JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English
	Times have turned odd my friends.  I was so worried about the Y2K 
bug that I couldn't have fathomed what was about to happen to me, hell no 
one could.  The Y2K problem was, as it turned out, to be the least of my 
problems.  It all started late last year.  I was sure of that much, but today, 
well today, I'm not so sure of anything anymore.  But let me start at the 
beginning.  The following is my recollection of the events for the past several 

	It was Friday, September 17, 1999.  I was sitting in front of my 
computer waiting for it to connect to my ISP.  It took 3 tries before the usual 
'checking password' message appeared, fucking Windows 98.  I really hated 
it, but what were my choices.  Anyway, I sat there waiting as I usually did at 
the small computer desk in my bedroom. I was in my comfy house shorts 
and tee shirt while the Throwing Muses CD played in the background.  It was 
up loud; I was up late, the hell with it I owned the place.  The window was 
open a bit and I could hear the occasional car drive by.  The cool breeze 
wafted into the room and kept it just right.  I've always like this time of year, 
the weather was just right.  I could tell it was going to be one of those nights 
where everything just seemed to come together.  Well the connection finally 
occurred and I started up Netscape.  I was connected in no time and started to 
pull up the emails.  I normally get about 25 emails a night from various 
friends and mailing lists I am on.  I usually get several from a list I'm on 
called Fictionmania.  It's a group of writers, writer wannabes, and lurkers 
who just read the stories the others write.  I admit that I am primarily a lurker 
myself, as I have never really considered myself a writer.  Oh I've dabbled, I 
even submitted a little thing to the list last year, but it wasn't much.  I'm more 
of a poet, or try to be at least.  Some of the people on the site really know 
what they're doing and their stories are publishable quality.  The only 
problem they, and I had, was the nature of the stories themselves.  You see 
the list is for stories that deal with a gender transformation of some type.  
That is turning a guy into a girl and visa-versa.  Sometimes some other form 
of transformation made its way onto the list, like people turning in fish or 
something like that, and some times age regression would make an 
appearance.  Unfortunately the subject matter of the list was not in high 
demand on the open market, regardless of the quality of the work.  In fact 
people just didn't understand it and didn't want to read it, but we did, so, 
well we did.  Any way, the third track of the Hunkpapa CD started up,

	"It's just that mean old Texas sun
	it makes me dizzy, dizzy, dizzy in my head
	what day is this? I, quiet asked the sky
	what time is it? He asked me sitting up.."

	Finally the emails were loaded onto my laptop.  The first one was 
from my mother.  She was new to the whole PC thing and was getting off on 
sending everyone she knew emails.  Didn't matter what was in them, just that 
she sent them, but then what do you want from someone who had never used 
a PC up until a few years ago.  This one just said hi.  The next few were 
spams so I just deleted them without even reading what they were trying to 
push.  The next one caught my eye.  It was titled "I've been changed: help me 
please."  It was addressed to the entire Fictionmania list so I thought it was 
just another story, but I didn't recognize the alias on it.  It was from someone 
named Tuesday.  I had never heard of them.  But that wasn't so uncommon, 
like I said there were a lot of lurkers on the list that rarely sent anything to 
anyone.  Expecting something interesting I open the email and started to read.  
It was short and to the point and read as follows:

	"Help me please, someone, anyone.  I don't know where to turn.  
	You folks are the only ones who might know something about it.  
	I've been turned into a fucking girl.  My name is Jose Garcia and up 
	until 3 nights ago I was a guy.  I don't know how it happened.  I 
	went to bed with this blonde girl and this happened to me.  Please, 
	please, please help me."

	That was it?  Well that story wasn't very good.  I mean really, what 
type of story line was that.  The plot?  I don't think so.  Oh well I let it go and 
deleted it.  It just figured that someone was pulling a joke on the list, it's 
happened before.  The next several messages were from different members 
on the list answering Tuesday.  A few were kind, like Ravens and Celebs 
who just pleasant without being abusive.  A few were sort of nasty, or at 
least I thought so.  They told him to stop posting crap like that.  If he had a 
story then post a story.  Damn, I thought that was a bit harsh.  I decided to 
answer him as best I could.  I pulled the email back out of the deleted folder 
and began to type away.


	Sorry to hear about your dilemma.  But you have to remember that the 
	people on here are writers.  They're looking for stories.  I must 
	confess that I don't get the joke either but then I like Red Dwarf and 
	Dr. Who, a lot. So maybe I'm not an expert.  As for offering help, I 
	don't think the people here can help, their writers not alchemists.  But 
	if you really have changed, then consider yourself lucky.  Most of the 
	people on here would give their souls to be the other sex, if just for a 
	while.  I hope things work out for you.


	I sent the email and continued on with the rest of the emails.  I had 
several left to read so I went about my business not thinking anything more 
about it.  I finished my reading and then sent a few out as well.  After that I 
cruised around the net looking for some information on Java.  Before I knew 
it, it was nearly 3:AM and I was starting to get tired.  I shut down the system 
and headed off for bed.  A quick brush of the teeth and I climbed under the 
sheet.  The ceiling fan set on low, was blowing softly down on me moving 
the cool air from the open window though out the room.  If was in fact chilly 
enough to use the thin blanket I had on the bed.  I pulled it over top of me and 
was asleep before I knew it.  

	The next day started the same as any other Saturday did.  I went to a 
fencing class I was taking, came home showered, and had breakfast.  I 
started a load of laundry and turned my PC on.  I wanted to do some testing 
on a new web page I was working on.  I had most of it done, but still needed 
to add the images and figure out how to put some moving graphics in.  I 
played with it for about an hour and decided that the beta test was good 
enough so I decided to put it on the web and test in there.  While the sign on 
procedures were taking their time, I put the Sneaker Pimps on the CD player 
and let it rip.  I have always like tunes from the stereo over the constant ping, 
plank, and donk the PC noises made.  I just turn the volume down on the PC 
and put on what ever I wanted.  Just after I signed on I figured I 'd check my 
mail, just for the hell of it.  Sure as shit I had 3 messages.  One was a spam, 
one was from my mother.  Apparently she had been up late as well and sent a 
reply a short while I had sent my reply to her.  I suppose that where I get my 
night owlness from.  The last email was from Tuesday, but it wasn't 
addressed to the Fictionmania list.  Instead it was addressed directly to me.  It 


	Thank you so much for answering my email.  Yours was the only one 
	that even tried to take me serious.  I know I sound crazy.  I'd think 
	the same thing if I got a mail like this.  But everything I said was true.  
	I need help and I just don't know what to do.  I got on the 
	Fictionmaina list from a website I found.  I thought that since you 
	folks write about people changing sexes maybe someone really knew 
	something about it.  I think I was wrong though.  No one was any 
	help at all.  At least you were kind.   Please call me.  I've got to talk to 
	someone who at least can understand what I'm going through.  My 
	number is 555-3425.  Thanks.


	Now I am no spring chicken when it comes to the Internet.  I know 
there are a lot of wackos out there waiting to do god only knows what to you.  
But this person was really playing back against that left field wall.  I mean 
even the foul balls were going over his head.  I sort of blew it off and went 
back to my website testing.  It took a few hours to get the site up and going, 
but it finally tested fine.  It looked like shit, but it worked, and that's all I 
wanted to accomplish today.  Before I signed off I took another look at the 
email from Tuesday.  I just couldn't figure the angle this person was playing 
me for.  What could a person gain by posing to be a girl?  I had to admit it did 
intrigue me.  I printed off the email and shut my system down.  It was almost 
noon by now and I needed to get dressed and do some shopping.  I noticed 
the exchange number was one that was local to my area.  I read the email a 
few more times and on a whim, picked up the phone and gave the number a 
call.  It rang a few times and I almost hung up.  Not sure of what I would say 
or where this was leading me.  On the third ring a girl answered,


	"Um, yes I was looking for someone named Tuesday?"

	"YES! Yes, it's me.  Is this Xloop?"

	"Ya, I don't normally do this sort of thing," she cut me off before I 
could finish my thoughts.

	"I'm so glad you call.  I don't know who to turn to.  I want to change 
back.  I can't believe that something like this could happen to me.  Hell who 
thought it could happen at all?  Sorry, I know I must sound crazy but you 
have to believe me.  I really was a guy up until a few days ago."

	She sounded frantic.  If she was trying to scam me she was doing a 
good job, I mean she made it sound real.  But how could it?  I mean really, 
we write about this sort of thing on the Fictionmania list all the time, but it 
just doesn't happen for real.  I answered her with a small amount of 

	"Tuesday, you have to realize that the story you're professing is 
incredibly far fetched.  I've only read fiction that had story lines like that."

