JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English
Alan and Janine were best friends.  As long as they could remember
they had
been together.  They went to the same university, and when they
they shared a house in the city.  Though Alan was out of work, Janine
enough at her new job to support them both.  They shared everything,
considered themselves lucky to have such a wonderful friendship.
seemed perfect...

Except for one thing.  Even though their relationship was purely
platonic, it
did cause problems for Janine when it came to meeting men.  They often
couldn't accept her having a male friend to whom she was so close.
And Alan,
well he just didn't date much.  There was a short time in university
they had sort of blurred the line between friendship and lovers, and
though he wouldn't tell Janine, Alan held on to this.  Janine sensed
and though she loved Alan dearly, and was closer to him than anyone
else in
the world, that part of her life was over.  She hated hurting him, and
though he would never say so, she knew she did.  Her attempts to set
him up
with women had been received coldly, and she didn't know what to do...

                                * * * *

Janine and her new boyfriend Kevin were sitting in the front room of
her and
Alan's place.  Alan was out tonight with a friend from school, and she
that he wouldn't be home until late.  After their movie ended Janine
Kevin began to engage in some heavy petting.  Soon they were on the
half in and half out of their clothes, and they didn't hear the back
unlock.  Alan staggered in.

"Hello...  oops", muttered Alan, who smelled quite like a brewery.  He
drank this much since college.

"What...  Alan!  I thought you were going out tonight!", Janine was
flustered as she pulled her clothes on.

"Alan...  hey, who the hell is he?", Kevin did not seem very pleased.

Alan held out his hand, "Alan's my name...  puleezed to meet you."

"Kevin, don't get the wrong idea...  this is my roommate, Alan,"
Janine was
trying to control the situation.

"Roommate?  Oh, I get it..." Kevin rose, pulling up his jeans and
his jacket.  "Sorry, Janine...  I'm not into that sorta stuff..."

"No, wait, you see...  were only friends", Janine was close to

"Sorry you've got to go, Kevin-boy, I was about to ask you for a
Kevin was teetering back and forth dangerously.

"Good-bye Janine", said Kevin as he slammed the front door behind him.

"Damn!", screamed Janine, "You said you'd be out tonight!"

"Sorry", replied Alan, "I guess I had too much to drink and I came
C'mon, you're better without that jerk anyway."

"I happen to like `that jerk' very much...  Damn it Alan, why won't
you let
me have a life?"

"Ohh...  sorry...  I didn't realize you were planning on fucking that

"I'll ignore that comment...  No, I won't.  Yes, maybe, I was planning
have sex with him..."

Alan looked suddenly very sad.  "How the hell can you fuck these
creeps?  I
thought we were close..."

"Alan, don't you see that we are?  But I still need to be able to have
relationships with other men.  I'm sorry, I don't mean to hurt you,
but I
can't go on living this way.  You have to accept us as friends and let
live my life.  And you need to live yours..."

Alan was close to tears.  "I just thought...  aw fuck it." He
staggered up to
his room, and slammed the door.

"Alan...  wait...", called Janine, but she thought the better of it.
He was
drunk.  Probably best to let him sleep it off.

                                 * * * *

The next morning Alan was very cold.  Janine tried to talk a number of
over breakfast, but Alan only muttered monosyllabic answers.  He
picked up his coffee, took the paper, and sat in the front room.  When
called `goodbye' as she left for work she got no response.

Janine could not keep her mind on work that day.  She sat at her desk,
her mind was elsewhere.  She loved Alan so much...  but that didn't
enough for him.  If only there was some way things could be okay.  She
in her heart that to be his girlfriend would be wrong...  for she
didn't feel
that way for him, and would grow to resent him, destroying their
Before she knew it, it was five o'clock, and she got up and left the

Instead of driving straight home (as she didn't really want to see
Alan right
now) she went to the market section of the city.  She hoped that
through the small shops and stands would take her mind off the problem
hand.  She was looking over some street vendor's jewlery when she
noticed a
new shop, `The Occultist'.  Piqueing her interest, she walked in.

The shop was very dark, and crammed to the point of overflowing with
curios and books.  She was browsing around, and didn't notice the old
behind the counter.

"Hello, mam, may I be of service?" cackled the white-haired old man.

Janine was startled, "What?  Oh...  no thanks, I'm just browsing."

"Very well.  You seem to have something on your mind."

"What?  Oh, yeah...  a friend and I had a fight."

"Oh...  looking for something to help?"

"Not really, it's not like I could buy a magic potion and Poof!
is better."

"You'd be surprised...", the old man said coyly.

"What do you mean?" asked Janine.

"There are things in this world that work beyond the realm of what we
Do you want me to help you?"

What have I got to lose, thought Janine.  "Sure..  I guess"

"Tell me a little of the problem..."

Janine explained her and Alan's story.  The old man listened intently,
scratching his chin and nodding his head.  When he finished his
thought for a
second, and went into the back room.  He came back with a rather ugly
wood carving of a Leprauchan.

"How is that supposed to help?" asked Janine.

"I grants wishes...  not big ones, of course.  You won't get a million
dollars out of this little fellow.  But he can help the harmony of a
situation...  if you wish for it."

Janine felt rather stupid for being taken in by the old man.
Expecting a
ridiculous sum, she asked "How much?"

"Take it home, try it, and if it works pay me how much you think it is
Let me wrap it for you."

Before she knew it, Janine was driving home with this little
Leprauchan, and,
truth be known, feeling a little silly.

                                 * * * *

When she got home, Janine found Alan packing.  "Alan, what are you
she asked.

Alan stopped and looked at her.  "Janine, I love you more than
anything on
this earth...  but I feel we have an impossible situation.  I've made
arrangements to stay with someone else until I can get a place of my
I'm sorry..."

Janine was crying now, "Alan, you're my best friend in the whole
world.  I
don't want to lose you, please stay.  Just a little while longer...
we can
try to work things through."

"I don't know", Alan looked at his friend, "I don't mean to make you
cry, but
it is very hard on me sometimes.  Okay, I'll stay a while longer...  I
want to lose you either."

The two ate dinner, and joked around like old times.  Even though they
sat up
and watched a movie and talked like they usually did, Janine could
feel a
distance between them.  Alan excused himself for bed, and Janine sat
thought.  The package from the old man's store was on the coffee
table, she
had forgotten about it.  She opened it up and looked at the carving.

"Well, little guy, if you can help, please do.  I do wish there was
some way
my friendship with Alan could survive..." She retired for the night.
her bedroom she did not notice the green glow coming from under Alan's

                                 * * * *

Alan woke up early, around seven, planning to go for a run.  Never a
morning person, he fumbled around his room, pulled a pair of track
shorts and
a t-shirt out of his drawer.  Man I feel odd, he thought, I must be
down with something.  He staggered into the bathroom and turned on the
for a shower.  He turned to look at himself in the mirror, but the
steam had
clouded it up.  Just as well, thought Alan, If I look anything like I
feel I
probably don't want to see.  He walked over to the toilet, flipped up
seat, and slipped down the boxer shorts that he had worn to bed...

Janine was awakened by a woman's scream.  That came from the bathroom,
thought, and jumped up to see what was the matter.  She was shocked by
she found.

