JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English

Martin signed for the package, wondering what it was. It had come from Chip, one of his friends that he had met on the Internet. They had met in the tech chat room with a common interest in computer programming. About a week after that, while Martin was in the #TVSex chat room, he had recognized that one, "Mistress_Kate" had the same IP number as Chip. He took a chance and revealed himself and they got to talking. It turns out they had similar fantasies in that they both fantasized about becoming beautiful, luscious she-males, Chip becoming a she-male dominatrix, and Martin a she-male slave. Their fantasies meshed perfectly and they had spent many sessions "living out" their fantasies.In non-sexual matters, they were both helpful to the other as well. Each was a professional programmer and regularly used the other in Beta testing their new programs. Most often the programs were just e-mailed or DCC'ed in the background as they chatted, but when security was of a particularly tight nature, they'd send the program on a disk by registered mail.But never before had Chip sent a package. It was only a small package, about two foot on a side, but the very fact it wasn't the standard padded envelope showed how different the contents were.Martin popped the package open and pulled the contents from the Styrofoam peanuts inside. The first thing he removed was a metal semi-circle with three metal squares padded on the inside mounted on it. The next thing was a small box attached to an I/O connector. It looked like it would plug right into the back of his computer. The last thing he pulled out was a ZIP disk, labeled "IISb2.7"Martin put the disk in his computer and opened it up. Inside was a text file entitled "Read Me First" and an untitled Installer application. He opened the text file and read it. Contained within were the System Requirements (which he more than had) and a message saying: Plug the box into your computer. Run the Installer. Put the headband on. The squares should be at your temples and in the middle of your forehead. Run the IIS program. Contact me on ICQ. Trust me. We will have fun.Martin wondered what was going on, but decided to give it a shot. He did everything Chip had asked. The IIS program looked like a simple IRC interface, but Martin guessed it was much more. He then checked ICQ and quickly found Chip, letting him know that everything was ready. Chip sent a return message: 8) Ready for a real trip? Martin: What is this thing? Chip: Relax and trust me. You won't regret it. Martin: Fine. But if your toy screws up my computer, you owe me big. Chip: *LOL* It's a deal. Safe bet, though. You ready for some real fun? Martin: Yeah, but what does IIS stand for? Chip: Now, now, Martina. That'd ruin the surprise.Martin gave the screen a curious look. Usually, Chip only used the name Martina, Martin's subbie name, during their IRC games. Looking at the IIS program in the background, Martin figured IIS was a new type of IRC program and Chip wanted to test it with some role-playing. He slipped into role and said: As you wish, Mistress Kate. What would you have me do? Chip: Very good, subbie. Pull the IIS program to the foreground, Ping me, then get comfortable.Martin did as he was commanded, sitting back in the chair and placing his hands comfortably on the arms of his chair. A message showed on the IIS program window: Get real comfortable. 30 seconds to start.The screen then started counting down from thirty, in five second intervals. When the screen hit zero Martin felt a brief tingle. Before he could do or say a thing, metal clamps appeared from under the arms of the chair, securing his arms. He felt a tight belt encircle his waist. He looked down to see himself locked in. He struggled a bit and found himself securely strapped in.How was this possible? Was this some kind of virtual reality? He could feel the straps on his body. More, he could feel the friction generated by his struggles against the straps.The desk in front of him disappeared and his monitor moved backwards, morphing into a door mounted on his wall.

The door opened into the wall (Martin knew there was nothing behind that wall) and Mistress Kate stepped out. Not Chip, but the she-male goddess Martin had so often imagined in their games. She was six feet, four inches tall including the five-inch heels on her thigh-high leather boots. Elastic straps came from the tops of her boots, past the leather panties that barely contained the massive bulge at her crotch, to the leather corset that held her double D cup breasts. She wore long, leather gloves that went all the way up to the shoulder-side of her elbows. She held a riding crop in her right hand and was casually striking it against the palm of her left hand. Her hair was glowing, sunflower blonde, a direct contrast to her otherwise black outfit, but the hair was no less severe. It was a pageboy cut with just enough body and curl at the end to let people know she was a woman.She stood over him and stared down with a cold, steely gaze. "Hello, Martina. Are you prepared to worship me?""How? What's going on?"Mistress Kate slapped him. He smelled the leather, tasting it on his lips. "Answer my questions directly. Are you prepared to worship me?"Martin felt compelled to say, "Yes, ma'am.""Good. As to your question, I am a techno-witch, combining magic and technology. When you installed that program, it allowed me to use your computer as a gate to use my magic in your home.""This is real?!"Mistress Kate pointed her crop at his collar and dragged it down his shirt. Every time it touched a button, the button flew off and the shirt parted. "As real as it gets."Martin trembled. "What are you going to do to me?"She reached into his shirt and palmed his chest. "I'm going to make your fantasy come true. I'm going to make you into my she-male slave." Martin watched as she pulled her hands