JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English
Chapter One - More Power

   Invention week on Tool Time was just a few weeks away and Tim had built 
one of his wacky high-powered inventions from a used C.A.T. Scan machine 
and other miscellaneous used equipment he picked at a sale. Tim was hoping 
to develop a super C.A.T. Scan which could totally analyze the human body 
even on an atomic level and pinpoint any problems to be corrected. The fact 
that he was totally unqualified to develop such a product did not phase him at 
all.  They didn't call him the Toolman for nothing!

   It was time for the latest show to begin taping and he lovingly and 
reluctantly put the machine back into the storeroom behind the set.  The show 
went off without a hitch ... except for the plate glass window Tim walked 
through and the power stapler he had souped up which had nailed a objecting 
Al to the wall. The complaints grew louder when Tim called Al a sissy.  As 
usual, though, the audience loved it all and the show was the customary hit 
with everyone except the insurance company. Tim would be very shocked if 
he discovered that the climbing ratings that made him grunt with manly 
pressure were the direct result of the morbid curiosity of people wondering 
what ghastly accidents would befall Tim next! 

   As the stagehands took down the non-permanent parts of the set and 
cleaned up for the next day, Tim went into the storeroom to make an 
adjustment he had thought of while a muttering Al plucked the staples and 
glass from his clothes. A bit later, Tim was almost finished when he dropped 
a wrench and it accidentally shorted out the machine.

   A bolt of energy flared out, barely missing the startled Toolman and 
passing through the wall.

   Tim's heart started beating again after the very close call. No telling what 
that energy burst could have done to him but it would probably be bad! This 
was one time his clumsiness didn't wind up hurting him or anyone else. For 
the 1313 time Tim resolved to be more careful. But hey, was that ever a really 
great bolt of energy! He grunted with manly pride and his mighty muscles 

   He locked the door and went home to tell his wife all about his brilliance 
and to lift a few cool ones.

   Heidi and Al were running through a little prank they planned to play on 
Tim on the next show, switching a slippery release coating for instant glue. 
Al's bearded face was grinning - he was going to get back at Tim or die 
trying, and the beautiful youthful Heidi was giggling. They finished and were 
about to leave when a strange energy pulse came out of the wall and hit them 
both in the head. As they staggered outside to their cars the ringing in their 
ears increased until they thought it would drive them right out of their heads. 
As though they rehearsed it, both placed their hands to their ears to block out 
the sound, but it did no good. They both were glad they lived close by the 
studio.  It was strange, Heidi thought, it was almost as if she was being 
driven out of her head.  She stumbled into the house and her husband Scott 
greeted his gorgeous young wife with a kiss and she collapsed in his arms, 
desperately putting her lovely petite hands over her ears.

     Her last words before she fainted were "What is that awful noise!"

    Al was not so fortunate -- he drove his car right through the garage  door 
as he tried to park his car. The neighbors found him unconscious with blood 
streaming from his head into his beard. Very concerned, they immediately 
called for an ambulance.

  Chapter Two - Al has a wonderful dream he never wants to wake up from...

 The doctors at the Tim Taylor Emergency Room at Memorial Hospital were 
used to Al being around the hospital, but he usually was escorting Tim with 
an emergency injury from the set. Today Al was the patient, however. He 
had been unconscious since crashing his automobile and the medical staff 
was worried. If he stayed unconscious through the night he could lapse into a 
coma.  They called Al's mother to come down and help Al by talking to him. 
They had tried to call Tim but he had been "fixing" his phone last week and 
the Taylor family hadn't realized that the ringer on the phone had accidentally 
been disabled during the operation. They were all too aware of the prank 
callers ringing the  phone and  then hanging up at all times of the night, not 
realizing it was just another  'benefit' of Tim's handiwork.

When Al woke up, he was confused by his surroundings. He was in a 
strange  bedroom. It was more feminine than he was used to, though he 
found it rather pleasant to the eye. There was a nice aroma surrounding him 
and he realized it was perfume. Had he somehow gotten lucky and forgotten 
it? He remembered the crash and reached one hand up to his forehead. It felt 
fine. He  seemed  to have a bit more hair than he remembered. He made a 
mental note to get a haircut. And he also noted a need to cut his fingernails. 
As he had checked his head for injuries, his nails could touch his skin 
without the rest of his fingers touching himself.  How long had it been since 
he clipped them, anyway?

Al was about to take a look at his ragged fingernails when he heard someone 
approaching the bedroom. He wondered what the woman he had gotten lucky 
with looked like.  He was hoping for a tall blonde like Sharon Stone. A tall 
blonde walked through the door all right, but he bore no resemblance to 
Sharon. He was Heidi's husband. She had brought him around the set a few 
times after the wedding. He seemed like a nice guy but not the kind of guy 
either Al or Tim would hang around with.  It figured that a good looking 
woman like Heidi would marry someone equally good looking.  He never 
really had a chance with her, Al thought with some regret.  If the  truth be 
told, he had been carrying a torch for Heidi since she had joined the show 
four years ago. He could never vocalize the words but he would have loved 
to get in her pants. But she had married this guy and had a baby and she was 
apparently quite happy, so Al considered himself lucky to just be her friend. 

He was about to ask her husband where Heidi was when he set the tray of 
food down.  Al watched with surprised helplessness as Scott leaned over and 
kissed Al full on the lips.  He would have belted the guy but his punching 
hand was still under the sheets and he was stunned to realize that he was 
enjoying the kiss. It made his nipples tingle. "What the hell is going on?" Al 
thought loudly inside his own head.  Why is Heidi's husband kissing me 
better than any girl has ever done ... and why am I feeling so excited in my 
nipples? For that matter why are my nipples feeling anything at all? They had 
never sent any feeling like that before.  The man's hands helped provide a 
vital clue as they ran up and down the blanket on his chest and wrapped 
themselves around two large fleshy mounds on Al's chest. Al realized hands 
were squeezing his...tits. He desperately needed to clear his head.  But it was 
pretty hard to clear your head with a sensory overload coming in from a body 
that you didn't recognize anymore. Then Scott whispered in his ear. "Heidi, I 
love you!"

 "What???" Al managed to squeak out in response. It wasn't his voice. He 
had heard it thousands of times, though. He was speaking with Heidi's 
voice! Desperately he looked down and saw a lovely curvaceous form under 
the sheets, which the guy drew back, exposing two impossible breasts and 
sending the sensual mounds of flesh on his chest moving like Jell-O.  They 
certainly looked real. This had to be a dream! What else could it be? If it were 
an elaborate practical joke it was beyond anything he had ever heard of...He 
stared in wonder as rather large nipples swelled up and poked out from the 
fleshy mounds. No, It had to be a dream. Al thought a little resentfully that if 
he had an accident induced dream why couldn't he have been fucking Heidi 
instead of being inside Heidi's body?

 "You up to a little nooky?" asked the great looking guy.  His hands expertly 
manipulated the sensitive tips of Al's new chest and one hand snuck under 
the sheet.  Al Borland felt something no man had felt before and desperately 
wanted some more of it.

 "Sure!" said Al recklessly, hearing Heidi's voice leave his lips.  He felt so 
giddy and so good - why not lay back and enjoy this fantastic dream. His 
body was already moving like it was on auto-pilot anyway.

 Chapter Three - Heidi hears the horrid truth from her own two lips...

 Heidi heard a strange woman's voice murmuring a mixture of reproaches 
and endearments at her.  Then the same voice asked sharply: "You told me 
that my son was coming out of his coma, doctor!"

 "He is!" the doctor said impatiently.  He'd seen quite enough of this crabby 
old obese woman in the last few days.  While they were arguing, Heidi 
opened her eyes and blinked them in the bright sunlight.  Hovering above her 
like a moon was the face of Al's mother - god, was she ever fat!  I seem to be 
in a hospital room, but where's my Scott and why is Mrs. Borland here 
visiting me?

 Heidi felt just awful, aches and pains all over - and somehow so much 
heavier. What a headache!  She felt her face itch and gasped when she 
scratched it - she felt a full grown beard. On HER chin!!!  She raised her 
hand...but it wasn't her arm and hand!  It looked so awful... so hairy and fat!  
She croaked out her distress and Al's mother came flying over, plopping 
herself down on the bed.  Heidi felt the bed groan under the weight and felt 
like she was going to fly up and go crashing through the ceiling. Heidi 
clutched the sides of the bed as it shivered. The doctor tried to drag Mrs. 
Borland out as Heidi cheered silently.

"I've warned you before.  You can't sit down on sick people's beds like that 
- you put your son's roommate in intensive care yesterday."  He called for 
help to shift the massive woman who refused to budge.

 "Son?" Heidi thought. I'm no son to anyone! Al must have gotten sick as 
well.   She tried to introduce herself to the doctor and straighten out this 
confusion. She said "I'm Heidi..." but all that was heard over the commotion 
was 'Heidi...'

 "Oh, that nice lovely girl from your show.  She's been by every day to see 
how you're doing. Too bad she's married."  Al's mom was talking 

 Seeing the confusion on the patient's face, the doctor and four husky 
orderlies forced the bulky woman out of the room.   Heidi tried to get out of 
bed but she was too weak. She felt herself to see what was feeling so wrong 
about her body. For a moment, she had thought she had a beard...her hands 
told her the truth. She did!  She somehow now had a big barreled chest and 
her tits were gone - her lovely, lovely tits! She stifled a scream - her hands 
also found out that she had a man's dick.  Could Al's mother be right?  Was 
she now, in some crazy way, stuck in Al Borland's body?  "AM I GOING 
MAD?" she gasped - she even sounded like Al. She collapsed back on the 
pillow weeping. The door to her room opened and her true self walked in as 
perky and as beautiful as ever.

 The mouth Heidi was using dropped. She was indeed mad. Her body 
walked over to her and sat in the same seat Al's mom had occupied, crossing 
nylon-clad legs as if she were still inside. The lovely eyes of her visitor stared 
back at her with a strange look in her eyes.

"Have you said anything?" this impostor asked her.

"No, "

 The beautiful girl nodded her head. "Good! They would just think you're 
crazy and lock you up! "

 "You're in my body!  Are you Al?"

 Her former face grinned at her. "Sure am, Heidi! I don't know how I ended 
up in your body and you in mine though - do you?"

 "No, unless it was something Tim did!"

 "I don't think we can blame this on him for once."  Al said to her in his now 
lilting voice. " I had a headache and the last thing I remember is heading for 
my garage - that's where you were found in my body."

"I went home right after the show and I had this horrible headache!"

"Funny I had one, too!  Like I was being driven right out of my skull."

 Heidi got excited.  "Hey that's just what mine was like!  Al, why didn't you 
just tell people you weren't me?"

 "Because people would have thought I was crazy! You've been in a coma for 
six days. For a while they weren't sure if you were going to make it or not - 
so I just kept my mouth shut and -ahem- ...carried on."

 Heidi looked at 'her' suspiciously. "What do you mean by... carried on?"

 The lovely face Al showed to the world flushed a little with the thought of 
how he had carried on with Scott.  Sex with Heidi's hubby had been great! 
Better than great even.  It had been the best sex of his life.  To cover up, he 
looked at the slim watch on Heidi's slim wrist. "Gosh, look at the time! I've 
got to get my daughter from day care and prepare Scott's supper! He gets 
crabby if he's kept waiting."  The lithe young body sprang out of the chair, 
her bosoms jostling as she kissed the man in bed on the cheek and headed out 
the door.

 "What do you mean 'your' daughter, and exactly what else are you doing 
with my husband besides cooking him dinner, Al...???"

 Al didn't stop - "We'll talk more when you get out of the hospital...Al."  
Then the vision of a sexy female in a miniskirt was gone with a flash of long 
and lovely legs and a closing door. Only the sweet smell of her perfume 
remained behind.

 Heidi sniffled - I sure got short changed in this exchange, she thought.  I'll 
get Al for this!  What else can go wrong?  Al is prancing around as me, living 
my life in my body while I'm in the hospital in his fat middle-aged body. I 
can't say anything to stop him because people will think I am a crazy man and 
you can bet Al will keep his - my mouth shut!   Can this get any worse?

 Tim "the Toolman" Taylor walked into the room.

 Chapter Four -- Tim visits Al.  Or does he?

 Tim came in, his homely face framed in smiles.  He punched the patient hard 
on the upper arm in a manly salute and Heidi looked resentfully at him.  "So 
glad you made it little - I mean big buddy! Hey I saw them dragging your 
mother out of here. What happened - did she get on an elevator and exceed 
the maximum weight allowance?"  As usual, he grinned and chuckled at his 
own joke.  "For once you can't blame me for her being upset or you being 
hurt!"  Actually Tim was a little uneasy, remembering that flash of energy 
before Al drove off, but he kept his mouth shut.  Heidi said they both had 
been fine when he left work that day.  It had to be a coincidence.  "I just saw 
Heidi leave, too -- man, did she ever look terrific in that miniskirt!" Tim went 
into his patented grunting sounds.   Heidi knew Tim was devoted to his wife 
and just meant it as a compliment, but the reminder that she no longer was 
pretty  and was now Al brought tears to Al's eyes.

 Tim saw the person he thought of as Al start crying and was embarrassed 
and hurriedly left. It wasn't a manly thing to do but Al was still under the 
weather, so he would forget he had seen the tears.  Al was normally a tough 
guy with a heart of gold and Tim respected the rare times that tears were 
called for.  And he knew any man would prefer to shed them alone.  At least 
a bachelor like Al would.  His wife seemed to appreciate a few tears from him 
on those rare occasions.  It seemed to bring them closer.  Still, it never 
looked manly to cry.

 Tim had second thoughts about his new invention.  He paid for the parts out 
of his own money -- and if the thing worked it would be worth a fortune.  He 
could just bet the little sneak running Bedford Tools would try and steal it 
from him.  So Tim had moved it home.  He would work on it in his garage -- 
it should be safe there.  He had forgotten all about the bolt of energy from 
three days ago.  When Jill saw the machine though,  she almost called the 

 "Honey... its perfectly safe!" he assured her, as usual.  And as usual; his 
attractive wife was not reassured.  

 "Safe??? Just like the dishwasher that hurled dishes that almost decapitated 
me, just like the saw that chased me around the house cutting everything in its 
way until it blew up the illegal fuse box, just like power floor scrubber that 
practically drilled a hole to China..."

 "Hey, I got big bucks for that one remember!"

 "Yeah, from the oil company -- they use it for getting through granite! I 
wonder what horror this monstrosity will inflect upon your family this time?"

 Tim huffed and left his unappreciative wife to work on his brilliant new 

 While their youngest son worked on a homework assignment at the dining 
room table with a girl from school, the oldest son, Brad came in with his 
beautiful blonde girl friend.  Jennifer looked like a cheerleader and she was.  
In fact she was the head cheerleader.  She was giggling with suppressed 
excitement.  Brad was planning to sneak them up to his room and they were 
going to do a little exploring!  Jennifer felt so grown up.  Her girlfriends 
would be so jealous!  Here she was with the hottest guy in school and doing 
something her parents would hit the roof about and the first girl in her class to 
get into a BOYS bedroom.  Well, except for Cindy, but she had to leave 
school for about six months.   But she had a lot more self control than Cindy 

 Across the way, neighbor Wilson was playing host to his niece - the woman 
was talented and well informed just like her Uncle.  Jill was in the kitchen 
fixing dinner and made a quick trip to the bathroom to check her lipstick.  
Tim was in the garage deciding (as usual) that a little (or a lot) of power 
boosting could fix the prior mishap with the energy discharge.  Another bolt 
filled the house with its energy, spitting out through the porch and into 
Wilson's home.

Chapter Five  -  Heidi and Al reflect on the new lives they now lead...

 "I want my body back, Al..." Heidi says, hearing Al's deep voice say the 

"Al ???"

"I want my body back NOW, Al!" the portly male insists, wiping away tears 
from his eyes..."Take you hands away from my boobs and throw the switch 
to change us back, Al..."

"Al ???? NOW, Al !!!"

"Oh, All right, Heidi... Just five more minutes, please?"

"Five more minutes!... Just five more minutes..."  Al looked at Heidi and 
saw his mother standing beside his former body. The image of his mother 
finally woke him up.

Al stretched out in the double bed, his arm brushing against the body of 
Heidi's husband Scott. It was still strange to see a much taller and larger and 
very handsome male body in bed with him but he was rapidly adjusting. He 
had good reasons for adapting so swiftly. Right now for example, he was so 
relaxed!  Last night had been another marathon session of multi-orgasmic sex 
with Heidi's husband. After the variety of ways Scott had used his maleness 
on Al's feminine Heidi-body, the sight of it lying flaccid between his thighs 
no longer bothered him. In fact, Al found himself wishing it would get bigger 
yet again.

