JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English
 Jeff Subber was always trying to find the dirty dealings in the street.  In 
order to fit in, he was dressed in dirty clothes and acted like a beggar.  That 
was his job as an undercover detective. He worked very hard to obtain that 
position, but now he was wondering whether it was what he wanted after all.  
Sure, it was prestigious.  But there was something missing.  It wasn't the 
safety concerns.  In fact he enjoyed the undercover work more than the 
typical police work.  It wasn't  money or power.  No it was something else 

 Perhaps it was his life outside of his work.  It seemed that lately, he and his 
wife, Michelle, were always fighting.  Just last night, they had another 
screaming session.  It was awful.  They fought about Michelle's minor car 
accident.  For the third time, that month, she rear-ended someone.  It angered 
him that she just acted like it was no big deal. She simply stated that she had 
more important things on her mind.  She was acting like an absent minded 

 But the fight really wasn't about the car accident. The damage was minor and 
thanks to Michelle's income, they could easily afford it.  No, the fight was 
over her desire to have a child.  Although the child issue was not brought up 
in any words this time, Jeff didn't need a degree in psychology to figure that 
out.  He only had to look at the fiery red head screaming at him to realize 
what his wife wanted.  She desperately wanted a child and he could not give 
that to her.

 Jeff closed his eyes trying to forget the terrible memories.  His father was 
also a police officer.  When Jeff was only four years old, his father was 
stabbed to death while attempting to stop a grocery store robbery.  As much 
as he tried, Jeff could not forget the little talk he and his mother had on the 
night of his father's death.  At first Jeff acted brave, as his mother requested, 
but soon he could not hide his emotion.  It was difficult for Jeff to grow up 
without his father.  His youth was filled with pain and anxiety.  There was no 
way he would risk allowing his child to share that fate.

 "Boys need their fathers," Jeff would say when asked about his rough 
childhood. When he was a kid, Jeff made several "errors in judgement". One 
such error almost got him placed in prison.  Luckily, the Judge decided to try 
him as a minor.  If the prosecutor had his way, Jeff would have been tried as 
an adult and possibly gone to prison for several years.  His life would 
probably have been totally different.

 That incident changed Jeff.   Ever since then, he stayed out of trouble. After 
graduating form college, Jeff joined the police force.  A little later, he married 
a beautiful woman that he loved.  However, despite the fact that everything 
seemed to have turned out alright, Jeff was still constantly depressed.

 It was the child issue.  He really did want to have a kid.  But he definitely 
was not going to have a kid while still in the force.  And he was still not 
ready to quit the force. "Not yet," he thought.  There was something he had 
to accomplish.  The only problem was that Jeff did not know what that 
something was.  Jeff thought that he would be able to get a better 
understanding of what he had to do if he became a detective, but was 
disappointed to find out that he wasn't closer to the answer.

 At first Michelle agreed with Jeff.  If she had not agreed to postpone having 
a child, he would not have married her.  It seemed perfect.  She was a 
modern woman, a scientist, with a promising career.  Her life was too busy 
to have a child.  However, when she became thirty years old, things 
changed.  She even stated that she was willing to give up her career to be a 
mom.  But Jeff refused.  He had to refuse.  It wouldn't be fair for the kid.

 Jeff sighed and tried to concentrate on his work.

 According to Jane, a street lady, some goons tried to kidnap her into this 
building. It looked like a normal office building.  Nothing unusual was 
apparent.  Normally, the other officers and Jeff would have ignored pleas 
from a street lady.  Street people tended to be crazy and would say anything 
to get out of trouble.  Besides, there were plenty of beggars on the streets.  
Jeff didn't see any reduction in their numbers. If someone was kidnaping 
them, then other beggars were quickly taking their place.

 But this was different.  Jeff knew Jane.  He met her while working under 
cover.  Although, she was not very bright, she seemed sane and honest.  
Since he had nothing to do, except, paper work, he decided to check it out 
and volunteered for the job.

 Jeff's trained eyes searched for anything unusual.  He couldn't find 
anything.  Jeff was quickly getting bored and was about to leave when a 
security guard approached him.

 "Security guards are either retired police officers or police force rejects," Jeff 
thought.  The man that approached him was obviously the reject brand.  He 
was young and carried a chip on his shoulder.  If Jeff just showed his badge, 
the security guard would be impressed.  But that would mean blowing cover.  
There was no need to do that.

 "Hey you, said the security guard, "this is a private building."

 "I am sorry," Jeff said, "I didn't know..." "I will leave now."

 As Jeff walked to the front door, the guard stepped in front of Jeff and 
stopped him.

 "Just one minute..." the guard said, "You better come with me to my office."

 This was slightly unusual.  Most security guards would have been eager to 
get a beggar away from their building as soon as possible.  Jeff began to feel 
a little suspicious.  He decided to follow the guard and see where things lead.

 The guard lead Jeff to a small office room on the first floor.  The guard 
walked behind a desk and motioned Jeff to sit on a chair across from him.  
Nothing highly unusual yet, but for some reason, Jeff felt very uneasy about 
the situation.  Jeff waited for the guard to sit first.  When the guard did not 
sit, Jeff decided to remain standing in order to give himself the best position 
to make any necessary moves.  He looked at the guard's name tag and read it 
to himself, "Jose Ramirez." The name tag also had a circle with a number 3 in 
it.  What could that symbol mean?  Jeff made a point to remember the guard's 
name and the strange symbol.

 "You are in big trouble," Jose said, "You were trespassing and we don't 
look kindly to that."

 Acting the part of a beggar, Jeff said, "Please let me go sir."  "I am sorry..."  
"I just didn't know any better."  "I will never come back, I swear."  "Please 
forgive me, just this once."

 Jose slowly walked around his desk.  Jeff looked carefully at Jose and 
guessed that Jose was just going to yell at him.  Just using some scare tactics, 
Jeff told himself.  Jeff tried his best to keep his cool and refrained from 
reaching into his hidden pocket for his gun and badge.

 "I am sick and tired of you beggars coming into my building." Jose said, 
"This time I am going to teach you a lesson."

 Before Jeff could react, Jose punched him in the stomach.  Things had gone 
far enough.  Jeff reached for his gun and was surprised to find his gun 
missing.  Luckily, Jeff's badge was still there. From his hidden pocket, Jeff 
pulled out his badge and yelled, "police".

 "You are a cop?" Jose asked, looking at the badge.   The tables had turned 
now.  It was one thing to punch a beggar.  It was another matter entirely to 
punch an under cover police officer.