	"I know, I know.  But you have to believe me.  Where are you 
located anyway?  The net doesn't help much for in determining distances."

	I reluctantly answered her, "I'm in northern Virginia."  I didn't see 
the harm in giving her a vague answer.

	"Great, I'm in southern Maryland, over in Bethesda. Look can we 
meet somewhere maybe I can convince you?"

	I was still unsure about this whole thing, but hell I haven't been out 
with a girl in some time so what the hell.  There shouldn't be any harm in just 
meeting her.  I've done it before.  I've gone out with women I have met 
online.  Sure I've been on enough blind dates to qualify for the big dog by 
now, so what was one more. I decided on a public location where I might be 
able to ditch her if I needed.  "How about FairOaks Mall?  Do you know 
where that is?"

	"Ya, I've been there before.  How about 2:00 PM?  I could do some 
shopping while I was there."

	"OK.  I'll meet you out side of J.C.Penney on the lower level."

	"I'll be wearing blue sweat pants and a tee shirt. It will most likely be 
a mid-drift cause none of my shirt fit anymore. I've got shoulder length 
brown hair and brown eyes, try to look for me."

	"I'll see you then. Bye."


	Well this day was turning into an odd one.  I finished getting dressed, 
in some shorts and a white water rafting tee shirt.  I knew it wouldn't take me 
long to get to FairOaks so I just cleaned up the house a bit before I left.  I 
needed to do some shopping as well, so FairOaks seemed a good choice to 
meet.  I kept thinking about her the whole way to the mall.  What was her 
angle?  I suppose I would find out soon enough.  I just hoped she wasn't 
some 800 lbs. cyclops trying to scam me.  I really hate those.  Well I arrived 
at the mall and went in.  I was about 20 minutes early so I just sat on the sofa 
they have outside the J.C. Penney entrance and waited.  I hated to be late to 
things so I make it a point to arrive early.  Unfortunately I usually end up 
waiting for others to arrive, but I would rather wait on them then they wait on 
me.  It's just the way I am.  Time passed slowly, as is does when you are 
waiting, I suppose I should have brought a book.  I sat thinking of how a 
person could prove something like changing their sex.  What sort of test 
could you do?  I went from the angle of how could I prove something like 
this if I changed sex.  I never did think of any way to prove it.  2:00 PM 
rolled around and she was no where to be seen.  I figured I would wait a few 
more minutes just in case she was running late.  Traffic is a bitch in the DC 
area, and just because it was a Saturday didn't mean that all the stupid drivers 
were taking the day off.  It was about 10 after when I finally decided to leave 
and go about my shopping.  I stood up just as a girl matching Tuesday's 
description walked out of the store.  She was dressed just was she said, and 
the tee shirt did ride up on her a little showing off her flat stomach.  She was 
of average looks, cute but nothing special.  She started to look around as I 
approached her.



	I extended my hand for hers.  We shook and gave each other a quick 
look over.  It was a gender then that men do.  Anytime we meet a girl we 
scan over them very quickly forming a quick opinion.  Women are more 
subtle about it then men, but still take the look. Tuesday wasn't very subtle.  
That stuck in my mind.  

	"I'm glad you agreed to meet me.  It's lucky we live close to each 

	I looked over her face rather well.  She was definitely a girl, no 
question about that.  She looked like she was from Mexican decent.  Her skin 
was dark, well next to mine white chocolate is dark.  Her eyes were large and 
dark brown and had that exotic Spanish eyes look.  Her voice was average 
and in all she was just rather a cute average girl.  

	"It's good that we're at a mall.  I've got some shopping to do as well.  
None of my clothes fit anymore, for obvious reasons."  She raised her hands 
motioning to her medium sized breasts.  "Do you mind wandering around 
with me?  We can talk while we shop."

	"Sure I need to pick up a few things as well."

	"Penney's is fine for me, I need to get some women's clothes.  God I 
never thought I would say that in my life time."  She laughed a bit.  I did as 
well.  We started to turn and walk back into Penney's,

	"So how long have you lived in the area?"

	She was making small talk.  I couldn't blame her, the topic we were 
trying to discuss was a difficult one.  We looked at a few items of clothes 
before I broke the ice.

	"So when did this happen and how?"

	She was looking at jeans but couldn't seem to find a pair she liked.  
She held a pair up to me.

	"I don't know what size I take. Women's sizes are so different then 
mens.  I took a 28 30 in mens.  Women's, you tell me?  I can't tell.  Let me 
try a few on."

	She took 4 pair of jeans into the changing room.  I hung around 
outside waiting for her.  I still hadn't gotten my answer.  It took a few 
minutes for her to finish and come back.  She placed three pair of jeans back 
on the shelf and we headed off to find some shirts.  She finally answered my 
question, but I could tell she was a little uncomfortable about it.

	"It happened 5 nights ago.  I was in a bar with a few friends in 
Georgetown.  Everything was going fine.  We had had a few drinks and 
were all trying to pick up some women.  There was this blonde woman there, 
I mean gorgeous. She was model quality if you know what I mean.  We all 
noticed her, hell every guy in the place noticed her.  She must have had 10 
drinks in front of her and didn't stay lonely for a second.  There was a guy 
next to her vying for her attentions the whole time.  I'm just an, sorry was an 
average guy, nothing special, so I didn't even try to get her attention.  I mean 
what chances would I have of getting a girl like that.  And to be honest I 
don't really go for the beauty types.  I much prefer someone who is 
intelligent over someone who is just attractive.  Now if you can get both in 
the same package then you have something.  But girls who can have anyone 
they want don't pick average looking guys."

	I knew all too well what she was talking about.  My luck with women 
wasn't the best either.  And I too would rather have an average girl who I 
could talk to, then a piece of eye candy.  Of course candy is nice every now 
and then, but it just rots your teeth in the end.  She continued her story,

	"I was just laughing away with my friends when all of a sudden they 
got quiet.  I wondered why and turned around to see what was going on.  As 
I did I came face to face with the blonde.  She stuck her hand out for me to 
shake and said 'Hi my names Rose.  I was noticing you from across the bar 
there and wondered in you would like to dance?'  It was like Twilight Zone 
time.  I mean that sort of thing just doesn't happen to me, ever.  I was dumb 
founded.  I just said sure and got up to go with her.  She took my hand and 
we went out onto the dance floor.  I'm not a bad dancer and neither was she, 
but the woody I was getting from just looking at her was hindering my 
movements.  We danced a few songs and she suddenly leaned in and kissed 
me.  It took me by surprise and I actually reeled back a little.  As we broke 
she hugged me and whispered in my ear that she wanted to leave, with me!  
Now I was starting to wonder if maybe my friends had put her up to this.  
But my friends didn't know anyone that was this good looking.  They would 
have bragged about it if they did.  Any ways, we go back to my place and the 
second the door closed she was all over me.  I let all my inhibitions go and 
was all over her.  it was like I couldn't help myself, like I was in a trance or 
something.  I thought it was because she was just so beautiful, but thinking 
back, I don't know.  I led her up to the bedroom and started to strip her 
clothes off.  It didn't take long before we were fucking each other.  And let 
me tell you she was great.  I have never had sex like that before, I didn't 
know you could!  As I came it was real hard and my whole body shook.  As 
I did she leaned over and tried to kiss me but stopped an inch or so from my 
lips.  My mind was reeling when all of a sudden I went limp all over.  I think 
I passed out at that point, I don't remember anything until I woke up the next 
morning looking like you see me now.  The girl was gone taking my life with 

	She was starting to tear up a little.

	"Sorry about that.", she wiped a tear from her eyes, "I haven't got 
these emotions quite control yet.  It's so strange being female.  My emotions 
keep getting the better of me.  Well enough of me, so what's your story?  Tell 
me about you a little."

	We talked for some time as we continued to shop.  She was a nice 
person and we seemed to have a lot in common.  I suppose we would 
though, given we were two guys in the same line of work, well I was a guy 
at least.  I still wasn't buying her story.  In a few hours we had both finished 
our shopping.  She had gotten some female clothes including underwear, and 
I had got some shirts.  It was starting to get close to dinner and since I hadn't 
had much of a lunch I decided to ask her to dinner.

	"Are you asking me out?", she asked.

	"No, no, just wondering if you would like something to eat.  I'm 
getting hungry.  It's my treat though."

	"OK.  But just dinner.  I'm not that kinda guy.  Regardless of how I 
look now, I still like women."  She got solemn for a second, "Does that make 
me gay?  You know I'm a girl now and I like girls."

	I didn't know how to answer but I tried just the same. "Technically 
yes.  I think that is the definition of being gay."  We talked some more and 
found our way to a restaurant.  As we ate we talked about her problem.

