JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English
It's an adult story.

Author's Note:

Some of you might recognize some of this story. This was started about three
years ago and even partially released to a list of readers where it had been
stopped at a point. It then sat while other things were worked on. However,
it bugged me because there was a little more that could be done with this
plot. I think I do everything morally wrong in here except shoot the
President. I break all of the 10 commandants a couple of hundred times. But
overall, I think that you'll find it interesting. To those that have read it
before, I did some voice changes to give it a little more interest and also
added a little plot to the original document. Then I added about 50 pages to
what I turned loose before to change the flow. It also caused me to do the
old "shall I hold onto this a little longer while I finish it" routine. I
decided to turn it loose at this point because it's got about another 120-150
pages in my desired story line. So I picked an interesting point to break it
off, trying to create a sort of "Who shot JR" type of ending.

As usual, this story is intended for adults and may be distributed on any
site where free distribution of stories is permitted by the management. Just
send me an e-mail to let me know where. Have a good day.



Chapter 1 - Nirvana

The concept of Nirvana means different things to different people. To me, it
means being in my Florida apartment with Julie Harris; my girlfriend and
future wife. Aside from being with her, all I need from life is a breath of
fresh air, a slice of bread and a sip of water. She is my everything; my
reason for living.

She knows that I love her and she constantly uses that knowledge against me;
in a very loving and teasing manner. I can't deny her anything that she
requests from me. All she has to do is to simply crinkle her nose a little as
she smiles her beautiful little smile, revealing that delightful dimple, and
send me a gleaming tinkle from her deep ocean-blue eyes. That is all it takes
for me to become her very willing slave.

It also helps when she applauds my efforts to be a poet, knowing that I want
to make my living by being a poet someday. I love to see the magic in
everyday occurrences and to use words to pass along that same magic to my
readers. She is the inspiration for some of my best verses, such as this
delightful little verse:

Her beautiful, perky nipples are like ice cream, Anytime that I look at her
bod, I want to scream, Staring at her full sweater, I can only dream,
Thinking about her fills my shorts with cream.

So everyone but me knows that most of my writing sucks. That's why I am an
unemployed writer. I survive by working as a waiter in the evening and as a
lifeguard during the day at a hotel's pool.

That's where I met Julie. She used to work in the hotel's gift shop as a
stock clerk and cashier. Her first day of employment at the hotel, was the
day that I fell in love with her. After all, she had all of the natural
prerequisites; a vivacious personality, short natural blonde hair, a perky
nose, full voluptuous lips, twinkling blue eyes, and a natural cleavage that
a plastic surgeon's silicone can't emulate.

I can write a novel about her luscious, perfect boobs. She claim's it's
because I'm a boob man. But a set of 37C pert tits on a five-foot two-inch
body that weighs only one hundred and nine pounds, is more than enough to
keep my cock flying at full erection all night. The rest of her twenty-one
year old body isn't bad either. The rest of her body can be described as a
perfectly rounded ass free of cellulite, narrow waist, and gorgeous legs. If
I wasn't a tit fanatic, I would be a leg man. After all, shapely legs not
only look good but also provide a very delightful sensation when properly
wrapped around either my neck or hips.

Both of us consider ourselves to be orphans although she knows that her
parents are still alive. She's got an abusive stepfather and an alcoholic
mother who is too afraid of her husband to protect her daughter from his
drunken rampages. But they don't know where Julie is or care where she is. My
darling Julie ran away from her home three years ago when her stepfather
unzipped his trousers one time too many times. The hard plastic of a nearby
telephone connecting with his equally hard head, resulted in a quick
opportunity for her to immediately escape his clutches.

Since then, she's lived on her own; doing whatever it takes to put food on
her table; sometimes holding down two or three jobs. Only once did she sell
her body and she vowed never to do that again; preferring the honor of
working as a waitress in a fast food restaurant at minimum wage to the
disgrace of knowing that she had lost her self respect. She's got a lot of
pride in herself and just wants to find the right man. I'm hoping that's me.

I'm two years older - twenty-three and everyone tells me that I'm extremely
handsome for a man; even Pete, the limp-wrist manager of the restaurant where
I work as a waiter. But that's another story that I don't want to get into at
this time.

I'm six foot one, one hundred and eighty pounds of basketball developed
muscle, short-cropped dark hair and could probably make my living as a model.
You know, a model is one of those guys who let their picture be taken while
leaning against a wall wearing nothing but their undershorts and a gold
twinkling earring. I don't wear an earring because I don't believe in that
sissy stuff. My only shortcoming is my big nose but Julie pooh-poohs my
concerns by claiming that it adds ruggedness and more masculinity to my
classic handsome face.

And my name is John Kimball, Junior. But calling me John or Junior is close
to being fighting words for me. I hate that name because it brings up too
many painful memories of my father, John Kimball Senior. So I answer to the
nickname given me many years ago which is Johnny or JJ. I prefer Johnny
because it creates a youthful, sexy image.

Like Julie, I'm an orphan, but my parents ran away from me and may still be
alive somewhere. Yes, they really did abandon me. I don't remember much about
my parents because they traveled a lot when I was little, leaving me with
different nannies for several weeks at a time. I was a late-in-life baby,
being born when my parents were in their late thirties. It was an accident
because neither of my parents wanted children and they both thought that my
mother was beyond the age where she could get pregnant. When they found out
different, it was too late in the pregnancy and my mother was too far along
for any doctor to abort the fetus - me - that she was carrying.

Then when I was seven, they didn't come back after one of their frequent
trips. Or call. Or write. That nanny eventually went to the police but my
parent's lawyer showed the police some paperwork. I didn't find out until
years later that the mysterious paperwork appointed the lawyer as my
guardian. So from the time that I was seven until I turned eighteen, I lived
with whatever nanny or baby-sitter that the lawyer hired to meet the state
laws. At eighteen, I was on my own so I left.

I don't know what really happened to my parents or actually care at this
advanced stage in my life. They didn't care enough about me to be there when
I needed them all those years or to even send me a rubber-stamped Christmas

Every year the lawyer came by the house on my birthday with his secretary de
jour, a birthday cake, a child's gift for me, and a card supposedly from my
parents. The birthday card signatures never matched an old letter from my
parents so I always suspected that it was the secretary's handwriting where
she forged their signature. Then on my sixteenth birthday, the lawyer and his
current plastic- surgeon-augmented secretary came by to wish me happy
birthday. The lawyer's present to me that year was that he left the typically
short birthday party very early, leaving his voluptuous secretary who
christened my manhood and explained many of the life's mysteries that a young
man needs to know, in that one wonderful night. My life or my cock was never
the same after that unforgettable all-night birthday party. The loss of my
virginity was my best present - ever!

My seventeenth and eighteenth birthday gifts were the same, except that the
lawyer gave me the remains of my trust, three thousand dollars, and bade me
farewell on my eighteenth. I was on my own.

Thanks to that secretary's birthday gift, I discovered that pussy was one of
those mysterious sensational delights that you can't get enough of. Half of
the people on earth have a pussy and the other half spend all of their time
trying to find some pussy. Well, nine-tenths of the other half are trying to
find pussy.

My restaurant boss falls into that one-tenth category. Pete goes out of his
way to avoid pussy, "preferring to lick the sticky lollypop instead of
probing the honeypot" to quote one of his more common gay expressions. I like
Pete and although he jokingly hits on me a lot, we have a mutual
understanding; he drools over me and I ignore him. But in return for
listening to his constant sexually explicit innuendoes, and not filing a
sexual harassment complaint against him, I get to work the schedule that
blends in with my other job and love life.

He admits that he's gay and wants to indoctrinate me into "the seductive
mysteries of life that a mere cunt can never provide" - another of his common
expressions. I have enough confidence in my manhood so that I can listen to
him and not feel threatened by his sexually barbed suggestions. The first
couple of weeks that I knew Pete, some of the things that he said shook me up
a little bit at first but eventually I began to enjoy his witty repartee,
discovering that he had a sense of humor similar to my humor. And that his
comments were only joking comments to keep both of us from going crazy and
were never serious suggestions. As an example of his humor, whenever an
above-average attractive couple was in the restaurant, Pete would whisper
that he'd take the man on, if I'll find someway to keep the man's wife busy.
Or dare me to spill soup in the man's lap so that Pete could wipe him clean
with his towel.

Pete and I have a sort of friendship because of the many hours that we spend
every week, serving the people that wander through the restaurant. After my
best friend moved away, Pete stepped into that spot, even though we have some
serious basic philosophic differences and very different sexual orientation.
We don't bar hop together, but have plenty of time to sit around talking
almost every night as we wait for that last customer to leave. I tell him as
much about my experiences at eating pussy as he tells me about his
experiences in sucking cock. I feel the same revulsion about having a cock in
my mouth as he has, for using a pussy as God intended. Pete is the only
person that Julie doesn't get along with because of Pete's obvious desires
for my body.

I love Julie's pussy - it's so sweet and creamy. We have an arrangement
whereby we make love whenever the other one wants it - no matter where we
are. We've made love in the floor of her closed gift shop's cashier booth
(her suggestion), in the back seat of an old abandoned Volkswagen bug, on a
surfboard (my suggestion) floating out beyond the breakers, and in a couple
of different janitor closets. That's in addition to our normal at-home sex.
We share a very small studio apartment where the couch is also our bed at
night. The neighbors on the floor below have complained a couple of times
about the late night movements of our couch across the floor as we release
our passions for each other.

And she loves my cock. Whether she's sucking me or riding me, she can't get
enough. She's constantly coming back for seconds and thirds. Because of our
work schedules, we don't have much free time together and spend all of our
time in our little apartment.

As soon as we walk through our small apartment's door, both of us strip out
of the work clothes that we hate; my waiter's suit for me and her "official"
dress and change into our "comfortable" clothes. Julie's ideal job would be
one that would permit her to wear shorts and a halter-top; instead of having
to sashay around her job at a gift shop as if she were a model prancing down
a fashion runway. For someone that looks as good as she does when she's all
dolled up in a dress, it's amazing that she hates dressing up; preferring to
be seen in public wearing shorts, a loose sweat shirt and sandals. She would
love to be shipwrecked on an island where she didn't have to ever put on
makeup, a bra, a dress, or wear those most abominable high heels again.

Her job requires her to wear a some-what revealing dress and two-inch heels.
A combination which I've suggested, might be grounds for a sex discrimination
lawsuit. One night, when she was lying naked on top of me; her warm matted
pussy hair rubbing against me as we enjoyed the mutual rosy afterglow of a
mutual orgasm, she told me about her misadventures at work earlier that day.
She whispered to me about how her manager constantly stared at her butt as
she walked around the store. I whispered back that she had the most beautiful
butt in the world and every man watched her butt; excluding Pete. She
whispered back that the only reason that her job required her to wear high
heels, was because it made her butt stick up more and looked more feminine.
My response was "So?" which didn't go over too good with her current feminist

The following morning, she made me prance around the apartment with some
two-inch high wooden blocks taped to the bottom of my shoes. She tried to
force my big feet into her smaller shoes first and when that didn't work, she
taped the blocks to my shoes to show me what it was like to walk in heels. I
can see why she doesn't like them but I wouldn't admit it to her because I
also enjoy watching her walk around in her heels. But she proved her point. I
don't want to walk around in high heels either.

Julie is the woman that I considered to be the world's most perfect woman.
She has a beautiful face, a vivacious personality, a Centerfold's body, and
she saved it all for me.

So you see why my life is nirvana. Or it was until I got the letter from my


I came home after a hard night at work, feeling tired from working as a
waiter for a large late-hours party, to find that Julie is still awake. She
is busy, as usual working with one of her hobbies, making a flower
arrangement to give a friend as a gift. Her favorite hobby is working with
flowers and she wants to own a flower ship someday. As usual, she is dressed
in her favorite raggedy jeans, comfortable sweatshirt and her hair is pulled
back into a `out-of-my-eyes' ponytail. After she gives me a quick peck on the
cheek because she's too deeply engrossed in the flower arrangement to abandon
her project, she tells me that I have some mail in a thick brown envelope on
the television set.

The registered letter had a South American postmark on it. I open it to
discover the following letter neatly typed on some lawyer's letterhead:

My son,

Every muscle on my body tightens with dread as those words sink in. I know
that a letter or any communication from my not-lost-long-enough parents can't
be good news after this many years of zero contact from them. Feeling my
knees grow weak, I sit down quickly and re-started reading the letter.

My son,

I trust that this letter finds you in good health. I know that we haven't
been too close over the last several years but your father wasn't ready to
settle down to the type of normal family environment required to raise a
child. So it was a difficult choice of losing either my husband who is my
life-long love, or my only child. Now that you're old enough to understand
life a little better, I hope that you can forgive me for making the most
difficult choice of my life.

I regret to inform you that your father's dead. He died last year and his
mortal remains are stored in a nearby South American crypt. When we left our
home that last time so many years ago, I followed him to South America where
he wanted to search for the Fountain of Youth that the ancient explorer Ponce
DeLeon also spent his life searching for. Yes, that's why we left you. It was
your father's life-long dream and his dream quickly became my dream because
of our love for each other. As we aged over the subsequent years and
experienced failure after failure in our searches, he became more determined
to find his ultimate destiny. As for myself, I began to realize that we were
on a fool's errand and begged him to return with me, to our home in America
and to the dear little boy that we left home for his own safety. He insisted
that he was getting closer and promised that we would give it up after one
more try; which was the expedition where he died.

After his death, I cried a lot. For him, for us, for the three of us and for
the life that the three of us never had. I mourned his death and considered
joining him. With him gone, I had no reason to live. For months, I sat in my
room and cried - for him, for the son that I abandoned, and for the home life
that I had forsaken. Then my priest suggested that I should try to find you,
to ask for your forgiveness, and to try to use the small time that I have
left on this earth.

I hired an investigator to find you and to send me some secretly taken
pictures of you. I hope that you don't mind, but I had to see what a fine
young man you've grown up to be. You're as handsome as I expected you to be.
And you have a beautiful girlfriend.

I live on a South American ranch. I own it; all five thousand acres and I
make a very comfortable living from my agriculture business. It's a beautiful
place but since the death of John Senior, it means nothing to me.

The ranch is yours, if you want it. All you have to do, is take the two
attached tickets and fly here to see me. The other ticket is for your
girlfriend. I want you to come here so that I can see you in person. I want
you to come here to let me apologize to you for being a fool so many years
ago. I'll admit that I was only a fool in love with her man and I followed
him as he searched for his place in the sun.

As soon as you spend one week on the ranch, it automatically becomes yours.
I've filled out the appropriate papers and government lawyers will transfer
ownership to you if you do three things:

The first of the three things are that you and your girlfriend must fly down
here within the next three months. I want your girlfriend to come with you.
If you're anything like your late father, you have a temper and you'll need
someone that you trust, to talk to you, to help you listen to reason. I
insist upon three months because that gives you time to get your affairs in
order before visiting me and I don't have much time left. My health is .. not

The second of the three things is that you and your girlfriend must live on
my ranch with me for one week.

And the third thing is that you must give me the opportunity to meet you. I
want to try to explain why I did the stupid things that I did. I want to
apologize for not being there with you when you needed your mother and most
of all, I want to try to start being your mother again.

I love you.

Your mother

Lynne Kimball


It is a good thing that Julie is at home with me after I finished reading the
letter. I flew into an uncontrollable rage, throwing the letter and tickets
into the garbage. An uncontrollable rage takes control of me and I almost
destroy our few meager household possessions. I kick or hit every wall, door,
and chair in our small apartment as Julie hangs onto me trying to calm my
uncontrollable anger. Finally my anger is spent and I collapse on the floor
like a ragdoll, crying for the first time in over fourteen years. While I'm
lying on the floor bawling like a damn fool, she pulls the crumpled-up letter
out of the garbage and reads it; immediately understanding my frustration
over this very late contact in life with my mother. I am still sobbing as she
sits on the floor and holds my head in her lap while she talks to me, trying
to console me.

With my head buried in her lap, I cried, I whimpered, I murmured, I
stammered, I yelled, I gnashed my teeth and did a thousand other things as I
vented my years of pent- up anger and frustration. Years ago, I gave up on my
parents; giving up on them just as they gave up on me, and now my mother
wants to come back into my life. And my mother wants me to drag Julie into my
long-lost family life.

That night is the first night in five straight months of living with Julie,
that we don't have sex. Julie is willing as usual but I am so damn ashamed
about the way that I made a fucking fool of myself (so I keep telling myself)
but it is really because I can't think of nothing but that damn letter from
my mother. Why can't she leave me alone? Why after all these years? Why does
she want me to bring Julie? Why didn't my mother die also?


It takes Julie three weeks to finally convince me that I should consider my
mother's offer. I am still feeling the deep anger for the first couple of
days after getting the letter so we don't discuss it until after I cooled
down a little. She knew that there was a boiling cauldron within me, waiting
to explode. When I get to the point where I can discuss my mother's letter
without my knuckles turning white or my voice raising in anger, she hinted
that I should go visit my mother.

We don't have sex for another three days after her recommendation. For the
first time since she moved in with me, she isn't willing to have sex with me.
She is using her body to weaken my resolve to ignore my mother's request.

Then on the fourth night, she gives in to me. Oh, wow, does she ever give in
and it seems that we tried to make up for the three days of missed sex. After
a steamy, bone jarring, mutual orgasm session, I always become so mellow that
nothing that Julie says or does for the next several hours, can anger me. She
uses that magical moment to cajole me into promising that I will discuss the
trip with her later. She sweetens her request with a wonderful squeeze of her
vagina muscles around my still sensitive cock as she nibbles on my neck,
reminding me of my promise to discuss the travel with her the next day.

The next day after my mellow mood has worn off, we discuss my mother's letter
as two rational adults. Using my vast command of the English language, I say
"FUCK NO, I'M NOT GOING!!!" in an appropriate adult manner and she comes up
with an appropriate bribe "if you ever want any more pussy from me, you'll do
it." Being a man that is willing to listen to reason, I considered the valid
points that she uses as her argument.

Later when we cool down and curl up in each other's arms where we could talk
sensibly again, she insists that I have to go. Not because my mother wants
it; but because it is something that will bother me for the rest of my life
if I don't go. She tells me that I have to go, that I have to see my mother,
and then I can walk away afterwards if I want to. But I have to face my fears
and anger. I have to see if I can forgive my mother.

So I give in. On the condition that Julie accompanies me and that we will
leave as quickly as possible if I am too uncomfortable being around my
mother. Julie agrees and laughs as she jokes "It will be difficult for both
of us. After all, we're not married and mother's have a tendency to treat
girlfriends differently from wives. I'm willing to bet that when we get
there, that your mother follows her old- fashioned beliefs and puts us in
separate bedrooms."

So I call the lawyer's number listed on my mother's letter and tell the old
fart that we will be there next week.

Chapter 2 - Eden

I've never been out of Florida before, much less America. So boarding an
airliner destined to South America is a thrill for me. It is easy for us to
pack up and leave our rented apartment. All of our personal belongings fits
into her suitcase, my duffel bag, and a backpack. Julie has a couple of small
trunks of work clothes that we've left with Pete. She fills them with clothes
that she really prefers to burn, but she anticipates that we might want to
come back to our old jobs someday and will need the clothes. She doesn't want
to spend more money on clothes that she hates. She did celebrate breaking the
heels off of her former job's mandatory high heel shoes, promising herself
that it will be a long time before she wears anything that chauvinistic

She destroys the heels because we asked the hotel for a joint leave of
absence and the hotel manager fired both of us, because hotel employees
aren't supposed to become involved with other hotel employees. There's some
damn security policy about fraternization. Destroying the heels is a symbolic
"fuck you" statement for her and a firm statement that she won't go back to
work at that place when we return. As for Johnny's restaurant job, Pete tells
me that he'll welcome me "back with open arms and a big kiss."

Our travel arrangements are three separate parts. We fly to Rio, spend a
night, then fly in a jungle cargo plane into a remote section of the
Venezuela jungle, and then take a combination of truck and boat to the ranch.
Four days to get there, one week to live up to the terms of the "gift", then
four days to come back out of South America if things don't work out between
me and my mother.

The Rio stopover is a vacation for us. It is the start of the Carnival season
and the town is full of partygoers. Neither of us have ever seen anything
like it. It is like a big fraternity party, only wilder and bigger and
wilder. Booze, dope, and naked, jiggling tits are all over the place. So many
women are parading around topless that I can't even describe the visual
affect. I thought that I'd seen every possible set of hooters before, but
that one night's Carnival was a college education for me in the various tit
sizes and shapes that women have.

I tried to get Julie to strip down to her waist, telling her that she has the
best looking and perkiest set of boobs in town. But she shyly demurred,
saying that she is more comfortable with just going braless under her
T-shirt. That is a major concession for her because she really doesn't like
the male attention that her jiggling boobs normally attract.

Climbing into the back of an ancient "puddle-hopper" cargo plane the next
morning with me having a terrific hangover, is the most dangerous thing that
either one of us has ever done in our total life. I puked my guts out on the
back of the plane, but none of the other six passengers noticed my
sick-smelling puke. Probably because the caged chickens, the crates of pigs
and the strong animal odor from the caged cargo somewhat covered up the smell
of my sickness. We had to suffer through four landings and take-offs at small
jungle towns before we arrived at their destination; a river front jungle
town called Taiz.

Taiz has about four thousand inhabitants, but they are typically all jungle
people that are still in their first few years of civilization. I joke to
Julie that "Any town where it's acceptable practice to pee from the front
porch into the street, still has a long way to go in my book."

Taiz's major claim to local fame is its hospital; a combination emergency and
surgical center that serves the surrounding jungle and related small
villages. Julie points out that the hospital also lists its services as a
mental institute and a leper colony.

Our hotel, which is the best hotel in town, is nothing more than a two-story
building with some cots in rooms. Included in the room rent is a daily lunch
and dinner meal of "jungle stew". Because of its raunchy taste, I swear that
it has to contain a mixture of dog meat, fish, and some other type of meat
that reminded me of well-worn leather boots, smothered in beer captured from
a man-made yellow puddle in front of the hotel. We both agree that the food
is horrible and makes McDonalds food look like a five star restaurant by
comparison. Pushing my half-eaten bowl away, I groan "No wonder my father

The next morning, Juan Lopez strolls into our lives. Juan is a short,
swarthy, rotund lawyer who wears the same white suit, white shirt, thin black
tie and Panama hat every day. His round face, pencil thin mustache, and
constant day-old beard make him look like an unprosperous drug smuggler. It
is Juan's job to verify my arrival at the ranch and my subsequent residence
for one week; then to submit the paperwork transferring ownership of the
ranch from my mother to me. One of the hotel regulars tells Julie that Juan
is a former lawyer that's been disbarred because of his unorthodox practice
of law. Since his disbarment, he's made his living by providing any type of
legal assistance that doesn't require a license to practice law.

Because of the horrible food and Julie's subsequent dysentery and diarrhea
from her sampling of the hotel food, I'm not too enthused about going any
further until she feels a lot better. But neither of us doesn't want to waste
Juan's valuable (ha!) time, so the morning after meeting Juan, I carry our
small baggage down to the riverboat that will take us up to the ranch. It is
possible to drive there, but the drive is a two-day trip and it only takes
five hours by boat.

Our new `lawyer' meets us at the boat. Even as sick as Julie is, she notices
that Juan is wearing the same suit, and from the multi-layered food stains on
his white shirt, the same shirt as the day before. He doesn't have any
luggage, just a small briefcase with his toothbrush stored between his legal

The small boat trip is a nightmare for Julie. She is still sick and I shield
her from view as much as possible as she frequently sits on the boat's stern,
her naked butt hanging over the water as everything instantly goes through
her. But thank goodness that she begins to feel a lot better about an hour
before we reach the ranch.

When the boat turns the last bend before the ranch- landing site, the boat
captain blows his horn, informing the ranch occupants of our impending
arrival. Trying to look presentable, Julie runs a brush through her hair and
freshens her lipstick, which just makes her face look even paler from her

As the boat nears the landing, I can see my mother standing at the top of the
landing, waiting for us to land. I know it is her although it is more than
sixteen years since I last saw her. As the boat eases next to the dock, I
keep it to myself that I can see that the years and the jungle living have
been rough on her.

My last memory of her is when I was seven. I remember her as being
forty-seven old then, with a full head of dark hair, a vibrant personality
that became more vibrant after she drank her daily gin martini, and a slim
trim figure. The woman standing on the dock has a full mane of white hair,
framing a tanned wrinkled face that has been exposed to too much jungle sun
over the years. And this woman is much smaller than the way that I remember
my mother. But after all, when a kid is seven years old, a five- foot
two-inch mother with a paddle seems mighty big. Standing on the dock waiting
for the boat to land, she reminds me of the feisty and very matronly Barbara
Stanwyck character on the old Big Valley television show.

My mother and I stare into each other's eyes, not saying a word or moving as
the boat docks. When the boat is secured to the landing, Julie breaks my
immovable trance- like state by whispering "Go to her."

Turning to her, I respond in a hoarse whisper "I have to do it my way."

Julie whispers back "Then remember your manners and introduce me." as she
smiles at my mother.

Holding Julie by the hand, I help her on the dock so that that we are
standing only a few feet from my long-lost mother. My mother and I lock eyes
again as I announce "Julie, this is Lynne Kimball..the woman that conceived
me in her womb. Lynne, this is the woman that I love and am going to marry
someday, Julie Harris."

At close distance, it is easy to see that my mother is still a pretty woman,
even with the wrinkles and skin that has evidently been exposed to too much
sun over the years. Her gray eyes are just as sharp as ever as she listens to
me, nodding to my introduction to Julie. Still staring at me, she asks, "Do I
get a hug?" her voice an elderly woman's slightly quaking voice that I don't
recognize after all the years as being the way that I remember my mother's
vibrant voice.

Julie is holding my hand and she knowing gives my hand a slight squeeze as
she drops my hand, gently pushing me to accept my mother's request. Staring
at the woman who had borne me so many years before, I declare in a very calm
voice "I made it clear to your lawyer that there aren't any emotional bonds
between us and that I preferred to keep it that way. I'm here to listen to
you, to hear what you have to say, and then to make my mind up as to our
future relationship. I also prefer to call you Lynne instead of Mother. Can
we go to the house and get Julie out of the sun? She's not feeling too well
after eating some local food."

Hiding her anger at my harsh remarks, Julie brushes by me and moves forward
to hug my mother as Julie loudly proclaims and apologizes for my actions
"Your son can be such an asshole at times. I'm so glad to meet you, Mother

They hug each other while I stand in the same spot on the dock, making sure
that I stay aloof from her as I continue to stare at my mother's face who is
busy welcoming Julie. I find it difficult for me to relax my guard as I try
to ignore the way the hair on the back of my neck stands up when I look at my
mother. For some unknown damn reason, I sense danger.

Everyone's attention is distracted by the lawyer, who is still sitting in the
same boat chair where he spend all morning with his hat covering his face as
he slept. He pushes the hat back on his head, releasing a small noise that
sounds somewhat like a fart as he stands up and proclaims "Mrs. Kimball, I'm
Juan Lopez. I've been commissioned to verify that this is your son, that you
are willing to sign over your estate to him if he stays here one week and to
verify that he actually stays here one week. The clock starts now if you
verify that this is your son."

She stares into my eyes as her voice softly admits "Yes, my son, John Kimball
Junior, has grown up to be this man."

"Don't call me that. My name's Johnny.", I gushed out loud, not knowing why I
suddenly felt afraid again.

Laughing out loud as if she is embarrassed, she breaks eye contact with me as
she looks around at everyone. Speaking to the small assembled group, she
proudly proclaims "Welcome Juan, Julie, and especially you, Johnny. If it
will make you feel more comfortable, please call me Lynne. I gave up my
rights to the title mother a long time ago."

Three jeeps are waiting for us at the end of the dock. We quickly load the
few items from the boat into one of jeeps and then climb into the other two
jeeps. Lynne's ancient knees pop very loudly as she climbs into the jeep,
informing me that her outward healthy appearance might be very misleading.
For the first time, I notice that her hands are crippled and gnarled from

Julie and I ride in Lynne's jeep. It is a somewhat silent ride for me because
I am too wrapped up in the weird feelings that I am experiencing, but Lynne
talks and carries on as if it is only yesterday that she had last seen me.
She points out some of the different crops that she grows on the ranch -
bananas, corn, coconuts, spices, cattle, and other assorted agriculture

The ranch hacienda is a long flat building about two miles from the river, in
a cleared field with several outlying buildings. Several servants come
running out to unload the jeeps and to welcome the new arrivals. From the
looks of the ranch and number of people working on the ranch, my mother is a
very prosperous rancher.

Lynne is the proper hostess as she shows her guests the ranch hacienda's main
hall and assigns Julie to one bedroom and me to an adjoining bedroom;
politely suggesting that we will probably sleep better in separate bedrooms
until Julie is over her sickness. Julie greets that suggestion with a quick
wink to me to remind me that she forecast that my mother would
old-fashionably assign us to separate bedrooms.

While Lynne is showing Juan to his room, I follow Julie into her bedroom,
carrying her suitcase. After I drop her suitcase on her bed, Julie stands on
her tiptoes and kisses me as she suggests "Let's go spend some quality time
with her," adding a last minute barbed challenge to tease me into relaxing a
little "after all, she's still your mother."

Holding hands as we walk up the hallway, we discover that Juan has made
himself at home and is mixing a large pitcher of martinis as we enter the
main living room. Pouring each of us a drink, he insists "I'll leave the
pitcher with you while I enjoy the coolness of the front porch with my filled
glass. You'll probably need the rest of the pitcher more than me."

I sit on the couch across from Lynne who is sitting in an easy chair. I
silently watch her as she light's a cigarette with her crippled hands
fumbling slightly with the lighter. Something about the image of her smoking
doesn't seem right to me, so I ask, "I don't remember you smoking when I was
a kid?"

Running her free hand through her mane of white hair, she replies in the
shaky voice that I have quickly become accustomed to hearing from her lips
"Your father was the chain smoker. He either had a pipe, a cigar or half a
dozen lit cigarettes in the ashtrays. His favorite smoke was a cigar but he
would smoke a pipe or cigarette whenever he was someplace where cigars were
prohibited. I smoked only when I was drinking - and I still limit myself."

"Yeah, I remember that Dad used to smell like an ashtray all the time. He
used to smoke a very stinky cigar that would smell up the whole house. I
haven't smelled a cigar that bad since he left." I mummer in a low voice; my
body almost shuddering with the still vivid memory of my father's favorite
cigar's horrible smell.

She cackles in a crackling ancient woman's voice that I find hard to believe
is now her normal voice "Purerto Blanco. That was his favorite cigar and I
also hated the smell, so he only smoked one a week when he was at home. If he
went by himself on a business trip, he would smoke two to three of those damn
things a day. I still have some of them in his humidor."

