JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English

1. Chapter

The figure waited nervously on top of the building opposite the bar. He was still berating himself for messing up his first job. He had left the girl in agony for too long before ending her life and he was determined not to let it happen again. This time he'd get it right. Right on schedule, the door of the bar opened and a man staggered out into the street. He was about six foot tall with dark hair and brown eyes, the figure supposed women would find him attractive. He turned around several times before he spotted his car and lurched unsteadily towards it. He climbed inside and managed to find the ignition. The figure watched the car roar into life and tear off at a dangerous speed down the quiet street. He sighed and jumped off the side of the building. Just before he hit the ground he unfurled his wings and set off in pursuit of the car. Belatedly, the driver remembered he hadn't switched on his headlights. He fumbled with the controls, finally getting them working. He looked up to see a truck bearing down on him. Instinct took over and he swung the steering wheel sharply and the car veered off the road and onto the sidewalk, straight into a street lamp. Now! The figure landed next to the car and looked in, with senses beyond those that humans have he examined the body. The driver had massive internal injuries, there was no way the driver was going to survive. He knew that he was supposed to wait till a certain point had been reached before removing the soul. But there was no point in this case. It would be better if he removed the soul now and saved the driver unnecessary suffering. He reached into the car and put his hand against the man's chest. When he pulled it away again a fine white mist followed. He walked a little distance away from the car and concentrated on the mist. It quickly formed itself into the shape of the drunk driver. The driver looked around at the wreck of the car and said, "how on Earth did I survive that?" "You didn't, Mr Sandford." Dan Sandford turned around at the sound of the quiet voice. Behind him stood a smallish young man dressed in an immaculate suit. "Did you pull me out of the wreckage?" The man smiled, "in a manner of speaking, yes." Something about this guy is odd, thought Dan. Just then the truck driver raced straight past him heading to the car. He didn't seem to notice Dan, he stopped by the car door and tried to pull it open. "Hey," he called to the driver. "Its alright! I'm okay." The truck driver didn't hear him and continued to try to open the door which had been jammed by the impact. He walked over to the truck driver and put his hand on the man's shoulder. Or at least he tried to, his hand went straight through the body without any resistance. He jumped back shocked beyond belief. With a final superhuman effort the truck driver wrenched open the car door and pulled something out. Dan had a awful suspicion what it was, he looked down at his own face, covered in blood and not moving. Dan turned to the small man behind him, "I'm dying, aren't I?" The man looked on sadly, "you are already dead, Dan Sandford." Dan looked at him opened mouth, "I can't be, put me back!" "It's too late. Come on, it is time to go on to the next world." With that, he opened his wings and spread them to its full extent. Dan found himself moving forward and taking the man's hand. Then the ground seemed to drop away and they flew up into the night sky. 2. Chapter When the timeless moment passed they were standing on a featureless white plain. Dan looked around him. "Is this Heaven?" The angel smiled. "No, a waiting area if you like. My boss will be along soon and he'll take you through admission. Ah, here he is now." A man was striding across the plain towards them, he looked to be about sixty and was dressed in a dark suit also. "Jothan! What have you done now!" He said sharply to the younger angel. Jothan looked nervous, "I've brought Mr Sandford in, sir." The older angel held out his hand and a book appeared in it, Dan was disturbed to note that it had his name on it in large letters. The angel flipped to the last page and examined it. After several minutes he looked up at Jothan, "do you realise Mr Sandford had about a thirty percent chance of surviving his injuries." "Thirty percent? But I was certain he had no chance and I didn't want him to suffer anymore." The older angel sighed, "Jothan, you must wait until there is absolutely no hope before removing the soul, despite any suffering it might cause." Dan had been watching the exchange still very disorientated by recent events. "Are you telling me I should still be alive? You've got to put me back now!" "I'm sorry Mr Sandford, your body has already ceased to live, we can't put you back." The angel though for a moment, "but there may be a way of returning to Earth." "Yes!" said Dan. "If you would do a little job for us, we can put you into the body of someone about to die. You could carry on their life." "I'll do it." said Dan excitedly. He might not get his body back, but at least he'd have another stab at life. "Very well, I must clear some of the details with my superiors. I'll return in a moment." Both he and Jothan abruptly vanished. Dan sighed and sat down on the white floor. This could all be a drink induced dream, he thought. But I might as well play along. Funny, I'm totally sober now. When did that happen? A short while later the older angel returned and motioned Dan to follow him. "What we would like you to do is to reform the character of someone on Earth. If we don't help we will lose him to the Other Place. Your job will be to get him to voluntarily change his attitude. It will not be easy, some say it is not possible. But where there's life there's hope." They came to a glowing portal and the angel walked through it, Dan quickly followed, not wanting to lose him. They were in a hallway of a very impressive house. The owners had to be worth millions. "Nice place," said Dan. "If you like that sort of thing," replied the angel. He walked to the stairs, "this way." As they reached the top floor they heard raised voices coming from one of the bedrooms. "He's in there?" whispered Dan. "Yes, there is no need to whisper, they cannot see or hear us." He turned and walked through the door. Dan shrugged and followed him, he flowed through the door like it wasn't there. Inside two people, obviously husband and wife were in the middle of a furious argument. "If I want to have a drink with the guys," he was bellowing. "I will!" He was tanned and fairly muscular with blond hair. "You didn't even come home last night!" She retorted hotly. From there the arguing descended into name-calling. Both she and her husband were dressed for bed and to Dan's mind she looked gorgeous. She had a slim, curvy figure with breasts that were generous without being too large. She had dark hair hanging free down to her waist and her face despite being twisted with anger was obviously very beautiful. Dan noticed that his body was not reacting to her beauty as it normally would. One consequence of being dead he supposed. The angel gestured to him, "lets go next door, so we can talk." They walked down the hall to a spare bedroom. Even there they could hear the couple shouting. "Are they always like this?" asked Dan. "It's been getting worse for some while, Simon Mitchell came into a fair sum of money and he seems determined to booze and gamble till he drops. He's at the top of a slippery slope, if he isn't helped now he will steadily get worse. He has already threatened Allison with violence, at this rate it would not have been long before he actually started to beat her." "Can't you do something." Dan asked. "No, we are not allowed to interfere. However, your problem gives us a chance to help Simon Mitchell pull out of his nose-dive. Allison has a undiagnosed brain clot and will pass on to the next world tonight." Dan was aghast, "You're going to let her die!" "This is the hardest part of our job, I like it even less than you. But she will be going up, not down. However, without Allison, Simon will go into a nose-dive to self-destruction. We can't do anything, but you can. We can repair the damage to Allison's body and then your soul can occupy it. Then you can start your job to save him." "Wait a minute," said Dan. "You want me to take over a woman's body! I can't do that, I'm a man." The angel smiled, "At the moment you are a disembodied soul, there are no male or female souls. Just souls. There are very few opportunities to return to life, this is the best offer we can make." Dan thought about it for a moment, true it was a female body. But he had already noticed how detached he was from reality, looking at Allison's body should have caused his body to react, but in his dead state he felt nothing. "Well I'm not sure," he told the angel. "Simon will know I'm not Allison almost immediately. I don't have any of her memories." "You will be able to draw some information from her brain, just direct a question to yourself and most times you'll be able to get the answer. You won't have full access to her memories, but you will get most of the vital information. Who are Allison's parents, where she went on honeymoon, that sort of thing." Dan considered the options, he was still half convinced this was some drink induced nightmare. But he knew that he had little real choice, if he wanted to return to life it would be in Allison's body. I could always dump Simon and move in with a lesbian, he thought. "I'm going to regret this, but okay." The angel nodded, "please wait here, Jothan will bring you along when it is time." Then he was gone. Dan sat in the dark for several hours. As the time passed he mulled over his decision, could he really do this? Give up his male form and occupy the rather spectacular body of a woman. He felt his crotch and wondered what it would be like to have just a feminine slit between his thighs. Well I'll soon find out. The thought gave him a shiver down his back. By the time Jothan came for him he was beginning to think he had been forgotten. Jothan took him back down to the bedroom where the elder angel waited for them. The room was in darkness, but somehow Dan could see clearly. As he watched the angel drew Allison's soul from her body. Jothan concentrated on the body repairing the damage, finally he turned to the other angel nodded. "It's all ready for you, Mr Sandford." said the older angel holding Allison's soul carefully between his hands. Dan leaned over her sleeping form. In sleep her face was one of beauty and he found it impossible to believe it would soon be his. He looked back at the angels. "Okay, umm..how do I get in?" "Just lie on the bed in the same position as the body and you will join with it." Dan climbed onto the bed and laid down in the body, there was a moment of disorientation. Then, he could feel a solid body around him again, but it felt so strange. He felt a weight on his chest and a strangeness between his legs. He shifted his new body feeling the silk garment he was wearing. A voice sounded in his head, "It worked Mr Sandford. Or should I say Mrs Mitchell. Sleep now, you have a long day ahead of you."

Dan felt himself become incredibly drowsy and soon he was asleep. 3. Chapter Dan felt the bed move as someone got out the other side. He opened his eyes and was almost blinded by the sunlight streaming in through the windows. He felt the beginnings of a thumping headache. I've got to give up these binges, he thought. He tried to remember who he was with, and failed. He did recall some weird dream about him having died and then meeting two angels. His head felt like it was wrapped in something. Dan's eyes adjusted to the morning light and he looked over to see who he had spent the night with. Fucking hell! It was another man! At that point Dan sweared off drink for life. He hadn't believed it possible for him to become so drunk that he would want to sleep with a man. In the middle of his shock something needled at his memory. This man had been in his dream as well. The angels were going to give me a chance to return to life, he thought. But as who? Then he remembered and he froze in shock. In the dream he had taken over the body of this guy's wife. He closed his eyes and examined the feelings he was getting from his body. He knew now beyond a shadow of a doubt that it had been no dream. With every breath he inhaled he became aware of a weight on his chest. Dan remembered the detached manner in which he had decided to take over her body when he was dead. Now he was alive again his emotions were back, he was shocked and terrified by who he was now. He was now married to another man. No, not another man. He was no longer a man. He shifted one of his hands under the bed covers to his hip and felt the silky nightie he had on. He rubbed the cool slippery fabric against his soft smooth skin. "Allison?" said a voice quietly near his ear. Dan opened his eyes to see Simon leaning over him. "Look I'm sorry about last night. I'll be back from work around five o'clock." Then Simon leaned forward and gently kissed Dan on the cheek. Dan was stunned, he couldn't move or even think straight. Simon didn't hang about and was quickly out of the bedroom. Dan could still feel the pressure of Simon's lips against his hairless cheek when he heard the noise of Simon's car pulling out of the long drive. Dan thought, if the Mitchells are so rich why is he going to work? As if from nowhere the answer sprung into his head. Rather than inheriting money they had been left a string of fitness centers. Which brought in a very tidy sum. He remembered what the angel had told him about some of Allison's memories being available to him. But he would have given every cent of the fortune away to be a man at that moment. He lay still for several minutes before curiosity got the better of him and he started to explore his new body. Hesitantly he pulled his left arm free of the bed covers and examined it in the morning light. His hand was far smaller than his old one, but that wasn't the only difference. The hand was more refined and each finger was finished off with (what seemed to Dan) impossibly long fingernails. The arm was similarly smaller and didn't have the well defined muscles that Dan had been so proud of. Dan lifted his arm up and looked at his armpit. He might not have to shave his face anymore but he was going to have to do his armpits and possibly his legs as well. He pulled his other hand free and looked down at the hefty bulge his chest made under the sheets. With shaking hands he slowly pulled the covers free. It took him several seconds for his over-taxed brain to make sense of what he was seeing. He was wearing a white silk nightie that completely failed to hide the creamy curves of his magnificent breasts. His breasts! In other circumstances he would have been drooling over a sight like this. But he had never seen breasts from this angle before, on his own chest. Dan moved one of his slim hands and touched his breast through the thin fabric of the nightie. He was reminded of the times he had fondled his various girlfriends breasts over the years. This was very different, he could feel his hand pressing into his breast. He felt a tingling in his nipples as they hardened to his touch. He slipped his dainty fingers inside the nightie to touch the nipple. Dan realised that a man's nipple was very different from a woman's. He understood why his girlfriend loved the way he would play with her breasts. As his arousal increased Dan noticed the very different sensations coming from between his legs. He was used to his penis stirring and pumping into red hot hardness. But now he felt a sort of languid wetness and he knew that he had a vagina now. A pussy that was getting ready to receive a man's cock. He tried to ignore the alien sensations and he lay back on the bed. Something was between his head and the pillow. He reached up and pulled a mass of black hair into view. He found himself missing the short straw colored hair he used to have. This was better than being dead, but only just. In the corner of the sumptuous bedroom a full length mirror was mounted on the wall. He knew sooner or later he was going to have to face his new self. He threw back the bed covers and climbed out of bed. He avoided looking at himself as he walked unsteadily to the mirror. But he found it hard to ignore the sensations of his breasts shifting and bobbing with every movement. Or the feeling of the nightie brushing his silky smooth legs. He reached the mirror and gazed at the stranger looking back at him. She must have been in her mid to late twenties with long ruffled black hair. Her face was beautiful with full pouting lips and clear brown eyes. Her night-gown was designed more to accentuate her curves than cover them up and the twin mounds of her breasts were almost totally open to view. One thing Dan could not get over was how small he was now. He had used to being slightly over six foot tall, but now he could hardly be much over five foot. Also his frame was far more slender and delicate looking now. His reflection looked so fragile that Dan thought he'd snap off at the waist if he bent over. He steeled himself and pulled the nightie over his head. The reflection showed a goddess in the mirror. She had all the right proportions, none too small or overly large. Her breasts hung like bountiful fruit off her chest, each one topped by a large dark nipple. Her torso was slim and supple leading down to her wide hips. His eyes gazed in some horror at the wedge of black pubic hair between his legs. For the first time he was faced with the loss of his manhood. Gently, he ran his fingers over his strange new crotch. He had played with and entered a fair few pussies in his life and now he had one of his very own. He gingerly ran his finger down his new set of lips, finally parting them and slipping his finger slightly inside them. It felt so strange, yet there was an erotic thrill attached to it. He could feel a warmth building in his pussy. He pulled his hand away and sat on the corner of the bed with his legs wide. carefully he pulled the lips of his pussy open and examined his new anatomy. He looked at his vagina in the mirror. No longer would he be the one to penetrate, instead he would have to open his legs and allow himself to be possessed by a man. He thought about Simon, to all intents and purposes he was now Dan's husband. The thought made him a little queasy. There was no way he was going to allow him to share the same bed, let alone have sex with him. Yet how on Earth could he keep Simon on the straight and narrow unless he played the loving wife. Why did he ever agree to this? It had seemed rational and at least bearable the night before. But, he had been dead then and his emotions had been deadened along with the rest of him. He hadn't fully comprehended all the various problems he was going to face. He was still staring at his curvaceous body in the mirror when the maid walked in. Dan couldn't think of anything to say. She finally broke the silence and asked. "Is everything alright, ma'am?" What is her name? His mind replied Maria. She looked and sounded like she had come from Italy originally. "I'm fine, Maria." He couldn't say any more, he was too shocked at his new voice. He had forgotten that it would change with the rest of him. Maria obviously thought Dan was upset over Simon. "Come on. Things will look better when you're up. What would you like to wear today?" Dan sent the question to the part of his mind that knew the details of Allison life. He got no reply. "Umm...you decide Maria. I think I'll have a shower." He spotted a thick pink bathrobe and wrapped it around his unfamiliar body. There was a connecting door that led through to the bathroom. It was as lavishly laid out as the rest of the house. He locked the door, dropped the robe to the floor and climbed into the shower. He tried to relax and enjoy the shower, but he found it impossible to ignore his breasts sliding this way and that as he washed himself. His hips seemed to stick out like shelves and he had to get used to a different center of balance. As he washed his breasts he found his dark nipples reacting again. Dan could not believe how sensitive they were, each nipple felt like a miniature erection on his chest. He dropped the soap and started to rub them in earnest. Gently at first, then with increasing passion as his arousal grew. He rubbed and tweaked his nipples with both hands. He found that tugging on them caused intense feelings to shoot through his body. Between his soft thighs, his cunt was responding to his arousal. Dan felt the warmth radiating from his pussy and knew he was going to deal with it sooner or later. It felt so different, yet so familiar. He sent one slim hand down to his pussy. Slowly he slid two fingers into his already wet vagina. The feeling of even this slight penetration felt very erotic to Dan's stunned senses. With his other hand he started to caress his engorged clitoris at the top of his pussy. It felt like a miniature prick and was at least as sensitive. Dan then started to work his cunt in earnest. The feeling of his fingers pushing apart the velvet walls of his vagina quickly pushed him beyond all control. Suddenly the sensations doubled in intensity and he gripped his fingers tight with his pulsating pussy. As the waves of his orgasm washed over him Dan moaned in his high sexy voice. It was so different. His body tingled all over instead of his old orgasms which were centered on his cock. After several minutes he recovered enough to climb out and dry himself off. His body's proportions still felt odd. He found his reach was shorter than it had been and he wasn't nearly as strong as he had been. The long hair seemed to stay wet no matter how much he tried to dry it. Dan finally managed to wrap it in a towel and decided to look for a