 Jose looked apologetic as he said, "Why didn't you tell me that you were a 

 "Now who is in big trouble?" Jeff asked.  Jeff was enjoying putting the 
security guard in his place. In that moment of victory, he relaxed and sat on 
the chair across from the desk.  As soon as he sat, restraints came out from 
the chair and quickly immobilized him.

 "What the fuck is going on?" Jeff said.

 Jose laughed and said, "If you just sat on that chair when I told you to, I 
wouldn't have hit you, Officer Stubber."

 "You knew that I was a cop from the beginning?"  Jeff asked realizing that 
he was in big trouble.  If only he had his gun.

 "Of course," said Jose.

 Images of all the enemies, that Jeff made over the years in the police force, 
came to his mind.

 Jeff yelled, hoping that someone would come to his aid.  At this time, help 
was his only hope.

 Jose laughed.  "This a sound proof room," he said.  "No one will hear you, 
except me."And frankly you are getting on my nerves so..."  Jose moved 
towards Jeff and gagged him, preventing Jeff from yelling or saying 

 "Much better," Jose said.

 For several hours, Jeff sat in his chair gagged.  He attempted to save his 
energy and tried to relax.  As the hours flowed, he began to suspect that 
nothing would happen for a while.  Not having anything else to do, Jeff 
forced himself to fall asleep.  He reasoned that sleeping now would help to 
save his strength for later.  Jeff was still tied to the chair when the phone 

 "Jose, here," Jose said into the phone, "Yes Ms. Mills, the subject has been 
captured and is ready for delivery."  "As you wish."

  Jose hung up the phone and moved back to his desk and pushed some 
controls.  A click came from Jeff's chair.  Jeff noted that the chair was raised 
by an inch.  Jose pushed some more controls and the wall behind his desk 
opened to reveal an elevator.  Jose came around the desk and behind Jeff.  He 
grabbed the chair and wheeled it towards the elevator.

 "The click from chair must have been wheels coming out of some hidden 
compartment in the chair," Jeff thought

 Jose wheeled Jeff into the elevator.  Once the elevator was near the top, Jose 
quickly punched  in a secret code.   Few moments later, the elevator stopped 
to reveal a wide hallway.  Jeff noted the several security guards on this floor 
and realized that it would be difficult to escape.  He also saw a big circle 
painted on the wall of the hall way. Inside the circle were the words, "CIR, 

 Jose pushed Jeff towards a receptionist desk facing the elevator.  A woman 
sat behind the desk.  Jeff noted the circle on the button on the woman's 
dress.  Jeff also noted the fact that this woman's circle did not have a number 
but instead had a triangle.  He guessed that the number was part of a ranking 
system, and wondered what the triangle inside the circle meant. "Can I help 
you?" she asked.

 "Jose Ramirez, member of the circle" Jose said, "bringing a subject for Ms. 
Laura Mills."

 The receptionist typed something into her computer and said, "yes, we have 
been expecting him."

 "Please place your hand in the finger print identifier," said the woman to 

  Jose placed his right hand into a black box.  A green light blinked on and 

 "Thank you Mr. Ramirez, you have been cleared to enter," said the 
receptionist.   "Do you need any help with the subject?"

 "No, I can handle him by myself," replied Jose.

 "As you wish, but remember you are responsible for him until Ms. Mills 
signs for him." "Please take the subject straight to her."  "If you need any 
help please contact the front desk."

 Jose pushed my wheelchair past the receptionist and several rooms. When 
they entered another room, a receptionist with more security guards were 
waiting.  After receiving clearance, they walked past more rooms and more 
security checks.  Jeff began to think that his chances of escape was nil.  This 
was an incredible organization.  Jeff could not believe what he was seeing.  It 
had to be a huge secret crime organization.   Unlucky, for Jeff, he stumbled 
into it without any back up or even a gun.  The only saving grace was that the 
police station would get suspicious when Jeff didn't report back.  They 
would send someone to investigate and hopefully an army will follow.  That 
was Jeff's only chance.

 Jose wheeled Jeff into what looked like a typical office room.  Once inside, 
Jose turned the chair around so that Jeff faced a woman behind a desk.  She 
looked up from the paper work.  Just like Jose, the woman also had a name 
tag.  The name tag displayed her name, "Laura Mills," and a circle with a 
triangle.  On the wall behind her was a drawing of a circle.  Inside the circle 
were the words "CIR, inc."

 "So you are that special someone," she said while smiling.  Then for an 
instant her smile faded.  Her face distorted as if doing something took great 
concentration.  She started to say something then stopped, took a deep breath 
and said, "I feel truly sorry for you."  After she finished the statement, she 
was once again smiling.

 Jeff did not know what this woman was talking about but was frightened by 
the suggestion that he was especially chosen for this treatment. Also, for 
some reason, the woman's behavior made him deeply concerned. There was 
something about her smile that his trained eye saw as unnatural.

 "Do you need me anymore, Ms. Mills," asked Jose.

 "After I inject these inducers into the subject," she said, "you can leave."

 Laura walked to Jeff and injected a substance in both of Jeff's arms. Due to 
the restraints, he could not even struggle.  Jeff could not believe what was 
happening to him.  This woman was obviously injecting drugs into his arms.  
He guessed that this organization was going to make him addicted to a drug 
and then use it to control him.  Perhaps they were after secret information or 
perhaps they wanted a cop who would be on their side.  Either way, Jeff 
knew that he was in big trouble.  In fact he could not remember a time when 
he was more frightened.  Death would be preferable than losing his dignity, 
which the drugs threatened.

 Jeff braced himself, expecting to feel dizziness, euphoria or hallucinations, 
but was relieved to feel completely normal.

 "Thank you Jose, your services will no longer be needed," Laura said as she 
signed a form and handed it to Jose.

 After Jose left the room, Laura pushed some keys on her computer and the 
restraints came off.  Jeff immediately removed his gag.

 Seeing his chances at escape, Jeff jumped up from his chair.  But as soon as 
he tried to move, pain flowed through out his body.  Jeff tried to ignore the 
pain and proceeded towards the door.  But before he could reach it, he fell to 
the floor from the intensity of the pain.  As soon as he stopped trying to get 
up, the pain stopped.

 "That was a small sample of what the pain inducer can provide," Laura said, 
"you will obey me completely or feel the consequences." "Now get up slowly 
and face me."

 Jeff did as told and focused on Laura's eerie smile.

 It seemed to Jeff that she was there to torture him until he revealed some 
information.  The drug that she injected into his body probably was a way for 
her to make him feel pain.  Jeff thought about  the woman's smile and 
recognized it now as being sadistic.  It was unnatural because it wasn't a kind 
smile.  It took all of Jeff's training and doing to keep calm.  Jeff recalled one 
of his colleagues talk about his old military days.  Specifically, Jeff recalled 
his friend talk about the anti torture training.

