JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English
Chapter 1 - The phone call
Chapter 2 - My house guest
Chapter 3 - My new relationship
Chapter 4 - The search begins	
Chapter 5 - It's her
Chapter 6 - The estate	
Chapter 7 - The inquisition
Chapter 8 - The beach
Chapter 9 - Daily routine
Chapter 10 - The weekend
Chapter 11 - The visits
Chapter 12 - The Three Musketeers	
Chapter 13 - The abduction
Chapter 14 - Bro or Sis	
Chapter 14 - Jan and Mark
The End	

Chapter 1 - The phone call

An unexpected phone ring woke me up from a deep sleep. I 
glanced at the bedside clock, observing that it was two in 
the morning.  Before I answered the phone, I tried to guess 
who was calling at that ungodly hour. Being a manager of a 
large computer network, I'm used to a server crash late 
night emergencies.

"Hello", I answered in a sleepy voice.

"Sorry to call you at this late hour. I'm Detective Ralph 
Watkins. Are you Mr. Wayne Houseman?"

I woke up, trying to shake the groggy sound from my voice. 
"Yes, that's me."

"Again let me apologize for calling at this late hour. Do you 
have a niece named Cathy Bell?"

"Yes, Cathy is my deceased brother's daughter and lives 
somewhere in Texas. Is she in trouble?"

"Please describe her for me!" he repeated, ignoring my 

"I haven't seen Cathy since my brother's funeral and her 
mother moved back to Texas about eight years ago. At that 
time, Cathy was fourteen, had natural blonde hair and 
wore dental braces on her teeth. I haven't seen her since, 
but I would assume that she would be twenty-two and still 

"Can I surmise from your description that she isn't in her 
late forties and has dark hair?"

"Good god, no. What's going on?"

"Frankly, Mr. Houseman, I don't know. I've got a woman 
who was found unconscious in a parking lot. When she 
woke up on the ambulance ride to a hospital, she started 
screaming and claiming that her body had been stolen. 
Because she was so freaked out, the ambulance took her to 
a mental hospital. I was called in to investigate. She 
identified herself as Cathy Bell, still claiming some type of 
body exchange.  When questioned how it occurred, she 
explained that a woman stopped her in the parking lot and 
somehow traded bodies with her. Can you to come down 
and make a positive identification that the person that I'm 
questioning, isn't who she claims to be?"


Walking into a mental hospital emergency room at four 
a.m. isn't a thrill. Detective Watkins was waiting for me and 
escorted me into a hospital room. He was in early thirties, a 
tall black man that looked like he worked out daily. He 
escorted me to her room as he whispered "She had to be 
sedated and restrained because she was becoming violent. 
I'm going to wake her up and question her again. Then I'll 
identify you as a doctor to see if she recognizes you. Is that 
your niece?"

I looked at the restrained sleeping woman on the bed. She 
was in her late forties, had a narrow face and looked 
nothing like Cathy or any of her family. The woman's 
unflattering hairstyle reminded me of my aunt's older 
hairstyle, especially with her mousy brown hair mixed with 
the very evident gray strands. She wasn't attractive, but 
she wasn't ugly either. She looked like a mousy 
schoolteacher, who didn't like wearing the latest clothes' 
styles, and who the kids just knew had never been married. 
Or fucked.  I shook my head no. The Detective walked over 
to the bed and gently shook the woman as he called out in 
his deep bass voice "Wake up, Miss."

She opened her eyes and stared at him. He declared "As I 
said earlier, I'm Detective Watkins and I've been assigned to 
your case. What is your name?"

"Catthy. I'm Cathy Beell. I told you that already. Gett my 
mother here." she slurred her words from the effect of the 

"Where is your home?"

"I'm from Austin Texas, but I've been trying to get a 
modeling job up heere for the last week."

"Do you have any local relatives or friends that can identify 

She rolled her eyes slightly from the effects of the 
medication before she drowsily replied "Only a uncle that I 
haven't seen in eight years. His number's in the phone 

The detective winked at me to let me know that he wanted 
to play along with him, as he asked "Doctor Jenkins, can 
this patient be moved tomorrow?"

The woman turned her head and looked at me with her dull 
and glazed eyes. Then a glimmer of recognition glowed in 
her eyes as a smile formed on her lips.  She mumbled in a 
pleading voice "Uncle Wayne. It's me. Cathy, your niece. 
Please tell them who I am!"

I looked her straight in the face and lied to her "I'm Doctor 
Jenkins. I've have been assigned to help you while you're 
here in the hospital."

"No. No. NOOOOO. You're my Uncle Wayne. I still have the 
teddy bear that you gave me for my tenth birthday. I call it 
Waynie. You remember, don't you. Tell them who I am.  
You have to believe me.  I'm Cathy." she cried loudly 
through clinched lips. She was trying to sit up in the bed 
but couldn't because the restraints were holding her down.

I had to grab the bed to keep from falling as her words hit 
me like a ton of bricks. I just stared at her and responded 
quietly "She could be telling the truth."


She became very angry and cried as she screamed. The 
doctor ejected us from the room as he calmed her with  
stronger sedatives. Watkins and I were banished to the 
Doctor's Lounge, where we sat and sipped on coffee, as we 
waited for the doctor to let us back into her room. The 
Detective dumped the ashtray as he stated "I don't like to 
smell ashtrays. I also don't like cigarette smokers. Do you 

"No, I tried it when I was in college, but quit."

"I enjoy a good cigar after dinner, but it's been years since 
I've been able to afford a good one. So I put up with cheap 
smelly cigars, but enough of the personal life. I didn't 
understand your actions. You denied that she was your 
niece and changed your mind. Then you changed again 
because you weren't sure.  Something about how she was 
too old to be your niece, and didn't look like what you 
expected her to look like. Who is she?"

"I don't know. When Cathy was ten, I stopped at an 
souvenir stand and bought a teddy bear that she named 
after me. Whoever she is, she knows enough about my 
dead brother's family, to know about that cheap bear. She 
did recognize me as her uncle."

"It could have been a guess. Most little girls have a doll or 
two on the bed. My girlfriend's daughter has a bed full of 
the things. I wonder where she sleeps with all that crap on 
her bed. Where is your niece's mother?"

"I don't know. My brother was going to divorce her when he 
discovered the cancer. Within six weeks, he was dead at 
age thirty-four. The wife angered me because she continued 
to see her boyfriend every night. She was nothing but a 
fucking slut. The last time that I saw either her or Cathy 
was at the funeral. I washed my hands of them, although 
Cathy had never done anything to turn me against her."

"We called the Austin trailer park. The park manager 
classified the mother as a trailer park slut and the 
daughter as a nice, hard-working kid, with a fantastic 
body. The mother and daughter moved in about five years 
ago. About twice a year the mother takes off with some 
truck driver and travels the world. Last time that she left, 
was about four weeks ago. Manager didn't know where the 
daughter was, or any way to get in touch with the Mother." 
He raised his eyebrows as he finished his report.

"What are we going to do?"

The detective swirled his coffee stick and replied "The 
woman is telling a story that's consistent with the identity 
of Cathy Bell. However her middle-aged body doesn't agree 
with the young Miss Bell's description. I don't know what's 
going on but you're the key to us finding out. I want the 
doctor to wake her up and then for you to talk to her as we 
film your discussion. If she claims that she is Cathy, keep 
asking her questions until she trips herself up. If she 
proves that she is Cathy to you, then we'll re-think our 
plan. If you can prove that she isn't Cathy, I'll find out who 
she is."


She was sitting up in the hospital bed and her restraints 
were removed after she promised to behave herself. She 
stared at me with eyes swollen from crying. Per my 
instructions, I sat down so that I wasn't blocking the 
hidden camera behind the wall mirror.

"Hello, Uncle Wayne." she said softly.

I ignored the greeting and replied "My niece is twenty-two 
years old and doesn't look anything like you. Who are you?"

A tear formed in her eye as she replied "It's me. How can I 
convince you?"

"What are you doing in New York? My niece would have 
called me if she was here."

"I was afraid to call you. You and mother had a nasty fight 
at Daddy's burial. I was afraid that you would scream at 
me too, after all these years. I wanted to get a good paying 
job and become somebody important before I looked you 
up. It's the truth."

"What was the nickname that your daddy used to call 

"He called me baby. I didn't like it because I thought I was 
a big girl so he would only call me baby when we were 

"Where did you learn to swim?"

"You taught me. We came to visit you in Atlanta. You had a 
ski boat and we went water skiing. Then you and Daddy 
taught me how to swim. I remember the name of your boat 
was Cirrhosis of the River which I though was a funny 
name for a boat. You and Daddy drank a lot back then. 
You liked Bud but bought a bunch of Blue Ribbon because 
that's what you and Daddy used to drink when you were 

I started shaking because that was something that only the 
real Cathy would know. I tried to keep calm and asked 
"What was my dog's name?"

"You didn't have a dog. You said that a dog bit you when 
you were a kid and that you were afraid of them."

I slowly stood up, turned and faced the one way mirror as I 
softly gasped "It's her!!!"


Detective Watkins had his notepad ready and a tape 
recorder on the bedstand. He directed in his deep bass 
voice "Please tell me what really happened."

She ignored his sarcastic comment, cleared her voice and 
continued "When my mother left again with a new 
boyfriend, I knew that I had to have my own life. I quit my 
job as a waitress, packed up and moved to New York City 
to get a modeling job. All my life, everyone has 
complemented me on my looks and told me how I could 
make a fortune being a model.  So when I decided to run 
away, that was my dream.  I rented an apartment with my 
savings and started making the rounds. I discovered that I 
needed to have a picture portfolio so I paid someone to 
make one for me. I had just finished my last session with 
him and was walking across a mall parking lot at when a 
woman stopped me. The woman whose body I'm in now." 

Her last words faded and I handed her a tissue to dry her 
eyes before continuing "The woman claimed that she had 
dropped her keys and couldn't reach them. She asked me 
to help her. We walked between two vans where she said 
that she dropped her keys under one of the vans. I asked 
'which van'. She said 'this one' and touched my cheek with 
her fingertips. I remember seeing her hand coming toward 
my face, then I passed out. That's it. I woke up in this body 
in the ambulance. She stole my body while I was 
unconscious.  I don't know how she did it, only that it 

"Do you have any pictures of your real body?"

"I had some in my purse but she took my purse too. There 
are some in my apartment but the most recent ones are at 
the photographer's shop."

"I'll pick those photos up. I'll also fingerprint you to see if 
we have any record of your current body." He replied.

"Do you believe me?" she asked.

He looked at me, looked at her, and then replied "I've been 
a cop too long to believe anything without proof. If a body 
exchange occurred, it would be the first time ever; so I've 
got doubts. For the record, I've listed you as Jane Doe and 
copied your medical record diagnosis which is amnesia 
with disillusional grandeur. Simply translated, it means 
that you forgot who you are and think that you're someone 

Her eyes filled with tears and her high pitched voice 
reflected her tension "Uncle Wayne, you've got to believe 
me! I'm telling the truth!! I don't know how to prove it, but 
it's really me! Please help me!"

Then she began crying as I stared at the policeman. He 
made a circling motion with his finger to indicate that she 
was crazy, and put his tape recorder away. While she 
composed herself, he asked me to step out into the 
hallway, where he instructed "Don't let yourself get pulled 
into her scheme. Whoever she is, she knew your niece, 
knew her life story, and assumed your niece's identity. 
Happens all the time."

"I believe her."

Frowning, he looked at me, before declaring "She's very 
convincing, but her bull shit story couldn't happen. This is 
the real world, not the Twilight Zone."

"What are you going to do with her?"

"Nothing. She didn't commit any crime so she could leave 
now. We'll try to keep her here for another day of 
observation.  I can't let her go to Cathy's apartment 
because the landlord doesn't recognize a her Jane Doe 
picture as the woman who rented that apartment."

"She can stay with me."

"Look, let it go. Forget about her. Don't open your door for 
her or you'll come home to discover everything is missing 
when she's ready to move on. Stay away from her is the 
best and only advice that I can give you."

Chapter 2 - My house guest

She had no place to stay, no identification and no money. 
The landlord refused to turn over a key to her. The money 
that Cathy had in the bank, was unreachable because of 
the identification conflict. I accepted responsibility for her 
hospital bill, so the hospital released her to me after 
Watkins released her to my custody. He preferred her on 
the city streets rather than go home with me. She was 
depressed when I picked her up, because she had to put on 
"that woman's clothes". On the way to my apartment, I 
offered to buy new clothes.  She declined because she felt 
too depressed to shop and didn't know what her new body 
sizes were.

I showed her around the apartment as I suggested "I'll fix 
us something to eat. How about some vermicelli?"

She smiled her first smile.  It was a timid smile but it was 
still a smile.  She replied "Since I've got no money, let me 
cook and clean for my room and board. I'm a good cook 
and at home in the kitchen. Besides I've got to stay busy or 
I'll go crazy, Uncle Wayne."

I accepted her offer and assisted her. Within a very short 
time, she whipped together a nice meal. After eating, she 
ran me out of the kitchen while she cleaned up the mess. 
Then she joined me in the living room where I was watching 
TV. She declared "I've got to get my body back, Uncle 

"How are you going to do that?"

"I don't know. I've got to find her. Shit.  I'm talking about 
my body as if it were someone else's body now."

"What can I do?"

A tear eased down her cheek, then she requested "You can 
call me Cathy.  I'm no Jane Doe."

I stood up and held her as I softly whispered "Cathy, I'll 
help you.  I believe you."

I held her, letting her cry on my shoulder, for several 
minutes. I was feeling the warmth from her body, smelling 
her soft hair and wondering what I could do.

Finally she pulled herself back a little and declared "I need 
to lie down. It's been a long day. I can start looking 
tomorrow, Uncle Wayne.  Good night."

A few minutes later, I heard the bathroom shower start. 
After she finished her shower, I watched another twenty 
minutes of junk television, before I turned in.


I was sound asleep when I heard someone call my name. I 
raised my head and replied "Unnn?"

"I can't sleep, I'm lonely, and I'm scared to be by myself. 
Can I sleep in here with you, Uncle Wayne?" She crawled in 
bed with me, without waiting for my answer. I didn't know 
what to say because I was still half asleep and didn't 
anticipate this occurring. 

In the dim light coming down the hallway from the 
bathroom, all I could see was a little gleam from her eyes as 
she stayed on the far edge of the bed. I suggested "Do you 
want to curl up next to me?"

As she scooted over next to me, after her hand touched my 
bare chest, she stated "You're naked. Sorry."

"No, just mostly naked. I've got my shorts on. I won't bother 

"Thanks for believing me and taking me in. I don't know 
what I would have done without you." as she curled up on 
my arm and turned around so that her butt was backed up 
against me and pressing against my leg. She was wearing 
my T-shirts as a pajama top, and I could feel enough of her 
body through the flimsy cotton to tell that was all she had 

Within seconds, she was breathing deeply as she drifted off 
to sleep. I was wide awake with a semi-naked woman in my 
bed. A woman whose body was my age, but with the mind 
and soul of my young niece. A woman with a middle-aged 
body with soft breasts and a smooth well-rounded ass. It 
wasn't a beautiful face now, but was a cute face. Overall, it 
was an attractive middle-aged body. I felt my cock get hard 
as I began to get turned on by her close proximity.

I had divorced my second wife three years ago and was 
living a very celibate life. It wasn't because I didn't like 
women or sex, but the bitch had hurt me so that I didn't 
want anything to do with a woman again. I was still a 
young forty-two years old, in decent shape and handsome 
enough so that I could still pickup women, but didn't want 
to get involved again. And I was just beginning to get back 
in reasonable financial shape.

I wanted to roll over and go to sleep but her head was using 
my arm as a pillow. The only way that I could lie on my 
side, was to roll over so that I was curled up in her curl. 
Being careful to keep from waking her and keeping my 
erection from touching her, I curled up against her body. I 
was comfortable with her in my bed and enjoyed feeling the 
softness of her body press against my body. It had been too 
long since I had shared my bed with anyone and I enjoyed 
the feel of a woman's body next to mine. I snuggled up 
close to her, enjoying her body's warmth and softness lying 
next to me.


I was following Marilyn Monroe down a street. She was 
wearing that white cotton dress that you see in the pictures 
where the dress is blown up. As I watched, there was a 
slight wind, causing her hem to rise. I felt a big smile on 
my face as I observed that she didn't have any panties on. 
She stopped at the corner, as she turned around to stare at 
me with a very suggestive smile on her famous beautiful 
face. As I stood beside her, she dropped to her knees and 
unzipped my trousers. No one paid any attention to us as 
she reached into my shorts and pulled out my cock. As I 
stared at the famous Marilyn smile,  she kissed my cock, 
causing it to immediately get hard. She began to gently 
stroke my cock as she kissed the cockhead, causing me to 
lean back. I was on a street corner and getting a blowjob by 
the world famous Marilyn Monroe. 

Wait a minute, she's dead!!! If she's dead, whose lips are 
these? As I woke up, I discovered that I was in my bed, with 
a real mouth wrapped around my cock. A warm, wet mouth 
that was sucking my cock. The sheet was covering us but I 
remembered Cathy slipping into my bed. I threw the sheet 
off, seeing her naked body in the dim light.  Bouncing on 
her chest were twin, quivering mounds of pale, firm flesh 
capped by the most beautiful, swollen, enormous, broad 
nipples that I had ever seen. For just a moment, I 
considered resisting her, then common sense took over. 
She fit both male guidelines. Never turn down a blowjob 
and fuck any woman that's from eight to eighty years old. 

Without waking me, she had eased between my legs, pulled 
my boxers open so that my cock was sticking out the pee 
hole, buried her face between my legs and wrapped her 
mouth around my cock. I didn't wake up until she was 
stroking my cock deep into her warm throat, causing my 
cock to grow to its full length and width. I listened to her 
inhale deeply as she sucked me deep into her mouth.  I 
gasped as her tongue action started teasing me, causing 
my hips to bounce up and down against those perfect wet 
lips. I remembered that my teenage definition of perfect lips 
were any lips wrapped around my cock. I grabbed the bed 
sides and held on as she closed her lips upon my shaft, 
sucking my cock as hard as she could.

She planted a wet kiss on my throbbing dickhead and 
worked my boxers down around my rock-hard dick, 
allowing it to spring up to freedom. As soon as my shorts 
cleared my ankles, she wrapped her hungry mouth around 
my dick again; as her tongue swirled over the head, up and 
down the shaft, before starting over. I reached between her 
legs as she spread her legs so that I could caress her cunt. 
Her sopping wet cunt offered no resistance, so I eased my 
middle finger in all the way, before I started finger fucking 
her and massaging her clit with my thumb. 