Standing in the bathroom, wearing only a pair of men's boxer shorts,
was a
blond woman.  She had the looks of a model, an hourglass figure Janine
guessed at 36-24-35, C cup breasts, and stood about 5'9".  She
couldn't weigh
more than 125 lbs., Janine thought.  Long blond hair reached down her
and framed her almost Nordic features.  Wow, thought Janine, if Alan
with this woman things might be getting better.

The mystery woman in the bathroom was close to hyperventilating, "Oh
god...  oh my god...  Janine!  What the hell is happening?"

How does she know my name?, thought Janine.  "Sit down...  and relax"
girl did so.  Janine saw a t-shirt of Alan's on the counter and gave
it to
the girl to put on.  Janine got her a cup of water...  and when she
was calm
asked her a question.  "Okay, you're alright now...  Now, where is
Alan?  And
what is you're name?"

The blond girl stared at Janine for a moment, and then spoke...
don't you get it?  It's me...  I'M Alan..."

Janine stared at the girl for a second, thoughts racing, and then
things got
very confusing...

Janine sat across the kitchen table from the beautiful blond girl.
The clock
said 9:00am.  For the last two hours she had sat and listened to this
stranger talk...  telling her unbelievable things, things that only
her best
friend Alan could have known.  The girl began to cry a couple of
times, and
Janine had comforted her with a tissue.  She repeated her story again,
Janine could still not believe...

"...and when I dropped my shorts to pee, it was...  gone.  That's when
screamed.  Then you came in and found me...  God Janine, you've got to
believe me.  How else could I know all I know?  I don't know what has
happened, but I am Alan." said the girl again and stared at Janine

"But how?  I want to believe you, trust me I do, but it's just so

The girl stared out into space.  Then, overwhelmed with an idea she
got up
and ran to a kitchen drawer.  Grabbing a pen she wrote something on a
of paper, and shoved it in Janine's face, "Here."

"What?", asked Janine, but when she looked at the paper she didn't
need an
answer.  It was Alan's signature, pure and simple.  Only a master
could create such a likeness.  "Alan?"

"What do you think I've been trying to tell you...  do you believe me

"Yes...  how did this happen?"

"If I knew I wouldn't be quite as panicky as I am right now."

"We need to talk to a doctor, or something.  Could it have been
something you

"Janine, look at me...  I've got C-cup breasts, not hives."

"Yeah...  fair enough.  But there has to be a reason for this..."

Alan sunk his head in his hands.  "I'm too exhausted to think right
now...  I
need a bath and a nap."

"That's probably a good idea", said Janine, "I'm calling in sick to
When you wake up we can talk."

"Okay", said Alan, and stifled a laugh, "well, look at it this way, I
think your boyfriend Kevin would have too much of a problem with me
here if he saw me now..."

As Alan started up the stairs a thought entered Janine's head.  At
first she
brushed it away as impossible, but as she thought more about the
incredible happenings it made more sense.  She turned and ran into the
room, and to the figure on the coffee table...

                                 * * * *

Alan ran himself a warm bath, and stared at himself in the mirror.
Wow, he
thought, I'm a babe.  He looked like a model, with long blond hair,
deep blue
eyes, Scandanavian good looks, a 36-24-35 figure with C-cup breasts,
stood at 5'9".  He stepped on the scale, 124lbs.  Hmmn, he thought,
I've been
meaning to drop some weight, but 76lbs.  overnight!

He stepped slowly into the warm bath.  He was still amazed to see the
sleek legs that were his own.  As he soaked in the bath he thought
over that
morning's incredible experiences.  There had to be some rational
Still, as he relaxed in the tub, he was too confused to think of an
explanation right then.  He closed his eyes and felt the warm water
around him.  He grabbed a bar of soap and began to lather himself.

Alan opened his eyes and looked at the delicate hands washing the firm
breasts, and thought, Yeah, they're mine.  The sight of a naked woman
in a
tub turned him on, even if he WAS the woman.  He closed his eyes and
began to
gently massage his breasts, and playing with his nipples.  Wow, Alan
this feels great.  Slowly, without really being aware of it, his one
slid down to his groin...

Wait, he thought, I can't do this.  I have to find out what happened,
not sit
here and frig myself.  But, damn, it feels good...  hey, who'll ever
and when I get changed back into a man I'll know how to please a woman
much more...

His hand touched the soft pubic mound, and one finger probed inside.
body tensed as he slowly began to massage his clit...  he inserted
finger and began to slowly pump himself.  As he sped up his sensations
continued to build, eventually exploding in a crescendo of pleasure
never known before.

He got out of the tub, dried himself, and looked in the mirror.  He
then said
"Wow" aloud to no one in particular as he walked into his bedroom and
asleep on his bed...

                                 * * * *

Alan opened his eyes slightly.  He had had a wonderful dream...  he
laying on a bed of silk lace, and Harrison Ford, dressed as Indiana
had come into the room and kissed him full on the mouth.  They made
love and...

Alan woke up with a start.  He thought, What the hell?  He reached up
to his
chest, and felt the firmness of his two breasts and it all came back
to him.
He looked at his clock -- 2pm.  He had napped for only about three
hours, but
it had seemed much longer.  He figured Janine was downstairs waiting
for him
so he decided to get out of bed.  He looked around for something to
wear, and
decided on a pair of trackpants that had been too small for him for
(they still needed to be rolled up on his new body) and a tshirt.  He
on a baseball cap to keep his hair back, and when that failed, tied it
with an elastic.

As he started down the stairs he thought to himself, What was that
dream all
about?  Just because I have a chick's body is no reason to go queer...
any case he had more pressing issues to discuss.

                                 * * * *

Janine sat on the couch in the front room with an ugly wood carving of
Leprauchan in front of her on the coffee table.  Alan sat in a
recliner, and
looked at her in disbelief.

"So you're saying that is why I am now the way I am?" he asked

"Think about it, Alan, despite how ridiculous it sounds it is the only
that makes sense."

"I don't know..."

"Listen...  the old man told me it could grant wishes to create
harmony in a
situation.  I wished for our friendship to be saved somehow..."

"I still don't get it..."

"Think.  Our problems don't come from our closesness, Hell, you're my
friend in the world.  Our problems are the complications that, well,
sexes create.  How can we be a problem for each other if we are the
same sex.
No guy I would go out with would care if I have a female roommate.  A
one, however..."

"So you think Mr.  Leprauchan there did some plumbing adjustments on
me with
some sort of magic to make me into a woman, thereby saving our
Janine, what if I don't want to be a woman?  I have twenty four years
experience at being a guy, and I don't think I'm quite ready to give
that up.
So just rub his belly, or whatever you do, and wish me back to being a

"I can't.  I've tried already...  it won't work."

"What?  Does it come with a one wish limit?  Or did you waste the
wishes on a new car or some money?"

"No, it doesn't work that way.  I don't know if there is a limit, but
I tried
wishing you back while you slept, and, well, no change."

"Where is the shop where you bought this thing, I'm going down there
now..." Alan was cut short by the doorbell ringing.  "Oh good God, now

Janine looked out the window, "Oh God, it's Kevin."

"I'm outta here..." said Alan as he started to get up.

"No wait," implored Janine, "He would have seen someone in here with
through the window.  He and I don't need any more problems, Alan.
just pretend to be my cousin or something.  There's no way he could
tell.  Please..."

Alan looked at his friend, "Okay, I guess a lot of your problems are
of me anyway.  Just make it short."