 "Stall for time," his friend had said, "The military told us that stalling for 
time will help."  "New information is vital."  "Old information is less reliable 
so the enemy won't put too much weight on it." "No one can withstand 
torture for ever."  "But every minute you can stall will help Uncle Sam."

 Stalling for time was also important to Jeff.  Not in the sense that it was 
important to his friend.  In reality, Jeff did know any top secrets.  But 
stalling, would give his fellow police officers more time to find out what is 
going on and hopefully send help for him. If the circle found out that he did 
not know anything, he could easily end up dead.

 In an attempt to stall, Jeff asked questions, "Who are you?" "What do you 

 Laura, ignoring Jeff's question, moved back to her desk and pushed a key 
on her computer.  The wall, directly behind Laura, opened to reveal a wide 
screen television.  The television showed an older woman speaking into 
several microphones.

 "You see my husband always wanted to be a woman, named Barbara," the 
woman in the television said.

 Jeff was mildly interested in what he was hearing but did not understand 
why this Mills woman was showing this to him.

  "I discovered his secret personality late in our marriage," the woman in the 
television continued. "I should have ended our marriage then, but due to our 
political aspirations, I decided to help hide Bob's secret." "Ever since then, I 
lied to the public, friends, and family," "I probably would have continued to 
lie if it weren't for this blackmail letter from Jeff Stubber."

 Jeff' heart skipped a beat when he heard his name.  "What the hell is going 
on?" he asked.

 "Despite the lies, I am still a proud woman and I was not going to let anyone 
blackmail me."  "I decided to release the picture instead of paying Mr. 
Stubber or waiting for him to release it."  "When I informed Bob regarding 
my decision, he decided to flee."  "He told me that he could not bear the 
embarrassment that his secret would bring out."  "Due to his decision to run 
away, I decided to file for a divorce."  "As for the election, Bob's actions 
indicates to me that he is withdrawing." "Therefore I urge everyone to vote 
for Jack Brown."  "I sincerely believe that he will make the best Governor for 
this state."  "I have nothing further to say."

 The woman stepped away from the microphones and a man took her place. 
Jeff saw the design on the man's tie clip and gasped in amazement.  The 
circle indicated that the man was a member of this organization.  It was 
apparently powerful enough to frame a Gubernatorial candidate and at the 
same time be hidden from him and his fellow officers.  In fact this 
organization was so sure of itself that it was using a policeman to do framing.  
The worst part was that it did a great job.  If he wasn't personally involved, 
he would have believed every word.

 "There you have it," said the reporter, "Bob Edwards has effectively 
withdrawn from the Governor's race due to his shameful revelations 
regarding some sexual perversities."

 What a terrible fate, Jeff thought.  Jeff would have been disgusted by Bob 
Edwards' alleged perversities, if he thought they were real.   But now, Jeff 
felt sorry for the candidate and wondered what ever happened to him.  
Probably dead, Jeff guessed.  He feared that the same fate awaited him.

 "Peter," the anchor said to the reporter, "do we have any information on the 
black mailer, Jeff Stubber?

 "There is a rumor that Jeff Stubber is a police officer," the reporter said, "but 
that has not been confirmed."

 "Thank you Peter," said the anchor, "In other news, Bank United is merging 
with two of its major competitors, First Bank and Security Banking 
International, to become the largest financial institution in the world."  "With 
the details regarding this deal is our correspondent Tony Dix..."

  Jeff guessed that the circle kidnaped him to frame the candidate and now 
will torture him until he does an act that will confirm his involvement in the 
public's eye.  Jeff also knew that he would be dead once he performed the 
ordered task.

 "That was yesterday's news," Laura stated, "and here is today's"

 Hopeless, he closed his eyes and thought of his lovely wife.  Now that the 
end was near, Jeff  was glad that he refused to have a child to worry about as 
well.  He heard the next news segment with his eyes shut tight.

 "According to the press release, Jeff Stubber is a detective with the New 
Orleans Police Department," said a reporter "He has received special training 
in computers, surveillance, and information gathering."  "The press release 
states that he was in a special position that allowed him access to high tech 
equipment and sensitive information."

 "Peter," the anchor stated, "is it possible that Officer Stubber was 
blackmailing more than just Congressman Bob Edwards?"

 "The police are not commenting on that at this time," the reporter stated, 
"they have promised to give further details as the investigation continues."

 "Do they have Officer Stubber in custody?" asked the anchor.

 "No, the police are attempting to determine Officer Stubber's whereabouts," 
the reporter said.   "He was sent to investigate a complaint early yesterday 
and has disappeared."  "It is assumed that he has fled."  "Citizens are asked 
to call the station if they know where Officer Stubber is.  "However do not 
approach Officer Stubber and always take extreme caution.  "Officer Stubber 
can be dangerous and is probably armed."  "Peter Manning reporting from 
the New Orleans Police Head ...."

 Jeff opened his eyes once the television was turned down and saw that the 
television was once again covered by the wall.  Out of frustration, he 
attempted to charge at Laura but the pain dropped him to his knees. He 
screamed in pain and anger.

 "Get up," said Laura, "you are ready for your next phase."

 Jeff wanted to disobey Laura's commands but the pain eventually made him 
stand up.  The pain was so intense that he did not even notice the left wall 
opening to reveal an entrance to another room.

 "Please step inside," Laura stated.

 Jeff walked into the other room.  Even while receiving special computer 
training, Jeff never saw so many computers in his life.  And the glass booth 
in the center of the room was straight from a science fiction movie.  Jeff 
suspected that the booth was a gas chamber designed to efficiently kill its 

 "Take off your clothing and step inside the DNARSM," stated Laura.

 It seemed to Jeff that the circle was going to kill him now.  He was a little 
surprised that it did not want anything else from him.  He thought about 
struggling but realized that it would be hopeless to do so.   Disobeying would 
just mean that he would suffer pain before his demise. If he was going to die, 
he was going to die in a dignified manner.  So without any words, Jeff took 
off his clothing and walked in to the chamber proudly.  Even without any 
clothing on, Jeff visioned himself as the hero who dies a noble death.

 Laura secured the DNA ReSequecing Machine. For a brief second she 
thought about allowing Officer Stubber to escape this horrible fate. But that 
thought faded as a smile returned to  her face.  Even her great mind could not 
fight the conditioning for more than a brief moment. Besides, she of all 
people, knew the consequences of angering the circle.  She set the machine to 
the desired settings and turned it on.