Al had never suspected life could be so wonderful. He drifted back to sleep 
and dreamed of spending the rest of his life in the incredible female body he 
now occupied. He felt a bit guilty.  But it wasn't as if he had stolen it from 
Heidi.  Maybe God had put him here.  He didn't know how, but now her 
wonderful body was all his to enjoy. Every luscious square inch of this new 
body was now under his control. It was his to do with what he would.  And 
for Scott to do with what he would as well.  As Al recalled what Scott did to 
this new body last night yet again, a satisfied expression appeared on his 
luscious lips.  Al lazily drifted between relaxation and sleep, and his slender 
fingers moved closer to the sensitive spots his husband Scott was so fond of 
caressing during their lovemaking. His movements woke up Scott and soon 
they were both wide awake and revisiting the highlights of the evening's 
activities.  Even his new beautiful baby girl was well behaved and quiet all 

If this was what his life was meant to be from now on, Al decided he could 
definitely grow to love it. Living with Scott was a quantum leap up from 
living with his mother!


Oh great, here comes "Mom" again. At least I can get out of here now. I am 
going crazy in this hospital. It's weird enough spending two days pretending 
to be Al so the staff don't think I'm a lunatic, but I can't stand this odious 
woman hovering around me. I feel like I am a landing field for a blimp! 
Maybe if she were my real mother...no, even if that were the case I still 
couldn't accept her presence. She must suck out all the air in the room every 
time she enters it. For the thousandth time since she awoke in this horrid, 
stocky, and male body, she stroked her chin, ever hopeful her soft silky skin 
had returned, and still disappointed to find a rough beard growing out instead 
like a thorny bush! She ducked into the bathroom and brushed her teeth with 
the toothbrush the hospital had provided, having tossed out the one Al's 
mother had brought from their home. She still shivered at the thought of 
using Al's toothbrush. Intellectually, she realized his stuff was now hers as 
long as she was stuck in Al's blimp-like body, but she drew the line at using 
his toothbrush. That was way too personal, and she didn't want to get to 
know Al that well. She took out his organ and took a piss. At least it was a 
lot faster to use the bathroom with this thing.  No more pantyhose and bra's 
to worry about, either. Heck, with the beard on Al's face, she didn't even 
need to do any shaving anymore.

She suddenly realized she missed all those things now that she had lost them. 
She wanted nothing more than to wear a dress and heels and walk down a 
street with a swing to her hips and make-up on her face. She missed the smell 
of her perfume and the taste of lipstick on her lips. Old spice deodorant just 
didn't smell the same. She had to get her body back!  And soon!  God!  What 
if she was stuck as Al forever!  The thought chilled her to the bone through 
even this covering of blubber. Perhaps the worse moments had come when 
Tim had come by with tapes of the shows 'he' had missed. It was pure agony 
seeing her beautiful lost body, wearing her costumes and moving gracefully 
around the set with the impostor Al obviously drinking in all the admiration 
from the men in the audience!  And then to hear all of Tim's jokes about how 
AL was so fat it had taken a crane to pull him out of his wrecked car! No one 
had laughed louder than 'Heidi'.  God, Al must really be burrowing deep into 
her life and identity, the former Heidi thought bitterly. 

She looked at the bathroom mirror. Al was still looking back at her. If they 
didn't change back soon, she was going to get rid of this hair on her face. 
She liked men with beards but she certainly didn't want a beard of her own. 
Why had this horrid change happened to her? She had always been nice to 
people, and she went to church regularly.  God must have been looking the 
other way the day this strange switch happened.  This was the sort of trouble 
Tim should be getting into, not her...

Of course!  That was it!  Somehow Tim had to be involved!  Wherever things 
were broken, Tim wasn't far away, and what could be more broken than 
having your body torn away from you without permission.  As soon as she 
could get away from Al's manipulative, possessive mother, she was going 
over to Tim's home and see how he had caused this disaster. He had to be 
behind it!  If he wasn't... then I may never get back.  She fought back tears.  
She had been giving Al's tear ducts quite a workout ever since she had 
awoken in his corpulent body.  And why not.  Al is living my lovely life and 
I am stuck in his miserable one!  And with this strong male body of hers, she 
could show Tim the real meaning of more power... with her fists! -- if he 
didn't help her get her true body back!

Chapter Six    Tim and Jill go up a hill and Jennifer and Brad come tumbling 

 Tim began to wake up, his head pounding, but the headache was going 
away.  Somehow, he was feeling better than he had felt in years... decades 
even!  He looked up and saw his son Brad sleeping on the other side of the 
bed. Tim couldn't recall going into Brad's room.  . Brad began to wake up.  
Tim watched as his son stretched.  He was getting to be so big, so 
handsome.  When had Brad gotten so good-looking?  Tim felt some strange 
feelings as the young man looked at him.  His body began to tingle in 
unfamiliar places as the young man spoke to him.  "Oh, HI! You must be 
Brad's new girlfriend.  I'm his mother, Jill Taylor."  Brad cleared his throat 
as though he was having trouble using his voice.

What the devil was Brad trying to pull this time, Tim thought?  He was 
certainly not his mother and Tim was NOBODY'S "girlfriend."  For starters, 
neither of them had tits, or...Tim's train of thought derailed as his hand ran 
over his flat chest and rolled over two soft mounds of flesh instead.  He 
could tell they were covered by a bra.  He would have wondered why he was 
wearing a bra, but the more important question was why he was groping a 
pair of breasts on his own manly chest!

Jill was astonished.  Her voice sounded all wrong, it was far too deep, 
deeper even than when she had gotten that cold last winter.  And now, Brad's 
girlfriend was feeling herself up right in front of her.  Jill watched the 
beautiful young woman in astonishment as she realized she was getting really 
excited simply by watching another female touch her tits!  But she wasn't 
getting wet.  Instead, there was a strange, powerful pulsing occurring in her 
pants.  Looking down, she saw she was somehow wearing one of her son's 
shirts and her lovely, soft tits were gone.  She almost freaked out as she 
realized her pants were bulging and throbbing below the waist.  After twenty 
years of marriage she knew what was causing it although she had never 
expected to feel one attached to her own body. That explained the strange 
feelings of excitement, though not how she had gotten a body which could 
experience them.  She couldn't resist covering the area with her hands and 
feeling the intensity double.  She suddenly had an irresistible urge to take this 
girl in her arms and have her way with her. She wanted to pick her up and 
fling her on the bed and ripped off her clothes and fuck her brains out!   God, 
what was she thinking about this innocent child in front of her.  This had to 
be some sort of nightmare. 

 The girl wasn't helping any by continuing to rub her breasts and now her 
crotch right in front of Jill. And now she was grunting with excitement.  
Except for the pitch of her voice, her grunts sounded just like Tim during 
foreplay. Exactly like him!  She would know those grunts no matter what 
body they came out of.  She had to know.


"Uhhhnnnnnn," the teen-aged girl grunted, then looked again at the young 
man jumping up from the bed. Even speaking with a young man's voice, Tim 
could somehow recognize the way his wife Jill spoke his name. "Jill!  Is that 
really you?"

They both hugged as they realized the other was their spouse, then they 
quickly pulled away from each other.  Jill was surprised to feel two firm 
breasts press into her flat chest, and Tim was shocked to sense an excited 
male organ pushing out at him.

Then, the combination of love they had for each other combined with the 
raging teen-age hormones and suddenly they were all over each other despite 
the incredible strangeness of it all.

Tim felt he never had wanted anything so bad in his life as he wanted this 
young man clutching him so close. It would have been too unmanly to 
contemplate if Jill hadn't somehow become the boy in his arms.  Becoming a 
sexy girl helped him ease up on the manliness for once.   And it really felt too 
good for him to give it much thought.   All the body parts seemed to fit and 
that was all that mattered.  Jill had to have the beautiful blond girl that was 
somehow her husband - she would kill anyone who tried to stop her. 
Hurriedly, they undressed each other marveling in the young bodies they had 
so mysterious acquired. Never look a gift hot rod in the mouth Tim decided 
even if it belonged to his wife, as kisses rained down on his magnificent tits. 
God, it was weird feeling the wetness grow below instead of the usual 
firmness.  Jill just wanted the beautiful body in front of her - her new dick 
had a mind of its own. God how the girl screamed when she entered. This 
had to be a dream. Just a dream, Then passion washed over them both as 
their minds were overwhelmed by the long forgotten emotions and hormones 
of their teenage bodies..

Chapter Seven -- Mark and Shanna, boyfriend & girlfriend -- A change for 
the better?

 Mark smiled shyly at Shanna - he couldn't understand why she seemed so 
friendly to him. She was one of the most popular girls in school, a real class 
leader besides being as cute as button. Whatever that means? Buttons 
certainly were anything but cute.  Right now, she was dressed in a miniskirt 
and boots with a tight blouse showing off her budding breasts.  True, her 
grades were not very good so he happy to help her with geometry.  It gave 
him a chance to be with her.  Occasionally, their hands brushed together and 
he felt an unaccustomed surge of excitement.  Shanna must have noticed it as 
she wore a superior smile on her lovely lips.   

Then a flash of light hit them and consciousness faded.  Mark woke up with a 
terrible headache which faded quickly.  Hair seemed to fall in his face. Hair, 
what hair?  He had a crewcut and it never got in his way.  He pushed it 
impatiently away wondering if one of his father's or brother's dumb jokes 
was being pulled on him while that flash of light had distracted him.  They 
had never gone as far as putting a wig on him though.  Often Mark felt like he 
was adopted, he was so different from his father and brothers - even his 
mother.  He gasped a high pitched gasp.  Across the table from him was 
HIMSELF.  The boy who looked like his twin was staring at him with 
opened mouth astonishment.

"How did you do this?" asked the fake Mark in front of him with a very 
shaken voice.   It was HIS voice saying the words.

Mark looked fearfully down and found himself wearing a mini-skirt and 
boots.  His legs were so shapely and covered in nylon.  He somehow was in 
Shanna's body.  These were her clothes and her... breasts!

"Dad! " he yelled in a soprano voice. "Dad!  What did you do now?"  No 
answer.  "Shanna? he shyly asked the body that had just been his.   She 
nodded positively.

He felt very queasy and suddenly cramps hit him and his groaned a little - 
"Shanna, are you - is your body sick?" he asked fearfully.

The person in his former body just grinned. " No.  I was having a few 
cramps before this happened so what you must be feeling is my peri--... but I 
guess now it's 'your' period!  Believe me, you're welcome to it!  It's the 
worse thing about being a girl."

Mark felt tears come to his eyes. " It's not fair!  I'm not a girl"

"Tell me about it. Look I'm sorry , but I didn't do this to us. You are 
definitely a girl now. Stop looking at me like that!  Do you think I want to be 

Mark swallowed with Shanna's throat.  "Of course not... nobody would." 
He started to cry, finding it easier to so in this very different body.

Shanna was all concern and came over and put a comforting arm around the 
cute girl she had just been.  "I'm sorry, Mark, I didn't mean it!  If I didn't 
like you, would I be here?  You're so smart and I'm just an air head people 
follow because I'm popular.  It won't last.  My friends are getting  into boys 
big time and boys don't look to girls for leadership."

She felt so warm and somehow so strong holding Mark in these stronger 
arms she now had. Mark turned up a cute, tear-stained face and she found it 
impossible not to kiss him. That felt really strange. Mark was afraid and 
attracted both at the same time. 

They backed off - their bodies were not ready for this, they both felt. Shanna 
looked at the clock.  Shit!  "You'll have to go home right now!  You're 
already a little late.  My mom and dad will kill you if you don't get my body 
home soon."

Mark was confused. "But I'm already home!" he protested. 

"Not any more - now I'm home - look, until we can get our bodies back I'm 
going to have to be Mark Taylor  and you have to be Shanna Laclede!"

Mark gulped "You're right!  I guess I have to go home to your folks."

Shanna nodded vigorously. "Right, and go to class for me tomorrow. 
Fortunately, we're in the same rooms so you know where to sit. Don't trust 
my younger sister, she hates me for being the oldest."

He nodded. "Where's your room."

"Damn! You've never seen it.  Second one to the right - don't mess it up on 
me!" she ordered.  "Where's yours?"

Mark told her and she nodded. "By the way - watch your period - you will 
probably need to change the tampon in about 2 hours and every six hours 
after that.  I'm afraid you will get to know my body pretty well soon.  There 
are instructions in the tampon box on how to put them in.  I was about four 
days through with it so it should end sometime tomorrow."

Feeling really disoriented and confused,  Mark slowly gathered up Shanna's 
books, shyly threw her purse strap around his shoulder and left.  It felt 
incredibly strange to look back and see Shanna in his body staying in his 
house and waving at him from his doorstep while he left for hers.  The inch 
high heels on her boots made it a little difficult to walk, but Mark got better 
after a time. The miniskirt was drafty and his panty hose rubbed silkily on his 
legs as he walked to his new, and hopefully temporary home as Shanna.  
Talk about uncomfortable, the bra Shanna's body was wearing kept digging 
into his new flesh somehow. He had no idea how to fix it, though.  He soon 
arrived at Shanna's, and for now his, home.  Her mother embraced him 
warmly, asking how the date went with Mark.  Strange... Mark thought they 
were just studying together.  Why did Shanna tell her mother it was a date?  

Shanna's father, an elegant man, stood up and kissed him on the cheek. He 
had to deliberately keep from pulling away from the stranger who was now 
his father.  But soon Mark found himself in a discussion of myth and reality 
which he found fascinating - nothing like that was ever talked about in his 
home.  About all he heard at home was his mother lecturing his father on 
what was broken around the house, or dad boring him with talk about Tool 

Chapter Eight  -   Jennifer and Brad... husband and wife??? !!!!!!

 An hour earlier at the Taylor house, the people the world would identify as 
Jill and Tim Taylor picked themselves off the floor. Tim of course from the 
garage floor and Jill from the downstairs bathroom where she had been 
touching up her makeup. They recovered from the bolt later than the teens 
around the house as they were both closer to it and not as young.

Brad looked in the mirror and his mother's face stared back at him. He saw 
her mouth gape and with slender dish pan hands touched the glass  - his 
mirror image mother did the same.  "No fuckin' way!" he breathed. It was 
his mother's voice and despite himself he felt shocked to hear her use such 
language.  He moved his hand to his mouth and watched the hand in the 
mirror do the same.  It touched his mother's lips and smeared some lipstick 
on them.  Brad looked down at his hand and saw the red color coating his 
fingers.   He also saw a small pair of breasts sticking out from the T-shirt that 
covered his upper body.   He had seen those clothed breasts every day since 
he was an infant.  Even from this new perspective, he knew them as his 
mother's breasts.   

He was somehow in his mother's body.

Stunned, Brad sat back on the toilet seat.  Unfortunately for him, the lid 
wasn't closed and his new rear fell in and he got wet.  Then he started 
laughing - his prissy mother had a wet butt because she sat in toilet water. 
Then it hit him - it was his butt now and it was wet.  He was in his mother's 
body - it was almost to bizarre to think that she could be in his body.  But it 
would make sense.  And how did it happen?  The only answer to strange 
accidents in the Taylor house hold was one word. "DAD!" he screamed with 
his mother's light contralto and rushed out into the garage after wrapping a 
towel around his far too wide and dripping butt. 

Brad found his father looking around like he was in more than his usual daze. 
Then he spoke and his words had a gentleness to them his father never had.

"Mrs. Taylor you're dripping wet, and I seem to be stuck inside your 
husband's body."

A flash of intuition hit Brad.

"Is that you in my dad's body, Jennifer... oh, and I'm not my mother, I'm 

The body before him gasped. "Brad?"

Brad nodded his mother's head vigorously, hair spilling around his 
shoulders. He looked at the invention in the garage   "This must have caused 
the problem!"

"Can you get us back our real bodies, Mrs... Brad?"  She looked like she 
was ready to cry.  It was a disturbing feeling to see reflected on his father's 

"I don't know.  I can take a look - Dad was explaining a little of it to me. " 

It was odd to see the motherly figure of Mrs. Taylor crawling around under 
the strange device and Jennifer had to stifle a laugh. 

"Fraid not!  It's shorted out.  It's going to need some parts."

Jennifer hugged Brad and did that ever feel strange.  She laughed. "It just 
occurred to me - we are man and wife."

Brad swallowed.  His... tits? were tingling and he felt a strange dampness 
down below, but he knew he hadn't gone to the bathroom.  And it wasn't the 
wet pants, either.  "That's right!" he said looking up at the taller body in front 
of him and without warning he was kissed.  He found himself responding 
and grew even more excited when he felt an erection poking him in the belly.   
He somehow didn't even mind that... poke since Jennifer was the one doing 
the poking. 

"Let's go upstairs!" Jennifer said after taking a deep breath, with a hint of a 
grunt in her voice..

Brad pressed his new soft female body against the male one and nodded.  It 
felt right.

