JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English
	Diane had spent much of her time hunting down antique shops since
we had arrived in England. In the four years I've known my wife, she has
always collected strange bits and pieces from all over the place. She
wasn't about to stop simply because we were on vacation. "So what did you
get this time?" I asked her.

	"Have a look," she said with a smile.

	I opened her bag and took out several small metal animal figures
and an odd-looking bracelet. I picked up the bracelet and tried to make
sense of the carvings on the side of it. "What is it?"

	She shrugged. "I don't have a clue. It got me so intrigued, I had
to buy it."

	The bracelet was two half-circles of what looked like brass,
hinged at one end. There was no catch to hold the bracelet in place, and
there was no indication that there had ever been one. "How's it supposed
to stay on?"

	Diane leaned over and took the bracelet. "Don't know. When we get
back home I'm really going to have a fun time finding out all about it's
history." She placed the bracelet around her wrist and held it closed.

	I'll always remember what happened next. The bracelet began to
glow a bright blue. Diane jerked her hand back in surprise, but the
bracelet stayed on her wrist. She turned to me. "David! What's

	I looked at her frightened face, and it was then that the change
came over her. Her bust started to increase. She had never been that
well-endowed, and while I love my wife, I had always wondered what she
would be like with large breasts. Her blouse and bra were straining, and
she was in pain from the constriction of her bra, which was now far too
small for her.

	I pulled her blouse up and managed to get the bra undone. She
pulled off her blouse, and we both gasped at her large mammaries.

	"Diane, how..." I stopped, lost for words. Had the bracelet
somehow done this? It was impossible that someone could change so much
in an instant, but I was confronted with incontrovertible proof.

	"Who cares?" she replied in a sultry voice. "I want you. Now."

	How could she think of sex after her body had been transformed
by some unknown power? She stood up from the double bed and quickly
pushed down the short skirt and panties that she was wearing.

	It was then that I noticed that it wasn't just her breasts that
had changed. Diane's body had subtly altered. She was like an idealized
version of the Diane I knew. She had been beautiful before, but now she
was the embodiment of sensuality. I could feel myself growing erect, and
I knew I had to have her right then and there.

	I stood, ripping off my clothes, and then we were locked
together. We made passionate love, more intense than ever before. It was
fantastic, and we went at it for ages. We came together several times
before I collapsed. She was insatiable, and when I was too exhausted she
played with herself until I was ready to go again.

	Finally, even she started to slow down. It was dark outside. We
had been making love for hours. She got up from the rumpled bed and
stretched. Even now, she was still visibly aroused. At that moment, I was
too exhausted to care. 

	What happened next brought me fully awake again. Diane walked
over to the far side of the hotel room, then she flickered and changed.
Now, she was totally unrecognizable as my Diane. She was about a foot
taller, with short black hair and brown skin. She was still turned on,
and I could see the surprise in her eyes at her new change.

	I called out her name and ran over to her. When I was about two
feet from her, she became the buxom version of her normal body again.

	"What's happening to me?" she whispered in shock.

	I lifted her arm which was wearing the bracelet. The hinge was
on one side. On the other side where the clasp would have been, the
two halves were joined into one by a silver-like material, as if the
bracelet had been welded shut. Somehow, I had to get this off and break
whatever spell had transformed my wife. I pulled at the two halves of the
bracelet, and it snapped open. The silvery joining metal had vanished.

	Instantly, Diane returned to her normal self. I flung the
bracelet on the bed and we stared at it in shock. Eventually, I broke
the silence by saying. "I think you got a bargain there."

	Diane started giggling and we embraced. We sat back on the bed
well away from the bracelet. I asked her what it was like.

	She smiled. "It was fantastic. Every single sensation turned me
on. I've always wondered what it was like to have breasts that big. Did
you notice we came together every time? When you've recovered, we'll try
the bracelet again."

	"You're mad!" I exclaimed. "You have no idea what it will do to

	"I know exactly what it will do. You'll have to get used to the
big-breasted amazon who'll be sharing your bed from now on."

	"But, you changed when you walked over there." I protested.

	Diane nodded. "I got closer to the man in the next room than I
was to you. The bracelet seems to turn me into the ideal sexual mate for
whomever I'm closest to." She frowned. "There was only one problem."

	"What was that?"

	"I couldn't take off the bracelet. Somehow, I just couldn't make
myself do it, and I couldn't form the words to ask you to do it."

	"It took control of you?"

	"No, not exactly. Everything else was me being driven by the
desires of my body. I just couldn't do anything about taking the
bracelet off." She picked up the bracelet and put it in a bag under the
bed. "Well, we can experiment when we get back home."

	I could tell that Diane was itching to use the bracelet again. I
wasn't so sure that we should be using it at all. We had no idea where
it had gotten it's amazing power from, or what effects it might have on

	We took a shower and ordered a meal. We were so tired by our long
lovemaking session that we went to bed early.

	It was still dark when I awoke. I could feel myself growing
erect, despite the long session I had had the day before. I was filled
with an intense need to make love to Diane. I reached over to her. She
was already awake. She guided my hand down to her pussy. Over several
long minutes, I massaged her to the point of orgasm. Then I could contain
myself no longer and I moved on top, sinking my hard length into her.

	Again, it was heaven. The lovemaking session felt even better
than it had when Diane was wearing the bracelet. I seemed to have
regained my energy; I was unstoppable. It was as I was pounding into
Diane a fourth time that I finally realized that something was different.
There was something around my wrist.

	We came together in another explosive climax and then collapsed
in each other's arms. I tried to reach the bracelet and remove it, but
somehow I couldn't make my hand move towards it.

	I tried to ask her to remove the bracelet, but I couldn't seem to
be able to form the words. Like Diane, I couldn't take the bracelet off
or ask someone to do it for me. "Diane? I thought you were going to wait
until we got back home." This was as close as I could get to even
mentioning the bracelet.

	"I'm sorry, my love. I couldn't wait. It feels so good, doesn't
it?" she said softly. "You're probably ready to go again."

	She was right, I could feel my erection starting to return. I
held out my arm with the bracelet on, it was the most I could do to tell
her I wanted it off me.

	Diane smiled, "In a minute. I just have to go to the bathroom."

	I lay in bed feeling my sex urge returning. If she didn't hurry,
I was going to jump her when she got back. I climbed out of bed and
turned on the bedside lamp. My reflection stared back at me from the
mirror built into the side of the wardrobe. It was recognizable as me,
but I had changed greatly. My body was now an idealized version of my
normal form. My body was more heavily muscled, and my prick had grown
substantially in size. I walked towards the mirror so that I could
examine my new self more closely.

	As I approached the mirror, the world shimmered, and I was dizzy
for a second. Then it passed, and I looked again at myself in the
mirror. It took several seconds for me to register the fact that the
buxom, dark-skinned woman in the mirror was me. What was going on? I
looked down at myself in horror, already knowing what my eyes would see.

	Large perfect breasts topped with dark aroused nipples. I
shivered and my breasts jostled. I raised my dainty brown hands to them
and gently caressed my tits. I could feel my hands stroking my nipples,
which were quickly becoming aroused. Desire sparked through my curvy
feminine body, but the image that flashed through my mind was not of me
pleasuring Diane. I wanted to be on my back with a strong man between
my legs.

	I felt a yearning desire for something in the next room. It was
the man whose fantasies had shaped my body. I had moved closer to the
man than I was to Diane when I had walked over to the mirror.

	All I could think about was going next door and making mad,
passionate love with him. I was getting really turned on by now, and it
was all I could do to stop myself from running out into the hall and
hammering on his door. I felt a strange tingling between my legs, and I
ran my hand over the lips of my new pussy. It felt so strange to feel
that between my own legs.

	As I stroked my fingers over the outside of my vagina, I was
building up the nerve to explore further. Whereas just a few minutes
before, sex had meant getting hard and penetrating a woman, now it meant
opening my legs and being penetrated. I pushed a finger further into my
vagina, and my resistance broke. I wanted that cock buried deep in my
pussy more than anything in the world.

	I staggered over to the door and fumbled with the lock.

	"David!" I heard my wife call. "Wait up!" She rushed over to me,
and suddenly I was back in the idealized version of my own body. It was
almost as turned on as my female body had been. Diane reached over and
snapped open the bracelet. In an instant I was back in my normal body.