 As Jeff suspected, a strange smoky substance filled the chamber.  Jeff felt 
his skin tingleling all over his body.  He was familiar with various poisons 
and did not recall one that made your skin tingle.  But he simply believed that 
the descriptions of the poison were inaccurate. After all the only one's that 
really knew how poisons feel are usually dead before they can relay the 
information.  He decided to end this quickly and took a deep breath and 
waited to die.

 But even after several minutes Jeff wasn't dead.  He looked in amazement, at 
his shrinking body.  "This is horrific," he thought, "the circle is actually 
going to melt me into nothing."  Jeff expected to feel great pain but only felt 
the tingleling.

 But as the changes continued, Jeff realized that he wasn't being melted.  
Instead he was being changed.  His hair changed colors from brown to red, 
as it grew in length.  He became smaller in most areas but felt a slight 
swelling in his chest and bottom.  Jeff's eyes widened when he noticed how 
small his penis had become.  It was at most five centimeters long.   Despite 
the horror, he could not take his eyes off of his tiny penis as it shrank further 
until it disappeared into his now red pubic hair.  He continued to watch, in 
terror, as a small hole appeared between his legs.  But soon his breasts 
blocked his view. Having bared more than he could possibly bare, Jeff 

  "Duty always comes first," thought Michelle, as she changed the controls 
once more. The congressman would soon be dreaming of kissing men.   
Michelle desperately wanted to check on her husband.  She didn't completely 
trust Laura, and hated having to leave some of the most crucial aspect of the 
transition to her.   But there was nothing Michelle could do to remedy the 
situation without incurring risk.

 She was allowed breaks to eat and sleep, but even in those times, she knew 
that she had to be careful. If the inner circle thought that she was more 
concerned about her agenda rather than the circle's business, then she could 
be in trouble.  She reluctantly told herself that she would finish this job first 
before checking on her husband.  That was the safe thing to do.

 Michelle guessed that Laura was now using the old conditioning room to get 
her husband ready.  Michelle wanted to use the latest technology, in this 
room, but the largely obsolete conditioning room would have to suffice for 

 Michelle looked at the dark glass across the room.  She hid her desire from 
the many eyes that observed her progress.  "Three more days left to complete 
the transition process and then the circle will have their precious."

 She knew that some of those eyes hoped that she failed.  Some of them did 
not understand the significance of this machine.  Some of them understood all 
too well and was frightened by it. Michelle knew that she would have to 
contend with them.  But she had supporters, who would help her.  People 
who knew the significance and welcomed it.

 She would move carefully.  Massing with the inner workings of the circle 
was like playing with fire. If you weren't careful you could easily burn.

  Jeff woke up from horrible nightmares.  In his dreams, a secret criminal 
organization changed him into a girl.  He opened his eyes to find himself on 
the floor of a completely dark room.  He could not see anything.  His first 
thought was that he was in danger.  Instinctively, Jeff reached for his hidden 
pocket for his gun, but instead of a gun his hand felt breasts.  He screamed in 
shock and quickly removed his hand from his breasts.   He was shocked to 
find himself naked and with breasts.

 As his memory returned, he realized that the nightmare was a reality. 
Although curious about the changes, Jeff decided not to examine himself.  It 
was just too embarrassing and  disgusting to think that he was now a female.  
The last thing he wanted to do was confirm the change by touch.  So he 
decided examine the dark room.  Anything that distracted himself from his 
new body was good.  Jeff felt around the room.  The small room was 
completely empty and the walls and floor were made of smooth surface.

 It didn't take very long to examine the room.  Afterwards, he just sat there 
having nothing else to do but to think about his current condition.  Several 
hours after just sitting in the darkness , Jeff believed that he would go insane.  
Despite trying with all his effort, Jeff could not take his mind off of his new 
body.  Then suddenly, Jeff was faced with light.  The light came to reveal 
that the walls, the floor and the ceiling were made of mirrors.  No matter 
where he turned, Jeff saw images of what he had become.  When he closed 
his eyes, a soft voice told him to open his eyes and face the truth.  At first 
Jeff disobeyed the voice. But soon the pain that flowed through his body was 
so intense that he could not help but open his eyes and face his new body.  
Jeff saw the woman in the mirrors from all angles. As he was confronted by 
the lovely woman in the mirrors, the voice began to repeat over and over 
again, "Jennifer, you are a woman in her thirties, you are still beautiful, look 
at your flowing red hair, look at your beautiful face, look at your gorgeous 
body, look at your feminine neck, look at your elegant arms, look at your 
delicate hands, look at your lovely shoulders, look at your smooth back, look 
at your soft breasts, look at your flat stomach, look at your long legs, look at 
your tiny feet, look at your sexy ass, look at your perfect pussy."  As he 
heard the voice he could not help but look at his body.  He screamed so that 
he could avoid listening to the voice and it seemed to work.  But when he 
noticed that his screams were a woman's scream, the thought that he was 
now a woman prevailed in his mind.  He could not bare to hear his own 
feminine voice and stopped screaming only to face the soft voice repeatedly 
telling him "Jennifer, you are a woman in her thirties..." Soon the image of 
his new body was the only thing he could think about.

 Although he had never seen the woman in the mirrors before, he began to 
recognize her as being familiar.  Suddenly he realized that she looked allot 
like his wife.  He now looked like he could be his wife's sister. Jeff thought 
about his wife and began to cry.  The poor woman in the mirror cried with 
Jeff.   Jeff cried several more hours as he saw himself as the woman he had 

 Jeff was so busy crying that he did not even notice the smoke filling the 
room.  He just collapsed on the floor.

 Laura asked for assistance to carry Jeff from the old conditioning room to the 
transition room.  She hated asking for help; especially when it dealt with 
using strength.  But it was impossible for her to do the needed task herself.  
She was now as weak as she appeared.

 Jose easily picked up Jennifer and carried her.  From the looks of his hard-
on it was obvious that he was interested in the nude woman. Laura's mouth 
watered as her mind visualized Jose's dick.  She hated herself for wanting it, 
but could not help it.

 The only thing that prevented her from taking that dick into her mouth was 
the knowledge that Jennifer had to be dealt with properly without any risk of 
error.  She knew that this subject was important to Michelle Stubber and any 
mistake would be severely punished.  She sensed that the same threat of 
punishment prevented, Jose from acting on his sexual desires.  The circle had 
conditioned its workers well.

 As Jose gently placed Jennifer into the DNA Re-Sequencing Machine, Laura 
briefly toyed with the idea of changing Jose to the object of his desire and 
saving Jennifer from further humiliation.  But as soon as the thought entered 
Laura's mind, pain filled her, and she quickly suppressed the idea.