hair dryer back in the bedroom. He turned to look in the bathroom mirror before he put the bath robe on. This new body of his was really beautiful. He just wished he was here with this dark haired beauty instead of being her. How could he adjust to Simon? Let alone his new femininity. He owed his return to life to the angels so he felt he had to make a good effort to return Simon to the straight and narrow. Even if he had survived his car accident he would have been badly injured and maybe even disabled. But the thought of being touched by a man made his skin crawl. He wrapped himself in the robe and made his way back to the bedroom. Maria had laid out the clothes she thought was best for the day ahead. Each piece was arranged neatly next to each other. Dan looked at the expensive looking deep blue dress with a strange feeling in his stomach. To the left of it were a pair of panties, a bra, some shear stockings and suspender belt. He ran his hand over the silky lingerie. Some part of him felt that putting these clothes on would finally confirm his new gender. Dan picked up the silky white panties and stepped into them. Pulling them up his long sexy legs and around his strange new crotch. He only noticed now how much his ass had changed. It was wider and softer then he was use to. The bra proved much more of a problem than he expected. He didn't have quite the knack of doing the clasp up at the back. Eventually Dan did the bra up with the clasp at the front and twisted it around. He slipped his arms through the straps and eased the bra into place. The bra held his breasts in position and definitely stopped them bobbing about so much. In fact, they were more than comfortable. They felt sensuous against his breasts. He mentally shook himself, here he was wearing a woman's underwear and actually enjoying himself. It took Dan a few minutes to decide which way the suspender belt went on. Finally deciding the clasp went at the back he did it up. If he put on his suspenders over his panties he was going to have a more difficult time when he had to use the bathroom. He decided to thread the straps under his panties. It was a little uncomfortable but it would mean he would only have to put his stockings on once that day. He had seen the way his girlfriends had put on pantyhose, so he had a reasonably idea on how to do it. It didn't prove as easy as it looked, but slowly he edged the stockings up his smooth legs. They felt very strange on his legs. They became almost a second skin and his legs felt covered and naked at the same time. He managed to attach the belt to the tops of his stockings. He decided the dress could wait for a moment. He had to see what he looked like. He stood up and walked to the mirror, his hips still felt too wide and seemed to swivel with every step. Every time his legs touched Dan heard a swishing sound, a sound he had found erotic in women. Despite his alien body he still thought of himself as a man. But the image in the mirror was not of a man in drag, but of a beautiful woman in the middle of getting dressed. Dan tried hard to drink in every detail. He watched his bust rise and fall with every breath he took. Feeling his breasts cosseted in the silken confines of the bra. His eyes dropped to his panties and he looked at the small mound his pussy made in the white silk. It still caused a very strange sensation in his stomach when he thought about what he had between his legs. He now examined his new face carefully for the first time. His eyes, now brown, were large and sensuous. With his hair wrapped in the towel he could see his ears for the first time. Like everything about his new body they were smaller and more delicate. They certainly didn't stick out as much as his old ears. He frowned and leaned closer to the mirror. His ears were pierced. Of course, he thought. I'm a woman now, I'm expected to wear jewellery and make-up. He looked at his hands and noticed for the first time a band of gold on his ring finger. It was plain, something that wouldn't look out of place on a man's finger. But it was what it signified that made him a little queasy again. It meant he was married. It meant he was Simon's wife. Dan shook himself and turned to the dress on the bed. It was deep blue and made of soft wool. He decided to dry his hair first and he hunted around for a hair dryer. It seemed to take forever to dry out his long hair and then he had to comb it to get the tangles out. Long before he was finished he was determined to have it cut as short as possible at the earliest opportunity. Finally it was time for him to put on the dress and he pulled it over his head. The waist caught on his breasts and he had to ease them through. He found the arm holes and the dress fell into place around him. He did the belt at his waist up, it was higher up than he was used to wearing belts. It felt so odd to be wrapped in the soft dress which had the undeniable scent of a woman on them. He looked down at his body. His breasts looked even larger under the layers of clothing. His hair fell in front of his eyes and he asked his mind what style Allison wore her hair in. And got no response, Dan had hoped that he would be able to get a great deal of information from Allison's memory. But it was obviously only capable of answering simple questions. What he needed was a picture of Allison to see the look he needed to emulate. But where did they keep their photo albums? Under the bed, came the reply. He knelt down feeling his legs swish together and his breasts shift in their silken confinement. He found the photographs in the third drawer he checked. He sat on the bed and then had to stand up to smooth his dress before sitting down again. Dan felt a little odd as he flicked through the albums. In many of the photos Allison and Simon were in loving embraces. There was even a whole album devoted to their wedding and honeymoon. Allison looked stunningly beautiful in her white flowing wedding dress, Dan caught himself wondering what it would feel like to wear such a creation. Time was wasting. In most photos she seemed to opt for tying back her hair with an ornate silver grip. He found it on the dressing table, pulled back his impossibly long hair and clipped the grip into place. Well, not perfect. But it would keep the hair out of his eyes. He could still feel his mane of hair brushing against his back as he moved. One more new sensation to add to the rest. On the dressing table was a large box of jewellery. Dan opened it and looked at the array of earrings, rings and necklaces. He picked up a pair of earrings at random and tried to work out how to put them on. They seemed a little like pin badges. He was a bit squeamish at sticking them through his ear even though they were already pierced. He undid one and carefully fitted it to his ear and then repeated the procedure with the other ear. They felt like they'd fall off any minute, but Dan was soon sure that they were secure. The feeling of the two weights hanging off his ears and brushing against his neck turned him on slightly. He felt the strange feeling of arousal again in his new crotch. He tried to think about something else, he didn't want to deal with his new body's needs just yet. He was almost ready to face his new life. The only thing left was make-up. Dan knew nothing about make-up and Allison's memories couldn't help him. So he settled on just some lipstick and perfume. After some false starts he was satisfied with the results. He found that he had to hold the lipstick differently due to his longer nails. He didn't know where he was supposed to spray the perfume, but he settled for a quick squirt on his neck and under his arms. He opened up the wardrobe and just stared at all the clothes and shoes he had suddenly acquired. He had more pairs of shoes now than he had owned in total in his previous life. They ranged from simple sandals to six inch heeled elegant shoes. He picked a pair of simple black slip-ons with a two inch heel. He was going to have enough trouble getting used to his new status as a woman, without having to worry about breaking his neck. Finally ready he stood in front of the mirror. He still couldn't believe this beautiful stranger was now him. And he would be her for the rest of his life. He straightened the dress and headed out of the bedroom, trying to work out how to bring Simon back out of his gambling and drinking without playing the loving wife. He couldn't even stand the idea of Simon touching him. But if Dan rejected Simon he could go into a downward spiral.

As Dan carefully made his way downstairs he didn't know he was being watched. The elegantly dressed man sat in the back of the limousine. His glowing red eyes able to follow Dan even through the high brick wall surrounding the house and gardens. "Interesting," he said to himself. A plan already starting to form in his head. 4. Chapter The folds of the long dress brushed against Dan's stocking clad legs as he made his way down the stairs. He walked slowly feeling dozens of odd sensations from all over his new body. His breasts jostled with every step he took and the strangeness between his soft thighs disturbed him. He was acutely aware of the loss of his male equipment and even more aware that he now possessed a pussy. His long hair made an unaccustomed weight on the back of his head and he could feel it brushing against his back. His new clothes were almost as strange to him as his body. He could feel the straps of his bra pulling at his shoulder. Dan was a woman now and would remain so for the rest of this body's life. Dan could hear Maria cleaning one of the front rooms and left her to it. He spent the next few minutes wandering from room to room trying to relax. However much he racked his brains he couldn't think of a way to help Simon without playing the loving wife. Even thinking about it made his stomach turn. How could he spend the rest of his life as someone's wife? The trick would be to be able to leave him without hurting him and then move in with a woman. Even that idea didn't fill him with joy, he wanted to be a man not a lesbian, but it was better than nothing. Alison's memory wasn't able to supply an address for the fitness center Simon had his office in. But a search managed to turn up a flyer advertising them. Now all he had to do was work out where this house was and he could go visit Simon at work. Dan knew that only by talking to Simon and seeing what made him tick would he be able to work out how to help him. On the hall table were a few letters, mostly junk mail. And a map of the city. He spread the map out on the dining room table and using the address on the letters managed to plan a route from the house to Simon's office. Maria was loading the dishwasher as he entered the kitchen. He was self-conscious at being seen in his new state by anyone. A part of him still thought people would see a burly man in a dress rather than the petite woman he now was. "I'm going out, Maria." "Will you be back in time for lunch, ma'am?" "Probably not, I'll get something when I get back." Dan walked to the front door and was about to go out when he got the strong feeling he had forgotten something. His wallet of course. He headed back upstairs to the bedroom to look for it. There was no wallet there, just his handbag. Another feminine symbol everyone would expect him to use from now on. It looked quite expensive and he opened it up and emptied the contents on the bed. Among the various pieces of make-up there was a purse, some car keys and a couple of sanitary towels. Dan stared at them in some shock. He had totally forgotten that he was going to have periods every month from now on. This just got worse and worse. He packed everything back into his handbag and headed out to the garage. He opened the garage door and winced when he saw the car. For a start it was pink. It was the sort of car that Dan considered to be little better than a toy. He was used to driving to the limit in powerful machines. Which, he had to admit, was probably partly responsible for him smashing into a street lamp. But this joke of a proper car probably wouldn't make it up a hill. But it was either that or walk so he climbed into it and dug his keys out of his handbag. He turned the ignition and instead of starting an electronic voice intoned, "please fasten your safety belt." Dan sat there fuming. Why did he need the seat belt? It was not like he could go fast enough to need one. He pulled the belt around him and clicked it into place. It pressed between his breasts making him uncomfortably aware of them again. He started the car and slowly reversed out of the drive. Driving was a little difficult at first. His two-inch heels giving him some problems with the pedals. But he soon got used to the car and made his way into the city center managing to get lost several times. Dan was engrossed in trying to work out where he was on the map when he heard a knock at the drivers window. He jumped and turned to see a policeman looking in. Oh hell, he thought and wound the window down. "Are you okay, miss?" The policeman asked. He was in his thirties with fairly well defined muscles. "I'm fine," Dan said quickly. He noticed that the man's gaze had slid down to his well endowed bosom. The policeman's eyes ran up Dan's body to meet his gaze, "It's just you look a little lost and I was wondering if I could assist you in any way." Yeah, I bet you do, thought Dan acidly. He knew exactly what sort of things were going through the cop's head. Dan had been a man only the previous day and he knew the sort of thoughts he'd have had with the beauty he now was. On the other hand he was lost and the policeman could save quite some time and effort. Dan told him where he wanted to go and the cop leant further in through the window to point out the route on the map. Dan was very conscious of this man just inches away from him. He could smell the man's aftershave and was pretty sure the cop could smell the perfume he had put on. The cop was very courteous but every time he turned to look at Dan his eyes would flick up and down Dan's body. Dan wasn't sure the cop was even aware he was doing it. Finally the cop wished him a good day and sauntered back to his patrol car. His partner exchanged some joke as he climbed back in. Probably about having scored, thought Dan. Using the directions he was soon able to find his way to the right part of the urban center. He left the car in an car park under a mall and headed off in the general direction of Simon's main fitness center. He felt very self- conscious as he walked and it felt like everyone was looking at him. It didn't help that a lot of people were looking at him. Dan noticed the surreptitious glances he was getting from most of the men as they mentally undressed him. Did every woman have to put up with this? Surely not, he had never noticed that sort of thing when he was a man. The worst ones were the men who made no effort to hide their desire, indeed they even advertised it. It was blatantly obvious to Dan what was going through their minds. He did his best to ignore it and soon the fitness center came into view. Dan was glad to finally get inside, his dress was fairly long but he still felt horribly exposed. Perhaps he should have put on some pants instead. Well it can't be helped now, he thought. The receptionist looked up as he walked over to her. "Can I help you, Madam?" She asked brightly. "Yes. I'm here to see my... husband, Simon Mitchell." Dan stumbled over the words. He still found it hard to describe someone as his husband. A look of realisation struck the blonde receptionist's face. "Oh, I'm sorry Mrs Mitchell. I didn't recognise you. Simon will probably be in his office. If you just go through the gym area you'll see a door marked staff only. Go through that and up the stairs and you're there." Dan thanked her and made his way into the center. it was quite a high class operation, probably with steep membership costs. No wonder the Mitchell's were so well off. He followed the signs to the gym area and found a large room packed with exercise equipment. Despite it being just before noon the room had quite a few people of both genders working out. He kept as far away from them as possible as he made his way around the equipment. But before he could make it to the door he had to pass a heavily muscled man lifting weights. Dan thought he must work out a lot. The weight lifter saw Dan watching him and winked. Dan looked quickly away, feeling his face grow hot. He thought he might be able to deal with having a female body if only he didn't have all these men coming on to him all the time. He gratefully slipped through the door and quickly made his way up the stairs. He still had no idea what he was going to say to Simon when he reached him. At the top of the stairs was the administration part of the center and locating Simon's office proved to be no problem. Outside was a secretary, a young woman probably not out of her teens. She was well stacked and her tight outfit showed off her cleavage very well. Dan's eyes lingered on her generous breasts. She gave a little jump when she saw Dan walking towards her. "Oh..hello Mrs Mitchell, we weren't expecting you." I bet you didn't, thought Dan. I wonder if she is sleeping with Simon? Dan realised he would have to see her as a potential rival not as a possible lay. "Is Simon in?" He asked her. Her eyes darted this way and that, "ummm...he's out." Obviously doing something he shouldn't or she wouldn't be so nervous. Time to turn the screws. Dan leaned on her desk and said, "Out? Where?" As menacingly as possible in his high lilting voice. He watched the secretary weigh up her options. If she didn't tell her boss's wife where he was she could end up fired. And if she told her where Simon was he might sack her. In the end she decided to give in to the more immediate threat. "He's probably in The Corn Store." The Corn Store? An image of a small bar not far from the fitness center popped into his mind. "It's open at this time of day?" "Well...no. He said there was a game on there today." She answered nervously. Terrific, he was off gambling. "Right," he said and made his way back down the stairs. As Dan made his way back outside he was frantically trying to work out what to do. He was still trying to piece together a plan as he arrived outside the bar. It was shut and looked deserted but Dan knew better. He pounded on the door until he heard someone moving about inside. The door opened to reveal a tall portly man, in his forties and going bald. "Yeah?" "I'm looking for Simon Mitchell." Dan responded trying not to be intimidated. This guy seemed huge to him. "What do ya want him for?" He asked, his eyes lingering on Dan's breasts. "I'm his wife." Dan answered in a cold fury. Why is this guy talking to my tits? I do have a head up here. "His wife? He ain't here." He said unconvincingly. Dan knew he wouldn't be let in to the club. He got an idea, it wouldn't have worked if he was still a man. He shoved the door open and barged past the guy. If he had tried it as a man he would probably have got his head caved in. "Hey wait!" The guy called as Dan rushed into the bar. It was empty except for one table on the far wall where five people were involved in a poker game. One of them groaned and looked up at the ceiling. "Why now, God? I just hit a winning streak." Okay, thought Dan. Time for the furious wife act. "What the fuck do you think you're doing, Simon!" Simon's jaw dropped. Alison obviously never used that sort of language. He quickly moved over to Dan and said quietly, "It's just a little card game. Nothing to get worried about, my love." Dan glanced at the table, it was obvious they were not playing for small change. "Then you won't mind leaving it. We need to talk." "I can't leave just yet, we can talk later when I get home." "Damn your game, this is serious, Simon!" "Later, Alison." He said with a flicker of anger behind his eyes. Dan was suddenly aware again of how small and weak his new body seemed and backed down. Simon led him back to the door. "Look I'll be home by seven, we can discuss it then." Then, Dan was back out in the street and the bar door was closing behind him. The nerve of the guy, no wonder he was on a one way ticket to hell. As he was making his way back to his car he realised that barging in on Simon's poker game was perhaps not the best thing to do. He needed to get on Simon's side and come to some mutually agreed decision. Something that didn't involve sleeping with him. Dan still got the shivers from the idea of a man possessing and entering him. There must be an answer, he just couldn't think of one yet. Dan was so deep in thought he almost ran straight into someone. "Sorry, I didn't see you." He seemed to have appeared almost out of nowhere. "My fault entirely, Miss." Said the man in a highly cultured English accent. He was a tall elegant man wearing a suit that probably cost thousands. He carried a strange silver cane and wore dark glasses despite the overcast sky. He looked a little closer at Dan. "Are you alright? You look slightly distressed." "I'm fine," Dan blurted out. "Just had an argument with my husband." Why did I tell him that, he asked himself. "You should not let him annoy you so. If he treats you so badly you should find a man who is more worthy." Despite the dark glasses Dan could almost feel the man's eyes on him. Unlike virtually every male he had seen since becoming a woman the man's gaze did not drift over Dan's feminine curves. It remained locked on Dan's face. "No, no. He's not that bad." But Dan could feel his will sapping. Why should he waste his time on someone he had never loved and who seemed determined to drink himself to death? "You deserve better. A man who will pamper and look after you. A man who will satisfy your desires." The rest of the world seemed to fade away leaving only Dan and the strange man. The man's words penetrated deep