	The sexual compulsion diminished as I stood there looking at
Diane. "Didn't I tell you it feels great?" she said.

	"It was very good." I admitted, but my mind was worrying about
the feelings I had had just moments before for the man in the next room.
"I must have gotten too far away from you and too close to whoever is
next door."

	Diane smiled. "Yeah, I saw you slipping under the influence. It
must have been a shock to suddenly find yourself all tits and ass. Where
were you going?"

	I felt my face getting red from embarrassment. "I was going to
the guy next door. I couldn't help myself."

	"It's okay. When I became that woman earlier I had the same
compulsion. You got to me more quickly, before I succumbed to it. I
didn't want to say anything at the time. I didn't understand why I was
suddenly attracted to someone else." She picked up the bracelet and
buried it at the bottom of one of the suitcases. "With something like
this, perhaps it isn't a good idea to experiment in a hotel."

	She turned and walked back to me. "...but when we get back, we
are going to have the time of our lives."

	We returned to bed. I don't know about Diane, but I had great
trouble getting back to sleep. It was a relief to learn that I wasn't
responsible for the yearning I had felt for another man when I was
female. However, I couldn't stop thinking about the desires that had run
through me. I caught myself wondering what it would be like to have sex
as a woman. To feel a cock filling my most intimate place.

	The next day, we went out sightseeing around the English town of
Oxford where we were staying. It's a marvellous place, steeped in
centuries of history. To be honest, though, our minds were elsewhere. I'm
sure Diane was thinking about the bracelet just as much as I was. We had
another week and a half in England, and I was sure we'd be experimenting
with that bracelet long before we got home. All my concerns about the
bracelet had vanished after the experience I had had the night before.

	We returned to the hotel shortly after lunch, and headed back to
our room. The first thing that Diane did when we got in was to check that
the bracelet was still where she had hidden it. She breathed a sigh of
relief and waved it at me with a smile.

	She slipped it on, and I was confronted by an insatiable goddess.
We made passionate love again. When she had virtually worn me out, she
started playing with herself. As Diane ran her hands over her perfect
form, I couldn't help but wonder what it must be like to have a body like
that. The bracelet caused the wearer to experience the extremes of
pleasure, and we were getting thoroughly addicted to it.

	After several hours, I reached over and opened the bracelet.
Diane returned to her normal self, and slowly she came down from her
heights of ecstasy.

	"We're not going to be able to take too much more of this." I
said, only half-jokingly.

	"I think we'll manage." Diane said with a smile. "Your turn."

	She handed me the bracelet, and with absolutely no hesitation I
put it on. Again, I felt my body shifting into the well-hung idealized
version of myself. The sex urge returned, as strong as ever, and I
reached over to Diane.

	She smiled and pushed my hand away. "Hold on a minute. I want to
try something." she said.

	"Well, hurry." I replied. "I don't think I can hold back too
long." My hand dropped to my penis and started slowly to manipulate it.

	"Alright." she said. "Back when I was in University I once went
with a woman." This was no news to me. She had told me years before. She
had been to a party, gotten drunk, and had had sex with a friend of hers.
Afterwards, both had been fairly embarrassed by what had happened and
that was the end of it. "Let me describe her for you," she continued.

	I smiled, this was a favorite sex game of ours. My wife telling
me, in intimate detail, how she had made passionate love to a woman. It
had never yet failed to turn me on.

	"She had the most delicate cutest features. Her nose was small
and pert. Her lips were full, and very kissable. Her eyes were blue and
very sensuous. She had masses of curly, black hair, long and full."

	I felt a rustling on my head. I reached up to see what it was.
My hand met a mass of hair rapidly pushing out from my scalp. Diane
smiled as she saw realization dawning in my eyes. "Diane, I'm not

	"Shhh. Let me finish." I wanted her so badly. I must admit
part of me wanted to experience femininity again. "Her voice was rich
and high. I remember when we were making love, she made these quiet yelps
as I licked her pussy."

	I felt my throat flex and change. "Diane, please..." I said and
stopped in surprise. My voice was now totally feminine and I couldn't
believe it was now mine. Diane was right, that voice was utterly sexy.

	"Of course," Diane continued with a wide grin on her face. "Her
body was far less muscled than yours. She had no hair on her lovely body
except for a delicate patch around her crotch."

	My body rippled and again my body altered to her commands. My
body was now no larger than hers and my skin was indeed hairless and
silky smooth. Diane ran her hand over my creamy, soft skin. I was
wondering how far she would take this. "Tell me more." I said, in the
voice of an extremely excited woman.

	"She had these long, shapely legs, running up to wide hips." My
legs subtly altered shape and then I felt a pulling sensation in my hips.
My wife drank in the new alterations and then continued. "She had curves
in all the right places, especially her breasts," she paused.

	By now, my erection was almost painful in its intensity. Why
wouldn't she continue her description? Then I realized she wanted me to
ask her to carry on. "Please tell me about her breasts." I asked her. My
voice was like that of a woman in heat.

	I could see the desire in her eyes as she spoke. "They were
large, firm and very beautiful. Each one was topped by a erect, red
nipple aching to be touched." I felt a tightening in my chest, and then
it started to expand. We watched in lust as I grew two creamy, soft

	I reached up with one hand and caressed my new equipment. I
moaned in ecstasy at the erotic sensations they gave. I was now turned on
beyond control. I rolled over onto Diane. My breasts swayed and jostled
as I did so, and this just turned me on even more. She was almost as
excited as I was as she guided my aching prick into her hot pussy.

	In one slow movement, I slid inside her as far as possible. She
arched against me and gave a breathless cry of joy. Then, wrapping her
arms around my neck, she drew my ear next to her mouth. She held me deep
inside her as she whispered in my ear. "What I enjoyed most about our
session was her lovely pussy. I spent hours lapping at it." I heard her
giggle as she felt my penis start to retract. I pulled away from her and
tried to grab it, but it had already changed into a vagina.

	"Why did you do that?" I cried. I desperately wanted to fuck my
wife, and at the same time I wanted to be fucked.

	"I wanted to show you what it is like to be a woman. Once you've
experienced this, you'll know how to please me even more." She reached
over the side of the bed and produced her toiletries bag. From that she
produced her favorite vibrator. It had a multi-speed setting and was
shaped like an erect penis, even to the veins running along its length.

	"Diane, give me back my cock please." I begged.

	"Tell me truthfully, David," she asked, "You want this inside you,
don't you?"

	My eyes were riveted to the vibrator. "Yes," I heard myself say.

	She shifted over and dropped her mouth to my nipples. They were
standing stiffly like little erections and they were at least as
sensitive. She nipped and sucked my nipples for ages. Her hair caressed
my soft skin as she suckled. I found myself getting even more aroused.
My new pussy was aching to be filled by something. It's hard to
describe, but it was a little like an inside-out erection.

	Finally, she let my breasts go and moved her attention down to
my wet pussy. Then I felt the vibrator nudging my outer lips. She had
warmed it with her hands as she had suckled on my breasts. Now she was
running it slowly around the outside of my vagina. The need to be filled
grew greater and greater. My legs were spread wide and I started begging
my wife to fuck me.

	After what seemed an eternity of waiting, she granted my wish.
The vibrator glided into me, separating the slick walls of my vagina.
That first penetration was fantastic. It felt so strange, so different
and yet so right.

	Then Diane switched it on. The vibrations intensified the
feelings I was getting. Part of it was designed to stimulate my clitoris,
and it was doing a very good job of it. Diane began to rub it in and out
of my hot pussy as I slowly lost all control.

	As the erotic intensity increased still further, I began to
fantasize that the vibrator was a real cock...that I was making love with
a strong and powerful man. Diane continued to stoke the vibrator in and
out of my pussy as she began sucking my nipples.

	This was too much for me, and I felt something explode in my
crotch and shoot through my whole body. I thought I had had powerful
orgasms in the past, but they were nothing compared to the one I was 
having at that moment. Diane didn't stop, though, and the waves of
pleasure increased again. In the distance I could here my new sexy voice
moaning in ecstasy.

	I came several times, in short succession. Finally, Diane stopped
and I lay there, feeling the last traces of my orgasms racing through my
body. Then the vibrator was removed and replaced by something smaller,
but much more flexible. Diane was eating my pussy.

