JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English

The inhabitants of the tiny Mayan village of Apazatotan had lived for countless years in fear. Neither famine nor war caused this fear, as their crops were plentiful and their enemies had been annihilated many years ago. The fear that held this tiny village, with it's four hundred citizens, was at one time a peasant girl like any other in the village. A peasant girl who, more than two hundred years ago, had come under the tutelage of a rogue shaman from one of the Southern Tribes.

The girl, a natural beauty, was an adept. Someone with a natural skill with the forces outside of the natural realm. The shaman, recognizing these talents, honed and refined her abilities to almost inhuman precision. After her master had educated her in the ways of all things natural and supernatural, she continued to learn and to grow stronger, finally consuming her former teacher in an orgasmic cascade of life.

The girl, now known as Lillila, rapidly became obsessed with two primal forces: sex and magic. Her obsession fueled the fusion of these two forces into a strange union that only she could truly appreciate. Her soul, her energy, was fueled by sex and so was her magic.

For nearly two hundred years, Lillila had ruled over her former home with near benevolence. Then things changed. In return for keeping her subjects safe and secure, Lillila started to exact a heavy toll. Once, every twenty years, Lillila's energies would begin to wane. On the night of the summer solstice, she would take every man in the village over the age of twenty to her mammoth temple and force them to sustain her with their own life forces. To replenish her energies, the sorceress usually killed more than three-quarters of her captives, and enfeebled whatever remained. This cycle continued for nearly three hundred years, until the villagers could take it no longer.

On the evening before the solstice, when her energies were at their weakest, Lillila's temple was rushed by a horde of villagers, all female. Her powers weakened, Lillila found what remained of her energies could not prevent the horde from destroying her. With what remained of her power, she transferred her essence into the beautiful gold bracelet she wore, and placed a curse on the object. When they finally broke into her sanctuary, the villagers found their tormentor's body, withered and decaying, clutching the strange talisman. The body was burned and the talisman, along with everything else in her temple, was scattered to the four winds.

Centuries later, in the year 2000

Clem Williams ran down the long, winding road that snaked behind his family farm in Oklahoma. Nearly a mile from where he lived with his parents and his brother Bill, next to the southern wheat fields, was the old house that his grandparents had built in 1922. The house was old and should probably be condemned, as no one had lived there since the days of the dust bowl. But, the thirteen-year-old had made it his own. It was like a ground-level tree house. His place to be alone with his thoughts, away from family and friends, and alone.

Splashing through huge mud puddles left by the almost hurricane-force thunderstorm that blew through Fulton, Oklahoma just a week ago, Clem bolted for the old house. Inside, he raced back through the stripped kitchen, down the narrow hallway to what used to be a bedroom. Now, it had an old lawn chair, an air mattress and a small red cooler. This was where Clem came to sleep some nights, when it was warm and the sky was clear.

Kneeling down, Clem pulled away a loose floorboard and stuck his hand into the dark. He pulled up a small white 'WAL-MART' bag filled with a few issues of Playboy and Penthouse. He'd found the magazines in the trash after his father was through with them and had been collecting them steadily since that discovery.

Clem sat in his private sanctuary for nearly an hour, pleasuring himself to his favorite centerfolds. He'd become infatuated with one particular playmate, a voluptuous blonde, and fantasized about having sex with her first. He always fantasized about her first and then moved on to the brunettes, the redheads and the other girls who were so beautiful. He liked them all, no matter how tall or small, thin or full-figured. He just liked women.

After a masturbatory marathon, Clem sat back and opened the cooler, pulling out a can of Coca-Cola that was swimming in icy water. As he popped the top of the can, his ears caught a strange sound coming from behind the house. Could it be Bob, his brother, spying on him? Clem quickly put the soda down and put the magazines under the bag before venturing outside to investigate.

The noise was loud, but seemed to be coming from nowhere in particular. It sounded almost like a moan or a low-pitched hum, and was getting higher the closer he got to its source. Clem walked out to the back of the house and, following the apparent direction of the sound, came across a wide puddle filled with brown water. On the ground, half buried in that muddy soup was something shiny. Something shiny and yellow. Gold! His mind raced as he thought about the California Gold Rush. What if his family farm was like Sutter's Mill? They'd all be millionaires!

Squatting over the shiny trinket, Clem saw that it wasn't a nugget, but rather some kind of jewelry. He was a little disappointed, at first, but jewelry was valuable too. Brushing a bit of the mud off of the bracelet, Clem held it up to the light of the sun. It was small, but very pretty.

He wasn't sure why he did, but he felt compelled to try the bracelet on. As if by some unseen command, the three clasps that held the bracelet closed popped, splitting it open. Unable to see how putting on the pretty trinket could be dangerous, Clem placed it on his arm, covering the area from his wrist to the middle of his forearm.