	"So do you think you can help me at all?"

	"To be honest I'm not sure what kind of help you're looking for."

	"I don't want to be a girl.  Sure it might be fun for a little while, you 
know see how the other half lives.  Well I have and I liked the half I came 
from a lot better.  Do you have any idea what it's like to have your breast 
shake every time you take a step?  It gets annoying you know."

	"I don't know what I can do for you.  But lets get brutally honest 
here, how do I know that you were a guy a few days ago?  You have to admit 
that the entire thing is like a story off of Fictonmania.  You do seems to have 
a guys mannerisms"

	"I should.  I've had a lifetime of practice.  I know I sound like some 
bad story."  She became reflective and she voice became softer, "I have been 
trying to think how I could prove it to you but can't think of anything.  I 
realize the story is insane.  I wouldn't believe it myself.  You probable think 
I'm some crazy girl trying to work some scam on you."  

	She must have read my mind.

	"Really I'm not.  You were the only one who answered my email 
without making it sound like I was a flake."

	"Well I don't know what I can do for you.  I'm not a doctor or 
anything.  I work with computers, but wait a second."  A thought struck me, 
"I do have a friend who's a psychologist.  I can give him a call and see what 
he might recommend.  I won't promise anything but it can't hurt."

	She was grateful and we talked through dinner.  Before long we had 
finished and were walking out of the mall.  

	"Give me a call when you talk to your friend.  I hope he can help."

	We said our good byes and left.  I gave my psychologist friend, 
John, a call from my cell phone as I drove home.  I knew he would be home 
at this time of night. His wife never let him too far off his leash. After a few 
rings a women answered the phone,


	"Hi Diana, this is James, is John around?"

	"Sure hold on a second and I'll get him."

	I could hear her calling John.  A moment later he answered the phone.

	"Hey James how's it going?"

	"Fine.  Hey I've got a problem maybe you can help me with. It's a 
medical type question"

	"I'll try."

	"I just met this girl who is claiming that she was a guy a few days 
ago.  And I don't mean a transsexual.  She claims she was turned into a girl 
against her will by some blonde woman.  Could you do me a big Elvis sized 
pant load favor and take a look at her?"

	"I suppose I could take a look, but she should really make an 
appointment with my assistant."

	"I know but she doesn't think she has any kind of mental problem.  
She just wants to change back to being a guy.  Could you talk to her off the 
books as it were, maybe tomorrow sometime?"

	"It's kind of short notice, but I can spare a hour or so.  I want you to 
know this is only because you're a friend.  Bring her to my office tomorrow 
at noon and I'll see what I can do."

	"Great.  I'm sure she'll be there."

	I gave Jose a call back and let her know what John said.  She was 
very excited and very thankful for all my help.  I had to admit that the entire 
day had been fun and that she did intrigue me.  I went about the rest of the 
day as I normally did.  

	The next morning I woke up and performed my morning routine.  As 
noon approached I started to think of just how mundane my life had become.  
It was nothing but routine day after routine day.  At least the little visit today 
would break up the monotony.  I called Jose and told her I would meet her at 
the Springfield metro stop and I would take her over the Johns office.  I 
picker her up at the metro stop and then drove into Alexandria. She was 
wearing some of the clothes she bought the day before.  She looked better in 
them then the sweats she had, they made her look more attractive and more 
like a real girl then those baggy clothes.  Jose and I talked in the car on the 

	"John is an old friend of mine.  He'll probable just talk to you and try 
to find out if you are of sound mind."

	"I understand.  You have to determine if I am lying.  I can assure you 
that I'm not.  Does he have any idea how we can prove or disprove that I 
wasn't a guy?"

	"I don't know.  We'll just have to wait and see."

	John was waiting for us even though we arrived a little early.  He was 
dressed in jeans and a polo shirt.  He stood waiting at the door and waved to 
me when I pulled into the parking lot.  We parked and walked up to the 
building.  I introduced Jose to John and he walked us to his office.  He told 
her to sit in the client chair while he took his normal chair.  I sat on a small 
sofa across the room and watched the two of them talk.  John started off.

	"So tell me what has brought you up to this point."

	Jose began with the same story she had told me the day before.   John 
just sat there and took notes, nodding his head and making agreeing noises 
every so often.  I was starting to get bored.  I had heard the story already, 
and each time I still wasn't any closer to buying it.  Finally she finished.  
John then asked her some basic questions about her past.  Where she was 
born that sort of stuff.  As time went on, and I was on my second magazine, 
he started to give her some tests, like Rorschach and few others I had never 
heard of.  The whole thing took about 2 hours.  When it was done he asked 
her to wait outside in the lobby for a few minutes.  

	"That's fine.  I need to use the bathroom any ways.  How long will it 
be before you know, er.. whatever it was you were looking for?"

	"I just to check a few things with some charts and compare the data 
against past people with the same problem.  Shouldn't take more then a few 

	"OK then I'll be back in a few.  Say is there anywhere I can get some 
soda around here?"

	"There's a machine down the hall past the bathrooms."


	She left as John turned to me.  I was rather anxious to find out just 
how crazy she was. 

	"So what's the verdict?"

	"She's a guy."

	"What?  You can't be serious.  Where the hell is Allen Funk.  Hello 
McFly, did you see her?  That is no guy."

	"No not in the physical sense, obviously.  As far as I can tell she is 
female, physically.  Without a medical exam I can't say for sure, but I would 
say she is female.  Her mind on the other hand is definitely male.  It would 
appear that her story is correct."

	"But that's crazy.  People just can be changed from one sex to 
another, it's just not possible."

	"I know that.  What I'm saying is that she believes it.  She really 
thinks she used to be Jose Garcia.  I would recommend that she get some 
serious treatment and soon.  She is definitely a transgender candidate, she 
identifies herself as a male rather then as a female.  She seems to have taken a 
liking to you so why don't you just treat her like she wants to and just be a 
friend.  Try to convince her to get treatment.  That's about the best I can do 
for you, sorry.  It is a fascinating case though.  Most people who are 
suffering from some type of transgenderment usually know what's going on.  
But this one, she really believes the story and so has taken the responsibility 
for her condition away from herself.  That way she doesn't have to except 
any of the social blame that comes with the transgendered.  I could write a 
book on this one."

	"Are you going to tell her all this?"

	"Most of it.  I'll try to get her to schedule a session for later in the 
week."  With that she walked back into he room with a soda in her hand.

	"You know that women's bathrooms are so much better then mens, 
you can actually take a nap in there.  Try doing that at a urinal.  So what's the 
diagnosis doc?", she sat back down into the chair she had occupied for the 
past few hours.

	John sat back into his chair and leaned forward.

	"Well Jose, it is my opinion that you are mentally a male.  Your 
profile displays almost all of the male aspects."

	"But you don't believe me do you?", she said in a sad tone.

	"You have to look at things from my point of view.  How can we 
really prove it?  Now I believe that you believe you were a male a short time 
ago.  I can't dispute that.  What I think you really need is to get into some 
therapy.  I would like to set you up with a session later this week. I think I 
can really help you and get to the bottom of your problems."

	"Unless you can change me back, you can't get the bottom of my 
problems.  I don't think any therapy will help but I would like to thank you 
for your help and understanding.  Any ways I couldn't have paid you.  I 
haven't been to work in a week.  There's just no way I can show up for my 
job like this.  I don't know what I'm going to do."

	She started to sob and bent over to put her face in her hands.  John 
bent forward and patted her on the back.  He then handed her a box of tissues 
that were on the small table beside his chair.  The sobbing went on for a few 
minutes then Jose got up to leave.  I thanked John and headed after her.  I 
finally caught up to her near the car.

	"Sorry about all this."

	"It's not your fault.  I should be thanking you for all your help.  
Fucking female emotions, I can't stop crying.  Look at me!  What have I 
done to deserve this!  I'm basically a good person, I didn't want any of this.  
What am I going to do?"

	I didn't have any answers for her, how could I.  I didn't even 
understand what she was going through. But crazy or not, I found myself 
sort of liking her.  It had been some time since a girl even wanted to talk to 
me, so I thought I should try to take advantage of the situation.  I asked her 
out to dinner again.  She must not have been thinking clearly because she 
accepted without any difficulties.   The next few weeks went by without any 
real incident.  I had tried to move into a position to get closer to Jose, who we 
decided to be called Gina for the obvious reasons.  She was warming up to 
me, but I still felt that she only looked to me as a close friend.  From what I 
had surmised, she didn't have any friends now.  She had tried to tell one of 
her old friends but they went off on her.  She had even had to make up a 
story about the disappearance of Jose.  She told me the police had come over 
to look for Jose.  His sister and the people at work had reported him missing.  
She told them that she was his new roommate and that she hadn't seen him in 
some time.  Gina was working her way through her savings, and with no 
jobs prospects on the horizon it was only a matter of time.  