Julie shakes her head as a frown fills her face. Scrunching her face to
display her displeasure, Julie injects "Cigars!!! UGHHH. I hate the smell of
them and the way that I can't get the thick smell out of my clothes. I've
been a non-smoker all of my life and have never been able to understand how
anyone can tolerate something that stinks so badly."

Winking quickly at Julie to signal to her that I feel the same way about
cigars, I ask my mother "He smoked a lot of cigarettes also, didn't he?"

"Your father had two habits that were his trademarks. He was a chain smoker
that had to either have a cigar or cigarette in his mouth at all times and he
was also the most vain man that I ever met in my life. He was the most
meticulous man about his appearance that I ever saw. He always had to look
his best and wear his best clothes. He would change into his finest suit for
dinner when it was just the three of us in our own home and he would spend
more time fixing his hair than I spent on my own hair. No matter where he was
or what he was doing, he took the time to ensure that he always looked the
best at all times. I could get ready to go out in half an hour but it usually
took him two to three hours just to make sure that his appearance was
absolutely perfect. At times I used to think that both of us were born the
wrong sex because of the way that he primped and fussed about his appearance
while I didn't really care how bad I looked. I used to get your father
slightly angry at me because I would want to wear a simple pant suit to
church while he expected me to wear a long flowing dress with all the jewelry
accoutrements. He usually won by promising me that he would help me put my
makeup on or would brush my hair for me. Your father could have been a
hairstylist if he wanted to."

Julie's laugh reveals that Juan's martinis are making her feel more relaxed
"Mother Lynne....", she coos in an dragged out accent that I recognize is her
signal to me that I should also address my mother the same way. "..you and I
are a lot alike. I know that I could make a lot of money by going into the
fashion business as a model because I'm young, have a decent body...well,
Johnny likes women with slightly larger boobs...and I think that I have a
pretty face. But I don't like to put on the makeup and fix my hair into the
latest Paris hairstyle. I like to be me. I like to wear my jeans and old
sweatshirt. I don't like strutting around, having men gawk at me; and I'm
very happy that Johnny likes me the way that I am."

I want to remark that I think that Julie's boobs are perfect for her and that
I wouldn't suggest that she change one single thing about her but I feel
slightly awkward discussing my girlfriend's breasts and my personal
preferences in front of my mother.

I'm trying to think of a graceful way to change the subject so that it
doesn't appear that I'm changing the subject or embarrassed by the very
personal topic. But I notice that my mother's eyes have become sharper and
are almost glinting as she stares at Julie's chest as if she's able to see
through Julie's shirt.

With her cigarette dangling from her lips, my mother talks directly to Julie,
acting as if I'm not even in the room "All men like bigger boobs on their
women. If they had discovered the surgical techniques back when I was a young
piece of tail, my husband would've probably tried to talk me into getting my
breasts augmented for his personal pleasure. Back then, I was young and
stupid enough to have been willing to go through with it just to keep him
happy. But now, I'm very glad that I never had large breasts. Please don't
get me wrong by thinking that I don't like large breasts. I do like them on
other women, not on myself. I like to see young healthy women who have bodies
that look like they have a woman's curvy body instead of a man's ramrod
straight body. I think that you look great now and would look even better if
your breasts were just a little bigger. You have the face and the general
body structure where you could easily transform yourself into a sexy woman
that would outshine any of the current Hollywood sex symbols. Oh, dear me,
now you're going to think that I'm one of those lezzies. It's the martinis
that's talking. Please forgive me, dearie."

Julie's very brief eye contact with me, asks the silent question "did you
hear your mother?" but she quickly returns to smiling politely to my mother
as she tries to defuse the awkward situation "Nonsense. Thank you for your
compliment but I'm very happy with the way that I look and your son had
better be happy with it too, because I'm not changing for any man."

For a couple of minutes, my mother and I make small talk about the old days.
Then out of the blue, I ask the question that has been on my mind ever since
I opened that registered letter. "Why did you get in touch with me...after
all those years. Why now?" , I ask getting a quick dirty look from Julie.

Lynne's face is very calm as she looks at me while she kills a little time,
sipping on her drink. Then she responds "One of the men that helped carry in
your bags, had a white lab coat on. He's my resident doctor, Doctor Garcia.
He's here for the servants and also to be my personal doctor. He didn't want
me to let you come here. He's afraid that I can't take the strain. Since your
father died, I've had two nervous breakdowns and once spent thirty days in
the Taiz Hospital's Mental Wing. I've had some very rough days and it doesn't
take much stress to set me off. I frequently suffer from hallucinations and
delusions of grandeur. If it wasn't for my good doctor's medicine and skill,
I wouldn't be here now. I wanted to see you while I still had some common
sense left."

Julie pipes up "Mother Lynne, that surprises me. You look so great and

Nodding to her comment, Lynne continues "My doctor thinks that my mental
facilities are leaving me. It's something similar to Alzheimer's Disease
where I progressively loose my mental ability. Notice how my hand is
trembling slightly...it's because I'm having to concentrate so hard on
maintaining my...shall I say..mental balance? I know who I am, where I'm at,
and who you are. But I also feel a strong urge today that I'm the...don't
laugh because it's not a laughing matter to me...I feel that I'm two people
today...the Queen of England and Lynne Kimball. Because you're here in front
of me, I know that I'm not the Queen. But if you weren't here to give me
something solid to focus on, I would find it difficult to deny that I'm not
the Queen Mother."

She pauses a moment looking at both of us, before continuing "A couple of
days ago, I thought that I was Roger Willoby. Roger is a man from my past
before I met your father. He was a car salesman that I used to date when I
was a teenage girl. The time that I spent thirty days in the local hospital,
I thought..", she pauses a long pause staring at me with eyes that seem to
darken and glaze over slightly as she stares at me. Then she continues "I
thought that I was John Kimball, Junior. Only I believed that I was you when
you were age fourteen and going through male puberty. They committed me to
the hospital because of that."

Julie almost drops her glass as Lynne's unexpected admissions startled her. I
continue to stare into Lynne's dark eyes, watching them seemingly change
color from being dark to her more normal gray color. Without either of us
saying anything, she continues "I honestly thought that I was you. I answered
all of the doctor's questions as if I was a fourteen-year-old boy. The
doctors pointed out to me that I had a sixty-year old woman's body and it
threw me into a rage. I attacked them, fought them until they restrained me
and drugged me. Even with their medicine dulling my senses, I still thought
that I was you for over a week. Then the medicine began to work and I
realized that I couldn't be you, that I had to be me. By the end of the
month, I was able to answer their questions and prove that my temporary
insanity was under control."

"Why did you think that you were me?"

"The doctor's think that it's because I think so much about you.that I
frequently wonder about you. When my thinking started getting screwed up the
last time, I was seriously thinking about finding you and bringing you here."

"So why did you bring me here?"

"I don't have much time left. I wanted to see you while I still had some
brains left. I wanted to meet you..to meet your pretty girlfriend..and maybe
to encourage you two young people to give me a grandson while I can still
hold him in my frail arms. I want you and Julie to stay with me...until I'm
gone forever. The ranch is yours, no matter what if you just give me a week
to get to see you..and talk to you. Speaking of the ranch, you need to see
how wonderful it is. I've arranged for you to tour the ranch tomorrow. I
suggest that Julie stay here with me while you're touring because of her
still weak stomach while you're looking at Eden."

"Eden? Isn't that a little presumptuous to name a ranch?"

"Eden is a paradise where two people..a man and a woman...started their own
world. This was your father's and my paradise. After you've had time to look
at it a little closer, you'll know why we chose to call this little piece of
jungle Eden."


Lynne runs me out of bed at four in the morning, and sits with me at the
breakfast table while the cook fills my belly with pancakes. When breakfast
is over, she sends me off with her ranch foreman in one of the jeeps. The
foreman drives for a couple of hours, then we ride horseback for another
three hours before we reach the top of a plateau where we can see the whole
ranch. I can see the main river that we came in on and several small rivers
that criss- crossed Eden before feeding into the main river. The view from
the plateau is stupendous and I can easily see why my parents fell in love
with the place. Then the foreman escorts me through most of the fields so
that I can see the crops and the different farm crews at work. Five thousand
acres and four hundred full time employees isn't a bad little spread.

As I get out of the jeep at the hacienda, Julie comes running out of the
house. I can tell from her expression that something is terribly wrong.

She runs into my arms and I tightly hold her as she groans "It was horrible.
Your mother and I were sitting on the couch talking. She was smoking and
something happened to her. Her eyes glazed over before her eyes lost focus
and she dropped her cigarette in the couch. She didn't bother to get it so I
jumped up and grabbed it, seeing that it had already burnt a hole in the
couch. Before I could put it out, she grabs my arm and throws me to the
ground. The fall knocked the breath out of me and then she jumped on my back
and began pulling my hair and calling me names. I don't know much Spanish,
but she was calling me all sorts of dirty names while she slapped me and held
me down. I fought with her but couldn't push her off of me. I yelled for help
and the doctor came running with some of the servants. She kept insisting
that she was someone named Ramone. The doctor told me later that about five
years ago, a field hand named Ramone raped your mother and your father killed
him. He also told me that your mother has hallucinated before that she was
him.that she goes in cycles about who she thinks she is."

Julie's eyes are coated with tears as she recounts the terrible day that she
just experienced. I hold her as she continues "It was horrible. She fought us
as if she was the devil, kicking, biting and cursing in Spanish. She kept
insisting that she was Ramone until she fell asleep from the doctor's

"Where is she now?"

"Sleeping. Johnny, I'm scared. She scares me. You weren't there today to see
her. Don't leave me with her again!" she asks, her voice dropping to a low
plaintive whimper that I find hard to ignore.


The woman sitting with us at the next morning's table is Lynne. But it is a
very different Lynne from the Lynne that greeted us the day we arrived. The
doctor's medication makes her so mellow and withdrawn that she is more like a
zombie than a friendly relative. She eats when commanded to eat and sits
where the male nurse tells her to sit. Her eyes are glazed over and she
stares at us as if we don't exist. Doctor Garcia apologizes for her actions,
explaining that he has experimentally reduced her morning's medication dosage
to see whose personality is in control. If it is still Ramone's personality
then she will stay doped up for a couple of days. While Julie and I observe,
the doctor questions Lynne. She answers the questions as if she is Lynne.

The doctor suggests that we get the cook to pack us a picnic lunch, grab one
of the jeeps, and explore the ranch on our own while he watchs Lynne,
decreasing the dosages of medicine that he has been giving her. Agreeing with
his suggestion, we get the hell out of there.

We spend the day down by one of the rivers. The foreman gave us a map showing
the good places to swim, so we find a clear pool where we can skinny-dip and
soak up the sun on a river sandbar, enjoying the sun, the soothing jungle
noises, and the river. And we also share a little loving.

By the time that we drive back to the ranch, the sunset is creating a very
romantic backdrop to the hacienda. Lynne is sitting on the porch talking to
Juan; both of them are sipping martinis and smoking as if everything is
normal. After we park the jeep, Juan stands up and excuses himself as Lynne
says, "They tell me that I made a fool of myself yesterday. I'm sorry if I
scared you, Julie. I can't help myself. But you don't have anything to worry
about because my hallucinations typically don't re-occur for several days."

"Why don't you go see a specialist?" I ask, my voice gruff as I try to come
to grips with how I should treat this woman who is obviously sick.

The old woman shrugs, "I have. My local doctors sent me to Rio. The doctors
in Rio sent me to doctors in Baltimore and London and also to Sidney. The
specialists are familiar with my symptoms but don't have any encouraging
solutions. One solution is to do a lobotomy, which will remove my remaining
personality and memory. The left- over personality would be similar to a
zombie but I would be cured according to the so-called specialists."

We talk some more and I begin to recall additional memory's about her from my
childhood years. I remember the way that her mouth crinkles when she laughs,
the way that her eyebrows arch as she makes a statement, and the way that she
sometimes rolls her tongue up as she thinks about something. And I also
remember her smoking habit; how she would bend her elbow and hold the hand
holding the cigarette straight up. By the time that we turned in for the
night, the three of us are laughing and enjoying each other's company a
little better. Some of the strain of meeting each other and Lynne's attack,
are quickly forgotten as we are charmed by the older woman's strong


The next morning, Julie's stomach is giving her some more problems and Lynne
suggests that I accompany her on a horseback riding jaunt while Julie rests.
The doctor seconds the suggestion, reminding me that Lynne probably won't
have another medical problem for several days; and that the outdoor ride with
me will do her some good.

I ride a big bay and Lynne rides a small sorrel that is more suited to her
smaller size. Lynne leads us across several fields, and down to one of the
tributary rivers. We follow the riverbank until we cross over the river at a
crossing. Then she follows some old trails through some rough looking jungle
terrain until she finds the ravine that she's searching for. We dismount and
lead the horses down into the ravine, then ride them slowly for about half a
mile through the various ravine branches before she stops her horse again.
Dismounting, she stares up at me as with a weird half smile on her face as
she proclaims "This is also your land. We don't farm it but we own it and
keep the natives off of it. Come with me and I'll show you why I really
wanted you to come here. It's the secret of Eden and our wealth."

I climb off my horse, being very glad for the opportunity to stretch my legs
which aren't used to horseback riding. Lynne walks down a small gully about
thirty feet then points at the vine covered wall. I look at where she is
pointing but don't see anything. She walks straight toward the vines, parts a
couple of vines with her hands and steps through them, disappearing from
sight. Startled by her sudden disappearance, I stop to stare, not sure if I
want to proceed or not. Her voice echoes slightly from behind the vines as
she calls out "Come on and see the secret of Eden."

I part the vines where Lynne disappeared and see an opening in the cliff face
behind the vines. Pushing the hanging vines aside, I follow her into the
opening. She is standing about ten feet inside the cave opening which turns
into a man-made tunnel deeper inside the cliff. I watch fascinated as she
lights a couple of old kerosene lanterns with her cigarette lighter. She
hands me a lantern while explaining "Your father's research led him all over
the jungle until he found this hidden place. We used the last of our money to
buy this ranch and set up the farm so that we would have an excuse for being
way out here in the general vicinity of this tunnel. Then we would sneak over
here and continue our research. Just John and me. Follow me and watch your
head. The natives that dug this tunnel over eight hundred years ago were
smaller than me."

I follow her deep into the tunnel, which starts going downhill quickly. As we
go deeper, I smell the slightest trace of sulfur in the air. There are steps
carved into the stone in a couple of steep places and there is one very steep
place where we climb down a forty-foot ladder. After ten minutes of
scrambling through the small tunnel carved into the rock, we arrive at a
small cavern. In the center of the cavern is the long-dead but well-preserved
body of my father resting on a stone altar.

Chapter 3 - The cave

I almost shit in my britches. It is definitely my dead father lying there on
the rock alter. The body is an much older version of the man that I barely
remember, but I know that it is clearly the same fucking son-of-a-bitch that
ran off so many long years ago to chase a dream, ignoring his only son - me.
His cloth-wrapped body is lying on a long flat rock in the center of the
room, reminding me somewhat of the old biblical resurrection stories. After
my initial shock of seeing my father's body, I notice that there isn't any
sign of decay on his body. His body looks as if he just died within the last
few minutes. I turn to stare at Lynne who is silently watching me.

Knowing that I have thousands of questions whirling though my mind, she walks
toward the body. She is whispering, but the whispers loudly echo around the
cave's large chamber as if her lips are only an inch from my ear "This is
where he wanted to spend eternity. This room and that rock were used by the
old Indian's as a sacrificial altar. The top and base of the altar are coated
with layers of ancient dried blood. When he unexpectedly died, I brought him
here by myself, dragging him and carrying him until I got him down here. Then
I performed the ritual that he wanted - an old Indian ritual that he had
recently personally translated and documented. When I came back a month
later, there wasn't any change in his body. It's been two years now and as
you can see, there's not a bit of decay. I think it's partially because of
the ritual and partially because of the chemicals in the cave's air. Under
the cloth, he's completely naked. And he's got a magnificent hard-on. If he'd
had something as hard as his current erection occasionally when he was alive,
you'd have several younger brothers and sisters. When I hold his cock in my
hand, I can almost feel his pulse throbbing in his magnificent erection.
Would you like to feel it?"

A shudder goes through me as I feel revulsion at the horrible thought of just
touching my dead father, much less holding my father's two-year-old dead cock
in my bare hand. Stunned by her question, I find myself thinking about what
my old friend Pete would say or do if he was in this situation.

Ignoring her repugnant suggestion, I ask, "I thought that he was buried in
the city."

"There's a grave and headstone there to resolve some of the legal problems,
but the casket is empty. If I'd buried him there, he'd be a putrid mess of
bones and wormy flesh now. Instead, he's perfectly preserved."

I slowly walk toward my father's body, staring at my father's perfectly
preserved face in the dim light of the lanterns. I am drawn to look at the
dead man because I know that I will never, ever, come back into this damn
cave. I stand close to the rock altar, holding up my lantern so that it casts
its light so that I can clearly see the face that I spent so much of my youth
trying to forget. Looking at the dead man's face brings back a lot of old
memories that I was able to successfully forget. Until now, that is.

As I stare at my father, I feel my mother take the lantern from my hand for
some unstated reason and hang the lantern on a nearby hook. I surrender it
without question because I am really stunned by the turn of events that
brings me to this cave to see my father for the last time. As I continue to
stare at my father's face with my mind full of memories that I don't want to
remember; my peripheral vision barely sees the rapidly moving shadow of a
club descending toward the back of my head.


The first thing that I know as I awaken is that my head hurts. My neck hurts.
Every part of my body hurts. HURTS!

Slowly I open my eyes, trying to shake off the painful and leaden feel of my
hurting body. As my barely focusing eyes stare at the cavern's roof, I
remember where I am and faintly recall the last few seconds of consciousness
just before the club hit me. I try to move but discover that I'm tightly
restrained to something solid with several layers of well-placed ropes.
Turning my head to look around the cave, I see that several torches have been
lit around the cave's perimeter while I was knocked out.

I immediately discover that I'm naked, tied to the sacrificial stone altar
that my father's dead body was resting on, and a grubby blanket is placed
under my head to serve as a pillow. Turning my head as far as my tightly
restraining ropes will permit it, I stare into the dim recesses of the huge
dark cavern trying to understand why I'm tied up like this. And one of the
most puzzling questions rushing through my still dazed mind is "where is

"I'm sorry that I had to hit you, but I didn't think that you would be
willing to undress and lie down on the altar for me." Lynne's quaky
grandmotherly voice echoes around the cavern's walls.

I turn my head in the direction of the voice, seeing only the dim outline of
someone standing in the shadows. As I look at the faintly visible outline,
the shadowy outline moves forward into the light cast by the multiple
torches, confirming the shadowy person's identity. It is Lynne that is slowly
moving toward me from out of the shadows but it certainly isn't the Lynne
that I ever expected to see.

She is completely naked.

Her `naked as a newborn baby' pale-white grandmotherly body is covered with a
myriad mixture of native paint symbols that you would expect to see only on
the pages of a National Geographic magazine article about African native
tribes. Her small slender body shows the same aged wrinkled appearance as her
face. As expected for any woman that is sixty years old, her breasts are
sagging. A comparative thought momentary fills my very confused mind as I
decide that I saw semi-naked twenty year old women back in Rio whose heavy
breasts sagged more than my mother's sixty-plus-year old firm-looking breasts
sag. Although she is my mother and a naked senior citizen, I notice that her
slender body appears to be quite firm and still somewhat shapely for her age.

After five full seconds of staring at her painted symbol- coated naked body
which is slowly walking toward me, I recover enough from the mind-numbing
shock of my situation so that I recognize that I need to quickly find some
way to escape from my restraining ropes. Tugging mightily, I strain as I try
to use brute strength to break free from my ropes. For several seconds, only
my head moves as I strain and flex every muscle on my body to try to break
free. About the same time that my face turns beet red from my exertion, I
finally decide that my normal strength can't budge the tightly tied ropes.

Recognizing that Lynne is now standing close by the alter, I turn my face to
stare up at her sardonically smiling face. The evil gleam twinkling in her
eyes and the devilish smile on her lips causes a faint shudder to roar
through my body. A cold chill raises every hair on my body as I realize that
it is my mother who is responsible for this terrible predicament.

For most of my life, I've imagined my mother to be a terrible ogre because of
her childhood abandonment of me. In the last few days, I've tried to forget
that image and to think of her as a kindly grandmotherly type. But now with
her standing naked over my tightly restrained body and seeing the evil grin
on her smiling face, I know that my childhood impressions of my mother are
frightenly correct.

Terrified by my confusing thoughts, I panic and scream "LET ME GO!"

I instantly realize my mistake as my loud scream echoes so loud from the
cave's opera-house-like acoustics that my own scream makes me think that my
ear drums are going to burst. Ten seconds after I screamed, a faint echo can
still be heard in the distant reaches of the cave's various tunnels.

Lynne bends over my body, positioning her face so that her lips are only
inches from my lips. I want to stare into her evil eyes and to try to somehow
find an ounce of goodness somewhere deep within her soul. But my eyes are
drawn to focus on her lips as she softly whispers in a too-friendly-
so-that-it-has-to-be-evil type of voice that reminds me of the horrible witch
that Hansel and Gretel faced. Her soft whisper burns into my ears that are
still ringing from my too-loud scream "Johnny. I can't do that. Even if I
wanted to turn you loose, your father...John Senior wouldn't let me do it.
You see, he's really still alive and you're his only chance to live. If I let
you loose, then he dies. And when he dies, I die because I don't have the
skills that he has...YET. But if I perform the ritual on you, we'll all live.
Don't you see that what I'm doing, is for the best? Just as I gave you life
years ago, it's now your turn to give us life..your life."

"WHAT FUCKING RITUAL?" I scream, my head again being rocked by the loud
echoes as my scream reverberates from the cave's walls.

She lifts my head quickly and wraps a thick gag around my mouth, muffling my
voice as I continue to panic and scream. When there is relative silence again
because of the gag, she whispers in that evil voice that I knows that I'll
never forget "The Fountain of Youth is a misnomer. There's no way to regain
youth but there is a way to become young again. It's possible to exchange
bodies and that's why I brought you and Julie here. John and I need your
bodies..your youth and energy. It had to be you because you would've
inherited every thing on our death. You would've challenged anyone else, even
us in our new bodies, if you'd ever discovered that we had cheated death.
When John decided that you were the perfect host, I had to agree with him."

Panic roars through my body as I strain against my bonds and try to
understand what she is saying to me. I don't know what she is planning to do
to me but I sure as hell don't like what I've heard so far from the fucking
evil bitch. I know that my actions to burst my bonds are futile, but I can't
give up without a fight.

My whole body is tightly restrained to the cold rock altar and the only thing
that I can barely move is my head. As I jerk and thrash against the ropes, I
feel something that makes me shudder uncontrollably with fear.

I feel her cold hand brush lightly against my naked inner legs a brief half
second before her fingers grasp my exposed cock. Because of the gag around my
mouth, my screams sounds like a muffled groan. I try to resist as her hand
fondles me but I can't escape her terrifying touch.

Gasping for breath while I attempt to slow down my racing heart, I
concentrate on sensing what she is doing to me. The first rational thought
that I have, is that her hand feels cold. Lynne's cold hand doesn't feel warm
nor as friendly as Julie's hand does when Julie plays with my cock.

I try to think rationally but the terror overtakes me so that I lose control
again. I scream again but the gag muffles the scream so that it isn't as loud
as Lynne's ongoing whispers about what a magnificent cock I have.

Straining against the ropes, I can barely lift my head so that I can see
Lynn's upper body as she stands beside the altar. I stare at her facial
profile, knowing that she is staring just as intently as my cock that she is
holding in her hand. Her look is a mixture of greed, evil and lust as she
momentarily plays with me.

My neck muscles are hurting from the strain of fighting the ropes so much
that I can't keep looking at her. Dropping my head back onto the flat
surface, I shut my eyes as I try to accept the horrible fact that it appears
that my mother is going to rape me.

Like most rape victims when they discover that rape is inevitable, I try to
distance myself mentally from my predicament. I try to ignore the cold hands
stroking me, trying to build an erection. I concentrate on building a mental
image of Julie and me escaping this evil woman's plantation as I throw a
match to burn the damn place to the ground.

Then I feel my cock beginning to burn as she rubs something on it; making it
even more difficult for me to ignore what she is doing to me. Straining
against my bonds, I struggle to raise my head just enough so that I can see
that she is coating my cock with some black liquid that looks like black
milk. I try to thrash and pull away from her but can't resist her activities
because of the way that I'm tied. After a few seconds of fruitless
struggling, I recognize that I can't stop her from putting that black stuff
on me; so I quit struggling to save my strength. Jerking my head back up to
stare down between my legs, I observe that my black-gunk coated cock is
completely erect.

She smiles an evil smile at me and whispers; her voice sounding evil like a
witch speaking a spell as she adds `blood of a turnip' to her caldron of evil
brew "You've got a big cock. I was worried that you might have a small cock
that would be about the same barely-useable size as your late daddy's cock
but I'm happy to see that it's one of the bigger ones that I've had the
privilege to see in my limited lifetime. No wonder Julie loves you. A woman
has to love a man with a cock that is this big and can get this hard..under
the right circumstances. Well, my little man, we don't have time to play
around much more so I'm going to get down to business. I think that you'll
like the first part of the ritual but you most definitely won't like the rest
of what I'm going to do you."

I gasp as she climbs up on the altar with me and sits on top of me, with her
knees around my lower waist as if we are lovers. In the dim lantern light,
her normal gray eyes glow darkly as she adjusts herself so that she is
sitting on top of me; positioning her inner thighs so that she is almost
touching my stiff erection. It is one of the wonderful types of positions
favored by lovers that would have been welcomed by me under other
circumstances. And with someone other than my fucking bitching mother.

My rock hard erection is throbbing and laying heavily on my belly; feeling
harder than normal. I assume that the reason for my unnatural erection must
be because of whatever that black stuff is that she coated it with.

Refusing to give her the satisfaction of seeing the absolute terror and anger
that I feel, I stare straight up at the cave's ceiling, mentally determined
to ignore whatever it is that she is going to do to me. When I feel her
fingertip touch my engorged shaft and slowly trace the pulsing vein the
entire length of the shaft, I fight the dual sensations that her touch causes
by shutting my eyes and trying to control my emotions. One part of me, the
physical part, is enjoying her touch and causing a throbbing pulse to beat
through every nerve of my body. Another part of me, the mental part, is
screaming that `it is your fucking mother raping you. RESIST!!!!' I feel my
body break out with cold sweat from the uncontrollable emotions racking my
body with the delightful pleasure and mental agony.

Then I feel her hold my cock so that it is touching her pubic hair as she
adjusts her position over my restrained unmoving body. When her cold hand
wraps around my hard cock and points it upward from my body, I shudder as the
throbbing blood pounds through every inch of my body. Quickly recognizing
that I can't stop her rape of my body, I make a quick decision to pretend
that it's Julie doing this to me. However when she rubs my sensitive cockhead
against her coarse vagina hair which feels like steel wool as compared to the
real Julie's cotton-yarn soft vagina hair, I recognize that I won't be able
to mentally escape the rape.

Opening my eyes, I stare at the sardonic grin on her face as she rubs my
cockhead against her vagina lips with one hand while her other hand is madly
cupping and squeezing her own breast. Tensing her thighs slightly, she
adjusts her position over me so that her vagina lips are directly over my
cock. Winking at me as if we are long-time lovers sharing a secret, she holds
my cock tightly as she eases her vagina down over my cock, letting the
steel-hard cock force its way deep inside her glistening pussy as she lowers
her body on it. As soon as she has the entire shaft buried in her wet pussy,
she leans her head back and rolls her head around in small circles as her
inner muscles squeeze my cock. Her eyes look glazed-over and there is a look
on her face of total rapture as she enjoys the first few moments of feeling
the hard cock within her.

She licks her lips with her tongue as she leans forward, resting her weight
on her hands as she digs her fingernails lightly into my chest. Her weight
shifts slightly as she momentary adjusts the position of my cock inside her.
Rolling forward suddenly, she bends over until her lips are only inches from
my gagged lips as she whispers "I wish that I could free your hand so that
you could play with my titties, but I think that you'd try to escape. Too
bad, because I will be the best fuck that you'd ever had. I also know that
I'm going to be the last fuck. Enjoy it, sonny."

Sitting back up in the normal ninety-degree lover's position, she begins
using her leg muscles to lift and plummet herself back down onto my impaled


I beat my head against my pillow, trying to resist her as she rapes me,
trying to break my bonds so that I can escape, trying to knock myself
unconscious so that I won't have any memories of what she is doing to me and
also try anything else that I can do to escape my mother's evil clutches. I
bit my lip, hoping the pain will override the pleasure and struggle against
her inner thighs but the more that I struggle, the more pleasurable her cunt
feels to me.

Yes, pleasurable. I find that my mind is so overwhelmed with enjoyable
sensations that I can't concentrate on escaping my precarious situation and
can only think about the warm and pleasurable sensation of my cock buried
deep within her tight pussy. Within a minute, I'm not able to struggle any
more and find myself arching my back as far as I can because of the ropes and
moving my hips to meet her hips as I become her willing stud.

I quickly forget that I am tied to an ancient stone altar, that she intends
to steal my body, that she is a sixty-year- old woman; a woman almost forty
years older than me and worst of all, SHE IS MY MOTHER. My little head is
doing all the thinking for my extremely horny body and I am straining to fuck
her as hard as I can. If she will untie me, I know that I'll temporarily
forget about escaping and become her very willing lover. The warm feeling of
her wet cunt wrapping around my throbbing cock is the best sex that I've ever
had in my short life; even that first piece of secretary ass.

I feel her stiffen as an orgasm roars through her body. My deeply impaled
cock is immediately coated with a hot gushing liquid and I enjoy the
momentary warmth as the hot liquid cum oozes down into my pubic hair and
begins dribbling down the crack of my ass. After several bone- jarring
shudders and intense pressure from her firm inner vagina muscles, she
collapses on me as if she is a dead weight. But I continue stroking her using
that one-inch of hip upper motion that my ropes permit. After a couple of
seconds of her dead weight lying on me, I feel her stir. She sits back
upright and smiles down at me like a grinning Cheshire Cat as she digs her
fingernails into my chest, raking my chest as she slowly rises and falls on
my still rock-hard staff one last time. All the time she is staring into my
eyes as if she is a cobra preparing for the kill and I know that I'm staring
back at her with my eyes full of lust, showing my intensely strong desire to
keep fucking her.

She slowly bends her head toward me; our eyes staring into each other eyes as
her face approaches my face; our bodies totally merged at the pubic area.
With one quick jerk, she pulls the gag from my face; then stares into my
eyes, waiting for me to scream. Her lips are only inches from my lips and I
can feel her hot breath teasing my hungry lips.

But I don't scream. I'm so overwhelmed with lust and desire for her that I
can only beg for more. Yes, I beg and whimper for her to keep fucking me.