Chapter Nine --  Wilson and his niece Willow learn to handle a new twist 
from life...

 Wilson slowly regained consciousness.  He hadn't been psychically hit this 
hard since his studies with the Maharishi Yogi Barishi.  An evil student had 
tried to transfer Wilson's memories from the teachings into his own mind to 
pass the course.   It had taken a great deal of mental control and spiritual 
power to resist and repel the intruder.  This attack was different.  It was more 
of a mental avalanche instead of a psychic attack.  It had been too powerful, 
too forceful.  It had swept through his mind and torn it apart, then it put him 
back together and faded away.  The pain had been tiny and slow at first but 
soon accelerated into a mind-numbing, throbbing pain which left his body 
moments after producing a total incapability of thought during which he had 
blacked out.  He looked around.  Somehow he had traveled from the 
bedroom to the kitchen.   He could smell the tofu roast his niece was 
preparing for dinner and her perfume lingered strongly through the kitchen 
although she was nowhere to be seen.  He hoped she was unhurt by the 
powerful force that had laid him low.

Wilson felt almost euphoric after his collapse.   He hadn't felt as healthy and 
vibrant for the last two decades as he did now, despite a healthy diet and 
exercise.  He almost felt thin.  And as the shock wore off, he was beginning 
to realize that some important parts of his body were feeling very different.  
His chest seemed swollen and sensitive...and somehow bouncy, and a draft 
unexpectedly chilled his legs.  

He worried about Willow, his niece.  If the psychic blast attached her as it hid 
him, then she could be anywhere.  Suddenly, the kitchen door burst open and 
a mad sight almost drove Wilson insane.  In all the years, and all the sights he 
had seen on the many journeys he had made, none could prepare him for the 
shock of his own body flailing clumsily through the doorway.  The shock 
grew even greater as his duplicate body stared at him and called him Uncle 
Wilson.  Only one person called him Uncle...  Willow.  But if Willow was 
occupying his frame, than who was he.  There was only one possible 
answer.  He looked down at himself and saw... her body.   He was 
somehow inside the body of his niece and she was now him.   

And he thought Tim Taylor was the only one who got into trouble.  At least 
he hadn't become Tim.  He felt sorry for Willow though.  She had lost not 
only her femininity to him but also her youth.  She was about twenty years 
older as long as she was stuck inside of his body  Willow stared at him and 
began to cry.  This was unnerving even to someone who had seen as much in 
his life as Wilson had, and watching his own body in tears was too much for 
the strange new feminine chemistry of his new body.  He couldn't stop 
bursting out in tears himself as his female body joined in the flood of tears.

Willow tried to stop crying as her own body with her Uncle Wilson inside 
started to cry as she did.  Naturally he was doing a better job of it than she 
was.  Tears flowed down her former face, ruining her mascara.  If her Uncle 
couldn't get himself together, than she had to.   She was somehow the man 
of the house now and it was up to her.   She concentrated and turned off her 
own tears with far more ease than usual.  Then she put an arm around her 
uncles new body.   It was so strange to be comforting her own softly 
weeping body, to feel it tremble and begin to finish up the crying jag.  Her 
emotions had been on edge for the past few days.   She would have to check 
her calendar, it was almost time for her period.   Only now Uncle Wilson 
would be the one to get it.   He always was showing off to her about how 
much more he knew, but now she knew something he didn't... and some 
things he would have to learn in order to deal with them.  As she looked 
down at her pretty body, she felt strangely attracted to herself all of a sudden.  
An unfamiliar swelling seemed to be taking place below her waist. She 
wondered if she had hurt something male down there, then realized it was 
probably a normal reaction of her new male body she would have to adjust 

As the last tears exited the eyes of the slender female body he now possessed.  
Wilson began to feel better.  It really helped to get all the angst out of his 
system.  He was feeling a lot better now emotionally, but he was beginning 
to get a headache.  Then the first cramp started.   Great, he thought,  I lose 
twenty years but get a body that has something wrong with it.   Wilson had 
studied hundreds of subjects, but women had always remained a mystery to 
him.  Even now that he was one of them, the mystery remained.  This was 
Willow's body.  She might know what was wrong with it.  He started to tell 
her about the symptoms he was feeling when another cramp hit him.   

Willow went upstairs and came down with a small medicine container which 
she handed over to him.  Midol, said the label on the body.  Wilson seldom 
watched television and never read women's magazines, so he only had a 
vague memory of hearing the name somewhere.  He looked at the label and 
read that it relieved premenstrual pain among other things.   "I see..."   He 
was relieved.  If it was something his new body went through each month, 
then he could get through this as well.  Another cramp quickly made him 
question his resolve, though.  He hope the Midol would kick in soon.   He 
expected he would get quite an education during the next week or so, if he 
couldn't figure out how to reverse this strange exchange.   Strange 
Exchange...  It would make a good title for an article in a psychiatric 
newsletter.   He might even get an entire paper out of it and get the final 
credits he needed for that degree in Clinical Sociology from the local 
university.  He couldn't help but giggle uncontrollably as he wondered which 
body they would give the degree to now.

Chapter Ten -- Parental influence...

 Things were wild in Brad's bedroom.  The bodies of two energetic teenagers 
were rolling around naked on the bed. They had never felt such passion! 
Jennifer's body giggled smugly, grunting in a most non-feminine manner.

"Just can't get enough of me, can you, Brad? -- I mean Jill! "

"Oh, shut up and kiss me, my sweet little Tim ... or should I call you 
Jennifer now, Tim.  Third time is a charm... " Jill in her son's body felt 
strong and masterful.

Meanwhile in the master bedroom, the former Brad now enjoyed the latest in 
a series of orgasms surging through the body of his mother.  As Jill Taylor, 
he had just had sex with Jennifer who now resided in his dad's body.  Both 
had been surprised at the excitement these grown-up bodies had! It had been 
very strange kissing someone of the same sex they were used to being, 
especially an older person, but by closing their eyes and imagining an 
attractive partner, they soon got over it.  Finally they lay back, satisfied.  It 
was kind of cool being in charge and adult they thought, but what had 
happened to their own young bodies?  Could they get them back?

"We better go see what happened to...us?" said Brad with motherly concern 
in his mother's voice.

Reluctantly Jennifer agreed and grunted OK.

Brad was startled.  She sounded just like his dad. They dressed and Brad 
without thinking about how he knew how to do it, used some residual 
memory from the brain of the body he now occupied and made up his 
mother's lovely face.  He didn't want her to know that he had been making 
out with her body.  That would be way too embarrassing!

The apparent Mr. and Mrs. Taylor opened the door to Brad's bedroom and 
were shocked to see their former selves having sex!  Brad hadn't even had a 
chance to have sex in that body yet. How dare his mother do it with his body.

The gasp Brad made went unheard by the hormonally driven teenaged 
parents! Embarrassed, he shut the door. Jennifer looked furious.

"How dare your dad use my body to have sex!  I was a virgin!  He got to 
have the first time instead of me!"

"Well, It was my first time, too! " Brad said.  Somehow, it wasn't as tough 
to admit he was a virgin as long as he was a woman to the world.  He 
actually felt proud of the fact.  "They got our young, virgin bodies, while 
we're both stuck old -- and you're stuck ugly!"

"Well, thanks very much, MRS. TAYLOR!"

"Sorry, I was just kidding!  You actually look pretty good for a man of your 
age, Jennifer!  Lets not argue!  I hate it when my folks do that!  Look, I think 
I can fix the machine -- but lets use the time to get back at those two for 
taking our virginity!"

Jennifer used Tim's manly lips to grin at Brad with.

"We could make them go to school !!!"

"That and more!"

"All right!" they high-fived each other and kissed just like Tim and Jill 
usually did, without knowing it, and opened the door.

Two very guilty looking teen bodies looked up from the bed.

This is going to be superb, thought Brad inside his mother's body.  He and 
Jennifer arranged their new faces in suitably grim and serious expressions 
and slammed the door against the wall!  The two startled parents stared 
guiltily at their true bodies while trying to hurriedly cover up their nakedness. 
Tim forgot he had breasts to cover up now, so Jill grabbed a pillow and put it 
in front of his bouncing tits.

"Brad! Jennifer! I am shocked!" said the real Brad with all the authority he 
could imitate with his mother's voice.  Brad, your father and I trusted you -- 
and as for you young lady I have a good mind to tell your parents how you 
enticed our little boy."

The two young bodies stared in wonder at 'Mrs. Taylor.'  Now It was 
Jennifer's turn to play parent.

"Yes, you two, for shame! I've never been so shocked! To think that a son of 
mine would behave in such an irresponsible manner! You two get dressed 
right now, and Jennifer, you go home and think about what you did! You're 
hardly behaving like a young lady!"

'Brad' and 'Jennifer' stared bewilderedly at each other - who were they  - had 
they just fantasized about being Tim and Jill - Tim and Jill were right there 
and behaving like - well two shocked parents. "

"Sorry mom! " Brad said automatically, his body's reflexes taking over his 
actions hurriedly dressing.

'Jennifer' started to cry uncontrollably.  "Please don't tell my folks!" Tim 
may not be sure who he really was right now, a teenage girl or a dislocated 
adult, but he sure didn't want this body's folks told about what happened.  
"God! the lectures I'll get.  I would be grounded forever!" Tim whined in a 
wonderful Jennifer impersonation.

The 'teens' looked at each other. They would dearly have liked to talk things 
over, but with two stern authority figures standing right there they couldn't.

Tim was startled by the way he was putting on panties and bras like he had 
done it all his life!  Then on went the short miniskirt and tight blouse baring 
the midriff which the original Jennifer had worn to be more seductive.  Shit! 
Is my hair ever a mess! Tim thought and hurriedly ran the brush he found in 
the purse through it. His lipstick was all smeared and without conscious 
thought he fixed it.

"I'll drive you home, Jennifer!" said 'Mr. Taylor' to her real body, thinking 
at least I get to drive a hot car, that's something out of this deal! I sure hope 
Brad can fix the machine.  It would awful to be stuck so old and ugly!  Then 
she grinned to herself -- it was sure great to make adults sweat!  Now the 
high heeled shoe is on the other foot.  How dare Mr. Taylor steal and use her 
body like this anyway?  He deserved a little payback.  She hustled her former 
self down the stairs and was annoyed to see 'Jennifer' crying.  I can't believe 
my body is acting so wimpy, Jennifer thought.

Tim was feeling even more bewildered that usual and was horrified to find 
himself so submissive! It was weird to sit in the passenger side of his own 
beloved hot rod! He stared with crystal clear blue eyes at his wonderful 
machine. 'Could that have cause the problem? Naw!  Impossible - maybe he 
was really Jennifer? Maybe he was dreaming the whole thing?  Tim was so 

Jennifer peeled the car out onto the street and Tim thought - Show off!  
You'll ruin the tires ... and how reckless!

Jennifer in Tim's still horny, homely body couldn't help but think -- boy this 
car is hot!  Then she sighed, looked at her hot body in the seat next to her and 
thought, so am I!

They pulled up in front of Jennifer's house and it was weird for both of them 
- Tim felt himself feeling very frightened as 'his' new folks told him to get 
ready for bed and Jennifer feeling very strange to have her folks treat her with 
respect and to watch her own lost beautiful body climb the stairs to what had 
been her room!

Meanwhile, back in the Taylor house, Brad was enjoying lecturing his 
mother in his former body the way she used to do him.

"God! What a bitch," thought Jill, still dazed and confused and uncertain of 
who she really was thought "Is that all she can do? Nag, nag, nag -- why 
can't Mom show a little understanding -- you would think she was never 
young once herself!

The person they both took to be Mark walked into the kitchen and said "What 
did Brad do, Mom?"

"Your brother was in bed with her girl friend! Your father and I walked in on 
them! I have never been so shocked in my life!"

'Mark's' face grinned delightedly -- pretty hot goings on in the Taylor house 
-- much better than her boring old home! "Shame on you, brother!"

"That's right!" nodded the head of Mrs. Taylor as she agreed.

"Didn't you have the sense to at least lock the door!" said 'Mark'.

'Brad' snickered and 'Jill' looked offended.

"That's not what I meant and you know it!"

Randy, the middle brother walked in and sighed -- his mother was at it again 
with his brothers and he could hear his dad peel recklessly into the garage -- 
just another typical day in the Taylor house, he thought.

Meanwhile a certain pretty dentist was surprised to get a call.

"Really, I had no idea poor Al was in a coma -- his mother never called me! 
And you say Al, was murmuring for me all during his coma? I'll go right 
over and see him and comfort him!  Thanks for calling me."

A lovely slim hand put down the phone with self righteous satisfaction. The 
mind behind two beautiful eyes was thinking 'I certainly want the new Al to 
have a chance for happiness, that's the reason I called my - I mean his old 
fiancйe.  It certainly wasn't because I want to get him so tangled up 
romantically, he wont interfere with my new life or try and get it back from 

"Heidi..." called a thrilling male voice.

It was her husband! "Yes, dear." Said the apparent Heidi, smiling.

"The baby is sleeping! Are you game for a little fun!"

He was delighted to see the enthusiasm with which his spouse greeted the 

Chapter Eleven  -  It's Tool Time!

 That night was the strangest night that ever happened to those in the now 
scattered Taylor household.  While Tim and Mark did their best to pretend to 
be the young women they appeared to be inside their unfamiliar new homes,  
Brad and Jennifer stayed up late and then made out on the couch after the 
"boys" went to bed.  A very confused Jill had watched her body constantly 
for any sign that someone else was inside her body but Brad was too good an 
impersonator for her to catch him in a goof.   Jennifer erred several times, not 
being as familiar with the family and Tim in particular but Jill was unable to 
determine whether it was her husband's natural clumsiness or someone 
dealing with a new body.

The next morning the two "parents" rushed the young men in the household 
off to school.  Poor Jill had woken up with a hard on and dreaming of 
Jennifer.  Even more confused and stunned by the unwanted reactions of her 
new body, she started to actually consider believing that she might really be 
Brad.  Maybe she - or rather he, Brad - had gone insane? she wondered.  
Logically, it was impossible to people to switch bodies! That sort of thing 
only happened in the movies and TV.  Unable to tell the difference between 
what she knew to be true and what the world and even her own body was 
telling her was real, she picked up Brad's books and went to school.  She 
could only console herself with the thought she would probably see that 
gorgeous Jennifer today!  She made Jill feel so strangely masculine, but they 
were feelings she was starting to enjoy.

  The apparent Mr. and Mrs. Taylor relaxed around the kitchen laughing at 
how they had fooled the grown ups and enjoyed relaxing around the kitchen 
with some coffee and doughnuts.  Brad wolfed down four doughnuts until 
Jennifer warned him to be careful or he would put some unwanted pounds on 
his new figure.  Brad almost choked on his doughnut, he liked the way his 
breasts felt but he hardly wanted them to get bigger.   And his mom's waist 
was already pretty thick.  Not to mention how wide his hips were now.  He 
found it so incredible to realize that he was born from those very hips yet 
now they were his.  He started to panic when he figured out he could give 
birth to another brother someday if he got stuck in his mother's body forever.  
The prospect was so grim that he put it totally out of his mind.  It was too 
much to think about.  

They went upstairs and Jennifer helped Brad get into a nice outfit from his 
mother's closet.  He needed some help with the underwear as well.  Bras 
were a lot easier to get off than to put on, he discovered, even if they were 
fitted to your body.   He gave her some advice on how to shave her face.  
After a few grunts, owes, and curses while Jennifer cleaned up, they were 
finally reasonably presentable.  Jennifer groaned as she looking at Tim's 
homely face in the mirror, dabbing toilet paper on the shaving cuts on her 
face.  "I sure hope you can fix the machine soon.  I would hate to go through 
life with this old man's face!"  Brad knew of no chores his mother was 
supposed to do, so he decided he had better accompany Jennifer to the 
studio.  After the show, he could pick up parts for the machine, but he wasn't 
in any particular hurry - he enjoyed being the adult and ordering the kids 
around, AND he enjoyed making out with Jennifer despite her looking so... 

His mother's body felt so comfortable somehow!  He was even getting used 
to having breasts, and when Jennifer kissed them it was quite indescribable.  
There were some major positives to being a woman, he thought.  His real 
chest had never felt anything like the chest he now had!  Before they left, 
Jennifer watched a highlight reel from the show and exclaimed " My God I 
hope I come out of this alive!"  On the way to the studio, Brad tried to keep a 
wildly driving Jennifer from breaking too many speeding laws, but she just 
grunted and told him to cool it - that he was being a sissy.