	A few weeks later I got a strange message on my machine from John.  
He said to call him back as soon as I could.  I was supposed to get together 
with Gina tonight to see a movie but decided to give him a call first.  He 
answered the phone,


	"John, this is James.  I got your message, so what's up?"

	"I'm glad you called.  I came across something that might interest 
you. Remember your transgender friend,?"

	"Gina, er Jose. Ya what about her?"

	"Oh it's Gina now.  Well maybe she can make some progress.  Any 
way, I was over at the Fairfax Mental Health Institute the other day giving 
one of my group therapy sessions.  During lunch I was talking to a few of the 
doctors they said that they have gotten in three cases of women claiming to be 
men.  Each claiming to had been turned into women short time before.  I 
asked if I could talk to them and the doctors over there didn't have a problem 
so I did.  Each of them had a story almost identical to the one your friend told 

	"No shit?"

	"Really.  Even down to the fact that each was seduced by a beautiful 
blonde.  The stories were just too close to ignore."

	"Whoo, beam me up Scotty."

	"That's not all.  I made some calls and it seems that the men these 
women claim to be all disappeared at about the same time the women say they 
were changed.  This is some real freaky stuff here.  I'd like to have your 
friend, Gina was it, come in and have a few more tests.  I find it hard to 
believe that this is all a coincidence.  Can you bring her around to my office 
on Thursday?"

	"I think so.  I'll ask her at least.  I'll see you then."

	This whole situation was getting real strange.  I let Gina know what 
was happening when she arrived for the movie.  She was early, so we 
decided to have dinner, then go to the later show.  She seemed depressed and 
we talk through dinner.

	"What's the matter?  You seem down today."

	"Just thinking about everything.  I don't know what I'm going to do.  
I can't get a job without a past.  I don't even have a social security number 
for Gina Garcia.  And to top it off I think I got my period today."

	"Damn.  Sorry about that."

	"Oh it not your fault.  I knew it would happen at some point.  It's one 
of the facts of being female.  I'm trying my best to adjust to this new life 
style, as it seems I have no choice in the matter.  I did want to ask you a 
question though."

	"Fire away?"

	"Are we dating?"

	I almost choked on my drink.

	"I mean we have been out several times, to dinner, the movies and 
such and you have paid for almost off of them.  I was just wondering if you 
thought we were dating?"

	I had thought of it in the past, and my male ego had placed her in that 
category.  I secretly hoped that I could make a real women out of her, if you 
know what I mean.  But it was also more then that.  I really liked Gina.  She 
was the sort of girlfriend I have always dreamed of having.  Now I just 
wasn't sure if I was having her or not.  Her story made any type of serious 
relationship a problem, and she was sticking to her story.  I tried to act 
smooth about it,

	"I don't know, I hadn't really thought about it.  Do you think we are 
dating?  Cause I'm cool with that if you are."

	She laughed a bit, looked down, and fiddled with her glass.  "I don't 
know.  Don't get me wrong, you a nice person and all, but regardless of 
what I look and sound like I'm still a guy inside.  I still like women.", she 
paused and looked up at me, "But if I were to have a relationship like that, I 
would want you to be the one."  She sank back into the seat and got this 
surprised look in her eyes, "Where the hell did that come from?  I'm sorry 
things are happening to me.  My thinking hasn't been clear since I changed.  
Things just don't look the same as they did before, even women don't appear 
to be as attractive to me.  I'm sorry, I,Й this just isn't right."

	She got up and started to leave.  I tried to ask her what the problem 
was but she wouldn't answer.  I had to make a quick explanation to the 
waiter that I would be right back, and then I chased her into the parking lot.  I 
caught up with her next to her car.  I grabbed her shoulders and spun her 
around to face me, her hands came to rest on my chest.

	"What the hell was that all about?"

	She was a bit teary eyed, "I'm sorry, it's just that your been so kind 
to me when I really needed a friend."

	"So you bail on me in a restaurant?" 

	"I don't want to hurt you.  I'm going through all these major changes 
in my life.  Things just don't seem the same anymore.  I think the change is 
effecting my mind as well.  I'm actually starting to find men attractive.  The 
other day I even found myself watching a soap opera, and liking it.  I'm so 
confused right now."

	She moved in closer to me and hugged me.  I hugged her back, we 
stood there for a few moments in each others arms.  I have to admit that I 
liked it.  We are about the same height and her hair softly brushed against my 
cheek.  I could smell her like I never had before.  Why is it that women smell 
so much better then men? On an impulse I pushed her back to look at her, but 
instead I leaned in and kissed her.  Her soft lips part ever so slightly and she 
kissed me back as her arms slid up around my neck.  We kissed for what 
seemed like an eternity.  Why is it I'm always attracted to the crazy ones?  
When it was over I pulled back to look at her.  I slowly brushed the hair 
away from her face as she looked down at my chest as if she was suddenly 
embarrassed about the whole thing.  No one spoke, the moment just seemed 
to perfect to end.  But like all things an end eventually comes.  We broke our 
embrace, and I was the first one to talk.

	"Why don't we go back in and finish dinner."

	"Sure.  I think I would like that."

	We walked back to the restaurant, but this time I took her hand.  
Although we never mentioned it the rest of the night, we both knew that our 
relationship had entered a different phase.  One I, and I think Gina, was 
happy to see.  After dinner as I walked her to her car, I told her about the call 
I had gotten from John.  It just didn't seem the right time earlier.  She was 
incredibly excited stating that that was the proof she needed.  I still didn't 
believe that she had been a guy, or that the information John had given me 
could mean what it really did.  Gina and I decided to go see John the next 
day. She wanted to get as much information as she could.  As I left to go find 
my car, she smiled at me and waved.  We didn't kiss good night, it just 
didn't seem right.   The next morning I drove her to John's office.  Gina was 
so excited the whole way and kept fidgeting in her seat.  She was like a kid at 
Christmas waiting for her parents to get up so they could open the present.  
John was still in session with a patient so we waited in the small lounge 
down the hall.  It took about half an hour before John was free.  His assistant 
came and got us.  When we entered John's office, he was pulling some 
papers out of the filing cabinet next to the window. 

	"Morning folks, sit down.", he motioned to the chairs in front of the 
desk.  "Did James tell you about what I found out?"

	"Ya, he told me about the other people who were changed as well."

	"Yes.  There are three people who are making the same claim as you.  
Although all of them claim that their change took place a few months ago.  
Two of them were suicidal, which is how they ended up in the institute.  The 
other seemed to have a mental breakdown and has had to be heavily sedated 
even since her arrival.  It's tragic, it's also a huge coincidence and since I am 
a student of Freud, I don't believe in coincidence.  I must be honest with you 
Gina, I think that some therapy would help you, but I can't just brush off this 
information I have.  With your permission I would like you to talk to a friend 
of mine.  He works for the DC police department, but don't let that fool you 
he's really a decent person.  I would like him to look into all four of your 
cases and see what he can find.  Now I can't promise anything, but it can't 
hurt anything either.  How about I set up a meeting for later this afternoon."

	"That'd be great.  I'd love to talk to him.  Why don't we stop back 
about 4 then"

	"Good I'll call him in a bit."

	We both thanked John before we left.  Gina was real excited and I 
was excited for her.  She hugged me in the parking lot, unable to contain 
herself anymore.  We laughed and were generally playful.  But in the back of 
my mind I couldn't help think about what was happening.  John was starting 
to believe her story, I knew him to well not to notice it, regardless of what he 
said.  Could Gina's story actually be true?  It was turning all so surreal.  I 
kept my thoughts to myself.  Gina and I didn't do much the rest of the day.  
We just sort of hung out until 4:00 PM rolled around.  Arriving back at 
John's office, we found him in his office with a young man.  We walked in 
and John introduced us to detective William Barnet.  After all the pleasantries 
were dispensed with we got down to business.  John told us that he had 
already explained the whole story to the detective.  Mr. Barnet was a nice 
person and didn't seem to make light of the story regardless of how odd it 
must have sounded to him.  Hell I had heard it several time and I still found it 
funny.  The entire interview took about 45 minutes with Mr. Barnet taking 
notes the whole time.  He finished up by explaining what he was going to do.  
He stated that he would create a folder for each person in question, analyze 
the stories and make recommendations to us.  He also explained that since 
this wasn't an official police case he might not be able to get to us as fast as 
we might like, or be able to take certain actions based of those findings.  We 
knew what he was talking about and Gina was very thankful for any help he 
could provide.