into Dan's mind. He was a woman now, he should enjoy himself. He was beautiful and could have anyone he wanted. His body reacted to his thoughts and he felt his pussy become heavy with arousal. His nipples pushed into the soft cups of his bra as they became erect. "That's it. Forget Simon, enjoy yourself. Submerge yourself in your new self. You are a woman, aroused and sensual. Go and indulge yourself." Dan blinked and looked around at the virtually empty street. What was he doing here? A half memory of talking to someone drifted through his mind but vanished like a dream before he could grab onto it. He felt an erotic wetness from his aroused pussy. Fuck Simon, what did he owe him? Nothing! He was a woman now, he might as well explore what that meant. He made his way back to his car. Trying to walk as sexily as possible, swinging his hips as he went. Every swish of his skirt, every slight movement of his breasts in their silken confinement just made him more turned on. He started sizing up men as they walked past. None of them had exactly what he was looking for, but Dan luxuriated in the lustful glances he got. As he was nearly back to his car he saw a man who fitted all of Dan's criteria to break his female cherry. He was a builder of some kind and was just putting his tools into the back of his van. Dan went to his own pink car and opened up the hood. He quickly fiddled with the engine and then closed the hood without the builder seeing. Dan then got in the car and turned the ignition. The car whined a few times but totally refused to start. After trying a few times, the builder climbed out of his van to see what the trouble was. As Dan had hoped his eyes lit up when he saw a beautiful woman with car trouble. He walked over to Dan, "Can I help you, love?" Dan gave him a nervous smile. "I don't know, this worked fine this morning." "Let me have a look, I know a little about cars." He opened the hood and looked at the engine. After a minute, he said. "Try now, I think you had a loose connection." Dan turned the key and the engine roared into life. After revving it a few times. Dan turned it off and climbed out of the car. He walked round to the builder trying to make his walk as sexy as possible. "Thank you," he said in a husky voice. "I don't know what I would have done without you. How can I ever repay you?" The builder hesitated. He knew Dan was coming on strong to him. But he knew better then to take that on face value. "That's okay. Glad I could help." He made to move back to his van. Dan put his hand on the builders arm. "That wouldn't be right. There must be something I could do for you. What's your name? I'm Alison." "My name's Joe." said the builder. Dan could see Joe was weighing up whether to take him up on his obvious offer, but he was still wary. Dan took one of Joe's wide hands in his dainty ones and pressed it against his heaving breast. "Fuck me," he whispered into Joe's ear. "Where will we go." He asked his fears overridden by his desire for Dan. "I can't wait. Whats wrong with the back of your van?" Answered Dan, his voice heavy with lust. "Nothing, nothing at all." Joe replied with a wide smile. Joe opened up the back of the van and they climbed in. There wasn't enough room to stand upright but there was enough room for them lying down. Joe pulled out some blankets and laid them on the floor after closing the doors. Dan watched Joe pull off his T-shirt feeling more aroused than at any point before in his life. At the back of his mind was a nagging disquiet over what he was about to do but he ignored it. Quickly he pulled his dress over his head and knelt by Joe dressed only in his virgin white lingerie. Joe, not believing his luck, ran his hand over Dan's creamy skin. Dan shivered at the touch, he wanted to feel Joe in him so much. But he wanted this first time as a woman to last forever. Joe reached behind Dan's head and undid the grip holding his long black hair back. Dan shook his head shaking the hair free, even the feel of his hair on his back turned him on beyond belief. Joe reached up and ran his hand through Dan's silky hair. Then he drew Dan's head closer to his and they were kissing. Dan submitted to Joe's strong embrace opening his lips for Joe's probing tongue. Finally they broke and Dan breathed in the heady male scent coming from Joe's body. Joe looked down at the woman who had so unexpectedly offered herself to him. Her eyes were bright with lust and her breathing was quick and gasping. Joe reached behind Dan and undid his bra. Dan felt his breasts swing free exposed to Joe in all their glory. Gently, Joe cupped one in his strong hand rubbing the hard nipple as he did so. Dan reached forward and frantically undid Joe's belt. Joe stood up and pulled his jeans down and threw them into the corner of the van. Dan's eyes were glued to the large bulge in Joe's boxer shorts.

Joe reached down, gripped the side of Dan's panties and ripped them open. He pulled the remains off Dan and sent one hand between his silky thighs. Dan closed his eyes and moaned at the first touch of Joe's fingers. He leaned his head back and abandoned himself to Joe's expert caresses. Joe gently laid Dan down on the blankets, continuing to stroke his pussy as he did so. Dan found himself spreading his legs to give Joe easier access to this strange ultra-sensitive new part of his body. He felt Joe's fingers leave his wet cunt and then he heard a rustling sound. The next thing he was aware of was Joe manoeuvring his wide muscled body on top of Dan's. He was heavy, but Dan found the sensation very erotic. One of Joe's hands started massaging Dan's breasts, it felt so good. Every part of his body was almost excruciatingly sensitive, so unlike his old body where everything was centered around his cock. Thinking about his cock Dan finally realised what the hot length was pressing against his soft thigh. Joe had pulled his boxer shorts off before climbing on Dan. He opened his eyes and stared up at Joe's flushed face. He pulled Joe's head down and kissed him with passion. Then, he reached down and touched Joe's hard cock. It felt so different from when he used to hold his own. Joe lifted himself up to give Dan easier access. Dan rubbed it back and forth rolling the foreskin over the bulbous head and back again. He heard Joe's breathing grow quick and ragged and stopped. He didn't want him to climax without feeling that gorgeous cock in his hungry pussy. Dan raised his knees and guided Joe's cock to the entrance of his pussy. Joe took over and slowly eased his hot length deeply into Dan's slippery vagina. Dan heard high squeaks of pleasure coming from his throat. Joe's cock felt a mile long and filled the aching need in Dan. Then he felt Joe start to withdraw from him and was about to protest when he felt Joe thrust back into him. Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed Joe pounded into Dan's lithe body. Each time Joe thrust into him Dan gave a little gasp that grew into sharp yelps of pleasure. The whole van was shaking and anyone passing would have been in little doubt what was going on inside. By now Dan had his long legs wrapped around Joe's waist and was pulling him deep inside with every thrust. He was overcome by the sensations assaulting his senses. He could feel a thick male body between his thighs. The feeling of penetration and submission driving him beyond all control. The blankets rucked up underneath Dan as their passion reached even greater heights. His super-sensitive clitoris being stimulated beyond all belief. His nipples rubbing against Joe's hairy chest. All these feelings welled up in Dan until they suddenly exploded and he orgasmed. His shrill shriek of pure joy reverberated around the inside of the van. He hung onto Joe for dear life and squeezed Joe's cock with his vagina. This pushed Joe over the brink as well and with one final thrust pumped his thick wad into Dan. They lay locked together for some minutes, and Dan could feel Joe's cock slowly shrink and pull out of him. He could not believe how intense their lovemaking had been. It was far better than anything he had ever done as a man. Even now he was still enjoying the aftershocks of his orgasm. The windows of the van had steamed up and both of them were covered in sweat. Joe finally got up and wiped himself down with one of the cleaner blankets and then started to get dressed. Dan cleaned himself up with another blanket. He was going to need another shower when he got back to the Mitchell's place, he literally reeked of sex. His stockings were ruined so he unclipped them and threw them into the corner with the panties. He decided not to bother with the bra and just put the dress back on. Just as he was clipping his hair back into place Joe smiled and said. "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever met. You're fantastic!" Dan preened in the compliments. "You're not too bad yourself, lover. That was best fuck I ever had." "Can I see you again?" "Sure, what's your phone number?" Joe scribbled his name and number on a piece of paper and gave it to Dan. Dan thanked him with a broad smile and climbed out of the van. He walked over to his car feeling slightly worried. Something was building in him, something unpleasant. He pushed it from his mind and drove back home. All the way his sense of unease grew. What was up? He had just had the best time of his life, what could be wrong. Back home Maria had already finished for the day and Dan was alone for the hour or so before Simon was due back. He meandered up to the bathroom humming a little tune. Perhaps I should go braless from now on, he thought. I love the way they bounce and jostle in my dress. Much better than when they are confined in a bra. In the bathroom he stripped off and was about to climb into the shower when he caught sight of himself in the mirror. The feeling of disquiet grew and then the dam burst and his memories flooded back. The man in the street who had told him to forget Simon and fuck another man. And he had! He had let a man touch him. Worse, he had seduced a complete stranger and been fucked by him! How could it have happened. Was his body running away with him? He collapsed on the floor crying uncontrollably. He wanted nothing more than get away from his new body, but he was stuck. He could feel his breasts shaking as he sobbed, he could still feel Joe's cock thrusting between his thighs. It was several minutes before Dan could bring himself under control. He dried his eyes on a towel and sat down morosely on the floor. More and more he felt out of his depth. If he went out again would he turn into a slut again? Would he ever be able to control his new body? If he couldn't bring himself under control what chance did he have to help Simon? Outside the wall running around the house the tall man with dark glasses watched with a cruel smile on his face. He hadn't expected the new personality he had implanted in Dan to last long. But it had done its job, Dan's confidence was utterly destroyed. With him neutralised there was no one to save Simon from his inevitable fall. This was too easy, he thought. Then he turned and walked off down the road, his silver cane glinting in the afternoon sun. 5. Chapter Carefully, Simon climbed out of his car and slammed the door shut. The ground was still spinning but the night air had cleared his head slightly. The light above the front door acted like a homing beacon and he stumbled towards it. The door proved problematic, as it involved inserting the key into the lock and remaining upright at the same time. He rummaged in his pocket until he found his front door key and promptly dropped it on the floor. He bent down to look for it, banging his head soundly on the door as he did so. After scrabbling around for a couple of minutes on his hands and knees he managed to locate it. Getting back up seemed to much of an effort and he decided to rest a bit before launching another assault on the door. Within seconds he was sound asleep. Dan awoke at the thump of Simon's head hitting the door. Through bleary eyes he looked at the clock. Half past two in the morning, he's back at last. Probably blasted out of his tiny mind. He got up from the couch where he had fallen asleep some hours earlier and checked himself in the mirror. He had spent over an hour in the shower trying to scrub the feeling of Joe from his body. He hadn't really succeeded and whenever he thought of what had happened he could still feel Joe's hands cupping his breasts and playing with his nipples. He could not come to terms with what he had done. Less than one day in Alison's body and he had turned into an uncontrollable whore. After the shower he had taken the dress he had worn that day and thrown it away. The less things hanging around to remind him the better. He had gone for a simple white blouse and light blue pants. It felt good to be back in pants, even ones as obviously feminine as these. Simon had still to open the front door and Dan decided to go see what was keeping him. As he opened the door Simon slumped back into the hall snoring loudly. Dan bent down and put his hands in Simon's armpits so he could drag him back into the house. He strained and pulled but failed to get Simon to budge. Dan just succeeded in shoving his breasts in the sleeping man's face when he fell over on top of him. I'm as weak as a baby, he thought. He clambered to his feet and kicked Simon in his side. When this failed to get any reaction Dan flew into a rage. It was fine for Simon, he wasn't stuck as a weak, powerless woman. An idea sprang into Dan's mind and he ran up the stairs to the bedroom. He returned several minutes later and started to unbuckle Simon's belt. He yanked down Simon's jeans and then his boxer shorts. He took care not to look at Simon's genitals, he didn't want to lurch into slut mode again. Dan picked up the stuff he had brought downstairs and set to work. It was difficult, especially on an unconscious body but after about quarter of an hour he was ready. Using Alison's memory he found a camera and used up about half a roll of film. Getting the jeans back on Simon proved to be very difficult, fortunately he was so drunk that Dan had no fear of waking him up. Finally the jeans were in back in place and done up. Dan stepped back, his face flushed with all the exertion. He had often gone on drinking bouts when he was a man and he knew Simon probably wouldn't wake up till the morning. Dan managed to dragged him indoors a bit at a time until he could shut the front door and left Simon snoring in the hall. Finally Dan wearily made his way up to bed. At least he wasn't going to have to share it with Simon tonight. Maria had left a fresh nightie out for him and Dan put it on without complaint. He avoided looking at himself in the mirror and climbed into bed. It was impossible for him to get back to sleep, his mind kept going over what he had done with the builder that day. He was in a new body that he wasn't used to but there was still no reason why he should suddenly turn into a nymphomaniac. His mind drifted back further trying to remember when he had lost control. He had been talking to someone after Simon threw him out of the bar. The strange looking Englishman, yes that was it. Dan had been talking to him and the next thing he could remember was standing alone in the street getting very turned on. What had he said? 'Forget your husband'. No that wasn't it. He had said forget Simon. Dan sat up fully awake, how had the man known who Alison's husband was? Dan certainly hadn't told him. And after the man had told Dan to have fun he had vanished. He wasn't an angel, that much was certain. But if he wasn't an angel that meant he came from the other place. Dan wondered if he had been the Devil himself or just one of his minions. He lay back on the bed. In many ways it was a huge weight of his mind. He wasn't responsible for...the thing he had done with Joe. The idea had been planted in his head. Dan had no doubts that the devil, or whatever he was, would try again when he refused to back down. He had no intention of giving up on Simon now. He didn't particularly like Simon and definitely couldn't love him. But after what had been done to him that afternoon it was personal and Dan would help Simon if only to spite the strange man. The only question was how. 6. Chapter The next morning Dan got up and dressed before Maria arrived. He had chosen a smart if fairly conservative dark blouse and knee length black skirt. He'd had to change his first choice of blouse, a white plain one, after he noticed that the black bra he was wearing was clearly visible through it. He experimented with some red nail varnish on his long fingernails. He still found his fingernails getting in the way and reminded himself to get them cut shorter at some point. After what seemed an age the nail varnish dried and he put on some more red lipstick. It still felt very alien to do this, but he was going to be a woman for the rest of his life and to a certain extent he was going to have to get used to it. But never to the point of having sex with a man again. Dan found some smaller earrings to wear, shaped like gold shells. He found himself liking the strange weight hanging on his ears. Then he rummaged through the jewellery box until he came across a simple gold crucifix on a chain. It might not do any good, but it couldn't hurt. He went through Alison's drawers until he came across a diary. Checking the entry for that day, Dan saw he was supposed to be meeting someone called Kate for an aerobics session at Simon's fitness centre. Dan racked Alison's memory for information about Kate, she was a childhood friend of Alison's and they were very close. Dan decided it was worth going. He could keep an eye on Simon while he was at it and see how convincing he was as Alison to her best friend. A further search brought up a leotard, which was a lurid pink, and green tights. He stuffed them into a shoulder bag went to check on Simon. Downstairs he was still fast asleep in the hall. If Dan's plan was to succeed Simon had better not wake up until he was late for work. Dan went into the kitchen and made himself a light snack. This body seemed to need far less than his old one. Anyway, he didn't want to get fat and had always burned off the energy with exercise. His new body obviously didn't do weight training, but it was in such good shape Alison must have done Aerobics regularly. Dan met Maria as she came into the house and put a finger in front of his lips. Maria got the hint, grinned and made her way silently round Simon. "He needs his beauty sleep," explained Dan. It was half past eight before Dan woke Simon up. He was still dead to the world and Dan was thinking of slapping him awake just before he came round. "Good morning, dear." Dan said sweetly. "Have a good time last night did you?" "Uhhh....What time is it?" Muttered Simon as he struggled awake. "Half past eight. I tried to wake you earlier but you didn't want to know." "Eight thirty!" Simon struggled to his feet and noticed he was in the hall not the bedroom. He wasn't overly surprised, at least he made it inside the house this time. More than once he had woken up in his car or in the driveway. "I'll be late for work." He muttered and staggered to the front door. "Why don't you take today off. Have a rest?" said Dan hoping Simon wouldn't agree. "No, I've got work to do. Where are my keys?" "You left them in the car. Anyway you're not fit to drive, I've got my aerobics class today so I'll drive you in." "Well, okay. But we're going in your car. I don't want you denting mine." He said grumpily and went out in the morning sunlight. I am going to kill him, seethed Dan. I could handle his car with no problems. Does he think I can't drive just cause I'm female? Probably, he realised. Dan had always thought women were inherently poorer drivers than men. He picked up his bag and followed Simon to the garage. All the way to the center Simon was quiet, except for groans when Dan went over bumps in the road too fast. Alison hadn't woken him up until he was late on purpose, he decided. She didn't look too happy and was obviously in a foul mood over the way he had thrown her out of the bar yesterday. He hated having to face the day in yesterdays clothes. They stank of alcohol and felt uncomfortable. He'd get his secretary to get him a tracksuit or something when he got to work. Dan pulled into the center and parked in Simon's usual spot. "I'll pick you up at five." "Alright. Seeya later, Darling." He leant over and kissed Dan on the cheek. Dan had been expecting it and managed to avoid flinching, but his mind drifted over his royal fucking by Joe. He still couldn't get over how good it had felt. Simon got out and was gone before Dan could finish locking the car. Dan went in the front entrance and checked in with the receptionist. He still had twenty minutes before the next lesson started. "Allie! Over here!" A tall African-American woman waved from across the reception hall. Allie had to be a nickname for Alison. Dan smiled and waved back, this was the acid test. If he could convince Kate he was Alison, he'd have no trouble with that sonofabitch Simon. "I didn't hear from you yesterday, Allie. What happened to you?" Kate said when she had walked over. "Ah...I had a little trouble." Kate frowned. "Simon again? I don't know why you stick with him. Ever since he was left the centers in his father's will he's been getting worse. You should chuck him, I know a good divorce lawyer who could easily overturn that prenuptial agreement." Dan could tell this was an argument Kate and Alison had had many time before. "He's not that bad. He just needs to be brought back under control a bit." Kate looked at Dan quizzically. "You're up to something, aren't you? I can see it in your eyes." Dan grinned. "Come on, I don't want to be late for our session." "Oh, come on! Tell me what you're up to." "I will, it's a good one."

