JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину
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Transgender / Transformation stories in English
        Furious, Josh wanted to lash out, to kick the chair next to him
or do something that would let out his anger.  Instead, he forced
himself to stand still, glaring at his Mom.  Here he was 15 years old,
and still treated like a little kid. It just made him furious. He had
been planning on going to a party with a couple friends this weekend,
but now he was told he couldnТt go.  What made Josh the most angry was
that just a couple days earlier, she had said that it was just fine. Now
she was saying that he couldnТt go.

        "But Mom," Josh protested, trying to force his voice to stay
calm, knowing that getting angry at his Mom wouldnТt help any, "Just
last Saturday you said it was fine to go."

        "I said no such thing."  She snapped out, obviously angry as
well. "You are not to go to that party, and thats that."  Josh just
glared at her, hating her at the moment for doing this to him. He wanted
to argue more, but knew by the tone of her voice that her mind was made
up. That there was no way she was about to let him go.  Turning around,
Josh hurried out the door, wanting to get as far away from his house as
he could until he could cool off.

        He thought that maybe after things had cooled off a little that
he might try talking to his Dad, but suspected that wouldnТt have any
effect either since his Dad always deferred to his Mom in things like 
this.  He still couldnТt believe that sheТd forgotten about saying he 
could go.  That was just so, unfair. Especially since his sister Melissa 
got to go to parties with her friends. Sure, she was two years older 
than him, but their age difference wasnТt much that it should be a big 
deal.  Josh had a few unpleasant thoughts about Melissa, as if she were 
to blame for his situation, but he knew that wasnТt fair. It wasnТt her 
fault that their Mom changed her mind.

        Looking back over his shoulder, Josh gave a final glare towards
his house, thinking that maybe finding a game of basketball at the park
would help him blow off some steam.  Having made his mind up, Josh kept 
walking, now having a destination in mind. Sighing, he tried to take his 
mind off of  his problems, thinking instead about big Seniors Prom at 
school the next night.  Everyone at school had been talking about it, as 
if he didnТt hear enough about it from  Melissa.  Unfortunately, as a 
freshman, Josh wasnТt invited. Shrugging, he hoped that Melissa at least 
had a fun time

        The next day, Josh sat through school all day, so sick of
hearing about the Prom that night that he thought he was going to be
sick.  Josh only shook his head, wondering just what the big deal was
for a party that only the seniors could go to.  He thought that it was
just a waste, and wished people would shut up about it.  He could
understand the seniors being excited, but the rest of the school only
left him confused. Trying to ignore the talk, Josh thought that he
couldnТt wait until the next day when it would all be over, and things
would be back to normal.

        Josh was relieved when school was finally over and he was free
to go back home.  As he ran through the front door, he noticed with
relief that his Mom wasn't home. He still wasn't happy with her about
their arguement the day before, and he certainly didn't want to deal
with her right then.  Going into the kitchen, Josh frowned at the plate
of leftovers his Mom had left for dinner.  Wincing a little, Josh
thought that he would prefer to have her back right about then instead
of working late again.  He'd even put up with her patronizing attitude
gladly, just so long as he could have something decent for dinner. 
Sighing, he put the plate in the microwave, too hungry to not eat what 
was available.

        Wincing, Josh looked up from his dinner to see Melissa running
past him, humming to herself.  He shrugged thinking that she was in way
too good a mood, but didn't feel quite like doing anything right then to
ruin it.  As he watched his sister heading to her bedroom, Josh thought 
that he was actually kind of lucky compared to some of his friends. Most
of his friends who had sisters didn't get along real well with them,
while Josh was still on good terms with Melissa.  Absently he thought
about back when they were both kids, and how close they'd been, before
time and puberty pulled them apart.  Sighing, he thought that sometimes
he missed those days.

        Josh looked up from his dinner again as Melissa came up to him,
holding a cream colored dress proudly in front of her.  "What do you
think?" she asked him excitedly.

	Not wanting to hurt her feelings, though he was tempted to say
something rude, Josh told her that she'd look nice in it, making her 
beam back.  "Nice dress, Sis."  Josh added as Melissa started walking 
back to her bedroom.  Smiling to himself about Melissa's excitement, he 
thought that it was almost as bad as when she brought the dress home the 
week before, after an all day shopping trip with Mom.  

        Looking towards where she'd disapeared, Josh couldn't help but
feel a little jealous of Melissa.  She got to go to party's while he
wasn't allowed to.  And Mom was always finding ways to spend time with
her, doing the mother daughter bonding thing, even spending lots of
money on Melissa.  And while this was going on, Josh was left home alone
since his Dad was often away, and was usually rather distant when he was
there.  Feeling a little guilty over his being jealous, Josh instead 
hoped that his sister would have a good time.

        After finishing up eating, Josh tossed his empty plate into the
sink and headed towards his room, stopping for a second outside
Melissa's door and chuckling to himself as he heard her singing along
with the radio inside.  Shaking his head, he continued on to his room,
knowing that Melissa was probably starting to get ready for her prom
date. Sitting himself comfortably on his bed, Josh plugged in a video
game, promising himself that he was going to make it to the next level.

        Josh was intent on his game, trying to get to the end of the
level. After he'd been playing for 15 minutes, Josh suddenly heard a
scream coming out of Melissa's room, then an "Oh God, NO!!" in her
voice. Without hitting pause, he dropped his control, racing out his
bedroom door, horribly afraid that something had happened to his sister.

        Josh burst into Melissa's room, half expecting to see her lying
on the floor dying or something equally horrible, but instead, he saw
her standing in front of her closet, dressed only in her bra and
panties, crying into her hands.  Nervoulsy, Josh scanned her room for
any signs of what caused her to scream out.  Then, trying to force
himself to calm down, realizing that nothing seemed to be wrong, he
turned to face Melissa, a little emberassed to be seeing his sister in
that state of undress.  "What the hell happened?"  Josh demanded, hoping
that his heart would stop racing, "Your screaming nearly gave me a heart

        Melissa looked up at him, and Josh saw that she was crying, and
had a look shock on her face.  He noted absently that she had some kind
of metal neckelace on, which stuck out against her lingerie.  He also
noticed that several pieces of clothing were scattered around her feet, 
though didn't think much of it.  "Well,"  he repeated, "what made you 

        "God, I'm sorry."  Melissa said, sniffing, then turning to stare
at herself in a mirror, which Josh found odd.  "I couldn't help it. God,
I..."  Melissa started to say, then started crying again.  With a sudden 
burst of anger, she tore the neckelace from around her throat, throwing 
it violently against her far bedroom wall, startling Josh.  He stared at 
her, knowing that something was wrong, but not seeing anything.  

        Josh stayed for several minutes, watching Melissa, hoping that
she'd be all right.  He had no idea what was wrong, but he couldn't help
but feeling bad that Melissa was crying like this.  Going over to her,
he gave her a hug, hoping that it would be some comfort.  He thought
that it was a little odd for him to be having to offer her comfort since
she was the older sister, but he knew that she seemed to need it,
especially the way she wrapped her arms around him back.

        Patiently, Josh waited for her to calm down, hoping that she'd
be able to tell him what was wrong.  She stopped crying after several
more minutes, and pulled herself away from Josh.  He noticed as she did
so that something was defenitely odd.  Though Josh felt uncomfortable
seeing Melissa in just her bra and panties, he couldn't help but 
noticing that her bra looked to large for her, maybe by two sizes, when 
he was sure that it had fit her fine when he'd come in.  Feeling 
nervous, he stepped back realizing something else as well.  Normally he 
was about the same size as Melissa, but he was lookind down just a 
little to see into her eyes, as if he'd grown several inches.  Or, he 
realized in horror, as if she'd shrunk.  Gulping, he stared into her 
tear covered face, feeling his stomach turn.  Melissa didn't look the 
same.  She looked close to 14 than to 17.

        Melissa was looking back at Josh, and seemed to notice the
realization in his face as he stared at her, mouth agape.  "What the
hell?" Josh managed to stammer out.  He knew that he must be imagining
things. Something like this happening just wasn't possible. But as if to
deny his protests, Melissa only seemed to get smaller.

        "You see."  Melissa asked quietly, "I can't go out tonight."
All Josh could do was continue to stare at her, noticing that Melissa
didn't seem surprised that she was shrinking.  It was with a mixture of
fascination and horror that he continued to watch her slowly continue
shrinking, and beginning to look even younger.

        "How..."  Josh started to ask, but then stopped, not sure what
the right question to ask was.  How was this happening?  Why was this
happening?  And also, what exactly was happening?

        Melissa looked down, apparently noticing that her oversized bra
was threatening to slip off of her body, so went and slipped a now
oversized T Shirt on.  Josh gulped, looking at what now appeared to be a
12 year old, who was still slowly getting smaller.  Unsure what was
happening, Josh nervously sat down on Melissa's bed, and after
hesitating a second, she came over and sat down next to him.

