JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English

I took a deep breath and composed myself before I answered the door. I knew that on the other side a handsome man was waiting to take a beautiful girl to dinner and dancing. Now, I had been on the other side of the door many, many times, waiting nervously for my date to present herself, but, obviously, never before had I been the one for whom the man was waiting! I looked one last time in the mirror at the woman I had become... I was as perfect a picture of total femininity that I, or modern science at least, knew how to be. I blew a quick kiss at Trixie, threw my shoulders back in determination, walked to the door and opened it with a smile.

The look on Andrew's face was priceless! I knew full well that moments before I threw open my door his mind was racing with the possibilities and liabilities of taking his male role this next step, but whatever doubts he might have had faded instantly when he looked at me.

"Good God! Trixie?" he stammered.

"Good evening, Andrew," I said in what I hoped was my most ladylike fashion.

"You... you look absolutely stunning!" he said, still frozen in his tracks.

I still felt a little embarrassed at being scrutinized so closely by a man, but, unlike the disgust I felt at being leered at by the various creeps who had so openly inspected my new face and body when I was out on deck, I found myself to be more than a little pleased that I had caused this reaction from Andrew!

"You're not so bad yourself, handsome!" I said with a grin.

He was wearing a perfectly tailored suit that looked as though it had been especially designed for him. He had on a double breasted coat just like the ones I loved to wear when I was a man, and the tie he had chosen not only went well with his starched white shirt, but also brought out his sexy grey eyes. He was altogether the picture of masculine elegance... sophisticated, dignified and, I noted with a little bit of surprise, gorgeous!

I really didn't know what to say, so I relied on the basics... "Would you like to come in for a drink, or are you ready to go?"

With my question, it was as if he suddenly came out of a trance. His eyes darted up from my breasts where they had been lingering for probably a little too long, and looked mysteriously into my face. "I... uh... oh, I'm sorry Trixie," he said. "It's just that I'm still getting used to some really... uh... new feelings when I look at someone as beautiful as you. Um... I'm ready to go if you are!"

I smiled at him and said, "It's okay. I know how you feel," and I began to walk out of the door.

"Um... It's a little chilly on deck," he said. "You probably ought to wear a wrap or something."

I nodded, feeling the brisk air on my newly sensitive skin, and walked back into my closet to fetch the little green matching jacket that went with my dress. I was just about to put it on when Andrew walked into the stateroom, gently took the jacket from me, then held it open for me to slip into. I smiled appreciatively at him as my arms went into the sleeves effortlessly. I felt an intimate closeness as his hands held my hair out of the way while he adjusted the collar. "There," he said, then moved to my side so that we could both be seen in the big mirror. We both simultaneously looked at the reflection and saw the same thing... A beautiful young blonde woman dressed fashionably for an evening out, and an impeccably dressed older man towering over her at her side. "Simply amazing," Andrew said as if it was the first time the real truth had been revealed to him. I took his arm gently in mine, looked him straight in the eye and said softly, "Amazing, yes... but kind of nice." He grinned at me, briefly touched my soft cheek and said, "Let us away, my lady. I think a very good time is in store for us!"

We chatted idly as we walked toward the main ballroom. I was very conscious of a couple of things, the first being that even though I hadn't fallen yet, I felt like I could have used a little more practice walking in my heels! The second thing that struck me as we talked was the way I had to look up at my date when he spoke to me. I either hadn't realized that Andrew was so tall, or that I was so small. I felt positively tiny next to him! It was a little thrilling to understand that I was looking at my date from the perspective that the vast majority of real women looked at theirs.

There were very few people out on deck... I guessed that probably most of them were either trying out their new genders at "The Meeting Room" or in the privacy of their staterooms. I wondered if Andrew and I would perhaps join them later. The thought of that sent a little thrill of anticipation through my body, and I noticed the suddenness with which my nipples became stiff at the prospect.

I felt a genuine sense of relief when we entered the spectacular ballroom. Since I had decided to be a lady of elegance, I had hoped that not all the places I went were to be populated by sexy bimbos and arrogant jocks. Thankfully, the 20 or so couples in the ballroom were dressed the way one might expect at a formal dinner. The women, to be sure, mostly wore sexy gowns that made their curves plainly evident, but still, there were only a few who blatantly flaunted their new breasts with tacky cleavage-displaying dresses. Most of the men were dressed similarly to Andrew, in suits and ties and looking fairly comfortable. For the most part, everything looked perfectly normal. The casual observer would probably never guess that all the guests at this dinner party were, just a few short hours ago, a different sex!