As her glistening lips touch my lips, I shut my eyes and compare my wonderful
mother's probing tongue to my sweet memories of my dear Julie's tongue
probing my mouth. I know that it isn't Julie's warm lips touching my lips and
that it isn't Julie that I am fucking. But I don't care because the sex is so

Lynne's hands lightly hold my head as we tongue fucked each other while my
cock keeps ramming repeatedly into her hot box. I knew that it is my
sixty-year-old plus mother, but it is also the best pussy that I'd ever had
and that's all that matters at this moment.

With a groan, I feel that familiar gusher building up in my balls. I gulp her
tongue, pulling her warm tongue deeper into my mouth as I arch my back,
thrusting my cock into her as deep as I can. Recognizing my impending
eruption, she pauses and holds me tightly; waiting for that magical moment
when everything will explode from deep inside me. I feel that internal
freight train of cum boiling through my body and I ram her as hard as I can
tied to the damn altar as she matches my ramming action with her own hard
thrusts. With an eruption that I know has to bust blood vessels in my cock, I
explode the most wonderful load of cum into her, as I collapse totally
exhausted on the hard rock altar.

For several minutes we just lay there, both of us totally exhausted. She is
lying on my chest, my face covered with her thick white hair. I am actually
enjoying the warmth of her body and feeling her heartbeat with my cock. I am
also enjoying the warm, liquid feel of my pubic area where our mixed juices
drain down my ass. Then she sits up, revealing that most of the paint that
she had applied to her chest, is wiped off by my sweat-soaked chest. Lifting
her legs slightly, she slowly pulls up until my flaccid cock pops out of her
tight pussy. She pulls my gag back up around my mouth, whispering "The jungle
herbs that I smeared on your cock, turned us both on. I've never had such a
good fuck and I hope that you'll forgive me for what I've got to do next."

She steps away, moving out of my limited range of vision. Then I see her step
back toward me, carrying something that looks like a club covered with a rag.
The last thing that I remember seeing, is that she swings her club at my head


I feel odd and quite weird. It isn't like anything that I have ever
experienced before. My mind feels as if I am falling down a never-ending
elevator shaft; a long deep shaft without a bottom. Then I begin to drift
from my fall as consciousness returns slowly, pulling me out of the shaft. My
swimming head hurts but I can't remember why it hurts. I try desperately to
open my eyes. I feel sick. I want to vomit but can't because of the gag in my
mouth. And I hurt. My whole body hurts and aches.

I strain and discover that I am still tied to the stone altar. Slowly parting
my eyelids, my eyes struggle to focus as I stare up at the cavern room,
remembering what I had just done. I had FUCKED MY MOTHER.

Well almost. She is the woman that conceived me so many years ago but she has
never nurtured me as my mother was supposed to have taken care of me. I
hadn't thought about her for so many previous years that it was somewhat easy
to think of her as not being related to me.

As my memory returns, I feel anger remembering how she gave me some type of
jungle herb aphrodisiac so that she could rape me. Yeah, that's what
happened. I was raped. I might have been a somewhat willing participant and
enjoyed it, but I was definitely tied down, drugged and robbed of my ability
to reason. I WAS RAPED.

As I though about how I will explain this to Julie, my concentration is
broken by a whisper from the dim shadows asking in a very familiar sounding
voice "Have you figured it out yet?"

Raising my head, I stare into the shadows, seeing only a dim figure standing
back in the shadows. As I watch, the figure steps forward until the
torchlight reveals something that causes my heart to stop for a second. It is
my body standing at the edge of the dimly lit wall.

My naked body. My naked body with my face. My face smiling at me.

Jerking my head back and craning my neck as far as the ropes will let me, I
stare down at my rope restrained body, seeing a small, petite, elderly female
body with tits, and a matted pubic mound that barely covers a obvious set of
cunt lips. I can barely lift my hands which I see aren't my large masculine
hands, but are her crippled arthritic hands. I can't see my face but I've
seen enough to know that it isn't my body that I am looking at. I am in
Lynne's sixty-year-old female body and she is in my body.

I scream "OH SHIT!" immediately regretting it as the loud continuous echo
almost shatters my new fragile ancient eardrums. It isn't my strong male
voice, but her ancient crackling voice that echoes back at me. I scream
again, releasing only a high pitched screech as I struggle with my ropes.

As the realization strikes me that I'm not dreaming, I feel faint and pass


Cold water is splashed in my face. Jerking my head and groaning as I sputter
from the water, I struggle to move as another handful of water soaks my face.
Opening my dazed eyes, I stare confusedly at the nearby river and jungle on
the other side of the water. Jerking my head around as I struggle to shake
off the still-drugged feeling, I stare straight into a nearby pair of eyes
that I easily recognize. I recognize the eyes as being my own eyes. But I'm
not looking into a mirror.

The eyes are Johnny Kimball's eyes. Seeing my eyes again caused me to
remember that I'm not him anymore. Seeing the smiling young face that has
always been reflected back in the mirror at me, causes a shock that almost
stops the old woman's ancient heart that is now my heart. Every memory of the
horrible rape by my mother and subsequent body exchange with her, roars
through my head as I painfully remember every waking moment of my rape and
body exchange with my mother.

I know that my new body's blood-shot eyes must show the terror that I feel.
My mouth gapes open because of the mixture of terror, confusion and
frustration. I feel my lips move but no words escape my mouth as I stare
terrified into the young man's eyes that used to be my eyes. His youthful
eyes are smiling with laughter; as if to mock the terror on my now ancient

"Welcome back to Eden." The crisp authoritative voice states confidently,
from the smiling lips that were stolen from me. He is dressed in the clothes
that I was wearing when we left the ranch this morning.

Looking down at my new body, I see that I'm dressed in the clothes that Lynne
had been wearing when we left the ranch; a blouse, skirt, and some fancy
women's riding boots. Not only is it her clothes but it also is Lynne's
smaller female body that I'm really seeing in the bright light of day. My
fists tightly clinch as I correctly conclude that it hadn't been a dream and
that we actually exchanged bodies. If we did that, then we also fucked.

I try to move, to attack him and somehow overpower him. But the new young man
is easily able to dodge my mad rush and to trip me so that I fall flat on my
face in the sand. Struggling to my feet, I manage to stand up as the fucking
asshole bemusedly watches me as I painfully discover that I'm definitely not
as strong now as before the body exchange.

Rising to my feet and staring up at my taller former body's grinning face, I
know that my new old woman's face shows my intense hatred and total anger as
we stare into each other's eyes.

He smiles that silly Cheshire Cat grin as he explains, "The old ritual had
some options that we could choose. I selected one that would allow me to
retain your memories while not giving you that capability. So I've got my own
memories, and also all of your memories. I remember quite plainly how Julie
and you..that is I remember how Julie and I fucked down on the sand bar
yesterday, for example. Remember how my old buddy, Pete used to constantly
hit up on me and how jealous his homosexual desires for me would make Julie.
As you can see, with your memories, I can easily pass any test that anyone
would give you. I'm John Kimball Junior now, which means that you're going to
have to learn to be me."

"You'll never get away with it. I don't care how much you think that you know
about me, but you'll never be able to fool anyone. You won't fool Julie and
I'm going to scream to the world how you stole my body." I yelled, almost
stumbling when I heard the higher pitched voice emit from my new ancient

"For the short time that it's necessary to continue this charade with her,
you can be assured that I will fool Julie. And everything is set up to take
care of you. Look coming across the river."

I turn and see the doctor crossing the river toward us. For a moment, I
consider running toward him and screaming for help, but I correctly
determined that I need to save my breath for the best possible moment to
escape. Spinning back around, I stare at my former male body, feeling very
uncomfortable as he continues to smile that silly smirk at me.

Our eyes remained riveted in a non-blinking stare as we try to figure out
what the other one is going to do next. I've given up on imagining that this
is nothing more than a bad dream and am really believing that it has happened
to me. I still don't understand how it is possible but I know that we've
exchanged bodies. I'm now an old woman and my fucking bitching mother is now
a young man. My mother is now me and I'm her.

But I refuse to give up that my identity to the evil bitch without a fight.
No matter what, I'm still Johnny Kimball. So what if my body is now forty
years older and the opposite sex. That might be my stolen body standing only
inches from me but it's still my bitchy mother. It might be a HE now but HE
will never be me. I don't know I'll do it, but I'll find some way to reverse
the process.

Standing like two gunfighters getting ready to battle it out, we watch each
other. To an outsider it would appear that I'm scared and confused while HE
appears to be playing some sort of game which amuses HIM to see how terrified
HE can make me become.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I watch the approaching doctor, waiting until
he gets close enough to help me escape. As the doctor's horse strides out of
the river, I suddenly turn and run toward the doctor as fast as I can with my
weaker and much shorter new legs. I look back only once and am a little
surprised to discover that I'm not being chased by my stolen male body.
Stopping in front of the doctor, I yell in a screech-sounding voice "I'm the
real Johnny. You know - John Kimball Junior. She stole my body and gave me
her old body. That's really my mother."

The doctor looks at me as if I'm crazy. Then lifting one foot over his
saddle, he drops to the ground beside his horse. Reaching into the medical
bag hanging from the saddle, Doctor Garcia removes a hypodermic needle. When
I see the needle in his hand, I know that something Is drastically wrong.

Backing up from the potential foe holding the needle, I quickly discovers
that HE is standing behind directly behind me. I try to escape but HE holds
me in a steel grip as HE steadies my scrawny weak arm for the doctor and the
approaching needle. A scream from my lips scares the birds out of the trees
but it is a short scream as HIS large hand covers my mouth. As I struggle,
kick and jerk to try to escape from the strong arm that is restraining my
much weaker body, I feel the needle prick my arm and a warm burn begin in my
arm at the center of the needle prick. Within seconds, I feel the warm burn
spread throughout my small body and some of the tensions escape as my new
body began to loosen up.

As my drugged body relaxes, my mind is still whirling, still thinking as I
hear a faint voice in my ear. It's a voice that I know quite well because
it's my old voice stating "I've been planning this for over two years. The
time that I spent in the Taiz Hospital was to establish a medical diagnosis
that would fit the symptoms that you're currently displaying. Right now,
you're very paranoid and you're claiming that you're someone else - your own
son, to be exact. A symptom that specialists have previously observed and
diagnosed. When we take you to the hospital this time, they'll keep you for a
long time. At least for the two years that it takes to get around the very
stiff inheritance tax laws in this country. And my friend, the good doctor
will be one rich man for taking good care of you during those two years."


I stare at HIM, my mind going blank as the doctor's drugs reduce my thinking
ability and willpower so that I'm not capable of thinking or acting for
myself. I am turned into a zombie; unable to comprehend anything except very
simple directions. I feel like a bubble is around me which restricts my
movement and turns all noise into a dull roar which my mind rejects. But when
someone gets through the bubble and tells me to do something, I feel this
strong compulsion to obey without any resistance. When HE commands me to
walk, I walk, not caring which direction or how far. I can hear them talking
but have difficulty thinking about what they are saying and I really don't
care to listen to them. I just know that I feel very relaxed, comfortable and
I want to lie down so that I can sleep. But their constant prodding keeps me

They lift me on top of one of the horses and tie me to the saddle so that I
won't fall off, then the doctor leads my horse by the bridle while HE gallops
off on the other horse; the big one that I'd been riding earlier.

HE. HIM. IT. Yeah, IT is probably a better choice of gender to call my former
body. What do you call a body that you used to inhabit but is now occupied by
someone of the opposite gender? What do you call yourself? Shit, I'm a
fucking woman now. Or am I? I don't know. I feel so confused. I have tits
bouncing around on my chest but they're not my tits. I know.possession is
nine-tenths of the law so some damn lawyer can probably prove that they are
now my tits. But I refuse to claim them. They're my mother's tits. Mother
hell!!! She ain't my mother. My mother wouldn't do this to me. She's a bitch.
Even if she's now in my stolen body. Does that make IT a bastard now? I feel
so confused.

I want to fall asleep. The gentle rocking motion of the horse and the drugs
make me feel so sleepy. But I know that I can't rest. I have to warn Julie. I
have to tell her who I really am. I have to warn her that she is in danger
from IT. And that we must escape.

I don't realize it but I dozed off as the doctor led the horse back to the
hacienda. I awakened when someone lifted me from the saddle and stood me on
my feet. For several seconds, I have difficulty getting my balance and
would've fallen except for the strong arms of the tall men that are holding
me. Gee, everyone seems so tall now that I'm a small woman.

Raising my head to look around takes a strong mental effort. I know that a
little drool is escaping my mouth because I feel it drip down my face. I
stare at Julie and IT - my real body. They are standing on the porch watching
me. IT has his arms around her and they are talking. I open my mouth to warn
her but even I couldn't understand the drivel that I am shouting. My mouth is
numb and I am mumbling something intelligible. As the two men use their
strong bodies to lead me into the house, I turn my head and stare at Julie,
trying to find some way to warn her. Just before the door shuts, blocking my
view, I see her turn around and walk away with ITs arm around her waist.

Chapter 4 - Lynne's commitment papers

"Good morning." My face scrunches as if the words are screaming through my

Setting up suddenly, my face quickly changes from looking confused to looking
very nauseous. My eyelids lift slowly as my blood-shot eyes blink open. My
eyes quickly squint into an angry stare when I see the fucking doctor that
drugged me, standing beside my bed. My reflexes push the bedsheets away from
me, revealing to me that I'm not restrained and that my new legs are very
bony looking. I hold one of my hands in front of my face staring at the
slender hands that are partially crippled by arthritis. The hand is a
reminder that the nightmare hasn't been just a dream.

Instead of trying to escape, I grab my head, holding my head as if I'm only
seconds away from screaming from the pain. I stare at the fucking doctor,
wanting to kill him or anyone that comes within range of my killer
fingernails. My own spoken words obviously hurt my very sensitive ears as I
flinch while grumbling "I'm not Lynne. I'm really Johnny."

Doctor Garcia softly replies "I know now that you're telling the truth.
That's why I stopped your medication and you're not restrained. I didn't
discover what was occurring until after I got you home and saw the obvious
personality difference in the two of you. There's no way that he passes for
you and I can help you prove what really happened. You've got a reaction to
the medicine that'll wear off in a couple of hours so just try to keep moving
until then. But we don't have much time to stop him. The person that's now in
your stolen body has gone to the barn. I'm going to bring Julie in here so
that we can warn her."

My new voice croaks, sounding very different and much deeper, as a look of
hope fills my lined face. My hand grabs the doctor's hand and clutches it as
I struggle to blurt "Yeah, we've got to warn her. I'm feeling very sick and
finding it difficult to concentrate."

The doctor gently pulls away from my limp grasp as I grimace with pain. Going
to the room's door, he opens the bedroom door allowing Julie to step into the
room. Julie slowly approached the bed as my old woman's face lights up with a
mixture of pain, terror, and happiness that Julie is all right. Squirming
into a half sitting position, I hurriedly explains "Julie, thank God that
you're all right. It's me..Johnny. My mother.the bitch tricked me into some
ancient Indian ritual and she swapped bodies with me. She's after your body
for my father, whose dead but his body's not rotted yet. We've got to escape
because we're both in danger here."

"Shhh, everything's ok." she whispers as she pats my old woman's
liver-spotted hand, trying to calm me.

Still feeling confused and dazed by whatever drugs were injected into my old
woman's body, I don't recognize Julie's statement as being one of pity
instead one of understanding what I'm trying to tell her. I try to get out of
the bed so that I can guide Julie away from this crazy place until the two of
us can find a way to reverse the body exchange. But the sudden movement cause
my nervous stomach to cramp, causing me to collapse back onto the mattress.
Gasping from the pain, I whimper "We've got to hurry."

Behind Julie, a male voice teasingly declares, "You can see with your own
eyes, that she's freaked out again."

I raise my head to see IT standing behind Julie. I point a shaking finger at
IT, screaming "RUN, JULIE."

Julie doesn't move but instead pats my hand as she softly declares in her
youthful melodic voice "Everything's going to be all right, Mother Lynne.
Last night, Johnny and I decided to stay here and take care of you. We had a
long discussion with the doctor about your illness and I understand. We're
not going to leave you."

I look at the younger woman's honest face, suddenly recognizing that Julie
thinks that Johnny's mother is really a crazy woman and she's not believing a
word of the truth that I'm telling her. IT steps beside Julie and IT is
smiling that same stupid smirk that I've quickly learned to hate.

I grab the lamp from the end table beside the bed and raise it over my head
to throw the lamp at IT. The doctor grabs my arm and pushes me back onto the
bed as I scream "JULIE" at the screeching top of my ancient voice. I fight
the doctor with the determination of a cornered wildcat, but he easily jabs
another needle into my arm because I only have the strength of a dying frog.
As the medication's warmth spread through my body again and I collapse
because the medicine steals my feeble strength, I can hear IT's voice as IT
declares "That's what she did to me yesterday. I showed you the bruises on my
head where she hit me with the rock and then scratched my chest as we fought.
She's like a demon possessed. I think that I'm going to follow the doctor's
advice and commit her to the mental hospital. I hate to do it, but she's a
danger to everyone here."

As the real Johnny Kimball falls asleep from the medication injected into the
old woman's body, the old woman's lips mumble "No. Fuck NO."


A bright light shinning in my eyes awakens me. I try to go back to sleep, to
dream my dreams but the gloved hand keeps pulling my eyelids open and
shinning that flashlight into my eyes. I can hear a faint voice telling me to
awaken but I don't want to escape my dreams. Then the hand slaps me; not
hard, but hard enough to get my attention.

I open my eyes slowly, staring at the person that has lightly slapped me. I
don't recognize him or know where we are. The man apologizes as he introduces
himself "Do you remember me? I'm Doctor Ramarza, the head of the Mental
Hygiene ward of the Taiz Hospital. Doctor Garcia has applied for a long-term
bed for you and I'm required by law to examine you. Do you remember being
here before?"

"NOOOO! I've never been here. It's a trick. I'm not really her - I'm ..." I
blurt before realizing that I'm probably being set up again and that I need
to think about what to tell him.

"Who are you?" he asks, in a detached voice as he skims through a thick
medical folder with the name Lynne Kimball printed in big block letters on
the folder's outside.

"I'm not who you think I am." I stammer, trying to think of a way to explain
it, knowing that I don't really understand it myself.

"Maybe I can help?" declares a very familiar voice on the other side of the
privacy screen surrounding my hospital bed.

Julie walks around the screen, wearing her familiar tight- fitting jeans and
the T-shirt that I'd bought for her in Rio. She stands beside the bed,
patting my hand as she softly tells me "The imposter screwed up and I
discovered what was occurring last night. He's in the local jail and we're
going to take you back to the cave as soon as Doctor Ramarza verifies your
identity. Tell him who you are and what happened to you."

I squeeze her hand as I feel tears flood my eyes, feeling a tremendous wave
of relief that somehow we're both safe now. My ancient voice shakes as I
proclaimed loudly to the Doctor "It's been a nightmare. My own mother did
this to me. The fucking bitch imprisoned me into her body after raping me.
She's got some fucking ancient ritual that she performed on me while I was
tied to the altar. She became me and she's after Julie's body, planning on
using it to resurrect my dead father."

The doctor folds his chart, stares at me and asks, "For the official record,
who are you and how old are you?"

Julie sits down on the bed beside me, opening her purse as I eagerly answer
the doctor's questions "Johnny Kimball, but my driver's license says John
Kimball Junior - age twenty three. I'm an American and this is my financee
who can verify my identity."

"I see. You said that it's your mother's body and that she did this to you.
How did she do it?"

"She lured me to a cave. Then knocked me unconscious. When I came to, she
raped me, then knocked me out again - then she exchanged bodies with me using
one of those ancient Indian rituals."

The sound of a lighter clicking beside me distracts me for a second, but I
continue staring at the Doctor, looking for any sign that he believes me.
Then I smell something that smells horrible. Something that I hadn't smelled
in years but which I immediately recognize from its stinky smell. I turn my
head slowly, my mouth hanging open in shock.

A big thick cigar is tucked into the side of Julie's mouth. The cigar that
she lit, is a Purerto Blanco - the favorite cigar that my father used to
smoke. The cigar that my non- smoking Julie is now puffing on is something
that only my father would smoke, as she smiles at me with the big cigar
sticking out of her lipstick-coated mouth.

For about five seconds the shock of seeing a cigar sticking out of my
non-smoking Julie's pretty mouth stuns me almost as much as the realization
of the truth. This isn't Julie sitting on the bed beside me; it is my father
in her stolen body.

I lunge at her and knock her to the floor as my anger- driven body pulls
strength from some hidden reservoir. I remember screaming and wrapping my
hands around her neck before someone pulls me off of her. Then I feel that
damn warm burn in my butt cheek as someone jabs a needle into me. I am still
screaming and struggling when I fall into a drugged sleep again.


They tell me that the operation was a success. A lobotomy can turn someone's
brain into mush, but in my case, it tamed me down, removing my desire to be
violent. So what if I lost my long term memory? I can remember back a week or
so then everything becomes fuzzy. That's because my doctor didn't remove any
of my brain tissue, but separated a portion of my brain with his scalpel and
used a electro-shock treatment on the separated portion, destroying the
connection between those brain cells.

I don't know why they did it to me, because I don't remember ever being
violent, but they say that I used to be a really mean old woman. When they
told me that, I cried. I don't want to be mean.

After my head healed from the surgery, the doctor's placed me in a private
hospital room where I can rock in my rocking chair or play with my dolls.
I've got several dolls, some of them are very beautiful dolls, some of them
are just pretty dolls and I love playing with all of them. Dressing them in
their little outfits, fixing their hair and making them look pretty is so
much fun. When I'm not playing with my dolls, I'm knitting clothes for my
dolls. It's difficult to knit with my arthritic hands but I've learned how to
hold the needles. I'm not as fast a knitter as I would like to be, but I've
got so many other fun things that I can do when my hands hurt too much to

I don't have many visitors. My doctor stops by to see me every week. Last
week, he brought someone to see me. It was my son. I don't remember having a
son, but the young man has a honest face and doesn't look like the sort of
person that would lie to me. I wish that I could remember him. I know he
looks familiar so he must be my handsome son.

He brought his wife along with him. They make such a pretty couple. My son's
so lucky to be married to the beautiful woman. I don't remember his name but
I remember his face. Her name is..

I don't remember but I think it is April or something like that. Maybe May or
June? I've got something called short- term memory. Did I tell you about that
yet? I don't remember if I did, so pardon me if I repeat myself. It's
difficult to remember something for more than a few days.

I gave her a gift. It was one of my dolls. It was my favorite doll. Later
when my orderly took me outside for a walk, I saw one of the other patients
playing with my dolly. When I took it away from the patient, he said that he
found it in a trashcan. I know the man's lying because I gave my doll to the
pretty woman and I know that she'll love my doll as much as I love it.

I wish I could remember the pretty woman's name. She looks so familiar and
pretty. My son is a lucky man. Did I tell you that I have a son? My name is
Lynne. Pardon me if I forget your name because I have a memory problem where
I don't have any long term memory. I have to keep telling myself the things
that I want to remember. Why, if I didn't keep telling myself that my own
name is Lynne Kimball, I would probably forget who I am.

Do you know my doctor's name? I think that I have a son named ....Oh, shit.
I've already forgotten his name. Well, I'm sure that he'll understand that
I've been sick and have some mental problems. That's why I'm here in this
hospital. Did I tell you that my name is Lynne? Every morning I write it on
the corner of my robe so that I can remember it and know who I am. It's
terrible to be an old woman with all of these health problems but thank
goodness that my son loves me enough to keep me here where they take good
care of me. I like it here. It's the only home that I remember. Would you
like to play with one of my dolly's? This one is my favorite...I think.


Juan Lopez is sitting on the hotel's veranda, smoking a cheap cigar and
drinking straight from an open bottle. His suit looks as if he'd slept in it
the last two or three nights, which is his normal appearance. Staring at the
bottle, he fights the impulse to take another drink, knowing that he has to
stay sober a little longer.

"You sent for me?", grumbles Doctor Garcia as he sits down, positioning his
chair across from the disheveled man. The doctor wrinkles his nose as he
catches a whiff of the other man's very strong body odor.

"Yeah, I'm out of money. My investments didn't pan out."

"You mean, your horse lost again. You've gambled away a fortune in the last
eighteen months and we're not going to give you anymore."

"It's been a run of bad luck and my luck's gotta change soon. Just ask them
for only one more hundred thousand dollars. They've got it. I know that
they've got millions and won't miss a measly hundred grand. They owe it to
me. Without me, they'd both be in jail now."

"Are you threatening us?", challenges the doctor as he angrily slams his fist
on the table.

"No, I'm just asking for some extra little help. Just this once and I'll go
away, never to bother you again."

"I'll have to call them. Be here tomorrow at the same time.", instructs the
doctor as he strides away without waiting for an answer.


The doctor puts the phone down and shakes his head. It is the answer that he
expected her to give - `take care of the drunk! PERMANTLY!!!!!' He goes to
the office wall safe and removes five hundred dollars, which he tucks into
his pocket.

A short taxi ride later, he is dropped off in front of a bar where he knows
that he will find someone that wants to earn five hundred dollars and doesn't
care what they have to do to earn it.


Juan Lopez walks slowly down the main corridor of the Taiz Hospital, looking
for her face. He's already been to her room, but the orderly thinks that Mrs.
Kimball will be in one of the dayrooms, watching television while she knits.
Juan's been here twice to see the old woman since her lifetime commitment and
subsequent surgery eighteen months ago. Once was at the request of the son to
verify that she is totally unable to handle her affairs and to transfer
unquestionable ownership to her `son' and the son's new bride. The other
time, unbeknownst to the new Kimball family, was to talk to the old woman
when no one else was around.

He knows that the operation destroyed the old woman's memory. The person
known as Mrs. John Kimball Senior by the hospital staff, remembers nothing of
her former life or how she wound up in the hospital. She has occasional bits
and fragments of her memory that she can recall but nothing fits together.
She is content to sit and play with her dolls, her memory and identity taken
away by the surgeon's knife and daily drugs. While she doesn't remember
anything, Juan does remember; and he knows that he has to plan carefully how
to use her imprisonment to his advantage. He came away from his second visit
unsure how to use it, but knows that his knowledge of what occurred at the
Eden Ranch can be worth millions to him.

He knows what really happened eighteen months ago. Somehow the old bitch
traded bodies with her son. Juan suspected something fishy was going on that
day. Being a man that always liked to stay involved in potential business
deals, he decided to silently watch and learn. When the doctor saddled up a
horse that long-ago day, Juan quickly followed him, keeping far enough back
to remain hidden. When the doctor dismounted and waited by the river, Juan
found a comfortable log and watched from further upstream. Then he saw the
doctor wade across the river and talk to a screaming Lynne Kimball. After the
very upset old woman passed out from the doctor's injection, Johnny Kimball
and the doctor hugged and kissed each other as if they were long lost lovers,
which almost freaked Juan out.

Then he followed the doctor back as the doctor led an unconscious Lynne back
to her hacienda. When Juan decided that they were headed home, he took a
different path and passed them, arriving at the hacienda only minutes after
Johnny rode in. Juan slipped into the house and mixed some drinks, acting as
if he'd been there all along.

When the doctor brought the evidently drugged Mrs. Kimball back from their
horseback ride, Juan knew that something had occurred but wasn't really sure
what. He'd been a witness - an official witness that the son had positioned
so that Juan could observe whatever the woman did when she was taken off the
drugs. He watched Lynne's uncontrollable anger and outbursts as she was
tricked into becoming maniacal. Only Juan recognized that what the quickly
drugged woman was screaming, was probably the truth.

The morning after the mother's heavy doping, the new `Johnny' insisted that
Julie go with him for a horseback ride. As soon as they were out of sight,
Juan rode rapidly through other trails until he crossed over the river,
finding a place to hide in the bushes. He wasn't surprised when Johnny led
Julie across the river and down into some ravines. Knowing that he might have
to find his way back someday, Juan made some secret marks on the side of the
ravine, marking his trail as he hurried through the various ravines following
them. He almost lost them because he didn't see them walk through the vines,
but he could hear them as Johnny paused to light the lanterns.

Juan followed them into the tunnel, staying back in the shadows of the tunnel
as they followed the downhill tunnel. Juan could hear Johnny's voice clearly
as he described how his mother brought him here to show the ancient treasure
that his father had discovered. Juan rushed to stay close enough to the light
to see what he had to cross in the dark so he managed to keep up with them.
He was close enough to hear the change in Julie's breathing echo through the
cavern as she saw the body of John Senior on the altar - and to hear her
groan as Johnny hit her on the head with the club.

Juan watched as the unconscious woman was undressed and placed on the alter
in the dead body's place. Then Johnny undressed and carried the lantern back
into the far dimness, where he lifted a large flat stone, removing a leather
wrapped package. Johnny removed a small container and painted his body with
the substance, then unwrapped the canvas covered body of John Senior - who
was also painted with the same substance. Then the lanterns were put out and
the torches lit, hiding John Senior in the darkness.

When Julie came to, Juan was torn with trying to rescue her or watching.
Remembering his old law college theories that rescuing fair damsels didn't
pay as well as blackmailing rich assholes, he watched. He watched as Johnny
rubbed something between her legs - something that must've been a super
aphrodisiac because Julie almost instantly began bucking to meet his hand,
crying for him to fuck her. He played with her for about two minutes until
she was completely lost to lust, then he picked up John Senior and laid the
cadaver on her. Julie's understanding of whose hard cock that was being
rammed into her, resulted in a second brief flash of humanity for Juan as she
screamed. Just as he was about to do something to stop it, her screams
started changing pitch as she began enjoying the hard cock that Johnny had
guided into her.

Juan knew that he'd never forget the rest of that day. After the second part
of the ritual and the very evident body exchange, he watched as Johnny
roughly pulled the cadaver from atop Julie's grinning body. Pushing the dead
body aside, Johnny quickly untied the laughing Julie. As soon as the young
woman was untied and able to move around, the naked Julie hugged and kissed
Johnny as they laughed about how their plan had worked. Then Julie turned and
twisted as she examined and laughed about her naked body as if it was the
first time that she'd ever taken a close look at herself. She played with her
nipples, twisting them as she made an obscene sucking motion with her mouth
to Johnny, inviting him to suck on her titties.

Because John Senior had been dead almost two years and didn't know what had
occurred while he was dead, Julie started asking strange questions which
tipped off Juan that the Julie that he was observing, probably wasn't the
real Julie. And from the way that Johnny was also acting funny that it
probably wasn't the real Johnny also. By the time that the new Julie was
updated as to why it took almost two years - Lynne couldn't find the rock
with the herbs hidden under it - Juan knew the truth.

Johnny suggested that she should get dressed. She picked up the bra, looked
at it and threw it away as she opted to go braless.

By the time Johnny unceremoniously carried the body of John Senior back into
the cave, and dropped it into a crevice, the new Julie was dressed and
putting away the ancient parchments under the heavy stone. After Johnny
covered the hiding place back up, the two of them walked by Juan's hiding
place, acting as if they were two bubbly, giggling high school kids out on a
first date.

