty and much sought after role of
the autocratic SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED!"

	"Yeah!", Vicki sarcastically quipped.  "You've got that straight!"

* * *

	Several days later, Crystal, without any urging or cajoling on
Vicki's part, opted to upgrade the slip-on, U-throated pumps he(f) had been
wearing; going from the two inch pair of heels to a progressively loftier
three inch pair of pumps.  A day after that, Vicki, taking the business
with the heel upgrade as a good omen, informed her intended that she would
like to celebrate their recent engagement by going out to dinner at one of
the finer local restaurants during the course of the up-coming weekend.
Then, upon hearing Crystal state that he(f) wasn't by any means averse to
doing such, Vicki, in a very casual, off-handed manner, suggested that she
thought that it was not only high time, but also appropriate for Crystal to
tackle the feminine art form of decking his herified self out in a figure
flattering dress.  Oddly enough, upon hearing Vicki's suggestion, Crystal
didn't pitch a fit as Vicki half suspected he(f) would.

	Stranger yet, Crystal actually went so far as to asked Vicki if
he(f) could perhaps borrow some money; saying as he - as a she - did so,
that, during one of the several occasions when he(f) had been over at the
mall doing some window shopping with her, he(f) had caught sight of a
snazzy, electric blue, damn near form fitting cocktail dress that he(f)
kind of thought that his(f) new feminine body might look good decked out
in.  Vicki, heartened as she was by Jake's progress in his(f) ongoing
attempts to come to terms with his(f) magically imposed femininity,
demonstratively informed him(f) that he(f) could take that nonsensical loan
bullcrap of his(f) and cram it up inside of that derriere nestled rectal
orifice of his(f); adding as she did so, that they best get their asses in
gear and get over to the mall A.S.A.P.!

	Fortunately, Vicki managed to coerce the Newbies' resident
cosmetologist, Angela Kingston to spend the better part of Saturday
afternoon at their apartment; endeavoring to teach Crystal how to apply
makeup to the best advantage.  Admittedly, Crystal's first few attempts at
applying cosmetics to those girlish features of his(f) were anything but
stellar.  However, Angela, having worked with a whole shitload of Newbies
over the years since her own sexual re-assignment, was a patient teacher
and, after several very frustrating hours from Crystal's perspective,
Angela's patience began to net the results she had set out to achieve.
Crystal, to his(f) own amazement, began to get the hang of applying
cosmetics to those new, angelic facial features of his(f); so much so, that
Vicki, without the slightest trepidation or reservation on her part,
allowed her lesbian lovergirl, under Angela's supervision, to make up her
face for the evening ahead.

	Having profusely thanked Angela for doing what she had done, Vicki
and Crystal bid the Newbie cosmetologist a fond adieu somewhere around four
that afternoon and immediately thereafter, headed off to their bedroom to
attire themselves for the evening ahead.  A half an hour later, with both
of them dressed to the nines, the two of them, with their high heels
clicking and a clacking in their wake, headed down to Vicki's car.

	On the way to the restaurant, Vicki, without a word of explanation
as to why she was doing so, made a quick detour into a small, speciality
shop occupied strip-mall's rather sparsely populated parking lot.  Pulling
into the first available space, Vicki, before Crystal could inquire as to
what she was up to, informed her betrothed lesbian lovergirl that she
wanted to stop in a family owned jewelry store that was located there, with
her express purpose being: to purchase an engagement ring for herself and
order a pair of white-gold matching wedding bands for the two of them.
Then, in response to a question from Crystal concerning the financial
wisdom and viability of making such purchases, Vicki curtly informed her
femmed out fiance that store's manager was in fact a Newbie alumni herself
and, because she was, elected to provide such marriage related items at
cost plus a meager five percent handling fee to offset any shipping fees
that might be involved.

	Twenty minute later, with a gleeful Vicki wearing a slender,
white-gold band upon which was artistically mounted a half karat diamond
solitaire, which, bye the bye, matched the one Crystal was wearing to a
tee, the two of them exited the jewelry shop, climbed back into Vicki's car
and were on the way once again.

	Dinner, as far as the two of them were concerned, was perfect and
the restaurant staff couldn't have been more obliging.  Vicki, who had been
worrying about how Crystal would handle all the attention that new physique
of his(f) would be garnishing for him(f), packaged as magnificently as it
was that evening in that dig-the-shit-out-of-me, strapless, shimmering,
bosom enhancing (not that Jake the former Snake needed that new bodacious
bosom of his enhanced), electric blue, cocktail dress he(f) was so sexily
trussed up in, realized that her concerns were for naught.  Instead of
being put-off by all the wide-eyed, neck-careening attention that both
he(f) and Vicki were attracting, Crystal seemed to be luxuriating in it.

	Trouble was, there was a point there that Crystal was luxuriating
in that extremely ego flattering attention he - as a she - was being paid a
little to much for his(f) own good.  Unaware of the fact that he(f) was
doing so, Crystal, compelled as he(f) was by the sublime rush of an eager
sense of unbridled male libido torqued horniness, had taken that be-ringed
and well manicured left hand of his, the one that had been casually
residing in his(f) lap as he ate and deftly slipped up under the hem of the
scandalously abbreviated portion of the dress he(f) was decked out in,
there by bringing the teasing nail of his(f) middle finger over the
pantyhose encased run of his(f) vaginal lip-folds.

	An almost inaudible whimper, a whimper that clearly conveyed a
sultry sexual intonation, and the distinctively responding clink of
Crystal's fork coming in harsh contact with his(f) dinner plate, was
Vicki's first indication that there was something amiss.  Looking up, Vicki
was horrified to see her lifemate's right hand reach up, cup and then begin
to knead that man-troubling new left breast of his(f).

	Acting to circumvent the imminent possibility of someone else
becoming aware of the overtly sexual faux pas Crystal was engaging in,
Vicki, failing yet once again to employ her lesbian lover's new, feminine
name, leaned forward over the table and, couching her voice in a decibel
level of a whisper, surreptitiously intoned, "Jake..."

	Then, getting no response, Vicki, in a voice slightly louder then
before, once again endeavored to get her lovergirl's attention, "Jake...

	Louder still, "Jake, honey!"

	That did it.  Startled, Crystal, even before the knowledge of what
he(f) had been doing to those new, super sensitized feminine attribute of
his(f) fully registered in that manly alined psyche of his(f), ceased and
desisted playing with his herified self.

	"Shit!", he(f) quietly declared.

	"Vicki!", he(f) alarmingly beseeched, as the telltale ruby red rose
of embarrassment inundated those high arching cheeks of his(f).  "Did
anyone... y'know, other than you... take note of what I was doing?"

	"No...", Vicki confessed, "I don't believe so..."

	"Good!", Crystal's relief was poignant.  "I'm glade...

	"I mean... if someone were to have seen me... y'know, playing with
myself like I just was, Vicki... I would have been so humiliated that I
don't know what I would have done..."

	"I know, Jake...  Believe me!  I know all to well..."

	"You do?", Crystal was incredulous.

	"Yes... Jake!  Sorry!  Crystal!  I know only to well... y'know,
because... though it doesn't happen as nearly as much now a days... y'know,
as it use to... every now and again... I end engaging in the same sort of
crass, debasing tomfoolery that you... my poor, poor baby... were just
engaging in...

	"And you'd best believe that every other Newbie does too!

	"I mean...", Vicki, applying the misery loves company ploy, opted
to gloss over what had just occurred by relating one of her own tawdry
tales of crude and indecent public behavior, "...just the other day,
Crystal... I was sitting at my desk... and I got to thinking about
you... about how knock down drop dead gorgeous you are... and about how
lucky I was to have you...

	"And I guess one thing more or less to another... and I got to
daydreaming about the two of us... y'know, getting it on with one
another... and that in turn triggered a bout of pure unadulterated
horniness... which got me into dickering around with myself... y'know, in a
perverse, albeit pleasurable sort of way... and wouldn't you just know it!
Murphy's Law comes into play and in walks not only my boss... but my boss'
boss as well..."

	"So what happened?", Crystal, completely intrigued with the story
Vicki was relating, felt compelled to ask.