* * *

Simon climbed the stairs up to his office. He'd be glad to have a quiet rest without having to worry about his frosty wife. His secretary was already in sorting the mail. "Morning, Linda." She smiled coyly back at him. "Good Morning, Simon. Rough night?" "What?" He looked down at his dishevelled clothes, "oh, yeah. Have you got a tracksuit I could wear." "I'll dig one out for you. You go get those dirty clothes off and I'll go get some your size." She got off her chair and wiggled down to the locker room. Simon watched her ass rolling in her tight skirt, she was something special. And she knew exactly what she had to do to land and keep her job. He yawned and strolled into his office. Perhaps he should cut back on gambling and drinking a bit, he had lost big time for days now. No, he was sure his luck would change soon. He kicked off his shoes and started to unbutton his shirt. Alison's aerobics class would last for more than enough time for Linda to take down some 'dictation'. He smiled at his little joke and dropped his shirt to the floor. His crotch felt a little odd. His underpants were stuck up the crack of his ass, he hated it when that happened. He dropped his pants and stopped dead at the sight that greeted his eyes. He didn't have the underpants on he was wearing yesterday. Instead he had on a pair of red knickers decorated with lots of lace, red fishnet stockings and a suspender belt. What the hell was going on? He recognised the outfit, he had bought it for Alison some months back but she had refused to wear it. She had said it made her look like a tart. "Good God!" Simon looked up to see Linda staring open mouthed at him. "It's not what you think." He said lamely. "Its okay. I didn't mean to disturb you." She said with wide eyes. She dropped the track suit inside the office and quickly left. Simon groaned, this was obviously his wife's idea of a joke. ********************* "You did what?" Kate exclaimed with an astonished look on her face. Dan and Kate were in a corner of the changing room, Dan felt a little embarrassed with all the women undressing around him. "Well, he was drunk and I was mad at him. If he isn't playing around with that floozy outside his office he won't get caught, will he?" Kate shook her head and casually undid her bra. Dan tried to avoid looking at her dark, inviting breasts. And tried to avoid looking like he was trying to avoid looking at them. "He's going to be furious tonight." said Kate. "I've got a little insurance." Dan replied and waved a roll of film at Kate. Kate burst out laughing. "You didn't!" Dan smiled with her, he could see why Alison had liked her. He put the film away in his bag and removed his skirt. "He looked so pretty in them, I had to. Umm...do you know anywhere discreet enough to develop the film." "Sure, there's a place where me and Michael take our private film. I'll take you there later, if you let me see the results of your handiwork." "No problem." Laughed Dan. He sat down and carefully eased the sheer green tights on. He was getting the hang of this and they did feel good. He doubted Simon had felt so good in his fishnets. He swapped his black lacy bra for a white sports one. Then he stepped into the pink leotard and pulled it up around his curvy figure. The room where the class was held had a large mirror on the wall, probably was used in ballet classes or something thought Dan. He felt he was sticking out like a sore thumb among the dozen or so women. But in the mirror he could see his lithe form, just another one of the girls. Soon the class started and Dan hesitantly followed the rest of the women through the warm-up. He was surprised at how his new body could move. He could bend in ways that would have had his old body screaming in agony. He let his mind drift as he went through the exercises, he felt like this body could do anything. All to soon the class was over and he and Kate went for a shower. Thankfully the showers were not communal and Dan could wash himself in private. This body had its benefits, but he wished it was as strong as his old one and male as well. Refreshed, he and Kate hit the shopping centers. Dan found himself relaxing, able to put the traumas of the previous day behind him. Kate didn't seem to have any doubts about Dan, she just thought he was down because of Simon. They dropped off the roll of film at the small photo shop Kate knew, giving the shop owner a knowing wink. "Right, Allie." said Kate. "I know what you need to cheer you up." She practically dragged Dan into the nearest store and headed for the lingerie section. Oh no, thought Dan. He had always been uncomfortable in those parts of stores, he had never known where to look. Kate picked out a pink camisole and held it against Dan. "What do you think?" "It's nice," Dan said in a fairly neutral tone. "It's beautiful, go try it on. And this one too while you're at it." Kate piled various bits and pieces of silk and lace in Dan's arms before leading him off to the changing rooms. Over the next hour she had him parading the lingerie for her critical eye and Dan found he was enjoying himself. For a little while he could forget his problems. The lingerie did feel nice, though some of the lace was a little scratchy. He marvelled at himself while watching his bountiful form in the mirror. Here he was trying on all sorts of sexy outfits and he was having fun! Soon Kate was joining in and they started trying on the more outrageous pieces in an effort to outdo each other. They both collapsed in uncontrollable giggles after Dan tried on a daring red basque and started doing playboy style poses. Dan ended up spending a small fortune on the lingerie which filled several carrier bags. How could clothes so small cost so much? Dan had forgotten the film until Kate reminded him. While he was paying for developing the photographs Kate was already going through them. He joined her and went through the photos with her, half of them were from some daytrip Simon and Alison had been on. But the rest showed a man, possibly asleep dressed in a sexy red panties and suspender set with fishnet stockings. Kate almost howled with laughter, "this is the best thing you've done in ages. What are you going to do with these?" "I haven't decided yet." "You should stick these up over his fitness centers. He deserves it for all he's done to you." She turned to the salesman. "Could we have a blow-up of these three, please?" She selected several photos and handed them over. "Well we want to make sure people can recognise his face." She said with a grin. 7. Chapter Simon worked his way through the paperwork on his desk. He was still seething over the trick Alison had pulled on him. Only Linda had seen him in the outfit which he had explained away as some drunken prank. He had no doubts that virtually everyone would have heard about it by the end of the day. Why the hell did Alison go and do something like this to him? Hadn't he put a roof over her head and paid for all her expensive outfits? Linda opened the office door, "Simon. There's a woman here to see you." She said curtly. Simon was still wondering about Linda's tone of voice when the visitor walked into the room. It was all Simon could do to keep an idiot grin off his face. She was perfect, early twenties with a spiky blonde haircut. Inside her low cut white top were two large creamy breasts which must have been DD size at least. Her navel was bare and her tight black skirt finished almost before it started. Every part of her body was flawless, on her stunningly beautiful face was a sultry half-smile. Simon was in lust. He could feel his penis stirring in his track suit, he had taken the panties off and his erection would have been immediately obvious if he wasn't behind a desk. "Can I help you, miss?" "Oh, don't say you've forgotten. I was at the club last night. You told me to come round today and show you a good time." Simon ran through the hazy recollections of the previous night. He racked his mind but could not remember her, then again he couldn't remember how he had got home either. "Hi, I'm sorry I was a bit out of it last night..uhh." "Samantha. You made quite a few boasts last night. Lets see if you can live up to them." She walked slowly round the desk. Simon watched her hips roll seductively in the tight black skirt. Suddenly she pulled his chair from under the desk so revealing his unrestrained erection. "Mmmmm," she exclaimed with a smile. "Maybe you can." She dropped to her knees. She isn't! Thought Simon half in shock, half in hope. It didn't occur to him to question why she was doing this. His brain was overruled by his balls. His hand fumbled across the desk to the intercom switch, "Uh Linda, I'm not to be disturbed, okay?" "Fine." Came the frosty reply. Samantha pulled down his tracksuit and his cock sprang free. She regarded his hard member for a moment with a strange look on her face and then slowly kissed its head. Simon leaned back and gasped, the day had started badly but things were looking distinctly up. He looked down at the beautiful, very well endowed woman slowly running her hot mouth over his cock. Her tongue caressing the sensitive head as she did so. She was, surprisingly, not that experienced at a blow job. He had had far more expert mouths bringing him off. But what she lacked in experience she more than made up for in enthusiasm. He could feel himself building to a climax already. Outside Linda was coldly furious. Simon had always said she was the only one for him. She knew she shouldn't have trusted a man who was cheating on his wife. But to have a whore come into work was beyond belief. She could here him moaning in obvious pleasure, the bastard! A movement caught her eye and she looked up to see who was coming up the stairs. It was Alison! Back from her shopping trip earlier than usual. "Is Simon in?" Alison asked. She wasn't in a good mood herself. Anyone else and Linda might have stalled them as her boss had told her. Oh to hell with the job, she thought. "Yeah, he's in." "Thanks." said Alison and opened the office door and walked briskly in. Simon looked up to see his wife standing in the doorway.Fucking hell! He made a half hearted attempt to hide what was going on. But he could tell from the set of Alison's face that she had worked it out. Dan rolled his eyes, "I can't leave you alone for a minute can I?" He turned and glowered at Samantha. "I don't know who you are, just get out of here now." she said coldly. Samantha smirked and wiped her mouth as she stood up. She strode to the door at her own pace. Simon watched, silent and white-faced. What could he say? Samantha walked right past Dan who was glaring at Simon. As she did so she turned and whispered to him. "I'll go this time, Dan. But in future I will call the shots." And then she was gone. Dan stared at her open mouthed as the woman walked down the stairs. How on Earth did she know his real name? 8. Chapter There was complete silence as Dan watched the blonde haired woman walk down the stairs and out of sight. The words she had spoken to him were still ringing in his head. 'I will go this time, Dan.' How had this woman, who was dressed like a prostitute, known who he really was? Was she in league with the strange man who had hypnotised Dan the previous day? Perhaps she was the devil, he was probably able to alter his appearance. She turned back to Simon, it just made it more imperative for Dan to carry out the rest of his plan. He walked over to the desk while Simon hastily pulled his track- suit bottoms back up. "I've never seen her before, honest." He pleaded. "And that is supposed to make me feel better, is it?" Dan said archly. "That you're having sex with someone you don't even know?" He pulled out the enlargements of the photos he had taken and spread them on the desk. Simon's eyes bulged when he saw the photographs. Having Linda tell everyone she had seen him in panties and suspenders was bad enough. But documentary evidence would make him a laughing stock. His wife had taken these while he was asleep, but several of the photos made it look like he was posing. He looked up at Alison's stern face and asked, "Why?" "I did it because you are going off the deep end. Now I want to save our marriage before it completely falls apart. To do that you have to cut back on your drinking, gambling and womanising. I've tried everything else and this seems the only way to get a grip on you." "Look, Alison. This is my life. I have more than enough money for my card games with plenty left over to keep you in the good life." "You getting worse, I don't want to lose you Simon. I love you." Dan found those words very hard to say to a man, but they seemed to do the trick. Simon still cared for Alison. "Okay, you have a deal. I know I've been a bastard lately. Will you forgive me." He held out his arms and Dan walked round and held Simon to his breast. Simon put his arms around Dan's waist and hugged him. Dan felt a little distaste, but the feeling of Simon's head against his bosom didn't feel that bad. In fact he felt slightly maternal as Simon's head rested against his breasts. For the first time since waking up as a woman, he felt some degree of control. He didn't trust Simon for a second though, in his place Dan would have just become more careful to avoid detection. But now he had a lever to work Simon back on to the right path. In the street outside two figures sat in a limousine. One of them remarked in a cultured English accent. "It looks like you will have to try again. Dan Sandford seems more resilient than I expected." The other figure flinched slightly, she would have to go through that again? It was so degrading. As if the he had heard her thoughts the man said. "You may find it degrading, my dear. But it is the price you agreed to pay for your youth. If you do not want to end up old and diseased again, you will do as I say. Now go and prepare. Remember what I promised you if you can deliver both Simon and Dan to me." She remembered alright. Her only hope in the abyss she was currently in. Samantha nodded and quickly got out of the limousine, which promptly faded from sight. 9. Chapter Dan hadn't wanted to let Simon go off on his own so soon after the confrontation. But there was some new exercise equipment he had to examine and Dan hoped the shock of the photographs would keep him in check, for a while at least.