Again, he followed them, needing to use their light to find his way out of
the cave. After they mounted their horses and rode back across the river
crossing, Juan galloped his horse so that he could be waiting on the porch
when they arrived. He discovered when he got back to the house, that his
white suit was coated with the cave clay, so he undressed and washed it while
he heard the new couple come back from their ride and go straight to their

That night at the formal dining table, the new Julie stunned the small group
that ate with the family - the doctor, the foreman, the teacher, and a couple
of other ranch residents - with her dazzling new appearance and more
vivacious personality.

Since her arrival, Julie's usual dinnertime clothing had been casual - jeans,
shorts, halter top, etc, with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. But that
night, she was wearing a long, slinky, black evening dress that exposed her
beautiful boobs and long legs. She strutted across the floor in her long,
high heels with the heels putting just the right curvature into her back and
bust as she showed off her wonderful ass. Her hair was perfectly brushed and
her face made up as if she were dining at the fanciest hotel in Paris.
Tonight, she seemed more alive, more vibrant, and definitely more sensual.

Her words, her knowledge of the guests, her references to recent events or
discussions confused Juan as he tried to figure out how this new Julie knew
things that only the real Julie could know. He was about to change his mind
about what had occurred back in the cave, when she did something that forever
convinced him that it hadn't been a dream.

After dinner, she marched straight to the humidor and lit up a cigar,
apologizing to the guests for the smell of her strong, odoriferous cigar.
Juan sat there, watching the sly looks of the new Johnny and the new Julie as
they held hands while they discussed the worsening mental deterioration of
Johnny's bedridden mother with the other guests. Juan especially stared at
the bright red lipstick on the thick cigar tucked into the corner of Julie's

She removed the lipstick coated cigar long enough to stand beside Johnny as
he announced their formal engagement by putting his mother's wedding ring on
her finger. Johnny stated something about how it had been one of his mother's
requests when she was lucid. As they kissed to cement their engagement to the
applause of the few dinner guests, Julie lifted one leg as she stretched to
reach Johnny's higher lips, `accidentally' showing off a lot of leg through
the dress slit. The doctor proposed a toast for the couple. Juan felt a mild
shudder as he watched the couple stare in each other's eyes as they toasted
each other's health and "long life".

As the dinner guests departed, Johnny shook each person's hand and Julie
kissed each guest, thanking them for being part of her surprise engagement
dinner. Juan tried to slip out a side door but Johnny caught him and made
sure that Julie kissed him. As her glistening lips touched his, he closed his
eyes, trying to let the fragrance of her perfume and warmth of her lips
convince him that this was really Julie - not the cadaver. But the still
present stench of her warm cigar breath destroyed that image.

The following morning, Johnny made Juan an offer. Nothing illegal, but Johnny
wanted to make sure that his mother was taken care of and if Juan could use
his official status to get through some of the normal legal problems
associated with commitment procedures, Johnny would be very grateful. And he
was grateful - a ten thousand dollars bonus in addition to the already
decided fee.

When Juan came back for more money - and more - and more, Johnny remembered
how well Juan had served him.

But that was over. Juan knew that his last request for more money had
resulted in his death sentence. He'd been listening outside the doctor's
window as the doctor talked to Johnny, then followed him downtown. As the
good doctor returned to his home after hiring the killers, Juan was waiting
for him behind the door. Now the doctor is waiting for Juan. All gagged and
tied up in the bottom of a boat that Juan had borrowed.

Seeing the object of his search sitting in a rocking chair in the corner of
the dayroom, Juan tells the orderly on duty "Doctor Garcia is here to see his
patient. I'm supposed to take Mrs. Kimball back to her room."

Chapter 5 - Doctor Hector Garcia

The journey to the cave takes two full days. The small boat that Juan
borrowed isn't as powerful as the normal boat they use. And it isn't the
easiest thing in the world to transport a bound and gagged man; much less a
very confused and befuddled grandmother whose main concern is that she can't
find her knitting needles and cries because she wasn't permitted to bring one
of her favorite dolls. It is after midnight before Juan gets everyone into
the cavern but he is determined to get his quest over before he passes out
from total exhaustion.

The doctor become very unruly when he discovers where Juan is taking him and
Juan has to use some extra persuasion - a heavy club. So dragging the
unconscious doctor while leading the child-like grandmother through the cave
is a very strenuous exercise for an already exhausted man.

Juan undresses the doctor and ties him to the altar, then searches through
the rock pile until he finds the rock hiding the parchments. There are some
hand-written notes that looked recent - perhaps made by John Senior, but Juan
can't understand the language. He decides to gamble and try it anyway,
selecting the small container used to coat the participants.

Standing in front of the gray-haired, grandmotherly looking woman, Juan
suggests "Senorita, please get undressed."

A moment's look of confusion flitters across her wrinkled face as she
considers what he is requesting. Then without a change in facial expression,
she asks in a very child-like tone in her quaky voice "Are we going to fuck?"

Juan throws his head back and laughs, then asks "Fuck? Do you know what that

A brief smile lights up her face as she demurely replies "The orderly's and I
have a secret that we can't tell the doctor. They've been fucking me. You
won't tell anyone, will you? They'll take away my pretty dolls if the doctor
finds out."

"No, your secret is safe. Now, get undressed while I get our friend ready."

It only takes Juan a couple of minutes to paint her naked body and to coat
the doctor's cock with the aphrodisiac coating. When she sees the hard cock
sticking up from the doctor's body, she wants to suck it but Juan convinces
her to mount it instead. So she climbs on top of him, easing his manhood into
her as if she has done this all of her life.


My shut eyes jerk open, my face shakes with anger as I clinch my hands and
grit my teeth as I stare at the doctor's face that is reflected back at me
from the mirror. Taking a long breath, I exhale, releasing a lot of the anger
that I feel. Then I look at Juan who is aiming a pistol at me. I nod my head,
softly saying in my new male voice "Thanks. I've got a tremendous headache,
but it's the best I've felt in a long time. I'm finally able to think and to
remember who I am and know what they did to me. How long did they keep me
prisoner in that hellhole of a hospital?"

Juan puts the pistol into his belt, answering "Eighteen months!"

"What did they do with the real Julie?"

Juan points toward the back of the cave "They dumped her new body, which is
the John Senior body, back into a deep crevice. I think that she was already
dead when they disposed of her."

Hearing the news which I suspected, knowing the ruthless of my parents, I bow
my head and cry for a few minutes as I mourn the death of my lover. Juan
understands my hurt and leaves me as he checks on his new prisoner. A very
confused and naked Lynne Kimball is sitting on the floor where Juan has tied
her after the body exchange. Just as the previous occupant's memory was
scrambled by the lobotomy, so is the newest occupant's memory.

"Are they at the ranch?" I ask, interrupting Juan's review of her ropes as I
stare at the innocent looking grandmother sitting on the cave's floor. She is
still naked and coated with paint that has been smeared by sweat and body
contact during the sex ritual.

It is hard to shake the unusual feelings that I'm staring at myself as I look
at the confused grandmother trying to figure out why she is tied up. Eighteen
months of memories of looking in the mirror and seeing the old woman's face
reflected back at me makes me feel as if I'm staring at my twin. I know that
I'm now a man, that I'm in Doctor Garcia's middle-aged male body and that I
wasn't born in the old woman's body; but it's still hard to look at her face
and not feel all of the confusion that is so evident on her face now. I spent
months trying to remember who I was and kept repeating what they told me so
that I really believed that I was Lynne Kimball. Standing over her and
looking at her placid grandmotherly face, I find it difficult now to believe
that I was never really her.

"No, they don't spend much time there now. They like the bright lights of the
big city. I think that they're currently staying in Washington DC. Are you
going to remember that I helped you? I'm a very poor man."

I nod my head as I continue to stare at the confused face of Lynne Kimball. I
can't shake off the remembrances of the many times I saw that same elderly,
female face staring back at me from the mirror. Immediately after the
operation, I knew at first that there was something wrong with that
reflection facial image but I didn't know what or have enough reasoning power
to figure it out. I also had occasional flashes of memory but it was nothing
that I could remember long enough or use to identify myself or what had
occurred to me. I remembered how confused I was all the time. How I only had
the logic and mental capabilities of a four year old, but the body of a sixty
plus woman - an elderly woman with a still desirable shapely firm body, who
had strong sexual desires that required frequent satisfaction - either by her
hospital companions or by herself. The hospital orderlies had quickly learned
about my strong sex desires and frequently used that desire for their own

I pick up a shinny flashlight, pointing it at my new face so that I can see
my new reflection in the small mirror. It is a male face that I'm familiar
with, one that I can describe but it still seems so unreal. The eyes are
brown, the face fleshy and there is a lot of gray whiskers on my unshaven
face. A thinning shock of black and gray hair covers the head that I now have
to accept as my own hair.

I put the flashlight down and stare at her confused and scared face,
remembering so vividly what it was like to be her, to think her confused
thoughts, and to live her meager life committed to a mental hospital. Turning
away from her confused and still painted face, I tell Juan, "We've got to get
her back, so that they think that she wandered away. I don't want them to
know that I've escaped."

"Once we get back to town, I'll park her in a whorehouse that a friend of my
owns, then call the hospital. They'll think that she's been there all alone
and will hide it, to cover up their incompetence."


I carry the documentation with me as we return to the city. I can't read the
language either, but it definitely is written in my father's handwriting.
Juan thinks that it is one of the old Indian languages because there are
sounds that aren't expressed in current language. I let him rest as I pilot
the boat back to town, heeding his advice to avoid any police boats because
of the boat's ownership status. The real owner doesn't known that Juan has
borrowed it.

As Juan sleeps, I watch her; the person that is now Lynne Kimball but only
yesterday was the person who was born in this body that I now claim as my
body. The new Lynne, like I was, is mentally a child because the surgery
effects her the same way that it affected me. So the real Doctor Garcia is
condemned to live the horrible life that he authorized for me. He's already
lost most of his long term memory and is barely holding onto his short term
memories which don't go back further than two weeks ago. At first he cried
because he was scared but then he began to explore his new limited world and
old woman's body the way that a child explores everyday life. Soon he'll
become the person that I was when I was entrapped in her body. He'll be her
in the way that she thinks, in the way he acts and his actions will become
more placid as the long term memory completely fades.

I feel disoriented as I stare at her body, at her face and remember when I
was her. I know that I wasn't born in that body but I feel a strong
attachment for it because it is the only body that I knew about for eighteen
long months. I actually thought that I was a woman. No, I take it back
because I didn't really know what a woman was. I knew that I was a female and
that I liked to play with the orderly's hard coc...

Shaking my head to forget those thoughts, I try to focus on developing a
plan. But I keep finding myself turning around to look at her sleeping face.
I have so many memories of being her...memories that I couldn't remember when
I was her. Memories that make me want to return to that simple life.

But the thought that the body is the real Lynne's ancient body and that she
signed the paperwork to do that to me, to do that to her own son and to her
former body builds a new anger deep within me. Thinking about that evil act
builds a rage deep within me, that increases as I add Julie's death to
Lynne's list of evil doings. Thinking about the death of Julie relieves some
of my rage as I begin to cry again for my lost love.


Juan's plan works perfectly. We place the new Mrs. Kimball in a whorehouse
belonging to a friend of Juan's. After a few hours of being passed over by
the more affluent potential customers with good taste, one of the cheaper
customers availed himself of her inability to say No. Then we call the
hospital, asking if any of their senior female patients have escaped lately;
explaining about the whorehouse's newest prostitute. About an hour later, a
doctor and two orderlies burst in on a very surprised farmer and the current
Mrs. Kimball. Just as I had succumbed to the sexual pleasures that Lynne's
sensitive body provided to my simple mind, so did the former Doctor Garcia
adapt to the body's need for sex. The farmer was reluctant to quit in
mid-stroke and the new Lynne Kimball was even more reluctant to part from her
new lover. A couple of dollars eased the farmer's pain but she had to be
injected by the orderlies with one of those zombie drugs that the real Doctor
Garcia used on Johnny during the first few days of the transformation.

As for providing an alibi for Juan's, the new Doctor Garcia goes to the
morgue, finds a recent unclaimed male body, which is promptly identified as
Juan Lopez and ordered cremated. The morgue attendants accept the body's
identification because Doctor Garcia is well known to them.

Taking a copy of the death certificate back to Doctor Garcia's house where
Juan is waiting, we find the current address of the Johnny Kimball's, and
mail the death certificate to them in one of Doctor Garcia's pre-labeled
envelopes. If the new Johnny Kimball's think that Juan is dead, they'll leave
him alone.

We searched through Garcia's personal papers until we find the papers for his
various bank accounts. Taking the information on the largest bank account to
Doctor Garcia's lawyers, the new Doctor Garcia turns the half million dollars
over to Juan.

After ensuring that Juan has plenty of money to spend while he is hiding, the
new Doctor Garcia boards the next plane to Rio. I am headed back to the


I am unable to book a quick flight to the states and have a thirty-six hour
wait until I can leave Rio. So I find the nearest hotel, check in and go
straight to the bar. Three hours later, she sat down beside me. There are
three other customers in the bar and plenty of empty seats but she sits next
to me. She immediately asks me for a light for her cigarette.

Just by looking at the way that she is dressed, I can tell that she is a
hooker. I start to put some distance between us because I don't want any
company. But something in the back of my mind reminds me that I am now a
middle- aged man named Garcia. I didn't know anything about the real doctor's
personality but I think that he probably won't pass up the opportunity to
flirt with any woman. So what if she is nothing but a cheap prostitute? And
getting it on.or not being able to get on with her, will answer some
questions that have been bugging me since my last transformation into this
current male body.

She's a woman that is just beginning to show a little age on her face and is
putting a little more weight around her already ample hips. I suppose that
she's about the age where she is approaching her mid-life crisis time when
she will have to either change careers or work for half price for customers
who want younger women.

I pick up a box of bar matches and lit her cigarette, immediately noticing
the several wild, thick, black hairs on her face. Not enough to call a
mustache, but she has enough facial hair to certainly make any young pre-
pubescent boy envious of her facial growth.

After I lit her cigarette, she sits quietly beside me, not saying anything,
just smoking her cigarette as I sip on my drink. Looking in the bar's mirror
and my peripheral vision, I check her out without being too obvious that I'm
looking at her. I can see that she is wearing a tiny black bikini panty that
is barely hidden under her tight green dress. She is in her late thirties,
has a thick head of long, dark hair, a low cut dress and a big set of tits;
the type of tits that a sailor dreams about tit-fucking. Her tits bulge out
over the tight-fitting bodice that is designed for tits that are two cup
sizes smaller. As I stare at her tits, I wonder about myself.

I used to be a tit man. I could suck on boobs all night long and not get
enough. Whenever I looked at a pretty woman, I always looked at her face
second. I remembered when I was in Rio during Carnival and walked around with
a constant hard-on because of all the exposed ta-ta's.

But looking at this woman's exposed cleavage does nothing for me. Between my
leg's, that little piece of meat is as firm as a hot dog made out of Jell-O.
Either Doctor Garcia has a non-functioning cock or other changes happened to
me as a result of my short life as the hospitalized Lynne Kimball.

Remembering that for the last eighteen months, I was a sexually-active woman
with my own set of breasts, I wonder if... if I had somehow changed mentally.
Have I lost my desire for women? Have I turned into a .. Pete?

My hands sweat as I remember that I really enjoyed sex from a woman's
perspective. That I had enjoyed spreading my legs and wrapping them around a
man as we fucked. And that I quickly learned how to give and enjoy blowjobs,
frequently giving a blowjob whenever the orderly didn't have time to fuck me.
Then I would return to my dolls and play with my dolls, until someone else
wanted me for sex; always remembering the orderly's admonition to keep the

Because of her dress and appearance, I know that she is a hooker. I figure
that she isn't hitting on me because of my unkempt appearance. After all,
this body hasn't been shaved in four days and is wearing clothes that look
slept in. Acceptable appearance for a jungle town, but not for Rio. I haven't
been near a bathroom where I can really clean up, but I had bathed in the
river just before Juan and I reached town. My one concession to my appearance
and hygine had been my brief exchange of clothes at the Doctor's house before
I hurried to the airport.

Feeling a strong need to evaluate my sexual desires, I turn to the woman,
asking "How much?"

I stare at her lush lips, knowing that those lips had sucked many a cock.
Perhaps within the last hour, she had sucked someone, but that doesn't matter
to me. What matters is that I have to find out if I have changed; to find out
if I am still a man in my mind.

She uses her fingernail to flick a piece of tobacco from her teeth before
replying "What do you have in mind?"

"Now until lunch tomorrow when my flight leaves. We'll order any meals from
room service."

Her face lights up with a big smile; her huge, haunting green eyes framed by
thick lashes, widen as she considers my suggestion. Apparently she thought
that I probably wanted nothing more than to go into a back room and get my
rocks off in a quickie. Thus my offer to want her to stay with me for all
night is a compliment to her. She stares at me, her face trying to hide a
grin as she replies "I normally get fifty, but I've had a good week and
deserve a little pleasure for myself. Get a bottle of the good stuff to take
back to the room, pretend that I'm your girlfriend and I'll stay with you ..
for only thirty."

I nod acceptance of her terms. She stands up, silently waiting for me to pay
the bill and get a bottle of whiskey. When the bar bill is paid, she walks
across the hotel's lobby, with me walking behind her and staring at her
beautiful ass. I can't help but remember how beautiful Julie's ass used to be
when she wore high heels. The thought of Julie shocks me and I try to force
her from my mind, concentrating on staring at this woman's four-inch high
heels as she steps into the hotel's elevator.

As soon as the elevator door shuts, she rubs against me, grinding her tits
against my chest, rubbing her belly up and down my belly. Her eyes slightly
glaze over as she tilts her head and lifts her lips for me to kiss. Cupping
my hands around her ass cheeks, I pull her body closer to mine, feeling her
eager ruby lips part as we pull tightly against each other. My tongue feeling
the inner warmth of her friendly mouth as my unshaven face rubs against her
sensitive chin.

My larger lips covered her lips, as I suck her plump tongue into my mouth.
She responds by tickling my tongue and inviting my tongue to follow her
tongue into her mouth. As soon as my tongue enters her mouth, she begins
hotly sucking my tongue in and out of her clenching lips, moaning quietly as
if she's already in the higher throes of ecstasy.

She slides up and down as she rubs against me, which I recognize as a sign
that she wants to feel my hard-on slide up and down her belly. Only problem
is that there still is nothing there between my legs. In the past, I would've
been rock hard and straining that old zipper at this stage of the courtship.

She pulls away from me, with a knowing smile on her face and a quick wink to
let me know that she understands that there might be some slight sexual
misfunctioning problems to resolve later. I ask, "What's your name?"

She glances at me from under her thick lashes, which I notice are real, "What
would you like it to be?"

"Your real name?"

"Nobody wants to fuck someone named Luisa so I usually go by Maria. Who are

I reply in a somewhat embarrassed tone, "I wish that I knew. Call me
...Hector. Yeah, I've got to get used to my new name."

In my room, she takes the bottle of whiskey from my hand and pours us two
drinks while I sit on the bed. She takes the chair opposite me as she lights
another cigarette and sips on her whiskey. She whispers in a very sultry
voice "Hector, I wasn't going to proposition you tonight. I'd just left a
john and needed a break before going back out on the street. Something about
you attracted me. I feel that we're soul mates and maybe we've made love
before. No? Well, I'll tell you a secret. You remind me of my favorite
fantasy fuck. I know that someday I'll find someone that'll make me feel
indescribably special, without him even touching me. And he'll feel the same
way about me. We'll both want sex with each other like we've never wanted it
before - pure lust. You know what I mean?"

I nod, know what she means better that she thinks that I do. Her eyes glaze
over as she continues in her sultry voice "I like to eye-fuck first. You
know, where we just sit and stare at each other as we think about how great
it's going to be. I like to get so hot that I'm ready to explode before we
ever touch each other. I'll play with my tits while you get your Big Sam

I groan lightly as I remember the old me and my almost ever-constant hard-on.
I used to have the woman pinned within a minute of shutting the motel door. I
would've taken this woman who so evidently wants it, pushed her ass up
against the wall, pinned her against the wall with my chest, and rubbed my
hard cock up and down her body as we French kissed each other. I would've
held her arms up-right in a high nailed-cross-position and eased one leg
between her thighs as we dry-humped each other until we were out of control.
Yeah, that's what Johnny would've done with his rock-hard cock, but the new
Hector can't get it up because there are too many memories of me as Lynne
fucking and sucking just about every man in that damn hospital, roaring
through my mind.

She misunderstands my groan of despair, thinking that it is a mutual groan of
pleasure. She drops her cigarette into an ashtray, as she stands up,
unzipping her dress and sliding it down her waist onto the floor. The
material snags for a moment on her long, thick nipples but then comes loose,
plopping out her mammoth, quivering mounds of boob flesh. Freed from the
support of her dress, her large breasts quickly sag letting the large nipples
point to the floor. Her bared breasts look even larger now that she is naked.
A pair of 44-inch DDD jiggling, chalky-white boobs hang from her armpits to
her belly. She cups her tits, lifting the two boobs and rubbing them together
obscenely, jiggling them like two cantaloupes as she proudly shows off her
large mammaries.

Her tight bikini panties bite deeply into the thick love handles on her
sides, pushing some fat up so that it quivers like Jell-O. I stare at her
wide hips, noticing that her hips look larger because of the bikini panty
which would look sexier on a smaller, younger woman. I'd fucked women with
much worse bodies so I knew that it isn't her body that is turning me off.

She slowly sits beside me on the bed and asks me "Can I get Big Sam out so I
can rub it?"

I respond by leaning back on the bed and staring at the ceiling. I feel her
hand expertly unsnap my belt and trousers before unzipping me. Then both of
her hands tug on the sides of my trousers, so I arch my back as she pulls my
trousers and underwear down to my ankles. Her hand touches my cock as she
examines it for any signs of disease then she whispers in her low sultry
voice "You have a splendid cock. Not too long, not too fat - exactly the way
I like them. Your cock's made for sucking. When I get turned on, I love to
suck cock."

She rolls over on her back, her fingers playing with her nipples as she waits
for me to do something. I sit up as I unbutton my shirt, removing it and my
trousers so that I am completely naked. Lying back down beside her, I notice
that her thick nipples are fully erect now, sticking out almost an inch from
her puckered aureoles. I squeeze the far dark-brown nipple with my fingers as
my mouth wraps around the other nipple, feeling the surrounding goosebumps
with my tongue. She gasps as I suck her thick, rubbery teat in and out of my
mouth. Her hands wrap around my head, holding my head, inviting me to
continue. I bit down lightly and then increase the pressure gradually, while
flicking the tip with my tongue. She groans and wraps a leg over my leg as
she begins to react to my wet sucking lips. I know that she really likes what
I'm doing to her because it's what I liked my lovers to do to me when I was a

We roll and twist on the bed as I suck on her beautiful nipples. I lick her
with a practiced tongue, then delicately bit the nipple while my hand roams
over her other full globe. Then I feel her hand drift down my side and force
its way between our bodies as she searches for my cock. She finds the limp
thing and begins squeezing it and jacking it as her other hand begins pushing
me on the bed to where she wants me to lie. I let her position me over so
that I am lying on my back then she changes position so that we are in the
classic sixty-nine arrangement as she whispers "we'll do each other."

Her lips lock around my still limp cock as I respond by rubbing two fingers
against her vagina, resulting in a mild trembling. I cup her hot mound with
my palm and begin squeezing as my tongue pokes between my fingers, teasing
her pussy lips. In return, I feel my cock slide in and out of her wet lips as
she sucks and pulls my unresponding member deep into her mouth, gently
clamping around my shaft with her lips. As her tongue laps my cock, she sucks
me wetly, pulling it all the way back into her mouth with a gentle suction
that would make a vacuum cleaner jealous.

My eyes are shut but my tongue finds a hot, wet lump, which I know, is her
vulva. Something inside it pulsated and feels like a big nipple. As I suck on
it, I know that her clitoris is harder than my own cock. Ignoring my
dangerous thoughts about my manhood, I concentrate on enjoying the throbbing
vulva with my lips. I hold the squirming, pulpy organ between my lips and
begin to knead the massive lump between my lips, causing Luisa to grunt in
sexual agony.

Then I feel it; her mouth is getting smaller. OR ELSE MY COCK IS GETTING
BIGGER. I bury my nose between her pussy lips, rubbing my nose and lips over
her tender flesh as I feel confirmation that my cock is finally reacting to
the wonderful stimulus of our mutual sixty-nine on each other. Both of us
double our efforts, working toward the same goal. I sense her moving so that
it feels as if she is starting to pull away from me. I arch my hips trying to
keep my cock inside her mouth, but she mumbles "Fuck me."

I let go of her delicious pussy lips and roll over, giving her room as she
centers herself flat on the bed. I stare into her glazed-over eyes, knowing
that what I want to do next, might not be what she wants to do. But nothing
ventured, nothing gained so I ask "Tit fuck?"

She bites her lip and nods yes. I straddle her, pushing my knees under her
armpits and position my cock, my small but very erect cock, between her two
soft female love mounds. She guides my salvia slick staff between her tits.
As if I need help to do that. Ha!

Sitting lightly on her belly with most of my weight resting on my bent knees,
I enjoy the moment, feeling a dual pleasure. There's the pleasure of knowing
that this is going to be a wonderful fuck as my now rock-hard cock is tightly
mashed between her large breasts and pointed toward her face. But more
importantly, there's the pleasure of knowing that there's nothing wrong with
my mental state and that I am enjoying this as totally as if I hadn't spent
the last eighteen months living as a horny old woman.

I start sliding my cock back and forth between her soft jiggling breasts as
my fingers twist and pull on her nipples. She kisses or licks my swollen
glans every time it comes close to her lips, catching my cockhead frequently
and pulling me back into her mouth, constantly recoating my cock with her
salvia as she mixes the tit fuck with a wonderful blowjob.

After several minutes of sweaty tit pounding, she whispers words that cause
me to redouble my already intense pace "I want you to cum. Let your sperm
shoot all over my tits.all over my face. Then, I'll lick the rest of your
tasty sperm from your beautiful dick."

My cock reacts to her command and begins shooting buckets of cum. Well,
that's what it feels like to me. I shudder and pump away onto her body, onto
her waiting face. When the sputtering stops, she pulls my cock into her mouth
and sucks me dry. After she pulls every last drop from within me, I collapse
on the bed. She cuddles up beside me and holds me as I smile. I'm smiling
because I now know that I can get it up again. That I am really a man again.

Chapter 6 - Pete

While I sleep and rest for the first time since the traumatic body exchange
into my current male body, she washes my dirty clothes in the bathroom sink
and hangs them up to dry. She also has the hotel's room service bring up a
razor. When I awaken, she marches me into the bathroom, has me sit on the
commode while she shaves me, then we take a hot steamy shower together before
returning to our bed.

Two hours later, we are both lying flat on their backs staring up at the slow
rotation of the overhead ceiling fan. The very rumpled bedsheets under us are
soaking wet from our sweat and other fluids but we don't care. Luisa is
enjoying a cigarette while her other hand is gently holding the still
somewhat tumescence erection that is resting on my belly. There is a gentle
smile in my glazed- over eyes because that old wonderful feeling has returned
and I know that I still enjoy getting some pussy as much as I used to enjoy
it before all of the body exchanging started.

We don't leave the room and used the hotel rooms service to bring us some
food, more wine and cigarettes for Luisa. We spent almost as much time, lying
in the dark, talking to each other as we spend in the hot throes of fucking.
Although Luisa is a hooker, she acts as if she is enjoying it as much as I'm
enjoying it.

Later when it is time for me to leave to catch my plane to America, she sits
up in the bed while smoking a cigarette, and watches me as I dress. When I'm
dressed and only seconds from walking out the door, I remove a hundred
dollars bill from my wallet, which I leave on the dresser. She shakes her
head and pours herself another drink from the almost empty bottle.

Then her voice softens as she explains why she is refusing my money "I came
here as a whore, but we made love as lovers. I can't take your money because
that would make this just another time with a john. Keep your money and let
me keep the memory of us being lovers. Sometime during the night, I got the
impression that you really liked me. Do you?"

I respond by leaning over the bed and kissing her lips, then I sit down close
beside her on the bed. Keeping my face only inches from her face so that we
are feeling each other's warm breath on our lips and looking deep into each
other's eyes; I cup one of her breasts gently and give it a last loving
squeeze. Nodding my head to let her know that I understood why she turned
down the money, I tell her "Yes and I would stay here with you, except that
I've got something important to do in America. Something that...is a life and
death matter."

"I can go with you. I haven't taken a vacation in a long time."

I barely shake my head no; feeling pulled from wanting to stay with her yet
knowing where my destiny calls me. I want to stay with her because I really
like her. Her smile fades then changes to the type of phony smile that you
give a cop while he's looking at your driver's license. She hands me the
hotel bill receipt and I notice that there is something scribbled on the
back. She whispers "I wrote my address on the back where you can find me, if
you ever visit Rio again."


The new Doctor Hector Garcia doesn't know what I'm going to do when I finally
get to America. I only knew that I have to get both of the stolen bodies back
to Eden so that I can reverse the process and re-claim my real body. So that
I can try to put Julie back into her real body - if she still lives. My
father's soul had somehow lived in his dead body so if dead old dead dad can
do it, so can Julie.

Juan and I tried to recover John Senior's body before leaving the cave but
the crevasse has a small stream that flowed through it. We searched but
couldn't find the body in that labyrinth of underground rivers. So we finally
gave up on ever recovering John Senior's dead body with Julie's trapped soul.

As the plane approaches Miami International Airport, I know that I'm going to
need help. And I only have one friend in America that I can turn to - Pete.


Pete is reluctant to let the new me into his apartment. After all, Pete's
never seen Doctor Hector Garcia before and knows nothing of my misadventures
since leaving here almost two years ago. Pete explains later that he is
expecting the angry boyfriend of his current flame to come barging in. When I
tell Pete that Johnny Kimball sent me to talk to him, Pete finally lets me
enter his apartment.

Then he tries to throw me out. When I briefly tell him about the body
exchange, he becomes angry because he thinks that I'm lying and he refuses to
listen to me. He keeps yelling at me to get out, not giving me time to
explain. When he picks up the phone to call the police, I do what any man
would do under similar circumstances - I hit him.


I tie Pete's hands with his belt and sit on top of him to pin him down until
Pete agrees to listen to the story. Then I explain the story again.

Pete doesn't believe it. "It can't happen.", "It's a fucking lie.", "Who the
hell are you?", "why are you lying to me?" and "Get out of my fucking
apartment" are about the only words that Pete uses for two to three hours.
His initial anger at being man-handled and imprisoned within his own
apartment, blocks his mind so that Pete doesn't listen to any of the facts.
But after three hours of angry denials and just-as-angry repeats of the
facts, Pete finally begins to listen.