	Not much happened over the course of the next month.  It was early 
November by now and the weather was turning cold.  Mr. Barnet had called 
a few times to let us know that he was still working on the case, but hadn't 
come up with anything of interest yet.  As time went by Gina and I became 
closer.  We had even adopted a relationship of a dating couple.  Even though 
we had been seeing each other for over a month now, Gina still remained at 
some distance from me.  I had noticed that she was becoming more and more 
feminine all the time.  Nothing grandiose, just little things like the way she 
was dressing, and her mannerisms.  She was getting more and more physical 
as well.  Not in a sexual manner, as much as I would have liked to go in that 
direction, it was just more touching and patting, things like that.  In all 
though I enjoyed her more and more with the passing of everyday.  The only 
problem she was really having now was that she was unable to get a job and 
the money from her, or I should say Jose's, savings account was starting to 
run out.  I asked her if she would like to move in with me.  I had a spare 
bedroom that she could have and it would help out her finances considerably.  
She accepted without much convincing.  So one weekend we gathered up a 
few things from Jose's apartment moved her in.  She left most of the stuff at 
her old apartment.  To be honest most of it was manly any ways.  It didn't 
seem to fit her anymore.  I thought it was strange that she would want to just 
abandon all her stuff, but that was her decision.  Maybe she wanted to make a 
clean start.  So by mid November I had a roommate and I couldn't have been 

	Things went fine with us for a few weeks.  Then late one night just 
after I had gone to bed I heard someone out in the hallway.  I figured that it 
was just Gina walking around so I ignored it.  A moment later Gina opened 
the room to my bedroom which flooded the room with light from the hall.  It 
silhouetted her, and my eyes had a hard time with the sudden bombardment 
of light.  I turned to the door.


	"Are you sleeping?"

	"No.  What s up?", I had to squint my eyes to see her.  She was 
wearing a short night shirt and nothing else.  She looked like she was getting 
ready for bed.  

	"I was hoping that you might be up."

	With that she slipped into the room and shut the door.  Without 
another word she pushed me over in the bed and slid into it where I had been 
laying.  She then rolled over on top of me and started to kiss me.  Well I was 
up now, no doubt about that.  We started to feel each other and make out.  
Her kisses were soft and caring.  I could tell what she wanted, and I wanted 
it too.  I had waited to initiate anything like it in the past because of her 
condition, I wanted to be sure she was ready.  Boy was she ready now and I 
took full advantage of it.  She rolled up to straddle me, pressing my dick into 
my stomach.  I knew she could feel it trying to drive itself into her crotch.  
She sat up and slowly unbuttoned her shirt.  She just looked into my eyes 
and smiled the whole time.  With the last button the shirt came off and was 
tossed onto the floor.  Her body was very nice.  Better in fact then I thought 
it might be.  She was always attractive, but the more I looked at her the more 
I felt she was the most beautiful women I had ever know.  Was this love?  I 
had no reference to go by.  She started to feel herself up, trying to drive me 
wild.  I reached up and replaced her hands with mine.  Her breasts were soft 
with small nipples poking outward as if pointing to me.  She moaned a bit 
and moved her head back as I pinched the nipples so slightly.  

	"You like that?"

	"Yes.  I've wondered what this would be like for a while.  Women's 
breast are so sensitive compared to mens.  You have no idea what that feels 

	Fact was I didn't care.  She was enjoying it, so I was enjoying it 
that's all that really mattered.  She lowered herself onto me and we started 
kissing again, but this time they were hard and with her tongue, more like 
wrestling.  She finally broke away and started to kiss her way down my 
body.  I helped to guide her by rubbing her head and holding onto her ears.  
She got down to my dick and kissed around it for a few minutes.  She took it 
in her hand and pump it up and down.  She watched as she did.

	"I don't know if I can do this." She said.

	I didn't want to force her into anything, "You don't have to do 
anything you don't want to."

	"Oh I want to.  I really want to, you have no idea how much I want 

	With her last words I laughed a bit then took my dick in one and 
placed my other hand on the back of her head.  I slowly pushed her head 
down as I aimed my dick at her lips.  She opened her mouth and my dick slid 
in.  I let go and ran my fingers through her hair, which cascaded down over 
my stomach, blocking most of my view.  She started to move up and down.  
It felt great.  She seemed to know what she was doing, regardless of what 
she thought her background was.  I brushed her hair away and watched her 
in action.  After a few minutes she broke away and moved back up me.  She 
hugged me for a second and rolled off of me.  I then rolled over onto her.  
Her legs parted and I slid in between them.  I ran my hand down her and felt 
her crotch.  She was very wet and almost quivered as I rubbed her.  I then 
moved up and placed the head of my dick at her opening.  She looked into 
my eyes as she slid her hands down my back to my butt. She then cupped 
each of my butt cheeks and pushed down on them.  I didn't need anymore 
coaxing and stared to slowly push myself into her.  She winced as I went 
deeper and deeper.  It wasn't long before I was completely buried in her and 
started to move in and out.  The pain she initially was feeling subsided 
rapidly and she started to moan and enjoy herself more.  

	"YES! YES!  James, ooohhh, that feels so good. You have no idea."

	She was scratching my back with her longer nails and I loved it. Then 
she started to shake all over and grabbed the sheets beside her.

	"Oooh god, Й I'm cumming  ahhh!!"

	Her head went back and she was moaning loudly.  She thrust her 
chest out and seemed to lose control of her body. I had made women cum 
before and I knew that she was really enjoying this.  Her eyes closed up and 
her she was gritting her teeth.  I came shortly there after.  In the heat of the 
moment I had forgotten to wear a condom but it's hard to think of those 
things sometimes.  I didn't think about it at the moment, but looking back, 
man was that stupid.  We continued to make love for the next hour.  She 
came three more time, lucky girl, before it was over.  When it was over we 
laid on the bed and held each other.  I knew she was still vulnerable and felt a 
little guilty for taking advantage of the situation.  I hoped I could smooth it 
over.  It was a while before either of us spoke, but she broke the silence.

	"Thank you.  I have been wondering what that would be like.  I have 
done it to myself in the past, but it's not the same as with someone else."

	"I should be thanking you.  I haven't been with a woman in some 
time.  I was beginning to forget what to do."

	"Oh I think you did just fine.  I wouldn't be sorry about that."

	We talked some more before drifting off to sleep.  I slept particularly 
well and sound.  It had seemed like I hadn't slept that well in years.

	I woke early the next day.  Gina was wrapped around me, hugging 
me from behind.  I must have woke her as I stirred because she groaned 
some and stretched.  

	"Morning." She said as she reached down me to grab my morning 
hard on.  "Well we're up early this morning. Aren't we?  That's one thing I'll 
never miss"  

	I rolled over to face her and kissed her.  She kissed back and things 
started a new.  We made love again, but this time it wasn't the same.  It was 
slower and softer, less sex and more about feelings.  It wasn't as intense as 
the night before but enjoyable just the same.  Our relationship had taken 
another step, moving fluidly from friends to lovers. We were definitely 
dating now, no question about that.  Life just got better and better over the 
next few weeks as Gina and I became closer.  I did go out and get some 
condoms the very next day though.  

	Gina and I had survived the thanksgiving holiday without any 
problem.  I took her to my parents house and introduced her as my girlfriend. 
I just couldn't help myself, I was in love, and in love with the most beautiful 
women I had ever seen.  As the Y2K approached I was happy for the first 
time in my life. We didn't hear from Mr. Barnet until early December.  He 
claimed that he had found some patterns with the case and wanted to get 
together with us as soon as possible.  I told him to meet us at John's office so 
we could include him as well.  I told Gina about it, but she didn't seem to be 
as excited as she had been in the past.  A few days later found we found 
ourselves in John's office with Detective Barnet.  

	"Thank you all for coming.  I first want to apologize for taking so 
long to get back to you.  I have found 2 more cases just like the your Ms. 
Garcia.  Almost every detail is the same.  I won't bore you with all the 
details, but there is a blonde woman at the heart of each of the stories.  I 
would like to try and find this blonde women and get to the bottom of this."

	"How do we do that?" John asked.

	"Well I have done a map of each location where the person in 
question interacted with the blonde women." He pulled a map out of his 
briefcase and laid it out on the desk. "As you can see all the people gave 
locations in a fairly small area. Here in Georgetown."  He pointed to the area 
on the map where several red circles had been drawn.  " I suggest that we 
stake out the bars in Georgetown.  We can pose as a potential victim for this 
person and when she makes her move we apprehend her. "

	"Sounds simple."

	"It may sound that way, but it has been my experience that things 
rarely turn out the way you want."

	Gina chimed in, "Tell me about it."

	"We should start tonight.  Is that fine with everyone?"