        "It's that stupid neckelace."  Melissa said, surprising Josh
with how childish her voice sounded.  He couldn't help but be amazed at
how small she seemed next to him, and almost missed her next words as
she started to explain. "I found that neckelace last week."  Melissa
said quietly, a tear coming down her cheek.  "And Saturday, while Mom
was out at work..."  Josh was a little confused, not remembering his Mom
having gone to work at all, at least while he'd been home that day. "..I
accidentally found out about the necklaces magic."  Melissa smoothly 
continued, then coking a little at this poing.  

        Josh shook his head, noticing that not only did Melissa now look
like she was 10 years old, but her normal brown hair had lightened quite
a bit and she was looking a little different, besides just the age.
Gulping, Josh forced himself to pay attention to Melissa, knowing that 
she was explaining what was going on.  "I was folding the laundry."  she 
said, idly fingering the sides of her now too large panties, "and I 
found out about the necklaces magic.  It changed me.   It made me look 
just like Mom."  Josh was surprised to hear this, and would have laughed 
at it, but the 9 year old girl in front of him didn't leave him that 
option.  "I was scared at first, but I didn't seem hurt, so I got 
dressed in some of Mom's clothes.  Then you came home and thought I 
actually was Mom."  Melissa stopped, staring down at her feet. 

        Josh felt his stomach turning a little.  No wonder Mom had
changed her mind about the party, then said she'd never agreed. She
hadn't said he could go, Melissa had.

        "I'm sorry"  Melissa said, staring at Josh, now looking 8 years
old, and not at all like she did in her old pictures.  She did look
familiar though, and after several seconds thinking about it, Josh
gasped, realizing that his sister was looking a lot like his 7 year old
cousin Brandy.  "I didn't mean to get you in trouble."  Melissa
muttered. "I didn't think Mom would mind since it wasn't a big deal. And
besides, it was kind of strange to have you think I was Mom."

        Josh nervously reached over, and touched Melissa's hand, seeing
that she now looked just like Brandy, but still seemed to be changing a
little.  He was surprised at how small her hand felt in his as he held 
it.  He felt a shiver run through him as he thought about just how 
strange this was. That this little girl next to him was actually his big 
sister.  "What happened?"  Josh asked, realizing that this must be 
reversable since she hadn't been stuck as Mom.

        "Well," Josh heard her saying in a little girls voice, "After
everyone was gone, I found out I could change back."   Josh thought
about this for a second then asked her why she didn't just change back
now then. "Because I can't"  she cried out, tears coming again. "It
needs to wait 12 hours before it can change me again." Josh gasped,
staring at her. "I experimented a little with it after that."  Melissa
explained sadly.  

        "But why turn yourself like this?"  Josh asked, feeling

        Melissa gave him a bit of a glare, then sighed, saying that it
was an accident. "I was going to make my breasts bigger."  she admitted,
sounding emberassed and pointing to a bra on the floor in front of the 
closet.  "I had it hid in the closet, and when I went to pull it out, I 
accidentally knocked Brandy's coat off of the shelf."  She pointed the 
coat on the floor, next to the bra.  "It hit the necklace, and made me 
start changing."  Josh still stared at Melissa, seeing that she seemed 
to have stopped changing, but now looked just like Brandy, but a 6 year 
old Brandy instead of the 7 and a half year old she was.  Try as he 
might, Josh still wasn't sure what to think of this.  He noticed that 
Melissa had said clothes and the necklace caused the changes, and 
realized that the reason Melissa looked like a 6 year old Brandy must be 
because the coat in the closet had been in their for some time. Outgrown
by Brandy, but having been left over here accidentally a year earlier
when Brandy had stayed the night.

        "So you can change back in 12 hours?"  Josh asked, feeling
relieved. He hated to think that his sister would be stuck as a little
girl again. When she nodded, Josh sighed, saying "Then we only need to
wait till tomorrow morning and you can change back."

        "I know"  Melissa cried, "But I'll miss the prom."  Josh felt
sorry for her, seeing the tears in her eyes.  He knew just how much
she'd been looking forward to this too.  Josh told her that he was
sorry, but at least it wasn't permenant.

        Josh pulled a now very small Melissa into his arms, hugging her
since he knew that she needed some kind of comfort. Normally he'd be too
emberassed to hug his sister, but now that she was a little girl, it 
was't the same.  He'd only hugged her earlier because of how scared 
she'd been, and he knew that she must still be feeling extremely bad.  

        "But I can't miss the prom."  Melissa pulled herself away, "If I
miss my date with David, I'll never get another date with him."  Josh
couldn't help but feel sorry for his sister. He knew that she had a 
major crush on David Kesser, the football teams quarterback and had for 
some time.  That much was extremely clear to him when he'd caught a 
glimpse of her diary a couple weeks earlier.  "I've got to go,"  Melissa 
whined "or he'll go out with Lily Thompson."  Josh sadly told the little 
girl next to him how sorry he was, wincing at the tears on her cheeks.

        Melissa sat silently for a moment, then turned to Josh.  "Can
you go for me?"  she asked hesitantly.  Josh looked at her confused,
wondering what she was talking about.  "You can turn into me and go".
She added, looking at Josh hopefully.

        He didn't like the look in her eyes, and got up off the bed, "Oh
no" he said decisively.   It only took Josh a few seconds to realize
what she was talking about, and he didn't like it at all.  She wanted
him to use that necklace too.  To turn into her and go to the prom in
her place.  Josh shuddered at the thought of having to go on a date with
David.  Everyone in school knew David Kesser, since he was one of the 
most popular guys in school.  Josh didn't particularly like David, but 
didn't have any particular reason to dislike him either.  But, Josh 
decided, there was no way he was going to turn into a girl and go out on 
a date. None.

        "Please."  Melissa begged, hopping off the bed, sounding just
like the little girl she looked like.  "I'll do all your chores for a
month." she said, grabbing hold of Josh's leg.  Uncomfortably, Josh
tried to pull her off, not wanting to hurt her. He felt horrible enough
about what had happened to her, knowing how important this whole thing
had been.  How crazy she'd been about David.  But what she was asking
was crazy.  "Please." she pleaded again, this time clutching tightly to
Josh, tears pouring down her face, "I can't lose David like this. I 
can't.  I'll do anything, but please help me."  

        Melissa finally let loose, falling to the floor, crying hard.
Josh winced at the sight, having a hard time believing that this was his
big sister.  He felt so bad for her, and wished that he could help her
somehow.  But this..... This was more than was possible.  But as he 
watched the little girl on the floor sobbing, he couldn't help but think 
about how close they used to be, and how she used to stick up for him 
when they were kids.  He felt a sinking in his heart, hating all the 
tears and how sad Melissa was.  

        Finally, Josh quietly said "All right. I'll do it."  He didn't
like it, but when Melissa looked up at him hopefully, he thought that
maybe he'd made the right choice.  Gulping, he reluctantly asked, "How
do we do this?"

        Quietly, Josh watched Melissa trying to find some clothes that
she could fit in now that she had turned into a 6 year old.   He still
couldn't believe that this little girl was his big sister, and had to 
keep reminding himself that it wasn't just his imagination.  Finally, 
Melissa managed to get herself dressed with old outgrown clothes that 
were burried in boxes, though they still didn't fit her very well.  Josh 
thought that it was defenitely a good thing that she'd be back to normal 
in the morning.  He didn't think that either of them could handle this 
much longer, and he dreaded the thought of how their parents would 
react.  He decided that it was defenitely better not to let them know.

        Once Melissa was satisfied that she was at least dressed, she
walked over to where she'd thrown the necklace earlier.  Josh noted
absently that she'd put a nice scratch in the wall where it had hit.
When Melissa brought the necklace over to him, Josh nervously took it in
his hands, almost afraid of it.  Instead of putting it around his neck,
he just looked at it, noticing that was some sort of copper or
something, and had a picture on it that looked like it could be either
an angel or a fairy of some sort.  Unfortuantely, it wasn't clear enough
for him to make out.

        On Melissa's urging, Josh raised the necklace to put it around
his head, and hesitated, suddenly afraid of what it would do to him.  He
didn't want to be a girl, and he knew that was what this was supposed to 
do.  He thought, what if he got stuck, and shuddered at the idea.  
Knowing that if he hesitated much longer, his second thoughts would 
overcome him, Josh slipped the necklace over his head, and let out the 
breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.

        Josh was slightly surpised to realize that nothing was
happening. He didn't feel strange at all, and didn't feel any kind of
oddness.  Not at all like what he'd expect some magic amulet to feel
like.  "You've got to touch this to it." Melissa said, holding out one
of her shirts, and the bra that she'd dropped in front of the closet.
After blushing a little, she added "You have to touch both of these at
the same time. I kind of got my dress a little big in the chest,
planning on padding it a little."  Josh sighed, then nervously took the
offered articles of clothing into his hands.   As he was about to touch
them, he stopped, suddenly realizing something.

