JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English
A fan fiction based on the Manga by Rumiko Takahashi, Ranma 1/2 and the 
anime La Blue Girl. If you are not familiar with Ranma 1/2, run a net search 
using it as a reference. Believe me, you'll find lots of reference material. This 
story may not make any sense to any one who is not acquainted with the 
series. This is a lemon, another word for porn. If that offends you do not 
read this. It also contains NC sex. If that offends you don't read this. If you 
think anything might offend you don't read this. If you are under the age for 
mature material do not read this. Any one else, please, for gods sake read this 
and let me know what you think: schell@interlog.com

A note concerning symbols. This () means inserted thoughts by the demons 
in the story..


Chapter one. Ranma's bad day

How many of you have heard the tale of a man stumbling upon a lost and 
hidden temple, filled with forgotten secrets and long lost treasures of the 
ancient world, of mysterious keepers with secrets they are sworn to protect to 
the day of the final trump, of towering walls and iron gates locked against the 
world, waiting for the magic to return?

This was Ryouga's fourth this month.

"I'm sorry you can't stay longer young man. We get so few visitors." The 
speaker was a slight man in a long brown robe.

"I'm sorry as well Abbot. I really wish I could. I can't though, there's this 
girl you see." The Abbot ears pricked up at this.

"A girl?"

"The most wonderful girl in the world. I love her with all my heart, but she is 
trapped in an engagement to a person who has no respect for her." Ryouga 
lowered his head and closed his eyes. Clenching his fists tightly his face 
slowly flushed. "Damn you Ranma, I curse the day you were born." Lifting 
his head he shook a fist at the sky. "Ranma Satome you will pay."

The Abbot's smile slipped a little, and he backed away a step or two from the 
stranger who had staggered into their midst two days before. He had been 
starving and delirious. They had fed him but apparently he was still delirious.

Ryouga blushed as he saw the Abbot's reaction, and the looks that came from 
all the other monks who had gathered to bid him farewell. Blushing furiously 
he rubbed the back of his head. Not able to look straight at the Abbot he 
looked at the temple wall. Doodling with one finger he traced one of the 
wards that carpeted the inner wall of the temple. "Sorry, sorry I get a 
little...carried away sometimes. I'll be going now, then? Thank you for your 
kindness and I wish you good fortune." Ryouga stepped out the gate and 
paused. Turning he addressed the Abbot, "I don't suppose you have ever 
heard of Jusenkio. It's just that I've got this little problem..."

The Abbot interrupted him. "You don't mean to say you have a Jusenkio 
curse do you?"

Ryouga blinked in surprise. "Why yes...You...you've heard of Jusenkio?"

"Indeed we have." Suddenly the Abbot's eyes took on an intense gaze and all 
the other monks leaned forward. "It would not happen to be a gender curse 
by any means?"

So happy was Ryouga to have discovered they knew of Jusenkio, he 
completely missed the hot looks everyone was directing his way. "I wish I 
was so lucky. My curse is far worse than merely turning into a girl"


"Ryouga blinked. Surely the Abbot had not said what he thought he had just 
heard. He looked at the elderly man uncertainly. The Abbot smiled back at 
him. No he must have heard wrong, Ryouga thought..

The Abbot smiled up at the muscular young man serenely, but his thought 
were anything but. "Fuck, piss, shit. Why can't we ever catch a break? Two 
thousands years without a sniff of pussy. Aa well, might as well make the 
most of it. "As a matter of fact young man we do know a great deal about 
Jusenkio and we even have a cure of sorts if you would be interested."

Ryouga could only stare in shock at the Abbot. Then he broke down. "Yes, 
yes, at last, at long last I will be able to face Akane as a man."

"I take it that is a yes," the Abbot said.

Three weeks later Ryouga left the temple for a second time. This time he 
carried a precious scroll clutched in his hands. The secret of his cure was his 
and he was going home. It was unfortunate that the Monks did not possess 
the necessary ingredients. Ryouga did not care. They had shown him what to 
do, and what plants to gather. By the time he reached Nerima he would have 
all he required. He failed to notice the sinister grins that appeared on the faces 
of his benefactors as he left the temple. He also never stopped to wonder why 
the wards were on the inside walls of the temple.

Two weeks later:

Ranma yawned long and wide, took a deep breath and then once more 
directed her attention to the activity going on in the small hollow below her. 
The lost boy Ryouga Hibiki was doing something unusual. Ranma's 
curiosity bump made her determined to find out what and why.

She had come across Ryouga by accident, having crash- landed in the park 
fountain via air Akane about half an hour ago. She had been walking through 
one of the more secluded areas of the park afterwards, and had heard a 
familiar ranting. Wringing the water from her shirt as she walked, she went 
to investigate.

"Soon Akane, soon, there will be nothing to stand in my way of declaring my 
love for you." Peering over the edge of the slope that led down into a hollow 
Ranma had spotted Ryouga indulging in a highly unusual activity. He was 
with great care and precision cooking something, a distinct contrast to his 
usual behavior of physically mastering, and practicing whatever martial art 
technique he had most recently come across.

Ranma could not quite make out what it was he was cooking. So, intrigued 
by the unusual behavior she decided to remain in concealment and observe. 
Of course Ranma was not long on patience, and after about ten minutes was 
bored out of her skull. Down below Ryouga after his initial outburst had 
slowly and with great precision mixed, ground, and added various 
ingredients to a small pot hanging over his campfire. Next to the pot a small 
brass teakettle steamed. After every addition to the pot Ryouga would consult 
a small scroll that was laid out on a nearby rock. He would then carefully 
proceed to the next ingredient.

Ranma found the slow careful procedure maddening. She was on the verge 
of bouncing down into the hollow to discover what was going on with her 
usual method, which was to verbally torment the pig boy until he was 
enraged enough to blurt out what the hell he was doing.

Just as Ranma lifted herself from the ground in preparation to do this Ryouga 
let out a triumphant yell. He lifted the small pot from the fire. Swinging 
around he quickly set it into a nearby container of cold water. Ryouga seemed 
to hold his breath for a second. Then he let out another exultant shout as a 
small film appeared on the surface of the liquid. Very carefully Ryouga took a 
small spoon and began to skim off the film. With great precision he decanted 
it into a small bottle he removed from where it had been hanging on a thong 
around his neck.

Then very carefully Ryouga placed one drop of the liquid into a small 
container he had just filled from his bucket of cold water. Then pausing only 
to carefully set the bottle aside on a nearby rock Ryouga swallowed the glass 
of water with a single gulp. He grimaced in distaste, indicating that whatever 
the mixture was it tasted like hell. What happened next brought Ranma racing 
down the hill at full speed. Ryouga took the bucket of cold water and 
upended it over his head, and ... did ... not ... change into a small black 

Ryouga raised his eyes to the heavens and tears streamed down his face. "At 
last, O Lord at last, I am a man again. At last Akane, I can reveal my feelings 
to you without fear. At last, I can offer you something."

"Yeah whatever Ryouga, but I have to hand it to you, it looks like one of 
your nutty cures finally worked."

Spinning in place Ryouga looked in shock at his most hated foe. A foe that at 
this very minute was holding his precious cure in her hands. "Ranma you 
give that back this instant," Ryouga shouted at he lunged at the pig tailed girl 
who dodged him with a derisive laugh.

Somersaulting through the air Ranma removed the stopper in the bottle and 
took a long draft, almost gaging as the bitter fluid burnt a path down her 
throat. She did not care however, too many times hesitation and chance had 
cost her a cure to her hated curse. It was not going to happen this time. 
Landing lightly on her feet Ranma dropped the now empty bottle and dragged 
the back of her arm across her mouth trying to get rid of the foul taste. "Man 
no wonder you mixed it with water Ryouga. This stuff is as bad as Akane's 
cooking." Ranma paused for a second and then continued. "No it's not that 
bad. I can still feel my arms and legs, and I'm conscious, and this stuff 
should do me some good." At that point Ranma noticed she still had two 
unwanted lumps on her chest. Pulling open her shirt she gazed at the creamy, 
strawberry tipped mounds attached to what should have been a manly chest. 
"Hey what the hell is going on Ryouga? How come I'm still a girl?" Looking 
up from her inspection Ranma glanced across at Ryouga.

Fully expecting to be staring at the crimson visage of Ryouga in full blown 
moral outrage, Ranma received a shock. What she saw caused her to back up 
a step and quickly look behind herself for whatever was responsible for the 
expression on Ryouga's face.

Ryouga was absolutely white and was pointing a trembling finger in Ranma's 
general direction. "Ranma,... Wha...what...have you done?"

Ranma looked puzzled for a second and then said "What's it look like I've 
done? I've drunk your so called cure and it didn't work, that's what I've 
done. Come on Ryouga what's the gimmick? How do you make it work?"

"Not... it's not a cure!" Ryouga forced out through his shock numbed face. 
Then slowly the color began to return to his face and his lips began to twitch. 
Finally gales of laughter verging on the hysterical burst from Ryouga's 
mouth and he collapsed to the ground holding his sides in pain as the laughter 
strained even his muscles.

Ranma now thoroughly annoyed threw a punch at Ryouga. She slammed her 
fist with all her might into the laughing boys solar plexus. For all the good it 
did she might as well have used a feather pillow. Enraged Ranma began 
fiercely throwing punch after punch at the laughing boy. While the punches 
had no more effect than the first blow, they did cause Ryouga to regain 
control and stop his laughter. Sitting up he caught the next punch Ranma 
threw at him. With a yank on the captured hand he pulled the small girl face 
down across his lap. Quickly catching Ranma's free hand he pulled it around 
behind her back and caught both of Ranma's slender wrists in one hand.

"Let me go you bastard," Ranma raved, "fight me man to man."

"Well that's the thing isn't it Ranma you're not a man are you, you're a little 
girl." As he said this Ryouga brought his hand down and delivered a light 
smack to Ranma's ass causing the boy turned girl to scream in outrage and to 
thrash desperately in a futile attempt to escape Ryouga's grasp. This was not 
the first time Ryouga had turned him over his lap, and Ranma had never 
wanted it to happen again.

It had happened on an occasion when Ranma had disguised herself as 
Ryouga's non-existent sister. Trying to interfere in a conversation between 
Akane and Ryouga she had been rude to Akane. Ryouga had taken it upon 
himself to deliver some discipline to his supposable younger sibling. He had 
pulled her over his lap and tanned her backside good. Ranma could still feel 
the blistering heat of that heavy hand wacking her small posterior in her 
memory. However the pain and humiliation were a tiny part of why she never 
wanted to repeat that experience.

As Ryouga had spanked her the force of the blows and the pain had caused 
her to grind her crotch into his lap. This had rubbed her thigh against his 
groin. It did not take very long for this to effect Ryouga. At first 
understandably the pain in her posterior had kept her from noticing the 
growing bulge in Ryouga's pants. However it soon grew too large to be 

Ranma very nearly lost it then. She was pinned and with no leverage had not 
a hope in hell of breaking free of Ryouga's grip. The only thing that kept her 
from breaking down in complete terror was her pride. That, and the 
knowledge that no matter how badly his body wanted to take her Ryouga 
would never even think of screwing a girl he thought was his sister. After 
that incidence it was weeks before Ryouga calmed down. Going by the slight 
flush that came to his face every time he saw Ranma for about two weeks 
after the incident, it was clear that Ryouga was remembering how his body 
had reacted to Ranma's. The fact that he immediately attacked Ranma on 
those occasions showed he was covering his confusion in typical Ryouga 
fashion, blind unreasoning rage. Ryouga had gotten over it, or at least he 
seemed to go back to his old motivations for hating Ranma. Ranma however 
was not so lucky. She still had recurring nightmares where Ryouga and her 
had sex. Sometimes it was rape, but the really scary dreams were the ones 
where she was willing.

"I'm a guy you jerk." Ranma yelled in outrage as Ryouga gave her upturned 
posterior another gentle pat.

"Well that's the thing Ranma you're not. Not anymore, not since you drank 
that potion.

"What the hell are you babbling about pig boy?" Ranma yelled as she tried to 
crane her neck around to look at Ryouga. She suddenly gave a squawk of 
outrage as Ryouga's hand slammed down on her butt, a whole lot harder then 
the first two times.

"Just shut up and listen Ranma, and maybe I'll tell you!" Ryouga yelled as he 
slapped his bare hand back down on the upraised ass in front of him.

"The hell with that, you pig! Let me up from here and I'll make sausage out 
of your fat ass! Keep your goddam hands to yourself you fucking pervert! 
You got a thing for boys is that it! Maybe that's why you have such a thing 
for Akane, she sure don't have much in the way of curves."

"You shut the hell up Ranma! Don't you dare bring up that sweet girl's name. 
Your not worthy of being on the same planet as her." "Sweet?! I've seen 
rabid pit bulls with a better disp-" Ranma's voice was cut off as an enraged 
Ryouga released his grip on Ranma's wrists long enough to quickly loop one 
of his bandannas over her mouth, effectively gagging her. Ranma just as 
quickly brought her hands forward in an attempt to pull the gag loose. Before 
her hands could reach the gag however, Ryouga caught them and once more 
pulled them around to the middle of her back. This time the lost boy quickly 
looped another of his infinite supply of bandannas around Ranma's wrists, 
effectively immobilizing her arms.

"Now Ranma maybe you'll let me talk." Gathering his thoughts Ryouga 
made an effort to calm down ignoring the thrashing girl in his lap. At last 
having calmed down he began to speak.

"It was about two months ago that I came across another temple monastery, 
and as usual I asked after a cure for Jusenkio curses. I was halfway out the 
door when I realized they had said that yes they had one. Or at least 
something that worked as a cure.

The story they told me was this. Their Temple had been responsible several 
centuries ago for the capture and execution of a dishonorable Samurai who 
used a Chi poison to weaken his opponents before a duel. He was nothing 
more than an assassin for hire who picked duels with the men he had been 
hired to kill. He would slip them a poison that destroyed there ability to use 
Ki and at the level of skill he and they fought this left them helpless against 
him. It was not till he used the poison on a lord suffering from a magic curse, 
that his trickery was discovered. The poison not only destroyed his Ki it also 
eliminated the magic that caused the curse. In the search to discover how he 
had apparently been cured he summoned learned monks from the nearby 
temple who had traced the reason for his spontaneous cure to the Ki poison.

The assassin was executed, and the formula for the potion was stored in the 
temple library. Over the years the monks struggled to find a way to destroy 
curses without destroying the Ki of the patient. Eventually they succeeded 
and this is what they gave to me."

He looked down at the small girl in his lap who had by now stopped 
struggling and was apparently listening intently. "And that brings us to you 
Ranma. The monks warned me that our cursed forms were not magic, merely 
another body, the magic was in the changing. After that only the ability to 
retain our intelligence in animal form, and to keep our basic nature was 
magic. If a Jusenkio cursed person was to drink the potion in his animal form 
not only would it eliminate the magic needed to change them back to human, 
it would destroy the ability to retain their human characteristics. They would 
soon revert to the nature of whatever form they were trapped in. If I had 
taken it in my pig form I would have soon been a pig in truth. With no 
memory of ever being a man and no way of changing back. I'd be as good as 

"Now what do you suppose would happen to some one who's curse was to 
switch gender." Ryouga looked into Ranma's eyes which had widened in 
horror as the implication sank in. She could do nothing but yell into her gag. 
Trying to shout her denial at what Ryouga was suggesting. Ryouga reached 
over to the tea kettle that was simmering on his campfire and upended it over 

Ranma let out a low moan of despair and hung her head, tears running down 
her face and soaking the bandana that stilled gaged her. She could still feel 
her breasts pressing against Ryouga's body, she had not changed.

Ryouga reached down and untied the gag, and the ties that bound Ranma's 
wrists. Standing her up Ryouga smirked at her. "All these years of searching 
for a way to pay you back for the hell you've put me through Ranma, and 
you do it to yourself. If I tried for a hundred years I could not have come up 
with a better revenge."

Ranma stood her hands clenched into fists, staring in hatred at Ryouga. "O 
yes you love it don't you Ryouga. At last you have a girl you can fondle 
without fainting away. Think your hot shit don't you, coped a good feel 
didn't you. Guess I'm lucky you still don't have any guts."

"Ranma you take that back, or I'll...!!"

"Or what Ryouga put me over your knee again. You'd love that wouldn't 
you. Give you a chance to fondle my butt again. Great big man, think you're 
going to get anywhere with Akane, that's a laugh! You can't even say two 
words in a row to her."

Ryouga was starting to turn red with rage "Ranma." But Ranma was too 
wound up to notice. The fact that she was trapped as a female once again had 
filled her with a terror that she could only suppress by lashing out at Ryouga.

"Well don't think I'm going to let you get your hands on me again Ryouga. 
You're just going to have to get your jollies the same way as always. Rosy 
red hand, I'm a guy dammit and if you lay a hand on me again I'll rip your 
cock off and feed it too you."

"A guy Ranma? You never do listen do you." Ryouga calmed down slightly 
and looked at the small girl in front of him. "I told you when a Jusenkio 
cursed person takes the potion in their cursed form it not only traps them in 
that form it destroys the magic that allows them to retain their own character 
and personality. Not only that, if you take too large a dose you damage your 
ability to manufacture Ki, without that your just a regular girl who knows 
martial arts. You're a girl Ranma inside and out and sooner or later you're 
going to be wearing dresses and makeup and shortly after that you'll find 
yourself laying on your back as your boyfriend sticks his big -fat-cock into 
you." Ryouga said the last slowly, enjoying the look in Ranma's eyes as she 
could not prevent herself from visualizing the scene Ryouga's words formed 
in her mind. With an angry shake of her head she banished the image and 
glared at Ryouga.

"No damn way Ryouga. I'm a guy and if any perverts like you try anything, 
they'll regret it till the day they die which will be the same day if I have any 
say in the matter. Not that I have to worry about you, you're so gutless I 
could dance naked in front of you. All you'd do is faint. You're pathetic, you 
may not be cursed anymore, but you're still a pig."

Ranma had gone too far and Ryouga flushing with rage reached out and 
grasping the front of her loose shirt pulled her towards him. Ranma lashed 
out at him, but with out being able to use her Ki to boost her strength Ryouga 
barely noticed.

"You have a foul mouth Ranma and little girls with foul mouths need 
discipline." Ryouga sat down on one of the rocks surrounding his campsite. 
He then pulled the resisting Ranma down across his lap. Hooking his hands 
into the waistband of her overlarge pants, Ryouga gave a smooth pull and 
stripped her pants and boxers down to her knees, baring her small derriere to 
the cool air.

Ranma gave a shout of outrage as she felt the air wash over her suddenly 
naked ass. "What the fuck are you playing at Ryouga? Let me the godamm 
hell up you slime." She tried to force herself off of Ryouga's lap but the lost 
boy was ready for this. Placing a hand in the small of her back to hold her in 
place, Ryouga started to spank her. Ranma jolted in shock at the first contact 
of bare hand to bare ass. She barely stopped herself from yelling out in 
terror. She was damned if she was going to give him the satisfaction of 
struggling ineffectively against his greater strength. He had the advantage 
right now, but that would change. She would make sure of that.

Cupping his hand so that it covered one entire cheek of Ranma's ass, Ryouga 
massaged the firm flesh for a minute and then he continued the spanking, 
alternating his strokes swatting one side of her pert little bottom and then the 
other slowly reddening them. As Ryouga spanked in a slow steady beat 
Ranma found herself involuntarily thrusting her hips forward in an effort to 
escape the massive hand that was slowly turning her posterior a bright cherry 
red. Clenching her teeth she vowed she would not give Ryouga the pleasure 
of hearing her crying out in pain. Soon something else made itself known to 
her. It worked quite well in distracting her from the fiery pain in her 
backside. Her hip thrusts had ground her thigh into Ryouga's groin, and the 
same bulge that had scared her so badly the last time Ryouga had spanked 
her, made another appearance.

Ryouga's anger cooled uncharacteristically quickly. He started to savor the 
feel of Ranma's bare butt under his hand. He began to curl his fingers so that 
they penetrated the crack between Ranma's ass cheeks on each downward 
stroke. Then he started pausing slightly each time he smacked her now red 
ass giving whichever cheek it was resting on a squeeze before lifting his hand 
for another blow. Each time he smacked her Ranma jerked her hips forward 
to try and ease the force of the blow. Ryouga felt Ranma's naked thigh 
grinding into his crotch with each blow. The pressure of her soft flesh 
pressing against his groin inflamed him. She moved in rhythm with the 
blows he was raining on her soft flesh. The friction between her body and his 
cock slowly started to build a fire in his loins.

Soon he started thrusting his hips upward in time with his blows, grinding 
his now rock hard cock into the small girls soft thigh muscle. He felt the 
pressure built and built until finally, he seemed to reach a peak that he could 
not get past. No matter how hard he spanked down, or thrust up he could not 
progress any farther. His belly felt like there was a ball of molten lead in it 
and he was conscious only of the need to do something, anything, to bring 
about the relief his body craved. Soon his hand was spending more time 
mauling Ranma's ass then in spanking. He gripped each cheek in turn 
alternating driving first his fingers and then his thumb deep into the cleft of 
her ass. Then finally unable to withstand his need he stopped spanking 
altogether. He shoved Ranma off his lap and onto the ground. Then he 
prepared to satisfy the fire burning in his belly. Ranma tried to get to her feet 
and run but the pants around her ankles prevented her from moving fast 
enough. Ryouga stepped on the trailing pants, and she sprawled face first 
into the ground as her lunge for freedom was arrested.

For several minutes Ranma had been trying to ignore the rock hard bulge that 
was grinding into her flesh through Ryouga's pants. This time unlike the time 
before there was something besides the fear. A rising feeling of need in her 
belly. She felt fluid running down her thighs as her vagina secreted 
lubrication in response to the burning need she felt in her groin. When 
Ryouga rolled her off his lap she was so fogged with conflicting needs that 
she could not immediately take advantage of her freedom. By the times she 
got focused on the situation and tried to escape it was too late. Between her 
pants tangling her legs, and Ryouga's quick actions she was unable to make 
good her escape. Her fingers scrabbled in the dirt as she tried to pull her legs 
out of her pants to no avail. Ryouga knelt down behind her and reached out 
catching her before she even got started at getting her legs free.

Ryouga grabbed her around the waist and picked her up, only to set her 
down on her knees in front of him. Crossing his legs over hers Ryouga 
placed one hand in the small of her back and forced her face and chest down 
onto the ground. His thighs pressed against the back of her legs prevented 
her from flattening out her whole body and left her kneeling with her ass 
stuck high up in the air. Ryouga using his free hand felt between her legs and 
ran his fingers along her slit, causing the lips of her opening to fall aside and 
allowing the fluid that had been retained by them to flow out and over 
Ryouga's hand. Reaching around to where her face was pressed firmly 
sideways on the ground Ryouga wiped his juice covered hands over her lips. 
"My Ranma what a peculiar reaction for a guy. If I didn't know you were 
really a boy I might think you were actually enjoying yourself. That can't be 
right. The great Ranma Satome kneeling on the ground with her ass waving 
in the air like a bitch in heat waiting for some guy to fuck her."

"Go to hell Ryouga! You don't got the guts so why don't you just let me up 
now!?." Ranma pressed down with all her strength trying to force her lower 
body off the ground against the pressure of Ryouga's hand in the middle of 
her back. She suppressed the panic she felt when the bulge in Ryouga's pants 
rubbed against her upturned ass. So much of her attention was focused on 
that, she found she had unconsciously lipped Ryouga's fingers tasting her 
own juices on his blunt calloused fingers. Realizing what she was doing she 
opened her mouth wide and tried to bite the fingers that were stroking her 

Warned by Ranma's sudden tensing Ryouga withdrew his fingers before 
Ranma could remove one of them for him. "Naughty, naughty Ranma, that's 
not very nice. Not when you're enjoying yourself so much."

"Fuck off Ryouga."

"In a minute, in a minute. Have patience Ranma. I know your dying to have 
me inside of you." Ryouga mocked the pinned girl as he returned his hand to 
her upturned honey pot. Gently stroking her petals and trying to remember 
just what Akane had done to herself on those occasions when after a fight 
with Ranma she sought release with her own fingers. Stroking down 
Ranma's now open slit Ryouga gently brushed his fingers across the top of 
her tiny opening until he found the protruding bud of her clitoris and began to 
gently stroke the area around it. He was being careful not to directly touch the 
sensitive bud. Ryouga smirked as he realized his time as a pig had a least 
given him a very comprehensive knowledge of the female body. Akane had a 
very passionate nature and most every night she would pleasure herself 
before sleep. She had been shy at first about doing it with P-chan in the 
room. However it was not long before her need overcame that and she 
gradually began to ignore his presence totally. On Ryouga's part familiarity 
had eventually overcome his fainting reflex, and soon he was an avid 
audience to Akane's performances.

Ryouga put that knowledge to good use as he concentrated on bringing the 
helpless girl in front of him to orgasm, knowing it would be the worse thing 
he could do to Ranma. Ranma could handle the rape, Ryouga had no doubt it 
was just another type of physical assault in her mind. It was no different then 
any other attack, but if Ryouga could make her enjoy it then he would have 
won. Ranma would have lost the ultimate battle. "Getting awfully slick here 
Ranma. Sure you're not enjoying it just a little?" Ryouga laughed at Ranma's 
angry grunt that he go fuck himself, and at her renewed struggle. It only 
succeeded in causing her ass to wave back and forth as if beckoning. "That's 
a nice invitation Ranma but I don't think I'm going to have to resort to that 
tonight. I'll let you in on a little secret, I got this real hot chick that's just 
panting to have me do her tight little pussy." Ryouga extended his forefinger 
and gently parted Ranma's folds causing her to jerk her hips in a futile 
attempt to escape the probing digit. Parting her inner lips Ryouga inserted his 
fingers in her opening and very carefully began to work it back and forth, 
slowly inserting it a little at a time. Being very carful to not insert it too far, he 
had heard that the first time for girls was painful and he did not to want to 
supply anything that would allow Ranma to regain control of her body. Pain 
would only supply a focus that would allow her to escape the humiliation of 
having an orgasm.

Ranma was panting loudly, her own breath sounding like a gale in her ears 
and her heart was beating so hard that she thought it would burst from her 
chest. Her face was crimson with arousal and her mouth felt as dry as a 
desert. She suddenly realized to her shame that the motion of her hips had 
changed. They had up to a moment ago, been trying to move her tender and 
sensitive vagina away from Ryouga's gentle and deliberate manipulation. 
Now that motion had changed to a backward hunch as she strove to drive her 
pussy back. Tried to shove her tender folds on to the digit that was 
frustratingly just barely brushing near, but not on the small point of fire in her 
vagina. She felt like screaming as again and again it would brush just by 
where she wanted it to touch. She found she had to grit her teeth in an effort 
to keep from yelling at Ryouga, godamm it touch the right spot you bastard. 
Then Ryouga hand moved away and Ranma felt like crying as he left her on 
the brink of explosion. She began to wave her hips back and forth, in and 
out, in a desperate attempt to bring that probing digit back into contact with 
the fiery itch that was driving her crazy.

She paid no attention to the sound of cloth ties being clumsily untied one 
handed and the sound of a pair of pants sliding down someone's hips. All 
she knew was when something large and smooth brushed up against her itch 
and she almost sobbed in relief. It began to rub up and down her slit brushing 
against her clitoris and bringing waves of sensation crashing through her 
system. Higher and higher the waves carried her until she felt her breath 
freeze in her chest and wave after wave of overwhelming sensation crashed 
over her.

Ryouga took his hand from the middle of Ranma's back placing it on her 
waist. His other hand had been rubbing his manhood up and down her slit. 
Now as she exploded in a frenzy of release he guided his rock hard and 
burning member to the entrance of her vagina. Seating it firmly in her 
opening he grasped the other side of her waist with his now free hand, and 
unable to contain himself any longer he trust into her hot wetness. 
Fortunately for Ranma her martial arts training had left her with very little in 
the way of a hymen. That and the orgasm Ryouga had just induced meant she 
felt only a mild pain as Ryouga thrust his above average sized member into 
her still thrashing body. Still Ryouga could only manage a couple of inches 
with his first thrust. Ranma grunted as she felt herself being spread wide. 
Ryouga pulled back and slammed forward again. Ranma felt like she was 
going to burst, when with one last thrust Ryouga buried himself fully in her 
belly. The pain disappeared quickly as Ryouga began a frenzied thrusting that 
pushed Ranma's hypersensitive tissues into another spasm of pleasure. 
Ryouga reached around Ranma's waist and leaning back he pulled her upper 
body tight to his chest.

Using his powerful arms he moved Ranma up and down on his cock as his 
hips thrust powerfully in time with the motion of his arms. Ranma felt like a 
doll as she was jerked up and down on the heavy shaft that skewered her 
lower regions. She felt waves of pleasure beyond anything she had ever felt 
using her own hand in either form. Ryouga was far too excited to last for 
long and he had been in Ranma for a little less then a minute when he felt his 
ass clench almost painfully. He began to fire volley after volley of sperm up 
the tightly grasping channel of Ranma's opening. He froze in ecstasy as what 
felt like his entire stomach shot out the head of his prick and into Ranma's 
body. Then he relaxed and with a sigh fell forward coming to rest on top of 
Ranma as her legs straightened out and she lay flat on the ground, his heavy 
rod still several inches inside her body. Just before he passed out he thought 
my god what have I done. Ranma convulsed as one last orgasm crashed 
through her body, and then she joined Ryouga in unconsciousness.

Ranma woke and tried to remember where she was. A soreness in her crotch 
and a feeling of fullness combined with the heavy weight pushing her tender 
breasts into the ground brought it all back to her. She was trapped as a girl 
again, maybe forever if Ryouga was to be believed, and... Ryouga had just 
raped her.... No that wasn't the whole truth. Much as she wanted to make 
that claim she couldn't. She knew Ryouga, a few tears, a few artful sobs, 
and he would have been reduced to a stammering, flaccid, wimp. Instead she 
had practically dared him to do something, insulting him every time he started 
to cool down and gain control. What had come over her. She knew better 
than to push him that far. She remembered the time he had almost raped her 
once before. It had been the first time she had fooled him into thinking she 
was a real girl. She had not learned yet how far she could push, and before 
she knew it he was all over her. If it had not been for a stout tree branch she 
might have ended up in this position way back then.

Then there was the memory of the pleasure she had experienced. It was like 
nothing she had ever experienced before. Her sexual feelings as a girl had 
always been muted. The few times she had masturbated while female had left 
her with the opinion that guys had it all over girls when it came to enjoying 
sex. Now she knew better. Whatever the curse had done to allow her to 
remain male in a female body was gone, just as Ryouga had claimed. She 
now knew just how suppressed her sense of feeling had been before. The 
orgasms she had just experienced were like nothing she had ever experienced 
before, and she realized she wanted more, wanted to feel a cock sliding in 
and out of her body stroking all of her newly discovered nerve endings. 
Gods she thought with dismay I want to be fucked again. No she couldn't, 
I'm a guy godamm it, but even as she said it she knew it was no longer true. 
Whether she could regain her manhood was unknown, but what Ryouga had 
just forcibly demonstrated to her was that she was a hundred percent female 
at the moment at least as far as her body went.

Her hips began a slight bucking motion and she realized Ryouga's semi hard 
cock was still in her. Her body was acting on it's own to make use of that 
fact. Quickly suppressing the feeling of need she set about getting away from 
him. Carefully trying not to waken Ryouga she began to move her hips, 
trying to wiggle out from under his dead weight. She froze as Ryouga stirred 
and began to move his hips in time with her slight movements. She felt the 
shaft of his manhood begin to harden as he flexed his hips. It rapidly 
regained it's full size and firmness and Ranma repressed a moan as she felt it 
move in her body, reawakening the sensations of a little while ago.

O god I can't let Ryouga know I enjoyed this. I won't give the bastard the 
satisfaction. Ranma thought. "Get the fuck off me pig boy." Ranma hissed at 
the slowly awakening Ryouga. "You've got your jollies, so pull your pathetic 
little boy dick out and let me up, asshole." As he talked, Ranma rammed her 
hips back and forth, trying to shove Ryouga off. The friction on Ryouga's 
cock, which was still imbedded well up the little red head's opening rapidly 
brought Ryouga to full wakefulness. The feeling of her tight opening 
squeezing him like a soft glove brought a gasp of pleasure to his lips.

The shame that Ryouga had felt after his orgasm had brought him back to his 
senses faded as Ranma continued to curse him. The feeling of her vessel 
flexing on his rapidly hardening cock drove any though of apologizing or 
freeing Ranma from his mind. Ranma had made his life a living hell and now 
he was going to get his pound of flesh. Or rather Ranma was going to get it.

Growing annoyed at Ranma's continued cursing Ryouga reached over and 
picked up two of the bandanas that he had used to bind Ranma with earlier. It 
was the work of seconds to jam one into Ranma's mouth and to tie the other 
one around her head to hold the first one in place.

"Now Ranma where was I? O yes, fucking you." Ryouga slowly started to 
slide his shaft back and forth in the warm wet flesh that surrounded it. He 
reached under Ranma and cupped a breast in each hand, feeling the nipples 
harden and press tightly against Ranma's silk top. He let them project 
between his fingers.

Ranma gasped in pleasure as the silk of her shirt slid over her engorged 
nipples. She felt herself begin to once again respond to the feeling of Ryouga 
moving in her body.

Slowly Ryouga leisurely moved his hips back and forth. Flexing his hand in 
time with his thrusts he kneaded the soft malleable flesh of Ranma's large 
breasts, rolling the hardening nipples between his fingers. The pleasure was 
almost more than he could stand, but he controlled himself. The thought that 
his hated enemy was laying under him as he used her body for his own 
pleasure sent a thrill through him that he had never imagined. All those times 
his shyness had rendered him helpless to resist Ranma's lush body, well now 
he intended to collect in full for all the nights her trickery had left him with a 
case of blue balls. He began to speed up his motions. His belly slapping the 
little red heads sore behind with each forward thrust.

"Hey did I miss anything," the cowled figure exclaimed as he rushed in 
through the door. Seeing the scene on the large crystal mirror he cursed 
"damn! How long has he been boffing her?" Without turning away from the 
scene in front of him one of the other cowled figures answered. "About thirty 
minutes now. He gave her a hell of a spanking first too." there was a hint of 
teasing in his voice.

"Fuck why didn't one of you bastard's come and get me?"

"Screw you Urgant, you snooze you lose."

"Hey who the fuck do you think set this little thing up? If I hadn't though up 
this scam you four would be playing with yourself and not those two."