 Once the glass door was closed, Laura went to work on the settings. After 
making sure that   the machine was set properly, Laura turned the machine 
on.  A part of her was sad for Jennifer.   But another part of Laura, proudly 
watched her creation do the work on Jennifer's body.  The woman in her 
thirties became younger until she appeared to be in her early twenties.  Even 
Laura was amazed by the machine's ability to give it's subject a fully rested 
and rejuvenated body.  Theoretically, if a person is changed often enough, he 
or she would not need to sleep or eat.  Laura smiled at the thought, 
congratulating herself for such a marvelous creation.

 For a brief moment a thought entered Laura's mind.  "What would happen to 
the mental conditioning if someone was changed by her machine?" "Could 
someone escape the conditioning?" But before she could contemplate an 
answer, the pain in her body caused her to fall to the ground.

 Luckily, Jose was too busy looking at the young woman wake up in the 
transition chamber to notice Laura fall.  Laura quickly got up and composed 

 Jeff was startled to find himself in the glass chamber again.  He began to fear 
that the circle was using him to conduct weird experiments.  As terrible as it 
was to be a woman, he feared what else he could be changed into.  Jeff was 
relieved that the glass door was opened before anything happened.  But his 
relief was short lived as Jose lifted him up and proceed to carry him.  At first, 
Jeff attempted to struggle but the pain stopped him.

 Jose carried Jeff back into the old transition room and placed the young 
woman on the floor.  Jeff began to cry again when he noticed the recent 
changes.  The woman in the mirrors was younger and even more beautiful.  
The voice repeated, "Jennifer, you are a woman in her twenties, you are  
beautiful, look at your long red hair, look at your beautiful face, look at your 
gorgeous body, look at your feminine neck, look at your elegant arms, look 
at your delicate hands, look at your lovely shoulders, look at your smooth 
back, look at your soft breasts, look at your flat stomach, look at your long 
legs, look at your tiny feet, look at your sexy ass, look at your perfect 

 Jeff cried himself to sleep as the voice penetrated his mind and the image of 
his new body was all he could think about.

 Hillary's transformation was finally completed.  Michelle could feel the 
moment.  "Just a little longer," she thought as she removed the wires and 
tubes from her body and signaled towards the dark glass.  Two young men 
came out quickly and carried Hillary out of the room. Michelle faced the 
glass, "she will probably sleep for awhile." "It's important to reinforce what 
she has learned here often, starting with as soon as she wakes up."  "Once 
she gets accustomed to her new role, she will be completely loyal."

 Having said what she needed to say, Michelle allowed herself the slightest 
expression of excitement.  She quickly headed out the door and made couple 
of turns and arrived near the outer room of where her husband lay.  She took 
a deep breath and opened the door to the monitoring room.  Laura stood up 
from her chair and stated, "Doctor Stubber, the subject is ready for you."

 Michelle finally saw her creation lying on the floor helpless. Everything 
looked good.  Jeff, now Jennifer looked allot like herself.

 "Did you encounter any problems?" asked Michelle.

 "No, doctor, everything went as planned," answered Laura.

 "Good, bring her to the mental conditioning room," stated Michelle.

 Laura resented having to take orders from Michelle.  After all, Laura had 
been Michelle's senior.  However things changed drastically, and now Laura 
had no choice but to obey.

 "Yes Doctor," stated Laura.

 While Michelle quickly went back to the mental conditioning room to get 
everything ready for her former husband, Laura paged Jose.  When Jose 
arrived, part of Laura was a disappointed to see that he no longer had a hard-
on.  Sighing to herself, she opened the entrance to the old transition room. 
Laura saw Jennifer crying and briefly saw herself in that situation.  "It wasn't 
too long ago," she said to herself.

 "Jose carry her to the transition room," Laura stated.

 "I can walk by myself," Jennifer said.

 "It seems we don't need your service after all," Laura told Jose.

 Without even acknowledging Laura, Jose quickly left the room.

 "Alright, get up and follow me," Laura stated to Jennifer.

 Jennifer obeyed without hesitation.  She lost most of the fight in her in this 
room.  Laura led Jennifer to another room with computers.  But instead of a 
glass booth, it had a strange looking chair.  In front of the chair were four 
television screens.

 "Sit on that chair," Laura ordered.

 Jennifer wondered what this room was designed to do.  She hesitated, 
fearing the next step in the circle's torture.

 "She told you to sit," a familiar voice stated from a corner.

 Jennifer turned to see her wife standing by one of the controls and fainted.

 "Help me put her on the mental conditioning machine," Michelle ordered 

 Both Michelle and Laura put Jeff onto the chair.

 "I have to make final adjustments to the controls," Michelle stated as she 
walked behind the control area, "prepare our subject."

 As Laura attached various wires and tubes on Jennifer, she regained 
consciousness.  Jennifer was terrified by what she faced.  She was strapped 
in to the chair.  All she could see were the four screens because she could not 
move her head.  To her it looked as if the circle were planning to do more 
experiments.  She pleaded for help.  But Laura just continued her work.  
After all the wires and tubes were connected, Laura placed a earphones on 
Jennifer's ears.

 Psychology training told Michelle that the first thing Jennifer should have 
done after gaining consciousness was to ask questions about Michelle's 
involvement or ask Michelle for help.  That would have been the natural 
reaction to seeing a familiar friendly face while being in extreme danger.  The 
fact that Jennifer did neither of these things, lead Michelle to conclude that 
Jennifer did not remember seeing her. "Good, she doesn't remember seeing 
me," Michelle thought, "shock does so many interesting things to the mind."  
Michelle decided introduce herself again at a later time.  She would pick the 
right moment to shock her former husband again.  She would use the shock 
to her advantage.

 Michelle was excited  as she turned on her machine.  Four screens in front of 
Jeff came to life.  From Michelle's vantage point, she could see the four 
screens, without being observed by Jennifer.  She closely monitored screen 
number one which alternatively displayed charts indicating Jennifer's fear, 
arousal, happiness, shame, disgust, sadness, anger, love, anxiety, sanity, 
hate and hunger levels.

 Michelle checked the second screen to see that it was properly set. She was 
pleased that it was showing a picture a beach.  The drugs, the second screen 
and the music will tell Jennifer how to react to the third screen.  The third 
screen showed Jennifer doing various feminine activities.  When the fourth 
screen matched the third screen, Michelle knew that it was starting to work, 
because the fourth screen showed what Jennifer was thinking about. As 
Jennifer thought about doing the displayed feminine activity, the music, the 
second screen and drugs made her very happy.