After Simon had gone Dan went through his desk, he came up with two whiskey bottles, a book full of women's names and phone numbers, and some cards advertising various prostitutes. With them disposed of, Dan sat back and tried to think of the best way to proceed. He still could not think of any other way to bring Simon back from the brink without playing the loving wife. Would that be so bad, said a treacherous corner of his mind. Dan rejected it, of course it would. Yes, Simon did remind him of his old self and his body wasn't bad for a man. But he still preferred women and he remembered how his eyes had fixed on the woman he had caught Simon with. He remembered how her breasts had strained inside her tight halter. He felt a dampness between his legs again as he imagined what it would be like to make love to her. He fantasised about laying her down on the floor and then ramming his cock into her wet pussy until she screamed in passion. But, he remembered sadly, he didn't have a cock anymore. Just a pussy that even now desired something to fill it. He felt the conflict in him. His pussy ached for a cock to thrust inside it, but his mind wanted to be the man. He sighed and headed home. As he drove home he mused that if Simon was a woman he'd have no problems falling in love with him. Back home, Dan called out to Maria but got no answer. That was odd, he thought. She should still be here. He found her in one of the front rooms stretched out on a couch, fast asleep. Alison's memory had always thought of her as honest and hardworking, so this was very unlike Maria. Dan tried to wake her up, but even shaking didn't work. "I wouldn't bother, an earthquake wouldn't wake her up." He looked up quickly, in the doorway was the prostitute he had thrown out of Simon's office. "How the hell did you get in here." She smiled, "That's exactly how I got in here." Dan felt a shiver run up his spine, "so you are working for the Devil." "Yes, I know how difficult this must be for you. I bet you'd prefer to make love to me rather than Simon." She reached behind her and undid her skimpy top. She threw it to the floor letting her heavy succulent breasts swing free. Slowly she walked across the room to Dan. He was transfixed watching her breasts jostle with each step. He could feel his pussy becoming aroused and his nipples growing into two hard points. Samantha had only a fraction of the mental power her master did, but her body was enough to remove the remaining inhibitions from Dan's mind. His body might be female, but his mind was still nearly 100 percent male. "No, this is wrong." He muttered as Samantha reached him. She smiled. "You're really a man and I'm a woman. What can be more natural than that. Just relax." Samantha could feel herself getting aroused as well, Dan was beautiful and she hadn't had a woman for so long. She reached down and picked up Dan's slim hand. Gently she placed it against her mountainous breast. Dan gasped softly at the feeling of all the tit flesh in his hand. Almost instinctively he started to knead it. Samantha moaned, she had never realised how good that could feel. Dan took his hand away and pressed his face to her breast, sucking an engorged nipple into his hungry mouth. Samantha couldn't believe how sensitive her nipples were, she knew (but didn't care) that she was losing control of herself. She ripped open Dan's blouse exposing his sensuous breasts enclosed in a black silk bra. Roughly she ran her hand across his breasts and tweaked the hard points of his nipples. "Suck me," begged Dan. Samantha quickly undid Dan's bra and pulled it away. Samantha held one of his breasts in her hand feeling the hard point of his nipple drilling into her hand. She took Dan in her arms, leaned over him and kissed his soft pouting lips. He shivered with desire and Samantha gently lowered him to the white fur rug in front of the fireplace. He felt hands tugging at his waistband and his skirt was soon undone and pulled off. Samantha hooked her fingers under Dan's panties and pulled them down exposing his aroused pussy. Dan looked up at the woman, her firm breasts hanging just inches above his face. He knew he should resist, she was the enemy. But he wanted to make love to her so intensely and the more he learned about Simon, the more he detested him. So why should he help him? He felt a hand gliding down over the soft curve of his tummy and down to his pussy. He ached to be touched there, to feel Samantha's hungry mouth nibbling and licking his sensitive clitoris. She smiled down at him and slowly ran her hand over his cunt. Dan almost came from this lightest of touches. He moaned in a way that really got Samantha hot and Dan unconsciously spread his legs. With an agonising slowness she slid her forefinger inside his hot vagina. It felt so alien to Dan, yet somehow strangely familiar. "More!" He pleaded in a strangled voice. Samantha smiled and began working all four fingers of her right hand inside his wet pussy. Dan was now beyond words, lost in the sensations rocketing through his body. Samantha's other hand began caressing one of Dan's full breasts. He began to thrust his hips to meet Samantha's fingers as they dived into him. Dan began to breathe deeper and deeper as he neared his orgasm. Finally, he tensed and his cunt clamped down on her fingers as he came. He was aware of a shrill female voice in the throes of a tremendous climax, without realising it was his. Samantha looked down at Dan as he shivered from the aftershocks of his orgasm. Masculinity had been wasted on him, she decided. His reactions seemed so submissive, so feminine. Admittedly it was mostly due to her coercive mental powers, but she wondered if he would become naturally feminine in his responses as the months passed. She concentrated on the matter in hand and undid her tight black skirt. She had no panties on at all, another requirement her new satanic master had compelled on her. Dressed only in stockings and suspenders she kneeled over Dan. He opened his eyes to see Samantha's dripping cunt just inches from his face. "Eat it," she commanded and pressed her crotch into his face. His eyes bulged, but he eagerly complied. Samantha lost herself in the ecstasy of being licked out by this exotic woman. Dan licked and nibbled at Samantha's cunt while her blonde pubic hair tickled his nose. Her legs kept his arms trapped at his side and the only area he could reach was his own pussy. He was still highly aroused from the finger fuck Samantha had given him and he was soon playing with himself. Dan still found it almost impossible to think of it as his vagina, but he couldn't deny the exquisite feelings its velvet softness was giving him. Samantha continued to ride him, the feelings emanating from her own pussy was astounding. She had never had her cunt eaten before, but she could see why her lovers had enjoyed it so much. Dan thought, why am I letting her do this? Her control must be slipping as she gets excited. He was still working his wet cunt with his hands and knew he couldn't stop himself. But, if he waited for the right moment he might be able to turn the tables on her. By now, Samantha was grinding her crotch into Dan's face with abandon. Her cunt was giving off a musky smell that was driving him crazy with lust. He shuddered as a series of orgasms shot through his body, as a man he had never reached this level of pleasure for as long as he had now. Samantha gave a high pitched wail and came to her own climax, covering Dan's face with pussy juice. He knew that now was his only chance. Without warning he flipped Samantha over onto her front and pulled her arm behind her, effectively immobilising her. He sat astride her as she struggled in vain to get free. "Right, now you're going to answer my questions." Dan told her. "Let me go." Samantha said quietly. Dan felt a growing compulsion to obey her. He twisted her arm until she gasped in pain. "Stop it. You do that again and I really will hurt you. What's your name." "Samantha." she murmured. "Samantha what?" Demanded Dan. "Just Samantha. Its the name He gave me when He made me young again." "What was your name before that?" She was silent for a few seconds. Then she said, "Bridges, Stuart Bridges." Dan's mouth dropped open in shock. "Stuart?" "Yeah, it was His idea of fun. It was the only terms he would give me. You see, I was in my late sixties and dying of cancer. He appeared yesterday and after proving who he was made the offer. He said I was probably going to hell anyway when I died, so what did I have to lose?" "And to keep that body you have to keep Simon on his downward path?" "Yeah and he would remove the compulsion to dress and act like a slut. Don't think I'd be doing this if I had a choice. He offered me a healthy male body if I delivered you to him as well." A shiver ran through Dan, it had never occurred to him that the Devil would make a play for his soul as well. "You can't trust him! He'll break his promises as soon as he has what he wants." "Maybe, but it's the only chance I have." Samantha was thinking fast, her master was going to be furious at what she had told Dan. If she said anymore she might not survive the night. Suddenly she saw a way to distract Dan, she reached out with her telepathy and touched Maria's mind. All the time Dan and Samantha had been making frantic love she had been asleep on the couch behind them. Now however she started to wake. Dan twisted round to see Maria start to wake. Samantha was ready for the distraction and threw Dan off her. She stood, made a complicated hand gesture and vanished, all before Dan could recover. He stood dumbfounded for a moment before he realised he was standing naked in front of his housekeeper. He rushed about grabbing the various pieces of his and Samantha's clothing. Dan managed to make it out the door and up the stairs as Maria opened her eyes. She looked at the stairs through the door, she could have sworn she'd seen something move there. Must have been her imagination, why had she fallen asleep. She'd never done that before, maybe she was coming down with a virus or something? Thankfully, Mrs Mitchell hadn't caught her. She got up and resumed cleaning the room. What was that musky smell? What did it remind her of.....no, it couldn't be that. Dan stood silently at the top of the stairs, his heart pounding furiously. Now he had to try and protect himself as well as Simon. 10. Chapter Simon was an hour late getting back home. He walked carefully through the front door and smiled at his wife. Dan returned a wintry smile of his own, "and where have you been?" "Car trouble," He replied lamely. "I see," Dan said. Obviously not believing him. "You must think I'm stupid. I can smell the drink from here." Simon looked at his wife, she had on a pink silk negligee and a frothy babydoll night-dress underneath, which seemed a little odd since it was barely 9 PM. He had stopped off for one drink before heading home and the next thing he had known it was an hour later. "Well, never mind. You're here now." Dan held out his hand. "Lets go upstairs." Simon gave a silent thank you. Alison wasn't bearing a grudge and she wanted to patch things up between them. He relaxed, took his wife's hand and followed her up to bed. The room was softly lit, very romantic thought Simon. He wrapped his arm around his wife's small waist and pulled her to him. As Simon leant over to kiss Dan he turned his face away and twisted out of his grasp. A small smile flickered across his face as he did so. "Simon, darling. There's something I want you to do for me first?" What is she up to? "Of course, my sweet. Anything you want." Dan walked slowly over to the bed and pulled back the duvet. Laid out underneath it was an amazing set of lingerie. Black shear stockings, beneath a tight black basque with red trimming. On the basque was a long blonde wig and some black high heeled shoes. Simon was astounded, Alison had always balked at wearing this stuff for him before. She had hated dressing up in tarty clothes for him and after a few attempts to persuade her Simon had given up on the idea. But it still remained a fantasy of his. "What do you think?" asked Dan sweetly. "Very nice, do you want me to help you put it on?" "No thanks, these aren't for me. They're for you." Dan watched the words slowly soak into Simon's alcohol addled brain. Finally, realisation struck and he turned to Dan. "You're not serious." He said quietly. "Oh yes I am. We had an agreement, didn't we. I wouldn't post those photos of you and in return you'd steer clear of women, drink and gambling. Well, you've been drinking." "It was only one drink! I'm still sober!" Dan arched an eyebrow, "really? I'm in a generous mood Simon, so I won't distribute those photos. If you do as I say. Now strip off and I'll strap you into your basque." Simon's mouth worked silently for a bit, watching his wife smirking at him. She really had developed a warped sense of humor lately. He had no doubts she would carry out her threats, perhaps he had taken her far too much for granted the last few months. Slowly, hesitantly he started to pull the track suit off. He's going along with it! The idea had come to Dan a few hours back when he was looking through all the lingerie he had bought with Kate. He had got rather depressed, thinking that this was what he was expected to wear and how lucky Simon was in his male body. He had decided on the night-dress to make it easier to convince Simon. His new body could be stunning if he put his mind to it and he could remember how a sexy woman would reduce him to a slavering fool in his old body. Dan came out of his thoughts to see Simon remove the last stitch of his clothing. His eyes flicked down the man's body, he was slightly disturbed by feeling no repulsion to Simon's naked form. He picked up the basque from the bed and said "raise your arms." He remembered how snugly it had fitted his body in the shop, it really was going to be tight on Simon. Simon was in a daze, how had he got into this situation. Dan yanked the basque tight around him and started doing it up. "It's too small," complained Simon. "Nonsense. Anyway, if it wasn't tight enough it wouldn't mould your body into a more feminine shape." Soon, the basque was done up and Dan led Simon over to the bed. Simon had a problem reaching down to put his stockings on, so Dan did it for him. As he rolled the stockings up Simon's legs he couldn't help but glance at Simon's crotch. His mind flashed back to when under the devil's hypnotic spell he had had sex with the builder. This was silly, he wasn't under any spell now and whatever gender his body was his mind was still male. Even so, he felt a tension growing in his body. Dan watched Simon ran his hand down his stocking clad legs. "It feels good doesn't it?" asked Dan. "It's feels odd." said Simon in a non-committal manner. But Dan could see his cock twitch and grow slightly. Dan was disturbed by his own reactions and pulled out a pair of matching black panties. He helped Simon step into them and he pulled them up over his crotch. Simon reached behind him and pulled at the panties. "What's up?" asked Dan. "They're stuck up the crack of my ass. I don't like that." "They're supposed to, they look awful if you have them all baggy. Anyway you better get used to them, it's the only type of underwear you'll wear from now on." Dan went to his dressing table and picked up some items of make-up. "I'm not wearing make-up!" Said Simon hotly. "You are," Dan replied with a hint of menace. "Or people will soon see you in a whole new light." Dan set to work on Simon's face. After about ten minutes hard work he pulled back to examine his work. He was still far from expert at applying make-up and had put it on too thickly on Simon's face. However it seemed to achieve the effect Dan was after, very sluttish. Dan was in a much better mood now. He had started this as a sort of revenge, but he was enjoying himself now and Simon didn't seem to be resisting nearly as much as Dan had expected. "Don't look in the mirror yet." He told Simon and grabbed the wig and shoes. The shoes just fitted onto Simon's feet and then Dan arranged the long, curly blonde wig on his head. "Right, come and meet the new you." Simon looked at his wife, she seemed to be having a great time and her nipples were clearly erect under the sheer fabric of the night-dress. He could barely recognise the person in the mirror, it was clearly a man but the effect of the clothes and the heavy make-up reminded Simon of prostitutes he had seen and frequented. "Now, you are going to wear panties, stockings and a bra every day from now on, Simone. It should keep out of trouble. You won't be able to fool around with bimbos from now on and getting drunk could cause you to reveal your little secret. And don't think about changing out of them when you get to work, I'll be turning up to check from time to time." Dan felt his nipples rubbing against the fabric of his night-dress and realised how turned on he was. He stole a glance down at Simon's panty covered cock and saw it was aroused as well. Simon turned around and walked awkwardly towards Dan. He reached Dan and wrapped his arms around her slim waist. He looked down at her, being even taller than usual due to the high heels. She is really turned on, he thought. Simon considered himself to be fairly open minded, but even he was surprised by the kinky idea his wife had come up with. Surprised, but very aroused. He was at an intensity that he hadn't reached with his wife in the better part of a year. He could see from the flushed face of his wife that she was feeling exactly the same way. Dan's mind was whirling, why was he so turned on? He wasn't under any spell and he wasn't gay. But his body was reacting as any woman's does and he was slowly being drawn towards Simon's. Simon held one of Dan's hands and guided it to his bulging crotch. Dan could easily feel Simon's raging hardness straining the flimsy fabric of the panties. Dan's hand dived inside the panties and eased Simon's cock free. He was lost again, and he couldn't blame it on any outside influence this time. All the lust and burning desire was coming from inside him. Simon bent down and kissed Dan passionately. Dan found himself surrendering to his strong caresses, the taste of his lipstick mingled erotically with his musky male scent. Dan reached around him and pulled him closer, his penis pressing into Dan's stomach. Simon's strong hands lifted up the short skirt of Dan's babydoll night-dress and massaged his rounded ass through Dan's silky panties. Dan could feel an aching need growing inside of him, the desire to be possessed and entered by Simon. Slowly, Simon pulled down Dan's panties exposing his excited pussy. Dan couldn't stop Simon and by now didn't want him to. His breasts were squashed against Simon's chest and he was enclosed in his strong arms. Dan's hands were frantically grabbing Simon's tight muscular ass and back. He stopped kissing Simon long enough to whisper in his ear, "I want you in me, now!" Simon gripped Dan even tighter in his embrace. Somehow, Dan knew instinctively what to do next and lifted his legs off the ground, wrapping them around Simon's waist. Simon turned and gently laid Dan down on the bed, before climbing on top of him. The last part of Dan's resistance screamed at him to get out of there, you're a man, not a woman! Dan swept the thought away, here he was on his back and a strong man between his thighs. He could feel his aroused pussy needing Simon's hard length to make it complete. Of course he was a woman. Simon pulled off his panties and raised Dan's night-dress. Dan reached down and grabbed hold of Simon's twitching hardness. He pulled the foreskin back and forth a couple of times watching Simon's red face. Then he ended the torment and guided Simon's cock to the entrance of his vagina, already slick from his juices. In one smooth movement Simon slid full length into Dan. Dan couldn't help but gasp at the sensation of something immense filling him up. He half expected the tip of Simon's cock to reach his throat it felt so big. Simon lowered himself down on to Dan and he was surprised not only at how heavy he was but at how good it felt. Very slowly Simon started to withdraw from Dan and then with increasing speed he stroked back into him. As the delicious friction started to build it was all Dan could do to remember to breathe. He gave a guttural wanton gasp at each thrust of Simon's beautiful cock into him, and was matched by deep moans coming from his lover. He felt one of Simon's hands grip and fondle his breasts. The fabric of his night-dress rubbing across his excited nipples as Simon expertly played his body. He felt his orgasm build and build to an almost unbearable level before it crashed down over him. Dan wrapped his arms and legs around Simon and held on for dear life. This was a far more intense experience than the ones he'd had with the builder and with Samantha. The afterglow of the orgasm seemed to last for ever and Dan felt utterly spent, but Simon wasn't finished yet. He slowed down the rate of his pumping