She groaned as I touched her then shifted her body so that 
I could have easier access to her pussy. As I played with 
her clit, I could feel it harden as it grew with my gentle 
teasing. She placed my free hand on her nipples, and 
groaned as I responded by tweaking her erect, long and 
thick nipples. Her nipples were about the thickness of my 
little pinkie and almost half an inch long.  I had never felt 
such wonderful nipples.

As she greedily sucked my cock, she was moving her hips 
up, down, then back and forth on my finger, while my 
thumb rubbed her clit. She groaned as she kept impaling 
herself on my finger while ramming my cock deep into her 
throat causing her hot pussy juices to drip down my hand. 
Then she moaned as she tensed and locked her legs tightly 
around my hand. It was a low moan because my cock was 
still deep in her throat, making it feel like a hum job. Her 
spasming body shivered and shook as the intense orgasm 
raged through her.  Through out the orgasm, she jerked 
and twisted without losing either my finger or cock.

With a groan, she relaxed as I felt a warm flow cover my 
already wet hand. She began sucking me again, but now it 
was a gentle, almost loving suck instead of the passion 
driven suck of a few seconds ago. I tried to remove my hand 
from her sopping wet cunt, but she held me tightly in her 
crotch. When I pulled her crotch to my face, she released 
my hand as she swung her leg over me, so she could sit on 
my face. I pulled her juicy crotch to my face, teasing her 
clit with my tongue, tasting her copious, wonderful nectar 
of the gods. As soon as the tip of my tongue touched her 
clit, she went wild, humping my face with renewed passion, 
filling my nostrils with her cunt juices sweet aroma. I 
rammed my tongue deep into her vagina, as I gently 
nibbled on her clit. Within seconds, I could feel another 
orgasm beginning to build within her.

She moaned a muffled something with my cock still in her 
mouth. She ground her cunt into my face covering my face 
with her pussy juice as she locked her knees around my 
ears, then she quivered for about twenty seconds of 
orgasmic heaven, before she collapsed on the bed, releasing 
my cock from her mouth. She lay on her side, gasping for 

I had a very erect cock with a deep purple cockhead that 
had to be satisfied. I rolled her over and spread her legs as 
I climbed on top of her. I paused for just a second to look 
into her eyes to see a deep, burning passion. Her smile 
hinted that the night had just started. I rubbed my cock 
against her dark pubic hair, enjoying the feel of the soft 
hair teasing my cockhead.

"Now, let me have it.  Hardddd!!", she commanded in a 
husky whisper. I eased my cock into a very wet pussy, 
watching Cathy jerk as I plunged deeper into her.

I went slow; even with the sopping wetness, she had the 
tightest pussy that I had ever fucked. So I ignored the 
primal urge to ram hard until she loosened up some more. 
As soon as I reached full penetration, I began sliding my 
cock in and out of her, pulling it back almost to the 
cockhead, before I slowly plunged it back within her 
honeypot. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled my 
pussy juice covered face to her face. She whispered "Don't 
fuck me, but make love to me. Mix love with passion."

She met my waiting lips as we gently kissed each other. As 
our tongues explored each other's mouth, the kiss grew 
more passionate. She melted into my arms, returning my 
passion, as her legs rose in the air, wrapping around my 
hips. As I plunged into her, she pumped her hips, ramming 
my dick's swollen head deeper into her very tight pussy. As 
my balls slapped against her ass, I forgot that gentle bull 
shit and rammed her hard and heavy. She had the same 
ideal because her fingernails were digging deep into my 
back as she whimpered through clinched teeth "Yesssss, 
yessss, fuck me. NOW. FUCK ME."

Her legs wrapped tightly around my waist as she matched 
my pumping action. With each grunting stroke, I pulled my 
full length out, then rammed back in, feeling my balls slap 
against her upthrust ass. Our humping fury increased as 
each thrust became harder and more frantic than the 
previous one. Our breathing was ragged, mixed with gasps. 
I felt her tense as I realized that she was about to cum 
again. I wanted to cum with her so I rammed as hard as I 
could. She wrapped her legs around my shoulders so that I 
had a better angle at her tight hole. She screamed 
something but I couldn't hear a word. My concentration 
was focused into those joined parts of our bodies where we 
became one body. She pulled my hair, groaned something, 
bucked hard against me and reared her ass as she went 

I moaned "No, not yet." and kept pumping. Sweat was 
dripping off my face as I humped for my release. After just 
a few lifeless seconds, she began to hump just as hard 
again. Then she tensed again as another orgasm roared 
through her body. She was experiencing orgasm on top of 
orgasms. I had never seen a woman have multiple orgasms 
so close together. As I humped her, she was in an almost 
constant orgasm heaven. One second, she would be 
fucking me as hard as she could, the next, she was jerking 
from an orgasm. I lost count as I continued to work toward 
my orgasm. Then there was that magical fire deep within 
my belly as I felt my own orgasm beginning. I plunged one 
last deep thrust, driving my cock in as far as I could.

It was fantastic. I exploded like an erupting volcano, filling 
her with multiple spurts of my hot sticky cum; coinciding 
with another orgasm for her. After we finished jerking, I 
collapsed on top of her.  She unclenched her legs and 
shifted position so that she was lying spread-eagled under 
me, with my hard cock throbbing inside her wonderful 
pussy. For several minutes, we lay like that, then I felt my 
softening dick slide out of her. When that occurred, I rolled 
over and lay on my back, feeling very spent.

Chapter 3 - My new relationship

I fell into a sound sleep. So deep that I didn't hear her slip 
out of my bed. But I did hear her a couple of minutes later. 
She was in the living room, crying. I didn't bother to slip on 
any shorts and walked naked into the living room. She was 
lying on the floor, curled up in a ball. I lay down behind 
her, blending into her natural body curl as I wrapped my 
arm around her. She sobbed for several seconds before she 
responded "I've never done anything like that before. I don't 
know why I did it. I just had to be near you and then I had 
to make love to you. Its almost as if someone else is 
controlling my body and my desires."

I replied "Don't let it bother you. We've all done things that 
we regretted later, especially when tired or stressed. You've 
been under a lot of strain for the last several days and it's 
very easy to feel emotional."

She sobbed and whimpered "You don't understand. That 
wasn't me making love to you! I've had several boyfriends 
but I don't like oral sex. I gag whenever a dick enters my 
mouth so I don't do blow jobs; no matter how much I like 
the guy. Last night, I couldn't get enough of your cock in 
my mouth. It was almost as if I had a vagina in my mouth, 
from all the pleasure that I was experiencing. I could've 
taken on a barracks of Marines with foot long cocks last 
night. That's not me. I don't fuck like that. I don't normally 
enjoy sex as much as I did last night. I've never had 
multiple orgasms before.  Its almost as if I've got another 
personality sharing my body that takes over control of my 
body. A personality that's oversexed."

"Shhhh. Just relax. Everything is going to be all right."

"No. It's not." She turned over so that she was facing me. 
Then she continued "Uncle Wayne, normally you'd be the 
last man on earth that I'd climb in bed with. But that didn't 
matter to me last night. I had to have you. I had to make 
love to you. I felt funny in the hospital when you were 
around, but I chalked it up to nervousness. Then last 
night, while I was crying and you were holding me, I 
discovered that I was getting turned on. That's why I had to 
go to bed so suddenly. As the shower pounded against my 
body, I started getting flashes of making love to you. Then I 
got into my cold, lonesome bed and wrapped my legs 
around a pillow before I realized what I was feeling. I laid 
there for over an hour before I felt myself slowly rise and 
walk to your room. It was so natural to crawl into bed with 
you and to curl up next to you. I pretended to fall asleep 
instantly.  I felt you curl next to me, with your hard cock 
rubbing against my ass. My other personality took over and 
began sucking your cock."

I didn't know what to say. I was holding her as I looked into 
her frightened bloodshot teary eyes. I held her and listened 
to her sob softly for a couple of minutes. Then her sobbing 
quit as she adjusted positions slightly so that her lips were 
inches from my lips. I stared into her still damp eyes, but 
the frightened look was gone, replaced with a look of desire. 
As her lips gently covered my lips, her hand drifted down 
my side, seeking my cock that was already becoming erect.

She whispered "I can't call you Uncle anymore because I let 
you screw me.  Do you mind if I just call you Wayne?"


The next three days were the best days of my life. Gone was 
the scared little girl from the hospital and in her place, was 
a loving woman who only lived to make love to me. We 
talked freely about her increased sex drive and constant 
multi-orgasms.  While she still wanted to find her body, she 
stated that her desire to be with me and to satisfy me was 

After our first night together, I gave her money to buy new 
clothes.  She quickly discarded the very mousy blouse and 
skirt that the original inhabitant had been dressed in. I had 
to go to work for half a day, leaving her free to roam with 
my credit card. She went to a beauty salon and changed 
her body's natural dark mousy brown, mixed with a lot of 
gray hair color, to a new sexy redhead color. She also 
changed the hairstyle to a more current, softer fluffy 
hairstyle, doing away with the matronly schoolteacher 
hairstyle. When I came home that afternoon, I was greeted 
by an attractive and amorous sexy redhead lover.

She wasn't a natural beauty, but was very attractive and 
erotic when she was dressed and wearing make-up. Her 
skin was as smooth as silk, showing off her big dark brown 
eyes and full, sensuous voluptuous lips. Her narrow waist 
pointed to shapely hips, a full curvy ass, and long slender, 
dancer's legs. She had small, high breasts that were 
shapely enough so that she could go braless and look sexy. 
And her nipples, what more can you say about long 

She was wearing a black silk dress supported by two thin 
straps. Her perky nipples were tenting out the thin fabric. 
As she walked and turned around, her ass stood out round 
and firm. I could only stare as she flexed the muscles in 
her buttocks causing the material to jump as her ass 
cheeks firmed and relaxed. Staring at her, I was very happy 
that she had bought that dress. It completed the image of a 
sexy lady sharing a quiet evening at home with her lover. I 
gave her a low whistle to signal my approval.


The next day I came home from work to find my apartment 
clean, a delicious meal and a very sexy woman waiting for 
me. She told me that she had spent time looking for her 
body but became depressed, so she decided to relax bit 
until she felt better. 

And that's when trouble knocked on my door. I opened the 
door to discover Detective Watkins, holding a file folder. It 
startled me because I had forgotten that the police were 
involved in my new lover's life.

As he entered my apartment, he saw Cathy in the kitchen. 
She was wearing a new low-cut, mid-thigh, tight dress that 
revealed her body curves. With her make-up on and her 
new hairstyle, she looked like a different woman. The 
Detective stared at her, then looked back at me before he 
retorted "Am I interrupting something?" as he raised his 
eyebrows to emphasize a hidden meaning to his words.

"No, Wayne and I are having wine while we relax. Would 
you like to join us for dinner?" she asked as she came out 
of the kitchen with a big smile on her face.

He looked at her with a smirk on his face "Thanks, but I'm 
on duty and have to get back to the precinct.  I was worried 
about you.  Very worried about you not being able to adapt 
to your new surroundings but now I see that you've 
adapted quite well to your new body or role, which ever the 
case may be, Miss Doe."

She smiled back at him, recognizing but ignoring the 
sarcastic tone in his voice as she replied "Do you have any 
clues as to where my body is or how the body exchange 

He handed me the file folder "No, ma'am. We picked up 
your portfolio, had copies made of the pictures and 
distributed the copies. Because we're not convinced about 
the truthfulness of your claim, we're looking for Cathy Bell 
as a missing person only. You're still listed as Miss Jane 
Doe on our records."

I saw her tense. I put my arms around her waist as I 
injected "This is really Cathy."

The detective looked at me "Looks like you've got a close 
family relationship. I didn't come by to stir up trouble, only 
to drop off the pictures and to let you know what we're 
doing. If you've got anything that you wish to tell me,", he 
paused staring at Cathy, before continuing "and I do mean 
anything, I can be reached at the station. Good night, Mr. 
Houseman. Miss Doe."

He turned and walked out of the apartment, leaving me 
holding a teary-eyed Cathy who was trying her best to keep 
from crying. For several seconds, we held each other, then 
she mumbled "Thank you, Wayne. I don't think I could 
believe anyone with my fantastic story, if the situation was 

She gave me a quick gentle, loving kiss.   She walked over 
to the coffee table where I had laid the picture folder. As 
she sat down, she softly commanded "Come see what I 
used to look like."

She opened the folder, revealing the top picture, of a young, 
very attractive blonde with a centerfold quality body, 
wearing a thong bikini with one of those fake beach 
backgrounds. Cathy explained "I had an all natural 38D-
24-36 body. You can't see it because I kept my pubic hair 
trimmed, but I was a natural blonde."

I stared at the picture, concentrating on the young, 
beautiful face, that was so alive and so full of happiness. 
She closed the folder and apologized "I can't look at 
pictures of my real body any more. We can re-heat dinner 
later. Help me forget that old life."

She stood up and held her hand out to me. I took her hand 
as she led me into the bedroom.


Two weeks had quickly passed. I was in love with the 
fantastic woman that shared my bed and life. I didn't care 
who she really was or had been. I only knew that I loved 
her with all my heart. I was really convinced that she was 
Cathy because she frequently surprised me with old 
memories about my brother. While I wanted her to get her 
body back, I didn't want to give her up.

Then came the knock on the door. I had rushed home to 
make love to her. Afterwards, we shared a long shower. I 
ordered pizza while she was drying her hair and putting her 
make-up back on. I opened the door, wearing only a towel, 
with a twenty dollar bill in my hand, expecting the pizza 
guy. I was very startled to see Watkins with two men and a 
woman behind him.

He stated simply "May we come in?"

I let them enter. As the noise of the shutting door echoed 
through my apartment, Cathy entered the living room, 
brushing her hair. She was wearing only my dress shirt 
and looked very sexy. She froze when she saw the 
unexpected four people staring at her.

"Excuse me... I wasn't expecting company."

"Pardon us for barging in like this. But I got the results of 
our fingerprint trace. We have identified you, or as you 
describe it - your new body. You're Doctor Janice 
Browning, who has missing for over several weeks from her 
restricted government job. These gentlemen are from the 
government and have some questions."

The next two hours were hell. The female agent followed her 
back into our bedroom and observed her as Cathy changed 
into jeans and a blouse. The investigators wanted to know 
about Doctor Browning's whereabouts and actions for the 
last two months.

The investigators filled in details. Her body's identity was 
Janice Browning, a research scientist working on a 
classified project. Doctor Browning was forty-six years old, 
never married and the most qualified DNA expert in the 
world. Doctor Browning had mysteriously walked out of her 
research lab with several computer disks containing 
classified details about the government's DNA research 
projects. She had been working for years on this project 
and was now in trouble because of the missing files. The 
investigators had showed up in Watkin's office that 

At the end of the questioning, the team leader declared "Mr. 
Houseman, you don't appear to be involved in this, except 
to be an innocent bystander. Our orders require us to take 
Doctor Browning back to our site where she will be further 
questioned and secluded until this investigation has been 
concluded. We'll give you a phone number where you can 
get in touch with us if you've remember any more details. If 
this comes to a trial, you'll be called as a witness."

I objected, but had no legal recourses available. Watkins 
was waiting in the hall with two policemen. I watched 
dejectedly as they led the woman that I loved from my 
apartment. As she walked out the door, she cried out to me 
"Wayne, find my body." Then she turned and walked 
proudly out, followed by the police.

Chapter 4 - The search begins

I had a restless, sleepless night as I paced the floor, 
bouncing off the walls, trying to make sense of what was 
occurring. The woman that I had fell in love with, had been 
taken away from me. I paced the floor, trying to come up 
with a plan to save her. By sunrise, I knew that her last 
request was my only option. I had to find her body and the 
real Janice Browning. I had to prove that my Cathy wasn't 
Doctor Browning. 

I found an all-night photo shop to make copies of the 
portfolio pictures. I didn't select the bathing suit shot 
because no one would look at her face, only stare at her 
fantastic body. I made copies of pictures of her former face, 
and of a photograph that Watkins had made of the 
Browning face in the hospital. I had newer pictures of 
Cathy, but no one would recognize the beautiful, vivacious 
redhead as the mousy dark-haired woman who I was trying 
to backtrack.

As soon as my office was open, I called requesting leave 
without pay. My boss wasn't happy with my request, but I 
told him this was an emergency. He wanted to know more 
details, but I couldn't explain it to him.  I couldn't even 
explain it to myself, much less someone else.

I found the shopping mall parking lot where the body 
exchange had occurred.  I started stopping people, showing 
them Cathy and Janet's pictures, to see if they recognized 
either of them. I plastered copies of their pictures on the 
power poles, with my phone number offering a reward.

For three days, I roamed the streets, stopping everyone  
without any luck. Then a police car stopped where I was 
working a subway exit. Watkins rolled down the window as 
he commanded "Please get in the car, Mr. Houseman. You 
and I get to become better acquainted, thanks to our 
common friends."

I joined him in the car's back seat then the policeman 
driver pulled out into the traffic. I asked "What's the 

"No problem. Just that our friends asked me to pick you up 
and to escort you to their secure country site. They want to 
ask both of us some more questions. Especially you, from 
my short discussion with them."

We silently rode for an hour, until the driver pulled into a 
truckstop. Watkins and I were instructed to enter a 
windowless van, one of those where we couldn't see. We 
were joined by a security man who collected Detective 
Watkins' pistol, and made sure that we didn't try to open 
the frosted window between the front compartment and our 

We rode in the van for over an hour, and then it slowed as 
it approached our destination. We heard a discussion as 
the driver went through a checkpoint. When the doors 
opened, we were in an underground garage without any 
identification signs. We traveled via an elevator and then 
down a long corridor until we stopped in a large 
windowless conference room.

An unknown man entered the room and stated in an 
authoritative manner "Thank's for coming on such short 
notice. We'll return you as soon as we can. We just need to 
ask you some more questions. Detective Watkins, please 
accompany Special Agent Smith."

As the detective followed the agent out of the room, the 
man instructed "Please call me Mr. Brown. My job is to 
determine what occurred and to reduce the damage done 
by Doctor Browning's theft."

"Can I see her?"

"No, that wouldn't be wise at this time."