"Yea, yea we've heard it all before. Just shut up and don't disturb Ergan and 
Regant these two up there hate each others guts and if Regant and Ergan 
don't keep on top of it they'll stop fucking and start fighting."

"Two? You mean that's the Amazon? How did he get her to take the potion 
so fast? Last I knew he hadn't even started to make it."

"It's not the Amazon. It's the boy, the one with the gender curse."

"No shit. Pig boy actually got him to drink it while he was a girl. I was sure 
we were going to have to wait until we had full control before we could get 
him to give her the potion. I was sure he would never think of it on his own. 
Must have a nastier mind then I gave him credit for."

"Don't him the credit, it wasn't his idea. The guy saw him use the potion and 
stole the bottle. Drank the whole thing before Ryouga could stop her"

"FUCK ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? Why the hell didn't Ergan get 
him to stop her? You know that buggers everything up. Do you have any idea 
how much magic is tied up in a Jusenkio curse? Not only will it keep one of 
us from doing anything more than the gentlest steering it will stand out like a 
flair to any one with the ability to sense it. Fuck this screws everything up. It 
was perfect, five Jusenkio cursed people and five of us. We each get our own 
little play toy. Now there are only four of them we can totally control. Well 
two of you are just going to have to share. I for one am not going to give up 
my toy. I get the one with the chains and that's final."

"Really?" The one who had been speaking to Urgant all this time rose to his 
feet. "I don't think so. I think there's another way to make the numbers fit." 
He lashed out and caught the smaller Shikima around the neck. "Nendex" he 
called out.

"Right here Extefan," Urgant twisted his head around to see the last of the 
Shikima's standing behind him holding a carved wooden box.

"No not that," he shrieked as Nendex began to open the lid. A swirling 
vortex appeared and with a shriek of despair his flesh went translucent. For 
just a second he seemed to shift into some sort of monstrous form. Then it 
dissolved in the vortex and was drawn screaming into the small wooden box. 
Nendex shut the lid tight and sealed it. Tossing the box casually over his 
shoulder he grinned at Extefan. "Good math. Four of us, four cursed humans 
still available. Works for me."

Extefan grinned back. "Me to, but we can't afford to take any chances." 
Turning he addressed Ergan. "As soon as he's finished with the girl, suggest 
he head over to the Amazon's. She should have all the ingredients for a new 
batch of potion. It will sound like something he might think of, so it should 
not be hard to suggest it. You might want to help him find his way as well. 
You got enough access to his mind yet to know where it is?"

Ergan did not take his focus off of the viewing mirror but he waved a hand in 
acknowledgment of Extefan's statement and suggestion. Extefan looked 
pleased. "Fine that's taken care of then. Looks like we get a little fun this 
century after all." He sat back down and turned his attention back to mirror. 
Ryouga had sometime since he last looked striped Ranma and himself of all 
their clothing. Now with the small girl's ankles pressed into the ground on 
either side of her head he was slamming his cock into her sweat soaked body. 
"You just wait girl," Extefan murmured "When I get control of chain boy I'll 
show you what a fuck really is." He reached into his robe and started 
stroking his engorged member. "You just wait girl, you just wait."


In a dark and dusty room four robed figures focused all their attention on a 
large disk of glass. At the moment it was split evenly down the middle to 
show two separate views side by side. One side was clear as could be. The 
other was a roiling mass of energy and static.

"Damm it Regant Can't you bring it into focus."

"What the fuck do you think I've been trying to do for the last hour Extefan, 
pass gas? No I can't bring it in any better and you damm well know why! 
Urgant was right, when the boy/girl drank the entire bottle of potion she 
destabilized every drop of magic in her. With the amount of raw magic tied 
up in a Jusenkio curse she's leaking so much magical static I can't even begin 
to get a lock on her for a visual. We're lucky we can still tweak her pleasure 
centers. As it is unless one of the other four is within range we aren't going 
to be able to see or hear a damm thing she does."

Alright, alright don't get your ass in a bind. Keep trying to get what you 
can." Extefan turned to Ergan and asked. " How about you Ergan have you 
gotten any more control over our wandering boy."

"Not doing to bad." Ergan looked up at the clear side of the screen which 
showed a stocky, powerfully built teenager walking the streets of Nerima. 
Dressed in a yellow shirt and black pants and carrying a massive backpack, 
he was making his way with a sense of confidence that would have puzzled 
any one who knew him. "Of course it will be a week or so before I can start 
to have any real control over what he does, but he seems to be easy enough to 
steer. He's usually so lost that he doesn't even think about why he goes one 
way or the other. I should have him to the Amazon's restaurant in an hour or 

"All right then. I guess we just have to wait awhile till our playthings are in 
place for another show," Extefan said. Looking up at the boy on the screen 
he smiled. It was not a nice smile.

The Tendo home sat quietly bathed in moonlight. In the Koi pond the full 
moon floated in serene beauty, silvery light glistened off the sand in the 
bottom. A splash of water marked the end of a careless water beatle as one of 
the Koi in the pond enjoyed a midnight snack. The rippling water sent 
patterns of shadow and light fluttering across the face of the quiet home.

With the exception of a single lantern lighting the porch and the front walk, 
all was dark. For the first time in over a year the Tendo home floated in a sea 
of complete and utter peace. Knowledgeable neighbors were already making 
travel arrangements.

The stillness was broken by the crunch of gravel as a weary, bedraggled 
figure walked through the gate and up the path, Ranma-chan was home. 
Gingerly one foot at a time she limped up the path. Reaching the end of the 
walkway she winced as she lifted her leg the extra distance to step up onto the 
front porch. "Damm that Ryouga, did he have to be so rough?" Her lips 
twisted in disgust at herself as the irony of the words occur to her. "Ya sure, 
would have been real nice of him if he'd raped me gentle like, wouldn't it." 
Firming her mouth, she shoved aside her self pity and concentrated on 
vengeance. "You'll pay Ryouga. I'll be a man again soon, and then you'll 
pay. You might not be a pig no more, but I'll still make bacon out of your fat 
ass. Or maybe I'll make you a 'real' special hot dog." Cheered by this 
uplifting thought Ranma continued on into the darkened home.

Inside, Ranma paused at the bottom of the stairs. She looked up them to the 
darkened hallway at the top. Unbidden the thought came to her, what am I 
going to tell Akane. What if I meet her in the hallway. All to often Akane 
showed up when Ranma least wanted her to. What if she were up their now, 
waiting...Well I can't spend the night just standing here, she thought. Lifting 
a foot to the first step she started up. Then, she shuddered as she felt 
something warm and thick run down her leg. Ryouga had emptied himself 
three times in Ranma's body before finally rolling over and going to sleep. 
Ranma had been leaking the results all the way home. In her worry at being 
discovered she had forgotten about that little side benefit of her day with 
Ryouga. Shuddering once again she turned from the stairs and made her way 
to the bathing room.

Ranma slipped out of the last of her grass and dirt stained clothing. The pants 
and shirt she tossed into the laundry hamper. Kasumi had seen worse, 
Ranma had no fear of her reaction to them. Her boxers were another matter. 
Gingerly holding the semen soaked undergarment between two fingers she 
dropped it into the trash. Covering them with a wad of paper from the toilet 
roll she slammed the lid down on the trash container. Standing up, she 
heaved a sigh of relief over finally riding herself of them.

After thoroughly scrubbing herself several times in the washing area, she 
walked over to the furo. Stepping into it she held on to each side with a hand, 
and slowly lowered herself into the steaming water. Bitting back a yelp she 
winced as the hot water washed over her sore and abraded flesh. Gritting her 
teeth she lowered herself the rest of the way, exhaling through her clenched 
teeth as she did so. When she was finally settled all the way into the water 
she unclenched her teeth and drew a deep breath. Feeling her muscles already 
relaxing she sighed in pleasure as she felt the heat soaking into her sore 
aching body. Reaching behind herself Ranma plucked a small folded towel 
from a near by stack. Placing it on her head to soak up sweat she leaned back 
against the rear of the furo, and slowly slid herself down into the water until 
it reached her chin. Once she was comfortable settled she heaved another 
sigh, and closed her eyes. Letting all the muscles in her body relax she let the 
warm water cradle her tired form.

After a several minutes of blissful relaxation she stirred herself. She reached 
down, and with caution gingerly felt her vagina. It was still a little tender, but 
the warm water was soothing and she still seemed to heal fairly quickly. Idly 
she wondered if all of Ryouga's cum had drained out. She had flushed 
herself out as best she could with the shower, cold as that had been. She had 
stopped short of jamming it tight against her opening however. She just 
wasn't that comfortable with her female parts. She might hurt herself. I 
wonder if I could ask?...she stopped. Who could she ask? Akane, the very 
idea gave her an anticipatory headache. She could feel the mallet already. 
Nabiki, ya like she could afford that. Not to mention the fact that Nabiki 
would sell the information if she thought she could make a profit from it. 
Kasumi, for a second Ranma considered Kasumi, but then the image of her 
asking Kasumi how one went about washing cum out of ones privates 
quickly put paid to that idea.

Suddenly Ranma sat up straight as it hit her. Ucchan that's who I can ask. 
She's my best friend I can tell her anything and she won't look at me like I 
crawled out from under a rock. Best of all she'll kill Ryouga. He won't be 
able to fight back against a real girl. Satisfied Ranma settled back down and 
prepared to soak some more. Idly her hand returned to her pussy and almost 
unconsciously she started to stroke herself. "Ryouga that fink, Ukyou will 
fix his wagon for him. Idly she thought back to her encounter with Ryouga 
her mind drifting into a recollection of the final time Ryouga had her.

Ranma gasped as she felt Ryouga's prick swell and then jerk as it emptied it's 
load deep in her belly. Unlike the first time, she was aware of the pulsing as 
it fired jet after jet of hot jism into her. Ryouga's hands squeezed her tender 
breasts hard as the shock of his orgasm caused all his muscles to contract 
violently. Ranma suppressed a moan as her tender flesh flowed like bread 
dough in Ryouga's hands. Finally Ryouga stopped his frenzied thrusting and 
relaxing, rested all his weight on her back, his breath like a bellows beside 
her ear. He lay with his head next to hers for a moment before moving 
himself. Having caught his breath he released his hold on her breasts and 
placing his hands on either side of her body he pushed himself up and off of 
her back arching his body so his groin still pressed into her ass. For a minute 
he continued to grind his hips into her sore and tender posterior. Trying to 
milk every drop of pleasure he could from her body. Soon however his 
softening member slid from her opening and he rolled over and off of her.

Ranma lay still for a while almost afraid to move. She tried to analyze her 
feelings at the moment. She hatted the fact that Ryouga had raped her. Taking 
his long sought revenge by plundering her body with his own. Forcing her to 
sate his lust. Most of all she hatted the fact that he had played with her body. 
Had manipulated her new nerve endings in such a way as to remove her 
control over her own body. She had cum repeatedly as he had thrust into her. 
Every thing she had ever been, said she should have been vomiting up her 
guts in disgust at what he had done to her. Instead she lay here with a feeling 
of utter physical bliss. She could never remember ever feeling pleasure so 
intense and long lasting. Even as she screamed in her mind against what had 
happened, a part of her was replaying the sensations caused by Ryouga's 
prick sliding in and out of her body. She found herself wondering what 
someone else would feel like. Their body pressed tight to her as they held her 
and thrust over and over into her warm hole.

She started as she felt a hand caress her ass. She tried to roll away from the 
pressure but another hand quickly caught her before she could go far. Resting 
on her belly it pressed her back hard against the ground. The hand that had 
caressed her ass now dropped lightly down between her legs. Her hips 
arched as she felt Ryouga's finger push up her well lubricated opening. She 
reached down and grasped his wrist with both of her hands and tried to pull 
his hand away from her body. It was useless, she might as well be trying to 
move an iron bar for all the good it did her. She glared up at Ryouga who 
merely smiled down at her as he continued to run his finger in and out of her 
body. She tried to hide the effect he was having on her, but the way his smile 
widened she suspected he was not fooled. She closed her eyes so she would 
not have to look at his leering face.

"What's the matter Ranma, can't look the man who finally beat you in the 

"You ain't beat me yet pig boy." Ranma fired back, then winced as Ryouga 
twisted her soft flesh between his probing fingers.

"I guess I'll have to try harder then won't I?" Ryouga snarled.

Damm me, and my big fucking mouth, Ranma though. She felt Ryouga's 
fingers undoing the wooden buttons on her shirt and then the same hand 
cupping her now bare breast. As soon as he started rolling her nipple between 
two fingers the traitorous thing immediately engorged itself. A give away to 
Ranma's lust, and lack of control over the situation. Suddenly she felt 
Ryouga's hands leave her body and heard him moving away from her and 
standing up.

Is he finally leaving me alone? Ranma thought. She felt relief with a small bit 
of regret mixed in. Opening her eyes she saw Ryouga removing his clothing, 
guess not, she thought. Almost against her will her eyes went to that part of 
him that had so recently forced it way into her body. It did not look so 
impressive laying softly in his groin. Still damp from their mingled juices it 
looked much smaller than it had felt, when it had been forcing it's way into 
her. Even as she watched it twitched and rolled from one side of his balls to 
the other. She flinched when it moved, but calmed down when it did not 
seem to be getting any harder or larger.

While she had been busy watching Ryouga, he had finished undressing and 
he now reached down and grabbed her pants up from where they trailed 
across the ground. She had earlier almost crawled out of them, and they now 
were only connected to her at the ankles. It was the work of seconds for 
Ryouga to remove them from her.

Legs free of their restrictive grip Ranma rolled backwards and vaulted to her 
feet. Ryouga was right there when she turned to run however. He gathered 
her up in his arms and pressed her tightly to him. Leaving one hand around 
her waist he started to divest her of her silk shirt. Despite her efforts to 
prevent it her shirt soon fluttered to the ground, and left her completely 
naked. Ryouga pressed her body tight against his. She flushed as the feel of 
her breasts flattening between their bodies sent shivers running through her. 
She found herself conscious of their bare skin touching. Ryouga's smooth 
skin covered a layer of rock hard muscles. She was sure she could feel them 
writhe under his skin where ever her body came in contact with his.

Ryouga slowly ran a hand down her back stoking her spine gently until he 
came to the base of her back and continued down to cup her ass. She found 
herself trying to arch her back under that gentle touch, like a cat leaning into 
the hand that stroked it. Ryouga continued to run the fingers of one hand up 
and down her back. With the other he gently squeezed her ass, stroking and 
kneading it. His fingers crept into the cleft of her bottom and slowly moved 
their way down until he could touch her warm wet slit. As Ranma tried to 
push her way out of his grip, he tightened his arm around her waist, and 
shoved a forefinger as far as it would go up her pussy. Ranma stiffed in 
shock at this latest outrage. For just a second the though of kneeing him in 
the groin passed through her mind but almost as quickly it was 
discarded...Why not? She suddenly wondered, it's what she should have 
done right at the beginning. Why hadn't she? For some reason her mind 
shied away from the thought. Angrily she forced her training to the forefront. 
Flexing her muscles she prepared to raise Ryouga's balls to the level of his 

Suddenly the most intense wave of pleasure Ranma had ever felt washed 
through her body. Far more intense than anything she had felt as Ryouga had 
taken her earlier. She had an orgasm, and then another, and yet another. 
Wave after wave of sensation crashed through her body and she twisted and 
writhed in Ryouga's grip. She was completely unaware as Ryouga's eyes 
glazed over. Did not notice his cock, which had been hanging limp between 
his legs springing suddenly to life. Nor was she aware when Ryouga laid her 
on her back, and positioned himself between her legs. Only when he trust up 
into her spasming pussy did a glimmer of sanity return to her. Looking up 
she saw Ryouga's eyes were glazed and glassy. Then suddenly they cleared 
and looked into her own. He looked puzzled for a minute as if he had no idea 
as to how they had ended up in this position. Then his face cleared as he felt 
the grip of her tight little pussy around his member. He gave her a twisted 
smile as he thrust himself fully into her.

"This is what I was missing last time Ranma, he said. His hips lifted up and 
down shuttling his cock back and forth in her. I want to look you in the eyes 
as I take you." His motions slowed and he continued to talk to the pinned 
girl. "Can you feel it Ranma? Just the tip is in you right now, just barely 
inside your little pussy. Now feel this!" Ever so slowly Ryouga pushed his 
way into Ranma never taking his eyes off of her face. "Feel it Ranma, it's my 
cock and it's going into your body. There's one inch...there's two. Feel it 
pushing aside your flesh as it shoves into you. There's three...four." Ryouga 
paused and held his position, frozen with half his cock outside of Ranma's 
body. Feel it Ranma!" he gently moved his hips in a circular motion using his 
prick to stir her honey pot. "Want more Ranma? It's right here, all you have 
to do is move your hips. Or better yet beg me. That's good, I think I'd like 
that. Say O please Ryouga put the rest of your cock in my belly. Can you say 
that Ranma, Hmmm?" He stopped all motion once again.

Ranma gasped, and tried to prevent the reflex hunch of her hips as her body 
cried out for a continuation of the stimulation Ryouga had stopped. Despite 
her best efforts she could not prevent a tiny upward lunge. Not much, but 
enough for Ryouga to notice.

"Come on, you can do better than that Ranma." he said "Here it is, come and 
get it." With that Ryouga withdrew his cock all the way out of Ranma and left 
just the tip touching the mouth of her opening. Showing remarkable muscular 
control he moved his hips just enough to brush the head of his member over 
her engorged and swollen flesh.

Ranma was so busy fighting to control herself, she failed to notice the sheen 
of sweat that had appeared on Ryouga's forehead. Mute testimony to the 
strain he was feeling. Ranma was not the only one experiencing a need to feel 
flesh pistoning in flesh. It was a standoff, but Ranma had the advantage. All 
she had to do was lie still, and concentrate all her will power on resisting the 
need she felt. Despite being racked by wave after wave of sensation, she 
fought on. Despite being brought right to the brink and then dropped, without 
the release she craved, she held on. She was 'not' going to give Ryouga this 
final victory. Ryouga, on the other hand, as the one in control of their bodies 
needed to take action in order to tempt Ranma into the final surrender. Maybe 
if he had been more experienced he could have held out. Doubtful, one thing 
Ranma had not lost was her stubbornness, and she would have resisted long 
past the point where Ryouga finally gave up.

With a roar half of lust and half of foiled anger Ryouga scooped Ranma's 
legs up and over his shoulders. Continuing the motion he forced her feet 
down to the ground on either side of her head. Holding her legs in place with 
a grip on each ankle he raised himself up onto the tip of his toes and jolted his 
hips forward. His eight inches plunged into her body. Pierced to the core 
Ranma reached the plateau that Ryouga had tried to deny her. Throwing her 
arms tightly around Ryouga she clawed at his flesh as yet again wave after 
wave of pleasure flooded through her. Not as intense as earlier but more than 
enough to bring gasps of pleasure from her. Ryouga felt nothing as her 
fingernails tore his back, all his thoughts were tied up in the eight inch 
cylinder of meat that he plunged into Ranma's upturned pussy. His thighs 
beat out a cadence on her ass as he plunged into her body again and again.

"Ranma!? What ever are you doing.!?!?" A voice suddenly shouted out.

"Ranma started in shock, her body still trembling with the strength of her 
memory. Then she realized two things. One her body was trembling because 
she had just brought herself to orgasm with her fingers while recollecting her 
rape. Two, Nabiki was standing in the bathroom a glass in one hand and a 
shocked expression on her face. "Akkk gluppp." Ranma cried, as she slipped 
below the water in her surprise. A second later she burst from the furo 
coughing and wheezing as a result of the water she had swallowed.

"Really Ranma." Nabiki drawled as she wiped water from her face. "You 
should really be a little more considerate. The water in the Furo does have to 
last for a while. Whatever would Akane think if she were to..." Nabiki 
paused as her mind registered the fact that Ranma was female and sitting in a 
tub of hot water. "Well, well what have you done now Ranma-chan."

"I ain't talking to you Nabiki." Ranma answered in a sulky tone of voice.

"I see, I really should let the rest of the family know about the furo. After all 
it is most unsanitary. My, I hope I can catch Akane before she actually gets 
into the water."

Ranma blanched at the thought of Akane's reaction to the news of her 
masturbating in the furo, or of her masturbating anywhere for that matter. "It 
ain't my fault I tell you, it's this stupid body."

"O come now Ranma. You've been trapped as a female before." Nabiki said 
with a superior smile on her face. "I'm certain I would have remembered any 
behavior like this. Even the time you thought you were a girl for real, you 
were to prissy to even think of anything as dirty as this. Nope don't buy it, 
there's got to be some other reason, so out with it. Shampoo get you with 
another potion that didn't work quite the way she wanted? Spill it Ranma. Or 
would you rather I went and asked your father if this is normal behavior."

Once again Ranma blanched, visualizing endless hours of her father wailing 
to the world what a disgrace his son is. Another image even scarier than that 
supplanted it. What about his mother, she had once expected her to commit 
sepuku in the event that she was not a man among men. Only the fact that 
Ranma had peeped at Akane in the bath had convinced her that Ranma was 
not effected by her curse, and was truly a man.. What would she do if she 
found out about this. Nabiki often gave no thought to the effects of her 
money making schemes. Witness Ranma and Akane's attempt at a wedding. 
Nabiki had sold the location of the wedding to all of Akane's rivals. The 
chaos at the wedding had almost resulted in serious injury to Akane. Giving 
up she hung her head and said. "It wasn't Shampoo, It was Ryouga's potion.

"Ryouga! Doesn't sound like something he would do. He never struck me as 
someone who would want to trap you as a girl. He always seemed so 
determined to beat you as a guy."

Ranma snorted at this, thinking Ryouga had taken quite a lot of pleasure in 
beating her as a girl. Her ass was still red and slightly swollen. Honesty 
forced her to admit that Nabiki was right however. "Wasn't suppose to trap 
me as a girl. It destroys the magic that causes the change." Her voice lowered 
and she mumbled the rest.

"What was that Ranma, I didn't quite get it."

"I said." Ranma started and then hesitated. Seeing the stern look Nabiki 
directed at him he gave in and continued. "I didn't ask Ryouga how it 
worked, I saw him drink it and then dump cold water over himself. I thought 
it was a cure." she got defensive. "Hey it made sense, all those time's I tried 
to find the spring of drowned man. I expected to be a girl when I jumped in. 
How else was it going to work."

"So let me get this straight...you see Ryouga take the potion as a guy, dump 
cold water over his head and not change...what didn't he not change into by 
the way?...No forget it, not important now I guess if he's cured. So you 
seeing this, rush in and drink the potion. Did Ryouga have several bottles of 
this stuff?" Nabiki wondered out loud. "I'm sure the other's would pay lots 
for a cure that works."

"He, Aa doesn't have any more I drank all he had left."

Nabiki stared at her in suspicion "What are you not mentioning Ranma." she 
went over the details of what Ranma had told her. Tapping her teeth with a 
fingernail she gave Ranma a speculative look. "How much of a dose did 
Ryouga take?"

Ranma's blush indicated she had guessed right. Her answer confirmed it. 
"One drop" she murmured in a very abashed voice.

Nabiki looks at her former future brother in law for a second. "One drop?"

Ranma nodded her head in affirmation, an embarrassed look on her face.

"And you drank the entire bottle?" again Ranma nodded, her head turned 
away, not able to look Nabiki in the eye.

"You're really a piece of work, you know that Ranma- chan." Nabiki said. 
"So now you're trapped as a girl. Any idea for how long?"

"Ryouga said for good." Ranma suddenly twitched, and an alarmed 
expression crossed her face. Nabiki noticed and a speculative expression 
crossed her's.

Ranma turned to look at Nabiki, a determined expression on her face. She 
was going to ask a question of Nabiki. If any one had told her five minutes 
ago she would have asked this of Nabiki she would have laughed in their 
face. A renewal of the feeling in her groin was forcing her to ask it. Even as 
she tried to word the question she could feel herself starting to lubricate. 
Lubricate!, a day ago that was something you did to a machine. Now it was 
something her body did to itself to get ready to be fucked!

"How...how do you stand it Nabiki?...how can you be so cool all the 
time?... how can any of you be so calm?"

Nabiki gives the little red head a puzzled look. "Stand what Ranma-chan?"

Ranma blushed red "You know, the feeling." Seeing Nabiki's blank look she 
got even more flustered. Then suddenly it occurred to her that Nabiki might 
be misunderstanding her on purpose. It was the sort of thing Nabiki liked to 
do. She enjoyed watching people twist in the wind. Suddenly angry Ranma 
forgot her embarrassment and demonstrated in as blunt a fashion as possible. 
"I mean this!!" Ranma reaches down and slid her finger along her sex. 
Holding the glistening finger in front of Nabiki's face she yells. "How can 
you girls walk around so calm all the time when your body is doing this to 
you!? How can you be so cool when you feel like you're going to explode if 
you don't do something to bring yourself off!? How-do-you-do-it!!? There 
was no way Nabiki could misunderstand her now. Ranma looked up at the 
taller brown haired girl. She had backed Nabiki all the way across the 
bathroom and up against the wall. Ranma kept the glistening finger right in 
front of Nabiki's face. Nabiki's eyes crossed as she found herself staring 
with horrified fascination at the glistening digit.

"Aa, well, as it happens we don't" she finally got out after manufacturing 
enough spit to lubricate her suddenly dry mouth. "You mean you've been like 
this since the potion?" Nabiki's eyes move from Ranma's finger to her 
crotch, and then she snatched her gaze back to Ranma's face, blushing 
furiously. Embarrassed at her loss of composure, she decided to match 
bluntness with bluntness. "The thing is Ranma-chan we don't get like that 
unless something arouses us. So what have you been thinking Hmmm? What 
has you so hot and bothered that you're leaking like a broken bucket."

"Not..nothing, I ain't had a single thing like that cross my mind. She blushed 
as she recalled her reaction to her remembrance of Ryouga fucking her. "At 
least not first off" she amended her statement. "I mean I start getting this 
funny feeling first, and then I get wet, then, I start to get weird thoughts."

"Hmmm." Nabiki ponders for a minute. "This is only a guess, I may be 
wrong, but you did end up trapped because of a magic potion. Are you sure it 
had no effect on you other than canceling the magic that lets you change? 
How about Ryouga? Did he have any symptoms that might have been a side 
effect of the potion?"

Suddenly, like a flashbulb had gone off in Ranma's head, it hit her. "Of 
course that has to be it. There's no way Ryouga would have ever raped me if 
he wasn't affected by some potion! He don't have the guts to do it on his 
own!" Ranma suddenly noticed the silence from Nabiki. Looking over she 
saw that Nabiki was staring at her, eyes as wide as saucers. "Oops" Ranma 
thought to herself

Finally Nabiki managed to squeak out. "Ryouga...rap..raped you?" She 

"Aa well ya sort of." Ranma suddenly realized that this might not have been 
something she wanted Nabiki to know. "Hey you won't tell Akan...." she 
trails off in horror as she looks at the black haired girl standing in the 
bathroom doorway. She was dressed in the top of a white karate Gi and 
holding an empty water glass. "Ak..Akkk...Akane?"

Akane looked at her fiance in horror. "Ryouga...r..r..r?"

"Raped me? Ya sort of." Ranma couldn't bear to look at Akane's face, she 
turned so she faced away from the other girl. "It don't mean nothing though. 
It ain't like I'm a girl or nothing. Shit, remember when Ryouga tried to shove 
my face through two feet of ice. That hurt a hell of a lot worse then when 
he...when he..."

"Raped you" Nabiki said softly.

"Ya no biggie, right. I mean he and I weren't even thinkin straight, right. 
This weird ass potion Ryouga found screwed us up good." Tears start to run 
down Ranma's face. "It ain't like it changes nothing, right? I'm still a guy, 
right?" She turned to Akane. I'm still a guy inside, it don't matter what 
happened between me and Ryouga. I'm still a guy." Ranma stopped talking 
and looked at Akane with a pleading look in her blue eyes. The pity and 
sorrow in Akane's eyes, as she simply stood there looking at Ranma 
fractured her heart. With a cry of anguish she rushed from the room, 
brushing by Nabiki and Akane.

"Ranma!" Akane started after her, but a sudden shout from Nabiki stopped 

"Hold it Akane! You don't want to go after her like that. Not with what 
you're feeling, and thinking right now."

Akane looked at her sister in disbelief. Nabiki merely smiled back in that 
infuriating manner she had. The look on her face clearly saying, I know 
something you don't know.

"How can you say that? She's been raped for gods sake. I have to help her, I 
have to tell her."

"What, what do you have to tell her? That every thing will be fine, and that 
she can get counseling, and you'll be there for her."

"Yes, yes all of that, she needs help Nabiki!"

"No she does not! Not that type of help. Listen up sister dear. Ranma doesn't 
give a damm about what Ryouga did to her. She's handling it in her own 
way. It might not be healthy, and it might not be what a normal girl would 
do, but she's dealing with it. What she can not face is you knowing it 
happened to her!!"

"W...why" Akane stuttered surprised at her sisters vehemence.

"Because she loves you, and she thinks that without that all important piece 
of meat between her legs she has nothing to offer her. She thinks that all 
you'll see now, is that she's a girl. She's afraid that you won't see her as a 
man now. So the question for you is. Are you going to tell her the truth?"

"What, I don't..."

"O give it a rest Akane, do you think I'm stupid? I've seen you look at 
Ranma's girl half. I saw you the day she first got here." Nabiki's voice goes 
high in a bad imitation of Akane acting Kawai. "Hi I'm Akane, want to be 
friends? Hell you were practically creaming in your panties. And when she 
beat you, did you get all upset at losing. No you were so hot for her body 
you laughed it off. You Miss Competitive 1995, laughed off another fighter 
making you look silly."

"I don't...?"

Nabiki interrupted her again, "You're gay Akane, face it, you like girls, You 
love Ranma's girl side not Ranma-kun."

Akane got red in the face and yelled at her. "So what if I do? He hates being a 
girl. If I ever told him the truth Ranma would drop me like a red hot brick. 
He'd be shacking up with Shampoo or Ukyou in a day to wash me out of his 

"Well that's not going to happen now Akane. He's a she now, and may be 
for good. Just think about this, she thinks you won't be interested in her as a 
girl. You're afraid that she won't be interested in you, if she knows you're 
interested in her as a girl. It sounds pretty silly to me. I think the two of you 
should really talk Hmmm? Seeing the doubt in Akane's eyes she sighed. " 
There's something I want to try, but I don't think it'll work. It might 
however solve your problem if it does. The question is whether you have the 
guts to tell Ranma the truth if it doesn't."

Akane looked at Nabiki for a moment her emotions playing across her face, 
doubt and fear chasing each other across her countenance. Then she seemed 
to come to a decision. "All right what's this idea of your's Nabiki."

The two girls left the bathroom as Nabiki explained to Akane what she 
planned to try.

"Shampoo no know about this, maybe wait for great Grandmother get back 
from China."

Ryouga, Mousse and Shampoo were standing in the kitchen of the 
Nekohatten. On the shelf were dozens of bottles, bags and the remains of 
several dried plants. A small pot rested inside another larger one that was 
filled with cold water. Beside the two pots was a small bottle containing a 
thick golden liquid.

"Well you do what you want but I'm due for a dose right about now," 
Ryouga said. He took the small bottle and carefully let a single drop fall from 
it into a glass of water he held in his other hand. Then smiling at the other 
two cursed humans he drank it down with a single swallow, mouth twisting 
at the taste. Then quickly setting down the glass he picked up a bucket he had 
already filled with cold water earlier. Upending it over his head he let the cold 
liquid run over his body. He grinned, enjoying the look of shock that flooded 
across his companions faces.

Mousse was the first to recover, and he reached out for the bottle only to have 
it snatched out from under his hand by the purple haired Amazon. Shampoo 
ignored his protests, and quickly duplicated Ryouga's actions.

Mousse picked up the salt shaker and started to duplicate her action. Ryouga 
acting with unusual solicitude, took the salt shaker from the half blind 
Amazon boy.

"Here Mousse let me." Ryouga repeated the procedure and handed Mousse a 
prepared glass of water. He then handed Mousse a bucket of water. Minutes 
latter the three formerly cursed humans stood in a dripping circle smiling at 
each other. Or rather Shampoo and Ryouga smiled at each other. Mousse 
smiled at a mop.

"O my darling Shampoo!, at last we are cured! Now we can return to our 
village and live in bliss together." Mousse said.

"Stupid Mousse, potion make you stupider then normal. Shampoo take cure 
to Ranma, and he be happy to marry her for it."

"Never! I will not allow this Shampoo, Ranma is not worthy of walking the 
same earth as you." Mousse produced twin swords from his sleeves. "I will 
sever him from this exist"...>Splash, bong.<

The large tub of water Shampoo threw at Mousse might not have turned him 
into a duck, but the large metal container worked just as well at shutting him 

"Mousse not harm hair on Shampoo's husband or Shampoo kill stupid 

"But Shampoo" whined Mousse.

"Hold it, hold it." Ryouga said. "There's no need for you to take the cure to 
Ranma, Shampoo. He's already had it.'

"Really? Shampoo must go and celebrate with husband. Now pervert girl 
have no reason get in Shampoo's way." Shampoo dashed out of the 
restaurant leaving behind a smiling Ryouga and a fuming Mousse.

"Ryouga how could you give that enemy of women the cure? I should cut 
'you' in half for that!" Mousse screamed at the lost boy.

"It wasn't my fault" Ryouga said "She took it when my back was turned and 
drank the whole bottle. That's why I had to come here to make some more.

"You should not have been so careless. Thanks to you Ranma will have no 
weakness I can exploit. There will no longer be a reason for Shampoo to 
abandon that pervert."

Ryouga gave the former duck boy a nasty smile. "I wouldn't exactly say that. 
You weren't listening, I said 'she' drank the 'whole' bottle"

Mousse looked puzzled for a second, then an expression of shock crossed his 
face as he recalled Ryouga's comments regarding the potions effect on some 
one who drank it in their cursed form. "You mean she's..."

"A girl for real. You bet."

"Are you sure? There's no way she can change back, she's really a girl for 
good?" Mousse asked with glee.

"That's right a girl for good." Suddenly Ryouga felt an overwhelming urge to 
tell Mousse the rest. He fought it down, raping Ranma was not something he 
was remembering with any real fondness. He did not know how he had lost 
control that badly. The urge to tell came again and he found himself 
remembering how good it had felt to take his hated enemy at the time. Ranma 
had humiliated Mousse many a time. The Amazon had a right to know how 
far their mutual enemy had fallen. Giving in to the urge, Ryouga decided to 
tell Mousse. "As a matter of fact you could say I verified it personally. "

Mousse looked at him in puzzlement.