Janine answered the door, "Hello, Kevin.  Would you like to come in?"

He was carrying a single rose and a letter, "Hi Janine.  I'm sorry
about the
other night...  I wrote some things down that I hope will make it
better.  I
can't stay long, but I hope you'll read the letter, and maybe go out
with me
again...", he noticed the blond girl on the couch, "Oh, hello, I'm
I didn't know you had company."

Janine, who was taken in by her ex's sentiments, had almost forgotten
was still there.  "Oh, yeah...  Kevin, this is Al...  er, Anna, my
Anna, this is Kevin."

"Hello, Anna," said Kevin.

"Oh, yes, hello," replied Alan without much enthusiasm, "Janine, Cous,
going into the kitchen to start dinner.  Nice to meet you, Calvin."


"Yeah, whatever." Janine shot Alan a cold glance as he left the room.

"Janine, you mean more to me than anything.  I was thinking, I guess I
reacted badly the other night.  I hope you can find it in your heart
to see
me again.  Hey, maybe we could double-date with your cousin.  My buddy
is single..." Kevin smiled sheepishly.

"We'll see", said Janine, "Thanks for the rose.  I'll talk to you

"Bye" said Kevin as he walked out to the car.

Janine was smelling the rose he brought as Alan came back into the
"Lover boy gone?  Good...  now back to the problem at hand.  Where is
shop?" Janine turned to look at Alan with a look he knew all too well,
`please do me a favour' look.  "What...  oh no...  I know what you're
thinking...  no, you are not going to set me up with some friend of

"Please...  only one date, we need to get back on a firm footing.
Then, I
promise, we will go to the shop and straighten this all out..."

Alan ran a hand through his long hair.  "I am going to regret this..."

Alan sat up in bed.  He stared out into space, focusing on nothing in
particular as he thought over the events of the previous few days.
Since he
woke up and found himself in the body of a beautiful woman his life
had taken
a number of bizzare turns.  He had spent countless hours examining the
Leprauchan carving which he and his best friend Janine had assumed was
cause of his change, only to find nothing beyond a simple statue.  He
tried a number of times to wish himself back to his old body with no
And now, here he was, waiting to get ready for a double-date with
Janine, her
boyfriend Kevin, and his friend Paul.

Alan (or Anna, as he was referred to in the presence of Kevin) was not
convinced that the date was a good idea, but Janine had asked and he
had said
yes.  He did feel responsible for her troubles with Kevin, and though
he was
willing to do whatever necessary to help his friend, he couldn't see
how the
date would help.

"Kevin has a lot of insecurity about our relationship," Janine had
told him,
"By going on a date with another couple we will be able to slowly ease
into things.  If we rush, I'm afraid he'll get scared and go away."

Alan still wasn't sold, but he had agreed to do it and he was a man of
word.  Janine had promised to go search out the shop where she had
bought the
mysterious carving the very next day, anyway.  What the hell, thought
one night out as a woman won't kill me, it might be fun.

Though it was only 5, and the guys weren't coming until 8, Janine was
in the
shower.  Alan heard the water stop, and after a few minutes Janine
into his bedroom.  "Ready to get dressed, Anna?..." she asked with a
devillish grin.

                                 * * * *

Alan and Janine were standing in her bedroom.  He had been in here
but this time felt different.  Why shouldn't it, he thought, Janine
and I are
getting ready to go on a date with some guys...  God this is weird.
had laid out some clothes for him...  a pair of faded jeans, a loose
silk blouse, panties, a bra, and a camisole.  Alan stared at the
clothes like
some newly discovered relics of a lost civilization.

"Are the panties and bra necessary?" he asked.

"C'mon silly, what are you going to wear...  boxers?" Janine replied
as she
picked up the clothing and handed it to him.  "Go on and put these on,
call me if you have any problems..."

Alan walked back to his room, put the clothes on his bed, and stared
at them.
Well, he thought, might as well just dive in.

He took off the track pants and t-shirt he had been wearing, and
picked up
the panties, inspecting them.  The were lacy, silky things, unlike
he had ever worn.  He took a breath, and pulled them up his long legs.

Wow, he thought, these things don't feel half bad...  hold on,
remember, you
are a guy, and this is a favour for Janine.  He still couldn't help
the feel of the silky fabric against his soft skin.  Next came the
bra, again
all lace and silk, and after a few tries he was amazed that he got it
Despite the fact he had been in this body for a few days now, this was
first experience he had with a bra.  At least it keeps them from
around so much, he thought.  He then pulled on the camisole (`So no
one can
see your bra', Janine had told him, like no one knew he would be
wearing one
anyway) and smoothed it out over his bra.  Looking in his mirror he
amazed, yet again, at his image.  The girl before him looked like a
Victoria's Secret model.

The jeans fit well, if a bit snugly, and the blouse was a bit filly,
managable.  Alan walked back over to Janine's room and knocked on the
door.  Janine was dressed in a tan skirt, and a sleeveless blue denim
She looked up at him, "Let's get a look at our party girl.  Anna, you
beautiful...  I am jealous."

"Remember it's only temporary," Alan reminded her, "And do you have to
calling me Anna?"

"You don't look much like an Alan to me, and anyway, get used to it so
don't slip up tonight.  Sit down, I'll put some makeup on you."

Janine set Alan, or rather Anna, down at her dressing table and began
to work
on his face.  After a few minutes she stepped back and said,
"Perfect!" She
sprayed Anna with a small amount of perfume and twirled the chair
around for
Anna to see.

Alan stared blankly at the reflection.  Since his change he knew he
was good
looking, but the girl in the mirror was unbelievably beautiful.  The
amount of makeup Janine had used had accented his features perfectly,
made his blue eyes piercing.  "How do you like?" asked Janine.

"Wow," was all he could reply.

"You go downstairs and wait, I've still got to do a few things."

"Yeah," said Alan, half in a daze.

As he walked down to the front room he caught his reflection in the
mirror and stopped.  The girl in the mirror was unquestioningly
36-24-35, C-cup breasts, 5'9", 124lbs., long blond hair framing
features.  I could have fallen in love with this girl, Alan thought,
but now
I am her.  A thought entered his head, but he quickly pushed it

                                 * * * *

"There here" called Janine.  Alan was in the kitchen, and quickly felt
stomach coil up.  Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.
Janine came
into the kitchen, "C'mon!", she whispered.

They walked into the front room, where Kevin and his friend Paul were
waiting.  "Hello Kevin", muttered Alan.

"Oh, hi...  Anna this is my friend Paul."

Paul, looking nervous, extended his hand, "Hello..."

Alan took it, and smiled, "Hello Paul." Gee, Alan thought, he's a
pretty good
looking guy, in an objective way.  Hey, I'm secure in my sexuality, I
can say
when a guy is good looking...  Alan realized he was arguing with his

"Well, shall we go?" asked Janine.  The four put on their coats and
walked to
the car...

                                 * * * *

They went to a pub by the university that Alan had frequented in his
body.  He chuckled to himself when Larry, the bartender, eyed him as
walked to the booth they had selected.  Larry, old boy, he thought, if
only knew...

The four sat and talked about their jobs, school, hobbies, etc.  with
and Kevin carrying the bulk of the conversation.  Alan/Anna carefully
most personal questions, and altered stories from his own life when
necessary.  Paul didn't talk much, and was painfully obvious in his
to make eye contact with Anna.  Honestly, Alan found it cute.