It takes almost six hours of intense and heated discussion before Pete
finally admits that the impossible story possibly could be a true story. He
only starts to believe it because I'm able to answer too many of Pete's
personal questions about my former life when Julie and Johnny lived here.
Pete asks a lot of detailed questions about the restaurant that only a former
employee can answer and a lot of questions about customers or co-workers that
only the real Johnny will know the answer.

Shaken by my fantastic story, Pete doesn't know what to say when he finally
admits that the story could be true and accepts me, that is, Pete accepts
Hector as being his former friend. When I finally convince Pete that I need
his help to recover my birth body and right the terrible wrong done to Julie
and me, Pete cries and hugs me while promising that he will go with me.


Checking into the Washington hotel is awkward for me because of Pete's very
open gay appearance. I ask the hotel clerk for adjoining rooms and Pete loses
his temper at the Registration Desk. Pete huffs himself up and strongly
suggests that we share one room with two full-size beds. Feeling that Pete is
slightly taking advantage of my need for his assistance, I try to politely
turn him down; but lose. A smiling desk clerk turns over the key to our room,
then watches as Pete exaggeratedly sashays across the lobby with an
embarrassed me reluctantly following. In the elevator, Pete explains his
trumped-up anger and unexpectedly quite public gay personality "We don't want
to attract attention to our mission, so we'll just pretend that we're two gay
men here for a week of sex. This is Washington DC and it's perfectly normal
behavior here."

Two hours later, I see one of the two people that brought me to Washington:
Julie. Rather I see Julie's stolen body which John Kimball Senior is now

We rented a car and parked the car across the street from the hotel where the
young "Mr. and Mrs. Kimball" are living now. Within an hour of positioning
the car close to the apartment building's front door, I'm startled to see the
stolen body of the woman that I love, walk out the building's front door.

It is her; but it isn't her. My brain is torn apart as my temporary
suppressed memories of the real Julie are forcibly resurrected at the first
view of the young woman's attractive body. One part of my brain is screaming
"IT'S HER. The woman that I love. Rush to her and sweep her in your arms as
you smother her with kisses." Another part of my brain is screaming "SHE'S
DEAD! You're seeing a monster who has stolen Julie's body, Julie's face and
Julie's identity. Don't let the monster steal your sanity. You must revenge
Julie's death."

I can only stare through the car window at the woman who casually walks by
the car without noticing us as we intensely stare at her through the car's
dark windows. I'm unable to move anything but my eyes because my total body
is trembling with a mixture of fright, dread, and hatred. I don't hear any of
Pete's comments and forget that Pete is even in the car until I'm jostled by
my friend as Pete snaps photograph after photograph of our target with his

She..yes, I have to consider the mixture of John Kimball Senior's brain and
Julie's body as being a woman. She strides down the sidewalk casually smoking
a cigarette as she walks by the parked car where Pete has to pull my face
away from the car's window. Pete keeps muttering in a low voice as he tugs at
my arm "Act naturally and look away. She knows the real Garcia and will think
something is wrong is she sees you with your borrowed face plastered against
the car window."

She enters a nearby restaurant, flicking her lipstick-coated cigarette away
as she enters. She walks with the assurance of a woman who knows that every
man's eyes are locked on her. Her clothing, her hairstyle, and her overall
appearance are carefully coordinated so that she looks like a woman that is
worth drooling over.

While it is Julie's body, there is a lot of change in her appearance. The
real Julie preferred the type of casual clothes that is found in any K-mart
such as blue jeans or sweatshirts where the vendor's logo advertises their
product. This Julie version is dressed in a designer lavender pantsuit
combination. The old Julie's semi-short hair was usually pulled back into a
ponytail or other casual hairstyle, but this Julie's much longer hair is
permed and styled to look as if she stepped out of a photographic shoot for a
magazine cover. Another major difference in the overall appearance is the
makeup. The old Julie would wear an appropriate amount of makeup whenever her
work required her to look chic; but when she was off, she never wore anything
other than a little lipstick. The new Julie's face is perfectly made-up, with
additional attention directed to her eyes.

While this phony Julie looks like the real Julie, the high heels on her feet
prove that this Julie clearly isn't the Julie that I knew. This woman struts
down the sidewalk knowing that men are looking at her with desire in their
eyes while the real Julie normally walked a simple walk that reminds you of
the girl next door. This Julie's braless boobs jiggle unrestrained under the
lacy v-neck blouse proudly showing off her chest where the real Julie always
dressed more demurely. This Julie's ass is uplifted and displayed prominently
by the three inch heels, where the real Julie hated high heels.

John Senior never met Pete, but if the new Julie has the old Julie's memories
as expected, then she will recognize Pete's face if she sees him. And if she
sees both of us in the parked car, she will certainly be very curious as to
why the good Doctor Garcia is in Washington and running around with an old
friend of Johnny's from Florida.

We hid by blending into the crowd at the restaurant's bar where we can
observe her without being seen by her. After we watch her eat her salad, she
takes a taxi to an expensive mall. We follow at a discreet distance in
another taxi, trying to keep from looking like two bumbling spies.

In the back of the taxi, Pete confesses to me that until he observed the new
Julie with his own eyes and saw the obvious change in her overall appearance
and attitude, he had lots of doubts about my too-fantastic-to-be-real body
exchange story. But seeing her dressed like that, he knows that she has
somehow changed.

After we follow her all afternoon on her leisurely shopping trip through the
large mall and she returns to her apartment building, we find a one-hour
photo shop where we have the pictures developed. We return to the hotel room
to closely examined the photos made by Pete's telephoto lens.

I immediately notice that Julie's ears are pierced with four tiny diamond
earrings studded into one ear. There are other changes to her facial
appearance which are more subtle to notice and require close examination of
the photographs with a magnifying glass. Even to my novice eyes, the basic
makeup change to highlight her eyes, high cheekbones and lips is very
obvious. The real Julie's natural eyebrows had always been full but the
glamorous Julie in the photographs has thin very in-style eyebrows. The new
Julie's makeup for the eyes is darker, which focus the attention upon the
perfect eyes. The lips seem fuller to me and our close examination of the
photographs indicates that additional care in applying the makeup isn't the
reason; maybe some collagen has been injected to plump the lips to their now
more voluptuous appearance.

The combination of makeup change and eighteen months of aging has also
changed her face from being the wholesome girl-next-door look to the
glamorous model look. That change is further emphasized by the more worldly
way that she holds her head, keeps her shoulders pulled back, the
sophisticated new method of dressing, and the seductive way that she walks
now. Staring at a picture of Julie taking a dainty step, we talk about how
the real Julie usually walked like a high school girl that couldn't make up
her mind whether to skip-hop or dribble a basketball. This Julie walks as if
she is constantly center-stage; not the center-stage of a Miss America winner
but the haughty too-beautiful-to-be-true of a high priced fashion show model.

Staring at the full length photographs of her walking in the three inch heels
upsets me the most. I can't forget the way that Julie hated heels and would
never wear them when she was in a casual setting. This Julie obviously enjoys
the more feminine body shaping that high heels force onto her body.

Most of the photos show her holding a cigarette or a lit cigarette in a
near-by ashtray. Pete guesses that she smoked at least a pack during the four
hours that they observed her. John Senior's chain smoking habits will never

It feels very weird to look at the photographs and see Julie but also to know
that they aren't photographs of her. I feel slightly better when Pete
suggests that the photos are really photos of Julie's evil twin sister.
Thinking of her like that, allows me to separate this new woman's image from
the memory of the woman that I still love.

After we examine the photos for the umpteenth time, Pete suggests that we
turn in and get some rest. I ignore his hint and examine the photos again
while Pete showers and shaves. I watch Pete from the corner of my eye as Pete
removes his robe, revealing his naked portly squeaky clean body. After he is
safely in his bed, I shower quickly and climb into the other bed. After the
lights are out, Pete softly wishes "Good night, my friend."

I've never seen Pete's body before. I know that Pete is overweight, almost
baldheaded at the still young age of twenty-eight, and has a small body for a
man. But because I've never seen Pete's naked upper body, I don't know that
Pete has small womanish-like breasts until that moment. In that brief moment
between taking off the robe and slipping in between the bed's covers, I see
the very small breasts on Pete's chest that reminds me of a teenaged girl's
adolescence budding mounds.

Although Pete quickly falls asleep and snores more like a lumberjack than a
restaurant manager, I stay partially awake half of the night. At first the
thoughts are about Julie before the body exchange and the very different
Julie that we followed around town today. Thinking about them causes me so
much pain that I focus upon putting them both out of my mind. But whenever
you shove something out, something else usually fills the void quickly. And
that happens with me.

Lying in the bed and listening to Pete snore, it is difficult to keep from
thinking about my good friend. And to think about my good friend's long-time
joking banter about what Pete used to say he would do to me if he ever got me
into a hotel room.

So I lay in my bed, wondering what I will do if Pete actually hits upon me
for real? While I don't want to have sex with Pete, my good friend took off
from work so that he can help me. Pete is the only friend that I, the new
Hector, has except for Juan and Luisa. I know that all of the old Johnny
friends wouldn't believe that this middle-aged slightly potbellied balding
South American Doctor could be the young man that they used to party with;
especially after it took almost six hours of strenuous discussion to
partially convince Pete. So for all practical purposes, I desperately need's
Pete's help and have to be prepared to repay Pete's friendship. Whatever the

The thoughts of what Pete might want in return for his assistance keeps me
from thinking about Julie. Instead I think about how far I can go, and how
far I will go when the time comes to repay Pete's participation.

Remembering those confusing memories of after-lobotomy life as Mrs. John
Kimball Senior in the mental hospital, I shudder at first. I recall how I had
sex at least two or three times a week with different male orderlies when I
was trapped in Lynne's ancient female body and thought that I was really a
woman. I know that I willingly had more cock shoved up that body's cunt or
guided into that body's mouth than I want to remember. No matter how hard I
try to forget those experiences, I also know that at that time I enjoyed the
delightful experiences and that it will be difficult for me to not ever do
those things again as a man.

Grateful that it's dark in the hotel bedroom and that Pete is sound asleep, I
feel my face turn beet-red. The embarrassment is because I realize that I'm
starting to get an erection from recalling how my then-confused mental state
enjoyed being on the receiving end of an erection.

I try to think about anything else to get my mind to forget those memories
but I can't escape the memories of my short life as a horny old woman.
Gritting my teeth, I silently admit to myself that `enjoyed' probably isn't
the appropriate description. Enthused and enthralled is more correct.

Tossing and turning on the bed, I feel really confused. I want to get my real
body back and go back to being the real Johnny again. But I know that is
impossible. Not only have I lost Julie forever, but also I'm beginning to
think that I've probably lost the real me also. I finally decide that "I am
no longer me, but am now someone new, with new yearnings and desires."

Most of that night, I lay in my bed seriously thinking about who I've become
and about the too-many changes in my life that I must learn to live with.

The frequently mild erections that come and go without any relief keep
re-directing my thoughts back to sex. And to thoughts about how I now know
that I like sex from a man's perspective as the "fucker" and also from a
woman's perspective as the "fuckee". I had hoped that the few hours happily
spent in bed with Luisa had removed all those distasteful urges to have sex
with a man, but now I know that I was able to forget about them only because
I've been so busy.

I feel pulled by my confusing thoughts. One side of my mind is saying `You
proved that you're a man with Luisa. Get your real body back and become
Johnny again." while the other side is saying, "I'm bisexual now. I enjoy
both sides of the fence." I fight the strong impulse to climb into bed with
Pete, to see if that is really what I want.

I finally fall asleep, but I have the strangest dreams. The dreams are
disjointed flashes of activity where Pete is fucking him - while I'm in
Lynne's very willing female body. In my dreams, my relationship with Pete
changes so that he is a one hundred percent heterosexual male who abhors
homosexual acts and I'm a one hundred percent piece of sixty-year-old pussy
that can't get enough cock into all of my hungry orifices. I snap out of one
dream where I'm sucking Pete's cock and he's telling me that he wants to be
the father of my children.

God, what a nightmare that was. And I have a solid erection that doesn't want
to fade away.


There is a noticeable difference in my real body also. Not only is it wearing
expensive clothes that I could never afford, but the nose has also been
re-shaped. I was proud of my slightly over-sized former nose and never even
consider having it reduced. But Lynne did have it reduced, which changes the
shape and profile of my face. I'll admit that it looks better, but I liked
the old way that it used to look.

Another thing that I noticed is that my body is in much better shape - more
athletic looking. While I kept it in good shape by playing a lot of
basketball, Lynne..that is, the new Johnny apparently spends a lot of time in
the gym doing body-shaping exercises. I almost didn't recognize my former
body when we arrived the hotel early the next morning and Johnny comes
paddling back from his bike ride, his muscular male body all coated with wet

Pete grins at me and nudges me as he comments "If she built your old cock up
the way that she did the rest of your old body, I'm going to ask her to marry
me. I'm in love."


That night Pete and I sleep together. After tossing and turning for awhile
while I fight my inner battles about my newly discovered mixed sexuality, I
finally capitulate to my strong sexual desires and slip into his bed.

We had spent most of the day following my body around and I discovered that I
had frequent erections during the course of the day. That night as we
reviewed the day's photos, I found it difficult to concentrate on the photos
and ignore my almost constant erection. Then being in bed by myself with so
many confusing thoughts going through my head, having an erection that I
can't do anything with, and knowing that less than ten feet away is someone
that can satisfy me; are the combination of reasons that lead me to join him
in his bed.

He is still awake and lifts his sheet as he makes room for me. I crawl under
the sheets but stay on my side of the bed as I talk to him in the dark as if
we are old lovers. I tell him that I want to talk to him about kidnapping my
parents. He doesn't threaten my confused masculinity or me as we lay in the
same bed talking about what we should do the following day. Then we lay there
- a kind of awkwardness restricting our normal `no-holds bared' type of
discussions. Pete breaks the ice by simply saying "Gynecomastia."

Not recognizing what he is saying, I feel my eyebrows arch as I try to think
about how to respond. He recognizes my confusion and continues "When I was
going through the physical changes of puberty with the rest of my friends,
their bodies turned into lean, hard hunks; while my body continued to keep
it's baby fat and to soften more. By the time that I was fourteen years old,
my breasts were almost as big as my thirteen-year-old sister's small breasts.
I could wear her old training bra which fit me - really because my sister
kidded me until I tried it on one day. After she saw how well it fit me, she
had the common sense to ignore my request to keep silent and told our parents
about my abnormal chest. My parents took me to a doctor and the doctor
diagnosed it as Gynecomastia, which is the abnormal enlargement of the
breasts in a male. Surgery and a life long dosage of male hormones could make
me look normal, but my parents couldn't afford the surgery. Without the
surgery, the hormones weren't that effective but I'll admit that the short
time that I took the hormones that it made a lot of change in my pubescence
body and mental attitude. After quitting the hormones, I became nervous
because of the way that I looked and ate more so I picked up weight,
discovering that the added weight was making my breasts look more normal.
They were larger, but the added weight made them look smaller - or so I
reasoned. But my weird physique was noticed by my friends who began kidding
me, calling me Tanya."

He looks at me to see if I have any questions but I'm silent, letting him
tell his story "I don't know why they picked that name, but everyone started
calling me that. Then one of my friends got me drunk at a party and they
ripped off my cherry ass in a gangbang. I left my friends and found new
friends who accepted me for who I was. And showed me how to relax and enjoy
myself. By the time, I was a high school junior, I was the girlfriend of the
biggest football tackle that you ever saw. Nobody messed with me then and I
enjoyed being his `woman', servicing him with my ass and my now skilled
mouth. After he graduated from high school and went on to college, they
started calling me Tanya again; but by then I didn't care because I had built
a internal wall to protect me from their taunts - and a new personality to
flaunt my new lifestyle. I came very close to buying a low cut gown that
would show off my pushed-up boobs and wearing it to the senior prom; just to
show them that their words couldn't hurt me anymore. After school, I
crossdressed but discovered that I couldn't hold a job with my too-feminine
deportment. My parents pushed me to seek professional help and I began to
settle down as I matured. The professional wanted me to make a decision and
go one way or the other. I gave up on his so-called help and cleaned my act
up. I worked my way into a management position where my occasional gay
lifestyle is more accepted. I enjoy an occasional party where I dress as a
woman while flirting with a man that knows that I really have a cock between
my legs, and knowing that I can't pass as a real woman in public. While I can
afford the corrective breast reduction surgery now, I'm not sure if I want it
at this late stage in my life. That's the primary reason why I used to fight
with Julie. I was jealous of her - her looks, her fantastic body, her genuine
sex and most of all, because she had you. I was attracted to your big,
handsome body from the first day that I saw you and she was your woman. I
wanted the opportunity to prove to you that I could be just as much of a
lover as she was. I knew that I didn't have a chance with you because of your
obvious heterosexual personality and your infatuation with a genuine girl,
but I wanted to try."

"Back then, I wouldn't have understood. I knew that you were gay but I
accepted your flirtations as just being something that we could joke about."

"Do you understand now?"

"I don't know. I think so."

"When you do understand, you'll know. So I'll keep my distance until you've
made a decision."

"Don't you call being here in bed with you, making a decision?"

"No, I think that it's just curiosity and loneness."

We relax and enjoy the pleasure of being close to each other as we each open
up more about our lives and our secret heterogeneous experiences. I tell him
the things that I feel and think about after escaping from Lynne's female
body. He asks a lot of questions about my experience and states that he
would've also been confused in similar circumstances.

As for anything more than just a discussion between us, Pete leaves it up to
me to make the first move and I don't do anything except just lay in bed
talking to him. Although I'm in bed with him and both of us are naked, I
still don't feel comfortable in going any further. I doze off with my best
friend, that is my best friend after my Julie, Pete lying beside me on the


As we follow our evil duo around the following day, there is a perceptual
difference in the way Pete acts. He flirts with me. Although he has flirted
with me since the first day that we met over three years ago, the intensity
of his flirting changed. He does small things such as bump into me
accidentally as we board the elevator or gently brush a stray lock of my hair
back into place as if we are lovers. While his words are the same, there is
now the added soft touch and a never-before-seen gleam of anticipation in his

In the broad daylight, I regret my action the previous night. Although we
didn't do anything, I let down a barrier that changes our relationship. It is
a change that Pete wants and one that I'm not sure about yet. He is acting
funny all day, at times being very quiet, and I catch him frequently staring
straight at my crotch.

Our targets go to a nearby recreation park and go horseback riding. While we
wait on them to return to the riding stables, Pete goes looking for something
for lunch for us, returning with some chili hot dogs from a street vendor. I
start guzzling my hot dog and Pete corrects me "You're going to get an ulcer
if you eat like that. Slow down and enjoy your food. Watch me."

He holds the hot dog bun close to his face and eases it toward his mouth,
slowly opening his mouth, taking just a little of the exposed hot dog into
his mouth. Recognizing his graphic sexual innuendo, I watch as he closes his
lips around the tip of the hot dog and bites a small bite off, which he chews
and swallows before licking the mustard from his lips.

I laugh at his hidden joke and respond "Real men are able to get the whole
hot dog into their mouth and swallow the whole thing." then I stuff the
remains of my hot dog into my mouth as he laughs until tears oozed down his
smiling cheeks.


We don't make it until our normal bedtime. As soon as we enter our hotel room
with our freshly developed pictures, I feel my male testosterone's kick in. I
feel a strong desire to relieve my restrained sexual desires and it feels
like the time to take Pete up on his frequent suggestions.

Without asking his permission or warning him, I push Pete's slightly smaller
body against the wall, pinning him against the wall with my chest, and rub my
hard cock up and down his body as our mouths merged.

Except for the much rougher feeling of his unshaven face, it's as if I'm
kissing a woman. We French kiss each other with our eyes shut as our hands
roam over each other's body for several passionate seconds. Then, knowing
what I want to do to him, I hold his arms up-right in a high
nailed-cross-position and ease one leg between his thighs as we dry-humped
each other until we are out of control. I feel my rock hard cock mash against
his soft body and feel his cock respond to my prodding.

He gently pushes me back as his hands fumble with my zipper. As soon as he
gets my trousers down to my knees, he pushes me back against the wall as he
drops to his knees.

I felt nervous, tingly, horny and despite those feelings, a small portion of
me feels like running away. I just stand there braced against the wall with
Pete in front of me, down on his knees. He rubs his smiling face against my
cock, enjoying the smell of my pubic area as his hands cup my ass and
caresses the inside of my thighs, moving upwards. His eyes are shut and a
small smile lights up his face.

I know that I have committed to a game - his game and I have to let him play
with me as well as doing my part in playing with him. I groan with real
delight when he runs his hand over my penis and wraps his hand around my
throbbing manhood. He holds the shaft and kisses the cockhead as he whispers
"I've been waiting for this moment for years - to show you how I can make
love to you and bring you pleasure."


I'm surprised at how gentle a lover Pete is. I expected that he would be just
as aggressive as those hospital male orderlies usually were. Instead, he is
gentle, soft and takes his time, letting me adapt at my own pace to each new
sensation and experience. Instead of fucking each other, we made love to each
other. For the most part, Pete is the recipient of my cock's thrusting. It is
his choice because I try to reciprocate but he wants to play the role of my
girlfriend, not the role of my boyfriend.

After a late and somewhat quiet breakfast, we are walking through the parking
garage to our rental car, when Pete impulsively kisses me on the cheek
quickly. I look around to see if anyone is watching and Pete's face blushes
"At least I didn't leave any lipstick on your cheek. That quick peck was for
last night. I really enjoyed myself and hope that you did too."

Still feeling weird about expressing affection to a man in public, I nod my
head and unlock the car, eager to change the topic.

I quickly drive to the apartment building and park the car in a metered spot
where we can watch everyone coming and going through the main door. I stay in
the car while Pete wanders down to the coffee shop to get a couple fresh cups
of coffee.

Although I'm actively watching the door, my mind is elsewhere. I'm thinking
about me, about my poor departed Julie, about the bastards that did this to
Julie and me, about Pete and most of all, about my new sex orientation.

Pete's the way that he is because of several factors. While he blames his
eventual personality and sex orientation on his childhood and frequent
teasing about body changes that he had no control over, I feel that he is
probably destined to be the way that he is. I don't believe in pre- destiny
or anything like that but too many children have grown up in similar families
with dissimilar results. Pete was probably destined to be a little feminine
and oriented toward sex with men.

As for myself, my new sex orientation is because of my imprisonment in a
female body and subsequent appreciation of sex with a man. True, it was more
normal when I thought I was a real woman. It's very addictive to be sexually
active with men partners for several months then very confusing to discover
that maybe you shouldn't be having sex with men anymore.

The more I think about it, the more that I realize that I'm now and forever
very bisexual. And that doesn't bother me when I consider that there are many
other men with similar desires.

It could be worse. I could be completely gay with a slightly feminine and
catty personality like Pete.

Chapter 7 - The Kidnapping

I hadn't forgot the real reason that we are in DC, during my brief
self-discovery escapes with Pete. Watching the two of them strut around in
bodies that don't belong to them, makes me so angry that I vowed to kill

I have almost daily discussions with Juan who is hiding in Rio. He is using
his contacts with the local criminals to work out the details for getting my
parents back to Eden. So I'm quite pleased when he tells me about the
smuggling organization that he found. If I can get Johnny and Julie
unconscious or their uncooperative bodies to a certain airport hanger in
Miami, he can get us around customs, out of Florida and into Rio with no
questions asked - for one hundred thousand dollars. I'd given Juan more than
that when I left, so I tell him that I'd like a loan which I'll repay from
the rest of Doctor Garcia's ill-gotten funds. He readily agrees and starts
working on the local travel arrangements.

Pete and I decide that Johnny's male body's superior strength will probably
be too difficult to overcome so we'll have to figure out some way to drug
Johnny before we tackle them. That's when our luck changes.

We are watching the hotel when Julie comes out, followed by a bellboy pushing
a cart with several large suitcases, which the bellboy loads into a taxi.
Pete and I immediately notice that she is smoking a small cigar. Pete's quick
observation is "They've had a fight and she's leaving." I don't agree,
knowing that my father limits himself to one cigar a day when he is around my
mother but goes hog- wild when he is traveling.

We follow the taxi to the airport and I lose her inside the airport. I return
to find a beaming Pete waiting for me outside the airport's main doors "The
taxi driver spilled the beans - for a hundred dollars that is. Seems his
fashionable female passenger is on her way to Miami where she's going to take
a connecting flight to Rio. Some type of minor family emergency back home."

Several long distance phone calls to Rio and we find Juan, telling him that
I'm on my way back, while Pete remains behind to watch my former body. I
catch the next flight to Miami and twenty-four hours later, am in Rio. Juan
meets me at the airport gate "She's already back there in Taiz. Seems that
the new Lynne Kimball was caught being fucked by an orderly, creating a
possible hospital scandal. The doctor decides that she isn't a dangerous
threat to anyone and doesn't need to stay in his hospital. He tried to find
Doctor Garcia but couldn't, so he just ships her back to the ranch. I'm
willing to bet that the reason the lovely Mrs. Kimball Junior is headed back
home, is to permanently take care of her dear mother-in-law. I took the
liberty of having my friend check Doctor Garcia's answering machine and there
are three calls from our good friends in the last forty-eight hours. Anyone
want to bet that the old lady Kimball doesn't have an fatal heart attack in
the next couple of weeks?"


I grip my doctor's bag tightly and step out of the jeep, concentrating on
maintaining the personality expected from Doctor Garcia. In most places, if
you're in a person's body and wearing that person's clothes, then you're
accepted as that person. However, I know that the new Julie's experience with
body exchanging will make her think twice if she notices anything even
slightly different about the good doctor. So my impersonation of him has to
be perfect.

The restrained and obviously sedated familiar body of Lynne Kimball is
sitting in a wheelchair on the hacienda's front porch, staring out into space
with a dull look on her face, as the hacienda's medical assistant watches
her. When she sees me get out of the jeep, she stares at her former body as
if she's just seen a ghost; some of her severed brain cells calling back
snatches of memories of when this was her body. She stares at me and points
at me as she mumbles something unintelligible. The orderly recognizes that
she is becoming agitated for some unknown reason so he wheels her back into
the house. I follow him as she turns her head to keep staring at me.

"Doctor Garcia, I'm so sorry to pull you back from your vacation, but as you
can see, Mother Lynne's not doing as well as we expected." The very different
accent surprises me for a second. Somehow I expected this new Julie's voice
to remain exactly the same as my original Julie's New York accent. I
recognize that John Senior has tried to polish up her voice to match her new

I turn to see a more casually dressed Julie sitting on the couch. The room
reeked with the smell of the stinky Purerto Blanco cigar that she is smoking.
Sitting on the couch beside her is a woman that I recognize as being one of
the teachers for the worker's children.

She stands up and holds her out to shake hands with me. I step forward,
remembering that Doctor Garcia usually bows when he enters a room with women.
I bow to Julie and then to the teacher before I accept Julie's still
outstretched hand. Her hand is warm and her handshake is firm. I have to
fight back the impulse to grab her and throttle her, but I know that I have a
game to play first so that I can pick the best time for us to commence our
eventual battle to the death.

She is dressed in tight fitting designer jeans, with a silken v-neck bright
yellow blouse with an upraised collar framing her face. Around her waist is a
wide leather belt that matches the knee high riding boots that she is
wearing. Tucked into the corner of her mouth is the identifying cigar - my
father's trademark. While the round, thick cigar distracts from her
femininity, her overall appearance is of a woman that is very assured of her
looks and identity.

"I came as soon as I found out about her. I was on a much-deserved and often
postponed vacation and was surprised at my colleague's hasty decision. I'm
sure that we can convince him to re-admit her." I reply concentrating on
trying to emulate Doctor Garcia's accent.

"That's why I sent for you. I'm sure that you can work something out with the
hospital director, but I'd like for you to personally examine her. She seems
weak to me and I'm not sure if her health would survive a trip back down
river at this time." Her beautiful, ocean-blue eyes hiding the evil that I
know lurks behind her twinkling smile.

"I'm at your service." I reply as I click my heels and bow my head,
signifying the servitude that I'd seen the real doctor display before.

She turns to the teacher, her voice changing to a softer tone as she suggests
"Carmen, why don't you join the doctor and myself at our dinner table
tonight. If you will excuse us, the doctor and I need to discuss a proper
medical treatment for my mother-in-law." As I listened to her, her tone and
condescending smile remind me of the evil witch in Hansel and Gretel, as she
sets the kids up for the eventual capture.

I follow her down the hallway into the bedroom that they are using for the
ill Grand Dame, watching her hips sway provocatively as she shows off this
rear view of her stolen bombshell body.

She quickly dismisses the medical assistant with a patronizing half-smile,
that quickly disappears as she stares at the aged body restrained to the
wheelchair. When only the three of us are in the room, her pleasant demeanor
changes as fast as her femininity disappears. Ignoring the mumbles of the
obviously drugged woman, Julie's pretty face frowns as she pulls the cigar
out of her mouth and points it at me as if she is a dissatisfied customer at
a service station. "Look, we paid you a fortune to do one simple thing - KEEP
HER UNDER CONTROL until we satisfied all of the local tax laws concerning
inheritance. All you have to do, is keep her healthy for another six months
and we'll save forty percent of the tax that we owe after becoming the new
ranch owners. I stopped off at Taiz and spent yesterday trying to sweet talk
the hospital director; only to discover that he's very gay and I actually
turned him off. Bastard doesn't know what he missed out on. Anyhow, I came
back here this morning, discovering that she escaped from the hospital a
couple of weeks ago and was gone for four days before they found her working
in a local whorehouse. If you can't control her, I'll find someone that can
control her. You'd better get her back in that hospital and then make sure
that her health goes downhill fast after we pass the two year tax time. Do
you understand me?"

I nod my head trying to be appropriately humble "I've already had some
discussions with the hospital and have made the appropriate financial
arrangements with the director, which will come from my personal funds.
She'll be re-admitted in a week or two, after I document that her home stay
caused her health to go downhill. As for her health, she's getting up in age
and a sudden heart attack at the right time wouldn't be investigated by the

We are talking about the current Lynne as if she isn't in the room. I turn
around to see a tear run down her cheek and a sad expression in her
glazed-over eyes. She knows but doesn't really understand what we are talking
about. Remembering my own time imprisoned in that body, I know that she will
forget about this subject in a couple of hours; returning to her normal
child-like state.

The smile returns to Julie's face as she also returns the cigar to the corner
of her mouth. "My thoughts also. Good, so I'll leave it up to you to find the
place and method, only it's got to be final and untraceable. I've decided to
make the most of my trip here. What do you think of our teacher's body?"

"She looks quite virginal." I reply somewhat nervously being this close to
the malevolent fiend that masterminded my kidnapping; knowing that she
intends to inflict her depravity upon the innocent teacher.