"Lets just say I took Ranma's new body for a test drive. Three times as a 
matter of fact." he stated with a lecherous smile, and a touch of pride.

"I don't understand" Mousse said with a puzzled frown, trying to make out 
Ryouga's meaning.

"I mean I turned her over my knee and spanked her." Mousse broke into a 
broad smile. "Then I shoved her face in the dirt, pulled down my pants 
and...fucked her!" Ryouga drawled out the last two words.

Mousses smile turned to a look of shock. "You had sex with Saotome!!?"

"No, I fucked Saotome." Ryouga corrected him. "Think about it, haven't you 
ever wanted to see Ranma helpless. At your mercy." Ryouga stared intently 
at Mousse. " Haven't you wanted to show him what it really like to go 
through hell.

"Yes, but to...to have sex with him!!"

"To fuck" Ryouga corrected. "To use for your pleasure, not 'hers'." Ryouga 
corrected Mousse's gender reference. "Ranma 'is' a girl now, remember. 
Give you any ideas?"

"No, never" Mousse denied, and it was the truth, the thought never had 
crossed his mind. Even as he denied ever thinking such a thing however 
Ryouga's words seemed to conjure up an image in his mind. Almost as if he 
had been there, he could see Ryouga between Ranma's legs his ass moving 
up and down as he drove his member into the small girl trapped underneath 
him. Then the image shifted, and instead of Ryouga it was Mousse between 
the red heads legs, plundering her body with his manhood. Ryouga smiled as 
he saw a bulge form in Mousse's pants. The Master of Hidden weapon was 
having difficulty in keeping one particular weapon hidden.

"It's an interesting thought is it not?" Ryouga said.

Mousse shook off the disturbing image in his mind. "Never, I love only 
Shampoo and I would never betray her with another. Especially not Ranma. I 
would never engage in such a perversion!" The bulge in his pants did not 
diminish however, and Ryouga smiled at his empty words.

"Shit" Extefan said. "Thought I had him there."

"Relax" Ergan said, "You can't push it. You can place images in his mind, 
tweak his pleasure center, but you can't make him act out something against 
his most strongly held belief, not yet anyway. Remember he's an Amazon 
male, he's conditioned. The mere thought of taking a woman without her 
consent is anathema to him. When the opportunity presents itself remember to 
emphasis that this Ranma is not really a girl. Search his mind, find times 
when this Ranma humiliated him." Ergan developed a thoughtful look. "One 
thing that might work is to get him thinking that if he can take Ranma, it 
would make him seem more like a man in his girlfriends mind. Maybe Regant 
can help you there. He turned to Regant who was busy watching the screen 
as Shampoo leaped from rooftop to rooftop in her journey to the Tendos'. He 
had a sour look on his face unlike the happy lustful looks his three fellows 
shared. "How about it Regant, you think you could get your's to give 
Extefan's the idea that screwing this Ranma would make her hot for him?"

"Why the fuck should I!?" Regant snapped out at him.

"What crawled up you shorts and died!?" Ergan said in surprise

"Why the fuck do I get a girl!? The rest of you get guys. When the potion 
gets going full blast we'll be able to feel every thing they feel. You bastards 
get to feel a prick shoving into a pussy, Some chick gives one of them a blow 
job or takes it up the ass you get to feel that as well. Well I got news for you. 
I ain't to pleased with being on the other side. I ain't real happy with the 
thought of feeling some guy shoving something into me."

"You ain't got much choice! Extefan growled at the much smaller demon. 
"We measured up and you lost remember."

Regent repressed an angry rejoinder. Sometimes it really sucked being the 
smallest demon in a band. You always got the shit jobs. Well I don't got to 
like it and if some male with a curse shows up I'm bailing out of this chick. 

"Sure no problem" Nendex said. "I'll be glad to give you the panda if 
someone better comes along. He grinned at the angry Regent. As the second 
smallest in the band, he took a special pleasure in lording it over the smallest. 
Disgusted, Regant turned his attention away from Nendex, and looked back 
at the screen.

"What the fuck!?" Everyone spun and looked at Regant, and then turned to 
look at the screen to see what had surprised him. "I've been keeping a 
passive scan on the girl/boy in case something came up" Regent said. "Well it 
looks like something has but I'm dammed if I know why!"

All four demon's looked at the handsome well built man in the mirror, he was 
about five foot nine inches, with a strong face and neck length brown hair in 
a rather feminine cut. He was dripping wet, and was looking at the familiar 
pig tailed figure of Ranma with a sour look on his face. Next to Ranma was a 
figure they recognized as Akane Tendo from the memories they had scanned 
from Ryouga's mind. None of them recognized the brown haired man and 
the image was definitely centered around him.

"A new curse victim?" Extefan asked in a questioning voice.

"No, or at least not quite." Regant said. "It's some sort of variation." He 
concentrated, "damm" he muttered in surprise. Ignoring the rest of his 
fellows he continued to concentrate. Finally he leaned back and roared with 
laughter. "This is great" He chortled.

" What?" the others all chorused together

He looked up at them with a smug look on his face and said. "Instant 
nanniichuan powder, a whole fucking case of the stuff." For a minute the 
others just looked at him, puzzlement on their faces. They turned to look at 
each other, and seeing that none of the others had any more idea then they 
did, they all turned back to Regant.

He looked at them in disbelief. "Didn't any of you listen to Urgant when he 
laid this scam out three weeks ago. He went over the whole Jusenkio 

"Shit you know how long winded that old fart is. I had better things to do 
with my time then to listen to him go on and on and on." Extefan said.

Regant sighed and wiped his hand down his face. "Ok, well you'll want to 
listen to this. So pay attention and we'll soon be having our fun a whole lot 
sooner than you thought." This caught their attention and they gave him their 
full regard.

"Well to start with the springs of Jusenkio was created by a human wizard 
who's king wanted to marry his horse. Needless to say he was a little crazy, 
the king that is, not the wizard. The wizard being attached to his head, and 
not wanting to lose it, performed a major summoning and raised the king of 
the Shikima. As a condition of his release the King created a magic pool of 
transformation. The Human king threw a village girl into the pool to create a 
template, and then rode his horse into the spring. The horse turned into a girl, 
so did the king, who as I said was a little crazy. The last act of the Shikima 
king was to create a magic kettle and ladle that could either lock a creature into 
their cursed form or remove the lock on that form. Several decades later a 
massive earth quake buried the pool and for several centuries it was 
forgotten. Then springs began to appear on the site of the original pool and 
things started to die in them. Now humans believe that the curse comes into 
affect when something drowns in the spring. The truth of the matter is that if 
anything larger than a certain size falls into a non cursed spring, it kills 
whatever it is and forms a pattern that will transform anything that falls into 
that spring into whatever the template was. I mean how do the humans think 
an octopus drowned? Later of course when all the springs had curses the 
drowning rule started to apply. If anything larger then the current cursed form 
drowns in a spring it replaces the old curse. I suppose if the springs last long 
enough every spring will have a curse of drowned elephant. Anyway that's 
why every spring is not some form of insect. It takes a certain size animal to 
activate the magic, and a larger size to replace the first form.

Now this is where we come into this. There is a hell of a pile of magic tied up 
in a curse. It is very tightly organized and does a specific thing. Now when 
our potion is swallowed by a cursed person it disorganizes a small part of that 
magic returning it to it's original raw state, which is Shikima magic. This 
gives us a link that lets us synchronize our minds with who ever is taking the 
potion. Because we had Ryouga here for three weeks we were able to form a 
connection with him. We can use that link, to link with anyone he comes into 
contact with that has raw Shikima magic in their system. The longer Ryouga 
and the others take the potion the stronger the link gets. As well, because 
Shikima magic is based on lust it works on them all by itself to make them 
horny without any help from us." In a way it's a great aphrodisiac. Of course 
you have to be cursed first for it to work, but hey some guys will do anything 
for a woody right?"

The other three demons all nodded in understanding. "We know this, what 
about this instant nanniichuan powder. How do you dry a spring anyway?." 
Extefan said.

"You don't" Regant said. " The powder is actually sediment from the bottom 
of a pond that is at least a thousand years old. It is so saturated with the magic 
of the spring that if you dry it and then mix it with water you can get a one 
time only Jusenkio spring.

This is where the good stuff comes in. It's an inferior curse, so it does not 
have the magical shell that protects the personality of the cursed person from 
their new form. This means that if a girl is turned into a guy" Here Regant 
gestures at the Brown haired man on the screen. "Like that one for instance, 
they will start to react to their new body the same way the red head did, and 
because all those feelings are new they'll be a lot hornier than a normal guy, 
just because their brains ain't used to handling the new signals. Now the stuff 
that was making me laugh was this. As soon as this curse is given to a person 
it starts to decay. This releases a steady stream of raw Shikima magic into 
their body." Regant smiles as he sees the others starting to realize what he is 
getting at. "This means just like the cursed people taking our potion we can 
link up with them. The really good stuff is that there is a better connection 
with them in the beginning. Right off the bat we can place thoughts and 
memories right into their minds, and they'll think it's their own. In addition 
the raw magic will start to effect their libido. They'll jump at a suggestion that 
will offer them some relief. Now what say we see what we can make out of 
the current situation shall we.

Regant and the other three demons turn back to the large viewing disk. As 
one their hands reach inside robes, and they start to softly stroke their 
engorging members.

Nabiki raised a hand and for the second time that night wiped water from 
her... no his face. Unlike in the bath this water had done more than just wet 
him. Nabiki looked down at his body. Fortunately her..his pajamas had a lot 
of slack. Not that he seemed to have gained as much mass as Ranma did 
when she turned male.

"Well, isn't this special," he drawled, looking up at Akane and Ranma, who 
were both looking at him in shock. Nabiki had not really thought the instant 
nanniichuan would work, it seemed too easy a solution, but he had not 
expected how badly it would not work.

Akane had been so pleased to learn that Nabiki had an entire crate of it in his 
room, she had not even thought to ask why. Nabiki was heartily glad of that. 
It was one of his more spectacular failures. Who would have thought that his 
customers would be so chicken hearted. They had no problem with the 'toys' 
he sold but a little thing like switching your gender for a few hours. Uh, uh 
no way, was the response.

Anyway the upshot of this was she had a whole case, nearly five hundred 
pouches, gathering dust in her bedroom closet. Ranma's situation had offered 
her a possibility of recouping some of her losses. Ranma had certainly raised 
no objection to the attempt. Indeed if dear little sister, here Nabiki directed a 
sour look at Akane, had not insisted on payment, only after Nabiki had 
proved the effectiveness of the instant nanniichuan, she would have owned 
Ranma. Every thing had worked fine at first, dump the water in the bucket, 
mix in the powder, all went fine and as expected. When Nabiki had thrown 
the water at Ranma, that was when things went awry.

Some sort of golden aura had sprung up around Ranma. As the water had 
contacted it, there had been a flare of energy and the water had been violently 
repelled. Naturally, Nabiki, being the person who threw the water, was in the 
middle of it's return path and got it right back in her face. So now Nabiki was 
a he and Ranma was still a she.

Having dried his face, Nabiki looked over at her sister and Ranma. "So now 
what?" he asked the two young girls. Ranma was still looking at him with 
shock, and seemed unable to deal with this revelation. She had been sure that 
the instant nanniichuan would restore her to her natural form. To have her 
hopes dashed in such an uncompromising manner had left her numb.

Akane was not much better. She too had hoped with all her heart that the 
water would work, thus saving her from having to tell Ranma of her 
attraction to Ranma's female half. The spectacular failure of the instant 
nanniichuan, and Nabiki's new male form had rendered her as numb as 
Ranma. Both of them stared in shock at the now male Nabiki until he 
snapped his fingers in front of their faces. Blinking their eyes they slowly 
came back to the real world. Ranma was the first to recover, and the 
bitterness she felt at having her hopes raised and then dashed flavored her 

"Well isn't that just peachy." She said in a sarcastic tone. "I'm still a girl, and 
Nabiki's a guy." Her voice then took on a bitter and angry note. "Brilliant 
plan Akane. I should have know better then to think an incompetent tomboy 
like you could actually find a solution."

Akane turned red and was about to make an angry retort when Ranma 
interrupted her before she could even start to reply.

"Why don't you two just leave me alone!?" Ranma shouted. She tried to 
place as much anger into her voice as she could. She desperately wanted to 
get the two of them out of her bedroom. The by now familiar and hateful 
burning feeling between her legs had been getting stronger and stronger ever 
since she had rushed out of the bathroom. She was desperately afraid that she 
would do something that would give away the fact that she had turned into 
the pervert Akane had always accused her of being. She could not bear for 
Akane to find out. The thought of the contempt that Akane would feel for her 
if that happened, filled her with fear.

She would not even have let Akane and Nabiki into her room if it had not 
been for Nabiki's possession of the instant nanniichuan. Now that it had 
failed she was growing afraid that she would not be able to conceal her 
condition from Akane for much longer. Nabiki's new male form was not 
helping matters any either. Much to her dismay, merely being in the presence 
of a male seemed to have escalated the burning feeling.

Akane had been feeling a great deal of stress over the possibility that she 
might have to confess her feeling for Ranma's female form. She had then 
found herself further stressed by the possibility of the instant nanniichuan 
removing the necessity of 'that' confession. Now that hope had crashed, and 
Ranma was behaving as usual, like a total jerk. Before she was even aware of 
it Akane found she had slipped into an old familiar pattern of behavior . " 


She stormed from the room after leaving a livid red hand print on Ranma's 
cheek. Nabiki sighed in disgust, and took a brief glance at Ranma-chan, who 
had been flattened against one of the bedroom walls by the force of Akane's 
blow. He then followed his sister out of the room. Once in the hallway he 
was met by a teary Akane.

"What am I going to do. He's such a jerk. That Baka! How can I ever tell 
him the truth? He'll never understand." After blurting all this out in one fast 
burst, she grabbed Nabiki, and buried her face in his chest. Nabiki gasped as 
he felt his rips creak under the force of Akane's hug.

"Well...first of....all...I....suggest you...let me go." Nabiki said, gasping 
the words out as he fought for air. Akane complied with this request, and 
having backed off a little stood in front of him wiping her face with the sleeve 
of her training Gi. Breathing deeply he tried to regain the breath that Akane 
had squeezed out of his lungs. When after a minute he felt able he started to 
talk. "What I suggest..."


Nabiki froze in shock as the cry echoed through the house. He shared a brief 
look with Akane, and then as one they turned and raced back into Ranma's 
room. They stopped short in shock at the sight that greeted them. Ranma lay 
on the floor, her body convulsing. As they watched she once again screamed 
and her body arched until only her head and feet were touching the ground. 
Her hands slapped the floor on either side of her rigid body, her arms flailing 
in response to her misfiring nervous system. Akane rushed across the room 
and knelt beside Ranma. Placing her arms around the smaller girl she pulled 
Ranma into her lap, and tried to stop her thrashing. Nabiki could see the 
tendons in Akane's exposed arms bulge and twist as she used her 
considerable strength in an effort to stop Ranma's movement.

Nabiki blinked in shock as a blue aura began to dimly come into view around 
Akane as she unconsciously began to call on her Ki to contain Ranma's 
thrashing. It was the first time Nabiki had ever seen her do that without being 
in a towering rage. The sight of Ranma's flesh turning white where Akane 
was griping her brought him back to the matter at hand...

That's not going to work. She'll just break the poor girls back hugging her 
like that, Nabiki thought. "Akane stop it, you'll hurt her. Let her have some 
slack for gods sake."

Akane stared at him in shock for a minute and then her face cleared as she 
realized the truth of what Nabiki was saying. She relaxed her grip somewhat 
and allowed Ranma to thrash a little more freely. Akane still tried to control 
the smaller girls movement in hope of preventing her from causing herself an 
injury, but she stopped trying to hold her completely immobile. The blue aura 
that had surrounded her faded away. Having prevented Akane from hurting 
Ranma, Nabiki turned to leave the room.

I have to get Dr. Tofu here, he thought.

(Wait, what about what Ranma told me. I know she mentioned something 
like this. What was it?...She said she experienced convulsions before with 
Ryouga .)

Wait how could she have told me that? Nabiki thought in puzzlement. Akane 
walked in right after she mentioned Ryouga raping her. Nabiki frowned as 
she tried to reconcile two different sets of memories, then his face cleared as 
he remembered

(O yes, now I remember. Ranma mentioned it before she brought up the 

Nabiki found he now clearly remembered the conversation where Ranma told 
him in detail about the afternoon she had spent with Ryouga. The shock of 
Akane walking in on them, and the incident with the instant nanniichuan must 
have driven the memory of it out of his mind. I guess switching gender will 
do that to a person, Nabiki thought. Maybe that's why Ranma's such a 
duffus...Naa, she's just naturally a jerk.


"I don't believe it. Just like that he buys it." Extefan said. He looked over to 
where Nendex was sitting talking softly to himself as he vocalized the 
thoughts he was placing in Nabiki's mind. "How can he just accept the 
complete rewriting of his memories?"

"It has to do with the situation." Regant said, answering for Nendex who 
was too busy to do so for himself. "He's in a highly stressful situation and he 
has no reason to believe that his memories are not true. It's human nature, we 
give him memories that help him understand and deal with the stressful 
situation. He -doesn't want-to question those memories! He remembers 
clearly what Nendex is putting in his head. Why should he question them? If 
he did that, then he would have one more problem on top of the current one. 
No, he'll grab hold of anything we can give him, as long as it helps him deal 
with this, or any other crisis. Maybe if we tried this in a more relaxed 
situation he would start to wonder why certain memories did not jibe with 
other recollections, but... Whoops, duty calls." He said as he broke off the 
conversation suddenly.

With this Regant turned his attention back to the section of screen that 
showed Nabiki, Akane and Ranma. Ranma had calmed down a little and was 
hugging Akane like a life line. She was drawing in great whooping gasps of 
air as she tried to regain the breaths her convulsions had not let her take.

Regent straightened the fore finger of his right hand. With his left hand he 
pulled his right hand thumb back. Then having shaped his hand into a child's 
version of a handgun Regent pointed the forefinger of his right hand at the 
image of Ranma- chan on the screen. "Bang, Bang," he whispered letting his 
thumb drop like the hammer of a gun. A spark jumped from the end of his 
pointed finger and shot across the room to strike the image of Ranma. She 
immediately went into convulsions as her brain's pleasure center received the 
jolt of mystical energy. Regent raised his hand towards his face and blew 
imaginary smoke from his finger. "Fastest finger fuck in the west." He said 
with a smirk.

"I think you should let her be now," Nendex said from where he was sitting 
on the other side of the room. "I've seated the memories into Nabiki's mind. 
Let her calm down so they can act on them." Regent nodded at him and 
mimed placing his imaginary hand gun into a holster. The four demons 
turned their attention back to the screen and the scene that was taking place 


Akane was gently stroking Ranma's forehead. She had finally stopped 
convulsing and had fallen into an exhausted sleep. She was curled up in 
Akane's lap. Limp, and with her hair soaked with sweat from the immense 
amount of energy she had just expended. Akane looked up at Nabiki with 
fear in her eyes. "What's wrong with her!?" She said in a quavery voice.

Nabiki tried to think of how best to explain to Akane. "It's alright Akane, 
Ranma told me about this. I know exactly what to do."

At this hope flared in Akane's eyes. "What? What, do we have to do!?"

"Hold on , hold on, one step at a time. I want you to take Ranma to the 
bathroom and clean her up. I have to go to my room and gather some things 
we'll need. Meet me with Ranma in your room when you've finished 
washing her." Having issued her orders Nabiki turned and left the room.

Akane followed soon after. Carrying Ranma in her arms she went out the 
door, and down the stairs to the bathroom. All she could think of as she 
carried the sleeping girl was thank god that everyone was away with the 
exception of her and Nabiki. Lord knows what would have happened if their 
fathers had been home. Fortunately her and Ranma's fathers had been drafted 
by Nodoka to go and help repair the hot spring resort of an old friend of her 
mother's. As for Kasumi she had been invited to attend the baby shower of 
an old high school friend, a few days ago and was not expected back till 
tomorrow. All this meant, that for once there were no fathers to take 
advantage of the situation and try to twist it into a means of getting her and 
Ranma married. Not that Akane would have liked to have to explain to 
Nodoka why she was about to give her son a bath either for that matter.

Akane set Ranma down on a towel in the scrubbing area. She then quickly 
removed Ranma's top and started to undo the ties that held Ranma's 
oversized pants tight to her slender waist. She was very grateful for the 
looseness of Ranma's clothing as it made undressing her easy. Having 
loosened the ties on the waist and ankles of Ranma's pants she started to pull 
both the pants and her boxers off of her. As soon as the pants slipped past 
Ranma's hips a strong familiar musky odor floated up to Akane. She 
recognized it, it was the same smell that filled her room after a long bout of 

Tentatively she reached down and ran her fingers over Ranma's sex. They 
came away dripping, Ranma was soaking wet. Her sparse pubic hair was 
matted to her mound and her upper thighs were glazed with her juices. Akane 
was amazed at the amount of liquid Ranma had produced. She quickly 
finished undressing Ranma, then taking a bucket, scooped some warm water 
from the Furo. Taking a sponge she began to wipe down Ranma's sweat and 
cum soaked body. She found herself growing aroused as she ran the sponge 
over the lush body she had dreamed of for so long. Unable to resist she 
leaned forward and lightly kissed the pale pink nipple that stood like a cherry 
on top of one of Ranma's creamy breasts. Taking the small nub into her 
mouth she sucked gently on it and was rewarded as it sprang erect under her 
touch. Her hand wondered across Ranma's belly and dipped down to cup her 
mound. When she did, she once again felt the sticky residue of Ranma's 
earlier seizure. Curling her forefinger she stroked it up and down Ranma's 
damp slit.

Ranma moaned and tossed her head as Akane's touch sent flashes of 
sensation into her subconscious. "Go away Ryouga, ain't you done enough 
to me already?" She muttered in a slurred voice. Akane jolted, and a feeling 
of shame washed over her. She was no better than Ryouga, taking advantage 
of a helpless girl. No! She was even worse. She did not have the excuse of 
being under the effect of some weird magical potion. Brought back to her 
senses by Ranma's words, she blushed and removed her mouth from 
Ranma's breast. The nipple glistened with spit. She quickly washed off the 
evidence of her weakness before turning her attention to the rest of Ranma's 
body. For the next 10 minutes she cleaned off all traces of Ranma's seizure 
from the smaller girls body. All the while resolutely controlling the feelings 
that touching Ranma so intimately, aroused in her.

Having finally, fully cleaned Ranma, Akane wrapped up the little red head in 
a large towel, and after picking Ranma up, made her way to her bedroom. 
Nabiki had not yet arrived so she lay Ranma down on top of her bed. Sitting 
down beside her, Akane gently stroked the girls hair while gazing with 
fondness at the face of the one she loved, relaxed and vulnerable in her sleep. 
She looked so lovely when she was sleeping. Ranma in girl form was almost 
always frowning. Those few times she forgot herself and just let go smiling 
and laughing with no thought of her condition, were fond memories for 

"Aa good, you're here." Akane looked up as Nabiki came into the room 
carrying a large box in one hand and a bucket of water in the other. He was 
still a he. "Now if you would be so kind as to stand over there Akane." 
Nabiki said in a brusque tone that brooked no opposition.

Akane bristled at being ordered about but she complied none the less. Nabiki 
had said he knew how to help Ranma. Akane would put up with a lot from 
her cynical sister to help cure Ranma. While Akane moved over to the spot 
Nabiki indicated, Nabiki set down the box he was carrying. Then he turned 
and in one motion drenched Akane with the contents of the bucket he still 
held. Akane sputtered in outrage even as she felt a strange sensation race 
through her body. A sudden sharp pain shot through her groin, and the 
sound of fabric ripping echoed in her ears.

"Oops, guess I should have had you take the panties off first." Nabiki said. 
Despite the matter of fact way he said it there was a touch of awe in his voice.

Akane blinked the water out of her eyes and looked down at Nabiki in 
anger...'Down'? She never looked down at Nabiki. Nabiki was at least four 
inches taller then her. None the less she was definitely looking down at 
Nabiki-kun. Slowly she pulled her gaze from Nabiki and almost unwillingly 
directed it at herself. She snatched her gaze away quickly, but not before she 
beheld proof positive among the tattered remains of her panties that she was 
now a he.

"Nabiki, how could you do this to me!?" he yelled at his sister....no brother 
now he guessed. Slapping a hand to his face he groaned. "Don't we have 
enough trouble already without you going around changing all our sexes."

"Relax 'big' brother, I said I knew what I was doing. Believe me, to help 
Ranma you are going to need that body, and is Ranma ever a lucky girl." 
Nabiki purred in admiration, he could not help feeling a slight bit of awe at 
the body her little sister had acquired. If it were not for the familiar hairstyle 
and hair ribbon, Akane would have been completely unrecognizable as 
herself. Akane had always been extremely muscular for a girl. Outside of 
Shampoo, Nabiki did not know of another female who could match her for 
pure power. This was reflected in spades in her masculine body. At least as 
tall as Kuno, he had massive pectorals where before had been small firm 
breast. His arms were equally well muscled, he looked like he could bench 
press cars. Nabiki's gaze dropped to the most significant difference. He 
barely restrained a whistle, and felt his own recently acquired manhood stir as 
he noted that Akane had most definitely not been short changed in that 
department either.

Akane was growing embarrassed by Nabiki's frank appraisal and moved his 
hands to cover the area that Nabiki was looking at with such interest. As soon 
as his hands touched his new manhood however he snatched them away in 
embarrassment. Reaching over to a near by chair that had one of his school 
uniforms draped over it he snatched up the skirt, and used it to cover himself. 
"Do you mind!" he hissed at Nabiki.

"Well as much fun as playing peak a boo with you is Akane I think we 
should get down to business before Ranma wakes up." Nabiki said with a 
smirk. Then ignoring the sputtering red faced Akane, he went over to the box 
he had carried into the room. Rummaging through it he eventually found 
what he was looking for. Carrying several objects he had taken from the box 
he walked over to where Ranma was laying on the bed. Picking up one of her 
arms he fastened something to her wrist. Then he did the same to her other 
wrist. When he moved down the bed to Ranma's ankles Akane could see that 
he had fastened some sort of leather bracelet to Ranma. They each had several 
small metal rings and a snap clip fastened to the base leather of the cuffs. It 
was not until Nabiki came back to the box and extracted several short lengths 
of rope that Akane realized what he was doing.

"Nabiki, what do you think you're doing!? You can't tie Ranma up!" He 

"Really?" Nabiki said. "I thought I was doing a rather good job of it. Would 
you like to show me the proper way. Kasumi tells me you are quite the little 
expert." Here Nabiki turned up one corner of the bed sheet and revealed an 
eye bolt securely screwed into the bed frame."

Akane found himself flushing with embarrassment and tried to come up with 
an explanation. He was fairly sure that Nabiki would not swallow the one he 
had given Kasumi.

As Nabiki ran a rope from the bracelet around Ranma's ankle to the nearest 
eye bolt, he glanced over at his flustered 'brother' and started to talk as he 
worked at securing Ranma. "Kasumi mentioned how she found you tied and 
handcuffed to your bed. She thought it was interesting that you were 
determined to become an escape artist. So you could not be held hostage 
again. That's what you told her wasn't it? She also thought it was very 
clever, the key in the ice cube thing." Nabiki briefly glanced upwards at the 
ceiling over Akane's bed. There was a small hook screwed into it. "She did 
wonder why you were training in the nude however. She was worried that 
you might catch a chest cold, what with all that cold water dripping on your 
breasts." Here Nabiki smirked at the tongue tied Akane. "There, that should 
do it." Standing back Nabiki admired his handiwork, each of Ranma's limbs 
were tied to a corner of Akane's bed rendering her completely helpless.

"I can see why we have to tie Ranma down to prevent her from hurting 
herself, but shouldn't we have dressed her first" Akane said. He could not 
seem to stop himself from staring at Ranma's spread body with fascination. 
His eyes roamed over the body he had fantasized about many times. There, 
the breasts he had dreamed of suckling on, and between her legs the mossy 
dell he had dreamed of exploring with fingers and tongue. Slowly the dress 
he still held in front of his manhood dropped, giving Nabiki a look at 
Akane's masculine equipment in full operating mode. He whistled silently in 
awe, and briefly felt a twinge of doubt as he considered the difference in size 
between the girl on the bed and Akane's new male form. Giving himself a 
shake he replied to Akane's question.

"Actually, we tied Ranma to the bed so you could administer the cure she 
needs...I see you have the syringe all ready." Nabiki said with his usual 
insufferable smugness, nodding towards Akane's middle.

"What, I don't..." Akane said in confusion before noting the direction of 
Nabiki's gaze. "You can't be serious? I can't do that to Ranma, he'd never 
forgive me." Akane protested.

"Then -she-will die," Nabiki said flatly, emphasizing Ranma's current female 
status. "Look Akane, if Ranma does not have sex with a man every 12 hours 
she goes into those convulsions we witnessed. Now, unless you want to go 
hunt up Ryouga or grab some guy off the street that leaves you or me. I, 
having no desire to die, am not even going to suggest to you that I do it."

"So you think it better that Ranma want's to kill me!?" Akane shouted.

"It wasn't Ranma I was concerned about." Nabiki said, "If I had suggested I 
do it, how long would you have waited before breaking me into itty bitty 

Akane opened her mouth to protest, then shut it. There was some justification 
in what Nabiki's said.

"Of course, if you can't bring yourself to do it...well, I can give Ukyou a 
call. I'm sure she could be over here in fifteen minutes."

"NEVER!!" Akane screamed in reflex. "Don't even think about that Nabiki."

"Well there you have it then. You won't let anyone else screw Ranma and if 
she doesn't get said screwing she'll die. So that just leaves you 'big' brother. 
So I'll leave you two love birds alone and toddle off." Nabiki gave Akane a 
jaunty wave and walked out of the bedroom.

As soon as the door closed behind him, the air of nonchalance left, and he 
raced down the hallway to his own room. Once there he jumped into his 
office chair and threw the switch that fed the signal from Akane's room into 
his computer monitor. At the same time, with his other hand he activated the 
VCR that was already hooked into the same feed as the computer. With a 
happy smile as the picture came up on the monitor he noted that Akane had 
not yet moved. Good, he should be able to get everything on tape. For some 
reason, despite the many aborted romantic moments between the two, he was 
sure that this time Akane would go through with this.

Nabiki settled back to enjoy the show, and happily figured the profit the tape 
of this little project would bring. A little computer wizardry to hide Ranma's 
face and change her hair color, and it would be ready for the market. He 
didn't even have to bother hiding Akane's face. She was wearing the ultimate 
disguise...That thought brought a look of calculation to Nabiki's eyes. He 
had never really thought about it, but this body could come in very handy. 
Their were people he had never dealt with because the risk of doing so as a 
girl outweighed any possible profits. Now though...yes this instant 
nanniichuan might just pay for itself after all.

"What!?" Nabiki said in surprise as he noticed a flashing telltale on top of his 
monitor. The motion detector in Ranma's room had detected something. With 
an angry snarl at being interrupted Nabiki switched the monitor to the feed 
from Ranma's room. "Damm" he swore when he saw the familiar figure in 
Ranma's room. "She'll spoil everything. I have to keep her away from Akane 
and Ranma. If I'm right, there is going to be a lot of noise from those two in 
a little while. Miss Bimbo 97 there won't be able to resist 
investigating...Now, how can I get rid of her? Hmm..." Nabiki's eyes 
wondered around his room searching for inspiration. For a minute nothing 
came to him, and then he spotted a sealed plastic bag tossed idly in the 
corner. A grim smile spread across his face. "I guess I get to try out my new 
identity a little earlier than I thought." Leaving the VCR to record the events 
in Akane's room he slid open a drawer in his desk and pulled out a pair of 
latex gloves. Slipping the gloves on he walked over and picked up the plastic 
bag. Then he went to give their visitor some flowers.


"You know," Regant said, "I really like how that one thinks. She could 
almost be one of us."

"Not bloody likely." Ergan said, turning from where he had been watching 
Ryouga. "Bloody cold fish if you ask me."

"Aa but we can soon change that can't we," Extefan said. "After all, he's 
swimming in Shikima magic, is just about to render a beautiful girl helpless, 
and has all of us to whisper advice into his ear. If he can keep it in his pants 
for more than a half an hour I'll be very surprised."

"Hey, the red heads waking up." Regant said. The other three quickly forgot 
about Nabiki and concentrated on the scene in Akane's bedroom."

"This could be difficult." Nendex said. This one is in love, you know how 
difficult that makes things."

Extefan frowned. "I thought we could place thoughts right into his mind. 
Why can't we just make him so horny he'll take her without a thought?"

"Because" Regent began to explain, "He would just put those thoughts down 
to the perverted nature on his new boy body. He would feel incredible guilt 
over having those thoughts and would flee the room before he lost control 
and violated his love. The stronger we pushed the idea the stronger he'll 
reject it." Suddenly he got a thoughtful look on his face. "That might be the 
way to do it." He mussed to himself. Taking note of the others inquiring 
looks he expanded. "Look, the problem here is that even though he wants 
her, and even though thanks to us, he believes she needs it. His feelings of 
guilt won't let him act freely on his desire. Now those two conflicting signals 
are coming from two different parts of his brain. If I can erect a barrier 
between those two sections, then he will have only the desire and motivation, 
the guilt won't reach his conscious mind."

"You can to that?" Extefan asked in an intrigued voice. "Guilt's one of the 
main things we have to overcome to get normal humans to let loose."

"If it were not for the instant nanniichuan I don't think I could. Even then it's 
only going to last for a short time." Regent frowned at the large man on 
screen. "It going to take me a little while to map out where I need to put the 
barrier so let me have some peace for a minute would you." He said, and then 
slipped into a state of deep concentration, all his attention focused on the 
figure of Akane in the mirror. For a long time he stared at the image on the 
screen, sweat pouring down his face. Finally he broke out of his 
concentration and sat panting. When he got his breath back he said. "No 
good, I found the location to place the barrier, but I don't have the power to 
keep it up, something is interfering, fighting me."

Extefan snorted in disgust, and said. "Well, show me where to place it and 
I'll do it."