"I need to go to the ladies' room", Janine announced, and looked at
Anna.  Oh
yeah, he thought, women do this in pairs...  "Me, too"

The two got up and went to the ladies' room, new territory for Alan.
down to do #1 was something he had become used to, and then he and
stood fixing their makeup.

"I think he really likes you..." said Janine.

"Well..  that's nice," said Alan as he touched up his lipstick, "I
hope he
doesn't become to attached though, because I do believe Anna has a
date with
destiny tommorow."

"Yeah...  I know.  This is just fun, I mean I've never had a
girlfriend to
whom I was so close...  Oh, well.  You know, Paul could really have
his pick
of women, though, and he seems to have taken a real shine to you..."

Alan didn't respond, but he did find it hard to supress a smile as the
walked back to the table.

The couples continued there evening out with more small talk, Paul
trying to
talk a bit more, and as Alan became more relaxed he too opened up.
Kevin and Paul seemed a bit surprised when the conversation turned to
baseball and Anna seemed to know more about the game than the two of
them put
together.  Alan was having a really good time when a song that Janine
liked came on and she suggested that they all dance.

Alan wasn't quite confident enough to get up, and Kevin was sore from
out the day before, so Paul and Janine went up to dance.  Alan felt a
uncomfortable sitting alone at the table with Janine's beau, and the
conversation was quite strained.

"So, you and Janine are cousins?" asked Kevin, searching for something
talk about.

"Yep," was Alan's only reply.

"Hmmn..." said Kevin, to fill in the empty space, "Your cousin is a
special girl.  I don't quite think I've ever met someone like her
I guess she has told you about our problems."

"A bit..." said Alan, intrigued.

"I feel like a real jerk, honestly.  From what she's told me her
friend Alan
is a really great guy...  I guess I was just being a possesive goof,
you know
how guys can be..."

More than you'd ever imagine, Kevin-boy, Alan thought.  He wondered if
he had
been at all fair to Kevin, he did seem like a nice guy after all.

"I just hope I haven't hurt her friendship with Alan," he continued,
"I don't
think it's fair for me to demand so much of her.  Who knows, maybe he
and I
could become friends...  where has been recently, anyway?"

"Oh...  he is visiting some relatives for a few days..."

"I think when he gets back I'll take him out for a beer and try and
things over...  do you think he'd be okay with that?"

"I think he might..." said Alan.  Gee, who feels like the jerk now, he

Janine and Paul came back to the table.  "So what have you two been
about?" asked Janine.

"Oh, not much," said Alan as he gave a wink to Kevin.

                                 * * * *

The event went off wonderfully, and soon the four were piled back into
Kevin's car for the ride home.  When they pulled into the driveway
Alan could
see that Janine and Kevin would want some time alone.  "Why don't I
take Paul
inside for a quick coffee and you two can...  make sure the car is
properly?" asked Alan with a wink.  The two blushed, but readily

Alan fixed two coffees and sat in the front room.  He and Paul talked
more, and when it looked like Janine and Kevin were finished talking
in the
car Paul stood up to go.

"I'm sorry I wasn't more fun tonight..." he said.

"Oh, you were fine," replied Alan with a smile.

"Really?  Oh, great...  You know, I was thinking...  I don't know...
would you like, or be interested rather...  on going out on another
maybe...  you know, just the two of us...  if not that's okay...  I
understand...  I just..."

Alan cut him off, "I think that'd be okay." Why did I say that?  He
Oh well...  I'll figure something out.

"Really?  Super...  I can reach you here I guess..." Paul stopped
talking and
looked into Anna's eyes.  Oh no, thought Alan, I know what's coming
Well, he was a nice guy all night...

Paul slowly, akwardly, moved closer to Anna.  Their lips touched
pulled apart, then met in a kiss.  Alan, unconsciously, wrapped his
around Paul's neck.  They pulled apart and looked at each other for a
"I'll call, then..." Paul said.

"Okay", said Alan, slightly dazed by the kiss, "I'd like that.

Paul turned and left, passing Janine on her way in.  The two exchanged
goodbyes and Janine entered the house.  She looked very happy.

"Well, girl, what happened?" asked Alan.

"Oh, we talked about a lot of stuff, I think things are going to work
she could barely contain her glee, "And you?  I noticed two figures by
door for some time..."

"Well...  he did pay for my drinks..." said Alan, a bit flustered.

"He's a nice guy, Paul"

"Yeah," replied Alan, somewhat distantly.

"Let's talk..." said Janine and they both got themselves a coffee.
didn't think twice about putting on the nightie Janine lent him, and
the two
sat around the coffee table, talking for hours like two old
Alan didn't realize it at the time, but he had never felt closer to
his best
Alan woke up early, but laid in bed for a while, thinking about the
turns his life had taken lately.  Here he was, with the body of a
woman than
could make a career as a model, laying about in a sexy, silky nightie,
morning after he had gone on a date with a guy, and kissed him
goodnight (not
to mention sort of liking it).  Very, very strange.

He heard Janine in the kitchen downstairs, so he got up, put on the
robe she
had lent him, and went down.  She had breakfast laid out.

"Good morning," she said with a smile.

"Yeah..." mumbled Alan.  It seemed the only thing that hadn't changed
him over the last few days was the fact that he still wasn't a morning

"Kevin called me before you woke up," said Janine while pouring coffee
her friend, "Paul couldn't stop talking about you last night.  So when
you going out again?"

Oh shit, thought Alan, I forgot about that.  Paul seemed like such a
guy, Alan was truly sorry he had led him on.  "Don't you remember we
have an
appointment with a certain occult shopkeeper today?"

"Oh...  yeah," Janine was visibly dissapointed, "I'm sorry, I guess I
got carried away.  It's really fun having a close girlfriend...  I
guess part
of me was sota hoping it could stay this way..."

Hearing Janine's words caused those unwanted thoughts to resurface in
mind, but he quickly pushed them away.  "Janine," he said, "I have
enjoyed these past few days...  they have been really special, and I
we've bonded in a way we never could have before.  But I am a guy
inside, and
I need to be who I really am..."

"Yeah, I guess you're right..." said Janine.  They finished their
without much more conversation.  When finished they got dressed, Alan
in a
pair of Janine's jeans and a white t-shirt.  They drove towards the
section of town, and the little shop where Alan hoped to find some

                                 * * * *

The shop was right where Janine had said it would be.  Janine and Alan
entered the tiny shop and found the old man behind the counter.
ladies, may I help you in any way?"

"Yes, actually," said Janine, "I was in here a few days ago and I
bought a
Leprauchan statue to `harmonize' a relationship..."

"Oh, yes, lassie, I remember you...  so, did the carving work for

"Well, this here is my friend Alan..."

The old man looked at Alan, "My what an odd name for such a beautiful

"You don't understand," said Alan, "Up until a few days ago I WASN'T a
beautiful young lady, in fact I wasn't a lady at all!"

"Ahh...", said the old man as he scratched at his chin, "I see now.  I
have known better than to trust a Leprauchan's magic...  I guess in a
technical way the barriers to your friendship have been removed, eh?"

"Yes," said Janine, "technincally..."