	I wanted to reciprocate so I moved her legs until she was
kneeling over my head. I grabbed her ass with my dainty hands and began
to lick Diane's cunt.

	We didn't get any sleep that night. We were both insatiable. We
tried many positions in our lovemaking, with Diane always in control. At
one point, I was on my hands and knees on my bed, while she thrust the
vibrator deep into me from behind. Between each bout, we'd lay in each
other's arms, kissing, our breasts rubbing together and our pussies
rubbing against each other's legs.

	Diane drifted off to sleep around about dawn. While she slept, I
stayed as close to her as possible, dozing occasionally myself. The level
of intensity that I had reached as a woman amazed me. Did women really
reach a higher level of arousal than men, or was it just due to the
bracelet? I was still heavily turned on, and as I drifted into and out of
sleep, I gently felt myself up, slowly and dreamily massaging my clit.

	At that point, I didn't want to go back to being a man. One
thought was going constantly through my mind. What would it be like with
a real man? As a man, I would have disturbed by such a thought, but I was
a woman in heat.

	I was far too turned on to be able to go to sleep. After an hour
of lying awake, I began to feel a pressure in my bladder, so I got up to
go to the bathroom. As I walked across the carpet, I was acutely aware
of how different my body was. My breasts bounced and swayed with even the
slightest movement. My hips were much wider than I was used to, and I
knew that they gave me a sexy wiggle as I walked.

	In the bathroom, a small window was open, and I could feel the
night air wash over my soft, sensitive skin. I stood over the toilet and
reached down for my dick. Which wasn't there of course. I sat down and
even the feeling of my bladder emptying was erotic to me. I wiped myself
down with some toilet paper and then headed back to bed.

	Despite my exertions through the night just ending, I was wide
awake. In the faint pre-dawn light, I looked in the mirror. The woman I
had become was gorgeous. What must it be like to live in a body like
this full time, I wondered. To have men lusting after you?

	One of my slim, feminine hands dropped between my legs, and I
began to masturbate again. I edged closer to the mirror so that I could
see what I was doing to myself more clearly.

	It was only when my body shifted and changed that I remembered
about the other people in the hotel. My body had reverted to the brown
amazon that both Diane and I had become earlier.

	I had gotten closer to the man in the next room than I was to
Diane. As I stood there caressing myself, I could sense his presence on
the other side of the wall. I had to go to him. If I had just taken two
steps back towards Diane I would have been okay, but I just couldn't
make myself do that.

	Instead, I went to the door, opened it and slipped out into the

	The hall lights were still on. I squinted while my eyes
adjusted. A quick glance either way revealed the hallway to be empty,
which was something that I was glad for when I remembered that I was

	The lust for whomever was in the next room was growing
second-by-second. I quickly went over to the door of the next room and
tried to open it. It was locked. I felt frustration at being separated
from the man whose desires had shaped my body.

	I knocked at the door, quietly at first, and then louder. I was
afraid that I would wake up the other guests, but I had to get in that
room at all costs.

	After several minutes I heard a stirring in the room. The door
was opened slightly.

	"Who is it?" asked a very sleepy voice with a southern English

	"Can I come in?" I asked in a rich, feminine voice. "I've locked
myself out of my room and I could do with some help."

	The door opened wider to reveal a blond, fairly athletically-
built boy in his late teens or early twenties. His eyes nearly popped
out of his head when he saw that I had absolutely nothing covering my
smooth, brown skin. It took nearly all of my self-control to stop myself
from jumping on him there and then.

	"Can I come in?" I asked again, trying to keep the desire out of
my voice.

	"Uh...yeah, sure." He opened the door and stepped out of the way.

	I walked past him into the room, 'accidentally' brushing one of
my hands against his shorts as I did so. It was impossible to mistake the
hard lump that I felt there. Well, I was the very image of his desires,
wasn't I?

	The room itself had the same layout as mine and Diane's except
that there were two single beds instead of a double bed. I noticed, to my
great surprise, that the far bed was occupied. It had never occurred to
me that the boy might not be alone.

	The other figure stirred and sat up. "Who was at the door, Tim?"
he asked. The curtains had only been half closed, and there was enough
light to see the room's other occupant.

	My jaw dropped open when I saw that the boy in bed was the one
who had opened the door. I turned around to see that he was still behind
me. Twins!

	Tim closed the door behind himself and asked, "How...uh...can we
help you?" He was having a hard time trying not to stare at my breasts,
with their proudly-erect nipples. He didn't realize that his own arousal
was just as blatantly obvious to me.

	"I'm here for you." I answered, making my voice as seductive as I

	"For m-me?" he asked, as I approached him slowly.

	"For both of you." He was openly staring at my tits, and I was
revelling in the feeling of being ogled.

	"Why?" he asked in a quiet voice as I reached him.

	"You ask too many questions, Tim." I replied, and then kissed
him. He was too surprised to do anything as my tongue snaked into his
open mouth. I pressed my breasts against his chest and held his head with
one hand. My other hand ran down his back and into his shorts. He jumped
as I cupped his ass in my hand. A part of me marvelled at what I was
doing. Here I was, kissing and fondling a man, and yet loving every
second of it.

	I wrapped one of my legs around his, and slowly rubbed my excited
pussy against his rock-hard cock. His hormones had taken over. He wrapped
his arms around me, pulling my body against his. I lowered him to his bed
and yanked down his shorts.

	My mouth dropped open in desire as I beheld his fully-erect
prick. I walked around to the side of the bed and dropped to my knees.
All I wanted to do was to worship this masculine tower. I gently held it
with one hand as I steered it to my mouth. It was the first time that I
had ever touched a cock other than my own.

	On its head was a glistening drop of pre-cum. I ran my tongue
over it, taking its salty tang into my mouth. Tim gasped. He was doing
his level best to last as long as possible, but I knew that he would cum
soon. I gently wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and sucked it
deep into my mouth. For all of my thirty-five years of life I had never
had any real homosexual thoughts. Now, I couldn't get enough of this
stranger's cock. As I sucked Tim, I massaged my pussy with my free hand.

	Tim was straining and moaning under me, and it wasn't a surprise
when hot, salty cum spurted deep into my throat. I swallowed it
automatically. When I had sucked him dry, I stood up, slightly
unsteadily, and wiped a drop of cum from my lips. Tim was young, and I
knew he would be ready to go again soon, but I was so worked up by now I
couldn't wait.

	Fortunately, I knew that Tim and I weren't alone. I looked over
to the bed where Tim's twin had watched the display of cock-sucking. His
hand was under the bedcovers, stroking his own hard-on. As I got closer
to the other twin, my body rippled slightly, but did not noticeably

	When I reached his bed, I pulled back the covers. I was glad to
note that his cock was a twin of Tim's. He stopped rubbing himself and
stared at me in lust.

	"What's your name?" I asked him.

	He looked at me, open-mouthed. I'm sure he couldn't remember for
several seconds. "R-richard," he finally managed.

	"Well, Dick, I'm going to give you the fuck of your life."

	I was tempted to suck him off like I had his brother, but by now
my cunt was aching with the need to be filled with a long hard cock. He
didn't resist as I pushed him onto his back and straddled him.

	As I reached down and grasped Richard's cock, a part of my mind
tried to resist. Here I was, about to make love as a woman, but what
little resistance I had was quickly washed away by my body's desires. I
was a woman, hot and sensuous. There was nothing else I could, or wanted
to, be. I guided Richard's cock to the entrance of my vagina and then
slowly sank onto its hard length.

	Nothing had prepared me for the feelings that washed over me as
his cock slid into my wet pussy. I felt like I'd taken a mile of it into
me when I finally reached the base. We stayed locked together for what
seemed like an eternity, with his cock filling me up.

	Then I started to pump my pussy on his dick. The feeling was
beyond belief, and I was soon voicing my pleasure quite loudly in
guttural grunts of pure pleasure. Richard's hands had found my breasts
and were massaging them. My whole body was on fire, and every sensation
just added to my pleasure.

	I felt myself reaching my own climax. It was even more intense
than the one I had had with Diane. I shrieked my pleasure at the top
of my voice. As the waves of liquid pleasure ran through me, I clamped
down on Richard's dick with my pussy. He clasped me to him as he reached
his own orgasm. I could feel his cock twitching as he came deep inside

	I lay breathless on Richard as I tried to recover my breath.
Nothing could match that. We kissed gently for the first time. I
considered giving up my life with Diane and just staying with Tim and
Richard. The feelings that my body were causing were that strong. My mind
was filled with the fantasy of the twins and I living together, and of
servicing them all day long.