	"When?", Vicki teasing inquired; knowing with a certitude, that she
had achieved what she had set out to achieve, with that achievement of hers
being: getting Crystal's mind off of the fact that he(f) had been caught
red handed, crassly playing with his herified self in a most unbecoming and
unlady-like manner.

	"When your boss and your boss' boss walked in on you?"

	"Oh!", Vicki benignly replied.  "Didn't I tell you?"

	"No, Vicki!  You most certainly did not!"

	"Alright then... since you seem like you're really interested in
what happened..."

	"I most certainly am!", Crystal, confirming the fact that he(f)
clearly was interested, emphatically stated.

	"Well... when they walked in on me... y'know, and caught me playing
with myself... this hole... y'know, something in the order of a black
hole... opened under my chair and sucked me down into it!"

	Feeling as if he(f) had been royally had, Crystal scoffed, "And
here I thought you were relating something that really happen to you... and
here you go and make a joke out of it!"

	"In all serious, Jake!  Excuse me!  Crystal!  It did really
happen... y'know, just like I said it did... only I use poetic license to
change the ending... y'know, to make it funny!

	"Luckily... when the two of them walked in on me like they did... I
had the presence of mind to extricate myself from what might have otherwise
turned in a very embarrassing situation..."

	"So what did you do, Vicki?  Create a diversion or something?"

	"Better then that!  Instead of allowing them to embarrass me, I
embarrassed them!"

	"How?  How'ya do that, Vicki?"

	"By pretending that I was inspecting a run in my pantyhose when
they had the audacity to walked into my cubical unannounced like they did!"

* * *

	After a great dinner and a quick stop to purchase a bottle of
moderately priced champagne and pick up a small bag of ice, the two of them
returned to their apartment.  Working independently of one another, Crystal
grabbed a large plastic pail-like container and filled it about two thirds
full with the ice they had purchased, while Vicki located a pair of crystal
glasses and one of those fancy-dancy cork extractors.  Then it was off to
the bedroom and an evening chock full of fun and frivolity as the two of
them energetically went about the delightful task of servicing one
another's carnal needs in the reciprocating - I'll tickle your fancy, then
you tickle mine - fashion that they had mutually opted for from the get-go.

	Sunday afternoon, on Vicki's invitation, Angie, in her role as the
Newbies' Catholic priestess, stopped by to discuss Crystal and Vicki's
proposed weddings plans and, having done so, stayed on to have dinner with
them.  Monday evening, Vicki drove Crystal over to the campus for his(f)
first of several catch-as-catch-can Newbie tailored self-defense sessions
with Rachel.  Thursday was another volleyball night and, for a second time,
Vicki sat it out on the sidelines; saying as she did so that her stomach
once again felt a little queasy.  Friday, Crystal, feeling that he(f) had
gotten the hang of the three inch heels he(f) had been wearing for over a
week, without any coaxing or cajoling on Vicki's behalf, elected to moved
up to the more loftier four inch heels.  To celebrate his(f) achievement,
the next day, with that day being Saturday, while at the mall, Vicki,
ignoring his(f) half-hearted protests, bought Crystal his(f) first pair of
spiked heeled, thigh high, rolled cuff, kid leather fetish boots.

	Later that afternoon, on the drive home from the second of the two
malls that they had shopped at, Vicki, in a manner that clearly informed
Crystal that he(f) didn't have a say in the matter, dutifully informed her
lesbian lovergirl that the two of them would be attending Crystal's first
Newbie general membership meeting slash social get together that evening.
Having done so, Vicki continued on to inform Crystal that the meeting that
night would be a special one for him(f) due to the fact that he(f) would
formally be inducted into the Newbies via a short, simple ceremony that
each and every new member of their unique sisterhood underwent.  Then,
having laid all that on him(f), Vicki, went on to tell Crystal about how
that the Newbies, in an effort to spice up their monthly meetings slash
social get togethers, had decided, via a vote of the general membership, to
assign some sort of theme to the meetings held during the odd numbered
months of the year.  Informing Crystal that the meeting that night was to
be a costumed affair, with the Newbies all wearing outfits that were in
some fashion or another of a historical, quasi military nature, Vicki,
continued on to reassure her significant other that he(f) needn't worry
that pretty little new head of his(f), due to the fact that while she
wouldn't divulge what his(f) costume was to be, she had, all on her own,
prudently taken care of getting both of their costumes together on the QT.

	With that said, Vicki, in an effort to keep Crystal from nagging
her about this nebulous costume of his(f), continued on to tell Crystal
about some of the more unusual themes the Newbies had come up with in the
past and would, more than likely, re-visit in the future.  One time, she
recalled with a degree of fondness, "We all dressed up all like a bunch of
scantily clad Playboy Bunnies.

	"And there was another time in which we all came decked out in
various NFL cheerleader togs... y'know, that were assigned us through the
luck of the draw... y'know, much the way we chose up when we're playing

	Vicki told Crystal about another time, to celebrate the advent of
spring, all the Newbies got dolled up in hoop-skirted pastel gowns
reminiscent of southern bells and, after a short, ad hoc meeting held in
the tourist attraction's macadam parking lot, spent the remainder of the
day strolling around the scenic grounds at Longwood Gardens which is
located about forty miles north east of the university's sprawling suburban
campus, in the rolling hills of south eastern Pennsylvania.  Then, she went
on to tell him(f) about how, at Christmas, they all dressed up as a bunch
of Santa's elves, save that these particular elves all sported fishnet
stocking boysuits, of either green or red coloration, and a pair of
gleaming gold tinted high heeled pumps, along with the traditional, white
bobbed, white rimed elfin Christmas head-gear.  Having done that, Vicki,
chuclking away to beat the band as she did so, continued on to tell Crystal
about the time that all the Newbies opted to come to their general meeting
dressed up as a bunch of fetish attired, satin clad, saucy French Maids.

	That evening, with Crystal wearing those sexy new stiletto heeled
matrix boots that Vicki had bought for him(f) as part of the flamboyant and
down right sultry and seductive gayly colored swashbuckling pirate costume
that Vicki had, with quite a bit of impish satisfaction, not to mention
some heavy handed cajoling, gotten him(f) to don, and with her own self
attired in a blatantly feminized, bust enhanced version of a plumed
helmeted Roman legionnairess, the two of them, with Vicki driving, headed
over to Paddy's Irish Pub and the privately accessed basement room where
the Newbies' general membership meeting slash social get together was been
stagged that particular evening.

	Needless to say, once Crystal got there and saw all the other
Newbie, dressed in similar body enhancing outfits, he(f) got into the swing
of things and ended up really enjoying his herified self, as Vicki had, in
some many words, assured him(f) he(f) most surely would.

	The following Saturday, with that Saturday being his(f) twenty
eight day of magically imposed womanhood, Crystal got his(f) first
persnickety and down right messy monthly visitor.

	To put it mildly, Crystal wasn't what one might call a happy
camper.  He(f) hated the cramps!  He(f) hated the nausea!  He(f) hated the
muss!  The fuss!  The mess!

	Succinctly put, he(f) hated the whole bloody, debasing thing!

	Furthermore, Crystal, in no uncertain terms, let Vicki know exactly
how he(f) felt, as he incessantly bemoaned the ignominious predicament that
her magical meddlings had so ignoble landed him - as a her - in.

	"Damn it, Vicki!", Crystal irately clamored over and over again.
"This period shit really sucks!

	"I mean... I was just starting to think that being a girl wasn't as
bad as I was making it out to be... y'know, as in I really thought I was
starting to get the hang of it... y'know, and more or less go with the
flow...  Y'know, and this icky, stomach cramping, ignominious sickening
shit happens!  And this new cunt of mine starts into bleeding away to beat
the band!  And I have to start using a Tampon... Tampex... or whatever the
hell one calls this icky, down right humiliating thing-a-ma-jiggy that
you've got me using..."

	Vicki, to her credit, didn't let Crystal's rantings phase her one
bit.  In other words, having gone through the very same male-libido
affronting ordeal herself on a regular, reoccurring bases, she knew pretty
much what to expect and so, aware that it was but a transitory state of
affairs and that within a day or so everything would be back to normal,
Vicki opted to let whatever her lesbian lovergirl said go in one ear and
out the other.