Alan cut in, "But I have a vested interest in my old gender, you see.
I was
a guy for 24 years, and I don't think I can stop just now.  So tell me
-- how
do I change back?  The damn carving won't work anymore..."

"There is no need to get irate, young man..." the old man said.

"I'm sorry, this week has been very stressful..." Alan was close to

"I understand.  The statue the young lady bought contained a type of
Leprauchaun magic that was, while not maliscous, definitely
mischievous.  And
even though it is a very weak magic, to try and turn back the spell
probably be impossible if not dangerous."

"So I'm stuck this way?" Alan asked, exasperated.

"No, not permanently," the old man continued, "There is some good
news.  The
carving has very weak magic, as I've said, and once a wish is used it
time to recharge itself, so to speak.  A fortnight, to be exact."

"That's over a month," Alan said, "Is there no faster way?"

"I'm sorry, but no..." replied the old man.

As they drove home Janine tried to cheer Alan up.  He stared out the
and thought about everything...  "Well, I've made it this far," he
said, "I
guess I can survive a month..."

                                 * * * *

By the time they got home Janine had cheered Alan up considerably.
long they were joking around like old times, and Alan had forgotten
most of
his troubles.  They decided to rent a movie and order in Chinese food.
thing Alan noticed about his situation was his diminished apetite.
Hmmn, he
thought, maybe at least I'll save some money on groceries this month.
He had
finished about half his chow mein, and was feeling quite full, when
the phone

Janine answered it in the kitchen.  After saying `hello' she cupped
her hand
over the phone and whispered to Alan, "It's Paul".

Oh the fun just never stops, does it, Alan thought.  Well...  I am
going to
be in this body for at least another month and a half, it would be
sorta hard
to avoid him all that time...  "I'll take it," he said.

The voice on the other end of the phone had all that nervous
that Alan had associated with Paul, and had found cute, in an
objective way
of course.  "Hello...  Anna?"

"Hello Paul," Alan replied.

"Hi, I was just wondering about what we talked about the other night,
know, about going out again?  Well, I know you like baseball...  I've
got two
tickets for tommorow night's game...  and I was wondering if you..."

Alan mercifully cut him off, "Paul, I'd love to go."

"Oh, Really?  Marvellous..." When Alan finally got off the phone the
two had
talked for over two hours.

"Well, well, I see the phone is free..." Janine said coyly when Alan
finally finished.

"Don't even start..." he warned.

"Oh, come on, Paul is a really nice guy.  So are you two going out on
DATE?" Janine said, placing much emphasis on the word date.

"We're going to the baseball game tomorrow...  okay?  We might as well
be two
guys...  it's a ballgame, alright."

"Okay..." she said, "Alan, I was wondering...  and you don't have to
if you don't want to, but seeing as you're in that body, have you felt
feelings...  that someone in that body might normally feel?"

"You mean am I attracted to guys?  I'm not really sure.  Like Paul,
example, on one hand I think he's really cool, you know, as a friend.
another hand I find myself getting repulsed at the idea of being
around him
as a woman.  And on even another hand I feel what I could best
describe as
attraction to him...  but not how I ever felt as a guy when I liked a
I don't know, all these thoughts are swimming around my head...  it's
confusing sometimes..."

"I'm sorry..." said Janine.

"It's okay," Alan replied, "I never would have guessed it in a million
but I am having a good time.  I do miss being able to pee standing up,

"You pig!" Janine laughed.  The two sat and laughed and talked into

                                 * * * *

Alan agreed to let Janine pick out his outfit for his date with Paul.
Deciding to keep the feel casual she selected a tan floral print sun
and sandals.  Alan was sort of apprehensive about wearing a dress, but
he put it on it felt comfortable, so he agreed.  He decided to wear
his old
faded denim jacket over top, a move which actually got him praise from
for his fashion sense.  He borrowed a brown leather purse from her to
his money in.  Janine did his makeup and hair, and as he stood looking
at his
reflection in the hall mirror he thought he looked pretty darn good.
wondered how Paul would like how he looked...

Paul picked him up at 6:30, giving them time to get to the game by
pitch at 7:30.  Rather than rushing to eat before the game they
decided it
would be best to get a bite and a drink afterwards.  On the drive to
the game
Alan was amazed by how comfortable he felt, and how easy the

Paul was quite the gentleman, buying Alan a pennant, a program, a cap,
almost anything else he could find with the home team's logo on it
until a
blushing Alan told him to stop.  When they went to their seats Alan
amazed.  He had never had seats like this in his life, right at first
six rows up.  When he asked Paul where he got the seats Alan found out
Paul worked for a marketing company that handled a lot of the team's
business.  Hmmn, he thought, pretty impressive...

The game turned out to be a one-sided victory for the home team, and
Alan had
to spend a good five minutes to make Paul stop apologizing for it not
being a
closer game.  They decided to leave the car and walk to a restaurant
near the

The place was busy with the after ballgame crowd, but Paul and Alan
found a
booth near the back that wasn't quite so noisy.  They ordered some
food and two light beers.  Alan was having a really great time.

"You know," said Paul, "I really must admit, and I hope this doesn't
sexist, that I've never known a girl who understands baseball like you
Gee, I'd really like to bring you to the office one day and put all
macho-wannabes who think women are only good for one thing in their

"Why thank you, what a sweet thing to say, I think," Alan was

"You know, Anna, I really think you are a neat person...  lots of fun
to be
around.  When I first saw you, I must admit I was sort of intimidated
by your
looks...  I mean, like, you are very very pretty...  but, I don't
know, I
feel very comfortable around you."

Alan/Anna was truly moved, "Gee...  you're going to give me a big
head.  But
thanks again...  and yes, I feel pretty comfortable around you, too."

As they drove home, they talked baseball, politics, the world -- they
to be able to talk about anything together.  Before they knew it they
were in
front of Anna's.  Paul turned off the ignition.

"I had a really good time tonight," he said, "I hope we can do it

"I think that's a possibility," replied Anna, not even thinking that
would be back to being Alan in only a month and a half.

Paul looked into Anna's eyes, and quickly darted his glance away.  He
back, and Anna nodded her head.  Paul leaned forward, and their lips
met in a
kiss.  They both adjusted themselves in their seats, and Anna brought
her one
arm up and ran her fingers through Paul's hair.  What am I doing?,
Alan/Anna, but he pushed the thought away and enjoyed the moment.
gently pressed his tongue into Anna's mouth, and Anna reciprocated.
mouth tasted totally alien to Alan, but he found it enjoyable.  The
continued kissing as the windows on the car fogged up...  Paul reached
and cupped Anna's still-clothed breast and began to massage it.  Holy
thought Alan, that feels damn good, I'm going to have to watch myself.
kissing for an indeterminable amount of time Anna pulled back, "I
really go..."

Paul looked dissapointed, but said, "Yeah...  I have to work tomorrow.
Can I

Anna laughed, "Of course", and bent over and kissed him once again.
Anna/Alan gathered his colection of baseball momentos and walked to
house, turning to wave goodbye.  When he got inside the door Janine
waiting up for him with a coffee.  "Hmmn...  2 hours and 13 minutes by
watch.  Did the car door locks seize up?"

"Ha ha, very funny," Anna replied.

"Sit down and tell me, did you have a good time?"