Regant looked doubtful, "I don't know. I have a pretty good idea of what it 
will take, and I don't think you can do it." Seeing Extefan's face darkening in 
anger he hurriedly went on. "It's not that you don't have a lot of power, it's 
just that the instant nanniichuan doesn't give us enough of a handle to do it. It 
would take at least two of us in concert to work it, and even then you'd have 
to keep a permanent link all the time. It would not be self sustaining." Regant 
paused for a second, unwilling to reveal his doubts, but then continued. "If 
we open the permanent link necessary to keep the barrier in place, we leave 
ourselves vulnerable to an attack. After what Urgant said about the red heads 
magic level, and now the strange resistance from this guy, I don't think it's a 
very good idea."

"So," Extefan hissed in contempt. "You're afraid of humans, what a wimp!" 
The disgust was evident in every word as he looked with contempt at Regent. 
"Fine, you can stay safe and sound. Ergan and I'll deal with the big, bad, red 
head." Ergan looked up in surprise when he heard his voice. He had gone 
back to listening to Ryouga teasing Mousse, and had not been paying 
attention to the others. Brought up to speed he quickly agreed to help 
Extefan, and the two of them entered a trance state. Pooling their combined 
force of mind, they set out to create the barrier in the areas Regant had 
mapped out.

Regant looked at the two comatose demons with a feeling of impending 
doom. He had not realized it before, but it was now obvious to him that 
Extefan was determined to break the red head in order to prove Urgant a 
cowardly fool. Regant had always known that Extefan and Ergan were lovers 
of the more vicious forms of sex. They loved the pain and suffering of the 
victim, even more than their own physical pleasure. Regant had always 
thought it more satisfactory to engender lust in both parties. He found the 
pleasure felt by both participants far more palatable if it was not tainted by 
pain or terror. That was why he had specialized in the more subtle means of 
influencing mortals. Unlike Extefan and Ergan who had taken their pleasure 
by force and in person while they had been free, Regant had always stayed in 
the shadows and worked through proxies. In a way he was less affected by 
their imprisonment then any of the others. With the possible exception of 
Urgant, who had always kept his own council.

Regant looked over at the warding box that Nendex had carelessly tossed into 
a corner. For just a minute he was tempted to free their former leader, but 
then his formidable imagination supplied a graphic picture of the various 
things Extefan would do to him if something went wrong. He reluctantly 
turned his gaze away from the small box.

"Regant!" Regant looked over at Nendex to see what he wanted. The other 
demon pointed at the section of the screen that showed Nabiki-kun walking 
down the hallway with a purple haired girl slung over his shoulder.

"Want to play?" Nendex asked with a grin. Regent smiled in return and put 
his doubts on hold. He was a Shikima after all, and some things just 
demanded your full attention. He walked over to join Nendex, his mind 
already running through scenarios for the two mortals on the screen. His 
demon hood began to stir as he went over the elements he knew were 
available to Nabiki, and an evil grin spread across his face. Behind him 
Extefan and Ergan sat silently, their brows furrowed in effort as they worked 
at repressing Akane's self doubts.


Akane stared at the door that Nabiki had exited through ten minutes before. 
Just like that Nabiki had left, and he was all alone. Just him, and the girl he 
had lusted after for more than a year. The girl that had driven him to 
distraction, and caused him to spend many nights bringing himself to solitary 
relief. The girl that was now tied helpless and spread on his bed. The girl that 
he had to have sex with to save her life... and all he could do was stand here 
and dither. On the one hand he wanted more than anything to caress and 
devour the smorgasbord of feminine pulchritude spread out before him like a 
buffet. On the other hand the thoughts of Ranma's likely reaction to that had 
kept him standing here like Kuno faced with the necessity of making a 
decision between which of his two loves to pursue. Why couldn't he be like a 
real guy and just take what he wanted without worrying about the 

As if that final thought had been some sort of trigger, all his doubts and 
uncertainties suddenly disappeared. A wide grin spread across his face. 
Works for me, he finished his previous thought. Dropping the dress that he 
had held on to even after Nabiki left the room, he walked over to the bed and 
gazed at the girl tied there. I just love all you can eat buffets, he thought. 
Kneeling beside the bed he cupped one of Ranma's breasts with his hand and 
lowered his face to it. Opening as wide as he could he inhaled as much of her 
into his mouth as he could, and then slowly he let the large tit slip free. His 
lips and tongue savored every delicious sweat flavored inch of flesh as it did 
so. After most of her breast had escaped, he captured her nipple between his 
teeth. He then closed his lips tightly around the hard little bud and began to 
suckle on her. After a minute he reached out and captured her other nipple 
between the thumb and forefinger of his unoccupied hand.

Ranma was aware of flashes of mingled pain and pleasure as she gradually 
came out of the stupor the demons attack on her pleasure center had induced. 
Blinking her eyes she tried to resolve the blurry image that greeted her first 
attempts to see what or who was fondling her breasts. She made out a large 
masculine head and tussled black hair. "Ry...Ryouga?" She murmured in 

The man raised his head at the sound of Ranma's voice, and she saw to her 
shock that it was a complete stranger. "Who the hell are you!? She yelled, 
trying to strike out at him with her fists. Her arms jolted to a stop after 
traveling only a few inches. Looking towards her left hand she felt a bolt of 
fear run through her when she saw that she was tied to a bed. "WHAT THE 
HE...muerffd" Ranma's yell was cut off as the stranger kissed her. She tried 
to pull her mouth away from his but he reached up and placed a hand on 
either side of her head to hold her still. The stranger kissed Ranma deeply, 
his tongue lancing into her open mouth and darting back out again before 
Ranma could bite the intruding object. Again and again the warm wet tongue 
played tag with Ranma's teeth. No matter how hard Ranma struggled she 
could not get away from it. To add to her dismay she felt the familiar fire in 
her loins starting to escalate. She could feel the wetness that had become all 
too familiar starting to run down her inner thighs as her body reacted to the 
strong masculine presence of this stranger.

Akane gloried in the taste of Ranma's mouth. For so long he had dreamed of 
kissing her, and now he was. Ranma's angry shout of who the hell was he 
had caused him to think along the same line as Nabiki. This body was the 
perfect disguise. He could give Ranma what she needed, and Ranma would 
never know it had been Akane. The barrier in his mind kept him from 
thinking of what being raped might do to Ranma. So instead of replying to 
Ranma's demand for information, he had silenced her with his own mouth. 
Now however he was in a quandary, as nice as kissing Ranma was, there 
were other places in need of his attention and he really did not want to have to 
listen to Ranma's constant insults as he savored all the glorious nooks and 
crannies of her body. As he wondered how to go about silencing Ranma, he 
became aware of the discomfort caused by the remains of his blue panties. 
Breaking the kiss with Ranma he reached down and ripped the tattered 
remains from his hips.

As soon as the man broke his kiss Ranma took a deep breath and prepared to 
scream bloody murder. Before he could utter a peep the stranger clapped a 
massive hand over her mouth, nearly covering her face, and stifling any 
outcry she might make. She shouted silent curses into the muffling hand until 
she was distracted by the sound of ripping fabric, and was shocked when the 
man tore some sort of thin blue garment from around his hip. Her first feeling 
was one of trepidation and outright fear, as she was sure he was clearing the 
way in preparation for raping her. The thought of yet another man forcing his 
way into her body as Ryouga had, filled her with panic. At the same time 
however she felt a flash of intense desire flare up inside her body. It was as if 
her mind and body were two entirely separate beings. The one reacted to the 
thought of sex with a strange man, or any man for that matter, with horror. 
At the same time her body seemed to shiver with anticipatory lust at the mere 
thought of another hard bout of sex.

Her thoughts were brought back to the stranger when his hand appeared 
above her face with something blue and filmy in them. Ranma felt a vague 
sense of familiarity that temporarily caused her fear to retreat for some 
reason. For a moment she could not place what it was. Then it came to her. 
Akane's blue panties, the same color she had worn every day since Ranma 
had told her the color did not suit her. It all came together in her mind, 
Nabiki's transformation, this strange man in what Ranma now recognized as 
Akane's bedroom...The man above her must be Akane! Having come to this 
conclusion she yelled into the hand covering her mouth demanding an 
explanation from Akane.

Akane smiled as Ranma opened her mouth under his hand, he had been 
waiting for the baka to do so. Ranma could no more keep her mouth shut, 
then she could turn down free food. Acting quickly he removed the hand that 
was muffling Ranma's cries and thrust the remains of his tattered panties into 
the little red head's open mouth. Then, cupping a hand over her face to keep 
her from spitting out the underwear he reached around behind him and undid 
his hair ribbon. It only took a minute and when he was done the ribbon was 
wrapped around Ranma's head, and was securely holding the panty gag in 

Having finished fastening the gag in place he pushed himself up and let his 
gaze run down Ranma's body. Ignoring Ranma's thrashing and inarticulate 
cries of rage, he reached down and stroked her soft belly. "Everything looks 
so good, I don't know where to begin." He leaned down and kissed her belly 
button. Then continuing to kiss her stomach he let his hand dip down until it 
reached the top of Ranma's sex. " Decisions, decisions, so many choices, 
where will I start," he mumbled into the soft flesh of Ranma's belly..

Ranma stopped her futile thrashing as Akane's hand moved closer to the 
source of the fire that was filling her body with desire. She could only stare 
in mingled shock, and anticipation at the scene framed between her breasts. 
Akane's movements brought him closer and closer to the place that was even 
now starting to pulse with anticipation at what was to come.

Despite Akane's words, Ranma had absolutely no doubt as to what Akane's 
ultimate destination was to be. Suddenly a thought crossed her mind. This 
was Akane, the girl Ranma had spent more nights then she cared to think 
about dreaming of making love to. Sure it had been him as a man and her as a 
girl, but still...Would it really be so bad? There was nothing she could do to 
prevent what was going to happen. She did not have to make any 
commitment or declaration of love. She did not have to worry about the 
reaction of any of her other would be fiances. All she had to do was savor the 
sensation of the person she loved making love to her. She focused on Akane, 
feeling his soft lips pressed against her stomach, covering her belly with 
gentle kisses. His fingers brushing just above her sex. Ranma reached a 
decision, she would stop fighting her situation and make love to Akane. For a 
second she wished that she were free of her bonds, then she re-thought that. 
It was one thing to surrender when you had no choice, but to voluntarily give 
herself to a man even if it was Akane. No! She could not do that. If she were 
free, she knew she would have to fight to prevent what was coming. It was 
for the best that she remain tied, and did not have to make that final 
surrender. So having made her decision she lay back and savored the feelings 
that Akane was drawing form her body.

There was one thing that still bothered her though. What Ranma could not 
figure out was Akane's behavior. This was so unlike her...him, she corrected 
herself. The Akane she knew would never act this way. Akane was as 
reluctant as Ranma to express his feelings. So why was Akane so aggressive 
all... Aaaa Ranma hips bucked as Akane's fingers dipped bellow her belly 
and stroked across her clitoris. The climax that had been hovering on the edge 
of her heightened arousal crashed over her, drowning out any thoughts other 
than the bursts of electricity that seemed to be surging through her erogenous 

She was dimly aware of Akane rearranging himself so that his head was 
between her legs and hovering just over her pulsing sex. She felt her petals 
being gently moved aside, and then she gasped in pleasure around the gag in 
her mouth as Akane dipped her head down and licked the entire length of her 
slit with one stroke of his tongue. Akane settled himself comfortable and then 
preceded to give Ranma the most severe tongue lashing of her life. Ranma's 
orgasmed again, and then she started to spiral down into the uncontrollable 
spasms of debilitating pleasure that had rendered her unconscious a little 

At first Akane was unaware of Ranma's problem, he merely thought the 
thrashing of her hips were either an effort to escape the attention of the 
stranger between her legs or a reaction to the pleasure she was feeling from 
that same stranger. Akane stopped her twisting by using his hands to hold her 
hips steady, and this continued to allow him uninterrupted access to her 
honey pot. Having stopped her hips he dived back in, and was soon driving 
his tongue as far up Ranma's opening as he could reach. So happy was he to 
finally be living out his dreams that he was not at first consciously aware of 
the increasing effort required to hold Ranma still. Instead he shoved his face 
as tight as it would go against her body and drove his tongue in and out of 
her spasming pussy.

Suddenly a cramp in one of his arms brought home how much he was 
straining to hold Ranma still. Puzzled Akane pulled his face away from 
Ranma's sex. As Ranma's love juice dripped off of his chin he looked up her 
body at her face, framed between her creamy breasts. He frowned as 
Ranma's expression twisted in pain, pleasure, he watched the muscles in her 
arms twist and pull at her bonds as wave after wave of uncontrollable 
pleasure washed through her body. There was a vague tickle in the back of 
his mind saying he should be worried, but he could not seem to feel it fully. 
Instead he felt a faint annoyance at the fact that he needed to cut short his long 
awaited buffet in order to bring Ranma out of her convulsions. Still this was 
why Nabiki had tied down Ranma in the first place, and splashed Akane with 
the instant nanniichuan. So he might just as well get it over with so he could 
get back to his little honey pot. He moved out from between Ranma's legs 
and started to work his way up her body.

Back in the temple Extefan lips twisted into a nasty smile, and he stopped the 
pulses of energy he had been feeding to Ranma's pleasure center.

Ranma felt the flood of pleasure that had blinded her to all outside events fade 
away. For a second she lay there drawing in her breath in long shuddering 
gasps as she tried to replenish her bodies oxygen supply.

The numbness that had filled her at the cessation of the overwhelming spasms 
of pleasure ended quickly when she became aware of Akane's movements. 
Looking down the length of her own body she saw Akane rising to his hands 
and knees, and carefully working his way around Ranma's body, begin to 
make his way up the bed. What caught Ranma's eyes and made them fly 
open in horror was the heavy truncheon waving between Akane's legs.

No way, she thought, he can't get that into me. Ranma began to make noises 
of desperation and started to thrash as violently as she could within her 
bonds. All the while remembering the sensation of utter fullness she had 
experienced when Ryouga had thrust into her. She had never actually seen 
Ryouga's erection, only his limp cock after the act. But surely it could not 
have been as large as what Akane had. Akane's was sure as hell bigger than 
Ranma's own erect cock. There was no way that thing could fit into her. All 
thoughts of laying back and enjoying the experience fled Ranma's mind, and 
her face took on a look of absolute terror as Akane's cock got closer and 
closer to her defenseless little pussy.

She continued to struggle with her bonds as Akane finally reached the 
positioned he wanted and lowered his chest, pressing Ranma firmly down 
into the bed, causing her to shudder as she felt her efforts of evasion being so 
easily thwarted. Tears ran down her face as she wept in frustration at not 
being able to tell Akane to stop.

She felt his hand reach down between their bodies. Akane began to finger her 
privates, running his fingers up and down her damp slit. Using only one 
hand he parted her petals and thrust a finger into her. Ranma winced at the 
abrupt intrusion, she was still a little sore from Ryouga's assault. Her body 
adapted rapidly however, and soon the slight pain was replaced with pleasure 
as Akane ran his fat finger in and out of her body. After a minute of this he 
added a finger to the first and slid both of them into her, turning his hand as 
he did so, stretching and widening her opening. At last satisfied that Ranma 
was ready, he removed his fingers and clutched his cock in one hand.

A minute later Ranma felt something large rubbing, and then pressing at the 
entrance to her opening. Her eyes widened even farther as she felt her flesh 
being forced aside and knew that impossible as it seemed that huge cock was 
actually driving it's way into her belly. A steady keening whine came from 
deep in her throat as she felt Akane's hips begin to rock, hammering that 
spike up into her a fraction of an inch at a time.

Akane gasped in pleasure as Ranma's hot, tight, wetness surrounded his 
brand new organ. He had never imagined it would feel so good. To think he 
had been disappointed at having to leave off licking Ranma's little slit to 
administer this cure. What a fool he'd been. He hunched his back and forced 
another inch into Ranma. Then he paused and lay there, savoring the feeling 
of his cock soaking in it's own private little furo while Ranma's breast spread 
out against his chest. Their rock hard little nipples boring holes in his 

He leaned down and licked the tears from Ranma's face, then kissed her. 
Touching only cloth he drew his head back and looked down in disgust at the 
panties and hair ribbon gaging Ranma. It had seemed a good idea at the time, 
but now it was interfering with his pleasure. He wanted to kiss Ranma's lips 
while her lower lips kissed his cock. Balancing himself with one hand he 
used the other to free the ribbon binding the panties in Ranma's mouth and 
pulled them free. Before Ranma could make any noise, or say anything to 
break the mood he lowered his mouth and captured hers. Once again he 
played tag with Ranma only this time it was not with her teeth but with her 
tongue. Slowly he began to rock his hips, drawing his cock out of her body 
and then sliding it back in. There was still a couple of inches left outside at 
the bottom of each stroke but he did not try to ram them home. He was 
satisfied with the seven or eight inches that he was smoothly pushing and 
pulling in and out of Ranma's body.

Ranma fought down the urge to bite the tongue that was invading her mouth. 
This was Akane, the girl she loved. For a minute she tried to force the 
intruding object out of her mouth with her own tongue. Instead her tongue 
slipped past Akane's and pressed on into his mouth. Before she was aware of 
it, Ranma had forgotten all thoughts of stopping Akane and was completely 
caught up in the feeling of flesh sliding over flesh. Her tongue penetrating the 
mouth that clamped over her own. His cock penetrating her lower mouth. For 
the first time since the accident Ranma began to experience pleasure that was 
not a result of either potion or Demonic influence.

As Akane shuttled his hips back and forth between Ranma's legs, the 
rhythmic thrust and withdrawal of his cock began to force a rhythm on 
Ranma's body. Her hips began to lift in time to Akane's thrusts and small 
flashes of sensation pulsed through her body in time to the steady in and out 
of his member in her tight little vessel. As those feelings pulsed in her they 
began to affect the raw magic that infused her body.

The decayed remains of the Jusenkio curse had up until now, been almost 
completely inactive. The only concrete task any of it had performed, was 
when it had flowed into the empty places left by the destruction of Ranma's 
Ki. It should not have been able to do so, but something about Ranma had 
resonated with the basic nature of the magic, and that had allowed it to 
partially replace the Ki Ranma had lost. Fortunately for her, because 
otherwise she would have died at Ryouga's campsite within seconds of 
drinking the potion. Instead the magic had replaced the Ki, or life force that 
everyone needed to survive. Now as Ranma's body and mind slowly came 
into agreement with what was happening to her it reacted.

Ranma jolted her hips up at Akane, trying to match motion with motion as 
Akane's thick cock forced it way in and out of her body. She strained against 
the limits placed on her by the bonds holding her. She wanted desperately to 
throw her arms around Akane, to wrap her legs around him. To merge as 
closely as she could with the large masculine body that was pressing her 
down into the mattress. As she struggled with her bonds a soft golden aura 
began to emerge from her body. Nabiki and Akane would have recognized it 
as the same aura that repelled the spelled water Nabiki had tried to use on 
Ranma. However Akane had his eyes shut in bliss, and Nabiki's were 
looking over an entirely different body so no one noticed. The snap rings in 
Ranma's wrist and ankle cuffs through which Nabiki had run the rope 
binding Ranma to the bed, began to deform, warping from a strain they had 
never been meant to withstand. One after another they bent far enough so that 
they slipped the rope and allowed that limb freedom of movement.

First Ranma's left arm, then her right leg were free, then together the 
remaining two limbs pulled free from their ties. Ranma did not stop to 
wonder how, she merely wrapped herself as tightly as she could around 
Akane and started to use her legs to control the rhythm of their motions. Over 
and over again that massive cock slid in and out of her body and she 
shuddered with each thrust. The golden glow began to expand, flowing along 
all of Ranma's body down her legs up her arms and then moving outward 
until Akane's body was completely surrounded by the aura radiating from 

As the aura penetrated his body it combined with the fragments of similar 
magic it found in Akane's body. Using the pattern that still survived it began 
to knit togther the strands of magic that had escaped from the original. When 
all was as it should be it seared the surface of the pattern sealing it against 
future degradation. Having finished that task the magic lay quiescent for a 
moment, slowly pulsing with the motion of it's human host. Then as her 
pleasure began to escalate something that was almost a match for the magic 
began to emerge from her own inner recesses. The magic quickly merged 
with these faint emissions, so similar to itself. Using them as an entrance it 
followed their path back into the host, infiltrating every part of her body right 
down to the smallest DNA strand. In it's own non-sentient way it realized 
that it must insinuate itself into every fibre of it's host body if it was to 
withstand the coming storm.

Ranma felt like she was on fire. Every thrust from Akane seemed to stoke the 
fire in her belly higher and higher, but something was keeping her from the 
final relief she craved. Again and again she felt herself reach the brink, only 
to be denied her first true orgasm. She began to fear that her muscles would 
give out before she could experience the true fulfilment she so deeply desired. 
She could hear Akane's labored breathing as he marshaled all of his 
remaining stamina in an effort to keep going. Ranma began to cry from 
frustration, why could they not reach that final step. It had been so easy with 
Ryouga, time after time her body had reached that plateau of pleasure against 
her wishes. Now that she wanted that same pleasure desperately she could 
not reach it.

Unknown to Ranma, the two demons who had been insulating Akane from 
any feeling of guilt over his actions, were also suppressing the final release 
they both craved. They had been disgusted when, rather than a brutal rape, 
their activity had become that of two lovers. Extefan was taking what 
vengeance he could be denying them the fulfillment of their pleasure.

Now hovering on the brink of release the two teenagers continued to thrust at 
each other, their mouths merged in a frantic kiss, their hands caressing each 
other, striving with all the strength remaining in their bodies for the release 
being denied them. Something in both their bodies began to react to the 
constant high level of sexual tension. It was the same something the magic 
had found and merged with in Ranma's body, now it appeared in Akane as 
well. The magic was too tied up in Ranma's body to merge with the energy in 
Akane's, but it mimicked the two teens and embraced the energy in Akane's 
body. Slowly under the effect of the magic Akane and Ranma's began to 
synchronize down to a level so basic that there ceased to be any real 
distinction between the two of them.

As they began to move fully and completely in sync. A feedback loop 
formed, as their energy began to flow from one to the other, and then back, 
and as it did, it built. Higher and higher their sexual energy climbed until the 
golden aura outlining them was almost incandescent..

Extefan and Ergan both noted that it had become harder to prevent that final 
release. Digging deep into their own reserves they threw all the energy they 
had into preventing it. This was no longer a strategy, this was vengeance for 
daring to go against what the demons had desired. The demons were so 
caught up in their own petty grudge they failed to consider or wonder what it 
was that was fighting them.

Ranma and Akane crashed again and again against the barrier that was 
preventing them from finding the pleasure they knew was just a stroke away. 
Each time Akane sheathed herself in Ranma's hot hole they hit the barrier. 
Each time Ranma clenched her thighs and squeezed the cock that was driven 
almost fully into her belly they crashed against it. Akane reached down and 
grabbed Ranma's ass in both hands. She grunted as his weight no longer 
supported by his arms crushed her into the bed, but after a moment she got 
her breath back and was thrusting herself back at him more strongly then 
before. On Akane's part, he clenched her ass as hard as he could, each hand 
easily covering an entire cheek. He began to squeeze in rhythm with his 
thrusts. Every time he shoved into her he closed his hands. Every time he 
withdrew he relaxed them.

His fingers slipped deep into her ass crack and reached the little brown rose 
between her cheeks. Ranma gave an extra strong jerk when this happened, 
and Akane began to spur her on by thrusting a finger at the tight opening in 
time with his cock's thrusting. The extra sensations began to escalate their 
already high sexual tension, and that in turn started to affect the barrier that 
kept them from their final release. Slowly it began to buckle under the 
pressure of the most powerful force in that room, the lust of two horny 
teenagers. Then it cracked, and with that first crack as an opening Ranma and 
Akane came, shattering the barrier completely. Ranma's pussy milked Akane 
like a machine and for his part, he shot load after load of thick creamy sperm 
into her clutching vessel. Both teens screamed out in relief as they felt every 
muscle in their body spasm. Akane felt as if every part of him was turning to 
liquid and shooting out the small hole in the end of his cock. Ranma felt as if 
every part of her body was pulling Akane into her, as if it wished to pull 
Akane completely into her womb.

The magic was not idle while this was going on. It had been constrained by 
the inability of the two young people to find release. Being sex based it had 
built a charge as they had fucked that had grown with every thrust and 
spasm, but with no way of discharging. With Ranma and Akane's orgasm it 
released that charge. It flared out in a brilliant corona around Ranma, far 
eclipsing the aura that had been there before. Only a small part of the energy 
was used up in a harmless light show however. The bulk of the energy found 
the link the demons had forged to Akane's mind. Like lightning striking a 
copper bar it streaked down that connection and straight into the minds and 
body of Extefan and Ergan. Fully open they had no chance to react. Their 
bodies blackened and shattered like glass as the magic charge ripped through 

Free from all outside influence the two teenagers arched against each other in 
one final spasm of pleasure, and then completely exhausted they collapsed on 
the bed in each other's arms falling asleep almost a soon as the last quiver of 
pleasure shook their body.

Epilogue. Akane stirred on the bed, blinking his eyes, he slowly remembered 
where he was. Looking down he smiled at the small girl asleep in the crook 
of his arm. She looked so innocent laying there. Hard to believe she had been 
under him a little while ago thrusting herself at him as he has thrust himself 
into her. Akane blushed at the recollection. How had he ever gotten the nerve 
to do it. However he had, it had been worth it. He lay there for a minute 
drinking in the lovely sight before him. Then he became aware of a sticky 
sensation around his groin area. Looking down he flinched at the sight of his 
male equipment. Well, he thought to himself, that's done its duty, time to 
wash it away. Gently disengaging himself from Ranma he got out of bed and 
made his way to the bathroom.

Ranma awoke a few minutes after Akane, and like him took a moment to 
place herself. When she did she blushed. Had she done that? Had she really 
given herself freely to Akane? It seemed inconceivable, but there was no 
doubt. She may have started out tied, but as much as she would have liked to 
use that as an excuse, she could not. She had positively gloried in playing 
female to Akane's male. It was a very disturbing realization and she was not 
prepared to deal with the why of it right now. So, she put it aside for the time 
being. Right now she was sticky with the remains of her and Akane's juices 
and she wanted to be clean. Getting up she headed for the bathroom.

Akane looked up as the door opened and Ranma walked in. Both girls 
blushed as their eyes met. Akane ducked her head down and settled down 
into the furo. Ranma for her part looked away and walked over to the 
scrubbing area. For a few minutes the only sound was that of Ranma 
scrubbing herself. When at last she raised the bucket and rinsed off the soap, 
she said the first words spoken since she had entered the room.

"Whoa cold."

"The furo's nice and warm." Akane said, and then blushed.

"I don't know, think I'd be safe in there?" Ranma replied, averting her eyes.

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"O I don't know, you never know what sort of pervert might wander in here 
while two 'Girls' were in the bath. There's a big one in the house 
somewhere, can't keep his hands off innocent girls." Ranma smirked at the 
blushing Akane.

Akane was flustered and blurted out "I'm sorry Ranma, I'd never have done 
that to you if it had not been for Nabiki..." Then she stopped, realizing that 
Ranma was not suppose to know who the man had been. "You know?"

"What, think I'm some sort of dummy?"

"No!...But aren't you mad at me?"

Ranma seemed to think it over. Was she mad? Not really. O she was upset 
over once again having sex with a male, but this time it was Akane, and she 
was not really a guy. As well she had not voluntarily consented so it was not 
as if she had given in to her girl half. "Well maybe a little, but I reckon you 
just couldn't control yourself. After all I am a pretty hot girl, and you ain't 
got no control over your self. So I guess...."

Akane flared up. "What do you mean, no control!?"

"Well geez Akane, you're all the time hitting me for no reason. If you ain't 
got no control as a girl when your suppose to be all sweet and nice, it just 
stands to reason that when you're a guy, you'd be one who can't control 
himself around a pretty girl, and I'm a real pretty girl." She smirked at 
Akane, posing with her hand on one hip and her breasts thrust out.

"You baka, if you think I'm going to let you get away with that." Akane 
surged out of the tub and across the room towards Ranma. Ranma had been 
waiting for this, and using a toe hooked the bucket full of ice cold water she 
had left filled, and sitting behind her. Flinging her leg around she tossed the 
contents at Akane.

"Here have a cold show..." She broke of as the water hit Akane and he 
shifted back into male mode. She stared at the now fully masculine and 
highly pissed off male in front of her. All she could say was "Uh O."

Akane was a little more vocal. "RANMA NO BAKA!!!."


Chapter two part one, Girls just want to have fun.

Deep inside a hidden valley was a temple. It had stood for centuries 
untouched by time, and unvisited by humans. There was a curse on the valley 
it inhabited. No female creature would enter the valley, and with no females, 
there was little reason for males to enter. There were no birds to sing, no 
insects to hum. The silence was disturbed only by the wind sighing through 
the ancient trees that towered high into the air in splendid isolation. There was 
little underbrush around their roots, as there were no young plants. The 
humans who lived around the valley shunned it. So, down through the ages 
the residents of the temple have lived with never the sight, smell, or touch of 
a female, of any species. 

Naturally they were more than slightly horny. 

In a room deep in the temple four... well, beings is as good as word as any I 
suppose... were focusing all their attention on a large silvery viewing screen 
that was currently divided into three sections. One section showed a muscular 
young man in a yellow shirt. He was talking to another young man in a long 
white robe. The robed man was currently huddled on the floor with his 
fingers in his ears. 

No one in the room was paying much attention to this section. In the second 
section of the screen a small red haired girl and a very large, dark haired man 
were doing their best to bend a small single bed into a U shape. This was 
being watched and enjoyed by the two largest beings. Then there was the 
final scene. A young man with a slim build, and brown hair cut in a rather 
feminine style, was watching the same scene that was visible in the second 
section. He was using what looked like a computer monitor to do so. He was 
sitting in what looked like a combination bedroom, office, and small general 
warehouse. There was a very attractive young lady with long flowing purple 
hair laying unconscious on the bed behind him. 

He was paying her no attention whatsoever. A situation which the last two 
beings were finding more than a touch annoying. 

Regent and Nendex stared with intense concentration at the figures on the 
screen in front of them. Nendex was beginning to think that he would be 
unable to convince this Nabiki Tendo person to do what he wanted. He had a 
formidable amount of will power, but Nabiki's was every bit as powerful. It 
was not that Nabiki did not feel lust, he did indeed, in spades. The raw 
Shikima magic in his system saw to that. However, the combination of a 
powerful self control, and a disinclination towards the female sex made it 
impossible to steer him in the direction Nendex wanted. Unlike his sister, 
Nabiki normally had no sexual feelings for females, and as a result was not 
naturally inclined to take advantage of the beautiful girl in his power... 
power... Nendex paused for a minute. 

A strong part of this Nabiki's character was the need to control events around 
him, and to manipulate those people that came within his sphere of influence. 

What if the reason he had so much control was not so much resistance, but 
that Nendex was trying to push the wrong buttons? Now what if he were to 
make some cross connections between the pleasure Nabiki felt when 
controlling others, and the lust he was feeling as a result of the magic in his 

It should be easy enough, he was not like he was trying to suppress or block 
a natural inclination. So, unlike what the other two were doing with this 
one's sister, he should be able to do it by himself, which was good as Regent 
was fully occupied taking advantage of the purple haired girl's unconscious 
state to delve deeply into her subconscious mind.

A few minutes was enough to determine that his idea was valid. A few 
moments later he had determined what had to be done, and within seconds he 
had established the necessary links. Now it was merely a matter of letting 
nature take it's course and whispering the occasional suggestion.

He looked over at the sweating forms of his so called superiors. They had 
expended large amounts of physic energy in order to direct their play toy in 
the way they wished it to behave. He felt contemp as he compared their brute 
force approach to his skill and finesse. They could have had their subjects 
screwing like rabbits if they had been satisfied to manipulate the two's 
suppressed desire for each other. Instead they wanted a scenario where the 
girl turned boy forced the red head Urgant had been so worried about. They 
had managed to do it, but it had taken their combine will power to 

Nendex looked at the side of the screen that showed Ranma and Akane, and 
narrowed his eyes. While Akane had indeed forced himself on the little red 
head, and while Ranma was indeed tied to the bed, it was easy to see that 
their mutual movements were no longer those of rapist and victim. Unless he 
missed his guess they were both now engaged in the type of sex that Extefan 
hated with a passion. Love making. 

Nendex suppressed a smile as he turned back to his own screen. So, despite 
their wasting of all that energy, all they got for their trouble was what he 
could have accomplished with a fraction of the effort. His satisfaction was 
increased by the knowledge that the play toys the two larger demons had 
tossed his way, like a dried bone to a dog, were by no means that. He had 
high hopes that this Nabiki would supply him with an entertainment that 
Ergan and Extefan could only dream of getting from their toys. He chuckled 
to himself quietly and went back to watching his and Regent's puppets.

Nabiki reached out and typed several commands on his keyboard, ordering 
the computer to store the 60 second segment starting with Akane working his 
way up the obviously terrified Ranma and ending as he reached between his 
legs and directed his enormous member at her tiny opening. Then, wiping 
sweat from his brow, he turned off the feed to his monitor and left it up to the 
VCR to monitor the rest of the activity in Akane's room. He knew that one 
segment would sell every video he could produce. All he had to do was send 
it out over the Internet and within hours the orders would be flying in. 

For now, however, he was suffering from his first ever erection, and was 
rapidly on his way to enjoying his first case of blue balls. Nabiki had never 
before been so affected by a video. Even allowing for the fact that it was 
Ranma and Akane, did not help to explain his feelings of arousal. It had to be 
this body. He had always known guys were controlled by their balls, but for 
the first time he began to feel a little empathy for what those little bits of flesh 
did to them. Well, he had a solution the others did not possess. A little hot 
water would wash those annoying little things right away. 

(Seems a shame though. I really should experiment a little. After all, this is 
my chance to really understand what to twist when I'm dealing with guys. 
Not to mention that I had better gain control of this body if I'm going to use it 
as a disguise.) 

Nabiki frowned at these thoughts. They made sense he supposed. He had 
avoided dealing with a certain type of person because he was female. This 
body would let him get around that. After going to that amount of effort, it 
would be very foolish to be tripped up by the very thing he was hiding with. 
If he was going to use this body as a disguise he had better learn how to deal 
with it's idiosyncracies. He frowned, but the sex thing, just how was he 
suppose to experiment. There was no way he was going to masturbate in this 
form, and that would not help him much in the real world anyway. After all, 
if spanking the monkey developed one's masculinity, Kuno and Gosunkugi 
would be the biggest studs on campus. 