	That Sunday, as a still under the weather Crystal lay on the sofa,
with his(f) head comfortable nestled in Vicki's lap as she tenderly and
soothingly stroked those shag-cut styled new honey hued locks of his(f),
something of an incongruent and potentially unsettling nature occurred to

	"Vicki...  Tell me something..."

	"Sure, lover...  What'da'ya want to know?"

	"You... y'know, as a girl... do menstruate...  Don't ya?"

	"Yes...", Vicki returned somewhat tentatively.  "I do

	"But you haven't have you?  Y'know, not over the past twenty nine
days that I've been pussyfied..."

	"No...  No, Crystal!  You are quite correct!  I haven't...", Vicki,
somewhat reluctantly replied.

	"How come?", Crystal quizzically begged the question.

	"I mean... aren't women supposed to have a period... y'know, like
every twenty eight days or there abouts?"

	"Yes, Crystal!  You're right!  Women are supposed to menstruate
roughly every twenty eight days or so..."

	"So... how come you haven't, Vicki?"

	"You're a smart girl, Crystal!  You figure it out!", Vicki charged,
effectively putting the proverbial ball back in her lovergirl's court.

	"Oh...", Crystal mused thoughtfully.  "Vicki, are you saying... in
a very round about manner... what I think you're saying?  Y'know, that
you're a wee bit pregnant?"

	"Bingo!", Vicki enthusiastically exclaimed, confirming Crystal's
assertion with a single word.  "But...", she continued on to add, "...I
should point out the fact that when it comes to being pregnant, lover...
you either are or you aren't!  There's no such thing as 'wee bit' about

	Taken aback and with a hurt and startled feeling clearly conveyed
in those unmistakably feminine intonations of his(f), Crystal - disgruntled
- tersely demanded, "And just who in the hell is the father of this baby of
your's, Vicki?"

	"I'll give you three guesses, oh dearest darling of mine... and the
first two don't count!"

	"You mean...", Crystal, rising quickly to a sitting position,
skeptically began, as the realization of Vicki's unspoken implication began
to slowly dawned on him(f), "I'm the father?"

	"Well of course you are, Crystal!

	"I mean... knowing me as you do, Jake... do you really think that
once I had set my sights on you... y'know, as a potential husband... I
would be so foolish as to jeopardize what we had - Have! - by sleeping with
someone else?  Besides... knowing who and what I am... not to
mention... knowing how hard it would be for me just to get up the gumption
to sleep with some other swinging dick... y'know, with me still... more
times then not... thinking of myself as a guy and all... how could you ever
think that this child of ours was fathered by anyone else but you?  You
big, bodacious lunkhead you!"

	"But I thought you were on the pill!", Crystal charged.

	"I was... y'know, when we first started dating..."

	"You mean to tell me you up and stopped and didn't think it
necessary to tell me?", an unhinged Crystal was clearly having a hard time
assimilating all that he(f) was hearing.

	"Yes, Jake - Crystal! - that's exactly what happened..."

	"Why?", Crystal was beside his herified self.


	"Because doesn't cut it, Vicki!", Crystal hotly charged.

	"I want know why you stopped taking your birth control pills and I
want to know now!"

	"Because, Jake - Crystal! - I... for some dumb damn reason or
another... selfishly wanted... in an admittedly illogical and absurd
way... to be the mother of your child... hoping that if I could somehow get
pregnant... you'd come to your senses... realize that I was the perfect
woman for you... y'know, and that once you found out... y'know, that I was
with child... you would do the right thing and marry me!

	"Do you remember what I told you about the transsexualization spell
I acquired from Madam Agatha?  Do you remember how I told you how I had had
it in my possession for quite a few weeks before I ever got up the gumption
to actually used it on you?", Vicki vehemently demanded.

	"Yeah...", Crystal grudgingly admitted that he(f) did.

	"Well... just so you know, I got that spell from Madam Agatha way
before I knew I was pregnant, Crystal!  And... after I found out... I still
didn't use it... y'know, when I could have any time you came over!

	"And, Jake - Crystal! - you know as well as I do: you came over a
lot!  Damn near every other night and sometimes - Damn it all to hell and
back! - you started coming over damn near every night there towards the

	Frantically, Vicki continued to press her case as she continued on
to say, "I mean... come on!  Admit it!  You had the hots for me!  Y'know,
as in you couldn't get enough of this built like a brick shithouse body of

	"You're right, Vicki!, Crystal freely admitted. "I couldn't... and
still can't... y'know, because... regardless of what you went and did to
me... y'know, when you went and turned me into a girl... as mad as I was
and still am... y'know, like every now and again... I still can't get
around the irrefutable fact that... irregardless of the fact that you were
once a man yourself... I am hopelessly in love with you..."

	"You are?", Vicki , delighted by Crystal's assertion, replied.

	"Yes, damn it!  I am!

	"I just want to know why... when you realized that you were
pregnant... you didn't just tell me?"

	"Because... as stupid and absurd as this is going to
sound... y'know, given what I ended up doing to you... I didn't want to
coerce you into marrying me just because I was going to be the mother of
your child..."

	"Oh!", Crystal heatedly charged.  "So what you're saying is,
Vicki... instead of simply confiding in me... y'know, about you and your
being pregnant... y'know, for fear of scaring me off... y'know, because
you've got a bun - My bun! - in that magically contrived oven of
your's... you... for some dumb damn reason or another... went and pulled
this... shall we call it... indentured girlfriend crappolla on
me... y'know, so that I wouldn't give you the big kiss-off and high tail it
out of your life forever...

	"I mean...", Crystal sarcastically quipped, "...it makes perfect
illogical and irrational sense to me, Vicki... y'know, concerning you and
your turning me into a girl and all..."

	After a tense and brooding moment of damn near mandible silence,
Vicki, as contritely as Crystal had ever heard her, tearfully said, "Oh,
Crystal... I'm sorry!  I'm so, so sorry...  What I did was wrong...  so
very, very wrong... 

	"There's absolutely no excuse for what I did to you and believe
me...  I know that you have every conceivable reason to hate me for
what I did... 

	"And I wish...  I could undo what I did...  I wish I
could turn back time  and make everything the way it was

	 "The trouble is, Crystal...  as much as I'd like to... I

	"I would if I could...  but, the truth is...  I can't..."

	"I know, Vicki...", Crystal, that herified re-scaled and femininely
down-sized heart of his(f) going out to her, began in a conciliatory and
compassionate tone, "I know now that you did what you did out of the
illogical insanity that's part and parcel of this convoluted, lust crazed
love of our's...

	"I mean... while I freely admit that I still have a hell of hard
time thinking of you as a man... y'know, ensconced within girl's body
that's... as they say... to die for, Vicki... and now that I have had a
chance to find out for myself what it's like to be a guy dealing with the
mind blowing, mind boggling sensations that are involved in this
narcissistic, sexual incongruity that we guy-girls have to deal
with... y'know, on an ongoing bases... while I can't bring myself to
actually condone what you went and did to me... y'know, with that magical
transsexuallizing spell that you got from this mysterious and meddlesome
Madam Agatha of your's... there's another part of me that... as crazy as
this is going to sound... is... in a very convoluted manner of
speaking... kind of glad you did what you did... y'know, because - God help
me! - from time to time... for some inexplicable reason or
another... y'know, that still eludes me... I find myself really digging the
shit out of being a girl now!

	"Trouble is, Vicki...", Crystal continued thoughtfully, as he - as
the she he(f) had become - pondered the matter aloud "...when everything is
all said and done... I've only got myself to blame for has happened...

	"I mean... had I followed my heart... y'know, instead of this
damnable logically manly attuned mind of mine... make no never mind about
it, Vicki... I would have asked you to marry me weeks ago... y'know, and
the consequences be damned!"

	Then, after several minutes of berating his herself self for being
such a dolt, Crystal, in an effort to be pragmatic about the bizarre turn
of events, asked, "So... I going to be a father..."

	"How about second mother?", Vicki, with the trace of a stifled
sniffle infecting her voice, impishly offered.

	"Oh...  Right!", Crystal replied.  "I take your point, Vicki!

	"I mean... now that I no longer possess the proper sexual
equipment... y'know, like down there in between these femininely
re-sculptured legs of mine... I guess the fatherhood business is out of the
question... isn't it?"