        "If I'm you and gone, then what's Mom going to think when she
gets home and finds me missing, and a little girl here?"  Josh noted the
look of surprise in Melissa's face, seeing that she hadn't thought about
that either.  Pacing back and forth for several minutes, Josh thought
about what he could do, noticing that his sister was standing back and
looking thoughtfull as well. "I've got it."  Josh said, then smiled at
Melissa. "I'll write a note to Mom saying that I'm staying the night at
Kyle's." He didn't like having to lie to his parents, but he knew that
they wouldn't believe or understand this. And more importantly, the less
people that knew about him turning into a girl the better.  He thought 
that he'd stayed overnight at his best friends house enough times that 
it wouldn't be thought too odd.  With that agreed, he thought that they 
only needed to do something about Melissa.  While Josh was writing the 
note, Melissa said that she could just hide out in Josh's room for the 
night. That no one would look in there.  Josh hesitated, not sure if he 
liked having he stay in his room, then chuckled to himself as he 
realized that he was going to invade her privacy a lot more than she 
could invade his by just staying in his room.  That decided, they got 
back to the necklace.

        Josh looked down at Melissa, who was looking at him expectantly,
then he reached over and picked up both pieces of clothing. He hesitated
once more, then before he could change his mind, touched both pieces to
the necklace at the same time, just as he'd been instructed.  A slight
tingle ran through Josh's body, and he might have missed noticing it if 
he hadn't been expecting something of the kind.  Still, it left him 
slightly disappointed since he'd expected to feel something a lot more 
obvious.  Nervously, Josh stood back and waited.

        At first, nothing seemed to be changing, and Josh wondered if
maybe it hadn't worked.  Then he glanced over at Melissa, remembering
that she'd changed kind of slowly, and wondering just what the first
sign of his changing would be. Would it be his hair, he wondered,
growing long like Melissa's, or maybe, instead it could be growing
breasts. He tried not to shudder at that, knowing that he was about to
find out.

        After only several minutes of waiting, Josh's curiosity took
over, and he stood in front of the mirror, watching his reflection,
noticing that Melissa was watching him intently, obviously fascinated by
his changing. He noticed his hair first, seeing that it had indeed
grown, at least two inches.  Nervously, Josh smiled down at Melissa then
turned back to the mirror.  Though he wasn't sure, he thought that his
face looked just a little different.

        Carefully, Josh touched his arms, seeing the normal light layer
of hair on them thinning, and slowly pulling in.  He watched this almost
in awe that such a thing was even possible.  That magic actually worked.
That some of the things he'd believed about the world were obviously
wrong, and making him question just how many other things he was
mistaken about.

        Josh could feel his pants getting a little tight on his hips,
and perhaps even loosening up a little around his waist.  He could feel
a slight tingling around his nipples, and carefully looked down the
front of his shirt, seeing that his nipples were indeed larger and
darker, with the aureoles around them also having grown in size.
Curiously, he touched them with his hands, finding that they seemed a
bit more sensitive as well.  Their new size felt odd between his
fingers, and he pulled his hands away, only then noticing that his
fingers had gotten a little more slender as well.  More feminine.

        In just a couple more minutes, Josh's pants were getting rather
uncomfortable on him, and he nervously looked over to Melissa, saying 
"My pants don't fit." and being surprised at his voice. It was still his 
voice mostly, though not quite, and it was several octaves off. Sounding 
a little more feminine as well.  Uncomfortably, he started stripping his 
pants off, feeling embarrassed to be doing so in front of his sister, 
but wanting to get out of them as soon as he could. He rationalized to 
himself that he shouldn't be embarrassed to do this in front of her 
since he was turning into her, but that didn't help a lot.

        Turning his back to Melissa, he stripped off his underwear as
well, feeling his face flushing.  Even those were getting rather
uncomfortable on him.  Josh looked down to see that his testicles seemed
to be gone, leaving only a faint sack of skin behind, while his penis
was half its normal size.  Trying to ignore Melissa's giggling behind
him, Josh grabbed the blanket off of the foot of his sisters bed, and
wrapped it around his lower body, then sitting on her bed so that it
wouldn't fall off.

        Reaching back, Josh found that his hair had grown to his
shoulders already, and wondered just what it would feel like when it was
as long as Melissa normally had it.  It already felt rather strange to
him having his hair just this long.

        Carefully, Josh felt his chest again, finding that this time it
had a layer of soft tissue covering both sides. It wasn't very much, but
he now had breasts, and knew that they would only continue to get
larger. Keeping his hand on his chest, Josh was sure that he could
almost feel that breast getting larger, right in his own hand.  Though
he wasn't sure exactly why, that fascinated him more than the other
changes that were happening, making him sure that if he were a little
more normal at the moment, that he'd bee a bit aroused.

        Josh felt a little stab of fear as he thought about how much his
body was changing, and how already he couldn't recognize himself.  As if
sensing Josh's discomfort, Melissa hopped up onto the bed next to him, 
then held his hand with hers, making Josh smile back at her.  He felt a 
little grateful for Melissa trying to offer her comfort, though he 
thought that he shouldn't have had to have it.  He knew what was 
happening, but that still didn't make it much easier.  Calmly, he just 
sat staring at Melissa's tiny hand in his, and holding one of his 
growing breasts with the other hand.

        After a few more minutes, Josh realized that his breasts were
almost the size of Melissa's, but that she'd also made sure that his
would be just a little bit bigger.  He could feel the weight of the hair
hanging from his scalp now as well, and thought that he should be
finished really soon. Absently, as if afraid, his hand slipped under the
blanket he had covered himself with to touch his groin.  He gulped a
little as his fingers found only a small nub of a penis, that was
obviously still shrinking and pulling back.

        Looking down, Josh could see the obvious bulges his new breasts
were making as they pushed his T shirt out, beginning to stretch it.
"Why don't you take your shirt off?"  Melissa asked from next to him.
Josh hesitated for only a moment, then pulled off his shirt and looked
at his naked chest.  Grabbing his breasts in his hands, Josh could feel
their weight then let them go, surprised at how huge they felt to him.
Intellectually, he knew that they weren't really that big, and that 
Melissa was around a C cup, and he didn't seem to have gone much larger 

        Within a few minutes though, he was sure that his breasts were
no just a little bigger than what his sisters normally were and seemed
to have stopped growing.  He looked over at Melissa, feeling his face
turn red again. He felt so embarrassed to be sitting here with breasts
in front of his own sister, especially when they were hers.

        Josh thought that he seemed to have stopped changing, and pulled
his hand away from Melissa's, then felt under the blanket again. This
time his hands didn't meet with his penis, but instead he felt a slight
mound at his fingertips, with fleshy folds around it. He could feel his
face turning bright red, and felt just enough more to have his finger
around the edge of his newfound slit.  His vagina, he thought. He
gulped, realizing that now he had a vagina. And a clitoris and womb.
Josh paled as he thought about that, then shook his head, staring at
Melissa. "It's finished."  he said simply.

        Josh stood up, feeling rather odd at having heard his sisters
voice when he talked, and odder still at looking into the mirror and
seeing her look back.  Moving closer to the mirror, he was aware of
Melissa standing behind him, staring at him jealously.  He certainly
couldn't blame her he realized.  "You've got to take a quick bath."
Melissa said next to him in her little girls voice.  Josh glanced at
her, then back into the mirror, nodding.

	Getting into the tub after Melissa had started filling it, Josh
couldn't help but running a hand over his smooth legs, then looking at 
his smooth underarm.  He felt a little embarrassed to be doing that in 
front of Melissa, but he was too curious not too.  This was all so 
strange, and so different.  Carefully, he tried to keep himself focused, 
reminding himself just why he was doing this.  So that he could help 

        The warm water felt good to him as he slid into it, making Josh
wonder why he took showers instead of baths all the time. This was
definitely nice.  Sliding deeper in, he felt rather odd to have his
breasts bobbing in the water. They reminded him that they were the
reason he was in this mess in the first place.  Why they were in this
mess, he corrected himself, once again feeling sorry for his sister.  If
she hadn't tried to make her breasts just a little bit bigger, this
never would have happened.

        Melissa distracted Josh with a slight yank to his hair, then
reminded him that they didn't have all day.   Quickly Josh started
washing off his unfamiliar body, avoiding the area around his crotch as
he didn't want to have to deal with that.  Melissa hummed to herself,
sounding like any other 6 year old, then said "This should be nice." and
pouring some flowery smelling liquid into the tub with Josh.

        Then with Melissa's help, Josh managed to wash his hair, amazed
at just how much of it there now was.  Patiently he used the
conditioners that Melissa insisted on, then finished up, wanting to get
out of the tub.  

        While drying himself off, he found that his skin seemed just a
little softer than it normally was, and when he remarked on this to
Melissa, she joked back "So you were thick skinned. That's no surprise
since I always knew you were thick headed."  Josh shrugged and smiled
back at her a little amused.

        After wrapping a towel around himself, he sat down at Melissa's
direction, while she ran a brush through his hair.  Josh smiled vaguely, 
thinking that it actually felt rather nice.  After a few minutes, Josh 
took over the  brushing while Melissa grabbed the hair dryer and started 
on his hair with that.