straight back, pulling the flesh with her. She then opened her hand, allowing his now huge (at least triple D) breasts to flop on his chest.Martin could only mutter in shock, "Oh, god. Oh, god." He could feel the flesh of his globes resting on his chest, and the cool feel of Mistress Kate's gloves lingered on his tingly nipples."Very good. Now it's time for you to prove your devotion." She pulled her panties down a little, freeing her dick. She stroked herself and quickly grew to her full nine-inch length. She leaned forward and pressed her dickhead to his lips. He tried to keep his lips closed, but she reached down and rubbed his new breast. When he couldn't help but moan, she shoved her dick into him. She placed her hands on the back of his head and started fucking his face. Martin felt humiliated, but also excited. He couldn't help himself. He sucked and nursed her dick, finding himself wanting to swallow her load. And she obliged him, continuing to force her dick in and out of his mouth until she unloaded her seed in his mouth. She held his head, forcing him to swallow her load.She pulled loose, and Martin licked his lips. The cum actually tasted nice. It was both salty and sweet, just like he thought it would. He looked up and smiled at her. "Thank you, Mistress, for blessing me with your juices." It was the thank you he was required to give her whenever she came inside his body, mouth or ass.She smiled. "Very good. I think you deserve a reward." She stepped behind him and reached around to take his boobs in hand. He moaned in lust as she fondled his boobs and flicked her fingers over his nipples. He unconsciously bucked his hips in a sexual motion, although no pressure was being applied there. It took only a minute of this before he was creaming his pants in orgasm. After he came, she asked, "What do you say, Martina?""Thank you, mistress, for causing this sissy slut to cum in her pants." And he meant it. He knew he should be terrified of what was happening, but he couldn't help it.Mistress Kate touched her crop to the chair. The seat straightened, and Martin went with it, being forced to stand. She said, "Time to get you more properly attired for your role." She waved her hand at the door that had appeared and it changed to a full-length mirror. She touched her crop to him and all his clothes disappeared. She looked him up and down, musing on what she wanted. She muttered, "A little too thick in the waist," and an unlaced corset grew from his hips up, pushing his breasts up and out to the world. She waved her hand and the corset laced itself up, forcing his waist in so tight, he had trouble breathing. She waved her hand at his legs and his legs were hairless; then stockings appeared and rolled themselves up his legs. She tapped her crop to each foot, and with each tap a shoe with an incredibly high heel, at least six inches, appeared on his foot. "One last touch," she said as she waved her hand over his face. And as simple as that any trace of masculinity in his face or head was gone. Even his hair was now a beautiful woman's style.Mistress Kate waved her hand at him and the restraints released. He stepped forward, teetering on his heels. "How do you like it?"Looking in the mirror, he said, "I... I look beautiful.""Yes, you do. Now what do you say?""Thank you, Mistress, for my new body.""Very good. Time to go.""Go? Go where?""Just for a walk around the block."Martin blanched. "Outside? But I have no panties. And my breasts... my nipples are clearly visible.""So? Come along."She turned to go through the normal entrance, but Martin stalled, saying, "Mistress, please."She snapped her crop against her boot. "Martina! Come along!" She turned and went to the door. He wanted to protest, he wanted to stay, but he found himself unable to do either. He found himself following without a word, his breasts and dick swinging freely.They walked down the street, and Martin felt dozens of eyes on him. He felt shamed and humiliated, but also aroused. They got to the end of the street. In the yard was Mrs. Worthings. She was a nice lady in her mid-40's, still pretty, but not beautiful. Martin always thought of her as kind of a proper lady, and wondered what she'd think of the sight of him. When they got close, she asked, "What is this?"Mistress Kate replied, "This is your neighbor, Martin, now Martina."Martin felt ashamed, and then shocked when Mrs. Worthings said, "Good to see the sissy's finally learned his place. May I use him?"Martin stood there dumbfounded as Mistress said, "Of course. Do a good job, Martina." She then pushed him into Mrs. Worthings' yard.He walked over to her. She told him, "On your knees, bitch." He went right to his knees. She pulled up her skirt, further surprising him when he saw she wasn't wearing any panties. With a single command, "Lick," he found himself compelled to bury his face in her pussy. He applied himself with diligent love to the task. He loved her taste and smell, but after far too short a time, she screamed in orgasm and stepped back. He whimpered a bit, but she ignored him and told his Mistress, "Not bad. Maybe I could use him again?""Any time. Come along, Martina." She walked on and he reluctantly followed.It was only a couple seconds before a cop drove up, with his siren running. They stopped and the cop got out. "What's going on here?""Just taking my sissy for a walk."He grabbed his crotch. "Well, maybe for a little special treatment, I can forget about arresting you for indecent exposure." Martin grew afraid. He had never wanted sex with a guy, and his mistress had never had him do it in chat, but he had never been anywhere for real, either.Mistress Kate waved her hand at the cop, and he changed. His head became a woman's, his body grew curves, and his chest grew and expanded until his shirt burst open, revealing a pair of hooters that were as large as Martin's and Mistress's combined. The cop turned to Martin and took his boobs