	We all nodded in agreement.

	"Good then we'll meet at O'Sheas on 3rd street at 8:00 PM then."

	The rest of the day was spent in pensive waiting.  I was glad that we 
were going to get to the bottom of what had made Gina invent her story.  At 
this point though I didn't really care.  I loved her and nothing would change 
that.  Secretly I hoped that we didn't find this blonde woman so Gina and I 
could spend our lives in blissful ignorance.  8:00 PM rolled around and we 
all met up at the bar.  John had told his wife a lie to get out of the house 
without a big fight.  She never would have allowed him to go to a bar for any 
reason. I never understood why an intelligent man with a psychology degree 
would allow himself to be dominated in such a way.  The night turned out to 
be a bust.  In fact the next 10 nights turned out the same way.  We never saw 
any women that matched the blonde woman's description.  Gina never saw 
anyone she knew.  We all started to lose hope, and John started to miss 
nights because of his wife.  Christmas was coming soon and I wanted to 
make it real nice for Gina.  More stakeouts occurred between buying presents 
and office parties.  We had even started to work on a background for Gina so 
that we could build her a resume and get her a job.  I liked her being at home 
when I got there, but I understood the need to be productive.  Christmas 
came and went and no blonde woman was in sight.  Gina and I decided to 
take the next week off of stakeouts and take it easy.  We ended up going to a 
New Years Eve party downtown.  We were a little worried, most people 
were.  This was the year 2000.  The Y2K bug was going to have some effect 
on us all, but what no one knew.  We dressed ourselves and headed out.  
Gina was at the bottom of her money.  She spent the last few dollars on a 
little black evening dress for the party.  The money she spent was worth it, 
she looked great.  She had taken to wearing some make up in the last few 
weeks and to wearing small heeled shoes.  She was coming along nicely and 
I enjoyed the results.  The party was a huge monster rock party put on by one 
of the local radio stations.  As things always are, fate reared its ugly head.  It 
was about 11:00 PM and while Gina and I were dancing she suddenly 
stopped and grabbed me.

	"That's her!  Right there! That's the blonde who changed me!"

	I turned around and sure enough a blonde woman was dancing with a 
man just a short distance from us.  She was more gorgeous that I could 
describe.  A perfect female, not a flaw on her.  It was amazing that anyone 
could look that good.  Gina started to pull on my man, dragging me in her 
direction.  I pulled her up short,

	"We can't just go grab her."

	"We have to do something.  Call Mr. Barnet and let him know."

	"We can't do that.  It's New Years, he'll be out somewhere, if not 
partying, he'll be working.  We need a plan."

	We stood there among the other dancing couples trying to think of 
something.  Gina spoke first, "We need to get her away from here.  You try 
to catch her attention. If she comes on to you, try to get her back to the house 
and then we can trap her."

	"You sure about this?"

	"Yes yes yes, go do it."

	I headed over to the couple who had just stopped dancing.  I caught 
her attention and asked her to dance. She was about to say something when 
the guy she was with spoke up.

	"Back off buddy.  She's with me."

	I might have tried to stand up for myself, but this guy was big, I 
mean real big.  He was wearing a shirt that said Georgetown Football and he 
was obvious a little drunk.  A fight with this guy could end my chances of 
seeing the new century ushered in.   I put on a brave face, but just looked 
down and started to walk off not thinking of anything else to do.  I didn't get 
far when the blonde women slid her arm around me and kissed me on the 
cheek.  She whispered into my ear, "I love submissive men.  Let go back to 
your place and ring in the New Year right."

	Gina watched all of this from a short but safe distance.  I was lost in 
this woman.  I don't know what it was but I couldn't control myself.  I 
wanted her so badly it hurt.  I looked over to Gina who was on the phone, 
but I didn't seem to care about her anymore.  Before I lost total control I 
whispered back into her ear, "Let me tell my friends.  Can we take you car?"  
She smiled at me and nodded.  I couldn't release my grasp on her, or more to 
the point, I didn't want to.  I lead her back to Gina who stood in fear.  

	"I'm going to go back to the house with my new friend here, do you 
mind driving yourself home?"

	"No. Not at all.  Have fun you two."  Gina said trying to hide all the 
emotions that were boiling within her.

	The women then pulled me away and before I knew it we were in her 

	"Where to lover?"

	I gave her directions.  The whole trip was a blur.  I couldn't seem to 
focus on anything but the blonde.  Her sexy legs, and perfect hourglass 

	(Much of what happed next, I was unaware of.  Gina told me after the 
fact, so please excuse any embellishments I might have made.)

	We arrived at my place and I let us in.  She was all over me before I 
could get the door closed.  She drove her tongue into my mouth and kissed 
me harder then I have ever had before. We felt each other all over as we made 
our way to the bedroom.  It was difficult to walk and grope her at the same 
time, but somehow I managed.  We got to the bed and she threw me down 
onto my back.  I laid there looking up at her beautiful form.  She hadn't 
bothered to turn the lights off, so I could see her plain as day, her large breast 
standing up like vertical mountains with no sagging at all.  She moved to 
stand between my legs and then took off her tight red dress.  She wasn't 
wearing anything under it and was naked in just a few short seconds.  Now 
this is what god made women to be.  She undid my pants and pulled them 
down to my ankles but did not take them off.   She kneeled down and started 
to give me head with wild abandonment.  She took me to the edge of orgasm 
several time, but never let me go over the top.  She then crawled over me and 
straddled my stomach.  I reached up and started to play with her breasts.

	"You like my tits?"

	"Yes very much.  They're the best I've ever seen."

	"Would you like them any time you want?  Do you want this body?"

	"Yes, yes give them to me."

	She then leaned over and kissed me, hard.  So hard in fact that I tried 
to push her off me.  It was starting to hurt.  Suddenly my body jerked as if I 
was being pulled by something.  I almost lost conscience right about then, 
but just before I went under all together I heard a voice yelling "FREEZE!"  
The blonde continued over top of me.  Her head about 8 inches from mine, 
our mouths locked open as a stream of whitish ectoplasm streamed between 
us.  Detective Barnet jumped atop the girl to try and dislodge her from me.  
The girl just batted him aside and sent him flying across the room to crash 
land into a bookcase.  Gina screamed from the hallway.  The blonde stood 
up, her eyes having turned a dark yellow and her face seemed contorted 
somehow.  She yelled at Barnet, but her voice was low and raspy.

	"Who the hell do you think you are little man?  Do you think you can 
stop me, here in the hour of my destiny?  For 50 years I have been trapped in 
this frame, but no more.  When the clock strikes I will have a male form and I 
will pass on my seed."

	The detective pointed his gun at her, "Don't move you bitch."

	"You fool, you can't harm he with your petty toys.  You haven't the 
power to hurt me." She started to laugh in an eerie voice that could have only 
come from some place beyond this world.  "The others were just to prepare 
me.  Now I am ready and you won't stop me."

	With that a bolt of energy shot out from her hands and threw Barnet 
against the wall.  His gun went off as it hit him.  The bullet hit the girl in the 
arm and passed through to enter the wall on the far side.  Barnet bounded off 
the wall and landed in a heap as the hole in the girl's arm quickly closed and 
healed as if nothing had ever happened.  Gina was far too scared to take any 
action.  The girl turned and stared at her.  They stood there locked into each 
other eyes.  The girl then climbed back on top of me as Gina stood in the hall 
watching unable to move at all.  The ectoplasm stream started up again and I 
felt as though I was being torn into a thousand pieces.  Detective Barnet 
groaned as he started to come around.  He was too late though.

	A moment later it was over.  The blonde women slumped over to her 
side and fell onto the bed unconscious.  My body rolled over and stared at 
Gina.  Detective Barnet was just scrambling to his feet and went for his gun.  
My body quickly pulled up its pants and ran for the window.  With a huge 
crash it flew through the pane of glass and disappeared into the darkness.  
Detective Barnet had his gun out and ran to window right behind my body.  
He saw the figure fall the three flights to the pavement below.  It just hopped 
and started to run down the street leaving Mr. Barnet with his head out the 
window staring until my body disappeared.  He tried to aim his gun at the 
fleeing person, but didn't fire for some reason.  When he turned back, Gina 
was on the bed trying to wake the blonde women up.  He pulled out his cell 
phone and called the police station. 

	"This is detective Barnet, badge number 17784.  I need an APB on a 
James Simmons.  He is armed and dangerous with an attempt on a police 
officer already.  He was last seen heading west on Eastlin drive.  Right.  
Good.  You have my cell phone number keep me posted,"  He turned over to 
Gina, "Does she need an ambulance?"

	"I don't think so."

	"OK.", His attention turned back to the phone, "Got that sergeant?  
Good, keep me advised."