 Soon Jennifer liked cooking, knitting, and cleaning.  In a sense, Michelle 
was against making Jennifer adopt enjoyment for traditionally feminine 
activities.  It went against her feminist views.  But she told herself that it was 
necessary.  If she wanted Jennifer to be a normal woman, it was necessary to 
counter all the male up bringing.  Therefore it was necessary that Jennifer 
learn to be very feminine.  Of course, in the end the male up bringing will 
counter react some of the conditioning.  Therefore the question was how 
much conditioning should be given. If too much was given then Jennifer 
would be a useless submissive woman.  Too little conditioning, and Jennifer 
would be too awkward as a woman.  Michelle had to be careful to find the 
right balance.  So in the mist of the feminine conditioning, Jennifer also 
learned to love science and independent thinking.  "She will be a modern 
woman who is feminine but also independent," Michelle thought.

 Jeff tried to fight the images that were displayed in front of him. But every 
time he ignored or thought of something other than the images displayed in 
the third screen, he either felt nausea or pain.  When he allowed himself to 
think about the activities in the third screen, he felt happiness and content.  
He felt weaker and weaker and fighting became harder and harder.  Jeff 
allowed himself to lose half of his consciousness. This allowed him a little 

 Michelle did not like seeing Jennifer's rebellions.  She knew they were 
pointless but hated knowing that it would prolong the process and sometimes 
bring Jennifer pain.

 But even with the little rebellions, it seemed that everything was going as 
planned, so Michelle decided to give herself a little break. Monitoring two 
transitions in a row was exhausting.  She told Laura to take over the controls 
and left the room.  Instead of going home, Michelle decided to sleep in her 
office tonight.  This would allow her to monitor her former husband early in 
the morning.  She wanted to watch the entire transformation sequence but 
knew not to push it.  "Patience is a virtue," Michelle told herself as she fell 

  When Michelle returned the next morning, Jennifer's rebellions diminished 
and the girl was learning to behave.  The new girl learned to love dresses, 
skirts, pumps, bras, panties, lingerie, bikinis, and various makeup.  A part of 
her still wanted to rebel but that part was weak.  As she was told over and 
over again how much she loved wearing various feminine items, she actually 
learned to love them.

 Michelle dismissed Laura and told her to come back at 6:00 p.m..

 "Now the crucial moment," Michelle thought as she changed the third 
screen.  Jennifer was going to learn to like men.  She was first going to like 
seeing men and then more.  Michelle had no intention of turning Jennifer into 
a slut.  But at the same time, she did not want Jennifer to be a lesbian.  It was 
important that Jennifer learned proper amount of desire for men.  Michelle 
knew that male upbringing would cause Jennifer to rebel very strongly 
against the idea of being attracted to a man.  As expected, the first screen 
showed shame and disgust levels rise.

 When the image of men started to appear on the third screen, Jeff almost 
gagged.  It was bad enough that he now loved feminine items.  Now it was 
clear to him that the circle was trying to make him like men.

 In order to have the desired effect, Michelle decided to erase the disgust part 
of the psyche, making Jennifer find men sexually attractive.  But she would 
leave the shame in tact.  Since the shame would be great, the desire would 
have to be equally great.   By controlling the images and the stimulus for a 
long period of time, Michelle slowly but surely created, then increased, 
Jennifer's sexual attraction to men.  Michelle smiled at the knowledge that 
Jennifer would often daydream about men and feel ashamed for doing it.  She 
would be turned on by their body, strength and even their odor.  But the 
shame would prevent her from acting on her desire most of the time.  In a 
sense she would be like the girls who have been taught to be good girls.  She 
would desire men but would still say no to them most of the time.  Only 
when the condition was right, her arousal would overcome her shame.  And 
only in those rare instances, she would submit to her desires.

 With renewed will, Jeff fought back as best as he could.  As great as the pain 
was, the hardest part was resisting the pleasure.  When ever Jeff slipped and 
thought about the men, he felt great pleasure.  It was difficult to think about 
anything else once the pleasure flowed through his body.  As he fought less 
and less, arousal was added to the pleasure.

 As Michelle patiently watched and monitored the mental conditioning 
machine, Jennifer learned to sexually desire every aspect of men.  But in the 
center of her desire was her desire for dicks.  Michelle was concerned that the 
male in Jennifer's psyche would find another's dick to be unattractive.  It was 
important to change this.  So Michelle made sure that Jennifer loved to suck 
dicks and loved the to get fucked. Every time, Michelle showed an image of 
dick, Jennifer's mouth watered and her pussy got wet. After a while, even 
when those images were not displayed, Jennifer still thought about the dicks.  
But through out this ordeal, Jennifer's shame level was constantly high.

 Now it was time to teach Jennifer the difference between men.  The third 
screen displayed different men and with each men different level of positive 
stimulus was presented.  After few hours, Jennifer learned to distinguish 
between the men even without the reinforcement.  She found all men to be 
attractive, but she found some of them to be extremely attractive.  Michelle 
wanted Jennifer to have a strong mate, so she made sure that Jennifer enjoyed 
images of intelligent, strong, muscular, masculine types more.  This 
association lesson was repeated with different parts of the male body.  
Eventually, Jennifer learned to distinguish different dicks.  She learned to 
desire and love big dicks more.  Jennifer was quickly learning specific 

 Michelle laughed to herself when she thought about the next phase. Love 
was something that she had lost and hoped to regain.  "How ironic?" she 
thought.  I lost my love of Jeff, because I changed.  Now I was changing 
Jeff.  She knew that she would love Jennifer.  But it would be a different 
love, and Jennifer would learn to return that love unconditionally soon 
enough.  However, at this time, Jennifer would learn to feel the love between 
a man and woman.  Michelle hoped that she too would find this type of love 
again.  After all even girls need their fathers.

 Jeff learned that one particular man produced a different reaction.  He still 
felt great pleasure and arousal.  But he also felt something else.  Something 
stronger.  When he glanced at the first screen, he knew that he was falling in 
love with the man in the picture.  By now, Jeff knew that it was hopeless to 
fight the changes in his mind, but even so, Jeff struggled against it.  In the 
end, however, Jeff was completely in love with the man.

 When Laura came back from her rest, Michelle knew that it was time for the 
first test.  She motioned Laura to help her set up the test.

 Jeff was first relieved when his head was set free of the restraint. He hoped 
that this ordeal had ended.  His hopes rose when the third screen was lifted.  
But he freaked out when he saw a realistic dildo approach his mouth.  The 
worst part of it was that he was actually very aroused by it.  A part of him 
desperately wanted to suck it.  But the shamefulness of this action prevented 
him from moving his head forward. Instead he closed his eyes tight and 
moved his head to the left to avoid any contact.

 "Good," Michelle thought, "it's working."  "Resist it my girl," mouthed 

 "Open your eyes," ordered Laura.