Closing the clasp, the boy felt a strange cold moving from the bracelet and up his arm. The sensation was not entirely unpleasant as it flowed up his shoulders and neck, but upon reaching his brain, it felt like he'd been hit with a tidal wave. His knees buckled and the helpless child collapsed as the spirit of the two-thousand-year-old sorceress invaded his very soul.

Clem's mind and memories were sliced, diced and fused with Lillila's own essence, giving the sorceress access to the boy's language, his recollections of the world around him and his thirteen-year-old, almost limitless libido. Within moments, nothing of Clem Williams remained. The soul opening his shiny blue eyes belonged to a woman who should have died two millennia ago. Taking her first breaths in nearly fifteen hundred years, Lillila looked down at the gangly, adolescent body she had commandeered.

"I live again..." she said in a voice now devoid of Oklahoma accent, but so far, still resonantly male.

After fifteen hundred years in self-imposed exile, Lillila's powers had grown incredibly strong. She had slowly, methodically, absorbed energy from the most unlikely of sources. The birds and the animals of the forest around her had to reproduce, and every time they did, she gained a sliver of strength. She was now back to full capacity, and able to accomplish even the most complex magicks. Such as changing a young, male body into one more appropriate to carry the soul of a sorceress.

Stripping out of his jeans, underwear and black 'KORN' T-shirt, Lillila strolled around the old house, feeling the air against her flesh, relishing the sensations she'd gone so long without. Coming upon Clem's stash of porn, she smiled a bit.

"The females of this era are quite beautiful. I shall have to ensure that I am the most beautiful, however." With a wave of Clem's hand, the magazines rose into the air, swirling around in a loose whirlwind of paper of magic. Using some sort of magical sense, she scanned each image, admiring the bountiful bosoms; the round, firm buttocks; the soft, sweet faces. She would have those. She would be the most beautiful...

From Clem's scalp, thick black hair poured in waves down his naked back. His face contorted painlessly, taking on a more feminine appearance with every passing second. His nose broadened, his lips pursed and swelled as his jaw slendered neatly as Lillila desired. His neck lengthened, as his entire body grew an additional half-foot.

Clem's skin darkened, going from the pale white he'd had since birth to a toasted golden-brown. Looking down through darkening eyes, Lillila saw her heritage asserting itself, forcing the boy's body to take on her own Mayan characteristics. His arms stretched, gaining a healthy female tone as long nails grew from his fingertips. His chest and waist tapered, as his rear swelled, giving him quite a curvy torso.

The boy's flat, non-muscular chest puffed slightly as it darkened, it's nipples growing larger and much darker. A smile crept across her lips as Lillila forced her magicks into the boy's dormant mammeries, compelling them to erupt in a flurry of growth. Skin and glands were both under command, as she felt her ample bosom quickly returning to her.

Between the boy's still pale legs, his manhood slowly retreated, leaving behind a lengthening slit between two darkening lips. Lillila placed her now-female hands between her widening hips, feeling her familiar femininity reappearing. His legs darkened and lengthened, gaining the bends and bows of a woman. Small tan feet carried the sorceress now, as the last of young Clem's body vanished, leaving her in a more perfected version of her former self. Running her hands over her full, abundant breasts and down between her moistening sex, Lillila closed her eyes and took in the sensations.

"Perfect..." She said as she flexed her magical muscle, silently shattering the room around her with a thought. The house, already unstable, completely fell apart, leaving the dusky demigoddess floating unharmed above the debris. Looking across the wheat fields, Lillila could see the horizon and the house where an ordinary farm family lived, blissfully unaware of the fate of their youngest.

Floating naked over the dirt road that led to the William's home, Lillila could sense two male presences inside. From Clem's memories, she knew that they were his father, Bert, and his older brother Bob. As she hovered silently, not wishing to soil her perfect feet, husks of wheat began to fall to either side of her, leaving a conical shockwave of destruction in her wake.

Reaching the house, she set her bare feet down on the wooden porch and forced the door that barred her entrance to melt away. Stepping inside, Bert and Anita Williams were dumbstruck by the buxom woman invading their home. Even if they had wanted to react, to resist, it would have been futile.

"Mother. Father." She said with a sadistic smile. "Your little boy is all grown up..."

Anita and Bert, neither having any idea the truth of the stranger's words, stared at her, their fear almost palpable. Being naturally sensitive to human emotions, Lillila could feel that fear, and relished it. It reminded her of her last feeding, so many years ago.

"Who... who are you?" Anita squeaked, breaking the silence.

"I am known as Lillila." She said, lifting Bert and Anita from their chairs. With a thought, Lillila sent all the furniture of the den: the chairs, table, television and even the rug, crashing into a mound in the corner. The two frightened farmers floated, screaming, above the hardwood floor.