Alan thought to himself, This is too weird.  I should feel repulsed by
I've done, shouldn't I? I'm not gay...  but then I do have the body of
woman...  All he knew was that he wanted to share his evening with
and telling it to Janine felt, well, right.

"It was great!  He was a total gentleman.  He bought me this ball, and
the game...

Alan looked at himself in the mirror.  Even now, a month into having
this new
body, he was stunned by the image before him.  The last month was a
whirlwind, Alan had done so many things that he never would have
expected to
experience in a million years.  After the initial shock of the change
settled into a normal routine, well, as normal as one could expect
considering the circumstances.  Janine had been very helpful in every
of his new womanhood, from lending him clothes, to giving him
support, even to guiding him through his first period (definitely an
experience Alan would have never expected to go through).  Even though
had been best friends before since the change their closeness had
taken on
new proportions.  Alan felt like they were sisters...

Still, there was much confusion.  Alan (or Anna rather) had spent a
lot of
time with Paul, either going out with him or the two of them with
Janine and
Kevin.  Anna loved the time she spent with Paul.  They seemed to have
so much
in common, and were just so comfortable together.  And this is what
Alan the confusion...  He had never had any homosexual fantasies while
a man,
so his feelings for Paul were very scary.  He wasn't sure if they were
or if because he was in a woman's body it was only natural.  He wasn't
sure what Paul meant to him...  he was sure that they were friends,
but he
also thought that their feelings went beyond that.  And, yes, there
was a
physical side to their relationship, though it had scarcely gone
beyond first
base...  Alan was sure to see to that.  When he kissed Paul he didn't
like he was kissing a guy, or at least not how he had thought it would
if HE were still a guy...  it felt, well, nice.  Paul was such a
the furthest he had tried to go was touching Anna's breast under her
while making out one night.  Alan couldn't rationalize the feelings he
having, and often he just pushed it all out of his mind.

About two weeks into Alan's strange adventure Janine had mentioned the
possibility of getting a job.  At first he thought it was ridiculous,
Janine did have a point -- despite what sex he was, he was sort of
on the rent and groceries.  Fair enough, he thought.  Janine had been
to a woman she knew who ran a clothing boutique in a mall nearby.  The
boutique was looking for some short term help until one of the regular
salesgirls got back from pregnancy leave.  Alan said, "Fine, but what
do I
know about women's clothing?" Janine had given him a crash course on
everything from corsets to garters, a-line skirts to princess cut
slips to half slips, and everything in between.  He laughed and
figured if he
had amazed people with how much he knew about baseball as Anna, wait
they see how much he knows about lingerie as Alan.

So here he was, getting ready for work.  He had selected a red blazer
black detailing, a black pleated skirt, black hose, and plain black
(yes, he had even mastered heels) from Janine's closet.  He wore a
white lace panty and bra set, a garter belt for the stockings, a white
slip and camisole underneath.  As he straightened his skirt out under
blazer and slipped into his heels he looked into the mirror again.  He
even become adept at doing his own makeup and hair.  He looked like a
from any of the fashion magazines he had been reading lately (for
work, he
told himself, but soon found himself perusing through the articles).
he thought, if I have to be a woman, even for a short time, this is
the way
to go.  He went downstairs, liking the feeling of his short pleated
skirt as
he walked, and had Janine drive him to work.

                                 * * * *

The job was quite easy, actually.  There was a lot of folding and
but it was a small boutique without too much space.  The clientele was
upscale than the other stores in the mall, and Anna found them to be
generally quite friendly.  After her first few shifts, where she was a
reserved, she opened up considerably, and now the customers often came
to her
for advice on fashion.  The job paid a base wage and commision.  Alan
have never guessed he'd be a woman's clothing salesman (well,
saleswoman, he
reminded himself), but his paycheck was becoming increasingly
every week.  Mrs.  Ste.  Germain, the boutique owner, seemed to like
Anna and
was very friendly.  Alan found himself becoming friends with his
espescially Neriah, a beautiful mullato girl from the university.  She
very funny, and also a good source of advice on Anna's relationship

Anna was scheduled to work until 9, and it was about 8:30 and rather
so she and Neriah decided to start closing up.  Anna turned around to
Neriah's scream of "Oh my god!" and saw her running up to a woman
carrying a
newborn.  "Anna, come here, there's someone I want you to meet..." she

"Anna, this is Audrey, she's who you are filling in for...  and this

"Peter," said the woman who was Audrey, gesturing to the infant in her
"I'm sorry, I'd shake your hand, but mine are rather full..."

"Why hello," said Anna, "And aren't you a handsome little guy." The
seemed to taken an instant liking to Anna, smiling and laughing.

"Let me hold him," Neriah asked.  Audrey handed her the baby.  "So,
when are
you done preg leave?"

"Well, that's sort of why I'm here..." Audrey replied, "John got a
at work, so we don't really need the money.  And I would rather spend
time with Peter...  I just don't want to leave Mrs.  Ste.  Germain

"Well, we do have Anna here," Neriah said with a smile, "And she's
away your old sales records anyway..." She laughed.

"Oh, I thought you were only available until the end of the month..."

"Yeah, unfortunately," Anna replied.

"Well, I'm sure we'll work something out," Neriah cut in, "Here Anna,
the baby."

"I don't know..."

"Oh come on, he won't bite..."

"Yeah, I just fed him," Audrey added with a chuckle.

"Well..." Neriah handed Anna the baby.  Rather than feeling akward, it
rather nice.  Alan felt a warm feeling all over as he held the child.
Catching his image in the mirror -- woman and child -- he felt all
and emotional.  "He's such a beautiful baby..."

Anna handed the baby back to Audrey, and the three women stood talking
babies, birth, and life.  Anna still felt a strange emotion over
her...  it
was not unpleasant, but totally alien.  Audrey eventually had to
leave, and
Anna and Neriah went about closing the shop.  Anna turned as she heard
call her, "Your man's here..."

Anna turned to see Paul.  "Hello, Neriah...  how are you?" he asked as
came into the boutique.

"Fine, Mr.  Paul," Neriah said with a smile, "Here to pick up your
love goddess?"

Paul blushed.  "Well, Anna, I talked to Janine and she said she was
coming to
pick you up so I offered...  I hope it's okay."

Anna walked over and kissed him on the cheek, "Of course, thanks.  Do
want to go for a drink after?"

Paul smiled, "I was hoping..."

"Okay," smiled Anna, still feeling that strange emotion, but it had
taken a
definite change when she saw Paul, "Neriah and I will just lock up

Paul went out to sit in the mall, and wait for Anna.  Neriah was
coyly at Anna.  "Ouch, he is one good looking piece of meat..." she
said with
a smile.

"Yeah," said Anna, distantly.

"So, sister, how is he?"

"At what?"

"At what?  The big what...  you know, between the sheets..." she said
with a

Anna blushed, "Oh..  we...  ah..."

"You haven't!  Girl, you must be some sort of master at self-control!"

"Yeah..." said Anna, as Neriah went about locking the boutique doors,
and she
herself stood looking at the man waiting for her in the mall.

                                 * * * *

Paul and Anna went out and had a drink at a nice little bar they had
discovered.  They sat and talked to about eleven thirty, when Anna
said she
should be going.  As they drove home Paul nervously mentioned driving
by the
beach and Anna agreed.  They pulled into a darkened parking lot by the
and Paul turned off the ignition.  Soon they were into their nightly
of kissing.