Tim Taylor was scheduled to film a show in front of a live audience today 
and now Jennifer would have to take his place.   It was a good thing his dad 
had a reputation as a well know klutz, Brad thought, it might help them get 
through the day while shooting the show.  At least he knew the way around 
the Tool Time set.  Brad had seen many shows of course, as the son of the 
star of the show, but this was his first as the wife of the star.   Everyone was 
much nicer to him.  The stagehands fetched him coffee.  The lovely young 
Heidi wandered by and chatted with him about her "darling baby girl."  Brad 
had a hard time keeping from checking out Heidi's tits barely hidden behind a 
tight blouse.  He might have boobs of his own now but Heidi had the boobs 
of a goddess.  And Brad was still enough of a man deep inside his motherly 
body to appreciate them.

When Heidi said she had to go to her dressing room and change for the show 
"Jill" asked if she minded some company.   Heidi seemed to hesitate a bit 
then agreed.  The female costar of the show and the wife of the Toolman 
proceeded to Heidi's little dressing room.   Brad watched as Heidi took off 
her clothes exposing her breasts, covered only by a flimsy bra, to her friend.

Al was surprised by his attitude.  Here he was undressing in front of Jill 
Taylor of all people and he felt quite comfortable.  She was just a woman like 
he was now, after all.   She had children like he had now and a husband who 
loved her like Scott loved him.  He took off Heidi's bra and cupped her 
breasts.  He had yet to learn the secret of making the bra fit comfortably and it 
hurt his breasts in some places.  He noticed Jill staring unabashed at his 
chest.   "I wish I didn't need to wear a bra, Jill.  It seldom feels very 
comfortable.  It's better than having them bounce around all day, though."

"I know what you mean, Heidi." Mark said tugging his own bra away from 
where it constricted some sensitive flesh."  He looked down at the small 
mounds on his mother's chest.  "Of course, you have more to bounce around 
than I do."  They both giggled and laughed and Al finished dressing Heidi's 
body and they left the dressing room for the stage.

When they entered the studio, Jennifer greeted them and took Brad off to the 
side.  "What were you doing with Heidi in that room, Brad, you were gone 
for quite a while.   He didn't answer and she tapped her foot and waited.

Finally Brad answered.  "I didn't do anything, Jennifer.  Relax!  I know you 
don't like it when I look at Heidi, but you have to admit that there is little I 
could do with her as long as I look like this.  You are much more my type 
right now than she is.   We were just making 'girl talk'.  At least I think that 
was what it was, since I've never talked 'girl to girl' before.

Jennifer calmed down after hearing that, grunted, and took Brad in her strong 
manly arms and gave him a big kiss.   After a few minutes, they had to stop 
since the backstage crew had begun to applaud their ardent embrace.  
Embarrassed to be caught in public kissing a man, particularly a man who 
looked just like his father, Brad blushed and dragged Jennifer to the set.   He 
told Heidi that Tim was a bit under the weather and that he said it was O.K. 
for her to take the spotlight on today's show.

Al was astonished.  He had never been given a chance to star on the show 
before, and now that he was Heidi, he was getting to be the headliner for one 
show.  He was nervous, but he had an idea.  They had been planning a show 
featuring repair work a woman could easily do and it could be bumped up to 
today's filming.  "Tim" nodded his agreement and "Heidi" danced off to 
make the arrangements.  Brad slipped his arm around the waist of his 
husband/girlfriend, still a bit surprised to hold onto someone taller than 
himself.  They were both pretty happy.  The show looked like it would be 
one Jennifer could pull off after all.  It would be still be tough though, since 
she didn't even know the difference between a Phillips head and a regular 

As they got ready, Al thought to himself, "I wonder why Tim keeps checking 
out the script with Jill...  He usually ad-libs his way through the show.  I 
hope he shapes up in the next half of the show.  I may have to make a joke 
about Al's mother... I mean my mother...  if he doesn't say something funny 
soon.  At least he has been getting some humor out of the act of pretending he 
doesn't know which tools are which."  Little did he know how real "Tim's" 
lack of knowledge was.

Jennifer was pleased by the way she was fitting in with the show.  She had 
managed to memorize the script and felt the show was going well.  If she 
could figure out what she was supposed to "wrench" with, she would be all 
set.  At least Brad was able to help her figure it out.  Between the two of 
them, and Heidi's able aid in correcting the things she didn't understand, the 
show went well.  When Heidi asked her why she kept getting stuff wrong, 
she got a little upset and said "You may understand this stuff, Heidi, but most 
women get lost around it."

"Oh, I see, Tim, you're playing dumb so I can explain clearly to the 

Jennifer was surprised for a moment, but she wasn't dumb.  If Heidi wanted 
to supply an explanation as to why she didn't know everything Tim Taylor 
should know, she knew enough to take advantage of it.  That's right, Heidi, I 
may be the Toolman, but today you are the ToolWoman and it is up to you to 
take the women in our audience through the steps.  The audience burst out in 
applause and the rest of the show went along quite well.   Afterwards, 
"Heidi" gave "Tim" a manly slap on the back and congratulated him on a 
superb show.

"I wasn't sure where you were going for a while, but you sure pulled it off, 
Tim.  Jet me know your plans ahead of time next time though, O.K.?."   
Another slap on the back from "Heidi" and Al left for his new home and 

Brad ran up and kissed Jennifer, telling her how great a show it was.  They 
hugged and went home.

 Chapter Twelve -- We are all just players on a stage...

 Flushed from the excitement of getting through the show successfully "Tim" 
and his "wife" headed over to the hardware store and picked up some parts 
for the machine in the garage.  The man ignored the pleas from the attractive 
woman beside him to slow down and take it easy in the hot rod.

"Women!" he thought and grunted manly.

Meanwhile, in the home of Al Borland, his mother was arguing with whom 
she naturally thought was her son Al.

"Son... Sweetie... "

Somebody gag me before I scream!" thought the bearded man. 

"You're just not physically ready to leave the house yet. The nice doctor said 
you should rest at least two weeks before going to work.  Let your Mamma 
take care of you!" said the incredibly fat woman clinging with all her might to 
her grown up son.

Bile rose up in Heidi as she thought "I'm going to kill Al.  Just kill him!  
He's living my wonderful life - and has Tool Time to herself - I mean 
himself.  He makes fun of my - I mean his mother  -  and I know he is 
without a doubt getting laid by my husband.  He steals my body and my life 
and leaves me trapped in his fat old body!  The doorbell rang and Mrs. 
Borland let go of her son long enough to answer it with Heidi close behind 
hoping to make a break for it.

To both their surprises it was Al's former fiancйe, the dentist, Claire.  She 
danced skillful around the road block that was Mrs. Borland and tearfully 
embraced a startled "'Al".

"Darling, I blame myself - I should never allowed you to walk away from 
me.   If I would have been looking after you, your accident would never have 
happened!" she said crying emotionally. "When I think of you in that 
dreadful coma... at death's door..."  She couldn't continue so she cried some 
more and kissed "Al" on the lips.

Heidi, to her surprise found herself kissing the woman back.  She had felt so 
lost and alone ever since she had woken up inside Al's body.  Claire's soft 
sexy, body felt really good after the fat mother's disgusting hugs.   It felt so 
good to feel the body of an attractive woman again, even if it wasn't her own.  
Something connected between the two of them.

"You're coming with me! I'm taking you home so you won't be smothered 
by your mother!  She's the one who broke us up before and that won't ever 
happen again!"

The two women glared at each other.

Like a drowning man reaching for a life preserver, "Al" let himself be lead 
out of the house and away from the screeching mother.  It was the happiest 
day in Heidi's life as a man.

Earlier that morning, Tim had woke up in Jennifer's body and in Jennifer's 
bed. He stretched luxuriously. He had not felt this good ever! He lightly 
sprang out of bed and stopped, stunned. His chest was bouncing up and 
down... And this wasn't his room... Girlie stuff was everywhere and in the 
mirror was Brad's lovely girlfriend, Jennifer.   Jennifer!  It all came rushing 
back to him - He was Jennifer!  He shook long golden locks from his face 
and touched this young teen's body.  My god!  Last night I had sex with 
Brad.  And... it was good.  really good!  The luscious lips on his new face 
smiled smugly.  He couldn't get enough of me!  I was really hot.

But he was puzzled.  Was he or was he not Tim the Toolman Taylor. He sure 
didn't look like Tim and his body sure didn't feel like Tim's.  Logically he 
couldn't be Tim but he was convinced he was in his head.  He even thought 
of himself as a he despite the evidence that he was really a she.  Tim would 
never have sex with a boy - let alone his own son!  Tim wouldn't have been 
wearing sexy clothes last night and the pink panties that was all he wore now.  
Most importantly, Tim Taylor was a man and had a manly dick, and he had 
two nice firm tits and a pussy now.  This is Jennifer's body, therefore I 
guess, I am Jennifer. After all, it had been Tim and Jill Taylor who had yelled 
at him last night and Tim who had driven him home.

Strange that I should feel like I am Tim. I am so obviously a girl, and not a 
man.  He blushed all over his sexy body thinking about meeting Brad after 
school yesterday!  He still remember the strong young man with his arms 
wrapped around his soft female form and his dick deep inside him with such 
steely hardness. No, I can't be Tim. Well at least that's settled. Without 
thinking much more about it, (thinking was not Tim's forte) he automatically 
dressed this beautiful body in a mini skirt and tight blouse that showed some 
cleavage. He wanted to look good for Brad today!  High heels went on small 
feet with painted toenails. Like an expert he recalled the way Jill put on make-
up and did the same and headed downstairs.

"Young lady you go right upstairs and take off those heels - they're not for 

Tim whined like a teen " Aww, Mom, all the other girls get to wear them!"

"I doubt it! Go right back upstairs and change!"

Still whining, the young woman obeyed her mother thinking - "Old people 
never know how to have any fun!"  She shoved her high heels into a purse in 
her room and grabbed some books from his desk and brought it all back 

The person who was by now convinced she was Jennifer ate a light breakfast 
- she wanted to keep her cute figure after all - otherwise boys would not be 
interested in her.  She left the house after and found a group of neighborhood 
kids waiting for the bus.   On the bus, her young heart beat faster!  There was 
Brad - looking so very handsome!  She giggled and blushed again, recalling 
what they had done last night and sat down very close to her boyfriend.

"Hi, Brad!" she said giggling more.

The person in Brad's body was very confused. She was torn - she felt like 
she was Jill Taylor, thirty eight years old, the mother of three boys, and for 
the sins of a previous life, married to Tim.  But she looked like her son Brad. 
She had been fed a big breakfast by a person who not only looked like Jill 
Taylor, Brad's mother, but had certainly acted like her too!  Telling her over 
and over that she was still in deep trouble for the night before.  And she 
nagged Tim about his show like Jill usually did!  All the evidence weighed on 
her like the world on Atlas - she was Brad.  Who else could she be.  She had 
decided to talk things over with "Jennifer" this morning and now here was 
Jennifer acting - being Jennifer - a silly teenage girl after her first night of 
sex!  Am I really Brad, Jill wondered - somehow thinking that I might be his 
mother - some sort of mental delusion? Logic dictated that exchanging bodies 
was impossible after all!  She felt the warm sexy body press against her and 
felt her dick rise. Hardly the feeling of a thirty eight year old  mother!  "Brad" 
looked around - no one was looking and so he touched Jennifer's tits and she 
giggled some more and pressed his hand tight against them, covering his 
hand with her books.

"Brad honey, I really enjoyed last night. I hope you still respect me this 

Feeling like he was falling through the looking glass, the mind in Brad's 
body reeled.

"Of course I do! " 'Brad' said automatically, Then 'Brad' asked 'Jennifer' 
"You're not Tim anymore?"

She giggled some more.  "Oh, that silly game we played last night?  Now do 
I look like a Tim?"

For the moment, Jill gave up.  It felt great being young and strong with a 
pretty girl friend and no household responsibilities!  If mom says I am Brad - 
well she should know if she's mom or not - and if Jill says I am Brad and 
she's Jill - and if Jennifer says she's Jennifer and I'm her boyfriend  Brad - 
well then - what the fuck - I am glad to accept what they say - It's going to be 
great being Brad!

"You sure don't look like my dad!" said Brad, forcibly kissing those inviting 
soft lips.  "You sure don't!"  God, he was excited and so was his dick.  
Jennifer giggled some more and "accidentally" brushed over it.

The person in Brad's body knew Brad's schedule since it was written inside 
all his books, so he knew where to go - Jennifer was in all his classes (she 
had arranged it deliberately in the fall so she could capture Brad) so the 
apparent Brad took his beautiful girl friend with him.

Both found the classes utterly boring and almost wished they were really 
grown up and didn't have to go to school!  Brad got in trouble for passing a 
note to Jennifer.

Jennifer looked at herself in her cheerleader's costume and grinned smugly - I 
am one sexy babe! She thought with delight. Her friends kidded her about 
not remembering all the routine's, but soon she was dancing and cheering 
with the best of them.  It felt so great, thought the person in that lovely body, 
to be so agile, flexible and so coordinated and so YOUNG! At lunch time, 
Jennifer dragged Brad behind the bushes and with great emotion, they made 
out again!

Chapter Thirteen  -- Things may never be the same again...

 'Jill' called out at the Taylor house  "Kids, we're home!"  No answer. None 
of the kids are home, probably studying  with their friends or at a game. It 
was weird for Brad to feel a stab of motherly concern.  He didn't even miss 
the game scheduled for the afternoon.

"I hope they're all OK!" 'she' said.

'Tim' just grunted. " You worry too much! The excitement of being a big TV 
star had made 'him' horny and 'he' grabbed Brad's wide ass.

"Let's take advantage of our opportunity and go up to our bedroom, wife!"

The apparent Jill giggled a little and grew moist down below. Jennifer was so 
masterful in her new male body, it was becoming a real turn on to his new 

Afterwards as they lay panting in each other's arms they both thought - "Hey 
we are getting really good at this. Finally 'Jill said:

"I guess I will get dinner started.  The boys will be home any minute and as 
growing boys they need a lot of food!"

Tim grunted 'Not meat loaf!"

"OK, not meat loaf!"

They looked at the time, almost dinner, and none of the kids were home!

"You don't suppose they've run off in our young bodies, do you!" said a 
worried Brad.

Jennifer looked worried too!  "If your Dad steals my body, I will kill him!  
But it's much too soon to panic.  Let's call Jennifer's - I mean my house and 
see if they're there."

'Jill's' lovely head nodded with agreement.

Jennifer's father picked up the phone and confirmed that Brad was there 
studying with Jennifer.

Tim asked:  "Notice any thing different about your daughter?"

'Jill' slapped his arm.  He was so obvious - just like a man!

"No, not really - she the same silly girl she's always been " answered 
Jennifer's loving father.

A puzzled married couple stared at each other.

'Tim' grunted  "This is too weird for words. Look, forget about preparing 
dinner - you're a lousy cook anyway!"

'Jill' put her hands on her shapely hips. "I am not!"

Tim' grunted.  "I'll order Pizza in - you work on the machine to switch us 
back.  This has been fun, but I want to be Jennifer again before your dad 
steals the best years of my life away from  me forever!"

'Jill looked scared." O.K., dear! But first lets go talk to Wilson, he might 
have some answers about minds and bodies for us.  When Mom and Dad are 
in trouble, they seek him out!" Brad didn't notice how much better his 
vocabulary was getting.

"Wilson!" they both called.

Willow approached the fence.  "Hello neighbors!" she said.

 Meanwhile, back in Jennifer's bedroom and this time with the door carefully 
locked, two teens were going at it again with hot and heavy sex!  Jennifer felt 
life never had seemed so wonderful!  As they lay in each other's arms, she 
snuggled her curvy body up against her strong boyfriend.

"Brad, we should really think about getting married."

"Huh!" he bolted upright. God she was really moving fast. "We're too young 
to get married!"

She giggled  "I know that silly!  But in two years we won't be.  You do love 
me and want to marry me, don't you?"

Feeling trapped, he answered " Sure Jennifer, I do -"

"Then it's all settled!" she cried happily clapping her petite hands together.  
Getting married just seemed right to the bemused mind behind those blue 
eyes as if in a way they were already married!  "We can go to college 
together!  You'll see - I will make you a wonderful wife!"

Just like a woman, thought 'Brad'.  She can't think of anything but marriage!  
Still, being married seemed somehow right.  It was worth thinking about.

 Mark was staring across the table in Shanna's house at himself!   'Mark' 
grinned back at him.

"How's your period?" she asked, very glad to be rid of "the curse".

Mark blushed. "Strange, but I'm coping with it!  And it was really weird 
going to school as you, but I kinda liked it  you have some great friends.  
Thanks for beating up the class bully for me!  He wont pick on 'Mark' any 
more after the way you cleaned his clock!"

Any time, 'Shanna'! I wasn't gonna let him push you around like that now 
that I AM you.  Of course, that Karate course I took came in handy.  I think I 
took him by surprise.  It's a good thing my mother believes in self defense." 
she said with a gleam in her eye.  "I found it great being able to answer 
questions in class today. I think I got some of your brains."