but didn't stop. With his hand he lightly caressed Dan's heaving breasts, he leaned over and kissed Dan on the cheek. Dan opened his eyes and looked into the face of the man who was bringing him to the undreamed of heights of passion. With that they were off again. Simon was rougher now, more urgent. His own body demanding the release of an orgasm. Dan surrendered totally to Simon, at that moment he could think of nothing else. No future, no past. Just the present, there with Simon locked together in ecstasy. Dan felt himself building to another orgasm and he knew Simon wasn't far from release. Part of him never wanted this to end, he wrapped his arms around Simon's torso and dug his long fingernails into the tight fabric of the basque. "I'm coming, baby!" Simon said in a strangled shout and Dan felt his body tense as he started to shoot his cum up to Dan's womb. The thought of Simon's seed deep within him sent him to his second orgasm, which was even more violent than before. Fireworks seemed to explode behind Dan's eyes. They collapsed in each others arms panting with the exertion of their lovemaking. As they gently kissed and caressed each other afterwoulds Simon whispered in Dan's ear. "That was fantastic, I don't think we've ever made love so passionately before." "You're mine Simon, I'm not about to let you go." At the back of his mind a part of him was revolted at the act he had just committed. This time no one had forced him, he had willingly made love to another man. He consciously decided not to think about it now, he knew he would regret it tomorrow. But for now he just basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking. 11. Chapter Dan snuggled up under the bed covers and watched the sunrise through the window. He had the feeling that some critical point had been passed. Up till now he could kid himself into believing that he was unchanged inside this body of a ravishing woman. Now he had positive proof that this was no longer true. He could hear someone in the bathroom next door washing. It was the sound of his lover from last night. He had been in a similar situation less than a week before. Then his lover had been a voluptuous Hispanic girl. But then he had been in his original male body, a body he missed dearly. Now his lover was a well muscled man and the night before he and Dan had made passionate love. It had not been the first time he had had sex in his new female body, but it was the first time he hadn't been mentally coerced into it. He hadn't lost control the night before, he had knowingly made love to Simon. Dan had expected crossing the gender divide would change him, but he never expected his sexuality to alter. He still liked women a lot. But when he watched Simon get up that morning Dan caught himself admiring his firm body. He had been a woman for just over two days, surely he couldn't have changed that much? Simon would be back soon, time to prepare the next part of his plan. Dan climbed out of bed and looked at himself in the mirror. His babydoll nightdress had been pulled off fairly early on the previous night. He still found it strange to see an erotic woman staring back at him. Her body was made up of sexy curves and her full breasts were full, like heavy fruit. Her long black hair was messed up from the night-long lovemaking. But it only made her look even more sexy. This is me, thought Dan. I'm no longer a him, I'm a her. He rolled the tenses around in his mind. No, not a her, not yet anyway. He turned to see Simon standing in the doorway, "No need to check, you're My hair is a mess." Simon walked over to Dan. "No, it isn't. It's lovely." He put an arm around him and ran his hand lightly down Dan's spine. Dan could feel the now familiar need growing in him. He is handsome, he thought. Slightly reluctantly he pulled away, "you're going to be late for work. I've get your clothes for you." Dan pulled a smart suit out of Simon's wardrobe. Simon was surprised, Alison had never done this for him before. Rather than going to Simon's underwear drawer, Dan started going through the carrier bag of lingerie. "Oh no, you're joking!" He said. Dan looked up from his task, brushing a strand of hair out of his eyes. "No, I'm not. It'll keep you from straying and you like wearing it anyway." "I do not!" Simon declared. "It was you who got me turned on last night. Not the underwear." "Really? Be truthful, you haven't enjoyed sex that much for years. I'm serious about this, Simone. I do love you, but you'll be after other women again almost immediately. You can't help it, it's in your DNA." Over the last few days Simon had noticed a change in his wife. Before she would scream and shout at him when she discovered his latest affair. But she would never take such a concerted action to stop him from playing around. In fact they had been drifting apart and he realised now that they were quite far down the road to divorce. But now she suddenly seemed to want the marriage to work. But why choose such a bizarre method? Admittedly, he had had some erotic feelings after been dressed in her lingerie. He had put it down to the strangeness of the situation. Dan held up some underwear. "How about this?" He was holding a white suspender belt and panties, both covered with lace and frills. "Alison...please, you don't need to do this. You have the photos, they're enough. I won't play around again." Dan stood up and started sorting through his stockings for a pair that went with the lingerie. "Sorry, Simon. I don't quite trust you yet. We'll see what the situation is like in a couple of weeks." A couple of weeks. He could last that long, it was far better than the photos seeing the light of day. He had been asleep after a heavy drinking session, but some of those photos made him look like he was posing. What would people think? He sighed, "alright, for you I'll do it." "Good!" Dan wrapped the suspender belt around Simon's waist before he could change his mind. Dan showed Simon how to put the white shear stockings without tearing them. Simon was loathed to admit it, but they did feel good against his legs. Dan looked up, "You've got quite nice legs, but they need a shave. We'll do that tonight." Simon knew better than to complain. Last came the silk panties which fitted snugly around his crotch. "You see, you do like lingerie. You getting turned on again!" Dan exclaimed. Simon refused to comment and climbed into his shirt and pants. He looked in the mirror, trying to see any sign that under his normal male clothes he had panties and suspenders on. He tried to convince himself that he looked just as he normally did. But he certainly didn't feel the same. He put on his shoes and socks and was ready to face the day. Before he left Dan gave him one final warning. "I'll be along to check on you today, and you had better be wearing your undies. Or there will be trouble." He said it with a humorous tone of voice, but Simon had no doubt he meant it. Wearing only a pink bathrobe Dan kissed Simon goodbye. After he had gone Dan headed upstairs again. Why had he altered so much so quickly? He had Alison's body and to some extent mind. His soul was the only part of him left from his previous life. Perhaps it was adapting him to his new existence. He still seemed to have all the old feelings and opinions. But on top of that was a new feminine perspective, he was still himself though. He locked the bathroom door and dropped the bathrobe. He examined himself in the mirror. Dan noticed some stubble under his armpits. He found a ladyshaver plugged into the wall and for the first time in three days he had a shave. Afterwoulds he ran a nice hot bath and climbed in. Now he had to plan his next step, the feminine underwear wouldn't hold Simon for long. Out there somewhere was the devil and his servant, Samantha. What were they planning now? 12. Chapter Samantha shivered slightly as she stood on the sidewalk. It was a bright if slightly cold morning. Her small skirt and skimpy top afforded her virtually no protection against the elements. The street was empty except for one man hurrying past on his way to work. "You lookin' for some action, Honey?" She called out as he went by her. He ignored her and went on his way. Samantha was glad no one had taken up her offers so far. She had little choice in her actions, this was her punishment for messing up the job with Dan and Simon. Her instructions had been to have sex with Dan until Simon came home. The shock of seeing his wife with someone else, even another woman, would probably have finished off the marriage. At least, it would have put it under severe strain. Simon liked to play around but he would have been very angry if he found his wife doing the same. But things had not gone according to plan and Samantha ended up losing control during the loveplay. Dan had gained the upper hand and had got some information out of her before she could get out of there. Her master had displayed surprisingly little anger, but he had decided she should pay for her mistakes. So here she was now, mentally coerced into playing the role of a hooker. Fortunately early morning seemed to be a bad time for business and no one had picked her up despite her obvious charms. "A bit early for you to be working, isn't it?" Said a voice behind her. Samantha turned to see a police car pulled up to the kerb. "Ah, hello officer. Can I help you?" One of the policeman climbed out of the car, "we've had a few complaints from the residents about you." Samantha wasn't surprised, the area He had her working was fairly well off. "If you move on we'll leave it at that, okay? I can't be bothered to run you in." Samantha would have been more than happy to obey, if she had been able to. But her master's will made her walk over to the cop. "My legs are very tired from standing here. Could you give me a lift? I'll make it worth your while." She was pleading silently that he would turn her down. But she saw the glint in his eyes and knew he would accept. He opened the back door of his cab and Samantha climbed in. The other cop was fairly young, probably not long on the streets. The first cop climbed back into the driving seat. "You're in luck kid, she's going to make a man of you. After I've had my go of course." Samantha wanted to scream and leap out of the car. But all she could do was sit there and smile seductively. From the back of a nearby limousine the tall figure watched the patrol car pull away. He had expected more of his servant, the quality of hired help wasn't what it once was. He was devoting more time to this than was really necessary. But it was this sort of job that interested him. The souls that were on the edge, that could go either way. These were the ones he worked with. Murderers and rapists went to hell with little or no help from him, they made their own way evil path downwards. The interest for him was in getting souls that would otherwise would have been saved. He had one already, Stuart Bridges or Samantha as she now was. She had believed his story that she was already damned and had agreed to serve him. When she brought Simon to him she would be damning herself for real in the process. There was one fly in the ointment. Daniel Sandford. He was far more resilient than could be suspected. Every attempt to get him to abandon Simon seemed only to strengthen his resolve to save him. Perhaps it was time to take a personal hand in the matter. This was a risky path, the agreement between Heaven and Hell forbade direct involvement in Earth. But it was clear Samantha was not the tool he had hoped for and he couldn't waste any more resources on this project. Maybe it was time to put away the carrot and use the stick. The police car had stopped some blocks away in a quiet alley and the two men were turning there attention to Samantha. He reclined in his seat and enjoyed her fear. ************** Linda thought her boss was slightly subdued as he arrived that morning. Simon greeted his secretary and then went into his office and shut the door. She suspected he was still mad at the way she had reacted the previous day when she saw him in panties and suspenders. He had come up with some lame excuse that his wife must have done it while he was drunk. It had been an odd story and she hadn't been any good at hiding her disbelief. Inside the office Simon relaxed in his chair. The feminine underwear felt odd to say the least. The panties were far softer and silkier than he was use to but it was the stockings which felt the strangest. He was far more aware of his legs, he heard a swishing sound everytime the thin fabric brushed against his pants. It wasn't uncomfortable, he realised. He was just afraid of what would happen if he was caught a second time in female underwear. He had enjoyed the session with his wife the previous night, part of that had been wearing the strange clothes. Why the hell do they feel good on me? Am I turning gay? He was tempted to take them off now, but his wife was in a very strange mood of late and could carry out her threat. He shifted in his seat and the feeling of the slippery silk against his cock caused him to grow erect. Simon dropped a hand between his legs and rubbed himself through his pants. I'm not going to get any work done today, he thought. 13. Chapter The car scraped the road as it landed fairly heavily and then continued speeding into town. Dan was cursing it with every swear word in his extensive vocabulary. His old car would have been there by now. He had his foot to the floor in this pink joke of a car but couldn't get anything like a decent speed out of it. "Careful!!" Shouted the man in the passenger seat next to him as they barely cleared a tree going round a corner. "I know what I'm doing, alright! I can drive." Dan shot back. "I just don't want to pick you out of a second car wreck." "Don't worry, I haven't been drinking this time." This didn't seem to reassure Jothan much, but he kept quiet except to guide Dan. After his bath that morning, he had decided to wear a fairly revealing short white dress. Some light make-up and he was ready. He looked at himself in the mirror. For the first time, he had gone for something that had emphasised his femininity rather than hiding it. He still wasn't sure if he wanted to reveal that much cleavage, but he could always change before going out. "You seem to be settling in well." Came a voice from the doorway. Dan spun around in shock to see a familiar face. "Jothan?" It was the angel that had removed his soul after his car accident. "What are you doing here." "Well, I shouldn't actually be here. There are rules against direct contact with the living. I can't interfere, but you can." "What's wrong?" Dan asked. "Samantha is paying the price for failing The Dark One. I want you to help her." "Help her! Are you mad? You know what she tried to do!" "She was dying, in great pain. She had done enough good in her life to go up when she passed on. In this time of weakness He approached her with an offer. In her pain it seemed like her only chance. But now she regrets what she has done and wants to get away from the evil one. She can't do that on her own." Dan was half tempted to tell Jothan where to go. But he knew his conscience wouldn't let him. "Okay. Where is she?" "I'll guide you, come on." Now they were speeding into town. Jothan seemed to dislike the silence. "So...how are you doing?" "Okay, I guess." He thought for a minute. "Uh...I do have a question." "Sure. Ask me anything." "When I first arrived in this body I was solidly heterosexual. I mean I liked women. But recently...I've noticed some attraction to men." He was blushing now, but this would be the only chance to ask someone. "It could be due to a lot of things, the female hormones in your body. The brain you are using is female and there are slight differences between that and your old male one. Your soul is acclimatising to your new body, your behavioural patterns won't be rewritten but it will adapt to its new host. Of course, every human is in some way bisexual and maybe that side of you is emerging now." He looked at the angry look on Dan's face. "But I doubt that's the case with you." He added. "But don't worry, these changes won't overwhelm you. You have the strength of personality to overcome them. If you want to. Turn right here." ************** The younger cop stroked Samantha's aroused nipples. She gasped in pleasure and arched her back to meet his caresses. In her mind she tried to gather her mental forces to break away. So far, she had only sucked off the older cop. She was glad he was more into that than intercourse. However, the younger one was obviously about to mount her. Being a woman could be fun, if she was in control, just to see what it was like. But she could end up being a whore for life and she didn't trust her master at all. The older cop went back to the front seat to recover while the younger one climbed on top of her. She felt her tight skirt being hitched up. This isn't happening! She cried to herself while her voice begged him to fuck her. The cop unzipped himself and pulled his hard cock free. "Ready or not, here I come baby." He said. Samantha stared up into his leering face as he suddenly shot backwards out of the car door. "Come on, run for it!" Yelled a woman's voice. In one tremendous effort Samantha regained control of her body and climbed over the dazed policeman. Dan had grabbed his heels and yanked him out into the street. What the hell was Dan up to? Why was he helping her? Dan gestured to her and then started running round the corner. The older cop struggled out of the car trying to do his belt up. He saw the blond hooker follow the black haired woman round the corner. He sighed and helped the younger cop up. The younger man staggered to his feet and said "Hurry up, we can still get them!" The older cop shook his head wearily, "What sort of story do you think they'll tell if we do arrest them. Just let it go." Samantha ran to Dan's car, holding her breasts as she did so. She didn't have a bra on and this body was not designed with running in mind. She barely made it inside before Dan gunned the engine and raced down the street and away. "Why?" He asked Dan. "A friend asked me to. I might dislike what you've done, but no one deserves that. Your boss did it to me." "Yeah, I know. I regret ever listening to him, but what can I do about it now?" "Get away from him." Dan said simply. "How? he can be anywhere he wants to." "I asked the same thing of my friend. There is one place he can't go. Heaven." He pulled into the road near a church. "It's only been here a year or so apparently. But a church is a church. Come on." As they walked into the building Dan said. "It's a little like embassies, they are treated as part of the home territory of whoever runs the place. Each church is in essence a part of Heaven. You'll be safe here." "But I can't stay here for the rest of my life. He owns my soul anyway, so he'll win in the end." "Not necessarily, you tell her Jothan." Dan said to thin air. Samantha looked around her convinced Dan had cracked under the strain. In a small shower of light a young looking man appeared in front of her. She leapt back behind Dan. "It's okay. I'm a friend," he said with a friendly smile. "He's one of the good guys." Dan said "Your deal with the evil one was to bring Simon to him," Jothan explained. "If you had succeeded, then your soul would have been tipped towards evil. At the moment you have done just enough good acts in your life to go up when you die." Samantha couldn't decide whether to trust him or not, the last few months had been without hope for her. When the Devil had freed her from her physical agony just to replace it with mental torture she had almost resigned herself to damnation. Now, at last, she felt hope. Dan turned to her, "I know better than anyone what you've been through. I can't promise anything, but I'll do all I can." Samantha felt tears in her eyes, after all she had done to Dan he had still wanted to help her. On an impulse the two hugged. If either of them noticed the feminine gesture they pretended not to. "Jothan will help you settle in. I'll be back when I can." Samantha nodded and Dan hurried outside. By the church boundary stood a tall man with sunglasses and an ornate walking stick. Dan walked as near as he dared to him. "Where is she?" The man demanded in his clipped English tones. "Don't you know?" "Bring her to me." Dan could feel the command sapping at his will. He shook his head. "No! You won't do that to me again! You want her, you go in there and get her yourself!" The tall man was silent for several moments. "It is of no matter. In time, she will return to me. You cannot win, Simon will be mine." He turned and strode to a limousine which Dan hadn't noticed before. He slid inside it and it drove silently down the street. Dan breathed out slowly, how was he going to stop him? He walked warily to his own car and drove down to Simon's fitness center. He had just pissed off the most powerful evil creature in all creation, how could he protect Simon? Simon looked up surprised when Dan strolled in. Dan saw