        When Melissa was satisfied that Josh's hair was done, they went
back into her bedroom to start actually getting dressed.  Putting on the
panties made Josh feel a little odd since they felt  nice and smooth, 
not at all like his usual underwear. He actually thought they felt 
rather good on him, which left him slightly embarrassed, though not as 
much as when he tried putting on the white bra his sister had handed 
him.  He fumbled with the bra for a few seconds before Melissa giggled 
and told him how to put it on right.  Feeling stupid for having to be 
told, Josh did as she suggested, finding that it went on much easier.

        Next came the dress.  Josh noticed the way Melissa was looking
at it, and then at him, and he couldn't help but feel bad for her again.
He could only imagine how hard this actually was for her to have someone
else taking her place, and fulfilling her dreams for her.  To have her 
own brother wearing the dress that she'd so looked forward to, and 
taking her moment of glory.  Once again, he wished that this hadn't 
happened, but wishing didn't make it so.  

        Trying to hide what he was thinking from Melissa, Josh started
to put it on, having Melissa help him.  The dress slid on rather easily
surprised Josh with how nice it looked. It hung down to just above his 
ankles, and had a slit up on side a little.  It felt a little snug on 
his chest, but comfortably so.  Looking down, he felt a little 
embarrassed again at seeing the cleavage, but Melissa assured him that 
it was all right.  However, he couldn't help thinking how she'd gotten 
the dress a little large in the chest just so that she could pad it a 
little. And that was before the amulet which would make the padding 
unnecessary. For a moment, he wished that Melissa hadn't been vain, but 
couldn't keep it in his heart to blame her for what had happened.  She'd 
already suffered because of it.

        Adjusting the dress, Josh looked in the mirror once again
noticing the look of envy on Melissa's face from the reflection.
Sighing, he sat down while Melissa had him put on some nylons, then her
pair of high heeled shoes.  Josh grimaced at those, but Melissa said
that she got them just to go with the dress.  "Common, at least try."
Melissa insisted, forcing Josh to stand up, even though he was afraid
that he was going to break an ankle.  Fortunately the heels weren't too
large, in spite of what Josh felt.  With Melissa's insistent
encouragement, he managed to walk around the room, finding that it was
getting a little easier.

        Once again Josh was asked to sit while Melissa worked on his
hair, making sure that it was done properly.  Impatiently he waited,
feeling like he wanted to scream out until finally Melissa announced
that his hair was done, but that they now had to do makeup.

        "Hold it a minute,"  Josh said, standing up, "I've got to take a
leak." Josh blushed a little, especially when Melissa offered to help
him.  "I think I can manage." he muttered back, hurrying to the
bathroom.  What he really dreaded was all the work he'd just put into
getting in the dress, and now had to do to get out of it enough to go to
the bathroom.

        Standing before the toilet, he noticed that the seat was up so
put it back down, chuckling to himself.  "I wonder why women complain so
much about leaving the seat up."  He hadn't noticed anything wrong with
it, and came to the conclusion that it was just as much annoyance to put
the seat down for women as it was for men, and that most who complained
were probably just lazy.   That decided, he sat down, relieved to find
that urinating, though different, was in the most important ways the
same. Relieved, he remembered to wipe himself off before sliding his
panties and dress back to their proper position.

        Looking in the bathroom mirror, the image of Melissa looking
back at him still surprised him.  Briefly, he got a mischievous grin on
his face, considering taking a few embarrassing pictures that he could
use against his sister later, then decided not to. He was only doing
this to help her, and didn't want to lose track of his purpose.

        After blowing himself a kiss in the mirror, Josh went back to
Melissa's room only to find her sitting on her bed, humming to herself
and kicking her feet back and forth. If he hadn't known better he would
have sworn that it was Brandy since she tended to do that exact same
thing. Shuddering, Josh suddenly had a bad feeling, wondering if just
more than their bodies had been altered by that necklace.   He certainly
hoped not, but after looking at Melissa again, he couldn't help but be
reminded of his doubts. For the moment though, he thought that it might 
be  best to keep them to himself.  There was no need to worry Melissa 
any more than she already was.

        Once again Josh sat down, this time to have Melissa help him put
on makeup.  Her hands seemed a little less steady than they normally
were and Josh ended up having to put some of it on himself, under his
sisters directions.  He was a little surprised at how easy it was, and
wondered if it might not be his mind being altered somehow, they way
Melissa's seemed to be.  Trying to put that out of his mind, he looked
again at the mirror, seeing his sisters pretty face. Licking his lips
Josh thought that the lipstick tasted rather odd, and felt strange to
wear, but he smiled thinking that it did look rather nice.

        Looking down at his fingernails, he saw that they were sticking
out past the ends of his fingers by about a quarter inch, which he
thought wasn't really that long for a girl, but was still longer than he
kept his.  He was surprised to realize that he hadn't been having any
problems with them either, and hadn't even really noticed them until 
right at that moment. Shrugging, he held his fingers out as Melissa 
carefully applied a glossy clear coating over them.  Josh noticed the 
way she was biting her lip and having a look of concentration on her 
face as if this were a lot more difficult than normal.  Again, he 
shuddered a little, then looked at the nails, seeing that they did look 
rather nice.

        Without even waiting for Melissa to tell him to, Josh started
blowing gently on his fingernails to speed up the drying process. He'd
seen her doing this often enough that he didn't need to be told how.

	While Josh was blowing on his fingernails, he watched as Melissa
brought some jewelry and put it down in front of him. He couldn't help 
but smiling as he saw her having a hard time reaching up high enough for 
her jewelry box, and the effort she had to put into it, but he didn't 
dare let her see him laughing, so forced the smile off of his face.  

        Josh carefully check, making sure his fingernails were finally
dry, then slipped on the slender ladies watch onto his wrist, along with
a pair of nice looking gold bracelets that Melissa had set out.  "How do
they look?" he asked her, holding his hands out for her inspection.  

        Melissa giggled saying "They look cool."  Josh frowned slightly
at that, thinking that this didn't sound quite like his sister.  After
taking a long look at the excited little girl next to him, Josh slid on 
the ring that Melissa had also set aside.  Then he noticed the ear 
rings. The ear rings were the only thing left in front of him, and Josh 
frowned.  He realized that he not only had pierced ears, but hadn't even 
noticed them.  Taking a deep breath, he carefully put the ear rings in, 
finding their slightly dangling weight not uncomfortable, but rather 

        Finally finished, Josh got up and looked at the final product in
the mirror, amazed at how nice he looked.  "What do you think?" he asked
Melissa, who smiled broadly at him.

        "David's gonna wanna stay with me after this."  Melissa said
proudly, obviously pleased with the way Josh looked and apparently
living her date vicariously through him.  She didn't seem aware of how
much like a little girl she sounded either, though Josh had definitely
noticed it. He really hoped that it wouldn't happen to him, and was
thankful that they could change back first thing in the morning.

        As Josh looked at the clock, he realized that his Mom would
probably be home in just a little while.  Looking down at Melissa, he
reminded her of that, and that she'd have to stay hidden in his room.
She looked a little disappointed, but nodded her understanding.

        "Um, I'm hungry."  She said quietly.  Josh let out a sigh, and
went to the kitchen to find something for Melissa to eat.  When he
pulled out leftovers from the fridge, she didn't seem interested in
anything, making Josh rather annoyed.  He knew that normally she'd just
find something and eat, but at the moment she was being a little picky.
Finally he found something that she'd be willing to eat, and Josh threw 
it in the microwave, hoping that this would be over real soon.

        While Melissa was eating, Josh sat at the kitchen table watching
her eat just like a little kid.  He was about to mention this to her,
but reminded himself that it might only scare her.  Instead, he just sat
and watched her, not even aware that he himself was sitting with his leg
crossed in a feminine fashion.  

        After Melissa had finished eating, Josh tossed the plate into
the sink, and went with her back into her room.  Seeing his own clothes
on the floor where he'd left them, he realized that it could mean some
questions when their Mom got home if she happened to see them.  Since he 
was thinking about it, he moved his clothes underneath Melissa's bed, 
and made sure to clean up anything else that was a little messy.  He 
wasn't happy about cleaning Melissa's room for her, but he decided that 
he could make an exception for this one time.

        Noticing the perfume on Melissa's dresser, he realized that he
hadn't put any on, and that it would be expected of him. Even his sister
seemed to have forgotten that.  Picking one of the bottles up in his
hands, Josh thought that since he was going to have to do this, he might
as well do it right.  After thinking about it for a few seconds, he
remembered what he'd heard about girls perfume, so put a little bit on 
the insides of his wrists, then some more behind his ears. He wasn't 
sure that was enough, though it certainly smelled strong enough.  He 
thought about using a little more, then decided that it was enough.  It 
certainly smelled nice though, Josh thought to himself as he put the 
bottle back on top of the dresser.