(What about her?) 

Nabiki found his eyes turning to where Shampoo lay sprawled across his 
bed. She was still under the effect of Kodachi's flowers. It had been a simple 
matter, as soon as he had opened the door to Ranma's room she had jumped 
at him. The fact that she had yelled Ranma's name when she did so showed 
she had mistaken Nabiki's masculine form in the darkened doorway for 

All Nabiki had to do was to hold out the flowers. Shampoo had done the rest. 
She had snatched the bouquet out of Nabiki's hands and shoved her face into 
the sleeping powder laced blossoms without a moments thought. Nabiki 
smirked, it was really convenient the way Ranma's various visitors left all 
sorts of useful things laying around after a visit to the dojo. It was also nice 
that they were so predictable.

Now as Nabiki's eyes trailed over the Amazon's lush body his brand new 
male body reacted to the sight. He felt a sudden throbbing in his groin. Uh, 
Uh, no way, he thought. Maybe a real guy would do that, but I'm a little too 
attached to my arms and legs. I would prefer that they stay right where they 
are, thank you. 

(But you're a guy and she won't recognize you. Besides, she's just laying 
there helpless. She can't do a thing to stop you.) 

Sweat started to bead on Nabiki's forehead as various images of Shampoo 
and him locked in passionate embraces filled his head. Man this body is 
something else, he thought. I've never had a lustful thought about a girl in 
my life, and now after only a half hour or so I'm dreaming of having hot 
sweaty sex with one of the most dangerous people in Nerima. No wonder 
guys are so easy to manipulate, he thought with a wry smile.

Still, even realizing it was the body doing this to him, Nabiki could not help 
but think about the prospect. He was still a virgin. He had seen what 
happened to guys attitudes when they finally got into a girls pants, they went 
from lap dogs to pit bulls, and the way the attitudes of the other boys changed 
was just as bad. When word got out that the girl had put out, she went from 
being a person, to being a target for every hormone jockey in the school.

He had not been prepared to give up the power he wielded in the school yard. 
Not for the sake of a few minutes of a sweaty over rated activity.

(But I'm the guy now.)

Ya right, like that will keep Shampoo from ripping my head off, Nabiki 
argued with himself.


Eh, Nabiki thought, as a flash of lust pulsed through his loins.

(Shampoo is one of the most dangerous people you know, and she's totally 
in your power.)

Only until she wakes up.

(Well, there is an answer to that little problem, is there not?)

Nabiki found his eyes turning to a medium sized box sitting under his 
window. It was a special order for Hiroshi, and as his mind went over the 
inventory of its contents he felt the lust in his belly start to smolder, and as 
the fire built higher his self control started to break down. Slowly a smile 
crossed his face, and stopping only to pick up one of Mousse's shurikens 
from his dresser drawer he stood and walked over to the box. As he passed 
by the bed his eyes ran over the form laying there with a new appreciation. 
Whistling a happy tune Nabiki knelt down and began to cut the strings tying 
the box closed. Opening the top of the box he looked at the contents with a 
happy smile on his face. Yes, all here, he thought. Reaching in, he began to 
extract the items he was going to need. Having removed them he made his 
way back to the bed.

He gazed at the lithe female figure laying helpless before him. She looked so 
helpless and fragile laying there on the bed. Curled up in a foetal position her 
head laying on one hand, the other hand curled under her chin. She looked 
anything but what she was, which was one of the most dangerous Martial 
Artists Nabiki had ever encountered. Nabiki knew of more skilled fighters, 
and he knew of more ruthless ones, but there where very few indeed that 
combined both to the degree that this girl did. Nabiki felt an intense feeling of 
satisfaction as he contemplated these facts. For all her skill and power she 
had been laid low by the force of Nabiki's intellect and now he intended to 
fully enjoy the spoils of that victory. 

He lay down the various objects and devices he had just extracted from the 
box that had been waiting in his room until he could con Ranma into 
delivering it. Then reaching down he rolled the unconscious girl over onto 
her back. The sway of her unencumbered breasts under the smooth silk of 
her dress brought a lump to his throat. His new body expressed it's 
appreciation in other ways as well. Careful Nabiki, don't let this body set the 
agenda. Remember, this is about showing Shampoo what real power is. 

Having brought the urge to ravage the girl here and now under control, 
Nabiki reached down and began to undo the ties that kept her dress together. 
In a manner of minutes Shampoo lay naked on the bed and Nabiki once again 
had to fight down his new body's instinctive reaction to the flawless beauty 
of Shampoo's naked form.

Rolling the girl back over onto her stomach Nabiki picked up a rectangular 
piece of leather that had a velcro strip and several eyelets fastened to it. It had 
certain similarities to an old corset, but with no stiffeners to give it shape. 
Straddling Shampoo's body, he sat down on her ass. It settled a little under 
his weight, but the strong underlying musculature kept it from losing it's 
shape. Nabiki took a minute to savor the feeling, before getting back to the 
matter at hand.

Reaching forward he lay the section of leather in the middle of her back. Then 
grasping her left hand he pulled her arm up behind her until her forearm was 
at right angles to her body, and was laying atop the leather pad. Holding that 
arm in place with one hand, he reached over and pulled her other arm up 
behind her as well. Positioning both arms so that the forearms lay side by 
side, he shifted his grip so that he could hold both arms in place with one 
hand. With the other he folded one side of the leather over her arms. Then 
picking up the leather from the other side he folded it over the first section. 
The velcro fastener joined the two sections together and held them firmly 
enough that Nabiki could release his grip and have both hands free. This was 
the usual method of fastening. However, for people who wanted a more 
stringent bondage there was another option. 

Considering who she was dealing with Nabiki did not even consider leaving 
it like that. He picked up a long length of lacing and fed it through the set of 
eyelets that ran down each edge of the leather binding. Much like lacing up a 
pair of shoes he quickly fastened the two halves firmly together, being very 
careful to leave no slack the Amazon could use to free herself.

When he finished he leaned back and inspected his work with satisfaction. 
Shampoo would have minimal leverage with her arms in that position. That 
was only half the job however, Shampoo was too formidable a martial artist 
to be rendered helpless merely because she could not use her arms. Lifting 
himself from his comfortable seat he slid off the bed. He reached out and 
picked up several leather cuffs similar to the ones he had tied Ranma with. 
One set however was much larger than the small ones he had used on Ranma.

Moving back to the bed he pulled Shampoo's unconscious body around so 
that her body was near the edge of the bed. Fastening one of the smaller 
leather cuffs around her ankle, he then slipped the other one around her upper 
thigh. This brought his hand into close proximity with her vagina. Unable to 
resist, Nabiki indulged his curiosity, and allowed his hand to slip up far 
enough between Shampoo's legs so that his fingers ran lightly over the lips 
of her sex. Shampoo moaned passionately and a softly murmured, "Ranma," 
came from between her lips. Nabiki was surprised to feel how damp 
Shampoo was. Bending over Nabiki place her mouth near Shampoo's head.

"Having sweet dreams are we dear." He whispered in her ear. "Enjoy them 
while you can." Pulling his fingers away from Shampoo's damp sex he 
buckled the thigh cuff firmly around her leg. Stroking a hand over her firm 
buttocks he ran his hand down her other leg and quickly repeated the 

Having firmly fastened the four cuffs in place Nabiki now moved on to the 
next step. Taking hold of one of her ankles he bent her leg back until 
Shampoos foot touched the back of her thigh. It was simple from there to 
fasten the ankle cuff to the thigh cuff, using the sewn on clips. Repeating the 
operation with the other leg took only a moment. He then rolled the girl over 
on her back.

Nabiki stepped back and admired her handy work. Shampoo lay there, her 
arms drawn up tight in the small of her back, securely fastened with the 
heavy leather wrapping. The weight of her body shoving her arms deep into 
the mattress Her legs were folded in half, allowing no freedom of motion in 
that area. In her unconscious state gravity forced her legs to separate widely, 
giving Nabiki a clear view of Shampoo's pouting sex. The outer lips 
glistened with arousal as her dreams of Ranma caused her to twitch slightly in 
her sleep, and to moan faintly in passion. Idly Nabiki wondered what sort of 
dream Shampoo was manufacturing based on the stimuli coming from her 
physical body. 

(Shampoo grunted as all the air was driven from her lungs. Ranma had 
slammed her body hard into the ground. Then before she could move he 
jammed a knee into the small of her back causing her to expel all the air in her 
lungs. Having temporarily rendered her helpless he reached down and ripped 
the bottom of her dress away from her body, exposing her tanned and bare 
ass to the air. Kneeling down behind her he pinned her own legs in place 
with his. Then undoing the ties to his pants he let his massive erection spring 
free. "Now Shampoo I've beaten you, and will take what is mine." He said 
in a voice hoarse with lust.

"Yes take this unworthy amazon and make her your slave. Shove your 
manhood deep in Shampoo, make her woman.")

Nabiki shook his head and dispelled the image from his mind. "Ya right," he 
mocked himself, "that's real likely." A twisted smile spread across his face. 
"Man this body is really twisted, my batch of instant Nanniichuan must have 
come from the spring of drowned pervert." A sound from his bed brought 
him back to the current situation.

Shampoo was starting to move more vigorously and was making more and 
more noise. She was going to be waking soon, and for a brief moment 
Nabiki contemplated gaging her. He discarded the idea. He wanted to hear 
her voice, wanted to listen as she shouted out in rage at her captor. Besides, 
it's not as if any one would notice her yells. Akane and Ranma certainly 
would not, and none of the neighbors would give it a moments thought. 
Compared to some of the sounds that had come out of here in the past, any 
noise Shampoo might make would be shrugged off as just another night at 
the Tendos'.

Nabiki started to set the stage for Shampoo's awakening. First he turned his 
desk lamp so that the light washed over Shampoo's form. Then he turned out 
the overhead lights. He placed his office chair behind the lamp so he would 
be shielded from Shampoo by it's glare. Then he moved the computer 
monitor so it could be easily seen from the bed despite the lamp. Having 
completed his preparation he sat down and waited for Shampoo to wake up.

Shampoo was first aware of a massive headache. Her head felt like it was 
ready to explode. The next thing she noticed was that she could not seem to 
bring her hand around to touch her aching head. For a few minutes she 
struggled to move her arms. While she was doing that, her vision cleared 
enough that she could tell the brilliant light blinding her was from an outside 
source and was not a manifestation of her headache. 

"What...where...Shampoo?" She murmured in a fuzzy voice, mind still 
dulled from the narcotic in Kodachi's flowers.

"Aa, good, you're awake." A strange male voice said. Shampoo looked in 
the direction the voice came from but could see nothing. Instead the intense 
light made her eyes water and forced her to turn her eyes away.

"Maybe you can answer some questions for me now Hmmm?" The voice 
asked in a friendly tone.

"Where Shampoo? Who you?" She asked, trying to force her mind to work. 
There was something she was missing here, and she could not quite figure it 
out yet.

"I ask the questions here!!" The strange voice had suddenly lost it's friendly 
air and was now as cold a ice. "For the next little while I ask, you answer! 
Follow that little rule and we'll get along quite well."

Shampoo felt a blaze of fury at the arrogant male. How dare he speak to her 
in that tone of voice. She would carve his balls off and make him eat them for 
his presumption. At this point she finally realized what it was that had been 
clamoring for her attention. She was tied. She could feel her arms behind her 
back and her legs seemed to be twisted and bound in some manner as well. 
Looking down she was shocked to see her naked breasts silhouetted in the 
light from the desk lamp. Squinting her eyes against the glare she could see 
that her nakedness extended to the rest of her body. She next realized that her 
legs were wide apart and that the strange man must be able to see every bit of 
her. She flushed with a combination of anger and embarrassment and forced 
her legs closed. 

"Now that is rather impolite, but I'll let it go for now. There will be lots of 
time for sightseeing later." The voice said, with a tone of amused 
condescension in his voice. "For now I have a question for you. Where is 
Nabiki Tendo!?" He spat out like a whip crack, as if hoping to shock an 
answer out of her.

"Greedy girl?" Shampoo asked in puzzlement. "Why you ask Shampoo about 
greedy girl? Shampoo not know where greedy girl is."

"No, no, no," the man said his voice weary with pretend disappointment. "I 
had really though you would be smarter than the other slut. Maybe seeing 
what happens to little girls who are not helpful will aid your memory." With 
that she heard a click and a TV screen lit up to her left, away from the glare of 
the light. 

Shampoo looked at the picture in puzzlement for a minute before her mind 
managed to translate the images she was seeing. When she did she, felt like 
she had been kicked in the stomach by a mule. 

There on the screen was Onna-Ranma, and she was not alone. A large naked 
man with a massive erection was between her legs, and as his hips lifted and 
fell, Shampoo could see his large cock thrusting in and out of Ranma's 
widely stretched pussy. As Shampoo watched in horror Ranma lifted her 
arms and legs and wrapped them around the dark haired man. In her shock 
she failed to note the leather cuffs on Ranma's wrists and ankles. Instead her 
attention was fully on the little red head's face. There was no mistaking the 
passion in that face, and no denying that she was enjoying herself. Shampoo 
felt her heart break. She had lost him. She had lost her Airen. Tears streamed 
down her face, and she turned her face away from the monitor.

Nabiki felt relief, he had pushed the wrong key. He had meant to cue up the 
scene he had saved for advertising. Instead he had called up the current 
image. That could have been a disaster. He could have easily ended up 
showing Shampoo an empty bed, and that would have made him feel foolish 
indeed. He had lucked out, and that annoyed him. Luck was for losers. Still, 
from the look on Shampoo's face he had achieved his goal of shocking 
Shampoo. As well he seemed to have managed his secondary goal of prying 
Ranma loose from Shampoo's attention. From the look on her face Nabiki 
would lay odds that Shampoo was no longer interested in Ranma as husband 

Shampoo was not allowed to dwell on her loss. The tv screen went black and 
the strange male began to talk again. "We asked her the same question we 
asked you." the voice said. "She didn't want to talk to us either. When you 
showed up I gave her to Lenny to play with and I decided to see if you would 
be any more cooperative. So how about it, you going to tell me what I want 
to know? Or do I get to play a little as well?" 

Nabiki had focused on Shampoo while the scene had been on the monitor. 
He had not noticed the expression on Ranma's face, and had gone with the 
story he had pre- fabricated. 

Shampoo did not notice that what the man was implying did not match what 
she had seen. She was too stunned by what she had just witnessed, to even 
comprehend what the man was saying. 

The image of Ranma having sex with that strange man played over and over 
in her mind, shutting out all outside impressions. Her whole world had just 
turned upside down. 

Ranma despite his curse had always been the most manly of men to her. She 
had built that image up in her own mind to excuse the way he made her feel. 
It was improper for an Amazon to feel as she did for a man. To be his slave if 
he so desired. Shampoo had stopped denying to herself a long time ago that 
she would do anything Ranma asked. If he had asked her for sex, she would 
have given it to him. O she might have tried to use it to make him marry her, 
but if it came down to it she knew that she would have given him her body 
with no conditions at all. She had always made the excuse that Ranma was 
the ultimate warrior, and as such there was no sin in her being subservient to 
him. No sin in how wet it made her, to imagine him taking her and using her.

Now however what was she to think. It had been clear that Ranma was not 
being forced. Suddenly her mind jolted back to the restaurant and Ryouga's 
explanation of the cure. Ryouga had explained the dangers of taking the cure 
in their cursed forms, that it would trap them there. That they would become 
there cursed form in reality. For them it would mean a life as an unthinking 
animal...For Ranma... Clear in her memory was Ryouga's smiling face as he 
had told her that Ranma had taken the cure already. He had known, the 
bastard had known that Ranma was a girl for real now. She would cut his...

>Whack< "Ahh!" Shampoo yipped in surprise as something smacked against 
her thigh. 

"I'm talking to you!!" yelled the strange male. He had moved out from 
behind the light and was standing beside the bed. In his hand was the ruler 
that he had just struck Shampoo with. Reaching down he took her chin in his 
hand and twisted her head so she was staring straight at him. 

Shampoo felt a shiver pass through her body as she looked deep into his icy 
cold eyes. The combination of those eyes, his hands on her and the video 
resulted in a connection being made in Shampoo's mind. 

The patient adjustments to her mind by Regent began to produce fruit. He had 
been delighted to find a strong thread of submissiveness buried deep in her 
subconscious, it was quite pronounced, but had been kept at bay by her 
cultural upbringing. Amazon's do not take a passive and submissive role with 
men. However, the last year had slowly eroded her bias against submitting to 
a male. Allowed by the law to pursue Ranma, she had unconsciously used 
that as an excuse to express her inner feeling. Unable to physically coerce 
him she had tried to lure him by behaving in a most un-amazonly manner. 

When Regent had been routing around in her mind he had been surprised to 
discover this, but had gleefully taken advantage of the unexpected 
development. He had carefully worked to fully bring her submissive nature to 
the surface. While he was not aware of it, his efforts were greatly aided by 
the hypnotic properties of the gas Kodachi had laced her flowers with. 

For Kodachi the gas had been a failure. It caused a deep unconscious state 
that did not allow the victim to hear her commands. Deciding it was a failure 
she had discarded the formula. However Regent was imputing his commands 
and desires straight into Shampoo's mind, bypassing fully her ears. 
Unknown to him, his manipulation had established a link directly between 
Shampoo's pleasure center and her submissive tendencies, using Nabiki as 
the trigger.

Shampoo felt heat beginning to build in her belly. Before this only Ranma 
had induced this reaction, but this man had defeated Ranma. He had defeated 
Ranma totally. The evidence of the video left no doubt of that. Now he had 
her completely in his power and something in her was responding strongly to 
that. The angry glare she had directed at him softened, and she said. 
"Shampoo not no where greedy girl is. If Shampoo know, she tell husband. 
Will husband let Shampoo go now."

The strange man seemed startled by this statement and he backed away from 
her. "Husband?" he blurted out

"You defeat Shampoo, you defeat Shampoo's husband. Shampoo's yours 
now, is amazon way." This was not entirely true. The truth was that under 
Amazon law Shampoo should have been planning the most painful way she 
could come up with to kill the man who had dishonored both her and her 
husband. However, for some reason Shampoo could not get the image of this 
man using her out of her mind, and that the mere thought of him doing so 
sent flashes of fire racing through her body. She did not know why, but she 
was positive that his touch would bring her pleasure such as she had never 

The man seemed to find this statement highly amusing. "Sorry, not in the 
market for a wife right now. So, if you will just give me the information I 
want, I'll be on my way."

"But Shampoo tell you, she not know where greedy girl is." Shampoo said in 
a plaintive voice. 

The man sighed in exasperation and said. "Very well, if that's the way it has 
to be. Don't say I didn't warn you." Reaching down, he felt between her legs 
until he found her bush. "Nice thatch you have here" he said as his fingers 
tangled in it. "Be a shame if something were to happen to it." Shampoo 
stifled a gasp as he gave a firm pull. At the same time she felt a pulse of 
pleasure shoot through her body.

Nendex gloated. "I just love playing mind games with these types. By the 
time I'm finished with her she won't be able to enjoy sex with anyone but 
this Nabiki Tendo. And won't that come as a shock when she finds out the 

Regent frowned. He had been annoyed when after all his work, Nendex had 
insisted on manipulating both of the humans. It was not difficult, once the 
initial connection were established, it took little effort to maintain. There was 
such a thing as fairness, however, but when had demons ever given thought 
to fairness. Being the smallest sucks toadstools, he thought, not for the first 
time in his life.

Sighing he brought his attention back to the present. "Don't get carried 
away." He cautioned Nendex. "Take it easy on the pain and pleasure stuff. 
You can only warp her so far before she'll break, and then she'd be of no 
further use to us. Wait until he starts doing something that is more normally 

Nendex grumbled, "relax I know what I'm doing. I know how far I can push 
it, believe me." 

Regent grunted in doubt, but let in lay. It was not like he could do anything 
about it anyway.

Nabiki was startled when she felt Shampoo's reaction to his light tugging of 
her pubic hair. Her breath quickened, and a red flush started at her hairline 
and spread down her body until her breasts were as crimson as her face. 
Nabiki's followed the tide of red as it washed down Shampoo's body until it 
reached her breasts. Even as he watched the small pink nipples that topped 
Shampoo's flushed breasts engorged with blood and swelled to three times 
their former size. This was not what he had intended, the silly bitch was 
enjoying herself.

(So what, that just means I've got an extra lever to use against her.) 

He grinned at this thought, the original plan was to play with the helpless 
Shampoo, making it very clear to her who was the master. There was a 
certain dissatisfaction in that however. It was like poking a stick at a tiger in a 
cage. O sure he could not fight back, but there was never any real doubt as to 
who the superior creature was. Her original plan was the best he could come 
up with under the circumstances, but now.... 

He had been a little startled at Shampoo's assertion that she now recognized 
him as her husband. However, now that he had a moment to think about it, 
the though was quite arousing. Now how to test it. He did not dare untie 
Shampoo just yet. The results of guessing wrong were too horrid to think 
about. He stared down at the girl on the bed for a few minutes, while she 
returned his gaze with liquid eyes speaking of deep passion. He noticed that 
she still held her legs tightly together. Ok that's a place to start, he thought.

"Spread your legs!" He ordered.

Shampoo blinked at the sudden order. The man had been standing there 
staring at her in silence for so long. Once the order registered however she 
could not help but obey. She allowed gravity to pull her legs apart and 
exposed herself completely to this commanding man. She felt a pulse of 
pleasure as she followed the order, and she almost purred as the tingling 
sensation ran thru her body. She stared up at the man looming over her. Her 
heart beating a little faster as she waited for his next move. She did not have a 
long wait, reaching down he ran a hand under her chin and gently scratched 
her there. This time she did purr.

He gave a chuckle at her reaction. "My we do have a very responsive puss 
here don't we." Moving his fingers away from her throat he lightly traced a 
pattern on her chest, using his unusually long nails as a stylus. Running the 
sharp edge along her chest he left a white streak on her red tinged flesh as he 
slowly moved it across her upper chest, finally ending at her heaving breasts. 
Lightly cupping her left breast in his hand he kneaded the nipple between his 
thumb and forefinger. Watching her face he slowly increased the pressure. 
Shampoo's breath started to come in quick little gasps and her pelvis started 
to thrust up and down. Keeping one hand on her breast, Nabiki lay his other 
hand on her belly and began to stroke it. Each motion of his hand brought it a 
little closer to her sex, and each time Shampoo thrust her hips toward the 
stroking hand. Nabiki established a rhythm, and smiled as Shampoo's thrusts 
began to match it. He felt extreme satisfaction at manipulating her body so 
easily. Finally, just as Shampoo thought she was going to explode, Nabiki 
moved his hand the rest of the way down her belly, and lightly cupped her 

Slowly he ran a finger up and down her outer lips, causing a burning 
sensation to start growing in Shampoo's groin, and the wetness that had been 
forming there started to leak from her engorged sex, dampening Nabiki's 
stroking fingers. He continued his teasing for several minutes, during which 
time Shampoo's hips began to move frantically in an effort to increase the 
level of contact. Losing the steady rhythm of seconds before.

>Smack< Shampoo jolted in shock as he used the ruler from before on her 
inner thigh, uncomfortably close to her sex.

"Did I say you could move?" The man said in a calm voice. "You will do 
nothing I do not tell you to. Do you understand?"

Shampoo looked up at him, lust burning in her loins, with an effort she 
stilled her pelvis and was rewarded with a pulse of pleasure.

Nendex started, he had not done that, that sense of pleasure was generated 
with out any input from him. He stared in surprise at the bound Amazon. 
Regent had said she was a repressed submissive, but this level of response 
was unexpected to say the least. He leaned forward, anticipation clear on his 
face. This was getting very good.

Shampoo did not know why she felt so hot. All she knew was that obeying 
this man brought instant gratification. She lay there and waited for his next 
order, her body trembling in anticipation. She did not have long to wait. 
Reaching down he placed a finger at her sex. "Do not move," he repeated. 
Slowly he shoved his finger, well lubricated with Shampoo's own juices, an 
inch or so into her tight opening. At the same time he increased the pressure 
on Shampoo's captive nipple. Shampoo gasped as a mixture of pleasure and 
pain rocketed thru her body. She was right on the verge of an orgasm, she 
could feel it bubbling just below the surface. She almost cried out in 
frustration when he relaxed the pressure on her nipple and began to withdraw 
his finger. She fought her instinctive lunge, fighting the desire to keep that 
pleasure giving digit in her body. 

Nabiki drew it out as long as he could, taking at least a half a minute to pull 
his finger back the inch and a half it took to remove it from Shampoo's 
gripping flesh. 

It took all of Shampoo's will to not thrust her hips at his retreating finger as it 
came clear of her vagina. She managed to hold on, and as he finished 
withdrawing his finger she again felt a flash of pleasure. She did not know 
what magic this man possessed. All she knew was that she had never 
experienced any thing like the pleasure she had felt after only ten minutes in 
his power. Truly he was a man among men. 

Nabiki was feeling a little disconcerted, he had not expected anything like the 
reaction he was getting from Shampoo. She seemed to orgasm at Nabiki's 
merest touch, and that in turn was having a very strong effect on Nabiki. He 
had gone past the merely aroused stage. His new accessory was like an iron 
bar in his pajamas, and it was causing him discomfort every time he moved.

Hesitantly he reached down inside his pajama bottoms and tentatively grasped 
his new penis. The resulting flood of sensation was almost painful. He 
groaned faintly as he slowly adjusted himself, pulling his penis up so the 
head was not pressing against the rough fabric of his pajamas. The sensation 
as the tip brushed against the fabric was like nothing he had ever felt. 

He suddenly had an overwhelming urge to throw himself onto the helpless 
Shampoo and drive the aching thing into the soothing balm of her sex. He 
managed to fight the urge down, but it was difficult. He gritted his teeth and 
focused on cold thought. He'd be dammed if he'd give into this body's 
urges. He had controlled his normal female body for years. He would prove 
to himself that his mind was superior to the animal lusts of this body. He 
raked his eyes over the girl who even now was looking up at him with a 
small bit of fear in her eyes. Good she should fear him. He would prove his 
mental strength on her body.

Shampoo looked at her captor with a worried frown, his face had twisted into 
a grimace of pain And now he was looking at her with eyes that caused a 
small tremor of fear to shoot through her. "What...what...Shampoo do 
wrong?" She stammered as he continued to look at her with... wild barely 
controlled lust in his eyes. Slowly the light of sanity returned to his features, 
but the look he turned on her then was not much better than the earlier one, in 
fact it was worse. The fire in his eyes had been replaced by ice and Shampoo 
shuddered as they looked at her, and a wash of fear swept thru her. What had 
she done? Was she going to lose this man, just as she had Ranma? What else 
could she do? She had given herself to him. She had nothing else to give.

"Congratulations, you almost succeeded in distracting me," he said in an 
eerily calm voice. "But now may we get back to the real reason I am here. 
Where is Nabiki Tendo!?" He shouted right in Shampoo's face, causing her 
to turn her head aside is surprise. This did not please him. Grasping her chin 
in his hand he pulled her back around so she was forced to look at him. "I 
believe I told you not to move, did I not?" He looked at her expectantly for a 
minute and them his face became angry. "I asked you a question!" He snarled 
at her. "Did I tell you not to move!?" 

Shampoo nodded her head, swallowing a lump of fear in her throat. 
"Ye..yes..you tell Shampoo no move. Shampoo sorry, Shampoo not move 
again, she promise."

Nabiki was pleased, all indications were that Shampoo was really submitting 
herself. Still it was best to make sure. 

"Promises are not good enough," the man hissed at Shampoo. "Now what 
should I do with you?." 

Shampoo looked in his eyes like a rabbit trapped in a cars headlights. Frozen 
unable to speak. It was not until he smacked the ruler that was still in his 
hand lightly across her breast that she was shocked out of her trance. 

Suddenly Shampoo recognized a familiarity to the scene. Cologne had often 
looked at her in much that way when she wanted to punish Shampoo. She 
had wanted Shampoo to acknowledge her mistake and admit that she 
deserved to be punished. For a second defiance flared in her, and with it an 
icy cold feeling damped down all the feelings of pleasure she had been 
experienced. The sudden cessation of what had been a constant background 
feeling of pleasure was shocking. She suddenly needed to feel that pleasure 
again more than anything. Like a drug addict in withdrawal her body began to 
shake with racking painful shudders. 

Something in the back of Shampoo's mind yelled out that it was her fault, if 
she would admit she was wrong the pain would leave and the pleasure would 
come back. 

"Shampoo sorry!!! Shampoo deserve to be punished for disobeying. Please 
punish Shampoo!!!" She screamed out. As soon as the words left her mouth 
the pain ceased, and the pleasure flooded back in. Her body sagged and she 
started crying in relief, loud racking sobs that filled the room with the sound 
of her thankfulness at the cessation of pain. Even as she was crying she 
arched her back and spread her legs as wide apart as she was able. Trying to 
show this man that she was surrendering absolutely to him.

Nabiki was shaken by Shampoo's reaction. He had once again been caught 
by surprise. Shampoo was behaving as if Nabiki had subjected her to all the 
hells of a torture dungeon, when all Nabiki had done was to lightly swat her 
across the breast. Considering some of the blows he had seen Shampoo take, 
that did not even classify as a flea bite. Suddenly all the enjoyment he had felt 
in having her in his power slipped away. Nabiki might enjoy controlling 
others, but he was no sadist. Something was going on here that he did not 
understand, and he would not do another thing to her until he figured it out. 

Sitting down on the bed he pulled the crying girl's head into his lap and 
stroked her sweat soaked hair away from her face. Ignoring the feeling of 
overwhelming lust crashing through his body, he softly whispered words of 
comfort to the softly sobbing girl. "Hush little one, it's alright. No one is 
going to hurt you. I'm here for you, and I won't let anyone harm you." 
Unconsciously he was mimicking something Kasumi had said to a young 
Nabiki many years ago. He was also imprinting himself indelibly into 
Shampoo's psyche as not just a source of pleasure, but as a haven from pain 
and sorrow. Suddenly a wave of pain washed through his mind and a voice 
thundered in his head.

(What the hell are you doing!?)

Regent recoiled in shock as Nendex vocalized his displeasure with Nabiki's 
actions. He laid a restraining arm on the larger demons shoulder, in an effort 
to calm him down. His efforts failed. Enraged by his toy's spoiling of a 
perfect scenario he had lost the thin veneer of civilization he usually wore. 
His full demonic nature had manifested, and like a spoiled toddler he had no 
thought for anything but what he wanted. He swept his arm back and tossed 
the slight demon holding his arm heavily into the corner. Then having 
removed that distraction he bent his will to making Nabiki do what he 

Shampoo could only watch in shock as the man who had been a moment ago 
been stroking her head, clutched his own in pain. 

"Get out, get the fuck out of my mind you bastard!" He screamed. 

Shampoo was familiar enough with magic and other strange things to not 
immediately suspect insanity, and as she listened to the raving of her captor 
she realized that she was hearing one side of a violent mental battle. Suddenly 
he shot to his feet and he directed a glare of purest hatred at a corner of the 
room. Shampoo was amazed to see a powerfully glowing battle aura forming 
around him. So, that is how he defeated Ranma, she thought to herself. 
There was more to this man than she had thought. Her eyes widened in shock 
a few minutes later when that battle aura suddenly coalesced into a bolt of 
energy that lanced at the corner he was glaring at, and disappeared. This was 
not what shocked Shampoo, for she was no stranger to Ki attacks. It was the 
words he screamed out as he did so that shook her to her very core. 

Nabiki was fighting a battle for his soul, and was not doing well. Never 
before had he been in a position where he had to use his well honed brain in 
this manner. All he knew was that something was trying to control him, and 
that no one controlled Nabiki Tendo! No One!! Unschooled in mental combat 
he fought back with pure viciousness. He was added by the fact that the 
instant nanniichuan gave Nendex only a limited access to his mind. However, 
he was a human fighting a demon with centuries of experience at this form of 
combat, the outcome could not be in doubt.

Unable to see his enemy he lashed out blindly, without direction. Bolts of 
mental energy slammed into his mind, racking him with pain. Images of him 
doing things to Shampoo filled his thoughts. Beating her, raping her. 
Degrading her in every way imaginable. 

(If only you would do these things the pain would stop,) a voice whispered 
in his mind.

Nabiki had thought he had a handle on the twisted dreams of the human race, 
but some of the images filled him with disgust...and others to his intense 
shame filled him with lust. 

Finally his aversion to chaotic unfocused activity manifested and he started to 
struggle to pin point the source of the attacks. Blanking out all external 
thoughts he stopped trying to fight the attacks on his mind. Instead he 
allowed himself to sink into them. Images swirled around him. He felt his 
body react, but he ignored the physical sensation and concentrated all his 
energy on mentally delving into his mind looking for the door through which 
this attack was coming. Deeper and deeper he reached into the corridors of 
his mind, searching. 

He experienced resistance and he pushed, to no avail. Enraged he pushed 
harder, straining against the resistance, finally he felt a touch of give, and 
encouraged he reached deep into himself and shoved again. He felt a burning 
sensation running through his veins. He barely kept from screaming at the 
intense pain, but it was accompanied by a burst of strength, and instead of 
flinching back from it he embraced it. Even as his body screamed in torment 
he exulted in finally having the power to fight his foe. He shoved, and the 
resistance faded, until with an almost audible snap it disappeared. 

His victory was not without cost. Once through the barrier the intense 
concentration he had been using faded, and he was racked by pain. Jolting to 
his feet he suppressed a scream. His eyes jolted open, and he saw... a 
swirling disk floating in the air in one corner of his room. A leprous grey in 
color, it was slightly translucent and Nabiki could see a shape on the other 
side of it. He knew it had to be the thing that had attacked him, had tried to 
control him. Pain forgotten, acting purely on instinct, he drew on the energy 
he had found and used to break the barrier in his mind. Wrapping it around 
his body, he focused his hatred at being manipulated at the thing in the 
corner. Unaware of anything but that grey disk, he would have been 
surprised to have known he was manifesting an aura as powerful as any that 
Akane had ever produced. 

He screamed his defiance at the thing in the corner. "No one fuck's with 
Nabiki Tendo you bastard! No one tells this girl what to do! SO-YOU-CAN-
GO-TO-HELL!!!" And with that last scream of rage he launched all the hatred 
in him at the dirty gray disk. A second later he fell to the floor, unconscious.

Regent was amazed to see Nendex stagger backwards from the force of the 
Tendo girl's assault. The screen showing her image faded and the picture was 
replaced by static.