"I require disciples. Those who will serve me..." Lillila said as Bob came rushing out of his bedroom, awakened by the sounds of his parent's screams. Lillila glanced over at the boy and, with a flourish, brought him to his knees.

"Don't hurt him... please... we'll do whatever you say!" Anita screamed as crushing magic flowed from Lillila's fingertips. The sorceress smiled and looked up at her 'parents.'

"You shall be my first, mother..." Lillila said, separating the older woman from her husband. She screamed as Lillila's eyes turned jet-black, and Anita Williams felt her body being transformed by something unnatural and unholy.

Bert Williams watched in horror as his wife's flesh bubbled and seemed to cook. Blisters formed all over her body as Lillila laughed. Small streams of bluish mist rose to the ceiling as her blisters began to burst, peeling huge slabs of flesh back with them. Anita would have been screaming, if the process had been painful. Or even uncomfortable. But it wasn't. It felt strangely... invigorating.

Anita's flesh fell away, leaving behind softer, younger skin. Her bosom swelled and her hips spread as her legs grew longer and shapelier. She moaned as Lillila's magic forced her sex to tighten and her clitoris to swell. She was being reborn as a young, sexy woman with a singular purpose: To seduce men for Lillila's amusement.

"M... Mom?" Bob moaned as the buxom blonde in his mother's clothing floated down to the floor, standing barefoot on a carpet of fallen skin.

"Mmmmmm..." Anita moaned, reaching beneath her dress to feel the marvels that her goddess had wrought on her. Bert remained speechless, his mind unable to accept the horror of what he'd just witnessed. Lillila glanced up, seeing her former father beginning to lapse into unconsciousness.

"Poor father..."

Bert Williams' legs and arms were pushed, forcibly, into themselves. Bones snapped and shattered as his torso was crushed by her power. He looked like a piece of film that had gotten stuck in the projector, warping and twisting from the heat. Vacant eyes, glazed over, never saw as his body was packed down by Lillila to the size of a child. His clothes fell to the floor as his tiny limbs grew softer, more childlike. Bob saw his father's manhood, now ridiculously misshapen; finally slip away as the man who had bore him was reduced to a six-month-old girl with platinum blonde hair. The little girl floated down the floor, sleeping peacefully on a mound of clothes that would never fit her again.

"Dad!!!!!!" Bob screamed, trying to get up. Lillila stripped the boy of his voice and glared at him.

"It is delicious, don't you think? I shall now raise the man responsible for my vessel's birth. She shall be my heir. A natural temptress who can rule by my side. Learning my magicks... sharing my conquests..." Lillila smiled toward Anita.

"Take the baby. You shall care for her."

Anita's chest ballooned as Lillila granted her the ability to express milk. An ability she would retain for the rest of her days. The special formula of Lillila's own essence would ensure her 'daughter' would be very beautiful. Very beautiful and, like her mother, very powerful. Anita obeyed, picking up the tiny girl and pressing her to her breast.

"You monster..." Bob growled, unable to contain his disgust. Lillila held out her hand toward Bob, a wide grin twisting her beautiful features.

"What shall I do with you, brother... shall I make you like our mother, a mindless disciple, or shall I make you my personal slave. I could make you a man unlike any other, or a woman..." Bob didn't care. He had only one thought. He would kill this beast. This fiend that had killed his brother and parents.

Bob felt the power rushing from Lillila, washing over him, reshaping him. He watched in horror as his chest swelled, his nipples thickening and swelling. Ribs narrowed, giving the fifteen-year-old boy the curves of a centerfold. Hips cracked and spread as legs took on the sexy look of a female in her prime. Bob's face felt like it was on fire as the energy distorted his features, giving him the face of a Clem's favorite centerfold. A fitting tribute to the woman that had pleasured her vessel for so many years. Between his legs, Bob's sex twisted and inverted, giving him the tight, virginal sex that Clem had always dreamed of.

But, Lillila's magic didn't stop there. She sensed the seething hatred in the boy and, with a spell that was ridiculously simple to perform, twisted that hatred into love. Bob would love Lillila, more than any human could believe possible, and do whatever her mistress demanded. Not due to a loss of free will, like Anita, but because Bob would want to. He'd live and die to please his mistress.

"Stand, disciple." Lillila said to Bob, who ran over and held the lovely Mayan by her leg, rubbing her cheek against the silken flesh.

"Lillila, thank you... thank you for making me so beautiful... thank you for making mom and dad so young and happy. I love you so much." The buxom brunette said, her full breasts rubbing against Lillila's calf.

Petting Bob, who would from now on be called Robana, Lillila swirled the mound of furniture and formed from the mass a throne. A place to rest her perfect body, and a seat from which she could plan her conquest of this world. She smiled down at Robana, as Clem's memories reminded her that next door was the Bradford family. Four fresh souls for Lillila to enlist...


JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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