"Then I refuse to answer any of your questions. Unless 
you've got a warrant for my arrest, release me.  I know my 

"Look Mr. Houseman, it wouldn't be good for you to see her 
at this time. I promise that she is in good health.  All I want 
to do, is ask you some questions, and then you can go back 

"I refuse to cooperate unless you let me see her and talk to 

"Mr. Houseman, how can I say this, without having to wade 
through an army of lawyers later?  I don't like to lie so what 
I would like to do, is to tell you the truth and leave it up to 
your common sense to accept that what we are doing, is 
legal and doesn't threaten her health.  Doctor Browning is 
undergoing a very through de-briefing now. We have her on 
a mixture of drugs and hypnotic therapy, trying to find out 
why she stole the confidential data. If you were to see her, 
she wouldn't recognize you at this time because of her very 
deep trance. In a week or two, we can arrange for you to eat 
lunch with her."

I slammed my fist down on the desk and screamed "No. 
You can't do this to her."

"But I can. Years ago, in front of witnesses and a video 
camera, Doctor Browning signed a legal paper that allows 
us to use whatever means we desire to question her, in the 
event of a problem. Would you like to see the video of 
Janice Browning signing the paper?"

"That's not her. Its her body, but its Cathy Bell's brain in 
Janice's body."

The agent squirmed before replying "That's what I want to 
talk to you about. If I take you into the room where she is 
being questioned and let you see her, will you cooperate?"

"Yes. You've got my word."

"I expect you to keep it. The rules are that you can't touch 
her and have to stay on the other side of the conference 
table. She won't be as you remember her because we have 
her in a deep hypnotic trance while we question her." He 
walked to a door, inserted a card into a slot and entered 
some numbers opening the door. I followed him down the 
hall and into a dim room. The room was full of people who 
were staring through a mirror into a conference room. 
Video cameras were recording her testimony.

Cathy was sitting ramrod straight, staring at the person 
sitting across the table from her. The person had on 
earphones so that they could be prompted by people within 
this room. I listened to the speaker as Cathy's voice echoed 
through the room speakers in a flat droning sound "...at 
the restaurant, my job was to be a waitress. Whenever the 
cook was sick, I would fill in as the short order cook. My 
specialty was eggs because I worked a lot of breakfast 
shifts.  I don't like eggs now after cooking so many of 

"Describe how you would cook the eggs." echoed the 
interviewer's voice.

Mr. Brown softly explained "As you can see, she is all right. 
Do you still want to talk to her, knowing that she really 
won't be aware that it's you that she is talking to?"

"Yes." I declared, staring at her. Her hair was combed 
straight back in a simple wet look and she wasn't wearing 
any make-up. Her face looked tired and gaunt, not alive 
and vivacious as when I last saw her. She had on a hospital 
gown and an IV was attached to one of her arms, slowly 
dripping its mixture of drugs into her body.

Mr. Brown spoke softly to someone who turned and glared 
at me. Then the man spoke softly into a microphone. I 
couldn't hear what he said but the interviewer turned and 
stared at the mirror as if he could see into our dimly lit 

Mr. Brown escorted me into the interview room that was 
now quiet. Cathy was staring straight ahead, not moving or 
showing any emotion. As I walked into the room, she 
showed no interest or awareness that I was there. The 
interviewer pulled out a chair beside him and I sat down. 
The interviewer announced "Cathy, you've got company. Do 
you know who this is?"

She turned her head slightly so that she was staring at me. 
Her eyes focused on me without blinking or any emotion on 
her face. I looked at her eyes which were as dark as could 
be, there were no traces of white within her eyes because 
her pupils were so large from the drugs that they were 
giving her.

She responded in a flat voice "Yes."

"Who is it"

"Wayne Houseman, my uncle and lover." she replied in a 
flat, drone voice.

Mr. Brown nudged me. I softly asked "Cathy, it's me. I 
missed you. How are you doing?"

"They treat me fine. I'm very happy here. They just want me 
to cooperate with them and then I can go home.  They have 
some simple questions to ask me.  I'm cooperating with 
them, telling them what happened to me." she declared in 
her flat monotone voice, without a blink of her eyes. She 
was staring at me but there wasn't any recognition in her 
dark eyes.

Having seen enough, I looked at Brown and he nodded. He 
led me from the room and outside in the hall, I fell to my 
knees as I almost fainted. He helped me get to the 
conference room. After I composed myself, I whimpered 
"What do you want to know?"

He simply announced "I don't know. At first, we thought 
that she was lying to us. But no one can stand up to the 
intense medical and psychological treatment that we are 
subjecting her to. As we talk now, there is a team of agents, 
going through the Austin restaurant and other places that 
she described. She described things that only the real 
Cathy Bell could know. Things that Doctor Browning 
wouldn't know about, living up here in our secure area. I'm 
convinced, as are most of our team, that the woman in that 
room is Miss Bell, although we have enough standard legal 
proof to declare it to be Janice Browning's body. We 
compared samples of her DNA to old file samples. My 
personal opinion is that the woman we are examining is 
Doctor Browning's body with Cathy Bell's memories."


They weren't finished with their tests yet and were re-doing 
everything to make sure that there could only be one 
possible conclusion. After several more questions, they 
released me and Watkins. Neither of us said a word until 
we got out of the security van and back into our waiting 
police car. Then Watkins lit a cigar as he questioned "She 
was telling the truth, wasn't she?"


"I searched Bell's apartment. Before I got there, someone 
went in, removed most of her clothes, jewelry, shoes and 
make-up on the same day as the body exchange. They left 
her personal effects, such as her photo albums and 
souvenirs. Why would they want just her clothes?"

"The person in her body would need clothes that fit."

"Shit. It's going to be a long summer. Call me Ralph."


I spent most of the week waving my pictures in front of 
strangers until one man informed me "The blonde hangs 
out at an restaurant a couple of miles from here. Saw her 
about two nights ago, when I was in there."

"Are you sure?"

"At my age, I stare at every good looking woman. She's got 
quite a nice set of boobs and I remember her body better."

I showed him several other pictures and he positively 
identified her.  I found the bar's address and checked it 
out. I discovered that it was an expensive, quite large 
cocktail lounge and not a bar. The operating hours on the 
door indicated that it would be open that night. 

Chapter 5 - It's her

I went home and changed into a suit as I checked my credit 
card's and money. I didn't know what I might have to do, 
but I was going to be ready for anything. I called the 
lounge, reserving a small table for two, planning on 
pretending that my date stood me up.  I debated calling 
Ralph and telling him about my lead but knew that he 
would want me to stay away while his men checked the 
place out.  I couldn't do that. I left the full folder of pictures 
on my coffee table and only slipped one copy of my pictures 
of Janet and Cathy inside my suit jacket pocket.  I wouldn't 
need more that that tonight.

About nine-thirty, I entered the restaurant and was 
escorted to my reserved table, instantly noticing that it was 
an expensive restaurant.  I couldn't get by with eating a 
cheap hamburger in this place. I resisted the impulse to 
show the waiter, the pictures that I was carrying around in 
my pocket. For an hour, I sipped on my one drink, 
repeatedly turning back my waiter until I finally announced 
that I was stood up and ordered something. I wasn't 
hungry but wanted to kill time as I waited. I was dying to 
pull out the pictures and go from table to table showing 
them, but I knew that would get me thrown out of there 

As I was playing with my expensive steak that cost almost 
as much as a car payment, I saw a hustle from the staff as 
someone entered the restaurant. It was an older, 
distinguished gentleman wearing an expensive suit, with 
one of those TV newsman hairstyles.  From the way he 
walked, you knew that he thought that he was somebody 
important.  He was escorted by four men in suits who were 
obviously body guards because of their muscular build. As 
he sat down at his reserved table, I asked my waiter who he 

"Oh, that's Senator Walker. He comes in here quite 
frequently when he's in the City."

As I stared at him, I vaguely remembered the name. I 
thought that he was in charge of one of the senate sub-
committees, but I couldn't remember which one it was. I 
saw the four bodyguards spread out so that there was only 
one guard by his table. I watched as the Senator pulled out 
a cigar and the husky guard stepped forward to light it, 
before returning to his post.  In that brief second, I saw a 
reflected glint which I assumed was a gun tucked into his 
pocket.  These men came prepared to play for real.

I was staring at the Senator when a woman walked by, 
headed straight toward the Senator's table. I didn't look up 
in time to see her face but as soon as I saw her back, my 
heart stopped. I knew that it was Cathy's body, just from 
seeing her from behind. I hadn't seen that profile in years 
except in the photos, but there was no way that it couldn't 
be her. I watched her walk to the Senator's table. The 
Senator stood up, with a big welcoming smile on his face as 
the guard pulled out a chair so that she could sit down 
opposite the Senator. She was wearing a tight, low-cut 
black evening dress, that showed every body curve, 
especially her left thigh which was exposed by the slit of 
her dress. 

She smiled a friendly smile to the senator as he whispered 
something to her that he didn't want his guards to hear. 
She opened her purse, removed a pack of cigarettes and 
the guard stepped forward with a lighter. I watched her as 
he lit her cigarette and the waiter brought over a filled wine 

She was small, about five foot six, with a dynamite looking 
stacked body. The type of body that every man dreamed of 
fucking and every woman envied as they compared their 
body with her body. And the rest of her matched the 
stunning body. Her face had the classic high cheekbones, 
perfect complexion, and voluptuous lips that 
photographers search for in their models. Even from my 
seat, it was very obvious that her eyes were sultry and 
inviting with her long natural eyelashes. Her make-up was 
perfect and her hairstyle was some sort of simple upsweep 
that looked elegant and sexy at the same time. My little 
scrawny niece that had a mouth full of braces and a 
training bra the last time I saw her, had grown up to be one 
of the most beautiful women in the world.

I watched as the Senator reached across the table and held 
her hand in his larger hand.  Just watching that simple 
motion caused a feeling of disgust to strike me. I didn't like 
the way that he held her hands and leaned over the table 
talking quietly to her, as if they were the only two people in 
the world.  He was clearly in his early seventies, and she 
was only twenty-two.  While I knew that it wasn't really 
Cathy sitting there, I still didn't like the old fart thinking 
that she was his date.

I walked very inconspicuously to the lobby and found the 
payphone, dialing Watkins private number. As I expected, 
there was no answer because he spent his off-duty hours 
at his girlfriend's.  His answering machine would activate 
his beeper. I left this message on his answering machine 
"Ralph, I found her. She's at the Club Rainbow with 
Senator Walker. I'm going to stay with her."

I hung up and turned to go back, when I saw her walking 
across the lobby straight toward me. As she approached 
me, I stared at her and caught her attention. For just a 
moment, she stared back with a "I don't see you" look and 
then slightly changed her direction so that she would go 
around me. I turned to see that I was standing between her 
and the women's bathroom.

As she walked past me, I don't know what motivated me to 
say "Hi, Cathy."

She looked at me with a faint frown on her face before 
replacing the frown with one of those artificial smiles and 
asked "Do I know you?"

"Wayne. Wayne Houseman. I haven't seen you in a long 
time. How are you doing?"

"Of course. I remember now. I'm doing fine. Thanks for 
asking, Wayne. Excuse me, but I need to hurry back to my 

She didn't recognize my name, but she was using the 
Cathy Bell identity because she responded to my name 
dropping. She smiled another fake smile at me and walked 
around me, leaving a trail of scintillating perfume in her 
wake. As she pushed the bathroom door open, she half 
turned and looked back to see if I was still watching her, 
with that same artificial smile on her beautiful face. Then 
she let the bathroom door shut, blocking my view of her.

I hurried back to the phone booth and dialed a random 
number. I didn't want to talk to anyone, just wanted to 
have a reason for still being in the lobby when she came 
out. I started talking as if I was talking to a friend and 
watching the Ladies restroom door from the corner of my 
vision. I saw a couple of women come out and then the 
door partially opened. I could feel someone looking at me 
although I was looking elsewhere and talking as if I had a 
girl on the phone.

She walked past me, without glancing at me, back into the 
lounge. I gave her a minute so it didn't look as if I was 
following her and then returned to my table, noticing the 
slight change that had occurred. I didn't look at her 
because one of the bodyguards had moved so that he was 
standing behind my chair. He was close enough to grab me 
if I tried anything. I had screwed up and lost my 
anonymity. She knew that I knew the real Cathy but she 
didn't know how I knew her. Or that I knew what happened 
to her.

I ate my dinner, not paying any attention to the Senator or 
his date. For that's what she clearly was. When the band 
played a tango, the Senator led his date out onto the dance 
floor. For just that brief moment, I watched them, knowing 
that another guard had re-positioned himself so that two of 
the guards were now very close to me. I paid my bill, not 
wanting to risk having them detain me. As I entered the 
lobby, I saw one of the guards follow me. I stopped at the 
payphone and called Watkins again, but there was no 
answer. I could only hope that he was on the way.

My guard repositioned himself so that he was standing 
inside the entrance to the lounge, positioning himself to 
keep me from coming back in. I walked up the block until I 
found a taxi. I told the driver to cut his engine off and wait 
as I handed him a hundred dollar bill.

Forty minutes later, a limo pulled up to the door, followed 
by a big black van. I watched as the guards escorted the 
Senator and his date to the limo, then the guards got into 
the van. I handed the driver another hundred and 
commanded "Follow them, but don't let them see us. If you 
don't lose them, you get another hundred."

We went to a Connecticut  country estate. The taxi had to 
back off from following too closely because there was no 
other traffic and looked conspicuous by itself. After the 
limo drove through gates that closed behind it, I had the 
taxi go another half mile down the road, before I had him 
pull over. I gave him his money and then another hundred 
to call Watkins and give Watkins this address. I walked up 
the road, wishing that I had a cellular phone and that 
Watkins had my message. I felt like I was walking into a 

I saw a fence surrounding the property. One quick jump, I 
was over the fence and into the tree line. I followed the 
driveway, staying in the trees until I saw the big house 
back in a clearing. There were several cars and limos 
parked outside and I could see lights on in the house, as if 
it was a party.  There were  several people standing outside 
that looked like chauffeurs.  I identified the limo that I had 
followed and saw the black van also parked nearby.

I turned the collar of my suit up to reduce the amount of 
white shirt showing.  I sneaked around the house, hoping 
that there were no dogs and then crawled up to some 
bushes where I could look into the window. I knew that my 
suit would be ruined but I didn't care.  

The sound proof window that I was peeking through, 
revealed a large living room with what appeared to be a 
small formal cocktail party. I could see the senator 
standing by the fireplace talking to someone that I didn't 
recognize. There were about ten people in the room, but 
Cathy's body wasn't one of them.

Chapter 6 - The estate

I looked at the Senator, seeing that he was talking to 
someone whose face was familiar, from his picture in the 
papers frequently.  I knew he was one of those rich 
computer geeks but I've got a lousy memory for names. 
Before I could move to another window to search for 
Cathy's body, I saw her enter the room; as if she had been 
in the bathroom. She was carrying a wine glass, looking so 
sophisticated with her hairstyle and evening gown. As she 
joined the Senator and geek, she put her arm around the 
Senator's waist; then said something clever that made the 
geek's face break into a big smile. They all laughed at the 
common joke, which I couldn't hear through the windows. 

For about five minutes, they just stood and bull shited 
before the geek nodded at something Cathy stated.  He 
escorted her into an adjoining room, as the Senator 
blended into another small discussion group. As they 
entered the room, they shut the door, leaving everyone to 
entertain themselves.

I had to keep her body in sight, so I eased back from my 
position, hearing my suit rip as it caught on something in 
the dark.  Normally ripping my best suit would have pissed 
me off, but I didn't care, now that I had found her.  I just 
wished that Watkins was here to take care of those 
bodyguards.  I crawled around the house until I was 
looking into the room's  window where Cathy's body and 
the geek were standing. 

The room was an office with a computer on a desk. The 
geek turned on the computer, entered a password as she 
watched him, then said something to her as they stared at 
the screen.  She pointed to the screen as she told him to do 
something.  She handed a floppy disk to him.  Her request 
caused him to frown.  He held the floppy disk for about five 
seconds as if he was thinking about what she requested 
before he put the floppy disk into the drive and typed on 
the keyboard.

She placed her wine glass on the desk, and sat down on his 
outstretched thigh so that her breasts were mere inches 
from his face.  As his smiling eyes stared at the exposed 
cleavage; she put her arm around his shoulders and 
seductively whispered into his ear. 

Whatever she proposed, caused him to quickly type several 
commands.  After he finished, she stood up, pulled her 
skirt up to reveal that she wasn't wearing panties, then sat 
back down on his lap in a straddling position around his 
legs. Now her cleavage was at his nose level. With one easy 
ruffle of his hair and gentle push against the back of his 
head, she buried his face between her boobs.

He began rubbing his face against her tits with obvious 
enjoyment. She pulled a dress strap down, revealing her 
boobs cupped in a strapless bra. The geek pulled the other 
dress strap down as she rubbed her ass against his lap. He 
fumbled with her bra's catch, as she teased him, 
encouraging his efforts to unfasten her bra.  I could've done 
it in less than a second, but it was at least five seconds 
before he unsnapped her bra, pulled it away and dropped it 
on the floor. The geek began kissing her erect and taut 
nipple. She turned from side to side before she pulled her 
shoulders back, then repeated the motion as she rubbed 
both nipples against his hungry lips.

She pulled something out of her hair allowing the long 
golden mane to cascade down her shoulders and face; 
gently shaking her hair as she smiled. Her uplifted arms 
caused her magnificent breasts to jut prominently as his 
mouth sought her nipples.  After a few seconds of breast 
heaven, she pulled away from him as she stood up, and 
handed him a floppy disk saying something to him. He 
glanced at the floppy disk as he stared at her naked upper 

He rammed the disk into his PC, and quickly typed 
something on the keyboard. Now that he had complied with 
her request, she reached behind her back and pulled her 
zipper down. As she pushed the dress down with a sexy 
rocking motion of her hips, he pulled the floppy disk out of 
his PC and placed it on the desk as she stepped out of her 
dress. She wasn't wearing panties, just a garter and mid-
thigh hose. She walked seductively over to a couch where 
she sat down and patted the couch beside her in an 
inviting manner. He removed his tie and kicked his shoes 
off, removing his shirt as he walked to the couch. She 
smiled as she watched him strut across the floor.

I crawled over to another window where I could see better. 
When that I got there, he was undressed except for his 
socks and was sitting beside her. She leaned back against 
the sofa, said something to him and spread her legs, 
revealing a soft glimmer of pure golden pubic hair between 
her legs. He dropped to his knees on the floor in front of 
her, burying his head between her legs. For just a second, I 
could see a slight glistening pinkness of her pussy. Then 
his face was buried between her legs, blocking my view.