	It took some time and a large glass of water.  I awoke feeling like I'd 
been hit by a truck, a big truck, a big truck full of bricks.  I tried to raise my 
hand to my head, but couldn't move it, my arms were tied above my head.

	"What's going on?"  My voice sounded wrong.  I tried to clear my 
throat.  "What's wrong?"  No that didn't help.  It sounded so feminine.  I 
looked down my body and was shocked at the sight of a pair of large breasts 
rising from my chest. On some level I knew what had happened.  Somehow 
the blonde had swap bodies with me.  I tried to figure it out, but my mind 
was so confused I couldn't really focus well.

	"OH no.  It can't be, no I'm not her am I?"  I turned to face Gina.

	She had tears in her eyes and just leaned down and hugged me, like 
she had so many times before, but this time I got the feel of breasts being 
pressed together.  I wanted to cry.  Up until this point I still had some doubts 
about Gina's story, but now, how could I not believe it.  She pulled away 
from me and I looked up at her, as I did she pulled the sheet over top of me to 
cover my naked body.

	"I'm sorry I didn't believe you, I just didn't know."

	"How could you have.  My poor dear."

	She caressed my cheek as she spoke.  My mental facilities were 
coming back to me now.  I was almost back to full, but not quite.  I tried to 
move my hands again but to no avail.  I looked up and found that my hands 
had been handcuffed to the bedpost.  It was strange to see a pair of smooth 
perfect hands with long red fingernails hooked into the handcuffs, and 
knowing they were my hands.  

	"Can we take these cuff off of him.  It's not the girl."

	"Yes please Detective, you know as well as I that it's James in there."

	"Look lady, I saw what happened but I'm not taking any chances.  
Those stay on until I know for sure that it's him.  Christ what am I saying, I 
can't believe they switched bodies somehow.  It's not possible.  Fuck what is 
this the X-files?"

	I looked up at him as he stood near the foot of the bed looking down 
at me. I was getting annoyed but I understood his position.  I had been in the 
same one just a few months ago.  

	"Ya, well this is about a 10.0 on my weird shit-o-meter.  Look at me!  
I'm a fucking girl.!!"

	Detective Barnet thought for a moment and paced back and forth 
across the room.

	"Oh, hell.  I know what I saw, fuck, what's possible or not."

	He walked over and undid the handcuffs.  My wrists hurt somewhat 
and I rubbed them as I pulled myself into a sitting position.  I just sat there 
and stared at my new body for a minute before I realized that the blonde 
woman was gone with my body.

	"Do you know where she went?"

	"No.  She er, he jumped out the window and ran off down the 

	Just then a loud rush went up like the sounds of people cheering. 
Firecrackers started to go off and people voices came from outside.


	Gina leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. "Happy New Year 

	I kissed her back, it felt the same as an other kiss we had had.  
Detective Barnet looked out the window at the people who were shouting.  
Gina just sat next to me, holding me in a warm embrace. I was scared, but 
not like someone who's been in a car wreck, I just couldn't do anything 
about it at the moment.  I motioned to the bedroom door,

	"Gina, handed me my robe and help me up.  I want to see what I look 

	"You look like the blonde women."

	"I know that.  But for some reason I can't remember everything.  She 
had some kind of control over me.  I can't explain it, I would have done 
anything she asked me to without question."

	"Don't worry about it.  It's not your fault.  I've been there, I know."

	"Oh god, I forgot.  I'm sorry." I looked at Gina with renewed respect 
and admiration.  I loved her more at that moment then I ever had.  "I love you 

	"I love you too James, now lets take a good look at you."

	We went into the bathroom where a full length mirror hung behind the 
door.  I turned the lights on, closed the door and took the rob off.  It fell to 
the floor in a heap.  I stood there looking at myself.  I was everything a 
woman would want to be, and every thing a man could hope for.  Tall, 
blonde, beautiful.  My skin was dark and smooth.  My body was fluid and 
perfect in shape, the breast standing out with no sagging at all.  I found out a 
few days later that they were 38D.  My waist was 24 inches, which ended 
when my new hips flared out to 36 inches.  Everything was perfect, I 
couldn't find a scar or flaw of any kind.  Even the bullet that detective Barnet 
had shot through her arm didn't leave a mark.  I was so lost in looking at 
myself I didn't notice Gina looking me over as well.  I saw her reflection in 
the mirror.

	"So what do you think? "

	"Your gorgeous.  Hell I'm getting a woody, and don't even have the 
equipment for it any more."

	I picked the robe back up and we went back to the bedroom.  
Detective Barnet was on his cell phone.  "Thank you, we'll be down in a bit."

	"What's the matter?"

	"They caught your body."  I was so excited I had to sit down on the 
edge of the bed.  "She was trying to steal a car about 8 blocks from here.  
That was the sergeant on the phone.  He wants us to come down and give a 
statement.  Although I'm not sure, I can't think of any crime we could prove 
that thing did.  I don't think there's anything on the books about swapping 

	"Maybe we can say that there was a break in."

	"At his own house, with his girlfriend in the place?" he pointed to 
Gina, "I don't think a judge will convict him on that.  The only thing I can get 
him on now is assaulting a police officer.  With your statement we should be 
able to book him on that.  But with a little cash he'll be on the street again in a 
day. "   

	"Do we have to go down tonight?  He's been through a lot and could 
use some rest."

	"We should.  The sooner the better."

	"I'm OK Gina.  I can make it down there.  Could you get me some 
aspirin though, I hurt all over."

	"Sure if you think so."

	I got up to get dressed, but thought the only thing here that would fit 
me would be the low cut red dress she was wearing when we met.  It didn't 
seem like I had much of a choice.  I asked Mr. Barnet to step out and I put the 
dress on.  It was a little difficult but I managed after a bit.  Gina came back 
and saw me in it.  She snickered a little.

	"You know I never thought a year ago that I would be standing here 
with a boyfriend stuffed in a women's body."

	I had to admit that it was funny.  A little while later we were all on our 
way to the police station.  Detective Barnet was driving us there in his car.  I 
couldn't drive in the body I was in, I just wasn't used to it yet.  Gina didn't 
have a license for her body either.  We talked on the ride down.

	"When I got changed from her, I didn't swap bodies with her.  I 
changed all on my own somehow.  The same is true for the other men that 
John talked to.  So why did you swap with her?"

	Barnet piped in from the front seat.

	"I think I can answer.  When that thing was yelling at me.  It said that 
the others were just to get her ready for this.  My guess is that she needed to 
swap for some reason, maybe she needed a male body to get back to where 
she came from.  Who knows all I can say for certain is that it needed a male 

	We arrived at the station and were lead to Barnet's desk.  I received 
many, many looks as we walked.  I could almost feel the men staring at me.  
It was difficult for me.  I had never expeireinced anything like it before.  I 
became very self conscience and tried not to meet anyone's gaze, but it was 
difficult, even the women there would steal looks at me.  Everyone was very 
nice though, especially the men who kept saying hello and asking if there was 
anything they could get me. They were all much nicer then people had ever 
been to me before.  I tried to ignore it.  I knew what they wanted.  I had 
stolen those looks many times in the past myself.  We had to wait there for 
quite awhile while Barnet found out where my old body was.  He came back 
later and took us to a questioning room.  

	"You can wait here.  They'll be around in a few minutes with him."

	The room was just like on TV, dark and dirty, with a large mirror on 
one wall.  A moment later two policemen and Barnet entered with my old 
body.  They shoved him into a chair across from us and positioned 
themselves by the door.  I felt very odd all of a sudden.  It was so strange, 
me sitting here looking across the table at myself in handcuffs.

	"That's OK boys, give us a few minutes.  Why don't you go get all 
of us a cup of coffee?  Ladies would you like some coffee?"  Barnet said 
turning to Gina and myself.

	"Yes please, that you be nice.  Thank you."

	"Good, make it a couple of big cups, and maybe a donut."

	"Sure, I could use some myself, how about you Fred, lets go grab a 

	The two policemen left, leaving the four of us alone in the room.  
Barnet spoke first,  "So thought you were so fucking smart huh?  This is DC 
baby, we'll used to weird shit.  Hell we got a president fucking chicks with 
cigars and a mayor who's a crack addict.  You, your just a slow Wednesday 
night for us."

	"Shut up human, you annoy me."

	"Fuck you!"

	"Fuck you!"

	I had to break this up, "Hey! Cut it out!  This meeting of the Mensa 
minds isn't getting us anywhere.  I want to know what's going on here."

	It turned to me, "Human you are so naive.  There are things in this 
world you could not understand.  By the way, how do you like the new 
body?  I always found it very enjoyable, can you taste your cum on your 
lips?  You tasted so good."