	"I'm afraid so, Jake... Excuse me! - Crystal...", Vicki contritely

	Then, in an all out effort to keep her lesbian lovergirl from
slipping into the doldrums of a cantankerous and perhaps, argumentative
blue funk, Vicki, having given the matter a lot of forethought, cheerfully
offered Crystal an alternative approach.

	"However, my dearest darling... even though this new sexual status
of your's precludes you from fulfilling the duty of our child's primary
male role-model... make no never mind about it!  I expect you to be an
integral part of our baby's upbringing!"

	"You mean...", Crystal began, "...as your lesbian, live-in love
interest, Vicki..."

	"No!  Idiot!", Vicki fumed.  "I mean as our child's favorite Auntie

	"You see, dearheart... when I forwarded your choice of female
names... knowing what I knew at the time... y'know, about me and my being
pregnant and all... I went and did something... shall we say... behind your

	"Like what, Vicki?", Crystal vehemently demanded.

	"Like... ensuring that your new last name will be the same as
mine... y'know, in effect making you and I... in... shall we say... a legal
sense... sisters..."

	"Oh!", Crystal wasn't sure how he(f) felt about Vicki's newest

	"So... I take it that I'm to be your younger sister... Crystal
Kimberly Langstrum...", Jake(f) thoughtfully replied, teasingly emphasizing
the pronunciation of the key word 'younger' as he(f) did so.

	"Kimberly Crystal Langstrum...", Vicki corrected, reversing
Jake(f)'s first and middle names as she did so.

	Then, after a careful sounding out his(f) new feminine name a time
or two in order to better self-assess the cadence of its' syllable
arrangement, Jake(f) replied somewhat demonstratively, "Kimberly Crystal
Langstrum... not to shabby... if... that is... I do say so myself..."

	"So you think you can live with it?", Vicki inquired.

	"Sure...  However... would it be okay with you if I continue on to
go by Crystal... y'know, even though it's now my new middle name..."

	"Sure...  Why the hell not?

	"Besides... as you well know, Jake... even though you look nothing
what so ever like the budding young man you use to be... I'm still having a
hard time calling you Crystal!

	"I mean... can you imagine how hard it would be for me to change
gears and start calling you either Kim or Kimberly now, Jake - Sorry! -

	"Okay!  So... let me get this straight, Vicki!  Legally
speaking... y'know, in so far as all the documentation and records
that... according to you... are in the process of being produced and
assembled for the all new, re-sexualized me goes... you've somehow
surreptitiously arranged it for us to be sisters... y'know, so that I will
be... as far as the rest of the world is concerned... our child's aunt..."

	"Yes!  In so many words, my poor bedraggled darling... that's it in
a nut shell!"

	"Vicki...", Crystal tentatively asked, "Having you given any
thought to who will be our baby's godmother?"

	"You!  Silly!", Vicki countered with a delightful chuckle.  "That
is: if you aren't in any way, shape or form adverse to being our baby's
favorite Auntie Crystal and godmother to boot..."

	Crystal, without any hesitation on his herified part, emphatically
stated that he(f) wasn't, prompting Vicki to proceed on to her next


	"Yes, Vicki..."

	"I know this is going to sound crazy... y'know, coming from a girl
who use to be a guy and all... and there's a good chance that I'll chicken
out... y'know, at the last moment... y'know, when the pain becomes
unbearable... but... after a lot of soul-searching and careful
consideration... I've decided to do the manly thing and give natural
childbirth a go... and I was wondering if you would do me the honor of
being my coach..."

	"You bet your ass I will, Vicki!

	"Good... I was hoping you'd say that, Jake..."

* * *

	Three weeks later, Vicki returned home from work and presented
Crystal with a large manilla envelope which contained his(f) new birth
certificate, social security card, student ID and a few other perfunctory
forms of identification that declared him(f) to be one Ms. Kimberly Crystal
Langstrum.  A week after that, in a simple, tastefully orchestrated
ceremony presided over by the Newbie Priestess Angie and attended by damn
near all the currently active Newbies, plus a few of members of the Newbie
alumni as well, Vicki, wearing a stylish white satin mini-dress, and
Crystal, decked out in similar crafted black satin number, were wed.  The
week after that, Vicki, having taken off a half a day from work to do so,
drove Crystal over to the near by Department of Motor Vehicles facility,
where upon, passing his(f) written test with flying colors, dutifully
received a learners card.  Fifteen days to the day after that, Crystal,
without having to wield those new feminine wilds of his(f) to achieve
his(f) goal via the nefarious and underhanded means of flirting with his
assigned male evaluator to there by garnish a fudge-factor, handily passed
his(f) driving test and was duly issued his new drivers license.

	While Crystal was busy with all the tedious bureaucratic bullcrap
involved in securing his(f) new drivers license, Vicki, true to her earlier
promise and without so much as a word to her lesbian lovergirl as to what
she was about, attended to the legalities involved in transferring the
registration data for the damn near mint condition refurbish MGB that one
of her fellow Newbies had offered to sell her for a song.  Having done so,
Vicki surprised a jubilant, newly re-licensed Crystal by dropping the keys
to his(f) new rag-top two-seater in his(f) sexy, micro-mini-skirted lap;
informing him(f) as she did so that they would make a significant detour on
their way home, so as to allow him(f) to pick up his(f) new set of wheels
and then, having done so, follow her - caravan style - back to their
apartment complex with it.

	On their drive over to procure the MGB roadster, Vicki tactfully
informed Crystal that it was her belief that Crystal had reached a stage in
this new girlhood of his(f) where he - as a she - could function reasonable
well out in public as a female all on his(f) lonesome.  Crystal, with the
uneasy feeling that he(f) was being cagily set-up for something he(f)
wouldn't like, and with a hint of trepidation clearly conveyed in that new
sultry and sexy voice of his(f), guardedly concurred.

	Vicki, aware that she had shrewdly backed that lesbian lovergirl of
hers into a corner that didn't allow him(f) a whole hell of lot of
wiggle-room in which to weasel out on what she was about to propose,
informed Crystal that she was glad to hear that he(f) agreed with her
assessment, due to the fact that she had made all the necessary agreements
for him(f) to start his(f) new job on the following Monday.

	"Vicki!", Crystal registered a complaint.  "You expect me to
work... y'know, looking like this!"

	"I most certainly do!", Vicki returned without rancor.

	"But Vicki!"

	"But nothing, Crystal!

	"I know you don't want to hear this, Crystal!  But, your
freeloading days are over, lover!  And it's high time you start pulling
your fair share of the load... y'know, that is... until you start back to
school next semester to begin work on securing that masters degree that
you've set your heart on!  Y'know, because.... since I don't want to resort
to tapping into that nest egg I've managed to scrap together anymore than I
already have... there's no getting around the fact that we're both going to
want some extra cash on hand when this baby of ours arrives on the scene...

	"I mean... though I don't know if we're going to be able to swing
it, Crystal... I still have hopes of getting us into a house before the
blessed event occurs... and because I do... any help on your part would
really be appreciated..."

	Vicki's use of the guilts produced by her tactful playing of the
baby trump card, which was in turn compounded by her calculated mentioning
of the starter house business, quickly dispelled any arguments that Crystal
could ever hope to mount and he(f), being the reasonable person he - as the
shapely she that he(f) had magically become - knew it.

	"Alright, already!", Crystal, disgruntled to the marrow of those
herified bones of his(f), and keenly aware that he(f) had been cleverly
thwarted, resignedly quipped.  "You win, Vicki!  As much as I don't want
to... come Monday... I'll go to work..."

	"Crystal...", Vicki meekly intone.


	"Aren't you the least little bit curious about where you'll be
working and what - exactly - you'll be doing there..."

	"Yeah...", disgruntled by the prospect of having to go out and work
as the shapely young woman he(f) had so ignobly become, Crystal's, long,
drawn-out, exasperated reply was clearly halfheartedly aired.  "I suppose

	"Though I know you aren't going to like this... y'know, not in the
least little bit, Crystal... be advised that one of our Newbie alumni and a
former member of the steering committee is the majority owner/operator a
very popular restaurant franchise here locally...  And because she
is... she's in the admirable position to be able to offer our resent Newbie
recruits... what one might term... their first starter job... y'know, to
help them get their feet wet... in... shall we say... a friendly and
protective setting... y'know, that caters to some of the peculiar needs
that we Newbies have..."