For over a minute, her head leaned back against the sofa 
as she used her fingertips on the back of his head to guide 
his passion. As she straightened her head, her face 
revealed her mutual passion. She pulled his head from 
between her legs, guiding him until his face was inches 
from her face. As she kissed him, she rubbed her boobs 
against his hairless chest. I was horny from watching this 
and felt my own hard cock straining against my trousers. 
She knew how to tease a man.

She rubbed a finger between her legs and rolled it around 
his face, letting his mouth follow her glistening finger, 
before she let his mouth catch her finger. Then she laughed 
and shoved his head back down between her legs for 
another muff dive.  She raised her legs around his 
shoulders, locking them around his ears. 

Being very familiar with that position, I knew that he 
couldn't breathe or hear anything with those creamy 
magnificent thighs wrapped around him like that. Then I 
saw why she had such a headlock on him. The door opened 
as the Senator slipped into the room. While she kept the 
geek busy by humping his face, she watched the Senator 
type on the keyboard; which copied something else to a 
floppy, now that his password was active.

She moaned something to the geek, helping to drown out 
the slight sounds as the Senator copied the files. When the 
Senator finished, he tiptoed out of the room, carrying his 
floppy disks of information.  After the door shut, she 
unwrapped her legs and let the geek breathe. His face was 
coated with her glistening pussy juice. 

She began fondling his small but hard dick. With a gentle 
tug, she pulled them both onto their feet, as she played 
with his cock, he cupped her tits with his hands. She led 
him over to a wall and put her back against the wall as she 
wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his 
neck, locking her heels around his back, as her boobs 
bounced just below his mouth. He jerked and humped 
until he got his cock inside her.  She was clutching him 
with her thighs, riding him, using the wall to brace them. 
Then she went crazy as she started humping him.

I could hear the sound of her thrashing. From the corner of 
my vision, I saw the lights go off in the adjacent room.  I 
also heard some car engines start up. The party was over 
and everyone else was leaving. At least for most of the 
attendees, it was over.

He used the wall to help support her as he humped her. 
For several minutes, they were in that standing position. I 
could tell that she was enjoying it as she had several 
obvious orgasms. After one intense orgasm, she guided him 
down onto the floor. He laid her down as she spread her 
legs wide for the standard missionary position. After just a 
few moments, he tensed as he exploded into her. He 
collapsed on top of her and just lay there. After a couple of 
moments, she eased him off and stood up. She walked 
naked to the desk and picked up her cigarettes. Her inside 
thighs were coated with cum, glistening against the hose. 
She lit a cigarette and sat down on his desk, not caring 
that she was leaking their mixed fuck fluids on the desk.

She stated something to him causing him to become upset. 
He started waving his arms and walking around the room. I 
wanted to laugh at him because he looked so funny, 
wearing only his socks as he gestured. She said something 
else and he shook his head no. She started playing with 
herself as she talked to him. He stared at her and shook 
his head.

Then the door opened and a naked Senator walked in. It 
surprised me to see a very large cock on such an old man. 
She suggested something and the Senator smiled at the 
geek. The geek shook his head to mean no again and stared 
angrily at the Senator's much larger cock. 

For about five minutes, they had an argument, but she was 
winning. She was playing with herself and coating her 
breasts with her pussy juice as she talked. The geek just 
kept staring at her and finally nodded his head in 
acceptance. She put her cigarette out and lay down on the 
rug. The geek walked over and kneeled down so that his 
knees were beside her ears and he was lightly sitting on her 
chest. This put his cock next to her mouth. She started 
sucking on his cock.

The Senator started stroking himself. Then he walked over 
and stood in front of the geek so that his cock was inches 
from the geek's face. I wanted to kick myself for not having 
a camera. This is the sort of picture that you need to see in 
Newsweek. It would clearly show what strange bedfellows, 
politics makes.

I eased closer to the window so I could better see what was 
going to happen next. I was watching them so intensely, 
that I didn't hear the security guards sneak up on me. One 
moment, I'm staring through the window. The next 
moment, my head is on fire and I'm losing conscious.

Chapter 7 - The inquisition

My head hurt. Everything hurt, but my head hurt the most. 
Just breathing was causing fireworks to explode inside my 
head. I slowly raised my head and focused my eyes to see 
Cathy's body, wearing a sweatsuit, across the room as she 
worked on a computer. I tried to move and discovered that I 
was tied to a desk.  She looked over at me and called out 
"John, he's awake."

The senator entered the room, wearing jeans and a casual 
shirt. He  sat down and asked "Ok, now tell us why you're 
so interested in my love life?"

I thought quickly and responded "I wanted to get an story 
and sell it to the Inquirer. But I left my camera at home."

She lit another cigarette as she sat down beside me "No 
good. Try again. How do you know Cathy Bell?"

"I used to work in a photography shop and she came in 
about a month ago to have some pictures made."

She blew smoke in my face and declared in a fake southern 
accent "You're lying."

"No, I'm not. I was following you because I wanted to try to 
make out with you."

The Senator picked up my suit jacket, pulling out the 
pictures of Cathy and Janet. As he showed me the pictures, 
I looked at Cathy's face which had an evil smirk on it.

Then she dictated to the Senator  "Play the video for him."

The Senator pressed a button on a remote turning a TV on. 
I saw a video of me, but I was sitting upright in a chair and 
talking. I heard Cathy's video voice ask "What else did Mr. 
Brown tell you?"

My taped voice responded in a flat monotone "That he 
believes her. That he thinks that somehow, her body was 
exchanged with Doctor Browning's body."

The Senator turned off the TV as Cathy's body continued 
"You spilled the complete beans under our drugs. We know 
your whole story and it's true. I stole her body."


"Although we are aliens, we are distantly related. Our 
people are dying and we need to expand our DNA pool. 
Jwark and I were sent here to obtain DNA samples and 
some experimental software. My real name is Laik, but you 
can call me Cathy. At least while I'm in this body. You saw 
us getting copies of the newest artificial intelligence 
software. You were almost too late, because our mission is 
almost over and we'll be going back home in about two 
weeks, when the solar conditions are right for our take-off."

"Give her back her body."

"Sorry. Can't do that. We're supposed to bring back a 
sample male and female body, along with our tissue 
samples. This will be the female body and one of the young, 
healthy guards will provide the male body. Your girlfriend 
will just have to spend the rest of her life in that body. It 
wasn't too bad a body because I lived in it for about three 
weeks until I had to switch to a body more suitable for our 
requirements. So many men and so little time, so I had to 
have a perfect body to open the doors that I needed to 

"What are you going to do to me?"

She looked at the Senator and suggested "John, it's time 
for your change." Then she turned to face me again "The 
Senator is no longer needed, but we need some muscle. 
When the guard comes in here, save your breath because 
he won't believe a word you say. He thinks that he saved 
the Senator from an assassin last night."

The Senator walked out of the room and returned with a 
smiling guard. They stood in front of me as the Senator 
announced "Greg, he confessed that he planned to kill me. 
When we turn him over to the FBI, your name will be on 
every headline."

I watched as the Senator squeezed the guard's neck. The 
guard grimaced as a look of pain replaced the smile and 
almost collapsed. He caught his balance as the Senator fell 
unconscious to the floor. Greg shook his head and smiled 
at Cathy's body as he proclaimed "Another successful 
hyper-body jump."

Then he and Cathy's body laughed as I stared at the 
Senator's unconscious body sprawled on the floor.


The Senator's body was dead. While he was passed out, 
they touched some device to him. I saw his breathing stop 
as his body died. The alien in Cathy's body sat down beside 
me and lit another cigarette as she acknowledged in her 
fake southern accent "We couldn't let him live. Especially 
when the guard knew whose body he wound up in and the 
Senator's face is so recognizable. So we did a mercy killing. 
We let your friend live because there was no way that she 
could identify her new body's previous identity."

"Where is the real Doctor Browning?"

"We copied her memory getting most of the technical 
knowledge that we needed, so we discarded her. Our mind 
lock made her forget her old life and remember a new life 
more suitable for her new body.  But our memory 
modification didn't work on her. She couldn't take the 
mental strain of winding up in a Mexican hooker's body, 
which was a better body than her body, so she freaked out. 
Everytime there is a body swap, there is increased sexual 
appetite. Even we are affected by the very high libido of our 
new bodies. But she became a little unbalanced. So we 
gave her a drug that made her very confused and she'll be 
that way for about six months. She's in a mental 

"Why did you take Cathy's body?"

"I was after another woman's body because we needed a 
sexy female body to open some doors for us, but the 
woman slept over at some guy's house so we missed her. I 
was trying to find her and saw Cathy. I only had to look at 
her once to know that she was perfect. So I changed our 
plans, and swapped bodies with her in the parking lot, 
knowing that I couldn't get her to go back to my hotel 
room. In the hotel, I would have modified her so that she'd 
been happy in her new body."

Jwark, who was now the guard, stared at me. I put two and 
two together to be four. They were telling me this because 
they were going to drug me also. Or kill me.

Laik declared "It's time. We need to get back to our project. 
This is a beautiful body which I'll take it back as our 
sample female body. Our next two tasks require male 
bodies, so I've got to find somewhere to store this body 
until it's time to go. I'm going to swap bodies with you and 
give you some new memories so that you feel more 
comfortable being female while you keep this body safe for 
me. We'll make sure that you have nice memories of being 
a normal female. I'm sure that you'll find that blondes do 
have more fun."

I couldn't move because of my restraints and could only 
watch as she touched my neck. Then I felt a shooting pain 
roar through me.


My lips were dry, my throat felt parched, my head hurt and 
my eyes burnt, as I woke up. I opened my eyes and stared 
at the ceiling through slightly blurred eyes. As the ceiling 
came into focus, I remembered where I was. I tried again to 
sit up, discovering that I was restrained. I turned my head 
to look around causing a lock of long golden blonde hair to 
fall across my face. I raised my head, as I looked down my 
naked body, immediately noticing that I had very obvious 
female breasts on my chest. I lifted my head higher to see 
neatly trimmed golden pubic hair between my legs. There 
was no cock. As I rested my head on the pillow, two images 
were flip flopping through my mind - the image of the 
golden pubic hair covering an obvious vagina and the red 
fingernail polish on my toenails.

I groaned "Oh, shit." and heard Cathy's soprano voice 
instead of my normal male baritone.

"I see that you're awake." proclaimed a voice that sounded 
like mine. Exactly like mine. As he leaned over me, I looked 
up to see my former face smiling at me.

"Call me Wayne now. You used to call me Cathy, but I'm 
going to start calling you Cathy now."

"Never." I asserted through clinched teeth.

"Ok, make it hard on yourself. But I was hoping that we 
could be friends. We have so much in common.  You might 
say that we both got into Cathy's Bell's drawers at least 
once." he laughed at his own joke.

I didn't laugh. He had stolen my body and imprisoned me 
into Cathy's real body. Was I doomed to spend the rest of 
Cathy's natural life, trapped in her female body, while she 
was in Doctor Browning's older body?

He leaned over me as he confessed "This is my lucky day. 
When I swapped bodies with you, I found that you have a 
BK-G chromosome. Your scientists won't know what that's 
for another fifty years until your equipment gets more 
sophisticated. Let it suffice to say that this chromosome is 
extremely rare and we need it for our planet. We were going 
to take the security guard back as our male sample, but 
now, we have to take your former body. Aren't you happy at 
our good news?"

Jwark stood beside me and stated softly "I'll find the spot."

He put his hand in my hair and I tried to jerk away but the 
restraints kept me from moving too much. Within seconds, 
he was holding my head and I felt a burning sensation as 
Laik attached something to my skull. Then he let go of my 
head. I shook my head, but whatever he put on my head 
remained attached.  I felt the burn subside until it no 
longer hurt.

Laik sat down beside me and lit another cigarettes. He 
stared at me for a few moments and then asked "I like to 
smoke.  I know that when I get back home, that they will 
auto-habit me so that I don't have a craving to smoke any 
more, but for now, I can't get enough of this wonderful 
burning weed.  What is your name?"

"I don't care what you do to me. I won't cooperate with your 
evil scheme. It won't work."

"What is your name?"

"I won't ....I won't tell you. I refuse to cooperate" I declared 
angrily ignoring his request to tell him my name. They can't 
break me. I felt very confident to resist his questioning.

"What is your name?"

"I refuse.... I won't tell... Wayne." I admitted, realizing that 
he knew it already. Wonder why he's smiling at me like 

"What is your name?"

"Wayne Houseman." I replied, feeling comfortable because 
he wouldn't get any secrets out of me with this stupid 
questioning. I felt an unfamiliar little jiggle as I changed 
position slightly.  I glanced down at the female boobs, 
noticing how erect the nipples were. Must be the cool 
breeze causing them to get aroused like that.

"What is your name?"

"Wayne. Wayne Houseman." I said with a firm deliberate 
tone, hearing the soprano tone of my new voice, as I barely 
moved again, enjoying the boobs jiggle feel from that slight 
motion. How do women tolerate that feeling all day? I would 
be walking around with a hard-on all the time, if that was a 
normal feeling.

"What is your name?"

"I told you. It's Wa... It's .... It's Donna. I'm Donna 
Jefferson." I replied in a firm feminine voice, confident that 
their torture wouldn't work on me. All I've got to do is 
concentrate on something simple. In the military, they 
taught us only to give our name, rank, and serial number. 
So I kept repeating to myself. Donna Jefferson, Donna 
Jefferson, Donna Jefferson. I smiled, knowing that their 
plan wouldn't work on me.

"I'm going to release your straps because I don't want to cut 
off your blood circulation." After he released my chest and 
arm strap, I shook my arms and felt my boobs jiggle again. 
I liked that feel. It made me feel so feminine and sexy.

"What is your name?"

"Donna Jefferson." I confessed feeling slightly confused as 
to why he wanted to know, as I smiled at the cute older 
man that was smoking the cigarette. He looked familiar for 
some reason. Wish I could remember what his name was or 
where I know him from. He was kinda cute, even if he was 
a middle aged man. As I stared at him, I felt a strong desire 
to let him suck on my boobies. I focused on his mouth and 
imagined what it would be like to let him wrap those 
luscious lips around my sensitive nipples.

A faint smile appeared on his cute lips as he asked "Where 
do you live, Donna?"

"New... I mean Atlantic City. I work as an lifeguard on the 
beach." I smiled at him as I relaxed against my pillow. I felt 
so comfortable and mellow.

The nice man smiled at me as he put out the cigarette and 
advised me "Now that we are communicating with a mind 
lock between us, the rest of this won't take too long. I won't 
have time to teach you everything, but this procedure will 
give you methods to assimilate knowledge and memories so 
that you will feel very normal. Tell me about your life, 
Donna? How did an attractive girl like you, get a job as a 

I bit my tongue because I knew that he was trying to trick 
me and to learn my secrets. But I was no fool and he 
couldn't push me around. I had to pass a very rigorous test 
to get my job. Not just anybody can be a lifeguard. I smiled 
as I remembered what I looked like with my lifeguard 
bathing suit on. Wish it was my bikini so it would show off 
my feminine curves more, but a summer job is a summer 
Chapter 8 - The beach


I was sitting in my lifeguard chair, twirling the whistle 
chain on my finger, being careful to keep from damaging 
my fingernail polish as I stared out at the ocean, and 
enjoying the beautiful day. The warm sun felt good but I 
had to protect my fair skin. I reviewed my assigned beach 
section, satisfied that everything was ok.  I jumped off the 
chair, walked around to the back of my stand, and found 
my suntan lotion bottle. I only needed to rub it on my arms 
and legs and face because my lifeguard bathing suit 
covered my mid-body. As I was rubbing the lotion on my 
legs, I jerked slightly as the lotion burned. I shaved my legs 
that morning with a new blade and had a little razor rash 
on my shin. It was my first morning at work and I wanted 
to look sharp. I had driven down from New York City last 
night to make sure that I was on time for my new job first 

"Hi, Donna. Want me to put some lotion on your chest?"

I turned to see a surfer bum who had wandered over this 
morning and had been constantly hitting on me. I smiled 
and responded in my most seductive soprano voice "Go 
ahead and just dream about it because you'll never, never 
get the opportunity. You aren't my type."

He grabbed the leg of my lifeguard chair and lightly spun 
around as he teasingly asked "And what is your type? Tell 
me about your boyfriend."

I smiled as his memory invoked strong memories of my two 
favorite men "I've got two boyfriends right now. Both are 
extremely good looking. I expect that I'll have competition 
from them when I see them next weekend, when they come 
down here. Greg is a young, husky security guard with a 
body that can go all night. But my best sweetie, is a older 
man who really knows how to treat a woman right. Wayne 
is a computer manager."

"A menage a trois relationships? You could let me join your 
male harem."

I ignored him as I put some chapstick on my lips, glancing 
at my face in the mirror to make sure that I had protected 
my face with the sunblock. Staring back at me from the 
mirror was the attractive feminine face with high 
cheekbones and long golden hair that I had seen all of my 
life. My hair was brushed back and collected into an easy 
manageable ponytail. Good thing, that I've got an attractive 
face and can get by without having to wear make-up, 
because this wind and water were hell on make-up.

I looked at the horny little pest and commanded "Get lost. 
I've got work to do."

As I climbed back up on my lifeguard perch, he wolf 
whistled at me, but I ignored him. I know that I'm young, 
beautiful, and very sexy looking, but I don't put out for just 
anyone. I know that I can have any man on this beach, just 
be snapping my finger. Or just by unsnapping my bikini 
top. I'm built and know it. I could be a model if I wanted to, 
but I just want to relax and enjoy the sun. Maybe this fall, 
I'll consider doing some modeling to see if I like that career.

I adjusted my cleavage because the suit was a little tight. 
The damn thing squeezed my boobs higher so that they felt 
a little uncomfortable. I've got to find a suit that fits me 
better.  The official bathing suit was designed to fit the 
average woman, but my boobs were larger than the average 
woman's boobs. 

I crossed my legs and leaned back in my chair, smelling the 
wonderful salt air; enjoying my decision to take a summer 
outdoor job. I don't see how Wayne can sit in an office all 
day. My other boyfriend, Greg, is a security guard. I 
couldn't do either job because I'm too much of a nomad, 
enjoying living the free and easy life. People might think it 
strange that I've got two boyfriends, but I've got a very 
active libido. I like sex. Oh god, do I like sex! So I've got two 
steady boyfriends to keep me satisfied. 

I saw someone out too far in the ocean, so I stood up on my 
stand and waved as I blew my whistle to get his attention. I 
stretched my arms high, causing my breasts to strain 
against the tight bathing suit. A middle-aged man walks by 
and snaps several pictures of me as I'm waving. I saw him 
out of the corner of my eye but ignored him. The swimmer 
caught a wave in and I relaxed. Yep, being a lifeguard isn't 
an easy job. Especially if you're female.