A maitre'd clad in a tux and tails asked us if we preferred a group table or a private one. Since I hadn't seen Rachel, I wanted to sit alone with Andrew. I was about to say so to the waiter when I realized that this was probably a situation that called for the man to make the decision. I turned my face up to Andrew expectantly while at the same time making sure he knew that it was his job to take charge of the situation. "Uh... private if you have one," was his response. "Of course, sir... Right this way," said the maitre'd. I followed him through the narrow aisle of tables, glancing back at Andrew with a smile that told him I approved of his decision. The maitre'd gestured broadly at a table in a corner of the room, and I began to sit down when I felt Andrew's hand on my back. I looked up at him in puzzlement, then realized what he was doing when he said, "I think that's my job." He pulled my chair out for me and I grinned happily. "Thank you, kind sir," I said as I sat, making sure to smooth the back of my dress so as not to reveal anything I didn't want to. I was very aware of the snugness of my dress as I sat, feeling the sensual tug of the garter belt on my stockings. Andrew stayed behind my chair until he was satisfied that I was seated comfortably, then took the chair across from me. My female height again made me feel strange as I realized how much shorter I was when sitting at a table. I tried to scoot my chair up a little to compensate, but then got another shock as I realized that my breasts brushed against the table if I got too close! Andrew watched my maneuvers with a hint of merriment in his eyes. "Ohhh... " I said, "I need a handbook on how to do simple things as a woman!"

"See what ordeals women have to go through?" said Andrew, a broad smile creeping across his face. "We definitely have to sit back a little, but it's made up for by the fact that I bet you can cross your legs easily under the table!"

"Let's see," I said, in an amused tone, and I crossed my legs luxuriously, enjoying the silky feel of the stockings against my flesh. "You're right!" I exclaimed, truly happy about how easy it was.

"See? You're luckier than you know. I had a drink in the outdoor bar this afternoon and I made two mistakes. First, I nearly knocked over the damn table trying to cross my legs under it, then, when I finally managed it, I crossed them like a woman, like you're doing now, and I can't tell you how uncomfortable that can be when you're used to not having a... well, you know!"

I laughed out loud at that, imagining the sight of him discovering the joys of a squashed penis. "I guess we're both still beginners at this," I said, my eyes still shining with amusement.

"Definitely," he said, "but if you'll help me, I'll be more than happy to help you... " and I wondered if there wasn't maybe a little hidden meaning in his words.

We each ordered drinks and drank them while we became more comfortable with each other. I found myself to be as enchanted with Andrew as I was with his counterpart, Andrea. If anything, maybe moreso! While he still was a little awkward with his new male role, he seemed to be gaining confidence by the minute. I remembered having to work a little to draw out Andrea when I met her in the Passenger's Lounge, but Andrew needed no such prodding. He went on and on about his, or rather, "her" life, having very few qualms about telling me what problems she had had with men, and why more and more she was beginning to understand them a little better simply by wearing the body of one. He told me about a couple of minor incidences he had had in the bar this afternoon with a couple of new women, and how he could almost physically feel himself preening with delight when they told him how good looking he was. I watched him with understanding amusement as he retold his afternoon, trying unsuccessfully to suppress a giggle as he unconsciously threw out his chest like a proud peacock when he came to the part about how good looking he was.

"What?" he said as I covered my smile with dainty fingers.

"Preening, huh?" I said. "Kinda like what you're doing right now?"

"No!... Really?" he said with embarrassment. "Oh my god! Am I showing off for you?"

"Umm-humm," I said delightedly. "You're just like a little boy!"

"Christ, I think you're right! I can't believe it... It just happens so naturally!"

I reached over and took one of his hands in mine. "Welcome to the wonderful world of hormones, handsome," I said in a semi-serious tone, knowing full well that he would probably preen some more when I called him "handsome!"

When the waiter came to take our dinner orders, I did two things right. First, I remembered to tell Andrew what I wanted so he could order for me, and second, I made a point not to scrutinize the wine list as I would if I were male. I could tell that Andrew was a little bit puzzled by it, so I offered subtle suggestions that made him think that he had chosen wisely!

As the dinner wore on, I found it becoming easier and easier to be female. Trixie's hormones were definitely playing a major role, but because I had been on many, many dinner dates, I found it simple to just do what my best dates had done in the past. Andrew let me talk about myself during dinner, listening attentively and offering his insights when it came to the "woman's view." All in all, it was a very comfortable meal, though I was a bit surprised at the small amount I ate. Usually, I would have wolfed down the seafood platter I ordered with gusto, but I found that my new body had far less of an appetite than my old one! Andrew and I discussed this at length with him revealing that it was just the opposite for him!