	"Oh!  So what you're saying... in so many words is, Vicki... I'm
going to be a waitress...", Crystal tone clearly conveyed the fact that
while he(f) wasn't ecstatic over the prospect that he(f) would, for the
near to foreseeable future, be preforming the duties of a dewy-eyed,
subservient order taker slash food server, he(f) was pragmatic enough to
realize that the waitress job Vicki had secured for him(f) was nothing more
than a stopgap measure, and that he(f) wouldn't be table hooping for the
rest of his(f) herified life.

	"Yes, Crystal...  You're going to be a waitress...

	"But the good thing about this particular job is: over half of the
other waitresses that you'll be working with are none other than your
fellow Newbies..."

	"They are?", Crystal was clearly surprised and taken aback by
Vicki's revelation.

	"They most certainly are, lover!

	"And guess what!  You already know each and every single one of

	"I do?"

	"You most assuredly do!

	"And believe you me!  Each and everyone of them will go out of
their way to help you learn the ropes!  Y'know, as in they will take you
under their wings... so to speak... y'know, until you get the hang of

	"That's reassuring...", Crystal half-heartedly muttered under
his(f) breath.  "I mean... at least you've arranged it so that I'm not
being thrown to the proverbial wolves..."

	"Not hardly, Crystal..."

	"Okay!  Since you have yet to tell me!  I'll bite!  Exactly which
restaurant will I be working at, Vicki?"

	Coyly, Vicki teased, as she expertly depressed her car's clutch and
down-shifted into a tight turn, "Why don't I give you a little hint,
dearheart... y'know, so we can see if you can come up with it on your

	"Let me see...

	"Well... as I recall, Crystal... though we haven't gone there
anytime here recently... y'know, as in we haven't gone there since I up and
went and pulled the sexual switcheroo thing-a-ma-bob on you... back when we
first starting going out with one another... it was... if my recollection
serves me right... one of your favorite most places to go... Y'know,
because... as you use to tell me... y'know, ad nauseam... that you really,
really liked the way they did their buffalo wings...  Y'know, when we both
know that while their buffalo wings are indeed some of the best
around... that wasn't the reason that you liked going there!  Y'know,
because... though you refused to ever come out and actually admit to
it... you liked looking at all the well endowed girls that worked
there... y'know, like you liked ogling them up one side and down the

	"Vicki!", Crystal squealed in abject alarm.  "You're not seriously
suggesting that I'm going to be a waitress at HOOTERS are you?"

	"Oh, but I am, darling...", Vicki, taking a bit of sadistic
pleasure as she did so, replied evenly.  "I mean...  now that you're a card
carrying member of the fairer sex... what with those dandy new chest melons
of your's... you're more than qualified to be a HOOTERS' girl!  Y'know, and
prance around the place in those cute little orange short-shorts and asset
enhancing, owl emblazoned halter styled T-top of their's..."

	"Vicki!", Crystal, in a huff, registered a complaint that Vicki,
upon hearing, blatantly ignored.

* * *

	Oddly enough, once the initial cultural sock had been absorbed,
Crystal found that he(f) actually enjoyed being a waitress at HOOTERS.
And, though he(f) half suspect he - as a she - would, Crystal found that
he(f) really enjoyed the camaraderie afforded by working in close
conjunction with some of his(f) fellow Newbie cohorts.  He(f), for some
inexplicable reason, also enjoyed the fact that, Marie, the franchise's
Newbie owner/operator parted company with the HOOTERS' mandated dress code,
insisting that all her female employes wear a pair of your classic black
stiletto heeled pumps instead of the prescribed white sneakers.

	Though it troubled him(f) every now and again at first, Crystal
found the overt ogling that was directed his herified way to be rather
flattering.  As a girl, he(f) knew that his(f) new feminine topography
ranked him(f) a solid fifteen on a rating scale of one to ten, and so,
since he(f) couldn't do a damn thing about it anyway, he(f) logically came
to the conclusion that he(f) might just as well reveal in all the libido
driven attention that that new body of his(f) was garnishing for him(f).

	In other words, once he(f) got a taste of what was in store for
him(f), Crystal deep sixed his(f) initial shy demurrer and began to strut
that new bodacious stuff of his(f) with the best of them.

	Learning how to handle some of the more gregarious and sexually
aggressive alpha male patrons that frequented the establishment took some
doing.  However, using some of the suggestions that his fellow Newbies
freely and frequently lavished upon him(f) on just how to go about
extricating his herified self from such ticklish and unnerving situations,
Crystal found that within a week or so, he(f) was becoming more and more
confident and adept with his(f) new found ability to tactfully and
successfully deal with the egotistically so-'n-sos who, in their self
deluded state of mind, tended to think of themselves as your classic,
god's-gift-to-women type of macho, anal retentive assholes.

* * *

	Crystal, using the ploy that he(f) was a concerned old
ex-girlfriend of their missing son, Jake Eagers, got in touch with his
parents and set up a meeting with them for a Sunday afternoon at their
house.  Carefully, so as to not divulge the fact that Vicki was the one who
was responsible for his(f) becoming a girl in the first place, due to the
negative feelings that might well be engendered in making that revelation
common knowledge, Crystal, with Vicki's help and moral support, after a
whole lot of who-struck-john, not to mention several excruciating viewings
of the video tape which, irregardless of the poor camera angles and the
distorting effects of the fish-eye lense that was employed, clearly
depicted Vicki's male to female makeover, managed to convinced Mr. and
Mrs. Eagers to at least entertain the remote possibility that Crystal was
who he(f) said was.  Having managed that, Crystal endured an arduous
question and answer session that would have made the Inquisition's grand
inquisitor sit up and take notice.

	Over and over and over again, with one inquiry following
immediately on the heels of the preceding one, Crystal's parents, in a
random, catch as catch can fashion, grilled their son; asking him(f)
questions like: "What is the name of your Aunt Millie's third son?"

	To wit, Crystal, aware that his(f) parents - more so his dad than
his mon - were trying to trip him(f) up by throwing in a trick question
every now and again, dutifully replied with a whole lot more detail than
was requested; hoping that by doing such, he(f) might shorten the process
of convincing his(f) parents that he(f) was indeed their son, "Aunt Millie
doesn't have a third son.  Her eldest son... who's a college freshman now
and a pompous ass to boot... is Mark!  Next there's Timmy... who wants
everybody in the family to call him Tim now that he's a pimple-faced
creepager...  And that brings us to Aunt Millie's third child... who is not
a son, but a rather precocious, freckled-faced, red-headed daughter named
Sarah... who was born with a nickle sized strawberry birthmark on the upper
crest of her left shoulder and... if my memory serves me right... she's
halfway through the medical process of having it removed..."

	Oddly enough, shocking the shit out of Crystal in the process,
his(f) father, the family's ardent and acknowledged skeptic, threw in the
towel about an hour before his wife stubbornly followed suit and grudgingly
accepted the fact that their son had somehow magically been turned into
their daughter.  However, when his(f) mother was just a silly little
millimeter shy of being fully convinced that Crystal was who and what he -
as a she - claimed he(f) was, his(f) mother - true to form - became
ecstatic upon hearing the news that though Vicki's pregnancy occurred out
of wedlock, she was finely going to become the grandmother that she had
always hoped and dreamed of becoming.

 	Crystal, knowing his(f) mother like he(f) did, knew her to be a
strict and conservative Catholic, who, save for those rare occasions when
she was to sick to crawl out of bed, to the best of his(f) knowledge, never
missed a Sunday service.  And due to that knowledge, Crystal didn't think
that his(f) mother would like hearing about how he(f) and Vicki had been
recently married by an ordained Catholic priest turned inadvertently
Catholic priestess.  His(f) mother, who never would have countenanced any
form of homosexual relationship in the past, didn't seem put-off at all
upon hearing that her daughterized son was engaged in a lesbian
relationship with another young man who, through no fault of his own, had
magical become a very pleasant, attractive and impregnated young woman.

	Quite the contrary!