She uses her fingers to pat some strands of her long curls into place, as a
smile forms on her face; ignoring the slight coating of sweat that is coating
my face. "Appearances can so deceiving. She doesn't have the greatest body in
the world, but I can sense that she's got a little bit of attraction for me.
I think that it's a power issue, after all, I'm the attractive wife of a big
rich ranch owner. She's cute but has no taste in clothes or accessories. I
can dress her up and make her look so much better. Johnny doesn't let me play
around as much as I'd like to, so I'm going to stay here for a week or two
while you take care of business. After dinner tonight, be prepared to turn in
early and leave me along with the teacher. I'm going to see if I can become
this teacher's pet."


Dinner is as expected. Julie is dressed as if she is out for a night on the
town. The teacher wears a simple, white, cotton dress, which I assume is her
best and probably only dress. Her short brunette hair frames an oval,
well-tanned face from her stay here in the jungle. Her best feature is her
piercing brown doe-like eyes, which projects innocence and intelligence; her
worst feature is her mouth - no lips, just a slender slit across her face.
Her body is - stout - which is my first thought, but she isn't overweight.
Rather, she has a rectangular shape as compared to Julie's more feminine
hourglass shape. Overall, I wouldn't rate her as beautiful, but she isn't
unattractive either. Her voice is low for a woman, reminding me of someone
from an old television show.

After supper, we adjourn to the living room, where Julie and I light up some
cigars. I sit down in a large and bulky chair across from the two women who
sit close to each other on the couch. I didn't smoke one of those horrible
stinky cigars that Julie prefers, instead selecting a mild one that I'd seen
the Doctor smoke on the porch before. The three of us sip our brandy and
relax as Julie and Carmen talk about exciting places to shop that Julie has
recently visited.

I find it hard to relax because I really want to stand up and scream at the
top of my voice that I know what occurred. I feel so much hatred and sorrow
at the same time. It's my Julie's twinkling eyes and voluptuous lips sitting
across from me, but it is my hated father's words coming from those gleaming
lips and emphasized by the seductive eyes. I want to stare into those eyes -
to follow those eyes' connection to the brain and to pull my father's
memories from that brain.

As I stare at her, I notice other things that also anger me. It is Julie's
face and body but not only are the hair-style, make-up and clothes different,
but so is the personality. My Julie is a normal, happy girl that just wants
to blend into the crowd; not be the center of the stage as this Julie
obviously desires. My Julie is a shy, one-man woman; while this Julie is a
Chameleon/Black Widow Spider, becoming whoever she wants to be while also
devouring anything that threatens her.

I decide that I can't think of this person as being my Julie and feel better
when I start thinking of her again as Julie's evil twin sister. That thought
helps me keep my sanity as I sit across from them, watching the evil twin as
she concentrates her attention on her current prey - the pretty little female
schoolteacher. I know that the teacher's life isn't in danger but that her
sanity and virginity are at risk.

It is a good thing that she focuses her attention on Carmen because I know
that I have a hard time keeping my face and body free of the anger and hatred
that I really feel. I feel the anger boil up within me and I dissipate it by
concentrating on other things - other memories. I clean my nostrils of her
cigar's foul smell by overpowering my taste buds with my own cigar's unique
odor. I hate cigars and find it difficult to smoke one, but it is required of
my character and I also discover that it helps me to transport my mind from
this scene.

I try to think of things that I enjoy - that make me feel peaceful and
relaxed. I can't think of Julie because that increases my frustration. So I
think about my one long night with Luisa in a cheap Rio hotel room - and my
two nights affair with Pete after I learned to deal with my real desires. Two
completely different experiences, but somehow so much alike. Both of my
friends aren't the people that I thought that they'd be in bed. I thought
that Luisa would be a money-grabbing whore eager to leave after she collected
her money but she turned out to be a lonely woman that just wants someone
that she can share her love with. Someone that can forget how she earns her
living and treats her with the respect that she craves.

And Pete - well, he always seemed like an aggressive gay flame, but he also
turns into a lonely soul that reveals his true personality after he lets his
hair down. Pete is really a woman trapped in a man's body and is trying to
hide it the best way that he knows how. I always thought that Pete would
aggressively play whatever games gay men play. I had old images of him
wearing leather pants, nipple clips, and carrying a whip. Instead he enjoys
curling up together and just letting our bodies touch as we talk. Instead of
wild sex, it is normal sex that we share - I think. I'm still confused about
my own true feelings and sexual identity.

The two of them are so different outside of the bedroom but so alike in the
bedroom. As I muse on that thought, my eyes focus once again on Julie.
Watching her laugh at a small comment by Carmen and point her cigar at Carmen
in a Groucho Marx mannerism, makes me realize that this Julie will probably
be the same person in bed that she pretends to be in life. Tough, demanding,
self- serving, and very dominant.

I shudder to think what it would be like if she turns her attention toward
me. If she somehow maneuvers me into bed. I know that I won't be able to get
it up because of my revulsion for this evil twin. But can I suckle on those
pert breasts again which I remember so well? Can I bury my nose between the
legs and risk being smothered by those soft thighs again as my tongue
violates every rule of safe sex and hygiene? Can I do it without revealing my
true identity and feelings for this evil twin sister? NO and it makes me glad
that she has someone to occupy her time and attention while I concentrate on
pretending to only be the loyal servant Doctor Hector Garcia.

My daydream is interrupted when Julie arches her eyebrows at me, hinting that
she wants to be alone with her prey, so I say my farewell's claiming fatigue
from my trip. As I walk out of the room, I can hear the sounds of Julie's
sweet voice but my father's words as she suggests to Carmen that they go to
her bedroom to try on some of Julie's clothes that might fit Carmen.


The teacher is unnormally quiet at the crowded breakfast table. When a very
happy and smiling Julie joins us, the teacher's eye's lights up as she
watches the person that she knows only as Julie Kimball. As Julie enters the
room, she stares at her image in a hallway mirror and gracefully fluffs her
hair with her hand as she checks out her reflected image.

Other people come and go from the table, but the teacher dawdles over her
plate, only leaving when Julie announces that she is going for a long
horseback ride. A couple of gears click and whir inside my head as I develop
an instant plan.

I suggest, with an innocent look on my face, that I can accompany her but she
declines my offer, suggesting that my patient's health is more important. The
teacher wants Julie to ask her, but Julie ignores the teacher's silent
pleading eyes.

When Julie goes back to her bedroom to get her hat and gloves, I run to the
stables and return in time so that I'm sitting on the porch looking as if I'm
going to spend the day rocking as she comes outside. I watch from the front
porch as Julie puts on a pair of riding gloves to protect her soft hands,
then climbs on board her horse. She adjusts her hat, which is a color
coordinated hat that matches the rest of her outfit, then lights a cigar
before she gallops off. With her high top black leather riding boots, her
thick black leather wide belt, her tight form-fitting jeans, her collar-up
blouse, her braided hair hanging out of the back of her hat, and that big
cigar tucked into the corner of her mouth; she looks like one tough bitch
that can take on a complete football team and win. All she needs is a whip in
her free hand to complete her tough-bitch appearance. There is just the right
mix of femininity in Julie's made-up face, long blonde hair, braless tits and
filled out jeans to offset the total dominatrix appearance.

As soon as she is out of sight, I run out back to where I hid a horse while
she was getting her hat and gallop down a trail that I knows parallels her
trail. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I know that this might be my
best chance to do anything.

I pick up sight of her and follow her down the trail to the river and across
the river. Twenty minutes later, I watch her part the vines and enter the
cave. I'm prepared and have a flashlight, handcuffs, some of the real Doctor
Garcia's zombie drugs and a pistol tucked in my pockets.

I follow her into the cave and stay in the background until we get to the
central room. She opens the secret hiding place and is looking for her
missing notes, when I announce myself "Looking for something?"

She jumps and shines her flashlight at me as I aim my own flashlight at her.
Her look of panic disappears as she recognizes me "What are you doing here?"

"I followed you. I think it's time that you share a little more of the wealth
with me. After all, you've got more than you'll ever need." I suggest,
playing the game as I walk closer to her.

A frown appears and disappears just as fast as John Senior's evil mind works
out a fiendish plot to take care of me at the appropriate time. "All right,
we'll talk about it after the bitch is gone. Now help me find my papers."

As she looks into the hole, I pick up the rag-covered club. She never saw
what hit her.


"HECTOR." she screams at the top of her voice, the echo almost causing a
cave-in. She is tied to the altar, her legs are tied in a spread position and
she is completely naked.

When the echo's clear away, I step forward, revealing my naked, painted body.
She screams again, recognizing my intent. She is still screaming when I stuff
a gag into her mouth. In the dim light, her panic stricken eyes glare at me
as she fights the gag, trying to push it out with her tongue, but I tape her
mouth shut with the gag in her mouth.

When she quits her struggling, I brag to her "The game's over now. At least
it is for you. It's time to explain the new rules and introduce the new
players. I'm Johnny Kimball . Hello dad, do you want to go out back and throw
the football or do some of those other things that fathers do with their
sons? No. Well, I'm not too enthused with your games either. It's over. I'm
going to trade bodies with you, then lock up the good Doctor Garcia at the
ranch and lure my `husband' back to his ranch."

She starts struggling and grunting, the panic showing in her eyes. I apply
the aphrodisiac to her cunt lips and watch as her body almost immediately
reacts to the application. After two minutes of drug induced foreplay, I
mount her, wanting to hurry and complete this part of the ritual.

Ten minutes later, I crawl off her. I'm completely drained, but she is
begging for more. Or at least that's what her eyes are telling me because she
is still gagged.

Twenty minutes later the body exchange is complete and I was rubbing my sore
jaw. I had stuffed the gag into her mouth too hard and now I'm paying for my
previous aggressive behavior. I'm now in Julie's female body and my father,
John Senior is now in Doctor Hector Garcia's male body. I stare at the still
naked man lying on the floor. I had the foresight to bring some handcuffs and
cuffed his wrists and ankles at the start of the ceremony as I loosen her
ropes. By the time the transfer of bodies was over, I was free from the ropes
and had my pistol.

The good doctor's eyes glare at me as I dress in the clothes that his version
of Julie wore into the cave. Then I put the pistol next to his head and
unhandcuff his ankles, allowing him to dress in the trouser and boots. After
he's dressed in Doctor Garcia's professional looking suit, I place the
handcuffs back on his ankles, using them to hobble him. I check the handcuffs
on his wrists, wishing that his hands are restrained behind his back but
knowing that he won't be able to climb the ladders that way. I put all of the
ritual material back into its normal place and instruct my gagged prisoner to
march back up the tunnel.

When we came to the forty-foot ladder, I go up first and wait for him as he
comes up the ladder, being careful to keep him a safe distance away. A minute
or two later, we come to a small ledge that has steps carved in it. Again, I
go first and position myself so that I'm prepared for anything. But this
time, he unexpectedly jumps toward me as he reaches the top step, shoving his
shoulder into me, knocking me down onto the hard ground as he falls on top of
me. I feel his hands go around my neck as he tries to choke me while his
heavier weight pins me against the ground. I have no choice but to pull the
trigger. Not once but several times. I keep pulling the trigger even after
the pistol runs out of bullets.

I feel him quit struggling and his hands release their deadly hold on my neck
as his face twists with the agony of a chest full of bullets. I push his
heavy, non-moving body off of me, which is quite difficult because my new
smaller body isn't as strong as it needs to be for what I am doing. As soon
as I'm free from underneath his pining body, I examine both of us. I am
coated with the blood from his wounds and he is dead.

Chapter 8 - Carmen

It takes over an hour to drag and pull his body back down to the cave to
dispose of it. Then I lead both horses back to the river, where I undress and
rinse the blood from my new body's clothes and off of my new exhausted female
body. The blood stains the clothes but I can throw them away later after I
get back to the ranch. Until then, I need them otherwise someone might get
suspicious if the very pretty Mrs. Julie Kimball comes back to the ranch
riding naked like Lady Godiva. A rope stretched between two trees makes a
makeshift clothesline to hang the clothes so the wind and tropical sun can
quickly dry them.

I lay naked on a big flat rock, letting the sun dry me as I try to relax.
This morning when I saw Julie ride away from the ranch, I didn't know what I
was going to do. This afternoon after exchanging bodies, I'm still working
from the same plan. I still don't know what I'm going to do.

It all seemed so easy when I first opened the eyes of the Hector Garcia body
weeks ago and stared at the ancient body of Lynne Kimball - I was going to
reclaim my real male body and Julie's body. I knew that Julie was probably
dead and gone forever because we weren't able to find my dead father's body
with her trapped soul. So I knew that I'd never be able to restore her; but I
would be damned if I let either of my evil parents spent one more second than
necessary in our bodies. My rough plan was to kidnap them, transport them
back here, reclaim my body then Julie's body and let her body die. Then to
take revenge upon my parents. But the unexpected trip back to the ranch
changed all that. Now I'm halfway to my goal - Julie's body has been
reclaimed - and I only have to deal with my mother in my stolen body.

Sitting up on the rock, I listen to the sounds of the forest feeling a sense
of peace for the first time in a long time. The sound of the chirping birds,
the wind blowing through the tree tops, and the sound of the river relax me
as I prepare myself for this next, most difficult lifestyle.

As I sit on the rock bare-ass naked, I can see my new reflection in a small,
still pool below the large rock that I'm sitting on. I find it difficult to
believe that it is now my pretty reflection that I'm looking at in the water.
The feminine curvy image that I am seeing, is so beautiful, so vibrant
looking - so Julie, even with her new hairstyle and made-up face. I continue
to stare at the reflection as I shake my head back and forth wildly, every
reflected movement confirming my new body - my new identity.

I know that just I learned to be Doctor Hector Garcia and to pass as him, I
have to learn to be her. I have to learn to be the woman that I've learned to
hate over the last several weeks.

Picking up a small stone, I throw the stone into the pool, temporary
destroying the reflection. I destroy it because I'm not seeing me, but am
still seeing her. It's my Julie - true, but it is my father's slightly older
version of Julie with her longer, golden, curly hair and more sophisticated
appearance. I know that I have to become her; that I have to see myself - not
her, every time that I look into a mirror; or the rest of my non-existent
plan will never work.

I succeeded as Doctor Garcia because I only had to pretend to be him for the
last two days and never looked into mirrors if I could help it. But from the
moment that I step off this big rock to put those tight jeans on, I have to
be her. I have to constantly be her. I have to be my late father's version of

Laying back on the warm rock, I feel the tension in my stomach increase as I
worry about how I will adapt to this new body. Shutting my eyes and placing
my hands on my stomach, I try to concentrate on becoming her.

I envision myself - my former male body - coming through the woods, riding
the wind as a transparent wraith. Riding toward the sleeping, naked body of
Julie, lying on a rock by the river. I envision myself being drawn to her
until I land at her feet. My cloud-like body swirls around her body until my
larger cloud-like body overlays her smaller feminine body; then her body
begins to `soak' in my cloud as my body is pulled into her body. With that
image in my mind, I concentrate on letting my hands explore my new body. As
my hands explore my new smooth belly, I concentrate on other sensations,
trying to make my first self-exploration as casual as possible.

I can feel my chest moving as I breathe. By tilting slightly one way, I can
feel a more delicate shifting of body mass as my new breast tissue molds
itself around my flat upper chest, forming an image in my mind of two eggs in
a frying pan. While it is a weird feeling for my still some-what mannish
mind, it is a very normal feeling for any woman.

I bring my hand languidly up my belly, seeking my nipples, discovering the
twin erasers of pleasure that I used to be so familiar with. Julie used to
tease me that one of her nipples was slightly bigger than the other, so she
called one Number 2 and the other Number 3 as if they were real erasers on
different pencil sizes. I was never able to tell the difference and I thought
that she started that tale simply because she liked for me to try to find the

My other hand is rubbing over the short, cropped hair of my neatly trimmed
golden pubic mound. Without hesitation, my fingers part the outer lips of my
sex - which is a big mistake. I remember a former girlfriend telling me that
once she starts masturbating herself, she can't quit until it hurts. That
simple gentle touching motion releases a tremendous tingle that zaps up my
spine which causes a major reflexive shiver. Before I can think about what
I'm really doing to myself, my finger probes the fleshy lips, torturing
myself as I probe this so-vulnerable part of my new body.

My insides feel as if I'm melting, as if I'm going to explode because of
those simple touches. Pulling all my will together, I force myself to stop
playing with myself as I jerk myself back into a sitting position with my
eyes open again.

I recognize for the first time that I don't have the specialized skill level
that I need. I know nothing about being a woman. Sure, I lived in Lynne's
ancient body for eighteen months, but I was brain dead then and living in a
hospital. I don't remember ever brushing my hair because one of the nurses
did it for me every morning. The only female skill that I did on my own, was
to squat and pee. As for putting on make-up or wearing anything other than a
hospital gown, there was no need or personal desire for me to learn how to do
that. So I don't have the experience or the skills necessary to portray an
attractive woman about town. While John Senior pulled it off, it is only
because he still had Julie's memories and he got some additional training
from Lynne. I'm going to have to do it by myself, because I don't have her

I wonder what it would feel like to have my Julie's memories in my head. To
think about the good times that we shared - from my perspective and from her
perspective. To peek into how she felt about me. To find those little tidbits
of information that she hid from me. To know what she felt like during her
last moments alive.

I find myself breaking into a sweat thinking about her last moments and then
it dawns on me that if I had been able to transfer memories during that
exchange - that I would also have my father's memories; which I sure as hell
don't want.

I feel very different in her body. I don't really remember what it was like
to change from a man to a woman before because they so quickly drugged me and
destroyed my memory. I remember what it was like to have tits - sagging tits,
that is, not a firm set of tits like Julie's firm young tits - to have the
hospital orderlies suck on them and to have a pussy that was frequently
fucked. I remember how my boobs jiggled and how I had to frequently adjust my
bra. But at that time, I assumed that I had always been a woman so I accepted
my female body parts as being normal. And because I was in a hospital where
all of my normal female gender functions were being taken care of, there are
no memories of truly living and dressing as a woman. There are no memories of
standing in front of a mirror applying even lipstick or color coordinating a
skirt with a blouse.

Swapping from Lynne's body to Hector's body had been more of a cultural shock
than my swap into Lynne's body. The memories of being a woman were still so
strong that it added to my confusion. I ignored those feelings because I was
on a time-sensitive mission and really only looked at my new face once in a
mirror - when I was shaving in the Rio hotel room. I glanced it a couple of
other times, but never really examined it except for that one time. I
reasoned that if I didn't look at my new face, I had enough masculine traits
so it almost felt as if I was in an out-of- shape version of my real body.

And swapping from Hector's body to Julie's body is a culture shock. The three
things that I notice almost immediately are the constantly jiggling boobs,
the smaller physical size and the weaker strength. Suddenly having large
protrusions on your chest is an awkward feeling that takes a little time to
get used to. I knew that Julie had nice breasts, but now they seemed even
bigger from this perspective. Other differences that I also notice are when I
have to struggle to get into her tight jeans and to walk in her riding boots
with the two-inch heels.

I know that I have to get used to those feelings and to adopt the persona of
the last Julie - to become the evil twin sister - the beautiful sexy wife of
Johnny Kimball . I have to pretend to be her - no, I have to become her,
complete with her unique mannerisms and idiosyncrasies - to lure the phony
Johnny back to the ranch so that I can swap bodies with him - to regain my
real body and identity. Even if it means making love to my former body. I
have to become the aggressive cigar smoking fashionable woman that likes to
dress in the latest styles and thrives on being the center of attention. I
have to quickly lose my natural tendency to walk like a truck driver and
learn to walk like a woman that knows she's got a hellacious body. I've got
to hide my masculine mannerisms so that everyone thinks that I'm a woman.

When my somewhat presentable clothes are somewhat dry, I dress in the still
damp clothes and ride her horse back toward the ranch while leading the other
horse. About two miles from the ranch, I stop and light one of the cigars
that I found in her purse hanging from the saddle horn. The first puff of the
strong cigar almost gags my personal taste buds and the strong, heady
sensation makes me feel slightly dizzy as the smoke warms my lungs. So I sit
on the horse, puffing on the cigar until I feel somewhat comfortable with it
tucked into the corner of my mouth. I have to admit that smoking it is better
than smelling it.

When I get back to the ranch, I turn both horses over to the wrangler,
telling him that the doctor hitched a ride on a passing boat. I enter the
hacienda through a back door and change clothes. While I'm undressing, there
is a timid knock on the door.

Remembering that I'm supposed to be a some-what aggressive female and that
I'm almost naked, I quickly debated whether the evil twin sister would boldly
open the door or hide behind the door. I compromised by opening it just
enough to see through the narrow opening, a very timid Carmen standing there.

"Hi, You were late for dinner and I was getting worried about you. Is
everything all right?" she asks, a shy smile on her face, her thin eyebrows
arched as if she has more to say but is waiting for the proper moment.

A lighting thought hits me - here's my expert that can teach me the basic
concepts of make-up and hairstyling. If nothing else, she can do it for me
while I learn the feminine skills that I need to transform myself into the
stunning evil twin sister. I open the door to reveal to her that I'm standing
there with nothing but my panties on. A smile lights up her face as she
stares at my almost naked body. I suggest "Why don't you go to the kitchen,
get us a couple of sandwiches and a bottle of wine? Then we can have a
private dinner back here in my bedroom."


For an outwardly appearing timid woman, she is quite an outgoing, aggressive
lover. Wow, she is great. If that's what every female lover is like, I'm
going to become a lesbian. Even when I get my normal Johnny body back.

As I expected, Carmen had been seduced the previous night, but it isn't
Carmen's first lesbian experience. Just her first with the body that she
knows only as Mrs. Johnny Kimball. She becomes quite aggressive and overly
familiar with my body after just a few sips of wine. Give her a whole bottle
and she can handle a whole football team of women.

While I waited for her to return with the food, I'd undressed completely and
crawled into the large sunken tub, enjoying the wonderful pressure of the
underwater jets that I aimed between my legs. She comes into the bathroom,
places the plate of sandwiches beside me, pulls the zipper of her dress all
the way down revealing that she isn't wearing a bra. Her small, firm breasts
have two small triangles of white where the rest of her body is tanned,
making her extremely large and dark aureoles look darker. It also looks as if
half of her breast tissue is the sensitive aureole tissue. With a shake of
her hips, she pulls the dress completely off, revealing a pair of black
bikini panties.

She surprises me by walking out of the bathroom before returning with an
ashtray, a lighter and one of those damn cigars. I really didn't want to have
to smoke it, but know that it is something expected of me. I watch as she
expertly trims off the end of it, rolls it around her mouth and then lights
it. When it is lit, she passes it to me as she pours each of us a glass of
wine. Then she slips off her panties and eases into the water, opposite me,
briefly exposing a very dark mound of curly pubic hair.

I roll the cigar around my mouth, puffing on it as I let it settle into the
corner of my mouth, already feeling the heady sensation from the smoke.
Carmen makes a small swimming motion so that she is at my side, her hungry
lips seeking my neck. I tilt my head, enjoying the multiple sensations that
I'm feeling, from the jet stream aimed at my pussy, to the turned-on woman
that is nibbling at my neck, to the intoxicating effect of the cigar. If
every cigar smoking session is this tantalizing, I'm going to become a
confirmed smoker.

Carmen's lips nibble her way down my neck as she rubs her firm white mounds
against my arm. I flick a finger against her nipple that is above the water
line, tracing the outline of her breast with my long, red fingernail.

"I wish that my breasts were as beautiful as your perfect mounds." She purrs
as she rubs her palm over each of my breasts under the water.

I put the cigar into the ashtray, rising slightly so that my breasts are
above the waterline. Without hesitating, she bows her head, wrapping my
nipple in the warm vise of her lips. I lean back, shut my eyes and enjoy the
sensation of an experienced mouth teasing my sensitive nipples. She traces
circles around my own aureole, her tongue darting around the nipple, teasing
it before capturing the nipple with her warm lips.

I have always been a tit man and have sucked on many a woman's boobs since my
first encounter. But this is the first time that I'd really experienced it
from this perspective. I can't think of anything, my whole life and attention
is focused on enjoying that most wonderful sensation. I find myself
shuddering and shaking as previously unimaginable sensations roar through my
body from every simple movement of her tongue. Even the momentary minor pain
as her teeth nip at me, create an unbelievable delight, causing me to moan as
I lay back against the tub wall with my eyes closed, enjoying the feel of her
oral ministrations, feeling a wetness between my legs that I know originated
from within me. And when she changes to my other boob, I shiver myself into
that delightful state known simply as Nirvana. As she sucks my boobs in her
mouth, I wonder if this is what it feels like to have a baby nursing. Then I
close my eyes and enjoy her experienced tongue action.

Suddenly I feel her pull away as she leans back on the tub, her outstretched
arms poking her breasts out, inviting me to reciprocate. I majored in tit
sucking in college and have a few tricks of my own to show her; but first I
reposition her so that her legs are spread and one of the underwater jets is
pummeling her hairy mound. Then I kiss her firmly on the lips, as my hands
start my wind-up attack on her breasts. After a long, soul-searching French
kiss, I replace my tongue in her mouth, with that cigar, knowing that its
intoxicating smoke will add to her pleasure.

While she doesn't have the most perfect breasts that I've ever seen - my
Julie has that honor - Carmen's breasts are the sexiest breasts that I'd
touched my lips to. Part of it is because I'm so turned on already by her
tongue and now I'm enjoying showing her that I can make her have multiple
orgasms with just my tongue on her nipples. Her erect nipples look like two
thick pencil erasers on two large dark circles centered on two large white

I feel her hip movement underwater and her loud moans echo off the bathroom's
tiled walls as she reacts to my tongue-lashing. Dropping my mouth below her
breasts and cupping her breasts with a gentle lifting motion, I ease her into
a standing position. Then I push her back onto the floor surrounding the
sunken tub so that her back and ass are lying on the floor as I spread her
legs around my shoulders, kissing her inner thighs as I move closer to the
moist center. When my mouth touches her saturated hair mound, she shivers and
grabs my head as her legs tighten around my neck, pulling me closer. I
respond by pushing my probing tongue up into her exposed cuntal lips, tasting
her delicious pussy.

Did I say earlier that I'm a tit man? I'm also a pussy man and can't get
enough of it. As her creamy taste fills my mouth, she shudders and explodes
in an intense orgasm.

As soon as I'm able to, I began to work my tongue in and out of her opening,
moving it faster and faster as if my tongue is a small probing cock. I can
tell that she approves of my actions by her humping hips and her loud groans.

Within two minutes, she explodes again. However this time, I pull back and
stand up, removing the cigar from her lips, puffing it back to life as I sit
on the tub waiting for some life to return to her exhausted body. When she
can move again, I spread my legs slightly as I wink at her. Without any
hesitation, she bows her head, finding her way to my neatly trimmed golden
mound. I lean back on the tiled floor, laying my legs on her shoulders,
shuddering as her talented tongue traces a path up and down my slit. I lay
there trying to remember what it is like to get a blowjob, trying to decide
which I like better. Within seconds, I can't even remember what it is like to
get a blowjob; all thoughts except enjoyment of her tongue action forced from
my head as the orgasm hits me like a giant tsunami wave. As I shudder and
shake, her tongue keeps probing deep within my innermost womanhood, her
tongue expertly hitting all the sensitive places in my new body.

We somehow roll out of the tub onto the floor, assuming a sixty-nine position
where we tease each other until our cunts are saturated with our jism and our
glistening mouths thoroughly coated with each other's jism.

After an extremely powerful mutual orgasm shakes us apart, we both lay there,
unable to move, weakened so that that we can't even stand if we tried. I roll
back into the sunken tub, too exhausted to move. Carmen slowly stirs,
whispering "That was so much better than last night."


Carmen doesn't object to sharing my bed with me. Waking up the next morning
in bed with a vibrant and enthusiastic lover results in the two of us missing
breakfast. But we don't care.

And Carmen doesn't object to my new game. I tell her that she is now my
slave. Her job is to sleep with me at night, to make love to me whenever I
want sex, and to make me look pretty at all times. I sit down in front of the
make-up mirror and let her put my make-up on and then style my hair, while I
watch what she is doing, trying to remember the steps that she uses to make
me look like the more sophisticated version of Julia.


I place a call to Pete, using his cellular phone number. He is surprised to
hear a woman's voice - my new voice - and it takes a few minutes to convince
him that I'm now in her body and to tell him about the death of John Senior
in the doctor's body.

Pete tells me that since Julie's left Washington, Johnny hasn't wasted any
time and is escorting two very nice looking women around. The women aren't
going home at night. Apparently both of my parents are treating themselves to
a vacation.

I tell Pete that I'm going to call Johnny while pretending to be my father's
version of Julie, tell Johnny that I'm having unanticipated trouble with
Mother Lynne and need his help back at the ranch. And that Pete should be
prepared to follow my former body back here. Pete asks what we will do once
we get Johnny back here and I tell him the truth - I don't know.


I found the most wonderful position. Rather, that is Carmen showed me the
most wonderful position. I hunker down on all fours as if I'm going to be ass
fucked and she slips a moist soapy finger inside me while her other hand
firmly cups my hanging down boobs. Then she soaps up her other hand and
guides two or three fingers into my anus at the same time. Then she replaces
the fingers with dildos and I cream all over the place, jerking so hard that
I think that I will break some bones.

She makes me remember how much I enjoyed it when the hospital orderlies would
fuck me, only this body is definitely more sensitive. No wonder my Julie
always had a big smile on her face when we made love.


After a lot of thinking about what I will say and how I will say it, I call
Johnny. I decide to take the tough-guy approach, using the same tough, no
nonsense tone of voice that Julie used on me when we were alone with Mother

When he answers the phone and I heard my old body's distant voice through the
phone speaker, I feel a strong urge to hang up but know that I can't.
Champing my teeth around the cigar to add a little atmosphere to my character
playing, I cooing ask "Do you miss me, darling?" knowing that he will
recognize the voice.

A second pauses before he responds "You know I do."

"Well, I miss you and know that you're going to hate what I'm getting ready
to say. It's going to spoil your vacation. Mother Lynne - you do remember
your dear mother - is sick and may not have much longer to live. And I've
discovered that our poor departed friend, Juan Lopez, somehow didn't file all
the paperwork that he was supposed to. The ranch is still partially in her
name. I suggest that you join me while we petition the court to correct the

There is a long pause as I wait for him to respond. Then he answers, "I'll be
there in one week."

"Good, I'll be waiting for you." and hang up.


Being the ranch owner has its benefits. For example, I relieve Carmen of some
of her teaching duties so that we can spend some time together while I wait
on Johnny's arrival. We ride on horseback out to a quiet little cove,
undress, go skinny-dipping and then make love on a sand bar. I personally
discovered too late that getting sand in your vagina slit, isn't one of the
most pleasant feelings in the world.