        Josh was just stepping outside of Melissa's room when he heard
something outside. He felt a sudden surge of fear run through him as he 
realized that his Mom had just gotten home.  Quickly, he turned to 
Melissa who had been trailing behind him, saying "You've got to stay in 
my room, and be really quiet, remember."   Melissa nodded, and Josh 
found himself talking to her as if she really were a child, and seeing 
that she was reacting that way as well.  "Please promise me?"  He 
pleaded, afraid that she would somehow give them away. He was afraid 
enough that he'd somehow give them away. 

        "All right."  Melissa said reluctantly, looking down at her


        Melissa looked back up at Josh, hesitating for a second then
saying "I promise."  Josh blew out a sigh of relief, still feeling his
nerves as he could hear the car door slamming outside.  Without warning,
Melissa suddenly grabbed tightly around Josh's waist, hanging on in a
tight hug. As she looked up at Josh, he could see tears in her eyes.
"Thank you." She said quietly, then turned and ran into his room,
closing the door behind her.  Just in time since the front door was
being opened.

        Josh just stood there, feeling like he was a bundle of nerves.
He was sure that he could even feel the butterflies that were fluttering
around in his stomach, threatening to escape.   All he could think about
was the sudden fear that his Mom would see right through him.  That
she'd know that he wasn't really Melissa and would demand to know what
was going on.  He watched his Mom walking through the front door with
the same apprehension that a criminal might feel awaiting the verdict at
his trial.  Gulping, Josh felt his whole body frozen as his Mom looked
at him.

        "Oh Melissa"  His Mom gushed, a look of great pride on her face.
"You look absolutely gorgeous."  Josh felt himself blushing as his Mom
came up to him and told him to stand still (as if he weren't already) so
that she could get a better look at him.  Josh gave her a slightly
forced smile, relieved that she hadn't noticed anything yet, but still
afraid that she would.  "My, my my"  she said, looking Josh up and down,
"you certainly do look nice. I only wish that I had been able to get
home earlier and help you."  Josh smiled back at her feeling thankful
that she hadn't been there.  "Stay here." She said, hurrying off, "I've
just got to get a picture."

        Josh waited for his Mom to hurry with the camera, and cast a
long look towards his own bedroom, hoping that Melissa would be able to
stay quiet and remain hidden.  He knew that it was going to be hard on
her though. In just a minute, his Mom was back with the camera, and Josh
had to put his attention back on her and give a nice smile for the
camera. He tried to look as sweet and happy as he could, and apparently
it satisfied his Mom, who put the camera down, still flushing with

        "David is a very lucky guy"  Josh heard his Mom saying, making
him think once again just how he was going to have to fool David.  He
was sure that it wouldn't be easy, and Josh certainly had no intention
of ruining anything Melissa had with him.  He was doing this whole thing
just to avoid that.  

        Josh politely thanked his Mom for the compliments, finding them
rather uncomfortable and unsure how to really deal with them.  He'd
never gotten compliments like that before, and never this kind of
attention from his Mom.  Though Josh had always known that his Mom had a
bit of favoritism of Melissa over him, he hadn't realized that he'd be
on the receiving end of that favoritism for once.  Before he'd always
felt a little neglected by both his parents while Melissa was always
doing the mother/daughter bonding with their Mom, so now he wasn't sure
exactly how to deal with the attention.

        Trying to think of how to get away from the uncomfortable
situation, Josh just sat on the couch listening to his Mom talk before
excusing himself, saying that he needed to use the bathroom.  Going into
the bathroom, he undid his clothes and sat back down on the toilet, not
really having to go just yet, but trying to just in case.   After he 
managed to drain himself a little more, Josh took the opportunity to 
examine his new vagina a little closer.  

        Nervously he touched it, feeling the delicate folds of skin and
the tender looking pink flesh.  Carefully he touched his clitoris,
finding it amazing that he even had one. He still had a hard time
believing that he'd turned into his own sister, even with the proof
right at his finger tips.  Josh realized just how sensitive it was and
had to fight off the temptation to stick his finger inside of himself,
just to see if he could.  Carefully, he put his clothes back on and
looked into the mirror to make sure that he was still presentable. That
his hair and makeup weren't ruined.  After all the work he and Melissa
had put into them, he didn't want to get messed up any more than he
absolutely had to.

	As Josh was leaving the bathroom, he looked at his, or actually
Melissa's watch, and realized that it wouldn't be much longer before 
David came over to pick him up.  It was almost 7:00.  Melissa had told 
him earlier that they were supposed to go out for a quick dinner before 
actually going to the prom.  Though he didn't have much time, Josh went 
back into Melissa's room, looking around for anything he missed.  

        He was glad that he'd done that since he found Melissa's purse
on the edge of her bed where she'd put it, and Josh knew that he would
probably need to carry it along just to fit in.  Picking it up, he
smiled at the small white purse, thankful that he wouldn't be forced to
carry one of the big ones.  Looking inside, he found Melissa's wallet,
and opened it. Staring at the drivers license, he felt a slight chill,
knowing that this was now his.  That he fit all the descriptions on it.
Carefully, he put it back in, noticing the makeup that was in there as

        Josh was about to leave the room with purse in hand when he
noticed the necklace which was still sitting on the bed where he'd left
it earlier. He'd completely forgotten to take care of that.   Having a
slight fear run through him, Josh picked it up and carefully hit it in
the top of Melissa's closet.  There was no way that he wanted to take
any chances of any more accidents happening with that thing.  Especially
any chances that could mean he'd never change back.  Once Josh was sure
that it was in a safe place, he turned off the light and left Melissa's

        Sitting on the couch, Josh listened to his Mom giving him all
sorts of mother/daughter advice, which he quietly paid attention to.  He
chuckled to himself, thinking just how strange this all was.  When he
was sure that his Mom wasn't watching, he took another long look at
himself.  He was slightly startled to realize that he was sitting with
his legs crossed at the thighs, just like a normal woman.  He hadn't
even realized that he'd done that, only that he'd sat down and shifted
into a comfortable position in what had seemed a completely natural way.

        Josh didn't have time to worry about this since the door bell
started ringing.  Knowing that it must be David to come pick Melissa up,
Josh felt his heart suddenly start racing and stood up. His Mom stood up
as well, putting an arm on Josh's elbow saying "You don't want him to
see you too excited." Josh nodded and stayed where he was as his Mom
went to answer the door.

        Josh tried to listen while his Mom said something to David on
the other side of the door, but he couldn't hear anything, or even see
past his Mom.  Finally she stepped out of the way, and David came
walking in. Josh was surprised to feel his pulse racing and forced
himself to stay calm in spite of the strange way his body was reacting.
David walked over to Josh and was several inches taller, making Josh
thankful that he was wearing the high heels. He already felt rather
small next to David as it was.  David had dark sandy blonde hair and was
wearing a rather nice suit.  Josh gulped as he looked David over.

        David blushed and said "Wow.  You look fantastic."  Josh felt
himself blushing.  "Um, here,"  David said, offering a corsage, "this is
for you."  Josh looked at the flowery decoration and thought it looked
rather nice as it was put on the front of his dress.  Sadly, he only 
wished that Melissa had been able to be here like she was supposed to.  
She was the one that really deserved this.  

        Trying not to let his thoughts intrude, Josh smiled politely at
David and thanked him, making David smile back.  Josh thought that he
might even have noticed a slight blush on David's cheeks, but he wasn't
sure. Looking over at his Mom, he saw that she was smiling and seemed
about ready to burst with pride. She even had a bit of a glimmer in her
eyes and Josh just had to smile back at her.  Then she made Josh and
David stand close to each other while she took a picture of them
together. Josh thought that at least she was happy.

	"Shall we go?" David asked.

        "Um, yes."  Josh replied slowly, feeling himself blushing.
Smiling at each other, they started walking to the front door.

        Josh stopped, hearing an "Ahem." from behind him.  Turning back
around, he saw that his Mom had come over to him.  "I want you to have a
good time dear." Josh nodded, then she leaned over closer to his ear so
that only he could hear, "And be good."  Before he could even blush
again, his Mom kissed him quickly on the cheek and added "See you kids
later" then stood back while Josh and David left the house.

        Walking over to Dave's car, Josh couldn't resist taking one more
look over his shoulder towards his bedroom, thinking about Melissa. Once
again he couldn't keep from thinking how sad and alone she must feel 
right then, hiding in his room.  Briefly, he wondered if they'd done the 
right thing in not telling their Mom.  If she'd known, she could have 
helped comfort Melissa.  Knowing that it was too late for second guesses 
now, Josh smiled at Dave, and climbed into the passenger side of the 

        Josh felt nervous sitting in the passenger seat as they drove to
the restaurant, but tried to hide it with small talk.  He tried to think
of how Melissa would be acting then tried to do so himself, hoping that
he didn't give anything away.  David however didn't seem to notice
anything wrong, which didn't surprise Josh too much since this was only
supposed to be his first date with Melissa.