	Once Jake's mother was appraised of the fact that Vicki was going
to bear her a grandchild, Crystal's mother's whole attitude underwent a
drastic and dramatic change; becoming in an instant, the warm, friendly and
compassionately loving mother that had reared and nurtured him(f).

	Truth be told, during the ensuing conversation, Mrs. Eagers, as was
her wont, embarrassed Crystal to the marrow of those feminized new bones of
his(f) when she matter of factly asked Vicki what she thought about the
future prospect of that new daughter of her's using the services provided
by a fertility center's sperm bank, so that her former son could present
her with a second grandchild to spoil rotten.  Vicki, half teasingly, half
seriously, informed Mrs. Eagers that her idea was a good one and that she
had been thinking along the same lines; suggesting, in a very tongue in
cheek manner, that a good dose of motherhood might be just the thing that
Crystal needed to round him - as a her - out.

	As expected, the one thing that Crystal's mom wasn't to keen on was
the admonishment about her not being able to tell another blessed soul
about the fact that she was going to become a grandmother.  And though she
tried her damndest to get a few concessions in so far as two of her sisters
were concerned, Vicki and her daughterized son remained adamant; insisting,
over and over again, that she couldn't tell anybody; going so far as to
actually threaten to withhold visitation privileges if she ever breathed so
much as a single, solitary word about how her son had magically been turned
into a girl.

	That evening, while she helped her new mother-in-law prepare a late
dinner in the kitchen, Vicki, very tactfully, made passing mention of the
fact that should the Eagers desire to re-establish a legal bond with their
newly daughterized son, and there by, extend that legal bond to any
offspring he - as a she - might produce, they could always do so by going
through the legal rigmarole of adopting him.

	Meanwhile, Crystal endeavored, in a hesitant, awkward, stutter-step
fashion, to re-establish a bond with his(f) estranged father.  Neither, it
seemed, knew exactly how to bridge the gap that Crystal's new sexual status
as a full fledged member of the opposite sex had so rudely imposed on what
had always been a truly fantastic and oft times admired and jealously
coveted father/son relationship.

	"So...", Mr. Eagers said, endeavoring, in a stilted, fumbling
fashion, to fill the brooding silence that had a tenacious and persnickety
tendency to keep instilling it troublesome self, "I guess that I'm going
have to find myself a new fishing buddy..."

	"And why's that, dad?

	"I mean... just because I'm a girl now... doesn't mean I still
don't like to fish and do all those other things that I use to
do... y'know, like when I was a guy...

	"Tell you what, dad!  Next Saturday... why don't you and I head
over to the Eastern Shore and see if we can snag us some rock fish?

	"I mean... come on!  It'll do the two of us good to spend a whole
day together!  Y'know, just you and me!"

	"Are you sure Vicki won't mind, Jake?  Whoops!  Sorry!  I forgot!

	"No, dad!  Vicki won't mind at all...

	"In fact, dad... she's the one that suggested that it might be a
good idea if you and I start spending some quality time together... y'know,
in order to help us get beyond the awkwardness that we're all feeling...

	"Alright, Crystal!", his(f) father said with an infectious smile
brightening his face.  "You've got yourself a date to go fishing with your
old man next Saturday!"

	Then, after a thoughtful pause, Mr. Eagers continued on to say,
"Tell you what... a... er - Crystal!  Why don't you and that Vicki of
your's plan to have dinner with me and your mother next Friday.  That way,
the two of you can spend the night so that the two of us can get an early
start on Saturday and that way... with us out of their hair... your mother
and that pretty little new wife of your's can spend the whole day getting
better acquainted..."

	"Sounds good, pop!"

	"A... er - Crystal!", there was a clear-cut sense of hesitation
conveyed in Mr. Eagers' inflections.

	"Yes, dad...", Crystal encouraged his(f) father's continuance.

	"I won't have to bait your hook will I... y'know, now that you're a
girl and all..."

	"No, dad!  I'm a girl now!  Not a limp-wristed whimp!  And I can
assure you that when it comes to baiting my own hook... you needn't worry!
I'll take care of it all on my lonesome..."

	"Plus... just to show you that there's a whole lot more of your son
encased inside of this new bodacious bod of a body of mine... y'know, than
one might suspect... when it comes to who's going to clean all the fish
that you and I are going to catch next Saturday... tell you what, Dad!  You
just leave that messy little chore to me!  Alright?"

	"Crystal!  You - young lady - have got yourself a deal!

	"We'll catch 'em!  You clean 'em!  And your mother and that pretty
little wife of your's can fry 'em up for us when we get home..."

* * *

	The following Saturday, as planned, Crystal and his father, got up
several hours before dawn; sleepily climbed in Mr. Eagers' pickup and,
after a quick stop at the local 7-Eleven to pick up coffee and donuts,
headed off for a pleasant day of fishing the crab infested marsh-lands
situated along the eastern shoreline of the vast estuary incorrectly
referred to as the Chesapeake Bay.

	To Crystal's chagrin, the day started off awkwardly.  Though both
he(f) and his dad made successive attempts at initiating and, following
that, sustaining the easy, give and take kind of flowing, uninhibited
conversations that they both sought to achieve, some elusive something
reared its' ugly little head and tenaciously impeded their repeated
attempts to do so.  Ironically, it was the shared excitement engendered by
Crystal's hooking of the day's first fish - a fair sized Yellow Perch -
that managed to dispel the damn near oppressive sense of awkwardness their
permeated their prior moods.

	"Looks like you've might have hooked yourself a keeper their,
son!", an exuberant Mr. Eagers called out from his selected spot along the
bank.  "Reel him in nice and easy, Crystal!  Remember!  Keep that line of
your's taught!", Jake's father, unable to contain himself, gleefully
chided.  "Be careful now!  You don't want him to throw the hook and
skedaddle off on you..."

	While their respective husbands, both male and female alike, were
off fishing and more than likely, downing a couple of brewskies in the
process, Vicki and Crystal's mom made good use of the day by getting to
know one another better.  Vicki, who, unbeknownst to her, was already well
on the way to ingratiating herself with her mother-in-law, found
Mrs. Eagers to be an easy person to both like and associate with.  By
midday, after a pleasant breakfast out at a near by restaurant and the
remainder of the morning spent lackadaisically going from one yard sale to
another, the two of them had not only become fast friends, but, using the
intimate knowledge that both - each in her own particular and peculiar way
- possessed about Crystal as sort of a bridging and binding point, became,
in the truncated span of a day, close confidents as well; there by allowing
Vicki the emotional leeway to think of Mrs. Eagers as more of a second mom
than a mother-in-law and likewise, granting Crystal's mother the same
courtesy by allowing her to accord Vicki as nothing less than a second
newly acquired daughter.

	That Sunday, having spent a second night of sexual abstinence
within the cozy confines of her lesbianized lover's boyhood bedroom, Vicki
and Crystal accompanied the Eagers to church and afterwards, on Mr. Eagers'
suggestion, proceed on to go out to breakfast with them.  Then, acting on
arrangements that Vicki had tentatively made with her mother during the
course of the preceding week, Vicki and Crystal, with Crystal's parents
following in Mr. Eagers' pickup, drove over to Vicki's parents' place.
There, Vicki, with the mutual support of Crystal, Crystal's parents and her
own mother, who had, on the QT, been surreptitiously kept abreast of all
that was going on in her daughterized son's life, proceed on to inform her
father about most - but far from all - the things that had transpired
during the almost two year interval that Mr. Spalding had incorrectly
believed his son - Victor - to be among the itinerant sub-culture
comprising this nation's long list of missing young people.

	Here again, it took a whole slew of questions and several rather
tense screenings of the video that the nerds Brenda and Shannon had
surreptitiously made prior to their own induction into the ranks of the
Newbie Sisterhood, that clearly depicted his son - Victor - being somehow
magically transsxeualized into the beautiful young and vivacious woman who
would be forevermore known as Ms. Victoria Langstrum, to fully persuade
Mr. Spalding of the validity of what he was being told.

	However, once he was thoroughly convinced that Vicki was none other
than his son turned - in some fantastic, farfetched manner that defied his
ability to fully comprehend - daughter, and that this new daughter of his
was in fact carrying his grandchild in that magically installed womb of
her's, the proverbial shit hit the fan as Vicki's father went damn near
livid and began to irately bemoan the fact that he had been kept in the
dark about his son's feminization; saying, over and over and over again,
that neither Vicki or her mother knew what in the hell they were taking
about; insisting that when push came to shove, he could keep a secret as
well - if not better - than anyone else he knew could.