	After about ten minutes of kissing and cuddling, I felt Richard's
cock returning to life. I was more than ready to go again. It was then
that I felt a third hand on my back. I turned my head to see Tim. He was
just as ready to continue as Richard. I smiled, grabbed his cock, and
pulled him onto the bed.

	It was a tight squeeze for all three of us on one bed, but we
managed it. I rolled on top of Richard, and Tim moved behind me. I didn't
know quite what he had in mind until I felt him hold my ass cheeks apart.
Any worries about whether or not that would hurt were lost when I started
sliding up and down Richard's pole again.

	There was a feeling of pressure, and then Tim's cock was entering
my anus. It should have hurt a lot more than it did. Maybe it was due to
the bracelet, but it didn't hurt at all. Instead, it felt great!

	I now had two cocks thrusting deep into me, and the feeling of
fullness was sending me to new heights. I was sandwiched between two male
hunks, and loving every second of it. I orgasmed several times, and I can
remember seeing stars in front of my eyes.

	Richard came next, again filling my pussy. Then he had to wait
while Tim rode me to his orgasm. Tim gripped my hips tightly as he
finally climaxed inside me.

	And so it went on. Over the next few hours, as the sun rose
outside, Tim and Richard made frantic and passionate love to me. I
quickly lost track of which one of the twins was Tim and which one was
Richard, but I truly did not care. All that mattered was there were two
cocks that needed to be serviced.

	To their credit, they lasted until past noon before they
collapsed from exhaustion. I lay there, cradled between Richard and Tim.
I was satisfied for the moment, and I was able to think about what to do

	By now, Diane was probably awake and wondering where I had
disappeared to. I had to get back to her, but I found it difficult to
leave the twins. Their desires had shaped my body. I was literally
designed for their pleasure, but I had to get back to Diane. I
concentrated on my memories of her, and I finally gathered enough mental
power to climb out of the tangle of limbs on the bed. The boys stirred,
then reached out for me and found each other. I left them embracing each
other, still fast asleep. I often wonder what happened when they woke up.

	I pulled a sheet off of Tim's bed and wrapped it around my
shapely body. An image flashed through my mind of me sucking Tim's cock
on that bed. I almost turned around and went straight back to the twins.
I barely managed to keep control. I opened the door and looked out into
the hall. A maid was cleaning the carpet right next to the door of my

	There was nothing for it. I had to get back to Diane before my
body's urges completely overpowered me again. I walked out into the hall
and towards my room. The maid's eyes widened as she saw a woman, wrapped
only in a sheet, walk towards her. Her eyes widened even further when
the woman shifted and changed shape.

	I had an image of Diane fixed in my mind. All I had to do was
retain control just long enough to get back into my room, and I'd be
safe. No one would believe the maid if she told anyone about someone
changing shape.

	The plan fell apart when I started shrinking. I fell to the floor
as the transformation rushed over me. When the dizziness passed, I was
wrapped in the sheet that I had been wearing. My body felt very odd and
different, but before I could work out what was going on, the sheet was
pulled off of my head. I looked up at the maid standing over me with a
look of utter surprise on her face. Something was wrong with my vision.
All the color seemed to have drained from it.

	I could feel my sex urge returning, and I was relieved to feel my
penis becoming erect. That relief disappeared when I looked down at my
body. The bracelet had shrunk so that it wouldn't fall off my vastly-
changed wrist. Except that it wasn't a wrist now -- it was an ankle. I
had four legs, covered in dark fur.

	I was a dog!

	The maid looked up quickly, and then ran to one of the rooms. She
opened the door, and then came back for me. I was standing on all four
legs, trying to co-ordinate myself. She scooped me up in her arms before
I had a real chance to get away, and then she bundled me into the room.

	She slammed the door behind me and looked at me in wonder. "What
are you?" she asked in amazement. I tried to answer, but I could only
manage some growls.

	She had seen me transform in front of her. I have no idea what
she thought I was, but she knew I was something special. My sex urge was
growing again. I could think of nothing else except mounting her. In the
back of my mind I was dreadfully embarrassed, but what could I do?

	Her own growing excitement was obvious on her face. She spent
the next few minutes stroking my fur-covered body before gently touching
my erection. Then she raised the skirt of her maid's uniform and kneeled
on the floor. She wasn't wearing any panties. I needed no other
invitation. I climbed onto her back and coupled with her.

	I held onto her sides as best I could with my paws and fucked her
for all she was worth. She gave a long series of moans as she climaxed.

	We remained locked together for quite some minutes before I
finished and pulled away from her.

	When she had recovered, she went into the bathroom to clean up.
I spent the time trying to get used to walking on all fours. It's not as
easy as it looks. When she re-emerged, she said, "You're my dreams come
true. Now you be a good boy and stay quiet. No one is booked into this
room, so you'll be safe here. If no one reports you missing, I'll come
back later and take you home. We're going have some fun together."

	She was careful not to let me out as she was leaving. I was
extremely worried about being stuck as a dog. Of course as she moved
away, I fell under the influence of another. As I felt myself transform
I realized that this was my chance to get back to Diane.

	My body rearranged itself into a well-built, middle-aged man. I
ran to the door, opened it, and lurched across the hall to my room.

	I hammered on the door. I knew that she was inside even before
the door opened, because I changed back into the idealized version of
my own body. The door opened, and Diane pulled me inside.

	"Thank God!" she cried as she wrapped her arms around me. "I
thought I'd lost you for good."

	She could feel my stiff cock pushing into her side, and she
realized that I wouldn't be able to keep control for much longer. She
quickly snapped the bracelet open. I returned to my original form.

	We hugged for several long minutes, and then we collapsed on the
bed. "Diane, I..." I started to say.

	"It's all right," she said, "I should have taken the bracelet off
before I fell asleep last night. I looked all over for you. Where did you

	"Well, you know the woman we both became when we walked over to
that wall?" I asked, pointing to the wall separating our room from that
of the twins.

	"Oh." she replied quietly. "What was it like?"

	"Diane!" I exclaimed.

	"Hey, don't be embarrassed about what happened. You couldn't
control yourself. So what was it like to make love as the opposite gender

	"Actually, it felt incredible." I said. My face felt hot with
shame, even though Diane was right. It wasn't my fault. "Especially when
he entered me. It felt so...different."

	She kissed my forehead. "We'll just write this one down to
experience. When we use the bracelet again, we'll be a bit more careful."

	Neither of us actually considered not using the bracelet again.
We were both already addicted to the pleasure it could bring.

	Despite the fact that I had been up all night, I didn't feel
tired. I decided that I would have a shower, and then we would go down
to the restaurant for lunch.

	After the shower, as I towelled myself down, I looked at myself
in the mirror. Somehow, I could see the slut I had become in my
reflection. To be honest, I was a little confused over the way that I
was reacting to what had happened. I had had a protracted bout of sex as
a woman with two willing young men, but neither Diane nor I were overly
worried about that fact. I think that somehow the bracelet had
permanently loosened our inhibitions.

	Even so, we were a little quiet sitting down to eat lunch. We
couldn't really discuss the bracelet in the middle of the restaurant.
Especially as two twin brothers were arguing over whether there really
had been a woman in their room that morning.

	"Look, we both remember the same thing, Richard."

	"Perhaps," said the other, unconvinced, "but how likely is it
that a naked woman will knock on our door, come in, have sex with us and
then disappear again?"

	"It happened. Look, she had to be a guest. If we look hard
enough, we're sure to find her."

	Diane was doing her best to stop from laughing. "You didn't tell
me there were two of them." she whispered.

	"You didn't ask," I whispered back, embarrassed. I was beginning
to wish that she would take the situation more seriously.

	After lunch, I wanted to go out and get some fresh air. Diane,
however, didn't want to leave the bracelet alone in our room. She
suggested that I go out on my own, but I didn't want to leave Diane alone
with the bracelet, so we returned to our room. 