Anna ran her fingernails lightly over Paul's chest as their tongues
Paul slowly undid the buttons of Anna's blazer, and began to massage
breasts.  They both adjusted their positions to face one another more
Anna slipped her blazer off, discarding it in the back seat, and
pulled off
her camisole.  Paul reached around and undid her bra, and she
discarded it,
too.  Paul and Anna stared into one another's eyes...  and met again
in a
kiss.  Paul leaned forward and began to kiss Anna's nipples.  Alan
tried to
figure out the implications of what was happening, but all thoughts
pushed away by the wave of pleasure he was riding.

Paul soon had his hand gently on Anna's thigh.  He massaged upward,
under her
skirt.  Anna parted her legs slightly, to give him further access.
Soon she
felt him working his hand into her panty...  and touching the lips of
vagina.  Anna sat back, eyes closed, as Paul manipulated her sex.
Slowly he
placed a finger in her vagina, and massaged her clit.  Anna's
breathing had
taken on a new, urgent, pace.  Alan was very confused...  a man was
him to climax, that shouldn't be right.  His thoughts were again
pushed away,
this time by a series of small, but pleasurable orgasms.  He opened
his eyes,
looked at Paul, and they met in a kiss again.

Alan was very confused by now.  Nothing seemed right, yet everything
They continued kissing, and Alan let go, deciding to see what would
As they kissed, Anna reached down to Paul's leg, feeling the
impressive shape
there.  She undid his pants, and he slid them down to make for easier
Alan looked down, and could not believe that the small, delicate hand
manipulating Paul's penis was his own.  He tried to think that there
was some
force driving him, but no, this was his action.  The two continued to
kiss as
Anna gently stroked Paul's manhood, and once again Alan looked down.
He was
torn by a torrent of emotion, but eventually lowered his head to
groin.  Anna kissed the head of the penis, and licked the shaft
Paul shuddered slightly as Anna took his member into her mouth.
Alan's mind
was beyond thinking...  he couldn't concentrate on anything.  Anna
moved her mouth over the shaft, slowly at first, and then building
With her one hand she felt Paul's scrotum.  "Honey...", Paul said, but
knew it was too late...  he felt Paul's scrotum tighten, and then
spasm as he
released.  Alan found it odd that the only thing going through his
mind was
that it didn't taste anything like he thought it would.

"I'm sorry, I just lost control...", Paul was pleading.

"It's okay," Anna said, her mind completely elsewhere, "I think I

"Alright", said Paul.  They both got dressed and he started the car.

                                 * * * *

During the drive home they didn't say a word.  Paul pulled up in front
Anna's, and as she went to open the car door he stopped her.

"Wait...", he said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do anything to offend

Anna looked at him, close to tears, "I know...  I know...  trust me,
it's not
you...  I just need time to think...  I just don't know anymore."

"Please, Anna," Paul pleaded.  "I don't want to lose you..."

"You're so nice," said Anna as tears began streaming down her cheeks,
is so unfair for you...  It's not you Paul...  I'm just very
I've got to go." She got up and went into the house.  She called for
but remembered that she and Kevin were out tonight.  As she walked
past the
kitchen she saw the calendar with a date, two weeks from tonight,
circled in
red.  She knew all to well what day that was, the day when the statue
be recharged enough to wish herself back to being a man.  When she saw
calendar she began crying again, very heavily.  She ran upstairs to
bedroom, and fell asleep crying, her mind racing with so many

Alan laid in bed, staring at the ceiling.  He had been doing a lot of
during the last ten days, since he ran out on Paul.  He had still
showed up
for work at the boutique, but went about his duties mechanically,
to the world around him.  Neriah wondered what was wrong with Anna,
though she guessed it had something to do with Paul she thought it
best not
to ask.  Paul had called a number of times, and Alan had Janine come
up with
an endless stream of excuses to why Anna couldn't come to the phone.
had tried to ask Janine what was wrong, but she honestly didn't know.

Alan knew Anna had to be at the boutique by 5, and now it was already
3 in
the afternoon.  He got up, had a shower, and got ready for work.
Today was
his last day, and he looked forward to it with a mixture of relief and
regret.  He put on a white blouse and a navy skirt, fixed his hair and
makeup, and asked Janine to drive him to the mall.

As they were pulling up to the mall entrance Janine turned to Alan.
"We have
to talk...  I need to know what's wrong.  Alan, please don't shut me

"I'm sorry..." he responded, "I'm just very confused lately."

"Well, I hope you know I'm always here for you."

"Thanks...", he said as they embraced in a hug, "You really are the
friend a person could have."

Alan got out of the car, and walked into the mall for his last day of

                                 * * * *

As the shift neared an end Neriah tried to coax Anna into coming out
for a
drink, for her last day of work.  Anna declined, but Neriah persisted.
Finally Anna agreed to have a quick one, and called Janine to tell her
would be driving her home.

They went to a bar not far from the mall, and each had a drink and
made small
talk.  Neriah finally decided to breach the subject of Paul.

"Anna, I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds, but you have been really
out of
it lately.  I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with

Alan looked at the mulatto girl, and thought how pretty she was.  I
have been attracted to her before, he thought, or am I even now?  I
don't know.  "Thanks for your concern, Neriah...  its a number of
things, not
just Paul."

"Did he do something?"

"No, he is a complete gentleman.  I don't know of any man nicer on the

"So...  what is the problem?"

"Its just the situation, I guess..."

"Anna, I don't know what the situation is, but may mother always told
me that
no sacrifice is too great for love.  If you really care for Paul damn

Neriah's words seemed to resound around Anna's mind all the way home.
As she
was getting out of the car Neriah looked at her, "Remember, don't be a
stranger...  and I think Mrs.  Ste.  Germain will always have a job
for you.  And about what I said before, it is the truth."

Alan looked at his friend, "Thanks, Neriah.  Goodbye..."

                                 * * * *

Janine was waiting for Alan when he got in.  "What's going on?"

"Janine, my life has just been changing too quickly...  I don't know
side is up anymore..."

"Do you want to talk?"

Alan thought about it for a second.  "Yeah, I guess I do."


"Ever since the, well, change, so much has happened..."

"And you've dealt with it very bravely, I think..."

"But in any case, it has caused me much confusion.  You and I, for
Before I thought we were close, but compare that to how close we are
now and
it was like we didn't even know each other.  And then there's Paul.
Oh, I
don't want to hurt him Janine, but you have to know things just can't

"Can't they?"

Alan reflected for a minute.  "I don't think so.  My feelings for Paul
probably what has caused me the most concern.  Janine, I've never had
a gay
thought in my life, but here I am feeling very deeply for another

"But, considering your current body status, I don't think responding
to him
could be considered gay..."

"I don't know.  I like to think that my mind hasn't changed, but I
think just
may have...  I've thought about it a lot.  When I think of Paul I
don't feel
gay, it feels normal.  I think there is a bond between us that defies
but how will I deal with that when I'm male again?  And I don't want
to cause
him any more hurt...  so I guess I'll just stay away from him until
time is

"Don't you think you owe him an explanation?"

"It's just too hard..."

Alan sat for a while longer, looked at the Leprauchan statue on the
and went to bed.