	Given the opening, Vicki profusely apologized and then, having done
so, promptly challenged her father, who was seething away to beat the band,
to do just that; explaining most emphatically and with a no nonsense,
you'd-best adhered-to-what-what-I'm-saying edge clearly conveyed in her
voice, that, should word ever get out about what happened to her, Crystal
and the rest of their Newbie friends, a whole shitload of lives could be
ruined.  Mr. Spalding, having considered what his daughterized son had just
so demonstratively stated, realized that Vicki was right.  A whole lot of
lives could go right down the toilet should someone go public with
information that - even remotely - eluded to the existence of just what in
the hell the Newbie Business represented.

	People, Mr. Spalding knew, didn't cotton very well to anything that
was the least little bit different from what they were accustomed to.  The
very notion that there existed a means to somehow transform men into
sexually functional females wouldn't sit well with the general public at

	Furthermore, Vicki's father was well aware that most people would
view his daughterized son and feminized son-in-law, plus all of their
Newbies cohorts as well, as some sort of bizarre abominations, that were to
be pitied.  Pitied and shunned.  And more then likely, given the
prejudicial and admittedly negative and persnickety aspects of this
inhumane nature that all of us human beings possess in some degree or
another, avoided and, quite possible, ostracized as some sort of deviant
social pariahs, that would, according to some narrow minded individuals,
threaten the moral fiber of everything they ever held dear.

	Vicki soon realized that she had unfairly misjudged her father and,
saying as much, profusely re-apologized; prompting a teary-eyed and
emotionally overwrought Mr. Spalding to rise from his favorite chair;
approach the sofa where upon his daughterized son so gingerly sat, so that
he could pluck her from off the seat cushion and there by unabashedly
enfold her in the endearing, bear hug like embrace of a father completed
besotted with an adult daughter he would thoroughly enjoy coming to know
and commiserate with.

* * *

	In the weeks and months that followed, rooted in the premise that
misery does indeed love company, the Spaldings and the Eagers began to
associate with one another on damn near a weekly bases, only to find that
they had a whole lot more in common than their daughterized sons and their
soon to be born grandchild of their's, but that they really, truly liked
and enjoyed one another's company.  Though Vicki's father hadn't been into
fishing before, under Joe Eagers good hearted tutorage, to everyone
surprise and delight, Frank Spalding soon became an avid fisherman, as
would Vicki, once she was beyond that pregnancy of her's.

	Not to be out done by their husbands, Ann Spalding and Nancy Eagers
quickly formed a relationship that bordered on the sisterly.  Ironically
they discovered that though neither one remembered the other, given their
three years age difference, they had grown up in the very same
neighborhood, living only a two short city blocks from one another, and
because they were both brought up Catholic, they attended the same
parochial grade school and had had many of the same teachers.

	Ann Spalding and Nancy Eagers also shared the singular belief that
neither of the daughterized sons were capable of handling life as a female,
much less Vicki's pregnancy without their pitching in and lending a
helping, or, depending on one's perspective, meddlesome hand, when and
wherever possible.

	In other words, without so much as a simple by-your-leave,
mother-may-I or anything, Vicki and Crystal found themselves up to those
succulent, man-troubling derrieres of their's in well meaning, but none the
less, infuriating meddlesome mothers and mother-in-laws; being told when to
do this and when not to do that, like they were a couple of imbecilic three
year olds who couldn't figure such things out for themselves.

	Fact is, the way it worked out, Crystal and Vicki, who was on the
verge of saying good bye to her feet for the near to immediate future, due
to how large that stomach of her's was quickly becoming, didn't have to
endure the hassles involved in house-hunting.  Their mothers, in an effort
to placate everyone concerned by locating a house equidistant from the both
of their own residences, took it upon themselves to go house-hunting for
their daughterized sons.

	Upon being appraised of the fact that their mothers had found the
perfect home, situation in the perfect community, within easy walking
distant of the perfect grade school, located right across the street from
perfect and prettiest little park where in was nicely nestle the most
perfect community association run pool one could every hope to be a member
of, Vicki and Crystal, while sincerely appreciating all the trouble that
their mothers had gone through in finding the place for them, had to
confess that the house in question far exceeded their present monetary
assets.  Stepping in, knowing that it was in their best interest to do so,
Joe Eagers and Frank Spalding, having already hammered out all the little
details during the course of one of their Saturday fishing forays, offered
their financial help in securing the large, four bedroom rancher that their
wives had gone to great pains find.

	With Vicki just a few short days shy of her due date and with damn
near all the active Newbies lending a helping hand, plus a few of the
alumni Newbies as well, considering the fact that there wasn't a whole lot
to move in the first place, the move to Crystal and Vicki's new home was
accomplished fairly easily.

	A week after that, Vicki went into labor, which in turn transformed
Crystal in a blithering idiot of your classic, father-to-be type of
flabbergasted basket case.  Having been coaxed and cajoled into going to
work that morning by the insistence of both his own mother and his not to
be gainsaid mother-in-law, Crystal, having been dully informed to shag that
pert little ass of his(f) over to the hospital by Brad, the day-shift
bartender who had taken the call, arrived at the hospital in the
non-sanctioned, high heeled version of his male libido torquing HOOTERS'
GIRL togs.  Luckily, shortly there after arriving, he - as the seductively
shapely and angelically faced she that Vicki had turned him(f) into - was
spared any hard feelings that he(f) might inadvertently engender by the
timely entrance into the room of Vicki's attending
gynecologist/pediatrician and the primary care nurse.  Declaring, in a
perfunctory manner, that Vicki had finally reached a stage where she was
fully dilated and therefore ready to give birth, Dr. Sandra (Newbie)
Keptler, aware that Crystal Langstrum was to function as his(f) bogus
sister's coach, regretfully requested that both grandmothers exit the room

	The experience of being on hand to assist in the birth of his(f)
baby daughter - Heather Marie Langstrum - was a real eye-opener for
Crystal.  On one hand, it was the most wonderful and fascinating thing
he(f) had ever been apart of.  On the other hand, it was a real
heart-wrencher for him(f).  Knowing that he(f) was the one responsible for
the excruciating agony that his wife was so selflessly enduring so as to
remain conscious throughout the ordeal of giving birth, Crystal, who was
being racked by some serious, spasmodic, gut-wrench sympathetic pains his
own herified self, couldn't conceive of ever putting himself(f) in the
dreaded, unenviable position that Vicki had elected to put herself in when
she had stopped taking those birth control pills of hers, gotten herself
with child and then, for some damn dumb reason or another that he(f) never
thoroughly understood or even began to comprehend at the time, given the
option by her gynecologist/pediatrician Dr. Sandra (Newbie) Keptler, opted
to go the natural child birth route.

	Two and a half years later, having handily secured his(f) masters
degree in the field of paleontology and second BS degree in geology,
Crystal shocked the shit out everybody when he(f) proudly announced that
he(f) and Vicki had come to the conclusion that the only thing that their
Heather lacked in life was a younger sibling, and that since he(f) was
becoming increasing intrigue with the notion of becoming a mother his own
herified self, he(f) was going to pay a visit to a fertility center that
some of his(f) fellow Newbies had had dealings with, and see if they could
impregnate him(f).

	They could and did.  Eleven months later, via the natural
childbirth method of delivery, Crystal Langstrum, with soon to be Auntie
and Godmother Vicki Langstrum acting as her sister's breathing coach, gave
birth to triplets.  One rugrat.  Two linoleum lizards.  And all three
blondes.  All three beautiful.

The Beginning...


Postscript Number 1:

	Now, while your ever so humble (Yeah!  Right!) and obstinately
obedient surrealistic wordsmith would like to put the wraps on this
ponderous and cumbersomely verbose rant of his by going on to suggest that
Crystal and Vicki Langstrum, along with their parents and four children,
were last seen entering the talespinner's much sought out realm of the
Happily Everafter, he unfortunately cannot.

	However, what I can tell you with respect to Crystal and Vicki's
life together is: so far... so good...