Simon's eyes widen in appreciation of his alluring outfit. "Don't worry Alison. I haven't taken them off." Dan smiled, "good. They're much better than your scratchy shorts aren't they?" Simon's face reddened a bit. "They feel...different. So are you here just to check up on me?" "No, I am here to help you." He walked over to the desk and started to help Simon with his paperwork. Simon was initially nervous about his wife's appearance, convinced she was up to something. Soon however he calmed down and they moved closer together as Simon explained the operations of the centers in detail to Dan. As Dan leaned over the desk Simon put his arm around him. Dan found it comforting and not a little erotic. As the day passed Dan kept watch for anything out of the ordinary, but nothing happened. He was sure that he had angered the tall man so much he would have been back for retribution. Maybe he had decided to cut his losses. Dan desperately wanted to believe that, but it seemed highly unlikely. Before they headed home Dan suggested they go to a restaurant. Simon agreed enthusiastically and they went to a fairly upmarket place. Dan could understand what Alison had seen in Simon. He was an excellent conversationalist and was genuinely witty. Perhaps I haven't seen him in the best light, thought Dan. Throughout their meal Simon and Dan made thinly veiled allusions about what they'd do with each other when they got home. Dan felt himself becoming aroused by their talk. He wanted Simon to fill him up, to bring him to the height of ecstasy. He genuinely desired Simon. It still felt very strange to have a pussy instead of a cock, but Dan was at last reasonably comfortable with the idea of his new life. And he wanted to share it with Simon. On his terms of course. **************** "I can't do that! It's highly illegal!" "But you will do it. Because I command it." "I'll be found out! I'll lose my job!" "A job I gave you. A job I can take away if you disobey me. I own you." "I s-suppose I can do it. If I'm very careful, but why do you want me to close them down?" "Never you mind. Just find a reason to shut those fitness centers down!" 14. Chapter "You've got the hang of it. Not much different from shaving your face, is it?" "I suppose so," said Simon. "It still feels really weird to be doing this." Carefully, he finished shaving his legs and then wiped them dry. "You've got really nice legs, very shapely." Complemented Dan. "I've picked out a nice dress that should fit you." "A dress?" "Yeah, come on. It's just us and we both enjoy it." Neither of them had mentioned the photographs all evening and Simon couldn't deny he found the idea kinky. He was still in a state of constant amazement at his wife, who had never shown any sign of thinking things like this till a few days before. Simon rose stiffly to his feet. The corset helped him attain a more feminine figure, but it really restricted his movement. He found that he could only take shallow breaths, his wife had been amused when he had been turned on by the tightness of the corset. Dan took Simon's hand and led him back to the bedroom. A part of Dan was a bit dubious about the path he was leading Simon down. But in general he had decided that if he now had to wear women's clothes so should Simon. Dan hadn't encountered as much resistance as he had expected and Simon was only putting up token objections. In some way Dan considered Simon to be female when he was dressed in female clothes. Despite the muscular frame, he was far less threatening to Dan. Dan could pretend that Simon was a woman and that made making love to him acceptable. And he was cute in a black corset. Dan helped Simon into the dress, it was a loose dark blue creation. The hem came to just above Simon's stockinged knees. It just fitted him. He was unable to connect the figure in the mirror with himself. He was tall for a woman, but the corset had made his body take on a surprisingly feminine outline. His bust was generous, carefully padded out with cotton wool by Dan. And on top of it all was his head. Even the make up that Dan had liberally applied did little to disguise his gender and identity. Dan saw where Simon was looking. "I'll get you a good wig soon, then you'll be absolutely beautiful." Simon turned back and was about to remove his outfit when he saw the look on Dan's face. It was one of undisguised lust. Dan shrugged off his dressing gown and stood naked in front of Simon. He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Simon's corseted frame. "I want to fuck you so badly, Simone." Dan whispered. Simon was lost by now and had his own arms around Dan, caressing his back down to his soft ass. Dan reached up, yearning for a kiss that Simon was happy to give. Slowly they manoeuvred themselves to the bed stroking each other as they went. Simon was about to lower Dan to the bed when he felt him resist. "You first, Simone." He said. Simon climbed onto the bed, carefully arranging his skirts. Dan joined him almost immediately and quickly rolled on top of him. The first time he had willingly made love as a woman he had submitted to Simon's control utterly. Now, Dan was determined to show Simon how erotic that sensation could be. He ran his hands in strong caresses over Simon's body. Dan kissed him strongly, pushing his tongue deep into Simon's mouth. Simon wrapped his arms around Dan. One hand rubbing Dan's back, the other sliding over his ass and between his legs to touch his aroused pussy. Dan jumped as Simon's fingers slid partly into his slippery vagina. Dan felt an intense need to be filled up at that point, but fought it down. He pushed Simon's hands away, "Just relax. I'll do all the work." Dan slid down a bit and ran his hand up underneath Simon's dress. He quickly found Simon's erection straining the skimpy lace panties to the limit. Dan pulled Simon's panties down just enough to allow his cock to spring free. Simon closed his eyes and luxuriated in the feeling of his wife gently rubbing his cock. He felt the dress being lifted to expose his erection. He felt his legs being forced apart by his wife's knees, he realised Alison wanted him to spread his legs like a woman. Dan had to spread his own legs slightly to get Simon's cock into his pussy. But the important thing was that Simon was in the classic female missionary position. Dan positioned himself and very slowly sank onto Simon's hard length. His cock glided smoothly into Dan like a hot knife into butter. Their pelvises met and Dan luxuriated in the sensation of being completely filled by his lover. It felt so good, so right. He put a hand on one of Simon's cotton filled breasts and massaged it as if it was the real thing. Then he pulled back and slowly started to thrust against Simon. For Simon it felt so different than usual. Normally with him and Alison she was content to let him take the dominant role, dictating the pace and content of their lovemaking. This new Alison seemed determined to take the lead in everything. Simon had put this down to Dan trying to revitalise their marriage. He decided with a smile that it was working. Alison's thrusting was still excruciatingly slow, Simon could hear her emit little gasps of pleasure each time she sank down on his cock. She might be enjoying herself, but the tension in Simon was unbearable. When was she going to think of what he wanted? He needed a way to speed Alison up. She wouldn't let him use his hands so that left his legs. Of course, he realised with a smile, that was it. Simon wrapped his legs around Alison's slim waist and pulled her down harder and faster with each thrust. Dan felt the strong legs wrap themselves around him. He had wondered how long it would take for Simon to think of that. Now it almost felt like old times. He was between the legs of his lover, he remembered how it felt to plunge a hard cock into the warm wetness of a pussy. Now the pussy was his. He was quickly building to a climax and he moved quicker. Then the orgasm hit him again, rushing through his entire body. Every sensation he felt only heightened his passion. As a man his orgasms were centered around his cock, but as a woman he came with his whole body. Simon was close to orgasm and couldn't wait any longer. He rolled both of them over to the other side of the bed so he was now on top. He quickly re-established the rhythm. Dan luxuriated in the warm afterglow of his orgasm as Simon pounded into him. He could even feel himself building to another orgasm. Simon reached his orgasm slightly before Dan and with a loud moan he pumped his cum up towards Dan's womb. As he felt Simon climaxing Dan had another orgasm of his own. He wrapped his arms around Simon and nearly shrieked his delight as ecstasy wracked his body. As they lay together in each others arms Dan had a little worried thought about contraception. In the few days since becoming a woman he had made love three times with two different men. He was going to have a difficult time as it was learning how to be a woman and a wife without the added problem of pregnancy. In future he was going to have to make sure Simon used the condoms that Alison's memory told him were in a bedside cupboard. The image of a condom covered cock gave Dan an idea. He had never done anything like it before, but it seemed like fun. He started turning round in bed. "Where are you going?" Asked Simon. "Not far." Dan replied cryptically. He kneeled on the bed turned around and laid down again. His feet were now right next to Simon's face. Dan pulled up the hem of the dress, it was going to need a good wash and even then it might be ruined. Never mind, it was worth it. Dan pulled the panties down and off Simon's silky smooth legs before returning his attention to his crotch. He gave a sly seductive glance to Simon before setting himself to the task of reviving Dan's member. Hesitantly, Dan took the semi-erect cock into his mouth and gently sucked it. He could taste the salty taste of Simon's cum mixed in with his own juices as he did so. It quickly responded to his inexperienced attentions. Dan was surprised by how quickly it grew and how big it got. He had never been this close to a man's cock before. Gently he pulled the foreskin back and ran his tongue over the head of Simon's penis. He knew from his own experiences how sensitive the head was and he was rewarded by an intake of breath from Simon. He started to move his head up and down the thick stalk, licking the head with every other pass. As he sucked Simon's cock he felt himself becoming aroused again. He marvelled at his new body, two orgasms and still it wanted more. Dan felt hands grasp his wide hips and then something wet and warm ran up the lips of his pussy. Simon was returning the favor. Dan gave a muffled gasp as Simon reached his clitoris. Faster and faster they rode each other until Simon tensed and pulsed semen into Dan's mouth. Dan swallowed it almost without thinking. It's salty taste only seemed to turn him on more. After his orgasm Simon returned to Dan's excited pussy. Dan was bucking his hips as Simon licked and nipped him to a third orgasm. Afterwoulds as they drifted off to sleep in each others arms, Dan thought that life as a woman could be fun after all. A future with Simon didn't seem so impossible now and the thought of bearing children at some point gave Dan a not unpleasant sensation. 15. Chapter The first sight that greeted Simon's eyes as he woke was his wife's sleeping face.

He spent several minutes gazing at her. It had been far too long since he had last spent time admiring her. He would be a fool to lose her, he realised. Deep inside he knew he had to stop gambling and womanising or he would lose her. Despite all he had done he knew he couldn't live without her. Carefully, so as not to wake her, he slid out of bed. He still had on the corset from the previous night. As he removed it he remembered how much fun he'd had in drag the night before. Where had Alison got an idea like that from? He looked back at her, still asleep on the bed. The cover of the bed had slipped down exposing one perfect breast tipped with a prominent rose red nipple. He opened one of the drawers and was putting on a pair of boxer shorts when he heard a voice from the bed. "Naughty boy," said Dan. "You've got the wrong underwear on." Simon almost jumped out of his skin. He wondered when Alison had woken up. "Okay, okay. If you insist." He hunted through Alison's underwear and came up with a red silk stocking and panties set. "How about these?" "Very slutty. I think they'd suit you." Dan replied with a smile. Simon wasn't sure how to take that comment and concentrated on getting the stockings on without snagging them instead. He was still fairly worried about wearing them in public. But they did feel nice and the crossdressing really seemed to turn her on. Dan watched as his male lover put on the bright red panties and stockings. If someone had told him a week ago he would be in this situation Dan would have punched them. Now, it didn't seem to bad. He knew his mental outlook had changed drastically since becoming a woman. But he really didn't care anymore. "I'll buy you a wig today and you'll spend the weekend as my wife." Simon felt he should put up some protest, he was a man and shouldn't be interested in that sort of thing. But it had been a long time since he and his wife had indulged in role-play. "Well, we'll see." "I'll have my way." Dan replied with a sly smile. "You know you can't resist me." Simon came over to Dan and they shared a long loving kiss. ******************* As Simon drove to the fitness center he realised he was in a very good mood. He hadn't noticed how depressed he had been for months until that day. Now everything was okay, if a little odd. He shifted in his seat and felt The straps of the suspender against his legs. He had a feeling of unease when he pulled into the center's car park. There were several vehicles in the visitor spots with Californian state markings on them. Reception was in chaos. Most of the staff had been herded over to one side and a barrier had been erected to stop people entering the complex. "What the hell is going on!" A small man in an suit appeared next to him. "Mr Mitchell?" He asked. "Yes. What is going on?" "I'm from the sanitation department, we're in the middle of conducting a spot check on your facility." Simon exploded, "What!! Do you have to shut the place down while you're doing it?" "I must inform you that the water system here is in a dreadful state. Preliminary tests show that it isn't up to the minimum level. I have ordered a full inspection of all your centers which will probably take several weeks. Until they are complete, all your facilities must close." Simon's jaw had dropped open. He was being set up, he knew for a fact that the water system had just been given a clean bill of health from a very reputable company. Someone was doing this deliberately, he had no doubt that 'something' would be found. Even if he could afford the inevitably harsh fines without going bankrupt his reputation would be finished. 16. Chapter He raised the glass unsteadily to his lips and wondered how his life could have turned to shit. His business was effectively finished, the fines would break him. Simon noticed his glass was empty again, he couldn't even remember drinking it. He staggered over to the bar and bought a double whiskey. He had spent most of the morning checking the center. Someone had let rats loose in the basement. The sanitation officials were very displeased by what they saw as an unchecked vermin problem. After that he had sent the staff home and retreated to the nearest bar. He stumbled on his way back to his seat and only avoided spilling his drink when he was steadied by a tall man. "Thanks," he said in a slurred voice to the man. "Not at all," the man replied in a surprisingly cultured English accent. "Are you sure you are all right?" He asked. "No, I'm not. I've just lost everything." he proceeded to spill his entire story to the man he couldn't even see properly. The man seemed perfectly content to listen to the rambling story and he didn't move or speak until Simon had finished. The man shook his head sadly. "You seemed to have hit a really bad patch of bad luck. However, I can help you." "How, can you just wave your hand and make all the fines disappear?" "In a way, yes." Simon laughed out loud. When he had recovered enough to look at the man again he saw no amusement on the man's face. "You're serious aren't you?" "I very rarely make jokes." "What do you want?" Simon was half convinced the man was some kind of underworld boss looking to take over his centers. "Your soul." Simon looked at him and then laughed again. "You had me going there for a minute." "I am serious." He picked up an empty bottle and held it above the table. He took his hand away and the bottle just sat there floating in mid air. Simon reached up and touched the bottle. It seemed to be real. He ran his hands around it trying to find the device that was keeping it a foot above the table. Nothing. He couldn't get it to move at all. By now Simon was stone cold sober, he stood up and pulled the bottle with all his strength but still it didn't budge. "It's some sort of trick. It has to be." The man simply reached up and touched the bottle and it started to writhe. Simon let go of it and watched as it slowly dropped to the table melting as it went. When it reached the table it turned into a miniature green dragon. Seemingly made of glass it could and did move about. Simon reached down and ran a finger down its back, definitely still made of glass, he thought. How can it move? The dragon didn't like the attention and turned around and breathed fire at Simon's finger. "OWW!" He put his singed finger in his mouth. He looked at the man on the opposite side of the table. "Who are you?" Asked Simon after removing his finger. "I have many names. I prefer Lucifer." "The Devil? That's not possible. You don't exist." Simon's protest seemed weak even to him. He hadn't drunk enough to start seeing miniature dragons yet there it was. It was presently helping itself to the contents of the ashtray. "What are you offering?" "Guaranteed good health for life and more money than you'll ever need. In return I get your soul upon your death." Simon thought about it. All his life he had wanted to be rich and in the last couple of years he had managed it. He couldn't bare to lose it all. But if the devil existed then so did God. Could he really trade fifty years of pleasure for an eternity in hell? The devil could see the uncertainty in Simon's eyes. He was losing. Simon was nowhere near desperate enough to take his offer. But he knew he had to move now before Dan Sandford consolidated his hold on him. Simon shook his head. "Look, thanks for the offer and everything, but no deal." Before Lucifer could reply the door to the bar crashed open and a figure ran in. "Oh hell. It's my wife." said Simon. She didn't seem angry, just very concerned. "Simon, thank God I found you. I heard what happened at the center. I..." She stopped as she saw the figure seated across from Simon. "You stay away from Simon. You hear me!" "I was just enjoying a drink with your husband." Behind his benign smile his mind was working. He could turn this to his advantage. Simon frowned. "Wait a minute, Alison. You've met this man before?" "Yeah, if I told you who he was you wouldn't believe me. Just take my word for it, he's trouble. Now, come on. Let's get out of here!" Simon said. "He's the devil. He told me." He watched Alison's face drop in horror. "You knew who he was, didn't you Alison?" "N-no." Dan replied, failing to sound convincing. "Do you know how she knows who I am?" Said the devil suddenly. "I'll tell you. Several days ago your wife died. A brain haemorrhage, I believe." Dan took Simon's hand and tried to pull him away. "He's lying. Come on!" But Simon stopped and looked at the devil. "What are you talking about?" The devil tickled the miniature dragon and then said. "Heaven knew she would die, but they did nothing to save her. But they decided to trick you by placing another soul in your wife's body." "Nooo." Moaned Simon quietly. But his mind was slotting the pieces of the puzzle together. It explained why Alison had suddenly started acting so oddly. Why she had gone from totally disinterested in saving their marriage to desperate. She was still tugging at his arm, urging him to leave with her now. "If this isn't my wife who is she?" "Observe." Said the Devil and gestured at Dan. Dan felt nothing but a glowing ball was appearing above his head. In it the distinct image of a man's face appeared. Dan's old face. Simon was visibly rocked. A man?! Dan tugged on Simon's arm again cursing his body for having a fraction of the strength of his old one. "He's lying. Please! get away from him!" Without warning Simon whirled around and gripped Dan's shoulders in his powerful hands. "Who the hell are you?!!" He yelled in Dan's frightened face. . Chapter Dan could do no more than stand rigid with shock, Simon's fingers digging into his shoulders. Simon's face was one of