in hand. As he fondled himself, he asked, "Would you rape my ass, Martina?"Knowing that Mistress Kate loved to "see" him doing it with other she-males, Martin stepped up, turned the cop around, bent him over, and plunged his hard dick into the cop's ass. Martin fucked the cop with the cop giving him encouragement like, "Do it harder," and "Make me your bitch," and other such colorful phrases.When they got close, Martin stopped. The cop whimpered as Martin asked, "May we cum, Mistress?"She smiled. "Of course, darling. You've been a good subbie today." Martin resumed fucking and soon he and the cop were soon cumming together.Martin pulled out and stepped back. The cop just stood there fondling his boobs. Mistress said, "Come along, Martina."He asked, "What are you going to do with him?""Leave him there to fondle himself.""Why not give him to Mrs. Worthings?""Good idea." She waved her hand at the once cop and said, "Go." The new she-male wandered over to Mrs. Worthings' yard.The two went back to Martin's place. Inside, she asked him, "Did you enjoy that?""Yes, ma'am." He knew he shouldn't have. He had been paraded around for public exposure and forced to engage in public sex, but he couldn't help it. He had loved it!"Good. Time for our closing act." The closing act in all their previous, online meetings had been her fucking him. A chair with no arms appeared behind her and she sat in it. He immediately went to his knees before her. She parted her legs and he crawled between them. Her panties disappeared, and he immediately started licking at her now exposed dick. As soon as she started getting hard, he sucked her into his mouth, bobbing up and down on her. He used a copious amount of saliva, knowing that his primary goal was to lubricate her. He was not to bring her to orgasm until she was deep inside him.It took only a few seconds to get her as hard as she needed to be. He stood and she closed her legs. He straddled her legs, took her cock in hand, pressed it up into his bum, and slowly lowered himself onto her. She buried her face in his cleavage and licked his boobs as she powered him up and down on her. Soon he was bouncing up and down in desire, saying, "Gonna cum! Gonna cum!" Before he could, she stopped licking him and slammed him down on her. He whimpered and tried to resume, but she held him solidly.She ordered him, "Stop it!" and he froze. "You're here for my pleasure. Now lick my breasts." He leaned over, figuring he'd have to bend himself way out of shape in order to get to her boobs, but his tongue shot from his mouth and was now long enough to lick her with just a tilt of his head. In fact, his tongue was now long enough that he could and did easily lick both of her breasts at the same time. He used his new, longer tongue on every square inch of her boobs, trying to lick both of her nipples at the same time and succeeding more often than not. It was only a short bit before she was moaning in lust and resumed bouncing him up and down on her. She then screamed in orgasm and slammed him down. He felt her fluids fill his ass in a way never before possible with simple cyber-sex, and it gave him a sexual rush that pushed him right into an orgasm of his own.After they came down from their sexual high, she gave his butt a playful swat, saying, "Time to get up. I need to go."Martin got up but begged, "Please, no, Mistress. Stay with me and let me worship you as your sub should worship you."She smiled and stroked his face. "I wish I could. You'll understand." She leaned over and kissed him.As soon as he opened his eyes, the world had reverted. He was sitting in front of his computer; now back to what it was. The IIS screen was filled with a text description of what had just happened, with far more detail than any IRC session he had ever been in. He looked down and saw his regular, breastless chest. He was amazed. Had it all been some fantasy? He could still feel Mistress Kate's lips on his, still smell her perfume.Thinking over what had just happened, Martin realized that every sensation was fresh in his head and on his body. He not only remembered the sex, but could feel the cum in his pants and drying on his ass. But when he felt down below, there was no stickiness holding his pants to his ass. There was plenty of stickiness up front, but even an illusion could've done that to him.He got back on the computer and pinged his partner. Martin: Are you there? Chip: Still here. Did you like it? Martin: Hell, yes, but what happened? What did you do? Chip: That was IIS, the Imagination Interactive Simulator, the next step in V.R. Martin: V.R.? It wasn't real? You're not a witch? Chip: *LOL* I wish! Martin: How did it do that? It was so real! Chip: That's the point. Regular V.R. creates a virtual world and submerges the senses within it. Since no computer can handle every detail in a real world, standard V.R. always appears blocky and unrealistic. Martin: And IIS? Chip: IIS creates only the barest outlines of a world, then utilizes your own brain's dreaming capabilities to create the rest. Martin: Wow Chip: I know. Tomorrow you'll get the software for creating and running an IIS fantasy of your own. Next time we meet, Martina, I expect you to knock my virtual socks off. ;) Martin: Will do. Chip: What was that, MARTINA? :) Martin: My apologies. As you wish, Mistress Kate. Chip: Same time tomorrow, Martin? Martin: Hell, yes.The two signed off. Martin went to the bedroom to get a new pair of pants. Just walking was a new sensation. His legs ached from being stretched out on heels that never really existed. And he actually missed the sensation of breasts bouncing on his chest. He wondered what it would take to get real breasts, but quickly dismissed that. He could wait till tomorrow, and then he'd have breasts again. And as many days after as he could.
The end

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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