	After all, though they do seem to have minds of their own and have
a tendency to do things I never - Ever! - expected them to do, in a manner
of speaking, since any future they might have together is more or less mine
to dicker around with, who knows what is in store for the two of them and
their fellow Newbies in the future.

Postscript Letter B:

	One Saturday evening, while the Spaldings were at the Eagers'
playing a friendly game of double deck pinochle, Frank Spalding made a
passing comment about how it might be good idea if the Newbies had some
sort of family support group structured along the lines similar to
Alcoholic Anonymous' Alanon.  Vicki's dad's comment got Nancy Eagers to
thinking, so much so that she called Ann Spalding the following Monday to
bounced a couple of ideas off of her concerning the possibilities of their
founding such a group.  Alerting their daughterized sons to what they were
thinking about with regards to the possibility of forming some sort of
family support group, Crystal and Vicki, agreeing that such a group might
be a good thing, got in touch with the five members of Newbies' steering
committee and present their parents' proposal to them.  The Newbies'
steering committee, having gained the assurances that both Jennifer and
Angie would aid the Eagers and Spaldings in organizing the proposed
parental and sibling support group and then, once organized, continue on to
function as liaisons, thusly providing the associated support group with
any assistance and counselling that it might require, put their stamp of
approval on the proposal and happily placed it on the docket for the next
regularly scheduled Newbie general membership.  Though there were many
concerns, not to mention a whole parcel of questions, the Newbies general
membership, unanimously voted to establish the family support group.

	Given their head, the Eagers and Spaldings, working in close
conjunction with the Angie and Jennifer, organized the Newbies' family
support group, which, after a somewhat lackluster start and some hasty
restructuring in which a parental arm of the group and a sibling
subdivision of the group were formed, became an unmitigated success.
Social functions, sometimes including their daughterized sons and at other
times, excluding them, were held on an almost regular monthly bases, while
informal discussion groups were scheduled to met on a weekly bases at
various members homes to talk about things directed to things Newbie in



	In the tradition of Piers Anthony, your ever so humble (Yeah!
Right!) and obstinately obedient, surrealistic, out-based free-prose
pioneering and down right verbose wordsmith would like to add a few

	Would you believe that this story of mine started out to be a
fairly short one?

	Little did I know when I began this transgender based tale of mine
that Vicki Langstrum would turn out to be a Newbie herself.  Neither was I
aware of the fact that Vicki was pregnant with Crystal (Jake)'s child.
Nor, did I know anything at all about the existence of the Madam Agatha or
the Newbie Sisterhood.

	Also, though I'd be the first to admit that the Barbie Doll
business was both trite and hackneyed, it sort of tickled my fancy and so,
I included it.

	I also made reference to some of the Newbies being contributing
FICTIONMANIA authors.  If by my doing so I have inadvertently offended
anyone, I began your forgiveness, for that was not my intention.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * ATTENTION AUTHORS * * * * * * * * * * * *

	While I would like to retain soul possession of Crystal, Vicki and
their respective family members should I ever like to further explore their
relationship, feel free (in purely non-profit venues) to use the rest of
the characters that I have made mention of this story to create your own
stories in the NEWBIE UNIVERSE which I have created.

	To that end, should someone wish to do so, I have included the
following list of characters and guidelines.

NEWBIE CHARACTERS (Listed in order of appearance.)

Jake (The Snake) Eagers - a.k.a.: Kimberly Crystal Langstrum - Victoria
Langstrum's boyfriend.

Victoria (Vicki) Langstrum - The former Victor Spalding and Jake Eager's

Brenda - Raven haired Eurasian.  Red Volleyball Team Member.  Spent a day
with Vicki and Crystal at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.  As
a former nerd, surreptiously made a video of Vicki's transsexualization.
Helped Vicki clean out Jake(f)'s personal effects from his dorm room.
Also, helped Vicki dump Jake(f)'s '63 Mustang by following her up to New
Jersey and providing her with transpiration back to her apartment.
Lifemate-paired with Shannon.  Card playing friends of Gwen and Karen.

Shannon - Red Head.  Blue Volleyball Team Member.  Spent a day with Vicki
and Crystal at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.  As a former
nerd, surreptiously made a video of Vicki's transsexualization.  Helped
Vicki clean out Jake(f)'s personal effects from his dorm room.  Also,
helped Vicki dump Jake(f)'s '63 Mustang by following her up to New Jersey
and providing transpiration back to her apartment.  Lifemate-paired with
Brenda.  Card playing friends of Gwen and Karen.

Jennifer - Associate professor.  Girl's dorm monitor and Newbie do-gooder.
Prime instigator in Vicki's date rape case.  Counsels Vicki about her
pursuing a male-female relationship with Jake Eagers.

Lara - Lured Vicki's date-rapist to Tijuana, Mexico, where she and her
cohort Gina triggered a male to female transsexualization spell.  Red
Volleyball Team Member who was traded to the Blue Team during the course of

Gina - Lured Vicki's date-rapist to Tijuana, Mexico, where she and her
cohort Lara triggered a male to female transsexualization spell.  Spunky,
wisecracking, long haired brunette.  Non de plume Abigail Tanglileweed on
Fictionmania.  Blue Volleyball Team Member who was traded to the Red Team
during the course of play.

Angie - Match maker.  Urges Jake to call Vicki.  Prior to becoming a
Newbie, Angie was a Catholic priest who had been wrongly accused of being a
pedophile.  Blue Volleyball Team Member.  Married Crystal and Vicki.

Gwen - Short haired brunette.  Along with Karen, provided Jake(f) with a
loner violin.  Took Jake(f)'s violin and boxed-up personal items and placed
them in cold storage for him.  Card playing friends of Brenda and Shannon.
Lifemate-paired with Karen.

Karen - Long, raven haired.  Along with Gwen, provided Jake(f) with a loner
violin.  Took Jake(f)'s violin and boxed-up personal items and placed them
in cold storage for him.  Card playing friends of Brenda and Shannon.
Lifemate-paired with Gwen.

Gale - Drove Vicki to Sexcapades Sex Shop to pick up a vibrator for
Jake(f).  Red Volleyball Team Member.

Dr. Sandra Keptler - Newbie gynecologist/pediatrician.  Delivered Vicki and
Crystal's first born, Heather Marie Langstrum.

Rachel - Newbie self-defence instructress.  Member of the university's
physical education department.  Blue Volleyball Team Member.

Tammy - Newbie who's self-appointed tasks is to provide other Newbie with a
new identification.

Joy - Blue Volleyball Team Member.  Joy & Kelly are a couple.

Kelly - Red Volleyball Team Member.  Joy & Kelly are a couple.

Bridgett - Red Volleyball Team Member.  Bridgett & Stacey are a couple.

Stacey Juniper - Blue Volleyball Team Member traded to the Red Team during
the course of play.  Bridgett & Stacey are a couple.  Non de plume
Scintillia Evermore on Fictionmania.

Pam - Red Volleyball Team Member.  Pam & Bonny are a couple.  Accompanied
Crystal and Vicki to the zoo.

Bonny - Red Volleyball Team Member traded to the Blue Team during the
course of play.  Pam & Bonny are a couple.  Accompanied Crystal and Vicki
to the zoo.

Angela Kingston - Newbie cosmetologist.  Non de plume Skirts Morningglory
on Fictionmania.

Marie - Newbie alumni and majority owner/operator of the HOOTERS franchise
that employed Crystal (Jake[f]).

NON-NEWBIE CHARACTERS (Listed in order of appearance.)

Paul What's-his-name - Big, red headed lummox friend and canoeing buddy of

Laura Bedlow - A girl that both Jake and Vicki dated.  Best friend of
Irene, Vicki's first cousin.

Irene - Vicki's first cousin and best friend of Laura Bedlow.

Madam Agatha - Gypsy witch who provides the Newbies with male to female
transsexualization spells.

Joe Eagers - Jake (Crystal)'s father.

Nancy Eagers - Jake (Crystal)'s mother.

Frank Spalding - Vicki's father.

Ann Spalding - Vicki's mother.

Heather Marie Langstrum - Crystal and Victoria Langstrum's first born.


The story takes place in a diverse, suburban locale that is located in
close proximity to large, unnamed Middle Atlantic based university complex.

Copyright 1999

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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