	Diane sat, holding the bracelet, while asking me endless
questions about my encounter with the twins. Finally, I agreed to tell
her all, and I laid back on the bed and described it in intimate detail.
I decided against telling her about the maid. Just dealing with my
encounter as a woman was enough. I was a little disturbed to notice that
I was getting an erection from thinking about Tim and Richard. We really
didn't know anything about the bracelet, so we had no idea what, if any,
long term effects there might be. Had the bracelet affected my mind and
turned me gay? Or was it just a natural reaction to the erotic sensations
that I had experienced with the brothers?

	I had just told Diane about how I had taken both Tim and Richard
at the same time when I felt her hand running up her leg. I didn't have
to look over at her to know that she had put the bracelet on. By now, I
was getting turned on myself, and I thought a good bout of normal 
straight sex would help to put my earlier experiences behind me.

	So I rolled over onto my side and looked deep into my wife's
eyes. Which were light blue in color rather than brown. Her hair was
much shorter and had turned blonde. It wasn't my wife, it was one of the
twins! I looked again. The blonde man was wearing the dress that my wife
had been wearing.

	"Diane?" I asked.

	She shrugged. "Don't blame me. This is your fantasy." She got off
the bed and started to strip.

	"I'm not sure we should be doing this." I said, fairly weakly.

	"I didn't hear you complain that much when we had an all-girl
session last night. Anyway, if you don't like it, why don't you turn me
back into a woman?"

	I did try to turn Diane back into a female, but my mind was still
filled with images of the twins.

	Diane took off her bra and ran her hand over her flat chest.
"Wow! This feels so weird."

	She climbed onto the bed wearing only her panties, which were
under severe strain from her erection. "I can see why you got so turned
on as a woman," she said. "Everything is so different and so erotic."

	Diane began pulling off my own clothes. "Relax," she said, "I am
still me in here, so don't worry about it." I found myself agreeing with

	Finally, she threw my shorts into the corner of the room and
grasped my cock in her strong hand. Slowly, at first, she started to
masturbate me. I slumped back and luxuriated in the sensations. I wasn't
wearing the bracelet this time, so I suppose I could have pushed Diane
away, but she was right. This was my fantasy. The fact that my wife was
inside this athletic man made things easier, but that didn't stop me from
feeling very odd as I reached into her panties and grasped her cock.

	I pulled the panties down and began to jack off Diane. This was a
totally new sensation to her, and she was soon moaning in ecstasy. I
pulled her to me, and we kissed long and passionately. Rather than the
soft, curvy body I was used to holding, Diane now had a taut, male body
with well-defined muscles.

	After a few minutes, she pulled away with a familiar grin on her
unfamiliar face. She turned around on top of me and grabbed my cock. We
had always enjoyed oral sex. 69 was one of our favorite positions. This
time, however, it was going to be a little different for me.

	As Diane's lips wrapped themselves around my cock, I reached up
and grabbed hers. I wasn't under the influence of the bracelet, so I felt
a little reluctance in doing this, but not much. Perhaps the orgy with
the twins had unlocked homosexual desires in me.

	Diane released my cock long enough to say, "Come on, suck me

	I balked at that. Doing it while I was a sex-mad female was one
thing, but in my uninfluenced male body? Diane saw my hesitation and
shouted at me to suck it. I held it gingerly in one hand to guide it into
my mouth. I had planned to suck it slowly into my mouth as I built up
courage, but Diane had other plans.

	She pressed down with her pelvis, and suddenly her hard length
was as deep into my mouth as it was going to go. My apprehension
vanished, and I started to suck cock. I cast my mind back to early that
morning when I had sucked one of the twins off. The memory was so strong
that I could almost feel the heavy breasts that I had had at the time I
was milking him.

	Diane returned her attentions to my own stiff tower. She gave a
long, deep moan as I concentrated on her prick. I ran my tongue over the
head several times. I could feel her tensing over me, and I knew she was
about to cum.

	She lifted her head and growled, "Oh my God!". Then my throat was
filled with what felt like a gallon of cum. I had little choice but to
swallow. As I gulped down the salty fluid, I reached my orgasm. Diane had
been licking the head of my cock; I came all over her face.

	We lay there for several long seconds, both completely shattered.
Now that my sex urge had been satisfied, I began to feel a little
self-conscious about what I had done. I concentrated on Diane.
Thankfully, she shifted into her perfect version of herself.

	She turned around on the bed, and I had to laugh when I saw cum
all over her face. I reached over and took the bracelet off of Diane. I
didn't want to drift off to sleep and risk her coming under the influence
of someone else, like what had happened to me.

	"So that's what it's like for a man." she remarked.

	"What do you think of it?"

	"It's like...everything is concentrated in your cock. Nothing
else exists."

	"I know what you mean. When I was a woman, my whole body seemed
to explode." I shivered as I remembered the force of my female orgasms.

	We were quiet for several long minutes as we thought about the
session we had just had. I was content to just lie on the bed and doze,
but Diane wanted a shower.

                          *  *  *  *  *  *  *

	It was Diane's voice that woke me half an hour later. "David,
come and have a look at this."

	I hauled myself off the bed and went into the bathroom. Diane was
standing naked and was still wet from the shower. She was staring
intently into the mirror. "What's up?" I asked.

	"Look at my face. Really closely."

	I shrugged. "Okay, but why?"

	"Just look."

	I leaned closer and studied her face. "I don't see anything."

	"It's changed."

	"Changed? Don't be..." I stopped as I realized she was right.
The change was ever so slight. I'm sure no one but Diane and I would
have noticed it. Her jaw was ever-so-slightly broader. Her nose was ever-
so-slightly larger. Her eyes were a shade lighter.

	While I had been studying her face, Diane had been examining
mine. "You've changed as well."

	"What?!" I turned to the mirror and stared at my own face. My
features were ever-so-slightly refined. Was my skin slightly darker,
or was that just a tan? My face was still masculine, but I could see just
a hint of the woman that I had been the previous night. Thankfully, it
seemed I hadn't been a dog long enough to affect my appearance, but I
had spent several long hours as a woman.

	"I think we had better leave the bracelet alone from now on."

	"No way!" she exclaimed. "We just have to be a little more
careful once we get back home. We can really start experimenting."

	I wasn't too convinced that this was a good idea, but Diane
finally talked me into trying to reverse the effects. I put on the
bracelet, and she turned me into the muscle-bound version of myself.
Of course, I was as horny as hell, and we made love all afternoon.

	It wasn't until the early hours of the next morning that she took
it off of me. By now we were exhausted. We slept until it was almost
noon. A close examination revealed that the small, feminine touches to my
face had been reversed.

	After we had repeated the process with Diane, which we both found
equally enjoyable, she was restored to full femininity, though she did
complain that her bra was tighter than it had been before.

	Over the last week of our holiday, we tried to resist using the
bracelet too often, and we managed to keep from using it more than once
a day. At my insistence, we didn't swap genders. Diane wanted to try it
as a man again, but I was having none of it.

	Perhaps if I had relented a little, Diane wouldn't have done what
she did when we got home.

	When we arrived back in Florida, I didn't leave our house for
several weeks. I had thought that Diane had some plans for the bracelet,
but I had never thought that she'd go as far as she did.

	She put her plan into operation almost a week after we got back
home. We were looking after her sister's baby for the day while her
sister and her family went shopping for furniture for their new home. We
both love kids. I think they're great -- if you can stand the smell and
the noise, that is.

	I was doing some work on the computer when Diane came up to me
and said, "Susan forgot to leave any baby food when she brought Timmy."

	"Don't we have any milk?" I asked.

	"No, not a drop." she replied.

	Now, I knew that wasn't true, so I went to the refrigerator to
check. There had been three cartons in there that morning, but now all of
them were gone. "Diane, where did the milk go?"

	I felt something go around my wrist and my body started to shift.
"Diane! Not with the baby in the house!" I was back in my idealized male
body and horny as hell.

	"It's because of the baby I'm doing this. He's hungry." She took
me up into the bedroom where Timmy was. He didn't appear to be hungry at

	Diane pushed me towards the baby and then took several paces
backwards. Timmy gurgled. I realized that I was closer to him than I was
to anyone else, but I didn't think I'd have anything to worry about. He
was far too young to have anything approaching sexual desire.

	Well, I was right about that, but Timmy did have something on
his mind. Lunch.