 Pain slowly started to drift into Jennifer's body, before it became too 
terrible, Jennifer opened her eyes and faced the fake dick.  She could not help 
but look at it and study it in detail.  Every vein and even the hairy balls were 
clear to him.  Despite the intense shame, she was deeply aroused by it.  
Jennifer sat in that seat for hours, facing the dildo.  Part of her wanted to 
suck it but the shame stopped her from giving into it.

 When Jennifer thought that it would not get any worse, another dildo 
approached between her legs.  When the restraint on her legs were removed, 
Jennifer quickly crossed her legs tight, protecting her pussy from the would 
be intruder.   Jennifer now faced two very strong desires but her shame 
prevented her from delving into them.

 "Good girl," Michelle thought.  "Let's see if you can resist it for a couple 
more hours."

 After two hours, Jennifer's pussy was soaking her legs with juice.  Her 
mouth was positively dripping with saliva and her mind could thing about 
nothing else other than those two fake dicks.  But Jennifer persisted in her 

 Jennifer congratulated herself when the dildos were removed.  This was her 
first victory since she arrived at this place.  Despite wanting to indulge in her 
desire, she was able to fight it.  And even after several hours of seeing those 
fake dicks, she did not even touch them.  When all the restraints were 
removed from the chair, Jennifer allowed herself to relax a little.  She felt so 
tired that she thought that she would pass out any minute.  Jennifer's mind 
began to drift.

 Michelle smiled knowing that the first test was a success.  Despite having 
intense desires, the girl resisted.  Now the second test would be 
administered. When Michelle motioned towards the dark glass, three men 
quietly entered the room.  The first man was rather skinny and frail looking.  
He walked in front of Jennifer.

 Jennifer regained full attention to what was going on in front of her when 
she saw the man approach her.  A part of her found slight arousal and joy at 
seeing the man.  He made several different poses as if he was a model, then 
started to take off his clothing.  Once the man was completely nude, Jennifer 
felt her pleasure and arousal increase, but she was still able to resist it.  The 
man left.

 Michelle was pleased.  Everything was going as planned. She saw the 
second man replace the first man.  Unlike the first man, the second man was 
big and muscular.  Michelle could see a significant difference in Jennifer's 
reaction to this man.  Jennifer obviously liked him allot more.  When he 
removed his shirt, Michelle could see the arousal and happiness level 
increase.  But even when the man removed his pants and underwear to show 
off his big dick, Jennifer tried to resist.

 Jennifer was so ashamed of herself, but the urge to suck that dick grew.  She 
crossed her legs tightly and tried to think about other things.  But that big 
dick refused to leave her thoughts.  Jennifer fought with all that she had not 
to suck on that dick.

 "She should be sucking on it by now," Michelle thought, "perhaps we need 
to increase her arousal."

 Just as Michelle was about to tell the man to leave the room, Jennifer gave 
into her desire.  She first touched the dick with her hesitant hands.  As she 
stroked the dick, her mind kept picturing herself sucking that dick.  "Just one 
lick," she told herself, "I just want to taste it."  She finally opened her mouth 
and let her tongue lick the man's dick.  As soon as she made contact, Jennifer 
felt like she was in heaven.  She found that she could not stop with just one 
lick.  Despite the rising shame, Jennifer licked the dick again and again.  Each 
time letting her tongue touch the dick longer.  After numerous licks, Jennifer 
gave into her desires completely and took the dick into her mouth.  She 
actually loved sucking it. She loved the taste, the feel, and the odor of the 
dick. She even liked the tickle that his pubic hair was causing.  After several 
minutes of sucking, the man came in her mouth.  As she drank the sperm, 
Jennifer had the most intense orgasm.

 Michelle was extremely pleased with herself.  It seemed that she almost 
found the perfect balance. But in order make sure that Jennifer remained 
aroused by this act, she reinforced Jennifer's association of sex with men 
with pleasure. Michelle set the machine to give Jennifer an intense orgasm.  
From this day forward, Jennifer would associate the intense orgasm with sex 
with men.

 Once Jennifer stopped coming, her arousal diminished sufficiently to be 
countered by her deep shame.  Jennifer let the dick fall out of her mouth and 
swore to herself that she would never do anything like this again.  A part of 
her still wanted the man and his big dick, but her shame prevented her from 
acting on her desire.  The man soon got another hard-on.  But this time, 
Jennifer was able to resist him.  The second man left.

 Michelle looked at the third man with amazement.  He was changed 
specifically for this test. In many ways he looked allot like Larry Mills.  And 
why not, the computer was able to copy DNA sequence and age it according 
to the program.  Once Larry's son Mike's DNA was taken, it was a matter of 
programming to change this man into an older version of Mike Mills.

 Laura saw her old self in the man that approached Jennifer.  She knew that 
genetically, the man was her son plus twenty years.  However she also knew 
that he wasn't her son.  It took more than genetics to make a person.

 When Jennifer saw the third man, she was overwhelmed.  She felt extreme 
desire and arousal and even love.  The man took her hands and pulled her off 
of the machine.  Slowly he pulled her towards him.  When his arms encircled 
her, Jennifer could do nothing but surrender to her desires. He kissed her and 
she opened her mouth to let his tongue in.  The kiss continued for several 
minutes and then his kiss moved downward.  She loved it when he nibbled 
on her neck.  He kissed her left breast while he playing with his hand the 
other breast.  She felt incredible pleasure.  His oral manipulation continued 
downward past her stomach to her pussy.  Despite her shame, Jennifer 
wanted this man's dick more than anything in the world.  It took control for 
her to pull the man up from his knees.  She gently opened the man's zipper 
and took out his dick. She dropped to her knees and sucked his dick.

 It was time for the final test of this phase.  Michelle needed to find out 
whether this passion could over come even the greatest shame. Michelle 
slowly moved from her position behind the controls to face Jennifer and her 
lover. Jennifer was enjoying the dick so much that she did not even see her 
former wife approaching.

 "Hello dear," Michelle said, "are you enjoying sucking his dick?"

 Jennifer opened her eyes to see Michelle looking at her and almost fainted 
from the shock.  Jennifer's first instinct was to spit out the dick in her mouth 
so that she could explain what was going on.  But the man held her head 
steady and would not allow her to remove the dick from her mouth.   Soon 
the taste again intoxicated Jennifer and her full attention returned to the dick in 
her mouth.  She concentrated in sucking that dick even when Michelle started 
to laugh at her.  When the man came in her mouth she gladly drank every 
drop of the cum.  Although the arousal had decreased somewhat, and the 
shame was as great as ever due to Michelle's presence, Jennifer still wanted 
her man to take care of the itch in her pussy.   Jennifer continued to suck on 
his dick, hoping to get it hard again.