        Pulling into the restaurant, Josh was a little disappointed to
see that it was one of those sort of like Denny's, having half expected
something a little nicer.  Still, it was definitely a lot better than
the leftovers he'd had earlier.  Trying to keep in mind the role he was
playing, Josh let David lead the way in.  

        Though he still wasn't feeling very hungry, Josh ate a small
sandwich, and tried to keep interested in talking to David, which for
some reason wasn't difficult for him at all.  Josh could still feel
himself reacting to David, and wondered nervously if this could be him
picking up Melissa's traits like she was picking up Brandy's.  Fearing
the worse, Josh decided to keep an eye on himself just to make sure he
didn't get into any trouble.

        David was polite to Josh, and even a little uncertain at times,
but he did try to make sure his date had a good time.  This only made
Josh feel more uncomfortable with the situation, though he didn't show
it.  The dinner went by a bit too slowly for Josh's comfort, but as soon
as they were done, they went over to the school for the actual prom.
        Josh stopped at the door to the school gym, hearing all the loud
music and noise. David offered his arm for support, which Josh
gratefully accepted.  A sudden fear had overwhelmed him, and all he
could think of was that he'd be revealed as a fraud.  Forcing himself to
keep breathing, Josh smiled up at David a little nervously, and they
went in.

        Inside, Josh was hit by the sound and the crowd of people around
him dancing.  Everywhere he could see the schools seniors, all dressed
up for the prom.  He felt so odd to be standing there, not only among
the seniors, but to be considered one by them all as well.  Nervously he
looked around, trying to tell how many of them he actually recognized.  
Josh might have stood where he was for awhile longer if David hadn't led 
him over to the snack table and poured him a cup of punch.  Josh 
grateful accepted the cup and took a sip, trying to make himself calm 
down a little.  

        Several of Melissa's friends came over and told Josh that he
looked nice, making him blush a little then return the compliments. He
was glad at least that he knew pretty much all of Melissa's friends so
wouldn't be completely lost there.

        While Josh was drinking the punch, he walked around with David,
talking to everyone that knew him and Melissa.  Josh tried to be
friendly and acted as much like Melissa as he could, which he found
surprisingly easy.  It didn't take much time after that before David
insisted that they dance.

        Josh winced at first, not really knowing how to dance, but he
went along and tried, following David's lead and watching all the other
girls dancing.  He felt uncomfortable with it, but found that it was
getting a little easier and that he did seem to be holding his own. At
least David hadn't made any comments about his lack of skill, but then
after watching David, he Josh suspected that he wasn't the only one with
little experience at dancing.

        After several faster dances, the DJ played some music for slow
dancing, and Josh found himself up close to David. He could feel his
breasts pushing up against David's chest making it rather awkward for
him. His nipples actually felt like they were getting hard, and Josh was
almost certain that he could feel his crotch beginning to get wet. One
thing was certain, and that was that his pulse was racing and he was
breathing hard.  Josh couldn't believe he was reacting that way to
David. Horrified of his own reactions, Josh politely excused himself
saying that he had to go to the bathroom and hurried off.

        In the bathroom, he quickly relieved himself, then stood in
front of the bathroom mirror confronted by Melissa's image.  He'd been
doing this all for her and felt almost as if he were betraying her by
enjoying himself.  As well as betraying his own masculine pride. Calming
himself down, Josh thought that he still had the rest of the night to go
and didn't want to stand out.  Noticing that his hair and makeup could
use some touchups, Josh started primping in the mirror, knowing that
Melissa woudn't't be happy to have him do less than the best that he
could. As embarrassing as it was, his own pride wouldn't let him fail

        While Josh was starting to apply some lipstick, a stall door
opened and a girl came out and started primping herself in the mirror.
Josh gulped, startled to see Christine Miller.  She was the hottest girl
in school as far as he was concerned.  "Hey Mel, you're looking good."
Christine said to Josh.  He could feel his heart almost catching in his 
throat. As a freshman he was so far below her that she'd never deign to 
even speak to him, but now she was talking to him like she was his best 

        Trying not to let her see what he was thinking, Josh said
"Thanks. You too."

        "Hope you and your date have a good time"  Christine finished
with a bit of a smirk, then winked at Josh and walked out of the
bathroom, leaving him staring in her direction, his face bright red.  He
coughed gently, reminding himself that this was only because she thought
he was Melissa, not because she liked him.  As disappointing as it was,
he knew that it was the truth, but he still couldn't keep from smiling
and feeling better.

        Cautiously, he stepped out of the bathroom, eyes scanning the
crowd. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, making Josh feel sorry
that Melissa was missing out.   Still, the excitement was catching, and
Josh couldn't help but feel that as well.  He felt a bit guilty for
having any fun at all while Melissa was home alone, but that couldn't
last. Especially as he saw everyone having fun.  Unable to help himself,
Josh smiled then looked towards the dance floor.

        Josh kept thinking about Melissa, then realized that not having
fun wasn't what she wanted of him.  That since he was here taking
Melissa's place, he would have to take it all the way, fun and all. He'd
been so worried and nervous that he hadn't been having too much fun yet.
Smiling to himself, Josh said "What the hell", already looking towards 
David and the dance floor.

        Almost against David's protests, Josh pulled him back onto the
dance floor and threw himself completely into the dancing, unable to
believe how great it felt.  He was having the time of his life, and
before he realized it, dance after dance had passed.  Even David seemed
to be getting a  little worn out, and disappointed Josh when he
suggested they sit down for a breather.

        Sticking his lip out in a pout, Josh went over and sat with
David, holding his hand.  Josh knew that it wasn't what he'd normally
do, but he'd already determined not to let himself ruin the fun, and to
just do what felt natural. No matter what happened, he'd still be able
to change back in the morning so this was all just a vacation.

        As Josh sat down, he noticed a couple other girls at the next
table who were gossiping. He listened intently, finding it rather
curious. After a minute, David went off to get some more punch, and Josh
was included in on the conversation.  He was a little surprised to hear
some of the things that were going on around the school that he'd never
been aware of, and a little more surprised to find just how easy it was
to talk to the group of girls. Girls that he wouldn't have been able to
even speak to earlier that day.  When David came back with the punch,
Josh turned away from his new friends, promising to talk with them again

        After Josh was satisfied that they'd rested long enough, he
insisted they start dancing again, much to David's chagrin.  In spite of
David's protests otherwise, he went with Josh back to the dance floor
with a grin on his face.

        Eventually they stopped dancing again, and David excused himself
to go to the bathroom. Josh shrugged and decided to walk around and talk
to people.  He found a couple of Melissa's friends just outside the gym,
Christine included.  They asked him to join him, and they kept on 
talking about who was dating who.  Josh listened quietly, not offering 
any comments of his own though occasionally laughing one someone's joke.  

        As a few of the other girls started drifting off, Christine
gently touched Josh on the shoulder asking "So, are you going to go all
the way with David tonight?"

	Surprised at the comment, Josh coughed and asked "What?"

        "Common, I saw how you two were earlier."  Christine gave Josh a
bit of a smirk, "And a lot of other couples are going all the way, so I
was just wondering if you and David were."

        "That's none of your business"  Josh managed to get out, feeling
his whole face turning red. He couldn't believe she'd asked him that.
What's worse was that he started to think about what it might be like, 
then shook his head as if to clear it.  "I've got to be going"  he said 
to Christine, not wanting to talk on that subject anymore. 

        "That's all right"  Christine said from behind him as he walked
off, "I'll talk to you later."   Josh shook his head feeling rather
amused at Christine, and thinking it somewhat odd that he didn't get
excited from her like he normally did.  In fact, while he was talking to
her he'd been thinking of her more like a friend than the girl he had a
crush on. Reminding himself that it was just the amulet, he went to find
        The Prom ended before Josh had even realized it, making him
wonder just where all the time had gone. Shaking his head, he looked up
at David who was holding onto his hand.  Smiling, they walked out behind
the gym and saw that no one was there at the moment.

        Josh was a little surprised when David gave him a deep kiss, but
since he was still enjoying himself he didn't protest.  He was surprised
at how nice it felt.  Especially the way his nipples were tingling and
getting hard again.  As David gently cupped one of his breasts through 
the dress, Josh didn't flinch, only being surprised to realize that he 
wanted David. 

        David was obviously thinking the same thing, and while still
kissing Josh, was holding his back with one hand, and gently rubbing
Josh's breast with the other, making Josh even hornier.  Josh gulped,
feeling extremely aroused, and thinking that this is what it feels like
for girls.  It didn't take Josh more than a moment to realize exactly
where this was going to lead and wondering what it would be like. He
knew that he was a guy, but at the moment he not only didn't look like
one, but he didn't feel like one either.

        Josh felt his passion rise as David's tongue swept the inside of
his mouth and he couldn't help wondering just what it would be like to
have sex as a girl. He'd never even had it as a guy yet, but he wanted
it so bad.  All he could think of was how much he wanted it, and how
curious he was about it.  Then Josh froze, realizing something else.  He
couldn't help but thinking that this was really Melissa's boyfriend, not 
his. That he didn't have a right to do this to her.   His own masculine 
pride swelled a little, though not enough to overcome his feminine 
desires.   It was enough though to let him clear his head.