Mark laughed and tossed Shanna's long hair behind his head. "Stands to 
reason - you have my body, but I think it is confidence as much as anything 
else. I did OK in class too."

Shanna nodded Mark's head.  "True, but not as good as me - but then you're 
just a girl now!"

Mark smiled.  "So I am.  How are you getting along with my folks?"

Shanna laughed - "Great!  Your family is wonderful - so exciting!  Your 
brother Brad got in real trouble yesterday - he sneaked his girlfriend up to his 
room and like dweebs they forgot to lock the door! They were having sex 
when your folks barged in!"

Mark blushed.  "My family is a mess!"

"No, I think they are fun!"

"If you say so - I like your folks, they're so quiet and refined."

"So boring, you mean!"

Mark's pretty new face flushed again.  He liked her parents.  "They're not 
that either!"

Shanna looked reflectively at Mark. "So you like my folks?"


Just then they came in with a French desert and chatted with their daughter 
and her cute boyfriend.  Shanna's mother hoped her daughter wouldn't blow 
this relationship by being too much of a tom boy!  But she had noticed over 
the past two days that Shanna was acting more refined - more lady like!  
Maybe her little girl was finally growing up!

 Back at the back fence at the Taylor house.

'Jill' dredged a shaky memory for the name of his neighbor's niece. 
"Willow?" she asked.  "Where's your Uncle Wilson?"

"I know you will find this hard to believe neighbors, but I am the man you 
know as Wilson.  Somehow Willow and I have switched bodies. This is too 
big a goof for even you, Tim!" he laughed a silvery feminine laugh.  "Do you 
know how much I could sue you or anyone responsible for this for - 
Millions!  But I suspect we caused it ourselves.  My niece and I  were 
experimenting with alternated states of consciousness and maybe that's what 
caused it.  Anyway - she's now visiting my exclusive male only club - she 
always been curious about it and is, of course quite qualified for the club now 
that she has my body.  I am of course working on trading us back, but the 
temptations of this young body are - well tempting. "

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor looked at each other worried.

Heidi was dressing for dinner. Her wonderful husband had arranged for a 
baby sitter for her darling little girl and was taking her out to celebrate her star 
turn on Tool Time!  She looked in the mirror at the incredibly beautiful girl in 
the sexy, clinging gown and sighed.  It is so wonderful being Heidi... being 
me!  She grinned mischievously.  I can't wait until we get home - then we 
can do our celebrating between the sheets. Scott is so virile - she is the 
luckiest wife on earth!  Heidi stood easily in the three inch heels and danced 
over to give him a kiss. He looked so handsome in his dinner jacket, she was 
already getting wet!

 Chapter Fourteen  --   We can't both be Heidi...

 A desperate Heidi just had to talk to her husband, Scott.  She had tried to talk 
to Al after the show that afternoon, telling the stagehand who answered that 
he wanted to congratulate Heidi on a great show, but Al, inside her 
wonderful former body, had just chattered away like he was the real Heidi, 
thanking him for the call about the show.  But when "Al" tried to breech the 
subject of them trying to switch back into their rightful bodies, 'Heidi' had 
rung off with the often used excuse that she had to pick up her daughter at 
day care.  "Damn!" she thought.  Al seems to act more like me every time I 
talk to her...him.   God! I wish I could wring her neck - except that it would 
be my own neck I'd be wringing.  Claire came in and loving kissed him and 
said she was going shopping and would be back in a few hours.  She was so 
loving, and the only bright spot in what had happened so far but she was no 
replacement for her husband.  "Well," she had to admit after Claire's kiss 
goodbye left her a little excited, "last night she was a pretty fair replacement, 
but..."  No, this was no time to get sidetracked by "little Al".  There were 
more important things to do...like getting her real body back.

Heidi decided it was time to talk to Scott.  She knew she could convince him 
to help her get her body back if she could just get a chance to talk to him 
alone.  If Al was keeping to her schedule, the false Heidi would be picking 
up her daughter from day care and Scott would sometimes stop off and have 
a beer with friends at work before going home.  The former Heidi went over 
to Scott's favorite water hole, Killions Rest - a bunch of Trekkers in their 
twenties hung out there.  Heidi sniffled.  She use to be twenty-one a few 
weeks ago, and now she was a man of thirty-eight years!  She was enough to 
be her own father!  There was Scott in the bar, as handsome as ever, but 
strangely she felt none of the usual sexual thrill at seeing him!  Damn this 
body, anyway, Heidi thought.  I hate being a man!

"Oh, hello Al! " said Scott pleasantly, spotting his wife's co-worker heading 
his way in the bar.. "I didn't know you were a Trekker, too?"

"Oh - no, I'm just thirsty after a hard day's work at the studio."   They 
chatted about Tool Time for a while and Heidi stood her former husband a 

"How's the home life, Scott, I haven't talked much with Heidi since she 
visited me after my accident.  How's she been?  Gotten bitchy on you or 
giving you the colder shoulder (I Hope!)" said 'Al' with a sad little laugh in 
his voice.

Scott laughed heartily and gave him a manly slap on the back.  "Heidi bitchy - 
the cold-shoulder! You've got to be kidding, Al.  That's not my Heidi!  She's 
the sexiest, loveliness woman in the world.  To tell you the truth, I was 
worried - she fainted a few weeks ago - might have been the same night as 
your accident.  Ever since then, she been sexier than ever!  She used to turn 
me down occasionally when she was tired or afraid of disturbing the baby!  
But not any more - now Heidi just can't wait to hop into bed... and the sex is 
better than ever!  Funny thing though, her cooking has improved too!  Yep, I 
guess I'm the luckiest guy in the world these days!  Say, Al, Heidi tells me 
that Claire called her and said you're living with her and making an another 
go of it. Claire's a lovely woman - I guess we're both a couple of lucky 
guys!"  Scott punched 'Al' playfully in the arm.   Heidi may be a guy now, 
but she hardly considered herself lucky.  Al was the lucky one, getting her 
body and life and leaving her with this old body.

The fat on the male forearm absorbed the blow that would have knocked 
Heidi in her former body right on her ass!  But the blow to her self-esteem 
hurt much more.  Scott doesn't even know I'm gone.  He likes Al better that 
me in my body.  In a state of shock, Heidi said goodbye and wondered out 
into the cold. She wondering what to do now!  No sense trying to tell Scott 
the truth!  No way would he believe it!  He'd probably put him in an insane 
asylum, and Heidi was beginning to think she belonged there.  God! I am 
just going to kill Al!  How dare she! He! Whatever... 

Tim - I've got to find Tim... its got to be something he's done!  Its got to be!

Heidi steeled herself - if necessary she would beat the truth out of Tim.  And 
she had the manly fists to do it with now.  She just had to get her body back!  
Her lovely, happy, secure life seemed to be slipping away faster and faster.  
The conversation with her former husband had been so shattering!  Claire 
was warm and loving but she didn't want to be stuck as a middle aged fat 
man for the rest of her life!  She got in Al's car and drove over to the Taylor 

The door opened and Shanna stared at 'Al through Mark's eyes.  It was a 
rather blank stare.  Then she smiled, she recognized him from the episodes of 
Tool Time Mark's father had "invited" her to watch a few weekends ago.  
"Oh, hi - Mr. um...  Al.  Here to see Mr. Ta... um... my dad?"

"Sure am!"

"Hey Dad, Al wants to see you!" he yelled forcefully.

Heidi didn't know Mark well enough to be surprised at his behavior.

Tim came downstairs looking as stupid as ever, thought Heidi.  God, he just 
had to know something about the body switch - he's just got to!

"Tim, the night that Heidi collapsed and I had my accident, were you fooling 
around with something or trying to boost the power to some crazy machine?"  
Heidi waited.  Tim was a terrible liar and she could always see right through 
him!  She would know if he was telling the truth.

Jennifer was frightened.  She remembered what Willow...  Mr. Wilson had 
said about million dollar lawsuits.  If Brad couldn't fix the machine she might 
not only be an old man but she might be sued for something she didn't do 
and so, with guilelessness she had developed to deal with parents and 
boyfriends, she looked 'Al' right in the eye and said sincerely... "Nope!"  
She had an inspiration from the highlight films from Tool Time she had 
watched earlier.  "My last invention was bought for good money by the 
drilling company and you sure would have heard the noise as the floor 
disappeared if I still had it around!"

Heidi started crying.  Her hope had all but fled.  Tim didn't act like he was 
lying!  He didn't shuffle his feet, he didn't look guiltily away, and he didn't 
grunt and change the subject!  Tim was telling her the truth! 

"Are you all right, Al?  If you're still not feeling well because of your 

'Al' said, " I guess not.  I better go home and take a nap. So sorry to have 
bothered you, Tim." Al needed to get home to Claire!   He needed someone 
to comfort him.

  Chapter Fifteen  --  Being You Is Quite A Temptation . . . .    

 So the person who was, very reluctantly, Al Borland drove his large 
Oldsmobile to Claire's house. If she had to be stranded in a male body, she 
would rather spend his time with Claire instead of his monstrous mother.  
When she saw Al's face, Claire rushed to embrace him.    "Al needs me so 
much!" she thought with satisfaction, "and he is so sensitive and caring now!  
The accident has really changed him for the better!  I'm so glad I was able to 
get him away from the horrible fat monster of a mother!"    The former Heidi 
thought of Claire and felt some of her masculine parts begin to swell.  Sex 
was so strange as a man, she had to be the aggressor, feeling something so 
soft become so hard.  The climax was explosive - Heidi needed release from 
her tensions so much!  Claire was a wonderful woman!  How could the fussy 
Al turn his back on such a loving, intelligent, caring woman to go back to 
living with that monster of a mother!?    Claire fell asleep contentedly in his 
arms. She really enjoyed  playing the comforter - she felt so loved and 
needed.    Ex-Heidi stared awake at the ceiling wondering, "What am I going 
to do? I've lost my body, my husband, my baby - fuck my entire life! What 
am I going to do? Am I doomed to be Al Borland the rest of his - my - life. 
He looked at Claire. Thank God I have her - otherwise I don't know what I 
might do! As soon as Heidi could, she had searched the tool time set - 
nothing there which could have possibly caused such a horrible body switch!  
Everything looked normal - even to the mounted thank you notes Tim had 
gotten from Hospitals and doctors throughout the years, as well as plaques 
from safety organizations thanking Tim for the "realistically faked accidents"!  
Every morning, Al's ugly old face was in the mirror instead of  her beautiful 
sexy youthful face!  Damn Al!  He was living my wonderful life and I'm in 
the trash heap he made of his, Claire excepted of course.    The new Heidi 
was so happy she and Scott had just made love for the third time that night!  
Wow!  Life was wonderful.  She had been worried when her husband had 
mentioned he had run into Al at the bar.   Had that jealous used-to-be spilled 
the beans?  Had he made himself believed? But Heidi was happy to find out 
the gist of the conversation and was so pleased and proud that Scott liked  - 
nay loved him better than the former Heidi!  Life was good!   She  felt like 
she was on top of the world.      "Fuck!" said the body of Jill Taylor.  There 
was still some short in the system, Brad thought,  working on his father's 
contraption.  Unconsciously he tugged his bra, which was pinching his soft 
flesh, away from the breasts he had inherited from his mother.  Maybe he 
could figure out where the short was in the morning - everything was 
swimming before his eyes.  Brad, was getting worried. Suppose I can't get it 
fixed, will I be stuck as my mom forever?  It was a chilling thought!  I could 
always ask my dad for help - the thought chilled him - his dad's help!  God 
only knew who they would end up as next if he helped!  Maybe the dog 
across the street or even the new baby down the road... the imagination 
boggled.  Maybe Wilson could help, or I could always call Al - but I would 
be so embarrassed if he found out I was in my Mom's body.   He would 
never stop laughing at me.   

 Brad giggled a little. Jennifer and I pulled off one of the great April fool gags 
of the century!  Mom and dad really believe they are us.  God it was so great 
to tear into her when she got back late from Jennifer's.  I screamed at 'Brad'  
"Why didn't you call, young man, your father and I were frantic!"    'Brad' 
had looked so guilty and had stammered an intelligible reply!     "I can't 
believe how irresponsible you are, Brad! You're still in trouble from last 
night - your father and I are still in a state of shock, you promised to be more 
responsible and then you don't even call when you are late!"    "Sorry Mom"  
'Brad' had stammered. "I guess I just wasn't thinking!  Please don't ground 
me!" he pleaded.    This had been so cool to have his mother groveling to him 
like he had to do so often!  This is my finest hour, Brad thought.  Mark had 
made it even better by teasing who he thought was his brother! Mark was 
getting a wicked wit!  Then Brad worried his mom would surface when he 
had burned the dinner, but 'Brad' had just taken it for further proof that he 
really was Jill Taylor!  Jennifer and he had sent 'Brad' to his room right after 
dinner and Mom went like a lamb, whining about how parents didn't 
understand teens!  She really was convinced she was Brad!  Perhaps a little 
TOO convinced.  They needed to swap back soon.  He was already paying 
attention to commercials for feminine hygiene products on the TV    Brad 
didn't know how attractive his female body looked wearing a mischievous 
grin as he walked Jill's body back into the house.   But Jennifer did!  'He' 
grabbed the attractive woman - 'his wife' and kissed her.   Brad's hormones 
pumped and 'she' found herself thrilled that she could inspire such 
impulsiveness and grew wet, while Jennifer felt so strong and manly and 
grunted with excitement as his dick grew hard yet again.  Arm in arm, they 
mounted the stairs and, after locking the bedroom door, each other.    In 
Mark's body, Shanna laughed as 'he' heard the moans and yells of 
excitement from Tim and Jill's room.  It was good to see parents who openly 
had the hots for each other!  Shanna's own parent's were so refined  that 
sometimes Shanna had sometimes wondered if they had adopted her!  He just 
loved Mark's family and Mark's life.  It was great being a guy!  It was great 
not to be told to act more like a little lady!  It was great not to have the curse.   
Mark liked being her a well.  Shanna smiled a wicked smile with his new 
lips!  I wonder if I can talk Mark into a permanent change.  He sure looked 
hot wearing my new mini skirt and boots!  And Shanna had sure loved the 
excitement of the good night kiss he had given to Mark!  The young woman 
had felt so wonderful in his arms!     'Brad' was up in his room dreaming of 
Jennifer!  What a sexy babe and she couldn't get enough sex! It was like a 
dream come true for a horny teen like me!  Then a frown darken the 
handsome young face.  Mom is sure a bitch!  God, I wish she would lighten 
up!  It was so funny that at one time I had this weird fantasy that I might be 
her!"  Brad thought and shuddered.  "God! What a horrible thought to be a 
wife and mother and so old!  "I just wish I could get all those images of 
Mom's naked body in a mirror out of my mind.   Brrrr...  I don't ever want 
to be that old again. "  He started lifting weights, dreaming of seeing his sexy 
girl friend tomorrow! He could hardly wait!    'Jennifer' was admiring her 
gorgeous body in her full length mirror.  "I am so damn hot, I need a fire 
extinguisher!" she thought with immense satisfaction.  Brad is wrapped 
around my little finger! I will get him to marry me for sure!  I hope I'm the 
first girl in the class to walk down the aisle.  The other girls will be just 
green!  She giggled.  Then her lovely eyes grew starry-eyed and Jennifer  
dreamed of  walking down the aisle in the most beautiful white wedding 
gown.  Her whole life seemed to stretch before her like a wonderful dream!   
I am so lucky to me, she thought - once again admiring the beautiful girl in 
the mirror.    The former Jennifer was grunting manfully in the throes of 
passion!  He felt so strong and manly!  His wife was giggling with delight 
and jiggling from the lovemaking position they were experimenting with.   
Sex was all so new to Jennifer and Brad, but they were determined to learn 
with all the enthusiasm their middle aged bodies could offer.    

   Chapter Sixteen  --  Fixing a hole in the ocean...

Wilson stared at his new youthful niece's body reflected in the mirror!  "I 
haven't felt so wonderful in ages!" he thought.   Wilson had secretly gone 
shopping down at the mall as he felt Willow really didn't dress well.  She 
didn't show off her youth and beauty, and always wore baggy pants and 
shirts despite being quite svelte.  The new outfit made the most of his 
charming new curves.  The door bell rang.  Wondering who that might be as 
it was rare for him to have visitors, for the first time Wilson somehow 
realized how lonely his life was.

A handsome young man stood in the doorway and he came inside in a rush 
and kissed Wilson passionately.  Wilson was surprised to find his new, 
young body responding to the liplock despite the reservations his male ego 
had about the contact.  It was Ted, Willow's boyfriend.

"I missed you tremendously, Willow!  So when I had a chance to come to 
Detroit I jumped at it!  I'm here for the night! I booked a hotel room in case 
your uncle objects to me staying with you overnight.  Hey, is that a new 
outfit?  You look great!   Lets go out to dinner!"