She tells me about her life, about how her father is the local head deacon
back home, and how he tried to force her into joining the church as a nun.
How she became a teacher, then ran away from home, knowing that there is more
to life than what the church offers her. She'd been here two years and had
been considering moving on when I came back. She remembers how shy and humble
I used to be; then joked about how I became more aggressive and outgoing
after my marriage. She jokes it is because I'm having to be the man in the

She is very inquisitive about my bedroom relationship with Johnny? Is he a
good fuck? Is his cock proportional to the rest of his body? Which do I like
the best, her tongue or his cock? I can tell that she is jealous about as
much as she is curious about Johnny's skill in cockmanship. I also suspect
that she would be a willing participant in a m,nage . trois relationship
between Johnny and me.

But can I do it? Can I contain my hatred and my anger long enough to have sex
with my former body - knowing all the harm that my bitching mother did to my
one true love and me? I know that I had to pull my impersonation off until I
can somehow capture Johnny and drag him back to the cave; which is going to
be rough enough without him suspecting that something is wrong.

Thanks to Carmen, I learned how to do my own make-up without any assistance
and fix a couple of appropriate hairstyles so that I look very presentable.
As my confidence in dressing and preparing myself improves, so does my
impersonation of my father's version of Julie. Strutting around the house
with a cigar in my mouth became second nature; just as dressing up for dinner
in a beautiful evening dress and heels becomes more comfortable. I feel
confident enough in my impersonation to fool anyone - maybe even Johnny.

Chapter 9 - Johnny

I wake up very groggy as the overhead light is turned on. Shielding my eyes
with my hand from the bright light, I stare through half-awake eyes at Johnny
standing in the doorway. His appearance startles me because he isn't due for
another three days. Beside me, Carmen mumbles something intelligible as she
turns over, seemingly going back to sleep instantly.

A smirk appears on his face as he strides across the room to the liquor
cabinet. Pouring a drink for himself, he turns around as he holds the drink
up as if to salute me. He downs the drink, then asks in a tired voice "I
thought that we both agreed that we would limit our entertainment to casual
acquaintances and leave the employees along."

Trying to hide my terror at unexpectedly facing my own body and at the same
time, having to pretend to be his mate of many years, I decide to go with a
strong bluff "I fired her. She's now my best friend so that our employee
agreement doesn't apply to her. Do you have any other minor objections?"

"Where do you expect me to sleep? After all, I'm still your husband."

A muffled voice comes from Carmen's pillow. "Some husband. You find two naked
cunts in your bed and you're interested in sleep."

"Touch,, she's right. Would you please introduce us, my dear?"

Carmen rolls over so that she is propped up on one elbow, making sure as she
turned, that the bed sheet doesn't hide her exposed breasts. I say simply
"Johnny, this is Carmen Valdez. Carmen, meet Johnny."

She coos in a sultry voice "Anyone who's named Meat Johnny can't be all bad.
Why don't you get undressed and join us? I'm dying to see why they call you

"What a nice welcome home surprise. Well, Carmen, I would love to join you,
however my dear wife made me promise a long time ago that I would behave
myself, especially when other women were involved. I break that promise all
the time - especially when there's a chance of fucking myself to death. I'm
going to take a quick shower and clean myself up from my long trip. Why don't
you two go ahead and start without me. I'm sure that I can catch up quickly."

As soon as he walks into the bathroom, I sit up in the bed and light a
cigarette, wanting to have something to calm my tense nerves. I hadn't
planned on this. I had expected him to show up and I would somehow convince
him to immediately ride straight out to the mine where I would quickly
overpower him, just as I did John Senior. Instead, I'm trapped in a situation
where I have to second guess how dead father's version of Julie would handle
a m,nage . trois.

Beside me, Carman coos "I hope that you didn't mind me being so forward, but
he did catch us together."

I keep staring at the bathroom door, knowing that in just a few seconds, that
I will have to do the ultimate impersonation and try to fool Johnny in a too
close circumstance. It is going to be difficult enough to sit on a horse and
do small talk as I guides him out to the mine, but there is no way that I can
convince him in an intimate environment that I am whom I'm pretending to be.

Then it hits me.

Turning to face Carmen, I whisper "Forward? No, you weren't forward enough.
Johnny like's aggressive women. When he comes out, why don't we surprise him.
He's used to me so getting some of my nookie isn't that big a thrill for him.
Why don't you be a little seductive tramp and take him on by yourself? After
he's had time to enjoy your delicious body and rest, the three of us can
spend a little time together."

Her face lights up as if she's just won the lottery. I can see one of her
legs start moving as her sub-conscious squeezes her thighs in anticipation of
the treat that I just offered her. She stares at the bathroom door and I can
almost see the wheels whirling in her mind as she considers my offer. Then
she sits up and kisses me firmly on the lips before whispering "I'll fuck the
brains out of his head."

I hop out of bed and slip on a chemise, then put my robe on. As I tie the
tassel robe belt, a still damp naked Johnny steps out of the bathroom, drying
himself with the towel. He pauses when he sees that I'm partially dressed,
then smiles as he suggests with a smirk "For a moment, I thought that you had
forgiven me for that little incident with the stewardess, but I see that
you're your usual cold- bitch self. Too bad. Seeing the two of you curled up
in bed turned me on and I was looking forward to being the cream in an Oreo
cookie with you two women."

Before I can think of anything to respond with, Carmen replies for both of us
"We flipped a coin and I won because I cheated. Get over here in bed with me.

A smile forms on my former face as he stares at Carmen who is sitting up in
the bed. One of her hands is cupping and squeezing one of her breasts while
she arches her neck as if she is inviting a vampire to suck her neck dry.
It's the sort of pose that you only see in magazines because it's so
difficult to get any real loving when you're sprawled like that.

Dropping the towel, he walks over to the side of the bed where she is laying,
standing so that his cock is only about a foot from her face. Her free hand
moves quickly and cups his hanging-down penis and balls. Her voice becomes
husky as she groans "I enjoy playing with a cock. Do you mind if I stroke
your pretty little cock?"

Johnny's smiling face is a silent answer to her question. She shifts her
sitting position to a kneeling position where she is facing him, as she
continues to stroke him. I'm relieved that he is being detracted by my little
friend and pick up my cigarettes as I start to slip out of the room.

Johnny never breaks eye contact with Carmen as he requests "Don't go! Sit
down and watch. You might learn something new."

Not sure what to do, I decide that I will comply with his request until I can
slip out unnoticed. I sit down in the lounge chair at the foot of the bed and
light a cigarette as I watch Carmen move her fingertips up and down his cock,
her lips only a few teasing inches from the rapidly hardening cock. Her other
hand moves up and down his back and then moves down to his ass as she begins
squeezing his ass. She stops rubbing his cock and puts her fingertip into her
mouth as if it is a cock; then she rubs the salvia-coated finger against the
tip of his cockhead, transferring her salvia to his cockhead. Then she blows
on it as she whispers "Its been so long since I've been fucked and I need it
badly. I like your big cock. Make it big and hard and I'll suck your cock."

Johnny responds by stepping forward slightly so that his almost erect cock
brushes against the side of her face. A smiling Carmen looks up into his eyes
as she opens her mouth and guides his erect cockhead into her waiting mouth.
Her lips purse as she gently sucks the head and runs her tongue along the
bottom of his cock, causing a noticeable increase in the hardness of the
probing cock. Johnny places his hands on her head as he guides her movement,
encouraging her to take the whole thing down her throat. Like an expert, she
tilts her head and eases his cock fully into her throat. She slips five or
six inches down her throat until her lips are at the base of the cock, then
she cups both hands around his ass as she earnestly begins to suck and lick
my former cock for several minutes.

As for myself, I'm feeling a wide variety of emotions. One side of me, the
voyeur side, is enjoying the sexual thrill of being a close observer of their
so-far one-sided sex. My masculine memories are remembering times that I
participated in similar experiences and I'm feeling a light coat of sweat as
my female body reacts to the hormones that are pushing me to join them. The
other side, the common sense side, is telling me that I should get up and run
away while his attention is diverted. As usual, the hormones overpower my
common sense.

She pulls her head back, letting his heavy cock drop out of her mouth and bob
just below her nose. She presses her face forward and turns her face so that
his salvia coated cock rubs against her cheek as her tongue probes his pubic
hair, searching for his testicles. I watch as her mouth gapes open and closes
around his testicles. As she gently sucks on his most tender flesh, I'm again
torn by my two different sides, one side wants her to bite them off and the
other side wants to slide that dangling cock into my own mouth. I stare
transfixed at my former cock, watching it bob up and down as her twitching
and moaning face rubs against it.

It is more than my hormones driving me to want to suck my old cock. In my
eighteen months living in a somewhat confused Lynne's female body with
limited mental capabilities, I had sucked a lot of cocks. And my recent
nighttime experiences with Pete shown that I can also enjoy a good cock as a
man with full mental capabilities. I try to analyze which of those
experiences is causing such a strong desire within me, then the truth hits
me. I have the opportunity to experience the ultimate male masturbation
fantasy - to suck my own cock.

Granted the cock in question isn't attached to my current body, but as far as
I'm concerned, it is my cock. As a young man, I'd pushed and probed that most
obvious male body part into the woman de jour, enjoying the indescribable
sensation as it switched from being a pee spout to a sensory amplifier. As I
stare at my former cock bouncing up and down, I know that I really want to
see what my cock feels like, to see how my cock tastes, and most of all - to
feel my own sperm pump into me.

A glance at my former face and I know that Johnny is ecstatic from what
Carmen is doing to him. I find myself holding my breath as he rubs his
cockhead against her ear. One of his hands is still buried in her hair but
the other hand has drifted down to her breasts where he is teasing her
nipples, forcing them to be as erect as his cock.

With a groan, he commands her to "get ready".

She responds by slowly pulling away from him, leaving a long thread of drool
hanging from his thoroughly wet balls. She rolls back onto her back, claiming
the center of the bed.

He lays on top of her, covering her smaller body with his large male body as
they kiss for the first time and she wraps her legs around his back. From my
chair at the foot of the bed, I'm looking straight at his hanging down cock
that is rubbing against her glistening vagina lips. I know that I've seen
enough and don't really want to see any more. I tiptoe out of the room as
Johnny asks her if "she is ready for his big cock to fuck her?"

Stepping out of the bedroom, my ear's keep repeating Carmen's gasped "yes"
over and over. My knees are weak and I'm fighting a strong desire to rip my
robe off and join them. I turn and stare at the couple on the bed. He grabs
her legs and pushes them forward so that her ankles are up around his
shoulders. When he slams his cock hard into her sopping wet pussy, I shudder
with a mixture of desire and anger.

I walk out onto the front veranda and light another cigarette, only to
discover that it isn't the taste that my body is craving. I put it out and go
back inside to the cigar humidor. I select one of the Purerto Blanco cigars,
knowing that it is one of the three things that my body is craving right now.
As the first puff of the heavy warm smoke fills my lungs, I feel a little
relief and finally understand why my father used to smoke those smelly cigars
all the time. I pick up a bottle of Scotch from the bar and drink straight
from the bottle, enjoying the twin burnings that the combination of cigar and
booze provide me. Two of my itches are being satisfied and there isn't any
way that I will allow Johnny to satisfy the third itch.

Carrying my bottle, I wander back out onto the veranda and sit on a chair
with my feet propped up on the porch rail, enjoying my cigar and the fresh
night air. I spread my legs slightly and let the cool air dry my damp pubic
area as I plan my next move.


The cook awakens me as she enters the farmhouse to start breakfast. Startled,
I jump to my feet as I try to remember why I'm sleeping on the front porch,
my mind still confused from the too-often sips from the Scotch bottle prior
to falling into a slightly drunken stupor. Rubbing my hands through my matted
hair to somehow shake off the sleep, I remember the late-night return of
Johnny to the ranch. My tongue feels all fuzzy and a horrible taste remains
in my mouth that can only be compared to the odor from an old garbage can,
thanks to my complete inhalation of my first whole Purerto Blanco cigar mixed
with the straight Scotch. As I quietly walk down the quiet hallway, I don't
know which desire is the strongest - to pee or to gargle with a whole bottle
of mouthwash.

I resolve that difficulty by grabbing the bottle of mouthwash as I sit down
on the commode. A minute later my bladder feels better and my tongue isn't as
furry feeling. I stumble to my feet and wander into one of the guest rooms,
still feeling sleepy and tired. I lay down on the bed and instantly fall


I'm startled from my deep sleep by a naked body dropping on top of me,
pinning me underneath its heavier weight. I jerk my eyes open, and am
startled when I see Johnny's grinning face only inches from my face. I try to
push him off but don't have the strength to move his large body and can
barely move under his heavy weight. I struggle to slap him, but his hands
grab my wrists and spread my arms out in a spread-cross position. Stymied by
his superior physical strength, I go for a last resort, trying to get enough
leverage to knee him in the balls, but he expects that and blocks my knee
with his tightly closed thighs.

Something slides around my wrist and I jerk my head around to discover a
naked and smiling Carmen tying a scarf around my wrist. My thousand questions
whirling through my still half-asleep brain are answered by Johnny's
explanation "I told Carmen how we were going through the martial problems
that most couples experience after several years of marriage. And how you cut
me off after you found me in bed with that stewardess even though you were
still seeing your model friend. I told her how you were most turned on when I
raped you, so she's helping me reclaim my husbandry rights."

Through barred teeth, I gritted "Over my dead body!"

My arm is jerked toward the bed's headboard corner as Carmen ties the other
end of the scarf to the bed. A sick smile forms on my former handsome face as
he replies "If that's what it takes - so be it."

We stare in each other's eyes as Carmen continues happily with her portion of
my rape. I quit resisting because I know that he wants me to resist him. He
wants to see the fear in my eyes but I refuse to allow him that satisfaction.
I feel my legs being spread as Carmen's scarves pull my body into a spread
and defenseless position.

When she is finished, she laughingly asks "Can I watch?"

Johnny answers for both of us "No. Get the hell out of here."

I heard her bare feet plop across the floor and then the sound of the door
shutting as she leaves me at his complete mercy. Now that I'm tied and can't
move or escape, he sits up and walks over to the dresser. I turn my head and
watch him as he pours himself a big glass of whiskey, which he gulps down.

He picks up a pair of scissors and talks as he begins cutting the robe from
my body "I remember when you bought this robe. We were in Paris and you tried
it on for me, then stepped out onto our hotel balcony. I slipped behind you
and put my arms around you as we stared at the nightlights of Paris from our
hotel room. That was back in the good old day, right after our little body
exchange. Why can't we go back to being the loving couple that we were then?"

I angrily answer "You know why. Now cut me loose and let's talk about this,
like two mature adults."

He pauses in his snipping to whisper "I'm going to ease my cock into your
tight pussy and fuck you the way that you fucked me so many years ago. Back
when I was the young and na-ve teenage Lynne Blanca almost forty-five years
ago. You taught me that a woman's body is suppose to serve her man. If my
father had known how you raped me and deflowered me that first time, he
would've killed you. And now, you're a woman and I'm the man. It's time for
your payback!"


I stare at the back of my head, my former head, observing for the first time
that it is getting a little thin around the crown in the two years since I'd
occupied that body. But aside from that barely noticeable hair loss, the
total body looks the best that I've ever seen it.

Johnny is asleep and snoring loudly from the combination of alcohol, sex, and
his tiring trip back to Eden. As for myself, I lay curled up beside him,
fighting off the urge to join him in sleep, as I lay there enjoying the
pleasant afterglow of a good series of female orgasms.

It'd started out as a rape but I quickly found my body responding to his
touches, to his lips, to his hard probing cock touching my woman's body's
most sensitive inner spots. My body is quickly arching to meet his body as I
give up upon trying to escape and am matching his passion pound for pounding
thrust. As soon as he untied my feet, I wrap my legs around his waist and
lock my ankles, forcing him to slow his pounding down from the bone-jarring
thuds to a more pleasant mutual rhythm that's more delightful to me. Then he
untied my arms so that I can use my hands to goad him on. I repeatedly dig my
fingernails into his back and ass as my lips sucked on his neck or lips.
We're groaning and moaning like two teenage horny kids getting our first sex
experience. He's asking me if I like this, if I like that; and I'm responding
`yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, shut up and fuck me."

When he had his first orgasm, as compared to my already several orgasms, I
didn't let him roll over and die. I keep playing with him, touching him, and
finally used the ultimate trick to keep him hard. I cram as much of the
rapidly softening manhood into my mouth, keeping it warm, wet and teased with
my tongue. I sucked on it, swallow it whole, and keep it in that semi-aroused
state until it balloons back into its more functional rock-hard state.

I wanted to blurt out loud how good my cock tasted. I wanted to shout "I've
got the best cock in the world - me - Johnny Kimball." I wanted to scream
"This monster is the best cock in the world". But I know that I can't reveal
my secret and keep shoving it into my mouth whenever I feel the urge to
announce my secret.

When he experiences his second orgasm, by that time we are both so exhausted
and sweaty that there isn't any way either of us could've survived another

So he rolls over and immediately falls into a deep sleep while I lay there in
seventh heaven, my body still numb and glowing from the tryst. As soon as the
afterglow dies down to where I'm feeling more normal, I slip out bed,
ignoring the pieces of the cut-up robe and cotton chemise on the floor. I
walk down the hallway from the guestroom to the main bedroom, disregarding
the fact that I'm naked, my pubic hair is matted with drying cum and my body
has red spots all over it from his aggressive lovemaking.

I rush straight to the sunken tub and begin filling it with warm water and a
generous mixture of bubble bath and oils. I feel that I need to pamper my
body and let it relax a little.


The bathtub full of warm water is exactly what I need to relax me and restore
my energy. I lay in it, seemly dead to the world but my mind is actually
whirling a million thoughts a second. The moment that I've been planning for
weeks is almost here. I've got the phony Johnny here at the ranch and now
I've got to somehow subdue him and return my body to me, without killing him
or damaging either body.

I find it difficult to stay focused because my mind keeps going back to how
wonderful it felt to make love to my body. Yeah, I know that it was part rape
and mainly fuck on Johnny's part but I was loving almost every minute of it
after I got over my initial terror at finding myself in a "put- out" type of
predicament. Part of being a good stud is technique and part is having the
right equipment. I feel that my former body definitely has the right
equipment after being on the receiving end of it for about three hours. I
find it very difficult to keep from crawling out of this warm tub and rushing
back into bed with Johnny to get some more. I want him to fuck me again. And
again. And again. And again. And again, then it's my turn to fuck him.

I don't know how I'm going to do it but I've got to get him to go out to the
cave. And then I've got to capture him somehow. I proved to myself the last
time, that taking a gun can be a big mistake, especially when there's a
chance that you might have to use it on your own body. So I'll have to figure
out some other way to capture him so that I don't injure either my real body
or Julie's body.

The maid sticks her head into the bathroom and reports that Mister Kimball is
requesting my presence at a brunch because we missed breakfast and lunch
during our multiple hour tryst. I accept the invitation because I don't have
much choice because I have to pretend to be married to the creep. I ask the
maid to extend the invitation to Carmen. With her there, he'll be on his best
behavior and I can use her presence to possibly deflect some personal
questions that I don't have the answers to.

So Johnny wants me to meet him for a social meal. I know that my father's
version of Julia would use this opportunity as a chance to dress up so I must
do the same. Which also means that I've got to spend a lot of time on my
appearance, making sure that everything is perfect. Although I shaved my legs
only yesterday, I re- shave them, also taking the time to keep the nicely
trimmed pubic hair shaped.

After drying myself off, I stare at the clothes that Julie brought with her
from Washington. I pull five outfits out of the closet and spend a little
time looking at them before deciding what I'm going to wear. The outfit that
I finally select is a little overkill for a brunch within your own house but
that is my father's style. Which I must emulate if I want to succeed in my
probable only one attempt to recover my body.

I select a long broomstick black skirt in double georgette with matching
long, tailored crepe black blazer over a matching v-necked cotton-ribbed
sweater. The almost floor length skirt barely exposes my knee-high black
boots. Around my neck, I slip an expensive gold necklace around my neck to
fill in some of the space on my chest to draw attention away from the almost
too-deeply cut sweater's cleavage.

After I'm dressed, I prance in front of the mirror as I change shoes a couple
of times before going back to the boots. I also change the gold necklace for
an emerald necklace, try a couple of bracelets, rings and other jewelry
before settling on the emerald necklace, a ring for my right hand and a ring
that I dread putting on my finger - my mother's wedding ring and golden band.

I found both rings in Julie's jewelry box. I spend several precious seconds
debating slipping them on my finger or throwing them both down the commode.
To me, they're a symbol of this vile marriage between the evil Johnny and
just as evil Julie, carried over from the marriage of Lynne and John.
Although I came into the world as a result of that long-ago marriage, the
rings now represent success at how they stole Julie and my bodies and
basically destroyed what Julie and I were planning to do with our lives. I
finally grimace as I slip them on and try to think of them as nothing more
than just a tool that I need to help me perfect my impersonation of the
current Mrs. John Kimball Junior.

Chapter 10 - Brunch at the Kimballs

"You look totally smashing as usual, my dear. I started to drop by to see you
to determine if you have any objections to me inviting Carmen to share brunch
with us, but the maid told me that you had already issued an invitation for
her to join us. So knowing how you don't like to be bothered while you're
perfecting your appearance, I used the time to visit some of the farmhands
and their families. I regret to tell you but Old Joe's wife passed away since
our last visit. I told him that we would come by in a few days and visit her
grave with him. Look, there's Carmen waiting for us. Come dear."

Looking at Johnny, I'm very glad that I picked the more formal dress instead
of one of the other outfits. Johnny's outfit is composed of slacks, a bright
open-neck shirt and a sports jacket; an outfit suitable for brunch at most
Country Clubs.

He takes my left hand and holds it as we walk toward the dinning room. I can
feel his fingertips playing with the wedding ring and I'm glad that I wore
those damn rings now. Carmen is waiting for us at the dining room door and
Johnny seats both of us beside him at the table. He takes the head spot and I
sit at his right side, across from Carmen.

I'm glad that I invited her because Johnny immediately starts talking to her
and telling us some stories about his trip down here. I use the opportunity
to take one last glance at the little mirror that I'm carrying in my purse.
My makeup is perfect. My face and upsweep hairstyle looks like I'm ready to
be photographed for a magazine cover for Cosmopolitan. My dress is formal
enough to be too dressy for brunch and my overall, very classy appearance is
something would make dear old dead dad proud of the way that I'm pretending
to be him pretending to be Julie.

I know that I should stay away from it, but I accept a glass of wine, knowing
that it's something my father liked with his meals. I listen to Johnny and
Carmen talk as Johnny gets to know something a little more substantial about
Carmen than how much cock she can stuff down her throat. Because Carmen is
now one of our lovers, the table talk is a little more risqu, than normal as
Johnny freely talks about how he likes big breasted women.

So I'm caught a little off-guard when he asks Carmen "Now Carmen, tell the
truth. Julie has a fantastic body but wouldn't she look a lot better if her
breasts were just a little bigger. I've been trying to get her to get her
breasts augmented but she keeps ignoring me. So, don't you think that Julie's
overall appearance could be greatly improved with bigger breasts?"

Carmen and I lock eyes as I try to figure out where this discussion is going.
I'm not sure if I like it although I prefer it over any discussion where
we're talking about something personal that I have no knowledge of but the
last Julie would have knowledge of it. Carmen tries to hedge on answering the
question by saying "I can't speak for Julie but I've often wondered how my
life would change if I had bigger breasts. I would probably do it if I had
the opportunity, just to change my image somewhat from being a perky-breasted
schoolteacher to a sexy seductresses."

"That sounds like a challenge and I like challenges. Carmen, I'll pay for
your implants if you can convince Julie to increase her 36C cup breasts to a
38D cup size at least. I would prefer to see Julie with even bigger breasts
but I'll be happy with a D cup boob to suckle on at night. What do you say,
dear? Are you ready to give it a try? You know that it will please me."

"Uh..I don't think so.", I respond, not too pleased with the question.

"Well, I would like to see you with bigger breasts and also a slight change
of your appearance. You're very beautiful but you could be even more
beautiful if you allowed yourself to be filled out a little more and learn to
dress seductive instead of pretty. A woman only has a few years where she can
be at the top of the seductive list and has many more years where she can be
on the pretty list. I want to see you make the most of your body and your
appearance. So let me ask you again, how about a boob job to fill your body
out a little more which would make me very happy?"

Every nerve of my body is tensed because I don't know how my transformed
father would've answered that. Fighting to keep a realistic looking smile on
my face, I answer "I don't think that I would like that at this time. Why
don't you go ahead and give Carmen an early Christmas present while I think
about it. After I see how she looks, then I'll give you an answer."

Carmen giggles as the shock of my suggestion hits home. Johnny laughs and
declares "Sounds like a winner for everyone. We'll do it. Carmen, Julie and I
are going back to the states in about three weeks. You're going to come with
us and stay with us for at least the next four to six months. As soon as we
get to a qualified surgeon, we'll turn you into the big-breasted woman of
your dreams. You can help me convince Julie to honor her promise to me to
consider surgery for her own fine body."


Brunch is terminated early because of an unexpected arrival. It's a
neighboring rancher who found out that we are back at Eden and he stops by to
talk to Johnny about leasing some unused equipment from us. Carmen and I
leave the men talking while we go freshen up our makeup. As soon as we're in
my bedroom, Carmen grabs me and gives me a big kiss as she squeezes my
breasts tightly through my blazer. She is covering my lips with hundreds of
kisses as she whispers over and over "Please do it. It'll be so much fun and
we'll both look sexier. One cup size is all he's asking for."

I pull away from her but she is a like a fanatic as she continues to ravish
me with her hands freely roaming over my body as she continues to harass me
to agree to the breast implants. After several long seconds of her grouping
me, I back away because I want to be able to think clearly instead of making
decisions based upon hormonal influences. I gently push her away but she is
like an overactive teenager wanting the keys to the family car. I finally
suggest to her that she should let me lay down for awhile and rest; so she
takes the hint and leaves me alone within the privacy of my bedroom.

Going back to the bedroom door, I open it just enough so that I can hear
Johnny's voice and the neighbor's voice as they talk in the living room. I
pick up the phone and call Pete's phone number so I can tell him about the
things that I've learned during Brunch. His phone rings three times, then is
answered by his answering machine which pisses me off because I have so many
things to quickly discuss with him. Knowing that he checks his apartment's
answering machine every day for messages from me, I collect my thoughts and
quickly blurt out the following message, trying to get it all on the tape in
the allotted few seconds

"Pete, it's me. He's here. Got here last night. So far I've pulled it off and
he thinks that I'm his Julie. Tomorrow looks like the day that I'm going to
go for it. At lunch, he told me that he's going back out to the cave tomorrow
morning to make sure that no one has bothered the place while we were gone.
I'm going to follow him and try to capture him. Sure wish that you were here
to help me. I could sure use some help on this one. But you're too far away
and Juan is somewhere playing golf where I can't get in touch with him.
Nearest help is Luisa but she's not aware of all the various transformation
details so she wouldn't know me in my current body and isn't any help.
Anyhow, I've pulled my impersonation off so far and tomorrow looks like the
big day where I'll put a stop to my mother's freedom. Why don't you come back
to your apartment so that I can find you easily when I get finished with
this? Now that I'm finally going to get my real body back from Lynne, how
would you like to be Julie for awhile? I don't know anyone else that I would
like to see live the rest of her life in her body. Well, you've got time to
think about it. I'll call you."


"Julie, it looks like this might be our lucky day. Our neighbor is willing to
lease some of the equipment and cleared farmland that we aren't working, and
he's willing to pay fair market price. We're going to make several million a
year on this deal. Why don't you join me on the veranda for a glass of wine
and one of your favorite cigars to celebrate our good fortune."


Pete listens to the message four times that Julie left for him on the
answering machine. The first time, there's a look of utter horror on his face
as he realizes that his old buddy is going to attempt to reclaim his real
body on the following day. The second time, there's a look of gladness that
at last this is going to be over with and he can go back to his job at the
restaurant. The third time, there's a look of worry on his face as he quickly
calculates that there isn't any way that he can fly to Eden in time in time
to help his old friend. The fourth time, there's no expression on his face as
he prepares himself to fly back to his Miami apartment to await the next


"Hey, aren't you Juan Lopez? I thought you died a couple of months ago in
Taiz?", the swarthy stranger asks as he sits down uninvited across from Juan.

Juan shakes his head, explaining "No, I'm Armando Torres and I'm not from
around here. I'm just here enjoying the golf course."

"Too bad. I was hoping that you were him. Seems like a couple of years ago,
he asked some of the locals around Taiz to keep him informed of anyone
reporting finding a body back in the jungle. A white man's body where the man
is in his early sixties. Too bad, I was hoping that you were him because if
you were, then I might have some information for him."

Juan stares into the man's dark eyes, not recognizing the man or knowing why
the man is being so circumspect in getting to the point. Right after the
dumping of the old man's body into the crevice, Juan had asked some of his
bar buddies to be on the lookout for John Senior's body but nothing ever came
of it.

Pushing his sweat-stained hat back on his forehead, Juan gives the bartender
a signal to bring him another drink and one for his friend. After the
bartender drops the two shot glasses of whiskey on the table, Juan asks "Like
I say, my name is Armando Torres and I'm just here to play some golf. I've
got identification in my pocket that proves who I am. But your statements
arouse my curiosity. Let's play a game and pretend that I'm this Juan..what
is his name again?"


"Yeah, let's pretend that I'm Juan Lopez. What makes you think that I would
be interested in knowing about a white man's dead body. It sounds like the
man has been dead for at least two years?"

The man turns his shot glass up and drinks it before putting the glass down
on the table and signaling the bartender for another refill. The bartender
looks at Juan to see if he's going to pay for this refill and Juan asks in a
low voice "I'm not Juan but I like to hear a good story. It will be worth
another drink if you've got a story."

The man looks Juan straight in the eye and softly answers "I know where
there's a white man that fits the description of the man that Juan was
looking for back then. And this man is alive. I'm willing to sell my
information for five hundred dollars."

Juan snaps his finger "Bartender, bring us the whole bottle."


The red light on Pete's answering machine is blinking red which indicates
that he's got some new messages which were stored while he was flying back to
Miami. Taking just long enough to drop his suitcase in the middle of the
floor and to lock his front door, Pete presses the play button.

The first message is the previous day's message from Julie. He listens to it
again, impatiently waiting for the next message. The next message isn't what
he expected to hear. It's from the owner of the restaurant who apparently is
getting tired of having his manager miss so much work and the message is
brief. If Pete doesn't report back to work within the next three to four
days, he will be considered terminated. The next message is from Julie:

"Pete, it's me again. Johnny got a call from some farmer who's invited us
down to his beachfront resort for a week. I don't want to go but if I don't
go with him, then he might get suspicious that I'm not whom I appear to be.
Carmen's going also and there will be a crowd there so I'll be safe. I'll try
to get in touch with Juan and get him to join us. Why don't you stay home and
I'll call you when I've got something more positive to report. Bye."


"Two hundred now and the other three hundred after I see this white man that
you say is alive and living in a remote jungle village."