Just as we were finishing our dessert and enjoying an after dinner liqueur, the ship's orchestra began playing. Immediately, about half of the couples in the ballroom got up and made their way to the large dance floor. Andrew and I watched them for a few minutes, and even though there were quite a few dancers who looked a little awkward as they tried to figure out who was supposed to lead, it was altogether a very romantic scene. The second number began to play. It was a wonderful slow waltz that I knew very well. As I watched the smiling couples enjoying the music, I saw Andrew rise from his chair and come over to my side. "Care to?" he said softly and offered his hand. I took it and rose delicately feeling suddenly very self conscious. As we walked hand in hand to the dance floor, I was desperately trying to go over the steps to the waltz in my mind, figuring out how to do the opposite of what I was used to! We took a place to the side of the floor and I let Andrew turn me in his arms. I placed my right hand on his shoulder as he encircled my tiny waist with his left. Our arms straight and fingers entwined, I waited for him to take the first step. He did, and I followed it with pretty good timing. Suddenly, we were dancing as man and woman, the easy "one, two, three" rhythm of the waltz seeming to come naturally to him. He led me in a slow circle around the floor as I began to enjoy the experience tremendously, my tiny feet in their high heels slowly beginning to take the steps naturally and gracefully. At first, I found myself looking at my feet, but as I grew accustomed to being led, I raised my face up to look at Andrew. Like me, his face was a study in concentration at first, but as our dancing grew more comfortable, he started to look more at me, a happy smile of delight growing broader by the second! Still looking at him, I began to concentrate on the different feel of the dance. The sight of my tiny hand with its brightly colored nails enclosed securely in his larger one, and the sensual touch of his arm around my waist, sent a thrill of warmth and happiness all through my body.

The waltz ended all too soon, and as we were politely applauding the orchestra, I looked up at Andrew and silently mouthed the words, "thank you." He grinned affectionately at me and gave me a wink. The orchestra leader announced that they were going to play a popular slow song so that "the people who haven't figured out how to waltz yet can have a turn!" I laughed quietly at his remark, then turned back to Andrew as the song began. I cocked my head coyly and gave him a slight shrug of my shoulders that told him I was game if he was. He smiled and nodded, stepped closer to me and wrapped me in his arms around my waist. I pressed my body closer to him and put my arms around his neck. We started to sway to the music and I was acutely aware of how close we were. The feel of my breasts pressed tightly against his broad chest was incredible, and the way his pelvis occasionally touched mine as we danced began to stoke a fire that I didn't want to put out. Midway through the dance, I put my head on his shoulder and unclasped my hands. I began to fondle the back of his neck with my free hand while the other squeezed his shoulder gently. The feel of my long nails under his soft hair was obviously very pleasant for Andrew because he began to move his head in slow circles to increase the feeling. The knowledge that I was making my date feel good created a mysterious feeling of feminine pride in me, not to mention a desire to do more to make him happy! I pulled slightly back from him, our bodies still pressed closely together and looked up into his eyes. They were twinkling with amusement, but I could see the smoldering fire of passion underneath. I thought about it for a second as I looked at him, delicately biting my lower lip and letting my tongue slide quickly over it. Before I could think about it any more, Andrew bent over to kiss me. My eyes went wide as I felt his lips against mine, but the luxurious feel of it overcame any desire to pull away. I closed my eyes as he moved his head a little, and began to return his kiss. It was gentle at first, our lips tentative in their exploration, but as we both began to realize that we liked it, it became more urgent. I felt my arms squeezing him tighter around his neck as I pressed my body up against his with purpose. My mouth opened a little to allow his tongue to lightly flirt with mine. I could taste my own lipstick as my tongue darted delicately over his. I wanted it to go on forever, but I was suddenly aware that the music had stopped and everyone was lightly clapping. I drew back from him, taking in an audible gasp of breath. I looked to see him doing the same thing, then turning quickly in the direction of the orchestra to add his applause for their performance. As we were clapping, we turned to look at each other again and I exaggeratedly blew some breath out, while at the same time waving my hand in front of my mouth as if to fan away the waves of heat from the kiss. He widened his eyes and nodded saying, "Me, too!"

He led me away from the floor and back to the table. I felt a little dazed and light headed, and I actually stumbled for the first time on my heels. Andrew offered a strong arm to steady me, and I gratefully accepted. The check was waiting for us and he pulled out a pen from his coat and signed it. We were both aware of what had happened between us, and I think we were both aware of what should happen next. Andrew suggested a walk on the deck and I, still under the influence of that memorizing kiss, nodded yes without speaking.

As he ushered me out into the cool night, the warmth from his body seemed to surround mine. We barely made it to one of the lookout points next to the railing before we were kissing again. This time, there was none of the tentativeness that was present before. This time, it was all urgency and passion! Through closed eyes, I felt his arms crushing me into him tightly, his hands running over my back sensually. As our lips locked together for the second time, I felt my hands creep inside his suit coat as if they had a mind of their own, running wildly over his shirt front. I felt tingly all over and I heard a little feminine gasp escape me as his hands roamed briefly over my wide hips. My hands came out of his coat and began to stroke his face, delighting in the rough feel of his cheeks. Our kiss turned into a series of kisses, quick teasing pecks followed by little licks and nips. The feminine heat in my body was slowly beginning to overwhelm me, and I knew that this man was who I wanted to make a woman out of me. I stepped back from him just a little, and with my left hand briefly squeezing the rapidly growing bulge in his pants, I grabbed his tie with the other. I pulled him by the tie to within inches of my face, then darted my tongue over the length of my mouth. "You ready for my place, mister?" I said, tugging on his tie with every word. "At your service, ma'am," he replied huskily. I turned sideways to him then and said over a seductively raised shoulder, "We'll see about that!" and, still leading him by his tie, began to walk swiftly back to my stateroom.

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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