Wilson was quite taken with the way the man had with words.  He loved the 
compliment about his new dress.  Wilson recalled the truism - its easy to 
resist anything, but temptation!  He found himself saying - "Let me leave a 
note for my - uncle. "  Wilson scribbled that he was going out to the 
University Library to see if he could track down any clues as to why they 
switched bodies.

His new "boyfriend's" hand felt secure in his new one!  Wilson hadn't been 
so excited in years!  His felt strange walking in heels with his purse bumping 
against his hips. The food Ted had ordered for them both was the type he 
usually hated - full of fat and rich sauces, but it tasted fantastic and he found 
himself really having a good time as the wine flowed.  'God, the young man 
was so hot looking', he found himself thinking.  Willows emotions and 
feelings must remain with the body, he thought.  'God!  I want him so bad 
my panties are actually getting wet!'

After dinner, they went back to Ted's hotel room and was the sex ever good - 
much better than he ever had before as Wilson!  Willow's - my body is so 
sensuous and so YOUNG! They fell asleep in each others arms - after 
making love three times. In the morning they had breakfast in bed and Wilson 
giggled as the newly acquired boyfriend went at it again. 

"Stop!" Wilson  protested weakly and flirtatious - urging Ted on.

All too soon, Ted had to leave.  He kissed 'Willow' goodbye passionately 
and the young lips sighed hungrily for more life and love!

"Hurry back home, Willow!  Why don't just go home and pack - wouldn't 
you rather spend time with me than with your boring old uncle."

"Yes, I think I would.  You're right, his life is boring and sterile!"

 Wilson looked in the mirror once again. That youthful, well-laid woman is 
me now - I'm Willow. I'm a lovely young woman with my whole life in 
front of me.  Now I can conceive children, something my late wife couldn't 
do." Wilson thought.  Now there was a second, less intellectual, more active 
life stretching temptingly before her!  Ted loved her so much! A marriage 
proposal was just around the corner instincts in this female body told Wilson. 
Wilson stared at Willow's suitcase.  All she had to do was go home, pack it, 
and get to the airport - use Willow's return ticket.

 That's all - no one could stop her from a brand new life!  All she had to do 
was take it. 

 Simply take it.

 Claire felt she needed to strike while the iron was sizzling before Al's mother 
had a chance to regroup. No fat old woman was going to get the best of her 
this time. She had comforted Al - did it ever feel good to have a man again! It 
made her feel so feminine again and so needed and she loved the sex she was 
getting almost every day from Al.  It was almost like she was a teenager 
again!  Al was so much better in bed than he used to be!  She had saved poor 
Al from his dreadful mother after his near death experience.  So Claire called 
up her cousin, a circuit judge, and he agreed to marry them and smooth over 
the paper work.  Al was manipulated into agreeing - he was so afraid of being 
alone now and so they were married that night using the marriage license 
from the busted ceremony. 

Heidi was stunned, now could she have agreed to this - it was madness, but 
life with Claire if she had to be Al was certainly better than life without Claire 
- the woman did love him!  'Al' shook his head to clear it.

   Jennifer walked the body of Tim Taylor over to her loving 'wife' who was 
underneath the sensor panel working on another short in the machine they 
were convinced was the force behind their mysterious body switch.  She 
couldn't help but notice the way 'Jill' looked under the machine was very 
similar to the way she looked last night in the master bedroom when they 
were engaged in another bout of thrilling sex.  The daily love sessions were 
beginning to take their toll on Jennifer though.  When Brad wanted to do it a 
second time, her middle aged male body wouldn't...perform!  Jennifer had 
never been so embarrassed in her short life as a man.  She was seriously 
considering getting some of that Viagra stuff if it happened again tonight.  
She would be quite happy if she could get her real body back today.  She 
wanted to be young and female again and be the one to wear lingerie again 
and not have to worry about 'performing' anymore.  She wanted to have 
someone perform for her instead.  She wanted to be the one to get multiple 
orgasms now that she knew how good sex could be.  She missed being a 

 Brad was finishing up the repairs to the sensor array.  He was reasonably 
certain the strange machine would work again, but he knew he had a lot to 
learn about repairing machines.  He may be in the body of a college graduate, 
but he had never even graduated high school yet.  He could use the help of 
someone older and wiser than he really was, but his dad thought he was a girl 
now and would be no help.  He was also worried about his Mom.  His 
parents actually believed they were really himself and Jennifer.  He was really 
gonna get it when they got their bodies back and they realized how much he 
had fooled them.  Still, it would be better than spending the rest of his life as 
his own mother, no matter how nice her body could feel at times.  Not to 
mention he had found a calendar his mother kept in her bedroom which noted 
that a period was scheduled to start in a few days, and he didn't want to stay 
in this body and find out what that part of womanhood was like.  He'd rather 
remain ignorant about his mother's period, thank you very much.  It was 
strange enough going to the bathroom every day with her body.  It was 
definitely time to make the switch back to his nice and firm male body if he 
could get his mother to give it back to him.  God!  What if she kept it and ran 
away.  That was surely a scary thought!  He might really be stuck as 'Jill 
Taylor' mother of three!  His mom was sure enjoying being him he thought 
resentfully!  Maybe she liked being Brad too much...

 Meanwhile Brad and Jennifer's bodies, housing the souls of Jill and Tim 
Taylor, were making out hot and heavy in the back seat of her father's car in 
her garage.  They would be busy for a long time with all the teenage 
hormones at their disposal.  It was so great to be young and in love!  How 
could they have ever thought for a moment they were OLD and the opposite 

Chapter Seventeen -- 

  Heidi got a call from the producer of Tool Time asking her when "Al" 
would be ready to return to work.  Al's body felt as adequate as a older male 
body could be expected to feel to the young woman trapped within it.  Heidi 
told her boss he would be in to work Monday morning.  She had to make a 
living if she was to be stuck living Al Borland's life.  She knew she had to 
find a way back to her life as Heidi soon or she would go mad and have to 
BE Al in her mind soon to maintain any sense of sanity.  The tortures of 
everyday working with 'Heidi' and seeing her former beautiful body moving, 
breathing with another person inside, living her life, loving her husband and 
child - would drive her mad. He told Claire he didn't want to back to work on 
Tool time!  God! I am thinking of myself as a male again!  I've got to stop 
that, she told herself.

So Claire pulled some strings and got her husband a job selling dental 
supplies - the company was delighted to get him. He was famous and likable 
- most of the supplies were bought by dentist assistants - who were female 
and Al tested high on being reliable, cute and cuddly and trustworthy.  He 
seemed to relate well with he feminine psyche.

Heidi was stunned. It looked like she would make twice as much money as 
AL did on tool time - and three times as much as she did when she was 
Heidi!  BUT she wouldn't have taken millions to trade bodies and lives with 

To add to Heidi's woe's and feelings of Anger he got a phone call from the 
new Heidi!

"I'm sorry, you wont be coming back, Al!" bubbled the warm young voice.  
" I'll miss you!"  The new Heidi was sorry - really. It would have been kinda 
cool to watch Al being jealous of  her youth and beauty. The thought was 
catty and feminine - Al was adjusting very well.

"Sure you will 'Heidi'!" said 'Al' with heavy irony!  Inspired, he turned on a 
tape recorder. "You might show a little remorse - how can you steal my body 
and life like this?"

The lovely faced flushed. " I don't know what you are talking about, Al. 
Your coma must have effected your mind!" Al had decided long ago that she 
would act as if the switch had never occurred and she were always Heidi, no 
matter what! 

Sighing Heidi put down the tape recorder. She had hoped to get the evil 
impostor to admit she wasn't Heidi. But Al was too sly!

She didn't think Tim was responsible anymore, and she knew of no one else 
to blame.  That meant it must be some sort of act of God.  She knew of no 
religion which could help her pray to whatever gods might have done this to 
her, and she knew she needed the help of someone wiser than she to figure it 
all out.  The smartest, and wisest man she knew was, strangely enough, a 
neighbor of Tim's.  If anyone could help her find her way back into her own 
body it was Wilson.  

 Even though Heidi knew it would torture, she drove by her old house on the 
way to her new job.  She saw her beautiful, wonderful body walking down 
the road with her baby girl in a stroller.  Damn, but she used to be so 
beautiful and so graceful and now Al had it all. She saw the body stealer lean 
over with her long beautiful hair falling in lovely waves and embrace the baby 
girl with a loving, maternal hug. As much as she wanted to slam on the 
brakes and hug her baby to her breast, she knew it wasn't possible.  Her 
daughter probably wouldn't even recognize her in the male body she 
inhabited now.  And she had no breasts to hug her to.  Well, Al's upper chest 
was a bit flabby but it was hardly the same thing.  It was not the same thing at 
all.  Her new male body possessed a few interesting aspects her other one 
lacked, but it hardly matched the wonderful curves and sensitive skin she had 
grown up with.  Heidi had to admit she liked the feeling Al's body gave her 
when his manhood slid into Claire's comfy vagina, but he would give it all 
up to be on the receiving end again with his husband.  HER husband!  God, 
there she went again. I am not a man!  I am a woman trapped in a man's 
body!  Heidi cried some more - knowing it was Al in that beautiful young 
body who was now receiving Scott's love. She shook the bearded head that 
she hated and continued on.

The new Heidi looked up and saw the car leave. "Good!" she thought.  Why 
can't Al just leave me alone! He needs to get over his jealousy and live his 
own life and let me live mine!  I didn't ask for this life but I certainly can't be 
blamed for making the best of the cards I was dealt in whatever cosmic card 
game we played.  She pranced down the street happily aware that every man 
in the neighborhood was getting hard.  For her!  Her handsome husband 
would be home soon and it would be time for the babies nap.  Heidi's sweet, 
wonderful pussy grew moist at the thought.  She was so happy to be so 
young and feminine and horny!

 At school, Mark's bouncy walk and smile was infectious. Was he ever 
happy - everyone liked him now and said 'Hi' - it was super being Shanna. 
Her folks were so interesting. Now there wasn't pressure on him to be 
Macho - to be a man. In fact, it was the last thing on their minds.  They took 
him to the symphony and Mark loved it. Shanna snickered when he told her 
and said "Better you than me, sister."  She also laughed about how hot and 
heavy her new folks were about sex, which Mark had always found 
embarrassing. Mark was amused to find that Shanna's forceful personality 
had gained 'Mark' more respect from the boys and he noticed some of the 
girls eyeing 'Mark' with more interest. Well he wasn't going to put up with 
that and the girls backed off when he made his claim on his former body 
crystal clear.  They knew Shanna was someone not to be trifled with! Mark 
enjoyed his new reputation among the girls.  He and Shanna had a good 
laugh together! No one suspected for a minute they were not who they 
appeared to be. 

Shanna kissed Mark after school until he was dizzy and she got him to agree 
to stay the way they were forever - even if they found a way of getting back. 
Shanna loved being Mark and a guy - maybe someday she would - no HE 
would be president and 'Shanna' would be a gracious first lady! Wouldn't 
that be a hoot!

As for Brad he - no she would have done anything to please her boyfriend!  
She didn't want to risk losing him! She loved Shanna no matter what she 
looked like.  But she had rapidly begun to enjoy seeing his firm, muscular, 
manly, if still a bit boyish, body.  Besides, she liked her new life much better 
than the old one!  She did get a commitment out of the new Mark that they 
would go steady for ever and ever!  

'Brad' and Jennifer found school boring and in Jennifer's case it. was worse 
than boring.  Jennifer flunked an English test and was in tears about it!  Brad 
was nice though the way he held her and listened to her complain that the 
bitchy teacher just hated her because she was so much prettier and younger.  
At least she was a hit in the auto shop class.  Her teacher was amazed at the 
way she had suddenly taken to the class.  She was now helping him out by 
taking over the class while he ran out for a smoke.  It looked like a certain 
"A"  in one class for sure for Jennifer!

Heidi pulled into Wilson's driveway after checking out the new job.  Wilson 
had to know some strange way to swap spirits back, he just had to know!  
Maybe he had picked up some clues to spirit swapping from his lengthy 
journeys through the Orient and the rest of the world.  Heidi would sit 
through a dozen of his boring lectures if necessary, if it meant a chance to 
regain her original, wonderful body.  If it didn't work, life as Al Borland 
loomed in the future as her fate.  Already she felt trapped - She was engaged 
to Claire! She just found out from a happy wife when they met for lunch at a 
fancy restaurant that 'he' was going to be a father!  She ran to the door and 
knocked on it.

 A teary-eyed Wilson opened the door.  

  "Wilson!  Are you all right?"  The sight of a man in tears threw her for a 
loss.  Heidi led him to the couch and they sat down.  As much as she wanted 
his aid, he obviously needed help first.  

  "Tell me what's wrong, Wilson."  

  Wilson turned to him and the tears flowed again.  He spoke in a hushed 

  "I wish he could, Mr. Borland, but he can't."  He waved a notepad around.  
"He left me a message.  I'm his niece, Willow!  I know how hard that is to 
believe, but it's the truth, I swear.  Somehow we swapped bodies.  I've been 
pretty confused since but I thought we were dealing with it pretty well.  
When I got up this morning, he was gone.  All my clothes are gone.  He took 
my body and left me stuck with his...  I don't know what to do.  I don't want 
to be my Uncle for the rest of my life..."   Willlow's eyes started to blink 
rapidly again and more tears flowed out uncontrollably as he collapsed on the 

  Heidi was ready to cry hysterically herself.  This was her last hope and she 
had arrived too late.  She was going to be stuck as Al the rest of her life.    

Chapter Eighteen    Ports in a storm    

The apparent Tim and Jill Taylor walked over to Wilson's and saw the 
strange sight of two grown men crying!  Needing someone to confide in, 'Al' 
and 'Wilson' tell their tragic tale.  Opened mouth with surprise, Brad and 
Jennifer realize the people inside the Taylor house were not the only ones 
involved in swapping bodies!    "Guys, I'm really Brad, not my Mom!!!" 
says Jill, excitedly.    Strange how women can talk faster than men!  Jennifer 
resentfully thought about her current spouse.  "... And I'm really Jennifer, 
Brad's girl friend!  I just look like Tim Taylor." She said, tapping her flat 
chest for emphasis.    "Yeah, guys... er... girls... whatever, it was my dad's 
crazy new machine that did all this to us!  They are inside our bodies now.  
My dad is Jennifer and my Mom is me!"    Despite themselves, Heidi and 
Wilson smiled at the incongruous picture of Macho Tim Taylor, the Toolman, 
as a giggling teenage girl in a cheerleader's uniform!    "What do they think of 
it all?  Becoming teenagers and the opposite sex, that is?" asked Heidi.    'Jill' 
and 'Tim' looked at each other and their faces blushed with embarrassment.    
"Well - they kind of think they're us!"  Brad said.    "What???" Willow and 
Heidi both asked, astonished.    "Yeah!" said Jennifer in Tim's manly voice.  
"We were so mad when we found them having sex -- taking our virginity 
instead of us -- that we pretended to be them as if nothing had happened and 
they bought it."    "They sure did." Brad added, "It's been kinda of fun 
bossing my Mom around and hearing her complain that parents don't 
understand!"    Willow sounded eerily like her Uncle Wilson to the others, as 
she said reflectively,  "I guess it makes sense - if everyone treated you like 
you were the body you were inside of, and if the other person in your real 
body convinced you that they were the same as ever - and if you were rather 
weak-minded to begin with (they all thought of Tim, hearing this), then I 
guess you would have to begin to think you were that person to stay sane 
with all the evidence against you."    Heidi shuddered.  "I wonder what I 
would have thought if Al in my body had denied being Al!  It's bad enough 
he pretends he's me now with everyone else.  With all the world insisting I 
was a Borland, would I have just given up and thought I was Al!  It's a scary 
thought!"    Suddenly, a young woman entered Wilson's back yard.