 Once she made the dick hard, Jennifer removed the dick from her mouth, 
and looked into her man's eyes as she pleaded,  "please fuck me."

 As the man pulled her off the floor and raised her into her arms, Jennifer 
closed her eyes in anticipation of what was to come.  Still holding her in the 
air, he slowly lowered her pussy towards his dick. In that moment she 
reconsidered her decision.  The shame of being fucked by a man, would be 
unbearable, but the pleasure would be incredible. Could she go through with 

 Michelle was extremely pleased with all the test results and even thought 
about letting the man fuck Jennifer.  But in the end she stopped it.  She 
decided that Jennifer should be a virgin for a while.  She moved in and 
injected sleep inducer into Jennifer's buttocks and Jennifer passed out.  Laura 
quickly stepped in and removed all the wires and tubes from Jennifer.

 "Carry her to the transition room," Michelle ordered the man.  He didn't 
move despite her command.  She could tell that he was obviously 
disappointed at not getting to fuck Jennifer.  She took a mental note of his 
name John Morris.  She would  punish him when she got the opportunity.  
But now wasn't the time.  Not with time being so crucial and with so many 
eyes watching her every move. She needed to use diplomacy for the time 

 "Carry her to transition room," Michelle said, "and then you can come back 
here and fuck Ms. Mills."

 Laura dropped one of the tubes that she was holding.  She could not believe 
what Michelle had said and attempted to protest, "What?"

 Michelle turned to Laura and said, "Don't tell me you are not turned on by 
this hunk."

 "But he is..." Laura said.

 "But noting," Michelle said, "If you are not turned on by him, perhaps you 
need a refresher course with the mental conditioning machine."

 Laura feared the mental conditioning machine more than hell itself. "No, 
no...," she said, "I'd love to get fucked by him."

 "Good," Michelle said and then turned to the man, "what are you waiting 

 The man quickly carried Jennifer to the transition room and placed her into 
the glass chamber.  As soon as Jennifer was in the chamber, the man sped 
out of the room to get his reward.  Michelle changed the settings once more 
and then turned it on.

 Jennifer woke up just in time to see her body shrink again.  Every part of her 
body became smaller, even her breasts and ass.  She saw Michelle controlling 
the machine and cried out.  She finally realized that Michelle was behind all of 
this.  She knew that they recently fought constantly, but she did not realize 
that Michelle hated him so much. All Jennifer could do was cry.

 Once the change was completed, Michelle felt deep sorrow for the crying 
little girl.  Michelle wanted to quickly end the girl's pain and the only way to 
do that was to take her to the mental conditioning room. The girl needed to be 
reprogrammed.  Essentially everything that was learned by the machine was 
now temporarily lost.  Even though the girl remembered the conditioning, she 
did not have any physical reinforcement.  A small girl just did not have the 
body parts to get aroused.  In a sense, she had a temporal amnesia.  Only as 
her body matured would she regain her arousal and pleasure of being with 
men. And once she meets Mike Mills, twenty years later, she will fall in love.  
That was part of the bargain that Michelle made with the circle.

 At this time, it was crucial that this new girl learn to be a little girl.

 However Michelle did not drag the little girl back to the mental conditioning 
chamber.  She felt that it would be inappropriate for such a little girl to 
witness what she guessed was going on between Laura and that man.  So, 
Michelle simply opened the glass door and hugged the little crying girl in her 
arms.  Attempting as well as possible to comfort her.

 Jennifer could not understand what was going on.  She was so small. 
Perhaps she was a midget.  She wanted to thrash out at Michelle for doing 
this to her.  But when Michelle hugged her, Jennifer just continued to cry.

 After several minutes, Jennifer finally asked a question,"Why did you this to 

 "I wanted a child and you wouldn't give me one... so....I changed you into 
our child" Michelle responded, "You are our child since your genes are a 
mixture of mine and your old genes."

 Jennifer finally understood what was going on.  She was now a child. In 
fact, she was now her wife's child.  In her wife's demented mind, this was a 
way to save love between them.  This was her former wife's way of saving 
the family.  Jennifer guessed that Michelle no longer loved her as a man so 
changed her so that she could love her as a child.

 "Why did you change me to a girl?" Jennifer asked.

 "You always stated that boys need their fathers," Michelle answered, "and I 
wasn't sure I wanted to remarry."  "I wanted to save you the pain of growing 
up as a boy again without a father."

 Jennifer was infuriated by Michelle's answer and pushed her away releasing 
the hug.  She yelled, "you changed me into a girl so that I would feel less 
emotional pain!!!!"  "Are you fucking insane?"

 Jennifer expected to feel physical pain for displaying anger but she did not.  
Instead Jennifer felt Michelle's arms encircling her, holding her tight.  She 
also felt Michelle's tears as it dripped on to Jennifer. On Jennifer's face, her 
and Michelle's tears combined to create a small river.  Jennifer's thought 
were so mixed up.

 Michelle lifted her new daughter and carried her daughter back to the mental 
conditioning room.  Luckily both Laura and that man were gone. She gently 
placed the crying child on the machine and reconnected the various wires and 

 Jennifer wanted to fight what was going on but in her new body she felt 
helpless so she just sat there.

 Soon the four screens came alive again.  Jennifer's love for feminine acts 
and items were reinforced.  Her love for science and independent thought 
was also reinforced.  But in addition, Jennifer learned to love being a little 
girl.  She learned to love playing dress up, tea party, mommy, hop scotch, 
and all the other girls' games.  She even learned to love various dolls, but 
specially love her favorite doll, barbie, the scientist.  But most of all she 
learned to love her mommy.  Mommy was now the center of her universe.

 Once the conditioning was completed, Michelle dressed Jennifer in a lovely 
party dress.  A coming home party awaited her at home.  Jennifer was 
delighted to wear such a feminine dress.   Jennifer smiled, as her mommy 
held her hand and lead her out of the building.  Michelle was taking her new 
daughter home.

 It was Michelle's plan to make Jennifer a normal girl in every way except for 
her love of science.  Thanks to Michelle, Jennifer would follow in her 
mother's footsteps and become an incredible scientist. Michelle's plan 
seemed to have worked.  In every way, Jennifer seemed to be a normal girl.  
It was her mother's wish that she would grow up to be a normal woman with 
extra- ordinary abilities.  The girl's love of science and her experience gained 
from her other life would help her to have extra-ordinary abilities.  Her 
mommy, however, would insure that she grew up to be a normal well 
adjusted woman.

(the end) 

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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