Holding his side in pain the incensed demon yelled. "No you don't bitch! 
You don't get away that easy!"

Regent cowered back from the enraged demon. Smaller demons soon learned 
to lie low when there larger brothers were in this state. He watched as 
Nendex drew in energy and began to glow with a phosphorescent light. He 
raised his hands and began the spell to reopen the viewing portal. 

Then all hell broke loose.

Nendex and Regent had been too caught up in their own little drama to pay 
any attention to their fellows. Now, however, the screaming of tortured ether 
filled the room drawing even the enraged Nendex's attention. They both 
looked over at Extefan and Ergan. Just in time to see a pillar of golden light 
slash in to their section of the room from the still active area of the viewing 
sphere. It channeled straight into the two larger demons and for a second 
every orifice in their body belched golden fire. Then they exploded in a cloud 
of dust.

The shockwave threw Regent and Nendex across the room with violent 
force, stunning them. The viewing portal flickered for a second and then with 
no conscious minds left to maintain it, went dark. As Regent lay unconscious 
on the floor, a small decorative box, cracked by the impact of his body began 
to glow. 

The effect of that blast were felt as far away as the Nekohanten. Ryouga had 
reached the final bit of his detailed description of his victory over Ranma. He 
had been talking for the last hour, and had quenched his thirst repeatedly 
from a bottle of fruit juice. As well he had slowly worked his way through all 
the prepared food in the fridge. He had not eaten for a day and a half, and 
was making up for lost time. 

Mousse had spent the whole hour huddled on the floor with his fingers in his 
ears, repeating over and over. "Not listening, not listening..." Ryouga had 
merely smiled and spoken louder. 

Now a faint look of surprise crossed his face, and was quickly replaced by a 
look of total horror. Reaching down, he picked up Mousse by the collar of 
his robe and screamed in his face. "I RAPED RANMA!!" He relaxed his grip 
as a queasy expression crossed his face. "My god I had sex with Ranma." He 
said in a faint voice.

Mousse had been driven past his limit, he'd had enough. For the first time in 
an hour his mind was free of the disturbing images of him doing things to 
Onna- Ranma. Now he wrenched free of Ryouga's grasp and yelled back at 
the lost boy. "Yes, yes, yes, you raped Ranma! Yes you fucked her!! You 
have been saying that over and over for the last hour, and I am fucking tired 
of it!! So why don't you get the fuck out of here you pervert, before I throw 
you out!?"

Ryouga was not listening, his face had gone even paler. "O my god, I had 
sex with Ranma," he repeated in a tone of disbelief. Suddenly he clapped a 
hand to his mouth and dashed over to the kitchen sink. He didn't quite make 

Mousse looked on in disgust, "I'm...am...not, cleaning that up."

Shampoo was in a state of total shock. The man who had conquered her, and 
who touch brought her pleasure beyond compare was Nabiki! Her emotions 
were a maelstrom of confusion. Amazon law was clear on this matter. If an 
Amazon was defeated by an outsider woman, she must give the kiss of death, 
and kill without delay. However, the kisses Shampoo wanted to give Nabiki 
had nothing to do with death. Despite the revelation of her captors true 
identity, her body still tingled with remembered pleasure. Even now as she 
remembered submitting to Nabiki's commands she did not feel as she should. 
Instead of a hot rage, the memories caused hot flashes. Merely remembering 
submitting herself was enough to send little flashes of pleasure through her.

More than that Shampoo recognized a battle when she saw one. Nabiki had 
fought something. Something that had attempted to take over her mind, 
something that may have made her tie Shampoo up. So Nabiki had not been 
responsible for her...his actions. How had Nabiki done that anyway? The 
answer came as quick as the question. Instant Nanniichuan, it had to be. She 
felt a sense of relief. There was no need to kill Nabiki. Having justified her 
desire to not do so, Shampoo's mind switched to other things. That was the 
fact that she was still bound.

Flexing her shoulders she tested the strength of the binding on her arms. She 
quickly determined that there was little hope of breaking whatever was 
holding her arms. Turning her attention to her legs she once again flexed her 
muscles. This time she felt something give. Pausing she took several deep 
breaths, and focused, visualizing what she was about to do. Then with a 
scream of release, she used every bit of power in her legs. Thighs that could 
crack coconuts flexed powerfully, and the cheap clasp clips holding her legs 
in position bent and then broke with a >sprung< of fracturing metal. 
Straightening her legs she twisted off the bed and to her feet on the floor. She 
moved over to the unconscious Nabiki and smoothly knelt by his side. 
Leaning forward she placed her head on his chest and listened with 
satisfaction to the strong heart beat. Sitting back on her heels she 
contemplated the handsome boy in front of her.

Back in the Amazon village, the maiden warriors would relieve the stress of 
unrequited passion with each other. Even if an Amazon was interested solely 
in males, they denied the feeling. Males were for one thing only, the 
continuation of the blood lines. With all the certainty of the young, they were 
invincible in there bigotry. They felt nothing but contempt for the older girls 
who allowed inferior males to supposable defeat them in combat. They were 
all sure that they would never submit themselves to the animal lusts of mere 
males, unless of course he was worthy. But then, over time many would 
grow dissatisfied with each other and want more. They would discover that 
they could be conquered by other things then skill in combat. Just like those 
girls, Shampoo had been conquered by something other than brute strength.

The battle in Shampoo's mind seesawed bach and forth. While any thoughts 
to do with fighting or fleeing Nabiki were just that, cold thoughts, a weighing 
of her options with all the calculation of the trained warrior she was. 

Thoughts that lingered for more than an instant on submitting to the situation 
however, brought a flash of pleasure. Back and forth in her mind the battle 
went, until at last she reached her decision. Having made up her mind she 
ceased to worry and sat patiently waiting for Nabiki to waken.

Pain, the last thing Nabiki could remember was pain. He had pulled 
Shampoo's head into his lap and was stroking it, and then...nothing, just 
pain. The pain was gone now, and he could feel himself laying on the floor. 
Nabiki opened his eyes and noticed the Amazon sitting beside him. That fact 
caused him to start slightly. The only way she could be doing that would be if 
her legs were free. Which meant...

"Is you ok Nabiki?" Shampoo asked

Nabiki closed his eyes. I'm dead. He opened his eyes a crack, and started 
back at seeing Shampoo's face inches from his own. He jerked his head 
backward in surprise. >Whack< "Damm" Nabiki cursed, his hand reflexively 
reaching around to the back of his head. As he rubbed the spot where his 
head had connected with the floor, he glared at Shampoo, who was 
suppressing a giggle at Nabiki bumping his head.. "A little room if you don't 
mind," he said in a sour voice. "Unless you're planing on killing me here and 

Shampoo gave a laugh, and said. "You so silly, why Shampoo kill?" With 
that she tossed a leg over his hips and settled down. Leaning forward she 
said in a husky voice. "You so rough before, you treat Shampoo so bad." 
She brought her mouth down beside Nabiki's ear and said in a passion filled 
voice. "Do again." She started to slid her pelvis back and forth, grinding her 
bare crotch into the rapidly growing bulge in his pants. Nabiki felt wetness, 
and realized that Shampoo was so aroused she was soaking through his 
pajama bottoms. 

He let his head fall back with a thump on the floor. "Ouch, goddamn." He 
said, as his tender head complained of this treatment. Once again he reached 
around and rubbed his head. He looked up at the figure above him and noted 
the glazed look in her eyes. "You took Ryouga's potion." he said, not as a 
question but as a statement of fact.

Shampoo nodded her head vigorously. "Uh hu, Uh hu, Shampoo all better 
now, no turn cat no more." 

Nabiki sat up abruptly, tumbling Shampoo off his lap and onto the floor. 
"Great, it turned Ryouga into a sex maniac, it turned Ranma into a 
nymphomaniac, and now it seems to have dissolved what little brains you 
had, and you think it's great you don't turn into a cat anymore. Great, just 

"Why Shampoo's husband shove Shampoo off? He was happy with 
Shampoo, Shampoo could feel."

Nabiki could feel too. His body was very annoyed with him, and his balls 
were starting to pain him greatly. As well his cock was fully erect and once 
again painfully pressing against the front of his too tight pajama bottoms. 

This self denial thing is starting to get a little ridiculous, he thought. Still he 
had no intention of giving in to this bodies demands, not during the current 
situation anyway. Instead he told Shampoo. "Turn around." A minute later he 
had freed her hands from their tight bondage. A second after that, she 
glomped him. "Ack," he exclaimed in shock. He tried futilely to free himself 
from her grasp, but she easily overpowered his efforts. He toppled over 
backward, and ended up with her on top of him, her body laying along the 
length of his. She writhed on top of him, grinding her breasts into his chest, 
and her crotch into his groin. He attempted to yell at her, but his voice was 
cut off by a passionate kiss. She gripped his head firmly with her now free 
hands, and thrust her tongue deep into his open mouth, savoring the taste of 

Nabiki froze, then let all his muscles relax, and just lay there waiting for her 
to finish. 

Shampoo, feeling his body go slack, broke the kiss and lifted herself up. 
Looking him in the eye she asked. "What matter?"

"Get-Off-Of-Me!" Nabiki said in a voice that could have chilled a raging fire. 
Shampoo felt a shudder run through her at his icy tone. She quickly got off 
of him and knelt on the floor beside his prone body. 

Nabiki heaved himself into a sitting position and glared at Shampoo. "I did 
not give you permission to touch me." He hissed, his voice still icy. 
Shampoo started back from the venom in his eyes. "S...Sha...Shampoo, 
sor...sorry." She stuttered out, her eyes becoming liquid with unshed tears. 
Nabiki continued to glare at her, but inside a fire was building in reaction to 
Shampoo's behavior. The sight of her kneeling there in supplication, tears 
forming in her eyes as a result of Nabiki's actions. These were all powerful 
stimuli. Which made what Nabiki had to do all the harder. The events of the 
last little while had given him a great distaste for tormenting caged tigers. The 
bonds might be gone, but that thrice cursed potion was still twisting 
Shampoo's mind. Nabiki's lust for control was inflamed by Shampoo's 
behavior, but the rational part of her mind, the part that was never far away, 
told him it was all a fraud...Nabiki Tendo did not own fakes. He might sell 
them, but anything he owned was the real thing. He did not intend to start 
with Shampoo. 

"No thank you," he said in a flat voice.

"What, Shampoo no understand?"

With the same flat voice he elaborated. "I said, no thank you, not interested, 
take your wares and peddle them elsewhere, vamoose, get lost, hit the road 

"W..why?" Shampoo said, her voice on the verge of breaking. Her emotions 
were in a fragile state after the emotional shock of losing Ranma. "Shampoo 
no understand, Shampoo know you like Shampoo." She reached forward 
and tried to touch the bulge in his pants. As she bent forward the tears that 
had been forming in her eyes spilled out and trickled down her cheeks. 

The motion was tentative and Nabiki easily slapped her hand aside. "I said, 
don't touch me...not unless I give you permission." He said with no emotion 
in his voice. Despite that, Shampoo perked up, the qualifier seemed to hold 
out some hope. 

"What Shampoo need to do? How she make Nabiki give permission?" 

"Go home." Shampoo quailed at the uncompromising tone in his voice, but 
he was not finished. "Stop taking the potion. I don't want to see you again 
until I can hold you in my lap and scratch your ears. Do that, and maybe we 
can talk." Nabiki glared at the downcast ex-amazon. 

"B...bu...but why? Why you want Shampoo be cat?"

"I don't have to explain myself to you. I've given my conditions, either meet 
them or forget me. Either way I don't much care." 

Shampoo stared at him in shock. He returned her stare with a look of 
complete indifference. Her expression started to crack, and the small trickle 
of tears turned into a flood running down her cheeks. "Shampoo go." She 
said in a broken voice, then it firmed, "but she come back. She not lose 
husband twice." She turned to leave, but came to a halt as Nabiki spoke, his 
voice uncompromising.

"Shampoo, don't get the wrong idea!! If you come back, you're mine! I'm 
not your's! I'll own you...and I'll use you." 

He turned to look at her, his eyes burning with barely suppressed passion. 
"Believe it, don't go getting romantic ideas. I'm not Ranma. I'm a hard 
miserable bitch. Think about that before you show your face here again."

"Hai," Shampoo managed to get out. "Sh...Shampoo, understand. Shampoo 
think about what you say." She turned and disappeared out the window. 

Nabiki sat staring at the place she had stood for a long moment. "And people 
wonder why I don't have a boyfriend." He finally said, in a voice filled with 
self derision. Then he flinched as the adrenaline bled out of his body and he 
became aware of his balls opinion of his actions. They were sore and aching, 
and blamed it all on him. "That's it, you're history." He said in a firm voice.

He got up and headed for the door. "I've had as much fun as I can stand for 
awhile." He said in a sarcastic tone of voice. "Time to wash you guys out of 
my lap."

"Ranma No Baka." echoed down the hall, followed by the sound of a small 
body impacting with a wall. 

"Aa true love." Nabiki said as Akane-kun slammed out of the bathroom and 
walked past him, fairly bristling in outrage. "Nice to see that some things are 
constant." He walked through the door and stopped. 

Ranma was bent over the lip of the furo. She seemed to be fishing things out 
of it. Even as Nabiki watched she tossed a wooden bucket over her shoulder 
and into the scrub area, all the while muttering to herself. "Stupid un- cute 
tomboy." Each movement she made was punctuated with jerks of her hips. 
Nabiki felt a ball of hot lead forming in his groin as he found himself staring 
at her waving hips. His eyes zeroed in on the small pink bull's- eye pouting 
from between her legs. The Instant Nanniichuan chose that moment to start 
its final breakdown. Nabiki was suddenly flooded with a dozen times the 
magic that had been trickling steadily into his system for the last few hours. 
The effect was extreme.

Fuck it, I've been Mr. nice guy long enough. Nabiki stripped off his top and 
bottom. He strode towards Ranma, his cock pointing the way like a compass 
needle. His eyes focused on her waving ass. Falling to his knees he grabbed 
her hips and thrust forward with all his might. Ranma gave a squawk as she 
felt Nabiki's hips slap against her upturned ass. Spinning out from between 
Nabiki's clasping hands she yelled at her. "What the fuck are you doing 
Nabiki? You scared the hell out of me!" Nabiki did not answer, she was too 
busy looking down at the breasts that had suddenly sprouted on her chest. 

"Nabiki!?" Ranma yelled in her face.

"Aa he, he," Nabiki laughed weakly. "Just a little joke." Ranma just shook 
her head in disgust, and left the room, looking over her shoulder at Nabiki 
until she was through the door.

Nabiki watched her go, a sheepish look on her face. The minute Ranma was 
out the door her expression hardened. She hated being seen as anything other 
than in full control of herself. Nabiki had a reputation for being an ice queen. 
It was not true of course, she had lapses, but people tended to forget them 
due to a strategy she had devised a long time ago. As soon as possible after 
one of her human failings, she tried to do, or cause something, that would 
make people forget her loss of cool. Ranma had experience one such episode 
herself. It had followed Nabiki running in terror from a panda with a young 
girl slung over it's shoulder. At that time Nabiki solution had been to fondle 
Ranma's breast in public, twice. People remembered that, and tended to 
forget the running in terror part.

Now what was she going to do to make sure Ranma never thought about this 
incident again?

Regent stifled a groan. Injured Demons who drew attention to the fact they 
were injured did not survive long. He could feel the damage to his body, and 
knew it was bad. A scream of agony ripped through the room. He barely 
repressed a reflexive move to look. Two thousand years had dulled his 
reflexes badly. Once upon a time he would not have even had the inclination 
to move a muscle at that sound. Opening his eyes just enough to see, he 
looked across the room and saw...Urgant? 

The fake Abbot was free of his imprisonment in the spirit box, and was not a 
happy camper. No longer looking like a harmless monk, he had shed that 
seeming and now appeared in his true form. Regent swallowed in fear. He 
had never seen Urgant in his true form before, and he doubted the ex-Extefan 
had either, or else he would never have dared imprison him. 

Urgant was a dozen feet tall, with several heads and arms. As well he had the 
multiple penile tentacles of a high level demon. 

As they grew in power, it became a status symbol for Shikima demons to 
manifest excessive numbers of large prehensile penises. Regent had always 
thought they took it to a ridiculous level. Look at the king, he would say to 
his acquaintances. He's satisfied with a single substantial cock. Of course 
Regent was a low rung demon and had only the one solitary penis. So, 
maybe he was just suffering from multiple penis envy. 

Right at the moment Urgant was making good use of his penises. He had 
them wrapped around Nendex's body, and was holding the screaming demon 
against the wall with them. This left his hands free, and at the moment all five 
of them were wrapped around Nendex's head. Regent recognized what was 
going on. Urgant was raping Nendex's mind for all his memories of the time 
Urgant had spent trapped, and he was not being careful as to how he did it. 
As Regent looked on in horror Nendex's body began to smolder, and then 
burst into flame. Urgant merely stood there and held the blazing body as he 
sucked out every thought and memory he could. Finished at last, he dropped 
the now charred corpse and with an angry oath walked over to the wall 
containing the viewing screen. Reaching out he ripped it from the wall and 
examined the vaguely organic material that had been concealed behind it.

By the demon kings, Regent swore to himself. That's no ordinary power 
reservoir. There's enough capacity there to power a dozen viewing screens. 
Then he noticed the charred sections, and felt a sick lump form in his 
stomach. The energy that had vaporized Extefan and Ergan had damaged the 
storage reservoir as well. Regent suddenly understood Urgant's haste in 
questioning Nendex. It was a miracle they had not already been blown to 
there component atoms, and their spirits sent back to the Shikima realm. 
Confined as this life had been, Regent had no desire to be trapped for a 
hundred years in the Shikima realm. A Shikima demon could not die the true 
death on earth, but they could and did in their home dimension. No, Regent 
would take boring over the chance of permanent death any day. 

Regent began to watch Urgant with an fierce intensity. He was not behaving 
like a person with a only a few minutes of existence left in this life. His 
movements were deliberate. There was a purpose behind his actions. The 
sulfureous oaths he was muttering as he worked indicated he was not happy 
with that purpose, but that he had no choice. Even as Regent watched he 
placed both hands on two conductor surfaces and screamed. Not a loud 
order, or a yell of triumph, but a soul shaking cry of agony. Despite the pain 
he did not lift his hands from the contact points. As Regent watched, 
Urgant's body shuddered, and Regent's under sight saw Urgant's spirit 
separate from it's corporal body. There was a brilliant flash of light and all 
was quiet. The hulk of Urgant's now vacant body swayed back and forth for 
several seconds and then crashed to the floor with an impact that raised dust 
in every corner of the room. 

Regent could only stare in shock. This was impossible, a demon could not 
exist in the mortal world for long without a corporal form. What was Urgant 

"The bastard!...the lousy, stinking, rat bastard!!" Regent swore. A trick, it 
had all been a trick, not just on Ryouga, but on his fellow demons as well. 
Urgant never had any intention of sitting back and using the Jusenkyo cursed 
as play toys. He had intended all along to download himself into one of them. 
Regent had a pretty good idea of which one too. Urgant had made no secret 
of his desire for control of the male Amazon. Now that Regent knew the truth 
he could understand that desire. 

Urgant's penises were not just tools for pleasure, but weapons he had used 
for eons. As a human he would be limited. The Amazon's skill with chains 
would partial offset that limitation, especially with the latent telekinetic ability 
they had theorized the Amazon might possess. Ryouga's memories were not 
that clear on the subject of the Amazon male, but what he did remember 
hinted that more than just manual dexterity was involved in the way he could 
handle his chains and other weapons.

The shaking of the temple brought his attention back to the current situation. 
The storage reservoir was on the verge of going critical. The dissonance in 
it's storage medium was starting to rattle the massive walls of the temple. He 
brought his emotions under control. His anger at Urgant's duplicity was a 
waste of time, and he had very little of that commodity left. Weakly, he 
dragged his damaged body towards the two contact points Urgant had used. 
Reaching them he slapped his hands down. With no one around to impress 
he did not even try to hold in his screaming. As the energy in the reservoir 
extracted his spirit from the shattered shell of his body, he felt like...his soul 
was being ripped out of his body. Which only made sense. Then blessed 
relief, the last shred of his spirit was freed of its corporal bindings and the 
pain stopped. He felt a sensation of being compressed and hurled at a great 
speed. The walls of the temple blurred towards him, and he felt a brief drag 
as the power holding him punched through the wards on the outer temple 
walls, and then he was free. If he had still had lungs, he would have gasped 
in relief, at the cessation of pain. Instead, he merely closed his non-existent 
eyes and savored it's absence. 

Unheard and un-sensed by him the power reservoir back in the temple lost its 
battle to survive and gave up its integrity in a blast that left a five hundred foot 
crater where a two thousand year old building had stood. On the rim of the 
valley a female cat looked down at the sight of the explosion. Giving in to 
curiosity she walked down into the valley and became the first female creature 
to enter the valley in two millennium. Five hours later, having determined 
there was nothing to kill or eat in the valley, she left.

Regent gave one last sigh of pleasure at having escaped certain dis-
corporation. Then he slowly began to orient himself. Extending his senses he 
started to search for the tell tale traces of Shikima energy. There, like a ball of 
fire, that must be the red head. Near by were two smaller sources, but there 
was something strange about them. They were not the raw chaotic magic of a 
broken Jusenkyo curse. They were not in fact artificial at all. They must be 
demons. It would be wise to avoid them until he could approach on equal 
footing. He did not even consider for an instant using Ranma as a source of 
power. Trying to tap that level of energy would be like a human suckling on a 
high tension power line. He looked elsewhere. There, he spotted a familiar 
source he recognized, Shampoo, but he moved on. He had no desire to be 
trapped in a female body. Another source impinged on his senses. The male 
amazon, and that meant...Urgant, he hissed to himself, silently cursing his 
fearless leader. Turning from that source he began looking for his target.

He frowned and strained his senses to the utmost. Where was Ryouga? He 
could not sense him anywhere. That was impossible, he could see all the 
other known sources. Where was Ryouga?

"Where the hell am I?" Ryouga screamed into the echoing darkness. He had 
fled the Nekohanten in shame. His only goal, to distance himself from the 
evil he had done. To try and outrun the desire he still felt. He had run for 
what seemed like hours, and now he was as lost as he had ever been in his 
life. He heard a sound behind him. "Hello," he shouted, "is anyone there?"

"Why yes, why do you ask, lunch?"

At the sound of that watery, slurred voice Ryouga strained his eyes, trying to 
see into the darkness. His eyes widened in shock at what slithered out of the 
dark. The multi tentacle monstrosity reached out towards him, and Ryouga 
pulled his umbrella from it's position on top of his backpack. "No one!!!" He 
screamed as he charged at the looming monstrosity. "CALLS ME 

Back in the Tendo kitchen the clatter of pans, and the sound of a knife 
chopping attracted attention.

"Ranma, what do you think you're doing?" Akane shouted from the kitchen 
door. Ranma looked around from where she was cooking. Akane was female 
again. She had come down to the kitchen earlier and heated some water while 
Ranma was still in the bathroom. She was now dressed in a simple summer 
frock, and looked very cute. Typically Ranma ignored that, and answered her 

"What's it look like? Kasumi's ready to eat meals are gone. Someone who 
can cook has to make something." 

Akane glowered at Ranma. "I was going to make breakfast this morning. I 
put all the ingredients out last night so I would have them ready."

"That explains the sour milk and melted butter." Ranma said, turning back to 
the stove. "Why don't you go and sit down? This stir fry will be ready in a 

"Stir fry? For breakfast?"

"Why not? At least it's edible, unlike some things I could mention."

"And just what is that suppose to mean!?" Akane said as she advanced on 
Ranma, mayhem in her eyes. "I'll have you know my cooking is much 
better. I've been practicing."

"Yea I know, and don't think I ain't grateful."

Akane stopped her advance and looked at Ranma in shock. "Yo..You are?"

"Yea, since you started practicing every morning there hasn't been a cat 
within miles of this place. Guess it's true, what they say about animals being 
able to sense catastrophe coming."

"Ranma-No-Baka!!" Ranma ducked under Akane's swing, and then 
somersaulted over her head to avoid her side kick. Laughing she ran into the 
dining room, still carrying the pan of stir fry. She had not dropped a single 
piece of food. 

"Have to do better than that Akane," she taunted. Setting the food on the table 
she swayed to the side to avoid another blow from Akane. Leaping off the 
porch she landed in the yard by the Koi pond. Pulling down an eyelid she 
stuck her tongue out at the fuming Akane who dashed into the yard after her.

Nabiki came down the stairs, grumping at the noise. "Lord don't those two 
ever stop." Akane could only have gotten a few hours sleep last night before 
Ranma had come home. Yet there she was chasing the laughing Ranma like 
she had just had twelve hours of solid sleep. 

Of course Nabiki had never been a morning person. That was not the only 
reason for her bad mood of course. She had taken it for granted that a bit of 
hot water, and the removal of her masculine form would solve the problems 
she had been having controlling herself. 

Such had not been the case. After a hot bath she had returned to her room and 
started to clean up all evidence of Shampoo's visit. As she had handled the 
various ties and bindings she had started to recall how beautiful Shampoo had 
looked in them. From there she started to remember how good it had felt to 
have Shampoo under her thumb. Before she knew it she was laying on her 
back, plunging her fingers into her overheated sex. Images of what she had 
done, and what she could have done to Shampoo flitted through her head. It 
did not take long. She experienced one of the best orgasms she had ever had. 
Afterwards she could only lay panting on her bed, wondering what the hell 
had happened to her legendary cool.

The argument that it was only the effect of the curse did nothing to settle her 
mind. Instant Nanniichuan was temporary. Besides, she was a girl now. 
Why was she having these thoughts about Shampoo? For a brief moment she 
regretted the impulse that had made her chase Shampoo away. She stifled the 
errant thought. She had done the right thing. Shampoo would never consider 
coming back to her. Not after the warning she had given her. Soon Nabiki 
would be back to her old self.

A sudden shout from Ranma drew her attention.

"Careful Akane, you don't want to be changing into a guy again do you, be a 
shame to ruin that pretty dress." Ranma was standing on the opposite side of 
the Koi pond from Akane. Whichever way she moved, Ranma moved the 
opposite, keeping that expanse of cold water between them. Akane was very 
hesitant. She had experienced very powerful emotions as a boy. She was not 
sure if she wanted to be a guy again. Plus the sight of Ranma's breast 
bobbing as she moved right and left, her hard nipples prominent through the 
thin silk shirt was having an effect on her. It was not that obvious now, but if 
Akane turned back into a guy...Well Akane knew enough now to know her 
feelings would be a lot more obvious. 

Stifling her hentai thoughts, she said. "If you weren't such a coward, you'd 
come over here and fight me fair."

Ranma just laughed and stayed where she was.

Nabiki spoke up from the her position on the porch. "I wouldn't worry about 
getting wet Akane. I changed back without water about an hour ago. I only 
splashed you about twenty minutes after I was changed. The instant 
Nanniichuan must have worn off ages ago."

"Thanks a lot, Nabiki," Ranma said, sarcastically, keeping a cautious eye on 
Akane. For her part Akane had a smile on her face.

"No more hiding Ranma. Here's where you get yours." With that she jumped 
across the pond towards Ranma. Unfortunately, her foot slipped as she 
jumped, and she came up short on the opposite edge of the pond. Her arms 
wind milled desperately in an attempt to keep her balance. Just as she started 
to fall backwards Ranma darted forward and grabbed the front of her dress. 
For a minute they stood there, Ranma holding Akane just on the edge of 
falling into the pond. 

"Looks like I'm in charge now," Ranma said with a leer. Reaching forward 
she cupped her hand around one of Akane's breasts. "This will teach you to 
take advantage of poor helpless girls, you pervert."

"Pervert!!? Who are YOU calling a pervert you molester?" Akane yelled out 
at her, even as she felt her nipple stiffening from Ranma's touch.

"Hey, if the shoe fits"

"You...you..oooohhh!!" Akane grabbed Ranma's wrist with both hands and 
pulled. Before the startled red head could react, they both tumbled into the 
water. There was a mighty splash, and a second later Akane-kun sat up in the 
water, holding a sodden Onna-Ranma in his lap. The remains of his dress 
hanging in tatters from his broad shoulders. "I'll show you," he said."Molest 
innocent young girls will you."

"Innocent?" Ranma exclaimed, while she fruitlessly attempted to break 
Akane's grip on her. "Who tied who down? Who was the sticker and who 
was the stickee here? Hey, watch the hands!!"

Akane ignored her, and cupped both of Ranma's breasts with his large 
hands. Kneading them gently, he whispered in her ear. "You're just lucky 
that this water is so cold Ranma, or you'd really be in trouble." Ranma 
blushed red, and felt her body heat despite the coldness of the water soaking 
her clothing. Her breasts in particular seemed to tingle from Akane's touch, 
but underneath the tingle was a touch of soreness. Before she had a chance to 
think about that however, a voice from the side lines stopped their activity 
cold, and distracted her from the soreness in her breasts.

"Entertaining as this is, I think you should stop before you traumatize the Koi 
even more than they are now." Akane blushed as he recalled Nabiki's 
presence. Then another thought occurred to him. 

"Nabiki, why am I a boy? You said it would have worn off by now." Ranma 
stopped squirming and looked up at the large dark haired boy who was 
holding her, then over at Nabiki who was standing on the porch, a look of 
surprise on her face.

"I don't know...Maybe there was a little more powder in the bag I gave you, 
or maybe it was a little more potent."

"What!? How long will I be like this then?"

"Relax, it can't be much longer. There can't be that much variance in the 
doses." Despite her confident words, Nabiki's face wore a frown. 

Two hours later Akane was still a boy. He had refused offers of hot water. 
"If I stay a boy then I'll know the moment the instant Nanniichuan wears 
off." He had said. Instead he had gone to the laundry room, and much to 
Ranma's amusement returned wearing one of Genma's Gis. They were the 
only article of clothing in the house that came close to fitting him. Even they 
were extremely short in the arms and legs. The waist however had lots of 
room. Ranma had invited him to play Shogi with her, a broad grin on her 
face, but Akane had only looked at her disdainfully and sat down in front of 
the tv. Now, however, he was starting to get a little antsy. "This is too long. 
Nabiki's wore off three hours ago. What's taking so long?" 

"Akane?" They turned to look at Nabiki who was walking down the stairs. 
"I'm afraid I may have some bad news. I checked the case of Instant 
Nanniichuan. I found a note in Chinese I missed before. I scanned it into my 
computer and sent it to a an E-mail pal who reads Chinese.

"Well, what did it say?" Akane asked, a sense of dread starting to grow as he 
took in Nabiki's expression

"To put it simply, occasionally, because of the uncertainty of magic, the 
powder can have an effect that lasts for an indeterminate length of time."

"What!" both Akane and Ranma screamed out in shock. 

"Nabiki, how could you be so careless!?" Akane said, his voice filled with 
horror. "You mean I might stay half a guy for ever?"

"Hey, what's wrong with being a gu..." Ranma started to say, but her voice 
trailed off at the look Akane gave him.

Having quelled Ranma, Akane turned her look on Nabiki, who was not 

"I don't know why you're upset. I'm the injured party here."

"WHAT!?...What are you talking about Nabiki? How can you say that?"

Nabiki shrugged her shoulders. "Easy, I gave you a free sample out of the 
goodness of my heart. Now, for a while anyway, you don't need anymore."

"Why would I want anymore!?"

Nabiki lifted an expressive eye brow, and looked over at Ranma.

"What?" Ranma said when he saw Nabiki looking at him. "Why should 
Akane need more Instant Nanniichuan because of me?" Then she blushed a 
deep red. "No way, I'm a guy, one time only. Next time I'm the guy, and 
Akane's the girl." Despite her bluster she could not help but remember how 
nice it had felt a few hours earlier when Akane had held her in his arms, how 
good it had felt to roughhouse with him, and most of all the thrill she had felt 
when Akane had lightly squeezed her breasts. A tremor of fear ran through 
her mind. What was happening to her?

For his part, Akane was looking guilty, remembering how little choice 
Ranma had been given about that one time. Nabiki merely smiled, and then 
quoted Ranma. 

"How do you girls stand it? How can you stand walking around feeling like 
this all the time? Like I told you Ranma, we don't. Not unless something 
makes us that way. Now for most girls it might be a guy they're really hot 
for...That couldn't be your problem of course." Nabiki drawled sarcastically. 
"However, there is the matter of that little potion you drank. Tell me Ranma, 
are you still leaking like a broken bucket?"

Ranma blushed at Nabiki's bluntness, but Akane only looked puzzled, not 
getting the reference. Ranma was about to retort, then a strange expression 
crossed her face. "I'm not, I didn't notice before, but I've been normal ever 
since..." Ranma broke off and looked at Akane. 

"There you see." Turning to Akane she continued, "so as you can see 
Akane..." She trailed off, noticing that neither Akane or Ranma were paying 
attention to her. They were totally wrapped up in each other, and oblivious to 
anything else. Even as Nabiki watched, a matching blush arose on each of 
their faces. She heaved a mental sigh of relief at their distraction. It saved her 
from having to invent one. Their were some questions she just was not 
prepared to answer yet. Mainly because she did not have the answers.

Not wanting to push her luck she got up and went upstairs to her room. 
Arriving there her eyes turned to the computer monitor on her desk. Frozen 
on the screen was the image of a ball of golden energy. Just on the periphery 
of the ball could be made out the corner of a bed. Nabiki had played the video 
of Akane and Ranma's lovemaking through to the end. She had watched that 
glow form around them, brightening in intensity, until two frames after this 
one, it burnt out the camera.

There had been no note in the case of instant Nanniichuan. Nabiki had no 
idea why Akane was still turning into a guy. No idea except the image frozen 
on her computer screen. Nabiki had no idea what it was. All she knew was it 
had not harmed either of the people caught in the middle of it. After more than 
a year living with Ranma, Nabiki did not consider Akane being a gender 
changer as harmful. Merely potentially profitable. 

An hour later she walked down stairs again, and stared incredulously at the 
scene in front of her. Both Ranma and Akane were back out in the yard. 
Akane was trying to smash a laughing, dogging Ranma. She slapped a hand 
to her forehead. Don't those two ever stop. Then she noticed something 
different in their quarreling. There was a happiness in their sparring that was 
not usually there. What had happened between the two of them had broken 
barriers. They might not realize it themselves, but the uncertainty had gone 
from them. They no longer had any doubts about the other's love. Nabiki 
smiled, and picking up the untouched pan of stir fry, went into the kitchen to 
re-heat it. At least it's better than letting Akane cook something for me, she 

Walking out a little while latter she stood watching Akane and Ranma. Then 
she frowned as she realized something. She was so used to Ranma's skill she 
had not really made the connection before. "Ranma," she called

Ranma ducked under a blow from Akane, and looked towards Nabiki. 