	This thing was mocking me and I was getting mad and embarrassed.  

	"All I want to know is why! And how can I change back?"

	"You can't change back, but why would you want to?  That shell is 
so much better then this one.  You have so many ailments in this body.  At 
least the women I took that one from kept it in shape."

	Just then the door to the questioning room opened and 2 men stepped 
in.  They were both dressed in similar colored dark blue suits and wore 
sunglasses.  I found that rather odd as it was still the middle of the night.  
One of them spoke to us.

	"Good evening all, or should I say Happy New Year.  I'm special 
agent Williams from the FBI and this is my partner special agent Scully." He 
said while flashing a badge at us so fast that even Evelyn Wood couldn't read 

	We turned to look at agent Scully, and he said in a flat tone, "It's just 
a coincidence I can assure you."

	We turned back to agent Williams.  "We'll be taking over this 
investigation as of now, but we would like to thank you for all your help in 
this matter.  Your cooperation will be noted in our report to your supervisor."

	Barnet jumped in, "This is bullshit, you feds have no jurisdiction 

	"Oh on the contrary Detective Barnet, badge number 17784, we have 
all the authority we need, please do not make us have to flex our muscles, we 
are after the same thing as you.  Regardless of what you may think we are 
here to help."

	I tugged on Barnet's sleeve, "Maybe they know more then us.  Can 
we as least listen to them?"

	"A sharp women Miss or should I say Mr."

	We were all taken back by the statement.  How could he have known? 
What does he know?  

	"Yes, I am aware of the situation and from the looks on all your faces 
I can assume that I am correct.  Let me be honest with you all for a moment.  
What we are dealing with here is a class 3 trans-dimensional corporeal entity.  
A real nasty one too."

	"A what?" Gina said.

	This was starting to get really weird.  I mean I thought that it was 
really out there before, but now, I could shit myself and no one would even 
consider it.

	"We have been on the tail of this one for some time now.  But it gave 
us the slip in Boston, didn't you Pazool?"

	My body turned to him and let out a growl.

	"Shut up Pazool, your times come and gone.  Detective can you have 
some of your men take the prisoner back to a cell, a private cell so we can talk 
some more."

	"Ya, hold on a sec."  Barnet opened the door and yelled for an 
uniformed officer.  He told the man to take the prisoner to a cell and leave 
him there.  That no one was to be in the cell and he was to be watched at all 
times.  No one was to see him until he said so.  The man entered the room 
and took my old body away.

	"That's better, now we can talk without it eavesdropping.  Basically 
what we have here, for lack of a better word, is a demon.  This entity was 
inadvertently introduced into our dimension some 55 years ago when a 
government experiment code named Project Invisibility produced some 
unexpected side effects.  The project was designed by the late Mr. Einstein to 
provide our military vessels with an invisibility cloak.  Unfortunately the 
experiment tore a hole in the dimensional fabric and some very nasty things 
got aboard the ship as it passed through the other dimension.  When the ship 
reentered our dimension they escaped into our world.  We've known about 
this one for some time.  The way it operates is it enters a female host body 
and uses it to store up energies stolen from the opposite sex.  It then uses the 
energy to evolve and breed.  When enough of the energy is stored up it will 
jump to a new male body, use the energy to modify it as well as impregnating 
the female host, then the process begins all over again.  It has jumped several 
times that we know of and produced several offspring.   The down side to an 
encounter with it is that since it steals all the energies from the other person 
they no longer have the genetic code to sustain their original sex, and they 
rapidly transmutate into the opposite sex.  I've seen it so many times in the 
past, I can't tell.  Isn't that right Scully."

	"Yes sir, so many times."

	I started to get real scared.  What if I was pregnant with this things 
demon baby?

	"What about me?  Could it have mated with me?"

	"Maybe, let Scully here perform a scan and find out. It won't hurt and 
should only take a few seconds"

	"Yes, anything please."

	He motioned to Scully who stepped away from the wall and pulled a 
small device out of his pocket then waved it over me.  He looked at a small 
display on the side and shook his head no.  He then stepped back against the 

	"Your lucky, Mr.??"

	"Call me James."

	"James then.  You must have interrupted it before it could finish.  
You may want to change the name though.  It really doesn't fit you anymore.  
I'm afraid that we have no way of changing you back so you're going to have 
to live like that the rest of your life.  Of course there is a plus side to it.  The 
demon changed that body when it first acquired it so it should serve you 
better the your old one did.  That may not be much of a comfort, but it's all I 
can offer."

	"It stole my energy as well.  I woke up in this body a few months 

	The agent talked to us for a few hours. We exchanged all the 
information we had but no one could come to any conclusions.  The agents 
stated that they wanted to take the demon back to a research facility at Ft. 
Belvoir and run some tests.  We really didn't care what happened to the 
demon.  All we knew was that in the end Gina and I were left in our new 
bodies.  Before we left, Barnet went to the cell to prepare the demon for 
transport.  He came running back to us a moment later.

	"He's gone.  Some asshole told me it made bail and left."

	"Damn, how long ago?"

	"About 20 minutes."

	"That's too much time.  He's long gone by now.  Well have to start 
fresh in the morning.  Detective have an APB put out on him and check all the 
usual places like the airport and train stations.  I doubt he'll show up there, 
but it's better to be safe then sorry.  Keep me posted if you hear anything.  
I'll do the same for you.  What a way to start the new year huh?"

	With that the agents left.  Gina and I decided to go home and start our 
new year.  Once there I took off the dress and went to bed.  Gina climbed in 
next to me and held me until I fell asleep.  We woke up in each others arms.  
I was surprised at how little things had changed between us.  I still loved her 
and she loved me.  Although now I had the knowledge that Gina was in fact 
Jose just a few months back.  She had come a long way in such a short time, 
accepting the role of a woman and becoming my lover.  The next few weeks 
were difficult for me.  Everything was new, it was like being born again, but 
this time as an adult.  I had to learn to do everything over.  Gina bought me 
some clothes that fit and helped me as much as she could to assimilate into 
my new role.  I wondered what direction Gina and I would take.  Could we 
still be lovers?  With the small minded people in this country getting married 
was almost out of the question now.

	We received a call a month or so after my change, from agent 
Williams.  He said that he had discussed our case to his supervisors and they 
authorized him to offer us new identities.  They set us up with new names 
and complete past histories.  Most of it matched our current history so it was 
easy to relate to it.  My new name was Jamie and Gina kept Gina. The 
hardest thing to do was to convince my parents that it was me in this blonde 
body.  It took a while but in the end I managed it.  In time they adjusted quite 
well to losing a son and gaining a daughter, I suppose it was better then 
losing me altogether.  I was so glad for that.  I would have been heart broken 
if I had lost my family from this.  As it was Gina had lost her sister, who 
refused to believe her.  I even tried to convince her, but she would have none 
of it, so we let the matter drop and haven't seen or heard from her since.  We 
were each others family now.  With her new background Gina found a job as 
a computer programmer, which was what she had done as a man.  Though 
she was making less money then she had as a man, it was better then nothing 
and it was more then enough to live on.  I decided not to go back to my 
computer career.  I have since gone into modeling.  Why not, I figured with 
my new looks I should have an easier time at it then most women.  While I'm 
not what they term as a supermodel, yet, I make a very good living.  Gina 
and I have decided to stay together as a couple.  It took some time and 
adjustments, but we became lovers again. It was fun discovering everything 
this new body could do, and I was amazed at the differences between having 
sex as a man and then as a woman.  I think I like a woman's better.  Time 
went on and I began to even like being a female.  It was just more fun.  We 
also found out that Gina was pregnant with my child.  That one night without 
a condom must have done the trick.  We are both excited and can't wait to be 
mothers.  It's so strange how far we've come in such a short time.  We have 
both adjusted to our new life styles.  We have even accepted the fact that we 
both appear to be gay to others but we don't see it that way.  We're just men 
in love with women. It has certainly given us a different perspective about 
people in general.  We no longer care what people look like, we know it's 
what's inside that matters.  We have a new group of friends and have worked 
to help the other men who were changed into women.  Gina and I keep in 
close contact with 3 of them.  We all act as a support group for each other, 
but Gina and I have come the furthest with getting our lives back on track.  
We haven't heard anything about the demon and quite frankly I don't care 
anymore.  I have a new life and with a baby on the way I now have the 
family I always wanted.  I couldn't be happier, sorry sometimes those female 
emotions get the best of me. I can't help but sit in wide eyed wonder at the 
changes that both Gina and I have gone through. In fact as I sit here typing 
away looking at my painted nails and blonde hair, I can't help thinking how 
truly new this year really is.

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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