horror and disbelief, he had just been told by a man who claimed to be the devil himself that his wife was dead and a stranger was inhabiting her body. The whole idea was utterly ridiculous of course. But somehow, the strange Englishman was totally believable. The thing that most convinced him there may be some truth in the madness was his wife's reaction. She had known who the man was and her denials had been unconvincing. And her behavior the last few days had been odd, as if she wasn't herself. "Who are you!!" He demanded again. "Is it true?" Dan was torn. Should he deny everything or come clean? "He's lying! He is the devil, remember." Dan could see the uncertaincy in Simon's eyes. The Devil had not convinced Simon what he was saying was true. But he had done more than enough to shake the foundations of Simon's world. The Devil saw the uncertaincy in Simon's' face. One little push should do it. "Changing people's shapes is easy, Simon. I do it every day. Observe." He made a slow gesture at Simon with his hand. Immediately Simon felt himself shrinking, and his chest growing! He released Simon and pressed his hands to his shirt. There was no mistake, he was now the distressed owner of a large pair of breasts. "How is this possible?" He said and immediately noticed how much higher his voice was. "I'm just showing you how easy it was to replace your wife. You have gone from a tall muscular man to a teenage bimbo. You are now female in all respects." Simon grabbed at his crotch and confirmed what the tall man was saying. His cock was gone! Replaced by a pussy, he was a woman! "However, you don't want to be a woman. You want your wife back, mentally as well as physically." Simon felt himself returning to his male self. Simon backed away from Dan and the the devil. "I need time to think." He mumbled and then he was gone. Dan watched him flee out of the bar door with a feeling of hopelessness. He had spent the last several days convincing himself that life as Simon's wife wouldn't be so bad, and now Simon was running away from him. He turned back to the tall man still seated at the table. A small dragon seemingly made out of fluid green glass was running around the table. The man reached out and slammed his hand down on top of it spraying broken glass across the table. He looked up at Dan and smiled, "I win." Dan could think of nothing to say and turned and stalked out of the bar. He could feel tears welling up in him, but he utterly refused to show any weakness in front of the Devil. In the car park outside the bar Simon's car was long gone. Dan climbed into his own car and sat staring ahead for several minutes. The feelings of helplessness building in him, until he thumped the steering wheel in frustration and could hold back the tears no longer. It was several minutes before he could gain control of himself. In some ways it was fairly cathartic and he felt a little better. He checked his face in the mirror and saw the smeared makeup. He cleared up the worst excesses and tried to work out what to do next. Absolutely nothing came to mind. All his plans had been blown completely out of the water. Dan started the car and pulled out into the street. He needed to talk to someone, he realised. The only person who he could talk to was in a modern church across town. Samantha was cleaning the pews when Dan entered. "Hi Dan, how's it going?" "What are you doing?" "I offered to help after all the trouble the reverend here has gone through in finding a room I can stay in. Anyway, I hate sitting around doing nothing and this place doesn't even have a television." Dan slumped down in a pew and looked down at his breasts almost pushing their way out the top of his expensive black dress. He had worn it to please Simon, all gone to waste now. "To tell you the truth everything just fell apart." Dan told Samantha of the encounter in the bar. Samantha put her arm around Dan who was obviously very depressed. "What are you going to do now?" "I haven't a clue, Samantha. That bastard has taken away the fitness centers and his wife from Simon. He seems confident he has won Simon's soul and I think he's right." "There must be something you can do. He'll probably go off and drink himself stupid. But he'll come back, you can reassure him them. I'm sure he'll listen to you." Dan sighed. "But he will never truly trust me again. At the back of his mind will always be the thought that I'm not who I say I am. I'll have to tell him." Samantha leaned back. "You do that and he'll run a mile. He won't be able to deal with his wife being a man." A weak laugh escaped from Dan. "I'm not much of a man anymore, I can't believe how much I've fallen for Simon. I like him a lot." "Have you two...made love? Willingly I mean." Dan was lost for words and his cheeks felt hot with embarrassment. Samantha gave a sly smile and whispered in Dan's ear. "You have, haven't you." "Yeah, okay I have. So what." "No need to get uptight about it. We're all girls here, you can tell me." "Well, okay. A couple of times. Why do you want to know?" "What's it like? Is it very different?" "You mean you haven't done it...as a woman I mean." "Nope, the closest I got to doing it was in the back of the police car before you rescued me. Well is it the same?" Dan struggled to find words to describe it. "It's more of an all over feeling. You climax with your whole body not just your cock." He broke off, blushing again. They sat in silence for awhile. Both wondering about their futures. Dan trying to think of a way to save Simon and Samantha wondered if she would spend the rest of her life hiding in churches. "The only thing that will truly comfort Simon would be to talk with his real wife." Dan said suddenly. "Yeah? One small problem, Dan. She's gone to join the choir invisible. She has ceased to be, She is an ex-wife. In other words she is enjoying a happy afterlife in heaven where we can't reach her." "There may be a way me and Simon can reach her." "You can't take a daytrip to Heaven!" "If I have a guide I will. We have to think of a way to get Jothan here." "Oh good grief. Try telepathy, maybe he'll hear you." Samantha remarked sarcastically. Dan closed his eyes and concentrated. Samantha looked on saying, "that was a joke, you know." Several seconds passed before Dan opened his eyes. "Maybe, but it worked." Samantha turned to see where Dan was looking and saw the familiar figure of Jothan slowly appear by a pillar. "Dan, Samantha! What is the matter?" "Jothan," said Dan. "We need your help." He began to outline his idea. "Is it possible to get Simon and Alison to meet?" "You're unhinged!" Jothan said. "I've already broken too many rules just by coming here." "But I need your help. Simon will never trust me again, but if I take him to his real wife there's a chance." "No, I'm sorry. I can't do this. Have you any idea what will happen if my superiors find out." "We already have." Came a voice from across the church. It was the senior angel who had shown Dan to Alison's body. He smiled at Jothan's aghast face, "Relax, we have known what you have been up to and we approve." He turned to Dan. "If you can bring Simon here willingly we will bring Alison's soul to you." Hope flared in Dan's chest. The game wasn't over yet. "You seriously believe this will work?" said Samantha. "Simon will never relax until he's heard from the real Alison." Dan replied. "Maybe I could keep up the lie that I'm his wife, but there would be enough doubt at the back of his mind to drive a wedge between us." "And without you Simon has a very small chance of salvation." Added the senior angel. "The Dark One has been bending the laws of non-intervention. We must step in to redress the balance. If we did nothing Lucifer would flout the laws more and more until war broke out again." "Thank you." Dan said to him. "I better go and prepare for when Simon comes back from his drinking binge." Outside, the tall man was again was again waiting by the boundary of the church. He watched as Dan walked past him without acknowledging his presence. His longer legs quickly brought him level with Dan. "So, young lady. What are you going to do now?" Dan answered without looking at the Devil. "I'm going to stop you." The man laughed out loud. "I salute your determination, but you really don't have a hope in hell." "Really." Dan reached his car and unlocked it. "We'll see. How about a wager. If Simon decides to stay with me by the end of the week, you'll leave me, Simon and Samantha alone." The man seemed to stretch over the car until his face was near Dan's. "And if I win you and Samantha are mine. Very well, though I think you'll regret that bet." With that he turned and returned the way he had came. Dan got hurriedly into the car, he was already regretting his rash deal. If his attempt to win Simon failed it looked like he'd spend the rest of his life stuck in a church with Samantha. 18. Chapter It wasn't until the evening of the next day that Simon returned home. Dan had changed into a more conservative dark blouse and jeans and had waited more and more anxiously through the night and into the next day for Simon's return. Several times Dan had severe attacks of nerves, everything depended on how he handled the situation. The car's engine woke Dan up as Simon pulled up to the house. Looking out of the window he could see Simon's prize possession had picked up a huge dent down one side. Simon himself was a bit more steadier than Dan had expected. The moments before Simon opened the front door were among the longest in Dan's life. Finally the door swung open and their eyes locked together. Dan could see the defences go up behind Simon's eyes. Dan was the first to break the silence. "We need to talk." "How much of it was real?" Asked Simon. "Most of it, but let me tell my side of the story." Simon shook his head. "I need a drink." "You've had enough to drink, could you just lay off it until we've talked." Dan said desperately. "Who do you think are? My fucking wife?" With that he elbowed past Dan and went into the dining room. He was pouring himself a vodka as Dan followed him in. Finally he settled into a seat, "Okay, who the hell are you then?" Dan took a deep breath. "It started nearly a week ago when I crashed my car after drinking too much." Simon had a pale, horrified look on his face as Dan told his story. Dan left nothing out, not even how the Devil hypnotised him into seducing a workman. He still found the incident highly embarrassing but he had to impress on Simon what the Devil was capable of. "The only reason we have a chance of beating him is because he won't dare push Heaven too much. I know you won't trust me, because I'm a complete stranger. But there is one person who can convince you. Alison." "But you said she was dead!" "Her soul is waiting to meet you, at a church in town." Simon tossed back the last of his drink and stood up. "Alright, I'll go along with this. But if you're lying I'll kill you. When do we have to go?." Dan shrugged. "No time like the present." Dan insisted they take Alison's pink car and that he drove. Simon was probably way over the limit. Simon broke the silence as they made their way to the church. "So are you gay then?" "No I am not!" Dan retorted more sharply than he had intended. "Apparently my soul is adapting to my new body." "In under a week? Sounds a little unlikely to me." Dan bit off an angry reply. He turned the corner and parked the car opposite the church. "Oh hell." "What is it?" "We have company." Simon turned to see what Dan was looking at. By the main pathway to the church stood a familiar tall, gaunt figure. "Come on, if we can get past him we're safe." Dan scampered out of the car and tried to keep himself between Simon and the Devil. The tall man made no effort to stop them, only speaking after Dan and Simon had passed him. "They cannot help you Simon, I can. I can give you Alison, identical in every way and thought to the original." Simon turned back to face him, "But it won't be her, will it?" "You'll be totally unable to tell the difference. Consider my offer, it is far better than anything they can offer you." Dan tugged on Simon's arm and together they entered the safety of the church. Simon looked around the modern church, it was empty except for a fairly nondescript man and a familiar buxom blonde. "You two were in this together weren't you?" "Hardly," replied Dan. "I only helped her after I found out she had made a deal with the Devil as well." "Worst mistake I ever made." Added Samantha. Dan moved next to the man, "This is Jothan. He may not look it, but he's an angel." "An angel?" replied Simon in an incredulous voice. "Yeah, he pulled me from the car wreck in my last life." "Where is my wife? You said she'd be here." Said Simon. Jothan moved forward, "She is right here. Look." He opened his hand palm upwards. A small gold ball moved upwards and floated clear. With every passing second it grew bigger and brighter. It started to elongate and take on a definite human shape. Simon watched as the shape became that of his wife wrapped in a bright golden glow that somehow didn't blind him. "Alison?" She smiled and held out her hands. Simon hesitantly reached up and grasped them in his own. He could feel a presence, warm and comforting, entering his mind. Alison's voice filtered through his mind, "I missed you so much." Tears rolled down Simon's face as he and Alison held each other in an embrace far more intimate than he had ever thought possible. Their minds were fully open to each other. Simon knew without a doubt that this was his wife; Dan was an obvious fake in comparison. He could feel Alison's sorrow as she discovered what had happened to him over the last couple of days. "You must not give up, you owe me that. Stay with Dan, she can help you recover." "I can't do that." Simon replied silently. "It wouldn't be right." "Simon, I want what is best for you. I've passed on to the next world and you must get on with your life. I'll keep watch over you. Enjoy life, live it to the full. Don't hide in the bottle. When your time comes, years from now, I'll be here waiting for you. Remember that I love more than anything in the universe." With that she drew away from Simon and drifted higher into a warm white light and was gone. "I love you too, Alison." He said quietly through the tears. Several feet behind him Samantha turned to Dan. "Now I have seen everything." "Yeah." Replied an awe-struck Dan, surprised to find a lump in his throat. He started forward and edged round in front of Simon. "Are you okay?" He asked hesitantly. "I'll be fine in a minute." "Look, when we get back to the house. I'll pack a few clothes and move out." Simon looked puzzled. "Why?" "What do you mean 'Why'. I'm a man walking around in your wife's body. I thought you prefer it if I wasn't around." "Alison said you can help me get back on my feet. And you seem to have a head for business. We'll work something out." The older angel moved forward. "We cannot demand things of you, we cannot tell you what path to take. But you can now see the choices clearly in front of you. I pray you will make the right decision." He turned to Jothan. "Come, we must go now." "Hey wait!" Said Samantha in an alarmed voice. "You can't just go. The Devil is camped outside the church!" "The only way He can take your soul is if you give it to him willingly. Dan made a rash gamble with the Evil One that appears to have paid off." He turned his gaze to Dan. "Though I wouldn't make a habit of it." "You mean he'll let me go?" Samantha said in disbelief. "He has no choice. Now we must go. Goodbye and good luck." Quickly, both he and Jothan faded from view. "Come on, let's go home." Said Simon. "Do you want to come as well, Samantha?" "Well, I don't know." She thought about it. "What the hell, I was starting to go stir crazy in here anyway." The Devil was still standing there in the twilight. Like he hadn't moved since Dan and Simon had gone in. His eyes were glowing an infernal red. "So Simon Mitchell, have you made your mind up yet?" "I have. Thanks, but no thanks." Replied Simon as cool as he possibly could. "No copy could replace my Alison." "Your wife is dead, gone from you forever. Only I can bring her back." Dan could see the anger building in the gaunt man. "You're wrong. She's right here." He place his hand over his heart. "Now if you excuse me, we're all going home." "Very well, but the blonde bitch is mine!" Dan stepped in front of Samantha. "Not anymore. The deal was if Dan chooses to stay with me before the end of the week, you'd leave us alone. Well he's chosen and you cannot interfere in our lives from now onwards." The Devil was still for several long seconds, then he seemed to explode into a huge terrifying creature. Fifteen foot tall and blood red. "Fuck the rules! You are all mine! And I'm taking you down to Hell. Where you'll all receive my personal attention." "I don't think so." Said Samantha. Then she held out her fist with her middle finger raised. "Swivel on it." The Devil bellowed his rage and lightening crashed across the sky. But he did nothing to stop the trio as they climbed into the car and sped away into the night. Samantha sat shivering on the back seat. "I can't believe I just did that." She exclaimed. 19. Chapter The first few days were awkward. Simon did his best to hide it, but both he and Dan knew how difficult it was for him to see his wife walking around knowing she was gone. The house had six large bedrooms and each of them had one to themselves. The case against Simon's fitness centers fell apart spectacular one week after they had been brought. A major official in the State Government was found to have fabricated the evidence. No one ever found out why he had done it, but to Dan, Simon and Samantha the answer was obvious. The Devil had taken his anger out on the official after failing to get at them. Samantha had nowhere to stay, she had no official identity and therefore Simon happily agreed to have her stay until something could be worked out. The housekeeper Maria however, was less than happy to see Samantha around, convinced she was a hooker at best. Two weeks of normality after the incident at the church Dan was getting more apprehensive about staying with Simon. He was convinced it wasn't good for Simon to be constantly reminded about his dead wife. Simon was vehemently opposed to Dan moving out. "I need you, as a friend. I'm not saying this is easy for me, but I know that Alison still exists somewhere. Let's take things one day at a time. You can over plan things you know." Dan was surprised at the feeling of relief that rushed through him with those words. "Alright, one day at a time." He said, smiling. Simon brought Dan into the day to day running of the fitness centers. Dan discovered he had quite a knack for the work and quite enjoyed it. He did have to endure the endless attempts by the men working out at the center to date him, but he found their attentions flattering. Three months after she moved in Samantha moved out. She had fallen in love with a physical trainer at one of the centers. A few eyebrows were raised when Samantha moved in with her, but Dan was glad she had found someone she could be happy with. Dan and Simon slowly became more and more friendly as the months passed. Simon still missed Alison and a part of him always would. But his period of grieving was over and he was ready to get on with his life. Dan had found himself falling deeply in love with Simon. Part of him still felt very odd at the deep desires he had for a man. But Dan could no longer deceive himself into believing he was male anymore. Their courtship had started with innocent business lunches that had developed into proper dates at upmarket restaurants. Then nearly nine months after becoming a woman Dan and Simon made love again. As they caressed each other lovingly after an ecstatic bout of lovemaking Dan knew he, no she, was irrevocably female now. In her soul as well as her body. Epilog "I'm glad everything worked out." Said Alison watching the scene below. "I was beginning to think they'd never get together." Jothan watched Dan and Simon with increasing puzzlement. "But Simon doesn't seem to be that happy, in fact he's on his knees pleading with Dan not to hit him. Is this normal?" Alison smiled. "It's a little more outlandish than anything I tried." She watched as Simon got up and bent over Dan. "But I wish I had now. It looks like fun." Fun? Thought Jothan. He had been watching humans for the better part of a century and he still didn't understand them. "What is Dan doing now?" "She's spanking Simon. He didn't do the washing up to her satisfaction." "But those plates were spotless! It's highly unfair of Dan to punish Simon for that!" Alison watched as Simon got down on his knees in his maids outfit to lick Dan's pussy. She sighed and then said. "Let's give them some privacy and I'll explain the idea of playacting one more time. Okay?" Alison and Jothan drifted higher and higher into the sky as she unsuccessfully tried to remove the puzzled look from his face.
The End

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