 "Hi Di Ho, neighborino's!  If I heard you correctly, none of us are as we 
appear to be!  Any ideas how we get back to normal, people?" her cultured 
feminine voice inquired.    They all turned to see 'Willow' with her suitcases 
as a cab pulled away down the street.    "Uncle Wilson!" cried Willow.  "You 
came back with my body!"    She ran into her own arms held out by Wilson.    
"I couldn't do it to you, dear Willow.  It was all so tempting, I must tell you!  
But as I sat in the airport and thought, I realized that I have lived my whole 
life with a set of standards I hold myself up to.  It was well said 'What does it 
benefit a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul.'  If I would have 
taken your life and body away from you... I would have lost my soul. I will 
do my best to give your beautiful young body back to you, but I am not sure 
yet how we can accomplish this."    Four people at once tried to tell him what 
they had been through since turning into someone else.  Brad finally used his 
best impression of his mother's authoritative tones, made all the more 
impressive by him using her vocal cords to issue the words, and told them all 
to go into the garage and look at the machine.  It seemed to gleam with 
sinister import.    "Let's see what we have here..." said Wilson and they 
grinned to see the young lady roll up the sleeves on her dress. "You've done 
a fine job, Brad.  The damage looks very well repaired."      Jill's pretty face 
glowed with the compliment Brad received.     "I'll just reinforce a few wires 
and rewire a few circuits and we will be ready for the great switcheroo later 
tonight.  How, the question becomes, can we be sure that we will get put 
back into the right bodies?"    That brought them up short.    "It's been boy -- 
girl all along the line of exchanges so it suggests the male and female bodies 
are like positive/negative poles." said Wilson, deep in thought.    "Perhaps if 
we hugged our real bodies, Uncle Wilson?"    "Excellent suggestion, Willow!  
Propinquity might just do the trick!  Now it remains to insure everybody gets 
to the garage tonight and then we throw the switch."    "What's propin... 
whatever she - er - he said?" Jennifer asked, looking like a convincingly 
dense Tim.    'Jill' thought for a moment and said "I'll tell 'Brad' to be sure 
and bring Jennifer home with him after school -- that we want to talk to them 
about forgiving them about that night."    Jennifer grunted her masculine 
approval.  "I will be so glad to be inside my pretty little girl's body again! 
Tim can have this old male body back for sure!"    "I just hope they don't 
ground us forever!" groaned Brad with his mother's voice.  "Maybe we can 
give ourselves a parental pardon first!"    Heidi danced Al's plump body 
about with nervous energy.  "Hey! You're all forgetting about me!  Al 
doesn't want to swap back!  He's stealing my body and life -- how do we 
handle that?"    Jennifer grunted.  "Got an idea here.  I just call 'Heidi' up and 
tell her to be over at eight as I want to discuss the new format of the show 
with her now that "Al" here plans to leave the show."    'Al' embraced "Tim", 
then they pushed each other away.  This behavior was too unmanly for their 
current male bodies natural instincts to accept.    "Another thing, neighbors," 
said Wilson.  "We need to make sure that no unaffected people are present. 
So we need to get Randy and Mark out of the way."    "I'll tell them we need 
to talk to Mark privately about that night, and send them to visit their 
girlfriends!" said Brad with a disturbing amount of motherly firmness and 
concern.  He had to remind himself the boys were his brothers, and not his 
children.    "That seems to cover it all!" said Willow. "Thanks, Unc, for 
coming back! "     They embraced.    'Tim' grunted, embarrassed from all the 
emotion.  "I'll call Heidi now."    "Helloooo!  Heidi here!" said a melodically 
charming voice on the other end of the phone line.  'Heidi' was playing with 
her baby and both their loud giggles could be heard over the phone. The 
group in the Taylor house all looked at each other, puzzled that she seemed so 
normal.  'Al' burned with jealous fury.    'Heidi' readily agreed with 'Tim 
Taylor's' request to be there at eight, saying her husband Scott would be glad 
to watch their baby.    Al's homely bearded face wept with hope.  "Well, I'll 
be back about 7:30.  I better get home. Claire worries about me so much 
since the coma.  If it weren't for her, I might have gone mad from this 
identity exchange"    Again, they all looked at each other in confusion as he 
left.    As Wilson and Brad got to work, Jennifer and Willow grinned to see 
two dainty females working on the big, oily machine.  Willow pulled Jennifer 
aside and told her that she wished her women's education group could see 
this sight.  

 At a convenient break, 'Jill' called the school and Brad was marched into the 
principles office wondering 'What the fuck have I done now!'  He was red-
faced with embarrassment.  His Mom had called him out of his classes!  But 
then he got worried, maybe his dad had finally met the accident he couldn't 
walk away from and even now was playing the great Tool Time stage in the 
sky!  His heart almost broke with the thought of Tim Taylor hurt or dead.    
"Is dad dead?" he asked.    "What?" answered 'his mother's voice.'  "NO, 
dear, dad is fine.  It's just that I want to make sure you and Jennifer are here -
- both of you -- at 8 tonight. Your father and I want to talk to both of you 
about your disgusting behavior the other night."    Brad flushed. He kinda 
hoped they would let it slide or forget about it. "Aww, -- gee Mom! Do we 
have to!"    "Yes, you do, young man!" said Brad, playing the Mom for all it 
was worth!  It might be his last time to be the boss!  "Your father and I are 
ready to forgive you for that night so don't be late!"     "I will cook a nice 
meal for us all." added 'Jill', hanging up.  Wilson, Willow, and Jennifer all 
looked at each other.  Brad wasn't known for his culinary expertise.     
"Carryout!" they said with one voice.    "Jill's" face flushed.    "Brad, I'm 
sure you are a fine chef, but we have to finish fixing the machine. That's 
where you need to direct your efforts!" Wilson said in Willow's soft tones.


    When he got home, Shanna, inside Mark's body, heard voices and eased 
open the garage door slightly.  He found out what was going on with the 
people in the garage.  He was relieved that they hadn't discovered that Mark 
and he had switched bodies as well.  'I guess I should tell Mark, but we've 
already agreed we want to live as each other.'  So 'Mark Taylor' did as his 
Father requested and went to his girlfriend's house.  

Glad to get away from the confusion of the past week, Randy left the house 
soon after as well.    The new Shanna Mark had become was so glad to see 
him, the old Shanna now known as Mark felt guilty receiving her special 
attentions and kisses.  The New Mark looked around his old home and his so 
very polite and proper folks and thought - I was a coo-coo bird in this nest!  
Mark fits right into my old life.  Her former mother came up and smiled.    
"Mark, don't you think our little Shanna is turning into a real lady?", her 
Mom said.  I guess we have you to thank for her sudden interest in the 
dresses we've bought her.  It looks like her tomboy phase is finally over.    
'Shanna' flushed a little from the praise and looked out of the corner of her 
eyes at her boyfriend.    "I think she is simply wonderful, Mrs. Laclede!    
Shanna's parents beamed with pleasure.  Their 'tomboy' girl had a steady 
boyfriend and they felt they could stop worrying so much about her as long 
as she enjoyed being a girl.    'Heidi' checked her appearance in the mirror 
and smiled with pleasure. It was still such a rush to see such a beautiful girl 
in the glass instead of a fat middle aged man who lived at home with a 
horrible mother.  She had been so glad to hear from Claire that Al and she 
had married.  'Maybe the old guy will get off my back and let me live my life 
now -- and I do want him to be happy.'  She tickled her baby daughter who 
gurgled happily and gave a searing good-bye kiss to her husband.    He 
whispered "I'll have a surprise for you later!"    "You better!" she giggled and 
skipped out the door.    Claire was cuddling with her husband. They just 
finished some great sex and she was so happy!  Al seemed to know a 
woman's body so well!  He was the best lover she had ever had.  What a 
surprise from the first months of their relationship!    "Darling, are you sure 
you have to go to Tim and Jill's tonight? I worry about you being out so 
late?"    A guilty Heidi patted her wife's hand. 'I feel so bad... I married this 
woman and now I am abandoning her to the original Al.'  Heidi thought to 
herself.  'In a way though, she did marry him, and she certainly thinks she is 
married to Al so it should be OK.  Al better treat her right, though, or else!"    
"I'll be fine, dear!"  He tried to make a joke.  "It's not as if I will be helping 
Tim do Tool Time tonight, that's where the real danger lay.  And they do 
want to say good-bye to me.  We did the show for eight years after all!"    
Claire laughed.  "That's true.  I am glad you left the show, though.  I worry 
so much about you being around Tim and his accidents!" (And around that 
beautiful Heidi - she could steal almost any man with just a smile!)  Claire 
thought to herself.  (Not that a beautiful girl, happily married to a gorgeous 
guy, would be interested in my Al - and she WAS the one who got us 
together -- it's just that I don't want him looking at such a lovely girl all day 
long and then thinking that I'm not as pretty and sexy as Heidi when he gets 


 Brad and Jennifer were kissing desperately in her room. Who knew what 
dreadful thing Brad's folks would do to them?  They could forbid them to 
ever see each other again.  It could happen!  Just look at poor Romeo and 
Juliet!  Jennifer was so frightened that they might tell her folks! She could be 
grounded forever! So with their hearts in their mouths, the two nervous teens 
headed over to the Taylor's.  

 Wilson sat back in Willow Lithe body. "You know neighbors, this is like the 
end of Moby Dick."  He finished the final adjustments to Tim's mind-
swapping device and looked at the mix-up group of people.    They all looked 
blankly at him.     "Of course you remember - Melville structured his great 
novel so that the whole world seems to come together in the hunt for the 
White whale. Well, its the same with us here -- we are coming together to 
regain our selves in a desperate struggle of man against the prenatural."    
They all mumbled agreement - everyone wondering what the hell Wilson was 
really talking about.   

Chapter Nineteen -  the puzzle is finished but some pieces are missing...

 At seven thirty, Heidi in Al's fat body arrived with hope in his heart. Maybe 
he soon would be inside his lovely body again.  Despite his worries, he 
laughed seeing and hearing 'Jill' lecturing two sullen teens.  Wilson, inside 
Willow's nubile young body, came out of the garage.  She motioned him and 
the others over, out of sight and hearing of the 'son' and 'girl friend.'

"Rationally, my misplaced friends, we are all set.  However, I examined the 
fuse box and noticed some scorching.  Knowing our 'a little more or even a 
lot more power won't hurt' Toolman, I have boosted the power input and 
output to what I consider dangerous levels.  Still, that will probably put us 
under the likely energy levels Tim chose to use, but it's the best I can do to 
give us ANY safety margin."

'Al' swallowed nervously. 

"I suggest you hide, Heidi..." said Willow in Wilson's body with a smile on 
her uncle's face, "until we are ready!"

So 'Al' went into the garage and stared at the machine that almost killed him 
and stole his former life!  Heidi wanted to kick it, but restrained her 
masculine impulses.  The thing that needed to be kicked, and kicked hard, 
was Tim.

Unknown to Heidi, Wilson and the rest were talking about 'Al'.  Wilson, 
especially, was uneasy.  Heidi had sounded so normal and so together, and 
her baby surely would have noticed a different mother.  Children have a keen 
sixth sense, he told the others.  And Al had married Claire!  Would Heidi 
have done that?  They wondered if they could take what Al said at face value.  
Why hadn't he said anything sooner?  They were frankly worried. What if Al 
was really Al and they would be helping him steal Heidi's body?  He could 
just be delusional after his coma and picking up on their own, all too real, 
body exchanges.  "The Mind is a relatively unknown area." Wilson pointed 
out.  "Look how easily Tim and Jill were persuaded to become the identity of 
the bodies they presently occupy."  Wilson had brought his home made lie 
detector over and they all agreed that if there was any doubt after Heidi 
arrived, they would ask Al and Heidi to take a test to see who was telling the 

At five minutes to eight the apparent Heidi arrived, and she was very 
suspicious when she saw Al's Oldsmobile which had carelessly been left 
visible by the current 'Al'.  'I wonder if jealous Al is trying to convince them 
he's me!' she thought.  As a precaution, she took a tranquilizer to  remain 
calm.  If she had suspected the machine that had switched them around was 
there and ready to be used, she would have run for the hills.  'Heidi' came in 
looking happy, beautiful, and very sexy in a mini skirt, tight blouse and high 
heeled boots.  She walked in the feminine paraphernalia as if born wearing 

She saw all the people gathered and said: "What's going on?"

Wilson cleared his nieces throat.  "It seems that the truth is out! We know 
you are Al Borland and not really the fair Heidi!"

'Al' burst into the group.  "Yes, Al, give me back my body! You bitch! You 
body thief! "

Heidi placed her hand over her bosom and laughed!  "Is this some sort of a 
joke?  Do I look like Al Borland to any of you?  He's right there in front of 
you, for crying out loud!  What is this, the practical joke episode of Tool 
Time?  Where are the cameras?"

They all looked at each other, remembering other matters like Al getting 

"How could you of all people believe such an impossibility?" said 'Heidi' to 
the older man she mistook to be Wilson.

"It's not impossible - the group you see before you, and two teens in the 
bedrooms upstairs, have all switched bodies with each other. "

"You're kidding me!  And you all actually believe this?"  When she saw that 
they were serious, she asked, "When did this happen?"

"Three days ago!" said 'Jill' "My father was messing around with his stupid 
machine in the garage and did this to us -- all the people in the house at the 
time as well as our neighbors Wilson and Willow!"

"But Al and I weren't here!"

"Our switch happened over two weeks ago and you know it!" boomed 'Al'.

"You believe him?  He's crazy!  I'm the real Heidi - the ONLY Heidi!  Al is 
lying and just taking advantage of you.  He must have found out about the 
body switches somehow.  After all, Al and I weren't here when you 
switched.  How could your switch have happen two days ago and 'ours' two 
weeks ago and in such different locations?  I bet he overheard one of you 
talking about it and THEN he said he was me!  Al's just trying to steal my 
body and my youth -- my life! Maybe the coma has affected him being 
charitable, but he has always been jealous of my youth and beauty.  I can't 
tell you the number of times he would tell me he wished he was as young as I 
am and how he would live his live differently if he were young again.  Can't 
you see he is trying to trick you into helping him steal my body. "

"Why, you lying Bitch!" screamed 'Al' launches himself, practically foaming 
at the mouth at 'Heidi', who screams and ducks as 'Tim' and 'Wilson' 
restrain 'Al'.

"Easy, easy" says Wilson in Willow's soft tones. " We need to get to the 
bottom of this before we go any further. Who did 'Al' or 'Heidi' tell that he 
was swapped with AL?"

"It was me, Uncle Wilson."

"Was this before or after you told him that you and I had switched?"

"Definitely after!"

"So what!" said 'Al' belligerently.

"So it means you knew of body exchanges before you mention one of your 
own.  Brad - when did your father bring the machine home? "

"I knew of it because it happened to me weeks ago."  The person in Al's 
body protested as the others continued.

"I don't know - Dad brought it into the garage maybe ten days ago and it was 
not assembled.  So it was after Al's coma as I remember.  It wasn't even 
together then, but was in several parts!"  

"Tim's always taking things apart and putting them together!" said Heidi 
desperately, sweat on her bearded face.

"Call my husband and ask him!  Surely my husband would notice if I wasn't 
his wife?" said a smiling 'Heidi', feeling the group definitely leaning towards 
her side.

"Good point!" said Brad, crossing his arms under his breasts, a thoughtful 
frown on Jill's face as he thought about it.

 The Heidi inside Al was really getting worried as she felt the tide turning 
against her -- and she had such hopes she would be Heidi again after tonight!

Brad called Heidi's husband since he barely knew any of the others.  He 
confirmed to the person pretending to be Jill Taylor that Heidi was just fine 
and he had no complaints at all.  She was the same sexy, loving wife and 
devoted mother -- if anything she was even more feminine and wonderful 
than before the accident of a few weeks ago! 

"You see!" said 'Heidi'.

"Let's ask them questions about tools and stuff!" Brad suggested.

"No," said Wilson, "they both know a lot about tools from working on Tool 
Time.  We have to ask them details about their personal lives."  

After some tough questions, 'Al' flubs most of the answers while Heidi 
deliberately aces most of them.  She had been studying everything related to 
Heidi for the past three weeks, chatting for hours with relatives who called, 
learning everything about the house as she cleaned it, and of course having 
long walks and talks with her loving new hubby.  All her waking hours after 
the baby had a nap and before her husband came home from work, she had 
familiarized herself with the role she had expected to play the rest of her life.  
Now all that effort to adjust to her new life was paying off!

"See!" said 'Al', "I don't know much at all about Al Borland's life!  She 
knows more about me than I do.  Doesn't that prove this isn't my body?"

"Interesting that you should call her 'she'!  That, and the fact that she knows 
most of the answers about both Heidi's and Al's lives while you don't know 
much about your own indicates that you are Al and she is Heidi, and that you 
are trying to mislead us by pretending not to know about your own life!"

Too late did he did realize what had happened.  Al had verbally sucker 
punched him. "Jill" once more used the telephone and called Claire.  She 
confirmed to "Al's boss's wife that Al had never mentioned any doubts about 
his identity to her and indeed she was happy to be married to him and he said 
he loved her.  Any reservations about his behavior in the past month were 
swept under the rug.  She didn't want to get her man in trouble!

'Al' blushed, acknowledging the fact that he had told Claire he loved her a 
number of times recently.  Why not! She had saved him from Al's mother, 
and kept him from going insane after the switch.  Love!  The things a man 
will say after good sex!  He liked Claire a lot but he loved Scott.  He wanted 
to be in his bed as Heidi again, and not settle for Claire in his bed!  He started 
weeping. "You've got to believe me!"