"Yes, Detective Watkins, this is Mr. Brown. What did you 

The detective adjusted the telephone as he removed the 
cigar from his mouth and replied "I had a visit with 
Houseman. Something about him doesn't seem kosher. He 
called me the other night, when I was with my girlfriend 
and my beeper was in the living room. My recorder said 
that he had found her, but when I questioned him later, he 
didn't remember the call.  Where I trusted him before, I 
don't trust him now for some unknown reason. Do you 
know what I mean?"

"I agree. We want to watch him, without him being aware of 
it. If we can have one body swapping, then it is possible to 
have another."

"So you think that Miss Doe's tale, is true now?"

There was a long pause before the investigator interjected 
"Something happened to her. We are convinced that she 
has been telling the truth. We took her off the drugs so that 
she can return to normal again. I was going to let her go, to 
see what happens to her next."

"She will return to Houseman's apartment. They were very 
hot and heavy. It might be what is needed for this new 
Houseman to make a mistake."

"I agree. We'll return her to his house. Both of them will 
have several teams watching them. Keep your men out of 
the way."

"I see. Well, thanks for the warning. Have a good day."

The detective hung up the phone and leaned back in his 
chair. He had visited Houseman earlier in the day, trying to 
find out what happened after that cryptic message. 
Houseman had lied to him.


I checked myself in the mirror. I had on a long, flowing 
skirt, a simple pull-over top, and sandals. My only jewelry 
was a simple ring and a necklace. My hair was brushed 
back into a simple over-the-shoulder style. I looked at my 
make-up case and ignored it. While I'm here at the beach, 
all I need is a little lipstick. I had never cared for much 
make-up and really didn't know how to apply it properly, so 
I didn't miss it. I put my lipstick in a purse. I knew that I 
couldn't go into a bar because I looked too young and the 
bartenders need identification. My billfold and 
identification were stolen last week. I only had the beach 
lifeguard ID card issued to me this morning. It was only 
good to get a discount at some of the beach restaurants, 
but couldn't be used for drinking beer. I could use a nice 
relaxing beer. I ran my hands through my hair to fluff it a 
little more. With the ocean breeze, it would soon be 
windblown. I looked around at my small apartment and 
didn't see anything that I needed before I left.

I walked to the boardwalk, enjoying the feel of the wind 
blowing the skirt around my legs. I cruised down the 
boardwalk, listening to the sound of the waves crashing on 
the shore, smelling the wonderful salt water smell. My hair 
was a mess now but everyone around me had the same 
tousled look. I leaned against the deck and watched the 
couples walking in the shoreline, holding hands. I wished 
Greg or Wayne were here. I miss them.

"So how was your first day on the job?"

I turned to see a golden hunk, wearing shorts, a loose T-
shirt and sandals, recognizing him as one of the lifeguard 
captains. The T-shirt revealed his muscular and wide chest. 
He flashed a beautiful white smile at me. I smiled back and 
replied "I really enjoyed it."

He leaned against the deck and placed one of his legs on 
the railing, showing off his thick muscular thighs. For just 
a moment, I felt a tight tension in my chest as if my boobs 
were getting larger. He held out his hand and exclaimed 
"My name is Gary. Can I buy you a beer?"



Mr. Brown knocked on the door. After a couple of minutes, 
Houseman opened it. As soon as the door opened, Cathy 
rushed in and hugged him. For just a moment, there was 
confusion on Houseman's face, then he smiled.

"We couldn't keep her any longer so she wanted to be 
returned here. That's all right, isn't it?" asked Mr. Brown.

Houseman looked at the woman and smiled as he replied 
in a phony southern accent "It will work for me. Would you 
like to come in for a cup of coffee?"


Another beautiful day at the beach. As I put out my 
lifeguard equipment, I felt some twinges of pain shoot 
through my tender body. My chest was sore from the 
nibbling and Gary's rough face. I would have to teach him 
how to shave properly before we made love again.

My legs were also sore, from all of the spreading and Gary's 
pounding last night. I was lucky, because there were no 
bruises on my inner thighs. With my fair skin, the bruises 
would be obvious. I smiled as I remembered that I wanted 
to get him in bed as much as he wanted me. There was an 
awkward moment when things felt inauspicious, but I just 
relaxed and let nature direct me. Then everything felt so 

Even when I sucked his cock.

I smiled again, knowing that it would be a long day to wear 
this tight bathing suit. My nipples were very sensitive 


"Is it me?" she asked, with a tear in her eye.

Houseman was propped up against the bed headboard as 
he smoked his cigarette. He smiled at the woman in bed 
with him. She continued "I don't remember what they did 
to me in the hospital, but it doesn't feel right being in bed 
with you. We made love twice last night and it wasn't the 

"Yes, it was. You've been through a very difficult situation 
and just need to relax."

She laid her head on his belly and softly replied "I'll try. I 
want this to work for us."


There was a knock on the door. I opened it to see Gary 
standing there, with a bag of burgers and a beer six pack. 
He had a big smile on his face and an evident hard cock 
sticking out in his shorts. With one hand, I took the beer 
from him. With the other hand, I guided him into my small 
apartment using his cock as a pull-toy.
Chapter 9 - Daily routine


"Please don't go to work today, Wayne." she requested 
through puffy eyes. She had been awake most of the night 
and had kept him awake. If they weren't fucking, she was 
talking and sometimes crying.

"Listen. I've got things to do. I can't stay here and fuck all 
day." he called out loudly.

"We've changed. It's not the same." she cried in a sobbing 

Through clinched teeth, he replied "Then I know what 
needs to be done. I promise that tonight will be different."


I slowly pushed the heavy arm off of my boobs. Gary was a 
sound sleeper and was sprawled across the bed, and curled 
up against me. I crawled out of the bed and went to the 
bathroom. When it's time to pee, I've got to go. I can't hold 
it like men can.

I sat on the commode and felt the warm water rush out of 
me. I wiped myself dry and flushed the commode. I was still 
pissed because when I walked into the bathroom, still half 
asleep, the seat was up. I almost fell in as I sat down, 
catching myself on the cold porcelain commode. I'll have to 
teach Gary what to do after he pees. Why can't men have 
the common sense to put the seat back down?

I climbed in the shower and let the warm water rinse away 
my sweat and dried fuck juice. We had made love three 
different times during the night and then Gary was too 
tired to go home, so he slept over.

I felt tired this morning. It was hard to move or get myself 
motivated, but I knew that I had to get ready for work. I 
might have to save someone's life and damn sure had to be 
ready. I pulled on my bathing suit, pissed at my 
procrastination in getting a larger size. It was still the same 
damn suit and it was much too tight on my top now. All 
that damn sucking on my boobies must be making them 
grow because the suit is a lot tighter than it was two days 

I brushed my hair into my normal ponytail and applied 
lipstick, as I finished getting myself ready for work. Then I 
woke up sleeping beauty. He glanced at the time and jerked 
on his shorts, pausing long enough to kiss me before he 
ran out the door. I grabbed my purse and walked to work, 
taking my time although I was running late. I felt sore and 
tired, without a bit of energy. I felt almost lethargic. 

Swimmers were already on the beach as I opened up my 
stand, pulled out my lifeguard equipment and crawled up 
on my perch. If I was lucky, I wouldn't move from my stand 
all day. After what seemed like eternity, I looked at my 
watch, pissed to see that I had only been sitting there for 
less than two hours. I'd fidgeted all morning as I tried to get 
comfortable, but nothing worked. As I adjusted my seat 
cushion for the millionth time, I groaned as the motion 
caused my sensitive boobs to hurt. My nipples feel pinched. 
I had to quickly do something about that bathing suit 
because it was too fucking tight on my chest. If it hurt that 
much tomorrow, then I was going topless. Fuck my bosses 
if they didn't like it. I felt like kicking someone's ass. I wish 
that punk kid that been hanging around me, was here now. 
I'm just bitchy enough to punch him out.

I looked down at my red regulation bathing suit observing a 
dark stain on my suit between my legs. I looked around to 
see if anyone was looking before I touched myself. One look 
at the trace of red liquid on my finger, and I knew that it 
was blood. It's my fucking period and I don't have any 
tampax. No wonder that I felt so tired and ached all over. I 
used the lifeguard phone to call the next station, telling 
them that I was going to take a break. I climbed down from 
my perch, grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my 
waist as if it were a skirt to hide my accident. Then I 
snatched my purse and sandals as I headed off the beach.

I rushed to the bathroom without trying to make it looked 
hurried, and searched the women's bathroom, looking for 
that coin dispensed mechanical depository for female 
salvation. I found it, but the fucking machine was empty. I 
resisted the impulse to kick it only because I didn't want to 
raise my leg that high.

The only thing that I felt like doing, was to go home and lie 
down. I put a damn artificial smiles on my face, as I tried to 
look normal; then I sauntered across the street. I didn't 
realize how bad I felt, until I started moving. I found a store 
that was a mixture of souvenir stand and drugstore. 
Finding the box of tampax was easy, but my mind went 
blank when I noticed that the boxes contained different 
sizes of tampaxes. What fucking size did I need?  And why 
didn't I remember what size?  This wasn't my first bloody 
menstruation period.

I picked up an overpriced box of regular tampax, hoping 
that it was the correct size then stood in the checkout line 
holding the box, trying to be very nonchalant, waiting for 
the cashier to ring me out. Two pukey ass teenage boys 
behind me were snickering as they tried to see what size 
tampax I was buying. The clerk took his time ringing me 
up, trying to hit on me for my phone number, but all I 
wanted to do was to get out of there. I gave him one of 
those "maybe later" smiles as I ignored his requests for my 
phone number.

I walked back across the street, finding an empty restroom 
stall, where I pulled down my bathing suit, noticing that 
the inner liner was coated with blood. It had leaked 
through the material so that the bright red color had a 
dark stained area right between my legs. I couldn't wear it 
with all that crud in it, so I removed it, smearing a little 
blood on my thighs as I undressed. I hung it gingerly on the 
coat hook, as I wished that I had something else to wear. 
Thank god, it was a red suit and not a white suit.

I squatted on the commode and opened the box of tampax, 
gingerly puling one of the packages out and hesitating as I 
stared at it. For a moment, I feel a wave of confusion as if 
I've never done this common female sanitary practice 
before. As I bit my lip in frustration trying to remember 
how to correctly insert the damn thing, I saw the 
instructions inside the box. One look at a diagram 
refreshed my memory so that I remembered how to do this. 
Or did I? Why did I feel as if I've never done this before? 
Glancing at the diagrams, I saw how it worked and quickly 
discarded the wrapper. I slid the applicator in place and 
pushed the plunger, feeling the cotton forced between my 
vagina lips. Then the wad of cotton slipped into place inside 
me. I stood up to see how it felt. I looked at my legs, 
frowning as I saw the trace of blood and the string hanging 
down between my legs. It'll never do to let that tell-tale 
fucking string hang out of my bathing suit. I didn't want to 
push it too far up or I'll have to probe for it later. I definitely 
didn't want to do that. Having a period was so messy and 
made me feel unclean.

I wrapped the towel back around my waist and stepped out 
of the stall, looking around, making sure that I was alone. I 
started rinsing it in the sink, trying to get the blood stain 
out as I began feeling the cramps strongly. A woman 
walked in, observed what I was doing and calmly remarked 
"I had to do the same thing last week. Only I was at work 
and had to walk around with wet panties for awhile. I don't 
like to look at myself in a mirror because I get so bloated 
with my water retention. Men don't know how lucky they 
are, to be able to avoid the curse."

I nodded at her, feeling a little shared sisterhood and kept 
rinsing. I was embarrassed to be standing topless in a 
bathroom, rinsing blood out of my swimsuit.

When I was finished cleaning my swimsuit, I put the wet 
suit back on, making damn sure that my string was hid.  I 
didn't want that tell-tale thing revealing to anyone that I 
was going through my menstruation. I placed a couple of 
tampaxes into my purse so I could get to them, and 
wrapped my towel around the rest of the tampaxes to hide 
them. I walked gingerly back to my station, stored my 
tampaxes where the kids wouldn't see them and climbed 
back up on my perch.

I called my next station to let him know that I was back. He 
fussed at me because he thought I was gone too long. So I 
hung up on him. If he only knew how bad I felt, he wouldn't 
treat me that way. I knew that a man wouldn't sit up here if 
he felt as bad as I felt. Men like to stay away when this red 
tide was flowing. If Gary had known how close my period 
was last night, he wouldn't have enjoyed eating my pussy 
as much.

I realized that my boobs were swollen because of my period 
as I start getting some serious cramps. As I stared at the 
swimmers, I knew it was going to be a long, fucking 
,bitching day. A red letter day to mark on my calendar.


The doorbell rang and Houseman answered it. As the 
young muscular man stepped into the apartment, 
Houseman announced "Honey, this is my friend Greg."

The young man walked into the apartment and put down 
the briefcase that he was carrying. Cathy tried to smile but 
found it difficult to smile. Something didn't seem right 
tonight and she was beginning to feel a little scared for 
some unknown reason.


Across the city, a cellular phone beeped. Several of the 
restaurant customers checked to see if it was their phone.  
At a table in a corner, the man smiled at his wife and kids.  
He answered the phone simply "Brown."

The voice on the phone said "You need to come down to 
listen to the tapes of what occurred tonight in the 
apartment. We have three of them to watch now."


I called Gary and canceled our date for tonight. I felt very 
bitchy, miserable and didn't feel like company.  Especially 
company that was interested in sex. I knew that I could 
smile and pretend that I was normal, but I sure didn't feel 
normal. I curled up on the bed and used my pillows to 
make myself comfortable. I found that if I curled up and 
positioned the pillows, I could get a little ease. As I lay 
there, feeling sorry for myself, I wondered if this was my 
worst ever period. It had to be. I didn't remember any 
period as worse as this one. The more I thought about it, I 
didn't remember ever having a period before. Why didn't I 
remember going through this misery and discomfort? This 
was something that you can't forget.


"Oh, god. That was the best sex that I ever had. I love you, 
Wayne." she declared as she wrapped her arms around the 
man in bed with her.

He smiled as he replied softly "I told you that you were 
imagining things. Don't you feel better now?"

She curled closer to him as she wondered why she had ever 
thought those confusing thoughts. This was Wayne lying in 
bed with her; the man that she loved. The man that she 
would do anything that he asked.

She rolled over and lay curled up in his arm, enjoying the 
sensual feel of the body heat still radiating from his body. 
For several minutes, they lay there, just enjoying being 
naked in each other's arms. She was pulled from her 
reverie by a probing finger that found her clitoris. She 
twisted around and kissed him.

The bathroom door opened as Greg walked back into the 
bedroom. She watched as he brushed his hair after his 
shower. She had shown them that she could handle two 
cocks at once. Even one as large as Greg's cock. 


"She physically resisted at first but they did something to 
her. We could hear a little struggle and her ragged 
breathing as she fought them. Then her breathing quickly 
settled down and she calmed down. Don't know what they 
injected into her, but it took effect in less than a minute. 
Their first series of commands was for her to forget about 
them giving her the drug and their struggle. Then they 
quickly switched into a rapid series of positive commands 
to her."

"Sounds like they are using a combination of drugs and 
hypnotic therapy. What other commands did they give 
her?" Brown asked the crew sitting around the table.

"It was a quick, standard re-enforcement of the love, honor 
and obey commands. She won't have any reason to doubt 
him now. After they converted her, they had her fuck both 
of them at the same time. Listening to her before her 
conversion and after the conversion, it sounded almost like 
two separate women. You could tell that she was a little 
scared at first and then she became very calm and obedient 
to their commands."

"I see. Opinions?"

One of the investigators put in "We can't trust her anymore 
and have to treat her as if she was one of them. It is very 
definite that Houseman has been converted into their slave 
or has gone through their swap process."

"I agree. What has he been doing since we put the tail on 

"He's still not going to work. He been going to medical 
supply stores and buying equipment, using the excuse that 
he is an office manager for a new doctor."

"What's he doing with his purchases?"

"Shipping them to an empty storefront building down at the 

"Put some security on the storage. What about the 

"He's being doing the same thing. Between the two of them, 
they have purchased enough equipment to set up a small 
research facility. The equipment and supplies that they are 
getting, are consistent with what you would expect to find 
in a DNA lab."

"Sounds as if we have our two men. And we have a tape of 
them conscripting a volunteer. What do you think they did 
with the real Houseman and bodyguard?"

One of the investigators opened his briefcase and pulled 
out a tabloid. He turned to a page and placed it in front of 
Brown as he confessed "I don't usually read this trash, 
which I found on the subway. When I saw this picture, I 
took the liberty of doing a trace on the photographer."

Brown saw the typical exploitation tabloid picture of a sexy, 
scantily clad woman. This woman was standing on a 
lifeguard's platform and waving at someone. Her out-thrust 
breasts looked mighty large from the photographer's angle. 
He stared at the picture for several seconds before looking 
at the woman's face.  

Chapter 10 - The weekend


I was sitting on my lifeguard perch, watching the crowded 
beach. It was my first weekend assignment and the beach 
was crowded with all the weekend tourists. My work 
schedule was very weird but I didn't mind because I didn't 
have anything else to do or any place to go.

I was feeling a lot better. I still had a very mild flow, but the 
cramps were almost gone and were so minor that they 
didn't bother me. As the cramps eased, my smiling 
personality returned so I felt like my old self. With a quick 
douche tonight, I could clean myself up so that Gary 
wouldn't see a thing. 

When Gary showed up uninvited, the first night of my 
period, I wanted to kick his ass for general principles, but 
at the same time, I wanted to fuck his brains out. I told him 
what was going on and he understood. He curled up in bed 
beside me and we talked. It's nice to have a relationship 
that doesn't depend on just sex. I enjoyed lying in bed with 
him, with his arms around me, feeling his cock lying along 
the deep crease of my buttocks, enjoying the feel of 
pressing my ass deeper into his crotch as he caressed my 
boobs. Even though I was menstruating, I still wanted to 
make love to him. He declined, which I expected, but he 
allowed me to blow him.