	I felt a large weight growing on my chest as I grew two very
large breasts. My shirt got tighter and tighter. I felt the pressure
building, and I knew that my shirt wouldn't survive long. The buttons
shot off, and my huge mammaries were revealed. As I felt the rest of my
body shift and change, I looked in the mirror and saw Diane's sister
staring back, except that she didn't have breasts anywhere near this

	I ran my hands over my body and found that Timmy had got a few
facts about his mother's body wrong. The breasts were the size of beach
balls, and were almost pulling me over. Between my legs I found that I
still had a penis. It was small and undeveloped. Timmy obviously thought
that everyone was like that down there. How could he know any

	A desire was flooding though my brain, but it was not a sexual
one. At least, not overtly. As I cupped my breasts in my hands and
lifted their huge weight, I felt a warm wetness on my hands. I pulled
them away and looked at the white fluid on my palms. It was milk.

	I picked up Timmy and held him against one of my magnificent
breasts. He found the huge, erect nipple and managed to get it into his
mouth. Then he started feeding. It was an absolutely incredible sensation
to feel milk being sucked from my breast. It was also extremely erotic,
but I didn't have the equipment to really do anything about it. The
sensuous feeling just grew and grew until I was moaning in ecstasy.

	Finally, Timmy was full. I manoeuvred him around my mountainous
breasts to my shoulder, where I successfully burped him. My breasts were
still heavy with milk. All I wanted to do was find someone else who would
continue to drink it from me.

	Diane came to my rescue. She took Timmy from me, and then stood
between the baby and I as she cleaned him up so that I returned to the
muscled version of my own body. She took him to the spare bedroom and
then returned.

	I expected her to remove the bracelet, but instead she just
concentrated on my body. Again, it rippled and changed.

	I had two firm breasts. Large, but not nearly as big as the ones
that I had had moments before. Looking further down I could see a soft
curving belly leading down to wide feminine hips. I thrust a hand down my
pants and found the soft mound of my feminine sex. Diane stood me in
front of the mirror.

	My eyes widened in surprise at what I saw. I now looked like
Diane, except that I was a little better endowed. "Diane, what are you up

	"Just a little experiment of mine, my darling sister. I want to
see how far the body will change when the bracelet is left on for a few

	"No!" I exclaimed. I tried to tell her to take the bracelet off,
but nothing would come out. By now, my sex urge was overpowering and I
was already fingering myself.

	Diane took me back to bed and brought me to orgasm after orgasm
with her vibrators. After a while, she got dressed and did a few chores
around the house, leaving me to masturbate on my own. I had to stay close
to her or risk being influenced by the neighbors. I considered several
times making a break for my neighbors. That way I'd get out of Diane's
influence, but I had no way of knowing how they'd react. Or what their
deepest fantasies were. I decided it wasn't worth the risk. Diane tried
to get me to help her clean the house, but I was far too turned on to be
of any use.

	She had to lock me in the bedroom when her sister and her husband
returned to pick up Timmy. Susan's husband came upstairs to use the
bathroom at one point, and I was transformed into his fantasy. His
desires made me a cute young Asian woman. It was all that I could do to
resist calling out to him. Thankfully, they left soon afterwards, and
Diane reasserted her control over my body.

	I tried many times to get her to take the bracelet off of me in
the days that followed. I couldn't say that in so many words of course,
but she knew what I was on about.

	On the third day, Diane told me of her eventual plan: "We're
going to swap places for awhile."

	"What?!" I cried.

	"I found being a man very interesting." she told me. "I'd like to
know what it was like to be a man and make love to a woman. Since we only
have one bracelet and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else but you,
I have to make you the woman. Relax. In a day or so I'll take the
bracelet off and wear it myself. Then I can find out."

	"I won't do it. I'll keep you as a woman. I won't turn you into
a man."

	"Look, you need me to become male again. Besides, in just a week
you'll be male again and no one will ever know." She smiled. "Besides, I
can tell you'd like to have a cock inside you again."

	I denied it vehemently, but I did feel a desire to have a man
between my legs.

	We make a fairly good living writing technical manuals together.
We tend to do most of our work from home, so she knew that she would have
time to pull this little adventure of hers off.

	For the next few days I remained in a state of high arousal. I'd
spend hours playing with Diane's vibrator. The feeling of it gliding into
and out of my hot pussy never failed to send me into ecstasy.

	When I awoke five days after Diane had turned me into a woman, I
was beginning to worry that I was enjoying it too much, and that I might
become addicted to sex as a woman. I sat up and bed and I could feel my
heavy breasts jostling at my every movement. The slightly-cold morning
air caused my nipples to spring erect. Diane had tried to get me to wear
her night-dresses, but fortunately I was too well-endowed for any of them
to fit.

	Diane was already awake and was watching me with a smile on her

	"Diane, I've been thinking and I really don't want to do this.
Please take the bracelet off me." It took several seconds for what I had
said to sink in. I had been able to ask Diane to take the bracelet off. I
looked at the wrist where the bracelet had been for the last few days.

	It was gone.

	I reached between my legs, but I already knew what I would find.
I still had a pussy. I was still female. I looked over at Diane in shock,
and she held up the bracelet for me to see. Then she clicked it shut
around her own wrist.

	I concentrated on the idealized version of Diane, and my wife
shifted to that shape. I was still annoyed at the way that she had
carried out her plan, and I was going to stop her from having any fun if
I could help it.

	She ran her hands over her large breasts. She was clearly very
turned on, but she wasn't very happy. "Come on, David. The sooner you let
me have my way, the sooner I'll turn you back."

	"No!" I said as firmly as I could in my feminine voice. "You
didn't even ask before you did this to me!"

	"You'd have never agreed to it. You never were as adventurous as
me. Think about it, though. You did enjoy your first time as a woman.
Don't you want to experience that again? Remember how it felt to have a
long, hard cock thrusting deep into your hot cunt?"

	I knew exactly what she was doing, and it was working. Ever since
I had gone with the twins, I had caught myself daydreaming now and then
over what had happened. Diane was reawakening those memories, I could
almost feel the two young men pressing their bodies against mine as they
thrust deep inside me.

	"That's better," said a masculine voice beside me.

	I felt a strong hand rest on my thigh and I turned to look at the
blonde man in bed with me. My eyes were riveted to Diane's erection as
she started getting even closer.

	"Diane, this isn't right."

	"Of course it is. We are husband and wife, after all."

	Despite all my protestations, I did want to feel that delicious
cock filling my most intimate place. I allowed Diane to push me onto my
back. She then climbed on top of me.

	We kissed hungrily. Her hands roamed all over my curvy body. One
of them made its way between my legs and started to massage my clit. As
the sensations grew inside me, I was very aware of Diane's red-hot cock
pushing into my side. Instinctively, I spread my legs as the sensations
started to grow. Part of me wanted to push Diane away, but it was washed
away by the desire to enjoy being made love to. "Now! Fuck me now!" I
virtually screamed in her ear.

	Her hand left my cunt. Slowly she guided her cock into my aching
pussy. I realized now that my desires had made it significantly larger
than the cocks that the twins had had.

	Diane slid in easily to the hilt and I revelled in the feelings
of fullness. I clenched my vaginal muscles and I felt Diane gasp with
pleasure. Slowly, at first, Diane started to thrust into me. I could do
little more than hang on. She started to increase the speed and frequency
of her thrusts.

	It was so alien to the way I normally had sex, but it felt better
than any experience as a man. Diane dominated me fully. I had let her
into my most private and intimate place. At that moment I belonged to her

	I wrapped my legs around her and pulled her deep into me with
every thrust. I forgot all about my reservations about being female as I
began to feel the unmistakable build-up to my orgasm.

	When it hit, I shrieked my pleasure and held onto Diane for dear
life. She reached her own climax at the same moment, and I could feel her
seed being pumped powerfully into me.

	For minutes afterwards, I held on tightly to Diane's muscular
body as we recovered. Finally we pulled apart. Diane was almost ready to
go again. I could still feel the delicious heat radiating out from my

	I looked over at Diane and got quite a shock. She was no longer a
copy of one of the twins. She now wore the idealized version of my body.
It was very odd to see my own face on someone else. Diane had only just
noticed the change and was examining herself. She had been changed by my
desire to stay in Diane's body. To do that she would have to replace me.
It was giving me an idea to get back at Diane for turning me into a
woman. Looking back, it wasn't a very good idea and perhaps my mind was
affected after spending so much time as a sexy woman.