'Heidi' shrank away and hid behind Tim's body.  Jennifer's new masculinity 
made her feel manly and protective of the pretty lady and she said, "Nobody 
will harm you, young lady, not while I'm around!" Then Jennifer grunted 
manfully until Brad poked her in the ribs with his elbow.

"Oh, thank you, thank you Tim... Or whoever you are now!  You're so 
strong and powerful!  Please keep that madman away from me!" said 'Heidi' 
artfully, wrapping her arm through his.

"This is ridiculous!" Al protested.  I didn't threaten her!  I certainly don't 
want any harm to come to that body.  I just want to get it back and be where I 
belong again."

"I have a lie detector here." said Wilson. "Would you both be willing to take 

"Sure!" said 'Heidi' recklessly.  She felt victory to be in her grasp!

'Al' said nothing but sat silent, furious at seeing his former body  under a 
stranger's firm control.  Still, he had renewed hope since he knew the truth 
would finally be told.  He would control that beautiful body again soon!  
Then he could kill Al for putting him through all this, he half-joked to 

Al, inside Heidi's body, knew that a lie detector measured stress and the new 
Al Borland was stressed out to the max.  She had taken the tranquilizer and 
after all she was now Heidi so it wouldn't be lying!

When asked questions like "Are you in the wrong body?" and "Are you 
Heidi?" the results showed 'Heidi' was truthful while 'Al's' results were 
vague and inconclusive at best and negative at the worst.

Willow's face, which Wilson was using, smiled, satisfied by the machine's 
accuracy.  "Shall we vote?"

The vote was unanimously against 'Al'.

"You should be ashamed of yourself, Al Borland!" Wilson said.

"Heidi, you are free to go -- and we're sorry!" Brad said, with the sympathy 
his mother usually expressed.

"That's OK, it's Al who is to blame -- not you!  He must have been changed 
by that coma.  Thank you all for believing in me! It would be so awful to be 
ripped away from my baby and my husband!" 

'Al' screamed as he lost his final chance and tried to grab her again.  He had 
to be subdued by Wilson in Willow's body -- using Martial Arts techniques 
he had learned long before the body he now occupied was even born.  
'Heidi' went bouncing out to her car with a happy smile and went home to 
her husband and child. 

Scott noticed she was extra passionate in bed that night, if such a thing was 
possible lately.

Wilson suggested to Al that he should go lie down on his couch while they 
went about the attempt to return to their true bodies.  Heidi refused to give in.  
She had to try one final time to convince her "jury" she had also been 
swapped.  She knew she had to convince Wilson, but she had no way to 
prove it.  

Using Al's mind these past few weeks had dulled her thoughts recently, as 
she adapted more and more to the life of the body she was stuck inside of.  
She needed the help of someone smarter than she was to at least consider the 
possibility she was right.  She needed Wilson!

And she needed a way to convince him of the truth!

Chapter Twenty -- The proper tools for the job...

 As the others prepared the mind-scrambling device out in the garage, Heidi 
confronted Willow's body,  cornering her with the large bulk of Al's body.  
"Wilson," she pleaded to the wise man inside, "you must give me one last 
chance to convince you who I really am.  You are all making a horribly 
wrong decision here.  Maybe I can't convince you of the truth but think back.  
There has to be something about the way that imposter acted, or something 
that she said, that might help prove me right."  

  "Please!" she begged the young woman with the wise man's soul, "Please 
help me get back where I belong!"  Heidi started crying again.  She couldn't 
stop the tears.  This was her last chance.  "I know I've acted a lot like Al 
these past few weeks.  And he has done a great job pretending to be me.  
Both of us thought this was some act of God and tried to make the best of the 
lives we were left to work with.  It's no wonder Al was so good at being me, 
look at all he had to work with. a loving husband and child, not to mention he 
was awake from the start and not in a coma like I was for so long.   He may 
actually believe he IS me by now, like Brad and Jennifer say Tim and Jill 
believe they are teenagers now.  But I know better.  I know who I really am!"  

  "All  I had to help me when I woke up was Al's annoying, horrible mother.  
She may have been a mother only a son could love, but I'm not her son, 
despite the way I look.  When Claire came along, it was like a life preserver 
thrown to a drowning man.  I grabbed her and held on for dear life.  But now 
I need another chance to get back to my real life.  You have to help me, 
Wilson.  Everyone says you are smart and wise.  There must have been 
something she did that must seem off track."

  "Damn!  I mean he, not she.  It's just so hard to think of my beautiful body 
as a he, especially when this body finds it so attractive."  Heidi stopped.  She 
could think of nothing else to say.  If Wilson couldn't help her, she would 
have to go and BE Al Borland for the rest of her life.  Her sanity couldn't 
stand much more of her continual identity crisis.  

  Wilson thought it over for several minutes, sitting down at the kitchen table.  
He crossed his slender legs and tugged down his skirt to cover a bit more of 
the leg.  He knew as did all the others how easy it could be to fall into 
becoming the person you resembled.  He had almost run off with Willow's 
body and boyfriend!

  He thought back over the past few hours, and days.  He ruminated over 
every detail his mind could recall of what both Heidi and Al had said to him.

  Finally one small detail popped up in his thoughts.  It wasn't big.  It was 
almost nothing.  But Heidi couldn't have known it.   When told of the 
exchange taking place weeks ago, she had replied, "Al and I weren't here 
when you switched.  How could your switch happen two days ago and 
'ours' two weeks ago and in such different locations?"

  They had mentioned the swap taking place weeks ago but no one had 
mentioned Al's belief that it had occurred while they each had arrived home 
after work when Al's car had crashed, putting him in a coma.  Yet Heidi had 
known a detail no one had mentioned.  A detail so small they had all missed 
it.  He jumped up, and quickly placed a hand on his chest to stop the sudden 
bouncing of his niece's firm young bosoms.  

  "Good Lord!"  He gathered the others and explained the mistake "Heidi" 
had made.  "We almost allowed a great wrong to be done!  Heidi, I hope you 
can forgive us!"  

  Heidi was so grateful, that wasn't even an option.  She forgave them all.  

  They decided to run the machine on those who were here and get Al and 
Heidi swapped as soon after as was possible.  Without telling them why, 
they brought the two teenage bodies downstairs and 'Tim' and 'Jill' said 
"You guys have been punished enough!  Accept from us a hug of 

  They each thought there might be a chance they could bluff it out and Jill 
and Tim would never really know what had happened!'

In the garage Wilson grinned and, in the spirit of Tim "The Toolman" Taylor, 
cried out... More Power!  And flipped the switch as he hugged Willow inside 
his own body.

When they came to, Willow wept for joy!  She was back in her own body!  
Wilson thanked her for the opportunity to be young again for a while, and 
apologized again for scaring her when he had run away, blaming it on the 
indiscretions of youth.  They went into the house and found Brad and 
Jennifer happily examining their bodies.  They told Wilson they were back to 
normal again, and everyone went to check on Brad's parents, who had 
wandered off into the living room.

Tim and Jill were disoriented to say the least to find themselves back inside of 
bodies that were so familiar, yet seemed alien at the same time.  Still, with the 
feelings of being back in the right bodies came a flood of memories that had 
been hidden by their shocked subconscious's.  Jennifer and Brad acted like 
nothing had happened, as they had originally done when the swap first 
occurred, and so Tim and Jill never spoke to anyone of the time when they 
thought they were Brad and Jennifer.  It was too embarrassing.  

  Soon, Tim and Jill found excuses to go to their bedroom and Tim started 
grunting again.  Sure he was a man, a manly man!  That was quite obvious!  
These images in his mind of being Jennifer was the results of his machine - 
simply illusions.  Jill felt so feminine again being in Tim's arms.  The 
delusions of becoming her teenage son Brad were just fantasies - though boy, 
did she like the fantasy of being young and strong!  It was all caused by 
Tim's stupid machine, it had to be, she thought regretfully.  In the future, of 
course, late at night, they would occasionally pretend to be in those youthful 
bodies and engage in wild fantasy sex. 

Brad and Jennifer, and Wilson and Willow had one more thing to take care of 
before they could celebrate, though... Heidi!

Heidi had agreed to meet them at her former home.  She wanted to keep an 
eye on the place in case Al decided to take a 'long vacation' to insure he 
remains in her body forever.  Her worries were groundless, though.  She 
could see the happy couple prepare dinner in the kitchen through the 
windows, and watched as her happy baby was fed and then diapered.  She 
could hear the laughter through the open window as her husband and 
daughter enjoyed life with the imposter in her body.  Tears welled up in her 
eyes as her baby slept cozily in her crib.  She cried as Al and Scott made out 
on the couch as the television played on to unhearing ears.  She could see that 
Scott was truly happy.  Her child was happy.  There was no question of Al's 

  Wilson got out of the car and walked over to Heidi as she sat inside Al's 
car.  The others waited to see if they were needed.  

  "Any thoughts on how to get Heidi... I mean Al, out of there." Wilson 

  "No."  Heidi paused a long time.  

  "And I don't think we should, Wilson... Not because of Al, but for the sake 
of my husband and child.  I can see now that Scott was telling me the truth 
when he said he had never been happier these past few weeks with Al in my 
body.  Oh, I know he doesn't know she is Al, but he still thinks he's better 
off now than when I was there.  And my daughter can't tell the difference 
between us.  You guys could even tell that over the phone.  Even Claire is 
better off with us the way we are now.  Also, there is you and Brad and 
Jennifer and Willow to consider.  What right do I have to ask you to commit 
a crime that could land you in jail - because kidnapping the woman in there 
would be a crime!  We might get caught and end up in prison.  Don't forget, 
what the original Al has done is not against any law." 

  "But what we would do might be."

  Tears rolled down Al's bearded cheeks.  "Who am I, Wilson, to risk taking 
all that happiness away from the two I love the most, my daughter and 
husband?  Scott prefers the new Heidi to the old model.  And Claire prefers 
me as the new Al to the old one.  It's not as if I dislike Claire, you know, I 
admire many things about her.  And I'll have a new job so I won't have to 
see a reminder of all that I lost..."  Heidi broke down and cried long and 

  Finally, the tears stopped.  Wilson asked Heidi if she had decided on the 
next move.  

  "Yes, I have, Wilson."  Don't call me Heidi anymore.  That's Heidi now."  
A hairy arm pointed to the window.  "You can call me Al from now on.  
Thanks for the offer of help, but I think it's time for me to go.  Claire is 
waiting and she must be getting worried about me by now.  Thank the others 
for me, would you please, and tell them I'm sorry to have gotten them, and 
you, out here for nothing.  I'll see you later, OK?"  Wanting to get out of 
there before another flood of tears could start, the new Al Borland started the 
car and drove off.

  Wilson watched the man leave, blinking away tears from his own eyes.  
"We didn't come out here for nothing, my friend.  We were able to see an all 
too rare example of self sacrifice for others.  It's a shame those who loved 
you will never know what you gave up for them."  He went back to the car 
and told the three other people who would understand.  His new friend Al 
deserved at least that much. 



  The next day, Wilson told Tim that the patched up machine was dangerous 
and had caused him and Jill some short term memory loss and so the tool 
man reluctantly arranged to sell it for scrap.

Jennifer and Brad admired each other, and touched their young bodies and 
kissed for joy during their first date after returning to the bodies of their 
youth.  They went to Brad's room and started making out.  Jennifer was no 
longer a virgin but at least she had been spared the pain of having her hymen 
broken, and she could get to the good stuff right away.  Sometimes she had 
the urge to be the penetrator again, though.  Another plus from their 
adventures in Brad's parent's bodies was that Brad had an intimate view of 
what a woman enjoyed during sex and was able to use that knowledge quite 
effectively with Jen!  It was great to be young again!

'Mark' came home with 'Shanna's' kisses on his lips, and he was smiling.  
One day she would make him a nice, ladylike wife he could be proud of. 

Claire was comforting her husband as best as she could.  The poor man had 
another attack of grief, as if he had lost something of great value.  He refused 
to talk about it, but at least it wasn't a problem with her.  He needed her so.   
He buried himself in his new job and wife and made her very proud to be his 
wife.  After a few weeks, Al snapped out of whatever had been troubling him 
and she could sense he was starting to enjoy life again.  

Heidi and her husband were having their usual marathon of sex. Heidi sighed 
with happiness. 'It is so nice to be me!'

Willow joined her boyfriend.  Her Uncle Wilson was wrong to have thought 
about taking over her life, but he was right about her needing a change in her 
life.  Besides, she had a greater understanding of the men in her life now, 
after having been one for a few days. 


The new Heidi worried that Al might try something else to get back into her 
beautiful body.  Thinking it would be safer to get out of town, she 
encouraged her husband to take a job in Chicago where the lovely young 
woman soon got her own TV show to host as an exercise and weight loss 
educator for women on WGN. It was called 'Being Beautiful with Heidi!'


The new Al couldn't stand to watch "Being Beautiful with Heidi" and his 
wife taped it and watched it when he wasn't home. Even though her husband 
had soon become the top salesman for his dental supply company and was 
making $200,000 a year, he occasionally seemed to get upset whenever 
Heidi's name or ToolTime came up.  One day Al looked very startle when 
told he was soon to become a father!  After that, he became very enthused 
with the thought of having a child and Claire was quite surprised with his 
extensive knowledge about the things they would need to get to prepare for 
the baby.  And he breezed through the Lamaze classes. The teacher told her 
that Al was the most insightful father she had ever encountered.  

Tim and Jill never discussed the delusion of being Jennifer and Brad with 
them.  Every once in a while Jill would look at Brad speculatively and say " It 
must be great to be you, a young boy with your life in front of you and a 
pretty girlfriend like Jennifer."

  Brad would grin uneasily. 

  One day Tim and Jill wandered out in their back yard and saw a gorgeous, 
scantily clad young woman with a terrific figure undulating like a 
professional stripper undulate towards them. She was smiling broadly.

  "Hey Ho, Neighbors!" she said, in a sexy yet familiar tone.

  "Wilson?" gasped Tim unbelieving.

  "True, but not in the flesh. I'm just leasing this body from Laura LaLure by 
the month. I am paying her for its use and doing her three shows a night at a 
strip club.  With the tips I get I actually make a profit!  Working the club is 
quite an eye-opening experience, let me tell you!  I also have to make sure to 
keep her boyfriend faithful and interested in this body.  Miss LaLure gets to 
take a vacation at my expense in Hawaii and eat all she wants - she hated 
being on her diet and it doesn't bother me. Also, freedom to - ah - date lonely 
widows. She was tired of being a super-feminine sex object and wanted to 
explore her masculine side. I give her half her salary plus the expenses in 
Hawaii are covered by an account I had set up for her."

  "Of course, The rest of my finances and properties are secured until I get my 
real body back.  I wouldn't want Laura running off with my life savings!"

  "You're joking, right?" asked Jill. 

  "Fraid not neighbor, I wanted to fully explore my feminine side and worked 
on perfecting oriental techniques I had heard about for souls to switch bodies. 
Please don't tell 'my' boyfriend - it would ruin the experiment."

  "Laura honey, could you come back in? Big Joe is ready again!"

  Jill and Tim looked at each other in wonder. 

  "Could you teach us?" they asked with one voice.

I'm going to be a bit busy tonight, neighborino's, but maybe I can show you 
how tomorrow... before Joe gets home!"

The End?


  This story (with the exception of the characters and other material owned by 
the Home-Improvement copyright owners) is owned by Eric, and Caleb 
Jones and is not to be distributed for money nor stored at any pay-to-read 
story site.

*** A Bonus Epilogue *** 

Anne-Mal was kind enough to send us an idea for the story that we both liked 
but weren't able to use in the story.  

We think you will enjoy it anyway and you never know... someday there 
may be a sequel!  In fact she re-worded it as a teaser for a potential sequel for 
us.  Enjoy!

"On the next episode of Body Improvement:

Pamela Lee Anderson, the first tool-time girl, returns for a visit just as Tim 
manages to juggle minds again!

"Tim! What have you done to me?  I'm in YOUR body!" "Well, you see..." 
"Stop looking under your blouse, Tim!"

But when the lawyers get involved!

"What is this!!" "It's a restraining order, you and Pam must stay this way 
until Binford Tools finds out their liability in this case."

How will Tim cope as a father!

"Gee boys, you never wanted to help me around the house before." "Well 
Dad, you never were so interesting before!"  "I need another hug, Dad, I just 
stubbed my toe!"

How will Tim cope as a husband!!

"Jill, what do you mean you don't mind!!!!!" "Well Tim, just think of all the 
money we will save.  And I'm sure Tool Time will be soaring in the ratings 
with you as the Tool-Woman!" "But Jill, won't you miss, well you know... 
Big Tim?  I know I will!" "I don't think either of us will mind, Tim," Jill 
says as she holds up a long, banana shaped object to Tim's face.  "All we 
need is more power!!!"

All in the next Body Improvement II!"

thanks, Anne, for the laughs!

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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