The following night, he took me to a party. I didn't feel too 
outgoing because of the cramps, but wanted to get out, 
hoping it would make me feel better. It was a small party at 
one of the other life-guard places and I met a lot of my co-

As I looked around the beach, I saw a familiar face. Nice 
man and his family, that have been here since Thursday 
morning. The husband is real friendly and the wife doesn't 
object to the time that he spends with me. Most men try to 
pick me up but he doesn't seem interested in sex with me; 
which I like. I need to have some friends that I can talk to 
and feel comfortable around. The husband looks familiar to 
me, but I don't know why. I like both of them and have 
spent a lot of time talking to them. Their last name is 

I met them when they rented the place next to me. They 
had Gary and me over for supper last night. As we sipped 
our wine sitting around their dinner table, I felt very 
comfortable, talking to them. It felt uncomfortable to be in 
a strange town and not know anyone. Being with them 
made me feel more at ease. I'd been a little uptight recently, 
which I attributed to my period and the new job in a new 


"I'm calling from an unsecured payphone. Give me the 

"Yes sir. Client one and client two broke into a chemical 
supply store last night. We observed them and what they 
stole. Review of the missing items indicates that the 
chemicals are scarce, but their ultimate purpose is 
unknown. They made it look like some vandals."

"What about the woman?"

"She's turned into a happy, horny  housewife. She only 
leaves the house to go grocery shopping. Nothing unusual 
except her active and frequent participation in sex. She 
likes to fuck, fuck, and fuck whenever either of the men are 
home. I hear them grunting and groaning over the sound of 
the music almost constantly. She did it at least four times 
today with Houseman. Both of them are just like rabbits."

"They probably expect us to be watching her, so they don't 
want to get her too involved. Brown, out."


I gazed around the large room, looking at the men staring 
back at me. I didn't know what was going on or why I was 
here. I finished my Saturday shift and left the boardwalk, 
when one of them flashed a police badge at me and eased 
me into an unmarked car.  They drove me to a non-descript 
building out near the airport and escorted me into this 
room.  When I walked in and saw that there were six men 
and a bed, I felt very nervous about why they had brought 
me here.  I ain't dumb and knew a rape when I saw one.

The only door into the room opened and I recognized my 
host from the previous night. As Mr. Brown sat down 
across from me, I realized that he was one of them, causing 
a moment of panic.

"Donna, we don't have much time and have a lot of work. 
We need to put you through a de-briefing session so that 
you can be back to work in the morning, without arousing 

For the next five minutes, he told the most fantastic story.  
I couldn't believe what he was telling me. That I had been 
kidnapped by aliens and brainwashed. That I was really a 
man. They showed pictures of someone that looked exactly 
like me; but it wasn't me because I didn't remember letting 
anyone take those pictures of me.  If I hadn't been in a 
room full of undercover police, I would have considered it to 
be a hoax.

Then he explained that they wanted to inject drugs into me 
and hypnotize me to help me remember who I really was. 
They didn't believe me when I told them that I was only 
Donna Jefferson and declined their treatment. Although I 
strongly objected and loudly requested to see my lawyer, 
they ignored my rights.  They forced me on the bed and 
injected something into my arm. I was cursing them. I 
knew that my lawyer would sue them for everything once I 
got out of there.  And especially that god damn Brown who 
I thought was my friend.


"Cathy, come here." he directed as he leaned back in the 
overstuffed recliner, pulling the ever present ashtray closer.

"Ok, Wayne." she accepted with a big smile on her face.

"Honey, I want you to go to a party with me tonight. There 
will be a metallurgist there that I want you to go home with 
tonight. Do whatever it takes to get inside his house 
tonight. After you get into his house, I want you to disable 
his security system before you get in bed with him. Will you 
do that for me?"

Her face lit up in a big smile as she acknowledged her 
acceptance. She would do anything for the man that she 
loved. She was very happy living here with him. She 
kneeled beside the easy chair and rubbed her hand over 
his crotch, smiling as she felt it react to her finger's gentle 
touch. As she unzipped the trousers, she felt a very strong 
wave of desire to suck her man's cock.


I had a splitting headache and was very nauseous. As I 
leaned over the commode and dry heaved again, a long lock 
of blonde hair trailed down into the puke water. I pulled it 
back and held onto it as the last wave of sickness slacked 
off. I rolled over and leaned against the bathroom wall. My 
body was sweaty, I smelled like puke and I was extremely 
confused. Standing in the bathroom, watching me puke my 
guts out, was Brown.

"How are you feeling?"

"I want to die." I responded, knowing that was exactly how I 
felt that moment.

"Sorry but we had to use some very strong stuff on you. We 
didn't have the time to let you build a tolerance to it. Are 
you ready to talk now?"

"Yes." I mumbled as he helped me to my feet. I walked very 
shakily back into the outer room and lay down on the bed.  
The same bed that I had been forced down on, only a 
couple of short hours before.

"What happened to me?" I asked, as a chill roared through 
me upon hearing my female soprano voice.

"You were brainwashed into thinking that you're a woman 
named Donna and you think that Houseman is your 
boyfriend. They wanted to get you out of the way for a 
while, so they created a phony identity for you.  They built 
a highly feminine new personality for you, which 
unfortunately is much stronger than your old normal male 
personality.  While we can restore your old memories, we 
can't get rid of the new memories or your new personality.  
It looks like you're going to have the Donna Jefferson 
personality for the rest of your life.  Your Wayne Houseman 
memories will be like an old dream that you remember and 
which will eventually merge with your Donna memories.  
You can remember the old male memories, but you will 
know and feel like you're really Donna."

I looked down at my exposed cleavage and my lifeguard 
bathing suit, knowing that he had told the truth about my 
body exchange and memory modification.

"What's the last thing that you remembered before they 
turned you loose to go to the beach?"

"They swapped bodies with me and tied me to a bed. Then 
they started asking the same question over and over. I 
didn't cooperate with them and resisted them.  That's all I 

He handed me a glass of water and a pill "This will make 
your stomach feel a little better. We injected you with a 
hypnotic drug and forced you to remember your old 
identity. Once you recalled your life as Wayne, you started 
snapping out of it. The only thing that they did to your 
mind after creating the phony identity, was to set up a 
requirement for you to do whatever Wayne's or Greg's 
commanded you to do.  We will need more time to remove 
that compulsion, but at least you know about it.  If they 
command you to do something, do it as if it was something 
that you really wanted to do."

"What are we going to do?" I asked.

"It's almost morning. We worked all night to restore your 
memory. Hate to do this to you, but you need to report 
back to your lifeguard duty. We want you to go back to the 
life that they created for you and to still pretend to be 
Donna. We are hoping that they will contact you and try to 
use you, thinking that you're still under their mental 
control. We want you to play along until we discover where 
their space ship is."


She was awake and listening to the naked man lying in bed 
beside her snore. It had been so easy to pick him up and to 
get him to take her to his home. After he fell asleep, she 
had sneaked downstairs and turned off the security 
system, using the codes that she memorized when he 
opened the door for them. She poured a glass of milk and 
carried it upstairs so she could use it as an excuse if he 
wanted to know why she had left his bed. 

As she walked up the stairs, she saw Greg enter the house 
now that the alarm was turned off. She smiled and blew a 
kiss at him, wishing it was him that she was in bed with. 
He had a nice large cock and really knew how to use it, 
unlike the egotistical bastard sleeping upstairs. But he 
visited their apartment on such a frequent basis now, that 
she could make love to him anytime that she desired.



I was late getting to work because I had to shower. I also 
swallowed a bottle of mouthwash to get rid of my mouth's 
pukey taste. As I sat up on my perch, looking out at the 
beach but not really seeing anything, my mind was leap 
frogging through so many confusing thoughts. Although 
they freed my Wayne memory, they couldn't remove the 
phony Donna memories. While I knew that everything 
about Donna never occurred, it was very difficult to believe 
because it all felt so real. So my mental state was 
discombobulated. I was two people in one body. Two trains 
of thoughts. Two memories of very real lives. My woman's 
memories were comfortable with being in a female body. 
The man's memory was uncomfortable with being in a 
female body.  The woman's memory and personality were 
stronger than my male identity.

Where the jiggle of my boobs had felt very natural before, 
now I felt embarrassed as they freely bounced with the 
slightest movement. I knew that men were staring at me as 
they undressed me with their eyes. There were so many 
other ways where I felt very different, that I didn't know 
where to start identifying the differences. Even simple 
breathing caused a jiggle and stretch of the swimsuit 
material, reminding me of the change. And walking felt 
different because I've got a different balance and walk 
pattern now. It also felt funny to be smaller and to have 
long hair hanging down on my shoulders and blowing in 
my face.

I groaned as I wondered how I could face Gary again. 
According to Brown's plan, I'm supposed to pretend that 
I'm still one hundred percent Donna, which includes being 
Gary's girlfriend. That means that I've got to let Gary fuck 
me. When I voiced my reservations about letting him into 
my bed, Brown told me that the body exchange increased 
sexual libido.  He rationalized that when my hormones 
kicked in from sexual stimulation, that my female reactions 
would feel more natural. I didn't know if I could do it. Just 
thinking about kissing a man turned me off, much less 
sucking a man's cock. I remembered what I did with Gary 
when I was only Donna, but now that I was thinking as a 
mixture of Wayne and Donna, I felt revulsion to doing that 
to a man. 

I took a big sip of my coffee, wanting the caffeine to kick in. 
I looked around the beach, seeing at least five different 
people that I recognized to be part of Brown's team. I knew 
that there were more people watching me that I didn't know 
by sight.


Houseman was walking down the street, smoking a 
cigarette. He stopped at a payphone and dialed a 
memorized number. When the other person answered, he 
announced "Laik. We have completed our assignment, even 
will all the federal spies watching us. Your plan to let them 
follow us around, worked. They are so busy letting us do 
whatever we want to, that we don't have to worry about 
them stopping us. I've got one more task to do, but I know 
how to shake them for that six hours. Rendezvous at the 
beach on Thursday with liftoff on Friday morning."

Chapter 11 - The visits

I was wearing a thong bikini that I had found in my 
suitcase. There was a knock on the door. I opened it to see 
Gary standing there, with a bag of burgers and a six pack 
of beer. He had a big smile on his face and a very evident 
hard cock sticking out in his shorts. I had a quick deja vu 
flash and felt tense as I took the beer from him and he 
waited for me to fondle his obvious hard cock. I turned 
around, opening the bag as I came up with what I hoped 
would be my most convincing statement "I've got a sinus 
headache tonight."

He followed me into the kitchen and stood behind me 
putting his arms around me, whispering in my ear, letting 
his warm breath tickle my neck; as he let his hands roam 
over my stomach. "I've missed you. I sat on my stand all 
day with a very hard cock, thinking about your nice pussy. 
Let's go into your bedroom and fuck. We both want it, don't 

It was a command, not a question, as he suggestively 
rubbed his cock against my ass. While the thought of his 
cock touching me was revolting to my male memory, the 
touch of his body stirred something with my female body. 
As soon as he touched me, my tense feeling disappeared, 
replaced by a new strange feeling coursing through my 
body. His hands were cupping my breasts, and his hard 
cock rubbing against my ass as he whispered in my ear. 
"You want it just as bad as I do. You like it when I play 
with your pussy. I can make your pussy feel so good. I'll 
use my tongue to get your pussy all wet and juicy. Then I'll 
use my tongue to find your clit as my finger slides into your 
fuckhole, slowly stretching it, getting it ready for my cock."

A strong sexual urge took control, directing my body to 
press back against his body, thrusting my ass against his 
cock. It was almost as if I was hypnotized, the way that my 
body was reacting to his gentle touches and suggestive 
whispers. I didn't resist as he untied my top, letting it fall, 
as  I turned around to face him,  rubbing my soft 
mammary mounds against his large, muscular chest. I 
stood on my tiptoes as our lips kissed, feeling a 
tremendous sexual desire for him. 


Watkins approached the apartment with photographs of 
the dead Senator Walker. He had been asked by another 
police organization to show the pictures to Browning/Doe 
to see if she recognized the dead man. The other 
organization didn't know that she wasn't the real Doctor, 
and he was the assigned detective on the case. He called 
Brown and Brown didn't think this would cause any 
problems. The agents were listening to their bugs and 
would be able to react to anything that occurred.  They 
were close by in an apartment in the same building on a 
lower floor.

The apartment door  was opened by Janice Browning. She 
clearly didn't have a bra on underneath the silky set of 
pajamas, which showed her long nipples.  Her tousled hair 
had a 'just getting out of bed' look and her neck looked as if 
someone had recently been sucking on her neck.  She 
smiled at the detective. "Come in. Wayne is just getting into 
the shower and will join us in a few minutes. We slept in 
this morning and I'm fixing us some breakfast.  Would you 
like a cup of coffee?"


Less than ten minutes ago, Gary entered my bedroom. Now 
I'm undressed, lying on my bed and he's stroking my twat, 
causing me to get extremely aroused. I lost all of my initial 
revulsion at having a man touch me, as soon as he rubbed 
his finger against my inner pussy lips. As I felt my vagina 
lips began to swell and enlarge from the gentle foreplay, I 
became a willing participant in whatever he wanted to do.  I 
enjoyed his delicate teasing of my cunt, which was 
glistening with my very fresh moisture. I jerked as he 
spread my delicate fleshy inner lips and began massaging 
them between his thumb and forefinger. I groaned as I felt 
that tender flesh stretch and then returned to their normal 
size, allowing more juices to began to ooze from my cunt.


"What's he doing now?" asked Mr. Brown.

The agent with the earphones on, replied "She turned on 
some music for a second. It was too loud at first but she 
quickly turned it down so I can hear them talking again. 
There's a lot of background noise, but I can hear her 
talking to the detective and telling him something about 
some restaurant in Austin."


Gary probed my clit with his tongue, causing my clit to 
become firm and enlarged. I squeezed my nipples as he 
sucked on my sensitive bud, then slowly allowed it to 
return. His sucking caused me to writhed all over the bed, 
but Gary never stopped his erotic teasing of my tortured 
vagina. He spread my cunt lips with one hand and inserted 
two fingers a fraction of an inch into my throbbing cunt. He 
spread his fingers, stretching my cunt hole wide open.

"Are you ready for me to fuck you, Honey?", Gary hummed 
with his tongue wrapped around my clitoris.

"I'm reeeady, fuck me!" I cried as he rapidly started diddling 
my erect clit, then pushed his fingers deeper into my 
slippery hole, twisting his hand as his fingers eased inside 
me. I gasped and drew my knees up, making my cunt open 
wider so it would be easier for him to subject me to this 
wonderful torture.

He began wiggling his fingers and moving his fingers 
around inside my slippery wet fuckhole. I went crazy, 
thrashing around on the bed, alternately screaming for him 
to stop, then demanding him to continue. It was too much 
for me to take as he probed me deeper. As he sucked me, I 
screamed, my body tensed then went limp as a wet 
electrical wave roared through my body. It was the most 
wonderful feeling in the world.

The next hour was one of the most fantastic hours of my 
life. Later as I lay curled up next to Gary's body feeling my 
cunt juice dribbling down my thighs, I thought back to that 
moment where I had turned into being a promiscuous slut. 
I remembered quite vividly what it felt like to have heaving 
tits bouncing up and down as his balls bounced repeatedly 
against my ass. I remembered arching my back so his thick 
cock could go deeper into me. I screamed when he pushed 
his dick in to the absolute limit, pumping my pussy full of 
his hot jism. Then we both collapsed on the bed, utterly 
exhausted. We lay there and I could feel his cock softening 
as it started sliding out of my vagina. Although we had 
fucked when I believed that I was really Donna, it was quite 
different when I knew about my former life as Wayne. 

I lay on my belly, my legs spread obscenely open as our 
mixed cream oozed out, dripping down my ass before being 
absorbed by the sheets. As I stared at his cock, I knew that 
I had to try it to see if oral sex was as repulsive as it 
seemed to be at first.


Brown looked at the clock and mumbled quietly "He's been 
in there eighteen minutes. This was only supposed to take 
ten. What's going on now"

"She's still telling him about something in Austin. She's 
doing all the talking."

"What's Houseman doing?"

"He's still taking his shower."

Brown muttered under his breath "I don't like this."


It's amazing how a big cock can fit inside me so easy.

And to think that only three hours ago, I didn't want him to 
touch me.  After he fucked me, I couldn't get enough of 
him. I stared at his naked body and whispered "I know 
what you want. I know how good it feels to have a pair of 
lips wrapped around your cock. That's what you want, isn't 
it? You want me to take your cock into my mouth and suck 
you off, don't you? You want me to wrap my lips around 
your cock and suck you deep into my hungry mouth. You 
want to hear me moan and groan as you pump my mouth 
full of your cum. I know what you want, because I've been 
there. I know how great it feels. Well, I'm going to do it to 
you. But only because I'm also going to make you fuck me 
as you've never fucked a woman before. This is a two way 
street, mister. I want it as badly as you do."

I leaned forward so that the head of his cock was inches 
from my face. I knew that my hot breath was flowing 
around his cock as I whispered "I'm going suck you off, but 
don't cum in my mouth."

My lips opened as I positioned my face next to his cock. I 
saw my long slender tongue emerge from my mouth, as I 
aimed at the underside of his cockhead. As my tongue 
flicked against his cockhead, I leaned forward again, 
allowing the cock to disappear into my mouth. For ten 
seconds, neither of us moved as I wrapped and unwrapped 
my tongue around the cock in my mouth. Then I pulled my 
head back, keeping my lips tightly pursed until only the 
cockhead remained in my mouth. Then with one smooth 
motion, I rammed my face forward, pressing the cock into 
the back of my throat about five inches deep. He backed 
his cock out until it bottomed out against the back of my 
throat. Again and again I repeated this action. 

After several ramming thrusts, I pulled my head back until 
his salvia coated cock sprang free of my drooling mouth. 
My lip-sticked lips left a ruby red coat around his cock. My 
lips parted as my tongue flicked back and forth over the 
cockhead. I kissed and sucked the head as if I had been 
doing it all my life. I gently cupped his balls with one hand 
while the other hand jacked back and forth on the saliva-
covered cock, remembering how much I liked my women to 
do that to me. While I jacked the shaft with my slender 
fingers, I sucked the whole head inside my mouth. I 
rammed him deep into my mouth, pausing when the head 
butted against my throat. I tilted my head slightly, creating 
a better angle for my throat, feeling myself gurgle once 
before I pulled the cock down into my narrow throat.

I held it within my throat for about five seconds before I 
eased the cockhead back to my lips, then deep-throated 
him again. In less than a minute, I brought him to a 
powerful orgasm. As I felt it boiling up within him, I pulled 
his cock back so that only the cockhead was within my 
lips. As his cock jerked and squirted load after load of 
creamy cum into my mouth, I knew that I had a big smile 
on my closed lips.


The agent wearing the earphones jerked them off as he 
yelled "Houseman struck Watkins and ran out the door."