        Gently but firmly, Josh pulled himself away from David, fighting
the incredible temptation to explore what it was really like to be a
woman. The image of Melissa back home alone helped give him the strength
to say "I can't.  I want to, but I can't."

        David looked extremely disappointed, which Josh couldn't blame
him for. But after a moment David nodded and said "We should be getting
home anyway"  Josh let out a sigh of relief, having feared that David
would be pissed at his breaking away.  He was only thankful that David
was taking it so well.

        The drive back to Josh's house was rather quiet since neither of
them could take their  minds off of what had happened, and what had
almost happened.  Josh still felt his heart beating fast and knew that
his body still wanted it.  Several times during the drive back Josh was
tempted to tell David to pull over, but he managed to control his

        Driving back seemed to take forever with the constant temptation
there, but they finally got back to Josh's house.  David walked up to
the door with Josh, then looked down at his feet rather embarrassed
looking, making Josh smile.  "I had a really good time."  David said,
still looking at his feet.

        Then taking David's hand, Josh leaned forward and kissed David
again. He could feel his breasts almost aching to be played with, and
pulled away, smiling.  "I had a great time too"  Josh said, feeling a
little embarrassed.  Josh waved as David skipped back down to his car
and drove off.  Still smiling, Josh absently hummed to himself as he
went inside the house.

        Stepping inside, Josh saw his Mom standing there.  "Well honey,
how was it?" she asked exited.  Josh ran over, kissing her on the cheek
(which he'd never do normally) and told her that it was wonderful.  He
was amused at the look on his Mom's face, and almost skipped to the

        After finishing his business, he came back out to see his Mom
yawning. "I just wanted to make sure that you got home safely. And since
you have, I'm tired and going to bed."

        "G'night Mom" Josh told her, still feeling the adrenaline
running through his body.  He wasn't quite sure that he wanted to go to
bed just yet.  Once his Mom had left the living room, Josh started
walking to his room, then froze, remembering that Melissa was in there
and that he'd have to stay in her room for the night.  He shrugged not
worried since he'd used a lot more than just her bed in the last few

        Carefully, Josh opened the door to his own room, wanting to
check on his sister. He was still a bit worried about her and wanted to
see that she was OK.  Poking his head in, he saw that the room was dark
and that there was a body on his bed. He smiled seeing that it was just
the right size for a little girl.  Briefly, he considered waking her up
and telling her about it, but almost immediately decided not to. It
could wait until morning.

        Finding himself yawning now as well, Josh started to undress and
clean off his makeup.  After he was cleaned up, he looked at his naked
body in Melissa's mirror and couldn't help but smiling at what he saw.
He thought that he'd almost be sorry to have to change back.  Not that
he'd ever admit that to his sister.

        Crawling into bed and turning off the light, Josh gently ran his
hands over his new body, amazing himself that this was possible still.
He could feel his nipples beginning to get hard again from the attention
and thought about masturbating and trying his new equipment out a 
little, then decided not too.  Turning over he found that his breasts 
pushed rather uncomfortably on him so had to shift positions again until 
he found one that felt right.  It didn't take Josh very long before he 
finally fell asleep.

        Waking up the next morning, Josh didn't feel very good. He felt
rather cramped and wondered if he might have the flu.  As he sat up, he
saw a small spot of blood on the sheets and paled, then realized that
there was more dried blood around his crotch.  "A period?" Josh muttered
to himself in disgust.   Josh sighed and nervously slipped on some of
Melissa's casual clothes. He wasn't planning on wearing them for very 
long, finding that they were a little too comfortable for his liking.  
Josh just wanted to check on Melissa and make sure that they had enough 
time so that their Mom wouldn't catch them changing back.  He could just 
imagine how hard that would be to explain.

        Walking into the living room, Josh was startled to see Melissa
sitting on the floor in front of the TV.  "What are you doing out here?"
Josh asked, horribly afraid that their Mom would see this.

        Melissa turned around, and smiled up at Josh, saying "Mommy went
to work so I came out here"  Then she pouted "and I was so bored in your

        Josh sighed, not surprised that his Mom had gone to work on
Saturday. However since it was the weekend he knew that he could expect
her to be back around lunchtime.  She probably just had to drop a few
things off or pick something up that she'd forgotten about the day

        Bending over next to Melissa, Josh gave her a hug, and noticed
that the show she was watching was some kids show, making him frown
slightly. Melissa hugged him back for a second. "You know," she said
giggling  "I always wanted a big sister"  Josh smiled back, then decided
that he'd better change back before his problem with the period became a
real problem.  Looking over at Melissa, he thought that she could wait
until her show was over since she seemed to be so caught up in it.

        Going back to Melissa's room, Josh pulled the necklace out from
where he'd hidden it then set it down gently on the bed.  He took a long
look at himself in the mirror, then started taking off Melissa's
clothes, knowing that if this worked, he wouldn't be able to fit in them
in just a few minutes.  Then he pulled his own clothes out from under
Melissa's bed where he'd put them.

        Nervously he slipped the necklace over his head, and glanced at
himself in the mirror.  He couldn't help but admitting that he looked
nice, even though he'd normally never admit that about his sister.
Finally Josh was ready, and touched his own T shirt against the amulet,
relieved to feel that tingling again.

        This time he wanted to watch the entire change, so stayed in
front of the mirror.  Thinking back, he realized that it had taken about
half an hour to change Melissa, and a half hour to change him, so he
expected to be back to normal in just another half hour.

	Before his eyes, Josh watched as his reflection slowly started
changing.  His breasts started getting smaller and his hair seemed to 
almost be sucked back into his scalp.  Little hairs began to sprout 
along his no longer long and smooth legs.  The image looking back at 
Josh became more and more familiar to him as he became himself once 
again.  As the changes seemed to be coming to an end, Josh had a feeling 
that something was wrong.

        It seemed to have finished, with Josh looking into the mirror
and seeing himself looking back. All except for one small thing.
Nervously he waited another 15 minutes, but it soon became clear that
this was as much as he was going to change.  Horrified, he put a hand to
his crotch, almost to grab his missing equipment.  Josh could only stare
in horror at what hadn't bothered him an hour before.  Even though he'd
changed back to normal, his groin hadn't changed at all.  Still in the
place of where his testicles and penis should be there was a moist
vagina instead.

        Fearing the worst, Josh touched his slit, pulling his fingers
back and seeing that they had a tiny bit of blood on them.  Horrified,
all he could do was stare at the blood.  Grabbing the blanket off of
Melissa's bed, Josh wrapped himself up and went into the living room.

        Melissa was still sitting there with her eyes focused on the TV,
and Josh quietly walked up behind her. She turned around and had a look
of surprise on her face when she saw that Josh had changed back to
normal. She looked at herself in embarrassment of her condition, then
jumped up and hugged Josh.  "You're back to normal"  she said excitedly,
obviously remembering that she could change back now as well.

        Josh  just looked at her and sadly said "I have a small problem"
then pulled the blanket back.  He felt rather embarrassed to have his
sister staring at his crotch like that, especially when she looked like
a little girl.   "Your wee wee's gone"  she said, unconsciously using
the words a little girl would.  "You've got a girls privates."  She
looked up surprised, then giggled, obviously finding it amusing.

        Wrapping himself back up in the blanket, Josh sat down on the
couch, while Melissa held his hand trying to comfort him.  What had
caused him not to change back, Josh wondered in shock.  There must be
something he rationalized.  As a sudden cramp hit Josh, he had a bad
feeling that he knew what the problem was.

        Using the medallion, he touched it to his shirt again, but felt
no tingle and no changes.  Sighing, he gently touched his groin,
disgusted at the drop of blood on his finger.  The only thing that had
made any sense to him was that he was having a period.  That for some
reason the amulet wouldn't let him stop it.  Gulping, he touched the
dress he'd been wearing the night before to the amulet, and partly in
horror and partly relief, he could feel the tingle.

        Melissa watched from the doorway as Josh slowly turned back into
her once again.  He thought that he rather liked the feeling of the
breasts slowly growing on his chest, but he wasn't in any mood to enjoy
the sensation.  Patiently, he waited until he'd finished changing back
into Melissa, then he touched his shirt to the medallion again.  Once
again nothing happened.

        Reluctantly Josh put his shirt down, realizing that he would
probably be stuck like this until Melissa's period was over with. His
period, he thought wincing.  Taking off the amulet, he set that down off
to the side, glaring at it.  "What am I going to do?" Josh asked
Melissa, tears forming in the corners of his eyes, "I can't stay like

        "Um"  Melissa mumbled something that Josh couldn't hear.

	"What?" He asked her.

        "I said"  Melissa said staring at Josh, "That there can't be two
Melissa's"  Josh gulped, realizing that she was right.  Before Josh 
could think of what to do next, Melissa grabbed the necklace and slipped 
it over her head, touching Josh's shirt to it.  Josh gasped as he 
realized what his sister had just done.