	When Diane had first turned me into a copy of herself several
days before, I had been furious. Now, for the first time, I was thinking
about staying female for a little while. Being on the receiving end of a
royal fucking like the one I had just had was influencing my thinking a

	"Wow!" Diane breathed. "That was fantastic. I had always wondered
what it was like for a man."

	"I'm glad you enjoyed it, because you going to stay that way." I
told her. "I'll keep the bracelet on you for a few days."

	"Don't you want to be male again?" she asked me in surprise.

	"Well, yes. It's fun being female, but I don't intend to stay
this way. I'm just doing to you what you did to me. Then maybe you'll ask
in the future." I tried to sound angry, but I don't think I succeeded.

	We spent the next few hours making love. It was noon by the time
we finished. I left Diane masturbating, and went and had a shower. I
enjoyed washing my soft and curvy new body, although it took me ages to
dry my hair. I even got a little turned on again when I towelled myself

	I felt odd when I looked into the bathroom mirror and saw the
beautiful woman I had become. Well, it was only for a few days. I studied
the soft curves of my new body. This was the first time I'd had a long
look at it, even though I had been wearing it for five days. Before, I
had been too busy fucking or masturbating. It gave me a strange feeling
to think I was now totally a woman.

	Finding something to wear proved a little difficult. It was
obvious that none of Diane's bras were going to be anywhere near big
enough to contain my breasts. I did need some form of support to bring
the wobbling masses of flesh under control.

	I managed to get Diane's attention long enough for her to come up
with an idea. She gave me one of her checkered shirts to wear, and then
knotted it just under my breasts. It displayed a surprising amount of
cleavage, but it did control my mammaries to a certain extent. I felt a
little odd when I slipped into a pair of white lacy panties, but they
fitted much better than a pair of my boxer shorts would have.

	Diane tried to get me to wear a short skirt, which seemed to be
little more than a wide belt, but I decided on a pair of tight jeans
instead. Finally ready to face the world, I turned to the mirror to see
if I was okay.

	My jaw dropped open when I saw my reflection. I was beautiful. My
long hair cascaded over my shoulders. My bountiful breasts seemed on the
point of bursting out of the shirt I had on. My midriff was bare exposing
my sensuous curves. The jeans only accentuated my wide hips and shapely

	I knew that I could have any man that I wanted if I put my mind
to it. I was slightly disturbed by that thought. I couldn't blame such
thoughts on the bracelet anymore.

	Diane was still masturbating when I left her to go downstairs. I
locked the bedroom door behind me. This was something we had both agreed
on to stop any more accidents like the one that had occurred to me in the
hotel in England. I did some tidying up downstairs, but my thoughts kept
drifting back to Diane, upstairs. I knew it wouldn't be long before
I went back upstairs and impaled myself on her hard length again.

	The only other person that I talked to that day was a door to
door salesman. All through his sales pitch, he was eyeing me up. It felt
very odd to have a body that caused such desires in other men. I caught
myself thinking that he wasn't that bad-looking for a man. I could even
see that he had an erection from the bulge in his pants.

	I think he saw me looking, because he asked if I was alone. When
he offered to come in and give me a full demonstration of his 'equipment'
I dropped an unsubtle hint that my husband upstairs might not like it.

	He wasn't in a good mood as he left, and I'm sure that he called
me a prick tease under his breath. My heart was racing as I closed the
door. I nearly went straight back upstairs to take the bracelet off of
Diane, but I managed to stop myself. I didn't want to show Diane that I
couldn't handle being female.

	I was worried that I had led the salesman on, though. Was that
simply him trying his luck, or had I sent him some sort of unconscious
sign that I was available? Had wearing the bracelet so long warped my
thought processes?

	I spent most of the afternoon trying to work on the manual that
Diane and I were writing. Too often, however, I got side-tracked by my new
body. I found it difficult to work around my large breasts.

	Eventually, I headed back upstairs to Diane. She was sleeping,
but she woke up as I entered. My encounter with the salesman was still
worrying me. Being a woman was fun, and sex from the other side was...
interesting, but I'd be glad to get back in my own body.

	Until then, however I was going to give my gorgeous curvy body
a good workout. I still felt a little odd "making it" with a man, but the
knowledge that 'he' was really my wife removed a lot of the guilt.

	Our first bout together was quick and furious. She held my wrists
with her hands as she pounded into me. The feeling of being totally in
the power of a strong man only added to my pleasure. I just wrapped my
legs around her and hung on for dear life.

	Afterwards we rested. Well, I rested. Diane was ready to go again
almost instantly. She held back as long as she could before flipping me
onto my hands and knees and taking me from behind.

	Her strong hands dug into my soft breasts as she brought me to
several powerful orgasms. I was completely shattered after this round,
so I simply watched as Diane stroked her engorged cock to several more
explosive climaxes.

	It was as I was watching her that an idea crept into my head. One
thing I had experienced with a former girlfriend had been a tit-fuck. I'd
would have loved Diane to do that to me, but she had never been
well-endowed enough for that.

	However, I had tits large enough to do it to Diane. I watched her
reach yet another climax. Where did all that cum come from? We were going
to have to throw the bed sheets away. As she rested, I crawled up her
firm body and pushed my tits together around her cock.

	She gave a long, low moan at the feeling of her cock stuck
between my breasts. I rubbed my soft flesh around her hard cock,
occasionally stopping to lick its head. Diane grabbed my head as I milked
her. It wasn't long before her body tensed, and her cum spurted all over
my face. I licked off most of it, enjoying its salty tang.

	I must have drifted off to sleep at around this point, because
the next thing I remember it was the next morning. Diane was making soft,
delicate love to me. I had responded in my sleep and I was already highly
aroused when I became fully awake.

	And so it went on for several days. On the fifth day, I removed
the bracelet, and Diane stayed male. I was surprised to find that I was
a little sad to be losing my female body, but it would be good to get my
own body back.

	I ran my hand longingly over my smooth, erotic body. Time to
become the old me. "You ready to change me back?"

	She nodded, "I'm sorry I did this without asking, but I think
you'll want to do this again as much as me."

	She was right, but I didn't reply. I closed the bracelet around
my wrist.

	Nothing happened.

	The silvery joining metal wouldn't appear. The bracelet just fell
from my wrist.

	What was going on? Was I stuck like this?

	Diane's eyes had widened in shock when she saw what was
happening. Or rather, what wasn't happening. She tried to put the
bracelet on me and failed. My heart was racing. Was I going to be a
well-stacked woman for the rest of my life?

	Diane tried to put the bracelet around her own wrist. It worked
on the first try. She regained the idealized version of her female body.

	Why did it work for her and not me? Was there some time limit on
it? I had worn it for slightly longer than her.

	By now, I was starting to panic. Diane managed to calm me down
and then suggested a course of action. "I'll stay in this form until we
can work out what is going on. That way, there will be one Diane and one

	She was right, of course. There would be untold trouble if either
Diane or I appeared to vanish.

	The next few days were very tense. We made love several times. I
found it hard to enjoy it much, because it only reminded me of what I'd
lost, perhaps forever.

	We worked out how long each of us had been using the bracelet,
and Diane used it for a few hours every night. It continued to work for
her, even though she had used it for longer than I had.

	Diane said that she might have an idea, but she refused to tell
me without doing some research. Ever the practical one, she realized that
I was going to need some new clothes to fit my larger breasts. I thought
that we ended up spending too much money on clothes, but Diane reasoned
that she would have to have breasts as large as mine when we sorted out
the problem. People would notice if her bust size reduced again. She
didn't seem too worried by the idea.

	The shop assistant must have been totally bemused by the husband
and wife who had entered her lingerie department. The husband knew
everything about female underwear, while the wife didn't even have a clue
what bra size she was.

	Diane dressed me in the lingerie and new clothes in the changing
rooms of the shop. The bra certainly helped to control my large breasts.
I did wish that Diane had chosen something a little less sexy. The sight
of those breasts enclosed in beautiful silk and lace turned me on, even
though it was my own breasts I was ogling.

	"Are you ready for the dress?" Diane asked.

	I looked at her. She was grinning. "This isn't funny! Just give
me the jeans and the blouse you bought and lets get home."

	"Okay." she said, before scooping up all the purchases and
skipping past the curtain of the cubicle.

	"Diane! What are you doing?"