Brown picked up a microphone and commanded 
"Houseman is on the run. Repeat, our suspect is on the 
run. Stop him, but don't let him touch you. Approach with 
caution and backup."

He turned to one of the agents standing at the door and 
yelled "Come with me."

The two ran down the hallway and up the stairwell to 
Houseman's apartment. As they approached the door, they 
pulled their pistols.

Brown went in first. Doctor Browning's body was on the 
floor, unconscious. The black detective was leaning over 
her, feeling her pulse. There was a trace of blood on his 
face from a bleeding lip.

"What happened?" asked Brown.

The detective's loud bass voice boomed as he called out 
"Houseman got out of the shower and didn't know that I 
was here. He came down the hallway talking in some 
strange language on what I assumed was a radio. When he 
saw that I was in the living room and had overheard him, 
he tried to bluff me. When he saw that his bluff wasn't 
working, he drew some sort of alien pistol. She stood up 
just as he fired and some sort of shock wave struck us. It 
knocked me down, but put her out. She's all right, just had 
the air knocked out of her. Where's Houseman?"

The second agent reported "Houseman is running down the 
street and has just entered an old abandoned warehouse 
about three blocks from here."

The detective looked straight at Brown and loudly declared 
"I know that warehouse. Used to play there when I was a 
kid. It has all sorts of underground entries into the sewer 
system. If he gets into that maze of tunnels, you'll lose him. 
Put all your men on that warehouse and come on."

As the big detective ran out the door, Brown commanded to 
the agent "Stay here and guard the woman. Get some 
backup for yourself."

Brown turned, yelling commands into his radio and ran 
down the hallway chasing the black detective. Although the 
detective was large, he was surprising fast on his feet. 
Brown was huffing by the time they ran down the three 
flights of stairs and started up the block.

All of a sudden, the detective fell. Brown reached down to 
help him up, but Watkins was grimacing with pain as he 
grabbed his ankle "Fucking old football injury. Twisted my 
ankle. Go on, I'll catch up in a minute."

Brown ran as hard as he could until he reached the 
warehouse. There were five police cars out front and it was 
being sealed off as his men surrounded the warehouse.

A block away, the detective stood up slowly, then started 
walking, as if he was favoring an injured ankle. As he 
walked, he turned so that he was headed away from the 
warehouse, toward the subway entrance. He paused only 
long enough to stop for a second and light a cigarette.  A 
smile formed on his face as he wondered how long it would 
take Brown to learn that he had been suckered.


Brown was throwing a temper tantrum. Although they had 
caught Houseman by throwing a net over him and drugging 
him, something didn't seem right. When his agent at the 
apartment called to report that Doctor Browning was 
awake and claiming to really be Watkins, Brown knew that 
the alien had escaped in the black man's body. An all 
point's bulletin was released for the detective, but there 
were over fifty thousand black men matching his 
description in New York City. He could be anywhere. 
Another bulletin was put out for the security guard, who 
had escaped also.

Brown rushed to the hospital where they transferred 
Houseman's and Doctor Browning. As soon as he entered 
the room with Doctor Browning's body, his suspicions were 

"Fucking shit. The bastard was in her body. We were sitting 
there, drinking coffee and she said that I had some small 
bug on my neck. I turned my neck so that she could brush 
it off and WHAM. A electric shock roared through my body 
and I fell asleep. The next thing I know, your fucking man 
is standing over me. And I'm in her body. Oh, shit. How am 
I going to explain this to Marcia? I ain't never going to get 
no more of her sweet pussy unless I can convince her to 
become a lesbian. You gotta help me get my body back."

Brown talked to the former detective for several minutes 
but didn't get any more information. Down the hall, a 
heavily guarded, drugged Houseman was in a secure cell. 
Through the intercom, Brown questioned Houseman to 
confirm that the person in Houseman's body was the 
former Cathy Bell. Laik had traded bodies with her earlier 
that morning and commanded her to wait in the bedroom 
and run to that warehouse when she heard a special 
command phrase. When the detective stuck his head in the 
door, he told her the special command phrase. So she ran 
as fast as she could.

Chapter 12 - The Three Musketeers


I slowly pushed the heavy arm off of my boobs. Gary was a 
sound sleeper and was sprawled across the bed, and curled 
up against me. I crawled out of the bed and went to the 
bathroom. When it's time to pee, I've got to go. I can't hold 
it like I used to, when I was a man.

I sat on the commode and felt the warm water rush out of 
me. Then I wiped myself dry and flushed the commode. I 
was pissed because when I walked, still half asleep into the 
bathroom, the seat was up. I almost fell in as I caught 
myself on the cold porcelain commode. Why can't Gary 
remember what to do after he pees? If I ever get my body 
back again, you can be sure that I'll never leave a commode 
seat up. I never realized how important it was to a woman 

I showered using  a douche and the shower to rinse away 
my sweat and dried fuck juice. We had made love three 
times during the night.  As usual, Gary was too tired to go 
home, so he slept over. I felt refreshed this morning, after I 
douched. I was off today but had a full day of activities. I 
was going to put on my bikini, rent a pair of roller blades; 
then spend the morning, cruising the boardwalk.

I dried my hair and applied lipstick. I looked forward to the 
next couple of hours of being away from it all and letting 
the sun beat down upon my body, improving my tan.  My 
skimpy bikini top had just enough material on it, to cover 
my areola and nipples. The small triangle bikini bottom 
covered my mound and had a thong back. It was perfect for 
showing off my new body.

Then I woke up the sleeping beauty. He glanced at the time 
and jerked on his shorts, pausing long enough to kiss me 
before he ran out the door.

I picked up my small headphone radio; then walked to the 
rollerblade rental. As I put my blades on, some other people 
came in to rent equipment. I recognized one of the guys 
renting blades as being my security guard. I knew that I 
would have other guards following in cars, staying in radio 

I put my headphone radio on, and started rolling down the 
boardwalk. It felt good to stretch my legs and relax. Over 
the last several days, I've changed a lot. Once the shock of 
waking up as a female passed, I began to enjoy being a 
woman. Especially the sex part. I still had two separate 
memories but they were merging. Think how a person feels 
when they go on vacation. They start getting relaxed and 
the old work routine seems like a far distant memory. Well, 
that's how I was feeling. I knew that I used to be Wayne 
Houseman. But I felt, looked, thought, lived and made love 
as Donna Jefferson. So it was quite easy to start thinking 
like Donna and to let the Wayne thought processes die. As I 
cruised the boardwalk in my bikini and men stared at my 
shapely feminine curves, it made it so much easier to 
become the person that I looked like.


"Listen, I don't care what you can't do. I'm going to kick 
your white ass if you don't get my body back. I don't want 
to hear this shit about how your men screwed up and lost 
my body. I ain't no fucking woman and refuse to spend the 
rest of my life as a fucking cunt. A older white cunt."

Brown looked at the woman pacing the floor. She was 
wearing the standard hospital garb and her disheveled red 
hair was sticking up. He tried to reason with the former 
detective "My men are combing the city. We have...."

"I don't want to hear excuses. I want action. I tried to call 
some of my bro's to help me tear this city apart and your 
men stopped my outgoing calls. Why?"

"We don't want the city panicked. What will happen if some 
reporter finds out about this? You're panicking and we 
have to search for your body in a controlled method."

The woman's angry eyes flashed as him as her lips replied 
"I know that you're right or I would have already kicked 
ass. You don't know what it's like to be stuck in someone 
else's body and unable to do anything to help yourself. Can 
you let me talk to my main squeeze? Her name is Marcia."


Houseman's body was sitting at a table. His glazed eyes 
were staring straight ahead. Behind a glass one-way 
mirror, a team was recording his every movement and 
word. Brown read the preliminary report. The person being 
examined, was Cathy Bell. She had been hypnotized into 
loving the two aliens and would do anything that they 
requested. It was the same person that they had previously 
examined, except that she was now in a man's body.

Brown wrote on the report "Try to remove the implanted 
commands so that Bell is able to think, using her own 
thoughts. If we are unable to restore these people to their 
natural bodies, I don't want them running around the 
country, telling their tales.  I want them to stay together 
and to help each other keep this secret."


I slowly pushed the heavy arm off of my boobs. David was a 
sound sleeper and was sprawled across the bed, and curled 
up against me. I crawled out of the bed and went to the 
bathroom. For a moment, I was lost because this was 
David's place and I didn't remember where the bathroom 
was. I was rushing because when it's time to pee, I've got to 
go. I can't hold it like I used to, when I was a man.

I sat on the commode and felt the warm water rush out of 
me as I thought about what I had to do today. It's been a 
long three days. I broke up with Gary yesterday because he 
thought that he owned me. So last night, I fixed myself up 
and went dancing. That's where I met David.

I met a lot of men last night and flirted with them all. It felt 
so good to have this power to attract men and have them 
fawn over me, hoping that I'll award them with a simple 
smile, praying that they are lucky enough to wind up in my 
bed. I had never realized how women control the dating 
process. I could go to bed with any man that I wanted. I 
could have him spend all his money and not give him a 
thing in return. Being a woman has really opened my eyes 
to the differences between the two sexes and the inter-
relationships. I also loved sex in all its forms and each time 
I tried something new, I found something else I enjoyed.

I remembered how nice it felt last night when Steve pushed 
his cock between my tight pussy lips. Because we didn't 
bother with foreplay, my pussy was sore from the large 
cock forcing its way into my opening.  He slowly worked his 
cock deeper and deeper into me causing me to moan like a 
fucking fool as I let the rock hard organ into my body. He 
rammed into me so hard and passionately that we were 
banging the bed against the wall. I could think of nothing 
but pleasing him as I pleaded with him to ram his cock 
harder and deeper into me. When he emptied his load into 
my throbbing hole, he continued to ram his pulsating cock 
into me until he filled me with his cum. We laid quietly for 
a few moments on the small bed where we fell asleep.

My two personalities have merged into one personality. A 
feminine personality because of the stronger memory 
modification. I feel very comfortable being Donna and 
having Cathy's former body. So comfortable with my new 
identity that I don't know what I'll do, if we find a way to 
correct all these body switches.


"What do you mean? THE WAREHOUSE CAN'T BE EMPTY." 
screamed Brown.

The agent standing in the doorway looked at his partner, 
then reported "Last night, our supervisory agent, arrived 
with a small truck, telling the agents on duty that you had 
authorized him to move the scientific equipment. So they 
helped him load the truck and he drove off. This morning, 
the local police called us to check out someone that 
resembled Jeff, the security guard. It was him. Or rather, it 
was his body with our supervisor agent's memory."

Brown slammed his fist against the table as he commanded 
"Pull all three of my pigeons together. Laik wants the 
bodies of Houseman and Bell to go back to his planet with 
him. Transfer the Houseman, Bell and Browning bodies to 
Camp Drum. If our friendly aliens want these bodies so 
badly, let's see what they will do to get them."


I was driven back to my apartment by David, planning on 
packing an overnight bag and going back to his place, 
when two carloads of agents showed up. David was sent 
back home and I was given twenty minutes to pack a 
suitcase. Then I was driven to a nearby airfield, where they 
flew me on a small plane to some army base in upper New 
York state.

Inside the fenced off army base, I was driven to another 
restricted fenced area. This area had a big building that 
was some sort of secret medical research building. I was 
given a badge that was card coded to open some doors and 
escorted to a conference room.

I didn't have long to wait.  Within minutes, the door opened 
and Janice entered the room. But something about her was 
different. Instead of neatly styled hair,  perfectly applied 
make-up, and her normal dress; she was wearing jeans, a 
pull over sweater, didn't have on make-up and her hair was 
a mess.  She walked differently and had a funny expression 
on her face

As I tried to hug her, she acknowledged "You can hug me 
because I ain't never turned down a chance to have  boobs 
rub against me, but I ain't who you think I am. It's me - 
Watkins. I got zapped by the aliens into this body as they 
ran off with my body."

I looked at the woman standing in front of me. The woman 
that I had made love to, for the last three weeks that I was 
in my former male body. As soon she opened her mouth, I 
knew that it wasn't Cathy.  When she opened her purse, 
removed a cigar and lit it, I had no doubt as to her real 

We spent two hours talking and bringing each other up to 
date on everything that had occurred. I was surprised that 
he was having such a hard time adapting while I had 
adapted so easily. We surmised that my memory 
conditioning had helped while Watkins only had his normal 
memory. Watkins had just left his former girlfriend.  She 
gave him a hard time and basically told him to get lost. So 
he was feeling a little depressed.

Then she joined us. Or rather he joined us. While it was my 
former male body, it was Cathy. We hugged and kissed as 
we both cried at seeing each other. Then Cathy looked at 
Watkins or rather at Janice's body smoking a cigar. Cathy 
stated softly in my male voice "Now you know what I felt 
like, when I told you about someone stealing my body."

Watkins just grumbled and let us go on with what he called 
our "woman talk." I started a minor disagreement when 
Cathy called me "Wayne" and I asked her to "call me 
Donna, because I feel more comfortable with that name 
and persona now." 

Watkins angrily declared that he "would knock the shit out 
of the first person that called him anything but Ralph." 

Cathy responded "Now you see why I was so upset in the 
hospital. I didn't want to give up my young, very attractive 
female body for an older female body. I was in shock and 
didn't know how to act. So I know where you're coming 
from and will conform to your desires. However, you'll 
reach a point where you're just as comfortable in that body 
as you were in your old body. At that time, it becomes a 
moot issue whether you answer to a female name or a male 
name. We can call you Ralph here in the privacy of the 
compound and it will be acceptable because everyone 
knows your story. However calling you Ralph in a mall, will 
result in some funny looks. You'll have to accept the things 
that you cannot change and give up on the past."

She looked at me and softly continued "I gave up on ever 
getting my old body back after only a week. While I wanted 
my younger body back, I wouldn't give up the life and love 
that I found in Wayne's arms. At first, it was great sex, but 
I could feel the tenderness and real concern for me. I 
accepted the Browning body because it was the body of the 
woman that he loved. Although you're in my body now and 
have become a woman, I still love the person that I knew as 

I stepped forward and kissed her, feeling a little strange as I 
kissed the male lips of my former body. As we shared a 
gentle and loving kiss, Watkins grumbled "I won't rest until 
I catch those fucking aliens and get my body back.  I'm the 
one most screwed in this threesome body swap 

Before either of us could reply, Ralph removed the cigar 
from her mouth and continued "Houseman came out all 
right.  Not only is he now twenty years younger, but he has 
a luscious body to match his mixed up memory, so he is 
very happy with his life.  As for you," he exclaimed angrily 
pointing his cigar at Cathy "you lost twenty years and 
wound up in a man's body.  So you didn't come out too 
good.  As for me, I wound up in a white woman's body 
that's fifteen years older than my real age.  While you can 
adapt to being a man, because anyone can be a man, there 
ain't no fucking way that I can live as a woman.  So I was 
really screwed."

No matter what we said, Watkins was fuming about being 
trapped in a female body.  After several minutes of intense 
heated discussion, nothing had been resolved, except that 
we agreed to a general gender rule, with much objection 
from Ralph.

We knew who we really were, but we had to adapt to how 
society looks at our new bodies.  Cathy suggested that 
while we could call each other by our real names, that we 
should always use the correct gender in our descriptive 
pronouns.  Ralph objected as expected, but Cathy and I 
decided that we were going to do it anyway.  As for names, I 
suggested calling me Donna so that there would only be 
one Cathy.  Ralph got pissed at my request, which Cathy 
and I recognized as his, I mean her reluctance to accept her 

So Cathy changed the subject and we spent the next hour 
discussing my stories, with both of them very curious of my 
experiences as I lived what I thought was a normal female 
life, before we were joined by Brown. 

"I had the three of you brought here to protect you because 
they have proved that we can't protect anyone out on the 
street; and this is where we have our traps set. You're my 
bait to catch them.  They want the Houseman and Bell 
bodies to take back with them."

Cathy looked at me with my former but now his current 
brown eyes as he spoke "It's very fitting that we three 
should be together. I'll be ready for them."

Watkins grunted as she replied "Just like the three fucking 

Chapter 13 - The abduction

That night the aliens claimed a body. It was my former 
body that they grabbed. Sometime during the night while 
he was asleep, Cathy was transported from his room to the 
alien spaceship. Then they swapped bodies with him again 
before transporting him back to his room, so that he was 
now in Watkins' black male body and they had my former 
male body. He didn't know how they did it, because he was 
asleep the whole time. He just woke up in bed with a room 
full of doctors standing around him, staring at the black 
male body.

There was also a note from them. It read:

	We were hoping that we could visit your planet
	without attracting as much attention as we
	did. Our mission wasn't to create havoc on
	your planet, but to research a scientific area
	where your technology was much more
	advanced than our planets. Our civilization
	is dying because we have a hereditary
	problem that affects more and more of our
	children in every generation.
	We were sent here to borrow from your culture
	so that our culture may survive. We regret any
	loss of life, or the drastic changes that some
	innocent people experienced, but we weren't
	sure if you would share your knowledge with us.
	Or allow us to return to our planet. Neither
	Jwark nor myself could help our planet if we
	were stuck in an embalming jar somewhere
	while your scientists examined our internal

	So we came, we took, and now we are leaving.
	We have the information that we were seeking
	and perhaps our scientists can find the answer
	that they were looking for. We have two of your
	people that we are taking back to our planets.
	Who they were, doesn't matter because we
	modified their memories so they are happy with
	their new bodies and are looking forward to
	exploring our planet. The male Houseman body
	contains a unique BK-G chromosome that we
	think may be the key to our eventual survival.
	We'll mate the Houseman body with the
	female body and selected females from our
	planet to create a new gene pool. In the next
	eight generations of our people, we think that
	we can delete the disease that plagues our

	So we leave you. We have a left a mess which
	we didn't intend to do. Our original intent
	was to modify every one's memories so that
	they were happy with their new body. But
	our memory modification techniques didn't
	work with some bodies such as the body that
	we put Doctor Browning in. Then our schedule
	was advanced because the favorable solar
	conditions that we needed for space travel were
	happening sooner than we expected.

	We apologize to those people who we leave 
	behind in other bodies. As we break off this
	communication with your planet, we wish 
	your planet to know that it is because of your
	people, that our people have a chance to live.
	Please forgive us.

	Laik and Jwark

They were gone and it didn't take a genius for us to know 
that we would never be returned to our original bodies. 
That information really upset Watkins and she went 
berserk, until she was subdued. Her anger quickly 
dissipated as she lay on the floor crying. After that brief 
crying jag, she appeared to shake off the disappointment 
and return to the more normal asshole personality that we 
had seen recently.