        She grinned up at him smiling, "You helped me last night, so
I'll help you now."  Knowing that she was right and that there really
wasn't any other choice if they wanted to keep this secret, Josh said
nothing. After less than a minute after touching the shirt to the
necklace, Melissa scratched at her clothes saying they were too tight.
Quickly she started stripping out of them and Josh helped her, seeing
that she was growing at an amazing rate.

        Completely fascinated, Josh watched as the little girl grew
larger and larger.  And even more fascinated when instead of developing
like a normal girl, she started looking more like him. More like a boy.
When it was finished, Josh stared at her, amazed at how much she looked
like him.  Melissa was running her hands over her body, then examining
her new groin.  Getting embarrassed at this point, Josh went and got
dressed in Melissa's casual clothes, then brought her out some of his.

        "This feels so weird"  she said, gesturing down her body.  Josh
nodded knowingly.  Uncomfortably and uncertain, they looked at each
other.  "I guess I'll have to be you and you'll have to be me for a
couple days." Melissa said quietly.

	"I know"

	Melissa looked at Josh, "Do you think we can manage?"

        He nodded.  "Yes.  I managed last night, and If we help each
other it should be fairly easy."  Melissa nodded.  After a few minutes,
she remembered the whole reason he was stuck as her, and asked Josh how
things went at the prom.  After hesitating a second, he started telling 
her everything, even the things he felt embarrassed about, which there 
were a few.  

        "So I'll start acting like you?"  Melissa gasped a little
surprised, just realizing how much like a kid she'd been acting and
thinking since she'd changed earlier.  It wasn't anything she noticed,
but it just happened more and more.  Like it was completely natural.
Josh nodded back.

        After a few more seconds, Melissa gave Josh a hug, embarrassing
him a little, especially as his breasts were pushing into Melissa.
"Thank you for doing that for me" Melissa said, holding Josh tight. He
thought that he saw tears in her eyes, but wasn't quite sure.

        Pulling away, Josh smiled and said "Well,"  Josh said smiling
"we used to be pretty close when we were kids, but never like this."
Melissa chuckled back, and they started to plan what they were going to
do until they changed back.

	When their Mom returned, she found both her children at home and 
noticed nothing out of the ordinary.  Josh and Melissa managed the next 
few days, each finding it easier and easier to fit into their role. Josh
was amused to find himself being the big sister for a change, and 
actually enjoyed some of the extra attention that his Mom was giving 
him.  He was a little disappointed when he missed the party his friends 
went to, but not too much having just gone to the prom several days 

	Even though having his period made Josh rather uncomfortable and
irritable, he found that being Melissa was rather fun.  He missed being 
able to go over to a couple of his friends houses, but found it amusing 
that a couple of them had crushes on him now.  

        Josh also found that all of Melissa's bras were too tight on him
since the amulet had made his breasts a little bigger than hers had
been. Shrugging, he followed Melissa's suggestion and bought two more
bra's, finding it rather embarrassing to walk into the lingerie section.

        Melissa seemed to be finding the experience interesting as well.
She wasn't happy with the way that her Mom had started ignoring her and
treating her like she was a kid, but she did tell Josh that she was 
learning more about what boys were really like.  

        When Monday came, Josh was getting better and they decided that
they'd be able to change back after they both got home from school. They
were both nervous about going in their new bodies, Josh especially, but
they were also curious as to what school would be like that way.    Josh
was almost excited to walk through school as a senior, and surprised to
realize how many of the boys at school kept staring at him. Especially 
his breasts.  

	Classes were much harder for Josh since they were several grades
further along, but he concentrated and did try to keep up.  He felt 
relieved though to think that he wouldn't have to worry about them by 
the next day.  

        Just as Josh was coming out of Melissa's math class, he ran into
David, who suddenly brightened up at seeing him. Josh felt his own pulse
start racing again and his cheeks blushing.  He managed to talk with
David for several minutes without revealing how nervous and excited he
was feeling, then gave David a quick kiss goodbye as the next bell rang.

	When school finally ended, Josh caught a ride home with one of
Melissa's friends, like she usually did.  Walking into his house he knew 
that Melissa wouldn't be home for almost another half hour since she was 
going to have to ride the bus for a change. He smiled at that then went 
upstairs to his, no, Melissa's room he reminded himself and pulled back 
out the amulet.  

        He held it carefully in his hands and thought about changing
back right away.  He shook his head deciding that he'd rather wait until
Melissa got back, just in case anything happened.  Besides, he thought
that he might not have another chance to experience what it was like to
be a girl after this.  Josh was a little surprise at how quickly he'd
adapted and how comfortable he felt already.  He wondered just how
comfortable he'd feel if he were like that for another week, then
decided that they'd better change back soon before either of them got
too comfortable.

        Josh sat down on the couch holding the necklace until Melissa
finally came home.  Grinning, she hopped onto the couch next to Josh and
said "You'd never believe the day I had."

	"Try me" he chuckled.

        "Well first, since I'd already been through all this stuff, the
classes were a piece of cake.  A lot better easier for me than the first
time" Melissa looked a lot more serious. "I tried talking to Christine
and she looked at me like I was stupid or something.  I'd almost
forgotten what being a freshman was like. You have my sympathies."

        "Well," Josh said, holding out the necklace, "we can change back
now, I think."  He hesitated for a moment then added, "I think we should
probably go to our rooms and take care of the clothes first though"  
Melissa nodded agreement.

        Just as they were both getting up, they heard something outside
and ran to the back yard to see the neighbors dog chasing their cat.
"Stop that"  Josh yelled, running out with Melissa staying at the back
door watching.  Josh reached for the dog but it slipped past him.
Grimacing, he set the amulet down on the picnic table so that his hand
would be free.  Again the dog ran past him just behind the cat that was
howling in rage.

        "Get out of here"  Josh snapped, kicking at the dog.  He looked
over and felt embarrassed to see Melissa laughing at him, realizing that
he must look pretty ridiculous running around chasing a dog.  Finally
Josh convinced the dog to leave the cat alone, and the dog ran back over
to its own yard while the cat walked past Melissa into the house where
it would be safe.  "Not even a thank you."  Josh muttered, gesturing at
the cat who was ignoring him.  Melissa just smiled at him.

        Josh walked up to Melissa at the door and they both chuckled.
Hearing an insistent knocking on the front door, both of them hurried to
answer it, forgetting about the necklace on the picnic table.

        At the front door, Josh and Melissa found a UPS man with a
package. After accepting it, they brought it to the living room to open,
finding that it was several video tapes that Josh had ordered two months

        While Josh and Melissa were digging through the tapes, the
neighbors dog came into their back yard again, looking to continue with
the cat where it had left off. After sniffing around, the dog caught
scent of something strange and hopped up onto the picnic bench, looking
on top of the table where the strange scent was coming from.  After
finding the source of the strange scent, the dog carefully picked it up
in its mouth and hopped down from the bench.  Still carrying its prize,
the dog left the yard.

	Josh put the last tape to the side and looked over at Melissa.  
Suddenly he remembered that they had planned to change back to normal.  
Panicy, he looked around the couch, finding no sign of it. He began to 
worry until Melissa reminded him that he'd left it outside. Feeling 
rather stupid, Josh went to retrieve the amulet from where he'd left it, 
only to be surprised at its absence.  "Where the hell is it?"  he asked 
suddenly afraid.  

        Melissa came outside after hearing Josh scream, and was stunned
when he told her it was gone.  Quickly they both searched the area
around the table, finding no clue as to where it had disappeared to.
Josh was nearly in a panic and Melissa wasn't any better as they
examined every inch of the back yard.  After nearly an hour, they were
forced to give up.

        "We're stuck"  Josh said numbly.

        "My graduation"  Melissa cried out. "I'll miss my graduation. I
don't want to repeat my last two years."  Josh just stared at his hands,
realizing that they now were his hands and that he'd probably never get 
his own back.  Horrified, he thought about how he'd have to go through 
Melissa's graduation for her.  And then what would he do afterwards.  
Sadly, Josh bent over to Melissa and they started hugging, crying onto 
each others shoulders as it dawned on them that their new lives were no 
longer a vacation, but permanent.

        By the time that their Mom got home, they'd both stopped crying
and had quietly accepted their new fates.  They talked about what they
were going to do, realizing that it wouldn't be all easy, but with each
others help that they could manage.  Melissa promised Josh that she'd 
help him learn what he needed for school, and possibly for whatever 
future he'd have afterwards. He knew that it would take a lot of work 

        Quietly, Josh asked Melissa what she thought about him
continuing to date David.  She looked a bit surprised, and he admitted
that he liked David, as embarrassing as it was.  Melissa kissed Josh on
his cheek, slight tears in her eyes and gave him her blessing.  Thanking
her, now him, the new Melissa hugged her new little brother, knowing
that they could rely on each other to make it through.

The End

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

JULIJANA: Волшебные превращения мужчины в женщину

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