"I thought you said that potion damaged your Ki. How come your jumping 
fifteen feet straight up."

Ranma froze in shock. >Pow...Splash< Akane was unable to pull his punch 
in time, and Ranma went flying backwards into the Koi pond. 

"Ranma!" Akane yelled in fear, and splashed into the pond. Picking up the 
stunned red head she carried her over to the porch. "You baka, why weren't 
you paying attention?" Ranma was only lightly stunned and was soon 
struggling in Akane's arm. 

"Put me down Akane, I got to check this out." Akane set her on her feet, and 
Ranma bounced into the yard. For the next fifteen minutes she jumped, ran 
and performed complicated Katas. Then she bounced across the yard and 
onto the porch and threw her arms around Akane. Hugging him tightly 
around the hips, she picked Akane up and spun around, laughing all the 
while. She managed two circles before Akane's bulk pulled them both over, 
and they fell to the floor. Ranma ended up on top of Akane, and after 
slithering up his body, planted both hands on the side of his face, and kissed 
him. Akane stiffened in surprise, but then his arms went around Ranma and 
hugged her to him.

Nabiki waited a minute or so, and when they gave no indication of breaking 
the kiss cleared her throat nosily. She had to do it twice more before the 
couple on the floor noticed, and broke their clinch. Akane shifted Ranma's 
body and sat up, positioning Ranma in his lap. He turned and looked at 

Ranma made an aborted attempt to free herself, but stopped when Akane 
tightened his arms around her. She settled back in Akane's arms with a 
expression of contentment, that shifted after a moment to contain a trace of 
fear, it was clear that she was finding her new bodies reactions a source of 
worry. Still she made no further effort to escape from Akane's lap. Turning 
she looked at Nabiki with a look of enquiry on her face. 

"I take it that little demonstration had a point?" Nabiki said to her.

"You bet," Ranma enthused, the worry over her behavior forgotten in an 
instant. "I'm almost back to normal. I'm just a little behind what I was when 
I first came here. Ryouga said that after drinking that much potion. I'd never 
be able to generate Ki again. If he was wrong about that, then maybe he was 
wrong about the curse as well. Maybe in a little while I'll be able to change to 
a guy again." As she was talking Ranma was shifting her shoulders, and 
pulling at the front of her shirt with both hands.

Akane noticed, and also noticed that Ranma's nipples were trying to poke 
holes in her shirt. The sight started to get him excited, and the feel of Ranma 
sitting in his lap soon produced a partial erection. Ranma blushed as she felt 
Akane's erection pressing into her ass, but she did not show any other sign 
that she felt something poking her. Something else was bothering her. With a 
frown on her face, she slipped a hand inside her shirt and started to feel her 

Nabiki was watching this with some bemusement. "Should I leave the room, 
and let you two have some privacy?" Akane blushed, but Ranma merely 
looked at her blankly. Then she followed Nabiki's gaze, and realized what 
she was talking about. She blushed as red as Akane.

"Hey, it's not like that. My breasts hurt for some reason." With that she 
pulled her shirt open and tenderly took one of her nipples between her 
fingers. Both Akane and Nabiki could see that it was red and inflamed 
looking. Akane, as the jock of the sisters realized what was causing it.

"Of course it hurts, the way you were bouncing around. It's a wonder you're 
not bruised as well. You've been rubbing your poor nipples raw on the inside 
of your shirt."

Ranma looked puzzled, "I ain't had no trouble before."

Nabiki laughed "Aa, but Ranma you weren't a real girl then. Looks like the 
curse did more than just shield your mind. Come to think of it, did you use to 
get erect nipples before."

"Nope never."

"Well there you are. If your nipples did not get hard, then they would not 
have been nearly as badly irritated as they are now by all the bouncing around 
you used to do."

As Nabiki was talking Akane developed a guilty look. While the bouncing 
around Ranma had been doing might have irritated her breasts, Akane had a 
feeling the way he had mauled them the night before might have even more to 
do with there present state. Then an angry frown crossed his face, as another 
thought occurred to him. It was doubtful that Ryouga had been any more 
gentle than he had been. To think, that he had thought Ryouga was a nice 
guy. No matter what Ranma said, potion or no potion, there was no excuse 
for what Ryouga had done, and Akane intended to make him very aware of 
that fact the next time he came around. Her attention was brought back to the 
conversation at hand when Nabiki asked

Ranma a question. 

"Well you know what that means don't you?"

Ranma looked at Nabiki, a puzzled frown on her face. "No. What?"

Nabiki grinned at Ranma. "Happosai is about to get his fondest wish." 
Ranma looked at Nabiki warily. She definitely did not like that smile.

"No, no, no, never!! I am not going to wear a bra!! No way, in hell am I 
going to give the old freak the satisfaction." Nabiki and Akane had been 
listening to the same spiel for three blocks now, and it was beginning to grate 
on their nerves.

"All right, all right, you don't have to get a bra!!" Nabiki finally said in 
exasperation. "Akane, isn't there some sort of athletic supporter for girls? 
You know what I mean, for when your doing athletic stuff."

Akane looked at her in puzzlement, "You mean a sports-"

"Supporter, that's it, thanks. Will you at least wear a sports supporter 
Ranma? After all, you used to wear a cup when you were a guy."

Ranma looked obstinate, but then a twinge in her breast reminded her of what 
had started this in the first place. "All right, I'll wear a breast supporter, but I 
ain't going to wear no bra, so don't try and slip something over on me."

"Moi, I would never dream of it...Aa here we are." Nabiki came to a halt in 
front of a ladies wear store.

"I don't know Nabiki, this looks awfully expensive. Can we afford this?" 
Akane said.

"Don't worry about it. I know the head sales clerk here. I'm sure I can 
convince her to give me an employee discount. Plus, Aunty Saotome left me 
her bank card. I'm sure she would approve a new wardrobe for Ranma, 
given the circumstances. What?" the last was said in response to the looks the 
other two were giving her.

"Mom, left you...!!"

"Her bank card?" Akane finished Ranma's sentence. Nabiki flushed in 

"Unlike -some-people, Aunty knows I can be trusted to manage her money." 
They looked at her with extreme scepticism. Nabiki scowled back at them, 
then snapped, "Akane, wait here, I'll get Ranma sorted out with the 
salesclerk and then you and I'll go to this menswear store I know."

"What? I wanted to go in with Ranma." Akane exclaimed, he had been 
looking forward to watching Ranma trying on ladies clothing, and just not for 
the humourous possibility. He had been imagining Ranma in something lacy 
and frilly for the last three blocks.

"Get real Akane!" Nabiki snorted, " have you looked at yourself lately?" 

"What's wrong with the way I look?" Akane asked, turning to look at his 
reflection in the store window. He went brick red when he saw himself. He 
had forgotten he was wearing Genma's old Gi. In addition to the ratty 
appearance of his clothing his hair was suffering as a result of several 
soakings in the last few hours. It was knotted and tangled into an unsightly 
mess. In short he looked like the sort of person girls would normally cross 
the street to avoid. "Nabiki, why didn't you tell me?" He said in a horrified 
voice. I'll die if any of my friends from school see me like this."

"Somehow, I don't think that will be a problem." Nabiki said with a sardonic 
grin. "Their more likely to turn around and go the other way if they see you 
right now. Come on Ranma, the sooner I get you started. The sooner I can 
get Akane over to my other friend."

"So what do you think Kiko?" Nabiki asked the pretty, well dressed sales girl 
she was talking to. The two of them were standing by the cash register, 
looking over at Ranma who was standing in the middle of the store. Ranma 
was standing unnaturally still, trying not to touch any of the frilly things that 
surrounded her on all sides. 

"She's quite the little barbarian, isn't she. You say she's never worn a bra in 
her life?"

"Never, her father is a little strange, keeps saying she's a boy." 

Kiko raised an delicately shaped eyebrow. "With that figure? I'd say strange 
is the least of his problem. Has he had his eyes checked lately? She is 
certainly very...healthy." Kiko was starting to stare at Ranma with more than 
casual interest. 

Got..cha, Nabiki thought. "Sure is, and she's going to need the works." 
Nabiki put on her business face. "So what's it worth to you." Then she 
frowned, Kiko was not listening to her, she was instead staring intently at 
Ranma. Nabiki followed her gaze and grinned. Thank you Kami-sama, she 
said to herself. Ranma had grown bored, and was gently bouncing up and 
down on her toes, looking impatiently at Nabiki. Her gentle bouncing was 
doing interesting things to her chest. Nabiki could practically see Kiko eyes 
bobbing up and down in rhythm with Ranma's breasts. Smiling like a shark 
Nabiki moved in for the kill. 

"Goku!! Goku!!" As Nabiki left the store she stared in surprise at the small 
group of children surrounding Akane. Akane's expression was a combination 
of pleasure and embarrassment. Pleasure at the presence of the children, 
embarrassment at the attention they were drawing to him. Even as Nabiki 
watched two mothers appeared and hustled their children away from this 
strange man. 

Akane looked wistfully after them, he had always liked children. A pensive 
look crossed his mind, and he wondered if he would ever be able to have 
children of his own now.

"Earth to Akane, you in there anywhere?" Akane looked down to see Nabiki 
staring up at him.

"Sorry, my mind was somewhere else. How's Ranma doing?"

"She's in good hands." Nabiki said with a twisted smile. "Your turn now. 
Ready to get boyed up?"

Akane sighed. "Do I have any choice?"


"Then I'm ready. You say you know a good place?" A puzzled look crossed 
his face. "How? Daddy certainly does not shop anywhere fancy."

"The head salesclerk is a friend of mine from high school. Kenichi had a 
reputation as a snappy dresser even back then. He went to work in his 
father's store when he graduated. He'll look after you." Nabiki very carefully 
did not mention the other thing Kenichi was well know for.

"Really, never had a proper set of clothes in his life you say?" Kenichi said.

"That's right, his father was a real fanatic when it came to the art. I doubt 
Akira has ever worn anything but a Gi in his whole life." 

Nabiki turned and looked at Kenichi. He was standing next to her, looking at 
where Akane was standing on the other side of the store. Akane was not 
paying any attention to them. He was busy looking at a display case of sweat 
shirts with University logos across the front. She lowered her voice, and 
said, "frankly, I don't think he even has any underwear. You know these 
martial artist. They like to live life in the rough."

"Really," Kenichi said in a breathless voice, his eyes roving over Akane's 
massive form.

Nabiki, grinned her shark grin again. "Now, shall we talk finders fees, dear 

"I'm not sure about this Nabiki." Ranma said, running her finger through her 
hair. "I've sort of gotten use to my hair like this."

"Look Ranma, there are four things that people remember about you. Your 
clothes are one, and we've taken care of that." Nabiki gestured at the yellow 
dress Ranma was wearing. Ranma looked embarrassed at being reminded of 
it. It was a lot different from dressing up to fool Ryouga. This would not be 
any short term disguise. Nabiki went on with her list. "Your hair is another. 
That red hair and your pigtail make you stand out. We change that and you'll 
blend right in with all the other girls at school." 

Ranma grimaced, she rather liked standing out in a crowd. Then a thought 
occurred to her. "What are the other two things?"


"You said there were four things that made me stand out. What's the other 
two things?"

Nabiki looked at her in surprise, then she patted Ranma on the cheek. 
"You're so Kawai," she said in a saccharin voice. " Let's go get your hair 
done shall we." Ranma followed her into the hairdresser, a puzzled look on 
her face.

"Nabiki, are you sure about this." Akane ran his hand through his hair. 

"Have to do it, I'm afraid. That style just does not go with that body. Don't 
worry, we'll get something that will look good in either form. Something like 
Ukyou's only a little shorter." Akane reluctantly followed his sister into the 

"Where is that Baka? She should have been here twenty minutes ago." Akane 
was fuming. He and Nabiki had been sitting in the ice cream parlor for fifteen 
minutes waiting for Ranma. This was the agreed upon meeting place, and 
with the lure of food there was no way Ranma should have been late.

Nabiki just smiled around her straw, and concentrated on her soda.

A waiter carried a parfait to the table next to theirs.

"Here you go, on the house. I hate to see a such a cute girl sitting here all 
alone, and looking so hungry." Akane snorted at the blatant pick up line. 
Then she stiffened in shock as the girl answered.

"Gee thanks mister, your so sweet." She said in a voice that -had-to be a put 

Akane slowly turned in her chair and stared at the black haired girl in the 
yellow dress. The girl winked at her and then ate the parfait in a blur of 
motion. Putting the glass down she said. "Shall we head for home." Her 
voice was practically bubbling with suppressed laughter. Akane could only 
stare at her retreating back in shock, as she walked out of the restaurant..

Nabiki walked down the street, counting a small sheaf of yen notes. It had 
been a good day. Nabiki would never dream of skimming from either 
Nodoka or her family's account, but if her friends wanted to give her a little 
reward for steering business their way, where was the harm. It was not as if 
they had not done a first rate job with Akane and Ranma.

Akane was now dressed in a large white pullover with Nekoma Tech Auto 
Club emblazoned across the front of it. It was tucked into a pair of brown 
pants that flattered his build. Unlike Ranma, Akane did not have the option of 
wearing oversized clothing. Anything that fit his male form would be like a 
tent in her female form. As a result he had made no effort to get something 
that would look good on her female form. His hair had been cut and styled 
and was now drawn back into a short pony tail. It gave him a rakish 
appearance that many of the ladies they were passing felt was quite striking. 
That is, if the way they turned to watch him walking away was any 
indication. Of course they did not seem to be looking at his hair, but who 
could really tell.

Ranma was dressed in a plain yellow frock. Her breasts were minimized and 
contained by a firm sports bra. Without her breast bouncing freely she was 
not drawing anywhere near the attention she usually did walking down the 

She still attracted a fair amount however. It was just that fewer of the boys 
looking at her were actively drooling. That was not the biggest change 
however. The biggest change was her hair. It was no longer in a pig tail. 
Instead it was combed out and pulled back in a pony tail that hung half way 
down her back, and it was dyed black. The difference the altered hair color 
made in her appearance was extreme. Even Nabiki had only recognized her in 
the ice cream parlor because she had seen Ranma in the yellow dress before 
she had left her at the hairdresser.

Right now, however, the two gender shifters were not concerned about their 
altered appearance. Instead they were grumbling about the trouble involved in 
buying clothing in their new forms.

"It was ridiculous," Ranma was saying. "The salesgirl must have spent a half 
hour measuring and feeling my breasts before she was able to bring me the 
right size. How do you girls put up with some strange woman fondling you 
like that." Her annoyance was increased by the fact that she had found herself 
becoming quite aroused by the handling. She had found her reaction quite 
worrying. She had better control as a boy then she now had, She had never 
used to have trouble controlling her body. Even Shampoo's glomping had 
not effected her that strongly. She wondered if it was the damage to her Ki 
that was responsible. That raised a whole other worry. If her Ki was still 
damaged, what about her curse? Just how long was she going to be stuck like 

Akane was not really paying attention to Ranma's beef. Instead he was just 
waiting for her to stop talking so he could air his own complaint. "It was the 
most embarrassing moment of my life. I thought I'd die when the salesman 
said he had to see how big I got so he could size the pants properly."

Suddenly what the other had said registered on both of them. They turned 
and looked at each other. "What," they both exclaimed. A second later a 
shout of, "NABIKI!!" rang out through the street.

Nabiki just chuckled and went back to counting the yen Kiko and Kenichi 
had given her for the privilege of serving her naive country cousins. 

Still laughing to herself Nabiki turned off the street and walked through the 
gate into the front yard of the house. She skidded to a stop and was almost 
run down by Ranma and Akane who were right behind her.

"Hey careful! I almost dropped my new dress..." Ranma trailed off as she 
noticed who was standing in the yard.

"Hello Nabiki, are these friends of yours?" Nodoka said, smiling at Onna-
Ranma and Akane-kun.

Nabiki was momentarily speechless, and before she could say anything 
Ranma stepped up.

"It's me mom, Ranma." She was pale, but her face had a determined cast to 
it. She looked her mother straight in the eye, and waited for her reaction. 

"Ranma?" Nodoka said, she looked at Ranma in disbelief. Her eyes glanced 
towards Akane-kun, who had moved up behind Ranma, and was hovering 
protectively behind the small girl, a look of fear on his face. Paling she said, 
"I see. Is there something you wish to tell me?" 

Before Ranma could answer Genma roared out in rage. "BOY!! What do you 
think you're doing!? I can't believe my own flesh and blood could be so 
cruel. How can you parade your perversity in front of your poor mother like 
this?" Genma fell to his knees and lifted his hands to the heavens in 
supplication. "O woe is me. After all my years of diligent instruction. All my 
years of suffering and self denial to make a man among men of you, and this 
is how you repay me. All that time wasted. O was there ever a man more 
harshly done by than me." All the while he was ranting, Genma was looking 
at Nodoka out of the corner of his eye, trying to judge her reaction. He could 
discern nothing from her expression however. Her face looked like it was 
carved from marble. 

Ranma had heard enough, She had wanted to remain calm, to explain things 
to her mother, but old habits die hard. "Self Denial?" She said incredulously. 
"Diligent!? Old man the only thing you were diligent at was in-not-denying 
yourself." She started towards her wailing father, murder in her eyes.

"Ranma," Nodoka said in a strained voice. Ranma stopped as if her mother's 
word had been a slap. Or one of Akane's mallets. She turned and faced her 
mother, and flinched back at the pain in her face. 

Nabiki had been enjoying the misunderstanding, but decided it was time to 
speak up. Before she could voice an explanation however, something 

"Nabiki!! How could you help Ranma betray your sister this way?" Soun 
sobbed as he draped himself over her shoulder and proceeded to soak her 
new sweater with his tears. By the time Nabiki could free herself from her 
fathers grasp Nodoka and Ranma had entered the house, closely followed by 
Akane-kun. Nabiki sighed, looks like she was too late. Then she smiled, 
thinking, looks like the fun will last a little while longer. She was not really 
worried, the truth would come out soon.

Nodoka had listened as Ranma had given her a G rated version of the last 
twenty four hours. Ranma had to repeat herself several times. Nodoka's 
attention kept drifting. She could not seem to take her eyes off of Akane. All 
through Ranma's explanation she kept glancing at Akane, a sick fascination 
in her eyes. When Ranma at last finished she sat there, looking down at her 
hands that were clenched together on the table top.

"So you're trapped in your female form, and you now have female feelings 
that you did not seem to have before." She lifted pain filled eyes, and looked 
at Ranma. "Is that why your friend is here?" 

"My friend?" Ranma said in puzzlement. Then she followed her mothers 
gaze, and saw she was looking at Akane. Suddenly Ranma realized that 
everyone had been so concerned with Nodoka's reaction to her, that they had 
not even thought of mentioning Akane's condition. Lord knows what 
everyone was thinking. She felt relief that her mothers strained looks were 
not entirely due to her being dressed as a girl. Suddenly she grinned as a 
thought came to her. After enduring a year of being dunking in ice cold 
water, and having scalding water dumped over her head to order to 
.demonstrate the unexplainable, it was her turn. 

"O-My-Friend." Ranma said. Reaching out with one hand he took Akane's 
hand in hers. "He's not my friend. He's my fiance." She stood up and leaned 
forward to kiss a startled Akane. As she did so she picked up the tea kettle, 
and as she leaned forward she dumped the water over Akane head. Then she 
pecked her on the cheek and sat back down, grinning at the reaction she had 
caused. Genma who had turned red at Ranma's words was stunned into 
silence. Nodoka was shocked, but then her face lit up with relief and 
happiness. Soun fainted.

Akane was flushed red with embarrassment, and she was more than a little 
annoyed at the method Ranma had used. She stood up to express that 
annoyance in her usual manner, and her pants and new boxer shorts slithered 
to the floor to lay in a heap around her ankles. Only the fact that her pullover 
now hung past her knees kept her from dying of terminal mortification. The 
glance she directed at Ranma promised extreme consequences at a later date.

The happiness on Nodoka's face shifted to concern. "Akane-chan, how did 
this happen to you? Are you all right?"

Akane was too flustered to answer, and Nabiki elected to supply the 
explanation. "Aunty, it was this way. When we found out about Ranma's 
condition we tried to use some Instant Nanniichuan to restore her to her male 

"Instant Nanniichuan?" Nodoka asked in a puzzled voice. "If you had 
something like that, why did you not use it on my son a long time ago?"

"We did, but it is only a temporary cure. I had some left over from that 
attempt. We figured that even a temporary cure was better than nothing, but 
for some reason Ranma's body repelled the water and it splashed Akane. I 
think it must have been the potion, but I don't really know."

"I see." Nodoka said, then her face lit up. "So Akane-chan is only 
temporarily cursed then."

Nabiki looked sheepish. "Not exactly, the powder should have stopped 
affecting her a long time ago. Afterwards I found a letter of instruction that 
said the effects could vary. So we have no idea when it will wear off."

"My poor baby," Soun sobbed. Recovered from his faint he gathered Akane 
up in a hug. In the process he lifted her completely out of her pants and 
boxers. "Now how will are families ever be joined? Ranma is a girl! And my 
poor baby is cursed to turn...into...a...man?" Soun wailing ground to a halt, 
and he let Akane go, a look of bemusement on his face. Almost in a trance he 
picked up a glass of water and dumped it over Akane. Who immediately grew 
into his full masculine stature. Nodoka flushed and adverted her eyes, while 
Akane desperately tried to yank his pullover low enough to cover himself.

"Daddy!!" He said in an angry voice. Soun ignored him. Instead his gaze 
moved from Onna-Ranma to Akane and back again. Suddenly he laughed.

"Well then there's no problem. Ranma is a girl and Akane is a boy. Our 
families can still be joined. O happy day." Everyone face faulted. 

Genma was on his feet almost instantly, leaping across the table he placed 
Soun in a head lock. Knuckling the trapped mans head with his free hand he 
hissed in his ear. "Are you -trying-to get me killed." Aloud he shouted. "No!! 
Never!! My son is a man among men!! He would never agree to such a thing! 
We are just going to have to wait until they are restored to their normal 
condition!!" As he spoke he kept and eye on Nodoka, once again trying to 
judge her reaction. 

Nodoka ignored the two older men and instead said. "Ranma, could I talk to 
you in my room please."

Ranma looked nervously at her mother as she closed the door behind her. 
She had been dreading this. Why had she ever let Nabiki talk her into posing 
as a real girl.

Nodoka spoke. "Ranma, when I learned two months ago that you had been 
Ranko all that time I was terribly hurt. Over time, however, I came to realize 
that thanks to your father you had every reason to fear my discovery of your 
secret. I don't want you to ever fear me again." Waving her hand at Ranma's 
body she continued. "This does not matter. I wanted you to be a manly 
man...but if the fates decree you must be a woman, I don't want you to think 
I will love you any less. I will be as proud to call you daughter as I was to 
call you son."

Ranma heaved a sigh of relief. Her stomach had been knotted ever since she 
had seen Nodoka standing in the yard. "Thanks mom, that means a lot," She 
said. Nodoka held out her arms and Ranma stepped into her embrace. For a 
minute they stood there hugging each other, tears streaming down their faces. 
After a minute Nodoka broke the hug. 

Wiping tears from her eyes she said. "Now, on to other matters." Her 
expression suddenly grew fierce, and Ranma felt a shiver of apprehension. 
"Your father did not do a good job of teaching you manners, but you were 
his son, and it was not my place to interfere. Now, however, as long as you 
are trapped like this you are my daughter, and I expect you to bring honor to 
the Saotome name."

"Aa about that" Ranma said.

"Nabiki!?" Nabiki looked up to see Nodoka walking towards her. A frown 
on her face. "What is this Ranma tells me about her being Ranko Tendo?" 
Why can she not be Ranko Saotome?"

Nabiki had been expecting this. "It is very simple. The plan is for Ranma and 
Akane to pose as brother and sister, cousins of ours from the mountains. 
They are staying with us while Akane and Ranma stay with their family. No 
one will think it strange that Akane and Ranma wanted to escape the chaos of 
Nerima. But even if Ranma looks different, if she shows up with the same 
family name the other students will give her more attention then her disguise 
can handle. The other thing is that if Akane Tendo and Ranma Saotome 
disappear and Akira Tendo and Ranko Saotome appear, more than one 
person will become suspicious." 

Nodoka nodded her head. "I see, very well just so long as it is temporary." 
She turned and smiled at Ranma, who had followed her into the room. 
"Come dear, there are some things a mother needs to tell her daughter." 
Ranma followed her out of the room a look of dread on her face.

Nabiki smiled in satisfaction. Her income from Akane and Ranma photos had 
dropped considerably. Everyone had accepted that the two of them were a 
couple, and the only person buying pictures anymore was Kuno. 

Even the sale of Hentai pictures of Onna-Ranma had dropped off 
considerably since that incident in the change room. Nabiki shook her head at 
the stupidity of some people. Imagine, thinking that changing Ranma into a 
female would make her easy prey. Well, the five students that had tried it had 
been quickly shown the error of their ways. They had been absent for three 
weeks before they had healed enough to return to school. Which was far too 
easy a penalty in Nabiki's mind. That incident had dropped sales of Hentai, 
Onna-Ranma pictures into the toilet, and for that they deserved far more than 
what Ranma had done to them.

Now however she was about to throw two very attractive minnows into the 
shark pool that was Furinkan High's dating pond. As brother and sister the 
two of them would be fair game. She could see sales going through the roof 
already. By tomorrow she should have the prints of Ranko and Akira's 
shopping trip back. She fully expected to sell out the day after. Now all she 
had to do was hack into the school data base and enter the pertinent 

Nabiki made one final key stroke and pushed herself away from the 
computer. It had taken three days, but all the work was done. Tomorrow 
Akira and Ranko would make their appearance at Furinkan. She had already 
pre- sold fifty information packets on the new arrivals, and was expecting 
there actual arrival to prove very profitable. As she leaned back in her chair, 
smiling at a job well done, her look fell on her bed. A frown crossed her face 
and for just a minute a shadowy shape seemed to lay on the bed. Then Nabiki 
shook her head, banishing ghosts of what was and what might have been. It 
had been three days. If Shampoo had been foolish enough to take her up on 
her offer she would have been here long since. Face it Nabiki, she said to 
herself. She is probably half way to China by now. Without a male Ranma to 
hold her here she had nothing to stay for. 

Despite her arguments Nabiki's happiness of a few minutes ago did not 
return. Glumly she changed into a her nightgown and crawled into bed. For a 
long time she lay on her lonely bed, thinking about what might have been. 
Her hand slipped below the hem of her panties, but then she drew it back out 
and crossed her hands over her chest. She would not give into the weakness 
of her body again. Only pain lay in that direction. Better by far to put all that 
aside and get back to what was safe. She closed her eyes and eventually fell 
into a restless sleep.

Shampoo sat staring at the two objects sitting on the table in front of her. One 
was a tiny vile of golden liquid, one of four that Ryouga had filled after she 
had left the restaurant three nights ago. The other was a bucket of cold water.

Each day her life had fallen into a pattern. Get up, smash Mousse for 
sneaking into her bedroom, eat breakfast. Then go and spy on Nabiki from a 
safe distance. Come home, smash Mousse, eat dinner, try water, go to bed, 
smash Mousse for trying to sneak into her bed. The same pattern for the last 
two days. Nabiki had been right, the potion did affect people. Mousse had 
never been so bold, or so lustful. She looked down at the comatose body in 
the middle of the floor, and sneered. Nabiki was a better man then he was, 
even when she was female. She went back to staring at the bottle of potion 
and the bucket of water.

Urgant looked down from where he was floating above Mousse's 
unconscious body. Pathetic, he thought. He knew from Nendex's memory 
that the female was a latent submissive. Even with that advantage this poor 
excuse for a man could not capture her. 

Urgant's expression altered slightly, to one of speculation. To be fair to the 
Amazon, he was suffering from years of indoctrination by a matriarchal 
society, but would it continue to hold. Even in the short time Urgant had been 
observing him, his conditioning had started to fray. The Amazon would 
never have dared been so forward towards a female two days before. This 
offered possibilities. 

Urgant would not be able to shunt Mousse's personality aside for several 
weeks yet. If he tried to soon he risked failure, or worse, having to share the 
body and mind with this human. He would have to be patient, unlike those 
fools back in the temple. At the thought of his former cell mates, Urgant's 
non-existent teeth ground together. Those fools, if only they had been 
patient. They might all have been free. Now he was alone and it would be 
weeks before he could once again steer his own destiny. His attention turned 
back to Mousse. Now, if this one were to overcome his background, then 
Urgant might at least look forward to some entertainment while he was 
waiting. If only he dared to try a little control, but he did not. This was his 
last chance at freedom. He could not risk jeopardizing it. Opening a channel 
to the Amazon would leave him exposed and vulnerable. No, the best thing 
he could do, was to be patient and hope the Duffus would provide some 
entertainment on his own. 

At that moment Mousse woke from his nap, and immediately glomped 
Shampoo, who promptly smashed him into the floor. Without even looking 
at him.

Urgant sighed. On the other hand, it could be a very boring few weeks.

Shampoo sighed, life had been so simple before. She had chased Ranma, 
confident that he would eventually realize how perfect she was for him. Now 
everything was changed. Ranma was lost to her, and with that lose her life as 
an Amazon was ended. The only possible redemption was out of the 
question. She had been through too much with Ranma, killing her was not 
something she was prepared to consider. So, she was now a non person, a 
girl without a tribe. If she were to return to the village she would be little 
better than a slave. All those who had resented her would take great pleasure 
in humiliating and degrading her. 

No!! She could not go back. She had shamed her family name as it was. To 
go back and drag that name through the mud even more was unthinkable. 
Besides if she was to be slave, could she not at least pick the one who would 
be her master. Once again her mind looked back to that night, and the 
pleasure she had felt. She did not know why, but the mere thought of Nabiki 
sent a warm feeling of comfort and pleasure through her body. Besides the 
memory of that pleasure, another image filled her mind. Nabiki screaming 
defiance at whatever had been controlling them, and then firing off that Ki 
blast. That had been impressive. Nabiki might not be a fighter, but she had 
proven herself a warrior at that point to Shampoo. 

Mind made up she reached for the bucket of water. Then as she had done 
each night for the last three nights she lifted it over her head and prepared to 
dump it. The last two nights nothing had happened, the potion was still 
active, still preventing the change. Would this night be any different. For a 
minute she looked at the small golden bottle hesitating. Then her expression 
firmed and she dumped the water over her head.

For what seemed like hours Regent had searched for Ryouga, to no avail. He 
had widened his search to the limit of his resources and found nothing. He 
had managed to find another two faint Shikima signatures. It was curious he 
had not noticed them earlier, but like the other ones they were natural and of 
no use to him. Finally running low on energy Regent gave up looking for 
Ryouga, he turned back towards Shampoo's energy source. Better female 
than dead he supposed.

It wasn't there!! He looked frantically. It had to be there. Even if she had died 
the energy would still be there after such a short time...Time, No!! He could 
not have been so foolish!! Regent synchronized with one of the other energy 
sources. One of the ones near Ranma. One of the natural sources. He could 
not channel his spirit into them, but he could check his temporal status. 

NO!!! He had!! The energy he tapped was racing through time in relation to 
him. Like a drowning man who did not know up from down, he had become 
disassociated from the time stream. What he had thought had been hours, had 
been three days in the mortal plane. He was trapped, he had no body to leap 
into, and his energy was dropping. 

Regent looked over his options. He had no choice, the only hope he had for 
survival was to continue on as he had been, and hope someone he could link 
to would become available before his reserves of energy ran out. He slowed 
all unnecessary functions and settled down to do the only thing he could, 

Nabiki tossed in her sleep, her mind lost in a dark dream. Images flashed 
through her mind, Ranma and Akane, then they became Akira and Ranko. 
Their image shifted, and now it was of the two of them making love. Hard 
flesh slid into soft wet flesh, the two of them writhing on a bed, faces twisted 
in ecstasy. The figures shifted again, became two other people. Nabiki 
groaned in her sleep, and a close listener might discern that it was a groan of 
repressed lust rather then one of distress.

"Crawl, you bitch. Crawl to your mistress!" Shampoo, her hands tied behind 
her back and her legs bound together, wormed her way across the floor to 
where Nabiki sat, slowly rocking back and forth in her office chair. Every 
now and then Shampoo winced as her long flowing hair was caught between 
the floor and her body. When that happened, she would be forced to 
laboriously roll from side to side, flipping her head to remove her hair from 
its entanglement.

Nabiki sat and watched her efforts with a sardonic smile on her face. She was 
dressed appropriately for her role, in that she was wearing a black leather 
corset that looked like it had been painted onto her body. It framed and lifted 
her breasts, but did nothing to hide their creamy, strawberry tipped fullness. 
Black boots hugged her lower legs like a second skin. Those boots and the 
studded collar around her neck were the only thing other than the corset she 
was wearing. She lounged back in the chair, one leg crossed over the other. 

Slowly she stroked a leather ridding crop up and down her crossed leg, and 
watched with cold eyes as the naked Amazon made her way across the floor 
toward her. 

Finally Shampoo made it to Nabiki. Uncrossing her legs, Nabiki placed the 
toe of her boot under Shampoo's chin, and lifted, forcing the bound girl to 
raise her head until Nabiki could look into her eyes. Nabiki scowled at the 
bound girl. "You certainly took your time! Didn't you slut!?" She snapped 
out, then in softer, but no less threatening tones, she continued. "One would 
think you were not eager to serve your mistress. Did you perhaps have other 
things to do? Were you prowling some alley? Perhaps you were looking for 
some battle scarred Tom cats you could lift your tale for, was that it, Hmm?"

Suddenly the figure on the floor was no longer a human girl. Instead a half 
cat, half human morph knelt at Nabiki's feet, bindings no longer restricting 
her limbs. Her fur a rich cream color with pink highlights. Her tale twitched 
back and forth as she gazed up at her mistress. Eyes' full of love, and limpid 
with passion. 