They separated us and put a team of analysts working with 
each of us. They kept Cathy secluded from us while they 
examined him, and us to see if we changed. So we spent 
the whole day being tested, prodded, and questioned.

That night, it was only Watkins and myself in our floor 
because they were still examining Cathy in his new black 
male body. I was very surprised when I opened my door 
and saw Watkins standing there. Not so much because 
Ralph was visiting my room, but because of the way that 
Ralph had changed her appearance.

Ever since the transformation, Ralph had resisted wearing 
feminine clothes or doing anything to improve her feminine 
appearance; even something as simple as combing her 
hair.  She wore dark sunglasses, blue jeans, cowboy boots 
and a baggy sweatshirt constantly, no make-up, her hair 
was mashed down under a baseball cap, and she 
constantly kept a un-lit half-smoked smelly cigar in her 

Standing in my doorway was a beautiful woman.  The 
beautiful woman that Cathy had transformed herself into 
when she inhabited that body.  From the scared little smile 
on her face, I knew that it was still Ralph, but she had 
transformed herself into the beautiful woman that she 
could be, when she wanted to be feminine.

She was standing in my doorway, dressed in an ultra-sheer 
gown that hugged her trim body like another skin and 
displayed every dimple and curve. I recognized the dress 
because it was one that I had bought for Cathy when she 
first moved in with me. Her hair was perfectly styled and 
her make-up was perfect and that damn cigar was gone.  
Instead of the malodorous smell of the stinky cigar, there 
was a tantalizing scent of expensive perfume.

Chapter 14 - Bro or Sis

"Don't give me any shit.  If you knew how much courage it 
took for me to do this, you would award me the medal of 
honor.  I asked one of the female agents to help me fix 
myself up. They packed the female clothes in your 
apartment for me, even though I refused to wear any of this 
shit. If I'm going to be stuck looking like this for the rest of 
my life, I better start learning to walk in these damn high 
heels. Are you going to ask me in or are you going to make 
me stand out here the rest of the night?" she asked.

"You look great! Come on in." I told her.

She stepped forward and almost stumbled as her ankle 
twisted in the high heel. I watched as she awkwardly 
walked into my room on the very unfamiliar high heels.

She turned and declared "I ain't no fucking bitch or wanta-
be woman. Inside, I'm all man, no matter what I look like 
on the outside. But regardless of my real or apparent sex, 
there's one thing that will never change for me. I'm a 
survivor. I made it out of the getto because I looked around 
and saw what I had to do, to live. I learned how to talk like 
someone who has never seen a ghetto, much less lived in 
one. I learned how to write like a Rhodes Scholar. When I 
couldn't obtain the money needed for law school, I re-
adjusted my ambition so that I became a police officer. All 
my life, I've adjusted to my current situation and went on 
with my life.  That is, until this happened.  Then I got stuck 
in a rut because I was afraid.  Afraid of being a woman. So 
I've been listening to you and watching you because the 
same thing happened to you. If I didn't know better, I'd 
think that you were born in that body, because you're so 
natural. After what happened last night, I realized that I'm 
probably stuck in this body for the rest of its life, so I'm 
going to have to learn how to use it and to blend in. I'm 
going to have to accept the fact that I'll never be recognized 
as one of the Bro's.  And this white body will never be 
accepted as a Sis either. Now, don't laugh at me but I need 
someone to help me practice. You don't know how much 
will power it took to ask that woman to help me fix myself 
up like this. Or to step outside of my room, looking like 
this, in this fucking shit.  I picked this slut outfit because if 
I can wear this, I can wear anything."

"I won't laugh at you. I think you look great and have the 
right attitude!" I responded.

There was a faint smile in the corner of her lips from my 
praise; before it faded and she continued "Unlike you, I 
don't feel any different inside. I would much rather be 
wearing a nice three piece suit and working on getting you 
into bed, then to be standing here in these damn high 
heels. Why do women let themselves get talked into 
wearing this shit?"

"Beats me. But I quickly found out that I liked wearing it 
because it made me feel more feminine and also to attract 
more men."

"I'm not interested in either of those two potentials. I just 
want to blend in so that people don't point at me. So that 
they look at me and treat me as a normal person, not some 
freak. So you going to help me?"

"Yes. Would you like a glass of wine?" I declared as I 
walked around her, headed toward the small bar in the 
corner of the room. As I walked by her, I touched her 
behind, feeling the warm flesh under the material.

"Lesson one, is that you've got to get used to being ogled, 
touched and hit upon," I continued.

"Got any scotch? I like it on the rocks. Yeah, I thought long 
and hard about that last night. I remembered how I used to 
treat women and I ain't looking forward to it. As I thought 
about women's naked bodies, I felt myself getting wetter 
and wetter. Brown was right when he theorized that the 
libido was stronger after a body exchange.  After playing 
with myself for awhile last night, I decided that I ain't going 
to be no celibate nun for the rest of my life so I'm going to 
have to learn to be a lesbian. No man's cock will ever come 
near my lips."

I poured two glasses of wine as I replied "Scotch and the 
other whiskies will get you drunk too fast. Remember that 
you've got a smaller body and less alcohol tolerance now. 
So get used to drinking wine and sipping it, instead of 
gulping it. As for sex, I enjoy my new sexual freedom. When 
I was a man, I had some hang-ups and there were some 
things that I wouldn't do with a woman. And I wouldn't 
even consider a man. But now, I look forward to either sex 
and am much more open in my appreciation of sex."

She took the wine from me as I observed that her 
fingernails had been freshly manicured and coated with 

"When it comes to pussy, there ain't nothing that I won't do 
or eat. A lot of women declared me as the best fuck they 
ever had. I could keep it hard for hours! But now that I 
ain't got a hard cock, I'm going have to learn other ways to 
satisfy a woman.  But any man that waves a cock in my 
face, risks me cutting it off. If I don't have a knife, I'll bite it 

I cooed "But dearie, in order to bite it off, you've got to take 
the cockhead into your mouth."

She looked at me and laughed. It was a deep, comfortable 

I continued "How can I help you?"

Her face blushed slightly as she paused before replying "I 
can read some books and learn how to put on lipstick or 
pay someone to fix my hair until I learn how to do it. What I 
need to learn now, is who I've become now and to learn 
how my new body works. I know that I could go out and get 
some man to show me how this body works, but I can't let 
a man touch me without feeling some natural revulsion. It's 
going to take a woman's touch and Marcia deserted me 
when I needed her the most."

"I see and know exactly what you feel like. Well, let's see 
what we can do to help you discover the new you. I know 
that when Cathy was in your body, she was a real sex 
bomb, just looking for someone to help her explode. You're 
very attractive. You're very sexy, especially dressed as 
you're now. Did you dress that way to excite me? No bra, so 
your nipples stick out and remind me of the wonderful 
body that's under that dress. No hose or stockings, so I 
could slide my hands up those gorgeous legs and easily 
play with that pussy of yours?" I softly replied as I ran my 
hands over her waist and hips, stepping forward slightly so 
my body was gently touching her body. I looked deep into 
her eyes. After five seconds of no resistance from her, I put 
my arms around her and cupped her trim buttocks, feeling 
her warm body against my body as I rubbed my breasts 
against her breasts.

"I like that, it makes me feel so good. Your fingertips sent 
electric shivers up my spine. I hope that you want this as 
much as I do." she whispered in a huskily tone that I 
recognized from my time with Cathy being in that body.

I looked down at the small breasts barely hidden by the 
body hugging fabric, watching them move under the gown 
as she breathed. I could see the nipples were getting more 
rigid as her new body reacted to the stimulus of my body.

"Do you like my breasts? I was always a leg man."

"Yes, you've got a perfect set of boobs. I'll show you how 
much I like them and how much they can help you enjoy 
sex." I smelled the scent of her perfume and also the 
unmistakable odor of her pussy getting excited. I could tell 
that she was nervous with anticipation.

She nodded but didn't get a chance to reply as I leaned in 
and our lips met. As we slowly kissed, gently at first and 
then more passionately, her hands cupped my breasts As 
my mouth covered her open mouth, her tongue frenziedly 
began lashing my tongue. Her hands fondled my larger 
breasts as I fondled her stiff and hard nipples through her 
dress. Without breaking our kiss, I unzipped her dress, 
pushing the two straps off her shoulders, separating our 
bodies only far enough to let her dress fall to the floor. I ran 
my hand down the length of her smooth body, feeling her 
smooth, tight ass.

"You feel so good" I groaned as we finally broke our kiss. I 
bent over and begin sucking her excited nipple.
She tried to force her tit into my mouth, enjoying the 
sensation of my boob sucking. She pulled my head to her 
other boob as I began humping her wet cunt with my knee 
between her spread legs. I knew what she was craving now 
and sucked her breast as hard as I could, twirling my 
tongue around the swollen mass. The nipple was large, 
firm, warm and throbbing perceptibly. When I bit the 
nipple gently, she cried out while trying to force more of her 
breast into my mouth. Uncontrollably, her hips began 
bucking as her legs straightened and spread wide.  She 
experienced an orgasm wrapped around my leg. I was 
pinching her nipples with thumbs and forefingers and 
pulling up hard, causing her to shudder from my stimulus.

I moaned "Your big nipples are so hard and thick. That's 
the way I like them. My boobs are big, but I've got small 
nipples. I want you to rub your nipples against my pussy, 
after I eat you.", feeling her jerk from ecstasy as she 
thought about my request. With a gentle push, I guided her 
back to the sofa, pushing her down onto the sofa. I dropped 
down so that I was kneeling on the floor between her feet, 
as I commanded her "Lie back and lift your legs, Ralph."

She quickly obeyed me as I looked down at my new lover, 
feeling lust. Her face, neck and upper chest were deeply 
flushed. From the center of her chest rose twin, quivering 
mounds of pale, firm flesh capped by swollen, enormous, 
broad nipples. As she obeyed me, I bent down to her open 
cunt and captured her clitoris between my lips. Knowing 
what she would like, my tongue traced a path as I wiped 
languorously from her rich black nest of pubic hair to her 
puckered anus and back again. Closing my eyes, I 
concentrated on the memory of her fleshy thighs when 
Cathy was in his body and the delicious taste of her pussy 
as waves of sensation washed over me. She closed her eyes 
in ecstasy as my tongue zipped in and out of her pussy 
while I used a wet finger to tickle her asshole. I sucked and 
licked her the same way that Gary's experienced tongue 
had done to me on my first night of sex as a woman.

As I sucked her clit, I decided to see how far I could push 
her.  I pulled my mouth back slightly, replacing my lips 
with my fingers as I whispered "What's your name?"

She groaned "Ralph."

"No.  If you want me to keep doing this, you have to select a 
female name.  What's your new name?"

She didn't respond so I let go of her clit and sat up.  Her 
eyes opened instantly, staring angrily at me as I repeated 
"What name shall I call you?"

For about five seconds, she just stared at me then her lips 
parted slightly as she whispered "Jan."

I smiled and bent back down as I repeated "Good.  We are 
going to become best friends and lovers, Jan."

I began kissing her slowly and sensuously from her boobs 
to her pussy. My fingers played with her pussy as I sucked 
her tits and caressed her smooth skin. As I probed her 
mouth with my tongue, I rubbed my thigh against her hairy 
bush, feeling her wet pussy lips smear a wet pussy juice 
trail along my leg. I pulled her off the sofa and onto the rug 
by simply wrapping my lips around one nipple and sliding 
one finger deep into her cunt as I whispered "Show me 
what you have learned."

She pushed me on my back and bowed her head between 
my legs.  I smiled as her tongue licked lightly across my 
pussy lips. That touch was enough to cause my pussy to 
began dripping, as my juices began running down my 
thighs. I groaned as she worked her tongue around my slit, 
then down to the small skin between my vagina and 
asshole. I jerked from ecstasy as she licked the juices as 
she worked up to my hardening clit. Once her tongue found 
my clit, she licked in circles, causing me to shudder with 
pleasure as she teased me the way that I had teased her.

Sensing my arousal, she plunged two fingers up my 
dripping cunt, alternating rubbing my clit with her thumb 
and licking it with her tongue. She was getting me closer 
and closer, and I was moaning loader and loader. She 
paused for a moment and asked quietly "What's my name?"

I loudly groaned "JAN." knowing that she now had the 
upper hand on me.

She mumbled "Only you can call me that." as she put her 
mouth over my clit, sucking it between her teeth. She then 
ran her tongue and teeth against it, nibbling slightly which 
sent me crashing over the edge to a mind-blowing orgasm. I 
reached down and grabbed her head, holding her close. My 
legs locked around her neck at the same time. Almost at 
the same time, she began screaming that she was cumming 
also. There was a loud "Oh shit!" followed by deep grunts 
and groans. Soon the whole room was filled with the 
sounds and smells of two women cumming.

As that wonderful explosion relaxed me, I felt Jan climb up 
my body until her tits were at my mouth again. I took each 
one in, licking and nibbling the nipples softly. This brought 
ever increasing moans from her lips which only made me 
nibble harder. My left hand found the dripping wet folds of 
her cunt, which were hot and ready for my mouth.

After working her tits, I rolled Jan over and placed her on 
her back with my mouth locked on her clit. As I sucked 
and twirled it against my tongue and upper lip, she rotated 
so that her head was between my legs. I felt her warm 
tongue probe deep inside me and almost jerked from the 
shock that roared through my body from that simple 
action.  She grabbed my head and held it tight as I worked 
on her clit, showing her what it felt like to be a woman. 
With each movement of my tongue, she moaned louder as 
she probed me as only an experienced pussy eater could 
do. I could tell that  she was close to another orgasm so I 
buried three fingers deep inside her. I was rewarded with a 
flow of cunt juices and I lapped them up making sure to get 
every drop; as my concentrated pleasure caused her to 
experience another orgasm within moments.


I slowly pushed the light arm off of my boobs. Jan was a 
sound sleeper and was sprawled across the bed, and curled 
up against me. We had made it into the bedroom. I crawled 
out of the bed and went to the bathroom. When it's time to 
pee, I've got to go. I can't hold it like men can.

I sat on the commode and felt the warm water rush out of 
me. Then I patted myself tenderly with the toilet paper and 
flushed the commode. Jan's lips had taken their toll on my 
soft flesh. I had a faint smile on my face because when I 
walked into the bathroom, still half asleep, the seat was 
down. For the first time, I didn't almost fall in as I sat 
down. Jan is beginning to think like a woman after all.

Chapter 14 - Jan and Mark

When Cathy joined us for breakfast, she was surprised at 
the change in Ralph's attitude and appearance.  While she 
still had on the blue jeans and baggy sweatshirt, there was 
a little make-up which I had helped her apply and her hair 
was neatly brushed.  And she had promised to not smoke 
any more cigars. She was ebullient as we shared with 
Cathy about how we spent the night as lovers.  She was 
embarrassed when I joked about how I had blackmailed her 
into giving me a feminine name to call her.

Cathy smiled and exclaimed "I think that's wonderful.  If 
you don't mind, I would like to call you Jan.  Ralph is a 
little out of place with your new body.  And as for me, I 
agree that we have to start looking to the future and not 
the past. While I've got your body, I won't live your life.  I 
want to live my own life and don't want to be known as 
Ralph Watkins.  Would you mind if I adopt the name Mark 


It's been three months since the aliens left our planet.  We 
spent two weeks at the facility before they turned us loose 
with our new identities.  I now have a driver's license and 
the supporting identification to prove that I'm Donna 
Jefferson. And I'm married to the most wonderful man in 
the world.  My husband, Mark, proposed to me on bended 
knee while we were still in the facility.  It was a simple 
wedding with Jan being both the best man and matron of 
honor and some of the research staff attending.

Although it was Watkin's former body, Mark's personality 
makes it seem different so that I no longer think about the 
former detective when I look at my husband.  Mark grew a 
mustache because he knew that I liked the feel of his hairy 
lip ticking my inner lips.  As for his cock, the only thing 
that I'll say is WOW.

We have a large house that the government gave us, along 
with some very nice, high paying jobs that were obtained 
for us by Mr. Brown.  Mark is the owner of a nice 
restaurant and I'm an actress on one of the TV late night 
soap operas. While the producer hired me for my acting 
talent, I spend a lot of time wearing a bikini as my 
character parades around the beach.

Brown gave us a large house, because we share it with my 
best friend, Jan Wilkerson.  While Jan is a lesbian and 
won't let Mark make love to her, she has adapted quite well 
to her new lifestyle.  She dresses, acts and looks very 
feminine, and doesn't smoke that damn cigar anymore 
except in the privacy of her bedroom.  She cut her long hair 
short into an easier to manage hairstyle and finally got 
Marcia to go away for a weekend at the beach.  While she 
gets along with Marcia now, she doesn't feel the same 
attraction for the black woman that she used to feel.

There have been six or seven times where we have shared 
the same bed and Jan has watched as Mark and I made 
love. And then Mark watched as Jan and I made love. I feel 
confident that it is only a matter of time before the three of 
us are locked in an oral triangle. While Mark and I are 
willing now, it is still Jan who feels reluctant about being 
so close to a man's cock.  Even if it was her former cock. 
She is beginning to weaken somewhat, ever since I spent 
the night with her and used a dildo that I brought with me.  
She liked the full feeling of the dildo as I slid it inside her.  
And a couple of weeks later, we shared a double headed 
dildo.  That was some night.

Jan has a job working with Mr. Brown's agency, 
investigating paranormal occurrences.  At least, she has 
the job for the next couple of months before she takes some 
time off.  Although Jan has never let a man make love to 
her, her body is pregnant.  Seems that either the 
Houseman or the security guard got the Browning body 
pregnant.  When the baby is born, we can do some simple 
tests to see who the father is, after the baby is born. She's 
taking the pregnancy quite well. When she found out, she 
was pleased instead of being pissed.  The doctors are 
monitoring her closely because of her body's age.

They found the real Janice Browning.  She was in a mental 
hospital where they thought that she was having a multiple 
identity crisis.  Mr. Brown's doctors were able to restore 
some of her sanity, but she still has the personality of her 
Mexican hooker body.  She can explain the scientific tests 
to test for DNA but she would rather sell her body.  Just as 
he made sure that we were financially secure, Mr. Brown 
placed Janice into a nice home after treating her.  Within a 
week, she had been arrested at least once for prostitution.  
She still has her brilliant mind, but she doesn't want to 
return to that life. Brown tried to get her to become friends 
with us, but she refused to meet us.  She didn't even want 
to see her old body or to know what was occurring with it.

As for myself, my memories of ever being Wayne Houseman 
have almost faded.  It's almost as if I've always been 
The End

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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