                                 * * * *

Alan spent the better part of the next three days laying about,
waiting for
the inevitable.  The night before the Leprauchan would be
Janine went over to Kevin's, leaving Alan alone to contemplate his
Alan actually worked up enough energy to have a shower, and even did
his hair
and put on some makeup.  He went into Janine's closet and put on a
deep red
nightie that went to his knees, and wrapped the matching robe overtop.
Standing, looking at his reflection in the hall mirror he thought he
crazy.  Just like a woman, I get dressed up to raise my spirits.  Do I
how I look?

He cuddled up on the couch and watched some television, not really
much attention.  Occasionally he'd steal a glance at the Leprauchan,
quickly look away, not wanting to think.  He was drifting away in
again when the sound of the doorbell almost made him jump off the
Looking out the front window he recognized who it was...  Paul.

Alan hesitantly answered the door, "Hello.  Do you want to come in?"

"If I might...  I won't be long, I promise", Paul replied.

They sat down, Paul on the recliner and Anna on the couch, and Paul
began to
speak.  "Anna, I don't know what happened, but I really need to talk
to you.
I've been going over it again and again in my mind...  and whatever I
have done to offend you, please believe me, it was never my

"Paul, I..."

"No, let me finish.  Anna, I've never met anyone like you in my
life...  I
feel closer to you than any person I've ever known.  It's not because
you are
so beautiful...  really, that's not the case.  You shine with an inner
far greater than what's on the outside...  Anna, the last two weeks
have been
hell.  I don't go a minute of the day without wondering what went
wrong, or
wondering if you're okay.  I don't know quite how to say this...  I'll
say it then -- Anna, I think I'm in love with you...  no...  I am in
with you.  I hope we can at least try to pick up where we were...
please?  I
do love you..."

Alan stared out at Paul, on the verge of tears.  "Paul...  I love you,
I'm just afraid I might have to go away, and I didn't want to get too
attached..." Anna started crying.  Paul got up and took her in his

"There...  come on...  we can only live in the moment, and not worry
tomorrow.  And right now, I know I love you more than anything..."

Anna looked up at him, and he wiped the tears from her eyes.  Their
eyes met,
and she opened her mouth to kiss him.  They embraced, their tongues
meeting...  Alan didn't feel any pangs of regret, or guilt.  As he
Paul, he felt only joy.

Anna broke the kiss, and stared at Paul for a second.  She then took
hand, and led him up the stairs.  They paused at the doorway to Alan's
bedroom, shared a gentle kiss, and went inside.

                                 * * * *

They stood facing each other in the darkened room.  As they kissed
slowly, cautiously, undressed each other.  Anna undid Paul's shirt,
pulled his pants down around his ankles.  She then slipped off her
robe, and
Paul lifted her nightie over her head.  Paul stepped out of his pants
pulled off his boxer shorts.  They stood, naked, and embraced again
with a

Paul's hands caressed Anna's soft, feminine form, massaging her
breasts and
exploring her curves.  Anna reached down and began to touch Paul's
penis, lightly caressing it to arousal.  While sharing a kiss Paul
Anna up, and onto the bed.

They kissed some more, while Anna continued to manipulate Paul's
member, now
very hard, and Paul used his hands to caress Anna's nipples and
between her thighs.  He kissed down her neck, to her breasts, where he
and sucked on her nipples.  Anna felt a warmth of arousal in her sex,
and as
the two began kissing again looked Paul deep in the eyes.

Alan reflected on what was happening...  he did not feel shame, or
guilt, or
regret.  He felt only warmth and love for Paul.  He realized that with
he was happy, and this new, female body allowed him that.  It did not
what he thought was right, the only thing that mattered was what felt
Alan knew the ramifications of continuing, that his life would forever
changed, but he also knew that Neriah was right, any sacrifice was
worth the
price of love.  He was completely sure at that moment that he loved
body and soul.

"Is this okay?" Paul asked, looking into Anna's eyes.

"Yes," she replied in a whisper, and parted her legs.

Paul probed the outside of her vagina teasingly, and then slowly
himself.  Anna let out a small whimper as Paul gently thrust the
fullness of
his manhood inside her.  His strokes were slow, but firm, loving in
intensity, caring in their tempo.  Anna relaxed her head back and held
on to
the headboard as Paul worked in her.  His thrusts built in tempo, and
tightened her grip with her vaginal muscles.  She suddenly felt a
within herself, slowly but powerfully echoing through her every nerve
She let out a small sigh as a powerful orgasm shook through her body,
followed by another, and finally a softer aftershock.  Her body was
electricity, pleasure at every point.  "I love you Paul..." she said,

As she was saying this she felt Paul tense, and his scrotum spasm as
it shot
his seed deep into her.  The sensation, so unlike any other she had
experienced, caused another round of small orgasms to shoot through
her.  The
lovers collapsed in each other's arms, gently kissed, and then stared
each other's eyes, not needing to speak.  Anna fell asleep against
chest, listening to his heartbeat.

Later, in the night, Anna woke in the darkness and thought.  She truly
Anna now, making love to Paul had completely freed that part of her
personality.  She was still Alan, but had evolved into a new person.
Everything that she had known and loved was still there, she had just
a new dimension of herself.  She fell asleep again in Paul's arms.

                                 * * * *

Anna was up, making breakfast in the kitchen when Janine and Kevin
showed up.
Janine was visibly confused by finding Anna and not Alan in the house.
"Anna?  I thought Alan was coming back today?" she asked.

"Oh," said Anna, "He called.  He has decided to travel for awhile,
out different cultures, and try to find himself.  He is sorry for any
inconvenience, and will mail a month's rent as soon as he earns it.
He also
says he hopes things work out between you and Kevin, he thinks he is a
nice guy..."

"Hmmn..." said Janine, looking at Anna coyly, "I guess this means
you'll be
staying awhile?"

"If you don't mind," replied Anna, smiling, "I figure you could use
some help
with the rent, anyway."

"Well, I'm famished," said Kevin, "Mind if I join you for breakfast...
like you have more than enough for one..."

"Well I..."

"Oh hello," said Paul as he entered from the hall, "I didn't hear you

Janine and Kevin gave each other knowing glances, and Paul blushed as
went about making more food.  The four shared breakfast, laughing and
if it had always been that way.

                                 * * * *

Later, after the guys had gone, Janine asked Anna why she had decided
to do
what she did.

"Well, I guess I realized that Anna was as much a part of me as Alan
was, and
it had always been that way.  It was just the right time to be Anna.
hey, if it doesn't work out, I could always change back later..."

"Do you think you'll want to?" asked Janine.

"One can never say, but I do know this...  at this moment I am truly
I have great friends, and I am in love.  It would take a lot to make
me give
this up."

The two friends then hugged one another, and both knew they had never

                                 * * * *

As it turned out Mrs.  Ste.  Germain didn't fill the position and
hired Anna
back on full time.  Neriah was happy to see her friend back at work,
and more
so back happy.  Janine and Kevin decided to get married, with Paul
acting as
Best Man and Anna as Bridesmaid.  No one was too shocked when Anna and
announced their intentions to marry not long after.  Their wedding was
storybook perfect, and everyone commented on how beautiful the bride
Anna soon was pregnant with Paul's child, and when their child was
born there
love only intensefied.  She had long forgotten about the Leprauchan
though she never forgot the magic it brought to her life.


JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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