The swarthy skinned man pours another shot glass for himself, noticing that
the man who is calling himself Armando Torres hasn't touched a drop since the
bartender brought the bottle over to the table.

He shakes his head, a serious look appears on his face but his twinkling eyes
reveals that this is a game to him. The slams a fist down on the table to
emphasis his words as he says "Armando. I suspect that you are a honest man
and that your word is as good as gold. However this Juan Lopez was known to
occasionally not tell the truth when it could benefit Juan. What if you are
this no-good Juan and not really the fine businessman that you appear to be?
If I tell you what I know or wait until you go check out this village, then
it might be many long months before I see the rest of my money. You'll just
have to trust me when I tell you that there's a white man that wandered into
a very remote jungle village about two years and has stayed there ever since.
I haven't seen him so I can't describe him but his general description fits
the same general description that Juan gave his bar buddies a couple of years
ago. Amigo, I have to go. Do you want to buy from me where the location of
this village is supposed to be?"


After looking at the low balance in his checkbook, Pete picks up the phone
and calls his boss "George, it's Pete. Look, I got your message. I'm feeling
better now and think that I can come back to work. How about if I .. return

After they resolve a few details, Pete removes the current tape from his
phone answering machine and replaces the tape with a fresh tape, saving the
tape with the messages from Julie so far. He thinks about each message
several times before he says out loud "Why do I have an ominous feeling about
this? Julie or Johnny or whoever you are now, where ever you are, please call


A lot of the customers are glad to see Pete back to work at the restaurant.
For the first week, Pete is his normal old jovial self but by the start of
the second week, even the customers are beginning to notice how nervous he
is. On the fifth day of the second week, Pete gets into an argument with a
customer, something that he never did before. After the argument is settled
by the store owner in the customer's favor, the owner suggests that Pete
might want to take a few more days off to resolve whatever personal problems
he's having. Pete turns the offer down, noting that he feels that he needs to
stay busy. The owner tells him to relax a little.

About two weeks after returning to his apartment and hearing the last message
from Julie, he digs the tape out of storage and plays it again as he talks to
himself "Why does your voice sound kinda flat in the second message and very
alive in the first message. I know that you're disappointed that the trip to
the cave was postponed but your voice shouldn't sound so..rehearsed. Yeah,
that's it. Your voice sounds as if you've practiced reading a script and
you're reading it but trying to keep from being so monotone sounding. God, I
hope that I'm wrong and that you're all right."


"How much to take me to here?" Juan points at a spot on a map.

The jungle guide looks at it carefully before responding "That's difficult to
get to. It's going to take at least a week of canoeing and walking to get
there. That means a week to also get back. I'll have to have some help to
carry supplies. The streams are low at this time of year so it might take
longer because we might have to walk further. I'll do it for four thousand
and you've got me and my men for a month."

Juan pulls a wad of bills out of his pocket and counts off the requested
amount as he says "We start tomorrow."


"God damn it. It's been over a fucking six weeks since you disappeared from
the face of the earth. Where the hell are you, John Kimball Junior or
whomever you are now? Did you lose the big one, Johnny?"

Pete looks at his phone as if staring at it will cause it ring. After several
minutes of silence, he picks it up and calls the restaurant owner "George,
it's Pete. Look I need to take a couple of days off to go up to Washington to
check on something. Yeah, it's my sick aunt again. The Old lady needs me and
I need to go up there to check on her. Thanks."


"We found some signs of the village but that doesn't mean that they'll be
there when we get there. As you can see from the last several places that we
tried, these damn jungle tribes pack up and move when the urge hits them.
That tribe that you're looking for, can be anywhere within a thousand miles
of here. I don't know why you're looking for that white man which seems to be
nothing more than just a jungle legend. Maybe you're off on a wild goose
chase. And you only hired me and my men for a month. I think that we should
go back to civilization."

Juan opens his backpack and pulls out five thousand dollars. Handing it to
the guide, he calmly says "There's a thousand dollars bonus. So we'll stay
out here another month. Let's get the men walking again."


"No sir, we have no forwarding address. A moving company van showed up with
paperwork from the Kimball's attorney authorizing the moving van to pick up
the furniture and clothes about six weeks ago. I requested a mail forwarding
address from the law firm and they gave me the law firm's address to use. I
suggest that if you need more information than that, that you go see their

Pete's face shows the disappointment that he feels upon hearing the news that
the Kimballs seem to have disappeared into thin air.

He shakes his head and walks out of the apartment building. He hails a taxi
and once he's inside the taxi, he says "Airport please."

"Which one, buddy?"

"Nearest one that has a flight going to Rio today."


"Look, Juan. We originally hired on for a month. A month ago, I gave you this
same damn speech and you hired us for another month. We extended for that
month but that second month is almost over now. We've been out here for over
six weeks and my men want to go home. One third of them have already left us
and turned back, refusing to tromp up and down every valley looking for a
non-existent small jungle tribe that doesn't want to be found. If we turn
back tomorrow morning, it'll take the rest of the extra month that you hired
us, just to get back home."

"Then turn back tomorrow. I'll go on by myself."

"You don't understand. This is the wilderness. There are still tribes out
here that shrink heads. I can't leave you out here by yourself. You'll get
lost and wind up decorating some Chief's hut."

"If that's what it takes, then so be it. I'm stubborn and I feel that we're
getting closer. I'm going to keep looking."


Pete slowly boards the small boat as if the weight of the world is on his
shoulders. Glancing back at the small boat pier used by the Eden Ranch, he
stares at the six guards that the ranch foreman assigned to make sure that he
gets back on the boat.

The foreman at first was friendly and answered some of Pete's questions. The
foreman's words echo through Pete's memory:

"Mister Kimball, Mrs. Kimball, and Miss Valdez departed the ranch
approximately two months ago." "No sir, I don't know where they were headed
nor do I know where they are now." "Yes sir, I think that Mrs. Kimball was in
pretty good spirits when she left here." "No sir, you may not go through Mrs.
Kimball's bedroom. I told you that if she had left a message for anyone, that
I would've already forwarded it to the correct person." "Sir, if I want to
get in touch with Mister or Mrs. Kimball, I contact his lawyers." "No sir, I
don't know why Miss Carmen Valdez went with them, leaving us without a
teacher. Yes, her position was immediately filled so I don't think that she
is coming back." "Sir, I've answered all the questions that I have answers
for. You're beginning to become a pest." "Sir, if you ask me one more
question one more time, I'm going to knock the shit out of you." "Guards,
escort this fucking gentleman back to the boat landing and make sure that he
gets on it. If he shows his face back around here, shoot him!"

Sitting down on the boat's bench seat, Pete goes through his calendar,
marking off days as to what he's learned about the whereabouts of Julie and
Johnny. The day after Julie's last call to him, the two of them, accompanied
by the female teacher, immediately departed the ranch without saying where
they were headed. The foreman himself drove the jeep with Johnny, Julie and
Carmen so that he could go over a couple of last minute details with Mister
Kimball. The foreman helped Mrs. Kimball into the jeep and she seemed normal.
Except that she was wearing sunglasses because she had developed a small eye
irritation. Other than that, she was completely normal. They were supposed to
be going to a small private beach. Only they never showed up at that beach
that they were supposedly headed to. And there's been no trace of them since
then. That was - nine long weeks ago. Nine weeks since the last message from

Chapter 11 - Joanne

Having struck out on every lead, there's nothing that Pete can do except
return home and wait. The flight back to Miami is uneventful. As soon as the
plane lands, Pete uses the nearest phone to check his phone's message system
to see if there are any messages from Julie. By now, he is getting used to
being disappointed that there aren't any phone messages from his missing

He takes a taxi home and goes through the complicated process of unlocking
the several locks on his door. He quickly checks his answering machine one
more time, then goes to look at what is smelling within his kitchen. Opening
his refrigerator, he finds the spoiled milk. He carries the ruined milk and a
small bag of garbage down the hallway to the chute that leads to the trash
dumpster. Returning to his apartment, he opens the door that he left unlocked
and standing wide open.

Seated on the couch is Johnny Kimball.

"Hello Pete. The door was unlocked so I came in and made myself at home. I
knew that you couldn't be far if the door is unlocked."

Pete stares at him. There's no visible indication that this is the real
Johnny. If it's the phony Johnny, then he also has Johnny's memories up until
the time of the body exchange so the phony Johnny would know about the real
Johnny's friendship with Pete before the transformation but won't know
anything about Pete's subsequent contact with the real Johnny since the

So is it the real Johnny back in his birth body or is it still the imposter
with Johnny's stolen memories? If it's the real Johnny, why did it take him
so long to get here? If it's the phony Johnny, why is he here?

A sardonic little half smile fill's Johnny's lips as he says "I understand
that you went down to the ranch to try to find me. Wish that I had known it
because I could've saved you the trip. I wasn't there. When I found out that
you came looking for me and raised a ruckus with all of your questions, I
decided that it was time that I looked you up again. After all, we are old

Then a big smile fills his face as Johnny continues "In fact, we were lovers.
Do you remember making love to me when I was in Hector's body? Remember us
lying in bed naked the first night and just talking? Remember all those hours
we spent in the hotel room studying the photographs of Julie that you took
with your camera?"

Those are the magic words that Pete is hoping to hear. Words that only the
real Johnny can express. This has to be the real Johnny back in his real

Rushing forward, Pete grabs Johnny and gives him a big bear hug as Pete's
mouth turn's loose at ninety thousand words per minute. "Who.. What. How
long.. What happened. Where. Why didn't you... When. Why. Why not. How long..
Don't ever.."

For two to three minutes, Pete is bouncing around his apartment as if he just
hit the Powerball Jackpot. He runs into the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of
wine and two glasses. Returning to Johnny, Pete pours a glass of wine for
each of them while his "motor" mouth is still ripping off question after
question. Johnny answers some of the questions but is silent on other
questions. But Pete doesn't care because he's exuberantly asking questions
faster than anyone can possibly answer them.

By the time that Johnny re-fills Pete's glass of wine, Pete has calmed down a
little. Then Johnny says something weird "Pete, I know that you don't want to
hear this, but you and I need to come to some sort of arrangement quickly. I
don't have much time because I'm booked on a flight that's leaving Miami in
just three hours."

"Sure Johnny. I'm just so glad to see you again and to know that you're safe.
I've done nothing but worry about you since I got the call from you that you
were going to take on your mother by yourself. Say, how did you defeat your

That sardonic half smile returns as Johnny coldly answers "My poor little
Johnny in sweet Julie's pretty little body didn't defeat me. I used to be
Johnny's mother before I became this version of Johnny a little over two
years ago."

A stunned look fills Pete's face. He stammers "Wait a minute. You knew about
us making love in the hotel. About us following Julie around the mall taking
photographs. About so many things. How is that possible?"

Johnny leans back on the couch and quietly explains "It's show and tell time.
In this world, everything can be bought if you've got enough money or the
power. I've got the power with some money and I've bought what I want. I've
had a surprise waiting patiently in your bedroom to show you why you can't
defeat me. Joanne, come out here please."

The bedroom door opens and Julie steps through the door. Only it's a Julie
that Pete has never seen before. He takes one quick look at her face, seeing
the somewhat familiar face that they tracked through the malls of Washington
DC. Then his attention is attracted to her breasts.

Watermelons. Cantaloupes. Whoppers. All sorts of crude nicknames for large
breasts whip through Pete's mind as he stares at the large set of partially
exposed breasts hanging from Julie's chest. Her dress has two narrow straps
crossing her shoulders that support a low-cut front bodice that exposes her
breasts almost to the areola. Pete stares at the breasts as Johnny's voice
drones in the background "You know my real story so I won't go into those
details. Just let it suffice to say that since I became a man, I've
discovered that I like women as my sexual partners and companions. And I
really like large breasts on my women. Very large breasts. My little sweetie
recently consented to have her somewhat normal 36C breasts enlarged to 50FFF
breasts just to make me happy. Her former wimpy 36C-24-35 figure is now a
more curvaceous 50FFF-24-37 womanly figure. Go ahead and touch them if you
want. The surgery was almost two months ago and she's completely healed.
She's been actively participating in sex with me for the last two-three weeks

Like a moth drawn to the flame, Pete slowly approaches the woman. His eyes
are flickering up and down her body seeing many changes. As Pete slowly
approaches the smiling woman, Johnny's voice keeps pointing out various new
modifications to Julie's natural features "Her hips are slightly filled out a
little more to give her a more noticeable hourglass figure. Her mouth is
plumped up a little more to make her lips look more kissable. Some injections
into her cheek area define her cheeks a little more. I'm sure that you've
already noticed the long flaming red hair and slightly wild clothes that
better show off her fantastic body. She's got such fantastic body and sexy
look now that she's decided to be my woman Oh, by the way Julie was alright
as a name for the woman who looked more like the rich girl next door, but I
wanted a name more appropriate for my new big-titted woman. I picked Joanne
because it sounds so much like her real name - Johnny."

Having studied several hundred photographs that he personally took of Julie
with his telephone lens, Pete is able to see other changes in the woman's
appearance. Gone is the soft, socially acceptable dark blonde hair color
which is now a flaming red highlighted with traces of dark and blonde hair to
add mystical highlights to her hair. The flaming red hair is combed into a
rock star's wild upswept fluffed out hairstyle that gives her the appearance
of a fiery woman that is full of passion. Her makeup has changed from the
normal socialite/business woman style that John Senior preferred to a heavy
style that adds dark emphasis to her eyes, making her already large eyes look
even larger and more mysterious. Emerald green contacts hide her deep
ocean-blue eyes and make her eyes stand out more with the concentration on
highlighting her eyes. Her lips are fuller and more perfect, partially
because of surgical modifications and partially because of the cosmetics.

Standing only a few feet from her, it's difficult for Pete to imagine that
this strutting, almost whorish-looking big- breasted porn star looking woman
is the same slim socialite that he followed around the Washington malls with
Hector or that this is the debonair girl-next-door that he met a little over
two years ago when Johnny first introduced Pete to his girlfriend.

Staring into her smiling eyes, he bleating asks "Johnny? Why? Why did you
give in to the bitch?"

Her voice sounds melodic, more like the voice of someone who wants to create
a seductive impression with her voice "I don't know what you're talking
about. My name is Joanne. If you're talking about why I love Johnny, all I
can say is that I love him more than life. I'll do whatever he wants me to

>From the couch, Johnny's voice says "That's the way that she feels about me
now. She completely belongs to me - heart, soul and mind. She'll do whatever
it takes to please me. If I tell her that killing you will please me, she'll
quickly kill you without thinking twice about it."

Pete's knees become weak and he staggers to a nearby chair. Sliding weakly
into the chair, he stares at Johnny as he asks "What did you do to her?"

"There were a lot of other magical herbs that my John found in that old cave
about three years ago. He brought some of them home and kept them in a small
workshop in the basement as he worked on the translations. Then he
unexpectedly died and our plans were put on hold while I picked up where he
left off on working on the translations. I was the one that finally finished
the translation on the body exchange procedure. After we disposed of our old
bodies and moved on, assuming the identities of the young Kimballs, I still
had some of old scripts that I worked on from time to time. I discovered that
one of the herbs had the power to focus a person's reason for living onto
another person - kind of a mind control drug. I didn't plan on doing any
experimenting with it until I get this strange call from my Julie, that is
the person was supposed to be my former husband in Julie's body. Julie/John
went back to the ranch to take care of my former body. Something in the
woman's voice who was calling and pretending to be Julie, didn't sound right
to me so I returned home and through a couple of tests, became convinced that
it was someone else's soul in my Julie's body now. Old Joe never married. My
Julie hated wearing my wedding ring and only wore it on photographic
occasions, never for a simple brunch. My Julie never wanted her body modified
and would've instantly slapped me down for even suggesting it because she
liked the rich bitch look. My Julie was currently mad at me for playing
around with another woman and wasn't really talking to me. So after I become
convinced that something fishy was going on, I asked the new Julie to join me
on the porch for an after dinner cigar and glass of wine. She never suspected
that I was on to her game so it was easy to get her to keep her charade going
until I was able to recover some of the hidden mystical drugs in the
hacienda's basement. I gave her some of herbs in her glass of wine as we sat
on the veranda. By the time that she finished the wine and smoked one fourth
of her cigar, her mind totally belonged to me; thanks to the drug in her
glass of wine. For the next couple of hours, she willingly answered all
questions for me, telling me all about you and her following us around, about
the death of my former husband, about how you were scheming to take my new
body away from me. That's how I knew about you and Hector. I took her back
into our bedroom and over the next several hours, gave her some more of my
drugs as I molded her thinking process. By morning time, she was mentally the
woman that she basically is now. I made her forget most of her old memories
and to remember only what I want her to remember. She doesn't remember ever
being a man or going through any body exchanges. She doesn't remember you
because I erased her total sense of identity except for the new slut Joanna
identity that I created for her. As far as she is concerned, she was born in
that body. She totally loves me with all of her heart and will do whatever I
ask. She is the ultimate love slave. A little plastic surgery to mold her
body according to my specifications a couple of days later and her body is
permanently transformed into my concept of the perfect woman's body to go
with her perfect mind. Yes, my little Joanna has come a long way in the last
two months."

Pete stares at the empty glass of wine that he drank and at Johnny's still
untouched wine. Did the bastard put that same memory killing drug into his

He doesn't have to ask the question which is on his mind because Johnny
answers "It's a slow acting drug. You won't know for another twenty minutes
or so if I put some into your wine. But please don't do anything rash because
if I did put something into it, it's already working on your mental system.
Let me show you another example of my work. Carmen, come out here."

The bedroom opens again and the most astounding woman that Pete ever saw,
came out of his bedroom. Her breasts are so huge that Pete wonders why the
woman doesn't fall forward onto her face. Unlike Joanne who was somewhat
acceptably dressed, this woman is wearing nothing but a g-string and high
heel shoes. Pete can't look at her face because he's so busy staring at her
breasts. He hears Johnny describe "This is Carmen who wanted to see what
bigger breasts could do for her. Like Joanna, I've used some of my drugs to
modify her thinking also. I see that you're looking at her breasts. They're
hard to miss. With her stout but short body, she was formerly a size
42B-28-34 but thanks to the miracle of today's medicine, she's now a stacked
81TTTT-28-44. Each of her breasts are thirty percent bigger than a basketball
and added almost forty pounds to her total weight. Her bras are a quad-T size
and cost a small fortune. I know that with the huge size and heavy weight
that sagging is going to set in soon, but my doctors assure me that surgery
can keep both of my beautiful women's tits perky for another ten years before
breast reduction has to be considered. I could've make Joanne's breasts a lot
bigger but I didn't want her breasts to look so damn big that they look phony
like Carmen's breasts. I let Carmen keep her memories after I made sure that
she is completely devoted to me. As you can see, I've created two of the best
looking bimbos in the world to serve me. Now Pete, it's time for you ask me
why I did this to them."

Pete listened to Johnny's discussion while at the same time trying to figure
out if there is some of those damn herbs in the wine that he drank. Still too
stunned to do anything but shake his head, Pete slowly asks the question

"Glad that you asked, Pete. I did it to them because I want to show other
people what I can do to them also if they keep fucking with me. I'll admit
that I like women with big tits and being around these two women gives me an
almost constant hard-on. Speaking of hard-on, Joanna, come play with your

Joanna moved sensuously across the room. Just as someone has coached her how
to speak seductively, someone had also trained the augmented woman how to
move across a room so that every eye would be trained on her. She didn't walk
- she flowed and what a beautiful flow.

She drops easily to her knees between Johnny's spread legs and her fingers
expertly quickly unfasten his zipper. In less than two seconds after assuming
the position, she is holding Johnny's hard erection in her hands as she
happily licks his manhood.

Grinning broadly, Johnny jokingly suggests "Oh, I'm sorry Pete. I forgot to
ask if you wanted to do this. I'm sure that Joanna will step aside and allow
you to see what it's like to give me a blowjob."

Pete's face turns ruddy red as he stares at his brainwashed friend expertly
sucking on the cock as if it is something that the real Johnny has done all
of his life. Pete answers "No. Tell her to stop. You don't have to show me
anymore. I can see how dangerous you can be when you want to be."

"You're damn right. Glad to see that you finally see the light. Just to make
you feel better, I'll tell you the answer to your current medical problem.
There's nothing in the wine that you drank tonight but if you ever fuck with
me again, I'll turn you into something that will make Carmen look very normal
by comparison. Perhaps a three-tit shemale. Yeah, that sounds like a good
starting point. Now stay out of my life and forget about the real Johnny.
That person that you used to know, is just as dead as my former husband. From
now on, your former friend is going to live the rest of Julie's natural life
as my very sexy Joanne."


"Do you speak Spanish?"

The naked Indian man nodded his head slowly but he keeps holding his spear so
that he can use it as a weapon if necessary.

"Is there a white man in this village?"

The Indian nod's his head and holds up three fingers pointing at the nearest
hut, signifying that the third hut contains the white man. Juan walks slowly
past the Indian wondering if he'll get a spear in his back. After all, since
his team deserted him a week earlier, he's been wandering these hills by
himself so there's no one to protect him. He knocks on the third hut and a
male voice inside the hut says something in the local language that Juan
doesn't understand.

He enters the hut and sees a couple of naked young native women holding some
young children. From out of the back of the hut, a bearded
sixty-some-year-old white man stands up and stares at Juan.

Juan's voice gets very nervous as he asks the question that he's spent two
months wandering around the jungle, trying to find this man. "Are you John

The old man shakes his head and has a funny look on his bearded face "I
thought that I was the only one that knew how to speak this language. The
villagers only know their language and a little Spanish. Welcome to my hut.
As to your question, I don't know. You see, I've lost my memory and only know
about my life since I came here about two years ago. I don't remember what my
real name used to be, but the natives gave me the name that someone lovingly
sewed onto the shirt I was wearing when I came here. My name is Nike!"


Carmen is wearing a pull-over dress that she had taken off in Pete's bedroom.
Johnny is standing at the door and he smiles as he says "Remember don't fuck
with me or come after my playtoys. Or you'll also pay the price. I can't be
beat at my own game."

While Carmen was dressing, Johnny gave Pete ten minutes to try to convince
Joanna to do something against Johnny's will. Pete quickly gave up when he
confirmed with his intense questioning that all trace of Johnny's real life
and memories were destroyed by the drugs. The beautiful woman holding
Johnny's hand is nothing but a charisma big-boobed bimbo now.

As soon as Johnny and his two horny women leave Pete's apartment, Pete picks
up his suitcase full of dirty clothes from his just completed trip and starts
packing some fresh clothes into the suitcase. He knows that he probably can't
beat Johnny by himself but if he can get Juan and Luisa to help, then there
might be some potential.

Ten minutes later, he walks out of his apartment, not knowing or caring if he
ever will come back to it. He is on his way to Rio to find any of the real
Johnny's friends. He doesn't know what he is going to do, but he sure as hell
ain't going to give up on his friend who needs him the most now.


"Let me see if I've got this straight. You're telling me that the reason that
I've got amnesia, is because I am really a young woman whose boyfriend's
father traded bodies with me and left me to die in a cave. And that my
boyfriend is trying to find my body...rather, he's trying to find the woman's
body because he wants to try to somehow restore me to being a woman. Son, I
don't know what you've been smoking, but that sure as hell beats the shit out
of any stories that our young braves tell after messing with the herbs that
our village doctor keeps hidden. Look around you, son. I've only been here
two years and I've got three of the prettiest wives in the whole village.
I've got two kids already and one more in the oven. And you want me to
believe that I was born a woman. Talk to any of my three wives and they'll
tell you that I'm the hardest fucking man that they've ever seen in his
village. Son, I've got a dick between my legs and it feels as if I've had one
all my life. I get me some pussy every night and twice during the day. I love
pussy. Even when I go hunting with the younger braves, I find someway to fuck
one of the old women who comes along to cook our food. There ain't no way
that I could've ever been a woman. Now, why don't you tell me the truth as to
why you've spent all this time looking for me."

Juan leans back against the hut's wall and starts again, knowing that this
man isn't going to believe the truth. Being a former lawyer, Juan knows that
there are times to tell the truth and times to give a political explanation.
Putting a big grin on his face, Juan puts a slight twist to his story "You're
right, Nike. The people who sent me here, told me not to tell you the truth
but you've seen through me. So let me tell you what I'm not supposed to tell
you. Five years ago, you were a big chief in our world. You had lots of wives
because of your enormous sexual appetite. It's rumored that you had almost
forty wives because as a big chief, you could select a young woman every five
to six months to be your wife. Then there was a battle and you were hurt. For
a long time, we thought that you were dead. But your favorite wife.. a
beautiful woman named ...Luisa knew that somehow you survived and she sent me
to find you. So I'm here to collect you and to take you back to Luisa who
will help you regain your rightful place on the throne and also among the
chief's women."

The old man shakes his head, his voice low as he comments "That's the biggest
bunch of bullshit. I've never been a chief. I would remember that. Now I
believe the wives part because I can see me with a bunch of wives waiting to
share my bed with me. I would have forty wives now if there were that many
unattached women in this village. How many wives did you say that I had?"

Casting like a man fishing for trout, Juan answers "Thirty to sixty wives."

The old man's face lights up with a smile as he contemplates life surrounded
by so much pussy for him to take whenever he wanted some. For a moment, his
eyes glaze over then, he says "Son, I don't know why, but I believe you. Now,
I'm willing to go back with you, but I'm going to take my three wives and two
kids with us, so we'll have to travel slow. The pregnant woman can't walk
more than twenty miles a day."


The knocking on the door awakens the woman. Slowly sitting up on the bed, the
woman fumbles with a robe as she wonders who is knocking at her door. Few
people know where she lives so she knows that it can't be one of her

Opening the door just a crack, she stares through the narrow opening at the
man. She quickly determines that she's never seen him before, much less
fucked him. He start's talking immediately "Hi Luisa, you don't know me but
we've got a mutual friend. He said that you are one of the two people in
South America that he trusts and I can't find the other friend. My name is
Pete. I got your address from Joh.I mean from Hector's notebook. Please
Luisa, let me come in and talk to you. I've flown from America this morning
and have no place to go if you turn me down. Hector is in a lot of trouble
and needs our help."


I feel good. But then I always feel good. I guess it's because I feel so
comfortable when I'm around Johnny. I love him and will do anything to please

Carmen is in a lot of pain today. Her breasts became too big too fast and
she's having a lot of problems. Johnny sent her back to see the doctor so I'm
the only woman sharing Johnny's bed with him until Carmen gets back. I'm
pleased that I can make him happy and I work hard to make sure that I look
good for him.

Johnny thinks that I look so good that he wants to share me with the world.
He's hired someone to create a web site for me and he's hired a photographer
to take some pictures for the web site today. We're going to call it the
Joanna site and charge people to look at my sexually explicit photographs.
Johnny's thinking about running a contest among the site subscribers and
we're going to fly some winner in here so that I can give the winner his
prize. My photographer is going to take pictures of me with the winner in bed
as I let the winner do whatever he wants to do to me. I normally don't allow
anyone but Johnny to touch me or share my favors but Johnny wants me to
personally reward this winner. So I'll let him fuck me because it'll make my
Johnny happy.

I feel so good. I love my new breasts. They are heavy but I'm quickly
becoming used to them. I've only had them about two months now but I can't
imagine life without them. I barely remember that I was a punky little girl
with small tits. Johnny showed me some pictures of what I used to look like
and I vaguely remember when I used to look that skinny and unattractive. I
try to forget that life because it sometimes makes me feel bad. If I forget
about my old life, I feel good. Yeah, I feel good and love my new boobs. They
make me feel so sexy.

Wonder where Johnny is? I think that I'll go find him and see if he wants a
blowjob. I love sucking his cock.


"Look Pete, I'm beginning to regret that I ever let you into my apartment. I
don't know how you talked me into flying to Taiz and taking a day-long boat
ride to this damn ranch. Much less why I've followed you for a whole fucking
day as you wander about this jungle looking for some damn markers that you
can't find, but I'll be damned if I'm going to walk another step. Three days
ago, you told me that Hector needs my help so I've traveled with you for the
last three days and I'm not going any further unless you give me a good

"Look Luisa, there are some things that I can't explain yet because you don't
have proper mindset or attitude yet. I promise you that after we find this
cave...and I think that we are very close based upon the map that Hector drew
for me, I'll give you the proof that you'll need to believe the story that
I'm going to tell you."

"Now, just a god damned minute Pete. You told me that Hector will be waiting
for me at the end of this never- ending journey. I'm not going a step further
until you start telling me the truth."


"Aghhhhhh" the man's loud scream echoes around the cave. The dim light coming
from the few lit torches mounted to the cave's wall reveals Pete's face as he
struggles against the rope that is securely restraining him on top of the
stone altar. He is naked and his sweating body is coated with smeared colors.

The naked woman standing beside Pete's body uses her hand to push a long wave
of dark hair back from her face. The torch light reveals a very calm
expression on Luisa's face. She bends over Pete's tied-down body and lets the
man stare at her face for several long seconds. Then the woman softly says
"Luisa, I hated to do this to you but I need your help and I knew that you
wouldn't help me if I told you the real story. It's a very difficult story to
believe unless you can see some proof. That's why I brought you here. To
create some proof so that you'll know that the wild, fantastic story that I'm
getting ready to tell you, is the truth. Now that you're in my male body and
I'm in your woman's body, I think that you're ready for me to tell the true
story about my friend Johnny.. who is really your friend Hector who now
thinks that he is some bimbo named Joanna. We're going to go save our friend
as soon as we find Juan."

End of Part 1

Part II

Ok, so the real Johnny lost on his attempt to recover his stolen body from
his bitchy mother. So now, he's condemned to be the big-boobed bimbo Joanna
for the rest of Julie's natural life; and mentally brainwashed to forget his
old life and to treat the new Johnny as the supreme sexual master.

So the new Johnny has a secret weapon that can turn anyone into his mental
slave and he likes women with gigantic tits and saucy outlandish appearances.
The new Johnny isn't grieving about the death of his long time mate but is
enjoying his new life and bedroom partners.

So the real Julie isn't dead, but she might as well be. After all, her
amnesia made her forget any of her life as Julie or living with the real
Johnny. Her current life as a sixty plus year old very horny man named Nike
with three wives means that Nike isn't too interested in trying to resolve
any of the real Johnny's problems. But being a horny old man, he would
probably be very interested in fucking Joanna if he gets the chance. Say,
what would be the possibility of old man Nike winning the Internet contest
and getting flown to Miami to collect his prize?

So Pete thinks that the only way that he can get Luisa's help is to convince
her that he's telling the truth by swapping bodies with her. Does this mean
that the new Luisa can go after Johnny because Johnny won't recognize the
spanish whore as being anyone dangerous to him? Does this mean that Luisa who
is now in Pete's body is going to cooperate?

Is Carmen going to survive her problems with her huge breasts?

Check this space in about two (maybe three) years to see the conclusion to
this story. If you've got any comments, let me know.

To be continued?

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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