Nabiki spread her legs, and reached down with her hands. She slowly ran a 
finger up and down her exposed, sex. Then she took her finger and wiped 
the glistening digit across the cat girls pursed lips. Shampoo-neko's tongue 
curled out of her mouth, stretching to an impossible length, and licked the 
finger clean. Nabiki brought her hand back to her hot, wet, pussy, and placed 
a finger on either side of her damp sex. Spreading her lower lips, she 
revealing the glistening pink, flesh inside. Her voice hoarse with suppressed 
passion, Nabiki said "Is this what you want pretty kitty? Does little kitty want 
some cream?"

The cat woman did not answer with her voice. Instead lifting her hands she 
lay them gently on Nabiki's upper thighs, and pressed outwards, spreading 
the black clad legs even farther apart then they already were. When they were 
spread as wide as need be, she lowered her head and began to lick. Nabiki 
threw back her head and groaned at the sensation of that long supple cat 
tongue delicately licking the honey from her slit.

AAHHHhhh, Nabiki groaned as pleasure washed over her body. Her hands 
tangled in the sheets and she bucked her hips violently. After a few more 
spasms her body relaxed and she lay there panting. Boy, that was a hell of a 
dream, Nabiki thought to herself. Then something brushed her leg, and her 
mind froze. Looking down between her legs she spotted a small furred body. 

It is possible that Nabiki's sister, Kasumi might not react violently to this 
situation. Nabiki however reacted in a fashion more in keeping with the rest 
of the world.

AAAAAHHHHHH!!! She screamed and thrashed her legs furiously. The 
small furry animal between her legs was tossed from its position, and flew 
across the room. There was a startled "MEW," and then a thump as it 
impacted with the wall.

"Mew," Nabiki said to herself, her fright rapidly fading. Reaching over she 
clicked on the light that sat on her bedside table. Sitting on the floor, looking 
at her reproachfully was a cream-colored cat with pink highlights. 

Nabiki's heart leapt when she saw the feline, but then her brain got in the act, 
and stifled that surge of emotion. "Shampoo!?" she said incredulously, 
"What the hell are you doing here?" Then memory flooded back and she 
remembered. "Don't come back until I can hold you in my lap and scratch 
your ears." No! It wasn't possible. It had been the potion that had made 
Shampoo act that way. She could not have actually come back for that reason 
now that it had worn off. Could she? No!! Not after what Nabiki had said to 

A breeze from the open window wafted through the room, and swirled 
around Nabiki's body. As it brushed over her sweat soaked body she 
shivered as the moving air chilled her. Then she became aware of a deeper, 
more intimate chill. Reaching down she felt dampness, and the ragged edge 
of her torn panties. Shampoo's claws and teeth had shredded them nicely. 

The dream! ...Was obviously not all a dream. She stared in shock at the cat 
sitting on the floor of her room. Her eyes narrowed as she took in the smug 
look on the feline face. 

"You know where the furo is Shampoo, I suggest you go and use it!" she 
said in a flat voice. "I can see we have some things to discuss." The cat 
nodded at her, and then lightly leapt to the window ledge and disappeared 
into the darkness. 

Five minutes later the door to Nabiki's room slid open and Shampoo slipped 
silently into the room, her naked body glistening with moisture. In one hand 
she held a bucket of water.

"Getting a little ahead of ourselves, are we not." A sardonic voice said.

Shampoo turned from where she had been facing the bed, the start of a 
puzzled look on her face. As she heard the voice, the expression on her face 
shifted to one of happiness. She looked across the room to where a naked 
Nabiki was sitting on her office chair, a small towel under her shapely rear. 
Nabiki sat looking at Shampoo with a twisted smile on her face, she was idly 
twirling a tattered piece of fabric around the index finger of her left hand, 

Shampoo gushed enthusiastically as soon as she saw Nabiki. "Shampoo 
bring water for Instant Nanniichuan. Nabiki and Shampoo make love now? 

"Love?" Nabiki raised an eyebrow in mock surprise. She got up from her 
chair and walked toward Shampoo, still twirling the small piece of fabric. "I 
believe I told you not to get romantic ideas about me! I believe the words I 
used were, if you come back, I'll own you . . . and I'll use you." Nabiki was 
now right in front of Shampoo, who was staring at her like a mouse cornered 
by a snake. Nabiki lifted a hand, and extending a finger touched Shampoo's 
belly. She slowly ran a long finger nail up Shampoo's body. Moving it 
between her breasts and up her neck, it left a streak of white behind, that 
quickly disappeared as Shampoo's upper torso flushed red. Reaching her 
chin, Nabiki pressed a little harder and forced the Amazon to lift her head. 

A sudden breeze from the window ruffled Nabiki's hair. As the breeze 
passed her and reached Shampoo, the amazon shivered as it dried the water 
on her skin. However, at the same time she felt a sudden heat fill her and 
swayed slightly toward Nabiki. 

Removing her finger from beneath Shampoo's chin, Nabiki turned away 
from her. "I also mentioned some other things as well. I believe . . . I 
instructed you not to touch me unless I gave permission." Nabiki recited in a 
matter of fact way. 

Shampoo was not really listening to Nabiki's words, instead she found her 
eyes were following ever motion Nabiki made. She stared at the rhythmic 
swaying of Nabiki's hips as she walked away from her, at the play of 
muscles in her sleek back. All the while Nabiki kept talking, slowly, 
precisely, calmly. Nabiki's steady even voice was soothing, and Shampoo 
found herself becoming mesmerized as it washed over her, the meaning of 
the words not really mattering. Like a cat being calmed by a steady relaxed 
voice, she just stood there and let Nabiki's voice caress her. It was the tone 
and cadence, rather than the content she was listening to. So when Nabiki's 
pacing brought her back in front of Shampoo, she was totally unprepared for 
the hand that lashed out and slapped her face.

Like a striking snake, Shampoo's hand snatched out and caught Nabiki's 
wrist. The knuckles on her fingers turning white from the pressure of her 
grip. The flesh of Nabiki's arm was crushed by the force Shampoo exerted, 
but Nabiki made not a whisper of sound. She stared Shampoo straight in the 
face, her eyes never wavering. Nor did they flinch when Shampoo's other 
hand raised and positioned for a strike that could crush her skull. Instead, she 

"Why are you here Shampoo?"

For a minute Shampoo stared into those deep brown eyes, her body 
trembling with the need to strike. Then under that knowing gaze her own 
eyes dropped and she released Nabiki's arm. Nabiki cradled her wrist in her 
other hand and massaged the vivid white splotch where Shampoo's grip had 
squeezed the blood out of the flesh.

"Shampoo not no why she come."

"Really?" Nabiki said. Releasing her sore arm, she once again placed her 
hand on Shampoo's belly. But this time she did not stroke up. Instead she 
stroked down, until she cupped Shampoo's mound in her hand. Then 
moving the hand back and forth she let her forefinger slip into Shampoo's 
wet sex. 

With a gasp, Shampoo arched her back and thrust her pelvis at Nabiki's 
probing finger, but it was gone. Nabiki pulled her hand away and left 
Shampoo thrusting at empty air. Instead Nabiki ran her hand back up 
Shampoo's belly, her long fingernails leaving vivid white traces to mark their 

"Why are you here Shampoo?" Nabiki repeated.

"Shampoo here . . . " Sweat beaded on the Amazon skin, replacing the 
moisture that had been evaporated from her skin. Once again a breeze ruffled 
Nabiki's hair before brushing past Shampoo's body. The Amazon shivered, 
and a million thoughts ran through her mind. She had no idea how to put 
what she felt, what she needed, into words. Even her native Chinese did not 
have the words for what she wanted . . . what she needed. At last she said. 
"Shampoo here . . . because . . . Nabiki make Shampoo feel good." It was a 
poor way to express the churning need she felt, but it was the best she could 

"There, was that so hard?" Nabiki said, her calm voice belying the racing of 
her heart. Turning her back on Shampoo she swallowed, and took a moment 
to calm herself. Once she had her emotions in check she turned back to face 
the Amazon who was now staring at the floor. "Look at me!!!" She snapped 
out. Shampoo started and raised her eyes to look at Nabiki. "That's better, I 
don't like it when people won't look me in the eye . . . Makes me think they 
have something to hide."

Nabiki held up the small bit of cloth she had been twirling on her finger 
earlier. "Do you know what this is?"

Shampoo looked puzzled, and shook her head no.

"This, my dear Shampoo, 'was' the bottom of a forty two hundred yen set of 
matching lingerie." Nabiki stretched the fabric between both her hands and 
revealed them to be the remains of the panties she had been wearing earlier. 
"It is now scrap." Nabiki strolled around Shampoo looking her lithe body up 
and down. "My, you don't seem to have any cash on you." She reached out 
and stroked a hand over Shampoo's ass. "I wonder how you can pay for it." 
She slid a finger over one of Shampoo's cheeks until it reached the deep cleft 
between them. Then she moved in closer until she was pressed tightly against 
Shampoo, nothing between their bodies but Shampoo's silky hair. She ran 
her finger up and down the cleft in Shampoo's ass, and whispered in her ear. 
"Do you have any suggestions?"

Shampoo swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry. The feeling of Nabiki's 
breasts pressing into her back were stirring feelings she had never expected to 
feel at the touch of another female. "Shampoo bring water, Nabiki use Instan 
. . . " 

>SLAP< Shampoo jolted slightly as Nabiki's caressing hand drew back and 
swatted her muscular backside. It was a light blow, hardly more than a tap, 
but it resonated through Shampoo's body, causing her to quiver, as tremblers 
of pleasure shivered through her body.

"You will not mention that again!!" Nabiki hissed in her ear. "That is for 
good little kittens! You have been a very bad kitty! You touched without 
permission, and you damaged my personal property! O yes, you have been a 
very bad kitty indeed!" 

Nabiki stepped back from Shampoo, and again walking around her, when 
she was in front of her she looked Shampoo in the eye, and said, "And what 
do you think I should do to you?"

Shampoo was sweating. This was not going the way she had planned. She 
had been so pleased when she had managed to bring Nabiki to a climax 
earlier. She had been sure that Nabiki would make her feel wonderful in 
return. She had not expected this cold and sarcastic person. She looked at the 
girl in front of her. Nabiki had little in the way of muscle under that baby fat. 
Shampoo 'knew' Nabiki had little skill in fighting. Shampoo could crush her 
with a single blow, but the thought filled her with a cold emptiness. Yes she 
could destroy Nabiki, but it would cost her.

Suddenly Nabiki hand grasped her chin and twisted Shampoo's head so she 
was looking Shampoo straight in the eye. "I asked you a question!!" Nabiki 
said in an ice cold voice, a voice that sent a wave of heat rushing through 
Shampoo's body. Shampoo slumped, as if that heat had melted some of the 
iron in her, and mumbled something.

"What was that? Did you say something? I don't think I caught that!" Nabiki 

"Punish Shampoo," Shampoo said in a tremulous voice.

"Punish? What a novel idea, but however could I do that?" Nabiki brought 
her hand to her chin in a mocking pose of deep thought. As she did so, she 
seemed to become aware of the tattered panties in her hand. "O dear, I really 
must dispose of these." Nabiki looked around for somewhere to toss the torn 
undergarment. As she looked, she balled them up in her hand and raised her 
arm, in preparation of throwing them into the first trash can she saw. She 
made a complete turn, and was left with the panties still in her hand. She 
looked at Shampoo, a bemused smile on her face, a direct copy of Kasumi's 
as a matter of fact. "O dear, I don't seem to have anywhere to put them." She 
looked at Shampoo, a speculative look on her face. Then her smile widened, 
Nabiki said. "Open your mouth would you kitty."

Shampoo was hesitant but those brown eyes bore into hers, and she 
complied, but just barely. She opened her mouth slightly, just parting her 

Nabiki frowned, "Open your mouth!!" She ordered, all mockery gone from 
her voice. Shampoo opened wide, and Nabiki reached over and popped the 
torn and soiled panties into her open mouth. Then putting a hand on the 
bottom of Shampoo's chin, she lifted. "You can close your mouth now 
kitten." When Shampoo did so, there were still little strands of fabric sticking 
out from between her lips. Nabiki raised a hand, and with her forefinger 
pushed the shards in, one at a time, until there was no sign of the panties 

Nabiki smiled at her. "Very good, you just hold that until I find somewhere 
else to put them." Turning her back on Shampoo she went over to a dresser 
and opened a drawer. Reaching in, she pulled out several items. Walking 
back over to Shampoo she handed her two pairs of thigh and ankle cuffs. "I 
believe you know where these go. Put them on!" Nabiki snapped out the last 
bit. For a minute Shampoo stood there holding the leather straps, hesitating, 
then she bent over and started to put them on.

"What a good kitty," Nabiki practically purred. She reached down and patted 
the top of Shampoo's head. Shampoo felt a wash of pleasure at that touch 
and she lifted slightly, pressing her head against that stroking hand. The hand 
moved down and scratched Shampoo behind the ear, and again Shampoo 
rubbed her head against the pleasure giving fingers. Then Nabiki withdrew 
her hand. "You're very slow, a little faster please, I need my sleep." 
Shampoo complied and soon the straps were firmly in place. 

"Stand up please." As Shampoo obeyed, Nabiki went back to the dresser and 
withdrew a heavy leather belt. "Hands to the front!!" Nabiki snapped when 
Shampoo reflexively placed her hands over her ass. Slowly Shampoo 
complied, all the while looking at the heavy leather strap in Nabiki hand with 
wide eyes. Nabiki walked behind her and as she passed, Shampoo felt 
another wave of heat. "Eye's front!!" Nabiki snapped out, as Shampoo 
swivelled her eyes to watch Nabiki. 

Shampoo jerked her head back to the front, and stared straight ahead. Her 
sensitive ears could make out the sound of the leather strap brushing against 
Nabiki's leg, and could hear Nabiki's footsteps as she walked closer to 
Shampoo. Shampoo clenched her buttocks and waited for the lash to fall. 
Instead she felt Nabiki's arms reaching around her, each of her hands holding 
an end of the belt. 

Reaching completely around Shampoo's waist Nabiki pressed herself tightly 
against Shampoo's back, and buckled the heavy leather belt in place. Before 
she removed her hands Nabiki leaned forward, and brushing aside the silky 
hair, kissed the back of Shampoo's neck. Then she whispered.

"Very good, kitty, very good indeed. You're such a good kitty. If you keep 
being a good kitten maybe mommy will give you a treat. You'd like that, 
wouldn't you?" 

Shampoo practically purred in response. Nabiki then took one of Shampoo's 
hands and pulled it toward the belt. For the first time Shampoo noticed that 
there were heavy leather loops attached to it. Nabiki slipped Shampoo's hand 
through the loop and pulled it tight, fastening her wrist tightly in place. She 
repeated the operation on the other arm. When she was finished both of 
Shampoo's hands were fastened firmly to the heavy belt. 

Nabiki walked in front of Shampoo and stared at her, looking deeply into her 
eyes, a slight frown of uncertainty on her face. By now Shampoo was 
practically boiling with arousal. As Nabiki stood there staring at her, 
Shampoo brought her legs tightly together and rubbed them against each 
other. Her juices squeezed out of her hot sex and ran down her thighs. The 
heavy scent of her arousal wafted through the air and into Nabiki's nose. The 
frown on Nabiki's face disappeared, and she reached out and pinched one of 
Shampoo's nipples between her fingers. Shampoo gasped as a knife blade of 
pleasure jolted through her. She leaned forward into Nabiki's grip. Nabiki 
retreated, pulling her along with her. In a few steps they reached her bed.

"Get on the bed . . . on your knees" Nabiki commanded, releasing 
Shampoo's nipple. Shampoo lifted one leg and placed it on the bed, then she 
did the same with the other. In a minute she was kneeling on the edge of the 
bed, her back toward Nabiki.

"Sit back on your heels and then lean forward so your face is on the covers." 
Nabiki commanded. Shampoo complied, and was soon curled up in a ball, 
face tight against the bed covers, ass high in the air and just barely hanging 
over the edge of the bed. Nabiki reached down and fastened the cuffs on 
Shampoo's legs together securing her firmly in place. Then bending over 
Shampoo's body she gathered Shampoo's hair up and lay it gently on the bed 
beside her head, leaving Shampoo's eyes free of any obstruction.

Shampoo heard Nabiki walk away, and there was the sound of drawers 
opening and closing. Then footsteps approached her, and a second or so later 
three objects thumped down on the bed a little way from her face. She looked 
at them in puzzlement. Two of them were cylindrical in shape. One was about 
six inches long and tapered from a rounded tip to about an inch and a quarter 
thick for most of its length. The other was about four inches long, and also 
had a small rounded tip, but it flared out rapidly to about an inch and a half 
thick and then flared back down to a narrow neck attached to a wide base. 
The final object was almost mundane. It was a thin rope of braided leather 
with a clip on one end. 

Shampoo suddenly forgot about the strange objects. Nabiki had run one of 
her fingers along the outside of Shampoo's sex, and Shampoo forgot 
everything in the wash of sensation that pulsed through her body. Shampoo 
hissed in pleasure and thrust her hips back at Nabiki's finger. Nabiki pulled 
her hand back in reaction to Shampoo's movement, maintaining only the 
lightest of contact. For the next five minutes she tormented Shampoo, slowly 
running her finger around Shampoo's sex, brushing lightly over her clitoris. 
Whenever Shampoo's vagina would start to pulse, she would pull back her 
finger and wait until the Amazon had cooled down. 

Shampoo twisted and squirmed, and finally started rubbing her thighs 
together, in an effort to surmount the last little peak she needed to feel that 
rush of fire that had enslaved her three nights before. 

>SLAP< Her hips bucked as Nabiki stopped stroking, and smacked her 
upturned ass with her bare hand. "Stop Moving!!" Nabiki commanded. 
Shampoo had to fight down the urge to rip herself free of her bindings and 
plunge her fingers into her heated sex. Instead she groaned into the panties 
stuffed in her mouth and stopped her body's twisting. "Spread your legs" 
Nabiki then commanded. Again Shampoo obeyed, twisting her torso so she 
could lift one of her bound legs and set it down a foot and a half away from 
the other. 

Shampoo felt Nabiki's body brush against hers, and she watched as a hand 
reached down into her field of vision, and picked up one of the cylindrical 
objects, the one with the uniform shape. Once again she felt hands on her ass 
and something, not a finger, brushed against her sex. Then it pulled away. 
Suddenly, a light buzzing came to her ears, and it was all she could do to 
keep from bucking her hips in reaction as the thing once again made contact 
with her upturned sex. Fire ran thru her veins and all the moisture seemed to 
disappear from her mouth. Even the panties that had up too now been well 
soaked with her spit seemed to be dry. Then she felt the buzzing object 
moving at the very opening to her vessel and she moaned low in her throat as 
it slowly shoved its way deep into her body. A small tearing pain shot 
through her body as it ripped the portion of her hymen that her training had 
left intact, and she stoically ignored the sensation. The pain disappeared 
almost as quickly it came. Washed away by the sensation aroused by the 
object moving in and out of her vagina. For a minute she could feel it being 
shuttled in and out of her fire-filled hole. The sensation of being filled with 
something for the very first time added a new dimension to the pleasure 
shooting through her body, and then Nabiki stopped moving it, and left it 
where it was, plunged deep into her body, vibrating slightly.

The sensation running through her body blinded her to everything else, so 
she did not hear Nabiki going over to her desk or hear her returning. Only 
when Nabiki's fingers slipped into her wide spread ass crack did she focus 
on something beside the object thrust deeply into her body. Nabiki's fingers 
were greasy and they played with her rosebud. She shifted her hips 
nervously, but stopped when Nabiki's hand slapped her butt in reaction to 
her violation of the no move rule. She ceased her movement, but she could 
feel Nabiki's thumb pressing relentlessly against her most private place, and 
that was causing her body to shiver despite her efforts at remaining 

Slowly, forcing its way past the ring of muscle surrounding Shampoo's 
rosebud, Nabiki's thumb pressed inward. Then with an almost audible pop it 
overcame her resisting sphincter, and plunged into her ass. Back and forth 
Nabiki rocked her hand loosening and lubricating Shampoo's tightly, 
clasping, opening. 

Shampoo's muscles were trembling with the strain of trying to obey Nabiki's 
injunction against moving. Small whimpers of suppressed passion, mixed 
with nervous moaning, escaped her mouth, and a thin sheen of sweat formed 
on her body. The combined sensation in both her holes was bringing her 
close to exploding in release. 

Finally Nabiki withdrew her thumb, and Shampoo, whose back had been 
arched fiercely all this time slumped in relief. Her relief was short lived, she 
watched with wide spread eyes as Nabiki's hand once more entered her field 
of vision and picked up the other cylindrical object. No!! She could not!! 
Things did not go in there. They came out. Shampoo surged upwards, only 
to be pressed down again by a hand in the small of her back. There was no 
strength behind that hand. Just a gentle pressure, but it stopped Shampoo's 
movement dead despite that. Nabiki leaned over her body again and 
whispered in her ear.

"Do you want me to stop kitty? Do you want to go home now?" 

Shampoo knew she could break free of her bindings in an instant, knew that 
she could overcome Nabiki with no effort. If she did that . . . then she knew 
Nabiki would send her home. She could not force Nabiki to give her the 
pleasure she wanted. Could not force her to give her the companionship she 
needed . . . or the love. For a second her muscles remained tense. Then they 
relaxed and she sagged against the bed.

"Very good kitten, very good indeed." Nabiki whispered in her ear. Then she 
stood up and Shampoo could feel the tip of the thing in Nabiki's hand 
pressing against her rear opening. She groaned into her gag as it slowly 
forced it way into her body. For what seemed like hours but was only a 
minute, Nabiki rocked and pumped the thing back and forth, slowly working 
it deeper into Shampoo's bowels. Finally the widest section forced it way 
past her sphincter muscles, and with a rush it plunged the rest of the way into 
her body. Shampoo's entire awareness was focused on the sensations of 
immense fullness that filled both her holes. 

Nabiki removed her hands from Shampoo's ass, and reached down and 
picked up the last of the objects on the bed. Reaching between Shampoo's 
legs she fastened the clip on the end of the leather rope to the center of the belt 
and ran it back out between Shampoo's legs. Pulling it up so it bisected 
Shampoo's sex and ass she carefully positioned it so that it ran across the 
bases of the two dildos thrust deep into Shampoo's body. Running it across 
the small of Shampoo's back, she fastened it to the heavy belt.

Nabiki stepped back and admired her handiwork. Shampoo knelt on the bed 
her face lying on the sheets and her ass high in the air. Just the right height 
she mussed to herself, eyes going to the crate of Instant Nanniichuan, but 
then she pulled her eyes away with an angry thought. NO!! I'm doing this as 
a female. Shampoo came here to fuck with a guy, but I'm not a guy. If she 
can't be happy with my female form, then better to find out now. 

Despite her hard words to herself, Nabiki had been desperately afraid that 
Shampoo would do just that. Three days ago she had not had the slightest 
interest in Shampoo as a sexual being, now looking at her trussed on the bed, 
dildos thrust in both of her opening, she felt an attraction she had never felt 
before for another person. 

It was no longer just the fact that Shampoo was submitting to her. These 
feelings were more than her lust for power over others. Some part of her 
brain had made the connection, Shampoo was hers, and she was desperately 
afraid that Shampoo would take herself away. Nabiki was under no delusions 
over her ability to hold Shampoo against her will, but she also knew that she 
would never compromise herself either. What she had told Shampoo earlier 
was very true. If Shampoo came back, she would use her, but the other part 
was a lie. The part about Nabiki not caring either way. She was discovering 
that she cared very much indeed, but this relationship was going to be on her 
terms or not at all. 

Nabiki stepped forward and leaned over Shampoo's body, reaching around 
she cupped her firm breasts, and began to knead them. A low moan came 
from Shampoo's throat, and encouraged, Nabiki started to press her hips into 
Shampoo's upturned ass. The pressure caused the imbedded dildos to shift in 
Shampoo's openings. The combined sensation of Nabiki's hands, and the 
objects thrusting into her body was enough to shove Shampoo over the edge. 
A small shiver ran through her body, followed by another, stronger one. 
Then Nabiki felt the muscles under her belly writhe and twist as Shampoo 
orgasm exploded in a spasm of pleasure. Nabiki stepped back from 
Shampoo's trembling body, an expression of satisfaction and 
accomplishment on her face. Then expression firming, she proceeded with 
the next step.

Ninety minutes later.

Nabiki bent forward in her chair until her face was inches from Shampoo's 
upturned ass. Lifting her brush, she delicately dipped it in the small can she 
held in her other hand. Then raising it she reached forward. Holding her 
breath she very carefully moved the brush toward Shampoo's creamy derriere 
and with great delicacy placed the final stroke of paint, finishing the pattern 
she had been working on. 

She heaved a sigh and sat back in her chair. For a minute she sat there 
admiring the stylized N T she had painted. "Very nice, very nice indeed," she 
said. "I think that looks just perfect. We can visit a tattoo shop in a day or so 
and get it done permanently." The only response from Shampoo was a 
muffled moan of passion. Nabiki smirked at the upturned ass in front of her. 
"It's your own fault you know. If you had not kept moving, I would not 
have had to start over all those times. We could have been finished an hour 
ago." Standing up Nabiki returned the paint can to its proper place and stood 
for a minute admiring her handiwork as she cleaned her brushes.

"O by the way kitten, you can move now."

A tremor ran through Shampoo's body, and then another, until her hips 
bucked and her body went rigid as the orgasm she had been holding at bay 
for the last ten minutes crashed over her. It was the sixth one she had 
experienced in the last hour. The previous five had ruined Nabiki's 
calligraphy, and forced her to start over. As the last ripple of passion ran 
down her body, Shampoo slumped, her body bathed in sweat, breath rushing 
in and out of her nose. Even after all she had experienced in the last hour she 
had not spit out the ragged panties in her mouth.

Nabiki finished cleaning her brushes and placed them in a tin on her desk. 
Then she strolled over to Shampoo, and ran a hand over her sweat soaked 
ass. Then sliding her hand over Shampoo's body, Nabiki ran her hand 
slowly up the small of Shampoo's back causing her to arch in pleasure. A 
small shiver ran through her back muscles, as she experienced a residual 
spasm of pleasure at Nabiki's touch Reaching the leather belt fastened around 
her waist, Nabiki unfastened the slim leather rope. Then she shoved her arms 
between Shampoo's wide spread legs and un-clipped the other end of the 
rope. Tossing it on the floor behind her, she slowly stroked Shampoo's ass 
cheeks with both hands. She brought her hips forward and rubbed herself 
against Shampoo's body, grinding the dildos deeper into Shampoo's body. 
Then swallowing the spit that suddenly filled her mouth she reached down 
and grabbed the base of the dildo that was shoved up Shampoo's pussy. It 
slid out easily, and was accompanied by a flood of juices. 

Nabiki started to throw the dildo down on the floor with the rope, but then hit 
by a sudden impulse, she lifted it tentatively to her lips and licked. The taste 
was not altogether bad. She looked down a Shampoo's upturned face. 
Shampoo was looking at her with stars in her eyes. Nabiki shivered at the 
depth of passion she could detect in them. She felt herself responding to that 
look, her own sex heating, and lubricating. She gave a little shudder and 
shook herself out of the trance she had fallen into. She set the dildo down and 
reached forward and grasped the base of the butt plug. This took a little more 
effort to extract, but it was only a small one and came out fairly easily. 
Nabiki, feeling absolutely no desire to sample this taste sensation, tossed it 
down with the others.

Nabiki then preceded to remove the rest of Shampoo's ties and bindings until 
she was as naked as the moment she had come into the room. The last thing 
she did was to remove the soaking wet panties from Shampoo's mouth. Free 
of her ties the Amazon stretched out on the bed, slowly twisting and turning 
her body to relieve the kinks of her hour and a half in bondage. She looked 
up at Nabiki from under half lidded eyes. A contented half asleep look on her 
face. Once again Nabiki was put in mind of a tiger, and she felt heat flush 
through her body at the thought that this tiger was hers to do with as she 

None of that showed on her face however as she snapped out. "On your 
feet!!" Shampoo blinked at her, startled, but obediently rolled off of the bed 
onto her feet. As soon as she was clear of the bed Nabiki dumped a glass of 
water over her head. Nabiki watched in fascination as Shampoo body shrank 
and morphed until a small damp cat was sitting on the floor looking at her 
reproachfully. Nabiki reached down and picked her up. "Sorry kitten, but 
this is a single bed, and I'm in need of my rest. It's going to be a busy day 
tomorrow." Setting the dumbfounded cat on the floor Nabiki lay down on her 
bed and closed her eyes.

Nabiki was not really as calm as she pretended. She was burning with the 
need to experience some of the pleasure Shampoo had enjoyed in the last 
hour. That would be a show of weakness, she thought, and she was not 
going to show any weakness on this night. She did not want Shampoo to get 
the impression that Nabiki needed her for anything. So even though her body 
cried out for release from the burning in her groin, she ignored it and 
concentrated on cooling her overheated passions. Slowing her breathing she 
lay there quietly, her legs wide spread to prevent even the slightest friction. 

She was so busy concentrating on repressing her feelings. She did not feel 
the soft thump of a small body jumping onto her bed. She did however very 
much feel what happened next. Carefully being sure not to brush against 
Nabiki's legs Shampoo-neko crept as close as she could get to Nabiki's 
drooling sex. She could smell Nabiki's arousal, and intended to do 
something about it. Finally having gotten as close as she could without giving 
her presence away, she pounced. 

Nabiki threw back her head and gasped. The small barbs on Shampoo-neko's 
tongue caused a sensation out of proportion to its actual size. Nabiki reached 
down with the intention of dislodging Shampoo from her meal. Before her 
hands got anywhere near the busily lapping cat, a shudder ran through her 
body and her hands clenched tightly in the bed clothes, rather than around the 
small cat. Nabiki did not last long. Unlike Shampoo she had not had an 
orgasm during the past ninety minutes. She had shoved her lust aside and had 
toyed with Shampoo. Satisfying as that had been, it was nothing compared to 
this. Nabiki felt like the top of her head was going to come off. It was all she 
could do to keep from screaming out loud. 

Through this all, Shampoo continued to lick. Delicately she nosed in and 
selected her spots with care. Her sensitive whiskers detected the spasms that 
rippled through Nabiki's body. Even after Nabiki's legs closed, pinning her 
in place she continued to lick. Up and down Nabiki's slit her tongue went, 
lapping at Nabiki's sex as if it were a dish of milk. Nabiki's honey flowed 
profusely, and Shampoo diligently licked up every drop. On and on 
Shampoo went. The stamina of her human body was present in her cat form, 
and even when her ribs were threatened by the pressure from Nabiki's legs 
she kept licking. 

Nabiki orgasmed again, her legs lifted from the bed and carried the cat pinned 
between her legs with them. Shampoo kept licking.

Nabiki orgasmed, and thrashed her head from side to side. Shampoo kept 

Nabiki orgasmed, and her legs thrashed, knocking Shampoo aside for a 
moment, then they fell open as Nabiki gave in to exhaustion. Shampoo 
resumed her place and kept licking.

Nabiki hands weakly tried to push Shampoo away from her honey pot, 
Shampoo dug her claws into the bed spread and kept licking. 

Nabiki orgasmed, and barely moved, Shampoo kept licking. 

At last Nabiki lay motionless, breath gusting from her mouth, lungs rising 
and falling like a bellows. Shampoo stopped licking. 

Nabiki was too weak to move as Shampoo walked up her body and stood on 
her chest looked down at the exhausted girl. Shampoo stuck her tongue as far 
out as it would go, and looking directly into Nabiki's eyes licked her chops, 
removing the remains of Nabiki's juices from her whiskers. Nabiki just lay 
there panting, glaring at Shampoo's expression of smug superiority. Silently 
she promised herself to remove that expression at a later date. Shampoo 
turned herself around several times and then lay down, her head cushioned 
on one of Nabiki's breasts. She closed her eyes and to all appearances went 
to sleep. 

Nabiki lay there panting, the light body of the cat raising and falling with her 
breaths. After a little while she regained her breath. She raised her arms and 
held her hands poised over the body of the cat. Then her eyes softened, and 
she crossed her arms across her chest, cradling the softly purring cat on her 
chest. A minute later the room was silent except for the soft breathing of the 
two figures on the rumpled bed.

AAHHHH Cat, cat, cat,

Akane looked up from where she had been glumly examining her new school 
uniform. A second later Ranma burst into her room and dived under the bed. 
Akane blinked in surprise, staring at her bed. A voice from the door caused 
her to turn around.

"You two had better get ready for school. I'd hate to have done all that work 
to get you registered, and then have you be late your first day. Akane said 
nothing. She was to busy looking at the cat Nabiki held cradled in her arms. 
She just pointed a shaky finger at the cat in Nabiki's arms and silently opened 
and closed her mouth, not being able to force a word out, finally after a 
second she tried again and succeeded at least to the point of stuttering, 

"Sha . . . Sham...Shampoo!!"

"Really Akane, your as bad as Ranma. Shocked by a sweet little kitty." With 
that she walked out of sight leaving her sister gaping at the door. 

"Is she gone?" A soft voice whispered from under her bed.

Akane made no answer. She just kept staring at the door, a stunned 
expression on her face.

"Hello, are you open?"

The nurse at the reception desk looked up at the brown haired girl in the 
doorway. The girl was dressed in a school uniform and had a cat carrier in 
one hand.

"Yes dear, the doctor is not in yet, but if you want to leave your pet before 
you go to school. I'll see that she is looked after."

"Thank you"

"What is it you wanted looked at, is she sick?"

"No, not sick"

"Did you come to get her spayed then?"

The girl smiled a wide grin and the cat in the carrier suddenly set up a loud 
wailing. "No" she said, "She is a very lovely cat, I may want to breed her 
sometime. The reason I'm here is to get a Micro chip implant. I hear you do 
them here."

"Yes indeed, and it's a very good thing to get done. If your pet is ever lost, 
any shelter or veterinarian office will be able to scan the chip for her 
ownership records."

"That's what I want. I don't want there to be any doubt about who owns her. 
I'll just leave her here and pick her up later then?"

"That's right dear," She reached down and passed a form to the girl. " Just 
fill out this form with all the necessary information and the doctor will 
implant the chip later. She will be all done when you get back this afternoon. 
I'll put her in the back while you fill out the form." She picked up the cat 
carrier, and carried it into the back room.

A minute later she returned, and saw that the girl had finished the form. 
Picking it up she scanned it, and then looked up and smiled at the school girl. 
"Well everything we need seems to be here. We'll see you tonight then will 
we Miss Tendo?"

"That's right. Thank you for your help. I'll be back after school" 

"Such a nice girl" The nurse murmured, and then she went back to her filing.

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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