	Her hand poked around the curtain and threw a bag at me. I opened
the bag and pulled out a knee-long summer dress. "I am not wearing that!"
I hissed.

	"It's that or nothing. I'll meet you out by the counter." Then
she was gone.

	Diane does have a very lively character. It's the main thing that
attracted me to her in the first place, but she can go too far sometimes.
I really had no choice. It was this or my underwear. I worked out which
part of the dress was the front and then pulled it on.

	The hem tickled my legs. I smoothed down the dress with my hands.
I checked in the mirror to be sure that I had the dress on perfectly. It
was a very attractive dress, and it suited my current body, but I felt
very self-conscious in it. I had to build up some courage before I
headed back to the counter and to Diane.

	I felt very undressed as I walked through the shop to where she
said she was waiting. I felt far more vulnerable and exposed in a dress
than I had ever felt in jeans. Diane was nowhere to be seen, so I stood
nervously at the counter, waiting for her to reappear.

	She turned up a few minutes later, walking downstairs from the
upper floor of the shop.

	"Where have you been?" I asked.

	"Just getting a little something. You look good in that. It
really suits you."

	I felt annoyed at the grin on her face. "This isn't funny. I
could be stuck like this!"

	"I'm sorry. Let's get a bite to eat and then we'll head back

	We went out into the mall and headed over to a small cafe. Out
of the corner of my eye, I noticed several men admiring the curves of my
body. I managed to avoid looking at them. I was finding the attention I
was getting from men to be fairly embarrassing.

	As we ate a light lunch I tried to ignore the glances I was
continuing to get. I was half-convinced that everybody who looked at me
saw a man in a dress. Diane wanted to do some more shopping, but I
managed to talk her out of it.

	When we got home Diane convinced me to stay in the dress for the
rest of the day. I didn't feel so nervous in the privacy of my own home,
so I agreed. It was towards the evening that Diane pulled out a small
box from one of the shopping bags.

	"I got this while you were in the changing room. I think it's
why you can't change back."

	She threw the box, and I caught it by reflex. I looked at it and
then nearly dropped it in shock.

	It was a pregnancy detector kit.

	"Y-you're not serious?"

	"I can't see that it could be anything else." Diane replied.
"I've worn that bracelet for over a day longer than you have, and it
still works for me."

	When she saw the utter shock on my face, she came over and held
me. "It'll be all right. If you are...pregnant, at least we'll know why
you can't change back. It'll mean you won't be stuck as a woman forever."

	Only for nine months, a corner of my mind remarked.

	Diane led me upstairs and we did the test. I watched her stare
intently at the indicator. "Well? Am I or aren't I?" I asked her.

	Diane looked at me. "Congratulations, you're going to be a

	Thanks to her fast reflexes, she managed to catch me before I hit
the floor. I was dimly aware of Diane leading me into the bedroom and
gently putting me on the bed, but all I could thing about was the fact
that I was pregnant.

	I broke the silence after a few minutes, "What are we going to

	"It's okay. I can arrange an abortion." She held my hand.
"Everything's going to be fine." She was trying to calm me down, but I
could tell me she was almost as dazed as me about this.

	I nodded, but said nothing. Diane's suggestion was the best way
out of this predicament. What else could we do? The only alternative was
for me to stay female for the next nine months and give birth to the
baby. Our baby.

	I ran my hands over my soft, curving belly. It was impossible to
feel the new life growing in there, but already I could feel some
attachment to it. An idea crept into my head. I was absolutely astonished
by it at first, but second by second I was warming to it.

	"Diane, you know how much we've wanted a child."

	She looked at me, "Yeah."

	"Perhaps, I could...keep our baby." I said quietly.

	Diane's jaw dropped open. "David, do you have any idea what

	"Not entirely, I admit. We've been trying for a baby for months."

	She wrapped her powerful arms around me and hugged me. "Well,
we don't have to make a decision just yet."

	I could tell that she was excited about having kids as I was, but
she was worried about what effect it would have on me. I was becoming
more and more convinced that this was a good idea. I was a little
apprehensive at the prospect of giving birth, but I thought that it would
surely be worth it for a child.

	Over the next few weeks, she kept questioning me about whether I
was doing the right thing or not. I grew more and more adamant that I was
keeping the baby, and soon she stopped asking me.

	We managed to settle into a routine. Each morning she'd choose my
clothes and do my makeup. It was several months before I felt confident
enough to do my own makeup.

	When we went out, it was always together. In my pregnant female
body, I felt far more vulnerable than I ever had as a man. I was always
acutely aware of the attention I was getting and, it flattered me and
embarrassed me at the same time. We had spent many an evening coaching
each other on mannerisms. I think we both overcompensated; I minced all
over the place while Diane swaggered. We must have looked totally

	As the months passed and my pregnancy began to show, Diane and I
continued to have sex almost up until the birth. In later months this was
mostly restricted to oral sex, but I came to love sucking Diane's dick.

	In the last month or two, Diane used the bracelet to become
female for a couple of hours each night. We were like twin sisters, the
only difference between us was that I was heavily pregnant. Our
lovemaking would be slow and very sensuous. We'd spend literally hours,
just moving softly against each other.

	The pre-natal classes were very weird for me at first, but I soon
became friendly with some of the other mothers-to-be. Its only after
going through a whole pregnancy that I realized how amazing it really is.
All of the hormone changes in my body left me a little cranky during the
final months, but Diane was patient with me.

	There are aspects of a pregnancy I could do without. Having
to sleep with a bowling ball strapped to your stomach, for instance. Or
the fact that I had to pee every half-hour.

	I had learned a lot from my classes, so I recognized the
contractions when they started. Diane flew into a blind panic when I told
her that the baby was on its way. We had decided against finding out what
gender it was. To be honest, I think it would have been safer for me to
drive to the hospital than it was for Diane to, but we managed to arrive
without hitting anything major.

	I managed to keep fairly calm and concentrated on my breathing
exercises while Diane fretted. I know how helpless she felt. It's one of
the most worrying times for an expectant father. His wife is in pain and
he can't do anything. All he can do is panic about his wife and his

	It does hurt. Don't let anyone tell you differently. During the
birth, Diane was holding my hand and whispering encouragements. I was
holding her hand so tight that I think I almost ripped it off.

	Then there was the anxious second before our baby started crying,
and I knew that it was okay. I lay exhausted for a few moments before our
child was handed to me.

	There was my son, Michael. It was a truly magical moment. All
three of us were utterly exhausted, but I've never been happier.

	When we returned home a couple of days later, there was a slight
tension between Diane and I. It took me a week to realize what it was. I
could now be transformed by the bracelet. It was time for us to regain
our original bodies.

	About two weeks after we returned home, I found Diane in the
living room with the bracelet.

	"I suppose we should change back." she said.

	I was surprised at the lack of enthusiasm in her voice. I nodded,
but said nothing. I wasn't filled with a great desire to change back
either, but it wasn't right for each of us to be in the wrong body.

	I took the bracelet from her and I sat down beside her feeling
the now familiar sensation of my breasts jostling. I tried to build up
enthusiasm by thinking about being male, but my thoughts kept drifting
to the wonderful sex I had had as a woman. I didn't want to be my old
male self again, I wanted to be female.

	Yes, I had found the whole pregnancy moving and very emotional,
but I was still surprised at the strong desire within me to stay female.

	"You don't want to do it either, do you?" Diane said.

	I jumped slightly and looked up. I had been so involved with my
thoughts I had almost forgotten she was sat next to me. "Not really," I
replied, "but we have to swap back."

	"Why?" she said simply.

	I thought about that for a moment, "Could we do it? What about

	"He'll grow up with a Mom and a Dad. You're a good mother. We've
both tasted the other gender and we both like it a lot." she, no he, held
my hand.

	"...and it will always be there if we want it." I added.

	That was that. We locked it in a sturdy box and hid it in the
basement. Very occasionally we get it out for a play, but with Michael
growing up we really don't have the time to really transform each other
permanently. Not that we want to. I'm much more comfortable as Diane's

	I'm not sure if we'll ever tell Michael or his younger sister,
Helen, about the bracelet. I'm not sure how well they'd handle learning
their mommy used to be a man.

	Michael is five now and Helen is two. I think I've settled into
the role of a mother quite well. All our friends say we've never been

	I think they're right.


JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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